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About Paula and The Professor

Paula and The Professor have been married for over thirty years and have two children and one grandchild. Over the decades they have successfully worked together on many different projects helping teens and families.  They find they work well together with complementary strengths so that together they are far better than individually. She is a “people person” and he is an “academic.” Together they find they can both relate to people and offer quality assistance.

For over twenty of those thirty years they have practiced open marriage. As the people person she is the one who does most of the dating and it is almost always through her he meets new people.  They have found this works very well for them and can’t imagine living any other way.

They are now both “semi-retired” and run a part-time business that meets their minimal needs. The Liberum Sexus project might well become their greatest achievement.

Professor Polyamory

The Professor has had a full career working in the nexus where education meets Christian ministry/social services.

After finishing graduate school he worked for a series of Christian organizations primarily working with teenagers and their families. As an ordained minister he was also an assistant chaplain in the US Army Reserves.


When he decided their beliefs and lifestyle were incompatible with the brand of Christianity with which he was affiliated, he moved to secular work; though in practice it was little different than what he had been doing before. 

Over the next half of his career he worked with children, teens and families including three years dealing full time with sexual issues. With a PhD in Educational leadership & Policy he ended his formal career teaching graduate students for a major university.


Paula Polyamory

Paula went off to a Christian college in Indiana with the goal of marrying a man going into the ministry… and she succeeded.  After working with children for almost a decade she left her career to be a full-time mom when their first child was born.

Though she was not “working” she developed a successful volunteer career working with teens.  While most of her work was in conjunction with her husband, she also did volunteer work in a home for girls with unplanned pregnancies. Most of the girls had been evicted from their homes upon becoming pregnant. They found Paula to be the loving and caring adult they so desperately needed. Eventually she was asked to join the board of her agency.

When her kids were off to school, she began a twenty-three year career working with lingerie. Most of those years were at a major lingerie company, but she also worked at a locally owned shop where she worked with clients desiring sexual aids.

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