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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 1

Updated: Apr 5

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

By Professor Polyamory

This is a work of fiction, any similarity to real people are events are completely coincidental. This fiction does use the names of real public figures and organizations to tell the story; however, none of these people or organizations had any part in the production of this manuscript, nor does their inclusion suggest they approved of anything herein.


The wildly popular Fifty-Shades of Grey series legitimated explicit sexuality in mainstream popular fiction; while at the same time it highlighted the disconnect between most authors of erotica and the real world they portend to describe. I was part of the generation who quite literally grew up reading erotica via books like The Happy Hooker and in magazines like Penthouse Forum. The problem for most readers, even adults, is they have a very narrow window of experience from which to discern sexual fantasy, which has no basis in reality, and sexually explicit fiction grounded in the real world. When Fifty-Shades was at its height, quite literally every one of my friends who were in the BDSM scene complained that the book was nothing like the real thing. And sure enough, the author had no experience in actual BDSM, it was all fantasy.

In this novel I have two clearly stated goals in the title. One is to write on a serious socio-political topic and the other to entertain with erotica. If I were to write a serious academic tome on the issue of sexual repression it might get scholarly praise, but it would not be read. So, I've wrapped a hundred pages of intellectual argument in a thousand pages of entertaining novel filled with realistic characters and equally realistic sex. Importantly, when I write of sexual things, I do not write from a place of ignorance, but from a deep well of knowledge.

Though I am now retired from my profession, I had already spent three decades working with adults and teens first as a minister and then as an educational social worker. No topic was more common than sex. It was from many of the first-hand stories and my work helping families work through issues that informs much of this novel. Additionally, my professional work required training and academic study into human sexuality. For several years I did nothing but work with teens on sexual issues and have been a court ordered counselor in this field. But that is only half of my background. By the time this novel was completed, my wife and I had already lived in an open marriage for over two decades. Over the years, we have spent time in many different segments of the non-monogamy community. Not only does this novel draw directly on our personal experience, but those of many of our friends. So, while this novel is fiction, it is not sexual fantasy.

I feel the need to make a comment on the inclusion of teen sexuality. As noted, I spent my career dealing directly and indirectly with teenage sexuality. While it may seem silly that I need to point out the obvious; people under eighteen have sex and they always have. In the US, and often in the larger English-speaking world, there has persisted a fiction that “good kids” don’t have sex. Furthermore, due to the outsized influence of the Puritanical strain of American law; it has been all but decreed that teenage sexuality should only be discussed in terms of condemnation. Those who create works of fiction that normalizes sexual behavior of young people in their middle teenage years are now subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) accused of promoting child abuse and/or pedophilia. This is nonsense. As someone who spent years working as a full-time professional dealing with both teenagers and sex offenders, I have the credentials to say that idea is nothing more than the ranting of the ignorant. In this project, I present many stories that touch on middle-teen sexuality, most of which were inspired by actual people and events. I have tried to present these issues with sensitivity, accuracy and a balance of the risks and rewards found by actual young people.

One final note, I have been working on this novel since the early 1990’s. Many of the events of the early chapters are fictionalized versions of events in my life with my family in the late ‘90’s and early 2000’s. The Campbell family began as a thought project as to what my real life nuclear family would look like when my children made the transition from childhood to the adult world. As it happened, the project outlasted my children’s childhood and saw my wife and I progress through our forties and fifties even as the family in the story hardly aged at all. At that same time, the characters in the story developed on their own, spinning off from a semi-autobiographic story to one of pure fiction. Thus, this novel is almost a ‘what might have been’ story rather than the ‘what might be’ from which it began.

As the project progressed from the story of a nuclear family in the American South (Book One) to a larger canvas of American culture (Book Four) it reflected the world that existed when I was writing the final chapters in the first decade of the 2000’s. In subsequent rewrites simple things like phone and video technology leaped forward. In the first draft for instance, there was discussion of video tapes and home telephones; however, by the third re-write in the first years of the 2010’s I found myself needing to rework the text not only to fix issues that tie tech to dates; but people and events in the larger society and world as well. Additionally, as my readers know, I tell a good many backstories which are also fixed in specific times and places. Then came the twin cataclysms of the rise of Donald Trump & the neo-fascist MAGA movement followed by the great pandemic of 2020. The world had changed more than I could keep up without simply abandoning the story as written.

Therefore, I decided that rather than adjusting my text to keep up with the ever-changing world; I needed to simply fix the opening of this novel in the early years of the 2010’s, coinciding with the 3rd rewrite. I decided in the fourth (and final) rewrite that includes the addition of the illustrations began in 2020; but I did not and will not attempt to incorporate the huge impact of the events after 2015.


Societies do not progress in an even manner. Cultural norms may stay rigid for decades, centuries or even a millennium before the right idea comes forth at the right time by the right messenger. Rarely is the idea new when it changes a society. Transformational ideas often simply sit on the sidelines until the right time and the right messenger arrives.

Karl Marx penned Das Kapital and the concepts behind communism decades before the messenger Vladimir Lenin took it to the collapsing Russian state and thus changed the world.

American sexual moirés were penned not by Jesus as many would believe, but by St. Augustine in the 4th century. He expounded a very restrictive view of sexuality as a tool for the collapsing Roman state to maintain civilization in the face of the unstoppable barbarian onslaught. His message was one geared for his time; however, as it coincided with the solidification of the Roman Church’s domination over all other religious sects, it took on the trappings of holy writ.

For centuries writers had attacked his views but with only limited success. Then just as the old religious system was losing its grip on Europe, a new nation was born. A nation conceived with human liberty as its heart, but wedded at its core to St. Augustine’s view of sexuality. The combination of freedom of political expression and repression of sexual expression created a tension that sparked repeated “sexual revolutions” beginning with the founding father of the republic: Benjamin Franklin. All failed to break the iron grip of Augustinian sexual rules.

In this novel, our protagonists live in a comfortable, but rule bound world. Deep in their hearts they know there is more, but they will need help along the journey to free themselves from the old ways. They will have to work out a new moral code for themselves before they can be the prophets of a new model for sexual morality. At each stage there are pressures that can be eliminated if they would just turn back, but to be the new prophets they must overcome.

Book I

Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 1

The Journey Begins with Fireworks

“What are you thinking about?” Bonnie Campbell asked, as her husband lay on his back catching his breath.

The bedroom was warm and a little stuffy. The overhead light was off, but even so there was enough light to see the overtly erotic décor in the room. Shelves contained a collection of bronze sculptures, all nude and several were of couples making love. The walls held several friezes, a few Chinees copies of sexy oil paintings on canvas, and one original. Cooper and his wife were both very proud of the centerpiece of their bedroom décor that hung above the headboard of their king-sized bed. The subject was Bonnie herself. A little more than five years ago, as a surprise 15th Anniversary present, Cooper had taken a dozen nude photos he had shot of his wife over the past decade and a half, some taken even before they were married, to an Atlanta painter. The artist had used the photos to create the tasteful classical looking nude painting; but nude it was and no one who saw it could miss who it depicted. All this in the bedroom sanctuary of a very conventional Southern couple with two teenage children. It said much about the dichotomy between Bonnie & Cooper’s private life and their public life as leaders in their church and local community. Yet even on that warm night, the wall that separated the two was thinning.

The duvet cover and sheets were pushed to the foot of the bed allowing their sweat covered bodies to cool. Cooper lay panting as his penis was starting to deflate. As he often did after orgasm, he wondered if he had the energy to go get a glass of water. But to her question he just said “nothing really.”

As she nearly always did, after her husband had climaxed, she began to rub her mound rapidly seeking another orgasm, or two, or three. She could feel the recently deposited viscous fluid running out of her body onto the sheets. She had to resist her inclination to stop masturbating to get a towel to clean up the mess. But resist she did.

As she became ever more aroused, she mustered the courage to tell him what had been eating at her for the past day. It wasn’t that she thought he would be angry or hurt; rather she couldn’t mention it, for embarrassment, unless she was very aroused. When she was clearly on the way to orgasm, her actions of the previous days suddenly lost their embarrassment and became stimulating. After she had replayed them in her mind (which definitely enhanced her masturbation), she began to speak.

“Sweetheart.” She said softly.

”Uh hugh” was his tired response.

“I want to tell you something” she said.


“Well it’s a little embarrassing” She said then paused.


“OK. Well, yesterday Jill, well she came over to the house.” As Bonnie began her narrative, she moved into a more comfortable position for rubbing herself, then she continued, “and she, as usual, brought up the topic of sex. I've told you how she is.”

Jill and Vic Banning had been attending the Sunday morning couples class at Saint Thomas United Methodist Church (which Cooper taught) for about half-a-year. He had been pleased that Bonnie had hit it off with the newcomer. In a small rural church often new people just don't feel wanted, but Bonnie had made a point to engage her. This was especially important because just a few months before, his wife's best friend and surrogate sister had been ripped from her life by a new and controlling boyfriend. So he'd been pleased when the two women began spending time together over the past few months. Jill was about ten years younger than Bonnie, about the same age as her missing friend Gina. Laying beside his wife, he recalled how Bonnie, on several occasions, had told him about the rather racy conversations they had. Bonnie had a strong libido and liked talking to other women about sexual things, within certain boundaries. After all what might be considered polite conversation in some parts of the country is considered extremely racy in their rural community of Hancock County, Georgia.

“I decided to tell her about the Bible study we have been working on regarding sex outside of marriage. Not too much, but enough to let her know I was interested in the topic.” She was referencing an ongoing project she and Cooper had been working on with Rev. McBride, their pastor.

"Not too much I hope" Cooper said. The study had begun when the pastor had asked Cooper and Bonnie to help him with a couple in the church who were having marital problems. After a year of intense study and prayer by both he and Bonnie they had come to reassess some things that had been held as unassailable truth. So far, they had only forwarded their findings to the pastor and to the couple for whom they had done the research. Cooper feared a very negative backlash if their change in beliefs about appropriate Christian sexual behavior became public knowledge.

Bonnie said, "No I didn't. But I did tell her how we occasionally watch movies where the sex is obviously real and also of our instructional sex videos, but I let her know we don’t watch actual porn." The movies were mostly European where the sex was not simulated but included clear scenes of penetration, and the ‘educational’ videos to which she was referring showed real couples having great sex. She knew full well it was a matter of semantics since most people would call all those videos porn. But somehow having to read subtitles made the movies seem more cultured and they had bought all the videos on Amazon. That alone meant they weren’t porn (at least that was what Bonnie told herself). “Well, I got turned on and I began describing in detail how when we watch any of those videos together, I get so turned on that I can’t help going down on you even as we continue to watch the video. Without realizing it I gave a graphic description of giving you head. I haven’t talked about sucking dick like that since I was in college. Even with Gina, as much as we talked about her sex life, I was never that explicit. I don’t know what came over me. Well, Jill up and asked if I wanted to watch one of those movies together.”

She paused.

“So? Did you?” Cooper inquired. Suddenly this conversation had become quite interesting.

“Yes” Bonnie said, an orgasm was stubbornly resisting as she rubbed.

“Which one?”

“The Short Bus. I didn’t want to have to read subtitles since she and I were having a really good conversation.”

“Did you get turned on?” her husband asked, now very interested in what she was saying.

“Yes” Bonnie answered again.

“Did she?”

“Just let me tell it” Bonnie insisted. The orgasm wasn’t going to come, but she had gotten up the courage to talk.

She stopped masturbating, and rolled to look at her husband. “Yes, we both got turned on. Watching people have sex on screen with Jill in the room was weird, but not uncomfortable. I don’t know if I’ve told you, but in college watching porn VHS videos was a staple in the dorms; but yesterday, well…it was really exciting. When the Blu-ray got to my favorite spot; you know the one I like, that orgy scene. I can’t believe I, me, the forty-year-old mother of two told her that it was such a turn on that I was having a hard time not putting my hands in my shorts and playing with myself even with her right in the room. I wasn’t looking for any particular response from Jill. I was just talking to keep the tension down. I’m not sure what I thought Jill would do, but…well, she looked at me kinda funny, and then pushed her own shorts to the ground and began to rub her panties, right on our couch.

“She masturbated in front of you?” Cooper asked.

Bonnie nodded.

He couldn’t help but imagine what Jill would look like doing that. He didn’t say anything though.

Bonnie closed her eyes as if reliving it. “She had on a pink cotton thong. She used her middle finger to press the fabric down between her outer lips. I couldn’t help but stare. She just watched the screen. First, she pushed the fabric aside. Her vulva is totally shaved clean and she has really small inner lips.”

Cooper was right, she was reliving it, and using it to help herself get off.

Bonnie’s breathing became heavier “She put one finger inside herself using the other hand to work her clit. Then she looked at me and saw how I was into watching her. Looking right into my eyes she pushed her panties down to the ground.”

Without meaning to Cooper gasped “She took off her panties in front of you?”

“Let me tell the story. Yes, she took off her panties. Well, actually she first just pushed them down to her feet. She didn’t take them off until I took off mine.”

“You both …….?” Cooper said as he felt life returning to his penis.

“Yea.” She tried not to be annoyed that her husband had derailed her orgasm that had almost been there. Calmly she began again “To make the story short, we both took off all our clothes and….” She paused knowing this was the big leap, “We helped each other to orgasm.”

Cooper found himself fully aroused. Even though he’d just climaxed ten minutes before, his penis was nearly fully engorged again. Still he wanted more details than that. “What do you mean by “helping to orgasm?”

“Well, when the movie ended, that was when we took a break to get completely naked. It just seemed so normal and natural. Perhaps I just mentally went back to being a teenager when my friends and I did that at sleepovers. I put on Nine Songs. We each had a couple of orgasms watching both the movie and each other. It was really unusual to be right there with a woman from church doing that, but it helped me get off. I was working on number three, but she was having difficulty….” She paused again “… so she asked if I would rub her breasts.”

Cooper just looked at her, so she added “…. so I did.”

“What did you think of it?” Cooper asked as he now began to stroke his shaft that had become quite firm.

“Don’t ask me that.”

“Come on.”

“I don’t want to” she said even though she didn’t believe her own lie, she very much wanted to tell him.

“You’ve told me this much now tell me the rest.”

“It was nice. Her breasts are bigger than mine and her nipples have a brown tint. I was scared at first. I hadn’t done something like that with a girl since before we were married. I really thought that I’d just outgrown those desires; but touching Jill’s breasts and seeing how she responded brought back the joy I get from being with a woman in a flood. It was like all those years in between disappeared. I just let myself go without any guardrails.”

“What does that mean?”

“I couldn’t just play with them, I had to lick and suck them too.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh yea” Bonnie’s hand returned to her clit and both husband and wife were masturbating.

“What did she do when you did that to her chest?”

“She enjoyed. What do you think? And well…how could I stop there. I went down on her.”

“You gave her oral sex?”

“Yes, that is what I said.”

“And what did she do?”

“She came, twice. Hard. Really hard.”

“Did she return the favor?”

“Yes and no. I was too sensitive for her to mess with my nipples, so she just lightly touched them...” Bonnie paused for a second and said “she rubbed my vulva until I came. I’m sure she would have gone down on me, but I came so fast.” Bonnie was approaching her pent-up climax as she spoke. “She let me know she wouldn’t have quit there but I was just too sensitive for anything else.” Bonnie stopped talking as the waves of pleasure passed over her.

They took a break while she went through her orgasm cycle. When he knew she was ready Cooper positioned himself on his wife and slid into her very open vagina. He could feel his penis squishing into the semen he had deposited just a few minutes before.

“So what was it like?”

“Familiar in a long-lost sort of way, yet different too.” Years ago Bonnie had told Cooper that she’d had sex with girls before they met; but she’d really never told him more than she’d done it. She knew that her husband had almost no sexual experience beyond monogamous sex with her. The little experience he’d had prior to her was with a pair of girlfriends, and even that had been mostly limited to the missionary position. Nearly everything he knew about sex she’d taught him, so this was totally new ground for him.

“But good?” Cooper persisted as he pumped in and out.

”Yes, different but the same as I remember too. It was very good.” she replied. “I guess either I don’t remember exactly how it made me feel doing things like that with a female, or I’m just so much older than I was way back then. But it was different than anything I recall.”

“What did she think?”

“Why she liked it of course. I hadn’t forgotten how to do a woman.”

“Are you going to do it again?”

“Do you mind?”

“Of course not. You remember once we made our conclusions in the Bible study we talked about this very thing, more than once.”

“Yes I know. That is why I already told her I can meet her at her house next Monday morning. “

“Did you discuss what you’re going to do?” Cooper was approaching orgasm.

“She just mentioned that I will like her videos.”

“Tell me what you liked best.” He was pumping hard.

She knew he was asking so as to help him have a second orgasm in a space of fifteen minutes, something he had not done in years. “I liked looking at her naked body up close, then touching it.

“Did you like making love to her?” he could feel the semen starting to rise.

“I told you yes. Her breasts were soft and warm and so sexy.” She could see he was coming and decided to give him a real thrill, “but I think the best part was when she touched me.”

She knew he was ejaculating so she continued “to feel her touch me as I played with myself was wonderful.”

His orgasm was intense, but draining. They both lay on the bed, still excited but too tired to do anything.

Though this turn of events had been a surprise for both of them, it had not come from nowhere.

Prior to that fateful day, they had jointly spent a year looking into Christian sexual morality. Initially they had just assumed they would be confirming what they had been taught; but as they worked through both scripture and historical sources, they found themselves considering if premarital sex and mutually consensual sex outside of one's marriage was actually inconsistent with the Christian life. Just posing the question had actually been the most difficult part.

This question had wormed its way into their heads as they prepared to help a couple they had known for years to work through a case of infidelity. It took months for them to tell one another they had both reached the astounding conclusion that spouses could ethically and morally agree that one or both of them could have sex outside of the marriage. It had been half a year after that when they had first begun to entertain the idea that the absolute requirement of monogamy was not what the Bible intended.

Once he was sure their joint conclusion was correct; Cooper, in order to assure himself he actually believed it, told Bonnie she had his permission to have sex with someone else if she decided she wanted to. For more or less the same reason Bonnie had reciprocated the offer to Cooper; though for her, the offer was important because it put ‘feet to her faith’.

At the time, the offer to let Cooper have a girlfriend had been purely theoretical. Neither of them could imagine Cooper ever actually using that liberty. The thought actually became a running joke. However, deep down, Bonnie did not think it so laughable when considering the possibility she would take a lover. A few times she fantasized about doing it, and they had even thought themselves very kinky for role playing that they were with other people.

The first time they role played (less than a year before she and Jill had sex the first time) Cooper pretended to be a man Bonnie had just met. Then he pretended to be a man they knew who Bonnie thought was attractive. It was Bonnie who suggested they role-play a woman. Bonnie knew full well that Gina Richards had a longstanding crush on Cooper; and while her husband never said he was attracted to the pretty young woman, his eyes betrayed him. More than once Gina had pined that she wished she could find a man like Bonnie’s husband and had even “joked” that she would be happy if Bonnie would share him with her. From Gina that was not as obviously divorced from reality as it would be from any other woman. Gina’s sexual lifestyle had never been anything like monogamous. Cooper knew she lived with a series of men even though he did not remotely know about the extent of her sexual experience at that time.

Bonnie had long thought of Gina as a little sister, after their agreement that she was not bound to monogamy, the idea of having sex with her grew in Bonnie’s mind. It was in one of their role plays, that Bonnie had told Cooper that she was actually considering asking her best friend if she would like to join them in bed sometime. Given the reality that neither of them doubted that Gina would agree, it was not simply idol sex talk.

That began a very serious discussion between them that only ended when Gina abruptly disappeared from their life. With her disappearance, the talk of sex outside their marriage disappeared as well. Until that day with Jill.


For Bonnie, it seemed forever until Monday morning.

Both of them had a hard time thinking of anything else besides what would happen at Jill’s house Monday afternoon.

It didn’t hurt their sex life though. They made love every day since Bonnie told Cooper what she had done, it was spicing up a sex life that had long ago begun to flag twenty years of marriage.

On Monday morning Bonnie intentionally stayed in bed until Cooper was ready to leave. She met him at the bedroom door completely naked. She hugged him and said, “I’ll be thinking of you today.” Cooper responded with a kiss and an erection before saying “I’ll certainly be thinking of you too” before leaving. All morning he would find it hard to concentrate on work.

Bonnie took a long bath, shaving her legs before picking out what to wear. Once finished with her shoulder-length strawberry blond hair that had faded considerably from the bright red of her youth, she went to pick out something to wear. She wanted to be sexy without seeming to dress up for Jill. She chose a pair of rather short denim shorts (short for a soccer mom) and a denim halter top. Underneath she wore sheer white lace panties and of course wore nothing under the halter.

Looking in the mirror she could feel pleased that at age forty-one she could easily pass for some ten or more years younger. This was her revenge on those early blooming girls who, when at fourteen she had just hit puberty, made her feel inadequate because they already had a woman’s body. She was still trim, never having grown boobs beyond her thirty-four "C’s", except when she was pregnant of course. But since she still had size four hips she looked well balanced and got her share of looks from younger men.

At eleven o’clock Jill answered Bonnie’s knock at her door. Jill was a reasonably attractive woman at five foot six and around one-hundred thirty-five pounds which she carried evenly between her thirty-eight "D" chest and her size twelve hips. From their previous visit, Bonnie knew that Jill was in better than average shape with only a little tummy pooch and cellulite. She had fine facial features and shoulder-length light brown hair. At first glance, Bonnie could tell Jill had also planned carefully what she would wear. She sported a well-worn white tee shirt in which her dark (and hard) nipples were plainly shown through the thin fabric. Her equally worn cut-offs had enough holes to make it obvious she had no panties on underneath. If Bonnie didn’t know what Jill had in mind, she would have been fooled by Jill’s attempt to seem as if she were just dressed for some particularly dirty housework; but Bonnie knew why she was dressed that way. Thus the message was clearly one of sexual display. And of course, it worked, Bonnie was turned on immediately.

The conversation was deliberately kept from sex for a while. Days before on the phone Jill had asked “Did you tell Cooper what we did last week?”

“Oh yes,” Bonnie had replied.

“What did he say?”

“I’ll put it this way, I told him just after he had finished making love to me, and by the time I was halfway through the story he was ready to go again.”

“I’m glad, I was afraid he might get jealous”

“I told you I didn’t think he would. What I didn't tell you was that a year ago we first talked about me doing stuff with other people.” Bonnie replied.

“Wow! You had hinted about a less restrictive morality, but I didn't think you'd gone so far as to agree to an open marriage."

"We didn't exactly use that term, but I guess it is the right one. But that was even before you started coming to St. Thomas's. To tell you the truth I’d come to the conclusion that I likely would never actually do it with anyone else. He seemed less surprised than I was when it actually happened. He was fully supportive when I told him about our plans for Monday."

And so when Monday came Jill picked up on that topic. “You likely don’t know it but some men say they are cool with their wife having sex with other people, especially if their wife does it with another woman; but lots of them change their mind when it really happens. You can never predict how a man will react until you actually do it.”

Bonnie had never thought of that. “Really? That is odd, but perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. What did Vic have to say?”

“He teased me that I was going back to my old habits and then pulled out one of the videos he’d had converted to digital a year or two back. Well watching that naturally led to some hot sex.”

“What videos?” Bonnie inquired.

Jill stood up “Come on, I’ll show you. It’s one of many from what I call the old days. I have one that I know you will like.”

Jill and Bonnie walked through the living room to their dedicated home theater room. Then they both sat on the sofa. Bonnie tensed with anticipation. She didn’t know what would happen next, but she was sure it would be memorable.

“Do you remember how I told you Vic and I started dating when I was a student at Converse College?”


“Well Converse is an all-girls school and it was there I learned about sex. Kind of what you said you did with your best friend when you were a teenager. You didn’t say exactly what you’d done, but I’m sure I went a lot further and I did it way more than what you said you and your friend did.”

“Well, I did it with more than her. She was just my first. I had my fair share of sex with boys before college and more than my share when I left home.”

“Oh,” Jill seemed surprised. “I guess I misread what you said before.”

“Well, perhaps I meant you to. I don’t advertise how many people I screwed before I met Cooper, but I guess now that we’ve had sex, I can be more forthcoming. I didn’t screw that many guys in high school, but I did them a lot. When I got to college I did a lot of people, guys, and girls. The truth is I couldn’t begin to make a list of all the people I’ve had sex with. A fair number I never knew their names.”

Again, Jill seemed surprised. “You did a good job of leading me to assume you had limited sexual experience. All right. I had no idea. Though now that you say that, the way you knew what to do between my legs should have told me you were no blushing virgin when you got married.”

Bonnie laughed “No, that was Cooper. I was the jaded Jezebel.”

Jill laughed. “So then you won’t be offended or shocked when I tell you that in college I did it with a good number of girls in the dorm. I understand that they now allow male overnight guests in the dorms with roommate consent, but that wasn't the case when I was there.

What we did last week was how I was introduced to sex, how I had my first first hundred orgasms. It was all girls and I had a series of girlfriends before any of us had been with a man. When I became a junior two of my friends and I moved into an apartment off campus. It wasn’t long before we all had our boyfriends spending the night a couple of times a week, but we still messed around with just us girls from time to time.”

“My best friends, Lynette, Amber, and I would have pretty wild parties with our boyfriends, and their friends and their friends, friends. Right after graduation Vic and I moved to our own place together and if anything we got wilder. And when I say wild I mean wild. Vic bought a camcorder and made this tape at one of the parties.” With that, she started the video.

The image on the screen showed the inside of an efficiency apartment. In the foreground was a young couple Bonnie didn’t recognize, one girl sitting alone and what was evidently Jill and Vic a dozen or so years previous. Vic was hard to recognize. He was thin of face but rather muscular (as contrasted with his current soft figure today) wearing a ridiculous goatee. Jill had long hair, noticeably more blond than it was now; and a tiny waist and hips that made her bust look enormous. Around the room were several beer cans and wine bottles. For a while everyone just talked to the camera operator who was not visible, finally the camera was evidently put on something to give a view of the whole room and the third guy appeared in the picture.

The video then cut to sometime later, Jill was halfway finished performing a strip tease. As the scene began she unhooked her bra and tossed it to Vic.

“You were gorgeous” Bonnie exclaimed.

“Were?” Jill asked indignantly.

Bonnie was flustered and struggled for words as the now fully nude image of Jill continued to dance to the music while one of her friends rose and began to unbutton her own blouse.

“You know what I mean, you were young and ... well you know.”

“Yea I understand, pre-kids”

On the video Jill was helping the other girl out of her clothes. She sensually caressed and kissed the young woman's exposed flesh. As the TV showed her sucking the girl’s breasts Jill began a narrative.

“That is Lynette. When we still lived in the dorm, we would get a kick out of doing this in the shower in front of the freshmen. She’s married now and has three kids in California. I don’t think her husband knows about any of this.”

The video cut again to a new scene. The third girl, Amber, had pulled her boyfriend’s penis from his pants and played with it as Lynette gave Jill cunnilingus on the floor.

Bonnie was astonished. Though she’d had gobs of sex in college, the idea of videotaping it had not even occurred to her or her friends. She rapidly found herself more than a little turned on watching the sex unfold on the very large screen. It didn’t seem to faze Jill at all.

“No one has ever given me oral sex as Lynette did. She knew me so well it was if I were masturbating with her tongue.” Jill said as she began to rub her crotch over her shorts. She looked at Bonnie “Do you mind?”

“Go ahead,” Bonnie said anticipating the opportunity to touch Jill’s body again.

Jill quickly slipped off her shorts and stretched out, bracing her feet against the coffee table, and began to rub her vulva. Bonnie looked and considered her smooth hairless labia. She’d very much enjoyed the silky-smooth flesh when she’s had her mouth on it the other day. Bonnie had trimmed up but had never gone “Brazilian” like that. She wasn’t sure what was turning her on so much, watching Jill make love on the video or feeling the couch shake to the rhythm of her masturbation.

Maybe it didn’t matter; all she knew is she was bursting with sexual desire. In the video, Jill was close to climaxing from Lynette’s oral stimulation and the other girl was giving her boyfriend a blow job. Vic and Lynette’s guy were undressing to the side.

“Would you like to lend a hand again?” Jill asked.

Without giving a verbal answer, Bonnie pulled Jill’s tee shirt over her head and reached out to Jill’s fleshy breasts.

She stared at how they hung from their own weight and how the tiny stiff nipples protruded forth from the large areola.

She ever so lightly brushed each of them with the back of her hand. Rubbing her knuckles across the tip of the nipples she felt her own nipples tingle. Then she surprised herself when, rather than to lick those mounds of womanhood, she placed her mouth on Jill’s and they began to kiss passionately. They had not kissed the last time.

Their lips parted and their tongues touched, then began to alternately penetrate and explore the warm oral cavity of the other.

Bonnie sucked on Jill’s tongue as she squeezed her body close. Jill rubbed her clit furiously responding to Bonnie’s erotic energy. The only thing distracting Bonnie from being totally engulfed in ecstasy was her clothes separating their two bodies.

Jill’s orgasm shortly thereafter allowed Bonnie to quickly remove her clothing. As she did so, Jill moved to the floor in front of the TV, so when her panties dropped to the floor Bonnie lay down beside her friend. On the screen, Lynette’s mouth was pressed to Jill’s crotch as Vic buried his organ into her friend from behind. Before turning her attention back to the “Live” Jill, Bonnie took a good look and somehow knew that one day she would be in Lynette’s place, pinned between Jill and Vic. The question was how soon it would happen.

That thought was interrupted by Jill pushing her down flat on her back onto the carpet to mount her. They were soon kissing deep and passionately, pressing their bodies together with a vigor Bonnie had not experienced in decades without fear of Cooper’s impending orgasm ending their lovemaking. She felt the unique sensation of having a woman’s pelvic bone bearing down on her. Of their own accord, her legs wrapped around Jill’s waist, pulling her tighter. The combination of the soft moist surface of her vulva backed by the rigid bone provided both tenderly sensual sensations and firm clitoral stimulation. The video went on and on and they did too. For how long she was not sure, but Bonnie knew she was close to cumming. She sucked Jill’s tongue into her mouth as she thrust her hips upward in her growing excitement.

Jill, evidently feeling the impending climax, squeezed Bonnie’s nipples firmly between her fingers and pushed down against Bonnie’s upward thrusts. Bonnie gripped Jill’s soft buttocks as if to pull Jill’s body into her own, digging her fingers deep into the tender womanly derriere. Bonnie felt the tension flow from her clit to the rest of her body in waves as her entire being was engulfed in orgasm. With the last wave, her clitoris and nipples became hyper-sensitive so she pushed Jill’s hands off her breasts and released the grip on Jill’s backside.

It was only now that the fire of her own arousal was cooled that she noticed how warm, no hot, Jill’s vulva felt as it rested on her own. She now began to softly kiss her friend as their bodies gently moved upon one another.

It had been a great orgasm, but she was not yet beginning to be sated. She could just lay under Jill all day, and she counted the hours before the kids would be home from school. Jill’s pace began to rapidly increase. She arched her back and pushed her clitoris firmly down onto Bonnie’s pubic bone.

Bonnie felt the little nub dig into the tender flesh of her vulva. Bonnie watched the shaking mass of fleshy mammary just inches from her face. She reached up with her mouth and took the left nipple in her lips. She pulled it firmly as she gripped it with both teeth and lips. Bonnie knew without doubt Jill was approaching a second orgasm. She again held Jill’s spongy buttocks in her hands and squeezed hard. In moments Jill’s orgasm came with a groan.

For some time thereafter, the two women lay side by side rubbing their own vulvas. On the TV they watched as the recorded image of Jill’s face was between Amber’s legs giving cunnilingus. Jill’s husband was on Lynette pumping hard. The other two guys, who seemed to have spent their loads in the part of the video they had missed, were watching the action.

“Did it bother you at all for Vic to have sex with another woman?” Bonnie asked.

“Not really. In those days he could keep it up almost indefinitely. Just watch, in the end, he always saved his last load for me.”

Just as she said would happen, soon the other two girls had their final orgasms and Vic and Jill were doing sixty-nine. Jill continued “In those days I really preferred giving cunnilingus to felatio, but he liked it.”

“You like going down on girls over guys?” Bonnie asked incredulously.

“Liked. Past tense.” Jill said “Back then I felt much more confident with a woman than I was with a man; but before last week, it had been almost eight years since I’ve given a woman oral sex. You’re the first woman I’ve made love to since we moved away from Oregon, and that was, well like I said, almost eight years ago.”

“Why’d you stop?”

“Well you know the normal things, kids and the fact we have moved several times with Vic’s job and until now I’ve not had a close enough friend to share with.... sexually I mean.” Jill leaned over and kissed Bonnie. “I’m glad you’re my friend”

Throughout the fall and into the new year, when their kids were all at school, Bonnie and Jill “shared” about twice a week. When Jill introduced a dildo and harness to their Sapphic play; it opened up a whole new world of fantasy for her and Cooper when she would tell him of their activities.

Occasionally the two women watched videos that they had made in the past. For Bonnie that just meant her and Cooper, but Jill seemed to have an endless stream of new men. As a result, Jill’s videos were considerably more varied and kinky. It seemed to Bonnie that in those first few years of marriage, Jill and Vic had screwed everyone they knew, and taped it. In several scenes, there were simple manage-a-trios some with two guys doing Jill and some a girl would be there to be “done” by both Jill and Vic. Most scenes however had multiple couples present but usually ended with just Jill and Vic. One thing that particularly intrigued Bonnie was Jill’s evident pleasure in guiding Vic’s penis into other women and closely watching it go in and out.

This Bonnie was sure she could never do, but Jill explained how it was her way of fucking the girls using Vic’s penis. “In those days the rule was that Vic was free to pick up any girl he wanted as long as I could be the one to put him into her”.

Another difference Bonnie discovered was Jill truly enjoyed giving cunnilingus, it seemed to be her favorite activity.

Bonnie on the other hand, had made a shift from pussy to dick when she’d been with her first man and had never enjoyed going down on girls as much as she did guys. She only ate Jill when she was unusually turned on, and rarely did it long enough for Jill to climax.

This didn’t cause too many problems because Bonnie couldn’t receive enough of Jill’s oral sex and her friend assured her that Vic adequately filled Jill’s needs in that area.

All this “sharing” between Bonnie and Jill progressively came to be a normal part of Bonnie and Cooper’s sex life. The more Bonnie and Jill made love, the more it seemed did Bonnie and Cooper. Without fail when she did it in the afternoon with Jill, she was even more ready in the evening. Further, it didn’t hurt that by simply telling Cooper what had happened with Jill, he would become very aroused.

One day in March, while the women were in the middle of their activities, Bonnie found herself thinking of Cooper as she sat masturbating beside Jill. She wondered what he was doing at that very moment. She imagined he was sitting at his desk wondering what she was doing.

Bonnie jumped up “I’ve got an idea,” she said as she pulled her phone from her purse. Sitting back down she dialed a number and when his voice answered she said “Hi sweetie. Guess what I’m doing?”

Cooper’s quizzical voice asked “What?”

“Well, I’m sitting next to Jill….. and we’re naked.”

Bonnie paused and looked at her friend. “She looks great.” Bonnie winked at Jill and continued “She has such big sexy boobs, much bigger than mine, and there so soft. A few minutes ago I was sucking them. It was so much fun. Well, everything we’ve been doing is fun. We’ve been caressing each other’s bodies and French kissed until my tongue was tired. On the TV is an old video of Jill and she’s eating some girl’s pussy, no hang on she’s moving over so that Vic can get a bit.”

After a short question by Cooper she continued “No, she hasn’t eaten me.....yet. I’m so offended.”

In saying this Bonnie was teasing Cooper, not asking Jill; but, her friend took it as a request. Before Bonnie could say anything more Jill had slid down to Bonnie’s waist and planted her mouth over her very wet labia. Bonnie paused for a moment and then continued in a much quieter voice “Now she’s started to do me down there. I can feel her tongue licking my lips, it’s so soft. Oh yea, she’s pushed her tongue into my vagina - my cunt.” Bonnie giggled at the use of a ‘dirty’ word. In the mood, she used more colorful language than she ever did at any other time. “Now, She’s fucking me with her tongue real deep, this is so good. I better go so that I can get more comfortable. Have a nice day, bye.”

When she hung up the phone, she laughed “He won’t be able to concentrate the rest of the day. I’m so mean.”

Jill looked up, “You’ve got to do one more thing. send him a pic message of me doing you. It will kill him.”

Jill pushed her tongue up into Bonnie and her nose was on Bonnie’s clit while she looked right into Bonnie’s iPhone’s camera.

Bonnie couldn’t believe how brazen she was being, taking a pic of her friend eating her out. But she did it, and she sent the pic to her husband. She was thinking of Cooper’s reaction when she climaxed again.

Sure enough, Cooper didn’t get much done. After that she sent a pic or two most of the times she got together with Jill which had stabilized to a Tuesday and Thursday thing. At Jill’s suggestion, the second and subsequent times they took photos using a full-length mirror so that both of their nude bodies were fully visible in the phone pics. At Bonnie’s house, they used a dressing mirror and Jill had a mirror over her bed so it was very easy to shoot hot pics of them playing.

Additionally, from the second time they took pics onward, they always sent them to both husbands. It was an amazing turn-on for her t