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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 10

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 10

Growing Up LeMarco

Judy didn’t seem to mind recounting the story of young Brian’s life with her and his father. She settled herself and started…“It was the weekend Martin and I got married. After our wedding and reception a large group of our swinger friends came with us on a chartered airplane to Miami for the real celebration. Understand this was over a year after Brian first came to live with us. By then we thought it would be fine to bring him along for the party with our wild friends. To say the least, the forty hour non-stop event in his condo was a thing of legend. I doubt anyone got much sleep before we boarded the plane to go home. Sure I expected by bringing him, my girlfriends would take the opportunity to ride his ever ready cock; but he had just turned eighteen so I didn’t object. It seemed every one of the men there thought it was important to fuck the bride. To be fair, it wasn’t like I hadn’t done them all more than once before. So that first night I had been doing it for hours and I was so tired when I felt a guy spoon up behind me I didn’t even look back to see who it was. I just enjoyed a pretty good fucking until Brian whispered in my ear he’d been dying to do this since the first day he met me.”

“What did you do when you realized it was Brian?” Cooper asked.

“Enjoyed. What do you think? The deed was done, so I just let him do me. But it’s not like we became lovers, right then at least. That was later, but these days, we usually only screw at events like this.” Looking at Cooper she said, “See, I do have some morals” And she let out a laugh at her own joke.

While Judy talked she used Martin’s camera to take an occasional photo. The three of them by the fire watched Ramón as he continued to hold Heather’s hips, screwing with his characteristic corkscrew motion. Mandy, also still active, now sat on Heather’s face while at the same time sucking her husband who was standing to her left.

Judy went on with her narrative, “Let me go back to that first summer. The wedding would not come until the winter of his senior year. To Brian’s disappointment, Martin and I are not really nudist and usually wear clothes around the house. But that does not mean Brian didn’t get an eye full of his dad’s girlfriend. For instance, even now when I go to get the morning coffee, as often as not, I don’t put anything on unless it’s cold. The most common reason Martin and I are naked around the house is that we get in a randy mood and get it on right wherever we might be, and back then we did it a lot more than we do now.”

Her narrative was interrupted by Bonnie’s waddle over from being rutted by Martin. She stood legs apart. A large dollop of semen fell to the sand from between her legs. “If anyone needs one last bit for the goddess, here is some from Martin.”

The small group all laughed and sheepishly Cooper admitted he had not done his duty yet. So Bonnie moved to where he was sitting. He leaned back on his hands and Bonnie straddled his face. No sooner than she put her vulva over him, another good sized glob of semen fell from her and landed on his chin. After he'd pushed the splatter to his lips, he spent time searching for and then eating the remains of Martin's seamen as she stood over him. Given the whole atmosphere and what had happened already, this didn't seem strange at all. He was surprised that his boss’s cum had very little taste. He just assumed it all tasted like his own. Other than the density of the jizz, Bonnie just tasted like Bonnie.

As everyone watched Cooper lick his wife’s sticky snatch, Judy gave Bonnie a brief background of the story she was telling and then continued. “As the summer wore on, Brian kept porn running on the big screen in our living room. Not just my old stuff, but the newer stuff of his father and me. That TV was on whenever he was down stairs and more often than not he was sporting his boner. I didn’t realize that between the materials I brought with me and the couple of videos we had made since I’d moved in, we had over forty hours of just me having sex with who knows how many people. And that does not include the huge cache of homemade sex videos that Martin already had when we got together. The collection included DVD's and even some old video tapes of Martin and his friends or me and mine. Half of the videos I had never actually watched and most of the guys I was screwing in the videos I didn’t remember. Sometimes, during the day I would find some reason to be naughty and parade in front of Brian naked for a little while, but most of the times he saw me nude was by the pool. That first few weeks, when his dad would come home Brian would get dressed and turn off the videos.”

Bonnie decided Cooper had gotten all the semen there was, then flopped down beside her husband.

“That changed when one evening in the late summer when he was deciding whether to go back to Phoenix or not for the school year. Martin had come home early telling me about a threesome he had with a client and one of the new girls at the office. Of course that always gets me going. Ten minutes later when Brian comes home, he walks into the kitchen and I am bent over one of the breakfast room chairs, taking it from behind. Brian almost runs into us as he comes in looking for something to eat playing with his phone.”

“Martin didn’t say anything at first. He just stood up straight and looked at Brian while continuing to pump me slow and steady. Then calmly as can be, he asks Brian, ‘Have you decided if we should enroll you in school here yet?’ Well, Brian wasn’t nearly the man of the world he thought himself to be and just stood there looking down between my buns at his dad’s dick sliding in and out of me.

Martin had to ask him again before Brian gave an incoherent reply and started to back away. I knew we had to say something or things would get tense around the house. So as normal as I could, I looked back at him and told Brian that he could leave if what we were doing upset him, but he is more than free to stay. Then, while Martin was still stroking, I told Brian that it is just as well he’s walked in on us since if he stays for the fall, he will find out we screw around outside of the bedroom a lot. Brian stopped long enough for me to let him know that, so far, we had made a point to not have sex where he would see us; but he needed to realize, if he stayed permanently he would certainly walk in on his dad and I having sex around the house from time to time. I let him know explicitly that just like we were doing then, we would not stop just because he was in the room. I pointed out that Martin and I having sex in the kitchen in front of him is no different than him masturbating in the living room in front of me.”

“Well, he had never heard me bring up his habit of masturbating in the living room to his dad. I think he assumed Martin didn’t know. Brian was way freaked out by the time I finished my little speech and went out the way he’d come. Martin asked if we should stop. I said no. I was sure Brian would be back. And sure enough less than three minutes later he walked back into the kitchen. The second time in, he was composed and went to the fridge calmly. It was painfully funny to see him trying to act as normal as he could. He got a Coke out of the fridge and asked what we were doing for supper while looking out the window. Seeing him work at not looking our way, I told Brian it would not be rude or intrusive at all if he watched us and that we more or less expected people to watch when we have sex in front of them. So Martin and I continued while Brian watched us wide eyed. Martin had me lay on my back on the kitchen table and he held my legs open as he kept up the steady pace. Standing beside the table looking down at me, Brian got quite a view while the three of us discussed where we wanted to go out to eat after his dad and I finished having sex. When I thought Martin was ready to climax I said I wanted him to cum in my mouth because I didn’t want him to get the floor sticky. Though that was true, I was really making a point for Brian to see what he could expect if he stayed. And I knew that me giving his dad head at random times in any room of the house was definitely part of our life that we'd so far hidden from Brian."

Brian tries hard not to seem too interested

"Sixteen year-old Brian meanwhile, watched us intently, but clearly wanting to look like he was board. He actually did a good job of appearing to just be waiting for dinner. That was until Martin moved around and fed me his cock. His father vocally ejaculated into my mouth and Brian watched as I sucked the cum right down. Brian's face, and the tent in his shorts, gave him away. He’d liked what he saw and it had really turned him on. It wasn’t until years later that Brian told us how that had been the strangest day in his life; but that unplanned experience was what convinced him to leave his friends in Phoenix and come live with us.”

“The next evening Brian turned on a video of me he particularly liked just before his dad was due home. When Martin came in the living room Brian was beating his meat with abandon. I of course had told Martin that Brian did this almost every day, so he was not fazed when he walked in. Martin commented about how sexy I was and went to our room to get changed. From then on nudity and sex around Brian was a non-issue”

“Wow! I hope Brian realizes he won the step-mother lottery” said Heather, who having been rung out by Ramón and Tina, had just joined the relaxing group on the other side of the fire. “My step mom was a total bitch and my dad. Well I’ll put it this way he actually called the police when he found my boyfriend sneaking out of our house early one morning. OK, I was fifteen and he was twenty-two, but it’s the point of it.”

Cooper poked at the fire. While Judy had been talking, he had watched Heather flail in response to Ramón’s magic before giving in to her exhaustion and joining the group. Brian was again working on his own wife in the missionary position with a steady slapping sound coming from his work. Cooper figured he was not ready to quit any time soon.

“So Judy,” Cooper asked, “this afternoon you told us about catching the group of boys jacking off to your video and how they ran off. Did they come back?”

“Oh yea. Brian wasted no time in bragging to his friends that his parents let him watch porn in the living room and that his step-mother tans in the nude. This of course made our house very popular. At first the boys would just magically know to drop by soon after I would start laying out at the pool. They didn’t come out, but I could hear them at the windows. At first it was funny but after a while it was just annoying. So, right at the end of the summer, I caught them spying on me again, so I walked right into the house naked and confronted them. I told them it was impolite to peep, so next summer they could either come out swimming or say away from the windows while I’m sunning. You can imagine the faces on those boys as I stood just a few feet from them while I gave my lecture. I finished by saying they were free to come out swimming today while I sunned, if they were mature enough. Then I went back out to see if they would follow. No one was brave enough to come out with me. It would not be until the next summer that that seeing me nude by the pool become old hat to his friends.”

Despite her fatigue Bonnie didn't object when Mandy, still taking it doggie style from her husband, asked "Would you mind terribly if I wanted to see if there is any more cum in you?" In short order she was on her back so that Mandy could put her mouth over her entire vulva. Tired or not, Bonnie’s body responded immediately as Mandy began using her tongue to play with her lips and clit. She sighed and lay her head back.

Cooper’s attention was drawn however, away from his wife to his boss who was now sitting next to Ramón. To Cooper’s immense surprise, he began to give Ramón a hand job. Cooper completely lost what Judy was saying as he stared at Mr. LeMarco’s hand going up and down that thick shaft. When Mr. LeMarco leaned down and his mouth covered the fat head, he was all the more lost. Cooper remembered several comments in the past few days that he now realized referred to guy on guy sex. And Judy's challenge that everyone, including the men, should eat two different batches of semen was another clue he'd missed. He and Bonnie must have been the only ones not to get it. Part of him found it shocking, a guy sucking a guy; but, Bonnie lay not three feet from them receiving oral sex from a woman. Why should two girls be hot and two guys be gross? Less than an hour ago, feeling Brian's cock rub on his had been such a turn-on. This was too much to think about. Cooper could see Brian look over to watch his dad suck dick. Rather than repulse him Brian was clearly turned on and soon collapsed after shooting his third load of the night. Without hesitation, Mandy moved her body around so her crotch was on Bonnie's mouth before leaning down to once again put her face on Bonnie's vulva. Cooper knew that at that moment, Brian’s semen was dripping into his wife’s mouth, again. Surprisingly, he found himself wishing it were him eating Brian’s cum. Where did that thought come from?

Until a year ago Bonnie never would let Cooper ejaculate in her mouth, let alone swallow his semen. Now it appeared she seemed to love it. But somewhere in the back of his brain was the idea that he wouldn’t mind swallowing it either. Taking a cue from the women, Ramón and Mr. LeMarco were soon doing each other in sixty-nine. Then unbidden the realization came to him, if he’d been asked, he would have likely switched places with any of the four engaged in oral sex. That was a really weird thought.

Cooper slowly became aware that Judy was no longer speaking. He looked over at her to see a look of concern on her face.

“I hope Martin and Ramón aren’t freaking you out.”

“To be honest at first it was a shock. I’ve never seen a guy suck another guy before. The truth is before this trip I’d never seen another man’s erection in person in my life.”

Judy nodded then Tina chimed in “May I assume you like watching girls go down on girls.”

“Yea, but I’d never seen that in real life until this week either” Cooper admitted. “I’m really surprised that I don’t find watching them suck each other like that gross at all; it’s actually turning me on. But still, it is an idea that will take some getting used to.”

Heather said, “So I’m glad to hear you’re not a homophobe. I think it’s cool to watch two guys go at it”

“Yea - OK - I’m not a homophobe” Cooper said defensively.

“So do you want to try it?” Heather said, looking up from Bonnie's crotch.

“Not tonight.” Cooper retorted and then added, “I’m just too tired to do anything right now. Let me think about it. Perhaps later.”

That last was clearly unexpected by Heather and her eyes betrayed her.

“Let him off the hook Heather” Judy said in a motherly voice. “Now you have interrupted my story, and I was just getting to that stuff anyway. You see, Martin has enjoyed doing guys in group settings. He’s been that way since long before I knew him. With Brian living with us, it was just a matter of time before a video scene of his dad sucking cock, or fucking another guy aired on the living room television.”

“The first time it happened I was actually there, it was a video of Martin and the second Mrs. LeMarco, and she was taking it reverse cowgirl in an easy chair. Well Martin got in front and started licking her clit. Brian is whacking away watching this. Then the camera shows he is actually licking both her pussy and the guy’s dick. I’m not sure if Brian realized it at first but a few seconds later she lifts completely off this guy and Martin makes a couple of oral strokes on the dick before he guided it back into the woman. Now I knew there was no way Brian had missed that. Like I said before, Brian wanted to seem so grown up and sophisticated and this was a challenge for him. In the video he saw his dad at a party of beautiful sexy people and no one seemed to take notice that he had put a dick in his mouth. So Brian chose not to notice it either; even though his dad repeated that several times until the last time this guy starts to cum. The woman lifts off just as the first shot of jizz shoots out. Martin swallows the rod whole as the guy’s jerking indicates he’s continuing to ejaculate into Martin’s mouth before the camera moved to another couple."

Cooper could see that Mandy was losing steam as Judy talked. Soon she rolled off of Bonnie onto her back to rest. His wife sat back up, and moved back to where she had been before Mandy had requested her attention. It was as if nothing of any particular note had happened. It seemed so odd that sex was just that casual to these people. Bonnie goes over for five minutes to let Mandy eat her and then she eats Brian’s semen out of Mandy and then she walks back to the fire. It was just so casual, just like giving a friend a brief neck rub. Perhaps, Cooper mused, it was the casualness of sex that was the biggest leap for him. Sex here was just a pleasant activity among friends. No more. It was not a sacred act as he had been taught for so long. Which was right?

Judy paused again as she made room for Bonnie to sit beside her, then continued “A week or so later Brian asked me if his dad was gay. I had to laugh at that one. I pointed out that I’m not a lesbian but I eat pussy much more often than Martin eats cock. We had a nice talk on sex just being fun and not trying to make it into something it’s not. I told him when I was his age, I had sex with a few girls simply because they were my friends. Then I put him on the spot when I asked if he and his buddies had jacked each other while watching porn. He blushed and said they had. So I told him giving head is simply jacking with your mouth. A couple of weeks later when I got home from shopping Brian is all excited and says “We did it.” I had not a clue what he meant and he told me he and two of his buddies had blown each other while they watched one of my tapes. This was the first time he would tell me of his sexual exploits, but of course it was not the last”

“It’s just not fair” Heather said “I needed a step mom like you. NOT FAIR!”

“OK I’ll be your step-mom Heather” Judy said reaching back to hug her. “You can talk to me anytime you want”

Cooper returned to Judy’s story, “But if any other guys from his school found out about that he’d be dead”.

“Yea that would have been true but the guys never let that out to the school. This all happened in August and school started soon after. With school came girls. To help Brian meet new people, we put on a big Labor Day Pool party the second weekend after school started. I had the best caterer in town provide far more food than they thought was necessary, that was a hit with the guys. I wore a really skimpy bikini, that was an even bigger hit with the guys, and surprisingly, made me popular with many of the girls. I should say now that he didn’t go to public school. He’d been at Country Day School when he and his mom had moved to Phoenix and so we enrolled him in Country Day Prep when he decided to move back to Atlanta. The school is ridiculously expensive, so these kids were all very well to do. In their privileged world, bourgeois middle-class Puritanism isn’t part of the values they are taught. So, my cheeky string bikini, though daring for a mother in Georgia, did not get the kind of reaction it would have from a suburban public school group. It would be safe to say that over half had been with their families to European beaches were those kinds of bikinis, or even toplessness, was norme de la journée. Beyond that, high schoolers in that social class are very independent of their parents so I wasn’t taking the kind of risk I would have if it had been a public school crowd."

"I guess there were about forty-five kids at the party. Now you have to understand that Brian had never lived at that house and I'd never really been around kids much. I just assumed his schoolmates would stay at the pool. We didn't expect them to spread out around the house. It was still very much Martin's house at the time and it was decorated for Martin and his adult friends and clients. When a few of the kids explored the house and word got around about what it contained it created quite a buzz. Though there was nude and erotic art in different rooms, the large artistic nude photograph of me that hung in the recreation room was of particular interest to the kids."

Heather jumped in, "I know exactly how that would have played out. After all I'm just a little older than those kids. Any nude photos would have been shocking, but photos of one of our friend's mother would have blown us away. Some of the girls would pretend to be offended, but in reality they all would have been impressed."

Judy went on "I actually never heard anything negative. While some of the boys leered at me, the girls seemed to, all of a sudden, want to get to know me. But you didn't let me finish, they also found our three guest bedrooms, all with mirrors above the bed and a bowl of condoms on every end table. And if you have ever hosted a sex party you would know that people leave things. So in the dressers of all three guest rooms there were vibrators, dildos and other toys that had been left behind, as well as abandoned lingerie. I'm not sure why any of the kids were that snoopy, but word went around about that too. I couldn’t help overhearing the kids discuss some of the things they found in the house. I knew right off that we had hit a home run. I don’t think any of the bedrooms were used that day, but over the next two years Brian’s school mates spent a lot of time screwing in our guest rooms.”

Bonnie made a mental note to talk to her later about how she was facing the same issues with Misty’s friends. Though she was quite sure that this story would go far beyond what Bonnie had dreamed of doing, she could tell that she already shared some commonalties in parenting. She reasoned that it would be interesting to hear Brian’s take on this now that he is grown. That would help her decide what to do this coming summer.

Judy’s narrative continued “I guess it was because of the sex-positive environment as a whole that soon we had a number of teenagers who began regularly hanging out at our house. For those two years he was in high school we seemed to have kids at our house all the time. Brian quickly became popular with both the girls and guys. I found it funny that after the initial rush of kids, he found he was most comfortable with the geekish crowd.”

Cooper asked, “With all those kids there, what about your commitment to not changing your life style?”

Cooper was voicing what was going through his wife’s mind as well. Both of them saw how in many ways this whole story reflected how the LeMarco’s had dealt with the same issues of nudity, sex and teens that he and Bonnie were finding themselves just entering. Like Bonnie, he thought that the LeMarco’s could give some guidance, though he had concerns about their tendency to use people as pawns in their games. He was also sure he and Bonnie could never go to the extremes that the LeMarco’s did with Brian.

Judy answered his question, “We did modify it some, but we didn’t quit. When there were kids in the house that we didn’t know, we were very careful. But as time went on and the same six or eight kids were there all the time, we loosened up.”

“For instance; by the next summer, the one between Brian’s junior and senior year in high school, I went back to sunning in the nude at the pool when the regulars were out there. Martin and I had been married shortly before school let out I just decided it was now my pool and they will see what they will see. Like with Brian the real issue was when and where could we have sex.”

“We didn’t really intentionally resolve it; but, it just took care of itself. Initially the kids who liked hanging out at our house were somewhat sexually active, but still in the experimental stage. I knew that because of my talks with the girls and Brian’s regular updates on his sexual activities. As the condom supplier, via the bowls in the bedrooms, I also knew Brian's peer group progressively used more and more condoms at our house as that first school year progressed. Seeing that Martin and I gradually became less careful about when and where we did it, as you can expect, the gang eventually walked in on us doing it outside the bedroom.”

Cooper, very into the story asked “What happened?”

“It was on a Sunday afternoon in his junior year not long after Brian had come back from Christmas in Phoenix with his mom. Although it had been nearly six months since I had confronted the boys about peeping on me, they had not seen me naked since. Monica Green was over. She looked at Tina, "Do you remember her? Or had she left the company before you came?"

Tina said "Yes, she was one of the architects when I came. But I never really knew her. As I recall, she was noticeably attractive."

Judy nodded, "I think she is with Hanson & Schmitt in New York now. Well she and Martin, and I were in a fuck pretzel on the rec room floor, between the bar and the pool table. Because of the music we didn’t hear the kids come in. I guess they didn’t see us when they first came in because where we were. So for a minute or two they were in the room but we didn’t see them and they didn’t see us. First thing we know is about eight kids, both boys and girls, were looking down at the three of us on the floor. We couldn’t just tell them they could watch like we did with Brian, but we didn’t want to pretend we were embarrassed. I'd known this event would come sooner or later, so I'd already decided what to do when it did. I looked up from Monica’s crotch and asked if they were planning on shooting pool now, or could we have the room for a while longer. Not surprisingly they let us have the room. After that we didn’t worry if the kids were in another room we just did it when and where we liked, and if they came in we just asked the same question. It wasn’t long before we started walking in on teen couples doing the deed in different rooms of the house. Even the very first time we did, the kids, cool as could be, asked us if we needed the room or could they finish first. I did not know we were teaching the kids a sort of sexual etiquette until then. Like I said I've never had my own kids and this was quite a revelation.”

Bonnie no longer could just let this narrative go forward without asking some of the questions she had. “Judy, as I told you we have two teenagers and we are right at the brink of making a lot of decisions. Now the details of our situation are different than your experience since they are both our kids. I know that makes it in many ways easier, but I think in some ways it might be harder. We’ve never been secretive, so our kids have grown up seeing Mom and Dad naked, and they even seen us having sex a good many times. I didn’t even think to hide the photos of me having sex with my best friend and her husband, so they both know mom is screwing other people. All that’s settled, but now our daughter’s friends are hanging out at our pool, skinny dipping. No guys yet, but, just like you I’ve become the condom supplier for some of our daughter’s friends who are having sex at our house. But I’m just apprehensive as to how this will all play out over the next few years.”

Judy smiled “Oh, I just skipped over that part. Martin and I had that conversation about the other teens at our house. As you might guess, he first thought about parents suing for corrupting their kids and going after his assets. It seems Georgia has a pretty broad age of consent law. After a kid is sixteen they have almost full sexual rights. As it worked out, we didn’t get really open around Brian’s friends until a couple of months after that first time they walked in on us. By that time all the kids were nearly finished their junior year in high school, so we were sure they were all at least sixteen, and most were seventeen. We were on pretty good legal ground as long as we didn’t take photos of them and didn’t coerce them into watching us, and we didn’t. We eventually just stopped making any effort to keep the regular crew from seeing us playing with each other or our friends. It wasn’t like we were having sex for them to see, it was just we didn’t care if they did.”

“Except for me and Valarie.” said Brian, who had joined the group a few minutes earlier. “You liked watching me and her do it a lot. Tell them the truth, not just part of it. And you probably told them I was eighteen when we first had sex too. Of course a simple comparison of my date of birth and your wedding date proves I was a full half year short of being eighteen. ”

Judy looked over to him and said "My story is you were eighteen and I'm sticking to it. But on the other thing, yes I did enjoy watching you and Valarie, and I will readily admit it.” She then looked back to Bonnie and Cooper, "I think I mentioned Brian did have one long term girlfriend in high school. Her name was Valarie Hagen. She was one of the girls who hung around a lot before they became a couple. She was also one of the kids who walked in on Martin, Monica and me that first time.”

“Hey now! If they are going to hear about my sex life in high school, I should be the one to tell it.” Brian began, but he was interrupted by a noticeable groan from the other side of the fire. It was evident to Cooper that either Martin or Ramón had cum - or maybe both.

“As I was saying before my dad so rudely interrupted by cumming so loudly” Brian continued. “I’ll tell you what happened. I caught bits and pieces of what she was saying about me during that first summer at Dad’s place; doing her friends on Saturday afternoons, and about me and my buddies giving each other head. Did she tell you how when I would go into the living room and start jacking off by myself to one of her videos she would regularly just happen to take a shower and wander through the room naked. Oh yea she was quite a tease. And she was about to tell you about Valarie. I first met her at that Labor Day party that Dad and Judy put on for me. She was with her boyfriend Mike Hammond, but when I went up to my room during the party I found her in my bed, fucking my buddy Steve. I knew I would like her when she didn’t flinch when I walked in to find her getting it doggie style. She just looked up and smiled at me before I closed the door… and sure enough even when Steve was going to stop, she told him to go on. I wasn’t in the room but a few minutes but it was such a turn on that not only she didn’t mind me seeing her; but the whole time her tits were swinging from the pounding, she didn’t stop smiling at me. Like Judy said she became one of the regular crew at my house.”

“The day my friends and I walked into Dad, Judy and Ms. Green having sex in the pool room was a bit much for most of them. To actually see Dad and Judy doing it right on the floor, and the fact they were both doing it with same woman as well was way over the top. My friends all hustled up to my bedroom after they had all gotten over the shock of what we had seen. In my room there were some giggles and then a discussion of how different my parents were from theirs about sex. As we talked the crew agreed the most shocking thing of all was that after being caught, completely naked and doing the nasty, that Dad and Judy didn’t even try to hide or even cover up. Though some of them already knew parts of the truth, I decided I had to tell the crew about their lifestyle and how having sex in front of other people was normal for them. If they hadn't just seen it, they would not have ever believed that my dad and step-mom didn't mind me watching them have sex. From their reaction it was clear that although none of them were virgins, none of them had done it in front of other people; and they certainly couldn’t imagine “old people” doing that. I didn’t dare tell them about me and Judy’s friends.” He looked over to Judy “I assume you told them about you walking into the house naked to confront my friends for spying on you.”

“Yea, the whole thing” she answered before he continued.

“Of course after the Labor Day party everyone at school knew about the spare bedrooms with condom bowls. As far as I knew every one of the eight friends that hung out at my place had used them more than once by then; but only then they realized why the three spare rooms all had mirrors over the bed and why there were sex toys in the end tables. There was a mixed reaction to the idea of someone seeing you have sex. She told you that four of my friends watched Judy’s old videos with me, but she might not realize that at that point, none had seen the videos with Judy and Dad. It was at this point my best friend who knew about those newer videos, even though I’d never let him see them; suggested we watch one with the girls. Most of the girls had seen the cover of Judy’s commercial video. Evidently they had been talking among themselves about wanting to see it since the fall. One thing that Judy might have left out was that the commercial video with her on the box cover, was over ten years old even then and made long before my dad had met her. Valarie was quick to say we should watch the video and no one disagreed. Since three of the four guys there that day had seen videos of her having sex before, and the rest had just seen them having sex in real life and they didn’t get upset; I decided it was OK to show their newest video I’d found. I just happened to have on my hard drive. It was actually like six videos of about fifteen to twenty minutes each taken over the night of the party. So there was a lot to watch.”

There was some laughter. “Oh yea, you just happened to have copied it” said more than one voice.

"When I had gone to see my mom for Christmas in Phoenix, Dad and Judy had a huge Christmas party for their swinger friends. Judy had told me bits and pieces about it after I got home and let me know about the video. Though I knew Dad and Judy did it with other people, it was not till I saw the video from that party did I realized that so many couples were swingers. The first scene had Dad and Judy and two other couples in our hot tub, all naked of course. It wasn’t long before we were watching one of the women sit on the side of the tub with Judy eating her out. Then dad pushed Judy out of the way and began to fuck her with Judy just sitting next to them watching.”

“I think it was Valarie’s best friend Suzette who was most shocked because she couldn’t understand how Judy could deal with dad fucking that woman right in front of her. Valarie said she thought it was totally awesome and wanted that kind of relationship. I could tell that comment did not get a great reaction from Mike, her boyfriend. That just cemented my interest in her as more than just a friend. Well Valarie went on to say how she thought monogamy was unnatural and she had no plans to ever be monogamous. When Mike said she had better be monogamous since she was ‘his girl', it led to a nasty fight. Valarie informed him directly that she has never been monogamous. Right in front of everyone, she told him that she’d been screwing other guys since they had been dating and that she did not intend to stop. She said he was just so full of himself he didn't even notice when she had sex at parties when he was in the other room. I couldn’t believe it when she looked over to me and asked me to confirm she’d had sex at my house lots of times with lots of guys. That led to Mike storming out and Valarie yelling he was going to miss a great show watching her get fucked by all three of us guys.”

“A few uncomfortable minutes went by as we all watched the video ­on the computer monitor. There was a three-man, two- woman tangle of bodies on the family room floor with the extra woman acting as cameraman and narrator. Then without saying a word Valarie got up and left the room. We all assumed she was leaving to patch things up with Mike, but she came back in with one of the condom bowls in her hand. She threw one each to Brad, Ken and me and put down the bowl saying ‘let’s get with it’. At first we thought she was joking, but when she had pulled off her tee-shirt and undid her bra we knew she intended to do what she said. It wasn’t like all three of us hadn’t had sex with her before, because we had, but the idea of doing it all together was quite a leap.”

“Now remember that Valarie was sixteen at the time, and although she was no beauty queen, she was pretty in an every girl sort of way. I guess to most people she fit the image of the nerdy science club geek. Actually she was in the psychology club and National Honor Society and her senior year she was the school’s Society president. She went to Vanderbilt then George Washington University law. She is now a lawyer for the ACLU in D.C. At that time she was about 5’ 3” and I guess a hundred and twenty pounds, shortish mousy brown hair and great teenage tits; full and firm. She stood there topless waiting for us. , This was just too much for Suzette, she left right off, but Tonya just sat in my desk chair glassy eyed. Without boring you with the details, in quick time we were all over Valarie and putting the condoms to good use one after another. I will say though, that Valarie and my buddies were all impressed with my oral skills. She didn't climax with either of the other two guys, but I made her cum over and over. For the whole first round Tonya just sat there mesmerized as the three of us had sex with Valarie one after another. It was halfway through the second round of condoms that, without a word, she slipped out of her clothes and onto the bed.

“I guess we fucked for hours, because by the time we ran out of steam it was late afternoon. When the guys and Tonya finally left, Valarie and I lay on the bed for the next hour talking. We never bother to get dressed. It was a first time experience for me. She had lots of questions and I ended up telling her about how Judy and her friends went nude at the pool in front of me. I even told her about jacking off in front of Judy. It was only after she asked me directly how I knew how to get her to climax so hard, I told her how Judy’s friends had taught me how to do it. Looking back I don’t know how I had the nerve, but I even told her that I liked sucking some of my guy friends. She thought that was cool and told me that she was bisexual too. She told me which of the girls in our group she'd had sex with, so I told her I had blown both Ken and Brad. I told her how much I’d liked it when Ken had fucked me in the ass, something I’d never told anyone. I don't know why but I just told her everything. If she hadn’t seen Judy and Dad having a threesome in the rec room that morning I’m not sure if she would have believed it all, but as it was she did.”

“When Judy opened the door to my room, we were just laying there on the bed naked. First she just took her time to look us over. She clearly saw all the used condoms and wrappers on the floor. It was pretty obvious that I hadn't used all those rubbers, so she must have known me and my friends had our own orgy. She just smiled at us and said, ‘I guess it’s not just us old folks who are having fun today’. Valarie was not prepared for her casual response. She later told me that she had to work really hard to make herself lay still, fully exposed like that, when her instinct was to cover up. The fact my step-mother looked right at us laying naked on the bed like that and didn't seem either mad or embarrassed meant a lot to her. Judy's response was both scary and reassuring to her. Judy had come upstairs to tell us she would have dinner ready soon and Valarie was free to join us. As Judy was turning to leave she added with a smile that if we wanted we could get dressed first, but it wasn’t necessary.”

“After Judy left, Valarie asked if she was just kidding. I assured her she was not. Though Valarie said she was seriously considering waltzing down the stairs in her birthday suit, she was spared the decision because when she called home to check in, her parents told her she needed to get home. So she got dressed and went home, but not before we had one last quick fuck.”

“Though Valarie and I began to talk on the phone regularly, she had patched things up with Mike, but did not tell him of our talks or that we had sex. I think she led him to believe she'd left my house soon after he did. In our calls she kept talking about how free she felt that day at my house. She also kept bringing up how great the sex had been as a group thing and how she could live that way if Mike could just buy into it. It didn’t help matters between them that my house was already the hang out place for my group of friends.”

“On many Friday and Saturday nights from about midnight to dawn, our group of would just hang out. There was a core group of four girls and three other guys, with a good dozen who came on occasion. We all loved how we could talk, down beers from the fridge, watch TV, movies or even porn without being hassled by parents. Sure, we were all having sex from the beginning, but prior to that day it was always just a couple slipping off together. After the orgy with Valarie and Tonya, the sex became more open. I should point out that Valarie’s boyfriend Mike, only came over occasionally with Valarie, so he wasn’t ever really part of our crew. Until she told him off in my room, he had no idea she had sex at my house whether or not he was there. After the orgy though, the sex stuff became more open. Couples would still go to the spare bedrooms to fuck in private; but those of us who were unattached would just have fun in the rec room as a group. Into the spring, most of the time it was just messing around flashing, feeling up and even some blow jobs in front of the others. There was occasional fucking in the rec room, but it was done somewhat discreetly under the afghan. We weren’t ready for another free for all or fully open sex just yet.”

“The week after Spring Break, we finally had a second orgy. It was unplanned and again it was Valarie who made it happen. It was on Saturday night, Valarie came downstairs angry at Mike because he had gone to sleep in a guest room without caring to ensure she got off before he passed out. Since Mike had done his thing and crashed in less than a half an hour, the party was just getting started down stairs. Now to be honest, none of us in my group were exactly super-model types. We were the nerdy set, generally ignored by the beautiful more popular kids.”

“So when Valarie arrived in the rec room, she found Karen giving Brad head on the couch while Tonya was playing a game of strip pool with me and Ken. She had just lost her bra when Valarie walked in. It did not look like a porno movie because we were not all gorgeous, but at sixteen or seventeen the girl’s bodies were amazing. But on this occasion, it was Karen’s little tits that were out for all of us to see. Ken and I were both skinny as rails but Brad was more physically developed. It was funny that while Ken was looked the youngest of the four regular guys, he had the longest dick.”

“Of course Valarie knew we all played around when she and Mike went upstairs on these hang out nights since when Mikes was not there she was often with us; but seeing us having fun made her madder at Mike. When we told her we were shooting strip pool she asked if she could join us. I quickly agreed and I half-jokingly suggested since she came late, she should start topless. Not to be outdone by Tonya, she tossed her top and bra on the bar. When it was her turn to take something off, she pulled off her shorts and panties as well. As you can imagine we didn’t shoot pool too much longer. That night we had our group’s first real orgy since that day in my room back in January. It took us three months from the first try at group sex to the second time. From then on I could not miss the fact that Valarie was clearly the person that turned quiet hooking up and messing around to full on orgies. Without her they didn’t happen, and with her they did.”

“An hour or so later Trey and Melissa came downstairs. They had been playing in one of the guest rooms and found all six of us naked and busy. I was drilling Valarie on the couch, while the other four were engaged in a group grope on the rug. At first it appeared that Melissa wanted to leave, but they got beers and watched for a while. After some discussion, they shed their clothes. At first they just did each other, but after a while they split up to do it with other people. With eight of us, that was the biggest group sex experience thus far. Valarie was riding Ken, while leaning over to play with Melissa’s nice C cup tits when Mike stumbled in. It was evident before he said anything he was angry and when Valarie invited him to join in; he exploded. Valarie took her time to get off of Ken, but when she did and tried to reason with Mike, it got bad. When she refused to get dressed he called her a whore. That was when she lit into him, yelling she did not belong to him and would do who she wanted when she wanted from now on. She screamed at him to leave and let her get back to her fucking. He left calling all of us sick perverts. She yelled after him that the fucking she’d gotten from me and Ken so far was much better than any she had ever gotten from him.”

“Of course that stopped all the action. We were unsure what to do next when Valarie suggested we take a beer and piss break before we got back to business. We had just agreed with her and headed to the kitchen when Judy appeared at the door. She had heard the yelling and came to make sure everything was all right. Well you never saw such a scramble for cover as those guys did then. Like a flash everyone was behind something, except for me and Valarie.”

Brian stopped his narrative and looked right at Cooper. “For those of you who have never been to dad’s place, the rec room is off the kitchen. It’s a pretty big room with a full sized pool table, an old pinball machine and a full wet bar in addition to a couch, two love seats and two Lazy Boy rockers. So my friends had plenty of places to hide from, bum bum bum, the parent. Valarie and I didn’t flinch though, sipping our beers in the buff with my prick standing at full attention. Valarie explained that she and her boyfriend had just broken up, but everything was fine now. So, Judy left after apologizing for disturbing us and for her appearance explaining she thought someone had been hurt. When everyone came out from hiding there was amazement that: Valarie and I didn’t hide, that Judy didn’t even comment on the fact we were naked or that we were holding cans of Coors. Those who had peeked out from their hiding places also commented about Judy’s appearance. During the cooler months of the year Judy wore a tee-shirt to bed, but not a night shirt, a normal tee-shirt which as often as not did not fully cover her crotch. Several of my friends had peeked out to see my step-mom standing in the door with a Beatles tee-shirt that failed to cover her pussy. It was agreed I had the coolest parents in the world, and one of the guys added the hottest mom."

“Before the party broke up we had to get more condoms out of the bowls upstairs. I had done all four girls at least once but none of the guys since we didn’t know how Trey would react to bi-male stuff. That didn’t stop Valarie - she tasted all three girls snatches as well as taking on all of the guys. Although I’ve been in more orgies than I can count, that one was special. When we were cleaning up the cans and condoms it was Valarie who suggested we leave the condom wrappers in the bowl and took a pen and wrote ‘Thanks Judy’ on the top wrapper. I don’t know why I suggested it but I said we should all sign it. That became our tradition. When we had group sex things like that we would leave the opened condom wrappers in the bowl with a thank you note with the signature of everyone who came.”

Judy interjected “Did you know I still have that note? I’ve got every one of them that you and your friends left.”

That revelation seemed to be a surprise to Brian, “No, I didn’t know that. That is really cool. Well, after that Valarie and I became an item; though by mutual agreement neither of us had any intention of being exclusive. With the help of her friends who pretended to have her sleeping over with them, she generally spent one night a week with me. Sadly, Mike tried his best to ruin her reputation by presenting her as a first class slut. He succeeded in getting her a reputation, but not to ruin her.”

“By the time he realized their relationship was really over and started to attack her, school was out for the summer and she had already been named a National Merit Scholarship winner and the president of the National Honor Society for the next year. I guess it was those facts, and that she was a natural leader at school, that caused her not to cower at the slurs. It didn’t hurt that her grandfather was on the Forbes list of richest people in the US. For a guy like Mike to make a point to tell everyone he could that Valarie Hagan would fuck just about anyone would have destroyed most high school girls; but it gave Valarie the strength and courage to openly espouse her newly found opposition to abstinence and monogamy. She styled herself as a neo-hippy and began acting the part at school. When out of her school uniform she did her best to dress the part. She later used her position as the Honor-Society President and notoriety as a free love hippy to persuade her friends, and later the school nurse, to join a national safe sex campaign aimed at teenagers. As a private school Country Day was exempt from the battles over abstinence only sex ed in the public schools. Just as important was the fact her parents and grandparents were large donors to Country Day Prep, so no one from the administration objected. And like Judy said, “just say no” was seen as bourgeois morality that didn’t apply to us. This became her whole life­’s mission during her last year in high school and today she’s on the national board of the foundation that supports the campaign.”

“It started because a couple of her friends from Honor Society were complaining that their boyfriends wanted to have sex but did not want to use condoms. You realize that at a school the size of Country Day Prep, we pretty much knew everyone who was within a grade of our own by name in. Since by that time Valarie was well known for being sexually active and knowledgeable, they asked her how to get the guys to use condoms without complaining. She knew these guys and she was already pissed at them. They had the nerve to call her a slut behind her back while at the same time doing their best to get her to have sex with them. All this worked together for her to decide to take radical action."

"In the late winter, the girls who had been complaining about their boyfriends told her of an upcoming party for the Lacrosse team. It was going to be at one of the guy's parent's vacation home up in the mountains north of Atlanta. They told her it was going to last from Friday night to Saturday afternoon; so they knew they would be sleeping with their boyfriends. Of course she was very publicly my girlfriend and I wasn't on the team so she was not invited. Somehow she got this mad idea to crash the party and do guerilla safe sex training. The girls were all for her idea and let us know when was the best time to arrive. So we drove up to the mountains and walked right into the main room of the big house. Sure enough most of the team and their girlfriends were there, just drinking and hanging out. Her two friends who were helping us let us in and offered us something to drink. Valery and I carried several boxes of condoms for her to hand out. It didn’t take long for one of the macho players, a tall guy named Jeff, to make a crack about letting him use one of the condoms on her. He tried to put her down by pointing out that everyone knows she does it with pretty much any guy that asks. Rather than wilt, she stood tall and challenged him. Her prepared answer was ‘sure, if you’re up to it’. He backed down. A few minutes later, Billy Manchester, one of the midfielders said he would use one on her and he motioned for her to follow him to another room. She stood firmly were she was and said loud enough to be heard by everyone that she was on an educational mission, and it would do no good to hide in the bedroom. When he started to back out she ridiculed him by asking why was he afraid of doing it in front of his friends. She walked right over and began undoing his pants. It was obvious that Billy wanted out of this but she left no face saving way to do so. So when she stooped down in front of him and pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles, he just stood there red faced and limp. After a very short effort to perk him up with her hand, she stood and asked if there was anyone on our school’s famed lacrosse team with a working set of balls. She didn't expect anyone to respond, nor did she wait to give one time to work up the courage. As planned, she walked over to me and unbuttoned my jeans. She gave a spiel about how some guys think sex is all about them which makes them lousy lovers. She reached down into my pants and rubbed my penis to full staff. She had moved on to talking about good sex is safe sex before she unzipped my pants and pulled my hard-on out."

"Up to that point I'm sure everyone, even the two girls who had invited us, thought she would actually not do anything more than just tease everyone about having sex in front of them. However when they saw her squatting down in front of me, holding my cock in her hand it was like the silent sounds of their shock filled the room. Ignoring the astonished looks she was getting; she, with a flourish, ripped open one condom pack with her teeth. Looking around at the players and girlfriends she said ‘girls, safe sex means the condom goes on before you give head, especially if you don't know where the dick has been.’ Dramatically she put the purple latex between her lips and stooped down to take my dick in her mouth sliding the rubber on me as she went. She only gave me head for about one minute before she stood up and told the girls that if they do it that way, not many guys will complain. She had worn a wrap type denim miniskirt, and when she unbuttoned the one waist button, it fell to the floor. Naturally she’d planned this in advance so she had on no panties. When she stepped over to Len Hargrove she was mostly naked. I thought he was going to run. But she just asked if he would hold her hands as she bent over so as to keep her from falling while she had sex. As planned, I moved up behind her and guided my cock in to her pussy. In the middle of the room with a couple of dozen people we knew from school, I began to stroke her, nice and easy. While I did, she went back to the issue of how good sex is safe sex and how a good lover always is attentive to the girls wants. We only did it for about three minutes, but it seemed like a lot longer. She then looked back at me and told me we would finish later, so I pulled out, took off the condom and did up my pants. While she put her skirt back on she told them that we didn’t want to interrupt their party any longer. She handed out the rest of of the six dozen condoms and we were out the door.”

“Over the next four months we crashed three more parties to promote safe sex; however, she never did it like she did that first time again. That was because, when she told Judy what we had done, Judy pointed out that while the idea was noble, it was both dangerous and problematic. She pointed out that it was not right the way she had humiliated that guy; and even if he had gotten hard, she would have been teaching a questionable lesson by letting a perfect stranger fuck her. Valarie and I agreed we wouldn’t do it again like that.”

“As it turned out, word of her stunt got out and soon we were asked covertly by the cheerleaders from another private school to pretend to crash their basketball team’s party. That time she just went to me right off to be her model. It went off without a hitch and like I said, we ended up doing it that time and twice more. All three by invitation over the spring and summer before we went to college.

Judy chimed in “Then while at Vanderbilt she did it there as well. She didn’t do them all herself, but she was the organizer and their group went to dozens of frat and athletic parties. They were actually asked to do more events than they had time to do. It seems the frat boys and jocks don’t mind getting preached at if a pretty girl does it while she is having sex right in front of them. She was, and still is, quite a young woman.”

“That’s amazing” Bonnie interjected. “I’m not sure I got all the back ground, I heard bits and pieces before I came over to the fire. I tried to listen but it was hard to hear with Mandy sitting on my face.”

That got laughs. Then Bonnie went on. “Even if she was secretly invited, doing that was really risky anywhere in Georgia. Did she ever get into trouble?”

“Oh, yes indeed” Judy said “Of course she did. But that didn’t stop her, though she did her best to avoid it. While in high school she had made sure they only went to parties where there was drinking but no adults. That way she knew no one would rat them out. But with the college groups there were some people who got offended and weren't afraid to tell. She got the police called several times. Twice she and the guy who helped her were both charged with disturbing the peace and indecent exposure. You see, Brian didn't go to the same college so she had to have other guys help her out. But when she was arrested, it became one of those cases were money talks. When her father’s lawyer called the DA and threatened a highly public freedom of expression case based on anti AIDS activism, the DA backed down both times and charges were dropped. Though her parents never approved of how she was going about it, but she was their daughter and they protect her.”

When Judy finished her explanation, Brian continued his story, “A few days after her final break up, I invited Valarie over to swim. Even though it was not warm enough to lay out in the sun, because my dad's pool is heated year-round, we could still swim. Not surprisingly, when Valarie and I went out to the pool we found Judy already in the water swimming laps in her usual swimming attire, nothing.”

“Valarie didn’t hesitate to remove the swim suit she had worn and dove in the pool. Like I said, I had already told Valarie how I had jacked off in front of Judy. So as we played in the water, she began to get hot on the idea of letting my step-mom watch us fuck. It just took a little while of us playing in the pool before she began to mess with me. First just little flirts, then diving under the water for a quick dick suck; soon I was standing in about four feet of water with Valarie’s legs wrapped around my waist as she bobbed up and down on my pole.”

“I thought it was so cool that the whole time Valarie rode my dick, she carried on a conversation with Judy who soon took a seat on the steps watching us. Valarie used the opportunity to ask many questions she had been waiting to ask about Judy’s sexual history. It was during that time while they talked and we fucked that Dad came home from work and came out onto the pool deck. As you all know my father doesn’t need an engraved invitation to a sex party. Without asking he stripped out of his work clothes right on the deck and waded into the water to sit next to Judy. Dad, being dad, wasn’t going to just have a pleasant conversation while watching a couple fuck;­ son or no son. In short order Judy was standing on the steps while dad plowed her from behind. Now Valarie and I were the voyeurs. There was no doubt that watching them turned Valarie on even more. I think Judy told you that I’d seen them fuck before but this was way better. When Dad began to cum I did too.”

“I told that whole story to say from that day until I left for college we rarely bothered to go upstairs to play, most of the time we screwed on the pool deck or in the family room. Judy loved to watch us go - and at that age we could go on for hours. More than once I saw dad attacked by Judy as he walked in the door because Valarie and I had been screwing all day. During that summer between our junior and senior years Valarie almost lived with us.”

“Our house became so popular with my crew of four guys and four girls that Judy found it necessary to specify certain days when my whole gang could come and hang out. That way she could have her own friends over in peace and quiet. It took until late May that year for it to be warm enough for Judy to sun. When she strolled out to the pool in front of my crew that first time wearing nothing but her hat and sunglasses; it blew them away. You can only imagine their faces. Sure most of them were naked too, but they did not expect her to come out when they were like that, let alone in the nude. They thought they were such rebels by skinny dipping in our pool, then Judy walked out as if they weren’t even there. From then on, as long as it was just my regular group of friends, Judy didn’t pay much attention and regularly sunned naked by the pool with us. All that great summer the gang was reliably at our place several days a week.”

“After Judy lost her inhibitions around the gang, they too lost their inhibitions around her and they began to stay naked even out of the pool. Right about the time school let out for the summer the girls and Judy were all laying in the chaise lounges to talk. They chatted mostly about sex, but not exclusively. So, that day Valarie saw that I’d gotten a hard on, so she stood up and, while continuing the conversation, motioned for me to lay on her chaise. Still without a break in what she was discussing she mounted me. She spent an hour rolling her hips on my dick while chatting with Judy and the others. She only paused once to have an orgasm, but as soon as she was over it she went on as if nothing had happened. After that dah the gang of eight began to do it whenever and where ever they chose, even if Judy was around. And pretty much among that group, we all felt free to do it with any of the others without any qualms."

Valarie does not let sex interfere with her talk with Judy

"You see Valarie, as part of her free sex bit, was all about bi-sexuality. The girls were quick to follow her lead and having at least one girl eat out one of the others became standard fair. It pissed the girls off that we liked watching them, but we wouldn’t let them see us doing it. It’s not we were homophobes. The four of us guys in the crew had become used to sucking dick by then, but never in front of the girls even though all four girls knew we did. Valarie could be very persuasive, one day she got the girls to agree not to give any head unless we guys did each other in front of them. Blue balls are a powerful motivator so after that bi was the norm if it were just the eight of us regulars at the house. That is not to say it was always or usually just our little crew at the house, especially at our late night hang out sessions. A few times we had fifteen people hanging at the house until two or three in the morning. When school restarted, Judy let my friends keep coming over on Friday nights. All in all it was a pretty cool senior year for me. After the big to do that Mike had made after the first group sex day, we tried to be careful about what we did around people we did not know; but there was still a stream of people having group sex for the first time until we all went off to college.”

Brian’s story wound up but Mandy looked at Judy and queried “Did you really keep your hands off all those young guys naked at your house?”

Judy smiled, “Me? Do a boy who is under eighteen? Outrageous you should ask.”

Brian added “She’s never admitted doing them before they turned eighteen, but over the course of my senior year she was quite open about giving most of them the bedroom romp of a lifetime for a birthday present.”

Judy added with a laugh “Most? If I missed any it was a mistake. And it wasn’t just the boys that got that same special present for their 18th birthday. In some ways I think the girls looked forward to it even more than the boys. Valarie bugged me for months to give her present to her early.”

Heather couldn’t help but once again say “I really was in the wrong social circle wasn’t I?”

Judy smiled and pointed out that she would have been like ten years old at the time. Heather reluctantly conceded that point.

By then everyone was once again turned on, but even with penises hard and vaginas damp, it had been a long day. It had also gotten rather cool. With the sweaty bodies no longer active the entire group covered most of their exposed skin.

After a pause Judy took back over the narrative. “Once their senior year started, Brian and Valarie were really busy with school, college entrance stuff and their clubs. He didn’t mention that he and Valarie were both on the academic team and he was working as an intern for his dad. This gave them odd hours that often conflicted. Even before the school year started Valarie had begun coming over to tan even when Brian wasn’t home. She evidently didn’t have a great relationship with her mom, so she sorta adopted me. When she and Brian did have their times together, I must say they were hot. A good many times I was watching TV in the family room with Valarie when Brian would get back from interning for his dad. They would immediately go at it. Usually they would just start on the couch making out but they would inevitably end up on the floor. I must say I never saw anyone who could fuck as long without a break as Brian could in those days."

"Once I remember they started just as a movie was coming on TV. They laid on their sides spooning slowly as they watched the movie, then got more active during the commercials. But during the whole two hours the movie ran, I don’t think his dick came out of her once. As you all know Martin works long hours, but when he comes home he is ready to go at it just like his son. Walking in on Brian and Valarie on the floor just fueled his fire and of course I was more than ready after watching the two of them for hours at a time. By the time they started their senior year, Martin and I had begun to do it on the floor right next to them. It only took us a few times of doing that before the four of us to move to our California king bed. While the kids didn't mind the floor, the bed was more comfortable for me and Martin, our joints needed more cushion. In either place, there was no way Martin could keep going like Brian. So even if Martin and I started an hour after them we would be laying exhausted while the teenagers where still busy.”

Brian cut in “But like she said we were busy with conflicting schedules. So it was convenient that we had an open relationship. I would dare say very few days went by that school year when I didn’t get some pussy or dick. When you’ve got blue teenage balls, it doesn’t matter one bit if it’s a guy or a girl getting you off.”

“That’s probably true” Judy added “And when you were with one of your regular crew I might find you in any room of the house banging or slurping away. It was only when you did it with Valarie did I openly sit and watch and get myself off ….or even better your dad would come home and we would have sex right in the room with you two.”

“Yea, but you found lots of reasons to come around while I was busy with different people” Brian retorted.

Judy gave a wide-eyed denial “You think I made up reasons to come into the room while you were having sex?”

“Uhhh, yes you did. Like the time that summer when Ken and I did Karen, in the formal dining room.” Brian looked at Judy then turned to the others “Oh yea, Ken and I had convinced her to let us make her into a sundae on the dining room table. For those who’ve not been to Dad and Judy’s place the formal dining room has one entrance opening to the family room and a swinging door going into the kitchen. Of course, we knew it was likely that Judy would “catch” us messing around, but that was part of the fun. The whole gang loved it when Judy or Dad would catch us in the act, it heightened the excitement. Well we had her lay on a plastic table cloth on the table, naked. We first drizzled fudge and butterscotch syrup up and down from her thighs to her neck. We had just started with the whipped cream when Judy walked by. A few minutes later when we were putting cherries on each tit, Judy comes back barking at us saying we had better not get any of that on the chairs or carpet. We assured her we would not and would clean up all the mess. So she left the room. I was eating the sundae between Karen’s legs when Judy came back saying not to mind her she just needed to get something out of the china cabinet.”

Judy cut in “I was doing spring cleaning.”

“Yea right, it just happened naturally. No, you were voyeuring and you just don’t want to admit it” Brian shot back with a smirk.

”Well maybe I was just a little”

Brian looked to the others. “You see Ken and I licked Karen clean then she made a double sundae of our two dicks for her to eat. In all it took about a half an hour, and in that time Judy came into the dining room three more times.” Then back to Judy he said ”It was you who decided the table might not take all of us on it and it was you who suggested we move to the living room. Karen loved to suck dick while she was being fucked, especially if she had an audience. And she was right to think she would have an audience because no sooner had she swallowed my dick and Ken had pushed his pole all the way in her; Judy decided she needed to clean the windows and it couldn't wait.”

“But I left the room after just a few minutes.” Judy protested then smiled broadly, “….OK, perhaps it was more than a few minutes.”

Judy "cleaning" in the living room while Brian has friends over

“You think?” Brian shot back. “As I recall it, you were right there when we switched positions. When Karen saw you standing there, she asked how much you had seen. Contrary to what you are saying tonight, at the time you told her right out that you had been watching since we’d moved from the dining room to the couch. We knew she had hoped you would watch us, but Ken and I were really surprised she told you that she’d kinda like it if you stayed till we were done. We were like ‘wow I can’t believe Karen was so kinky’ but you just calmly told her you would love to and took a seat. Afterward, right in front of us, you two talked about what we’d done and what kinds of things we could do in the future. So don’t even say that you only watched me and Valarie.”

Judy looked sheepish. “Well perhaps that is what happened. But I was impressed that she was taking your penis all the way in her mouth till your pubes were pressing on her lips. That is not something many young girls can pull off.” Judy shifted her focus back to Bonnie and Heather “You see Karen was not an ordinary girl. She along with Valarie, Tonya and Bethany became to be like my adopted daughters…or perhaps little sisters. They all still come to see me when they are in town. But as sharp as Valarie was, Karen was in a different league. She’s some sort of genius so she’d been skipped up a grade even at their elite prep school. And contrary to what Brian said, they did not talk her into anything. Nobody ever just talked that girl into anything. I didn’t know that any fifteen-year-old girl could ever be as self-assured and resistant to peer pressure as she was. I certainly was not remotely that confident when I was that age. Rather than you talking her into that little game, she had told me a week in advance what she was going to get you boys to do. I guess it never occurred to you that it was not a coincidence that we just happened to have all the things you needed for your sundae in the house. Karen might have only been barely fifteen that day, but her mind worked like someone twice that age. She finished her undergrad degree from Georgia Tech when she was nineteen and her PhD from MIT when she was twenty-one. Now she works for Elon Musk on his space projects. She is quite literally a rocket scientist. She has not become less willing to enjoy herself though. She lives in an open triad and last year she brought her boyfriend and her wife to one of our parties when she was in town. So more or less she’s the same person she was the first time I met her when she was just fourteen. I must say it was nice to be a part of those girl’s lives at that important time for them. Over a decade later, all are very successful and none have ever become monogamous. How can I not feel good about those years?”

Once again Judy gave Bonnie part of a story which she very much wanted to hear the rest of. Why were those teenage girls so drawn to the step-mother of one of their guy friends? How had her words and example helped them as they moved into adulthood? Most importantly, how could she follow that example and help the girls in Misty and Lamar’s circle to be as successful?

Her story let Heather to a different question. “So, you and Brian never did it while he lived with you guys?”

“I didn’t say that. As I already told you there was that first time at our wedding before his senior year. But that was a one-off thing, well and that other time when things got out of hand, but that was it” Judy said. “But once he had his diploma things changed. When Martin asked Brian what he wanted for a high school graduation present he said he wanted to go to Europe. More specifically he wanted to go to Europe with me….as his lover.”

“That takes balls” Tina exclaimed.

“Big balls is something we LeMarco men have” Brian put in. “I’d decided what I wanted way before Dad finally asked about a graduation present. He had expected I’d ask for a new car, but I was ready with a specific itinerary. A week in Paris, a week in Rome and a week at the nude city of Cap d'Agde, and yes, I told him directly that I wanted Judy to go with me as my lover, not my stepmother for the trip. I reminded him that she was exactly halfway between his age and mine, so it was just as reasonable for her to be my lover as his.”

“You’ve never told me that part before,” Mandy said. “What did he say when you said that?”.

Judy continued “Well Martin, what did you say?”

Martin, who had been relaxing just outside the circle said “I told him if he thought he was man enough to take care of my wife for three weeks, then I’d gladly let him have the trip if Judy agreed.”

Judy nodded in agreement then said, “I love Europe and to be honest I thought it was flattering that an eighteen-year-old wanted me to be his lover on the trip. After all, as you know, LeMarco and LeMarco has a tendency to hire hot young women for the office and most of them end up in a LeMarco bed. Martin’s father, Brian’s grandfather, when he is in town always has a twenty-something hottie on his arm. Brian certainly knew by then he could have asked his dad to send one of them with him. And that is not to mention my friends who were all younger and prettier than me who he had to know would have jumped at the opportunity. When I told them about the trip, they were hurt he’d asked for me not one of them…or more than one. After all, they had been training him for almost two years. If Brian had asked for two or three of them to go with him Martin would have funded it. Of course, I didn’t have to think about it before I agreed.”

Bonnie wondered why nobody else seemed to take notice of how casually she talked about how the LeMarco men seemed to think women were simply commodities they could buy any time they wanted. Judy seemed to just take it for granted that if Brian had wanted to have taken one of the young pretty women at his dad’s office as his lover for the trip, it would have happened. Given what she’d heard already from Judy however, that viewpoint made sense. She was quite open and apparently unashamed that she’d traded on her sexuality her entire life. Certainly, Bonnie's close friend Gina had done the same. Bonnie knew the sad truth that for many women, sex is the most valuable commodity they have. Even so, that was not a values system that Bonnie could ever embrace.

Oblivious to Bonnie’s thoughts, Judy went on. “We flew out the day after his mother went back to Phoenix after his graduation. I must say I’ve traveled a good bit, but that may have been the most wonderful romantic trip of my life. There is something about Paris. After two days we weren’t pretending to be lovers: we were actually in love. And in Paris, an older woman and younger guy kissing for an hour on the west bank of the Seine gets no attention. Brian surprised me that he had not only become skilled in bed at his age, but in many ways, he was a more attentive lover than his father.”

Judy and Brian on the streets of Paris

She looked over to Brian “Don’t get a big head. I’m just telling what I thought at the time.” Then turning from her step-son, she went on. “It didn’t hurt that we had Martin’s credit cards as we toured southern Europe. We didn’t actually stay a full week in either Paris or Rome; rather we spent a few days in the city then migrated first south to Rome, then west along the Mediterranean. During that last week at Cap d'Agde. the most either of us wore, day or night were our shoes and sun hats. I don’t think I’d ever been nude for that long in a stretch before.”

“For three glorious weeks we made love, saw the sites, made love, sunned, made love some more, drank wine at outdoor cafés and made love even more. We made love under the moonlight, in the ocean, and in a few picturesque fields. We also had a number of wonderful encounters with men, women, and couples. Since we both enjoy having sex with both men and women, new lovers just seemed to fall from the sky for us.”

Brian put in “It was the first time I’d had sex with grown men. If it hadn’t always been in threesomes and foursomes it might have been weird; but when Judy and I shared men, it wasn’t about the men, it was about us.”

She paused, her face showing it was a good memory. “Brian, I don’t know if I’ve ever told you how wonderful you made that trip. You, not the places we went and the people we met made it one of the best times of my life.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but just say “Wow! I thought I had imagined everything, but that is…well wow.”

Heather added “I think that is so amazing. I can’t even wrap my head around how wonderful that must have been.”

Something popped into Bonnie’s head. “What did Valarie think of that? I mean it’s one thing to have an open relationship: but to go to Europe for three weeks with your step-mom?”

Brian answered “Oh, she didn’t feel lonely. We didn’t know till after we got back that Valarie had, in her brazen way, called Dad weeks before we left. She flat out told him that since I was going to be sleeping with his wife, then he should be sleeping with her. Now, we’d had sex beside them dozens of times, but he’d never had sex with her.”

Judy put in “She and I had given him some blow jobs together that year, and they had given each other hand jobs too.”

Brian nodded “Yes, but they had not fucked and I knew they both wanted to. So unbeknownst to us, or her parents, the day I left she moved in with Dad. For three weeks she became his live-in girlfriend. You must understand that for almost a year her parents had been allowing her to sleep over with me any time she wanted. And for most of that time they let me spend the night with her in their house as well. So for the whole time I was in Europe, she just went home every few days and her parents just assumed she was with me.”

“It’s not that her parents were anything like Dad and Judy, but they weren’t middle-class bourgeoisie either. At Christmas, they invited me to join them for a ski trip to Colorado and they gave us our own room. With school out they didn’t think anything of her living at my house for a week at a time. But of course, she was not with me and over that three weeks Dad and Valarie flew to Key West for four days and to Las Vegas for three. He just introduced her to his friends as his new mistress and no one batted an eye. Just like me, it was her first time in the adult world. Dad made sure she was fully a part and she made the rounds with his friends since Dad had no problem getting her into anywhere they went. I think she had almost as much fun as I did. All summer we compared notes on the things we did and the people we fucked over those weeks.”

“Martin,” Judy asked “Do you have anything to add about your time with Valarie?”

“No, not really” he answered. “Valarie was a very special girl. Even though she was literally days out of high school, her maturity allowed her to fit into the adult settings without even a hint it was all new to her. And damn was she like a sexual Energizer Bunny. I took her to a house party and I think she sucked off every guy there and fucked most of them. To say the least, she was very popular with my friends.” Then to Judy he added “I had not heard she was moving back to the area. That will be nice.”

Judy appended “So, to answer your question Heather dear; while he was still in high school I only had sex with Brian the weekend after the wedding… well, actually there was one other time but that is a story for another time. So, after we got back from France, he and I continued to be red hot lovers the rest of that summer and Martin, Brian, Valarie and I became a regular foursome. I no longer watched the two of them play for hours at the house; after the trip to Europe, I was a participant. And it wasn’t like it was any secret, he and I had sex right in front of the same friends I’d been telling to leave him alone for over a year. Though to be fair, it was not like Brian didn’t have more than enough for me, Valarie and them too.”

Valarie joins in with Brian and Judy

“Looking back, it seems hard to believe, but Brian was genuinely my lover that summer and it was hard when he left for school. But the party we threw seeing the two of them off to college was one for the record books. We invited a dozen of our wildest friends over. I’m sure if you ever meet Valarie, she’ll tell you about that party. It ran non-stop from Friday night till Sunday afternoon, with her and Brian as the center of attention the whole time. I think it took both of them a week to be able to get around normally again.”

“After that summer, Brian and I had sex when he was home from college, but it was never the same again after that. I can say I was madly, passionately in love with him that summer. It rates as one of the great love affairs in my life. And if Martin was a lesser man he would have been upset because he knew all I thought about was being with Brian that summer, but he did not ever chastise me. That’s the mark of a truly loving husband.”

Though the idea of her having an affair with her step-son seemed more than mildly wrong to Bonnie and Cooper, her last statement resonated with them both. The sheer fact that she was able to talk about how she was wildly and madly in love with someone else, right in front of Martin said volumes. Sure Bonnie had come to love Jill and loved sex with Vic, but what Judy was describing was a full-fledged love affair; something her time with the Banning's had not been. The idea that one of them could have an all consuming love affair with someone else seemed to expand the meaning of open marriage. While the entire LeMarco story would provide points of discussion pro and con; this last concept would be important for their still developing vision.

Martin ended the storytelling session, by agreeing that he knew his wife had fallen in love with is son, but he knew it was a passing thing for both of them and was happy for both his only child and his soul mate to enjoy each other. Bonnie was truly touched when he said, voice cracking, “After all there are only two people in the world I love more than life itself, and to see them both in the grip of a torrid love affair, how could I not be happy for them both.” With that unusually candid bit of emotion, Mr. LeMarco told everyone they were due to arrive at the port at Provindciales tomorrow so they all had to get back to the San Dinero so that they could set sail.

As the group got up to go, Bonnie asked Judy “And what became of Valarie?”

“Oh, we still keep in touch. I never did stop being her surrogate mom. Even after she went to Emory for pre-law and Brian went to Georgia for business, they still considered themselves a couple, albeit a sexually open couple for their entire four years of college. I think it was more a status that was comfortable for them than a real ongoing relationship. But, when she moved to D.C. to go to George Washington law school and he went to Duke for his MBA, they agreed to drop the pretense they were a couple. Still she came by during Christmas breaks and a few times in the summer to lay out with the girls. She called just last month, it seems she’s gotten a transfer to the ACLU’s Atlanta office and will be moving back in May. She asked if the invite to the Saturday tanning is still open. I guess we didn’t do her too much harm.”

Bonnie fully planned to reopen this conversation with Judy later. Though she was sure she and Judy never would become close friends, the woman could be of great help in planning her next moves. Her experience in both the swinger community and in blending family life with open sexuality would help inform and guide Bonnie and Cooper as events unfolded over the next years. On one hand she really liked the idea of having a home where the teenage kids, both her own and their friends, could explore their sexuality in a safe environment with adult guidance nearby when it was needed. On the other hand, it seems Judy and Martin simply erased the line between the kids and the adults. She was sure that was not appropriate or helpful. Things like allowing underage drinking and the blending of the sexual lives of the parents and underage children was simply not something that she and Cooper could ever do. But the simple fact she could see what was across the line she would cross helped her see that line ever more clearly.

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Feb 23, 2023

Bonnie and Cooper, through Judy, Brian, and Martin’s telling of their sexual past, received truckloads of lifestyle information they had to rework for their own future open marriage. The stories are also educational material for the readers, with Bonnie and Cooper as filters and guides. Bonnie saw the line not to cross more clearly. The LeMarco men who used women as sexual toys didn’t sit well with the Campbells. According to Judy, Brian, Martin, Valery, and the other teenagers didn’t turn out bad.

Although this chapter is filled with sex stories, sex is not erotic. The writer’s dictum: “show, don’t tell,” doesn’t count here. The LeMarcos related their sexual relationships by telling and not showing:

“Judy looked sheepish. “Well, perhaps…

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