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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 11

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 11

Tortuga and Turks & Caicos

When Cooper awoke the next morning, the boat was dead quiet. He could see it was fully light outside but he didn't even hear Ramón. He was still weary, but he was looking forward to the day.

When they finally got the gear stowed and sails up, it had been nearly 3:00 AM. Bonnie was not in the bed so he slid out to the floor to see if she were topside sunning. It was only later that he realized he had walked through the yacht's main passageway completely naked, yet had not even thought to get dressed. Just before ascending the steps up to the deck, he glanced into the open door of the elder LeMarco’s state room. There he saw Bonnie snuggled between Tina and Judy LeMarco with Martin behind Tina. Cooper wasn’t surprised though. How had she had the energy to go after he’d gone to bed?

Seeing that, and that there was no sign of life anywhere else, cooper went back to his bunk; however, it was not long before Bonnie joined him. She silently snuggled up and kissed him. Though the taste was not strong, he was sure she’d had a mouth full of semen not long before. Though she didn't say a word, he knew she was thanking him for not begrudging her sleeping in the LeMarco's cabin.

Cooper nodded off, but was awakened when Bonnie said "I'm going to help get the breakfast ready." As she slipped off the bed and walked away he admired her lovely bare posterior.

The day turned out to be the most conventional day yet, except for the fact no one put on more than a hat the whole time they were on the boat, not even Ramón. They motored rather than sailed to the north end of the island where they anchored amid half a dozen other boats, two were even larger than the San Dinero. On shore was a small fishing village, not large enough to be called a town. Cooper, Brian, and Martin went to shore to look for the remains of the famous pirate fort.

When Mandy and Tina began prepping scuba gear Judy asked if either Heather or Bonnie were divers. Both said they were not. So Judy brought up snorkeling gear from lockers below and suggested they would find plenty of things to see swimming near the boat. She also produced a yellow underwater camera, not unlike the one the college guys she'd met in Miami had used. She said that she’d love to get some photos of her and Heater in the water before she left for the reef.

Bonnie had never considered herself a nudist, even though she had bought into a good bit of the ideologies of nudism in the past year or two. She thought the pretense that there was nothing sexual about going nude with other people was a farce, but still she saw their point about how clothing reinforced class and wealth. Gliding through the warm crystal-clear Caribbean water wearing only her snorkeling mask, she finally understood what many of the nudist were saying. The serenity of being nude swimming in the natural environment of the bay was totally different than swimming nude in her home pool. Perhaps it was more to do with the fact that it was just her and Heather in the quiet of the ocean rather than her nudity; but moving through the water completely bare seemed so different. Serine. That was the right word.

Initially Judy was in the water with them, but she made herself unobtrusive so that for Bonnie, it felt like she and Heather were just part of the ecosystem. Where there were rock outcroppings there was kelp and other plants that drew fish. Those fish didn’t seem to see the swimmers as any threat and they found themselves diving down to swim right in the middle of schools of every possible color. Even the rays and eels and other larger creatures seemed not to pay them heed. The highlight was when two sea turtles began foraging for food close enough for Bonnie and Heather to watch.

Just as the ardent nudist said, she eventually admitted that it was a spiritual experience not a sexual one. Well not exactly. She had known since the day they went to the waterfall that she was drawn to the nineteen-year-old, even while she tried to deny it to herself. She had expected that this trip would cement Tina as her new lover, but that is not what had happened. Tina, it seems was far deeper into the LeMarco world than she had realized. There was no question that there were two groups of women, the insiders and the outsiders. She and Heather were the outsiders and she was sure the girl felt it as keenly as she did, likely more so since she did not have a male partner with her. She and Heather had by default been paired up.

Yet Bonnie was sure that alone did not account for the fact that her heart sped up when she realized she would have several hours alone with Heather. She felt silly about it but she was crushing on the girl. She hadn’t had a crush like that in over twenty years, but she did and she knew it. She certainly had not felt this way with Jill. For that relationship, their sex and the sex with her husband was a function of their friendship, not romantic. This was different. But unlike the crushes she’d had when she was Heather’s age, she had the life experience to know without a doubt that Heather was feeling it too. The way she’d looked at Bonnie the last two days made her feelings clear, so this crush would be free the dreaded teenage fear of rejection. However, the girl did not have Bonnie’s awareness and the fear of rejection was palpable.

To further test her hypothesis Bonnie moved near Heather and put out her hand. The girl’s smile told the whole story. Looking into Heather’s eyes through their goggles, Bonnie tried to convey that she too had those feelings. It must have registered because her face lit up. It was like Bonnie could feel a current of oneness with her.

“Was this just an illusion brought about by the idyllic environment?” Bonnie did not know, but then decided she did not care. She would seize this joy with both hands. She was sure Cooper would support her on this. As these thoughts ran through her mind, it occurred to her that in the “real” world, no matter how sure she was that a nineteen-year-old had romantic feelings for her, she would never ever consider embracing those feelings in the physical way. Yet here they had already had sex several times, so that particular hurdle was nonexistent.

Eventually fatigue brought their mermaid experience to an end. Or at least that is what Bonnie told herself when she decided to motion for Heather to head back to the boat.

Bonnie may have been conflicted about the feelings she and Heather were having, but the girl was not. No sooner had they climbed up the ladder and onto the deck then Heather wrapped her arms around Bonnie and began to kiss her hard and deep.

When Heather finally broke the kiss, she did not let go of Bonnie. She just put her face onto her shoulder and held tight. After a few minutes, Bonnie led them to sit on the seating that ringed the San Dinero’s stern. Even after the move Heather kept her hold on Bonnie and she found herself holding the girl tightly in her arms.

Quietly she said “I am so thankful they left the two of us alone for a few hours.”

Equally quietly Bonnie answered “So am I.”

Heather’s head swiveled up “Really?”

“Yes, I am.” Heather beamed and put her head back on Bonnie’s breast. They sat in silence for a long time, Bonnie holding the beautiful girl closely. Eventually in a quiet voice Bonnie said “In the past few days I’ve had more great sex than I have had since my years in college when I was a reliable ‘fuck on the first date’ kind of girl. Last night was simply indescribably fun; but, even still I’m so happy to have time to just sit here with you like this.”

So softly Bonnie could hardly hear her, Heather agreed “So am I.”

They sat in silence again with the warm sun shining on their nude bodies. Bonnie gently stroked the girl’s arm, head and back.

Deciding on a plan, Bonnie slid out of the seat. Standing, she put a hand out to offer to help Heather up too. “I think we have at least an hour before Ramón comes back from the reef with Judy and the others. If you can get a couple of towels, I’ll get a few bottles of water and meet you up in the bow.”

The astoundingly beautiful young woman’s delight in that suggestion was plain.

A few minutes later they stood in the bow. Looking at Heather sitting waiting and longing for her, she could not think to herself how incredibly beautiful the young woman was. If she were the kind of person that collected bed mates as trophies, Heather would be the grand prize.

The San Dinero’s foredeck was well sloped so that the only level spot was the roof of the raised portion of the fore cabin below. When they first came on board Judy had told the newcomers that there was padding on that roof to make sunning more comfortable. Her explanation seemed plausible. It was just coincidental that the roof just happened to be just slightly larger than a king-sized bed. They soon found out that the roof had been modified by the LeMarco’s replacing the original arched roof with the current flat one. A four-inch lip all around was built in to hold the dense all-weather padding firmly place. Despite what Judy had told them, it was a purposely designed outdoor bed. Accordingly, it was called ‘the sun bed’ by everyone. After they had spread the towels out on the sun bed, Bonnie said “If you don’t mind, I would like you to follow my lead this time. I have a plan that I think will ensure we have a meaningful experience with just the two of us.”

“Oh of course. I trust you completely.”

Bonnie put the two water bottles on the roof of the cabin and opened up the bottle of coconut oil that she’d picked up while Heather went below to get towels. She put oil in her hand and began with Heather’s shoulders spreading the aromantic oil. “They make all sorts of fancy scented and flavored oils for this; but for making love in the sun, there really is nothing more sensuous than coconut oil. After only a short while, it mixes with the sweat you get from the heat. It creates a taste and aroma that is unique to the person two whom you make love, sort of like pheromones.”

Soon Heather asked for oil and all four hands worked to spread the sweet-scented oil on their two bodies. “Take your time” Bonnie said. “Try to feel both the pleasure my touch is giving you and how wonderful it feels to spread the oil on skin. Consider that your skin, not your clitoris is your largest sex organ. What I want us to do is the spend our time alone using our hands to make a spiritual connection to each other. Don’t try to give or have orgasms. If orgasms come, that is fine but try to think of them as just one small part of our lovemaking today.”

Heather attended to each word and seemed to ponder what Bonnie was trying to do. When she had worked all the way down Heather’s torso, Bonnie went down on her knees and slid her hands across the firm tanned thighs and around to Heather’s equally firm buttocks. Her face inches from the glistening stomach, Bonnie leaned in to kiss it and to run her tongue around and into her navel. As she had just said it would, the taste and smell was a blend of the oil and of the young woman. Bonnie felt a rush of arousal just as she heard Heather exhale deeply.

Leaning back, she looked up and said “It is not that I want you to pretend you don’t get turned on…” She cupped Heather’s labia with one hand and began to spread the oil over the outer lips and down into the crevice between them. “….but we don’t want to give in to the urge to speed up and short circuit our effort to make love to a whole body and person, not just a clit.” Even as she spoke though, her oiled fingers stroked Heather’s clitoral ridge. The teenager visibly shivered, so Bonnie moved her hand from the vulva and used both hands to coat each of Heather’s thighs and legs.

Once they were both fully oiled, but still standing, Bonnie took the younger woman in her arms and began to kiss her. The feeling of their two slick bodies pressing on each other was so intense that when she broke the kiss, to herself as much as Heather she said “Take your time. Enjoy both the feelings of my skin on yours, not just my hands and lips, but my whole body as it touches yours.”

Running her hands up and down Heather’s back while her erect nipples slid over Heather’s breasts prompted Bonnie to say “Orgasms might and probably will come, but don’t make an effort to get me off and don’t try to bring one on yourself. Let them come on their own as they will.”

Heather nodded in agreement.

Their love making that followed was slow and languid. The oil caused them to slip and slide over one another in a most pleasing manner; yet it also heightened both women’s tactile pleasure. Heather had her first orgasm nearly as soon as Bonnie slipped two fingers into her vagina and began to “massage” the part of her clitoris that was exposed in her vagina’s roof. Later she climaxed again when Bonnie gripped her clitoral ridge with her lips and used her tongue to caress the head. Even as she worked, Bonnie was careful not to speed up or to seem to be trying to make Heather cum. After she’d brought on a second climax with lips and tongue, she had to make herself move her face from Heather’s sex. She would have liked to just stay down there for hours but she resisted.

The sense of oneness Bonnie had sought came and enveloped both of them. Bonnie hadn’t considered how long it had been since she and Cooper had gone beyond the pleasures of conventional sex to this stage of sharing. Certainly, it had been close to a year. She throttled the temptation to berate herself for neglecting her marriage and refocused on feeling the pleasure of touching Heather and the reciprocal pleasure of being touched.

The sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Heather filled her mind. While it was not possible to focus on both the pleasures of touching & tasting her and the pleasures she was receiving at the same time; she was able to bounce her mind back and forth between the two. Heather’s skin was simply perfect. Bonnie’s fingers glided over the expanse of bronze flesh never finding a blemish or ripple like normal humans have. Her breasts were large, but stood out as if she had been surgically enhanced; yet they were soft and pliable because they were not. Even her labia was perfect, as if designed by an artist to be the ideal mound of Venus. When her legs were closer together the pink inner lips just slightly peeked out from the cleft; but when Bonnie spread her legs wide, the inner lips folded open and her prominent clitoral ridge stood as firm and proud as any penis. The erect pink head was clearly visible, fully out of the hood like a tiny penis. It veritably begged for Bonnie to lick and suck on it.

Their well-oiled bodies were constantly slipping and sliding over each other as they rolled on the large mat in the San Dinero’s bow. That brought an element of fun that helped keep the mood light even as the sensual feelings intensified. The village’s ancient quay was less than a quarter mile off. When she took a position sitting up on Heather, her eyes glanced over the roof of the cabin to the shore. Half way up the stairs from the quay to the village, a pair of young female tourist looked her way. Even at that distance, from that vantage point they would be able to tell people were making love on the bow of the big schooner. It was too far away to make out their faces, but she did not think they were offended. Likely, the locals saw a lot of nudity on the yachts in their remote bay but most tourist would find that quite memorable. The thought made Bonnie smile.

She and Heather went on longer than Bonnie had expected. Longer than she imagined she could given how tired she was when they began. The sheer joy of the moment kept her going on and on. In the back of her mind she knew the sun was bearing down on them. She could feel the heat on her skin; but the exquisite nature of the moment was worth the risk of sunburn. The only break they took was to down both bottles of water to replenish the fluids they were sweating out….and that coconut flavored sweat was oh so intoxicating to smell and to taste.

Before they were done Heather had two more orgasms with Bonnie’s thigh pressed hard between her legs and Bonnie had a string of them while Heather gripped her entire vulva with one hand. The teenager squeezed and pressed hard on her mound rhythmically, not rubbing it as she had expected. For the girl to teach her something new was just a bonus for Bonnie. She made a mental note to be sure to let Heather know that she’d never been stimulated quite like that before.

Eventually however, the motion of their slick and shining bodies slowed until they lay still: face to face, eyes closed. Their bodies entwined, they alternately kissed softly and just lay with their mouths close enough that Bonnie was breathing in the warm air that Heather exhaled. Bonnie had not at all been sure that she could deliver on the meaningful experience that she’d all but promised; but laying chest to chest feeling Heather’s breathing, the hoped for oneness of essence had come. This was so much better than the hottest conventional sex.

Breathy and almost dreamy from Heather’s lips came “Thank you.” A moment later more breathy words. “Thank you for sharing with me, for making love to me. I feel it. It is like we shared something way beyond just the physical.”

Bonnie opened her eyes and kissed her softly. “I’m glad to know you felt it. While the sex here has been intense, it has just been sex. I wanted us to share something deeper and I think we did.”

But even in the state of bliss she found herself, she knew this was not what she had expected. It was not like anything she’d experienced before. With Cooper and with Jill and her college lovers there was always a meeting of peers; but she knew this…relationship?….was not of peers. There was an imbalance. Not a bad imbalance, but she and Heather were not meeting as equals. But what was the uneven relationship here? Student and teacher? No. Master and servant? Absolutely not. It was maternal for sure, but not like with a child. While she hoped Heather would not disappear from her life after this trip, she knew they would never be a couple in the conventional sense. But that was OK. This was just one more thing that was new in her life. She drifted off to sleep.

When she woke, she and Heather’s bodies were still entwined. Bonnie didn’t mind being entrapped by the beautiful teenager’s oil slick body. The mixture of coconut oil, their sweat and the smells of two women having sex was the sweetest aroma she could imagine. The girl felt wonderful in her arms. Her breathing was deep and regular as if she felt safe in the arms of someone who would protect her from all harm. In such a state the only word to describe how she felt for the girl was love. At that moment, that was all she felt and she was not going to challenge the appropriateness of that word or that feeling. She took in Heather’s scent again and drifted back off to sleep.

When Bonnie awoke once more, Heather was sitting up. She looked over and said “We are still alone. Not that I’m complaining.”

Bonnie agreed but suggested they move out of the sun and rummage up some lunch. It was evident they were going to be alone much longer than they had expected.

Right off Heather once again thanked Bonnie for what they had done. Bonnie thanked her back before kissing her then smacking her on the rear end to get her moving.

Over lunch they talked at some length about the concerns they both had about the LeMarco’s evident belief that they were entitled to sex. Bonnie was glad to see she was not the only one that was put off by that attitude. She felt she just had to ask something that had been bothering her. “If this is too personal, I will understand. When you applied for the job, did anyone let you know you were being hired as a sex kitten for Brian?”

The pained look that came on Heather’s face made Bonnie afraid she’d asked something she should not have. She opened her mouth to withdraw the question, but Heather began to answer before she could do so.

“No. I wasn’t even given a hint. Now I know that was exactly why I was hired; but at the time I hadn’t a clue. I was actually sent to LeMarco and LeMarco by a temp agency. So I didn’t actually apply to work there. I had signed up with the agency before I moved to Atlanta. When I moved, I had dreams of becoming a model and the temp jobs were just to get me by until I got discovered. That didn’t happen. I wasn’t even able to get a modeling agency to talk to me. I thought my portfolio was good, and I’d done professional work before; but what I called professional work, was not regarded as such by the agencies, and besides, they all said I’m not tall enough. Since I wasn’t desperate enough to become a cam girl, stripper or do porn, that left temping. Not that I am above sex work, I like getting naked; but that is not why I left my little town of Dublin and moved up to Atlanta. After all, if I wanted to be a cam girl, I could do that from home and live a whole lot cheaper than where I do now.”

Bonnie had not known Heather had moved to Atlanta to become a model, but she was certainly pretty enough. She supposed that stories of moving to the city to become famous was hardly unique to her. What seemed odd was to move to Atlanta and not New York or LA. But, she was not going to ask about it now.

Heather went on “Although the temp agency got me work several days a week, it was not the kind of work that would get me ahead and it didn’t feel that much different than being a stripper. I asked for real jobs, but all I was offered were things like modeling at conventions and product demonstrations. Standing by a car in Daisy Dukes and a halter top or showing off some gizmo at a booth is not what I had envisioned when I said I wanted to be a model. I needed to pay rent so I took a week-long gig working a booth at the Georgia Boat Fair. I guess I did a good job because over the summer it seemed I was offered more and more shows, but I didn’t miss that I was given smaller and smaller outfits. I actually liked a lot of it, and I’d done bikini modeling in high school, but the pay was terrible and inconsistent. I’m embarrassed to tell you, but when the manager of the promotion company that I worked with most of the time came on to me, I slept with him like the very first time he tried. Not because I liked him, but I wanted to get more and better gigs. No matter how slutty I thought I was in high school, that made me feel dirty in a way I’d never felt before. The truth was I didn’t know anyone in town and I was lonely. So when Jeremy hit on me, I told myself I just said yes because I was horny and hadn’t been laid since I left home. But the truth is, even as he was screwing me, I knew I was prostituting myself: fucking for money, even if the money was indirect.”

“I understand” Bonnie said. “Women have to do a lot to make it. Even in the ‘me too’ era.”

Heather nodded and went on “I was prepared to move back home; it wasn’t too late to enroll at Middle Georgia State. I’d been accepted, but I wanted to try going out on my own first. But fate intervened. I don’t know how it did, but I suspect word got back to the agency that I was using sex to keep working. It just seemed that out of the blue I was called in and told they had a ninety-day placement that would be perfect for me. I would make over twice as much as I had been, I would be working in the office of a prestigious firm and best of all, the company would have the option of hiring me full time if they liked my work.”

“LeMarco and LeMarco?” Bonnie asked.

“Oh yes. I thought it was just I’d gotten a lucky break. Well, that and I knew my pretty face might have open that door, but I planned to make the best of it. I thought I was on my way. I was not too full of myself not to know I had to trade on my looks to get a start, but I really thought I was being hired as a trainee. OK, the pay seemed high for a trainee, but it’s a rich firm and I didn’t want to look for catches.”

“Did Brian act like he expected you to have sex with him right off?”

“Well, not exactly. But there was this vibe in the office. The other women didn’t treat me badly, it just seemed they thought I knew why the temp agency sent me and they were waiting to see what would happen.”

“What do you mean?” Bonnie asked.

“Well, about three weeks in I was given a heads up by Fran Opel. She knows how things work at LeMarco & LeMarco since she’s been at the firm so long. You see she told me that she had been Mr. Tony LeMarco’s lover when she was about my age, thirty years ago. She said at least as long as she has been with the firm, when one of the execs needed a new personal assistant, a temp agency was asked to send pretty young women for temporary assignment. Just as I was, she was sent over by an agency as a temp. She was hired full time not long after she started an affair with one of the V.P.’s, as the man’s personal assistant. She said that is how it has worked for all these years. Girls who haven’t gotten involved with one of the suits are simply replaced with a new girl when their temp assignment is up. If it took a whole series of temp girls to get one who demonstrated that she would fit in at the firm (that is what they call it), then they would go through as many as needed. The firm was smaller back when she started so it was not a disaster if it took a year to find the right girl. But according to Fran, about twenty years ago they began to work with the agency that sent me. Since then, they almost never have to look for a third girl in a row, and more often than not they don’t need to look at a second. She assumes that LeMarco told the agency exactly what he is looking for, and they work to provide that. You may have noticed that all the non-professional staff in the office are women. The personal assistant job is the entry level administrative position and the title personal assistant is short hand for mistress. She says all the women started that way so everyone knows it, even if most pretend they don’t.”

“How does LeMarco get away with something like that?” Bonnie asked incredulously.

Heather answered “I asked Fran that because I didn’t want to believe her. She pointed out that unless someone has been at the firm for a long time and has ready access to all the new staff, it is impossible to see. It might be a secret, but among the women who work there it is an open secret that the only way for a woman to get a permanent administrative job at LeMarco & LeMarco is to have sex with a suit.”

Bonnie was dumbfounded.

“Fran told me that she was first the V.P.’s lover, but within a few months Martin’s father took her, or perhaps shared her I’m not sure what she meant. But I clearly understood that later when a young Martin LeMarco came to work at the firm, she was essentially handed to him by making him his first personal assistant. She said that though they no longer will tell people about it, all the older women at the firm have the same kind of story, not just of how they got the job, but of being passed around.”

Bonnie was disgusted, but also intrigued. “So once nobody wants them as sexual playmates can they stay with the firm? And what if they want to stop screwing the boss later on?”

“I asked Fran that same question and she said that, as far as she knows, no woman has ever lost her job because she asked to stop having sex with the men who work at the firm. She says that the most loyal women are those who stopped but were not penalized at all. If anything, they get promotions so that a new younger woman is placed in the personal assistant job. Did you know that Martha Simms, the CFO was Martin’s father’s lover for like twenty years; however, she refused to have sex with anyone else at the firm even after he retired? Francine said that women get in the door by fucking the boss, but they are never expected to keep fucking him. I know it sounds weird, but that is how it is.”

Bonnie was sure the more Heather told the story, the wider her eyes were getting.

“She told me that as far as she knows though, none of the women except Mrs. Simms ever have stayed at the company and made their vow not to cheat on their husbands to stick. Fran told me that before she got married she told her boss that she was done. She said he was really nice about it and she never had sex with him again, but within a year of getting married she was doing it with another man from the office. She said once someone becomes a part of the LeMarco world, they can’t stay around the same people and not participate. In her case she said her husband knows, but pretends he does not.”

Bonnie was sure that must lead to a lot of divorces.

Heather nodded. “She said it has some, but those who really want to stop simply leave the firm. But even then, the LeMarco’s do things others would not. They give a significant severance payment for those women who have been with the firm for a long time but voluntarily leave for any reason. You should talk to Fran sometime; she simply loves the LeMarco’s. She didn’t tell me all that to run me off, but to encourage me not to leave. I guess a lot of the new girls who do get hired if they felt like the LeMarco’s had made them into whores, that feeling must pass in time.”

“You didn’t quit. So you are OK with the arrangement?” Bonnie asked then quickly put it “Not that I begrudge or condemn you. You need to do what works for you.”

She gave Bonnie a sweet smile and said “I know you aren’t condemning me. And the truth is I don’t know. Perhaps I didn’t make it clear, I am already at the top rung of the ladder since I am already sleeping with a LeMarco. According to Francine, I have a job for as long as I want it. She says the firm will provide what I need to acquire skills. You see, despite all that, I am getting training and if I stay with the company, they will pay my full tuition to go back to school. Yes, it disgusts me that the LeMarco men assume every woman would gladly sleep with them. Especially since I proved that is likely true. After all no one even hinted that I would need to fuck Brian to get a full-time job; and yet within a week I had my sights set on having him in my bed. I pursued him not knowing that was what he intended. That is maddening.”

Bonnie could not help laughing. Heather laughed too, because the absurdity of it all really was funny. Suddenly a light came on in Bonnie’s head. “So that is why everyone at the office knows that Cooper doesn’t’ have sex with Tina…well didn’t until this week. He really has been out of step with the company for years and either willingly didn’t see it, or he’s just that naïve.”

“Bonnie, the firm has a culture and those who stay, well everyone but your husband that is, buys into it or leaves. I guess that is what I have to decide. Do I want to buy into the LeMarco world or not.”

Bonnie scooted over to give Heather a hug. “If you want, I would be happy to help and support you in whatever decision you make.”

After a short kiss Heather said “Perhaps we shouldn’t start up again back here. No one was out there when we started playing earlier, and while we were actually making love, we were hidden by the cabin, but from here….” she turned to her right and looked to the quay.

Bonnie’s back had been to the shore as they talked, but the quay was visible to Heather just to her right. When Bonnie turned to follow Heather’s gaze, she saw how much closer the quay seemed from the stern of the boat than it had been in the bow. More significantly the cabin had been screening them before. When they walked to the stern fully nude, they had gone on the far side of the cabin; and they’d made lunch down in the galley. But still, how had she been oblivious to the people she knew were on the quay? The benches on which they sat were on the same level as the gunnels, so anyone who looked, could tell the two of them were fully nude not, ‘merely’ topless.

As Bonnie turned Heather said “Oh yea everyone out there has seen us. But we don’t have to worry. I asked about it this morning and Judy said the people who come here aren’t really tourists. They are part of a floating community that travel the Caribbean. According to her they are a pretty libertine lot that nudity will not bother.”

“What about the locals?” Bonnie asked.

“Oh she said there are only a couple of dozen people who live in the village and they are quite used to nudity on the boats. As long as we are covered up on the shore and spend money, they will be happy.”

The explanation made sense. Even so, as they cleaned up their mess, Bonnie had to make herself act casual and not look to see if she was being watched by the people on the quay. Oh well, she thought, it was a great story that did not involve sex that she could tell her Wednesday women’s group.

Once things were tidied up, they decided to go for another swim. On the quay she saw a few local fishermen working on their nets and half a dozen of those semi-tourists, half of which were plainly looking their way. “I thought Judy said people wouldn’t care if we were nude.”

Heather laughed. “No, she said they were libertines who did not object to nudity. She did not say they wouldn’t stare at two beautiful naked women casually eating lunch on their boat not fifty yards away.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but join her laughing. Even still, when they were ready to go swimming, she began to head to the starboard side not visible from the quay. Heather took her hand and pulled her back to the port side.

“But the ladder is on this side” Bonnie protested.

“Why do we need the ladder? This time I want us to jump from the deck into the water?” was Heather’s reply.

With only token resistance, Bonnie followed. She was actually glad she had because on the motor yacht anchored beyond the San Dinero, a busty middle-aged woman was tanning topless.

However, that bit of comfort evaporated when she clambered over the port side railing. Standing on the gunnel she saw a man standing at the end of the quay with a long-lensed camera pointed their way. “Heather!” Bonnie hissed “That man is taking pictures of us”.

“I don’t blame him. I would. If you were him, wouldn’t you do the same?”

Bonnie knew she was right. Even more she knew she hadn’t minded people photographing her while topless or nude on Miami Beach. When she thought about it she realized she’d just been surprised by that long lens pointed at her.

Bonnie took a position hanging on to a ratline and readied herself to jump, making a point not to even look at the man with the camera. Heather was not so coy. Just before she leaped off the gunnel, she looked right at him an gave him a big smile and a thumbs up. Bonnie tried to emulate her an gave him and the other half dozen people who were now openly watching, a smile and a wave before jumping in.

View from the quay as Bonnie and Heather jump from the San Dinero


All in all it was a great day that gave Bonnie and Cooper a few “G” and “PG” rated stories of the trip they could share with family and friends. Cooper couldn’t stop talking about the island and the remains of the pirate fort and the exhibit of artifacts collected by the locals in a little museum near the ruins. Bonnie could at least share the story of swimming with the fish and watching the turtles even if she had to let them assume that she had worn a swimsuit.

Before dark, the men worked to put the sails back up and the San Dinero was back off to sea. Ramón and Brian were going to take turns at the wheel all night so they could make their next port by morning.

For dinner Judy and her daughter-in-law made a wonderful sea-food pasta dish with the fresh conch they had gathered on their scuba dive. They paired it with what Bonnie guessed to be an expensive wine. For desert was a frozen Key Lime pie. Judy had given a not so subtle hint that it was to be a formal dinner (Caribbean style) when she told the men to wash-up and dress nice after their day long expedition. Cooper wore a pair of khaki slacks and a safari shirt, while Bonnie opted for the other new dress Martin had bought her in the Bahamas. She suspected this evening had been planned well in advance as had been the luau.

After dinner Martin and Brian both smoked their locally made cigars as the group relaxed around the table in the stern of the yacht. Judy at one point, directly asked if anything that had happened was too much for the first timers. Heather's quick response gave Bonnie and Cooper time to think of a good answer.

She said "Well for me the only really hard thing was talking to Mandy after I found out she knew I'd been having sex with her husband. But after I did that, everything has been great. I'd never done a threesome with a married couple before. In fact, maybe the most difficult thing I've had to deal with is that I've had to admit I'm not really as wild as I thought I was."

Bonnie thought it significant that she totally omitted everything they had said and done that afternoon. Heather’s comments however, led into an extended discussion that gave Bonnie and Cooper even more time to plan an answer. But eventually Judy looked right at Bonnie and asked "And what about you? Has this been too much too fast?"

By then Bonnie was ready. "There is no question there has been a lot going on and it's come at me really fast. I can second Heather’s comment about having to reassess what constitutes being sexually wild. The truth is in my college days I'd been in more than one group sex scene, and just last summer I had sex with a man I'd just met; but the sheer relaxed openness of the sex you guys have is entirely new to me. That is not saying it was too much at all. In fact, I have found it inspiring. You guys have shown me what life could be like for Cooper and I if we want. So, if anything, I'm thankful for what you've thrown our way."

After Judy asked some follow up questions of Bonnie, she turned to Cooper. "Cooper, don't think you can evade me. I have no doubt you have seen and done more new things than anyone else. Has it been too much for you?"

Cooper knew no matter how he felt, he had to say it was all fine, which was what he did. Judy was not going to take that for an answer though. She pressed "So, nothing last night was pushing your limits?"

Cooper again tried to be diplomatic "I guess the idea of having sex with my boss's wife was pretty daunting."

Judy came back "You aren't complaining, are you?"

"Oh, no" Cooper corrected. "It was wonderful. I just wished we had been in a more comfortable environment so I could have given back some of the pleasure you gave me."

Martin cut in "Now that is the way to get on your boss's good side."

Judy followed up, "Wonderful. So, you and Bonnie will spend the night with Martin and I tonight so you can make good on that."

And so it was. Bonnie and Cooper spent the night in the big aft cabin. For both Cooper and Bonnie this was a big deal; the first time they would share a bed with another couple. For Cooper to find himself making love to a woman with Bonnie laying beside him making love to another man was an experience like none other. The luau had been almost like a dream, completely divorced from reality; but, laying in a bed like that made it far more real. Even as he was slowly plunging his penis into Judy, Cooper was trying to analyze his thoughts. Looking over he could see his soul mate straddled atop Martin grinding and moaning with pleasure. He knew from long experience that she was not really pressing toward an orgasm, but rather was just enjoying the feelings of the sexual act.

He gave himself free reign to self-reflect knowing that would distract him from the urge to pump Judy until he climaxed. The reality that watching Bonnie on another man was, in itself, arousing actually made him feel guilty. She was absolutely entrancing as she held her upper body still while her hips danced on Martin's pelvis. He did not want to be one of those guys who saw his great looking wife as a status symbol, but all the same he could not help thinking how impressive it looked for him to have such a wife. He also thought how lucky Martin was to get a chance to have sex with Bonnie; yet he did not think that Martin's wife was as fortunate to have sex with him. The idea that other men would look to him with envy both pleased and embarrassed him. Yet, he knew that how he felt about himself would never be the same after this trip. He tried to imagine how he would express these feelings to Bonnie in a way that fully expressed them without making her feel cheap.

Cooper had patted himself on the back when Martin climaxed while he was still going strong with Judy; though his pride was short lived. When his boss had completed ejaculating into Bonnie and pulled his penis out; his wife asked Cooper to take a break from stroking Judy so as to eat the hot cream from her vagina. The fact she would ask him to do so was quite a surprise. It was not something to which he objected; it was quite the opposite. However, she had never made such a request before. He wondered if this would become standard practice for them.

When Cooper lifted his head from Bonnie’s crotch to let her know he’d gotten the last of the semen, he saw Martin was already fully hard. As soon as Cooper had made room, he went right to working on filling her for a second time. After that Cooper was less impressed with his own performance. Over the night both Cooper and Bonnie were taken with Martin's stamina and how quickly he recovered from climaxing to be ready to go again. Though he felt slightly intimidated by that comeback and generally felt like he was under a microscope every second; he was sure his performance was nothing to be ashamed of.

Bonnie was under no such pressure. However, she had her own challenges for the night. It took a deliberate act of the will to step away from all the things Heather had told her about LeMarco & LeMarco that afternoon. She wasn’t mad at Martin, but the simple fact was she would have been happier if she were with Heather. She did not want to spoil what would be a memorable night if she let it. Since her best friend had moved away, she'd missed sharing time in bed with a couple who love each other. Though the things in her head had made it hard to get going, that sexual magnetism that Martin’s presence had on her and his superior skills (and a couple of glasses of wine) did the trick. After a surprisingly short time, her libido was under full steam and she was lost in bliss.

Though Cooper had not climaxed quickly, Bonnie knew he would not be able to recover like Martin when he did. So, for the last stage of their foursome, after her husband had cum; she enjoyed knowing Cooper was watching as she was on all fours taking Martin's strokes while her mouth was on Judy's vulva. She could not miss the familiar taste of Cooper's semen in her, and the fact was she liked eating pussy more than she wanted to admit.

Later the lingering taste of her husband’s cum helped alleviate the little tinge of guilt she had about staying in the LeMarco’s bed while her husband went back to their little cabin. She hoped he would find Heather there waiting for him. Right before they had gone into the two LeMarco cabins, she had told Bonnie she would do her best to join him there, but she couldn’t be sure she could extract herself from Brian.

She awoke as the sun crept into the porthole and Tina and Mandy were climbing into the bed with her and the LeMarco’s. The sex was pleasant and low keyed; yet she still had a string of at least six orgasms through the efforts of the three women in the bed with her. How exactly she found her mouth full of Martin’s semen was unclear to her, but she found herself relishing not just the taste itself, but the entire idea of Martin’s penis between her lips pulsating as he climaxed. Heather was actually right, Martin LeMarco could bed any woman he wanted and have them feel blessed for having his penis in them. She certainly did, even knowing what kind of man he was.

The fivesome had just ended when she heard her husband moving around amidships, so she slipped out to join him in their little cubby hole cabin. She was happy to hear that indeed Heather had been in their bunk when he made it back last night. Though Cooper was not up to intercourse, his description made it sound as if they had a very nice time. That put her concern about leaving him out to rest.

With the morning well along, Cooper climbed the stairs. Opening the aft hatch Cooper was momentarily blinded by the bright tropical sun. As he climbed out he could see he’d come up right on time. They were nearly at their destination and he saw Brian up front working to bring in the sails by himself. He asked Ramón if he could be of assistance. Ramón looking weary eyed said Brian could use some help. Cooper moved forward looking ahead to the rows and rows of boats of every size and type. Though Cooper had thought the San Dinero was big it was dwarfed by some of the big motor yachts.

Looking up, it was evident that Brian was glad to see him. “I was wondering how I was going to do this alone.”

Together they wrapped up the main and mizzen sails in large bungee cords. The jibs had auto-furl devices, but they still had to be tended to keep from jamming. That done, Brian told Cooper to put the bumpers in place before they docked. The auxiliary motor was running and they were moving toward an open slip when Cooper and Brian finished up.

Between tasks Cooper and Brian carried on a conversation.

Brian opened with “Last night you didn’t really give any details about what you think about all the new things you’ve been doing. It sure seemed like you liked the luau. Judy has always had a knack for parties”

“It was amazing. Beyond anything I could have even dreamed up” Cooper said with genuine appreciation. “She thought of everything, and the costumes just made it, well amazing.”

Sometime later Brian said” You may not believe it but sex parties can get stale. But with Judy in charge, it is always new and fresh.”

“It was all new to Bonnie and me that is for sure” Cooper said, though he thought that was the understatement of the century.

“How’d you like doing Judy with me? Pretty great wasn’t it.”

Cooper was embarrassed but he had to say “Yes, it was... well…” Cooper couldn’t find the right words so he just said “Yes it was good.” Then he added “I was surprised but it turned me on in a way I’d never experienced.”

Brian nodded “I like regular DP’s because I can feel the other guy in the girl’s ass, but it is much hotter when we are dick to dick in the same pussy.”

Cooper was embarrassed and a little put out by Brian's lack of subtlety, but he could also feel his penis stiffening.

Brian continued “We try to only invite open minded guys. I never could understand the whole homophobe thing. I mean sex is about getting off. Why would I say half the human race aren't allowed to get me off even if they can do it in ways women just can't? Why would I want to do that?” Brian continued on a roll “Like Judy told you guys last night, right from the start I found sex with guys was just as good as sex with girls when I’m horny. I don’t get the whole thing about a guy wanting a boyfriend; but for getting my rocks off, doing it with guys can be great.”

Cooper found this line of talk unsettling. Fortunately for Cooper, Ramón began to bark out docking orders as they moved into the slip. He was glad for the interruption since this was a discussion for which Cooper was not quite ready. He tried to convince himself that it was one thing to taste another man’s semen during sex with a woman; but it was something else entirely to do it with a guy just like you do it with a girl. They weren’t interchangeable. But the stir in his pants told him he was not quite as unready to taste semen directly ‘from the source’ as he wanted to believe.

By the time the schooner was secured, everyone was on deck. The women were all ready for a day shopping. And a long day it was, but with Mr. LeMarco paying for everything, Cooper found it far less stressful than he thought he might. They had lunch at a small café overlooking yet another long white beach.

The little troop went from shop to shop for hours in the most populous town in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The LeMarco’s were old pros at both the local dialect and the art of haggling with the shop keepers. The women bought clothes of course, and Bonnie picked out souvenirs for the kids. The LeMarco’s also picked up Cuban cigars and Jamaican rum. By the time they made it back to the San Dinero, Cooper, Brian and Martin were all loaded down like pack mules. Cooper thought it might be time to rest, but no. They only had time to change into their new clothes before heading back out for dinner and dancing.

A photo taken of the group taken by a street vendor

from left to right: Heather, Judy, Martin, Tina, Brian, Mandy, Cooper, Bonnie

Cooper felt a little silly in his new tropical shirt and straw fedora, but he thought Bonnie looked amazing in her new white tea-­length linen sun dress. Though not sheer, it was thin enough to make it apparent that she wore nothing under it, as the dark circles of her nipples could not be missed. When the sun was behind her it shown right through silhouetting her wonderful figure. It had a slits up both sides that came all the way to the waist. Bonnie said something about it being a local dance dress. Cooper found it sexy that when the breeze struck just right, the back of the dress flowed backward, showing generous amounts of both her thighs and ass. Mandy and Tina wore very short mini-dresses, while Heather was sure to draw stares with her flower print maxi-dress that was so low cut it seemed her boobs would fall out at any moment. Judy never to be outdone, wore a long silk skirt with splits over legs all the way to the waist band. She was in no danger of being eclipsed by the younger women.

Judy looked over Heather and Tina over and smiled. The young women asked her why she was smiling at them like that. Judy laughed and assured them they looked great before whispering something to Martin as they headed up the dock.

Martin had arranged dinner at what he promised to be the best restaurant on the island. Seen one way it was a wonderful place with a great deal of local charm, seen another way it was a dingy dive; either way both Bonnie and Cooper loved the food. Afterward they took their time to browse in shops and take in the atmosphere. Bonnie and Cooper had been looking at some local crafts at a stall when they realized the others had gone. Cooper led her down the side street where he’d last seen Tina, Judy and Martin.

They found Judy standing between the sides of two buildings, pointing Martin’s camera into an alley. Approaching, they looked to see what she was shooting. Soon they saw Tina, just inside the alley, squatting in front of Martin, giving him a blow job. Bonnie couldn’t help but laugh. Cooper just looked both ways to ensure they were alone on the side street.

Without taking her eye from the camera, Judy said “Bonnie, go stand on the far wall and watch them.”

Bonnie didn’t hesitate to do what she said and gave her best pose. She had already found out that when he wanted to, Martin could climax on cue. So when Judy moved in closer and said “OK Martin, now,” he began to climax almost immediately. Bonnie watched intently as she could see his shaft expand and contract as he pumped semen into Tina’s mouth. Once he was done, he stepped back to put his penis back into his slacks. Only a few stray drops of cum escaped her lips.

Judy stood up and said to no one in particular, “I used the video function for that last bit. It should be really hot.”

Tina also stood, pushing those dribbles of semen into her mouth. Then she stepped out of the alley and looked up and down the narrow pedestrian only street. She ducked back into the alley and stepped out of her dress. Without saying a thing, Judy took the dress and Martin framed Tina with his camera.

“Stay where you are” Martin instructed Bonnie. Then he added “Why don’t you take off your dress too, I’ll get both of you in the photo.”

Bonnie was quite willing to do so. With Tina standing right at the corner were the alley met the street and Bonnie further down leaning against a wall, it did not take Martin long to get the shots he wanted.

As Judy handed Tina her dress but before Bonnie had put hers back on, Cooper said “Bonnie, come pose like Tina had. I’d love a photo of you like that.”

Bonnie was pleased that even with the beautiful younger women around, her husband wanted nudes of her. Martin just had time to shoot a few frames before a group of Asian tourists appeared down the street coming her way. Bonnie knew full well they’d all gotten a very good look at her posing before she ducked back down the alley to pull her dress back on. She’d just gotten the straps up when the group of middle-aged people made it to the mouth of the alley. They all looked at her with knowing smiles. She smiled back feeling very good about herself.

Not long after they found the others and made their way to a local calypso joint well away from any of the large resorts. It was more like a pavilion than a club because all four walls were lifted up to act as an awning allowing the sea breeze to flow through. The live local band was excellent and set the mood for Bonnie. She thought herself to be a pretty good dancer, but compared to the calypso that Judy did it was painfully obvious she was a novice. She was not one to be frightened by new things and threw herself in with abandon.

The crowd seemed to be mostly expatriate North Americans and Europeans who lived in Turks & Calicos to escape the “real” world. Though most of the men were clearly over fifty, many of their companions were much, much younger. Cooper chuckled as he imagined that these well-off men had probably ditched their real wives as well as the real world. As such it was a fun and lively crowd. Martin and Judy evidently had a number of friends in the joint and blended in well. Though the majority appeared to be local ex-pats, there was a minority portion of tourists. However, he noticed most of the tourists did not stay long. He could not miss that the only actual natives, i.e. Afro-Caribbean's, were staff. That he found was a sad commentary.

Bonnie, Heather and Tina, though not great at calypso dancing had no problem with fitting in, the expats flocked to the good-looking women. Thus, Cooper ended up on the sidelines simply watching events, but events were worth watching. The men and women took no time at all to move in and gain the attention of the new ladies. The bodies moved and swayed to the mesmerizing steel band rhythms. The dancing was very different than the bump and grind of techno that dominates the club scene. At first it seemed to Cooper to be rather conservative with the couples making very little body contact. To Cooper, the general style seemed to be sort of a wide stance stomping motion with intricate patterns made by the hands and arms. He could see some elements of Carolina shag in the patterns but mostly the method was different than anything he had seen before.

After an hour or so Bonnie was not even beginning to fatigue. She had promised herself to have only one of those strong rum drinks because she knew if she had more than that, she would be more than just relaxed. She had worked up quite a sweat in her attempts to mimic the local style dance, the sea breeze in the club was nice but far too damp to keep her dry. From time to time she would pull the sticky and damp material of her dress away from her body. To someone who didn’t know Bonnie they might think she did this to make the thin white fabric less clingy; but in fact, she couldn’t care less if her body was now on display. It was the simple fact the linen did not stretch and she wanted more room. A number of hands, male and female, had in the course of dancing, slid slowly across the thin moist fabric that covered her breasts and ass. Now after several drinks she was in a semi-trance, another person in another world. She knew she'd had too much to drink, but just now she didn’t care. She knew she was the center of much attention and was blissfully imagining herself as a sexual siren, with both men and women dancing to her tune. In this state she did not flinch when she felt a soft hand briefly slip under the fabric and across her bare bottom. As she danced on, she felt other hands make momentary forays under the damp linen. The nature of the dancing was not couple based and allowed only momentary contact. However, even this allowed all of her secret parts to be discovered in passing by those whose hands ventured under her dress, but no one was able to truly explore what lay beneath the linen.

This left her with a pleasant sense of continuous sexual arousal. Cooper meanwhile liked this better than the clubs he and Bonnie had been to in the past, because the band was all acoustic, so there was a maximum decibel level which allowed for conversation among the non-­dancers. He spoke to a number of the local ex-pats and it seemed most everyone knew the LeMarco’s well. This was an idealized Bohemian world. These men had spent their young adulthood slaving for financial gain and now were spending their later lives in a mixture of hedonistic pleasure and philosophical exploration.

From his seat, Cooper couldn’t miss was the same thing that Bonnie had found, there was a good bit of very stylized feeling-up of one another. It took him over an hour of watching the regulars to conclude that the touching of other dancers and converse willingness to be touched was normal in this place. This was not a random club and this culture of blatant sexuality was surely why Martin had come. By that time, it appeared that the club was about ninety percent local North American or European ex-pats. The remaining tourists were easily identified by their brand-new clothes.

Cooper watched individual dancers to determine if the touches were random or not. One interesting thing that he observed in the process was that the dancers did not appear to discriminate based on conventional norms of attractiveness. Though they were the minority there were a number of older and bigger women, but they groped and were groped as often as anyone else. Out of curiosity he watched Heather carefully for several minutes and was sure he saw a man and a woman rub her breasts and another man reach through the slit in her dress to touch what he knew to be her uncovered womanhood. She happened to be near his table the band’s set came to an end. It took Cooper a few moments to realize that since it was a live band, there would have to be breaks.

Heather flopped down at Cooper’s table, perspiration streaming down her face and her hair slicked back by sweat. “This place is crazy” she finally panted after Tina and Bonnie had joined them. She went on with a laugh “Not even at the worst chaperoned high school dances did I get felt-up by everyone.”. Bonnie began chattering on and on about nothing, which was a sure sign she had too much to drink. After sitting quietly for some time Tina remarked “Well, I guess this is why Judy questioned us on our outfits.”

“No” Cooper answered “That is.” and he pointed to the dance floor where for the past few minutes Cooper had been watching as Bonnie babbled on. The club staff was erecting a limbo set up. It was now clear why Judy had suggested Bonnie get a dance dress that had slits up both legs to the waist, that would make the center of the dress fall between her legs like a loincloth. Since Bonnie and Heather had become two peas in a pod, the girl had bought a similar dress to Bonnie’s. Once all this dawned on Tina she exclaimed “That bitch Judy, she knew about this and didn’t tell me. And there is no way she does not expect me to participate.”

Heather concurred but added “Yep she set us up, but it seems I quite accidentally evaded the trap” and she motioned to her linen dress. She looked around and said “I wonder if Mandy has realized it yet?”

Tina humphed. “Well I for one am not going to give her the satisfaction of thinking she made me embarrassed. If they throw me out for indecent exposure, all the better.”

The band leader came back out and in a thick Caribbean accent gave a short primer of the limbo and its place in Caribbean culture. He explained that it is a traditional dance representing the soul’s decent into limbo and how it is performed a week after the death of a loved one. He concluded that limbo is not competitive and the dancers should continue even if they fall or can’t get under the bar. He called on those wanting to participate to come to the dance floor. With that the band again began to beat on their instruments and the music resumed.

Cooper moved to a new table so he could see the limbo, which was completely blocked from view by the dancers in his previous seat. As he settled in on a bar stool he watched the limbo "not contest" unfold. This time the moving circles were much more distinct, and moved rather more quickly. Earlier in the evening it might have taken over a half hour to make a circuit, now Cooper noticed the same dancers moving under the bar every ten or so minutes. Since the bars were over ten feet long, multiple people were either under or preparing to go under at any one time.

Cooper noticed that for a while the bar was high enough that those using the local wide stance stomping dance went under with hardly ducking their heads, while the visitors were forced to adopt the local style of what Cooper decided to call squat dancing. All this did not inhibit the passing gropes, if anything the increased speed of the two rings meant there was less style and more urgency to touch as many sexy parts as possible in the reduced time it took to pass the opposite line. For this set it seemed that the whole LeMarco yacht crew were bunched up on the outer ring. Cooper guessed that Judy had gotten everyone together. No matter what the band leader said Judy would certainly see this as competitive and would do her best to show she could go the lowest.

Things had progress just to the point where the outer bar had gotten low enough that it took some effort to get under when Cooper saw the first flash of lightning from the dark ocean horizon. Though he took note of it he was more interested in watching Judy approach the bar. With deft practiced precision she spread her legs and leaned back moving easily under the bundle of bamboo. Heather followed just as smoothly. Bonnie, though not as graceful also slipped under. Mandy approached. It was clear the tight mini-dress would not let her legs spread nearly as far, but her limberness allowed passage. Tina was last, Cooper also noticed that Judy was carefully watching as she approached the bar. Tina was the tallest of the group of ladies but her athleticism gave her the strength to make it under within the confines of her mini dress.

Cooper guessed both Mandy and Tina gave those people at the table directly in front of the bar a good view of what was up their skirts. As the bartenders lowered both bundles of bamboo, Cooper clearly noticed the breeze through the bar picking up and the lightning seemed to be coming closer. Now with the bar just about three inches lower, quite a number of people were falling or using their hands to keep them off the floor. Judy and Heather got to the bar at the same time, both now showing it took effort to get under, but both doing so successfully. Bonnie however, did not make it. She tipped over onto her backside and scooted under crab fashion. Mandy made an approach to the bar then stopped, backed up and pulled her skirt a few inches higher, allowing her to spread her legs wider. Cooper was sure this time the people in the inner circle got a good look at the younger Mrs. LeMarco’s neither regions. Tina, blocked from his view by a large man, slipped under the bar while he was watched Mandy.

Before the bar could be lowered again the storm hit. A sheet of rain descended on the people sitting under the awning/wall that faced the ocean. As Cooper’s attention snapped to the area now in a monsoon, he laughed out loud when he saw what Bonnie was up to. After falling doing the limbo, two men who had been near her for some time had maneuvered her off the dance floor and to the railings that ran around the pavilion’s deck.

One guy’s hands were obviously making a slow retreat from Bonnie’s breasts; but she was kissing the second with lusty abandon. His hand was taking advantage of the high slit in her skirt. The damp linen allowed Cooper, and anyone else looking, to plainly see that the man was working at least one finger up into her while they kissed. Cooper was able to see this for only about ten seconds before the chaotic crowd blocked his view.

After the initial confusion, it took only moments to move the outer ring of tables so the sides of the pavilion could be lowered. All sound was drowned out by the pounding rain on the tin roof. It was far louder than the band had been and all conversation had to be shouted. Cooper looked around for Mr. LeMarco as it was clear the dancing was over for the night. He was in conversation with a short middle aged man and his very attractive female companion. After some shouting he waved to Judy to come over and they continued. It took some time for the crowd to clear as a good percentage had come by cab and there were only so many available. It was perhaps twenty minutes before Cooper realized that Bonnie was not inside the rapidly dank feeling club. As the club was meant to be operated with the walls in the “up” position, there were no windows, so he went to the door and looked into the dark rain but could see little. He went back in and found Tina. “I don’t think that Bonnie is here” he shouted. Tina smiled, and yelled “I saw her out by the railing with two men as the walls were being lowered. By now she’s probably bent over the railing getting it good out in the rain.” She paused and thought for a moment. "But all the same, she is pretty drunk and the storm is bad. Do you want me to come with you to find her?”

“No, I’ll be fine, no sense us both getting soaked.” Cooper said loudly, then turned to the door. The rain was coming hard, but it was not cold. Before he had made it to the end of the side wall he was soaked to the skin, but it was refreshing after the stagnant club. He fully expected to see Bonnie, just as Tina had said, with her soaking wet dress hiked up to her waist bent over the railing with one of the guys fucking her hard. He was just toying with the idea of joining them when he turned the corner to arrive where he had seen her last.

There was no one on the rain slashed deck. As he moved along the wall he saw a pile of white material in the mud just off the deck. He jumped the rail and picked it up. It was certainly her dress. Instantly he went from a jovial hunt for his wanton wife, to dark concern. He knew she had drunk way too much of the rum and was not in any position to take care of herself. The rain was coming harder now and he made a wide circle looking in all directions. He began to run as fear gripped him. He circled wider, but still no sign of Bonnie. He now wanted all the help he could get.

He ran back to the club entrance. Tina and Heather were waiting just inside. Before Cooper could say a word they saw the dripping dress he carried and knew Bonnie was out in the storm, drunk and naked with two men she did not know. Just as he told the two what he had found outside, Judy approached the group and asked what was wrong. After Tina gave a run down, Judy shouted over the racket. “I saw her with Philippe LaTriea just before the storm hit. Is that who you saw her with? He is about 50ish, a little on the heavy side but good looking and slightly balding.”

“Yea, that’s him” Cooper responded. “And another guy, taller and younger”

“Well I can vouch for Philippe, it is true he will fuck anything that moves, but he is very nice and would not hurt Bonnie.” Judy answered.

“What about the other guy?”

“I don’t know him, but I’m guessing Philippe is his sugar daddy so it is unlikely he is a problem. But all the same we need to go find her. She could wander off and get hurt or lost.”

With that Judy quickly rounded up the others and set everyone off into groups of twos into the torrent, leaving Martin at the club to keep Bonnie there should she return.

Every minute, Cooper and Tina slogged through the tropical storm, his apprehension increased. He saw a thousand ways she could get hurt. It was a slow search because the dark and rain limited their view to things nearly at their feet. He worried that they could walk right past Bonnie and never see her.

They had told the others they would walk the beach to the left of the club. The surf was at low tide with a broad band of sand between the crashing waves to their right and the buildings and trees on their left, giving as good a view as Cooper could hope. This was the heart of the tourist area and beyond the screen of trees lay a whole series of resorts. They had walked for nearly an hour when, as suddenly as it started, the rain ceased, and to Cooper’s amazement the stars and moon shone brightly. Now instead of visibility limited to a mere feet, the bright sky lit up the white sand for miles. Silhouetted against the white sand, several hundred yards up the beach, was the shape of a nude woman. Not just any woman, Cooper recognized instantly it was Bonnie. Cooper and Tina began to run to catch up to her, as she was slowly walking the same way as they were. The crash of the waves continued, so Bonnie did not respond to their shouts until they were less than twenty feet away.

She turned with a smile “It is so beautiful”. She was completely unaware that she had been the object of a search for the last hour.

“Why are you out here in your wet clothes? Why aren’t you dancing? Have you been looking for me?” Her words came just a little too fast for Cooper to believe she was as sober as she thought herself to be. But he was so relieved to know she was safe and oh was she beautiful in her Eve-like glory confidently strolling naked in the moon light. If he didn’t know the others were still looking for them he would have stopped and made love to her then and there. He resisted because the others were indeed out looking for her.

“Sweetie, let’s walk back to the club, everyone is looking for you.” Cooper suggested.

Without hesitation she said “OK” and started back, then added “aren’t you kinda soggy in those wet clothes?”

The concern for Bonnie had drowned all other thoughts, but now that she was safe and brought it up, he was a bit uncomfortable. However, he also realized they were walking right by a huge resort. It would only be a matter of time before people started to come back outside. He took off his shirt and put it around Bonnie. It was plenty big enough to keep her covered.

Bonnie, still quite buzzed, had no hesitation filling her husband and Tina in on what had happened.

“When the rain hit, Philippe was playing with my nipples, and Gastón (that is Philippe’s boyfriend) was finger fucking me. I was taking turns kissing Gastón then Philippe then Gastón. At first when it began to rain, they tried to get me to go in; but, I was so very turned on and I was really enjoying their attention. So to stop them from going in, I just whipped off my dress and headed to the beach.”

She looked over to Tina “You know men. They are so predictable; they followed me like two puppies.”

“So what happened? You were naked on the beach with two French men, it was raining and….?” Tina eagerly asked.

“We made love, glorious love in the rain” Bonnie answered with alcohol enhanced exuberance “It was amazing” she shouted throwing her hands over her heat and turning in a circle. Her actions knocked the shirt off her shoulders and she ran in a big circle with her hands still in the air.

Cooper chased her down and put the shirt back on her shoulders.

Unbidden, she continued “ With the rain coming down and an occasional wave washing over us as we lay close to the water line, they did me in ways I’d never done before. They knew how to work together to please a woman. It was great, they did everything as I just laid back and enjoyed. Gastón first went down on my pussy while Philippe worked on the rest of my body. Then they switched and when Philippe went to work on my pussy I had one orgasm after another. I think they would have done me orally forever but, I literally began to cry begging them to fuck me. When they did it was a first. Gastón is big, not huge but the biggest I’ve done since college. I pulled him down to the sand by that big tool of his and mounted him. I went down so fast it hurt. He filled me up so much that it hurt but it hurt in such a way that made me cum just riding him. He sucked my tits as I stroked up and down his long dick.”

“The big surprise was when I was coming down from like my tenth orgasm; I realized that my ass was full of Philippe’s cock. I can't believe I had not felt him put it in. Perhaps it was because of the rum. Looking back, I think it was in there from almost the beginning. That is why Philippe's cock felt so huge in me. As Cooper knows I have to be real turned on to get into anal sex, but when I am, I really like it. I have never had one in my pussy and ass at the same time. Well just finding out that they were both doing me like that just sent me right into orbit again. Right off I had another series of orgasms. I was still so unbelievably turned on, and though Cooper will find it hard to believe, I just screamed over the rain for him to fuck my ass as hard as he could. Oh, just telling you about it is getting me all turned on again. To feel both dicks in me was….well….I can’t describe how amazing it was. I was so overwhelmed by passion it was like I was in a trance. By the time they eventually came, almost at the same time, I was utterly and completely like a rag doll. I just lay in the sand feeling the rain come down on my body. I felt so totally sexy - no not just sexy - I felt like I was a goddess with lovers at my beckoning living only to please me.”

Tina, totally engrossed in the story asked. “So how did you get down the beach, and where did the guys go?”

“Well, as I lay there they started messing with each other. That did not fit with my picture of me as the center of the sexual universe, so I took a walk. And then you found me.”

Cooper observed “From what you are saying, you guys were still fucking on the beach not far from the club when I had started looking for you.”

“Oh for sure, if it was less than twenty minutes or so after the rain hit, it was before I had even convinced them to fuck me. You guys must have literally walked right past us. You see they were doing me down in the sand right at the surf’s edge. You would have had to know where I was. I’m really sorry I scared all of you, but I am really glad you didn’t find me.”

“I guess so” Tina quipped.

When they made it back to the pavilion, the sides were back up and they were back open for business; but the patrons had mostly gone home. When Heather saw Bonnie, she ran to her and wrapped her arms around her as if she were the most important person in her life.

Bonnie had briefed Cooper about her time with the girl and all the things she had relayed about his company. He knew there was always a lot of messing around between the employees and that Mr. LeMarco did not discourage it. “For instance, it is routine that executive take their personal assistant or secretary with them when going to do contract negations. And if two people go to a conference or to an out-of-town meeting they can double up in the same room and use the savings to enhance the standard per diem allowed. And yes, I’ve been on plenty of trips where guys stay in the same room with their assistant or secretary; but, I never even looked for at pattern that implicated the LeMarco’s in the kind of thing Heather describes.”

Bonnie had said Heather’s story sounded credible, especially since she would have no way of knowing about things that happened years ago unless Fran had told her. Cooper assured her he was not saying the story is not true, it was just that he felt rather witless for not seeing it.

“There would be no reason for you to take that close a look at how hiring of the clerical staff is done” Bonnie had told him. Knowing she was right did not make him feel less dim witted.

Hearing Bonnie said that she had a crush on a nineteen-year-old girl was perhaps just as surprising. Sure he’d seen them together a lot and he knew they’d had sex a couple of times, but…a crush?

Recounting the highlights to the rest of the group as they rested under the pavilion awnings, Cooper noted, “If it weren’t for the rain I would have seen her right off, doing those two guys; just as I had expected to.”

It had been a fright, but nobody was upset with Bonnie and their was a good deal of interest in the details of her sexual encounter in the surf. Bonnie was all too happy to give them all the details they wanted.

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Feb 24, 2023

“Story is about change, which results only from unavoidable conflict.” (Cron Lisa: Wired for Story.) “In Search of the Final Freedom, Chapter 11,” the conflict is very subtle. Although the LeMarco family’s lifestyle is “new” to the Campbells, it is something they have contemplated for their own lives. Our two guides, Bonny and Cooper, struggle with their participation in this hedonistic environment. The transition from a 20-year monogamous marriage to a free-for-all is easier for Bonny. This was more or less her way of life during college. Bonny fell in love with Heather, and they had a few hours of making love on the boat. Cooper has a tougher time but is willing to dive into a pleasurable lifestyle. Both…


Aug 09, 2021

Whew! What a lot to take in. The sexual/non-sexual nature of nudism. The kind of sex where you glide on waves of pleasure instead of seeking orgasm. (Here is where we’ll find our strongest argument against Helen Alvaré, the Catholic, George Mason law professor who accused contraception advocates of thinking they were “the only one in the room.”) Economic inequality, power differentials, and sex, from a position of radical sex positivity. The goddess’s ability to transmute rape into her own pleasure, and blithely walk away when her rapists get distracted. (Cf. Helen Alvaré, above, although, here, I’m skeptical.) Having read the Final Frontier's conclusion, but not its bulk, I'm looking forward to seeing how you get from here to there.

Replying to

But I think I'm missing something here... I'm not sure who Helen Alvaré beyond she is a right-wing Catholic anti-aborition lawyer. That must be quote from her but I'm not sure.

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