In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 1

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

By Professor Polyamory

This is a work of fiction, any similarity to real people are events are completely coincidental. This fiction does use the names of real public figures and organizations to tell the story; however, none of these people or organizations had any part in the production of this manuscript, nor does their inclusion suggest they approved of anything herein.


The wildly popular Fifty-Shades of Grey series on one hand legitimated explicit sexuality in mainstream popular fiction; while at the same time it highlighted the disconnect between most authors of erotica and the real world they portend to describe. I was part of the generation who quite literally grew up reading erotica via books like The Happy Hooker and in magazines like Penthouse Forum. The problem for most readers, even adults, is they have a very narrow window of experience from which to discern sexual fantasy, which has no basis in reality, and sexually explicit fiction grounded in the real world. When Fifty-Shades was at its height, quite literally every one of my friends who were in the BDSM scene complained that the book was nothing like the real thing. And sure enough, the author had no experience in actual BDSM, it was all fantasy.

In this novel I have two clearly stated goals in the title. One is to write on a serious socio-political topic and the other to entertain with erotica. If I were to write a serious academic tome on the issue of sexual repression it might get scholarly praise, but it would not be read. So, I've wrapped a hundred pages of intellectual argument in a thousand pages of entertaining novel filled with realistic characters and equally realistic sex. Importantly, when I write of sexual things, I do not write from a place of ignorance, but from a deep well of knowledge. I had a full career working with adults and teens as a minister and social worker. No topic was more common than sex. It was from many of the first hand stories and my work helping families work through issues that informs much of this novel. Additionally my professional work required training and academic study into human sexuality. For three years of my career I did nothing but work with teens on sexual issues and have been a court ordered counselor on this issue. But that is only half of my background. For over twenty years my wife and I have lived in an open marriage. We have spent time in many different segments of the non-monogamy community. Not only does this novel draw directly on our personal experience, but those of many of our friends. So while this novel is fiction, it is not sexual fantasy.


Societies do not progress in an even manner. Cultural norms may stay rigid for decades, centuries or even a millennium before the right idea comes forth at the right time by the right messenger. Rarely is the idea new when it changes a society. Transformational ideas often simply sit on the sidelines until the right time and the right messenger arrives.

Karl Marx penned Das Kapital and the concepts behind communism decades before the messenger Vladimir Lenin took it to the collapsing Russian state and thus changed the world.

American sexual moirés were penned not by Jesus as many would believe, but by St. Augustine in the 4th century. He expounded a very restrictive view of sexuality as a tool for the collapsing Roman state to maintain civilization in the face of the unstoppable barbarian onslaught. His message was one geared for his time; however, as it coincided with the solidification of the Roman Church’s domination over all other religious sects, it took on the trappings of holy writ.

For centuries writers had attacked his views but with only limited success. Then just as the old religious system was losing its grip on Europe, a new nation was born. A nation conceived with human liberty as its heart, but wedded at its core to St. Augustine’s view of sexuality. The combination of freedom of political expression and repression of sexual expression created a tension that sparked repeated “sexual revolutions” beginning with the founding father of the republic: Benjamin Franklin. All failed to break the iron grip of Augustinian sexual rules.

In this novel, our protagonists live in a comfortable, but rule bound world. Deep in their hearts they know there is more, but they will need help along the journey to free themselves from the old ways. They will have to work out a new moral code for themselves before they can be the prophets of a new model. At each stage there are pressures that can be eliminated if they would just turn back, but to be the new prophets they must overcome.

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

By Professor Polyamory

Book I

Chapter 1

Unlikely Revolutionaries

The Journey Begins

“What are you thinking about?” Bonnie Campbell asked, as her husband lay on his back catching his breath.

The bedroom was warm and a little stuffy. The overhead light was off, but even so there was enough light to see the overtly erotic décor in the room. Shelves contained a collection of bronze sculptures, all nude and several were of couples making love. The walls held several friezes, a few Chinees copies of sexy oil paintings on canvas, and one original. Cooper and his wife were both very proud of the centerpiece of their bedroom décor that hung above the headboard of their king-sized bed. The subject was Bonnie herself. A little more than five years ago, as a surprise 15th Anniversary present, Cooper had taken a dozen nude photos he had shot of his wife over the past decade and a half, some taken even before they were married, to an Atlanta painter. The artist had used the photos to create the tasteful classical looking nude painting; but nude it was and no one who saw it could miss who it depicted. All this in the bedroom sanctuary of a very conventional Southern couple with two teenage children. It said much about the dichotomy between Bonnie & Cooper’s private life and their public life as leaders in their church and local community. Yet even on that warm night, the wall that separated the two was thinning.

The duvet cover and sheets were pushed to the foot of the bed allowing their sweat covered bodies to cool. Cooper lay panting as his penis was starting to deflate. As he often did after orgasm, he wondered if he had the energy to go get a glass of water. But to her question he just said “nothing really.”

As she nearly always did, after her husband had climaxed, she began to rub her mound rapidly seeking another orgasm, or two, or three. She could feel the recently deposited viscous fluid running out of her body onto the sheets. She had to resist her inclination to stop masturbating to get a towel to clean up the mess. But resist she did.

As she became ever more aroused, she mustered the courage to tell him what had been eating at her for the past day. It wasn’t that she thought he would be angry or hurt; rather she couldn’t mention it, for embarrassment, unless she was very aroused. When she was clearly on the way to orgasm, her actions of the previous days suddenly lost their embarrassment and became stimulating. After she had replayed them in her mind (which definitely enhanced her masturbation), she began to speak.

“Sweetheart.” She said softly.

”Uh hugh” was his tired response.

“I want to tell you something” she said.


“Well it’s a little embarrassing” She said then paused.


“OK. Well, yesterday Jill, well she came over to the house.” As Bonnie began her narrative, she moved into a more comfortable position for rubbing herself, then she continued, “and she, as usual, brought up the topic of sex. I've told you how she is.”

Jill and Vic Banning had been attending the Sunday morning couples class at Saint Thomas United Methodist Church (which Cooper taught) for about half-a-year. He had been pleased that Bonnie had hit it off with the newcomer. In a small rural church often new people just don't feel wanted, but Bonnie had made a point to engage her. This was especially important because just a few months before, his wife's best friend and surrogate sister had been ripped from her life by a new and controlling boyfriend. So he'd been pleased when the two women began spending time together over the past few months. Jill was about ten years younger than Bonnie, about the same age as her missing friend Gina. Laying beside his wife, he recalled how Bonnie, on several occasions, had told him about the rather racy conversations they had. Bonnie had a strong libido and liked talking to other women about sexual things, within certain boundaries. After all what might be considered polite conversation in some parts of the country is considered extremely racy in their rural community of Hancock County, Georgia.

“I decided to tell her about the Bible study we have been working on regarding sex outside of marriage. Not too much, but enough to let her know I was interested in the topic.” She was referencing an ongoing project she and Cooper had been working on with Rev. McBride, their pastor.

"Not too much I hope" Cooper said. The study had begun when the pastor had asked Cooper and Bonnie to help him with a couple in the church who were having marital problems. After a year of intense study and prayer by both he and Bonnie they had come to reassess some things that had been held as unassailable truth. So far, they had only forwarded their findings to the pastor and to the couple for whom they had done the research. Cooper feared a very negative backlash if their change in beliefs about appropriate Christian sexual behavior became public knowledge.

Bonnie said, "No I didn't. But I did tell her how we occasionally watch movies where the sex is obviously real and also of our instructional sex videos, but I let her know we don’t watch actual porn." The movies were mostly European where the sex was not simulated but included clear scenes of penetration, and the ‘educational’ videos to which she was referring showed real couples having great sex. She knew full well it was a matter of semantics since most people would call all those videos porn. But somehow having to read subtitles made the movies seem more cultured and they had bought all the videos on Amazon. That alone meant they weren’t porn (at least that was what Bonnie told herself). “Well, I got turned on and I began describing in detail how when we watch any of those videos together, I get so turned on that I can’t help going down on you even as we continue to watch the video. Without realizing it I gave a graphic description of giving you head. I haven’t talked about sucking dick like that since I was in college. Even with Gina, as much as we talked about her sex life, I was never that explicit. I don’t know what came over me. Well, Jill up and asked if I wanted to watch one of those movies together.”

She paused.

“So? Did you?” Cooper inquired. Suddenly this conversation had become quite interesting.

“Yes” Bonnie said, an orgasm was stubbornly resisting as she rubbed.

“Which one?”

“The Short Bus. I didn’t want to have to read subtitles since she and I were having a really good conversation.”

“Did you get turned on?” her husband asked, now very interested in what she was saying.

“Yes” Bonnie answered again.

“Did she?”

“Just let me tell it” Bonnie insisted. The orgasm wasn’t going to come, but she had gotten up the courage to talk.

She stopped masturbating, and rolled to look at her husband. “Yes, we both got turned on. Watching people have sex on screen with Jill in the room was weird, but not uncomfortable. I don’t know if I’ve told you, but in college watching porn VHS videos was a staple in the dorms; but yesterday, well…it was really exciting. When the Blu-ray got to my favorite spot; you know the one I like, that orgy scene. I can’t believe I, me, the forty-year-old mother of two told her that it was such a turn on that I was having a hard time not putting my hands in my shorts and playing with myself even with her right in the room. I wasn’t looking for any particular response from Jill. I was just talking to keep the tension down. I’m not sure what I thought Jill would do, but…well, she looked at me kinda funny, and then pushed her own shorts to the ground and began to rub her panties, right on our couch.

“She masturbated in front of you?” Cooper asked.

Bonnie nodded.

He couldn’t help but imagine what Jill would look like doing that. He didn’t say anything though.

Bonnie closed her eyes as if reliving it. “She had on a pink cotton thong. She used her middle finger to press the fabric down between her outer lips. I couldn’t help but stare. She just watched the screen. First, she pushed the fabric aside. Her vulva is totally shaved clean and she has really small inner lips.”

Cooper was right, she was reliving it, and using it to help herself get off.

Bonnie’s breathing became heavier “She put one finger inside herself using the other hand to work her clit. Then she looked at me and saw how I was into watching her. Looking right into my eyes she pushed her panties down to the ground.”