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De-Platformed by Tumblr

Yesterday, August 25th, for reasons unknown Tumbler terminated my account. I was given no explanation; I had not had anything blocked recently and of course I was given no warning.

This was not the first time this has happened. This free-standing website was created expressly with the knowledge that Tumblr could, and very likely would, at some time take down my account again.

It was almost ten years ago when I first began to write on Tumblr. I found it a wonderful platform to share my writings and my photography. Unexpectedly I found a community.

I was one of the early adopters and I in my first year I was able to share my ideas to literally millions of people. My second effort found significantly less success as the pool was so much bigger, but I continued to work until I suddenly found my account simply disappeared. When Tumblr decided that pleasing the bankers and the religious right was more important that free expression, I adjusted my contend but kept working.

So last night, I went to check my account and found it had been “terminated.”

I simply have no idea why. I’m left with just guessing as to why. The only reasonable answer I can come up with is that someone deliberately sought to have me de-platformed by making numerous complains. I know my wrings would offend a great many people who see human sexuality as inherently evil. Just yesterday I made a post pointing out that those who seek to control internet content “to protect children” are in fact, making that claim as a tool to censor content they do not like.

Was it that post? I don’t think so, but perhaps it motivated some crusader to make sure my voice would not be heard on Tumblr.

There is also the possibility that one of Paula’s former flings is out to punish the person that he thinks is responsible for the fact she won’t’ see him. Again, all it would take is a hour or so to generate complaints and accusations which I would never see nor have the right to dispute to cut me off.

It is hard to know, but whoever wanted me off Tumblr have had the last say….or so they think.

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