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In Search of the Final Freedom : Chapter 37

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel


Raising the Revolutionary Flag of a Sexual Freedom

Chapter 37

Bonnie Represents the FFF

Author's note:

George Lucas said "Anybody that makes films knows the film is never finished. It's abandoned"

I could say the same thing about every chapter of this project; however it is more true for this one than most. The text could be revised again and I could make twice the number of illustrations. However, these illustrations were particularly difficult and time consuming, so I had to stop. I am pleased with what you will see, particularly the outfits I designed for Bonnie, Trish and Marcy.

Both text and illustration is drawn from our actual experiences at swing clubs. The "fantasy" element is the in the unlimited funds I had to build the club since we've only been to one extremely well funded swing club. There ARE clubs like this, we have friends who have been to them; but such places have always WAY outside our financial means. There is one club outside of Atlanta that is both expensive AND you have to get a referral by a member to get in. They openly discriminate against "unattractive" (primarily overweight) people. We never even tried to get a referral. I would LOVE to visit the club I write of here; but alas even if it were real, we could not afford to go unless, like Bonnie, I was an invited speaker.


Dr. T. aka Professor Polyamory

Bonnie had been thinking about what to wear on and off since she was invited to speak. She wanted to convey openness & seriousness; sophisticated & sexy, erotic & mature. Out shopping the night before, she looked for over an hour before finding just the right outfit and the all-important accessories.

The dress she chose was unlike anything she’d ever seen before; but that was the advantage of shopping in Miami Beach, even if it was the middle of the night, you could find exotic outfits you simply wouldn’t find anywhere but perhaps New York, London or Paris. While the dress had something of an Egyptian silhouette with the sides totally open from just below the bust line to the ground; the material had a sci-fy/Star Trek vibe to it. While the molded cups were fully opaque, that was the only part of the garment that was. The rest of the floor length dress was made of squares of foam latex attached to transparent sheer microfiber. Paired with the metallic jewelry and belt she’d found in a hole-in-the-wall shop they found in a side street about 1:30 AM; the look was certainly unique.

At 6:30 PM Bonnie, Marcy and Trish were just putting the finishing touches on outfits that were the sexiest, most revealing outfits any of them had ever worn out in public (except to the beach of course).

Bonnie was the first of the mothers to make it down to the common room. When the girls saw her outfit, they all agreed it looked like something a celebrity would wear on the red carpet. Bonnie was pleased that she’d made an impression on her first critical audience.

When Marcy made it downstairs just a minute or two later, Sarah took one look at her mother and said “Is that all you are going to wear?”

Marcy defiantly said “It is. Do you object?”

What she had on was not exactly an “outfit” at all. She’d first seen the pink and yellow boots in one of the first stores she and her group of girls had visited last night. When by the end of the night all she could find to match it was a sleeveless jacket; she decided that would be all she would wear. It was the fact her mother wore no pants, skirt or blouse; not even a bra or panties with the jacket and boots that had Sara’s jaw dropping.

“Oh no! I don’t object. Not at all! That is so cool! I just can’t believe that is all you are going to wear.”

Marcy laughed “Well young lady, since I’m acting like my younger self; I decided to dress like it. I never had anything quite like this in my twenties…I didn’t have the money for it; but, it has the right vibe.”

It was just then that Trish entered the common room. While Bonnie and Marcy had pushed the limits; Mrs. Simms would be way, WAY past hinting at exposure when she made her two-block walk to the van

Before anyone in the room said anything about her dress, she explained “I’d seen the photos from that art show that Bonnie went to in New York. I got the idea from the dress of one of the FFF board members. She had taken the lining out of a layered dress and just wore the overlayer. I saw this dress last night, and I knew that was just what I was looking for. While Bonnie’s friend didn’t wear anything at all under her dress; my boobs are just way too big to go totally unsupported.”

As she wore it, the dress was just a see-through mesh with embroidered appliques. Though she wore a lace bra and panties, the bra didn’t cover her areolas and the panties were crotchless. Thus, she was completely exposed.

Marcy said what Bonnie was thinking. “Who ARE you? What did you do with Trish Simms after you stole her body?”

Before she could answer Misty said “Oh, mom you just must let me do some fashion photos of you guys for my portfolio.”

“No, we don’t have time” Bonnie said, but Misty persisted. In the end Misty won out with the argument that both her dad and Mr. Kelly would love a photo of them in those outfits.

“All right, here take a picture” Bonnie said in surrender.

But that was not what Misty had in mind. Bonnie, Trish and Marcy found themselves parading back and forth along busy Collins Ave. in outfits which would get every one of them arrested back home. Once again, Misty directed Caitlin to use the reflector board to help light her “models” as she gave the three mothers orders as to what she wanted them to do.

“Oh Mom! Loosen up, this is Miami Beach, nobody cares how much skin you show” Misty chided as she shot photo after photo. But Bonnie could clearly tell that she and her friends were receiving quite a lot of attention from passersby, not to mention those eating at the outdoor café right beside where they were shooting. In the daylight, Bonnie could see that Trish’s dress really was transparent, not just sheer. She knew she was not quite as exposed; yet, looking down, she could see through her dress to her bare vulva. When a police cruiser crept by, her blood went cold. That is, until she saw the appreciative look the two officers gave them. Knowing for sure that the police didn’t mind her posing nearly naked on a public street, she relaxed.

Twice Misty told Marcy her jacket had come open enough to put her on display…before she stopped mentioning it. The truth was that Marcy could have kept herself covered better, but she didn’t try. Once Misty told her to let the hem of the jacket come open so as to capture her nudity in the image.

The teenage photographer kept shooting individual and group shots until Bonnie put her foot down and insisted that she and the others simply must get going. Undeterred Misty asked for one more pose, of the three of them crossing the four lanes of Collins Avenue in front of a wonderful art deco building. Once they were across the street, Bonnie said "We are done." That did not keep Misty from shooting photos of the three women from behind as her mother raised her hand to hail a cab. She wondered if her mother knew how exposed her backside was to everyone on the street.

Though Bonnie kept rushing Misty, she had a great time. A few weeks later when one of the photos of the three mom’s walking abreast along the busy sidewalk graced the wall of their game room, Bonnie was very glad they took the time; but on that day, Misty's demands had put them into a rush. Fortunately, it was just a matter of giving the cab driver the address. Despite leaving over a half hour after they had planned, they arrived just minutes after they were asked to be there.


The “Lifestyle Club” was actually a townhome on one of the small islands that sat between Miami and Miami Beach. Bonnie figured this club must be made up of some very well-heeled locals. Though the place was not a mansion, it certainly was worth more than a few million dollars. There was no front yard, just a solid door to pass through the wall. Next to the door was a key-card lock and a speaker.

Bonnie didn’t know why she was apprehensive as she pushed the buzzer. It had been one thing to pose for Misty in the relative safety of the busy street; but, now as the cab pulled away, the three of them were quite alone. Though she had checked the address for a fourth time after the cab had gone, her heart still raced. A voice came from the speaker. “Yes?”

Bonnie answered “My name is Bonnie Campbell. Jeanne and Ron invited me to come speak today to your group about the FFF.”

The latch on the door clicked and they swung the very heavy, oak and iron door open. Inside was a small courtyard and a brightly painted three story house. It was only about thirty feet to the front door, and before they crossed the distance, the door swung open. An attractive man, well past middle age, in a silk robe answered the door. Bonnie, though nervous said as boldly as she could “Hi, I hope we are at the right place.”

His slight delay seemed interminable and she was ready to run when he said “Hi, I’m Cannon, we’ve been waiting for you. We were afraid you weren’t coming” and he ushered them in.

Bonnie had notice as they drove onto this tiny island that all the homes were quite narrow. Because of this the rooms were arranged front to back, two rooms and a lavatory per floor. She wondered if the house had been purpose built as a club. The furniture and appointments were exceptionally fine as was the attire of those present. Bonnie was pleased she and her friends had judged well what to wear because the attire was stylish, sexy and clearly expensive.

Jeanne came down the stairs all beaming. “I’m so glad you could come.”

Bonnie had an opening line all ready “Jeanne, I hardly recognized you with clothes on,” then she added an unrehearsed “and what beautiful clothes they are.” She was referring to the hostess's flowing summer dress of almost sheer white lace that contrasted with her deeply tanned skin. It was simply stunning. She was sure Jeanne's dress, like Trish’s, was meant to be worn with a camisole or under-dress. Bonnie mused that this woman looked far better like this than she had on the beach.

“Thank You” Jeanne said before giving a close hug “I must admit I love the way this one fits me”

“Where did you get it?” Bonnie said out of habit before realizing the meaning of that question in Miami.

“Oh, I got it at the Christian Dior shop in South Beach.”

Bonnie began to feel out of place and wondered if her $275 dress looked overtly cheap in this crowd.

Jeanne continued with what was polite “I love your dress.”

“Thank You, but it’s no Dior.”

“Really” Jeanne said earnestly “I don’t’ remember seeing anything like it, it is so sexy and avant-garde. It’s a hard thing at these activities to be sexy without looking cheap or slutty, but that outfit is perfect.”

That comment made Bonnie feel good, but wondered what it said about Marcy’s outfit. She didn’t have time to worry about that new concern. Jeanne began introducing the three of them to the half dozen or so people in the room. “We call this the Club Room. It is where most of the activities go on.” There was a bar and half a dozen high round tables with four stools each. We’ll move these tables around in a little while for our discussion.” After you are done, we will start the music for dancing. Then she pointed out the bar. “It is strictly BYOB because we don’t’ have a liquor license; but don’t worry I’m sure you’ll have more than a few people wanting to share their booze with you.”

As they started up the stairs, she explained the kitchen was also on the first floor just past the Club Room. “There will be plenty of hors d'oeuvres available till midnight, then breakfast starts at 5:00 AM for those who are still here.”

While the first floor was in the pastel Miami art deco motif; the second floor continued the deco theme, but shifted to a heavy industrial feel, like something out of Fritz Lang’s silent film Metropolis. Bonnie couldn’t help but ask. Did you guys buy this place and remodel it; or did it come like this?”

Jeanne laughed “Oh, this is how we found it. This is one of the oldest homes still standing on the island. It was built by a rather eccentric German from New York in the 1930’s by Lawrence Murray Dixon, who did several of the well-known deco buildings on Miami Beach.”

Bonnie mentally patted herself on the back and said “I thought it had a Metropolis vibe, now I get it.”

Jeanne nodded, and Bonnie supposed that was a common observation. “Yes, it does. It was passed directly to his grandson, and sometime in the 1980’s it was given protection from major changes as a historical landmark shortly before his granddaughter inherited it. While that is cool, the odd layout and …uh… unusual deco motif and historical protections very much limited its commercial value; which led directly to us acquiring it. The South-Florida Friends was incorporated over twenty years ago; while we are a very discreet non-profit social group, we have a very cosmopolitan membership roster. The majority of our voting members do not live here year-round; on any given night, only perhaps half the people are local. The other half are out-of-town members, carefully vetted out-of-town visitors, or invited guests; like you. Even in the summer, we rarely fill this place up even close to our listed capacity. We acquired the property as a gift by the great-granddaughter of the man who had it built.”

The second floor, which Bonnie had found so unusual, like the first, had two main rooms both accessed from the stairwell. The room to the left off the stairwell, Jeanne labeled with the old-world title of withdrawing room, or simply The Drawing Room. “While the Drawing Room is primarily used as a conversation area; as the night progresses it is common to find some erotic play going on. I don’t know about you, but I find having my pussy licked helps lubricate the conversation. Though, if the man or woman does too good a job in eating me; the conversation ends for a while because I find myself back there.”

Bonnie was sure that was a rehearsed line; but even still, it was funny and conveyed information in a non-threatening manner. It was a good way to prepare those for whom she was giving a tour for what they might see next. Jeanne’s creative method of sharing information was just another nugget to tuck away for later. The woman pointed to a separate, semi-private room at the far end. Through an iron grillwork, Bonnie could see the two beds.

Jeanne added, “Like I said, we had to leave the building the way we found it. No one has ever been able to establish why the side room was built to be screened like that. So we didn’t intentionally make that room semi-visible to people in here. When the club was moved into the house; it seemed natural to make it an auxiliary play room. As it turns out, our members find they enjoy playing with others when their spouse is nearby but not underfoot. I have gotten to enjoy fucking my brains out while I can still see Ron in the other room fully dressed, relaxing with friends.”

Marcy, who had said very little thus far noted “That would be terrific. I think my husband Mike would really enjoy that. I know I would.”

The other main room on the second floor was The Lounge. It had a pool table, a sofa set, a chaise lounge, three bar table & chair sets, a small self-serve bar, an auxiliary hors d'oeuvres table and a couple of screens mounted to the wall. Not surprisingly on the screens played a soft dreamy looking video of a couple having sex. Sure, it was porn, but it was high class artistic porn.

The overly wide, highly upholstered chaise lounge got Bonnie’s attention. She could not tell if it really dated to when the house was built, or was it a modern replica. Either way it reminded her of the classic Hollywood casting-couch. She had no doubt that it was regularly used the same way casting-couches were. Jeanne introduced Bonnie & Company to more people. Bonnie noticed all eyes, male and female, took in her outfit. She was glad she’d forked over the money for the dress. She decided her outfit was perfect for this hyper stylized décor.

“Sometimes people call this the Foreplay Room not because people don’t fuck in here, because late at night they do; and even earlier you may see the same kind of sex-play as in the Drawing Room. Even so, this is not the play room. Perhaps you get the idea that the further we go in the tour, the more we move from rooms used just for socializing, to spaces suited for increasing levels of sexual activities. So, while the rooms on the second floor are balanced for mostly socializing with some sex added in; the third-floor is devoted to sex; but for sure we also socialize in the mists of intense sexual activities as well. Simply put, we see sex as a social activity.”

Jeanne opened a glass door to a balcony that sat atop the kitchen. A beautiful tile hot tub sat overlooking the swimming pool, the intercoastal and the Miami skyline beyond that. Jeanne explained “This is a wonderful place to relax and look at the stars. While it is heated in the cooler months, this is more a small conversation pool than a hot tub. Importantly, in the summer the water isn’t heated at all, and in the winter, it is only kept warm enough for comfort.”

Jeanne pointed out a side room with a gang shower. “In case you are wondering; yes, the showers are for both cleaning up before and after sex; and for having public shower sex. I don’t know how many times I thought I was done for the night, but found myself taking it one more time under the hot water before I get dressed to go home.”

Trish…the new version of Trish put in, “Yum. Mabey I will be so lucky.”

Jeanne laughed, “With that attitude, it is almost a certainty that you will.”

Bonnie just shook her head.

Up another flight of stairs, the stairway ended right onto the Play Room. The space was much smaller than any of the other main rooms she’d seen in the house, almost like a penthouse; but the large wall-sized windows kept it from feeling confined. The spare furnishings consisted of three king sized mattresses on low stands, two chaise lounges, a few wicker chairs, a mini-fridge and a rattan trolly cart. Two of the king beds were abutted to create one supersized play area. On one bed, a naked couple were kissing while the man rubbed between her legs.

The mirrors on the walls and ceiling further lightened up the small space. Bonnie stepped over to look at the contents of the cart. While the two dozen bottles of water took up more than half the cart’s basket, the rest of the space was devoted to disposable sex paraphernalia. Half a dozen boxes of different types of condoms, bottles of flavored & unflavored lube, several lotions, a jar of what was labeled ‘sex dust’, a bottle of coconut oil, disposable sanitizing wipes and a large dispenser of hand sanitizer. Under the main tray was an ice chest, a waste basket and towels. “A very useful collection for a sex club,” Bonnie thought.

As Bonnie inventoried the cart’s contents, Jeanne said “You will find these carts in all the play areas around our facility. Our staff refill them as needed. We highly suggest everyone use a condom, but if you don’t the man has to change the sheets. If you play on an outdoor bed, you need to use a towel since there are no sheets, and when you are done, a wipe down with the sanitizing wipes is expected.” She then opened a sliding glass door onto a balcony overlooking the intercoastal waterway. Above an indoor/outdoor round bed were open rafters that shaded the afternoon sun while giving a view of the sky. To the right, above yet another double-king mattress play space, there was a solid roof. Apparently, this double-king was well enough protected from the elements to have sheets and throw pillows, while the round bed was made of some nylon like fabric was left bare.

“One reason we have so many members from other parts of the country is that of all our beds, only the two in the play room and the two off of the Drawing room are indoors. The rest are open air. This particular play area is my favorite and you will find nothing like it at any club in the US. Given our weather, it is usable nearly every day or night, all year. It is a really great space. We are high enough to get the sea breeze and at night, it is particularly nice in that we are above the bugs; and the view is amazing.” The waist high railing had slats that apparently allowed airflow while further reinforcing the feeling of privacy; though in looking around she decided that unless someone had a good telescope to see from the high-rises, the slats were unnecessary.

“We have two rules in addition to those dealing with hygiene, one is that you don’t come to the play rooms without a partner, or two or three. In other words, no one comes up to this floor looking for someone to have sex with. The other is no means no and pretty much anything else goes.” Passing back through the play room, she added “I’ll introduce you to Martha and Jack when they’re not so busy.”

They went through a second glass door in the playroom out onto another balcony, then through a door that opened back to the main stair well. They climbed yet another flight of stairs to the flat roof. There Bonnie saw three double-wide chaise lounges and two daybeds surrounded by a low fencing. She noticed they were all anchored down. She thought “that made good sense.” Looking out, she realized that this house was the tallest on the island; and on the roof they had a clear 360° view. She suspected that Jeanne’s earlier comment that this was the oldest home on the island left standing was why no others were this tall. They likely didn’t have building codes in the ‘20’s and ‘30’s, and it was survival of the fittest. She reasoned that the house must be constructed like a fortress. “Too bad Cooper isn’t here” she thought. “He’d spend all day looking at the house and never see the naked people or the sex.” Then she had an inward laugh, “Well he’d notice those things eventually.”

There were four women and one man out sunning, nude of course, in the bright sunlight.

Jeanne went on “One of my very favorite things to do is to come all the way up here to make languid love under the stars then lay with my lover till morning. Right now in mid-summer, it is just too hot to make love until well after the sun has set… at least for me. But in the winter, daytime sex up here can be glorious.”

Finally, they made their way back to the ground floor and out a glass door. The back yard consisted of one large deck that ran all the way to the edge of the intercoastal canal and boat dock. There were two speed boats and a dinghy tied off. “Some of our members come by boat. The dinghy belongs to a member who is in town for a few weeks. Their home, as it were, is way too big to tie up here.”

Most of the space between the house and the water was taken up by a swimming pool; which left precious little space for the two hot tubs, the dozen or so lounges and four bistro table sets. In the pool and laying out on the chaise lounges grabbing the last few rays of the afternoon were over a dozen more people. Naturally all were naked. While there were hedges screening the outdoor space from their neighbors on each side; there was only the low concrete sea wall facing the water. Anyone on a boat could easily take in all the nudity. Bonnie suspected every teenage boy nearby knew exactly where to look.

In addition to the dozen or so lounge chairs, there were two cabana beds. In one, a couple was quietly making love. Suddenly it hit Bonnie that those cabana beds were exactly what she needed for her own pool. Not only would an outdoor bed be better for sex; it would send a clear message to visitors. Without even talking it over with Cooper, the next morning, she ordered a pair of them from Amazon.

In the hot tub by the pool was Jeanne’s husband, Ron, and two women. Once she had given Bonnie and her friends a few moments to look over the fabulous vista, Jeanne said “The rule is, no textiles, urine or semen in the water. If you want to fuck, you wear a condom. If you blow a guy, you swallow every drop. That rule is firm. I might like swallowing when I blow a guy, and even ask guys to cum on my tits from time to time; but I don’t like old spunk floating in my hot tub.” The last comment got an “ooh yuck” and two laughs.

Jeanne added “It’s perfectly fine to be out here nude. This is Miami, and if people on the water want to see us naked, they are free to do so; but, if you have sex out here, make a reasonable effort to keep the action shielded from an easy view from water level. Those on the really big boats can pretty much look down to see people having sex anywhere they are out here, even in the pool; but if they do, it’s on them not us.”

It was only after Jeanne had explained, did Bonnie realize the significance of the louvered slats on the side of the cabana beds that faced the water.

Jeanne introduced them to several other people before looking back to her husband and telling him, “You might want to get dried off, we will be starting in a few minutes.”

Turning back to her guests, Jeanne smiled and said “Well girls, let’s head on in. Do you want something to drink?”

Given the limited space, this “club” was simply wonderful. It had everything Bonnie would want in a place to go and hide from the real world. She mused that though this entire house would fit in a small corner of the LeMarco “estate” it likely was worth as much or more than that expansive property. The membership dues must be astronomical. That would account for the very pricey clothing and jewels she had already seen

She opened the sliding glass door that went directly into the club room. “Oh, and we do ask for no ongoing nudity in the ground floor. In the two main rooms of the second floor, the same is true until midnight; though as I said before, casual sex play is fine, but we’d rather you generally stay clothed until then. I hope it doesn’t sound like we are rule crazy, but some of us have been doing this a long time and we have found even in a Lifestyle Club that anything goes doesn’t really work.”

Bonnie answered “Go on, that is what my husband and I are interested in; boundaries among those who are openly sexual.”

“Well, hang on a minute and we’ll do that in our discussion group.”

They went up to the second floor. In the Drawing Room a lectern had been put by the window and the chairs turned to face it. Over twenty people were already sitting, waiting on Bonnie. Suddenly she was nervous. All these, obviously successful, sophisticated urban people were waiting to hear from a housewife from the Georgia countryside. What could she possibly say that they did not already know?

It was good that Jeanne started right off so that Bonnie didn’t have long to dwell on her fears. “Today we have a special opportunity to discuss some new ideas and a budding new national movement. We have Bonnie Campbell who works for the Final Freedom Foundation. You may have read about this group in The New Yorker, Cosmo or in several other national publications. They are taking up the cause of sexual freedom in a very public way that has not been done in decades. As you know people like us have been advocating for this for years, so we are very pleased to have her today. As we usually do at our salons, we will let her present her information then go to an open forum. You will see I went out and bought several magazines that have articles about the FFF here on the coffee table. So, Bonnie, tell us about the Final Freedom Foundation.”

Bonnie using her most professional voice (rather than the Southern lilt she’d used in New York) said “Since this is a salon, who reads”

Eight hands went up. “That’s more than I expected. How many of you saw my husband’s article calling for a new paradigm of sexual openness?”

Several hands raised and the older man who met them at the door spoke up “That was your husband’s article?”

“Yes it was. Cooper, who is a college professor, and I have been discussing things for a while and almost a year ago he submitted it to Solon. However, it took Amy’s, I mean Amy Douglas, suggestion they publish it along with the material about her art exhibit that got it published.”

Jeanne added “Have any of you read the articles in the New Yorker, Cosmo, The Rolling Stone or Playboy about the erotic art show in June?”

Several hands went up then Jeanne stood and said “I’m passing around my copy of the New Yorker article. See the painting on the opening page. Bonnie and her husband were the primary models.”

With that for an introduction, Bonnie’s presentation and the subsequent discussion lasted for over an hour and a half before Jeanne cut it off. Bonnie was surprised at herself at how knowledgeable she appeared to be compared to these well-educated people. Then afterward, for nearly another hour she sat on a stool beside the lectern surrounded by people asking questions and thanking her. While it was exhausting, it made her feel she could conquer the world.

The final two people talking to her as she sat on the stool was a married couple, both young professionals with small children. The woman, Mira, was an exceptionally pretty, size fourteen, brunette wearing a beautiful green corset which brought attention to her large bust which it pushed out the top.

They were curious about how Bonnie and Cooper had raised their children in regard to sex and nudity. Bonnie had mentioned it in passing during the discussion but they wanted to know more. For some time, Bonnie explained how they’d raised their kids in the past and what they were doing now.

Cannon, the man who had met them at the door when they had arrived had been waiting patiently for her attention all that time. As she was talking to Mira and her husband, Yoel, he stood from the chair in which he’d been sitting and walked over to her. Bonnie could tell the couple she was speaking with and Cannon knew one another. When there was a break, he said “That was quite a talk. I am very glad I came. It’s not often I hear something that truly encourages me. I am the coordinator of an association of lifestyle clubs in central and southern Florida. If you are interested in doing it again, I am sure I could book you to do that presentation every weekend for a year. If you are interested in spreading your message further afield, I can make some contacts for you.”

He was so kind and, despite his age, had a level of sexual desirability that Bonnie didn’t quite understand. As they spoke of their lives, she became aware that he must be older than she had initially believed. He was intensely interested in the FFF plans and about Bonnie’s family’s personal experience with sexual openness. He was indeed surprised when she told him that she and Cooper had committed to make their home ¬sex positive over a decade before they expanded on that philosophy to bring in other playmates.

During the solon discussion he had made references to both the Beat and Free Love movements. To Bonnie his words indicated personal firsthand knowledge.

Among other things he said, “…during the Beat movement sexual openness was tried. I mean in the early 60’s we didn’t do the communal marriage like we did in the 70’s, but we did reject the idea of one-size-fits-all sexuality and the double standard that was even worse than it is today. I remember when I was in college the dean would not let us publish even mildly sexual poems in the university’s literary journal, and he publicly condemned sexually oriented writings by the Beats; yet, the same man essentially expected that his female graduate assistants would have sex with him. Though to be fair, back then nearly all of the faculty saw sexual favors from the co-ed’s as a perk of the job. Yet, I knew first hand an undergraduate girl who was expelled for being in the men’s dorm after hours.”

He stopped, looked around, and noting a pair of sofas still unoccupied suggested the four of them have a seat “before there are no seats to be had.”

Once he Bonnie were on one loveseat with Mira and Yoel on one perpendicular to theirs, he went on. “The problem was that back then I think our message about sexual freedom was too intertwined with other messages. In the mid-60’s we combined communism and political change with sexual freedom and as we moved into the 70’s we made the mistake of combining the drug culture and the free love culture into one. So, when middle class America rejected our sexual freedom, they were rejecting the package of sex, drugs and communism. The lifestyle movement was created by those of us who had grown out of the drugs and radicalism and into middle America, but did not abandon the ideals of sexual liberation. Since then, despite our efforts we have never expanded much beyond our base.”

she asked him about his own involvement in those movements that were little more than history to her. He stretched out and said “Honey, if I told you the whole story it would take all night. So I'll give you the short version. I enrolled in San Francisco State, in the fall of 1962 on a partial scholarship from a writing contest. I was naive and impressionable. I had a professor who was a friend of Ginsburg, Kerouac and a number of the leading Beat figures. In his writing classes he preached the Beat philosophies which included sexual freedom. Not surprisingly it appealed to a kid from a farming community were kissing before engagement was considered immoral.”

Bonnie hoped her face did not show how incredulous she felt. This man was right out of a history text book, yet not only was he alive, he was doubtless still in the game.

“I began going to the Beat poetry readings and discussion meetings. I quickly found that the better I sounded in the meeting the easier it was with the girls. By the time I was a senior I could have sex with most any girl in the lit department just by asking. And I did, a lot. But fortunately, at the same time I was learning to sound like I knew what I was saying at the meetings. I really was learning quite a lot and next thing I knew I was enrolling in grad school and then two years later began work on a Ph.D. in Literary Philosophy. By the time I earned it the anti-war movement, the psychedelic age and free love were in full bloom and I was right there with them. In those days if I told my students about a great LSD trip I had or an orgy I attended it was seen as a statement of progressive philosophy and applauded.”

“For a young philosophy teacher, 1970 was quite a year to start, even in what would seem to be a quiet place like Oregon State. I suddenly was the magnate for all the would-be hippies and radicals on campus. It was a wild time, and I was right in the middle of it trying to create a cohesive philosophy of life within all the turmoil. From ‘70 to ‘73 we lived communal style in a big Victorian house. I had one legal wife and two, what we called spiritual wives and each of them had at least two husbands as well. This formed an interlinking community with different members coming and going all the time. I am amused at young people who seem to think that just because the word polyamory is new, that the concept itself is new as well.”

Bonnie was intrigued, “What happened? Why only till ‘73?”

“Babies. It was something not planned in our free love ideal. When my legal wife got pregnant with our daughter it was the hit of the community, everyone took such good care of her. She was born using a midwife at the house, it was such an exciting time and for the first year she was loved like no other child because she had six mommies. But by the next summer after our first daughter’s birth, the house had four babies and my wife was pregnant again. Though it is possible I am the biological father to Santana or Autumn, it is not likely I am for both of them, and possibly neither of them. In those days there was no way to know for sure which of the guys in our commune actually provided the sperm. But it didn't matter then, and even all these years later it does not matter to me or to them. " He paused in thought. Then continued "That was the fall of ‘73 and the end of the commune. My wife and I split a few years later, we found our relationship was founded in the group and without it we were not compatible.”

“I’m sorry,” Bonnie interjected.

“There are many things from those days I regret, but from mistakes we learn. I never did become monogamous, but became a very vocal proponent of responsibility with in the free love community. Though my girls lived with their mother, I worked very hard to be a good dad and we are close even now, and, at the risk of sounding boastful, my grandkids think I’m amazing, and my great grandchildren are the joy of my life.”

Bonnie had to laugh. She’d never before thought about how this would play on the grandchildren she and Cooper would surely have one day. It was certainly something she’d think on again later.

“By the late seventies, I was sounding a warning about a backlash and disease before the AIDS epidemic and the rise of the Christian right; but, no one in the movement was listening. I’m so glad to see someone taking up the cause, hopefully in a more thoughtful way than we did.”

“I really think my husband would like to talk to you, can I give him your number?”

“Sure, if you want, but I have long since retired. I would love to help by consulting, but I’m not interested in taking an active role with your new project. That’s a job for younger people than me.”

“I understand.”

While she talked with him, she decided that having been the coordinator and the facilitator for their group the last four days she was going to do something just for her; she was going to have this man here and now. It didn’t matter if Mira and her husband were sitting right there She expected they would not mind. she leaned over to him and said quietly, “I know you’ve heard this hundreds, maybe thousands of times, but you are very handsome and I would very much like to make love to you. Then she acted on an urge she’d had since they began talking, she leaned over and kissed him passionately.

“That was a long time ago” he said when she ended the kiss, then he pressed his lips to hers. She melted into him as naturally as if they had been lovers for years. Their kiss was full of fire and desire; she tuned out the world and focused on him as she slipped her hand inside the robe he had been wearing since she first saw him. She was not surprised to find nothing but his penis inside.

Bit by bit he moved his attention over every inch of her torso, spending the same time on her ribs as he did on her breasts. Her very light dress offered complete access with little effort. His fingers used firm but gentle pressure, like a masseuse while his kisses and licks made it explicitly sexual. Ever so slowly he worked as her arousal grew. It grew almost beyond her control. Even after he slid from the loveseat to the floor, he bypassed the burning area between her legs and kissed her thighs on each side before his lips moved to the smooth cleft mound. Still with maddening patience, he kissed up the right side of her vulva and down the left. She was quivering, only then did his lips stop on the frill of flesh that pushed its way out from the closed chasm. She could not help but vocalize. “Yes, now” came from her lips as his tongue pushed into the soft inner flesh.

With the same deliberate pace, he had moved from her neck to her vulva, he now began to delight her inner lips, her vaginal canal and her clitoris. The difference was now with this direct stimulation she found satisfaction in one, then two then three climaxes as he worked on her. She felt she could not take anymore and tried to move his head but he continued and then she had the most amazing string of one small climax after another blending into one sustained orgasm. While she was still spasming from this new phenomenon he moved up her body. He slid his penis easily into her pulsating inner lips and, much to her surprise, the string of orgasms continued for several minutes longer before she collapsed in utter exhaustion.

Her chest was heaving, her legs still twitching, ached. Grasping for air she wheezed “Oh God that was intense.”

He smiled knowingly. It was obvious he knew what he could do to a woman. He stood and offered a hand. “While I might momentarily forget my age, my body quickly reminds me. If you don’t mind, I think we should continue on one of the beds over in the side room.”

Though she did not object, it took her body several long moments to respond to her commands to get up. As she worked to move her overtaxed legs, Cannon turned to Mira and Yoel, who had been watching intently. “You are free to come if you would like; though I’m not sure I’m up to serving two women without a break.” He paused then added “Getting old is hell.”

“Thought we’d love to” Mira replied, “We’ve been up here too long already. I’m sure our friends likely arrived some time ago; but I just couldn’t tear my eyes from you two. That was quite the performance.”

Bonnie hadn’t even considered that the couple had stayed just to watch her and Cannon. This trip has presented her with so many new ideas; this was just one more.

Before leaving Mira helped Bonnie to her feet then whispered in her ear. “I could see you needed some help. I’ve been there.” Then she gave Bonnie a hug. “You sure know how to get people to believe what you say. I’d love to spend more time with you before you go.”

Bonnie just smiled at her. She wasn’t sure what she meant by that. As a reply she gave the young woman a light kiss…on the lips.

As she and Cannon crossed the half-filled drawing room. She knew it was not her imagination that said every eye was watching her. She unbuckled her metal linked belt, then stepped out of her dress as they entered the semi-private room.

Cannon took her in his arms and kissed her hard. His robe was gone and their bare flesh pressed together. Bonnie was having a hard time standing. Her legs were just so weak it had taken all her energy just to walk across the Drawing Room. Laying her down gently he began to kiss her neck and shoulders. He rolled her to her side, he sidled up behind her and slid his penis back in. It had not softened one bit. With a relaxed but steady pace both of their hips moved in a synchronized motion. It felt so good, so pleasant and relaxing. At first she thought it would be the perfect come down from her intense orgasms; but in a few minutes, another climax seemed to just appear. Once that final wave had crested and passed, the pace slowed then finally they came to a halt. Their bodies intertwined but at rest. After some time, his penis slipped out.

It was a good ten minutes before she pulled herself off the bed. By that time a manage-a-trios, which included the woman introduced as Cannon’s girlfriend, was underway on the bed opposite her. After that experience it was no wonder that this man of over seventy had a girlfriend who looked younger than Bonnie. Cannon thanked her kindly and moved over to the bed to be near his girlfriend who was in the heat of her own erotic experience.

Bonnie pulled on her dress and stepped out. She wondered if he had even climaxed. It didn’t seem so. But then she realized she had a cold line slowly oozing down the inside of her leg. The feeling told her that he had indeed ejaculated into her, and she had violated the condom rule she had laid down when they arrived in Miami.

She just found a tissue and cleaned it up. It was too late to worry about it.

Pulling her phone from her purse, she went out to sit by the 2nd floor conversation pool to call Cooper. She told him all about what had happened at the club…so far. He suggested she circulate a sheet of paper to gather e-mail addresses for the FFF newsletter. He agreed she should ask Cannon to make contacts to have similar solons at other clubs. After she let her husband go, she sat by the water and chatted with the half-dozen people out in the early night air.

As she got to know three new couples, she could hear the music coming from the club room below. Excusing herself, she headed down the set of exterior stairs to the ground floor. Stepping into the largest space in the house, she could see the night’s events had taken off. The couches that had been in the middle of the room earlier, had been moved to the sides. Now it made sense why part of the floor was hard wood and part was tile. The hardwood formed a dance floor. She’d only vaguely recalled seeing the small stage and brass stripper pole right in the center of the room. Then she recalled the seating areas had been arranged around it, but looking inward, so she’d not grasped what small the round platform was.

There were a good twenty-five people sitting around in the couches and chairs, another ten or so out on the dance floor, and one woman in lingerie dancing on the stage. Whereas the people at the earlier Salon seemed to average about forty-five years old; she saw the newcomers mostly appeared to be in their late-twenties to mid-thirties. Still, high fashion sexy was the name of the game, just this group clearly wore less and what they wore was more of the sheer variety. Even one guy on the dance floor was wearing sheer pants with his noticeably long dong on display. Another big dick, what was it here in Florida?

She did not see Trish and Marcy, but she did see the buffet was fully stocked. She suddenly realized she was quite hungry, so off to the table she went.

It had been a busy day and Bonnie was feeling the weariness. She slipped off her dress once again, folded it neatly and stepped into the hot bubbly water. She really just wanted to sit quietly and relax, but tonight, it seemed everyone wanted to talk to her. In her mind, she compared the atmosphere here with that of the only other swinger party she’d been to, at the LeMarcos's.

Interestingly, she realized that both groups were made up almost exclusively of well-off professional people. The average income of both parties doubtless far exceeded what she and Cooper made in their best years, and they were some of the better off people in Sparta. She wondered if this was normal for swinger groups, or did she just happen to have been invited to unusually high-end ones? The big difference was here the people did not appear to be close in their regular lives, while at the LeMarco’s everyone knew each other through business or social circles. Again she wondered what was normal. She would have to see if there was any research on swingers and swinger groups.

A little while, and two plates of hors d'oeuvres, later; Bonnie saw Trish waving from the glass door leading out back. She made her way through the crowd and out the door into the very pleasant night air. It was warm but not hot, with a cool breeze. The pool was well lit, but with no one in it. Both hot tubs were busy, one had Trish, Marcy and three others. They motioned for her to join them..

“Where have you been?” Trish asked emphatically.

“In the Drawing Room. I just came downstairs a few minutes ago to get something to eat.” She knew her tone was testy, but she didn’t like the inquisition. “After the solon I spent a solid out on my stool surrounded by people wanting to talk to me. Then Canon, the man who met us at the door, and another couple and I sat in the couches and talked some more; though after a while Cannon and I messed around. Mostly we were right in the same room where I led the talk on the FFF.”

The man directly across from her said “Yes, I saw you with Cannon. It looked like you were having a very nice time.”

“I guess I was” Bonnie admitted with some pleasure. “I don’t think we’ve met.”

He reached across the water “I’m Victor Espinoza. I was impressed with your talk. You are very knowledgeable.”

“Thank you very much.”

She didn’t recognize the other couple from the salon. Marcy introduced them, “Bonnie, this is Gloria and Hugo Lopez-Garcia. They got here about half way through the discussion.”

“Yes,” she replied. “I saw you two standing off to the side.” Hugo was extremely handsome, reminding her of Antonio Banderas (who she thought was the sexiest man alive) and Gloria was a first-class Latina knockout in both face and figure,

In a smooth, sexy Spanish accent Hugo said. “It was very interesting. I would love to hear a discussion about public sexuality in Latin countries. Our history is very different than yours.”

“Well yes and no” Bonnie couldn’t help but respond, wanting to impress. “American society certainly has a strong strain of Germanic/Nordic culture that largely resisted Romanization. However, we all have similar Catholic history up to the fifteenth century, and despite other changes, the protestants who came to America adopted Catholic sexual morals with virtually no change. And while European Catholics have largely abandoned Catholic sexual rules, many in Latin America hold on to them as tightly as the Baptists; however, there is a counter current in countries like Brazil or pre-communist Cuba with overt sexuality at events like Carnival. It has been interesting to see Latin American countries embracing gay marriage for instance.”

Trish cut off the lecture by saying “You’re sounding like Cooper. Tell us about messing with…. who was it?”

“Canon”, Bonnie said “I told you already. He was the man who met us at the door, he is so interesting. I’m going to see if he will be able to help us in the FFF project. He has been right in the middle of the sexual revolution since the early sixties.”

Trish responded, “I meant, tell us about messing around with him, not to give us a bio.”

“I was getting to that. See he has done it all sexually and I guess he picked up some real skills to compensate for his age; he’s over seventy. He gave me a kind of oral sex like I’ve never experienced before. I have no idea how many times I came while I was sitting in that love seat right out in front of everyone. I know it was more than a dozen. So, to answer your question, it was great.”

“Well it was about time, I’d began to wonder if you were going to waste this trip” Marcy quipped.

“No. I’m not” Bonnie responded.

Trish said “Gloria and Hugo and Victor and his girlfriend and some other couples are going to have a group grope in the play room a little later on. They have invited us to join. I know you’ve done the group sex thing before, but I haven’t so we are going and we’d really like you to come too.”

“I don’t know Trish. I’m getting tired and I’ve already had a great experience tonight.”

Victor interjected “One? That’s just getting started. You join us and I promise you’ll be glad you did.”

“You will, hugh?” Bonnie responded, intrigued.

“Oh yes, I can make that a solemn promise.”

“Sounds like four guys and seven girls, isn’t that a problem?”

Victor responded “I don’t know if it will work out like that. I think my girlfriend has been captured for the night by a hot young couple from Norway.”

“That might be, you don’t know what I like to do and you might be as good as you think you are; but you still can’t fuck my pussy and ass at the same time” Bonnie challenged him.

“So, your friends are right. You are a dama tigre?” Hugo asked.

“I just know what I like” Bonnie said, then closed her eyes and made like she was tuning him out.

Victor continued, “I don’t think you’ll leave disappointed. I have already arranged for Florence’s toy, Justin, to join us when the women start their girl only time.”

Bonnie hadn’t a clue what he was talking about; but it was clear he thought it was obvious. Apparently, he quickly saw his mistake and began to clarify. “Florence is the chairman of the Florida Friends Bord of Directors. She… well she collects pretty young guys and brings them here as sort of party favors. Justin is, let’s say rather popular. Yes, I think you will like him. No matter how long we all go on tonight, he will be up to whatever you want him for.”

Bonnie didn’t like the way that sounded at all. This was the first she’d heard of an abusive use of people at this event.

Perhaps her face gave her away. Victor added “Don’t think for a second Justin feels abused. Last month he and I had a long talk. He came to Miami right out of high school to party and get laid. He was able to get a job as a male dancer because… well he is buff, bisexual and has a huge dick; but spending every night working was not why he’d come from Alabama. He is more than happy to be Florence’s toy. He lives in her beautiful home, she buys him things, gives him money and takes him on trips around the world. Best of all…his only job is just to have fun with Florence and her friends. Sure he does her too, but he is free to do it with anyone he wants at these events. And then on nights where she is doing the all-girl thing; he’s free to stick that big dig in women of his choice all night long. No, he doesn’t feel the least bit abused.”

Bonnie could see that. She nodded to indicate she understood this kid Justin was not a victim in his arrangement with that woman.

Victor then shifted gears. “Perhaps you aren’t aware, but you are the talk of the club tonight. So, when he’d stopped by not too long before you made it down stairs, I asked if would be interested in joining a big group thing tonight. When I told him that it was for you, he was all about it. Of course, perhaps it helped that your two friends here...” he indicated Marcy and Trish, “helped my case when they told him how much you like anal and DP’s.”

Bonnie looked over at Marcy and Trish. Marcy shrugged her shoulders and said “Well its true isn’t it? And most guys have never met a woman who really likes that. You are like a unicorn… something lots of guys dream about meeting, but never do… and I wanted him to come. Once you see him, you will be glad I made the effort.”

Bonnie couldn’t disagree.

Victor looked triumphant. He knew he’d won. “So you see, you can’t exactly just bow out. And Jeanne and Ron are tonight’s official hosts, so they are busy and can’t join us. However, I would expect they will gravitate our way sometime during the night, if only to spend a little time with you.”

“OK, I’ll come.” Bonnie agreed, then she again closed her eyes. “Now let me relax; because if you make good on your promises, I’ll need my rest”

She actually managed to tune out the conversation for a good while. Though later she was told she’d been laying with her eyes closed for close to an hour, it still seemed all too soon when she was told it was time to go upstairs. At that moment she really wanted to just stay where she was, but she toweled off, grabbed her dress and followed the group. She trudged up the three floors to the play room.

In the small playroom, Mira was relaxing on a leather chaise lounge. She was wearing only the under-bust corset, leaving her effectively topless and bottomless. She had apparently been waiting for Bonnie’s group to arrive.

In the glass and mirror encased space, Bonnie counted no fewer than three separate groups of threes engaged. After a moment she almost laughed when it occurred to her that the three groups were like the three ways to do a ménage a trios. One man was going down on a heavy-set woman while she took a second man’s penis in her mouth: it was a strictly heterosexual grouping. A little way from them, but still on the big double-king play bed, a man and woman were kissing intently as a second woman was busy between her legs: it was a female bisexual grouping. And on the king bed across the room, a man and woman were taking turns sucking off a third man: it was a male bisexual grouping. All three groups were having oral sex, but the context of each was different; and no one seemed the least bit concerned about the others. Apparently, even the whole troop of people coming through the room didn’t seem to bother any of those on the beds.

“I’ll have to tell Amy” Bonnie thought to herself “this has real artistic possibilities.”

Mira gave Bonnie a hug before quietly saying “I hope it wasn’t presumptuous of me to arrange to be part of your nighttime activities?”

Bonnie hadn’t even considered that this rather large group sex event had not been just a spontaneous happening; yet, she realize she should have seen it was well planned. “No, not at all” Bonnie replied. And she meant it. She’d found that Mira was quick to laugh and smile, traits Bonnie really liked. The question as to why men seemed to like size four girls over real women came to her. Mira took Bonnie’s hand and said “I’m so glad you’re joining us. I had wanted to ask you before we went downstairs, but…. well you were busy.”

“Here I am.” Bonnie said with a flourish.

As she followed her new friend out the glass door, Bonnie discreetly looked Mira over. She marveled at the near perfection of the younger woman’s skin. Not a mole, not a scar, just an unblemished expanse of pinkish tan. That perfection was accentuated by her wonderful sensual curves. Bonnie could have just stood and looked at her, but I five steps they were out on the balcony.

The group had already begun to spread out on both the double-king and the round bed. From the very start, their orgy…and there was no denying that was exactly what it was…used all the available space. Like everyone else, Bonnie floated between the two beds. The giant double-king was the locus of the group activities, while the round bed was mostly used for pairing off; however, the space was small enough that the social and conversational side of their time was unified, whether someone was on one of the beds, the rattan chairs or … as Bonnie did, more than once, engaged in standing sex against the railing.

Over the night a number of people came up and discreetly watched the group of thirteen in action for a while before moving off to find somewhere else to play.

Bonnie and her friends were now well used to getting naked in public so there was no shyness or hesitation. After she carefully folded her dress, she decided to put the waist belt back on. Before they had even left the rental house, she had anticipated the moment she’d take off her dress. She’d taken a look in the mirror and thought wearing everything but the dress was a great look. She’d come to like dressing up, even when nude…especially when she was nude.

Once she’d laid her dress out, she turned to find Mira right in front of her. The younger woman reached out and pulled Bonnie to her and placed her open mouth on Bonnie’s. The kisses were timid, but Bonnie sensing she wanted more pulled Mira closer as they stood by the round bed. In an instant her fatigue and reluctance evaporated as she felt the warmth of this woman's soft body pressed on hers.

They had not moved beyond kissing and touching each other when Mira seemed to know someone had arrived and turned her head. “Oh good. You are here!” She said happily.

Reaching to take the hand of another young woman, Mira began “Bonnie Campbell, this is Holly; my best friend in all the world, and her husband Elijah. We were besties long before we became lovers and then started sharing our husbands. We met at our Lamaze class when we were both pregnant with our first and we’ve been inseparable ever since. There is no way either of us would have become swingers if we hadn’t found each other first. As two young Jewish mothers-to-be we seemed to just click. In like a week after we first met out of class, we were telling each other how much we thought we’d missed out on by marrying early and getting pregnant right off like we did. After our boys came, we commiserated together. One day when they were about six-months-old, while I was at her place and the boys were napping; we decided to lay down together. Next thing we know, we were kissing passionately. Before the boys woke up, we were lovers. For two years we kept it secret. By intent, we both got pregnant again at the same time. It was only after our second set of children came (I had another boy while she had a girl) that we, sat our husband’s down and told them she and I had been having sex for close to two years and we did not intend to stop.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but ask “What did they do?”

Elijah, Holly’s husband who was right there jumped in “We told them we wanted to watch of course.”

Bonnie laughed.

He explained “Yoel and I had been suspicious before the girls got pregnant the second time. We’d both seen how they acted together, stroking each other’s hair or thigh, and things like that. He and I talked about how hot it would be to have wives that were getting it on with each other; but we really didn’t believe it. It was more like the porn fueled fantasies of a pair of really strait, really boring junior executives. Then one night, after all four kids were asleep, they just out and told us they were bisexual and had been having lesbian sex for two years. Without thinking we both said we wanted to see. Of course, even as I said it, I just knew Holly would never get naked in front of Yoel, let alone let me see Mira that way. I hadn’t even begun to wrap my head around what they did together. It just all happened so fast.”

Mira picked back up. “We’d anticipated they would at least tease that they wanted to see, so we had a plan that we’d get naked so fast they couldn’t back out. We’d even brought a blanket into the living room in case it went that far. When they walked right into our trap, we were ready. As part of the plan, we really didn’t have foreplay, we just went right to it on Holly’s living room floor.”

Holly then continued the story “We didn’t know what they would do once we got naked, but we’d agreed if they wanted to join we would let them. “

Mira butted in “Meaning, we planned to have sex with the other one’s husband if the guys asked to join in. In anticipation of one day bringing the guys in, we’d both had our tubes tied while we were in the hospital with our second babies. As good Jewish wives’ we’d given them both boys, so it was not hard to convince them that two kids were enough.” She looked over to Elijah. “Holly had showed me a phone pic of him with his huge hard-on. I really wanted to do him. Yoel was the only guy I’d ever done it with.”

Holly said “I’d had sex with a couple of boyfriends in high school; but as soon as I graduated my mother and her mother started working to get me married. They are old school New York conservative Jews. Actually, all four of us come from Modern Orthodox Jewish families. Mira grew up in Palm Springs, but I’ve lived in Miami all my life. Our grandmothers knew each other from Brookland a million years ago.”

Mira nodded and laughed. Clearly there was more to that story.

Mira said, while you and Cannon were going at it in the little play room, Yoel and I told Holly and Elijah about what you said about raising your kids i