In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 12

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 12

Heather Jones

The next morning, the LeMarco’s had a fresh tropical breakfast delivered to the San Dinero just after dawn before the time Ramón was scheduled to cast off. They had two days to make it back to Miami and only two things left on their itinerary a scuba dive and a brief stop at Grand Cay for a beachside dinner. The plan was to use the power of the auxiliary diesel to head directly into the wind for several hours before heading north-west under sail. Ramón, taking advantage of the furled sail on the mizzen boon, had pitched an awning over the cockpit affording some shade to the passengers when they made their way up from below. After the long harrowing and wet night, no one but Ramón moved until the island was well beyond the horizon.

When they had returned to the schooner at just past 1AM, all of them soaked to the skin, things were much quieter than they had been the past few nights. On the cab ride back to the marina Heather and Bonnie seemed joined at the hip. It came as no great surprise when Bonnie said Heather would be sleeping with them. Other than how crowded it would be, Cooper did not mind one bit. Nor was it a surprise when the two women got into the bed fully nude. What was a surprise was once they were in the bed, Bonnie turned to face Cooper and said “I’ve already had great sex tonight and I’m a bit sore down there. Heather and I talked and she would like to make love to you and I would very much like to be right beside you two while you do it. I won’t interfere, but I just want to feel the vibe of your lovemaking.”

And that was what happened. Though Bonnie insisted she would not be a part, she was. More than half of the hour was taken up with two long sessions where Heather and Bonnie lay face to face whispering, kissing and caressing each other. Jointly the women assigned the task of spooning and slowly screwed his wife’s new infatuation as they focused on one another. At the end of the first session, before a potty break, Bonnie mustered up the strength to help Heather with a blow job, though they both cautioned him against cumming since he had more work to do after the break. For Cooper put it what he thought was a more than adequate performance; but eventually, he had been going so long he had to put more effort into keeping hard, and that brought him to the brink of orgasm. With an apology he quietly let them know he was close to cumming. Almost in unison they told him to ejaculate inside of her. And so, as his wife kissed the teenager, Cooper filled her with his seed.

They soon moved to sixty-nine. It got very quiet and sill since, to Cooper, with their heads on the other’s thigh nothing was happening. Though occasional soft sighs did catch his ear. He knew something was going on, but he didn’t quite know what it was. In the stillness he fell asleep.

9:00 AM found Cooper laying in their bunk, listening to the rumbling of the engine. It seemed anomalous as he was used to the quiet of being under sail. He absent mindedly stroked his erection. He sat up and looked to the ‘cabin’ of Heather and Tina and found that he was alone in that part of the boat. He leaned up on his elbow and peered through the solon into the open door of the master cabin. He could just see enough of the big bed to know it was not empty, but that was all he could make out.

Once standing he looked back toward the aft cabin. The door was open as well and Brian lay on his back with Heather giving him slow head. It seemed odd to him given the genuine affection she seemed to have for Bonnie last night, yet first thing in the morning she was sucking Brian off. He had to remind himself that affection and sex did not necessarily go hand in hand; and she was Brian’s girlfriend after all.

Evidently his feet hitting the floor got their attention and both looked his way. Heather briefly smiled at him before refilling her mouth with penis. Brian said good morning and eyeing his dick pointing skyward asked if he wanted a blow job too. Initially Cooper bridled at how he volunteered Heather to give oral sex; but then the eyes on his erection gave him the feeling he didn’t mean for Heather to give the blow job at all. He was both pleased Brian was evidently saying he wanted to suck his dick and a little apprehensive about how that would look if he agreed. He declined politely and said it sounded fun, but he was really hungry. Both statements were true.

Climbing the short stair to the cockpit he stopped to listen to Bonnie retelling her story from last night for the third time, this time it was Judy who was asking for details. She was particularly interested in Bonnie’s take on being fucked by two men at once for the first time.

“Well, my ass hurts.” Bonnie just finished saying as Cooper poked his head out of the lower cabin. Judy gave her a sympathetic pat saying “You’re lucky that Philippe is a safe-sex Nazi and never goes anywhere without his extra-lube condoms. Your ass would really be hurting if he’d done you bareback.”

Bonnie hadn’t thought of that before, and the truth was she had been in no shape to insist on a condom. She did not share that with Judy but went on with her story. “With all that rum in me it didn’t freak me out when I realized Philippe was balls deep in my ass. I’m sure you are right about Philippe using a condom because before that I had found that Gastón magically had one on when I grabbed his cock to guide it into me. I was too drunk to wonder where they got a condom on the beach. Like I told Cooper, I'm pretty sure it had been there through my whole series of orgasms before my brain registered that it wasn’t just Gastón’s big cock making me feel that way. Part of it was that Philippe wasn’t very thick. At least I don’t think so, the details are kinda foggy. That is rather embarrassing. I haven't had sloppy drunk sex since I was Heather’s age.”

Judy commented “I’ve had more than a few great sex stories that were lost in the fog of Jamaican rum. So did you like it?”

“Well…..” Bonnie paused before continuing “….well, yea, it was good. No, it was great. It’s kinda embarrassing but yea I loved the feeling of being serviced by two guys at once. It was overwhelming though - like too many sensations coming all at the same time. It's possible that I wouldn't enjoy it fully sober.”

Mandy asked “Do you usually get into anal sex?”

“Not really” Bonnie answered “It’s not that I don’t like it, because I do, but it’s kinda a hang up of mine. Cooper likes to lick my ass hole, but I don’t much let him even though it feels really good. I guess I’m just too much of a clean freak to get into anal most of the time. I have to be really turned on to overcome that.”

“You ought to do an enema first” Judy advised “I am not a big fan of having a dick in my ass, but a couple of my friends who are tell me that if they plan on doing anal at a party they will give themselves an enema first.”

“Doesn’t that feel a little weird?” Heather asked.

Judy replied “Like I said, I’m not into anal, but a friend who did a lot of anal told me that after she’d been doing it while, just the enema began to turn her on. She said it her own self-foreplay to get her ready to go.”

“I never thought about it. I’m sure you are right.” Bonnie replied.

Judy looked directly at Cooper, who’s head was just even with the hatch cover. “Are you just going to stand there or come sit with us?”

Cooper, a little flustered, said “Yea, I was just coming for some breakfast” as he climbed the rest of the way up onto the cockpit deck. He was not surprised this time to see both the Mrs. LeMarco’s and Bonnie lounging nude on the wide couch like benches that made a “U” shape around the yacht’s stern. The pair of tables that had been in that space for the last few days were gone. Then he realized the table tops were still there, but they were now down, flush with the deck. It seems they stored right where they sat.

He was a little surprised to see that Ramón who was at the wheel was also nude. Usually he wore his old shorts even when all of the passengers were unclothed. Then he noticed Judy was holding his shorts and surmised that she had insisted he take them off.

Mandy sat up and eyed Cooper's still somewhat firm hard-on and smiled “It’s nice to see someone appreciates all this lovely flesh on display” and patted the cushion next to her indicating where she wanted him to sit. Bonnie was propped up against the cabin wall to his left so he took a seat between her feet and Judy.

Before he had even fully sat down, Mandy’s hand was wrapped around his member. “Ohh it’s so warm.” She said with a smile.

Cooper had to make himself relax or he would have erupted then and there, so he focused on the fruit tray on a stand just in front of Ramón and the wheel. He leaned forward to get a plate. Mandy only released her grip long enough to lay out on her front, so that when he sat back down her head lay propped up by one hand, inches from his cock. Her free hand again wrapped her fingers around him and slowly stroked. She looked across the cockpit to her mother-in-law. “He is most definitely longer than Brian or Martin” she said as she examined Cooper’s penis.

Judy answered “Yea longer, but I think that Martin is thicker, especially in the head.”

“Yea, your right” Mandy replied. “Martin has that mushroom head, Cooper here has more of a torpedo dick, but I’m sure I can deep throat him with no problem.”

Cooper was taken aback at this banter about his penis. Even with all that he had seen in the past few days to have a woman talk like this to her mother-in-law was very strange indeed. His thoughts were cut short when he heard Judy say “go ahead and try.” Momentarily Mandy leaned her head forward to wrap her lips around his head. Though he could not see her action directly, because his lap was filled with blond hair, he watched her head roll forward, and down. He could clearly feel his penis going into her warm wet mouth until he felt her lips grip tight on the base of his cock. She held it there. He could feel a tightness on his head. That was new. All this made him think how sexually inexperienced he was compared to everyone on the boat. As it had been publicly announced at the luau, prior to this trip he’d only had sex, even oral sex, with Bonnie and two college girlfriends. He knew Bonnie did not take him that deep and wondered if that feeling of tightness was normal. He supposed his penis might not just be in her mouth but into her throat, but he did not actually know. And in doing this she had not even the hint of gagging like both his college girlfriends had done when they tried to take all of him in their mouth. Slowly she rose her head before moving downward again.

Bonnie, from her position to Cooper’s right had a better view, but it took some shifting to actually see Mandy deep throat her husband. She had never been able to go that far down without gagging. On each stroke Mandy’s lips went all the way down into Cooper’s dark pubic hair. She would hold for a few seconds then begin pulling the already taut skin upward as she clearly was sucking hard against the action of pulling him out. An unexpected pang of jealousy popped into her brain. It surprised her that after all they had done, it would still bother her to watch this beautiful young woman suck Cooper’s penis. As she watched she realized it was not the fact she was blowing him, but rather Mandy LeMarco in her early 20’s was doing something Bonnie had never learned to do. She was jealous that Mandy could deep throat and she could not. It was as simple as that.

Her self-examination was interrupted when Judy continued her previous discussion. “As I was saying before Cooper came up. OH! I made a pun, Cooper came UP!”

Cooper was enjoying himself but, in an effort, to change his focus, added a very artificial “Ha Ha” before Judy went on. “On rare occasions I've wanted dick in my ass and pussy together. And those times I've wanted it, I've enjoyed it. But that has been like three times in thirty years of fucking around. Now having two guys in my pussy is something totally different. Whenever I get the right two guys with me, I totally get off on having both dicks in my box.”

Bonnie only vaguely remembered Cooper mentioning that when he and Brian had fucked her at the same time, they had both been in her vagina. She had thought he’d misspoke at the time, but let it pass; but now it was clear that was exactly what he had done. She forgot about her jealousy over deep throat, and wondered how any woman could put two penises in her vagina at once. Then the old saying "Different strokes for different folks" came to mind in a way she'd never thought of it before.

Reading the surprise on Bonnie’s face, Judy explained. “See, I’ve always had a big box. Even as a teenager I masturbated using big things, one of my usual’s was a flash light. Not a little “AAA” flashlight, but the honk’n big “D” cell metal flashlights that policemen carry. At 15 I could put half of one of those big Maglite’s in me years old. I must say it was a bit of a letdown when I started doing real boys because only a few of the dozens of guys I did in high school really filled me. Even Ramón here, with his very nice tool doesn’t begin to make me tight.”

“Over the years I have made it with more than a few real donkey dicks that felt great inside, but inevitably they were attached to people I did not care to spend a lot of non-sexual time with. Now that is not to say Martin does not get me off, because we rarely screw when I don’t come at least once. It’s not that I don't enjoy normal dicks, it is just that I also like to feel really filled sometimes. On occasion I put a small vibrator in when Martin or other regular sized guys are in me; but when I really want my pussy filled to the max, I like two guys to do me at once. Both in my vagina I mean.”

“I can’t imagine” Bonnie gasped.

Mandy, who was evidently listening as she sucked, lifted her head and added “Me either and I’ve seen her do it lots of times.”

“Two average sized guys, like Martin and Brian, stretch me just a little. That is the most I am comfortable with on a regular basis. With bigger guys I’m always sore the next day, but I never regret it. OK, I have regretted it a couple of times because it hurt to walk for days. But that was when both of the guys were really hung.”

Bonnie stared dumbstruck, then blurted out “But doing that means their dicks are rubbing on each other. How many guys would do that?” as she thought of father and son doing Judy at once. Given what Judy had said the other day this revelation should not have been all so shocking, but it was. To Bonnie, it seemed that the LeMarco’s took free sex a step too far, even if they didn’t have that sense of entitlement.

“Perhaps you would be surprised that nearly all will” Judy said oblivious to Bonnie’s reaction, “Is the guys who have never had any guy-guy experience are usually the quickest to cum doing that. I’ve had several of them admit to me that they came so quick because the other dick was rubbing on them. I’ve never yet had any guy refuse to do a double on me, no matter how macho or homophobic they talk in public.”

Bonnie didn’t think her head could absorb any more information. She already had more new concepts than she could process. “I will have to trust you on that. After all my husband did it as soon as you asked. But even if guys would do it, there is no way my vagina is that big.”

Mandy lifted her face off Cooper’s tool once again and added “I agree, no way. I must admit it’s a kinky turn on to watch Judy do it, especially with Brian and Martin together. But if I do a DP, I’ll stick with one in my ass and one in my cunt, and I’ve only done that a few times.”

Cooper was not part of their conversation. He was totally lost in bliss. As Brian’s wife spoke, she continued to play with Cooper’s swollen head with her right thumb and fore finger. “I’m still undecided about tonight though.” She looked up to Judy with a knowing smile.

Bonnie began to ask what that meant when Ramón interrupted; “Señoras I am sorry to disturb you, but you will need to move. I must hoist the sails Now. Señor Campbell would you care to assist me?” Judy instinctively took command, “Come on girls let’s get some breakfast ready while the guys work.”

Cooper sat bewildered, almost ready to cum, he now sat with his dick rock hard and he wasn’t about to sit and jack off in front of Ramón. He was amused to see Ramón’s penis was also flying at full staff, evidently from watching Mandy give him head. From below, he heard Judy bark “Brian, pull your dick out of her mouth and get up and help them hoist the sails.” Quickly Brian was up the steps, also sporting a full erection.

He didn’t seem angry about being interrupted. Cooper was sure it was because he knew full well he would get all he wanted today. Without waiting for Ramón to tell him what needed to be done, Brian beckoned Cooper to the bow and they pulled the lines raising a pair of jib sails for today's long run.

“Well I’m glad to see your taking to all this stuff” Brian said as they cleated off the lines. “Some guys think they can handle it, but when they actually see their wife fucking like a damn cat in heat, they just flip out.”

They took hold of the mainsail line, wound it around the winch and pulled hard. “No problem here” Cooper answere