In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 13

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 13


When those who went scuba diving returned to the San Dinero, Bonnie and Cooper had finished their love making session on the sun bed. Despite her vow not to, Heather wasn’t able to lay and watch without at least a little participation. Her kisses and caresses were a nice addition, but not so much as to be distracting.

Judy found all Bonnie, Cooper and Heather dozing in the afternoon sun. “Rise and shine girls” she said. Time to get back in the water. Martin wants to do some mermaid shots of all five of us before we up anchor.”

Bonnie and Heather struggled to sit.

“Don’t worry” Judy went on. “This won’t take long because we need to get going to make our planned destination before nightfall.”

What Martin meant by ‘mermaid shots’ were underwater photos of the women without masks and fins…just their skin. Bonnie was well rested so it was not difficult to keep up with the others, at least for a while. For fifteen or twenty minutes the five of them made repeated coordinated dives down to the reef. Martin, still in his scuba gear, waited underwater to shoot them. It proved tricky to get them all in a frame that was small enough to show who was who. For Bonnie, after the fifth dive the process became quite a challenge. Martin wanted them to dive down over ten feet, then staying close together, swim toward him before going back up for air.

Once back on board, Martin promised to have a wall-sized framed print of the best photo made for each of them. Both Bonnie and Heather were excited by the idea. This was the first time Martin explicitly told them he would give them prints of their nude photos.

Once everyone was aboard, Brian & Cooper pulled up the anchor and hoisted the sails to head west, toward home. That done, Martin told Cooper. “Due to a course change to avoid a storm, we will need to sail through the night to be sure we make it to the marina in time to catch our 2:00 PM flight. Could you help out by taking a turn at the helm so that Ramón can get some sleep?”

“I would love to; but you need to know I’ve never sailed at night”

“It’s easy, with the radar on you will know if a ship is approaching and we will be in deep water so all you have to do is keep a watch on the sails and our direction. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

And so it was set and agreed that Brian would take the early watch at 23:00 and Cooper would take over at 01:00 until relieved by Martin at 03:00.

In short order Brian, Mandy and Tina stretched out for their last session of nude sun bathing on the roof of the main cabin, while Martin and Judy went below to prepare for the evening’s activities. Bonnie, Heather and Cooper returned to the sun bed. Though he was dog tired, Cooper wasn’t able to sleep.

He quietly slid off the bed after only about fifteen minutes. He moved up to the open space between the sun bed and the bowsprit. There was no railing right at the front of the bow. With all three jibs set, he could not hold on to one of the stays for balance. After several tries, he found a secure place to sit where the starboard and port gunnel met. His feet on the bowsprit, he looked down at the water foaming as the leading edge of the hull cut through the waves. It had been the trip of a lifetime with so many astounding thing happening one after another. It really was hard to believe it had been less than a week. One thing was sure though, more than enough interesting things had happened that Bonnie would be able to give her mother a long report completely leaving out any of the nudity or sex.

Looking aft he smiled at a sight that he simply couldn’t have conjured up in his mind last week. Four very attractive women were stretched out resting completely naked without a care that he was looking at them. He had a pang of guilt for being pervy, but that didn’t keep him from just sitting a watching them for a good long time.

Martin and Judy came up from below deck. That made a fifth attractive nude woman to watch. Not surprisingly, Martin had his camera out and they began shooting glamour/nude photos. Judy did a series of poses with Ramón as he stood his post at the wheel. The juxtaposition of Judy’s feminine nudity lounging against Ramón’s dark chiseled body at work was terrific. Cooper decided he would ask Martin to shoot some like that of Bonnie in the morning before they reach Miami. He understood why Martin wanted to control all the photos taken on the trip, but using Mandy’s little camera today reminded him how much he liked shooting nudes of Bonnie. Perhaps tomorrow, before they reached the marina, Martin would let him shoot Bonnie posing with Ramón.

Martin continued to work with his wife, but Cooper decided to go below to get something to drink. Just as he passed Judy, who had knelt beside Ramón, she looked up and winked at him just as she pulled the skipper’s shorts to his feet. Cooper chuckled to himself thinking how poor Ramón was not going to get a break from these women. Likely this would go on until they stepped onto the dock in Miami.

After grabbing a can of Coke Zero from the galley refrigerator, he made his way to his cubby hole/cabin. Though he had not come down for that reason, he found himself laying in his bunk. The pace of the last week had taken its toll on Cooper. In the dark and quiet below deck, he fell asleep almost immediately.

In the three hours in which Cooper lay comatose below, Martin gathered up the women and told them he wanted to do a glamor photo shoot with all five of them together. Prior to the mermaid photos, he had yet to do a session with the entire group of women; however, over the course of the trip he had taken aside each of the women at different times to shoot photos of them. He had also asked Bonnie to pose with Judy in the kind of photos one might find in Playboy. They had shot for a full hour and she was quite flattered that he would want her, and not one of the younger women to join his wife.

Once Bonnie, Heather, Tina and Mandy were gathered up, Judy brought out a box filled with jewelry for the shoot. She let them know that she wanted them to keep their “outfits” on after the shoot for the big end-of-cruise celebration. Since each piece was individually wrapped, they appeared to be brand new. To Bonnie’s eye the jewelry was clearly not from Walmart and she began to think they might be originals from an artisan. Mandy confirmed her suspicion and told them all the pieces were made for Judy by a woman in Turks and Caicos. That was why they had stopped at that particular town. “She really wanted all these pieces ready for this trip.” Mandy told the others. “You see, Judy knew what she wanted but couldn’t find anything that she really liked, so she contacted someone who had made other pieces for her. Everything here is an original one-of-a-kind designed by Judy LeMarco herself.”

Judy came up from below just in time to catch the end of her daughter-in-law’s explanation. “Yes you are in the presence of a future world renowned designer” she said before taking a bow. She was a sight. Fine gold chains wrapped her arms, legs and torso with an intricate neck piece accented with emeralds. The four gushed over her ‘outfit’ and designs. They had been looking at the rings, earrings and necklaces; but Judy showed them how the body jewelry worked and encouraged them to try those pieces out as well. Bonnie had a great time and they all acted like a bunch of little girls trying on things and deciding what went best with their hair and eyes and such. It took well over half an hour to get everyone set, then another half an hour for them to help with each other’s makeup and hair. All the preparation made the actual shoot even more exciting for Bonnie.


"Cooper, wake up. We’ve let you sleep for hours, but it’s time for dinner.” It took him a few moments to clear his head and respond to his wife. He slid out of their bunk and asked “What are you wearing?” referencing the unusual jewelry she had on. Bonnie’s torso was draped in strings of red and green gems attached to gold chains with matching bands on her upper arms. She looked all the world like a harem girl…or what he imagined a harem girl to look like.

Bonnie took a pose that showed off her decorations before saying “Judy let us pick out all this for the photo shoot and tonight’s events. Judy actually designed all of it. So? How do I look?”

After twenty years of marriage Cooper was well aware of what a trap that question was. However, in this case he didn’t need to be creative with his words or outright lie. In another circumstance so much bling would seem gaudy, but the gold and gems that draped her nudity was perfect.

“You look way too beautiful to be with a guy like me.”

“Good answer” she said as she turned for him to follow

“Really” he said. “I really do like the look on you.”

At the steps up, she turned and gave him a kiss and led him to the short ladder to the deck. Topside he found all the women bedecked in what appeared to be a coordinated set of jewelry, but each women’s décor was unique. It really did look like a harem and for sure Martin was the Sultan. He kept that thought to himself.

The dinner was a surprisingly elaborate hot meal that had been delivered from a local restaurant before they had cast off. It had been stowed in insulated lockers so that they did not have to even heat it up. There were several kinds of fish, baked fruits & vegetables and several lovely looking breads.

Once everyone was seated Judy stood and announced that due to the storm moving up from the south they have had to alter their course and would not be stopping to have the end of cruise beach dinner on the island of Grand Cay as planned. Therefore, they would spend the evening relaxing and enjoying pleasantries on the San Dinero. She went on to say that after dinner she had planned a fitting ending for the best winter cruise yet. Bonnie had no idea what was going to happen, but she found herself in excited anticipation. With Judy in charge, whatever was planned would be fun.

By the time they were finish, it was fully dark, but the dinner was timed for them to watch the sunset and it made it magical. Thanks to the presence of the very fine wines the LeMarco's had kept back for this occasion, everyone was feeling good. Dinner over, Judy directed the guests to go up to the bow where the rest of the evening’s activities would take place.

The foredeck, the area in front of the mainmast was not a large place, but just about perfect for eight people to recline comfortably around the sun bed. The space was lit by the two light panels on stands that Martin had used at the luau. They had been affixed on the roof of the main cabin while he had been asleep. Between the two skylights that abutted the raised roof upon which the bed sat, there was a low table with wine, golden goblets and bowels of grapes & black cherries. The deck around the bed had three oriental carpets for lounging. On the carpets were memory foam wedges evidently to help with sitting on the sloping foredeck. The illumination was not blindingly bright, but Cooper thought Martin had done a good job of lighting the bed like it was a stage so as to make it feel like an event. Clearly the focus of the night would be the sun bed around which everything was arrayed.

Judy stepped up and took a place on the center of the mattress, directly into the twin beams of light and directed everyone to sit or recline as they found most comfortable. That done she began with "I want to thank all of you for making this the best family and friends cruise we have done yet. It takes just the right mix of people to make even a sex cruise work. After all a six day no holds barred orgy (and that is what this trip was designed to be) is simply too much for all but the most adventurous people. We found in years past that even among the less than monogamous LeMarco & LeMarco family, there are precious few who are up to it. When we first invited Tina for our trip five years ago, I was apprehensive that the intensity of this trip would be too much for her. Yet, she thrived. Since that first trip she has become virtually part of the family. And so with great happiness, I am announcing that she will be moving in with Martin and I as soon as we get home. The plan is that in a few months we will have a bonding ceremony and celebration to seal and make public our triad. For everyday purposes though, she is now part of the family.”

That brought on a round of congratulations and stopped the proceedings as questions and discussion followed. Apparently even Brian had not been told of this in advance. It was his wife who had the most questions. To Bonnie it simply confirmed her strong suspicion that Tina was far more enmeshed with the LeMarco’s than she had let anyone know.

After things settled back down, Judy went on. “This trip we took the risk to invite three new people at once. I knew it was a gamble, but great rewards always take risk. Cooper, Bonnie and Heather your presence has made this trip all so much better. Better than I’d hoped. Cooper, you were the key. I know I gave you a hard time at the luau, but you were the biggest risk of all. As far as I know you are, or were the only monogamous person who works for LeMarco & LeMarco.”

She paused for a few laughs.

“This trip couldn’t have been a further leap from your life to ours even if I had designed it for that sole purpose. Yet you have been game for everything and proved to be an excellent lover as well. I just want to thank you.”

Cooper was a little embarrassed with the praise, but still felt the need to say “I want to thank you and your husband for inviting us and taking that chance. Not only have we had a great time, Bonnie and I have had a chance to see a way of life we had only talked about before.”

Judy quipped “You sir, did more than just see. After a hesitant start you jumped in with both feet … or with both your dick and tongue rather.”

More laughter.

“So tonight, we are going to cap off our wonderful time together with some enlightening stories, beautifully entertaining sexual performances and very good wine.”

Bonnie surprised herself by cheering with the others. She really was excited about the night’s events; but to be so publicly enthusiastic about it was simply not like her. Was that the new her? Had she turned into something new? Or had she always been that person even if it had been hidden from view. A vision of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon popped into her mind. Had she always been that person, but only in a chrysalis waiting for the right moment to emerge.

It took only a few seconds to answer her question. Yes, she had always been that person. Why else had she insisted to Cooper before the kids were born that they would not hide nudity or sex from them? Why else had she taken for her best friend a young woman who made her living by providing sexual fantasies for rich couples? Why else would a good Southern wife have decorated her bedroom in such an explicitly sexual manner, including hanging a large nude portrait of herself to be visible from the living room? Why was nude art in found every public room of her house? Why had she become the go-to person for women (and now teen girls) needing sexual advice? Yes, this is who she has always been she told herself. “This is who I was when I met Cooper and I’ve always been the same.” With that self-confirmation, she settled down for a night of adventure.

Judy once again let the conversation die down naturally so as not to squash the enthusiasm. She waited until everyone looked back to her. “In ancient Rome, they had slaves to provide live sexual entertainment while the Roman's sat around on pillows, sipping wine and eating grapes. Of course, we do not have room on the San Dinero to bring slaves or even paid performers to entertain us with live sex. Though once I actually hired such performers for a party at our house.”

That got some laughs and comments.

“So, we will have to provide our own entertainment." She made a long dramatic pause. "I will begin, then each of us will be the entertainer. First you will regale us with a story of a particularly memorable or significant erotic experience from your life. To make it more interesting, the story should be about sex with someone who is not here tonight. Once you are done, you