In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 10

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 10

Growing Up LeMarco

Judy didn’t seem to mind recounting the story of young Brian’s life with her and his father. She settled herself and started…“It was the weekend Martin and I got married. After our wedding and reception a large group of our swinger friends came with us on a chartered airplane to Miami for the real celebration. Understand this was over a year after Brian first came to live with us. By then we thought it would be fine to bring him along for the party with our wild friends. To say the least, the forty hour non-stop event in his condo was a thing of legend. I doubt anyone got much sleep before we boarded the plane to go home. Sure I expected by bringing him, my girlfriends would take the opportunity to ride his ever ready cock; but he had just turned eighteen so I didn’t object. It seemed every one of the men there thought it was important to fuck the bride. To be fair, it wasn’t like I hadn’t done them all more than once before. So that first night I had been doing it for hours and I was so tired when I felt a guy spoon up behind me I didn’t even look back to see who it was. I just enjoyed a pretty good fucking until Brian whispered in my ear he’d been dying to do this since the first day he met me.”

“What did you do when you realized it was Brian?” Cooper asked.

“Enjoyed. What do you think? The deed was done, so I just let him do me. But it’s not like we became lovers, right then at least. That was later, but these days, we usually only screw at events like this.” Looking at Cooper she said, “See, I do have some morals” And she let out a laugh at her own joke.

While Judy talked she used Martin’s camera to take an occasional photo. The three of them by the fire watched Ramón as he continued to hold Heather’s hips, screwing with his characteristic corkscrew motion. Mandy, also still active, now sat on Heather’s face while at the same time sucking her husband who was standing to her left.

Judy went on with her narrative, “Let me go back to that first summer. The wedding would not come until the winter of his senior year. To Brian’s disappointment, Martin and I are not really nudist and usually wear clothes around the house. But that does not mean Brian didn’t get an eye full of his dad’s girlfriend. For instance, even now when I go to get the morning coffee, as often as not, I don’t put anything on unless it’s cold. The most common reason Martin and I are naked around the house is that we get in a randy mood and get it on right wherever we might be, and back then we did it a lot more than we do now.”

Her narrative was interrupted by Bonnie’s waddle over from being rutted by Martin. She stood legs apart. A large dollop of semen fell to the sand from between her legs. “If anyone needs one last bit for the goddess, here is some from Martin.”

The small group all laughed and sheepishly Cooper admitted he had not done his duty yet. So Bonnie moved to where he was sitting. He leaned back on his hands and Bonnie straddled his face. No sooner than she put her vulva over him, another good sized glob of semen fell from her and landed on his chin. After he'd pushed the splatter to his lips, he spent time searching for and then eating the remains of Martin's seamen as she stood over him. Given the whole atmosphere and what had happened already, this didn't seem strange at all. He was surprised that his boss’s cum had very little taste. He just assumed it all tasted like his own. Other than the density of the jizz, Bonnie just tasted like Bonnie.

As everyone watched Cooper lick his wife’s sticky snatch, Judy gave Bonnie a brief background of the story she was telling and then continued. “As the summer wore on, Brian kept porn running on the big screen in our living room. Not just my old stuff, but the newer stuff of his father and me. That TV was on whenever he was down stairs and more often than not he was sporting his boner. I didn’t realize that between the materials I brought with me and the couple of videos we had made since I’d moved in, we had over forty hours of just me having sex with who knows how many people. And that does not include the huge cache of homemade sex videos that Martin already had when we got together. The collection included DVD's and even some old video tapes of Martin and his friends or me and mine. Half of the videos I had never actually watched and most of the guys I was screwing in the videos I didn’t remember. Sometimes, during the day I would find some reason to be naughty and parade in front of Brian naked for a little while, but most of the times he saw me nude was by the pool. That first few weeks, when his dad would come home Brian would get dressed and turn off the videos.”

Bonnie decided Cooper had gotten all the semen there was, then flopped down beside her husband.

“That changed when one evening in the late summer when he was deciding whether to go back to Phoenix or not for the school year. Martin had come home early telling me about a threesome he had with a client and one of the new girls at the office. Of course that always gets me going. Ten minutes later when Brian comes home, he walks into the kitchen and I am bent over one of the breakfast room chairs, taking it from behind. Brian almost runs into us as he comes in looking for something to eat playing with his phone.”

“Martin didn’t say anything at first. He just stood up straight and looked at Brian while continuing to pump me slow and steady. Then calmly as can be, he asks Brian, ‘Have you decided if we should enroll you in school here yet?’ Well, Brian wasn’t nearly the man of the world he thought himself to be and just stood there looking down between my buns at his dad’s dick sliding in and out of me.

Martin had to ask him again before Brian gave an incoherent reply and started to back away. I knew we had to say something or things would get tense around the house. So as normal as I could, I looked back at him and told Brian that he could leave if what we were doing upset him, but he is more than free to stay. Then, while Martin was still stroking, I told Brian that it is just as well he’s walked in on us since if he stays for the fall, he will find out we screw around outside of the bedroom a lot. Brian stopped long enough for me to let him know that, so far, we had made a point to not have sex where he would see us; but he needed to realize, if he stayed permanently he would certainly walk in on his dad and I having sex around the house from time to time. I let him know explicitly that just like we were doing then, we would not stop just because he was in the room. I pointed out that Martin and I having sex in the kitchen in front of him is no different than him masturbating in the living room in front of me.”

“Well, he had never heard me bring up his habit of masturbating in the living room to his dad. I think he assumed Martin didn’t know. Brian was way freaked out by the time I finished my little speech and went out the way he’d come. Martin asked if we should stop. I said no. I was sure Brian would be back. And sure enough less than three minutes later he walked back into the kitchen. The second time in, he was composed and went to the fridge calmly. It was painfully funny to see him trying to act as normal as he could. He got a Coke out of the fridge and asked what we were doing for supper while looking out the window. Seeing him work at not looking our way, I told Brian it would not be rude or intrusive at all if he watched us and that we more or less expected people to watch when we have sex in front of them. So Martin and I continued while Brian watched us wide eyed. Martin had me lay on my back on the kitchen table and he held my legs open as he kept up the steady pace. Standing beside the table looking down at me, Brian got quite a view while the three of us discussed where we wanted to go out to eat after his dad and I finished having sex. When I thought Martin was ready to climax I said I wanted him to cum in my mouth because I didn’t want him to get the floor sticky. Though that was true, I was really making a point for Brian to see what he could expect if he stayed. And I knew that me giving his dad head at random times in any room of the house was definitely part of our life that we'd so far hidden from Brian."

Brian tries hard not to seem too interested

"Sixteen year-old Brian meanwhile, watched us intently, but clearly wanting to look like he was board. He actually did a good job of appearing to just be waiting for dinner. That was until Martin moved around and fed me his cock. His father vocally ejaculated into my mouth and Brian watched as I sucked the cum right down. Brian's face, and the tent in his shorts, gave him away. He’d liked what he saw and it had really turned him on. It wasn’t until years later that Brian told us how that had been the strangest day in his life; but that unplanned experience was what convinced him to leave his friends in Phoenix and come live with us.”

“The next evening Brian turned on a video of me he particularly liked just before his dad was due home. When Martin came in the living room Brian was beating his meat with abandon. I of course had told Martin that Brian did this almost every day, so he was not fazed when he walked in. Martin commented about how sexy I was and went to our room to get changed. From then on nudity and sex around Brian was a non-issue”

“Wow! I hope Brian realizes he won the step-mother lottery” said Heather, who having been rung out by Ramón and Tina, had just joined the relaxing group on the other side of the fire. “My step mom was a total bitch and my dad. Well I’ll put it this way he actually called the police when he found my boyfriend sneaking out of our house early one morning. OK, I was fifteen and he was twenty-two, but it’s the point of it.”

Cooper poked at the fire. While Judy had been talking, he had watched Heather flail in response to Ramón’s magic before giving in to her exhaustion and joining the group. Brian was again working on his own wife in the missionary position with a steady slapping sound coming from his work. Cooper figured he was not ready to quit any time soon.

“So Judy,” Cooper asked, “this afternoon you told us about catching the group of boys jacking off to your video and how they ran off. Did they come back?”

“Oh yea. Brian wasted no time in bragging to his friends that his parents let him watch porn in the living room and that his step-mother tans in the nude. This of course made our house very popular. At first the boys would just magically know to drop by soon after I would start laying out at the pool. They didn’t come out, but I could hear them at the windows. At first it was funny but after a while it was just annoying. So, right at the end of the summer, I caught them spying on me again, so I walked right into the house naked and confronted them. I told them it was impolite to peep, so next summer they could either come out swimming or say away from the windows while I’m sunning. You can imagine the faces on those boys as I stood just a few feet from them while I gave my lecture. I finished by saying they were free to come out swimming today while I sunned, if they were mature enough. Then I went back out to see if they would follow. No one was brave enough to come out with me. It would not be until the next summer that that seeing me nude by the pool become old hat to his friends.”

Despite her fatigue Bonnie didn't object when Mandy, still taking it doggie style from her husband, asked "Would you mind terribly if I wanted to see if there is any more cum in you?" In short order she was on her back so that Mandy could put her mouth over her entire vulva. Tired or not, Bonnie’s body responded immediately as Mandy began using her tongue to play with her lips and clit. She sighed and lay her head back.

Cooper’s attention was drawn however, away from his wife to his boss who was now sitting next to Ramón. To Cooper’s immense surprise, he began to give Ramón a hand job. Cooper completely lost what Judy was saying as he stared at Mr. LeMarco’s hand going up and down that thick shaft. When Mr. LeMarco leaned down and his mouth covered the fat head, he was all the more lost. Cooper remembered several comments in the past few days that he now realized referred to guy on guy sex. And Judy's challenge that everyone, including the men, should eat two different batches of semen was another clue he'd missed. He and Bonnie must have been the only ones not to get it. Part of him found it shocking, a guy sucking a guy; but, Bonnie lay not three feet from them receiving oral sex from a woman. Why should two girls be hot and two guys be gross? Less than an hour ago, feeling Brian's cock rub on his had been such a turn-on. This was too much to think about. Cooper could see Brian look over to watch his dad suck dick. Rather than repulse him Brian was clearly turned on and soon collapsed after shooting his third load of the night. Without hesitation, Mandy moved her body around so her crotch was on Bonnie's mouth before leaning down to once again put her face on Bonnie's vulva. Cooper knew that at that moment, Brian’s semen was dripping into his wife’s mouth, again. Surprisingly, he found himself wishing it were him eating Brian’s cum. Where did that thought come from?

Until a year ago Bonnie never would let Cooper ejaculate in her mouth, let alone swallow his semen. Now it appeared she seemed to love it. But somewhere in the back of his brain was the idea that he wouldn’t mind swallowing it either. Taking a cue from the women, Ramón and Mr. LeMarco were soon doing each other in sixty-nine. Then unbidden the realization came to him, if he’d been asked, he would have likely switched places with any of the four engaged in oral sex. That was a really weird thought.

Cooper slowly became aware that Judy was no longer speaking. He looked over at her to see a look of concern on her face.

“I hope Martin and Ramón aren’t freaking you out.”

“To be honest at first it was a shock. I’ve never seen a guy suck another guy before. The truth is before this trip I’d never seen another man’s erection in person in my life.”

Judy nodded then Tina chimed in “May I assume you like watching girls go down on girls.”

“Yea, but I’d never seen that in real life until this week either” Cooper admitted. “I’m really surprised that I don’t find watching them suck each other like that gross at all; it’s actually turning me on. But still, it is an idea that will take some getting used to.”

Heather said, “So I’m glad to hear you’re not a homophobe. I think it’s cool to watch two guys go at it”

“Yea - OK - I’m not a homophobe” Cooper said defensively.

“So do you want to try it?” Heather said, looking up from Bonnie's crotch.

“Not tonight.” Cooper retorted and then added, “I’m just too tired to do anything right now. Let me think about it. Perhaps later.”

That last was clearly unexpected by Heather and her eyes betrayed her.

“Let him off the hook Heather” Judy said in a motherly voice. “Now you have interrupted my story, and I was just getting to that stuff anyway. You see, Martin has enjoyed doing guys in group settings. He’s been that way since long before I knew him. With Brian living with us, it was just a matter of time before a video scene of his dad sucking cock, or fucking another guy aired on the living room television.”

“The first time it happened I was actually there, it was a video of Martin and the second Mrs. LeMarco, and she was taking it reverse cowgirl in an easy chair. Well Martin got in front and started licking her clit. Brian is whacking away watching this. Then the camera shows he is actually licking both her pussy and the guy’s dick. I’m not sure if Brian realized it at first but a few seconds later she lifts completely off this guy and Martin makes a couple of oral strokes on the dick before he guided it back into the woman. Now I knew there was no way Brian had missed that. Like I said before, Brian wanted to seem so grown up and sophisticated and this was a challenge for him. In the video he saw his dad at a party of beautiful sexy people and no one seemed to take notice that he had put a dick in his mouth. So Brian chose not to notice it either; even though his dad repeated that several times until the last time this guy starts to cum. The woman lifts off just as the first shot of jizz shoots out. Martin swallows the rod whole as the guy’s jerking indicates he’s continuing to ejaculate into Martin’s mouth before the camera moved to another couple."

Cooper could see that Mandy was losing steam as Judy talked. Soon she rolled off of Bonnie onto her back to rest. His wife sat back up, and moved back to where she had been before Mandy had requested her attention. It was as if nothing of any particular note had happened. It seemed so odd that sex was just that casual to these people. Bonnie goes over for five minutes to let Mandy eat her and then she eats Brian’s semen out of Mandy and then she walks back to the fire. It was just so casual, just like giving a friend a brief neck rub. Perhaps, Cooper mused, it was the casualness of sex that was the biggest leap for him. Sex here was just a pleasant activity among friends. No more. It was not a sacred act as he had been taught for so long. Which was right?

Judy paused again as she made room for Bonnie to sit beside her, then continued “A week or so later Brian asked me if his dad was gay. I had to laugh at that one. I pointed out that I’m not a lesbian but I eat pussy much more often than Martin eats cock. We had a nice talk on sex just being fun and not trying to make it into something it’s not. I told him when I was his age, I had sex with a few girls simply because they were my friends. Then I put him on the spot when I asked if he and his buddies had jacked each other while watching porn. He blushed and said they had. So I told him giving head is simply jacking with your mouth. A couple of weeks later when I got home from shopping Brian is all excited and says “We did it.” I had not a clue what he meant and he told me he and two of his buddies had blown each other while they watched one of my tapes. This was the first time he would tell me of his sexual exploits, but of course it was not the last”

“It’s just not fair” Heather said “I needed a step mom like you. NOT FAIR!”

“OK I’ll be your step-mom Heather” Judy said reaching back to hug her. “You can talk to me anytime you want”

Cooper returned to Judy’s story, “But if any other guys from his school found out about that he’d be dead”.

“Yea that would have been true but the guys never let that out to the school. This all happened in August and school started soon after. With school came girls. To help Brian meet new people, we put on a big Labor Day Pool party the second weekend after school started. I had the best caterer in town provide far more food than they thought was necessary, that was a hit with the guys. I wore a really skimpy bikini, that was an even bigger hit with the guys, and surprisingly, made me popular with many of the girls. I should say now that he didn’t go to public school. He’d been at Country Day School when he and his mom had moved to Phoenix and so we enrolled him in Country Day Prep when he decided to move back to Atlanta. The school is ridiculously expensive, so these kids were all very well to do. In their privileged world, bourgeois middle-class Puritanism isn’t part of the values they are taught. So, my cheeky string bikini, though daring for a mother in Georgia, d