In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 14

In Search of the Final Freedom

A Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 14

Open Marriage and Motherhood

Bonnie and Cooper had been back from their trip for two weeks. It now seemed like one long dream. Even as she and Cooper talked about it, it was hard to believe even half of the things she remembered actually happened. It was just too much; however, she knew she felt much better about herself than she had before the trip.

She was just now finishing her initial sorting and assessing what she’d seen, heard and done. There were two main issues she and Cooper were both trying to resolve, oddly none of the things that bothered them had anything to do with what they had done. No, the sex with other people was simply a non-issue. They both unequivocally thought all those experiences were only wonderful in themselves, but had left them better people. They struggled with how to reassess their relationships with the LeMarco’s and with Heather Jones.

Bonnie was sure there was a lot to admire in Judy LeMarco and in many things she set forth a path that Bonnie very much wanted to follow. Bonnie thought on how Judy was the master of her own body, no matter how powerful Martin might be at work, she was no helpless play thing or trophy wife. She considered how she had made a home for teenage Brian that was sexually open and positive, while never hiding who she was or what she had been in the past.

On the other hand, Martin and Brian’s attitudes concerned her. She could not miss how, to them, sex was a commodity. She'd not forgotten that Judy all but told her that her husband brought clients home with the expectation she would fuck them. Martin never seemed to care what anyone (except Judy) wanted sexually. He and Brian were both sexual predators and she now had accepted that she and her husband had been little more than sexual toys to them both. Not just them but sadly so was Heather and even Mandy. The harsh reality was they had paid for this fabulous vacation by allowing themselves to be the sexual playthings of the LeMarco's. No, she was never coerced, but even the lack of overt coercion was a method of getting her sexual compliance. On the other hand, she was convinced that her husband had felt coerced from the very first. Would he have allowed Martin to fuck him like that if he'd felt free to say no? She was sure she did not want to emulate the attitudes of the LeMarco men.

Yet, even in the things she knew she did not want her family to emulate, she had learned lessons that pointed the way forward as they incorporated the concept of unrestricted physical love into their lives. She knew that she didn’t yet see the whole picture of how these new things could be blended and sorted and merged into their lives. Unlike the LeMarco’s they were committed to their Christian values. Even if they rejected traditional sexual rules, the way Martin LeMarco used people was incompatible with their values. In times she was sure that she and Cooper could separate the wheat from the chaff. She considered how she and Cooper had been preparing their kids all their lives for a truly open sexual, yet thoroughly Christian, home environment; she just had not realized that fact until that very week. Now the hard part of how to create such an environment would be her mission.

Her other challenge was also in a person. In this case it was a beautiful and spirited nineteen-year-old girl, who openly looked to her and to Cooper as her guiding lights and mentors; yet she also very much wanted to continue her sexual relationship with both of them. Less than three years older than their own daughter, Heather had been their lover during the trip. How was she to be both guide and lover to the young woman going forward? Even with the sex, from the very first she had known their relationship would be more that of a mentor not peer. Over the past two weeks that mentor role seems to have solidified. She and Heather had spoken on the phone nearly every day.

The plan for her to spend the night with her and Cooper had not worked out yet. The offer to stay the Saturday after they came home was preempted when Mandy invited her to spend the weekend with her and Brian at their place. From what she said on the phone Heather would rather have come to see Bonnie, but did not feel comfortable telling Mandy no. Though it had only been two weeks, she felt like the situation might largely resolve itself in Bonnie and Cooper filling an odd role of mentors “with benefits” as it were. She was sure the fact they still planned to have her sleep with them in their bed would not undermine their other role in her life.

Bonnie might not be sure as to how she would incorporate everything in front of her into their life and the life of her family; but she was sure she had a new resolve to make every day count. She only had a vague idea of what exactly she wanted to do with her life in the long term, but she was working on it. It seemed to her that she had, in previous years, been like a walking zombie, going through life in a colorless tasteless world with only occasional punctuations of heat and color. But now everything was different and she would like to bring that excitement to the everyday dull world in which she lived.

She had also talked to Judy several times, mostly about how to arrange a sex positive environment in her home. She and Cooper had several discussions about that very topic and how the LeMarco’s had dealt with Brian as a teenager. The Campbell’s, after much discussion, agreed that a number of the things the LeMarco’s had done were beyond consideration. However, on many other things it seemed the LeMarco’s were just putting into practice things the two of them had talked about for many years, even if their kids had yet to reach an age at which those things would be fully implemented. In this they now saw how the change in their sexual lifestyle would impact the entire home environment.

In some ways it wasn’t too much of a jump. So far, Bonnie had not been as flagrant as Judy in letting the kids know that she would provide a positive safe haven for the teens to explore their sexuality. But she knew she was going far beyond what her peers would think appropriate. Ever since they began mysteriously disappearing in the fall, she had ensured that the medicine cabinet in the kid’s bathroom was kept supplied with condoms. She had allowed Misty’s friends to engage in intimate behaviors right in the public areas of her home, not to mention full sexual contact in both Misty's room and the guest room. On top of all that she'd tanned nude in the presence of Misty's friends for months. The biggest difference in what she had done with her kids and what Judy had done with her step-son was a matter of intensity not content. So far, with the exception of the trip to Miami last year, Bonnie had largely been too embarrassed to be up front about her actions or to ask for clarifications about Misty’s activities with her friends. She had wanted to be more up front and felt sure that Misty would be more than glad to; but Mom had been sure that she was not ready for that; yet now she thought she was.

From the first day they had gotten back the kids had been asking to hear about the trip. After they had picked the kids up at Nana Campbell’s, Lamar asked right off “Did you go naked?” Bonnie wanted to be shocked at such a question but knew it was appropriate given what he had seen during the summer. When neither parent answered, Misty pressed her brother’s question “Well?”

Cooper looked at Bonnie. She thought for a moment then answered briskly, “Yes, we did, nearly the entire time, and so did everyone else. Is that what you wanted to know?” Her tone, more than anything else shut down any more questions on that vein, and so the questions shifted to inquire about the yacht and the places they had visited. The flash drive that Judy had given Bonnie as they exited the plan helped forestall other questions for a little while. There were over a hundred very nice photos, none of which showed any nudity or even alluded to the truth that the cruise had been almost 100% nude. The pictures of Bonnie in her bikini on the yacht, in the water, and from their ports of call did not fool Misty one bit. The underwater photos Martin had taken of the reef were impressive, yet Misty noted that there were no photos of people at the reef. Over the next days, Misty asked about what had “really” gone on during the trip. But each time it was a passing comment as they were off to some activity or another. And, each time Bonnie was increasingly ashamed of her lack of courage to own and be proud of her behavior.

It was in this milieu of indecision that the email came from a yahoo account to Bonnie’s email. The tag line “winter cruise memories” got her attention and the address ensured she opened the message as soon as it came up. Opening it she found it was an invitation to “The 7th Annual, Winter Cruise After Party” at the LeMarco’s, two weeks from Saturday. A smile spread across her face. Out loud she said “Well, I’d better shave good for that one.”

There were a good number of large attachments so she went to Cooper’s study and opened the email to save all the attached .jpg files to the hard drive in the folder already named Caribbean Trip. Only after they were all downloaded, she opened the files to see what had been sent. There were about twenty photos, all first rate photography. The first few were just some group shots Mr. LeMarco had taken as the trip went along. One was from the dock before they left Miami and the rest from their ports of call. The real difference in this set and the photos that Judy had given her was that while there was no frontal nudity, there were photos of nudity taken from the rear. There were several photos of her tanning on her stomach beside different people, including Cooper. There were a couple from the luau, and a couple from her glamor shoots that just happened to be angled so that her nipples were not visible. There were also two really nice ones that she remembered Martin taking at the end of their mermaid shoot. He had the women stay in the water while he boarded San Dinero to shoot down on them. He had them swim around and then gather up to look up and wave. Both photos in the set were of her as she swam in the clear water. One was just her and it filled the frame while the was of all five women. On the big monitor, she thought both looked very good indeed. There was also a picture Martin had taken of her in the wet white linen dress. It was by far the most revealing since the dress was nearly transparent at the time.

The photos, particularly the one in the wet dress, brought back waves of memories. The memories turned her libido on and without thinking about it she went to look for a toy, only to find that her two favorite dildos and several vibrators were now gone. She didn’t know how she’d missed it before, nearly her entire toy collection had disappeared. A little put out; she went up the stairs to Misty’s room. Sure enough there, right on the Princess Ann dresser, next to her stuffed pig was mom’s favorite vibrator. It was a Hitachi Magic Wand, big, but not at all phallic in shape, so grandmother would not have realized what it was. Her two battery operated vibrators, which were both quite visibly sex toys, and her two good dildos were not as plainly in site. They were not really hidden either, as she lifted up the dust ruffle she found not one but both of her good dildos. She only wanted the silicone one right now so she left the glass one and didn’t even look for her little egg vibrator.

Being alone in the house and in an effort to push her sexuality physically out of the bedroom, she just kicked off her pants and flopped in the recliner nearest the electric plug in the living room. She leaned back and let the pleasure come as her Hitachi Magic wand did its magic. She reflected how her relationship with Jill had ended her long habit of an early afternoon masturbation session, and she’d never gotten back into that routine after Jill had moved. Perhaps that was one reason she’d been so dead after Jill moved away, she’d never gone back to it. After a while, she kicked off her panties and eased the silicone dildo up inside herself, so as to sandwich her sensitive parts between the big soft head of the vibrator outside her body, and the silicone inside her vagina. She could feel the intense wave of pleasure building.

The Campbell’s home, having been built in stages was not laid out in a neat and orderly plan. Bonnie, enjoyed herself in what was referred to as the living room, being part of the original home it boasted beautiful hard wood floors and French doors that led to the back yard. The large comfortable couch and chairs made this the preferred sitting, talking and living place even though it was small by modern standards. Off this room was the kitchen and dining room, though in the Campbell’s home it was not so formal as in many older Southern homes. The original formal dining room had been converted into Cooper’s study. The 1960’s addition included what was now the front entryway which was behind Bonnie as she sat in her comfortable leather chair. To her left front was the open door leading to the master bedroom. The additional bedroom created in the 60’s addition was deconstructed in the late 70's and morphed into a wide entryway leading to that addition. This final part of the home was two stories, with the upper being three bedrooms (two were Misty's and Lamar's). Half of the addition's lower floor was referred to as the game room. It was dominated by a full sized slate pool table, left by Cooper’s late father. It also sported a complete wet-bar, and most important to the kids a big screen TV. As half of the addition went further back than the older home, from the game room, the patio, half the pool deck and one end of the pool was visible through the sliding glass doors. It was from that vantage point that Lamar had spent hours watching his sister’s friends last summer as they experimented with skinny-dipping. Lamar's room upstairs also had a view of the deck, but only a little slice of the pool, so the game room was his preferred place to spy.

First floor of the Campbell home

Second floor of the Campbell home

The only thing that the home sorely missed was a garage. With all the building projects over the years, no one had seen the need for one. For at least ten years Cooper had promised himself to get one built, but still it had not. All in all it was a great home for the busy family.

Normally Bonnie could hear Misty’s beetle pulling into the drive, but today she was too engrossed in her own pleasurable activity. She did however hear the door slam shut and the dropping of book bags in the hall way. Momentarily she stopped, and, even in the fog of near climax, the idea of going to her bedroom crossed her mind. But she told herself, the kids would surely go to their rooms then to the game room. They did that every day. She, trying to sound relaxed, yelled “Hi”. A return “Hi Mom” answered then the sound of feet climbing the stairs. Having not been completely pulled out of the moment, Bonnie went back to working toward her orgasm.

She had just reached the critical mass, her hips had begun to spasm, thrusting forward of their own accord. She gripped the impaled dildo and began to push it in as deep as she could stand it. The convulsions in her legs were in full swing, when an accusatory voice broke in “Mom, why were you digging in my room?”

She opened her eyes to see Misty’s shape to her left, behind Cooper's big La-Z-Boy. Bonnie blinked speechless as her orgasm broke over her. Her hips and legs continued their involuntary jerks and her entire body shook. She began to understand what was happening, but by that time Misty’s scowl had become a broad grin.

“Kelli will love this” Misty said with amusement. “My mom raids my room, takes my vibrator and dildo and does herself right in the living room. Kelli already thinks I have the horniest mom in the world.”

Bonnie was gasping for breath. Her arms and legs felt like lead, but she finally grasped that her daughter had just stood two feet from her and watched her climax using a vibrator and dildo. Certainly, it wasn’t the first time her daughter had walked in on her masturbating over the years, but this time it felt different. Even still, that was why she did not do what most mothers would do and suddenly jump and run. She actually didn’t have to try all that hard to be casual about it; but still, she did have to consciously tell herself there was no reason to hide what she was doing from her sixteen-year-old daughter. She chose to seize the waiting second orgasm before it dissipated, knowing full well Misty was watching. She hoped this would push her into being more open about other things. She closed her eyes again and said “Wait a minute.” The smaller follow up orgasm took less than a minute to arrive. Only when it had passed, did Bonnie move the tennis ball sized head from her clit, and as gracefully as she could, she slid the wet dildo from her body, sat up and laid them both on the coffee table.

It was well over five minutes since she had first heard Misty’s voice. Mom was back fully in control of her body and found words amid her hard breathing “Your vibrator?”

Misty grinned “Well, yea, I, uh, borrowed it in December and you never asked for it back.”

Bonnie stood and walked over to retrieve her pants. “That doesn’t make it yours. I’ve been using this for, well, since long before you knew why I had it.”

“I know that, but why do you want it back now? It’s been in my room for months.” Misty asked as her mother pulled up her pants.

“I went looking for my toys. It seems you have all of my good ones.”

“But why now, it’s the middle of the day” Misty taunted her mother.

Bonnie began to brush aside the question, as she had the others for the past few weeks, but stopped herself. If she wanted to have an open and sexually positive home, and she did, she must take positive action. And if there was ever going to be a time to be honest about sex, this was it. That meant, here and now, telling the truth. She gathered her courage and said “OK. If you are mature enough to ask why your mother is getting-off in the living room, you are mature enough for a truthful answer.” She took a deep breath. Misty looked right at her, clearly pleased her mom was finally going to be straight with her. Bonnie started talking very fast, “The LeMarco’s just emailed some more photos from our trip. It made me think of all the wild stuff we did while we were gone. That led me to go find my toys and get off. I didn't realize it had been so long since I used them. Does that answer the question?”

“Very nicely, thank you for your honesty.” Her daughter said very formally “Now I want to see the photos” Misty said, just a bit too eagerly for Bonnie’s comfort.

“There is nothing to see. They are just from our stops.”

“Let me see” Misty insisted.

“Go look for yourself, they are in the file folder named Caribbean Trip on the desktop” Bonnie said as she took the toys back to her room. Reentering the family room she hollered back to her daughter in the study “How long were you standing there?”

From the other room Bonnie heard “Long enough. I waited until I knew you were to the point of no return before I said anything. I’m so bad.”

“Yes, you are very bad!” Bonnie said entering the study and putting her arm around her daughter.

“It’s funny” Misty told her mother. “I did almost the same thing to Caitlin when I spent the night last week, she got so mad. Oh, she’s coming over tonight to work on a group project for our history class” Misty said as she looked for the right file.

Bonnie was a bit surprised and her face showed it.

Misty looked up and said “Duhhh Mom, what do you think we do when we spend the night? Play with Barbie’s?”

“No, I knew.”

The study had been the dining room, but was now dominated by the large desk with two large monitors connected to the powerful desktop computer that sat on the floor. Two walls were lined with book shelves and one had a futon set up like a couch with a folding drafting table behind it.

Misty went through the photos, which were not as innocuous as her mom had said. Misty asked her mother to tell about what was happening in each, then they headed back to the living room and Misty said “You of all people, I just assumed you would know we’ve been messing around together. I told you about me and Kelli. Though you pretend not to see, I know you’ve seen Haley and Connie do just about everything but go down on each other in the game room. Of course you know full well they do that in my room.” Misty said somewhat annoyed. “You’re so inconsistent, all that stuff, the trip to Miami and screwing the Banning's; but then they move away and you clam up like sex is a bad topic. I just don’t get you.”

Bonnie knew full well she was right. All she could do was to agree. “Yea, Sweetheart, I know your right. It’s been hard for your dad and I to be as open as we’ve always said we wanted to be. We have talked a lot about it since we got back, and we decided that we will drop all the curtains. Or at least we will try to.” She paused “Why do you think I didn’t go to my bedroom to do that with the vibrator? It’s not that I expected you to see me, but I wanted to prove to myself I believed sex wasn’t something that had to be hidden away. You are right, I did good last summer, but you are also right that when fall came I clamed up. Since we’ve been back from the cruise, I’ve been struggling to fully own this new person I am becoming. I don’t want that person, to just be me when I’m away from Sparta on vacation, that is who I want to be…period.”

Misty hugged her mom. “I think I understand, sort of. That’s the person I got to know and like as a friend in Miami.” They just held each other for a moment, “My friends and I have been going through kinda the same thing, but it’s just been since New Years that we really have begun to explore the new, sexual side of our lives.”