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In Search of the Final Freedom: Capter 56B

He barely knew Shirly Jean, she was some sort of financial advisor in Milledgeville, but that was all he knew about her. That and the most unusual place she’d had sex was while snorkeling at a reef in the Cayman Islands. He and Slosh followed her to Sherry’s very large bedroom… When they got there, Tad & Cindy Norman were already waiting in the lavishly furnished room. With them on the round bed was Issac Meadows, whom Cooper knew from his work with the county planning commission. Cooper had seen round beds in movies, but never in real life. Both men were nude and Cindy wore only a pale blue garter and stockings combo. It seemed he and Slosh had been invited to join something that was already in progress.

Cindy started it off by, taking his hand, pulling him to the bed beside her, and crawling on top of him. “Damn Cooper, I’ve had to wait for months to fuck you. Or if I consider the crush I had on you in high school, it’s been decades,” she said with a smile as she began to undo his pants. “Though back when I was fifteen, I really didn’t understand the reality of sex. It was all sort of romance novel sort of stuff to me.”

Cooper wondered how and why she’d been waiting to do him for months. He’d been in her office a couple of times in the fall, but she’d never even made a hint that she was coming on to him. That he didn’t understand. He did recall her always wanting to sit by him in math club when they were both at Jeff Davis. She was one of those women who got better with age. He didn’t recall her being pretty back then, but he’d noticed she’d become much more attractive the very first time he went into her CPA office, though he’d never given her a hint of interest either. Now she really was very sexy indeed.

Pulling his half erection from his slacks, she went right to sucking him up to full staff, rolled on a condom, and mounted him as he lay with his head toward the foot of the bed. Only then did she begin to talk. “When I saw Bonnie’s nude beach pics from the net back last spring, I was shocked, jealous, and turned on. I wanted to ask you about it, but thought it was unprofessional. Then when Tad showed me the new pics that were showing up on a few websites and I heard some rumors about Bonnie, I began to wonder if you two were players. Then when Mike and Marcy Marshal were at Sherry’s soiree last month, I began to put the puzzle pieces together. As always, nobody would tell what they knew about other people in the lifestyle, however, Marcy told the group about the swing club she went to in Miami. Even though she didn’t use Bonnie’s name I put it together. The last time you were in my office, I kept having this fantasy of fucking you right on my desk, but I wasn’t sure enough to say something. But next time… well, try to come around lunch and I can put the out-to-lunch sign-up. It won’t be the first time I’ve done that… but before it’s always been to do my husband. I’ve never done a client… yet.”

The abruptness in going right to penetrative sex without a bit of warm-up seemed odd to Cooper, but he had seen that at the LeMarco’s party as well. And as he thought of it, he’d done pretty much the same thing with Slosh and Sherry at their Arabian Nights party. He reasoned that sex at parties was just different than couple’s sex. He wondered why he’d not seen that before. To his right, Slosh was already on all fours with Isaac fucking her while Tad’s dick was in her mouth. As the orgy, and that is what it was, got going (or going again), the bedroom door stayed wide open. From the start, a string of people came in to watch. They tended to stay for a few minutes and leave as the six people played on the bed.

He'd just begun to consider what he should be doing when Shirley Jean’s very wet and engorged labia covered his mouth. Actually, she’d let it slide down his face, leaving a trail of wetness from his bald forehead, across his cheeks and nose, down to his mouth as she did. Shirley Jean was a full-figured woman perhaps in her mid-forties. In the brief conversation he’d had with her before dinner, there was no question she was very self-assured. There was no timidity as she began to rub her pussy on his lips as if this was the middle of a sexual encounter… then he reasoned that for her, perhaps it was. It seemed pretty evident that he and Slosh had joined something in mid-course. Yet, as his lips and tongue began to explore the womanly sex foisted on him, he didn’t taste semen. But, Cindy had put a condom on him, so he reasoned Shirley Jean had been having sex with somebody using a condom just before going to get him and Slosh.

In the past year Cooper had come to very much enjoy a woman sitting on his face, it had become a regular part of his and Bonnie’s sexual routine and Amy did it about half the times he was with her. There was something wanton about it that was a real turn-on for him. More often than not, when Bonnie did it, she already had cum in her. The majority of times it was his, but it was not uncommon for him to taste another man’s semen while she sat on his mouth. In the three months since they started their weekly time with Butch and Tabitha, several times after Butch had cum, she’d ridden his face while Tabitha rode his dick, just like these two women were doing now. Because Shirley Jean was facing forward, her clit was readily available to him. Given how aroused she was when she first mounted him, it was no wonder the locus of her sexual pleasure was fully erect and exposed. He reached out with his tongue and began to stroke it.

She let out a moan nearly immediately and pushed her hips forward. This of course made it more difficult to keep his tongue on her, but he followed her hips with his entire head. In the process, he gripped her clit, hood, and root firmly with his lips to hold them. He’d not meant to get a little bit of flesh between his teeth, but when he did, Shirly Jean exclaimed “Oh GOD! FUCK!” and clamped her thighs on his head like a vice. Suddenly it felt as if someone had just poured an entire cup of warm water on his face as she climaxed hard.

As Shirley Jean kept shaking violently, he was only vaguely aware of the vagina gripping his erection as Cindy came as well. In the short break that followed, Shirley Jean apologized for how she’d soaked his face and beard saying, “Just before I came to get you, Rob finished up sort of abruptly and I had been close but he didn’t finish me off… thanks for doing that for me. But fuck, I didn’t expect to soak you like that. I’d like to say that I’m sorry, but I’m not. That was too great for me to be sorry it happened.” She kissed him hard. It was the first kiss of the encounter. Party sex really was weird he thought.

Shirley Jean slid off the bed, but Cindy just lay back and spread her legs with her knees bent. He knew his job here wasn’t anywhere near done yet. He thought that perhaps the next part would be more like the kind of lovemaking that he normally did, but it wasn’t.

When they began to kiss, he found it strange to start the kissing after he was fully inside of her… not to mention that they’d already fucked till she’d cum. Still, it was passionate and soulful, and he began to relax as he worked his erection in her as their tongues danced. After they broke their embrace, Cindy said with a smile, “She really did soak you. Didn’t she?”

Cooper just nodded. Focused as he was on supporting his weight with his arms as he rotated his hips, he just let her talk.

Cindy went on, “I heard Shirley Jean say Rob finished early. You see, they carried on an old-fashioned affair for a couple of years. I think this was the first time they have tried to play together since that ended. I think they may have some unresolved issues.” She smiled and added “At least he pulled out to shoot on her tits. It would have been bad if she’d done that with a pussy full of cum.”

Cooper thought for a moment considering what he should say, but decided he could be as candid as Bonnie was. “That wouldn’t have been a problem. Bonnie does that to me from time to time, with my semen or that of other men. We both like doing it.”

“So, you like eating cream pies?”

Cooper nodded; he’d heard that term before. “Yes. I do.”

“And cream right from the spigot?”

He knew what she meant by that as well. “Yes, on occasion.”

She gave him a knowing look.

In the bed beside them, it was clear Slosh was the ringmaster and the two men were doing her bidding. It appeared that the action was reaching a crescendo in their current configuration. Cindy looked their way and said, “It simply has revolutionized our lives to embrace that Tad and I just can’t help cheating… well now it's not really cheating anymore but we normally let people assume that it is. Other than at parties like this, the people we do it with usually think we are being unfaithful to the other. It’s so weird that it is much less risky to let people think we are adulterers than letting it get out that we are swingers.”

Cooper could see her point. “Yes, it is weird.”

“How long have you and Bonnie been in the lifestyle? We’ve never seen you guys at any parties before.”

He'd heard of swinging called the lifestyle before, so he knew what she was asking. What came as a surprise was the whole idea that there were swinger parties in this area to go to. Without meaning to he asked, “You mean there are other people who do this in our area?”

She gave a soft laugh as she began lifting her knees to deepen his penetration, “Of course there are. We’ve been to house parties in Sparta, Milledgeville, and Eatonton. If we hadn’t gotten Maggie’s invite, we were going to a hotel takeover in Macon. Swinging is everywhere right here in the bible belt, and a lot of the swingers are leaders in those same churches who try to force their morality down everyone’s throats. Though what you have here is the cream of the crop. Maggie never does anything 2nd class. So, I guess you don’t have a lot of experience with swinging?”

As he pushed her knees up to her chest, he leaned in to force his erection as deep into Cindy as it would go. She let out a gasp and a breathy “Oh God, yes.”

All this gave Cooper time to think about what answer he should give.

Before he could come up with something to say, Cindy said “Both Tad and I had cheated, more than once. Well, Tad cheated a lot, and I had two long-term affairs. I don’t think he knew I was carrying on, but I knew full well he hired those young girls to work in the farm office so he could bang them. So, one afternoon, about three years ago I just went to his office at the farm and said that since we both have sex with other people, why don’t we just be open about it and do it together? He was like totally taken by surprise. We had a threesome with his little office assistant that very night; and as part of the deal we made, a few days later we had a threesome with a hot farmhand. It turned out we love watching the other screw. And we’ve been doing it ever since.”

Cooper knew he needed to answer, so he began, “About two years ago she just out and asked me if she could sleep with her best friend from church and her husband. We’d been talking about it for about a year before that, but that was the first time she actually did it. Well, the first time since we’d been married. While we were dating, she was never shy about the fact she… well as you said, had a stable. Almost every time we went out on Saturday night, she’d already had sex that day, and I knew it. So, when I started coming home from work two years ago and she’d already had sex it was not new. Since the summer, not many weeks have gone by when we both haven’t had sex with a couple of other people. Right now, from what she said on the phone, she is in bed with the couple who have been her sponsors at her St. Louis meeting.”

All this conversation while Cooper held Cindy’s knees to her chest and slowly made circles with his hips, pressing the head of his dick hard against the base of her canal. He could tell he was getting to her when she very breathily asked “So are you and Trish regular lovers?”

Her voice was lower as he knew he was pushing her up the arousal slope. “She sleeps in our bed most Saturday nights, whether Bonnie is home or not. But we are more friends than romantic lovers.”

He could tell she was ready to focus on her pleasure for a little while so he did not talk anymore. All she said were short phrases such as “Oh, yeah,” and “So deep, yes.”

He’d not seen Tad disengage from Slosh, but suddenly Cindy’s husband was sitting on the edge of the bed to their left, watching his wife writhe in pleasure. Softly he said to her, “You like that, don’t you?”

Without opening her eyes, she replied, “Yes, I do. He’s bottomed out, grinding on my cervix. Most guys aren’t long enough to do that, and you know how I love it.”

“Yes, I do,” he replied, “And I love watching you when someone does you just right.”

Softly she replied, “And I liked watching Marcy sucking your dick while Cooper did me.”

He smiled, “I liked watching Cooper do you while she sucked my dick.” He then turned his body so that he could kiss her. It seemed to Cooper that these two people, whom he’d literally known all his life had a really great relationship. He wondered if other people saw him and Bonnie the same way. He made some adjustments in how he held her legs, and he changed from grinding to slowly stroking, pressing down hard at the bottom of each stroke. Even as she kissed her husband, Cooper could hear a groan telling him he was doing it right. After just a short while, they broke their kiss, and she rocked her head back as she made the final assent to orgasm. Watching Tad watch him bring Cindy to climax gave Cooper an interesting feeling of satisfaction that he had not expected.

It was only the control, or perhaps the experience rather that Cooper had gained in the last year that helped him resist cumming when he felt his dick rhythmically gripped by Cindy’s vaginal muscles. Her orgasm had arrived, but he did not let himself go. He just kept up the same deep stroking that had brought the climax on because he suspected another one would follow. Tad leaned in to kiss Cindy again. She responded as he’d expected and the kiss was hot and full of passion. She surprised Cooper when she broke the kiss and softly asked him, “Would you like to help me blow my husband while we work on number two? I don’t think he finished when he was with Marcy and we’ve got a babysitter at home, so we’ll have to leave soon.”

What else could he say but “Sure, I’d love to.”

Turning to her husband, Cindy said, “While I fuck Cooper, how about you slide your dick between our mouths?”

He seemed a little surprised, but when he and Cindy began kissing, Tad slid his dick in between the two sets of lips. After that, they took turns sucking him while Cooper went back to pressing the head of his penis hard on her cervix and slowly rotating his hips. As he’d already suspected, Cindy was ready for a follow-up orgasm. It came while she watched her husband rising to climax as he made short strokes into Cooper’s mouth. Less than a minute after Cindy said loudly “Oh Fuck Yeah!” as she began yet another orgasm, Tad let go a long stream of semen that filled Cooper’s mouth.

As soon as Tad was done and he pulled his dick from Cooper’s lips Cindy reached up and pulled Cooper to her. It was clear that she wanted to kiss him with her husband’s semen still in his mouth… and that was what happened. The sticky semen passed back and forth between their tongues as they kissed. It was something he’d never done before and it was a huge turn-on for Cooper. When she finally broke the kiss, Cooper was sure she was done so he rolled off of her.

He found himself wedged in between Cindy and Shirley Jean who was on her side doing Isaac in the sixty-nine position. Slosh was standing beside the bed talking to the last two spectators. Cindy sat up smiling. To her husband, she said, “That was super-hot.” Her husband seemed to agree before he slid off the bed to look for his clothes. Back to Cooper, she said, “Thanks. We’ve never done that before. I thought we’d done all the variations of a threesome before but… well there is always something different. I don’t know what put it in my head to ask you to do that, but I’d not even imagined you’d suck him off all the way while you did me.”

All Cooper could say was, “I thought that is what you intended. So, I did it, and I enjoyed doing it for you. I’d never done that either.”

“Well, you did a damn good job for both of us,” and she gave him a kiss before she too slid off the bed. Her last comment seemed to remind her of something and she added, “That was so hot snowballing with Tad’s cum. I’ve done that with a woman, but with you, it was totally different.”

Cooper agreed it was indeed hot, and it was then he added, “One thing we know for sure is that we will be seeing each other again soon.”

She smiled “Really?”

With a grin, Cooper said, “Of course we will, it’s time we start working on my taxes.”

She picked up a pillow and threw it at him before picking up the rest of her lingerie that lay on an ottoman on the far side of the room. With her clothes in her hand, Cindy turned to him, “OK then. I will be waiting for your call to start your taxes, anytime that is convenient for you. If my little office assistant hears us… uhmm… energetically working on your taxes in my office, well so be it. It’s not like she’s never fucked my husband in my office before even though she has no idea that I know. So, if I get some in my office, well I‘m entitled. It is my office after all.” With that, she was out the door.

While she’d been talking, Slosh had picked up the sheer gown she’d been wearing and followed them out the door. As Cooper lay back to rest a moment before going to get his own clothes, Isaac finally came in Shirley Jean’s mouth. He too left the bed almost immediately, leaving just him and Shirley Jean. She grabbed a pillow and moved closer to Cooper. Out of instinct, he put an arm around her and pulled her closer. She snuggled up and said softly, “You can always tell a gentleman by what he does after he’s done.” Cooper just pulled her closer still. It was perhaps two minutes later when she said “But you didn’t finish did you? Were you waiting on me?”

Cooper didn’t know exactly why he’d held back with Cindy. The truth was that he’d had a very good time, but he didn’t know exactly what was on the menu and he didn’t want to be caught flaccid if that was not the last act. So, while he hadn’t been waiting to have sex with Shirley Jean per se, in a practical sense that is exactly what he’d been doing. And now with just the two of them in the bed, he could be himself rather than play a role. He turned to her and said, “Actually I was.”

They began to kiss. It was odd kissing a woman who tasted of fresh semen with the full knowledge that his mouth tasted of the same. However, this was now a situation in which Cooper felt more comfortable and the kiss didn’t yet lead right into sex. Instead, they alternately kissed and talked. As they did his hands explored her naked body and she responded by exploring his. They compared notes about their relationship with their respective spouses. He told her, as he had told Cindy, that he fully expected that Bonnie was in bed with an interesting couple at this very moment. She asked, “And neither of you are concerned about what the other is doing?”

“Concerned about what?” he asked. “After all, the only reason we are at different parties, in different beds is her work demands she be in St. Louis tonight.” Then he backed up, “No, perhaps we would still be in separate beds, we’ve done that before. Telling the other about what we did and who we did it with is part of the fun for us.”

Shirly Jean appeared to be truly interested. “That is not me and my husband. I know that some people here, like Cindy and Tad, are swingers; but most of us are not. Most of the people here, and I know all but a few of them, are in lifeless marriages. Not bad marriages, but lifeless ones where they go through the motions and maintain a unified household, often still in the child-rearing stage of life; but there is no dynamism in their relationships. That spark and thrill of one another’s company has gone out, or at least become a cool ember. I would say half the people here tonight are like me, they want to maintain their marriage, but they have an inner need for something more dynamic, something that tells them they are alive. We could go into the singles scene, but we all prefer married lovers who understand a love affair does not mean ending our current relationships.”

They talked and caressed each other for a good long while. Even as they did so, it occurred to him that it was the intimacy prior to the act that turned sex into lovemaking. He’d had great sex with Cindy. It had been quite enjoyable to be sure, and he could have climaxed and called it a wonderful experience. For many people that would be enough, but for him, there was a higher plane he sought with the women with whom he shared a bed. Even as he softly stroked Shirley Jean’s nipples up to a fully erect state, he knew that they were working up to something more than mere sex. It all made sense to Cooper.

Instinctually he could feel her need to feel loved and desired. It was like a deep pit that she longed to fill. In this, she was not unlike Trish, or Ashley, or Heather, or Elisabeth. He knew he could fill that pit with his love, at least for tonight. He could give himself to her and by enjoying everything that she was, body and soul, he would validate her. In this he knew DeeDee was right, he acted in the same role as she did. In practice, he was a Rahab. Importantly, for the first time he embraced that role and he knew it was an intrinsic part of his Christian identity.

After they had talked and caressed for longer than he’d had sex with Cindy, they made love for slightly under an hour. While people occasionally looked in on them, his slow pace of doing things made for a poor show and they soon walked on. When they were done, he was not surprised she wanted to just stay in the bed and hold him. In truth, those moments after, with their bodies awash in endorphins was perhaps his very favorite time. This was why he preferred to spend the whole night with his lovers. His night two weeks ago in the hotel with DeeDee’s client, Elisabeth, was far better than their first time together. Having that long time to simply absorb his love as their naked bodies were entwined made a huge difference to her, even if she didn’t understand why. The next morning, she’d even commented about how meaningful the night had been.

After the sexual energy was spent, Cooper and Shirley Jean lay cuddled up, talking. Magnolia eventually came into the room, “You two are free to spend the night, but you are in my bed. If it was earlier in the night and I didn’t have a houseful of guests, I’d be tickled you are here waiting for me. I know firsthand that both of you are fine lovers, but when I finally make it back here, I’ll be too dead to appreciate your presence.”

Cooper and Shirley Jean both laughed, before very slowly sliding off Maggie’s bed. Cooper had made a new friend tonight, actually one new friend, and renewed his relationship with a pair of people he’d known longer than he’d known his wife. He’d actually not expected that. Unlike Cindy though, Shirley Jean made no move to set up a future date, only saying, “I do hope we end up at one of Sherry’s soirees together. Perhaps we could spend the whole night together if we do.”

When he went looking for the door out to the party pavilion, where he assumed Trish would be, he got turned around. He ended up in a back hallway. Considering she might be in one of the rooms, he looked into each of the other five bedrooms. Two had people actively having sex, one had four naked people on the bed sitting and talking, one was empty, and the last one had a couple sound asleep. Trish wasn’t in any of the beds, though he did see one of the women who’d been at their dinner table… how long ago was that? As he walked, he fished for his phone. It was 3:48 AM. He was shocked. He’d been in that bedroom far longer than he realized. No wonder he felt like he’d made a friend. He and Shirley Jean must have talked for close to two hours before, during, and after their love-making session.

He found Trish in the pavilion as he’d first expected. She was in the warm water talking quietly with a knot of people. Taking into account those he’d seen in the bedrooms, Cooper decided that half of the guests had gone already. He, seeing the breakfast buffet laid out, realized he was hungry. But he only poured himself a mug of coffee and headed over to the water. He’d only pulled on his dress pants and shirt when he’d left Maggie’s room, so it was no problem pulling them off and hanging them on the conveniently located clothing rack by the entry way. He took a seat at the side of the water and sipped his coffee while he decided if he wanted to eat.

“Well Cooper,” Trish said when she’d pulled herself out of the water to talk to him. “You finally finished up with Shirley Jean. You got people talking with how long you guys were in Maggie’s room.”

“You of all people know that I don’t rush things.”

Trish laughed, “Oh boy do I. And I told them so.”

Cooper then asked, “So, how did your hunt for the mysterious gym guy go?”

Trish smiled broadly, “It turns out that he’d been eyeing me at the gym too. He didn’t hit on me because he is the Deputy Fire Chief for the Baldwin County Fire District… and he’s married. He didn’t want to risk getting tongues wagging, so he’s been trying to catch me as I leave the gym since December.”

“So,” Cooper inquired, “how did it go?”

“Well, we didn’t go as long as you and Shirley Jean went because he had to leave at 2:00, but it was good… really good. Good enough that I have a date for next week. Yes, I have a real date. We will have to go all the way to Macon so he won’t be recognized with another woman, but that is fine with me. With his job, it is easy for him to explain why he’s out all night… and yes, we plan to spend the whole night together.”

Cooper wasn’t excited that she was going out with a married man behind his wife’s back, but that really wasn’t his business. And its not like Trish was luring a faithful man into adultery after all. He hoped it would work out for her.

After a few moments, Trish asked, “How do you think things went with the kids tonight?”

It was an excellent question.


Misty’s plan for the night worked out as good as she could have hoped. Of the twenty-one Euro-Club girls (and three ex-officio members), thirteen came by with a date for photos before the dance. The only hitch was that since Misty was so particular about her photography, she took far too long for each set. While she would have plenty of time afterward, she knew the girls wanted photos in their fancy dresses while their hair and makeup were still fresh. She didn’t finish shooting the last couple until right at 6:20, the exact time she was supposed to meet with her photographers at the school.

Misty was out the door even before the last couple had gotten their coats on. At the dance, she saw Tommie at the publication’s booth. She told him how her session shooting the couple’s portraits had gone. She explained that after the dance she’d be shooting the girls from Baldwin Central since they did not come earlier. She also expected to be asked to shoot photos of the girls in their “more comfortable clothes.” In a separate email to the club members that afternoon, she had suggested they bring more comfortable clothes for the “not-a-party.” She didn’t know what to expect they would bring because she’d not stipulated what she’d meant; however, she suspected there would be a lot of skin showing.

Misty did not think she came off as combative to Tommy when she saw him, and she even snuck in a kiss. She did however tell him she hoped he had fun at his church event. She hoped she didn’t come across as snarky… even if that was how she felt. She didn’t mention that he had a date with a girl from his church waiting for him there… she didn’t have to. After she had given assignments to her two photographers, she headed back home. It still wasn’t 7:30 when she pulled her yellow Mini into the driveway.

Once Misty was back at home it was just her Megan, and Amelia because the adult chaperons wouldn’t be there till closer to 10:00. Just to set the tone, Misty changed into her favorite around-the-house top/dress that she bought in Miami Beach. As always, she wore absolutely nothing on under it. When Misty plopped down in her mother’s recliner Megan asked “Misty, did you forget to put on pants.”

Amelia followed up “Or panties?”

Misty, quite aware she was fully on display said truthfully, “I haven’t worn anything under this when I’m at home…” She thought for a moment, “… well ever.”

The two girls laughed and shook their heads. Misty laughed and said, “It takes some people a little while to get used to things at our house. A couple of weeks ago when Tommy spent the night, he almost tripped over himself when we went into the kitchen in the morning. My mom was completely naked making a pot of coffee, just like she usually does on Saturday and Sunday mornings.”

“What did he do?” Megan asked.

Misty laughed, “Well all I had on was a tee shirt, so as soon as she went back to her room, he bent me over the counter and fucked me good.”

Both laughed. For a while, they had a nice time just relaxing before Amelia asked if Misty would shoot some photos of her. Misty was glad to do so. After some headshots, Amelia asked if she could take off her shirt and pants for some photos in just her pretty bra and panty set. Misty knew all the girls knew the limits on what she could shoot. After shooting Amelia in a variety of poses, Misty suggested she look at some of the tiny swimsuits she and her mother had collected over the past two years. From prior shoots, she'd gathered them in a box she kept in the adjacent laundry room along with other props.

Amelia looked through the box. "I’d forgotten how tiny these are. They are smaller and more revealing than my underwear."

Of course, she was right. Most were far smaller than any bra and panty set. Misty explained "But they are swimsuits, so you aren't naked." Misty pulled down her beach scene backdrop, arranged some beach props, and began to shoot. She put Megan in charge of using the water spray bottle to keep Amelia wet looking. As Misty knew it would, the water also made several of the bikinis see-through. They made a good many provocative images before Megan insisted it was her turn. Misty was very happy to see them having so much fun because she had been concerned they would feel left out since their school didn’t sponsor a Valentine’s dance.

While Misty was shooting the two girls together, Gabby arrived. She had not been interested in going to her own school's Valentine's dance since she considered herself one of Lamar’s two girlfriends. The initial plan was that Lamar would take both her and Sarah to the Jefferson Davis dance, but the school put out a rule that all dates must be Jeff Davis students; so Gabby was left out in the cold. Once she arrived at the Campbells, it didn't take much encouragement from her two church friends to get her out of her street clothes for some sexy thong bikini photos. On Gabby, her large breasts made the little tops look even smaller.

After they had finished shooting, Megan, having seen what Misty was wearing said, “I thought I was pushing it with this outfit.” She referred to the fact that with her mini-skirt, she wore one of those mostly-sheer blouses that plainly showed off the pretty bra underneath. “But now I realize you meant really comfortable. So how about I just skip the bra?”

“Sure. I thought everyone would know that my mom set the standard as anything that could be worn on the street in Miami Beach can be worn to our events. You saw what Sarah and Bailey wore at the last party. So, I don’t see why not.”

Misty noted that Megan put not just her bra in her purse, but her panties too. Misty asked the other two if they wanted to wear one of her outfits for the party. Gabby, who had seen what Mrs. C. wore around-the-house on a couple of occasions, said “I’d love to wear that blue thing your mom wears.”

Misty knew exactly what outfit Gabby meant. Once they were in her parents’ room, she took it out of a drawer. Initially, Gabby left on her panties rather than go bare as Misty’s mom always did, but seeing her Misty suggested “How about this instead?”

She held up a blue pseudo-panty that consisted of a lace waistband with a string of beads rather than an actual crotch panel. Trying it on, Misty thought it looked very sexy with her blond pubic hair fully visible. Gabby loved it. Amelia chose one of Mrs. C.’s outfits that wasn’t quite as short or sheer as the one Gabby put on but was still quite revealing. Stepping into the living room, Amelia told Megan, I think we have set the bar for sexy outfits for tonight.

Of course, before they settled down, Misty shot a whole set of the three in their party outfits. She knew the bright photo lights would cut right through the sheer fabric of Amelia and Gabby’s draped tops making them nearly transparent. Gabby in particular with those pseudo panties was effectively bottomless as well… but effectively was the keyword. Misty did a whole set for her brother who’d asked for a hot pic of his 2nd girlfriend to go with the topless one of Sarah he had on his wall. When she showed them the photos on her camera screen, they loved them.

Once they had all gone to the living room to wait for their friends to come from their school dances, Megan directly asked if Mr. and Mrs. C. were at a sex party tonight. Misty told the girls that her parents were indeed at sex parties, but not together. Her dad was at a party with local friends, and her mom was out of town speaking at a big swingers Valentine's convention and party that took over an entire hotel.

Megan followed up with, "So do you think your parents will still have sex at the parties even though they aren't together?"

Misty burst out laughing. "I'd be shocked if they only do it with one person. Given they are both at swinger parties, I can almost guarantee they will both have sex with multiple people tonight."

That really got the girl's attention. Not that Mrs. C. hadn’t been extremely candid about her active sex life when those three girls, along with several more, had met with her after church a few weeks ago. But, as Megan put it, “that had been somehow distant… what she’d done in the past. However, when you say that both of your parents could be having sex with someone else at this very moment, it makes it more real.”

Misty understood what she was saying.

Amelia hesitated before asking "Do they tell you what they do at those parties?"

"Oh yea, if I ask my mom, she will tell me all about what she did. Sometimes I ask, sometimes I don't. If I do ask, she will tell me anything I want to know: what she did, how she did it, and how good it was or if it was a dud. Once we had a whole conversation about the taste of the cum from different guys we do. If she takes selfies with other people, which she sometimes does to show my dad, she will show me those too.”

All Amelia could do was say "Oh man. I knew you and your mom were open, but I guess I didn't really see the whole picture.”

Misty suddenly remembered something, “Can one of you go into my dad’s study? Now that Mrs. Marshal has announced that she’s not going to keep teaching at Jeff Davis after this year; my parents said we can put out the book we had made up using my Miami photos.”

Gabby said she didn’t see what one thing had to do with the other. With all the time she’d spent with Lamar and Sarah, she knew everything that had happened with Sarah and her mom on that trip. Misty explained that her parents had kept the book under wraps until Ms. Slosh got outed for what she did on the trip. “Both Mom and Ms. Slosh knew it would happen, but they didn’t want to be the cause of it.”

When Megan had retrieved the book, the three girls sat on the living room couch and began looking through the hundreds of photographs from the summer’s Miami trip. The book had images from town, South Beach, Haulover Beach, the snorkeling trip & frisbee football game, and from inside the rental house. In selecting the photos to use, Misty and her mother had not omitted the topless & nude beach photos of the girls and had included dozens of explicit sex photos… the legal ones. Though all three girls had seen the playroom with its dozen photos of Mrs. C. having sex, the pictures of the fivesome with the two Swiss men really took the three girls aback. They were still looking at the pictures and asking Misty about them when the first couple came back from the dance.

It was Joanne and Kurt. "You're back early," Misty said when she answered the door.

Joanne said, "I almost got caught with my hand in his pants by Mrs. Nussbaum. I think she guessed I was giving him a hand job, but she’d not gotten a clear view. After that, we started getting shadowed by teachers so we decided to come over here. Is my mom here yet?"

“No, not yet,” Misty answered.

“Let her know I’m here when she does. I’m going upstairs to hang up my dress in your closet. OK? Oh, and where do you want me to put the bottle of flavored sex oil we brought?”

Misty replied, “Just put it on the little table at the top of the stairs.” Turning to Megan she added, “As the couples arrive, tell them they can put the bottles there or on one of the end tables in the bedrooms.”

Less than five minutes later Joanne was back downstairs, wearing her date's dress shirt and apparently nothing else. "Misty, we were wondering if you'd like to join us for a while before the others arrive and you go back to shooting pictures."

"Well girls,” Misty said, “I guess we'll have to finish this later. I'm going upstairs to get laid. I promise not to be gone too long, but please answer the door for me until I get back." And she did get laid. But she let Joanne and her date know she couldn't stay long even as she pulled the shirt/dress over her head.

Of all Misty’s friends, Joanne was the most fun in bed. With her, it was always light with jokes and laughter. Even when Kurt was there, he and his dick were just an adjunct to the fun Misty and Joanne had. To the best of her memory, it was the third time she’d fucked Kurt and she had no idea how many times she and Joanne had played in the past few years. Still, she worked hard to put in a good performance. It was the first time she’d had a friend’s dick in her since she and Tommy became a couple. But even as she was doing it, a worry that she’d made a mistake crept into her mind. She pushed that thought down telling herself, “I made it crystal clear to Tommie I wasn’t going to give up sex with guys to be his girlfriend, so I’m not cheating.” She was surprised that her self-talk worked. In her limited time with Joanne and Kurt, she had two orgasms (one from Joanne’s tongue and one from Kurt’s dick).

Misty was back downstairs in just under twenty minutes. Stepping into the living room she said, "So starts another Euro-Club event.”

Gabby gave Misty a thumbs up and said, “It's hard to imagine how much has changed for me since our last club party. It’s hard for me to recall how truly inexperienced and naive I was before that day. I wasn’t just a virgin; I hadn’t done anything with anyone, guys or girls. I'd seen plenty of porn, but I'd never seen any real guys naked before, like in real life. It was at that party I decided I wanted Lamar to be my first. Well, actually it was while I watched him with Sarah, Hannah, and Troy. I could tell all he wanted was for Sarah to enjoy herself even though it was another guy doing her. I’d been waiting for a guy I could trust to be my first, and while I watched the four of them on the bed, I knew I’d found the right guy. I had a fantasy that I’d fall in love with my first guy, but I never thought it would really happen… but it has.”

Megan, who was sitting next to Gabby gave her a hug, “I’m so happy for you.”

Gabby continued, “And Lamar was so sweet about it when I asked him, and that was even before he’d done the deed before either. That first time was simply wonderful beyond words. Mrs. C. and Misty were both so supportive and there for me when I needed advice. And everything is just so natural here. So far, I’ve been in the hot tub, naked, with both Mr. & Mrs. C. and with Misty & Tommy. After I went naked in the hot tub with Misty and Tommy, Lamar and I went to his room for sex. No sooner than we were into it, Misty and Tommie came into his room and watched us go at it for quite a while. You know Lamar’s room isn’t big, so they were really close to us. They didn’t leave to go have sex in Misty’s room until they’d seen me have an orgasm. I’ll confess, I thought it was really cool and a turn-on for them to be in there watching us.”

Misty stepped in to say, “And you guys were great to watch. Next time we are all here, you can feel free to come in and watch me and Tommie if you want.”

Gabby giggled, “I might just do that.”

Megan asked, “Where is Tommie? Is he coming?”

Misty knew she would be asked this more than once before the night was over, and she had her answer ready. “His parents insisted he go to their church activity tonight… with a girl from his youth group.” Then she shrugged, and said, “His loss.”

“Sorry we’re late” said Mrs. Ericson as she and Mrs. Adams came into the living room from the front door. They were both carrying sacks with 2-liter drinks in them. “Have the people started coming from the dances yet?”

Misty got up to help with the bags, followed by the other three girls. “No,” Misty began as Gabby and Amelia took sacks from the two women’s hands. Once the transfer was complete, Misty said, “Since I’m going to be using the game room for my studio tonight, space in there will be limited. So put the drinks and food in on the kitchen Island.” Then back to the two mothers, she said, “Megan, Amelia, and Gabby didn’t go to a dance, but Joanne and Kurt are upstairs.”

Megan put in “Having sex.”

Mrs. Adams wasn’t the least bit put out, “Yes, they do that a whole lot at our house too.”

Mrs. Ericson added, “I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with that going on.”

Misty had to put in, “Well I think my mom and Mrs. Marshal would say they have the same issue as well.”

When Amelia and Gabby came back in the room Mrs. Adams visibly looked them over and then did the same for Megan. All three of them had on tops that made their breasts visible to one degree or another. To Mrs. Ericson she commented, “You were right that the girl's attire tonight would be more revealing than I’m used to seeing.” Then back to the three girls she said, “But I think you all look great. What I would have given to be able to dress like that at a party when I was your age.”

Mrs. Ericson nodded, “Bonnie said it was up to us as to how much skin we allowed downstairs. I had Haley put out the word that pretty much what was allowed at the last party would be fine tonight. And since last time a couple of girls wore see-through sarongs, well I think we will see a lot of that tonight.”

As if to make the point, Joanne came down the stairs and into the foyer just then. She wore a sheer red blouse…but she was entirely bottomless, her heart shaped patch of pinkish-purple pubic hair was fully exposed. Mrs. Ericson said, “That however will need at least a semblance of covering before the other boys get here.” Then to Joanne she said, “Yes, I know they have all seen you posing naked, but we have to pretend you are covered as long as you are downstairs.”

Joanne gave a smile and reached to Kurt, who produced a denim mini-skirt from behind him. Once she had pulled it on, she said “I was just pulling Mom’s chain. I wanted to see if she’d say anything.”

Mrs. Ericson nodded, then turned back to Mrs. Adams and said, “Joanne pushes the rules as far as they will go, but I’m sure you know that.”

Her mother with an exasperated look said, “Oh don’t I know it.”

Mrs. Ericson then explained, “Upstairs, nudity and sex are fine, but all the other house rules apply.”

Mrs. Adams said she understood then turned to Megan and said, “You and my daughter seem to be the only ones with shoes on, can you two give me a hand with the rest of the bags?”

While the girls helped the two mothers put out the food and drinks, Misty took it upon herself to give Mrs. Adams a tour of the house. First thing, she pointed to the silver bowl on the coffee table with condom packets in it. "There are bowls like this in all the bedrooms, and in the playroom. We found that sometimes people take all the condoms, not just one. So, if about once an hour you can go around and check the bowls. If you need more, you'll find a couple of big boxes of them in the upstairs bathroom."

Mrs. Adams just nodded.

It was only a couple of steps to the door of the study. Misty had done this tour enough to predict Mrs. Adams's reaction to the photos of her mother in her father’s study. It was more subdued than she expected. She asked about both the photos from the Caribbean cruise and the two that were obviously of her mother as a much younger woman. Like pretty much everyone she’d shown the room, Mrs. Adams was first surprised then expressed admiration of Misty’s mother.

Crossing the living room, Misty said, “Just like upstairs, the door to my parent's bedroom will stay open no matter who is using the room.”

Just as they crossed the threshold, Mrs. Adams asked, “So do you expect people to have sex down here even though it is all but right in the middle of the party?”

“They did at the last two parties. Then with a sly grin she added, “But of course this isn’t a party, it’s just a friendly after dance drop-in.” Then motioning to the bedroom’s décor, Misty explained, “When we first moved here when I was three, my mom decided the room should celebrate sexual love. I think she did a pretty good job of it.”

While the photos, especially the large one in the bedroom of her parents engaged in anal sex got her attention, it was the mirror above the bed that she commented on. “I’ve read about mirrors over the bed, but I’ve never actually seen one… ever.” She seemed to take in the total feel of the room and proclaimed, “Damn, I’d have sex in here if I could. I can see why your friends will do it here even though everyone can see them.”

Misty agreed, and quite honestly said “You could have sex here if you wanted. Lots of my parent's friends have.”

Mrs. Adams just shook her head “I don’t think my husband is up to that.”

Misty nodded. She knew the real eye-openers were yet to come.

In the game room, she saw Mrs. Adams looking at the sign Joanne had made. “Have you seen it? Your daughter made it up to make the point of where the heart symbol came from and what it really means. Connie is the girl. As I understand one afternoon about a month ago, she posed for Joanne to paint this image.”

“It certainly makes the point. Has Connie’s mother seen this?”

“I doubt it. Unless Joanne made a copy for Connie too… which she might well have. I guess you bought her the large format printer on which she made the posters, so you know she could have easily made more than the two that are here tonight.”

With a laugh, Mrs. Adams said, “I think Dorcus would have a heart attack if she saw that up on Connie’s wall. Well, I think she would have had a heart attack when she saw your mother’s room. She wants to be more open-minded, but it is hard for her.”

“Then it's good she didn’t come with you. We haven’t seen the real sexual stuff yet.”

“No?” Joanne’s mother asked.”

“No, we haven’t.” Misty led Mrs. Adams to the stairs, as they went up, she said “Since we now have over twenty members and three girls who will be here but are not club members, and most of them will bring dates; I realized we didn’t have enough beds. Making it worse will be the fact many of them, like Joanne did, will arrive ready to get it on right off. So, my brother and I set up the storage room as a group playroom.”

When Mrs. Adams saw the second poster that Joanne made on the door, she said “If my mother saw how Joanne is using the skills she learned in the art classes she’s paid for over the years, I think she’d have a heart attack.”

Misty replied, “Until this Christmas I would have said my grandmother would have done the same knowing I put it up for my party… but now I’m not so sure.”

As soon as Mrs. Adams stepped into the storeroom doorway and saw the big pictures on the walls, she stopped cold and said, “Oh my God!”

Misty explained, “These pictures have been just stacked in a corner since my parents brought them home from a big party after their Caribbean cruise. After Lamar and I set up the mattresses, we thought it would be good to hang them up to make it clear what this room is for.”

Slowly looking at each large photo, Mrs. Adams again said “Oh my God.” She said the same thing when Misty showed her the actual playroom down the hall. “Joanne told me that your parents have sex with other people, but she didn’t tell me that she put it out for everyone to see like this.”

Misty, as she nearly always did when showing people the play room said, “My mother taught me never to do anything that I’m ashamed of people seeing. Well, she wanted my friends who use this room to know she isn’t the least bit ashamed of what she does.”

“I guess she’s not.”

Mrs. Adams looked at each photo. Misty told her which ones she’d taken. Pointing to the photo of her mother and Mira cuddled up she said “They weren’t posing for me. I found them asleep this way after they had made love. I think this is one of my best photos ever. It is in my professional portfolio.”

“It is a beautiful picture. They all are. And how do you and your brother’s friends respond when they come in here? After all, most teens can’t imagine parents having sex, let alone seeing photos like this.”

With a laugh, Misty said, “Other than getting naked and getting busy as fast as they can?”

“Yes, other than that.”

“They appreciate my mom putting it all out right there. She knows these pics could be used against her, so letting them even in the room is an act of trust. She trusts them and they trust her.”

Mrs. Adams nodded, “Yes, they do.”

Soon after Misty and Mrs. Adams came back downstairs the first couples began to arrive. It took longer for those who went to Baldwin Central High to get to the “not-a-party,” but by 11:30 the house was full. As far as Misty could tell, twenty of the twenty-one members, plus the three invited non-members, had “dropped in.” Most brought the requested bottle of flavored oil. As she’d expected, a number of them and their dates were ready to get with it not long after arriving. As such, the game room where she was shooting never really filled with people.

As Misty had expected, once the girls got into their party outfits, a good many wanted more photos. However, priority went to the girls coming from Baldwin Central and their dates since they’d not gotten “dance photos” made yet in their fancy dresses. Most of the photos she did in party wear were of small groups of girls, sometimes with their dates but often not. As she worked steadily from about quarter till eleven, often Mrs. Adams came to watch and to ask Misty questions about her photography. After a while, it seemed that Joanne’s mother was clinging to Misty as her buddy. Though she’d become comfortable with the adults in her parent's circle, the idea of one of her friend’s mothers choosing to befriend her was new. As if to drive that idea home, early on Mrs. Adams insisted that Misty call her Margaret.

After a while, Margaret, asked Misty if she wanted a drink. Misty thanked her and asked for a Diet Dr. Pepper. It seemed to take her a good while to go to the kitchen and back When she got back. When she returned with a cup for Misty, she looked a little rattled. While Misty worked on shooting a series of photos of three girls, Mrs. Adams said, “When I went by your parent's room on the way to the kitchen, your brother, Sarah, Gabby, Maria Jane, and Jake Carpenter were in the bed… all doing it.”

Misty looked over to her and asked, "You knew that was going to happen. Does it bother you that you saw?"

Misty looked back through the camera’s viewfinder. There was quite a delay in Mrs. Adams’s response. “Don’t think me terribly provincial, but I’d never actually seen real people having sex before.” There was a pause, “You see, no matter what Dorcus said about me, I’m all talk. I don’t have any more experience with this kind of stuff than she does… at least not since I was in high school…” She seemed to think for a moment then clarified, “No even then I’d never been exposed to anything like what is going on tonight.”

Without looking up from the camera, Misty said, “Yea, I’m sure you didn’t.”

After a moment, Mrs. Adams went on, “I didn’t mean to but I sort of stopped for a few seconds because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing through the open door. They were really having sex… the whole thing. And it was fully visible to anyone in your living room. Only Sarah wasn’t participating, she was sort of sitting to the side watching the other two couples doing it. I was only pulled out of my shocked state and continued on when a couple came from the kitchen. I didn’t want them to see me standing there watching the kids having sex.”

Misty gave the trio of girls some directions then asked again, “Does it bother you that you saw actual sex going on?”

"That’s the strangest thing of all. It doesn’t. The other couple, Jeanette and Tyler, stopped and openly watched without the slightest hint they were doing something they shouldn’t. I tried to act as if I’d not even seen what was going on in your parent’s room. But then when I came back with the drinks, Jeanette and Tyler were sitting on the sofa looking at that book of pictures from Miami and also watching what was happening in the bedroom. Before I could decide what to do, Hope and John Paul came in the room from the game room. They saw me just standing inside the kitchen door.” She stopped speaking as if she didn’t know what to say next.

Misty looked up from the camera, “So? What happened.”

“Hope must have realized I didn’t know what to do. I guess I was hesitating because I knew I would want to look into the bedroom, but it was like something told me I shouldn’t do that. I know that seems silly to you.”

Misty shook her head “No, not at all.” She turned back and shot a series of photos, then gave the girls new posing directions. Then back to Mrs. Adams, she said, “Hope and Jeanette both like you. I’m sure they understood this is all quite a leap beyond your comfort zone.”

Mrs. Adams nodded, “Yes, I think she knew that. While John Paul sat on the sofa to look at the picture book with the other two, Hope came over to me and said she understood why some of this was weirding me out, but I should remember because of your parent’s rules, everyone is safe while they enjoy themselves. I actually hadn’t thought of it that way, but she was right. While those rules may seem weird, they do keep everyone safe, safer than they would be at most high school parties.”

Misty told the group of girls she was done then turned off her camera, turned to the others in the room, and said in an announcement voice, “It is midnight. You can let everyone else know that I’m done shooting for the night. If you want me to shoot photos another time, just let me know.” Then to Mrs. Adams, she said “If you want me to go with you to do your room check, I’d be happy to.”

Looking a bit sheepish, like she’d been caught, Mrs. Adams said, “So you noticed I haven’t gone upstairs yet?”

Misty said she had as she shut off all the photo lights.

“No, I haven’t. I’ve been kind of putting it off.”

Misty offered, “If you would like, you and I can do a room check together. It’s time I do one anyway.”

Mrs. Adams brightened up, “Yes, I’d appreciate that.”

Misty was glad to help. She thought that perhaps Mrs. Ericson had been too optimistic in thinking Joanne’s mother was up to chaperoning a club event. She almost suggested that Mrs. Adams not worry about doing room checks, but decided against it. Instead, she said “OK, then let's do it. We can start with the hot tub. Pulling back the light-blocking curtain that her parents had bought for the sliding glass door, she said “This will have to be quick since I don’t have on any shoes… or pants.”

Mrs. Adams laughed and followed Misty out. The hot tub was stuffed overly full with five couples: Iris & Michael, Connie & Devin, Haley & Gregg, Rebecca & Samuel, and Joanne & Kurt. Even before she had a chance to talk Haley said, “Misty, are you getting in with us? We can make room.”

“No,” Misty replied, “We are just doing a room check together,” indicating to Mrs. Adams.

Joanne stood up, and of course she was naked, “Come on Mom, we can make room for you too.”

Mrs. Adams laughed, “Thank you but no. Like Misty said, we are doing room checks. The crazy thing is, I know you mean it.”

“Of course, I do,” her daughter replied.

Mrs. Adams shook her head. “I think doing a room check will be plenty enough for me tonight. But thank you for asking.” She started to turn then looked back at Joanne sitting back down, “Really, thank you for asking me to join. Most teenage girls wouldn’t want their old prune of a mother getting naked around her friends.”

Several voices disputed her self-assessment and Gregg said, “I don’t know about them, but I’d love to see you naked.”

There were both laughs and agreement.

Misty could see Mrs. Adams’s face flush even as she smiled. She shook her head and said “Not tonight. But, perhaps… just perhaps… another day you and I can come over and hot tub with Misty and her mother.”

Misty put in, “I’m sure we can do that.” Then to the group in general she said, “And everyone saw the no sex in the hot tub sign I put up. That’s not always a rule, but it is for tonight.”

Haley answered, “Yes, we saw. Don’t worry all of us here have already had playtime upstairs.”

Misty just nodded and followed Mrs. Adams back into the game room. Mimi was at the pool table shooting with her two boyfriends. Misty had complimented the girl earlier on her super sexy and stylish outfit which was a very short suspender mini-skirt and fishnet top. The suspenders did not fully cover her areolas and Misty suspected she’d have to work to keep them covering anything at all. Even more, she’d shortened the suspenders so the dress rode so high that every time she leaned over to shoot, her goods showed. It was one of the raciest, yet best planned outfits she saw all night. Since Mimi had already turned eighteen, when Misty shot photos of her in that outfit an hour or so before, she’d not even hesitated when Mimi posed in such a way so as to show what was underneath that short mini-skirt (and what she had underneath did not include a pair of panties). Or when she pulled the suspenders to the side to frame her full bust leaving her nipples fully visible. Misty thought Mimi looked so good she’d taken way too much time to shoot way too many photos.

When Misty and Mrs. Adams approached the pool table, to make conversation, Misty asked Mimi, “If I wanted a suspender skirt like that, where would I get it?”

Mimi replied “I bought both the skirt and top on Amazon. I was terrified that my mom would open the package and see what I ordered. But since I order a lot of stuff like that, she didn’t bother to open it or even ask what I’d bought.”

With a start, Mrs. Adams suddenly said, “I know you! You were in the girl’s Brownie troop. You are Mimi Howard, Denise’s girl.”

Mimi suddenly got a fearful look but Misty said, “Don’t worry. Mrs. Adams knows what happens here tonight stays here. She won’t tell your mother she even saw you.”

Mrs. Adams nodded in agreement and Mimi Thanked her.

Misty laughed, and told Mrs. Adams, “But you are right, of the senior girls here, over half were in our Brownie troop. That is how I got to know Joanne and Mimi way back then.”

The three of them recalled a funny event at the Broderick’s from those long-gone days when they were little girls. When Misty and Mrs. Adams began to move on, Mimi touched Misty’s arm to stop her and pull her aside. In just above a whisper she said, “The boys are too shy to ask, but would you be interested in playing with us tonight?”

Back in November Mimi, David Ricemiller & Mitchel Smyth had been part of the all-day sex marathon the day school had been called off. She’d had sex with all three of them, but it had been part of a bedful, three girls and four guys, so while it had been fun, it hadn’t been exactly intimate. She recalled wishing she could have more time with her very old friend Mimi, but with all the things going on in her life it had never worked out. Now it looked like it would. Misty only hesitated for a second before saying, “That would be nice. Mrs. Adams and I are doing a room check, but if you will find us a bed in, let’s say, half-an-hour. When I’m done, I’ll wait for you in the living room.”

Mimi got a big smile, “Thank you. We will have fun. I promise.”

When Mimi went to tell the boys the news, Misty turned to leave the room. Mrs. Adams followed saying “So with this group, it’s just that easy. She just asks if you want to have sex and you say yes, or no?”

“Pretty much that is it,” Misty answered. “But understand, in this group we all know and trust each other. That is one of the reasons my mom limits dates at club events to guys who go to our Youth Group.”

“Oh,” Mrs. Adams replied, “I’d not thought about that. But it makes sense because I know how devoted the young people are to your parents. I guess that is also why you don’t have problems with booze or drugs at your parties either.”

They were at the top of the stairs, and Misty didn’t know exactly what she’d find in the auxiliary playroom she’d set up in the storeroom. It was only about ten steps till they could see through the doorway. On the combined queen mattresses on the floor, there were three couples: Tori & Dustin, Naomi & Wesly, and Celia & Louis. It wasn’t so much as an orgy as simply the three couples sharing the same oversized bed. It was only then that it hit Misty, unlike prior parties, tonight was very much a couple’s event. The girls stayed with their dates nearly without exception. Even Rebecca and Samuel stayed together. Misty thought perhaps now that her friends felt liberated from expectations of monogamy, they could freely choose to be with their dates without feeling like property. She pondered on what that meant, and she concluded it was a good sign.

Against the nearside wall, Megan sat on the floor. The fact she too was naked seemed to indicate that she had not been a mere spectator the whole time. Misty moved around the edge to where Megan sat, “So? Has my idea for an overflow bedroom worked out?”

Megan looked up at Misty, “Oh yea. I think there have been at least two couples going at it in here since before eleven. Couples have done their thing and gone so others have space on the mattresses. Everleigh and Timothy just left to find more room in one of the bedrooms. Since I don’t have a date, everyone has been asking me to join them. I did for a while and it was fun … and I might do so again, but for now I’m just chill’n.”

Misty said to Mrs. Adams, “Well Margaret, it looks like everyone is having a good time.”

Celia was the first to look over and say “Yep, a good time. Thanks for setting up this room.”

Her comments were mirrored by both Tori and Naomi, though none of the couples even slowed their pace.

Misty’s answer was “I’m Glad you like it. It seemed a waste to let this room and those great pictures go unused. This is a room check, so do all you guys have condoms on?” When she got three affirmative answers, Misty told them to have fun and led Mrs. Adams away from the door.

As soon as they were a few feet away, Mrs. Adams stopped and said, “I can’t believe I just stood there and watched those kids having sex right in front of me. And they acted as if it were the most natural thing in the world for me to see them doing that.”

Misty came back, “But that is the whole point. We want all the club girls to feel like it is the most normal thing in the world. They weren’t just acting like they weren’t the slightest bit embarrassed you and I were there watching them have sex… they actually weren’t embarrassed. Even if it had been Joanne in there, she wouldn’t have minded one bit that you saw her.”

Mrs. Adams seemed to think for a moment then said “You know, I think you are right. I don’t think she would have minded one bit. She couldn’t wait to show me the nude photos you made of her for her birthday and I’m sure she would have told me about all the sex she had if I’d asked.”

Misty started back down the hall, “Oh, I have no doubt she would.”

They found Everleigh and Timothy in Lamar’s room, and in Misty’s room Bailey and Caitlin were with their dates. In the playroom they found that Hope & John Paul and Jeanette and Tyler had moved from the living room to having their own foursome upstairs. Misty walked into the room and Mrs. Adams followed after only a moment of hesitation. In the chairs, Hannah relaxed with Troy, they were both completely naked. On the bed Tyler was on top of Jeanette while Hope rode John Paul. Hope must have seen them come in the room and, while continuing to roll her hips on her boyfriend, she said “See Mrs. Adams, it really is normal to be around people having sex. Hannah and Troy were taking a break, so they let us have the bed until they are ready to go again.”

Hannah looked up from where she was sitting and to both Mrs. Adams and Misty, she said, “Gabby, Lamar and Sarah were supposed to join us, but according to Hope, they got side tracked with Maria Jane and Jake. But we are hoping they will make it up here before we are done.”

To Mrs. Adams, Misty said “I know it’s a real paradigm shift to stop thinking of sex as dirty or something that needs to be hidden. But I think you are already seeing how quickly it can become normalized.”

Mrs. Adams replied, “Yes, I see what you mean,” as Jeanette rolled over so Tyler could do her doggie.

When they went back downstairs, Mrs. Ericson, with a grin on her face said “So Margret, you finally went upstairs.”

Mrs. Adams slowly nodded and said, “But I had Misty come with me. I was more like an observer than the one doing the checking.”

“What I found was going up the first time is the hardest,” Mrs. Ericson replied. “The next time will be easier. That is unless your daughter is in one of the rooms. At the last party, I walked in on Rebecca doing it in the playroom… with two guys at once.”

“Oh no!” Mrs. Adams reacted. “What did you do?”

“What could I do? Understand, I’m not like you, I was a single mom for years and Rebecca knew full well how many times I’d brought men home with me before I married Chad. Even more, she’d actually seen me getting it on with Cooper after the first party. I was faced with the choice of supporting her or being a hypocrite. So I stayed for like ten minutes talking to the girls who were in there watching the threesome.”

Mrs. Adams’s face betrayed how mortified she would have been if that happened to her.

Mrs. Ericson must have seen her response and added, “But, no matter how hard it was for me to watch, I’m so glad I stayed. It revolutionized our relationship. From then on, we were more like friends. I’m still Mom, but having seen her having sex and later that night, Rebecca, and I’m not sure how many other club girls, saw me having sex with Cooper; it was hard to go back to treating her like a child.”

Misty put in, “The same thing happened to me and my mom in Miami. We both saw the other having sex… up close and more than once, and things have never been the same with us since. It was good for us for sure.”

Mrs. Adams shook her head, “I’m not ready for that. At least not yet. I’ll do the next check on my own, but I will make sure Joanne isn’t upstairs when I do.”

Misty left the two mothers to talk and plopped herself down in one of the living room lounge chairs. She was tired, so tired she didn’t even bother to fix her shirt/dress when it rode up over her hips when she’d thrown herself in the chair. She’d been going non-stop since she got up this… yesterday, morning. Part of her considered bowing out of the promise to join Mimi and her two boyfriends… but she liked Mimi. They’d been friends since they were little girls and she’d always liked the girl’s effervescent personality. She wondered why Mimi had never been in her close friend group that became the Euro-Club. As she thought about it, she was sure that the barrier had been Mimi’s mother who, unlike the Euro-Club moms, was very conservative and overly protective. That had created a block between the two girls for years. Mimi had only started going to the Youth Group at church after the end of school party last June. Their friendship had slowly been rekindling since then; though that day in November they had actually talked quite a bit… despite all the time spent having sex.”

As she was thinking, Maria Jane and Jake came out of her parents’ bedroom. Her button-up blouse hung open, fully unbuttoned, revealing a good deal of her ample breasts. Seeing Misty sitting by herself, Maria Jane took a seat on the sofa beside Misty’s recliner. “Misty, I wanted to thank you again for asking me to join the club. I know I have before, but… but well I really like being part.”

Misty just stayed relaxed in the chair knowing she was totally exposed. While Maria Jane did not react at all to Misty’s attire, Jake blatantly stared at her. Casually Misty said, “So Maria Jane, this isn’t all too much for you is it?” Misty had no idea how much Jake knew about Maria's "other life." She did not want to betray any confidences.

With a big smile, Maria Jane said “Fuck no. This is the best party ever, and I love your house, it’s like if I could have my own place, it would be like this. In your parent’s room there is a big picture of your mother taking it up the ass, and right in here” she said waving to the big painting behind the sofa, is one of them fucking, and there is an orgy room upstairs where, right now, I’m sure other club girls are getting fucked right in the open so that anyone who wants to can watch. I love this.” She paused and motioned to Misty, “And you are sitting there with your cooch showing for anyone to see….” She then quite casually pulled the sides of her shirt open to expose both breasts, before continuing. “Here I can be me, the real me without any fear of being judged for it. I just fucked your brother and ate out both Sarah and Gabby; and I might just fuck someone else before the night’s out. Like I told you before, I like being me. I like being a slut and with the Euro-Club I can be me, all of me without shame including that I’m a super slut. And best of all, I don’t even think I’m the sluttiest girl here. That’s a real change for me.”

Maria Jane follows Misty's lead in exposing herself in the living room. Yet, Sarah walking by doesn't even notice... perhaps because she is in a sheer sarong herself.

Misty cringed that she kept calling herself a slut. Yet, she understood what Maria Jane was saying and the way she seemed to claim the word slut for herself seemed to rob the word of its negative bite. More importantly, Maria Jane appeared confident that she’d found a place she could indeed feel good about being herself. There was nothing except good in that, but she felt compelled to make sure she was all right with everything that was going on. "Even still, all this must be a lot to take in."

Maria Jane shook her head. "Before we got dressed, I was telling your brother, Sarah and Gabby that my last boyfriend was a GCSU guy. I've been to a lot of college parties, even some at the frat house, but I have never seen anything like this. In all those parties I have only seen girls show off their boobs, and occasionally a girl might give a blow job in front of people.” She got a funny smile and added, “And as often as not that girl was me. But in all those cases pretty much all the girls, except me, were really drunk. Sure, there is lots of sex at frat parties, but it is behind firmly closed doors. Here with the Euro-Club it is turned around. No one is drinking, let alone drunk or stoned, but nudity and public sex is normal. I mean like at least half of the people here, including both of the adult chaperones, saw me fucking like crazy in your parents’ room and nobody acted like I was doing something I shouldn’t."

Though the answer seemed obvious, Misty asked, "So you like the environment we’ve created?"

Jake popped off "Well yea. How could I not like it?"

Maria Jane followed up with " I actually like it this way much more than any party I’ve ever been to. With my mom's history, I'm not too fond of drunk people. And you must know it's not like I had no idea what would go on tonight. The other girls were pretty up front with me about the open-door rule."

Misty shifted the subject when she asked "How long have you two been dating. I wasn't aware you had become a couple."

Both of them seemed to shift around looking for an answer. Misty asked "Did I say something wrong?"

Maria answered in a quiet voice, "No, you didn't. It's just a little difficult to explain. You see, we aren't sure we are exactly a couple. This is only our second like real date. We’ve done things together because Cody and Kelli seem determined to get us together. But until tonight it's been more like friends who just happen to have sex after we go hang out with other friends. From what Kelli has told me, the Euro-Club says that it is normal for friends to do that and that a number of the couples began as fuck buddies. Was I wrong?"

Misty, a bit flustered, answered "No, no you weren't wrong. Yes, most of the people I have sex with are just friends."

Maria went on, "But, we've been talking about it a lot in the last few weeks and, well, the truth is I’m gun shy. I know he has feelings for me, but I've been so afraid to open up to people and it’s taken me a while to be honest with him and with myself. So, as part of my effort to come out of my shell around my Euro-Club friends, we are now ready to try presenting ourselves as a couple."

Misty had already thought they might be leading up to that, but the way she said it was surprising. The caveat of “present ourselves" was significant. She still wasn’t ready to say they are a couple. There was no doubt in Misty's mind that Maria Jane, party girl, had sex with a lot of guys; but to do it with a guy that she really cared about would be different. She might think of herself as a slut, but it was beginning to occur to Misty that Maria Jane was not as worldly wise as she thought she was. Misty was pretty sure that Maria had not told Jake the whole story, but he certainly knew she was more experienced than he was.

Without warning, Mimi flopped down into Misty’s lap and began to kiss her hard and deep. When she was done, she said “While it is true my boys have been dying to play with you again, it is also true that I have too.” She kissed Misty again and said “Though I didn’t understand it as such when we were girls, looking back I had a crush on you back when we were like ten years old; and when we had that big orgy back in November it all came back to me. So, I’ve been dying to spend more time with you ever since.”

That was news to Misty. She’d known that Mimi really liked her back in the day, but she too was too young and naïve to understand girls can have crushes on other girls. And even if she did, she wouldn’t have known how to respond. Yet, she had always liked Mimi quite a bit and she’d always been glad of her company.

Mimi turned her head to where Maria Jane sat and said “I’m sorry to interrupt, but Misty and I are going into her parent’s room to have sex with my two boyfriends.”

Maria Jane laughed and said “Far be it for me to delay your fun. You’re in luck, while I’ve been talking to Misty Lamar and his two girls left the room empty.”

On a whim, when Misty got to her feet and taken a few steps toward her parent’s door, she pulled her shirt/dress over her head and tossed it to Maria Jane on the couch, “You aren’t the only one who is going to fuck in my parent’s room with the door wide open tonight,” before going on in the nude.

She could hear Maria Jane’s laughter even as she went into the bedroom. Misty’s time in her parent’s bed was focused on Mimi, who she found passionate and responsive to her erotic touch. Misty was sure she and Mimi kissed for the majority of the hour or so they were in that bed. As they lay on their sides, face to face with their tongues dancing, Mitchel and David saddled up behind them for long languorous fucks. Misty found something special in kissing Mimi while feeling the erections of her boyfriends, one after another, filling and stimulating her inner self. This was not a new thing for Misty, she always enjoyed making love to her close friends while feeling their guys in her; but by Mimi having two boyfriends to do them both at the same time it had a new dynamic.

Nearly an hour later, Misty and Mimi had stopped kissing for a while so as to move into a series of parallel sex positions with the boys. It was their second such interlude. While the first time Misty had Mitchel inside of her, she was taking David’s pole when Mrs. Ericson and Mrs. Adams both came right into the room. It was significant to Misty that the two mothers did not say anything right off, but only watched the two couples fucking for over a full minute before Mrs. Ericson said, “Misty, it is ten minutes till two. I promised your mom that all the boys would be gone by two.”

“OK,” Misty replied, “We will be done by then.”

Misty rolled to her stomach with her ass lifted to show David what she wanted. Mimi followed suit. The boys understood what they were to do and mounted them driving their cocks hard and deep. For the next five minutes Misty and Mimi lay side by side until both guys climaxed. When they got off of the girls to get dressed, Misty quietly asked Mimi, “If you’ll stay the night, I’ll drive you home in the morning.”

Mimi kissed her softly, “Yes, I’d like that.”

Sliding off the bed, Misty told Mimi, “We aren’t done yet. I fully plan to continue this once the guys are gone. Let me get you one of my mom’s around-the-house drapes rather than putting back on your party outfit. From a drawer she pulled a diamond shaped poncho type thing, the same design as Gabby had been wearing all night… though she did not get any sort of panty for Mimi. Since there were no more like that in the drawer, Misty put on a blue & black one that only went to her navel, she was bare below that. “

To Mimi and the two boys she said, “This is what my mother wears around the house, so they will be fine for now.” Looking down she said “But my mom usually wears what I call her pseudo-panties with this one.” Opening the jewelry box, she pulled out what was essentially an elasticized waist chain, with a single decorative strand that, when worn, ran down between her legs. Pulling it on she said to Mimi, now we are ready to go.

Mimi just shook her head, “Not like that covers anything at all.”

“No, it doesn’t. But Mom likes what she calls the clothed while naked look. And you can ask my brother, Caitlin or Sarah, on all but the coldest days this is what Mom wears.”

Mitchel asked, “Are you saying that is all your mother wears even when people come over?”

Misty nodded, “Yea, pretty much if they are people we know. Remember, our church friends all went nude with us at our pool during the summer, so it’s not like she is likely to offend them. But it is too funny when like the Mormons or a salesman comes to the door.”

Both boys laughed with Misty on that.

Mimi and Misty then walked Mitchel and David to the front door. The two mothers saw what they were wearing and Mrs. Ericson just shook her head. With Mimi’s dates gone, the two of them stayed near the door seeing off the rest of the guest. Their attire, particularly Misty’s, got some laughs, but no one seemed to mind.

When Connie & Devin and Joanne & Kurt were on their way out, Misty thanked Joanne for making the two posters. “They really set the tone for the event.”

Joanne said, “Yea, I think so too. But you should thank Connie for letting me use her as my model. She’s gotten quite a bit of attention tonight because of it.”

Misty did just that, then as an offhanded comment, she asked Connie “And how many of the guys paying you attention did you let enter your Pleasure Cave tonight?”

Without missing a beat, she said, “Six.”

Misty was sure her eyes went wide. She might not have been so surprised if that had been Haley or Joanne…. But six guys for Connie?

Joanne stepped in to explain, “The four of us were the first to use the sex room you set up with the poster at the door, then we were the last using it when Mrs. Ericson pulled the plug on the party. Since I told everyone, she was the model for the sign, she had more than her share of guys who asked for entry. But to be fair, half of those only were in her long enough to say they had done it.”

Misty could see to her left where Mrs. Adams was standing… with all the other things she’d seen tonight, this still seemed to shock her. Joanne finished by saying that their party wasn’t over yet, “The four of us are spending the night in my bedroom. We might not get any sleep tonight.”

When the last guest was gone, Misty reminded Mrs. Ericson that, as planned, Megan and Amelia would be staying the night in the guest/play room and that she’d invited Mimi to spend the night with her.

Mrs. Ericson replied, “That’s fine, but not in your parents’ bed. I’ll be waiting in there to jump your father’s bones when he gets back from his party.”

Mimi looked to Misty as if to ask “Is she serious?” Misty nodded, “Yes, they did it after the last two club parties.”

The four remaining girls and two mothers all worked to clean up from the party. When the rooms were put back together, Mrs. Adams prepared to leave. Misty gave her a hug and thanked her for helping with the “not-a-party.” In response, she said “It has been quite a learning experience for me. I thought Joanne had told me about the last parties, but her descriptions hardly scratched the surface. I didn’t grasp the reality of the chaperones treating sex like any other party activity. Yet, unlike so many parties I went to when I was your age, there was not a drop of booze or pot and I seriously doubt any girls were pushed into doing anything with a boy that they did not want to do. By the last room check when Ashley and I were telling people it was time to wrap up, I didn’t even think of it as catching the teenagers having sex, rather the sex was a given.” She seemed to start to say something more, but hesitated.

Mrs. Ericson picked up what Mrs. Adams seemed to want to say, but couldn’t. “Margret didn’t even flinch when we went to the door of the storage room and found Joanne on her back with John Paul Lawrence on top of her drilling away. I was very proud of her for not freaking out.”

“I really thought Joanne was in the kitchen with some of the others. If I had known she was upstairs I wouldn’t have gone with Ashely. Then when I saw her… doing that, it was like do I run away or treat her like I would any of the other girls. So, I stayed. And Misty “You were right. It didn’t bother her one bit when she saw that I was in the doorway watching her and John Paul. Joanne just looked over at me and while we made eye contact, she wrapped her legs around John Paul and pulled him in to her. That said more than any words. I guess the only thing that really surprised me was that her boyfriend, Kurt, was right beside her doing Hope. I just can’t imagine how I would have acted in high school if I saw my boyfriend with one of my best friends doing that. But clearly, she didn’t mind at all. I think tomorrow my daughter and I will have a talk. Not a bad one. I’ll certainly thank her for not objecting to her mother acting as chaperone, but like you guys said, once she’s openly done that in front of me, things can’t go back to the way they were.”

Misty could not help but think that, quite inadvertently, the Adams’s had become yet another family caught up in the vortex created by her own family. Neither she nor her mother had taken the initiative to invite Margret Adams, yet she’d come to their home tonight and been irrevocably changed. Misty hoped that was a good thing. She thought it was. But it was hard for her to miss that virtually everyone who came into close contact with her family got swept up in the current.

When Mrs. Adams had gone and Mrs. Ericson retired to Bonnie & Cooper’s bedroom,

the four girls went up to hang out in The Pleasure Cave to just relax and talk. Like all club events, this one gave them all a great deal to talk about. However, they did gather up all the bottles of flavored oil and took turns pouring a little on each other’s breasts and vulva and licking it off. But even that was done for fun and not hot and heavy sex… even though Misty brought Amelia off by licking strawberry oil off of her labial lips and clit. But even the couple of times one of them had an orgasm, it was met with laughter from the four girls.

It was about nine the next morning when Misty and Mimi woke. Misty just loved waking up to feel one of her friend’s naked bodies in her arms. Since Christmas, Sunday mornings hadn’t started with kissing Sarah as it had since September. She missed that. Misty wondered if perhaps Mimi might fill that void in her life. But finding Mimi in her arms, they had the long-awaited lovemaking session with just the two of them. It was simply wonderful, all the tenderness and understanding that she’d come to expect from making love to her closest friends, plus that special effervescence that Mimi always showed. After a good hour, they headed downstairs to find something to eat… still in the nude. Mimi had initially balked saying “But your dad is here now.”

Misty answered “If it bothers you, we will put something on. But you have to know it will not seem unusual at all. Caitlin and Sarah go nude in our house all the time.”

She seemed to think, then said “For years I’ve fantasized about walking around naked, but of course I’ve never had a chance to do it. So, it really would be OK?”

Misty assured Mimi it was just fine whichever way made her more comfortable. She thought for a moment then together they went down the stairs fully nude. Looking into her parents’ bedroom, she wasn’t the least bit surprised to see Mrs. Ericson riding her father. Misty asked Mimi, should we walk in on them and do a room check?”

“Really? Can we?”

Misty didn’t give an answer, but only pulled Mimi by the hand. Of course, neither her dad nor Mrs. Ericson were the least bit put out by the naked girls intruding on their time. Rather Mrs. Ericson said, “We were about to knock off and get some coffee & bagels and get into the hot tub. Would you two like to join us?”

Misty felt a need to put in “That would be great, and since Mimi has already turned eighteen, you don’t need to hold back if you want to continue this in the water.”

Mrs. Ericson dismounted Cooper and said “That is nice to know.”

Mimi’s eyebrows shot up when, as Mrs. Ericson got off of Misty’s dad, his full erection, glistening with her fluids, was plainly visible; yet Mr. C. made no effort to hide it as he got out of the bed and followed Ashely to the kitchen.

Mimi didn’t leave until mid-afternoon. Perhaps an hour later she sent Misty a text message. "Thank you ever so much for last night (and this morning). It was simply wonderful and I hope we can do it again (soon)." That made Misty feel good. What made her feel bad was that her motive for having the party itself was wrong. She was all too aware that she had originally invited her friends to the house after the dance to get back at Tommie. That made her feel petty.

When Misty’s mother came home that evening, she told her that she felt ashamed about what she'd done. She had betrayed her own values and that hurt. “It wasn’t the sex. I didn’t have sex at the party in revenge, in fact I only had sex because Joanne and Mimi asked me to. I have never told Tommie I would only be with him, in fact the whole hold up was that he knew I wouldn’t. But I invited everyone over because I wanted to get at Tommie and that was wrong.”

Bonnie tried to tell her that mistakes are part of the learning process, but Misty felt little comfort. Bonnie held her daughter while she cried out her remorse. Though she didn’t tell her mother so, her tears were not just remorse for using the party to get at Tommie, but they were also tears for her joyful relationship with Tommie that more than ever seemed doomed. Though he still might change his mind, at this point it appeared that Tommie simply could not, or would not, chose her and her world over that of his church. She’d known this was a likelihood from the start, but the chance of their relationship working seemed to be dimming rapidly. Her tears were of both remorse and of grief.

To lessen her daughter's obvious pain, Bonnie relayed a message she’d been given from Tabitha from Maria Jane. According to what Tabitha told her, Maria Jane thinks Misty is a God-sent angel giving her a chance to have real friends for her real self. That had been Maria's very words. When Bonnie told her daughter, that little piece of news went a long way to mitigating Misty's guilt and grief.

All in all, it had been a Valentine's to remember for all the Campbells.

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Dec 03, 2023

Very hot and great to masturbate to


Nov 13, 2023

This is a wonderful erotic smorgasbord of sex told from father and daughter’s points of view. Interestingly, the sex scenes told from Cooper’s POV are filled with explicit details while when we see everything through Misty’s eyes the details are absent. One of the reasons might be that the goal of her narrative is to be the party host. Another narrative device might be that Misty had to open the eyes of Mrs Margaret Adams with their chaperone duties. Margaret eventually saw her daughter Joanne having sex as if it was the most natural thing in the world. When Misty had sex with Mimi, Mitchel and David, a little emotional reflection crept through. In Misty’s world, Tommie is the conundrum,…

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