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In Seach of the Final Freedom: Chapter 39

Updated: Apr 4

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel


Raising the Revolutionary Flag of a Sexual Freedom

Chapter 39

Mira’s Visit

When they were finished lunch and the crew were taking final trips to the ladies’ room before heading to the beach, Haley and Sarah together asked “So, Mrs. C., did you give him your number?” referring to the waiter.

With an overexaggerated air of offence, Bonnie said “No! Don’t you think I’ve had sex with enough strange men to last me for a while?”

Haley shot back “If they are as hot as him; there are never enough guys to ride.”

Bonnie knew that even though it was said as hyperbole, she was pretty sure that for Haley, and her mother, Ronda; hot guys were like chocolate and there could never be too much chocolate since it was a great addition to almost anything. “You might be right when you are your age; but when you are over forty, the libido might be willing, but the rest of your body says enough is enough.”

The girls laughed and insisted she was not close to being over the hill. Before heading away, Haley sidled up to her and grabbed her ass….GRABBED HER ASS…and said “You know I’d love to have that threesome with you tonight with…or without that waiter for us to share.” She put her lips so close that Bonnie thought Haley was going to kiss her right then and there. “You have to know you and I are the hottest women here; we really should make it together.”

Bonnie swatted Haley on the rear-end. “Get going or I might break down and agree. What would your mother say?”

Moving away she said “She’d be jealous I was able to bed you before she did.”

Bonnie shook her head. Likely Haley was right.

When Misty came from the ladies’ room, Bonnie walked with her out of the restaurant. “I hope you don’t mind, but I sort of volunteered you to talk to Mira and Holly about growing up in a sex-positive home. They have been struggling with how to balance their free-sex lifestyle with parenting and they were eager to hear from you as someone who can tell them how the kids feel.”

“No problem Mom” Misty replied. “I think I am absorbing you and Dad’s mission of promoting sex positivity and I’d love to talk to them.”

“Good. I thought you would feel that way” Bonnie answered. “And one other thing. I hope you aren’t weirded out, but I really like Mira. We really hit it off.”

Misty seemed confused. “Sure, I know you guys had sex.”

Bonnie took a deep breath. “No, that’s not what I meant. Well, yes last night we had sex …several times. But, what I mean is, for the first time since I met your dad, I felt that zing of…well… unexplainable attraction. If we can work it out due to distance; I might actually have my first real relationship, like a girlfriend. Like a peer, a real relationship of equals, not like Heather. And not like close loving friends like Jill was and like I have with Trish and Marcy and the other women; but a romantic thing.”

Misty’s eyebrows went up “Oh!” then she got a big smile. “No, it doesn’t weird me out. I hope you two can make it work. With all the women fawning over Dad, you deserve someone too.” She took her mother’s hand as they headed out the door.

Just outside the restaurant, Marcy was waiting for her; but before they had taken three steps, from behind, Bailey called “Mrs. Marshal.”

They checked their steps and Bailey moved in between them. “Mrs. Marshal?”

“Yes?” Marcy replied.

“I was wondering, do you think I was right to think my mom is aware of what I’m doing this week? I mean she didn’t out and out say for me to go topless and to have sex while I’m here, but I think she all but said it.”

Bonnie’s ears perked.

Marcy asked “Why? What did she say?

Bonnie slowed her pace, but she kept the group moving down the sidewalk as Bailey began to speak. “When she was helping me pack, she specifically said she was happy that I was going to get to spend time with you and with Mrs. Campbell. It was kinda odd since she’s never met Mrs. C., or even talked to her.”

Bailey was nearly shoulder to shoulder with Marcy on her right and Bonnie on her left. She looked left and said directly to Bonnie “She knows you and Mr. C. run the church youth group and she made a vague reference to the controversy you had created, but she didn’t actually mention your nude beach pics. But it was like she wanted me to know she knew about them, but didn’t want to talk about it. She didn’t say anything that sounded like I shouldn’t do the things you and Misty did in those photos. Actually, over a period of days she made it clear she thought I should follow you and Misty’s lead but did not specify what you are doing that I should follow. I was still trying to figure out what she was hinting at when she joined me when I started to pack. When I began to put one of my one-piece swims suits into my bag, she actually put her hand out to stop me from packing it. Then she picked up the one true bikini I own; the one Kevin had bought me to wear to a pool party in May. It’s the one I wore that first day here. I don’t think she knows he bought it because she said it was more like what a girl my age with my figure should be wearing. Then out of the blue she said something I’ve never heard her hint at. She apologized for not providing better guidance in dressing to be attractive to others. She told me that just because she was burdened with the baggage of Grandma’s religion, I shouldn’t be.”

“What do you think she meant by that?” Marcy asked.

“Well Grandma Stokes calls women who show cleavage or even wear shorts harlots. She lives in Macon, and like once at the mall we walked by Victoria’s Secret and she complained that they should not be able to show pornography in public like that. She’s like super against women showing any skin at all.”

Bonnie felt compelled to say “As one who has a mother who is just like that, I feel sorry for your mother. It is very, very hard to break free. If it weren’t for my father, who I describe as earthy, I likely never would have. Most women don’t.”

Marcy added “Then it makes sense why she wants me, and now Bonnie to show you a different way.”

Bailey agreed “Yea, I think so. But it was weird and a little uncomfortable when she said she was not blind, and that I had a figure that most girls or women would envy and said directly that if I could muster the courage, I should consider buying a swim suit that was more in line with what is worn where we were going. I wasn’t going to argue with her especially since I was totally confused. As far as I know she’s never been here nor does she know anything about how different Miami Beach is from the rest of America.”

Marcy put in “She knew more than you realized. I talked directly to her about the attire at Miami Beach the day I called to invite you to come with us. And assuming she’s seen Bonnie’s photos, she was saying a lot.”

Bailey nodded her head in agreement “Yes. That makes since. She seemed to pay more attention to what I was packing than she ever has before. She more or less guided me to leave home most of what I was going to bring to wear. It left me wondering what she expected me to put on my body while I was here for a week. Then she let me know she’d be giving me some money to buy clothes once I got here. On Wednesday morning, when we were waiting for you to come get me, she asked me if I was ready to expand my horizons. I didn’t know how to answer her. I couldn’t, or at least I didn’t think I could tell her I’d gone nude at your pool; and at that time, I didn’t know what you had told her on the phone.”

Marcy answered the unasked question. “Well Bailley, I didn’t just out and tell your mother everything, liked we’d all gone skinny dipping. But I let her know you would be exposed to things that you’ve never seen before. I didn’t want someone to show her a photo they’d found on the web of you topless, then for her to accuse me of leading you to delinquency. I just casually slipped into the conversation that all of Miami Beach is top optional for women. When I said Mrs. C. and I would leave it up to you girls to dress yourselves for the beach; she emphatically said that you are very independent minded and she trusted you to make your own choices. Initially, I thought that she meant to say you would stand up to pressure to show your breasts in public. But then she went on to say Bonnie and Misty would be good for you because they are not afraid to go against the Puritans in our community who have been attacking Misty’s mother. I was quite surprised. I had not expected that. It was clear to me that she wanted me to know she knew about the topless beach photos and would not be offended if you followed Misty’s example in swimwear. So the answer is, yes she knows you have been going to the topless and nude beaches; and, I am quite sure she will support what you have chosen to wear…and not wear.”

Bailey nodded “At the time, as hard as it was for me to wrap my mind around it, I suspected that she was trying to encourage me to suck it up and go topless or even nude if Misty did. But now after listening to you I am sure she was; but she didn’t want to say it. But what about the sex? Back in July, when I told her all about what had happened with Kevin, I let her know we had been doing it several times a week for months. I told her way more than I meant to. I explained that after pushing me to have sex that first time, he frustrated me because once we were doing it all the time, he never paid attention to what I wanted. I sort of lost control of my mouth that day and while I cried, I told her that hour I was naked with the three other guys in that room, it was the best I’d felt about myself in months. I don’t think I out and out said I’d blown and fucked them, but she had to have understood that is what I meant. All that to say I think she understands that I like having sex with guys; yet she’s never said anything like I shouldn’t do it again. Not once. So does she expect that I’m…well I’m doing what I’m doing?”

Marcy answered “We didn’t talk about you having sex with boys; however, I let her know that if Bonnie’s daughter and her friends brought boys back to the rental house, to keep everyone safe, there would be a rule against closed doors. A little later I worked in that Bonnie was going to tell Misty, Caitlin and Haley that condoms were a must on the trip even though they are all on birth control. So, she knows we expected the other girls to be having sex. Again, it was not in the context of you and Sarah. But, know that she did not say anything like I should not let you bring a boy to the house, even though I gave her an opening to do so. I did tell her that you and Sarah would be sharing a bed, and possibly a room of your own. She said that would be wonderful. All that to say, even if she has a problem talking to you about sexuality; she wants you exposed to people who treat sex as good and normal.”

Baily replied “She knows for sure that Sarah and I have sex. She’s accidently walked in on us actually doing it before. So if you said we would share a bed, she certainly took you approved of Sarah and I having sex with each other. It was only on the trip down here that Sarah told me a little about your conversation with my mom. But that made it even harder to figure out what she is thinking. Right before you picked me up at my house, she gave me $250. She gave me a hug and told me that I would only be sixteen once, and I should not be afraid to enjoy myself. She specifically told me to buy a swimsuit or two that I thought made me look sexy. SEXY! I’ve never even heard her say the word, but she told me that I should try to look sexy. I had no idea what to say to that; but right then you pulled up. She gave me a kiss (which she hardly ever does) and told me to listen to you and Mrs. C.; to make good choices so I can stay safe; and for me to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to try new things.”

Bonnie said “It sounds like you have it right. She supports what you are doing but she can’t bring herself to say it. I understand that. Lots of parents have a very difficult time talking about anything remotely sexual to their kids; and if she was raised in a sexually repressed environment, then I can assume it took a great deal of courage for her to use that word to you. Don’t take it lightly.”

“Mrs. C.” Bailey replied, “I’m sure you are right, but with my mother I think it goes deeper than just her mother’s attitudes. My mother is deeply scarred by some things that happened after I was born that led to her ugly divorce and years of legal fights. She knows I know the basics, but she has never ever talked about it with me. I’m sure there is lots I don’t know, but what I do know is pretty bad. But she keeps it buried…so she thinks. Like I said, one night I broke down and told her about Kevin and how since that day at the party he has been working to destroy my reputation. I thought telling her that would hit a nerve and it did. Her response was weird though. She was really angry at him which I appreciated; but it was like she closed up and couldn’t do more than just get angry. It was like she didn’t know what to do other than encourage me to spend time at the Marshal’s.”

Bailey looked to her right as they were passing from the sidewalk to the sand. “Mrs. Marshal, she likes you a lot and respects you. Several times since then she has told me that spending time with you guys would help me more than she could. I think she hopes I can get from you the emotional support she isn’t able to give me. Like I said, it was weird.”

Bonnie said “Parenting is hard in the best of circumstances. You should appreciate that she knows her limitations and pointed you in the right direction.”

Baily agreed.

Bonnie then asked “Have you called her since we arrived?”

“I’ve been texting every day.”

“That’s good. What have you told her?”

“I’ve let her know we’ve gone to a couple of different beaches. I hinted that I took my clothes off, but didn’t say it outright. I also thanked her for the money and told her what I bought and that everyone thinks I look great in the new stuff. I even told her that our group has gotten a lot of attention, but I didn’t tell her the cops came out.”

Bonnie put her arm around Bailey “If you haven’t done so, you should send her some pics of you in the swimsuit and clothes she bought with her money. Parents always appreciate that.”

“Topless?” Bailey asked.

“I wouldn’t send any pics that fully show your breasts in a text message, but you could get some photos that show the bikini that don’t fully show everything. Or you could put on the top. Does that bikini you are wearing even have a top?”

Baily answered “It does. And I’ll get some pics while we are out to day. I have my phone in my bag.”

They walked in silence through the soft sand for a few minutes until the gaggle of women and teenagers led by Bonnie had nearly made it to the base of Lifeguard Tower #4. They were more or less on time since it was just before 3:15. The Silverfire Guild kids had set up camp but had all gone down into the water. Just down the beach from the tower and the Silverfire camp, Bonnie saw Mira and Holly trying to keep a leash on their combined four children as they apparently were looking for her. Bonnie waved and Mira saw her. The two young mothers began pulling the nearest children by the hand. She worked not to laugh; she so remembered the days trying to keep up with her kids at that age.

In the end she failed to restrain herself and was laughing out loud as the harried mothers approached. She hugged both women and the introductions began even as the girls began to lay out their towels and disrobe. Mira and Holly were both in more or less typical “mother wear” for South Beach with wraps around their waists. Mira was in a stylish one piece, and Holly was in an obviously expensive bikini. Bonnie wondered what it meant that Holly’s ten-year-old daughter was in a real bikini, yet had tan lines that covered considerably more.

The two oldest (Mira’s son and Holly’s daughter), who Bonnie knew to be the same age, most definitely noticed the teenage girls taking off their clothes right in front of them. Even the two mothers seemed a little bit surprised at how little the girls wore right in front of their mothers/chaperones.

Holly said “It’s one thing to hear you talk about sex-positive parenting, it is something else to see those girls get practically naked out here right in front of you.”

Mira followed up with “Before we left, we let the kids all know that the girls and possibly their mothers would all be topless.” Then with some pride she said “We asked the older two if it would make them uncomfortable to be hanging out with women who were wearing nothing but thong bottoms.”

Bonnie was pleased the women had heeded her suggestion.

Holly went on “Uri, Mira’s son, seemed confused why we asked; but my daughter Hannah asked if I was going to go topless too. When we came to this beach last year, it was the first time she’d taken note of the bare breasted young women. She had asked me if I’d gone like that on the beach when I was younger. Of course she knew I tanned topless at home so it wasn’t a great leap to ask. She seemed the think it was cool when I told her that I had.”

“What did you tell her about going topless today?” Bonnie asked.

Holly laughed, “I gave her the standard adult answer of we will see.”

Bonnie had to laugh too. She’d been there and done that many times.

The adults began to set up their little camp just behind that of the teenagers. Earlier, Marcy had asked Sarah and Bailey if they would help entertain the kids, particularly the two older ones. She’d suggested they teach them to skim board. They had both been happy to help out.

Bonnie’s cut-out bottoms prompted a comment from Holly, and Bonnie told them about the police having been called the day before. “And I stood right there bold as brass showing off my goods here on the beach and they didn’t say a thing about it.”

Zac and Mitch must have been looking for Sarah and Bailey; because they arrived even before the towels had all been laid out. Bonnie was gratified to see the Silverfire kids invited the two younger boys to be part of their group rather than leave them to sit off to the side as they had done the previous day. One of the nice things about her kids gravitating to the social outcasts was that they tended to be much more inviting to strangers than the “in-crowd” would be. Soon Franklin and Kimi were sitting with the two younger boys involved in a spirited conversation.

It was decided that there was room on the “mom’s blanket” for all five women, so they settled down as a group. The two younger boys asked permission to go build a sand castle, and the two older seemed not to know what to do until Sarah and Bailey came over. Both Uri and Hannah were visibly excited that the two nearly naked teenage girls had come to ask to show them how to skim board.

As the teens and children headed down to the water’s edge, Holly said, “If I were to guess, I think Hannah is more excited about going with your girls than Uri. Like I had begun to say last night; she is maturing at a frightful rate, and I’m sure she has a much more sophisticated understanding of the girl’s skimpy outfits than Uri does.”

Mira agreed.

That launched the five women into a discussion about kids, parenting and sex.

Less than half an hour later, Hannah came back to the ‘mom’s blanket.’

“Mom, can I take off my top. I’m the only one wearing one and it makes me feel like a little kid.”

Holly seemed to think, but just for a moment. “If you are sure that is what you want to do. But on one condition: you don’t tell your grandparents or anyone who might tell them. OK?”

The top was over her head before she agreed.

Bonnie could see the stress on Holly’s face. “Watching them grow up is hard. I know.”

Holly made a rueful laugh. “She’s really proud of those little boobs she’s growing. Had I had boobs like that at her age, I would have been mortified and thought I was a freak. But things are different now. Like that swim suit. It is her first real bikini. Last year she was wearing a princess themed one piece. This year she picked out that suit to show off nearly all of her bare butt… and now she’s showing off those little boobs as well. She badgered me for over a month to order that suit for her off of Amazon. This is the first time she’s worn it out of the house, as you can see by the tan lines. Actually, we had another first because of this. So she could wear the new suit today, I had to show her how to use my razor to trim her pubic hair this morning. How did we go from playing dress-up to trimming pubes so fast? It’s hard seeing my baby growing up.”

Marcy snorted “There are harder things than seeing your daughter in her first bikini…like having to be supportive when she describes in graphic detail giving away her virginity the night before.”

“Yea, that would be harder” Holly replied. “I guess that happened to you?”

Trish laughed. Marcy smiled… “Yea. Like an hour ago.”

That led into an abbreviated retelling of what the girls had done while the mothers had been at the club the night before. Trish did most of the recounting and all the while both young mothers seemed to adopt a face of real concern. When the telling was done, Holly asked “Is that where we are leading our kids? I guess I never really considered that by my actions, I might be leading Hannah to one day follow my footsteps into having casual recreational sex.”

Bonnie looked at the younger woman and asked “What is the alternative? It is a question of empowerment. Do we want our daughters to have the kind of ownership of their bodies that allow them to use them for their own pleasure, or do we want them to be like prior generations? While telling them their growing sexuality is dangerous or shameful might seem to keep them safe; but I think what it really does is to make them feel disempowered. That disempowerment is the real threat to our girl’s safety and future. Yes, I know what we have done here this week is to create a kind of hothouse. Here on this trip, we have allowed the girls’ sexual desires to express themselves in ways that was sometimes even disconcerting to me. But this is not normal life for them any more than last night was a normal night for the five of us. It seems that for all of us, except possibly Marcy, last night was something like nothing we’d ever experienced and likely like nothing we will do again. But we were able to test our own boundaries in a safe and accepting environment. We have created the same opportunity for these girls. In a few more days they will leave Miami Beach with a suitcase full of memories, and a better understanding of themselves and what they want in life.”

Holly, Mira and Marcy seemed to hear and understand what Bonnie was saying.

Mira then nodded. “It is not just the girls who learn. Like last night. It was clear from the moment Crash got things going, the night’s activities were completely driven by the women with the boundaries, such as they were, also set by the women. Holly and I have been going to swinger parties for close to five years now, and without exception they are all female dominated.”

Holly corrected “All except that one we went to up in Palm Beach. And that was a disaster.”

Mira nodded, “Yes you are right. All but one, and we left well before mid-night. So, all the successful parties we have been to are female driven, and all the successful open marriages we have seen are predicated on the wife having full sexual autonomy. It appears that men learn to respect women and to see they are not possessions or trophies in the free-sex environment better than when sex is rationed. When a woman beds a man at the Friends Club, it is by her choice, not his.” She looked at Trish, “You had sex with more men last night than any of us, yet I don’t think you feel abused or misused in the least.”

Before Trish could respond, Bonnie said “You should have heard her at lunch. She recounted each and every man and woman she did last night to the girls in a way that made it perfectly clear that from first to last, she was doing what she wanted to do.”

Trish then said “For a moment last night, when I learned I was a unicorn, I thought perhaps I had been tricked or deceived; but then I thought it through and realized with that couple in the conversation pool I had been the instigator. I saw Adam and Sandy in the water, and I imagined how good it would feel to have his dick in me while I made out with her…and that is exactly what happened and that is what I told the girls. I saw what I wanted and I got it. Adam was polite and accommodating as a gentleman should be. That is what the girls reported they expected of the boys they were with last night, and with that kind of behavior demanded of them, that is what they did. While I would not expect everyone to understand, our girls used their autonomy and feminine power to teach those boys a lesson they will never forget. Isn’t it a far better way to teach boys to respect women in that manner than to browbeat them; or worse yet, to fail to teach the lesson at all?”

Mira thought for a few moments. “I see it, but it’s just hard to put that into context of my own boys.”

Bonnie took her hand. “I get it. I’m seeing it happen right in front of my eyes.” She told of Lamar’s relationship with Sarah and how they’d already moved to oral sex. “I think Misty is right, Lamar does love Sarah, and she loves him. Yet, Sarah had sex with two guys yesterday. When we left Sparta on Wednesday, she openly stated that she hoped to have her first vaginal sex with a boy this week, not with my Lamar, but with someone she met here. I am sure she has already told him all about what happened yesterday; and I would be quite surprised if he was not genuinely happy for her. But, think of it in context. He would never admit it, but he virtually worships his big sister, and I think he respects his mother; yet we have had lots of sex with lots of guys this week. So, in his mind, a woman’s sexuality is her own, separate from her relationship with the men she loves, or who love her. Isn’t that the lesson we want our boys to learn?”

Both young mothers agreed it was.

Holly looked out to see her daughter with Sarah and Bailey, skim boarding with the three boys. “Marcy, your daughter and her friend are very, very pretty. And so confident. They are drawing a lot of attention. They must be aware of how many people are watching them, but it doesn’t seem to inhibit them one bit.”

“No.” Marcy agreed. “I have to say I am very proud of her, of both of them.”

Then as if the thought spurred her to action, Marcy scooped up her little waterproof camera. Looking to Holly she said “Come with me. There is no better way to say you are supportive of your daughter’s choices than to take some snapshots for the family album…even if you can’t actually put those pictures in the album you show your mother.”

Holly took three steps from the blanket, stopped and turned around. “I haven’t done this since I was those girl’s age.” She removed her bikini top and tossed it to Mira, then turned to follow Marcy.

With that Marcy and Holly were off. Bonnie didn’t know if Trish had sensed something and decided to leave Bonnie and Mira alone, or was it just a convenient time for her to take her daily walk down the beach to show off. Either way, the outcome was the same. Bonnie and Mira were by themselves…well except for Caitlin who was sunning beside the mom's blanket…possibly asleep. Even though it had fallen to Mira to keep an eye on the two younger boys as they built castles in the sand, Mira scooted close enough to Bonnie that her thigh lay on Mira’s.

They watched the two younger boys building castles and beyond them, Uri and Hannah were getting coached by Sarah, Bailey, Zac and Mitch. Bonnie was sure the two boys were non plused about getting roped into this duty; but the way they looked at Sarah and Baily indicated that no matter what they were doing, it would be fine by them. Marcy shot photos with Holly voicing support for her daughter who seemed to fall quite a lot.

Mira said “You know, I’ve never once gone topless out here. As a teen my parents wouldn’t let me go to any beach, let alone this beach. Now my husband’s job keeps me from it. Holly’s parents likely forbid her too, but she had a rebellious streak and did her own thing.”

Bonnie said, “Holly looks great like that. She doesn’t look out of place at all.”

Mira came back “They all look great. And that isn’t including the older girls over there.”

Bonnie had to agree. It was no surprised that every single day they had been out here, their group attracted a huge amount of attention. Even on the busy weekend, they had the only large group of bare breasted women on the beach.

They continued watching in silence.

Bonnie initiated it by saying, “You can’t imagine how much I’ve wanted to push you down onto the blanket and stick my tongue down your throat.”

Mira moved her face within an inch or two of Bonnie’s and said “I’ve wanted to push you down on the blanket, but I have been wanting to put my tongue up somewhere else.”

Much to Bonnie’s surprise, the younger woman leaned to put her lips to Bonnie’s. The kiss didn’t last long, but it was meaningful. Bonnie really did want to make love to her right there; but she couldn’t.”

“We will find a way to let this thing we feel have room to grow” Mira said breathlessly. “I don’t know how; but we will.” She laid her head on Bonnie’s shoulder. “I don’t know what will become of it, perhaps nothing. Perhaps something that will last for years…maybe like On Golden Pond.”

Bonnie ran her hand through Mira’s thick black hair. “We can’t know. All we can do right now is savor this moment.”

“I told Yoel I would like to be able to see you again after today.”

“What did he say?” Bonnie asked.

“He said, like always, he is behind me and will help in any way he can.”

Bonnie said “Both Cooper and I have been crazy busy, so I haven’t really talked to him; but I did tell Misty.”

They sat in silence, Mira stroking the inside of Bonnie’s thigh, moving ever closer to the cut-out in the front of her bikini. She whispered “Do you know how hard it is not to put my fingers through that opening in the front of your swimsuit?”

Bonnie laughed. “Really hard I hope.”

She kissed Bonnie a second time and held it. Mira’s tongue searched for Bonnie’s. It didn’t take her fingers long to find the keyhole in Bonnie’s swimsuit and trace the exposed clitoral ridge. Though their umbrella shielded them from the lifeguard and the crowd behind them, anyone looking from the surf would see what they were doing. In practice that mostly meant their own crews. If the kids looked, they would see the women kissing. Apparently, Mira wasn’t concerned who saw. She pushed the fabric so the nub of Bonnie’s clitoris was fully exposed in the cut-out and began to stimulate it. Their kiss lasted…and lasted. Bonnie’s thighs began to twitch as her arousal built. When they came up for air, Marcy and Holly were at the edge of the blanket. Marcy had her camera up and evidently had taken photos of them making out. “Holly said that Mira’s husband would get a real kick out of a photo of that.”

Mira laughed “Oh he will.”

Bonnie said “As will Cooper.” She then asked Holly, “How would you like a photo from last night of your husband splitting Marcy open?”

It took a moment for Holly to understand what Bonnie meant. “You mean Ron sent you the photos from last night?”

Bonnie nodded and asked Mira to pass her bag. In it she pulled out her camera and showed them the photos. They were duly impressed and Bonnie promised to send them copies. Holly said “He will love these. I love them! And, Bonnie don’t worry both our husbands are fully onboard with poly. If you and Mira really do start at thing, he will be supportive. I had a three-year affair with a neighbor. He is an accountant and worked from his home a few doors down…and we fell in love quite by accident. And believe me I was very much in love and it was torrid. It was just like any other clandestine affair…well other than the fact I kept my husband apprised of everything. John had no idea Elijah knew quite literally everything we did. That is why our open marriage works so well. While I had my thing going, he loved coming home to find the bedcovers thrown back and a big wet spot where I’d been doing John right before he got there. A couple of times we were really bad and arranged for Elijah to almost catch John and I in the act. It was all very transgressive. When he found the bed still warm, we’d always have great sex; usually right off when my pussy was still sloppy with John’s cum. Now, for the past year, Elijah has had an ongoing affair with a woman at his office. But unlike my thing with the neighbor, his girlfriend knows I know. We’ve actually had her over for dinner and a threesome a couple of times. Of course we wait till the kids are asleep before we get busy though. While the four of us are involved with the South Florida swinger community, we really think of ourselves as polyamorous.”

Mira put in “I know he has a girlfriend;” she turned to Marcy, “but from what I saw last night; Elijah was very taken with you. Every time I looked it seemed you two were together…I mean really together.” She used her hands to indicate the in and out motion. “What was that all about?”

Marcy laughed. “I don’t know. I’m sure I’m old enough to be his girlfriend’s mother, but we just sort of clicked and not just in a physical way. It’s like our bodies and our spirits both seemed to work together perfectly. I won’t even pretend I wouldn’t love to spend a weekend with him sometime. And you can tell him I said that. I’m sure my husband would be supportive if Elijah is interested. Right up until we were married, he knew I continued to have casual sex with a whole circle of men and women on a regular basis.”

Holly replied “I will. Make sure I get your number. He went on and on about how much he enjoyed his time with you. I don’t recall him doing that with any other woman he’s met at a club or party. Don’t be at all surprised if he contacts you with an offer of a weekend getaway.”

With a grin Marcy said “I’ll be waiting…. really I’d love that.”

“Love what” Sarah said as she plopped at the edge of the mom’s blanket. Bailey, Zac, Mitch, Hannah and Uri were coming up behind her, but they were still out of earshot.

Marcy didn’t miss a beat “I’d love it if Holly’s husband set up a weekend getaway for the two of us. He is the man with the big penis that you couldn’t believe I got into me.”

Even after all that she had seen and heard, Mira said “You showed your daughter that picture?”

“Sure she did” Sarah answered. “My mom’s not ashamed of what she does with men. I guess that is where I get it. That’s why I came over. We, me and Bailey and Zac and Mitch are ready to head back to the house. We really would like to continue our…. lessons.”

Even as Marcy nodded in agreement Sarah turned to Holly and Mira and in a voice too low for the two younger children to hear, “What I mean is the four of us we want to have sex all afternoon.”

Marcy, who heard her comment said, “Yes, I got that. I’ll come with you guys. Just give me a minute to get my stuff together.”

Standing up, Marcy handed the little waterproof Olympus camera to Zac “Can you run this over to Misty. While I was shooting pictures of you guys, she had asked if she could use it when I was done.”

“Oh, Mrs. Marshal.” Bailey asked. “On the way out, could you do me a favor, can you use my phone to get some pics for my mother of me in my new swimsuit. You guys are right, I should have sent one days ago.”

Five minutes later, Marcy was off with the two girls and two boys. As they were going, Hannah whispered something into her mother’s ear. Holly said out loud “It is OK, go ahead and ask her.”

Slightly embarrassed the ten-year-old asked Bonnie “Is Mrs. Marshal really going to let them…do it….right in the house you are renting… with her there knowing what they are doing?”

Bonnie looked at Holly “How much of an answer do you want me to give?”

Holly replied “As much as you think a girl who will be eleven in a couple of months should hear.”

“OK.” She motioned for Hannah to sit. “Hannah, you already know your body is changing and your mom, and all of us, are impressed how well you are taking those changes. But those changes are just beginning. Most of the things that will come into your life, you won’t physically see, because they happen inside of you. Sarah and Baily reached the end of that process over a year ago. They both turned sixteen in the past couple of months, and they both are quite sure they are now ready to have sex with boys. They have actually been experimenting with sexual things with each other for several years, but its not the same as doing it with boys. For some girls the time they are ready for sex comes earlier. Like Haley over there,”

Bonnie pointed out Haley among the group of older teens. “She was ready and began to have sex with guys two years before her sixteenth birthday. She had her mother’s full support and only had sex with boys when her mother was close enough to intervene if she felt she needed to. Other girls however, aren’t ready till they are out of high school. Every girl knows when she is ready; though sixteen is more or less about average. Nobody has to tell you or any other girl when you are ready; and that time isn’t set by some adult you have never met. You will simply know when that day comes. But, just because a girl’s body tells her she is ready for sex with a boy; that does not mean she is ready to have a child. In our high-tech world, girls like Sarah and Bailey both have at least six more years of school still to go before they even consider becoming a parent. Yet, their bodies tell them they should be having sex all the time, as if they still lived in the stone age and needed to have children now. There is nothing wrong with them acting on that urge as long as they show respect for themselves & for their partners and take care not to conceive a child before they are ready. When you are about their age, you and your mother will work together to decide when and how you will have your sexual debut. So yes, Sarah’s mother is taking them back to the house specifically so the four of them can have sex all afternoon in a safe and comfortable environment. Sarah knows her mother knows what she will be doing, and that knowledge gives her freedom to fully enjoy the experience. ”

Bonnie was sure she was done but Hannah followed up with “So, did you and Misty have that talk before she did it the first time?”

“Yes, we did. And when she was ready, I took her to buy lingerie and together we arranged the whole night in advanced to be exactly what she’d wanted her first time to be like. If you would like, I could ask her to come over and you can ask her about it.”

Hannah stood up “That’s OK for now. But, do you think she might be willing to video chat or text sometime?”

With Bonnie’s assurance that Misty would be happy to be her cyber mentor, Hanna stepped off the mom’s blanket to lay out on her towel and sun…still topless.

“Well?” Bonnie asked. “Is that what you wanted me to tell her?”

“I actually had no idea what you would say, but I think that was masterful.”

Mira agreed “Have you ever thought about writing a book for parents?”

Holly added “I was thinking one written for pre-teens like her. Though, I don’t know how you would replicate what you just did with Hannah in a book. Half the power of your message was in that you are out here, nearly nude watching your daughter and her friends. You didn’t explicitly say so, but Hannah’s smart and she realizes Misty and her friends will be going back to your rental for sex soon as well.”

From off to their right Hannah’s voice said “Yes, I knew that.”

The mother’s looked at each other. How had they not realized Hannah had deliberately laid out close enough to hear them talk?

Bonnie looked at Holly, “Yes. You are right, she is very smart.”

From the towel Hanna said “And Mom, thanks for taking off your top to support me. I know you really weren’t going to go do that, but you did because I did. If you want, you can lay out with me for a while.”

Holly turned to Bonnie, “Well I guess all this answers the question of whether I should start sunning topless at our pool again.”

Once Holly was laying out beside her daughter, Bonnie said (very quietly) to Mira, “Somehow I doubt very seriously that girl doesn’t know you are her mother’s lover.”

It took Mira a few minutes to answer. “Yesterday I would have said there was no way she could. Now….yes, I would be surprised if she does not. I guess it’s time for us to come clean before we start having to tell a web of lies.”

Bonnie looked out to watch her own daughter and her friends. Caitlin had been coaxed from laying on her towel by Stephen to join him and Red throwing a Frisbee. It seems the three of them had become sort of a triad. Haley, Brett, Squirrel and Zara were doing something with a bright green ball out in about a foot of water. Kimi, Josh and Franklin were sitting in the sand, near the water, watching the activity and talking.

Misty was moving around all the others with Marcy’s waterproof camera shooting photos. She was evidently taking advantage of the ability to shoot from places she’d not dared to take her good Nikon.

Mira’s primary attention was on the two seven-year old’s. With Holly laying out with her daughter, it was up to Mira to keep an eye on the boys. When they decided to take a break from castle building and headed into the water, in an instant, Mira switched into “mommy” mode, and was on her feet headed down the beach at full speed.

Suddenly Bonnie was alone on the big mom’s blanket. She stretched out, pulled her big hat over her face and closed her eyes.

She must have fallen asleep because the next thing she knew, Trish was there trying to get her attention. “Bonnie.”

“Yea?” Bonnie said lifting the floppy hat she’d put over her eyes and cutting her gaze to Trish on her left.

“This young man has asked if we minded if he takes our picture” Trish said.

Bonnie followed her hand with her eyes, landing on a kid, who looked about the same age as Lamar, holding his cell phone.

Closing her eyes from the bright sun, she said “Tell him to shoot away, but I don’t know why he wants to shoot us old women?”

“Oh, come on give him a smile” Trish chided.

”All right” Bonnie groaned as she sat up.

The kid was literally shaking as she smiled. His “tee shirt & shorts” tan told Bonnie he was not a local. Though she had been bothered, it was hard to be too mad when this kid was so sweet to ask. Every one of the times they’d been on South Beach, she had seen dozens of phones and cameras momentarily swing her way. To have a kid want to have her photo was actually rather flattering and for him to have the courage and courtesy to ask was impressive. She simply could not say no.

She could not miss that behind the boy was Misty with Marcy’s camera taking a photos of the boy taking pictures. That prompted Bonnie to say “Young man, would you like to get a photo with you and us to show your friends?”

He beamed “Really?” Bonnie knew she had made this boy a hero back in his home town. He moved to take a selfie, but she stopped him and called Caitlin and asked if she could take a few photos with the boy’s phone. She had him sit with her and Trish on the mom’s blanket. When Caitlin said she had the photo, Bonnie asked the boy “Would you also like a photo of you with girls more your age?”

“Oh yes ma’am, if they wouldn’t mind.”

The word “ma’am" told Bonnie not only was he not a local, but he was likely a country boy as well. He’d probably keep these photos for the rest of his life. “Misty, would you and Caitlin pose over there with him?”

She knew they wouldn’t mind. They posed for a dozen pics, even one of the two of them kissing him on each cheek.

Soon the boy was heading down the beach, already looking at the photos of him and the topless women and girls. Bonnie laughed to herself.

At around 6:30, it was time to pack up.

Bonnie was gratified when she saw little Hannah giving both Sarah and Baily hugs, followed by profuse thanks from Holly to the two girls. It seems that her little group was spreading happiness and hope everywhere they went.

The earlier plan had been dinner for everyone, but the girls wanted to go back to the house with the guild and Mira & Holly’s children were simply worn out. After some discussion, a new plan was made. Bonnie asked Misty if she would be willing to stay and have dinner with her and Mira, while Holly took the others back home. Bonnie would take Mira home in the van later. Though she didn’t say so to the group, she and Mira both knew that ‘later’ meant tomorrow morning.

Dinner was both pleasant and enjoyable for Bonnie. It was not just that she was completely comfortable shamelessly flirting and snuggling with Mira…after all she’d done the same with Heather in front of Misty back in the early spring. Far more meaningful was watching her daughter talk and ack so much like an adult, it was hard to believe that was her little girl.

Bonnie was proud as a peacock at how her daughter thoughtfully responded to all of Mira’s questions. At times it was hard to remember that Misty was her daughter and not a grown woman…and an expert in sex-positive living no less. As much as she was intoxicated with the endorphins of what the poly people call “new relationship energy,” her pride in having raised such a young woman was what really brought the deep-down joy she was feeling.

On the walk back to the rental house, twice Bonnie found herself up against a wall kissing Mira deeply and shamelessly feeling under her swimsuit. One time she initiated the delay; and once Mira did. Misty quickly volunteered to act as wingman to warn them if they drew too much attention.

As they approached the rental house, Bonnie gave Mira a heads up about what she’d likely see once they opened the front door. Not that her new friend would be offended; but she thought a warning was appropriate.

Inside things were more or less the same way they’d been when she’d come back the day before yesterday…had it only been two days? There would surely be the odd mixture of teens playing video