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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 13

Updated: Apr 6

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 13


When those who went scuba diving returned to the San Dinero, Bonnie and Cooper had finished their love making session on the sun bed. Despite her vow not to, Heather wasn’t able to lay and watch without at least a little participation. Her kisses and caresses were a nice addition, but not so much as to be distracting.

Judy found all Bonnie, Cooper and Heather dozing in the afternoon sun. “Rise and shine girls” she said. Time to get back in the water. Martin wants to do some mermaid shots of all five of us before we up anchor.”

Bonnie and Heather struggled to sit.

“Don’t worry” Judy went on. “This won’t take long because we need to get going to make our planned destination before nightfall.”

What Martin meant by ‘mermaid shots’ were underwater photos of the women without masks and fins…just their skin. Bonnie was well rested so it was not difficult to keep up with the others, at least for a while. For fifteen or twenty minutes the five of them made repeated coordinated dives down to the reef. Martin, still in his scuba gear, waited underwater to shoot them. It proved tricky to get them all in a frame that was small enough to show who was who. For Bonnie, after the fifth dive the process became quite a challenge. Martin wanted them to dive down over ten feet, then staying close together, swim toward him before going back up for air.

Once back on board, Martin promised to have a wall-sized framed print of the best photo made for each of them. Both Bonnie and Heather were excited by the idea. This was the first time Martin explicitly told them he would give them prints of their nude photos.

Once everyone was aboard, Brian & Cooper pulled up the anchor and hoisted the sails to head west, toward home. That done, Martin told Cooper. “Due to a course change to avoid a storm, we will need to sail through the night to be sure we make it to the marina in time to catch our 2:00 PM flight. Could you help out by taking a turn at the helm so that Ramón can get some sleep?”

“I would love to; but you need to know I’ve never sailed at night”

“It’s easy, with the radar on you will know if a ship is approaching and we will be in deep water so all you have to do is keep a watch on the sails and our direction. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

And so it was set and agreed that Brian would take the early watch at 23:00 and Cooper would take over at 01:00 until relieved by Martin at 03:00.

In short order Brian, Mandy and Tina stretched out for their last session of nude sun bathing on the roof of the main cabin, while Martin and Judy went below to prepare for the evening’s activities. Bonnie, Heather and Cooper returned to the sun bed. Though he was dog tired, Cooper wasn’t able to sleep.

He quietly slid off the bed after only about fifteen minutes. He moved up to the open space between the sun bed and the bowsprit. There was no railing right at the front of the bow. With all three jibs set, he could not hold on to one of the stays for balance. After several tries, he found a secure place to sit where the starboard and port gunnel met. His feet on the bowsprit, he looked down at the water foaming as the leading edge of the hull cut through the waves. It had been the trip of a lifetime with so many astounding thing happening one after another. It really was hard to believe it had been less than a week. One thing was sure though, more than enough interesting things had happened that Bonnie would be able to give her mother a long report completely leaving out any of the nudity or sex.

Looking aft he smiled at a sight that he simply couldn’t have conjured up in his mind last week. Four very attractive women were stretched out resting completely naked without a care that he was looking at them. He had a pang of guilt for being pervy, but that didn’t keep him from just sitting a watching them for a good long time.

Martin and Judy came up from below deck. That made a fifth attractive nude woman to watch. Not surprisingly, Martin had his camera out and they began shooting glamour/nude photos. Judy did a series of poses with Ramón as he stood his post at the wheel. The juxtaposition of Judy’s feminine nudity lounging against Ramón’s dark chiseled body at work was terrific. Cooper decided he would ask Martin to shoot some like that of Bonnie in the morning before they reach Miami. He understood why Martin wanted to control all the photos taken on the trip, but using Mandy’s little camera today reminded him how much he liked shooting nudes of Bonnie. Perhaps tomorrow, before they reached the marina, Martin would let him shoot Bonnie posing with Ramón.

Martin continued to work with his wife, but Cooper decided to go below to get something to drink. Just as he passed Judy, who had knelt beside Ramón, she looked up and winked at him just as she pulled the skipper’s shorts to his feet. Cooper chuckled to himself thinking how poor Ramón was not going to get a break from these women. Likely this would go on until they stepped onto the dock in Miami.

After grabbing a can of Coke Zero from the galley refrigerator, he made his way to his cubby hole/cabin. Though he had not come down for that reason, he found himself laying in his bunk. The pace of the last week had taken its toll on Cooper. In the dark and quiet below deck, he fell asleep almost immediately.

In the three hours in which Cooper lay comatose below, Martin gathered up the women and told them he wanted to do a glamor photo shoot with all five of them together. Prior to the mermaid photos, he had yet to do a session with the entire group of women; however, over the course of the trip he had taken aside each of the women at different times to shoot photos of them. He had also asked Bonnie to pose with Judy in the kind of photos one might find in Playboy. They had shot for a full hour and she was quite flattered that he would want her, and not one of the younger women to join his wife.

Once Bonnie, Heather, Tina and Mandy were gathered up, Judy brought out a box filled with jewelry for the shoot. She let them know that she wanted them to keep their “outfits” on after the shoot for the big end-of-cruise celebration. Since each piece was individually wrapped, they appeared to be brand new. To Bonnie’s eye the jewelry was clearly not from Walmart and she began to think they might be originals from an artisan. Mandy confirmed her suspicion and told them all the pieces were made for Judy by a woman in Turks and Caicos. That was why they had stopped at that particular town. “She really wanted all these pieces ready for this trip.” Mandy told the others. “You see, Judy knew what she wanted but couldn’t find anything that she really liked, so she contacted someone who had made other pieces for her. Everything here is an original one-of-a-kind designed by Judy LeMarco herself.”

Judy came up from below just in time to catch the end of her daughter-in-law’s explanation. “Yes you are in the presence of a future world renowned designer” she said before taking a bow. She was a sight. Fine gold chains wrapped her arms, legs and torso with an intricate neck piece accented with emeralds. The four gushed over her ‘outfit’ and designs. They had been looking at the rings, earrings and necklaces; but Judy showed them how the body jewelry worked and encouraged them to try those pieces out as well. Bonnie had a great time and they all acted like a bunch of little girls trying on things and deciding what went best with their hair and eyes and such. It took well over half an hour to get everyone set, then another half an hour for them to help with each other’s makeup and hair. All the preparation made the actual shoot even more exciting for Bonnie.


"Cooper, wake up. We’ve let you sleep for hours, but it’s time for dinner.” It took him a few moments to clear his head and respond to his wife. He slid out of their bunk and asked “What are you wearing?” referencing the unusual jewelry she had on. Bonnie’s torso was draped in strings of red and green gems attached to gold chains with matching bands on her upper arms. She looked all the world like a harem girl…or what he imagined a harem girl to look like.

Bonnie took a pose that showed off her decorations before saying “Judy let us pick out all this for the photo shoot and tonight’s events. Judy actually designed all of it. So? How do I look?”

After twenty years of marriage Cooper was well aware of what a trap that question was. However, in this case he didn’t need to be creative with his words or outright lie. In another circumstance so much bling would seem gaudy, but the gold and gems that draped her nudity was perfect.

“You look way too beautiful to be with a guy like me.”

“Good answer” she said as she turned for him to follow

“Really” he said. “I really do like the look on you.”

At the steps up, she turned and gave him a kiss and led him to the short ladder to the deck. Topside he found all the women bedecked in what appeared to be a coordinated set of jewelry, but each women’s décor was unique. It really did look like a harem and for sure Martin was the Sultan. He kept that thought to himself.

The dinner was a surprisingly elaborate hot meal that had been delivered from a local restaurant before they had cast off. It had been stowed in insulated lockers so that they did not have to even heat it up. There were several kinds of fish, baked fruits & vegetables and several lovely looking breads.

Once everyone was seated Judy stood and announced that due to the storm moving up from the south they have had to alter their course and would not be stopping to have the end of cruise beach dinner on the island of Grand Cay as planned. Therefore, they would spend the evening relaxing and enjoying pleasantries on the San Dinero. She went on to say that after dinner she had planned a fitting ending for the best winter cruise yet. Bonnie had no idea what was going to happen, but she found herself in excited anticipation. With Judy in charge, whatever was planned would be fun.

By the time they were finish, it was fully dark, but the dinner was timed for them to watch the sunset and it made it magical. Thanks to the presence of the very fine wines the LeMarco's had kept back for this occasion, everyone was feeling good. Dinner over, Judy directed the guests to go up to the bow where the rest of the evening’s activities would take place.

The foredeck, the area in front of the mainmast was not a large place, but just about perfect for eight people to recline comfortably around the sun bed. The space was lit by the two light panels on stands that Martin had used at the luau. They had been affixed on the roof of the main cabin while he had been asleep. Between the two skylights that abutted the raised roof upon which the bed sat, there was a low table with wine, golden goblets and bowels of grapes & black cherries. The deck around the bed had three oriental carpets for lounging. On the carpets were memory foam wedges evidently to help with sitting on the sloping foredeck. The illumination was not blindingly bright, but Cooper thought Martin had done a good job of lighting the bed like it was a stage so as to make it feel like an event. Clearly the focus of the night would be the sun bed around which everything was arrayed.

Judy stepped up and took a place on the center of the mattress, directly into the twin beams of light and directed everyone to sit or recline as they found most comfortable. That done she began with "I want to thank all of you for making this the best family and friends cruise we have done yet. It takes just the right mix of people to make even a sex cruise work. After all a six day no holds barred orgy (and that is what this trip was designed to be) is simply too much for all but the most adventurous people. We found in years past that even among the less than monogamous LeMarco & LeMarco family, there are precious few who are up to it. When we first invited Tina for our trip five years ago, I was apprehensive that the intensity of this trip would be too much for her. Yet, she thrived. Since that first trip she has become virtually part of the family. And so with great happiness, I am announcing that she will be moving in with Martin and I as soon as we get home. The plan is that in a few months we will have a bonding ceremony and celebration to seal and make public our triad. For everyday purposes though, she is now part of the family.”

That brought on a round of congratulations and stopped the proceedings as questions and discussion followed. Apparently even Brian had not been told of this in advance. It was his wife who had the most questions. To Bonnie it simply confirmed her strong suspicion that Tina was far more enmeshed with the LeMarco’s than she had let anyone know.

After things settled back down, Judy went on. “This trip we took the risk to invite three new people at once. I knew it was a gamble, but great rewards always take risk. Cooper, Bonnie and Heather your presence has made this trip all so much better. Better than I’d hoped. Cooper, you were the key. I know I gave you a hard time at the luau, but you were the biggest risk of all. As far as I know you are, or were the only monogamous person who works for LeMarco & LeMarco.”

She paused for a few laughs.

“This trip couldn’t have been a further leap from your life to ours even if I had designed it for that sole purpose. Yet you have been game for everything and proved to be an excellent lover as well. I just want to thank you.”

Cooper was a little embarrassed with the praise, but still felt the need to say “I want to thank you and your husband for inviting us and taking that chance. Not only have we had a great time, Bonnie and I have had a chance to see a way of life we had only talked about before.”

Judy quipped “You sir, did more than just see. After a hesitant start you jumped in with both feet … or with both your dick and tongue rather.”

More laughter.

“So tonight, we are going to cap off our wonderful time together with some enlightening stories, beautifully entertaining sexual performances and very good wine.”

Bonnie surprised herself by cheering with the others. She really was excited about the night’s events; but to be so publicly enthusiastic about it was simply not like her. Was that the new her? Had she turned into something new? Or had she always been that person even if it had been hidden from view. A vision of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon popped into her mind. Had she always been that person, but only in a chrysalis waiting for the right moment to emerge.

It took only a few seconds to answer her question. Yes, she had always been that person. Why else had she insisted to Cooper before the kids were born that they would not hide nudity or sex from them? Why else had she taken for her best friend a young woman who made her living by providing sexual fantasies for rich couples? Why else would a good Southern wife have decorated her bedroom in such an explicitly sexual manner, including hanging a large nude portrait of herself to be visible from the living room? Why was nude art in found every public room of her house? Why had she become the go-to person for women (and now teen girls) needing sexual advice? Yes, this is who she has always been she told herself. “This is who I was when I met Cooper and I’ve always been the same.” With that self-confirmation, she settled down for a night of adventure.

Judy once again let the conversation die down naturally so as not to squash the enthusiasm. She waited until everyone looked back to her. “In ancient Rome, they had slaves to provide live sexual entertainment while the Roman's sat around on pillows, sipping wine and eating grapes. Of course, we do not have room on the San Dinero to bring slaves or even paid performers to entertain us with live sex. Though once I actually hired such performers for a party at our house.”

That got some laughs and comments.

“So, we will have to provide our own entertainment." She made a long dramatic pause. "I will begin, then each of us will be the entertainer. First you will regale us with a story of a particularly memorable or significant erotic experience from your life. To make it more interesting, the story should be about sex with someone who is not here tonight. Once you are done, you may choose one or even two people to assist you in a demonstration. You can either give a demonstration of the kind of sensuous love making that should be in romantic movies but is not; or show us what you think is your most visually entertaining sexual specialty. Remember you are the entertainer while your assistant is just that, an assistant. The person you have join you should not be asked to create the show. While you entertain, the rest of us will chat and enjoy ourselves. Now women I need to let you know that in a little more than an hour, Brian will need to head back to relieve Ramón at the helm so our wonderful captain can get some sleep. That means that for the rest of the night we will only have two men for the five of us women. Please keep in mind that performances do not have to include ejaculation. To move things along, you need to keep your demonstration to a maximum of fifteen minutes. I will be keeping time and enforcement will be strict. One last thing, the high-pressure front that changed our course is pushing cooler air our way, so you might want to go down and get something to cover-up with later. We will start in about ten minutes."

Bonnie went down to their cabin to get things to keep her and Cooper warm if it got cool. She retrieved a crochet shawl she’d brought as a bikini cover-up for herself, but since Cooper had nothing similar, she just pulled the light blanket from the bed for him.

When everyone returned and settled, Judy went back to the sun bed to tell her story. “My little tale will be from the trip to Eastern Europe I told you about the other day. She then launched into a story about her time on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. “The reason the couple I was with went to Croatia was to attend a two-day event at the Rusinac Castle. It was like nothing I’d even imagined before. To the public and on the surface it was a very, very fancy dress ball; but in reality it was two day party for the very rich and very decadent.” She went on to tell with some detail of four group sex encounters, three of which were masked to conceal the identity of their rich and powerful participants.

After her story, Judy and Martin began the demonstrations with what was a very good example of passionate love making. Bonnie was impressed how tender their example of love making proved to be. As the kissing and touching went on, Brian and Mandy showed the others how to use the wedges on either side of the small table to create a single conversation area. After a good long while, Judy took a position on top of Martin and began to slowly ride him.

With the boat under sail, there were no sounds other than waves on the schooner’s hull and the gentle breeze to compete with the sounds of the couple making love. It was quite easy for the six people who lounged on the foredeck to carry on a conversation without raised voices. A relaxed discussion about the events of the trip ensued, with the sex truly becoming background entertainment. To the lounging group she said “I can’t believe how quickly casual nudity and public sex has become normal to me. Heather, has it become normal for you too?”

Heather nodded and laughed a bit. “Yeah, I thought it was just because I’d been so slutty for years that it seemed that way to me.”

Mandy spoke up “I remember my first cruise with Brian’s family. I wasn’t nearly so experienced with nudity and casual sex as either of you two were when you came abord. I was really, really freaked out. Brian had told me his family was open about nudity and sex, but I simply couldn’t grasp what he meant until then. I’d never even met his dad and step-mom until that day. Yet within an hour they both took off their clothes right in front of me. And then when the sex began…..”

Brian gave his wife a hug. “I really didn’t prepare her very well. In my mind since we had a great sex life and she’d never seemed shy in bed, I assumed she understood what I meant when I tried to tell her about my family. Though we’d gone to Arizona over Christmas to see my mom and that had gone well, Heather kept telling me how she was really looking forward to meeting my father. I guess she just assumed my mom and my dad lived pretty much the same way even though they were divorced.”

As the discussion progressed Cooper watched Judy on her stomach licking Martin’s penis as if it were an ice cream cone. Her eyes caught his and she winked before pulling the shaft toward her so she could put half of it into her mouth.

Mandy cut into her husband’s words. “That is exactly what I thought. I’d talked to his father on the phone and he seemed really nice, very conventional. But Bonnie, the cruise was beyond shocking to me. I almost broke up with him. Not only did I think he was attacking my values, but I felt I was being coerced into doing things I thought were wrong.”

Bonnie just blurted out “That wasn’t right.” In her mind she recalled Tina telling how she had pushed Mandy into group sex. Even while accepting so much, she knew there was an unbridgeable chasm between her vision of open marriage and the LeMarco’s.

Mandy had a pained look “No it should not. And on every trip I’ve been on since then, I make sure to talk to new people right at the beginning to make sure it does not. Perhaps that is one reason I came into this family. No one else had to make the profoundly deep changes in core values that I did. They tend to just make huge assumptions that can, like in my case, be quite off the mark.”

“After we got home, he and I talked a lot about what had happened. It was just too much for me. Even as much as I loved him, I was not sure I could marry him if that kind of life would be part. Only then did we begin to talk about the things we should have discussed before that trip. In the end I agreed to give it more time and he convinced me to go with him to stay with his dad for a week that summer. I was glad to find that what I’d seen on the cruise was not how it was day by day in Brian’s family. Afterall, like Judy said earlier, these cruises are one long running orgy. But while it was not as intense, it was still a challenge for me. There was the nudity at the pool and his dad and step-mom openly talked about having sex with other people. Twice during the week I stayed at the house people had sex by the pool, right in front of me. Not Martin and Judy, but guests. I began to understand a little, and by the end of the week, I was used to going nude, and on the next to last day I actually initiated sex by their pool with Judy out there sunning. But even though during that week I did not feel put upon as I had before and I began to see the lifestyle could be viable; still I was not comfortable with the basic premise on non-monogamy and public nudity.”

Brian picked back up “But, by Christmas she had turned a corner and had decided that the free-love lifestyle was the best way to live.”

Mandy continued, “It was like a religious conversion, and in a way, I think it was. It wasn’t Brian’s efforts to change my mind. Those only annoyed me and made me more resistant. I changed, or rather I made a cognitive shift that reframed everything.”

Mandy thought for a moment. “It is really clear in my mind, but I’m looking for the words.” She paused again. The silence was broken by a series of sharp vocalizations from Judy. Eyes turned to her on the sun bed. She was still atop Martin in the throws of and intense sexual experience. Since she was not much further from the two sets of conversationalist than they were from each other, those lounging on the deck were near enough to see the drops of sweat and clearly hear every sound they made. Her face was screwed up in concentration, her big augmented breasts jerked with each short hard hip thrust.

The talking stopped and the sounds of Judy’s prolonged orgasm became the focus of attention. Given how close she was to Bonnie and Cooper, they both could see how her thighs visibly vibrated for a good thirty seconds. After that came a series of full body contractions before the climax was spent.

No one spoke while she panted to catch her breath until Mandy offered “Very nice Judy.” Her comment was repeated several times before Judy looked over and said “All right Brian, I'm ready for you now."

Though Bonnie was at a loss as to what she meant, her step-son knew exactly what she wanted. He got up, worked his way around Mandy and Tina to stand behind where Judy sat atop his father. She turned her upper body so as to take his penis into her mouth. It did not take long for her to suck him up to full-staff where upon he got to his knees between his father’s legs, directly behind Judy. Judy lifted up her hips so that Martin’s erect penis slid out of her vagina. The sheen of her fluids on the shaft reflected the lights shining from the cabin roof.

Only then did Bonnie understand what was about to happen. Even though Bonnie had heard Judy speak of how she enjoyed feeling both her husband and step-son in her at once, it had been just a vague concept to Bonnie; but now she saw exactly what she meant. Without the least bit of hesitation, Brian took hold of his father’s erection and held it against his own before guiding the two of them as one into Judy. Judy’s moan of pleasure easily carried to all the viewers.

While she couldn’t define it exactly, there was just something that did not seem right about what they were doing. It was not the fact that Judy and Brian were having sex that bothered her. After all Judy was not really old enough to be his real mother. When she had laid right beside Martin while he fucked his daughter-in-law, that hadn’t seemed wrong…well, not morally wrong. She decided that watching Brian and his father balls to balls all the way inside of Judy was…was…distasteful. Not wrong, but not something she would embrace either. The idea that sexual behavior was about more than just moral rights and wrongs seemed to be something she needed to spend more time considering. Her discomfort with the demonstration was a reminder that even while she now embraced free-love, she had not become an acolyte of the LeMarco’s.

While the sight made Bonnie uncomfortable, there was no question that Judy enjoyed it very much. So much that in just a few minutes she could see Judy’s thighs vibrating once again as she climaxed for a second time. She reminded herself that they did not need her approval as long as it worked for them; even so she was not disappointed when Martin pulled out of Judy and stepped off the sun bed. It did not appear that he had cum as his penis was still fully erect. Bonnie reasoned that walking away with that hard on was a calculated move to drive home to everyone that these were demonstrations and entertainment, not normal sexual encounters.

Judy turned to look at Cooper who was some fifteen feet from her. She then asked him to come over "to pick up the slack."

Cooper was just as surprised as his wife. Unlike Bonnie, he had not been put off by watching the double fuck. He had recalled how good that had felt at the luau and it had taken less than a minute for his penis to start coming back to life. He had been disappointed to see Martin dismount so soon; even still it took him several seconds to understand what Judy wanted from him. She called him a second time "Cooper, I really want you to join Brian in me."

Bonnie nudged her husband. After all they both knew he really had little choice but to go service her. When he stepped up onto the sun bed, Judy and Brian had moved around so that her step-son was on the bottom. Cooper took a position between Brian's legs. Fortunately, his penis was well on its way to full engorgement, but he wasn’t quite sure what to do.

Judy provided guidance by saying “Take Brian’s cock in your hand and press it to yours.”

Cooper did as he was instructed.

Her next directive was simple, “Holding both of your cocks together, put them into me.”

It helped to be told what to do because the act of taking a man’s hard-on in his hand was totally new to him. The penis was hot in his hand, and slick with Judy’s juice. Her canal was wide open and the handful of penis went in easily. Judy groaned as the two-penis stack went in as far as it would go.

Judy continued to direct, “Now you will have to set the rhythm since it is not easy for me or Brian to move in this position until you start. Start slow and steady till your dick is slick with my juices.”

Bonnie pulled Heather tight. This was far better than watching Brian and his father, but it was still hard to get turned on by it. The idea of having two penises in her made her cringe, but what really spoiled it was that she didn't like to see Cooper ordered around like that. She wondered what Cooper was thinking. After all at no point did Mrs. LeMarco give him a choice. Now the trip was coming to an end, the pattern seemed clear enough. Martin, Brian and Judy all seemed to think that whatever they wanted was exactly what everyone else wanted.

Cooper at that moment was too focused on doing what he was supposed to do to have any extraneous thoughts. He focused on making this unusual sexual position work. In time it began to feel less forced and then he just let the good feeling of slippery wet tightness keep coming while he did what he was expected to. He could feel Brian’s penis under his, as he had felt it at the luau, but this time there was no interruption. He actually began to enjoy the feeling of his sensitive organ sliding up and down the ridges of Brian’s extremely hard tool. Even the feeling of his balls contacting Brian's became arousing. Why this was such a turn-on it was hard for him to say, but he quickly found himself having to work at not climaxing.

It was impossible for him to estimate how long he had been steadily guiding the twin cocks in stroking in and out of Judy when he felt Brian climax. The sensation to Cooper was only that her vagina was suddenly full of fluid. Not knowing what was expected, he kept stroking until Brian’s penis came out. He’d felt quite successful that he had not cum himself. The late afternoon love making session with Bonnie had been fortuitous.

There was some applause as he rocked back onto his knees and waited for instruction. He noticed Martin using his tripod to take photos of them as Judy, rolled off of Brian. Looking right back to Cooper, with a smile she said, “Great job. Great control, not many men can outlast Brian doing that.” Cooper felt very good about himself. Keeping up with the LeMarco’s was quite a feat, but he had done it. From the beginning his goal had been to not offend the LeMarco’s, now he felt he had achieved that and even more, he had proved to be their equal.

Then Judy put him on the spot again. "Well Cooper, will you help me to clean off Brian's cock?"

Brian must have known this was next because he still lay on his back in the center of the sun bed. Cooper was still on his knees between Brian's legs. He looked to Bonnie but she gave no indication one way or another. Judy looked to him as she reached toward Brian's still half inflated, and quite sloppy, penis. She took the al dente shaft with two fingers and asked "Do you want first shot, or should I?"

Despite the fact it sounded like he was given no choice and should be annoyed at that, he was not. He wanted to take Brian's penis in his mouth. He wanted to try sucking dick before the trip was over and he knew it. Cooper went down to his stomach, gripped both sides of Brian's pelvis for support and covered the entire sticky thing with his mouth.

From the first second his lips touched the shaft, all hesitancy ended. He had no trouble taking it all in. He ran his tongue around the head and savored the taste of both the semen and Judy in his mouth. He found real pleasure in feeling this, much more than he had anticipated.

“Time’s up” came Mandy’s voice.

He did not relinquish the penis.

“Ok Cooper, I can tell you want to keep on. I’m sure Brian will be all too happy to let you continue tomorrow morning.”

Only when he’d begun to stand did Cooper feel a little embarrassed. He certainly hadn’t had Brian’s penis in his mouth very long; but he was sure it was obvious to all that he had relished doing it. As he made his way back to his seat Judy, still standing on the sun bed said “You know I’ve seen dozens of straight guys give head for the very first time, and every single one of them find dick is like Lay’s Potato Chips…you can’t eat just one.”

That got laughs. After giving a few minutes for conversation, Judy called on Tina to come tell her story and give a demonstration.

Once Judy had sat down and Tina had taken her place, she said “I’m not even going to try to compete with Judy’s stories, can anyone?”

More laughter.

“Some of you already know that I came to LeMarco & LeMarco after suffering a very serious accident when I was training to try to make the US Olympic kayaking team. My doctors told me I could not go back to my river guide job for at least a year, so I went to a temp agency to find office work while I recovered. I’m still baffled why they thought I’d make a good fit in an architect office, but I needed work and so I showed up, not knowing how it would change my life. I was hired on a provisional basis to be Jack Shrewsburry’s assistant. For those who never knew Jack, he was as much an avid outdoor enthusiast as I am, but his passions were climbing and mountaineering.”

When she went on to tell how she and her new boss hit it off almost immediately, Bonnie thought to herself “I know where this is going.” Sure enough she told how in a matter of months she was all but living with Jack and his equally athletic wife. Bonnie wondered if perhaps Tina somehow was not aware her story was the same story as Heather’s. Even more it was, according to what Heather had been told, the same story every woman at the firm had. She certainly did not give any indication of it.

Tina’s story took an unexpected turn when she told how her boss and his wife were killed when his small plane went down. Bonnie did not know that was how Tina came to work for Cooper. She wrapped up by thanking Martin and Judy for being there when she needed it most. She didn’t spell it out, but clearly that was when she began her relationship with Martin. Bonnie forced herself not to dwell on how much Tina had been manipulated by the LeMarco’s, and yet did not seem to realize it. Or perhaps she did know, but did not see that as problematic. Bonnie pushed it all from her mind… for now.

Her story done, Tina requested Martin to have someone relieve Ramón at the wheel long enough for ‘The Skipper’ to be her assistant. Cooper was quick to volunteer telling Martin “That way I’ll get a feel for it while you are up here on deck if I need you.” That seemed reasonable to Cooper went aft and Ramón joined Tina on the sun bed.

With only a brief period of fallatio to get Ramón fully hard, they jumped right in to fucking. From just a few minutes in, they put on a visually stunning display of athletic sex like nothing Bonnie had ever seen in person. Impressive, was the only way to describe the energy and speed with which they moved from position to position, many of which Bonnie couldn’t dream of trying.

In the conversation area, Heather resumed the prior conversation. “Mandy, I didn’t understand. What caused you to change your attitude toward screwing around just for fun?”

The interlude had given Mandy time to get her explanation together. “There is a principle in psychology called cognitive dissonance. It occurs when people are faced with two things that they believe, or want to believe to be true, are in conflict. That happened to me in the fall after my visit to the LeMarco’s. You see, like almost everyone in our society I believed that sex can only be fully enjoyed with someone with whom you have an emotional bond. Even non-religious people like me are taught serial monogamy by a million little cues as we grow up. That belief becomes so embedded in our values that it needs no empirical basis, it just is. That is why even when most people have an amazing experience with someone they just met, they are left with a feeling that the experience was still second rate or tainted by the fact there was no emotional bond. This is also why we instinctively believe there is something wrong with someone who openly and repeatedly has casual sexual encounters. We don’t reason it out or need evidence, we just see them as acting out, messed-up or deluded. Does that make sense?”

Though she was very interested in what Mandy was saying, the sights and sounds of Tina and Ramón’s display was impossible to ignore. Despite the motion of the boat, Tina was able to squat over Ramón without actually sitting on him or falling over. Her entire body was involved as she took “riding a man” to a whole new level. Yes it was super sexy, but the sheer strength she displayed was more than a little impressive on its own.

Judy commended her daughter-in-law. “Well put. So let us all know how you were able to change what you believed?”

“That is where cognitive dissonance comes in” Mandy said without missing a beat. If someone, in this case me, is presented with an alternative set of values and expectations, it takes strong motivation to even consider if that alternative is valid. In my case my motive was I loved Brian and wanted to marry him. I wasn’t going to give up on our relationship without a fight. I started to do some homework. I read a series of very well-done books on ethical non-monogamy before I went to Martin & Judy’s for that week.” She looked back to Bonnie and Heather “Have either of you read The Ethical Slut?”

They both indicated they hadn’t.

“You really should” Mandy said. “Even better I’ll buy you both copies. The authors put female empowerment as the center of a free sex lifestyle. That book and a few others gave me a moral case to challenge what I’d been taught. Over the week at their house I got to know Judy and she explained how the things the books said worked in the real world. Importantly, I saw what non-monogamy looked like in a home setting as oppose to the ongoing orgy of the winter cruise.”

“I was more than happy to help” Judy put in as she stepped off of the sun bed.

Mandy nodded before finishing with “With all the homework done, I was able to see a coherent and ethical way to live that included sex with a variety of people just for fun. It was then the cognitive dissonance kicked in. I accepted two incompatible and competing visions of sexual morality. While some people can hold two conflicting views at once, I can’t and I struggled with it for several months. In all my internal deliberations I left Brian out almost entirely. I thought it was important that I follow my own moral compass without being pushed or pulled by a man. That is why it seemed so sudden to him when I resolved the conflict. The week before fall break, I told him that I had come to the conclusion that both moral systems are valid and can be healthy. The big leap for me was that I rejected the idea that what is right for me must be right for everyone. I told him that I had come to believe that people not only could choose ethical non-monogamy, but should be given the chance to make an informed choice as to how they wanted to live out their sexual life. While I did not need to condemn the common belief in serial monogamy, I would condemn those forces that seek to make it the only choice available. Like a lot of converts I became a zealot. I knew so many people who struggled because they didn’t see they really did have an alternative moral choice.”

From beside Mandy, Judy added “That’s the thing. People’s lives are ruined and marriages fall apart because they don’t even know negotiated non-monogamy is a legitimate choice. The religious right are determined to silence anyone who even suggests non-monogamy can be a moral way to live.”

Bonnie liked this line of reasoning. This was the kind of thing she had begun to wish she could teach people, but did not know how or where she could.

Mandy continued. “Though Brian believed in free love, on campus he was very reticent to tell people. That wasn’t me. I began to preach the option of the free love life to everyone. Not surprisingly some people did not like my new mission. I lost my best friend over it… well… it wasn’t as simple as that. We fell out when Brian and I had a threesome with her boyfriend after she had yelled at me for suggesting we should have a foursome with both guys. I did make some converts on campus however. Those people became the nucleus of our own free-love community, which is now become a married people’s swinger circle. All that to say, the open nudity and sex didn’t seem normal for me until I had made that cognitive leap. I had to believe that ethical non-monogamy is every bit as moral as the conventional view.”

Bonnie understood. “I think Cooper and I did things in the opposite order you did. We were converted to the idea of ethical non-monogamy before we were actually face to face with it.” She turned to her husband “Would you agree that this trip has been the first time we’ve actually done the things we been talking about for the last few years?”

Cooper agreed and extended “I was actually thinking about this very thing before I fell asleep. And you are exactly right. For us, we’d already made the values shift. That must be why for both of us it already seems normal to watch people have sex right in front of us.”

Heather jumped in “Or that you are so comfortable watching your spouse have sex. If you hadn’t said differently, I would think you two had been doing this as long as Martin and Judy. I would never believe you’d never seen her having sex before this week.”

“I know. You would think there is a learning curve. But for us we were already there” Bonnie said.

As they talked, Cooper could not take his eyes from Tina as she was hanging onto the starboard gunnel, her head over the water while Ramón held her torso and legs off the ground driving hard.

With a firm voice Judy said “Three-minute warning.”

Tina gave Ramón a bit of quiet instruction. Less than a minute later they were down on the sun bed for their finale. With Tina on her hands and knees at the front of the sun bed her face only a few feet from the audience, Ramón hammered her until he climaxed with a shudder and a groan. Bonnie wasn’t sure, but she thought Tina climaxed just before he did.

They got vigorous applause.

When Cooper made it back to the foredeck, Bonnie told him he’d missed quite a performance. He assured her that since they never laid down flat on the bed, he had seen almost all if it over the roof of the main cabin.

For his tale, Brian told a braggadocious story about one Spring Break when he was in college. He told how in a single day, in five different places and times, he had fucked a total of eight different girls. Bonnie leaned over to Heather and said “Next he is going to say he gave all of them ten orgasms each.” She laughed quietly and said, “The thing is, I wouldn’t doubt he did just that. Even if I think he’s full of himself, I just can’t help myself but wanting him to fuck me.” Bonnie laughed, and given how easily she melted for Martin, she understood.

For his demonstration, Brian wanted to show how great he was at doing his wife and his girlfriend at the same time. Bonnie was not impressed with him, but she had to admit it was very hot to watch. Given the format, she figured it was not impolite to get some fruit and wine and move over to chat with Judy while Brian showed off.

After Judy gave Brian his three-minute warning, she told Bonnie “Your next. We will take a break after your demonstration so don’t wait for me to announce you. When they are done, you will have the floor.” While Bonnie had never had a problem talking to groups, she was nervous with the pressure to not just look good, but to make her husband look good to his boss.

Bonnie did as she was instructed. Even before Heather had taken a seat snuggled up on Cooper she began. “I want to tell you about the sexual experience that shaped my life more than any other. It came long before I met Cooper, even before I left the mountains to go to college. You see I grew up in the mountains of West Virginia. When you think of old pictures of impoverished rural Appalachia, they were probably taken of my home town. Well not a town exactly, more like but like my part of the holler.”

That got some laughs and Bonnie loosened up.

My people are quintessential West Virginia hillbillies and…” she shifted briefly into her native dialect and accent “…I am mighty proud of my mountain roots. My ma is a three-times-a-week, holy ghost filled Pentecostal church goer. She warned me as a young teen that sex is a burden that women must endure, but it is part of the curse brought on by Eve’s eating the apple. But she also happily told me that I was fortunate that I would not have to worry for years since it won’t be my duty until after I am married. She gave me that warning over and over. I always knew I was going to get a sermon about the burden of a wife’s duty when the night before I heard my parent’s headboard bang repeatedly into the back of my wall.”

Several people laughed.

“Oh, not only could I hear the bed hit the wall, their bed was one of those that has springs built into the frame that squeaked when they did it…or rather my father did it and my mom endured.”

More laughs.

“On the night before I married Cooper, she told me that she would be praying for me to have the patience of Job and to just have faith that it is part of God’s plan for women.”

More laughs.

“That was my mother. My father is…well….colorful. His family are all full-time farmers, parttime moonshiners and sometimes coal miners. He still goes to church with mom faithfully….every Easter. To him sex is as normal, natural and God given as chew’n tobacco & moonshine.”

More laughs.

“So in short, my family is your everyday typical Appalachian clan.”

More laughter.

“We didn’t actually live in deep in the mountains. There are at least ten houses within a mile of my parent’s place, almost urban by our reckoning.”


“As you might guess from what you have seen of me this week, I take after my father, not my mother.”

More laughs.

“The problem was that I didn’t have a lot of choices in boys. The first boy I had sex with was Roy Wilson. He lived about a half mile away and he was two years older than me, but we rode the same school bus because we were in the same grade in school. Though by the time we went all the way when I was fourteen, he’d already quit school and was working and had a car. Though we didn’t have the term “friends with benefits” that is what he was. Well at least from my view point. He wasn’t my boyfriend and I told him that over and over, though I’m not sure he ever got it. From the very first time, I would only do it if he brought rubbers with him and he knew it, so he always found ways to get them. When I was sixteen, I fell in love with Jimmy McShane. He had a 1974 Ford pickup, and though my mother would not let me go off with him because she believed that dating was only for getting married. While some of my cousins got married at my age, she was determined I would be the first person in our family to go to college. Which I did and taught school until the kids came.”

“But, since we lived in the woods it was not hard for him to park his truck up the road and we met almost every day in a little meadow just past the creek. Through the summer and fall it was wonderful, but when winter came making love on a blanket in the snow did not work for me. Well one cold day we were on the floor of my dad’s woodworking shed, and we were really going at it. We didn’t know my father had come home early from the machine shop where he worked. He saw the smoke coming from the wood stove in the shed, so he came to see who was in his shop. He opened the door and there I am, plain as day on top of Jimmy, naked as the day I was born, going to town.”

Laughter and some groans.

“You never saw a teenage boy move as fast as Jimmy did. We did live in West Virginia and he had good reason to be terrified. My father picked up a shovel handle and chased him all the way down the long gravel drive still naked carrying his clothes.”

She paused for effect and everyone broke up laughing.

“You have to understand, I was and still am a daddy’s girl. In his eyes I could do no wrong. I made sure that by the time he made it back to his shed, I’d pulled my tee shirt and jeans on, but my bra and panties were still on the work bench where I’d left them. I knew he saw them, but he pretended he didn’t. He pulled the door closed and sat on a stool. He knew my heart was set on me going to college. Like Mama he wanted me to have a better life and college was the only way out of our valley. So, instead of saying I should not be having sex, he reminded me of my goal of going to college. Then he leaned over and picked up the opened condom wrapper from the floor. He looked at it and said that he knew I was a smart girl who would make boys do what I wanted. Then he looked right at me and with a deadly serious face he said for me never to let any boy get in the way of my dream of going to college. And with that he stood up to leave. But before going, he assured me he would not tell Mama, but in the future, I should be much more careful.”

That prompted a number of comments from “the floor.” As Judy had done, she just waited till the talk died down then went on. “That day was pivotal for me. My father who I adored made his values clear. Not that I didn’t already know deep down what they were, but for a girl to hear it so plainly made an impact. From that day till this, I have firmly believed that sex for fun is not wrong, but I will never let it keep me from what is important. And at the same time, even when I was very sexually active in college, my mother never, ever knew.”

She was so pleased with herself that she didn’t even hesitate to tell Cooper and Martin to come to the bed so they could both do her at the same time. Before they were up to the bed, she clarified “Both dicks will NOT be in my vagina. No way!” That got more laughs.

The tricky part was going to be the anal and Bonnie wanted this demonstration to look like she had way more experience than she really did. She and Cooper had done anal a fair number of times over the years so she knew what would be easiest for her. She had him lay on the sun bed, his feet facing the stern. She lubed him and her ass up and squatted over him to slowly work the penis in. This also meant she was facing the audience. To keep it entertaining, she told more West Virginia sex stories as she worked Cooper’s penis in, then gave her sphincter time to relax. By the time the penis in her ass felt good enough to start working it, she knew she must have used six or seven minutes. She lay back on Cooper and asked Martin to do his part as kindly as she could.

It took a further few minutes to work out a rhythm to make it feel (and hopefully look) good. It did feel good. The sense of fullness and the pressure it put on the sensitive roof of her canal gave an intense pleasure that was very different from either vaginal or anal sex alone. She could feel how the two shafts rubbed on each other with her thin membrane between them. The idea itself of having two men inside of her at once was a thrill, the fact it was her husband and his employer gave it a kinky edge as well. For a few minutes, she was lost in the sensations and completely forgot about where she was.

When the three-minute warning came, she was not put out though. When she came back to reality, she knew she was putting on a performance. She felt good that she was putting on the best one she could. She’d even smiled and sort of posed for Judy as she worked the tripod mounted camera. When time was up it was an abrupt end, but , she felt successful and that was what mattered to her. She took an ostentatious bow before she stepped off the sun bed. She would need to find a man to join Cooper at home so she could try this someplace comfortable.

As Bonnie went to sit down, Judy stood and said it was time for a stretch and bathroom break.

It had indeed turned cool, well cool relative to what they had become accustomed to. Once they settled back down under blankets or wraps Cooper took to the “stage”. He opened by once again confessing he had very little sexual experience with anyone but Bonnie, but he did give a nice story of losing his virginity in his girlfriend's dorm room his freshman year in college. The girls thought it was sweet that he'd had to be dragged to bed by the co-ed. Bonnie had to interject how the first time she and Cooper had sex had been almost exactly the same. She'd had to quite literally trick him to come into her room and then seduce him to get his pants off.

Cooper didn’t mind the laughter one bit.

“So, if you will permit me, what I would like to do for my performance is more for my sake than yours. Judy was right, I can’t go back and pretend that sex with men is off the table. So, while I don’t have any interest in fucking a man, I will publicly tell you that since Bonnie has had her dildo harness, on a number of occasions I’ve asked her to fuck me. On every single occasion I had enjoyed it, but had wished the penis had been real. In all likelihood I would never ever have had the courage to make that happen without this trip.”

“The other day you saw me lose my swinger virginity to Judy, tonight I would invite you to watch me lose my anal virginity to Martin.”

There were several hoots and cheers.

“Martin, if you would join me. And since I have no doubt, you have a good deal of experience in this, I will let you guide me.”

Mr. LeMarco, turned to his wife and spoke a few words then stepped up to the bed. “I would be all too happy to help. And just to let you know I’ve walked over a dozen men through their first time. Twice before I have done it in situations much like this with their wife and friends watching.”

Cooper just nodded.

“It works best if we start by sucking each other off. That will get me hard and you turned on enough to go through with it.”

Bonnie watched as Martin guided her husband to lay down then take a position on his hands and knees over him. It was clear he meant to mouth fuck Cooper, not just have him suck him off.

Bonnie tensed, but once they began it was evident that her husband did not object to having been put into that position of subservience. She’d read that in the gay community that men define themselves as tops or bottoms, since she knew that even in their marriage, she was the top, it was natural that Cooper would want to be the bottom in this case too.

Sure enough, once he was hard, Martin began stroking his cock all the way into Cooper’s throat. Cooper did not resist at all. He just used his hands to keep himself centered between Martin’s legs, tilting his head back to take the strokes. She knew she would never let a guy do that to her, but she was a top. If Cooper wanted to stop he could, but he didn’t. Then she suddenly understood. Martin had done this a lot and he was prepping Cooper to be ass fucked by leading him to embrace the receptive role.

Though it was surely less than five minutes, it had seemed longer to Cooper. He couldn’t believe he was letting a man use his body weight to force him to take a cock down into his throat. But yet, it was such a turn on to be used as a receptacle for lust. He’d once seen a feminist activist on TV berate women for sucking dick because they don’t get anything out of it. For the first time he really understood what the woman gets out of sucking dick. He would have been all too happy to have Martin cum like that, but that was not what he’d asked for, so when Martin got off it only led to a rush of excitement that he was going to get fucked in the ass by a real penis.

Bonnie had seen Judy go back to the stern and come back with a bottle of lube and the first condom she had seen on the San Dinero. She understood, she and Cooper used lubed condoms when they had anal sex as well. When Martin had the condom on and he squirted lube between Cooper's buns the reality that Cooper was going to have full sex with a man came home. Since Cooper had been in her own ass before the break, she knew what he was going to experience. The thing that made her confident that this would work out was that Martin’s dick was not quite as big as the dildo she’d put in Cooper’s ass on several occasions. But still, this was different.

She watched to see how Cooper would react when Martin worked two fingers into his ass. He did not seem surprised or upset by the penetration. Bonnie remembered how guys in college would rush anal with her and make it hurt; but Martin knew what he was doing. He took the time and effort with his fingers to get Cooper ready. By the time he began pressing his cock head to her husband's sphincter, there was no question that Cooper was wanting it. It took a number of very slow penetrations before the penis was all the way in. Still Martin took his time, but eventually he began to stroke slowly.

Over the prior few weeks she had tried to imagine what would happen on this trip; yet not once had this been one of those imaginations. This was not something she’d thought of: her husband being fucked. Yet now, watching him respond to that thick shaft filling him, she was sure she could and should have if she’d really thought of what her husband’s desires were. Perhaps the limiting factor had not been that she did not know Cooper’s desires, but rather she had no idea the LeMarco men were so willing to fuck anyone they could. Watching him, she was sure Cooper was very much enjoying the experience. She knew she was.

Tina looked to Bonnie and asked, "So Bonnie, what do you think of this?"

Bonnie shook her head, "I really don't know."

Judy who was manning Martin's camera spoke up "You know Bonnie, the image of a man taking it in the ass is actually a common image in Greek and Roman art. Even into the Middle Ages we have paintings of anal sex, mostly with threesomes of two priests and a nun."

Bonnie did not know that. But she could tell that her husband was very much into it. She had even heard Cooper tell Martin directly how good it felt to have him in his ass like that. Her next question was would he regret doing this? The fact that Cooper was stone sober even while everyone else was feeling good due to the amount of wine they had consumed meant that her husband was fully aware of this choice. It would be interesting how it would play out at home.

Cooper had told Martin his penis felt good inside of him for the simple reason that it did. Sure it had hurt a little right at the first; but even then, the feeling of Martin’s head touching then pushing into his ass had been a thrill. The feeling of the penis itself had just been part. The feeling of Martin gripping his hips for leverage was too, and the knowledge that the others, especially Bonnie, were watching was equally part of the thrill. As much as Cooper wanted to have the full experience of a man climaxing from the pleasure he was getting from fucking him, the knowledge that they would be stopped before th