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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 12

Updated: Mar 30

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 12

Heather Jones


The next morning, the LeMarco’s had a fresh tropical breakfast delivered to the San Dinero just after dawn before the time Ramón was scheduled to cast off.  They had two days to make it back to Miami and only two things left on their itinerary: a scuba dive and a brief stop at Grand Cay for a beachside dinner. The plan was to use the power of the auxiliary diesel engine to head directly into the wind for several hours before heading north-west under sail.  Ramón, taking advantage of the furled sail on the mizzen boon, had pitched an awning over the cockpit affording some shade to the passengers when they made their way up from below. After the long harrowing and wet night, no one but Ramón moved until the island was well beyond the horizon.

When they had returned to the schooner at just past 1 AM, all of them soaked to the skin, things were much quieter than they had been the past few nights. On the cab ride back to the marina, Heather and Bonnie seemed joined at the hip. It came as no great surprise when Bonnie told her husband that Heather would be sleeping with them.  Other than how crowded it would be, Cooper did not mind one bit.  Nor was it a surprise when the two women got into the bed fully nude. What was a surprise was once they were in the bed, Bonnie turned to face Cooper and said “I’ve already had great sex tonight and I’m a bit sore down there. Heather and I talked and she would like to make love to you and I would very much like to be right beside you two while you do it. I won’t interfere, but I just want to feel the vibe of your lovemaking.”

And that was what happened. Though Bonnie insisted she would not be a part, she was. More than half of the hour was taken up with two long sessions where Heather and Bonnie lay face to face whispering, kissing, and caressing each other.  Jointly the women assigned to Cooper the task of spooning and slowly screwing his wife’s new infatuation as the two women focused on one another. At the end of the first session, before a potty break, Bonnie mustered up the strength to help Heather with a blow job, though they both cautioned him against cumming since he had more work to do after the break.

Cooper thought he put in a more than adequate performance laying behind Heather in spoons, slowly screwing her from behind. Eventually, he had been going so long that he had to put more effort into keeping hard, and that brought him to the brink of orgasm. With an apology, he quietly let them know he was close to cumming. Almost in unison, they told him to ejaculate inside of Heather. And so, as his wife kissed the teenager, Cooper filled her with his seed. 

Soon after Cooper climaxed, the women moved to sixty-nine. It got very quiet and still. To Cooper, it seemed that nothing was happening as Heather and his wife lay with their heads on the other’s thigh. Though occasional soft sighs did catch his ear. He knew something was going on, but he didn’t quite know what it was. In the stillness, he fell asleep.


9:00 AM found Cooper laying in their bunk, listening to the rumbling of the engine. It seemed anomalous as he was used to the quiet of being under sail. He absent mindedly stroked his morning erection.  He sat up and looked to the ‘cabin’ of Heather and Tina and found that he was alone in that part of the boat.  He leaned up on his elbow and peered through the solon into the open door of the master cabin. He could just see enough of the big bed to know it was not empty, but that was all he could make out.

Once standing he looked back toward the aft cabin. The door was open as well.  Brian lay on his back with Heather giving him slow head.  It seemed odd to him given the genuine affection she seemed to have for Bonnie last night, yet first thing in the morning she was sucking Brian off. He had to remind himself that affection and sex did not necessarily go hand in hand with this group; and she was Brian’s girlfriend after all.

His feet hitting the floor got their attention and both looked his way. Heather briefly lifted her head and smiled at him before refilling her mouth with penis.  Brian said good morning, and eyeing his dick in Heather’s mouth, he asked if Cooper wanted a blow job too.  Initially, Cooper bridled at how he volunteered Heather to give oral sex; but then Cooper realized that Brian didn’t mean for Heather to give the blow job at all. He was both pleased that Brian evidently was saying he wanted to suck his dick, and a little apprehensive about how that would look if he agreed. He declined politely and said it sounded fun, but he was really hungry. Both statements were true.

Climbing the short stair to the cockpit he stopped to listen to Bonnie retelling her story from last night for the third time, this time it was Judy who was asking for details.  She was particularly interested in Bonnie’s take on being fucked by two men at once for the first time.

“Well, my ass hole is rather sore,” Bonnie just finished saying as Cooper poked his head out of the lower cabin. Judy gave her a sympathetic pat saying “You’re lucky that Philippe is a safe-sex Nazi and never goes anywhere without his extra-lube condoms. Your ass would really be hurting if he’d done you bareback.”

Bonnie hadn’t thought of that before, and the truth was she had been in no shape to insist on a condom.  She did not share that bit of honesty with Judy but went on with her story. “With all that rum in me, it didn’t freak me out when I realized Philippe was balls deep in my ass. I’m sure you are right about Philippe using a condom because before that I had found that Gastón magically had one on when I grabbed his cock to guide it into me. I was too drunk to wonder where they got a condom on the beach. Like I told Cooper, I'm pretty sure it had been there through my whole series of orgasms before my brain registered that it wasn’t just Gastón’s big cock making me feel that way. Part of it was that Philippe wasn’t very thick.  At least I don’t think so, the details are kinda foggy. That is rather embarrassing. I haven't had sloppy drunk sex since I was Heather’s age, my freshman year of college.”

Judy commented “I’ve had more than a few great sex stories that were lost in the fog of Jamaican rum.  So did you like it?”

“Well…..” Bonnie paused before continuing “….well, yea, it was good. No, it was great.  It’s kinda embarrassing but yea I loved the feeling of being serviced by two guys at once.  It was overwhelming though - like too many sensations coming all at the same time. It's possible that I wouldn't enjoy it fully sober.”

Mandy asked, “Do you usually get into anal sex?”

“Not really” Bonnie answered “It’s not that I don’t like it, because I do, but it’s kinda a hang up of mine. Cooper likes to lick my ass hole, but I don’t ask him to put his dick in back there very often, even though it feels really good.  I guess I’m just too much of a clean freak to get into anal most of the time. I have to be really turned on to overcome that.”

“You ought to do an enema first” Judy advised “I am not a big fan of having a dick in my ass, but a couple of my friends who are tell me that if they plan on doing anal at a party, they will give themselves an enema first.”

“Doesn’t that feel a little weird?” Heather asked.

Judy replied “Like I said, I’m not into anal, but a friend who does a lot of anal told me that after she’d been doing it for a while, just the enema began to turn her on. She said it was her own self-foreplay to get her ready to go.”

“I never thought about it. I’m sure you are right,” Bonnie replied.

Judy looked directly at Cooper, whose head was just even with the hatch cover, “Are you just going to stand there or come sit with us?”

Cooper, a little flustered, said “Yea, I was just coming for some breakfast” as he climbed the rest of the way up onto the cockpit deck. He was not surprised this time to see both the Mrs. LeMarco’s and Bonnie lounging nude on the wide couch-like benches that made a “U” shape around the yacht’s stern. The pair of tables that had been in that space for the last few days were gone. Then he realized the table tops were still there, but they were now down, flush with the deck. It seems they stored right where they sat.

He was a little surprised to see that Ramón who was at the wheel was also nude. From what Cooper had seen so far, usually, he wore his old shorts even when all of the passengers were unclothed.  Then he noticed Judy was holding his shorts and surmised that she had insisted he take them off.

Mandy sat up and eyed Cooper's still somewhat firm hard-on and smiled “It’s nice to see someone appreciates all this lovely flesh on display” and patted the cushion next to her indicating where she wanted him to sit.  Bonnie was propped up against the cabin wall to his left so he took a seat between her feet and Judy.

Before he had even fully sat down, Mandy’s hand was wrapped around his member.  “Oh, it’s so warm,” she said with a smile.

Cooper had to make himself relax or he would have erupted then and there, so he focused on a small basket of fruit sitting on one of the seat cushions. He leaned forward to get a plate. Mandy only released her grip long enough to lay out on her front, so that when he sat back down her head lay propped up by one hand, inches from his cock.  Her free hand again wrapped her fingers around him and slowly stroked.  She looked across the cockpit to her mother-in-law. “He is most definitely longer than Brian or Martin” she said as she examined Cooper’s penis.

Judy answered “Yea longer, but I think that Martin is thicker, especially in the head.”

“Yea, your right” Mandy replied. “Martin has that mushroom head, Cooper here has more of a torpedo dick, but I’m sure I can deep-throat him with no problem.”

Cooper was taken aback at this banter about his penis. Even with all that he had seen in the past few days to have a woman talk like this to her mother-in-law was very strange indeed. His thoughts were cut short when he heard Judy say “go ahead and try.” Momentarily Mandy leaned her head forward to wrap her lips around his head.  Though he could not see her action directly, because his lap was filled with blond hair, he watched her head roll forward, and down.  He could clearly feel his erection going into her warm wet mouth until he felt her lips grip tight on the base of his cock. She held it there. He could feel a tightness on his head. That was new. All this made him think how sexually inexperienced he was compared to everyone else on the boat… even nineteen year old Heather. As it had been publicly announced at the luau, prior to this trip he’d only had sex, even oral sex, with Bonnie and two college girlfriends. He knew Bonnie did not take him that deep and wondered if that feeling of tightness was normal. He supposed his penis might not just be in her mouth but into her throat, but he did not actually know. And in doing this she had not even the hint of gagging like both his college girlfriends had done when they tried to take all of him in their mouth.  Slowly she rose her head before moving downward again.

Bonnie, from her position to Cooper’s right, had a better view, but it took some shifting to actually see Mandy deep-throat her husband. She had never been able to go that far down without gagging. On each stroke, Mandy’s lips went all the way down into Cooper’s dark pubic hair. She would hold for a few seconds then begin pulling the already taut skin upward as she clearly was sucking hard against the action of pulling him out of her mouth. An unexpected pang of jealousy popped into her brain.  It surprised her that after all they had done, it would still bother her to watch this beautiful young woman suck Cooper. As she watched, she realized it was not the fact she was-blowing him, but rather Mandy LeMarco who was in her mid-20s, was doing something Bonnie had never learned to do. She was jealous that Mandy could deep throat and she could not. It was as simple as that.

Her self-examination was interrupted when Judy continued her previous discussion. “As I was saying before Cooper came up. OH! I made a pun, Cooper came UP!”

Cooper was enjoying himself but, in an effort to change his focus, added a very artificial “Ha Ha” before Judy went on.  “On rare occasions, I've wanted a dick in my ass and pussy together. And those times I've wanted it, I've enjoyed it. But that has been like three times in thirty years of fucking around. Now having two guys in my pussy is something totally different. Whenever I get the right two guys with me, I totally get off on having both dicks in my box.”

Bonnie only vaguely remembered Cooper mentioning that when he and Brian had fucked her at the same time at the luau, they had both been in her vagina. She had thought he’d misspoken at the time, but had let it pass, but now it was clear that was exactly what they had done. She forgot about her jealousy over Mandy’s impressive deep throat, and wondered how any woman could put two penises in her vagina at once. Then the old saying "Different strokes for different folks" came to mind in a way she'd never thought of it before.

Reading the surprise on Bonnie’s face, Judy explained. “See, I’ve always had a big box.  Even as a young teenager, I masturbated using big things, one of my usual’s was a flashlight. Not a little “AAA” flashlight, but the honk’n big “D” cell metal flashlights that policemen carry. At fifteen years old I could put half of one of those big Maglite’s in me. I must say it was a bit of a letdown when I started doing real boys because only a few of the dozens of guys I did in high school really filled me. Even Ramón here, with his very nice tool doesn’t begin to make me tight.”

“Over the years I have made it with more than a few real donkey dicks that felt great inside, but inevitably they were attached to people I did not care to spend a lot of non-sexual time with. Now that is not to say Martin does not get me off, because we almost never screw when I don’t come at least once. It’s not that I don't enjoy normal dicks, it is just that I also like to feel really filled sometimes.  On occasion I put a small vibrator in me when Martin or other regular sized guys are in me; but when I really want my pussy filled to the max, I like two guys to do me at once.  Both in my vagina I mean.”

“I can’t imagine” Bonnie gasped.

Mandy, who was evidently listening as she sucked, lifted her head and added “Me either and I’ve seen her do it lots of times.”

“Two average-sized guys, like Martin and Brian, fill but don’t’ really stretch me. That is the most I am comfortable with on a regular basis.  And I’ll confess, having my husband’s son in me with him still gives me a thrill after close to a decade since we first did it. The first time they did that I was over the moon. With bigger guys, I’m always sore the next day, but I never regret it. OK, I have regretted it a couple of times because it hurt to walk for days.  But that was when both of the guys were really hung.”

Bonnie stared dumbstruck, then blurted out “But doing that means their dicks are rubbing on each other. How many guys would do that?” as she thought of father and son doing Judy at once. Given what Judy had said the other day this revelation should not have been all so shocking, but it was.  To Bonnie, it seemed that the LeMarco’s took free sex a step too far even for her. That would be true even if they didn’t have that infuriating sense of entitlement.

“Perhaps you would be surprised that nearly all guys will do it if I asked them to,” Judy said oblivious to Bonnie’s reaction, “It is the guys who have never had any guy-guy experience who are usually the quickest to cum doing that. I’ve had several of them admit to me that they came so quick because the other dick was rubbing on them. I’ve never yet had any guy refuse to do a double on me, no matter how macho or homophobic they talk in public.”

Bonnie didn’t think her head could absorb any more information. She already had more new concepts than she could process. “I will have to trust you on that. After all my husband did it as soon as you asked.  But even if guys would do it, there is no way my vagina is that big.”

Mandy lifted her face off Cooper’s tool once again and added “I agree, no way. I must admit it’s a kinky turn-on for me to watch Judy do it, especially with Brian and his father together.  But if I do a DP, I’ll stick with one in my ass and one in my cunt, and I’ve only done that a few times.”

Cooper was not part of their conversation. He was totally lost in bliss. As Brian’s wife spoke, she continued to play with Cooper’s swollen head with her right thumb and forefinger. “I’m still undecided about tonight though.” She looked up to Judy with a knowing smile.

Bonnie began to ask what that meant when Ramón interrupted; “Señoras, I am sorry to disturb you, but you will need to move. I must hoist the sails now. Señor Campbell, would you care to assist me?” Judy instinctively took command, “Come on girls let’s go below to get some breakfast ready while the guys work.”

Cooper sat bewildered, almost ready to cum, he now sat with his dick rock hard and he wasn’t about to sit and jack off in front of Ramón. He was amused to see Ramón’s penis was also flying at full staff, evidently from watching Mandy give him head.  From below, he heard Judy bark “Brian, pull your dick out of her mouth and get up and help them hoist the sails.” Quickly Brian was up the short ladder to the cabin roof, also sporting a full erection.

He didn’t seem angry about being interrupted. Cooper was sure it was because he knew full well he would get all he wanted today. Without waiting for Ramón to tell him what needed to be done, Brian helped Ramón take the cover off the mainsail, then beckoned Cooper to follow him to the bow where they pulled the lines raising a pair of jib sails for today's long run.

“I’m glad to see your taking to all this stuff,” Brian said as they cleated off the lines. “Some guys think they can handle it, but when they actually see their wife fucking other men like a damn cat in heat, like your wife has been doing, they just flip out.”

When they were back on the cabin roof, they took hold of the mainsail line, wound it around the winch, and pulled hard. “No problem here” Cooper answered. “I like to see her happy and having fun.”

“Oh, I like to watch Mandy too, but not all guys like it. Two years ago, we invited Steve McKinney and his wife.  We thought they would be fine because they had been in an ongoing three-way relationship with his secretary Joan. Remember her? Yea, for a year she had been doing it with both Steve and his wife, and Joan had been with us on our trip the year before.  Dad invited all three of them. Steve was cool the first day, he got into the nude women and wasted no time in banging Judy in front of his wife.  That night we had a big group fuck and I began to get bad vibes from him. I couldn’t say what was wrong, but when I watched him watching his wife fucking dad, I just knew something was not right. The next day he just went to pieces when he woke up from a nap to find me and Dad on the foredeck daybed with his wife and Joan in a foursome.  He just went ballistic.  If we had not been just an hour from Martinique, I don’t know what would have happened.  We dropped them off and they flew home.  He quit the company before we got back to work. Dad had to pay several hundred thousand dollars for Steve and his wife to sign a legal settlement that included an NDA. It was a mess.”

Cooper asked, “So why did you think I would be OK with it when Steve was not?”

“You already showed him how you would react to that. Do you not know how much your actions at this year’s Christmas party said about you? When Tina’s boyfriend announced to everyone at the party that he found Tina and Bonnie having sex in your office, you didn’t flinch. And when he said that your wife had asked him to join in for a threesome you just laughed and assured everyone that you supported whatever she was doing. That was it. We knew you’d be fine if you came with us.” 

As they were wrapping up the lines Cooper heard Tina’s voice from the stern. “Well, three stiff poles in the breeze, maybe we should tie a sail to one.”  All three guys still had their poles standing up.  Cooper knew his was up from talking about Bonnie fucking, Ramón’s was up because Tina had already begun to play with it, and Brian’s seemed to always be hard.

Brian just let her comment slide by and told her “You can tell the girls that the sails are all up and we can start laying out breakfast”.

“I can, but I think they found some entertainment that doesn’t involve dick” Tina answered.

“Then why aren’t you partaking with them?” Cooper asked.

“First, because Mandy and I were up playing long after everyone else was asleep last night, and then we came in and gave your wife some really good wake-up sex. But more importantly, is that to me, it is just too stuffy down there during the day to have fun.  I mean working up a sweat by fucking hard is one thing, sweating when you’re just lying there is something entirely different.”  With that she let go of Ramón’s penis, slapped him on the butt and took her towel to the bow.  Brian picked up a towel and followed her. 


Cooper made himself comfortable on the bench on the right side of the cockpit which was shaded by the mizzen sail.  He had decided he’d had enough sun.  Now with the motor off, the sounds were of the waves on the bow and an occasional ruffle of the sails were just about all to be heard. Almost, because directly below him four women were busy with their Sapphic play. From the opened port holes and hatch the quiet, but unmistakable sound of womanly pleasure filtered to Cooper’s ears.  It wasn’t a continuous sound, but just the occasional groan or sigh and every once in a while he could make out a voice clearly saying, “Yeah, right there,” or “Oh, keep doing that.”

Though he thought about going below, he did not want to interrupt their good time. He did want to stroke his tool which had been hard on and off for almost an hour, but he just could not bring himself to do so with Ramón standing at the wheel just feet from him.

“So Ramón, do all your charters have this much sex going on?” Cooper queried.

“Not many with this much” Ramón answered with his thick Cuban accent. “You know San Dinero belongs to Señor LeMarco, but I live on her. She is my home.  Two weeks each month we sail with charters. Sometimes, guests like you act as crew, but most times we sail with a hired deckhand.” 

Cooper had seen Ramón’s cabin had a second bunk. It made sense that some guests would not want to help with the sails and such so a hand would be needed.

  Ramón did not pause the longest narrative Cooper had heard him make. “Sexado where I hear happens almost every trip, sometimes I see, sometimes no.  Not many hombres y chicas sexado on deck. But sometimes I think they get excited when I see them.  Like now young Señor LeMarco and señorita Tina do on the bow.”

Cooper did not even bother to move to see, though he was not the least bit surprised that Brian was already bothering Tina. “How often do they ask you to join in?” Cooper followed up.

“Damas, señorías, mostly come to me for pleasure when esposa sleep.  Many men know not how to please their ladies and only please them self then go to sleep. Señorías come to Ramón and he please them mucho before they lay back with their sleeping esposa.  Señor no know mi semilla está en su esposa.”

Cooper couldn’t help but laugh. It was clear that even Ramón working in Miami had taken on the LeMarco values.  “How many are like the LeMarco’s and ask you to have sex with both the wife and the husband?”

“Nunca, unless they have been on a cruise with Señor LeMarco. Personas que han sido en San Dinero many times, like me to pleasure damas often, and hombres sometimes.”

Like his wife, Cooper was dealing with information overload. Certainly, for weeks to come, the two of them would be debriefing trying to process all they had seen and heard. Cooper did not ask any more questions, but just relaxed and listened to the sounds of the yacht and the women.

After a time, he thought he’d recognized the sounds of a number of orgasms, when the quiet sounds were broken by Mandy yelling out “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, OH FUCK YES,” and then subside into loud incoherent mumbling, as evidently someone had done a real job on her. Before Mandy’s ranting had ended, Cooper heard heavy footsteps moving in the cabin.  He guessed Martin had heard his daughter-in-law and was moving from the master stateroom to the aft cabin to join them.  Cooper mused how Martin’s sense of entitlement would override any concern about interrupting the girl’s only time. Cooper was sure he would have one of them speared in seconds without asking if they wanted him to join. Sure enough, he heard the rhythmic slapping of flesh indicating he hadn’t said a word but went straight to fucking. Cooper wondered who he was doing. Perhaps it was his wife.  With Martin now in the aft cabin, he would not be invading the all-girl play if he went below. Cooper thought finally he could get some relief for his raging hard-on. However, before he moved, Judy’s voice came up from below: “Ramón.” Bonnie’s voice echoed, “Ramón!”. Judy’s voice came again. “Could you come down here.” Her request was followed by some words too quiet for Cooper to make out which was followed by some laughter.

Cooper had not gotten up to go to the hatch, so it was not unreasonable for Ramón to turn to him and ask “Señor Campbell, take the helm, por favor, estoy siendo summoned.”

Though Cooper had wanted to join the group, his disappointment was mitigated by the fact he had wanted to sail the yacht since they arrived but had not dared to ask. When Cooper stood by the wheel Ramón pointed to the compass and said to stay on the same north by north-east heading until he returned.

Cooper gripped the large wood and brass wheel and scanned the taut sails. He knew if the wind held steady he would need to do very little. He watched the still naked Ramón descend the steps and turn to enter the aft cabin.

Cooper had to admit to himself that the opportunity to helm the San Dinero unsupervised was every bit as good as going below. Keeping an eye on the horizon, the compass, and the radar, he tried not to veer the schooner off course.  From his new position, he could hear somewhat better than before and he tried to figure out the various couplings going on below by the sounds.  Occasionally he could hear the slapping sound of aggressive fucking; other times he heard comments or directions.  He was sure he could tell a few times when one of the women had an orgasm, and he was also sure he could tell when Martin shot a load… and he was sure he did that more than once during this morning orgy. 

After perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes the noise almost completely ceased except for the sound of one couple fucking. The couple was identified when he heard his wife’s voice say “Oh Ramón, you feel so good in me.”  At least he knew what his wife was up to. Ramón’s grunting orgasm was the closing note of the sexual symphony, then silence. For a good five minutes, there were no sounds except the waves hitting the hull and one of the sails occasionally rattling. He could not see nor hear Brian and Tina up in the bow due to his position at the wheel. Then five sweaty, exhausted, and naked bodies clambered up onto the deck (Martin had stayed below).

Ramón thanked Cooper and took his place at the wheel. The four women collapsed onto the cushions.  Sprawled out around him, two on each of the curved benches, the women looked utterly spent.  With the women laying across the benches the only place he found room to sit was beyond Bonnie’s feet at the schooner’s stern.

“That was great” Mandy said in a breathy voice.

“Amazing” agreed Heather

“Oh, Bonnie, how did you learn to eat pussy like that?” Mandy said more to herself than to Bonnie. “You kicked my ass with that tongue of yours. That last orgasm you gave me almost brought on a heart attack.”

“I think every ship in the Caribbean heard you cum that time” Judy interjected.

Cooper could see a smile form on Bonnie’s sweaty face. Slowly she pulled herself up into a sitting position, one leg stretched out on the bench and one hanging off the side.  When she was up, she answered, “Well I just wanted to give you back what you did for me. Between you, Heather, and the guys, I don’t know how many times I came.  Damn, there is no way I’ve ever had so many orgasms in 48 hours as I have had in the last two days. Not even a fraction. I didn’t think my body was capable of it.”

“But that didn’t keep you from fucking the hell out of both my husband and Ramón just now” Judy quipped.

Bonnie smiled again.  She felt very good about herself.   She knew part of this was the leftovers from a bucket load of orgasms, but mostly she felt good she had made Martin, Ramón and all three of the women cum at least once.  Here, among what she had decided must be the sexual elite, she not only held her own, but had just outperformed them all.   Once again, she felt like a sex goddess. Sitting with her legs spread, the mixture of her wetness and Martin’s & Ramón’s semen began oozing out of her, down her ass, and dripping onto the cushion.  Even that made her feel successful and sexy. She let her eyes meet her husband’s, “This is good” she thought as she enjoyed the moment.

From his position, Cooper could see the growing puddle between his wife’s legs. He knew she was deliberately spreading her legs to show him how her labial lips were red from the pounding they’d taken and that two handsome, virile men had filled her with a copious amount of semen. She was just so beautiful like that. The very image of the empowered sexual woman. She could have any man she wanted, yet she chose him. He would never understand why. He knew he was blessed above all men. He watched for several minutes, as a long string of the viscus fluid emerged from deep inside of his wife. It elongated like a living thing as it stretched down to the surprisingly large amount of thick fluid collected on the seat cushion.  Then it let go and merged into the puddle. He knew that she knew what he was looking at… and she smiled. Yes, he was the most fortunate man alive.


Heather was the only one who realized that Cooper wasn’t nearly as contented as everyone else. Before she stood up and moved over to him, Heather asked the others. “Am I the only one who remembers poor Cooper sailed the boat while we played?”  She moved closer and stood on her knees right over his erection. He neither resisted nor helped as she lowered herself down and guided his penis into her.  She wrapped her arms around him and nestled her face in his neck. He spread his legs a little more so as to allow more of his shaft to enter her. Slowly she began to roll her hips, pressing down on him.

While Bonnie had used the word crush to describe the feelings she had developed for the teenage girl; Cooper was more inclined to look at their relationship with Heather in a mentorship light. Yet, the simple truth was he enjoyed her company very much and they seemed to have great physical chemistry where neither of them tried to dominate or exploit. They just seem to fit together without effort or stress. Perhaps the role of mentor and playmate were not mutually exclusive, but what was clear was that a connection had been made. What that meant beyond this trip, if anything, he had no idea.

“This is really nice,” Heather whispered in Cooper’s ear before giving him a series of kisses on his neck. “I failed to thank you for last night. You helped make it wonderful.”

The volume of her voice made it clear to him that she wanted this conversation to be private, between the two of them. He turned his head slightly so he could whisper back into her ear. “I enjoyed helping you two.   It was a beautiful thing and I was glad to be part.”

She whispered back “I know you were tired and we sort of left you out even while we asked you to do me. I don’t think I’ve ever met a guy who would have done what you did for us. I hope you don’t feel used.”

He quietly chuckled in her ear “If that was being used, well you two can use me all you want.”

She turned to give him a string of kisses that ran from his shoulder to his lips. “I think you are amazing. Bonnie is the luckiest woman alive.” She snuggled into his neck again and changed her hip’s movement pattern as she rolled them on his. “You really do feel good in me,” she said. For emphasis, she gave a little sigh.

As she moved on him, he began to feel wetness spreading from the root of his penis. It wasn’t a problem; it was just something he noticed.

She must have been aware of the drainage and whispered “I hope you don’t mind sloppy seconds. I’m afraid Mr. LeMarco left me filled to the brim… me and your wife both.”

Even on the last full day of the trip, another first: genuine fresh sloppy seconds, or thirds perhaps. He’d done it with Bonnie many times in college, and more recently with Vic but not like right after the other guy had cum in her like this. And he had never been just feet away listening to his partner getting banged by the other man. Perhaps he and Bonnie should make a list of all the new experiences they had this week. It would certainly be long. He whispered “Yes, it is amazing how he can cum like that, over and over. Night before last I watched him cum in Bonnie three times before it was all done.”   Cooper then went silent so as to embrace the moment. The warm softness of her unclothed body holding tight onto his, the pleasure of her grinding and the feeling of Martin’s semen dribbling over his balls all competed for his attention.

They continued in silent satisfaction with the slow thrusting roll of her hips as the only motion. After a wonderful forever, she sat straight upright on him and slightly turned to put her right nipple to his mouth.

Cooper thought to himself “She’s not afraid of letting me know what she wants. I like that.” He began to lick and suckle the proffered nipple.

As Cooper had expected, Bonnie was indeed watching as Heather slowly rode her husband quite literally at her feet.  Heather was so pretty and to watch her hips slowly grind on her beloved husband was a visual and emotional delight. He certainly deserved this attention after she and Heather had put his needs aside last night and used him simply as an adjunct to their lovemaking for what had to have been a solid hour. Yet he had not shown the tiniest bit of resentment at their disregard for his sexual desires. 

As Cooper and Heather wallowed in their bliss, Bonnie carried on the conversation with Judy and Mandy; even while she continued to ponder on how this new life would play out for them. Certainly, she had never imagined that the person who would become their first joint lover would be a teenage girl. That fact reinforced the reality that she had no idea how their newly open marriage would play out. She still was not sure where this was going nor where she wanted it to go.  What did Heather want from them? What did she want? So much uncertainty, yet, it was what it was. She could not miss that to the others her husband and the teenage girl were just having meaningless sex, but they were wrong. To her eye, she knew it had real meaning as they carried on a conversation of depth as he was inside of Heather.  She knew her husband well enough to know when a conversation meant something and there was no question there was something more going on that the others did not see. To her, it appeared they were using the sex as a cover to spend quality time talking, rather than the other way around. So many unexpected twists already and this was the very first week that they had fully embraced the free love life together.  Cooper had never been the kind of guy who leers at young girls, so this wasn’t about some fantasy of his. But what was going on between them? 

Heather’s face was again nestled in Cooper’s neck. He was enjoying the feel and sound of her slow breathing. It gave him a deep feeling of satisfaction that she was so contented to be on him, to have him inside of her. If her hips had not continued to move slowly, he might have wondered if she’d gone to sleep. Sometime before, after she’d had him suckle her nipples, she’d whispered “I know I’m asking a lot, but would you mind if we just keep on like this rather than getting off right now?”

He had let her know that he was more than happy to do so. The fact was that he was fully embracing their communion.  Cooper was old enough to know that orgasms were easy, extended full-body contact bonding like this was rare indeed.  Though it seemed like it was happening in another dimension. He was aware that Mandy had set up the two half-moon tables and begun setting out breakfast without disturbing them. Yet, her actions seemed so remote.

Shortly after that, Brian and Tina had come aft after their morning sex. Though breakfast had begun and there was activity all around; yet Cooper and Heather were in their own private, quiet world. He had no idea how long she’d been on him, certainly at least half an hour, likely longer.

Over the however long he and Heather had been sitting in quiet coitus, Cooper overheard several comments from Brian, Tina, and Judy about how long they were taking and how boring they were to watch; but he’d also heard Mandy step in to defend them saying she thought it was romantic. The others had gone back to talking but he wasn’t listening. He was sure Bonnie would keep watching no matter how long Heather ground her hips in his lap. He was equally sure she was enjoying watching Heather’s contented pleasure as much as he and Heather were (well almost as much).  

Bonnie also heard the comments and when she finally had enough, she told them to just leave them alone as forcefully as she had said anything all week. No matter what the others thought, just as Cooper had suspected, Bonnie very much enjoyed the sight. The classic dream girl slowly riding her husband with neither of them making any effort to reach climax was performance art in its purest sense. She found herself particularly drawn to the sight of Heather’s perfectly formed buttocks lifting up to expose Cooper’s rather nice-looking penis. The others might think their sex was a dud as a public performance, but to Bonnie it was perfect. Their comments reenforced the idea that her vision of sex was not the same as the LeMarco’s or even of Tina’s.  Neither Heather’s beauty nor her performance made her jealous at all. This week had increased her personal sense of sexual empowerment. She had nothing to fear from Heather or any other woman. 

While it was apparent to Cooper that Heather could, and possibly would, do this all day; he was a man in his forties and he could not. He felt his erection begin to soften. While a little

disappointed he could not go on like she wanted; he was not going to ask her to end her pleasure so he could bring on an orgasm for himself. He was willing to stay the course though eventually he would become too soft to stay in her.  Instead of trying to control his arousal as he had when she first mounted him, he worked to maintain it so as to preserve his erection as long as possible.  Sooner than he wanted he whispered, “I’m sorry Heather, but as much as I am enjoying this, my dick is not going to let us continue too much longer.”

With concern in her voice, she said “Oh, I’m sorry I let myself drift off into my own little world. I didn’t realize I had gone too long. Would you rather me bend over the rail so you can cum that way or should I get you off with my mouth and hands?”

“Don’t change what you are doing,” he responded. “I want us to keep this up as long as I can…so long as you are enjoying it.  I was just giving you a forewarning of what will happen. I’ll be hard enough to stay in you for a while yet, but I might slip out of you and I wanted to let you know so you won’t see it as a slight to you.”

“Don’t you want to cum?” she whispered back incredulously.

“I would much rather us keep doing this as long as we can. This time with you has been very special. Far better than a simple orgasm and I want it to last as long as possible.’”

She squeezed him and then kissed him with real passion. Not lust, but passionate affection. Putting her head back on his shoulder, she whispered “You really are amazing.”

When he finally was too soft to stay in her, she did not get off but began a new round of kissing as if they had just begun.

Though the others had lost interest in Cooper and Heather, Bonnie had seen what was happening. She knew her husband. More than once he had done the same with her: continued to do what she wanted until he could no longer maintain his erection. That kind of ending did not happen quickly, but still he never complained.  It was that utter lack of sexual selfishness that turned the infamous ‘Fuck on the First Date Bonnie’, the infamous sluttiest girl at Vanderbilt University, into a monogamous married woman for two decades.  The thought occurred to her that perhaps this crew would not see his willingness to forgo orgasm as a sign of strength. She did not want to take the risk that her husband’s manhood might be assaulted.  Her solution was simple, she just needed to tell Cooper it was time to eat.  With that decision made, Bonnie stood and let her husband know that he would have to finish with Heather later.

Cooper knew exactly what Bonnie was doing, even if Heather gave a confused look. He whispered “It’s fine. I know what she is doing. I’ll explain later.”

Turning to Mandy, Bonnie asked, “Can you give me something to wipe up Martin and Ramón’s cum that dribbled out of me. I don’t mind sitting in it, but I don’t want to make Heather do it.”

Heather laughed and said, “Don’t worry, when I sit on the seat, I’ll add more goo from my pussy to yours.”

They both laughed. Bonnie was glad the table blocked most people’s view so that there were no comments about the fact her husband was not hard when Heather rolled to the side to sit between Cooper and Bonnie.  The three of them had breakfast of fresh fruit, bagels, cheese, ham and some bacon that had been cooked in the galley’s microwave.

For several hours, the San Dinero was unusually quiet.  Everyone but Ramón found a place to relax in the sun. Heather lay between Bonnie and Cooper on the roof of the main cabin. The three of them talked quietly on and off. Other than to turn over and apply sunscreen, the three of them didn’t move for quite some time.

Heather asked questions about the Campbell home and their life in Sparta. Bonnie and Cooper were all too happy to tell her about Cooper’s family’s long history as leading figures in the town, about their kids and the family’s involvement at St. Thomas United Methodist Church (which was at least five generations old).  She indicated that her town and world was not all that different from theirs. When Bonnie mentioned that since the kids were born, she and Cooper had gone sans-swimwear in their home pool as often as not; Heather laughed out loud at the very idea of her parents going skinny dipping with the kids there. She added, “I can certainly see my mother and I doing that, but not with Dad and my brothers.”

Heather then went on to explain that although her mother dressed her to be sexy since she was a young child; nobody ever was naked when the whole family was around. She said her mother had entered her in beauty pageants from when she was in kindergarten, and had been dressing her to be the center of attention even longer than that. “She started me in Victoria’s Secret push-up bras as soon as I had boobs enough to wear them, and I began modeling in sexy bras and tiny panties when I was twelve. In the summers, she made sure I always had the flashiest and often the smallest bikini in town.”

“Yet, in 7th grade, when she caught me in my room making out with a boy topless, I was grounded for a month. She did that even though Mom and I both knew that I was showing that boy less than I had several photographers over the course of photoshoots.  Even then, Mom had been right there when on a couple of shoots I’d stripped nude to change outfits, yet she never said a word. So, I knew she was putting on a show for the boy and for my dad. A year and a half later when a woman from up the street came over screaming how she had caught me having sex with her innocent son, Mom went ballistic. She cried and yelled. She made it seem like she was devastated by the news, but even at the time, I knew she was putting on an act for the woman, my dad, and my brothers who were all there in the living room when it happened. You see, unknown to them, close to a year before, Mom had taken me to a clinic out of town to get me an IUD. But she made it clear that my dad was never to know.”

“Even though by then, when I was just fourteen, I was getting attention for my modeling work, she did not want anyone to know I was on birth control and didn’t want me to have birth control pills for me at home; but the fear that I would get pregnant meant she had to do something. You see, she’d gotten pregnant with me when she was sixteen. Her real focus of the year of lectures that followed was not about morality, but about reputation. What people thought, and how I was perceived in town were all important to her. She had a clear vision of how she and I were to be seen in Dublin. That was also true when she and I were out of town together, but the image she wanted in other places was very different. She made it clear that she expected me to get the attention of boys my age…” Heather seemed to think for a moment then corrected, “No she wanted me to get everyone’s attention, to get them to want me; but that promise was supposed to be a promise that I never kept.”

“What happened of course was that I still had sex and got a slutty reputation, but I rarely took precautions against disease. Since there was no way she’d let me buy them in our conservative town, I never started using condoms. Yet, she knew full well I was having sex. Even on the trips she and I took together without Dad and the boys, I sometimes got laid, especially in my last two years of high school… but to be candid, when it was just the two of us her priority was getting laid herself. And while I didn’t have condoms in my purse, she always did. She’s always been odd that way, but we have a great relationship and we always have. Our activities on our trips together and modeling bound us together in a pact of secrecy. You see, the same photographers who were shooting me in sexy clothes, bikinis, and lingerie were shooting her too… and a good many times she posed fully nude. It was our secret… well that an that I was having sex with boys and she was cheating on my dad.”

Bonnie could not help but listen incredulously. She had to ask, “So might I assume since you couldn’t have sex at home, a lot of the sex you had in high school was in cars and other places that were less than ideal?”

Heather laughed a rueful laugh. “Yeah.  But to be honest, her rules did mean I did less actual fucking than I would have liked. With most boys, I had to make do with finger-banging and blowjobs in cars or someplace hidden but not comfortable. My bad reputation came from my behavior at parties though. I gave blow jobs in pretty much any side room I could find, and when I thought I could pull it off without getting caught, I’d find empty bedrooms. That is where I fucked the most popular guys at school and cemented my reputation. I didn’t care if the guy had a girlfriend or not. Once I set my sights on banging a guy, he didn’t have a chance, he was going to fuck me and think I did him a great favor by doing so.” She shook her head. “I guess I’m more like my mother than I’d like to admit.”

“But while I thought I was really wild, and even as I tell you this it sounds like I was screwing guys day in and day out. But I didn’t.   It was only when I began fucking Brian at work that I started having sex nearly every day… and now on this trip. Close to half of all the times I had full sex before I moved to Atlanta, it was with one of four boys who were my friends with benefits. One was the guy whose mother got so mad when she caught us in the act… not that we didn’t keep doing it after that. We were just more careful. Like I said, before this week I really thought I had been super slutty. But now I realize I’m not in the same league as someone like Judy.” She got a look of frustration and said, “I know I sound like I’m talking in circles. I’m sorry, but telling someone new about my life is something I’ve never actually done before.”

Bonnie replied, “You're doing fine. Even Cooper isn’t getting distracted and that is an accomplishment.”   That got the laugh she was hoping for.

Heather tried again, “You see, I had created my own public image and everyone believed that I had sex with whoever I wanted whenever I wanted. I did have sex for fun pretty much every week with one of my friends with benefits. While I cultivated the reputation of doing all the popular guys, in truth I didn’t do that many of them. Though everyone heard about it when I did. Over the four years from when I first had sex to when I move to Atlanta, I mostly had sex with guy friends from school, most of whom had never even touched a boob before I gave them everything at once. It was really fun teaching them literally everything. But mostly it was oral sex and hand jobs that made my reputation.”

Bonnie laughed and said “In college, my friends all called me ‘Fuck on the First Date Bonnie’ since if I went out with a guy, I fully meant we would have sex. In high school, just like you, most of my sex was with friends with benefits, and in college, I did too, though my stable of guys was quite large.”

Heather laughed again then snuggled up to Bonnie. “Does your daughter know that?”

“Yea, I told her years ago. She thinks it’s funny. Though she wanted to have sex almost a year ago when we were in Miami, she still hasn’t done it yet. I think it is because she knows that we will fully support her when she decides to, she feels no pressure to begin. It’s funny how it works that way.”

Heather said “Your daughter is a very lucky girl” before she closed her eyes and slipped off into a light sleep.

Right at noon, while everyone was eating a lunch of sandwiches and chips, Ramón announced that they were approaching their final dive spot.  The sails were furled and the anchor dropped at the edge of what appeared to be a sunken volcano.  From the deck Cooper could see a ring of small islands around a shallow lagoon. Those who could scuba went for an extended ‘two tank’ dive; while those who did not scuba (Bonnie, Cooper, and Heather) were left to snorkel on the shallow parts of the reef not far from where the San Dinero anchored.

Just before leaving the schooner, Judy handed Cooper a little digital camera telling him that it was waterproof to ten meters and had a wrist strap that would keep it afloat if he dropped it. 

Acknowledging that the rule against guests bringing photographic devices was an unfortunate, but necessary precaution, she said “This way you can take some photos that you can show family and friends so as to forestall too many questions about the trip.  You might want to get some photos of the three of you in swimsuits onboard as well as in the water while we are gone. Ramón is not a bad photographer, and he’ll be glad to help. I’ll make up a flash drive of family-friendly photos for you, Heather, and Tina to take home before we land in Atlanta.”

Cooper thanked her and took the camera.  Once the others were gone, the three who remained went below to put on swimsuits for the very first time since they came on board. They took a series of photos of themselves and with Ramón (who was already in his shorts) onboard, then went into the water to shoot a series at the edge of the reef.  Family-friendly photos done, they removed the swimwear and donned the fins, masks & snorkels for their visit to the reef.

Though Bonnie and Heather had been impressed with what they had seen the day before, this reef was of a whole different magnitude.  It was teeming with life of all sorts.  Since Judy had not told him not to do so, Cooper shot as many photos of Bonnie and Heather as he did fish and coral.

Sadly, they had to cut their adventure far shorter than they wanted.  It seemed where the schooner was anchored, there was a strong current that pushed them away from the boat. It took constant swimming just to keep from getting too far away.  The scuba divers had brought up sea scooters from below to use on their dive. Only when they were becoming exhausted did Bonnie appreciate why the others had made the effort to get the electric devices out of storage. It had truly become a challenge for both Bonnie and Cooper to make it back to the wood and aluminum ladder that hung from the starboard side.  Once she was on the deck Bonnie told the others “I really was becoming frightened that I would not make it back.”  Cooper said he understood and put his arm around her as they made their way to the foredeck to relax on the sun bed.

Sprawled out in the sun, the three of them talked and laughed and flirted for a good while as they recovered from the exertion. They all knew it was foreplay, but foreplay is important. Bonnie looked across Cooper’s body to Heather and said “I think that bottle of coconut oil is still behind the bed here. How do you think my dear husband would look all oiled up?”

“Like a greased pig,” Cooper said.

“No, you wouldn’t. You don’t look like a pig at all,” Bonnie said slapping him. “Perhaps Winnie the Pooh, but not a pig”.

Heather shook her head in disagreement saying, “I think you are very handsome in a successful mature kind of way. Not a pig or Winnie the Pooh either.”

“See. Even she says you are nice looking” Bonnie said sliding off the bow daybed.

Cooper just shook his head.

When a few minutes later they started slathering coconut oil on him he just acquiesced. After all it wasn’t all that bad to have two attractive nude women wanting to give him an oil massage.

When Ramón came up to the foredeck to access one of the bow lockers, the three of them had been slipping and sliding all over each other for a good while. Bonnie gave the sinuous swarthy man a coquettish smile. he smiled back; but he went on with his work. A little while later, when Cooper and Heather had become bodily enmeshed with one another, Bonnie slipped off the bed.             It took Bonnie longer to find Ramón than she had expected on the restricted confines of the San Dinero. She had to go down to the salon, down again to the forward cabin level then down again to the very tight space that was below the solon.  She peered into the cramped engine room and waited for him to see her. When he turned and looked her way, Bonnie’s nerve almost failed her.  While the LeMarco’s seemed to not have a qualm about asking (telling) the man they wanted him for sex, Bonnie was not so presumptuous.

“Ramón…” Bonnie found it hard to start “… I know you have a lot to do and if you can’t I will completely understand.” She took a breath. She was sure he knew what she was going to ask, but he was going to make her say it outright. “Would you like to come up on deck for a few minutes and have sex with me while Cooper and Heather are busy with each other?”

Her heart sank when he responded with a grimace.  She shouldn’t have asked him she berated herself.

“The LeMarco’s have a number of things for me to do before we sail to our last stop tonight.”

Bonnie turned halfway and said, “I understand, sorry for bothering you.”

“Señora Campbell, I would love to do as you ask, but I will not be able to stay long.  Quince minutos, would that still please you?”

A broad smile crossed her face. “Se, Quince minutos de sexo contigo me harían muy feliz.”  She was quite pleased that she was able to string together that phrase in Spanish after all those years. Though right after, the thought came that perhaps she wasn’t as good at Spanish as she hoped and had said something bad. But, what could be more explicit than asking him to come up on deck to fuck her?

Once he had finished cleaning his hands, he followed her up to the cabin deck, up to the solon, up the steps to the topside and back to the bow. By the time they got back to the sun bed her heart was racing with excitement. Heather was on her side with one leg pointing straight up in the air. Cooper was on his knees straddling the leg that was on the bed, stroking his penis into her steadily.

Heather looked to Bonnie and said “I thought you had to run to go pee. I guess I was wrong.”

Bonnie quipped “I went for something way more important.”

Cooper watched as his wife sat on the side of the sunbed, unbuttoned Ramón’s shorts, slid them down, and wrapped her lips around his rather thick, already half-hard, cock.

Cooper just smiled and thought “I guess this will be the new normal for us.”

Fourteen minutes later, Bonnie’s knees were almost touching her shoulders as Ramón had her legs pushed back to drive his penis as deep as it would go into her.  His erection pressed hard on her cervix causing Bonnie to groan with pleasure. 

He leaned his upper body down to whisper, “You are so beautiful Señora Campbell. Making love to you is very pleasurable; but I must return to work.”  However, after saying that, he did not stop stroking; for which Bonnie was very appreciative.

He felt so good inside of her, but she had agreed to fifteen minutes. Looking up she said “I thank you very much for taking the time. You are so very kind.” She thought for a moment then added, “Please don’t hold back. If you can, I would like you to cum in me before you go.”

Ramón did not speed up or slow down. “Señora Campbell, I had done so before I told you my need to leave.” With that, he again pressed his cock in as far and hard as he could and held it there. He leaned all the way down to kiss her one last time.

He was still in her when she realized that her entire labia was wet with his displaced semen.  The kiss lasted longer than she had expected, and then he was off, picking up his shorts on the way.

She sighed a sigh of satisfaction.  “This is a good way to live,” she thought. Turning her head to watch Heather on top of Cooper, she was very pleased at the sight. The girl was laying on him and their kisses were deep and wanton.  She appeared to be pressing her clit onto his pubic bone in an attempt to climax. As her husband had done earlier, she said to herself “I guess this is what it feels like to have a truly open marriage.” 

Her mind went back to wondering how would she and Cooper translate all this back to Sparta, but her ruminations were interrupted by Heather. “Where did Ramón go?” she asked. Before Bonnie could answer she added, “How about you come over here and we can talk.” She motioned indicating she wanted Bonnie to sit right in front of her for their talk. The girl’s words made one thing clear, things really have changed beyond the point of no return. She got to her knees and moved to sit in front of Heather…on Cooper’s face.

When his wife’s body loomed over his eyes, Cooper was surprised. He’d heard the conversation but his eyes had been closed. Bonnie didn’t say a word before placing her labia to his mouth. It was a sticky mess. There was not a spot on her large or small lips that was semen free.  It was surprising to him only because Cooper had not known that Ramón had continued to stroke for nearly five minutes after he had climaxed. Even if he had, he was too new to this sort of thing to know that a penis would push a good bit of the semen out of a woman’s vagina. The displaced semen would often get spread out all over the woman’s labia, and so it had happened to Bonnie. He was surprised but not displeased. He’d done the same thing with his wife after she’d been with Vic, and had tasted semen on her in college too. But that was a lifetime ago. So, this was not a new experience and he enjoyed caressing his wife’s smooth labia with his tongue… it had not been hairless and silky smooth when he’d done this before. He was working on her left outer lip when a rather large glob of semen suddenly fell from her vagina onto his cheek.  He simply used a finger to push it to his lips.

Cooper knew his wife’s calm conversation with Heather as they both sat on him was forced.  Of course, Bonnie was aware of what was going on below her, and her effort to pretend she didn’t know was equally exciting to his wife as it was to him. It might not be bringing her off now, but the memory of this moment would fuel their erotic talk when they got home to Sparta.  As he used his tongue to search out for any remaining semen hiding inside the womanly cavern, he considered how in a short time he had come to very much enjoy taking globs of other men’s jizz into his mouth… even looking forward to it. Or was it really a new revelation? Perhaps it was only that for the first time he acknowledged to himself that he liked tasting other men’s semen… and had since that very first time he’d done it, in her dorm room, twenty years ago. Even more, he would be very disappointed if he did not get a chance to “get it from the source” before they got back to Miami. He accepted the truth that he very much wanted to suck off his boss, Martin. He was sure of it. 


When he could find no more pockets of semen, he turned his head and asked Bonnie, “Do you want me to get you off?”

“Thank you for the offer, but I think both Heather and I need to rest. You probably do too,” she said before moving off of him to lay down on his right. Heather mimicked her move to lay on his left.  

Bonnie turned and kissed his semen-flavored lips softly. “Thank You” she whispered “Thank you for letting me have sex with Ramón…and earlier with Martin.” She kissed his sticky lips again. “And with Brian and Philippe and Gastón too. You are so good to me. I am having the trip of a lifetime.”

Cooper couldn’t help but laugh, “And it’s not like you haven’t let me have sex with Heather, and Tina, and Mandy, and Judy. Most wives would claw their husband's eyes out for what I just did. Yes, I can safely say this is the trip of a lifetime, and it would not have been possible without your full support.”

Once Bonnie lay back down, Heather rolled to her side to kiss him as well. She was tender, not lustful as she gave him a series of light kisses.  When she was done, she kept her face close to his. “You are all sloppy” she chided playfully. “But I think there is nothing so sexy as kissing someone who tastes like a well fucked pussy.” Heather put her lips to his again before adding “But I will confess, before the Luau, I hadn’t tasted semen on someone’s lips before. I’ve sucked gallons of cum, but I’ve never tasted it like this. I like it.” She pressed her tongue into his mouth for a much more sexual kiss. It was long and hot enough to stop the ongoing softening of his penis. Then, in an earnest but firm voice, she said “Your wife was right, you are very sexy. I really am very attracted to you Cooper Campbell. I had never thought about the advantages of an older lover.”

“Before this week, Brian was the oldest man I’d ever had sex with. Making love to you is not like doing it with other people I’ve been with, even the other people here. It’s…well it’s hard to describe. I know comfortable doesn’t sound sexy, but when we are doing it, that is exactly what it is for me: comfortable. Maybe relaxed is a better word. What I mean is with you I can just enjoy. I don’t have to be something or do something and I just know that you don’t see me as a trophy or just a way to get off. Somehow, I can tell you want me to be me, for me; not for you or for anyone else. I don’t know how, but I do. With you and Bonnie, I just know deep down that I don’t have to perform that role like I have to do with everyone else. It’s not that I don’t like playing the Aphrodite role, but it is really nice that with you two I don’t have to.”

Bonnie leaned up on her elbow to look over her prone husband. “What do you mean by ‘play the Aphrodite role’?”

Heather got a pained look on her face like this was something she struggled with.  Slowly she said “I guess, since I really do want to make this relationship with you two last past tomorrow, I should tell you. I kinda started telling you earlier, but I didn’t get to the stuff that I’ve never opened up and told anyone. The person my friends think they know is not really me, it’s a role I play.  I’m not who they think I am.  But you two didn’t seem to even see the mask I wear. From the very first you seemed to see right through it. That is why I want to do what I must to keep you in my life. The hard truth is, I need you.”

Both Bonnie and Cooper heard and understood she was asking to become a permanent part of their lives. They had both considered and put off any firm discission about taking Heather and the relationship back home. Certainly, they had both found the idea attractive. How could they not relish the thought of Heather sharing their bed on a regular basis?  Even more importantly, they both really liked her. Bonnie even had a first-rate crush on the girl. One fear in Bonnie's mind was that by inviting Heather into their bed at home, would they be simply substituting her for the absent Gina Richards, the woman they had wanted to be their joint lover nearly a year before Bonnie began her thing with Jill and Vic. She thought they would have time to talk about it after they got home, but Heather wanted them… needed them now. Her declaration was not something they had expected. They would have to make some sort of decision today. They also appreciated she was taking a huge emotional risk by making her desire so explicit to them. That meant they must tread very carefully whatever they said.  Both of them had nearly the identical thought that they did not want to be like the LeMarco’s and simply walk away with no sense of obligation for her welfare.  On the other hand, it would be so very easy to take her in without any regard to the consequences.

While Bonnie and Cooper were sitting stunned, Heather sat up, thought for a few moments, then began. “Since I was little, I mean really little, people have been telling me how pretty I am.  While that sounds nice, and it is; people have always treated me differently than other kids.  I always got picked to do special things and even if I got caught doing things I shouldn’t I was punished a lot less. Of course, when I was eight or ten I didn’t realize that. I just knew everybody liked me. So even before I had a clue what sex was, life was shaping me for the role of sex goddess. But before I began to learn to be a sex goddess, I learned to play the role of an angel. Adults easily believed I could do no wrong and deserved special things. By the time I was ten, I was aware that playing the role got me things I wanted.  In time I simply got accustomed to using my looks and charm if I wanted something, even if I had no right to it.  So, in November when I got the out-of-the-blue job offer at LeMarco & LeMarco for which I was totally unqualified, it did not come as any great shock. Things like that have happened to me all my life. And since I’d accepted long ago that being nice to look at was my greatest asset, I didn’t resent that I got the job because I was pretty. I knew that was why I was given the job, or at least I thought that was all it was.”

“When I was twelve, I discovered sex. Well, not actual sex yet, but I discovered the power of my sexuality which was already blooming by then. Like I said before, my mother had been dressing me to look grown up and sexy since I was little. I did pageants all through elementary school, I was taught directly how to act sexy. Mom hired a pageant coach for me who had a history of training winners. The woman actually taught me the word ‘sexy’ and how to act in a way that was sexually provocative long before I had any understanding of sex or even sexual arousal.  When I started growing boobs, I simply combined the things I’d learned when I was six and eight with my new body and found it had real power. Even before I’d consciously started creating my personification of Aphrodite, I was practicing the role. I found out that even grown-ups would respond to me if I acted a certain way or accidentally gave a little peek down my blouse… especially if I didn’t have on a bra. Not just dirty old men, but most people.”

“For a long time, for me sexy was just a word for a set of actions I’d been taught by my pageant coach and by watching how Mom acted around men. Around the time I started seventh grade, I finally understood what sexy meant and why it worked to get people to do what I wanted.  It really started when one day something switched on in me and I discovered why such a big deal was made about kissing. I know that sounds silly, but that was how I knew something in me had changed.  I’d kissed boys before that, I’d even let guys feel me up by then, but I clearly remember the first time that kissing got me turned on.  Even then, I didn’t immediately connect that feeling with the words ‘sex’ or ‘sexy’.  However, with free access to the internet, it was easy to put the pieces all together. I even realized that other words I’d heard all the time and had even used without understanding fit that feeling: turned on, hot, aroused, and even horny.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but smile and laugh. “I wonder if all girls have that kind of epiphany. I know I did, and I was about that age too… but of course I didn’t have the internet to show me how sex worked.”

Heather just nodded. Clearly, the affirmation helped her go on. “From the very first I thought it was really cool how getting turned on made me feel. I felt more aware of my body and I got a feeling that everything was better, though I still didn’t fully appreciate what it all meant. The new feelings were amazing. I really liked getting turned on.  I started to look for ways to help me get turned on all the time. Of course, internet porn was right there to the rescue.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but both laugh and cringe. How many young people did exactly the same thing, turning to internet porn to learn about sex. But she did not say anything and let Heather go on.

“Using what I saw girls do in videos, I learned how to get myself off.  Hardly a day went by when I was in seventh grade that I didn’t look at porn and play with myself. Porn also made it clear that it would be even more fun for other people to get me off. My new persona continued to take shape.” She stopped and said “Oh, I should add in that Mom and I looked at glamour photos together to help us know what we wanted to talk to the photographer about at our next shoot. And nudes were a normal part of what we looked at, but Mom didn’t think that was porn, so I didn’t either. And, it was only after I got the vocabulary to understand it, I realized I’d been getting turned on by doing sexy modeling for at least a year before all this.”

Bonnie was dying to ask about this modeling she kept alluding to, but it sure sounded like she’d been doing pretty racy stuff when she was way too young. Or was that what Heather was saying? She seemed to be saying that she was acting sexy long before she really understood what that meant. Bonnie would not interrupt Heather’s narrative now, but if she didn’t talk about her modeling, she would ask later.

“Since I already knew how people wanted to do what I wanted, all I did was apply those old lessons to something new. I found all I had to do was to look at someone, almost anyone, in the right way and they would beg to do the things that made me feel good. I also found out rapidly that if I wanted someone to get me off, they would always do it. Best of all the person who I’d manipulated to do what I wanted thought I’d given them the greatest gift in the world.”

“By the start of 8th grade, I’d learned from experience that anyone I asked would make out with me, pretty much anytime I wanted. It was not hard to get boys to play with my tits or my pussy. It was a little later when I realized girls would do it too when that was what I wanted. Since the boys were doing what I wanted by feeling me up, I saw it differently than my friends. I didn’t feel used by the boys who sucked my tits or put their fingers up into me, even though I knew other girls did.”

“When I tried to teach the guys how to actually get me off, rather than to just finger my pussy, I found they just couldn’t understand what I wanted. Fortunately for me, two guys who didn’t live too far from me had parents who came home late from work. Once or twice a week I was able to go to one of their houses after school. It took months, but they both learned to get me off consistently. In the process, I found out how great it feels to make out naked. By watching porn together and telling them what I liked, they also learned to eat me out to orgasm. Looking back, I am really impressed that I learned how to teach guys to please me before I started high school. Oh, and I learned to give blow jobs with them too. As you can guess, they were very willing students. In eighth grade, I blew six other guys besides those two.   It was one of those guys who was my first partner for full sex, and it was his mom who came to my house when she came home early and found us fucking in her bed.”  


“Now I wasn’t the wallflower slut who put out to get dates, or the skanky slut who simply didn’t care about anything. No, I developed the character, or role, I call Aphrodite.  In eighth-grade while I was learning about sex, we studied Greek mythology in English class. I thought it was really cool so I learned way more than I had to. In the process, I began to imagine myself as Aphrodite, the goddess of sex and beauty. She was not ashamed of her sexiness and used it to get men and gods to do what she wanted. I knew I could be her, or what she would have been in my school.”

Bonnie was impressed how much Heather had thought all this out in advance even though she had been in her very early teens, but she didn’t interrupt the narrative.            “People called me the prettiest girl in school all the time, and my mom had always bought me clothes that set me apart from the other kids. I’m not sure she meant to, but in buying me clothes that looked like grown-up chic, I often was wearing things that showed off my body, even though I had far less to show off than I do now. But, even at school where there was a pretty strict dress code, my mode of dress stood out. I know it sounds vain to tell you, but I was a Home Coming Princess for two years and I was the Home Coming Queen my senior year.”

Bonnie just had to comment. “No, it is not vain to simply mention the awards you were given. If your school was like mine, or my kids’, you must have been more than just pretty and well dressed, people had to like you. All too many times the prettiest girl in school is also the nastiest and cruelest. You should feel good about yourself that your peers thought you were the ideal they wanted for your school.”

“Thank you,” Heather said. “But, each time I was nominated, as I understand it, there were teachers who fought to get me taken off the ballot for moral reasons. They didn’t succeed, but they tried.”

“Moral reasons?” Bonnie queried. “How did the teachers know you were sexually active? I’m sure you didn’t put a sign around your neck saying you fuck for fun.”

Heather laughed, “No, not a sign. But from the summer before my sophomore year of high school, my sexy glamour photos were on several photographer’s websites and… well I’ll get to that in a bit.

Bonnie just nodded. She tried not to act overly curious.

“When our neighbor showed up screaming that she’d caught me with her son screwing, she revealed that he had admitted to her that we’d been having sex since I was in the middle of 8th grade. That day Mom decreed that I simply couldn’t date until I finished high school.”

Bonnie interrupted her, “But you said your mom was just putting on a charade and she really wasn’t mad that you were sexually active. Then why were you punished? Was that your father’s doing?”

“No, it wasn’t my dad. It was my mom. Later that evening, when we were alone, she laid into me. She really was upset to find out that I’d been having sex for a couple of  months before she’d put me on birth control. Even assuring her I’d used condoms didn’t hold water for her. That didn’t pass muster with her since she’d gotten pregnant with me when she was in high school even though she and my dad had used condoms… well she also admitted that sometimes they didn’t. She wasn’t actually mad that I’d been having sex for over half-a-year, it was about the risks I had taken. She didn’t want what happened to her to happen to me. And she was hurt I hadn’t told her I was having sex even when we’d gone to the doctor to get me on birth control that prior summer. I guess it was unfair to call the no dating rule a punishment because to my mom it was just good sense. But by dating, I don’t mean I couldn’t ever go out to the movies or a football game with my friends, both guys and girls. By dating she meant I couldn’t go out with a single boy, you know to have a steady boyfriend.”

Bonnie understood Heather’s mother’s concerns since she was also a mother of a teenage girl. She was rather glad Misty didn’t have a boyfriend yet. It allayed her fears that even while Misty’s friends were dating, Misty never had what would be called a real boyfriend. Even better, Misty didn’t seem to feel like she was missing out. How long that would continue, she had no idea.

 Heather went on, “As I’m sure you have already guessed, her insistence that I didn’t date didn’t keep me from having sex. And, she didn’t really try to, after all, she made sure I had nearly foolproof birth control by the time I started high school. In practice, by preventing me from getting a regular boyfriend, it actually finalized the creation of my Aphrodite persona.”

“You see, my mother told me a thousand times that boyfriends use girls and hurt them in the process. Since she didn’t let me have a single regular guy, I kept doing it with boys who were just friends or just classmates that were nice.  I took the public position that dating was beneath me so as to keep from looking like a dweeb that wasn’t allowed to date. I told everyone that sex was something I did with friends and classmates, not with a boyfriend. A lot of my slutty reputation was that I had sex just for the fun of it without being in a relationship. As my mom had wanted, I didn’t have any real boyfriends in high school; but I had lots of friends with benefits. To be honest, Brian is the nearest thing to a boyfriend I’ve ever had.”

“As Aphrodite, I was a goddess touching whoever I chose with an otherworldly blessing. I learned that even a smile or a certain look had a powerful influence on people. The ability to use my sexuality to control people was…was…it was empowering, but it was more. It was exhilarating. Sexualizing how I dressed, how I talked, and just how I carried myself in everyday life became the hallmark of my Aphrodite persona.  My mother helped me become Aphrodite more than she realized because as a goddess I had to present myself as several steps above everyone else. The activities she had pushed me into over the years became the tools I used to create the image of my character. In addition to paying a coach to teach me how to be sexy when I was in elementary school, my pageant years gave me training on how to do hair and makeup. The status given to me by my popularity at school taught me how to take charge, and her insistence on dressing me as a fashion model both taught me style and got me into the habit of never leaving the house unless I looked great.  Those things contributed to the look and behavior of Aphrodite. Since my mother would never let me go to school in jeans and a tee shirt, everyone I knew simply expected me to always look like I was a star.  Not just at school, but everywhere. That shaped how people treated me and how I expected to be treated.”

“I always thought it odd how my mom loved showing me off, but she was insistent that my image was all just show and nothing more. She was quite up front that we put on a false image of ourselves to appear to be what people want us to be. I think that comes from her growing up in abject poverty and then having a baby at seventeen. She had to work to be accepted socially, even in the middle-class community in which we lived.”

“Being a chameleon was hard enough at school and in town, but it was worse when Mom and I went out of town together. You know what it’s like in small Georgia towns, the line between tasteful and trashy might be thin but it is all important. Since she was open about how I should dress and behave to get people to notice and even envy me, I was never allowed to cross that line. When Mom and I stopped traveling to pageants every other weekend when I was eleven, we started doing glamour photo shoots and taking trips to places around the country with just the two of us four times a year. Those two things became my new stage.”

“It may sound odd to you, but since we’d been going for overnight out-of-state trips for pageants over fifteen times a year, flying out to cities across the country once every three months didn’t’ seem unreasonable at all. She loves L.A. and Vegas. I’ve been to both cities three times. We also flew to Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco, and, New Orleans for long weekend trips. We also did week-long beach trips to Daytona Beach, Miami Beach, Myrtle Beach, and Key West. When we were out of town, she treated me like a living Barbie doll.”

“Even at twelve years old, I knew she was dressing me in a way that was overtly sexual; and yes, she told me what to wear every day when we traveled.  But in buying my clothes and telling me what to wear and how to wear them, she taught me how each venue had a different line between sexy and trampy. To be fair to Mom, she taught me a lot of important things about presenting myself that help me every day at LeMarco & LeMarco.  On those trips I was not a child, I was an adult in training. She taught me how to talk and present myself as an adult to adults, and how to adjust my language and behavior based on what kind of people we were interacting with and where.  It mattered not only what city we were in, but where we went in those cities. Our location determined where that line between sexy and trashy was.”

“You wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve worn in public with her in places like Las Vegas.  How many girls have their mom teach them when they should skip wearing a bra and panties, like when I wear a super thin mini-dress? My mom did just that when we were in both Vegas and Miami.  All that to say that even though she didn’t know it, my mother actually taught me most of what I needed to make Aphrodite come to life. And as I went through high school, she kept training me even while she publicly stated that she did not want me to have sex… even when I became rather open to her about the fact I was. My mom gave me the knowledge of how to present my body in such a way as to ensure I was the center of attention in any room, yet never come across as a whore.”

Bonnie had been trying to keep up with the torrent of information. She had refrained from too many comments or questions… thus far, but she finally couldn’t keep quiet. “It sounds like your mother has been living out her dreams through you. Is that it?”

Heather nodded. “I didn’t see that until after I’d moved away; but now I can see it clearly. I was living the life she thought circumstances had taken from her.”

“Oooh, that sounds bad. Do you mind explaining?” Bonnie asked.

“No, that’s fine, but it is bad, really bad. I guess it is central to who I am even though she paid a very high price. I would never have become Aphrodite if my mother hadn’t done her part.  You see my mother had been, well still is very pretty. When she was in her early teens, in her heart she dreamed of becoming a model, but the reality was that she was trying to survive, and looking all the time for a way to escape. She never talks about it, even when it is just us. I’ve asked a couple of times but both times ended in tears before she could get it out. What I am sure happened was her father and uncle sexually abused my mom and her cousins. From what Mom has told me it started for her when she was about thirteen and didn’t end till she ran away to live with my dad three years later.”

Bonnie just gasped.

“As I said, I don’t really know what happened, but that is my conclusion based on the bits and pieces Mom has told me, and I’ve been able to put together from what I’ve heard from other family members. We all live in Dublin, and as I was growing up family get-togethers happened a few times a year, and at those, people talk, especially after a few beers. Putting all the pieces together, I think that after my mom ran off and moved in with my Dad, one of her cousins got up the courage to talk to a school guidance counselor. But before the Sheriff could arrest her father and uncle, both of them just disappeared. Since my mom felt safe with my father and didn’t want to derail their planned wedding… you see I was already on the way, she denied she’d been molested too. Understand, my father was twenty-four and Mom was sixteen and pregnant. With my grandfather gone, my grandmother signed to let them get married even before the sheriff's deputies and social workers showed up at her school to ask if she’d been molested as well. That is why she thought it was easiest to say she had no idea what they were talking about. I know she still feels guilty for leaving her cousins to face it on their own. But as it turned out, they never had to testify or anything like that.”

Bonnie breathed out, “Why?”

“Not too long after I was born, the remains of my uncle were found in some woods between Dublin and Macon. Since her father never has been heard from since, many people think he is dead too. With both her uncle and father out of the picture, and by then Mom was a mother and married; she never changed her story with the police. And like I said, she has never given the whole story to anyone.”

Bonnie didn’t know what to say. She just hugged Heather. While she wasn’t directly the victim, her life surely was shaped by those events. Knowing that background, it was easier to understand her mother’s behavior and to forgive some of the things she had done. Family secrets can be a terrible thing.

“I think she did see a therapist when I was little, but she’s never told me anything about it and I know she wasn’t seeing one after my brothers were born. The upside is that my dad’s family wrapped their arms around my mom and gave her the loving family she craved. I think she told my dad’s mother what happened to her, but Grands has never told anyone what Mom told her about that and I doubt she ever will. I’m quite sure it is why his family forgives some of the things she does. Grands, my dad’s mother, is sort of her guardian angel… and of course, she loves me to death. There is sort of a legend that Grandpa’s workers…”

Heather looked over to Cooper, “You see, my dad and his dad are plumbers by trade, but their company is the largest locally owned plumbing company in central Georgia. Mostly they do commercial work. Even back when Mom married Dad, they had around a hundred people working for them, and to hear Dad talk about it, Mom was a hit with all their guys from the first day she showed up. I’ve seen pictures of her from back then, she was gorgeous and she’s always been a terrible flirt. Well, the story goes that one of Grandpa’s workers got wind that there had been a report at the sheriff’s office that Mom and her cousins had been raped by her father and uncle. The rumor has always been that some of those guys found my uncle before the deputies did… and that was why he was dead and no one has seen or heard of my grandfather since.”

Bonnie was dumbfounded. She’d heard some horrible stories, but this one was the worst.

Cooper put in, “Yeah, I can see that happening. I have dealt with a lot of redneck tradesmen, and I can certainly see them saving the pretty young wife of the company owner the embarrassment and agony of a trial. What is the name of your family’s company?”

Heather nodded, “Yes, I’m not the only one who thinks that story has more than a grain of truth. Dad and Grampa’s company is Jones & Son’s,” she laughed, “Yea, I know it is not very creative. While both my Grandpa and Dad are wonderful people, they are pretty traditional guys. They’ve built their business on their reputation of quality work and honesty, not promotion.”

Cooper sat up, “Yes, I think I’ve met your grandfather. His company has done the plumbing for a couple of projects for LeMarco & LeMarco. I’m not really involved in that part of the company, but yes, his company is a player in your part of the state. Does Martin know you are Donald Jones’s granddaughter?”

“I don’t think so.”

Cooper got a serious face, “I suggest you keep it that way. And you might want to downplay the name of the company you are working for with your dad and grandfather. I know that I worked for Martin for ten years and was kept in the dark about what was going on under my nose, but better head off problems before they start.”

Heather seemed to understand Cooper’s concern right off. “I’ll do that. Thanks for the advice. But I know my mother was very popular with men who worked for my grandfather at the time. When she was sixteen, she got pregnant with me and married my dad before she started her senior year. So, she never finished high school. Though she’s never admitted it outright, I don’t think it was an accident that she got pregnant. It was her way out. I was born that fall. I’m sure that is why she is so down on boys, dating, and teen sex. My mother’s family was a wreck and just like me she learned to trade on being pretty very early; but having spent her life in a beat-up trailer with a low-life father who abused everyone, her horizons were pretty low. When she met my father, she saw him as a Prince Charming who could rescue her from my abusive grandfather. To this day, even while I know she cheats on him… a lot, she is forever thankful for what he has done for her. Their relationship is a little strange.”

Bonnie put in, “I wouldn’t call being unusual strange. All marriages are unique to the people involved. Certainly, anyone who knows Cooper and I would say our marriage is very strange too.”

Heather laughed. “I guess you are right. And like you and Cooper, it works for them. Unlike most of my friends, my parents rarely fight and I think they are both grateful for the other; and importantly, Dad doesn’t look at things Mom does too closely. He doesn’t see what he doesn’t want to see. He still tells everyone how he fell head over heels in love with her right off.”

Bonnie put in “How romantic.”

Heather smiled, “My dad is a really great guy. Don’t take it wrong, but Cooper reminds me a lot of him.”

Bonnie said “I understand. In a lot of ways, he is like my father too.”

Cooper gave a look to them both and said “Well I’m not sure I like that from either of you.”

Bonnie patted him on the shoulder and said “Don’t be offended. Women often marry men who remind them of their father.”

Bonnie looked back to Heather “Don’t mind him. He’s just a man and he doesn’t understand the first thing about women. Go on.”

Heather laughed “I love watching you two interact. I want a marriage like yours one day.” Then she went on with her narrative. “The truth is, I don’t know if Mom has ever loved Dad the way he loves her. He adores her and she puts him up on a pedestal. So much so, I think she finds him hard to love as an equal because she believes he is so much better than her. I don’t think that will ever change. I know that is sad, but their relationship is odd. Perhaps you are right in saying most marriages are, but their love just seems very unbalanced. But with her upbringing, I’m not sure she can ever stop seeing him as some sort of demi-god and just love him as her husband. That is why I’ve never blamed her for her infidelities and how she raised me as her alter-ego. She didn’t have the opportunities I’ve had; the opportunities she made for me.”

Bonnie gave Heather a hug. “I’m honored that you trust us enough to share this with us. You are even more special than I’d realized.”

“I don’t know about that. The truth is I loved being Aphrodite at my high school.  It let me float over things as I just swam in a sea of adoration, subservience, and bodily pleasure. As Aphrodite, I could do and say things that no one else would dare. Right in the school lunch room I’ve talked about things like great masturbation sessions or how great some guys jizz tasted the day before, or the wonderful orgasm I had when I’d hooked up with one of the popular guys from school. That is just what people expected me to do, and I made an effort never to disappoint.  Since my body provided me so much joy during those years, I was never interested in drugs or anything like that. I used to tell people that orgasms are my drug of choice. How could anyone argue with that?”

Both Bonnie and Cooper had to laugh. Yet, even as she was laughing, Bonnie tucked that little nugget away for later when she was working with teenagers.

“But still, I know I missed a lot too. In some ways I never got to be a little girl. From when I was five till I was eleven (the whole time I was in elementary school), I spent so much time with pageant work I didn’t get to do the kinds of things most girls did.  Instead of Brownies or ballet, I was learning all those things I told you about, and of course how to present myself as a sex object on the stage and in front of a camera. You’d be surprised how much there is to learn to become a good model. It should be no surprise that I still feel I must live out a role rather than just be myself. I feel like every day of my life I have been on a stage of some kind.”

“That’s right, you said you have been a model,” Bonnie said. “Though you really never explained what kind of work you did. Were you like a professional?”

“Yes and no,” Heather replied. “Yes, I’ve been working with photographers since…well forever since I had to model all my pageant wear, but I didn’t start modeling as like a professional until I was twelve. Though I’ve done shoots with at least two dozen photographers, but most of those were not for cash, and even those times I was paid, it wasn’t very much money. So, if you call someone a professional who gets paid enough to pay for gas and lunch on the way, or the photographer gives her copies of her photos and the outfits she poses in…well then I guess I am a professional. But if you mean have I modeled for the purpose of making money, no. I guess I hadn’t thought to tell you about that, but I guess I might as well.”

Something now made sense to Bonnie “I guess I should have known you’d done modeling from how comfortable you were posing nude for Martin this week. I’ve been posing nude for Cooper since the first month we were dating back in college, so it was old hat for me. Though I’ll admit, and I told Cooper, that it has been really fun to have a new photographer.”

Heather waved a hand “Oh, I’ve never posed totally nude before, that is new for sure. Well other than in selfies.”

Again, Bonnie laughed. “Your world is so different than mine was.”

Heather agreed “Yeah, adults get so crazy about nude selfies. Everyone does it. As long as you cover your face it is not even considered slutty. In high school, if a guy I’d messed with is really sweet I would take a selfie of my tits with his camera to remember me by. Then we’d go back to the party or whatever we were doing before. But again, that is not uncommon.”

“I did not know that” Bonnie replied. “So, for girls your age, pics of, let’s say your boobs, are no big deal as long as you can’t be identified?”

“Yeah, that’s right. There are dozens and dozens of pics of my boobs out there, but as far as my modeling goes, I’ve never posed for anyone fully nude. However, before I finished high school I had posed many times in ultra-skimpy bikinis, tiny or see-through lingerie, and wearing nothing but a shirt that showed my boobs plain as day. Some of that felt like I might as well have not been wearing anything at all, but according to my mother that tiny bit of fabric, no matter how thin or see-through, makes all the difference. My mom has had a thing for taking my picture forever. I am sure at least once a month since I was about four, she’s had me pose for her. Most of the time it is just a quick few pics in a new outfit or at a new place, but she’s also done some elaborate photo shoots that take half a day. She also helps Janice with most of the shoots I have had with her, and that accounts for almost half of all my professional shoots. That is how she learned to shoot such good photos herself.”

“Janice Williams is a wonderful photographer from Macon who does glamor & fashion photography for businesses around our region as well as weddings, proms, pageants, and stuff. Mom originally hired her to do one of my pageant viewbooks when I was about nine. Mom had not been happy with any of the photos by other people until Janice.  I’ve worked with her more than anyone else, and now Mom sometimes works for her as an assistant at weddings and proms and things. They are really good friends now. I think Mom would call Janice her best friend. In the past few years, when Janice sets up her portable studio in our garage, she almost always does one set of Mom. I pose in a variety of sexy things, but Mom poses completely nude as often as not. And just like Mom is her assistant when shooting me, I am Janice’s assistant when she is shooting Mom. I’m not sure if my dad knows that Janice has sold some of those nude photos of her, but I know Mom is really proud that people pay for her photos. Then maybe once a year or so, Mom will join me for a set of us posing together.”

Bonnie asked, “So, it sounds like your modeling is very much a mother-daughter kind of thing.”

“Yes, it has always been that way. It is better for us when she is part of the photo team or a co-model than when she is just a chaperone.”

“That makes sense,” Bonnie said. She could not help but think how she and Misty had bonded at the beach when they did wild things together as a team, rather than her just playing the parent role.  “So did you just decide you wanted to be a model?”

“I stopped doing pageants and Mom turned her sites on me becoming a model when I started middle school. My first formal glamour shoots were all with Janice. Mom used those photos to get other photographers to want to shoot me. At a minimum, every year in May and November Janice and I would do a shoot. In the spring we did outdoor shoots and in the fall, she’d bring her lights and backdrop and we’d spend all day and sometimes into the night doing studio work in our garage.  Though I’ve posed for a bunch of photographers, Janice knows me best and gets the best photos.”

  “Before I left for Atlanta, I went through my mother’s computer files and made a set of my best pictures for me to keep and to make up my own portfolio. There were so many photos of me there. More than I realized. I mean thousands and thousands of pictures from at least fifty photo shoots in those six years. Whenever I did a shoot, Mom insisted I, well she, get a copy of the raw files before the photographer left. It was part of the agreement. Supposedly it was for a portfolio book, but if one was ever made, I never saw it. A few times I remember going to real glamour studios when we were out of town. Most of my photographers though were from Georgia or Alabama and were semi-pros. A few however had formal photo businesses.  I really do like modeling and I think I’m pretty good.   As a rule, Mom required the photographers to clear all outfits in advance with her and I would keep what they brought for me as part of my payment. With everyone but Janice, she always made the photographer run through the photos before we left and she’d have them delete any pictures that show frontal nudity, back and side shots she’d let go though. For Janice I also did some modeling for shops and on-line sellers. I’ve even done a couple of bikini shoots for beach shops down in Savanah. But like I said, I got a little money, but my real payment was photos for my portfolio and the outfits I posed in.”

Bonnie asked, “So do you think the modeling thing was also about her living her dreams through you?”

“Yes, for sure. She wanted me to be a professional model and was really rooting for me when I moved to Atlanta to make my big debut. She told me outright that the reason she had me do actual lingerie and semi-nude shoots with Janice early on was to get me used to doing them since all the good models do. Since I had nice boobs by seventh grade, I looked pretty damn good in the smallest of outfits, some hardly would count as clothing at all. I really looked forward to our big annual lingerie shoot each fall. Beginning when I was in 7th grade, every November we would do a whole day of lingerie in the studio she set up in our garage. That first year or two the outfits were not nearly as revealing as they got to be once I started high school. At pretty much every shoot we did, she would bring for me a bra and panty set to pose in unless we were shooting at a shop or something, and often they were lace or see-through. But the real fun stuff was always done in our garage at the fall lingerie shoot.”

Bonnie put in “She was probably right about the need for lingerie photos for a professional portfolio. And from what I’ve read it’s common for sixteen-year-olds to model really sexy lingerie, and in Europe they do it with even younger girls.”

Heather nodded, “I think Janice told me that too. I did all of my formal lingerie shoots for her. Then each May we’d do a big swimwear shoot that she used to get me bookings during the summer for beach shops and such. The bikini shoots were always done outdoors but since there is no public swimming place I could wear a thong bikini, we would just find some secluded spot at a lake or along the river.”  

“With most of the photographers, Mom kept pretty strict control regarding what I could wear. For pretty much everyone but Janice and Kevin, she went through the outfits before we started. Kevin Goodman was the other photographer who shot me on a regular basis. He started shooting me when I was in 9th grade.  After he and Mom got to know each other, he could pretty much shoot the same kinds of things with me that Janice did. Like once I posed in a fishnet shirt. Nothing was hidden, but I had a shirt on so it was OK. Additionally, just like she did with Janice, Mom posed for him nude at a number of my shoots after I was done.”

“We usually worked in his studio, but sometimes at a secluded place at a nearby wildlife refuge; and… it was at one of those shoots, between my 9th and 10th grade years, when they thought I was off at the car, I caught them having sex.”

Bonnie quipped, “That’s one way to ensure he had your mother’s trust.”

They all laughed.

“Oh, he was good looking all right, and very talented. But with other photographers, she was kind of inconsistent on what she would allow depending on how she felt that day. One time she’d veto an outfit or pose, then a month later with a different photographer it would be just fine. Mom was wishy-washy like that.”

Bonnie asked, “So, did Janice teach you how to do modeling like you had that coach when you were doing pageants?”

“Yes, for sure. Since she started with me when I was so young, she really taught me almost everything I know about being a professional model. Some of it was like posing, but other things were just practical stuff. Like she taught me, that as a professional glamour model, I should arrive without wearing a bra or panties and only put on what was needed for each look. It was something about the lines that press into your skin and show for a good while after you take off a bra or panties. Now there was a point in some shoots where Mom said I had to put on a bra or panties because of the outfit. That was especially true for male photographers she didn’t know. If a male photographer, other than Kevin, suggested I take off my top completely and cover my boobs with something else, like a branch or something in my hand; she almost always said no. But a few times she said it was OK. Sometimes I tried to convince her it was all right, but when she said no, she was adamant. She was probably right not to simply trust anyone who I posed for.  Even after I turned eighteen, she wouldn’t let me pose topless, showing my breasts, for male photographers. Though I did for Kevin a couple of times before I went to Atalanta. And of course, Mom let Janice shoot anything she wanted other than full-frontal nudity… like Martin has been shooting all week.”

“I also did several whole-day shoots with Janice for a woman who sells lingerie online. Those shoots were fun and tiring because I spent the whole day changing fast and getting a couple of quick photos then going to the next thing. I think I was naked more than I was in lingerie those days. I actually did a lot of topless photos those days when I modeled panties, but always with my nipples out of sight. Those days were some of the few where I was paid enough to cover our expenses and still have money in my pocket.”

Bonnie was very interested in how such photo shoots worked, so she asked, “Did the photographers come with poses in mind, or did they expect you to know what to do?”

“By the time I was in high school, most of the photographers gave me broad leeway as to how I posed. The more I modeled, the more I learned what looked good for me. My boobs and my butt are strong points so I showed them a lot.  With Janice and Kevin, Mom would not object when I did entire sets of photos with my shirt unbuttoned unless I was fully and plainly visible for the whole set. The idea was that incidental showing off my nipples was simply part of the process. Unless the panties were what the set was about, I didn’t wear anything but the shirt. If Mom saw I was blatantly showing my cooch she would make me change poses… but she rarely did that with Janice or Kevin.”

“But her rules didn’t really make sense. I couldn’t take off all my clothes and cover-up, you know with my hands and stuff, even for Janice or Kevin. While at the same time, some of the bikinis I posed in for quite a few photographers were tiny thongs with tops that barely covered my nipples.  Not only that, even with male photographers, lots of the dresses were really, really short and very thin. Only a few times did she tell me to put on my panties, which was still a string thong.  At my lingerie shoots, as far back as my freshman year in high school, Mom had helped Janice pick out my outfits and some of them quite literally showed everything. But for shoots with Janice and later Kevin, as long as when I was standing up straight there was some sort of fabric over the naughty parts, Mom was fine. It didn’t matter that those same parts showed when I was posing. When I looked at the full sets, even as far back as when I was fourteen at the start of 8th grade, there are scads of pictures where I was plainly showing off my tits or my pussy. Mom knew that because she has copies of all the photos. And, I knew she knew because when I was in 7th grade, before my lingerie shoot with Janice, she had me shave off all my pubic hair for the first time. I’ve been bare ever since.”

“In the beginning, it was sort of an open secret that Janice could shoot my pussy or nipples as long as it looked as if that was not what she was trying to do. But by the time I was in 11th grade, even that rule was dropped with both Janice and Kevin.”

“With all the other photographers though, she didn’t let them keep any photos of frontal nudity. That stayed the rule right up until I turned eighteen. However, it was not until this week that I did full sets of totally nude photos.”

Bonnie pointed out “The truth is the law doesn’t make sense regarding what and when you can shoot nudity with people under eighteen. So, your mother’s odd rules may not be as nutty as they seemed to you.”            “Probably so. I know Janice taught her a lot about what was and was not OK to shoot before I turned eighteen. I liked posing for Janice the most and I think she liked working with me. My mother has told me she would like to shoot me again when I get a chance. I know for sure that she wants to do nudes with me. Perhaps I should contact her and let her know that I’ve been posing naked in the Caribbean all week.”

Bonnie added “I can’t wait to see what Martin has shot. Judy, Mandy, and Tina all rave about how good his photos are.”

“Me too” Heather replied. “When I was making my own collection of photos to take with me when I moved out, I was really surprised how good some of those photos were. Lots of them I had never seen before simply because doing shoots once or twice a month in the school year and every week in the summers, I didn’t see nearly every photo.  All the photographers used social media, that was how Mom found them. Janice and Kevin have their own websites. So, I normally only took time to look at the best pictures they posted on the web. But that was like one photo out of a hundred I found in the archive.”

Cooper said “That makes sense. Since I’ve gone digital, Bonnie only sees about one out of fifty photos I shoot of her. The rest I either delete or put in an archive.”

“I guess it’s like that,” Heather said, then laughed. “I know why many of them didn’t get on-line. The photos where I deliberately showed my nipples or my pussy were never on their websites. And to be honest, despite Mom’s rules, at a good many shoots with photographers other than Janice and Kevin, I gave them at least a few peek-a-boo frames.  I did that a good bit just to push Mom’s rules. Since normally I didn’t have on a bra or panties, it was easy to accidently on purpose flash the camera. When I got a young cute guy shooting me, and I posed for several college students doing art class assignments, I arranged a lot of accidental exposures.  Mom would tell me to cover myself if she saw that I was exposed, but that was nearly always after the photographer got a couple of frames of what I wanted them to. Sometimes I thought she was more worried about my behavior than the photographers taking advantage of me… no not some of the time, almost always. But yet, when I looked at photos Mom had on her PC, it was clear she knew how often I’d been showing myself. Yet that didn’t lead to her stopping me from doing it at the next shoot.”

Bonnie put in, “It is called plausible deniability. By letting you pose in skimpy outfits without bra or panties, she had to know you would be showing off your nudity, but from what you say, she only intervened when you got really blatant about it. The truth is, if it were plausibly accidental, the real risk would be to the photographer, not you or your mother.”

Heather nodded, “Yes, like at my second shoot with Kevin. I knew the plan was for Mom to pose nude for him when he was done with me, so at one point I simply opened my shirt all the way to the camera when I didn’t have anything at all on underneath it. She’d fussed at me, but she’d not made me button it back up or make me put my panties back on. While she gave Kevin broad latitude, Janice was the only person Mom just sat back and let her shoot anything she thought was tasteful; well, anything as long as I was not technically fully nude. And by the time I was sixteen or seventeen, sometimes that technicality was pretty flimsy… like once we did a set where I had just a big scarf… a big see-through scarf as a pseudo sarong. By the time we changed into a new outfit, I was making no pretense of covering up with it.”

“Over the six years when I was doing glamour work for her, she shot a great many photos that would give the fuddy duddy’s a heart attack. Her photos really were great, especially when she was doing artistic stuff rather than glamour or fashion. My most provocative stuff was done for her. Though she gave Kevin a wide leash as well.  Mom trusted both of them. Both of them became personal friends… and as I said earlier, I know she had sex with Kevin at least once, but I’m pretty sure they did it more than that one time. I actually caught them in the act. They didn’t know, Mom still doesn’t know I saw because I let them finish then came up like I had no idea they’d been having sex. That wasn’t the first time I’d kept Mom’s secret that she cheated on my dad, but that is a different story. Perhaps if our relationship goes how I hope, I’ll tell it to you. But, when Mom finally let me look through her archive that has every one of my photo sets in their entirety, even the pictures she made the photographers delete from their set, I saw that I was exposed to one extent or another in hundreds of images. But understand, those where I was completely exposed never showed up on any of the photographers' websites or media feeds. Though I know Mom let Janice post a good many that went right up to the line and those were very popular at my school. Mom knew full well I liked showing off and would let Janice post anything she thought was legal. I was glad I found all those pictures that were never made public in Mom’s archive.” 

Bonnie followed up with “I must say I have no problem that you did photos like that. Even if you had posed fully nude, I don’t think there would have been anything wrong with it. I’m not sure if I explained it clearly the other night, but Misty was only sixteen when we went to the nude beach.  For a good hour, she and I posed for a group of guys who were taking photos of us. That is not mentioning all the pictures taken by people who didn’t even ask our permission. I know some of those must be on the net somewhere.”

Heather agreed “Oh yea, I’m sure they are. But the internet is a big place.”

“I know it’s only a matter of time before someone at Misty’s school finds one and passes it around,” Bonnie said.

“Yep,” Heather confirmed. “Everyone at my school knew I was on those photographers’ websites, and my lingerie photos were…um…let’s say they were popular. When I was in 9th grade, I got hauled into the office when boys were sharing pics that the school thought should be called porn. But when they found out the photos were not illegal and I had not posted them, there was nothing they could do to me. The boys got into trouble, but I didn’t.  Of course, that just helped cement my growing reputation and status as Aphrodite. The same thing happened the next year after the fall lingerie shoot, but again my mom and I got a lecture, but that was it. That next summer I did a series of TV spots where I was in almost-thong bikinis for a local used car dealership. Though I just stood by the cars, or lay on the hood, still I became a local celebrity.  Yes, I was a very small-time celebrity, but anywhere in the Macon television broadcast area that summer, people knew me on sight. That was how I got hired to do the bikini shoots in Savanah. In the fall, when I was a sophomore, when my new lingerie photos came out on Janice’s site, it was an event at the school.  Each year the photos had gotten hotter. That year they were as close to the line as you can get for a sixteen-year-old. I didn’t get called into the office, but an announcement was made that said bringing inappropriate images to school was punishable even if the photos are not illegal. Of course, they were talking about me and everyone knew it.”

Bonnie laughed “You really were a handful, weren’t you?”

Heather laughed too. “Well…maybe I was and maybe I wasn’t. Mom and I actually have always had a great relationship. But even if I was a handful, no matter how many times my mother told me to cover up my tits or pussy during shoots; she never punished me, even the times I gave a photographer the chance to effectively shoot full frontal nudes of me. No matter what I did, she never stopped booking photographers to take sexy glamor photos of me. She never even threatened to. I’m not sure how real her anger was about it.  Even then I suspected her concern for my modesty was a sham. When she shopped my pictures trying to get me picked up by an agency, she routinely sent photos that were effectively topless with my breasts fully exposed, even if I technically had on a top. So much for her concerns that I not let anyone see those parts of me since by sending those photos as examples of my work, she was making the offer of me posing topless even if she wouldn’t say so. Janice told us that pretty much anywhere but in the US, sixteen-year-olds are allowed to do topless modeling, so that is why she sent those photos to agencies.  I don’t know what kind of responses she got, but I never was picked up by an agency and never did any paid work outside of local shops and used car dealerships and things.”

“I mentioned how when I first moved to Atlanta that I really thought I would get work as a fashion model, but the only firm offers for paid work came from porn producers; but not so much for mainstream modeling. It seems that while in Dublin, I was a big fish in a little pond. Outside of our little town, there are thousands and thousands of girls looking for modeling work. My guess is that my mother found that out years ago. It was hard on my ego to realize that while I was Aphrodite in Dublin, in Atlanta I was only one pretty country girl out of thousands. The only paid modeling jobs I ever landed were at car shows and industrial conventions. So much for my self-image as Aphrodite the sex goddess.”

“I’m confused,” Cooper said. “So, are you still living out the Aphrodite persona or did you give that up?”

“Oh, I still play that role every day. I have no intention of stopping.  It makes me strong and gives me the tools I need to succeed, even in Atlanta. Aphrodite was invited on this trip, not Heather Jones. Aphrodite is Brian LeMarco’s lover, not Heather Jones. Very few people ever meet Heather.  Even my mother preferers Aphrodite. Though she pretends to be appalled by the brazen sexuality displayed; it is obvious that showing off Aphrodite is what brings her pride and joy. She beams when men follow me with their eyes. I think I have become the person she always wanted to be. This past Christmas she straight up asked me if I had taken a lover in Atlanta. Not a boyfriend, but a lover. When I told her I had and that he was the son of the company’s owner, she was clearly impressed. I will never figure her out. Only my father and grandparents see me as  Heather Jones.  Even my little brothers only see Aphrodite anymore. To them, I am more the legend of Dublin High than the sister they grew up with. She is my public face. She is who people expect. My whole world is built on that persona.”

Bonnie thought for a moment and then asked, “You said Cooper and I see Heather, not Aphrodite. How does that work?”

Heather seemed to understand the confusion. “It really is hard to explain. I can see it in the way people look at me. When I meet new people, I can see when they transition from just seeing a random person to when they see Aphrodite. Before this week I’d only seen Cooper on occasion and I’d never talked to him. He had never actually met either Heather or Aphrodite before.” She turned to look right at Cooper “That first day of the trip when we still had on our clothes. We sat up here talking…I can’t believe it was less than a week ago, it seems so much longer…. you didn’t see Aphrodite, you saw Heather Jones. That happens a lot when people first meet me. I can’t say exactly how I know, but it never takes long for Heather to be eclipsed when people I meet see the much more interesting Aphrodite. People like the character way more than the person. Even people who are afraid of sexuality or simply hate on people who are openly sexual love Aphrodite, or love to hate on her. It’s never easy to tell which, but either way they might not notice Heather, but Aphrodite stops them in their tracks.”

Once again, this nineteen-year-old said something that really impressed Bonnie with her insight. The ability to conceive the idea that those people who decry sexuality actually prefer the sexy persona because it simply gave them something to see, showed real depth of understanding.  No doubt that Heather Jones was far brighter than her persona allowed her to show. The events and circumstances of her life thus far had sharpened her awareness regarding the influence of sexuality on people around her to a remarkable degree. Yes, Heather was an asset to Bonnie’s own growth and had things to teach Bonnie.

Unaware of Bonnie’s thoughts Heather went on. “When you didn’t see Aphrodite right off, I told you what a slut I am and alluded to the fact I was easy to get into bed. I use that approach with people I meet all the time. It is both a way to start people looking past boring me to exciting her and it lays the groundwork for a trap should I want something from that person. I fully expected that within a few minutes, you would get that look in your eye that sees right through Heather and focuses on the character I have created.  But you didn’t.  Failing with my first try, I used another method, making an effort to get you to want me sexually. I really tried to get you to stare at my tits. That didn’t work either. You just treated me like a person. I didn’t know what to do with that.  But it wasn’t until the hike in the jungle and how you two acted toward me that convinced me you were not like most people.”

“Did we do something wrong?” Bonnie asked.

 “No. Not at all. Though when neither of you seemed to think I should be the center of attention even after I got naked and started to masturbate it confused me. I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten naked around people before when they didn’t seem to notice or care. I’m pretty sure I haven’t. Even the LeMarco’s notice, even though they pretend not to care.  Cooper, you never tried to touch me; and Bonnie, I had to move over to join you. You didn’t come to me. That is what I mean you don’t need me to play the role. Bonnie, when you and I made love with the oil, it was like you had no idea Aphrodite even existed. You completely saw me as a sexual novice you wanted to teach something special. Part of me wanted to be offended at that, but the real me was so grateful. Cooper, last night you simply did as Bonnie asked you. I was not part of your decision-making process even while you fucked me. And then this morning, that was just as much a learning experience for me as my time with Bonnie at Tortuga.  And when I asked how you wanted to get off, you said not to worry about it because orgasms weren’t as important as our closeness.”

She stopped and seemed to think. “I just realized that what you said about orgasms this morning and what Bonnie told me at Tortuga are the exact same thing. And though we were doing it differently, both times were about connecting with me.  I don’t know how to act for you guys, especially when we are having sex.”

“You don’t have to act any way around us. Especially when we are having sex” Bonnie replied. She leaned over to kiss Heather. “We both only want for you to feel loved as yourself, not as Aphrodite.”

“I think I know that now” Heather responded.

They had arrived at the point Bonnie had steered the conversation, yet had wanted to avoid at the same time.  Though she and Cooper had talked in general terms about somehow involving Heather in their Sparta world; they had not had time for a serious discussion as she would have liked. Heather’s explicit request had been so unexpected. All the new background information had only made this harder. They would have to navigate this without a prior agreed upon plan.  She continued cautiously so that Cooper would understand she wanted him to be part of this discussion.  “I don’t know why, but in the past week, both Cooper and I have developed certain feelings for you. Feelings that, if I might say were not sought or expected.”

Heather said “I was pretty sure you had. Or I was hoping you had, because the same has happened to me.”

With that said, neither woman was quite sure what to say next.  Cooper waited then stepped in. “I don’t think either of us know what words to use for those feelings.  Bonnie told me she has a crush on you, something she has not felt since she was a teenager herself.”

Heather both smiled and looked embarrassed. Bonnie scooted around so as to put an arm around the teenager. She then said softly, “While it feels wonderful, it also makes me feel a little silly. Just seeing your face or being close to you makes my heart race. Even now touching you like this makes me very happy. Like blissful.”

Heather put her arms around Bonnie as well. “For me, it is something like that, but it is also what I told Cooper, comforting. Like I feel like I can open myself up to you two.  Opening up with my body is easy and that is no surprise. I do that a lot.” She laughed at that and both Bonnie and Cooper followed suit.  That seemed to lighten things to a better level. “Even though I just met you when we got here; I’ve opened my heart and soul to you and I want… I want you to come into it.” She paused to gather her thoughts. “Like I said, it’s easy to let people into my body, and I love doing that; but you have made me want something more, something I don’t know that I knew that I wanted.  I have a burning raging desire to have you fill me. You already have started to fill my life with something. I don’t know what it is but I want it to continue.”

“Wow,” Bonnie said. “That is deeper than I’d expected from you.” She saw a look of fear cross Heather’s face, so she added “Be sure, it’s not deeper than I, we, are prepared to go with you. In fact, it was the thing I wanted to talk to you about. It is just that I had not expected you to articulate it so well. I’ll make sure not to underestimate you again.”

Cooper thought it was a good time to jump in again. “Heather, you have to know we are in a very different place in our life than you are. More than anything we do not want to cause you pain. It is the exact opposite. We do want to be part of your life, the question is what kind of part? Your use of the sexual metaphor is a good one. Likely you don’t know it, but even in the Bible, sex…the act of a penis going into a vagina sex…is used over and over as a metaphor for spiritual filling.  Saying you want us to fill you emotionally the same way you are filled during sex is right on the money. And I think I can speak for Bonnie too when I say we would love to fill you like that.”

Her eyes went wide. “Really? So, I’m not wanting something that I can never have?”

“No, you are not” Bonnie responded. “No one should feel alone inside or feel they have to put on an act for everyone. Sure, we all play lots of roles for other people, but we all need people with whom we can put aside the character and be ourselves. Cooper has filled me so long it takes work to remember what it is like to be on my own emotionally.  But, I’ve been like that.  As children our parents fill that void; but all healthy people move out from under their parents, emotionally as well as physically. Sadly, not all people do, but that feeling that you want to be filled says you are healthy.  And like you, for over four years I fucked my brains out, and loved doing it; but when Cooper came into my life, I felt just like you do.”

She stopped to give her husband a kiss to emphasize the point.

 “You have an opportunity that I did not have though.  Cooper and I were taught that we can only be filled emotionally with one person at a time, just like we women were taught that we should only be filled by one man physically.  We now know that is not true and never has been. You have options for a richer life than I’ve had because you already know that truth at your age. I had to learn that lesson after I’d reached my forties. As you go through life, you can have your heart, soul, and body filled by as many people as you choose to let in.  While I have been very happy with Cooper all these years, I could have had an even richer life if I’d been open to it.”

Cooper took over. “What we have come to understand is that people have an infinite capacity to open our souls up for those close to us to fill.  Even narcissistic and shallow Brian seems to know that. From what he says. he has been filled with Valarie and Judy and Mandy. Though he doesn’t see Valarie much and he doesn’t have sex with Judy on a regular basis, they are both still part of his life and always will be.”

Heather cut in “I think he only wants to fill me with his dick and not his soul. But if I am honest about it, I have only showed him Aphrodite so I can’t blame him.”

Bonnie nodded with a smile, “Yea, likely so. But we both know that there is something to be said for being filled with dick.”

They both laughed and Heather said “You seemed to enjoy getting filled by Ramón a few minutes ago.”

“I sure did” Bonnie agreed. “And if I had to do it again, I’d have been filled with a whole lot of dicks in the last twenty years. Not that I’m complaining, but the next twenty years will be different.”

Cooper wanted to bring this back to what needed to be said. “Bonnie and I have an abiding emotional connection that effectively makes us a single entity in two bodies. Our relationship is an integral part of our life and that will never change.  We actually had opened our hearts to a woman named Gina a decade ago.  Back then we understood that we could integrate her and her daughter into our family for the benefit of all concerned. What we had not yet come to see is that the physical is a requisite part of a certain kind of bonding between adults. For those of us who are in the prime years of our life, that physical connection is usually manifested in having sex.  If we had to do it again, we would have embraced our love for her fully rather than keeping it at arm’s length.”

Bonnie took over “We now regret it.  Looking back, I can see how for several years she tried to tell me that she wanted a physical relationship; yet we simply had not yet progressed to the level of understanding that we could and should do so. For two full years she directly and repeatedly told me she wanted my permission to become Cooper’s lover. I simply did not take her comments seriously. Tragically, when we would not take her fully into our lives, she turned to a very controlling man who does not make her happy and has pushed us completely out.  By doing so we not only robbed ourselves of that joy, we actually harmed her by refusing to allow the possibility that she instinctively knew was there.”

“So, sometimes a married couple should have sex with other people because they need it?” Heather asked.

“Exactly so,” Bonnie replied. “What is funny is that Gina’s daughter and our daughter are now lovers. They have gone where we were not yet ready to go.” She took a deep breath and said “We do not want to make that mistake with you. We are open to the idea of you becoming our lover, not to just have sex but for you to be a part of our life and us to be a part of yours.”

“Oh yes, I do. That is exactly what I want.”

Bonnie went on “But please understand what Cooper said, you are at a very different stage of life. You are young and your life still can go many ways. At some point in the not too distant future, you will want and need a relationship like Cooper and I have. We want to open our hearts and bodies to you, but we do not want you to think we are your final relationship; because I can tell you with surety we are not. Think of Judy’s example with Valarie and those other girls. At one point she was in their life on a weekly basis, but now a decade later, while she is still part of their emotional support system they rarely meet in person.  We are not like Judy in many ways, but in this, her example can be a guide.”  She paused and hoped Heather would say something.

It took a few moments of silence before Heather said, “I understand. I appreciate that you have thought this through way more than I have. To be honest all I was hoping for is that you guys would say you didn’t want this to end tomorrow, that you would be willing for us to get together sometime in the next few weeks to at least talk.”

Cooper agreed “You are right, we have thought this out. But we were talking about this long before you even moved to Atlanta.  Like Bonnie said, we would like to be a part of your life, both emotionally and physically because we believe those two are intertwined. And she’s also right that we hurt Gina because we did not yet understand that sharing our bodies was even a possibility. She knew that kind of sharing was very important to her. She needed it, but we just didn’t understand. We won’t make that mistake again. We would like to show love to you emotionally and physically, but in the context that you need, not what we might want. We don’t want to short-circuit your life, that would be completely unfair of us and we won’t do it.”

Heather laughed, “Yea I get it. You think you should be somewhere between parent figures and lovers. Mentors that I fuck.”

“I wouldn’t have used those words, but you get my point. We want to be part of your life, but we don’t want to become your life. And importantly, you have to understand that given your age and stage of life, you must agree that for now, it must be mostly a one-way relationship. In that way you are right in that we want you to think of our relationship in a way that is foundationally one of lovers, but also has some elements of mentors and, yes, even sometimes quazi-parent figures. I think we owe that to you. We have a great life and we have a duty to help you achieve what we have. We will give you our bodies and our hearts, but we do not want you to try to give us anything in return. Not yet at least.”

With a smile she said “But I do get to fuck you. Right?”

Cooper laughed, “Only if you want to.”

“Well, I do,” Heather said emphatically.

Cooper smiled warmly and said “My real issue is that I don’t want you or anyone else to ever think I am treating you like…well… like certain unnamed people on this trip do. You cannot, must not, ever become Aphrodite in our relationship.  You should never try to perform your sexual act to please me or Bonnie. You will need to commit to that before we go further.”

Heather smiled broadly. “Cooper you are so sweet. You really are. What kind of man makes a girl promise not to go out of her way to please him during sex?  I’ll confess I really don’t understand why you are making it a big deal, but I will promise.”

It was Bonnie’s turn to put in her qualifications. “When we are around other people, like when the other’s get back, we understand you will need to be Aphrodite; but around us or our family we only want to see Heather Jones.”

“Around your family? Like your kids?” Heather queried a little confused.

“Yes, around our kids” Bonnie replied. “Our home is our world so if we are going to bring you into our world you will come into our home and get to know our kids.”

“Will they know we had sex?”

“Of course they will. Though we are not like the LeMarco’s and flaunt sex or make them part; but, we have never hidden nudity or sex from Lamar and Misty. Those things are just background at the Campbell home. But be warned, I have no doubt that Misty will be very interested in learning about Aphrodite and how you created her. Oh, and she is an aspiring photographer. She’s done nudes of me and they are quite good, so she might badger you to pose.” Bonnie pulled her tight. “With all that said, could you come spend the night at our house a week from Saturday? How is that for a firm offer?”

Heather turned to kiss Bonnie then leaned over to kiss Cooper. “Yes, I would love to. And yes, I want the kind of relationship you guys are saying, though I would like the opportunity to do things for you too.”

Bonnie straightened out the towels before saying “Certainly you can do things for us if you want, but we don’t want you to feel this is a transactional relationship in any way.” Then she laid back down.

“You guys are the best,” Heather said.

It was done. Bonnie and Cooper had a lover…or a…an apprentice?  They would need to find the right term.  Even before the words faded, Bonnie tried to work out what this would look like. They had not addressed at all the reality that they could not be public about sleeping with a nineteen-year-old.  They were after all, the leaders of the St. Thomas Methodist Church youth group.  With eighteen-year-olds in their successful program that met on Sunday evenings, it would cause catastrophic problems if word got back to the church elders (of which Cooper was one).  That would take some discussion, but that was a problem for later.  She was relieved that she and Cooper had clearly been on the same wavelength; though insistence on boundaries was something she would not have thought to say. That was why they made such a good team, they both brought different things to their projects to make for a better whole.

“Bonnie,” Heather broke the silence.


“I would really like to watch you and Cooper make love before the others return. As far as I know, he hasn’t cum all day, and how many orgasms have we had? That hardly seems right.”

“I think I can suffer through doing that for you,” Bonnie said rolling over on top of her husband.



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Feb 24, 2023

This is a chapter of two halves. The first half was animalistic, pre-tragic: “The first form of pre-tragic sexuality is purely animal sexuality—a physical, instinctual impulse unburdened by human values or narratives. This is the human attempt to partake in the purely animal mode of sexuality, which we will term “the sex-neutral narrative.” It does not work because it is basically regressive. While embracing the animal is essential for our sexuality, it is not enough. Most of us experience the sexual as being more than only physical.” (Gafni and Kincaid. A RETURN TO EROS) This happened when everyone went downstairs to fuck like rabbits while Cooper took the helm to steer the boat. The women came back with sperm dripping…


The ending of this chapter is very profound and important. We need not neglect the physical component of a loving relationship simply because man-made morals tell us to. how many wonderful opportunities for soul connections have been lost because of fear or moral codes?!

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