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In Search of the Final Freedom : Chapter 15

Updated: Feb 25

In Search of the Final Freedom

A Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 15

Sex-Positive Parenting in Action


Like many things in life, the plan for shopping on Thursday for a big night on Friday did not work out as planned. 

Cody’s great-grandmother passed away and the family left for Vicksburg on Thursday morning. She was over one-hundred years old and had been on the decline for a decade, so her passing was not a shock to the family. However, it meant Cody would be out of town through the weekend.  Misty texted her mother to let her know the big day was off, at least for a week.

Even in the text, Bonnie could sense her daughter’s disappointment. To cheer her up Bonnie got on the phone and made a dinner date for her and Misty to meet Heather that night. She also called Kelli’s mother to let her know she would be taking the girls to Macon to go shopping Friday before their sleep over that night.  

            As she hoped, the dinner date softened the blow, especially since she sold it as the return to how it had been in Miami with Misty going as an adult, not a child.  Despite the Campbell family’s proximity to Atlanta and Dad working in the southern suburbs, a trip to “the city” was a big deal, and this was the first time ever Misty had gone with Mom like this.   On the drive to Atlanta, Bonnie enjoyed the one-on-one time with Misty. She didn’t get enough of it.  Bonnie took the time to ask her girl about her progress as a photographer and Misty was all too happy to tell her all about it.  During the drive, Bonnie tossed in that Heather had worked as a professional model, albeit only at the local level. “You should ask her for the web addresses of the photographers who feature her photos on their sites” she suggested.

            Misty used the time to ask very specific questions about sex as she prepared for her debut.  Bonnie was pleased that every time her daughter had talked about her upcoming initiation to vaginal sex, she never used the phrase ‘losing my virginity’ but rather used ‘sexual debut’ as Bonnie had suggested last summer.  It was always gratifying for a parent when their teenager actually listens to them.

Since they were in town after business hours, it was easy to find parking and walk the few blocks to a pub type restaurant. When they approached, Heather was waiting outside in the cool evening. Bonnie’s heart raced. She had to make herself not hurry. 

They were still a half a block away when Misty sensed her mother’s anticipation and she could not miss that their pace sped up considerably.  In her mind she thought how her mother was acting a lot like she had last summer, only it was a lot closer to home. She hoped it would last this time. “Mom, it’s OK, if you want to run to her. I don’t mind.”

Her mother started to dismiss the offer when she just took off. Misty couldn’t help but laugh in her head. The deep kiss was still going on when Misty arrived. Her mother was flagrantly grabbing the young woman’s ass right on the sidewalk. Misty just stood and waited, and smiled to herself. She really liked this version of her mother. She really hoped she was here to stay.

Something she had not anticipated was that by meeting up with a woman after work, like she was one of them. The fact the ‘woman’ just happened to be just over two years older than her made her feel even more of a peer. Misty thought “I am just one of three women going to dinner after work. I’m one of them, not a child.”  Her mother had suggested she wear something from her own wardrobe to help her blend in with the adult environment; however, it was only when Mom had removed her jacket did Misty see the blouse she’d worn. Misty had seen it before, it was one of the new one’s she’d bought this fall and it was quite sexy showing the pretty bra she wore beneath it; yet now she wore nothing underneath and her nipples showed even in the restaurant.

 She vowed to herself that the next time they came to Atlanta she would wear that top the same way her mother was doing. Worse (or better) yet, her mother was acting like a giddy teenager with her girlfriend. “No, my friends don’t act that silly with their boyfriends,” she thought amusingly to herself. “Mom really is in love.” Misty was not sure what to think of that last thought, though the fact her father knew and approved made it seem cute rather than worrisome.  Actually, it was very cute.

Misty opened it right up and asked Heather about what she thought of the trip with the LeMarco’s.  Heather said that she was really grateful for the opportunity of going and that Bonnie and Cooper had made the trip for her. She was glad that neither her mom nor Heather seemed the least bit squeamish about talking about the sex they had together in front of her.  At one point Heather began to positively gush about Misty’s parents. “I’ve been having sex for over four years now, and until I moved to Atlanta if I didn’t have sex three times in a week, I felt I’d missed out. But in all that time, I didn’t realize how little actual experience I had. Sure, I did the things that felt good over and over; but your parents showed me a whole different kind of sex.”

That seemed to be a odd statement to Misty. “What do you mean? How can it be different?”

Heather answered, “It sounds like your mother told you about the day she and I spent an afternoon with just the two of us.”

Misty nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Right off she told me not to try to have an orgasm. She said let them come, but don’t try. The truth is I’d never ever done that. From the first time I came, I’ve always tried to come as hard and as often as I can. It’s almost like sex was all about orgasms; but that day your mother taught me that while cumming is nice, there is a whole different level of deep connection through sex that I’d never experienced.”

She saw her mom snuggle closer to Heather. It seemed she knew what Heather was saying, but Misty did not. “I still don’t know what you mean.”

Heather took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment, as if reliving the experience in her mind. When she opened her eyes she started right off, “It wasn’t the coconut oil itself, but somehow she knew that it would awaken me to new possibilities. And it did. There was something about touching each other like that, not trying to get each other off; but making the same kind of connection by touching as I associate with giving oral sex. We were standing up by the sun bed on the bow of the San Dinero, and the sensations were so strong that I almost fell.  But it was not until we laid down and I began to lick the oil from her that I understood.  She had said the taste of our bodies combined with the oil would be special, but I just didn’t get it. Even before I got anywhere near her pussy, I felt like I was tasting her the same way I do when a girl is really wet and I’m eating her out. I guess it was the sweat mixing with the coconut oil, but I was absorbing her essence. And when I kissed her mouth or breasts and especially when I finally put my tongue in her pussy and then she climaxed…it was…I know this is going to sound weird, but it was like I was being sucked into her, becoming part of her. Damn, I’m getting turned on just thinking about it.”

Misty laughed and commented that it was good she had on a black skirt or the wet spot would show.

“Oh, I now have a wardrobe of black wool skirts. I wear one every day since it’s easier for quicky sex with Brian.”

Bonnie had not told Misty the details of Heather’s ongoing relationship to her boss. Her statement was so surprising to her that without thinking she said “You have sex with Brian LeMarco at the office?”

With a smile Heather replied “Most days.  We don’t do it right in his office most of the time. We usually go to the private executive conference room. That way our clothes don’t get messed up because we take them off. There is even a clothes rack in there to hang things up.  And in there I can clean up the goo if I want to. But the truth is I think its kinky to feel him running down my leg, and like I said I wear wool skirts so it doesn’t show.”

Bonnie asked “Don’t your panties catch that stuff. I know in college I wore gooey panties to class after a quicky more than once.”

“Oh, most days I don’t wear any” Heather replied before pulling the front of her miniskirt up to show her bare vulva to Misty and Bonnie.”

Bonnie smiled and pulled up the front of her skirt to show she hadn’t worn any either. Everyone laughed.

Misty just had to ask. “So, is there semen on your thighs tonight?”

Heather’s answer was to take Bonnie’s hand and place it on her inner thigh. Misty’s mother put her fingers to her mouth and said “Yep. She had sex today.”

That brought more laughs before Misty said “You two are worse than any of my friends.

Heather went on to say that Brian likes it when she wears short, but nice, skirts to work without panties. “We actually did it twice today.  A nice session on the antique chaise in the conference room at lunch, then a quicky bent over his desk right before I left.“

“Aren’t you afraid you’ll get caught?” Misty asked earnestly.

Offhand Heather said “If anyone in the building doesn’t know we have sex in the office, I’d be surprised. More than once we’ve been walked in on. The first time I jumped and pulled down my skirt. After than I began to understand how things work at LeMarco and LeMarco.

That led into a less positive discussion about how she and her parents harbored significant concerns about the LeMarco men and their chauvinistic view of open sexuality.  What surprised her most was that her mother not only agreed with her, but it seemed like they had talked about this a great deal; yet, her mom hadn’t said any of that to her. She wondered why.  As they talked and laughed about things that had happened, Heather seemed surprised at how candidly Bonnie spoke of what had happened on the cruise.  Though she was sure her mother had not meant to leave things out, Heather added a lot of details that Misty had not heard, not just sex stuff, but interesting none the less.

Over dessert, Bonnie brought up Heather’s modeling career.  Misty was very happy to talk to a real professional model since she had increasingly been focused on the idea of becoming a glamour photographer. She was eager to hear about Heather’s experiences as a model.  Heather used her phone to bring up two of the photographer’s websites.  Misty was impressed with the quality of the work, especially of the stuff on the Janice Williams Photography site. Heather’s photos were super sexy, not just the lingerie photos, but all of them. She wondered if it was that Heather just naturally came across sexy like that, or was that the work of the Photographer?”

A myriad of possibilities ran through her head. Misty had received a good bit of praise for her photos of school events and sports, especially of her photos of individual people. Her teacher had said that she had an eye for bringing out the character of her subjects. And the nude photos she had shot of her mother on Miami Beach were terrific. Everyone who had seen them said as much. She’d shot bikini photos of her friends by the pool later in the summer as well as a few more of her mom topless and nude, but she’d not had the chance to shoot anything like that since the summer. One lesson was clear, she did not need to wait till her friends were eighteen to shoot sexy photos. She had just assumed that shooting them in their bras and panties would get her into trouble, but clearly that was not the case.

 Misty also saw an opportunity to hear from someone who had nearly nude photos out in public all through high school. “I can’t imagine that those photos, which some are virtually nudes, didn’t get back to your school. What happened?”

Heather slid back in her booth bench. “Oh they were out. I doubt there was a single person at West Laurens High that had not seen them, including all the teachers. After all, starting in 8th grade I did a lingerie shoot every fall and a bikini shoot every spring. Once word got out about my modeling, each time I did a particularly sexy shoot and new photos rotated onto the photographer’s website or social media feeds, it generated buzz at school.”

“Didn’t you get into trouble?”

Heather laughed. “Oh, the first time I got called into the office, I think my middle-school principal was prepared to have me at least suspended if not arrested since I was just fourteen. But in the end, nothing happened. I had not posted the photos only signed a model release since I was working as a professional model. The photos themselves were not illegal, especially that first set when I was in 8th grade. Those photos looked more like stuff on the website of J. C. Penny’s than Victoria’s Secret, so it wasn’t a school matter.  Both my mother and I got a preachy lecture, but that was it. Like I told your mom on the trip, we got called in again when I was in 9th grade because that second set of photos really were like on a lingerie website. You two might want to be prepared for when someone puts your face to a topless or nude beach photo taken by someone last summer. It will happen, you can be sure of it.”

Both Bonnie and Misty nodded. They both knew that to be true. Misty didn’t say so, but she was actually disappointed they had not been found. Not for the first time she thought about asking Kelli to show the photos they had found on the web to Cody and let him get the word out. She went on to ask Heather about each of the photos she’d seen. She specifically asked about posing and about the sexy quality all of her images had. Heather talked for a good while on technical skills like making angles with her body, and on the more general topic of her Aphrodite persona and how she used it when modeling.

“Heather?” Bonnie asked. “I know this is off topic, but you said you were staying the night at Brian and Mandy’s, right?”

She nodded “But like I said, I’d rather be spending the night at your place.”

“Would you be interested in getting together with us on Saturday afternoon?

She shook her head slowly, “Nope, I’m supposed to meet them early and we are going someplace, I’m not sure where.”

“I understand, but I’d really like to have you down to Sparta. I was thinking perhaps you might be interested in posing for Misty and teach her how to work with models.”

“I’d love to,” Heather said with enthusiasm. Then to Misty she said “Janice, the photographer who did my lingerie photos every year, works out of Macon; but she does shoots in Milledgeville sometimes. Would you be interested in me asking her if she would like you to be her volunteer photo assistant for a few glamour shoots? You could learn a lot.”

Misty jumped at that idea. Seeing her excitement Heather added, “I was going to set up a shoot date to do my first nude shoot with her next week. She’d jumped when I emailed her about me doing nudes in the Caribbean and I asked if she wanted to do some too. Perhaps I can set you up as her assistant. You wouldn’t mind driving down to my parents’ house outside of Dublin, would you?”

Misty emphatically said she would not.

Bonnie was excited too and suggested “It will be warm enough soon to shoot out of doors. If she wants to do a poolside shoot; tell her you can use our swimming pool area. It’s quite large and very private. I have been swimming nude there since we moved to Sparta, back when Misty was just in preschool. It won’t be warm enough to swim for a few months, but in the middle of the day posing for pictures should be no problem.”

Heather told her that doing so was a real possibility. “Janice has mentioned several times how difficult it is to find a good place to do extended outdoor nude shoots. I will let her know.”

The three of them talked after dinner until they were getting nasty looks from the waiter because he wanted to turn over their table. After they left, it wasn’t too chilly outside for the coats they had worn so they walked and talked for another hour.  Most of the time at the table Misty’s mother and Heather were snuggled closely.  Misty had sniggered at her mother holding Heather’s hand and mooning over Heather like girls she saw from her school.  In the parking garage, Bonnie asked if Misty could keep an eye out while she and Heather said goodbye.”  The goodbye lasted a good ten minutes with one interruption when someone walked right by them on the seventh floor of the parking garage. Her mother did not seem the least bit concerned Misty was standing just a few feet from them when Heather opened up her mother’s sheer blue shirt to expose one breast, or when she and Heather hiked the others skirt to their waists in order to get each other off… which Misty saw they most clearly did.  That actually pleased Misty to see that even in Georgia, her mother wasn’t going to hide stuff from her.

On the drive home, Misty asked her mother about what she and Heather had talked about.  They discussed how Heather’s perceptions of a lot of things that had gone on was apparently quite different than Bonnie's. Even when the facts were the same, more often than not she’d experienced it differently than the “adults” had. Her mother had not been surprised and they talked about how people filter things through their own lens and how a forty-one-year-old’s view of the world was quite different than a nineteen-year-old’s.

Bonnie apologized to her for not bringing it up earlier her concerns about the LeMarco’s. “I really should have talked to both you and Caitlin about it that first night. After all you will have to deal with men like that all your life.”  Bonnie kicked herself for not bringing that up the first time she told Misty about her trip. Misty kept asking questions which led Bonnie to recall and think about details she had omitted simply because there was too much to tell; but by doing so she had inadvertently reframed the narrative leaving out the important cautions about free-love that should not be ignored. She would be more careful in the future when talking to Misty and her friends. While she wanted to promote a positive view of their bodies and sex, she could not paint an overly rosy picture.

The next day, after school, Bonnie, Misty, and Kelli headed down I-75 South in the “Mommy Mobile.” During the hour-long trip to Macon, Misty asked her mother to elaborate on what Mrs. LeMarco and Brian had told her about how they did things at their home when he was their age.  Bonnie told them what she could remember of how Brian LeMarco’s teen life had been. Among other things, she told them how Brian and his friends left the condom wrappers and a note of thanks to let his parents know they appreciated a place they could do it without fear. Little did she know that the girls would later agree among themselves that they would adopt that same tradition for use at the Campbell’s.

Once they arrived at the mall they stayed until it closed.

City & suburban people cannot understand the excitement for teenage girls from rural America of going to a mall.  They moved at top speed through shop after shop, slowly filling multiple bags. At Express, Bonnie bought them both short mini-skirts, one casual denim, and one more dressy wool. She also bought them both a pair of very tight stretch jeans. They were so tight that they would not be able to wear any panties because they would show too clearly.  After trying on the clothes Kelli told Mrs. Campbell that she could not bring the skirts or the pants home with her. Her stepfather would make her mother take them away. Bonnie said, “Well, I guess we will just have to give you one of the drawers in the guest bedroom.” Then she thought and added “Maybe two, one for you and one for Cody since you two have taken up our place as your love nest.”  That got a positive response from Kelli.  Bonnie was glad to be the supportive adult her own mother was not prepared to be.

They spent well over an hour in Victoria’s Secret. Finally coming out with several everyday bra and thong panty sets and cute fleece PJ sets with VS hearts all over them. More significantly for their purpose, she bought the girls a set of what Bonnie called ‘play clothes.’  Kelli was a fairly average teenage girl, above average height, nicely proportioned with light brunette hair that just reached her shoulders. She was, Bonnie thought, attractive but not the kind of girl that the guys fawn over.  She still wore size 2 at Express but was not, at 5’ 8” petite.  The Victoria Secret sales girl measured her at a 32 C, but told Kelli she could probably wear a 34 B if she found one she liked. Misty, on the other hand, had continued to get bustier over the past year. She now measured a 34 C but was told that for tight-fitting bras she would do better with a D, which meant her breasts were essentially the same size as her mother’s.

Once in the fitting room with the girls trying on bras, Bonnie made it clear that although neither of the girls really had to wear a bra given their young firm breasts; she explained “While a sexy bra is used to lift, it can also be used as just a frame. Very light lingerie bras are more for framing than for support, so when you try them on you need to think of them that way.” She then went into a little lecture on not buying lingerie that you only wear for a few minutes before taking it off. “You should buy under garments that you wear out on your date to make you feel sexy all night, maybe letting your date get a little peek now and then before going home and taking it all off.”   The girls decided on a black lace set: bra, panties, and garter belt. 


“Now” Bonnie explained while they were trying to figure out how to put the pieces on, “you wear the panties outside the garter straps so that you can take them off while leaving on the garter and stockings. It never hurts to wear a short skirt on a date and halfway through put the panties into your date’s hand. I did that more than once in college and Jill and I did it to your dad and Vic last spring. It works every time. But when I was in college, I didn't even own a garter belt.”

Misty could tell how different her mom had been since their talk earlier in the week. Her mom was giving her and Kelli direct advice on how to be sexy without any hesitation. It is like the friend she had found in Miami last summer had come back. Standing beside Kelli in their matching, overtly sexual, outfits Misty said “I don’t mean to sound vain, even without the stockings on yet we look amazing. Cody might not even survive the night with us.”

Kelli suggested they take a phone pic and send it to Cody, but Bonnie nixed that as a bad idea. Seeing Kelli wilt with the chastisement she added “You can't do that without matching shoes, and you really need the stockings on too.  The stockings we can buy here, but we will have to go shoe shopping next.” Bonnie was feeling a little guilty for playing the stage mother dressing up the girls. But when Kelli looked at Mrs. C. in the mirror and said “Thank you for everything,” the feelings of guilt disappeared.

 Bonnie brushed aside the thank you by suggesting they plan to do dinner at a nice restaurant in Milledgeville next Friday. "Wear this set with those black wool miniskirts. But to do that, in addition to shoes, you’ll need blouses.  I’d say coordinating, not matching.”

They were at The Body Shop when the mall began to close. They had found shirts to wear with the new bras, tightly fitted fabric at the waist, but slightly less so around the bust. When the top few buttons were undone, the shirt opened up to give a nice view to the bra, while staying tight and sexy around the waist.  Bonnie told them “From experience I have found when you wear a shirt like this with a really sheer bra like the ones you bought, or without a bra, you will drive the guys crazy trying to get a look at your tits.”

With the mall closed they finally took in a late dinner at Waffle House. But before heading back to the Campbell’s, Bonnie drove to the outskirts of the city, where in a slightly seedy strip mall, “Lucy’s Love Shop” was still open.

“Mom, they won’t let us in there,”  Misty said looking at the visible sign that stated that one had to be 21 to enter.

“Sure they will, you are pretty young women,” Bonnie said as she pulled the key from the ignition. “You’re with me and besides, it's late. You can be sure the clerk won’t care.” Then she turned and looked at the girls “but you cannot mention to anyone but Caitlin that I brought you here. OK?”

Both girls readily agreed.

Entering the shop, the female clerk gave the girls a close look but said nothing.  As Bonnie had expected the girls had a great time looking at lingerie that made what they had bought at the mall look tame. They looked at eatable panties, chocolate penises and flavored body oils. Bonnie nudged them back to a partition at the back of the store. The girl’s eyes popped out at the display that spanned the back of the shop. There were dildos, vibrators, silicone pussies and other sex implements. Many of the packages had photos explicitly showing how they are to be used.  Bonnie knew full well both girls had grown up on internet porn and her daughter had seen her explicit sex photos with Jill and Vic; but this was the first time she and Misty had been together looking at photos of people having sex. Bonnie was surprised it didn’t feel awkward at all. Misty even asked about some of the photos and what the couples were doing with the toys. Bonnie was comfortable explaining how those things she had used worked or didn’t work for her. A number of the dildo’s were latex casts of the tool used by male porn stars, and of course the package showed the man and his unique gift at full staff.

After she had let them look for some time Bonnie said “Misty, if you will give me my toys back, I’ll let you pick out a few things tonight.” Her daughter’s head shot around “Really?”

“Yea, but keep it under a hundred dollars. That won't buy much if you buy quality, but I recommend quality over quantity. She thought for a moment then amended, a hundred dollars each, but Kelli, I need you to pick out things that you and Caitlin will both like since the toys will stay at our house anyway.”

That set them to shopping hard. They looked at dozens of items and discussed how they could use each one, keeping careful tabs on price. After a good while Bonnie told the girls to hurry it up, the store closed at 11:00. After another fifteen minutes they laid a “life like” medium sized silicone dildo with balls & suction cup base, a pink glass dildo, a magic wand like Bonnie’s and a little cordless egg vibrator that was controlled via Bluetooth from a phone. They had originally chosen a cordless Magic Wand, but Bonnie advised against it saying “If you just plan to use it alone, that one will do. But if you expect it will get passed around at sleepovers and things; it will not last long enough. The corded one can be used indefinitely.” That made since to them, so they took Mom’s advice.

Bonnie agreed with the girls that it was a good idea to just combined the money so as to get three nice things for everyone to use. The egg was for Keli’s purse however.  They reasoned that even if her mother’s husband found it, he would likely not know what it was. Bonnie added two bottles of flavored lube, a tin of eatable glitter dust and a big box of flavored condoms. With the additions, they busted the price limit she'd set, but all told it was still under $300. In total she’d spent close to $1,000, yet Bonnie reasoned that it was a good investment in both girls. She was sure Cooper would agree with her assessment.

Back in the Volvo, the girls talked and giggled in the back seat as they removed the new toys from their packages. They dropped the ‘life like dildo’ over the seat for Bonnie to see and soon got quiet as they snuggled and relaxed as Bonnie drove up I-75. Life like was a good description. It had veins and a realistic feeling rubber skin over a stiff but spongy interior. The balls even felt real with two hard balls inside a soft rubber scrotum. It was a bit larger than Cooper in length, but about the same in girth.  While the girls had looked at some really big dildos, Bonnie had strongly suggested they get one that was more the size of guys they would likely encounter. The one they picked was, from Bonnie's experience, in the normal range, even though it was definitely larger than the average erection.

Bonnie used her voice command sound system to start The Best of Motown and tried not to think in too much detail of what the two in the back seat might do on the way home. Misty had never done anything more than kiss a girl in her presence, but Bonnie suspected they would push the limits tonight, especially since the night before she and Heather had brought each other to orgasm as they leaned against the Mommy Mobile right in front of Misty.  She and Heather had even asked Misty to keep lookout as they had hiked both mini-skirts up above their hips, and Bonnie herself had her jacket wide open with her shirt undone and her breasts completely exposed so that Heather could suckle them. Yes, she was sure Misty and Kelli would have sex in the back seat as she drove.

 This conclusion was based not only from what had happened last night and from what she was hearing in the back seat. The night before, after they gotten home, Misty had come into her bathroom while Bonnie was removing her makeup.  She asked to use the Braun epilator that her mom had bought last fall once she'd decided to keep her vulva fully free of hair.  This was only the second time Misty had used it. After the first time back in September Misty had said it hurt too much to use, but apparently, she'd changed her mind.  Misty sat in her mother’s bath tub and carefully used the tool to remove her pubic hair. For the first time Misty gave her mother explicit details of what she and Caitlin had done on Monday night.  Bonnie was sure the reason her daughter kept talking was to tune out the pain of the hair removal. It no longer bothered her, but she knew Misty was not used to using the epilator.

“Caitlin noticed I was prickly when she went down on me. She said it felt like sand paper on her cheeks when I pushed my clit up on her face. But that didn’t keep her from eating me both before and after supper. She’s a natural and really likes to do it. That last time, she made me think I was going to die. Not that I’m complaining, she gets better at pussy eating each time we do it. She did this new thing by pulling my lips with her teeth, it felt…oooh so good” and so Misty had gone on until she was done. After she finished, she walked back to her room fully nude, right past Cooper who was watching TV in the living room.


While it was true that both Bonnie and Cooper, on occasion, walked across the house in the nude this was a first for Misty. It was just another confirmation to Bonnie that she had done the right thing by telling Misty about the trip. Contrasting with Bonnie's pride watching their daughter confidently walking across the family room, Cooper pretended he didn't notice, staring intently at the TV. It was the first time for his daughter to be fully nude in his presence since she was about six.

Driving on the interstate, a song by the Jackson Five had just ended. In the quiet space she heard what she knew to be the sounds of Misty and Kelli making out in the back seat. She reached up and flipped the mirror off of dark mode and adjusted it to see inside the car. Between the two front seats she could see the two girls kissing with abandon. It was still close to forty-five minutes to the house. How much could they do in the car before then?

She tried to focus on the music.

Motion in her rearview caught her attention. Misty’s body was not visible, but she could see her daughter’s, now unclad, legs. Momentarily Kelly appeared between them.  She did not chide them for taking off their seat belts which she was sure they had done. Most of the time she could only see Kelli’s back, the white of her bra showed clearly on Kelli's skin as her shirt and sweater had been removed. Bonnie flipped the mirror back to dark mode.

When she passed a big-rig, the back seat was lit up as they crept by the truck. Bonnie again adjusted the mirror. She actually could not explain to herself why she did so. When she looked, she saw Kelli in profile, now completely bare breasted, sitting straight up.  What she was doing was immediately obvious when she pulled Misty’s panties up and over her legs and feet.  She passed a whole line of rigs, but the girls had not once tried to hide what they were doing. Bonnie had no idea if the truckers could even have seen the naked girls, even if they had looked. Bonnie did however, insist they put their shirts back on and sit up when they got stuck in creeping, bumper to bumper traffic through a construction zone.  She let them know she only asked them to do so because she was concerned someone would call the Georgia Highway Patrol; and sitting in that line, they would be easy to find and arrest.

Once through the slowdown, the shirts were tossed into the front seat. Bonnie could not help but laugh to herself. A little bit later Kelli startled Bonnie as she, totally naked, climbed between the front seats. She added both girls’ bras and panties to the shirts beside Bonnie, then grabbed the new dildo, before slipping back. Bonnie asked herself “Why had Kelli made a point to show her that they were naked?  Was that Misty's idea? Probably so.”  Misty’s rather vocal reaction told her the dildo had found its purpose.  While she could not make out most of what the girls were saying, Misty quite loudly said "That feels good, but I can take it all the way in." Then a minute or two later came another clear command, "Give it to me good now. Hard and fast."  Bonnie was sure her daughter had increased her volume in payback for having to play lookout as she and Heather had gotten it on in front of her the night before.

Not long Before she turned off the interstate to the two-lane that led to Sparta, the steady sounds of sensual pleasure had become a steady drone. Though, with the mirror still up in dark mode, Bonnie could not actually see what they were doing, the sounds combined with occasional narrative comments by Misty told the story.  This was by far the most explicitly sexual thing Misty had ever done in her mother’s presence. There was no question that she was testing Bonnie's commitment to letting her openly explore her sexuality.  This was a huge leap forward, though Bonnie doubted her daughter understood that.

The Motown album came to an end and shortly thereafter the sounds of sex abruptly ceased.  Bonnie couldn’t help herself and she flipped the mirror to see why the stoppage. However, they were on the two-lane US Highway and it was very dark, so she saw nothing until a truck passed them. Briefly, she saw both nude girls up and evidently switching places. The dark returned and Misty all but narrated as she began to work the dildo into her friend. It didn’t take long before moans from Kelli filled the silence in the car. Each time a car or truck passed; she got another snapshot of what was going on.

Bonnie said to the girls, “I suppose I should be shocked and become parental.”  Then adopting a dead pan, a mock serious voice said “Oh, stop. You should not be doing that.” Then in a normal tone she said “But seriously we will be getting to town in less than five minutes, so you guys better finish up so you can start to get dressed.”

“Damn” came Misty’s voice “But doing this going down the road is fuck'en hot.”

”I’ll have no such language in my car little girl. We are respectable people.” But she knew Misty knew she was not serious.

 Kelli pleaded “Please, keep going. I’m almost there.”

Bonnie answered “OK, but you just have a few minutes, I don’t want to get arrested.”

Sure enough, in a minute or two when they came to the first lighted area before town, Bonnie looked back and could see Kelli thrusting up her hips as she climaxed. A couple of minutes later they came into Sparta proper and the lights were constant.  In the rear view, she saw Kelli struggled to get into her shirt without being seen in the lights of town. They passed through the old downtown of Sparta, then a few minutes later they were on the dark road on which they lived. Bonnie pulled into the curved gravel drive in front of their house and put the car in park. The house was quiet and all lights were out except in one front window, the study.  Bonnie went around to the rear, opened the back hatch and removed the bags. She handed several to Kelli who had come back to help.

When she shut the back hatch, she saw why Misty hadn’t offered. In her hands were her pants, shoes and the bag from Lucy’s Love Shop. She stood waiting for her mother, naked from the waist where her short tee-shirt ended just below her belly button.  Only once she knew her mom was watching, Misty walked toward the house. Bonnie knew full well that she loved knowing that the curves of her firm ass were on full display; though the chances of anyone driving down their rural road were close to nil.

Bonnie couldn’t help herself but to say “Shake that ass girl.” Misty responded by shaking her rear rapidly.

Just before turning to “the kids wing” of the house, Kelli turned to Bonnie and said “Thanks Mrs. C, for everything. I had a great night.”

Bonnie stepped up and gave her a hug. “For what you are doing for Misty, I could do no less.”

Bonnie walked across the darkened family room. Even in the dark the empty two pizza boxes, chips and crushed cans of soda were evident. To herself she said “Looks like they had a good time. I hope Cooper did as I asked him.”

In the bedroom, Cooper had been waiting up for Bonnie and the girls to return.  As the plan for Misty had not materialized, Lamar had stayed home with Dad to have a ‘Dudes Night’.  He and Lamar had long enjoyed their occasional nights without the girls.  As usual, they had pizza delivered and watched “dude” movies.  For years these nights always meant watching action movies that Bonnie hated.  By 8:30 the guys had already shot some pool, and played racing games on the Playstation and Cooper had gone to get some Cokes and chips to go with the pizza. He told Lamar to find something to watch.

When he came back to the family room, on the big screen TV was the menu screen from the Blue Ray of the 1979 movie Caligula. It took him aback because besides being very violent, their copy of the movie was the uncut version which had explicit sex scenes. It wasn’t a porno exactly, but it did show real sex.  What to do? Lamar was fourteen and would be fifteen in a matter of weeks.  It was also true that since the trip to the topless beach Lamar had pinned several centerfolds from Coopers very old Playboy collection to the inside of his closet. He made no effort to hide the fact his computer’s desktop wallpaper was a series of photos of Emilia Clarke and in most she is topless or nude.  Lamar had been only eleven when the whole family watched the entire series of Game of Thrones over the summer.  It had been the violence, not the sex that had caused them to wait until he was that old to watch it as a family. But this movie had more explicit sex and violence than Game of Thrown. Yet he knew for sure that Lamar had seen the sex video Bonnie had made of herself with Vic and Jill, and likely had seen the videos of Mom and Dad together; so the sex and nudity in this movie should seem trivial; but it did not.

He and Bonnie had discussed her concern about what Lamar was learning from internet porn a few days before, for the tenth time. Before leaving Bonnie had (again) asked him to talk to Lamar about the misrepresentation of sex by most of commercial porn.  She had recently read an article that said by Lamar’s age over 80% of kids (boys and girls) were looking at internet porn on a regular basis. She had not the slightest doubt Lamar was well versed in porn. Not that she had, or would, snoop on his laptop or phone, but she was sure none the less.  She and Cooper were not concerned that images of people having sex would harm Lamar; but the distorted view of love, sex and bodies that commercial porn presented was worrisome.  If they were going to be sex positive, that meant they had to confront lies as much as they were being open about truth. As much as Cooper was not excited about doing so, it was his job to talk to Lamar tonight about porn.

Thus, Lamar’s choice was fortuitous because it would give Cooper a good place to start such a conversation.  He wondered if perhaps Lamar was trying to see what his mom had meant about being more open.  A little more than a year ago when they had gotten the Blu-ray of Caligula from Amazon, Lamar saw the box and thought it might be like the movie The 300 about ancient Sparta and he began to put it on. Bonnie had stopped him telling him it was not suitable for 13-year-olds.  Cooper strongly suspected that even before they began to watch it together, Lamar had seen the movie already on the sly. This was simply a test to see if his parents were going to drop their objection to this movie. Sure, the movie was violent, so was Game of Thrones. Cooper knew Lamar had him.

From the opening scene it was a feast of nudity, sex and violence for a kid just turning fifteen in a couple of weeks. True the casual attitude toward sex was historically accurate, but Cooper was uncomfortable all the same.  During their Dude Nights, usually Lamar would talk and ask questions all through the film, something Bonnie detested, so it was something they did when she was not home.

Lamar wasted no time in asking questions. The opening scene of this version showed a teenage Caligula and his sister. Her outfit was just a short shift that did not cover one of her breasts and when it moved it was clear she had on nothing on under it. Lamar asked if that would be accurate. So Cooper discussed the lower level of modesty of the ancient world and how the strict rules of nudity were a relatively modern invention.

A long scene of exceptional violence and sex came on not much later and they talked about Rome’s slave society and how slaves were literally seen as sex toys with no humanity. This opened up Cooper’s first salvo on modern porn and the glorification of sexual violence. He began by saying, “While sex and violence together is accurate in this movie, you should steer clear of videos that show women mistreated in sex. Even things that would be mild compared to this are not good. Too many young guys have seen too much commercial porn and really think forcing women to do things or controlling them in bed is OK. It is not. Sex should always be for the pleasure and mutual benefit of everyone involved. Your mom and I don’t think there is anything wrong with you watching videos of people having happy joyful sex, but we do not want you watching things that show women abused, controlled or even demeaned.”

Cooper began to wonder if his son had even been listening because he gave no response to what he’d said.  A good five minutes later Lamar said “Well it’s not like you have ever cared if I see you guys having sex. And mom left her pictures of her blowing and screwing Mr. Banning right on the dresser. So I never thought you minded me looking at porn.”

Satisfied that Lamar had been listening after all, he simply said “Exactly.” Then just to show he had not been offended by those same images, he added, and I thought those photos of her with Vic and Jill were really sexy. From what I understand, I have you to thank for the quality of the video she made of the three of them out by the pool. She said she could not have done it had you not walked her through the process of both using my camera to take video and to do the editing.”

Though he knew Bonnie had not done so, he asked “Did you do the editing of that video yourself, or did you just teach her how to do it? From what she said, I’m not entirely sure.”

That got Lamar’s attention. He turned to his father and said “No I didn’t. I’d helped her with another project at the time, and I guess she applied that to the movie she made with the Banning’s.  It’s not bad for her first effort; but if you guys want, I could rework it and fix the mistakes she made. All I need is the original video files.”

This was not where he had intended this to go, but since it was Bonnie who had been pushing this, he accepted the offer. “Great. We’d love that. After the movie is over, remind me and I’ll get the memory cards.”

Lamar was clearly surprised his offer had been accepted. “I think I can have it done by weekend after next. I’ll even add some background music. Perhaps we can have a family movie night and watch my version when I get it done. Since it will only be like half an hour long, perhaps we could watch some other movie that has real, not faked, sex.”

Again, Lamar had pushed this further than he’d intended. But he said “Then it’s a plan. I have a couple of mainstream movies that have real sex in them. I guess I can move them from our bedroom to the DVD rack now. Again, remind me after the movie.”  Cooper knew this was beyond what Bonnie had told him to do tonight, but he was sure it was not beyond where she wanted to go.            A little while later, the conversation was moved forward again when in one scene a Roman noble woman was having slaves ejaculate on to her and the semen was rubbed in as skin cream. When Caligula walk in and saw what was happening he commented that if the semen works as skin cream he would have to try it. Then he put a finger in the semen and licked it off.

Lamar made a comment “That looks like fun.”

"What does?" Cooper asked. 

"Jerking off onto a girl like that."

Cooper took advantage of the moment and added “Just don’t think about doing that onto my magazines in your room. Those magazines are older than you. If the pages are stuck together I’ll know who to blame.”

Lamar said he would not get them nasty. It was the first time the two of them had directly talked about masturbation.  Cooper found it easier than he thought it would be to answer the questions Lamar posed after that. Perhaps it was because he'd been in Lamar's shoes once and understood what it was like to be a teenage boy. He was not surprised when Lamar asked if he still masturbated. Cooper had no problem saying "Well when I was in Chicago last fall I did quite a bit, but not as much now. Your mom and I think masturbation is a good thing and nothing that needs to be hidden."

"Yea I know, Mom used to do it all the time with the bedroom door wide open. So, you guys would be cool if I jerked off like in the game room?"

That was a surprising question, but Cooper said "Sure, as long as you don't leave a mess."

The next question really took Cooper off guard. "What is it like to taste another guy's cum?

Between what Mom told me and what Misty filled me in on, you tasted it at the orgy you guys had on that island, and maybe other times too."

"I didn't know you were so well informed. Yes, I did.  But it was just part of all what was going on. Almost like a play. But, I didn't mind it. It just felt like another way of sharing with your mother."  He thought about ending it there, but in case Lamar knew more about the luau he did not want to seem to be evading. Therefore he went on, "Like a couple of days after the luau when your mother finished having sex with Ramón, she had me lick the semen out of her vagina and off her vulva. Even though Ramón had ejaculated the semen into your mother, by involving me like that it was a way for us to share the experience. We had done things like that when we were in college, but that was the first time since then." Even as he said that, he knew it was not correct. “Well, that’s not true. The very first time your mother had sex with Vic Banning, she timed it so that just a little while after they were done, I got home.  She waited on the couch for me to get home from work and asked me to go down on her. Of course, I saw Vic’s semen on her vulva then tasted it inside of her vagina… just as she’d wanted me to.”

He hoped he’d not said too much, but from his son’s reaction, evidently, he had not. That led into a short side trip about the difference between vulva and vagina in a practical sense.  He was not sure why he'd expected his fourteen-year-old to know that. It’s not like they would teach that in the Georgia public schools. Then Lamar wanted to know why all of Ramón’s semen was not inside his mother's vagina after they finished. It was a reasonable question that took explaining how the semen naturally flows downward and if the man stays hard enough to keep thrusting the penis will actually push it out. "In that particular instance, when Ramón ejaculated his semen into your mother’s vagina, I was having sex with Heather beside her. I saw him keep thrusting for several minutes after he had climaxed because your mother was very much enjoying the feeling of his penis in her.  So a good bit of the semen was pushed out and it smeared all over her labial lips and her vulva. Only a little was pushed up into her uterus. If she still had ovaries and was at the right time of the month, that could start the process that leads to making a baby. But your mom doesn't have her ovaries anymore so that can't happen. When Heather asked her to join her sitting on me, she sat so her open vagina was over my mouth. The mix of his semen and her vaginal fluid began to flow out. Because of that, I first used my tongue to help clean the lips of her vulva. That part is called the labia. Only went I’d gotten all of Ramón’s semen from her labial lips, did I put my tongue inside of her to see if there was any more semen stuck to the walls.  But a tongue isn't really long enough to reach all the way into a woman's vagina, so your mother squeezed her pc muscles a few times to push any that was deeper in her vagina down to me. After all that was going to come from the inside was out, I licked it off the rest of her vulva. Normally, that would lead to me licking her clitoris till she climaxed, but she and Heather had both had a couple of orgasms already so they both were a bit tired. They got off of me and the three of us just laid on the bed that was built into the yacht’s bow and talked for a long time." 

To all this Lamar listened with far more attention than he usually gave his dad, but Cooper suspected that a lot of what he’d just said went right over his son’s head. He’d not only gone into far more detail than he'd planned, but likely more than Lamar was capable of understanding.  But Bonnie wanted him to talk to their son about how real sex works, and that he was doing.

"So mom can have more than one orgasm at a time?" he asked.

"Oh, yes. Your mother is very orgasmic. In that case she had two with Ramón then later while we were still on that bed up on the deck, we called it the sun bed; Heather asked to let her watch your mother and me make love. Bonnie had two more orgasms then. At the luau you mentioned, I think she had over ten with several different people over the night.   But you'll have to ask her about how that works for a woman. I know she would be more than happy to explain it all." Then they went back to watching the movie.

He was glad how the issue of same sex contact had come up quite naturally in the discussion of tasting semen. The movie helped to bring it back a little bit later.  The matter-of-fact way the film showed bisexuality in the Roman world opened several more questions about that subject. First with reference to women having sex with other women Lamar seemed not to think it any big deal. Cooper assumed that was mostly due to internet porn. During a very explicit scene of two women having sex, Lamar said “It's like mom and Mrs. Banning in their video and pix."  All Cooper could say was "Well I never actually was there when she did it with Jill, but I saw her with all four of the women on the San Dinero cruse. But yes, this scene more or less captures it. Again, if you want to know more about that you'll need to ask her."  He was inwardly pleased how he was shifting this conversation back to Bonnie. Let her answer those questions, not him.

Not too much later Cooper was ready when the scene that shows Caligula walking into a room where a male servant is giving another male servant a blow job. He watched to see if Lamar had a negative response.  When Caligula just told them to leave because they were making too much noise, it clearly showed guy on guy sex was as normal as girl on girl. Cooper knew that was not true in the world of internet porn. He didn't wait for a question and said, “Well son, sex is just sex. Just because a guy gets off with another guy doesn’t make him girly or gay. It’s just about feeling good with whoever is around. The idea of being gay or straight is a new one, in their day it would have been odd for a man to have never ever done it with a guy.” He was actually surprised when Lamar didn't make any more follow-up than "Yea, I guess so."

The most intense and explicit scene of the movie was when Caligula makes the Senator’s wives act as prostitutes and the camera spends a good ten minutes moving around showing graphic examples of sucking and fucking. This movie had none of the cable TV habits of conveniently hiding the actual penetration. He considered how different Lamar’s world was than his own. In his day a Playboy magazine was a prized possession to any teenager. Now boys could look at couples having sex anytime they wanted right on their phone.  So he was watching actual sex on the TV with his son, yet it didn’t seem a big deal to Lamar. His world was certainly different.  What if he put on real porn at the next Dudes Nite? He’d cross that bridge later. That would be the time to talk to him about the difference between positive and realistic depictions of couples having sex and trashy unrealistic porn stuff.  But that would be another day. He hoped.

Lamar interrupted his thoughts with a question about the long orgy scene. “Was that what it was like at the orgy you had on that island?”

Cooper had to make himself answer, “Yes and no."

“How so? I got some of what happened from mom but I know she told Misty a lot more. She cut a lot out when she told me about it. You said she had ten orgasms with different people and Misty told me a little more but I want to know all what happened” he complained.

“I guess I already gave you one really detailed description about your mom with me and Heather and Ramón, so I guess I have no reason why not to tell you about the luau. What do you want to know?” he asked.

“The whole story about the orgy.”

“That would be impossible to do since I only know what I did and the little pieces of what others did when I was free to look around.  But, understand, orgies like that are really rare. I’m sure only a very few people ever are in one. I’m forty-two and this was my first and only time. For that matter, perhaps I need to say it, before that trip I’d only had sex a dozen or so times with two girlfriends in college prior to your mother. In fact, that was one of the main themes of the luau, the fact they called me a virtual virgin since I’d not had sex with anyone but your mother in over twenty years.”

He began at the beginning telling what he remembered. But when a close up of a woman sucking a truly giant cock came on the screen he digressed. “Just so you know, not one guy in a thousand has a penis as big as that one. Don’t think what you see on the net is representative. And while right at the beginning of the orgy everyone was doing things, most of the time some were sitting back watching and relaxing. And see how in the movie everyone is always in motion, it was not like that. In real life it is a lot slower and people are focused on their current partner. Even when all nine of us were doing something, I got a chance to look around and there was almost no visible movement despite the fact everyone was having sex right around me.  You see sex, even in an orgy, is not about showing off. That is a sexual performance, which is what porn actors are doing. They are acting so as to look like they are having a great time, whether they are or not. Real sex is people who like each other doing things that feel good to both of them.  In group sex situations, and I was in about a dozen of them over the week, it is just more people, but the sex is the same. And unlike this" he said referring to the movie, "just because people are naked and having sex near you, doesn’t’ give you permission to join them. There is still a wall of personal space even if it is invisible.”

“Did the women really go naked the whole time on your trip like sister said. I saw the pictures but was that how it was all the time?”

“Pretty much.”

“Would they let you do it to them whenever you wanted?” he asked in a very fourteen-year-old way.

This gave Cooper the opportunity he had been looking for, to play parent even while telling his son about what it was like to be in an orgy. “That’s the wrong question son.  For a man who is not a dog, it is not about getting something, but giving of yourself.  Whenever you are old enough to have sex, I hope you will keep in mind that sex should not be something you do to someone, but something beautiful two people do together.  Without mutual respect sex is as dirty as the Baptists say it is. With mutual respect, it is a beautiful and loving thing. When you get older, I expect you to remember that. Until then, I hope you will avoid stuff on the net that shows sex as using people like a moving sex toy. Remember the scene were Caligula freaked out and was running around in the rain. Did you notice how his sister and his wife used sex to comfort him. Forget that the other woman was his sister, just see it as his wife and his lover. They used loving sex to comfort him and to build the bond between them.  In the best sex we had on the cruse, mostly with Heather, that was what was going on. We were building a bond through sex.  Emulating that kind of sex will help you grow into the young man that you want to be.” Cooper added “but… one thing in this movie was like our trip.  We could, and did, do sexual stuff pretty much anytime we decided to. Most of the time it wasn’t a big deal, perhaps a little playing with someone or giving oral sex for a couple of minutes just for fun. The fact we were all nude all the time made it both easy and natural feeling.”

“Even the girl who is Misty’s age?”

“That was Heather that I was just talking about.  She’s older than Misty, she’s out of high school and works at my firm. And yes, like I just said, your mother and I both played with her at different times.  We played together and each of us had time one on one with her. Your mother also played with her in a few girls’ only times.  You are right she is young, and we would not have started a sexual relationship with her in normal circumstances; but we were on what amounted to a sex cruise. Due to the circumstances, we spent more time with her than anyone else and your mother and I made a real connection with her. Heather, your mother and I were sort of put together as a group. We were the visitors and not part of the LeMarco clan as it were.  I am keenly aware that since she is so much younger, it was, and is, an unbalanced relationship and I have an obligation to ensure our play time makes her feel better about herself.”

 Lamar quickly asked “You call it playing, but does that mean you screwed them both, like in that scene you were talking about where he screwed his sister and his wife at the same time?”

Initially Cooper could not understand why Lamar was asking questions he had just answered, but it did not take long for him to realize that he had been talking as if his son had some frame of reference regarding adult relationships and sex. He did not, and so apparently a lot of what he’d said passed over Lamar like it was in a foreign language. He would have to gear things down more, so he calmly said, “Yes, I think playing is a good word for sex among friends. It is a way for adults to enjoy themselves as well as to build a bond with people. And yes, I screwed your mother and Heather when we were all playing together, but mostly one of us had sex with her while the other watched.”

“Did they eat each other’s pussy’s while you did it? Like on the movie?”

Cooper had to think, “I’m not sure I recall a time with them that I had my penis in one of them while she ate out the other. We did that with some other people. I guess I’m not sure if we did that with Heather or not.”

“That is so cool you did it in so many ways you don’t remember all what you did.  Did you watch Mom do it with other guys?”

Again, Cooper was amazed that after giving such graphic descriptions, Lamar still didn’t understand what he had said. It was his fault, not Lamar’s, that he was having to cover the same things again. “Yes. I watched her enjoy herself having sex with all three of the other men, just like she watched me with the four other women” he answered. “I guess I didn’t make it clear before. I haven’t yet told you about the last few hours of the trip, so let me try to make clear what we were doing. This time, if you don’t understand what I’m saying, just ask.  When we were only a few hours from Miami, I was asked to shoot photos while the four women and the other three men had a full-on orgy on the foredeck.  In a period of not much more than a half an hour I took photos of Martin, Brian and Ramón each having sex with your mother. She actually didn’t have Ramón’s penis in her for a minute or two; but Brian ejaculated into her vagina, and Martin did into her mouth. When they were done, your mom, Heather and I had a threesome while Judy took photos of us.

A light seemed to come on in Lamar’s head. “Oh wow! No, I didn’t get it before. So you just watched while there was a full blown orgy, like on the movie, going on right in front of you? You watched while those guys put their dicks in Mom’s pussy and mouth? Did she eat the girls too?”

“Yes. Yes, and Yes. Yes, I just watched and took photos. Yes, she had each of the men’s penises in her vagina and her mouth before they were done. And yes, as far as I could tell she had her mouth on the three other women’s vulvas as well. But like I said, once the big orgy was done, I had sex with both your mom and Heather.”

Lamar was just full of questions now. “So, you had sloppy seconds. You screwed Mom after one of the guy’s sploogeed into her without a condom?”

“Yes. I guess I should have made that clearer earlier as well. Since your mom no longer can get pregnant and we were assured all the other members had been tested for STD’s, we did not use condoms. So, there was a lot of sharing of bodily fluids. Lots of times when I kissed a woman or went down on one, I could taste the other men’s semen.”

“So did you go down on Mom while you had sex after the orgy?”

“Yes. I went down on both your mother and Heather before we really got started, and they both had semen on their vulva’s and in their vaginas when I did.”

“That is awesome!” Lamar exclaimed. You watched Mom fuck three guys, then ate her cream pie, then fucked her… all in like an hour?”

Cooper winced at his son using the word fuck, but this was no time to say anything. In truth, in this case it was the right word. “Yes, that was how it was.”

Lamar seemed to think a moment then asked “Really? All that really happened to you and Mom?”

“Yes, that really happened.”

“That sounds like a super-hot porn movie. If anyone else told me they had done that I’d never believe them” Lamar said incredulously.

“It all happened just like that. And that was just one little part of all that happened.”

“And the others saw you doing all that and didn’t care?” Lamar asked.

“Well, not that time. They were all off scuba diving, but earlier that morning Heather and I had sex at the table while the others ate breakfast.”

When Lamar didn’t say anything for a moment, Cooper wondered if what he had said was bothering his son.  But it didn’t’ seem to. Lamar just said “That would be so cool, to see people in real life doing it right in front of me.”

Cooper found himself much more relaxed now.  “Yes, it is definitely cool, but again, it is not what you like but how the others feel about it. You know do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The movie ended and Lamar reminded his dad about the video files and the other movies. Then uncharacteristically his son said that he was tired and wanted to go to bed. Cooper wished him good night. He knew full well why Lamar was going to his room, so he added, “Remember, no spattering semen on my magazines”

“Dad, I’m not ….”

Cooper cut him off “if you’re not going to masturbate after seeing all that something is wrong with you.”

“OK, nothing’s wrong with me. But I’ll just get porn on my tablet. I won’t touch your vintage magazines,” Lamar said red faced.

Cooper did not want to embarrass his son so he came back with, "I’m going to bed, so if you want you can just stay here and - uh - watch the scenes of the movie that you really like again. And yes, the new house rule is you are free to masturbate here in the family room as long as you aren't bothering anyone.” He did not really expect Lamar to do it in the family room, but he thought Bonnie would want him to give him the option. He tossed the remote to his son. "I'll let your mother know that is the new rule."

“Thanks, but I think I'll take the movie to the game room. My gaming chair is way more comfortable."

A few minutes later, Lamar was in the game room cueing the Blue Ray to the orgy scene. Cooper stepped into the game room and tossed him a hand towel. “I agree this is a better place, but don’t leave anything crusty. Then he left Lamar to do his thing.  He might not have said all Bonnie wanted him to, but he’d made a lot of progress with Lamar.  By telling him in detail about eating Mr. LeMarco's semen from Bonnie and then telling him it was OK to masturbate in either the family room or the game room tonight; he made a powerful statement that he and Bonnie were serious about normalizing sexual behaviors.

By the time the car pulled in the drive Cooper was asleep. Lamar was still in the game room watching the sex, but he’d gone from the movie DVD, to the video of his mother having sex with Mr. and Mrs. Banning. He still had his hard-on in his hand stroking it. He’d already cum once, and he’d licked the cum off of his hand and tried to imagine what it would be like to lick it off of a girl’s pussy after some other guy had just finished fucking her. However, he really couldn’t begin to imagine what that would be like since he’d never licked a girl’s pussy. When he heard the car doors outside, he decided not to risk his sister’s wrath if she found him jacking off in the game room. He raced up the stairs, scurried to his room and flipped off the lights.  He did not however shut the door to his bedroom. It was not intentional but would prove significant.

Bonnie and Cooper, unlike their son, had always left their bedroom door open intentionally. Even when they made love they rarely fully shut their bedroom door. Since they had come back from the Caribbean however, Bonnie had made a deliberate point to make sure it was wide open all the time. It was another way for her to show herself she was serious about openness. They had been making love nearly every night in the two weeks since the trip. Bonnie's new found enjoyment of having a man ejaculate in her mouth and of anal sex had opened up new avenues for them. Even still with them doing it much more often, it had not really made any difference. The kids rarely hung out in the family room anymore and so she knew it would not be likely they would actually see their parents having sex on any given night. Unless looking for food, they only occasionally left the ‘kids wing’ of the house. But to Bonnie it was the point of it.

The next morning, Bonnie and Cooper were surprised to see Lamar much earlier than they had expected, which was still nearly 9:30AM. They were relaxing in the family room as Bonnie told her husband about the shopping trip, when Lamar plopped himself on the sofa. Bonnie had carefully chosen what to wear around the house this morning knowing Caitlin was there. It was too cool to go nude or in just something sheer, but she wanted to make a statement. She opted for one of Cooper's flannel shirts and slippers. It was long enough that it came down below her crotch, but the knowledge she wore nothing under it made her feel edgy.

 Very characteristic of him, Lamar promptly interrupted his mother’s narrative about the girls shopping trip.

“Those stupid girls kept me up half the night.” Lamar complained, then paused waiting for a question.

When Bonnie went back to her story, Lamar interrupted again.

“They were so loud I couldn’t get to sleep no matter how hard I tried.”

Bonnie knew, and Cooper guessed what their son was getting at, but were trying to resist asking the question that would lead to Lamar tattling on his sister. It was a habit that most parents adopt when dealing with their children.

Bonnie gave a motherly smile and said “I’m sorry. But you don’t look too exhausted.”

Still not getting the lead-in he wanted, Lamar said cryptically “You would think they would at least close the door.”

Before she realized what he was doing Cooper walked into their son’s tattle tale trap.  “What are you talking about son?”

“Misty and Kelli, had sex in her room last night. They went on for hours doing it. They were so loud it kept me up.”

Bonnie in full parent mode jumped in “How would you know they were doing that?”

 “By the noises. It’s not the first time I’ve heard them” he protested then simulated a female orgasm sound. It was very odd coming from a fourteen-year-old boy.

“No son, there is more to this.” Cooper knew they had caught Lamar in his own trap. “You must have been spying on them. I don’t want to hear you complaining of what your sister does if you have been spying on her again. We talked about that last summer.”

Lamar was clearly crestfallen. His victory in the ongoing sibling war, had been turned into a defeat.

Bonnie, with her maternal soft heart, moved to shift the focus in order to get Lamar off the hook. “Well, Lamar, are you saying you object to your sister leaving the door open when she and her friends play?  And that is what they were doing, adult sexual play.  If you are genuinely offended, I’ll tell her you don't want to inadvertently see or hear her having sex with her friends. I can just tell her she has to keep her door shut from here on out.”

They both were amused to watch him struggle to find an answer that both saved his skin and didn’t stop this new voyeurism opportunity after just one show. “It’s just, .. Uhhh... OK, no, she can do what she wants. It doesn’t bother me.”

“Then what are you complaining about?” Cooper attacked again.

Lamar said, “Nothing. Never mind.”

Bonnie once again came to the rescue, “We knew full well your sister was having sex last night. Your father told me what you watched during your guy’s time together. Last night must have made it obvious that we are not afraid of you and your sister being exposed to sex. I don’t think your sister knew you were awake and I’m sure she will not be happy you watched her and Kelli playing last night; but….” she paused. She thought on what Judy had told her about open doors in the swinger's community. Of course, in their house an open door could not be an invitation to join, but perhaps it should mean something else.  In an instant she would make a ruling that would shape the atmosphere of their home for years to come. “If someone, like your sister or even your father and I, leaves their door open you may, as long as you are discreet, look in to see and watch as long as you want. I will tell your sister as much today. But, that is not permission to make yourself a nuisance or to bother the people in the room. The open door does not make you a participant, only a shadow outside the room. Show respect and courtesy, but the open door will be the sign that you have permission to watch. Do you understand?"

Lamar said "Yes ma'am. I can watch but I have to be inconspicuous, almost invisible while I do."

"Exactly. So, how long did you watch them?”

“A while, but only on and off.  But not nearly as long as they were doing it.” He answered, but then blanched realizing what he had said.

Bonnie continued “What did you see them do?”

At first he did not answer, but then seeing he was clearly caught, he tried to avoid describing what he saw, “Lots of stuff.”

“That’s not an answer” his mother persisted.

Cooper stepped in both to correct his son and to continue on the theme from last night. “Son, last night we talked about sex being about respect. Your mother is right, if they left the door open, they cannot expect privacy. Last night you did an adult thing by masturbating in the game room while you watched the video of your mother and the Banning’s having sex. Yes, I know that is what you did, but it seems this morning you want to act like a child and tattle on your sister. You can’t have it both ways.  Do I have to tell your sister that you are not grown up enough for them to leave the door open, or will you act mature enough to know your sister has a perfect right to have sex with her friends in the house?  You see, unlike porn on the internet, real sex involves real people and has real consequences, even if you are just a bystander.”   Cooper had just assumed that Lamar was masturbating while he watched that video, and when Lamar didn’t deny it, his assumption was supported.

Mother came back “Well, what did you see?”

“They kissed a lot. Like I said, I didn’t just stand there watching, I would peak in for a while then go back to my room. Most of the time it was like they were just laying on the bed together.”

Bonnie had a point in pushing him, so she pressed on, “Where they naked?”

“Yea” he got a slight grin saying. “Both of them.”

Bonnie stayed cool “So, could you see all of their bodies?”

“Oh yea. Misty left the lamp by her bed on the whole time. The hall was dark so they couldn’t see me” he said with a huge grin of happiness. Then he added “and Kelli has a great ass.”

Bonnie said “You can tell us that, but when she gets downstairs, I think you can keep that to yourself. If a girl wants your opinion about her body, she will let you know.”

Cooper cut in “And the answer is always positive, no matter what you really think.”

Bonnie elbowed him, then asked “So what did they do besides kiss”

“Well I saw Misty kiss Kelli….you know, down there…. for a really long time” Lamar said pointing to his crotch. “And Kelli rubbed Misty’s, you know what, real hard and fast until. I guess Sissy came.”

“It’s called her vulva, or labia, not a “you know what”. And when a girl has her vulva licked it is called cunnilingus, though it can be just called oral sex. In the future I expect you to use the right words. Since the state of Georgia seems not to teach you this stuff in school, I guess I’ll have to do it"

Cooper chimed in "We even talked about that very thing last night. Didn't we?"

Lamar nodded.

Bonnie went on. "And yes, I’m sure she did have an orgasm” his mother said coolly. “Was that all?”

“Like I said, I just looked in from time to time. I didn’t know how boring it could get. Well they did that to each other like forever, then Misty used a little vibrator on her, I know what that is called. And a rubber dick, I mean penis.  Then they went back to hugging and kissing and touching. I think Kelli had an orgasm again. Dad said you can have lots of orgasms, can girls Misty's age really have more than one at a time? Because it looked like she did.”

“Yes, son” Bonnie said, girls can indeed have several right in a row if their partner is skillful." This was the first she'd heard of what Cooper had told Lamar. she'd have to find out the rest later. "Is that all you saw?”

“That was all. I was getting tired, and even though it was real, there wasn’t enough good action to watch.”

She felt a need to carry this to the conclusion so that Lamar understood that he was engaged in very adult behavior last night, and that would require him to act and talk like an adult this morning.  So she continued. “And you masturbated while you watched, or did you wait till you got back into your room?”


“Mom!” Lamar objected. When Bonnie just looked at him, he caved and quietly said “Yea.”

His dad put in “So, tell the story like it happened. You’re doing it again. You think you can be grown up enough to tell how you watched your sister and her friend have oral sex, but you’re not acting grown up enough to say you masturbated. Last night you asked me what your mother and I did on our trip and I told you in explicit detail didn’t I?”

Lamar just nodded.

Bonnie added, “So, it’s your turn to tell us what you did. There is no reason to be embarrassed. I know full well that you have seen me masturbating many times in the past ten years. So, if I’m not embarrassed, you shouldn’t be either.”

Lamar’s face was red but he said “When I was in the hallway, I masturbated some of the time, but not all the time. The last time I watched, when they were using the rubber penis, I ejaculated and then I went to bed. Was that the right way to say it?  Is that enough? Can I go now?”

Bonnie put on her best mommy smile and took his hand. The same hand he’d been jacking off with and said, “See that wasn’t too bad. I knew you were adult enough.  But, if you do that again, you need to clean up your semen before going to bed. Sex might be beautiful, but it can also be messy.”

Lamar said, “OK Mom”, with a weak smile, his face still pink.

Bonnie was amused, because despite the fact he had sexually matured quite a bit, Lamar was still not quite fifteen years old.

Bonnie felt good about leaving the discussion on a parental note. “I’ll talk to Misty and let her know that if she leaves the door open it is the signal she doesn’t object to being watched. Unless you somehow intrude on them by drawing attention to your presence, you will not be acting inappropriately.”

Cooper had the last word “You, young man, will not tell your friends about what you saw.  Until we are sure she doesn’t mind you watching, Kelli deserves her privacy, even if your sister chooses to be open about what she does. Like your mom said, from here on out an open door means you are free to watch; but that was not a clearly stated house rule till now.  Mom will ensure your sister lets all her friends know.”

It was just past ten-fifteen when a car pulled up in the drive. Bonnie remembered Kelli’s mother was picking her up to go to her riding lessons. She had completely forgotten that Margret was coming so early.  She not only needed to warn the girls but she needed to get dressed herself. She couldn't let Margret see her as she was.  Bonnie told Lamar to go to the laundry room and grab her a pair of jeans and bring it up to Misty's room. She told Cooper to take his time in answering the door and then she raced up the stairs.

Just as Lamar had said, the door was wide open. Entering she found the girls already up, Kelli on the phone (evidently with Cody). “Yea, I shaved it smooth just like Misty does.”

Misty sat facing the mirror brushing out her hair. Both of their outfits for the day were laid out on the bed as if they were getting dressed. But dressed they were not, they both were still completely naked. Bonnie noticed that like she and Misty, Kelli was now bereft of pubic hair. She tapped on the open door as she entered. The girls turned to her. Kelli lowered the phone a bit and said “Hi Mrs. C.”, Misty just looked at her in the mirror, “Hi Mom.”

On the floor was the packaging to the new toys. The toys themselves were on the dresser.

Kelli continued on the phone, “Really, all of it. Here ask Misty, she’ll tell you” and she shoved the phone into her friend’s hand. “Tell him I’m shaved just like you.”

She then looked at Bonnie “He’s been hinting I should shave it off since he saw Misty. He thinks it’s totally hot.”

Misty put the phone to her face and in an annoyed voice “Yes Cody. Her pussy is smooth as it was the day she was born.” Then she added looking to Bonnie “I know it is smooth because after she shaved it off this morning, I went down on her to show her how it feels when there’s no hair.” Then she put her hand out for Kelli to take the phone back.

“Kelli” Bonnie said in a whisper so as not to let on to Cody she was there. “Your mother is here.”

Just then the doorbell rang. The two girls sprang into action. Kelli abruptly ended her phone conversation and both girls reached for their underwear.

“Mom, keep her downstairs for a minute. Tell her we are coming.”

Bonnie laughed, "I'm no more prepared to see her than you are." as she motioned to her lack of pants, then lifted the hem of the shirt to show she was bare underneath. The girls laughed as well as they scrambled to get on their panties.  Lamar came in holding his mother's jeans. He made no pretense about enjoying the fact he had a reason to walk into Misty's room where the girls were just now getting their thong panties on, and were both still bare breasted.

Bonnie shooed Lamar out then shimmied into her jeans. Before she left she pointed to the dresser and then at the floor at the packaging for the dildo and vibrator. Bonnie said “I’ll do that, but get that stuff out of sight in case she insists on coming up. Good thing that she wasn’t with me this time. I can’t believe you didn’t hear me coming up the stairs.”

Misty responded “We did, we thought it was Lamar.”

Then as she was dressing, Kelli chimed in “We’ve been pretending we don’t hear him out there. We gave him quite a show last night.”

“A little early birthday present” Misty added.

Now Bonnie understood, “So you knew all along he was watching you.”

Misty shot back with “Duhhh.”

Bonnie turned to leave “Well, you can tell me later about it. I’ve got to keep Margret at bay until you two get downstairs. Hurry!”

Bonnie and Margaret had known each other for over a decade. Since then, Margaret had divorced and was a single mom for three years before remarrying.  While the Campbell’s had progressively become more liberal, Margaret had taken a sharp turn to the right. She began attending the same church that Caitlin’s mom and boyfriend now attended.  Though the church presented itself as progressive and non-denominational, it was neither. It was a satellite of a Southern Baptist mega-church based in an Atlanta suburb. Bonnie and Cooper had been part of the delegation who had actually gone to welcome the new group to the regional Ecumenical Christian Ministry Alliance, only to be rebuffed.  Though they use loud contemporary music and slick production, Morning Star Church was very much a conservative evangelical organization at heart. After only five years, it was the county’s largest church congregation. 

Bonnie (and Kelli) knew full well that Margaret had a good number of lovers starting even before she was divorced. But once she began attending Morning Star she changed very quickly.  It was less than a few months after her mom had left St. Thomas for the new church that Kelli’s life was turned upside down. Kelli was in 8th grade when her mom suddenly not only changed her own life, but wanted Kelli to change the way she dressed and the music she listened to and even her friends just because Margaret  had “gotten saved.”  It was even a more extreme transformation than had happened to Caitlin's home. Things got worse for Kelli when her mother became involved with Bill Yost.  When they married, she told Kelli firmly that her new husband was the head of the household and she had no say in the house rules.  That created a crisis and Kelli almost went to live with her father in Savannah. To keep her in the home, Margret agreed to loosen the tight rules a notch, and she made the admission that Mr. Yost was not her father and would never have the right to pretend he is. One of the compromises was that her mom had given up making Kelli go to church with her and Mr. Yost had given Margret permission to drive Kelli to St. Thomas on Sunday nights. 

 These days what Kelli resented the most was that her mother had not been discreet at all about her provocative clothes and active sexual life while Kelli was going through elementary school and those important and difficult adolescent years.  For years she'd dressed Kelli up in highly sexualized outfits that even Bonnie had thought inappropriate.  Kelly had worn string bikinis when the other girls were wearing frilly little girls one piece bathing suits.  But now that Kelli was seventeen and sexually active,  that kind of dress was forbidden and the new behavioral expectations had been carved in stone.  Mr. Bill (as Kelli called him) was really not a bad man, but Kelli resented his intrusion into their life and how his very presence fixed her mom's conservative "kick" into a permanent way of life.  For several years she had toyed with the idea of going to live with her dad, but now she was looking at her senior year in high school and did not want to move. It was because of all this that Bonnie had no qualms about letting Kelli and Cody use their house as a love nest.

“Margaret!” Bonnie called as she entered the family room “It’s been months since I’ve seen you.”

After a hug and some light pleasantries, Margaret quietly but emphatically said “I am so glad Kelli is spending time with Misty again. For a while all she did was spend time with that Cody boy. Bill and I don’t trust his intentions and we are determined that she will be married in white.”

Bonnie with as grave a voice as she could muster answered “I can assure you from what I’ve heard about what is going on, Kelli is calling the shots in that relationship. I am quite sure he won’t be able to take advantage of her.”

With visible relief Margaret said “That is good to hear. Thanks.” Kelli's mother gave Bonnie a rundown of the activities at her church, once again trying to rescue her friend from that liberal Methodist Church to which she belonged.  Bonnie knew she shouldn't but she pointed out that as far as she knew, no church in the region has as many teens on Sunday nights as the group that she and Cooper ran.

Kelli and Misty made it to the family room and looked as proper as Margret was expecting. In short order Kelli and her mom had gone. Misty then insisted on filling her parents in on Lamar’s peeping as she and Kelli had sex.

“Mom, he made so much noise whacking off in the hallway it was hard for us to pretend we didn’t know he was there. It was good we couldn’t see him because I don’t think we could have kept going on. We were both glad when he finally spewed and went back to his room.”

Bonnie said “You know we came down on him for spying on you in the shower, but you did not close the door last night.  If you do that it’s not right to punish him for doing what you expected him to do. Your dad and I laid down a new official house rule. If you, or anyone else, leaves the door open it is an invitation to watch. However, I also specifically said that does not mean he can be disruptive.  Passively watching from the hallway and being a nuisance are not the same thing. But, in this case you meant for him to be out there and that is significant."

Misty’s face fell, “I guess you’re right. You’re not mad we did it with the door open? Are you? I mean you've never shut your door much more than half-way and since you've been back from your trip you leave it wide open, even when you and Dad are going after it. It's kind of hard not to notice.”

Bonnie now knew the answer was yes, the kids had seen them through the doorway. “No, No, why should I be mad. You are right, I've meant to leave the door open. As long as Kelli doesn’t mind you can do it right on the pool table if you want, or the kitchen table for that matter.  But you can’t complain that your brother is watching you if you do. Now, if he is being distracting, you have every right to tell him so. We told him he should be a shadow, not seen or heard.  Does this new approach seem reasonable to you?"

Misty said she did. "But if Lamar is being a nuisance, can I tell him so and ask him to go away?"

Bonnie answered "Yes, of course. But I need you to let your friends know, that at our house an open door is an invitation to be a fly on the wall, but not a participant.”

“I will get the message out.”

Bonnie shifted gears, "I'll admit I wasn’t aware you’d noticed we’ve been leaving the door open like that.”

“How could I not notice, it’s not like you even turn out the lights. I don’t have to try to see, it’s like right there, you and dad banging away. I’m not surprised you never noticed me coming through the living room. When you’re doing it you are totally into it.” Misty said.

Bonnie looked at her daughter trying to gather her feelings about Misty seeing her and her father “banging away”. In past years she and Cooper had always stopped their active movements when the kids came around. But, it was one thing saying they were pulling back the curtain at home it was something else to know Misty had seen inside. She didn’t think it had upset Misty, but she still asked, “It didn’t bother you did it? I mean seeing your parents have sex.”

Misty scoffed, “Hardly. Maybe if I hadn’t seen you two doing it at least a hundred times over the years, but well, if the rule is an open door is an invite to watch you can’t blame me for looking.”

“I guess not. Why?“Because, last Wednesday, after Caitlin was ready to go and we came down stairs. She wanted to thank you for everything. Well, your door was wide open and you and dad were into it pretty hot and heavy and we didn’t want to interrupt you.  We waited and watched for a little while from near the study door. But when you went from riding Dad to giving him oral sex, we realized you were not quitting any time soon. So she just went on home and I went back to my room. I can’t believe you didn’t notice us.”

“I hope we didn’t gross out Caitlin?”

“No, she was fascinated. But remember over the years she’s been here, she and I have seen you and Dad doing it a number of times; and before Mr. Bill came into her life, her mom had men over to their trailer and she’s seen her mom doing it in the living room too. So, it wasn’t actually something new for her. It is just that she and I are no longer eight years old. I think if she hadn’t already been running late, she would have wanted to watch till you finished. So while what you and Dad were doing was old hat, we are different now. I think you picked up on how Caitlin’s old thing for Dad as the father she never had has developed into something more like the lover she hopes to have someday.”

Bonnie was amused, “I think we’ll not pass that information to your father. I think he is moving toward accepting you being sexually active. Just don’t push it on him yet. So for now, when he’s home, no sex on the kitchen table.”

They both laughed, and then Bonnie went on “Your father knows you are sexually active and he is totally behind you; however, that does not mean it is easy for him.  Even though we both are very happy you have adopted what we have taught you over the years as your own; but even still you are his little girl and always will be.”

“OK Mom. I promise, I will not do any fucking on the kitchen table while Dad is home.”

They laughed again …and hugged. The truth was it was not easy for Mom either.


Sunday afternoon, not long after the Campbell family had returned home from church, Bonnie received a call from Heather. Right off she could tell something was wrong.  Heather began without hesitancy. “You know I wanted to come spend the night with you guys, but Brian had asked me to stay with them. Perhaps it is good that I went, not because I don’t want to be with you and your family, but because I think I finally see I have to make a choice and have to do it soon.”

“A choice about what?” Bonnie asked even though she thought she knew.

“I guess the only real choice is do I want to stay in Atlanta or go home to start school.”

“What happened?” Bonnie asked with real concern.

“I went over to their house before noon yesterday. When I got there the three of us went to their hot tub and of course we had sex.  Not that I’m complaining, I really like doing it with both of them; but, I don’t know. It just seems that is all they want me for.” She paused and changed it to “No, that is all he want’s me for. I think Mandy and I are on the way to becoming good friends. I don’t know that she has many people she can really talk to about her life.  But the truth is, I know that is what I signed up for. I fuck Brian first because it’s fun, but also because I know it is good for my career.”

Bonnie was concerned.  “But, the sound of your voice tells me there is something else, and it is bothering you.”

“Yes there is.  It turns out they had arranged for us to take Dwight McGill to dinner and a play. Dwight is a developer who Brian wants to commit to using us as his primary architectural firm. I wouldn’t know that but I proof read a letter from Brian to him last week.  I knew full well what the plan was, even though I was never asked or even told.  Mandy let me wear one of her super expensive dresses and shoes and I decided to enjoy my night on the town.  Not very long after we met Dwight, my suspicions were confirmed, I was Dwight’s date.  And I wasn’t the kind of date men write home to their mothers about.

“Did he think you were a professional escort?” Bonnie asked incredulously. “Surely even Brian wouldn’t do that to you.”

“Brian didn’t say anything of the sort. Well not around me he didn’t. Brian introduced me as his executive assistant, but I suspect Dwight took that for code to mean whore.  Perhaps at LeMarco & LeMarco it is. Even if it wasn’t, it was obvious from the very first that he assumed I was there to entertain him.”

“Wow!” Bonnie said in surprise. “Did the night go badly?”

“Depends on what you call bad. After the play we went back to Brian’s house and we again got in the hot tub naked.  And of course, we had sex. We all had sex. I knew full well Brian expected me to screw them both, and I did. Like I said, I understand my role and for now I’ve accepted that. What I didn’t expect was that Brian fully expected Mandy to do him too. She did, but I got a bad feeling about it at the time.  You remember how we talked about how if you are going to stay in the LeMarco world you have to buy into it.”

Bonnie said she had.

“I’m not morally uptight and I understand that everyone in business sells themselves one way or another. If I have to fuck men as part of the job, well there are worse things in my book to do: like flipping burgers at McDonalds.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but think that was funny. “But, what haven’t you told me yet?”

“OK, I know I’m acting like a whore. I didn’t plan on it, but perhaps it was inevitable. After all what else is Aphrodite good for in the real world. The only question is what kind of whore will I be.”

“That sounds like kind of a bleak outlook” Bonnie said.

 “No, I think it is realistic. When Brian went out this morning, Mandy and I had a long talk. She knows what the game is, but she is committed to building a life with Brian and that means becoming LeMarco inside and out. As we talked though, she suggested I go back to school so that, if I want to become part of the LeMarco world, I can do so as a professional with some leverage.  She thinks that if I go to Martin and tell him I want to go to college, he will be supportive. She said it is likely he will offer to pay my tuition if I’ll work summers as an intern and agree to work for the firm when I graduate.  Evidently, he’s made that offer before.”


“So, is that what you are going to do?” Bonnie asked.

“Yes, I think I will. It won’t hurt to ask and see what happens. But what did she say about her husband expecting her to have sex with that client?”

“She said she’s done it before.” Heather replied. “She told me that before the wedding, Judy sat down with her and laid out clearly what becoming Mrs. LeMarco would entail. She told Mandy that while Martin has never told her to have sex with a client, and he wouldn’t, but she knows doing so is the part she plays in helping the firm. It’s her job as it were to entertain important clients. That means wining and dining and even fucking them. To the LeMarco’s, there is no difference between her going with Martin to smile and flirt with the client when they are out to dinner, than screwing him once they get back to their house or hotel:”

Bonnie did not know what to say.

Heather went on “Judy told her that she should never feel obligated to have sex with anyone, and if someone makes her uncomfortable she should tell Brian before they invite him home. So, to Mandy she does not feel expected to have sex with the clients, but she does expect herself to be willing to do so to help the family firm. Oh, and one more thing, I didn’t mention it, but Mandy insisted everyone use condoms that night. She told me Judy does the same when they entertain clients. So the condom free zone on the cruise did not apply. To me that was an important distinction.”

Bonnie said, “I will agree with you on that. It is an important signal.  And I’ll commend Judy for laying it out to Mandy before she got married. While I don’t think I would do that, I’m not going to condemn Judy or Mandy for it. That is what it means to be a LeMarco. Sex truly is no more meaningful than going to that play. In a way that would dovetail nicely into your Aphrodite persona…that is if you choose to become part. And be sure, Cooper and I will back you 100% no matter what you choose.”

“Thank you” Heather said.  “So I hope you won’t be offended if at the After-Cruse Party I am Brian and Mandy’s dutiful girlfriend, not you and Cooper’s like I would rather. If I take up Mr. LeMarco’s offer, I will have to spend the next four years with one foot in their world. I know that.  Mandy already offered to set me up a bedroom so I could spend a few nights a month with them, and stay there when I’m interning.”

Bonnie said she understood and that they will make it work for her to spend at least one night in Sparta next week. Mandy heartily agreed.

For both Bonnie and Misty, the next week seemed to go by quickly.  The delay for Misty‘s big night turned out to be a good thing because she put the time to good use.  At every opportunity Misty peppered her mom with questions about sexual technique and what made for good sex.  On Tuesday after school, Misty found her mom had left the three volumes of their old Better Sex: DVD Series sitting on her bed.  Misty took the time to take a quick look at what was on the videos, then went down stairs to give her mom a hug. “My friends are right, you are the best mom in the world.”

How could Bonnie do anything but beam with that kind of praise from her teenage daughter?

About dinner time that night, Heather called. She had talked to Mr. LeMarco, and it had been as positive as Mandy said it would. “I told him that I already have acceptance to Middle Georgia State due to my good grades and test scores and that I would like to be a part of the firm, but I would like to be a professional.  He told me how he has helped a number of the women go through school in the past, and all but one still work for the firm. He offered for the company to give me a forgivable loan for the entire cost of tuition, books and fees if I will do a paid internship each summer. Once I graduate the firm will retire one fourth of the debt each year I work.  So not only would I have a job when I graduate, I would be debt free after four years.”

Bonnie had to say “You do know that after four years of school and four years of working for LeMarco afterward that you will very likely be part for life. You will have to adopt their value system.”

Heather said, “I know. And that is why I told him I needed to think on it.  I cornered Fran before I left today. She even took me to dinner after work so we could talk. I told her what had happened at Brian’s house and all my concerns and what Mr. LeMarco had said.  You would like her, she is really sweet and has been around the block a few times. In the end she said pretty much what you are saying. If I want to be part of the LeMarco world, it’s a great offer. If I don’t it would be a burden.”

Bonnie agreed “That’s about it.”

Heather went on “Yes. She said not only will Mr. LeMarco do everything he says, he will likely do more. He’s just that kind of guy. And without saying so, she said continuing my relationship with Brian and Mandy would be a good move if I take his offer.  She did give me a warning though. She told me how living in the LeMarco world has taken a toll on her family because her husband had not signed up for that. If I take his offer, I should limit my potential husbands to men who will accept non-monogamy.”

“Like you said, she’s been around the block a few times.”

They talked a little more and agreed it would be the middle of next week before they would be able to work out an overnight for Heather in Sparta. She vowed “Even if I have to come on a weeknight and go from your house to the office, I will find a way.”

They closed with chatting how they were both looking forward to the dress shopping trip on Wednesday.


The next day, Bonnie found an email with a map to the LeMarco’s had arrived. Attached were another four dozen photos. Everyone was fully nude in all of them, and half of them included Bonnie and/or Cooper “in the act.”  Only in this set did she realize that what had been sent had been curated for her and Cooper. There were no sex photos in which they did not appear. There were shots of her and Heather getting off by the waterfall from the second day; of her threesome with Brian and Heather on the cabin roof from the third day; of her and Cooper at the Luau on the fourth day; of the mini-orgy on the fifth day (when and she & Cooper had been asked to join Brian, Mandy and Heather on the sun bed after their scuba dive); of the two of them at the end of cruise party on the seventh day; and on the last day Cooper shot the final orgy on the sun bed. 

Those were just the big events she or Cooper were involved in.  She actually hadn’t counted how many separate sexual encounters the two of them had in the eight days. Certainly, more than a couple of dozen. Perhaps a quarter of the photos were of her or Cooper engaging in random casual sexual activities like kissing, caressing and quickie oral sex & fucks.  Some of those showed erotic moments she had already forgotten, but the camera made those moments permanent.

There was no doubt that Martin was good with the camera, she looked great in almost every photo and even most of the sex photos were quite nice to look at, even artistic.  The one's Martin had shot at the luau were wonderful, and the ones from the end-of-cruise celebration were almost as good. The luau photos had red/gold tones and unpredictable lighting which made even the most graphic sex seem artistic. Some images were just of one couple/threesome, but the most interesting were when Martin (or perhaps Judy) caught the symbiotic sexual interaction of multiple couplings. Even if she had not been there, the photos caught how each two or threesome was feeding off of the other parings. It was not just eight people having isolated sex in close proximity to one another, but the presence of the others contributed to a greater whole.  As she went through the ten or so photos from the luau, she did not remember Martin moving the props around for his photos, but there was no question that he moved things around to get photos that caught both the eroticism and the luau vibe as well.

A few of the images of Cooper having sex, she did not know happened at all.  Like one of him sitting on the sun bed with Mandy "sitting" in his lap. In the photo there were three other people sitting with them, all apparently engaged in conversation. From the photo, it certainly looked as if Mandy grinding on Cooper’s penis while they talked was of no consequence at all. Bonnie was not surprise she did not know all of what her husband had done, certainly he did not know all the sexual encounters she had over those six days. Not because either was trying to hide anything, but there was just so much going on all the time.

An example of that was a set of photos Judy had taken at Tortuga Island, before the men had gone off on their pirate fort expedition.  Since they were in a bay near the shore, everyone on deck had clothes on. The women just wore swimsuit cover-ups, but the men were all fully dressed as they ate a light meal. Bonnie who had been below showering, pulled out one of the lace wrap’s she’d bought last summer in Miami. Sure it was almost see-through, but they were a good fifty yards from the dock. When she emerged from below, a gust of wind caught her wrap and opened it fully to show she wore nothing beneath it. Martin quipped he'd rather eat her than the light meal that Judy and Mandy had made. Bonnie said "Fine, I won’t complain." Despite the fact they were in the bay surrounded by boats, she dropped the wrap to the deck and shimmied up onto the table. Laying back and spreading her legs she said, "Lunch is served.”  When he was slow to move she said “Get to it."

Everyone, even Ramón, broke up in laughter, except Martin whose mouth went right to Bonnie's crotch.  As the guests finished their lunch, Bonnie had a pair of very pleasant orally induced orgasms before he gave her a quick fuck and a pussy full of cum; all before Cooper had made it up to the deck after taking his shower. Judy didn't miss the humor and used Martin's camera to get a number of photos. The contrast of the clothed Brian and Mandy in the photo sitting at the table eating sandwiches and chips while Martin (also dressed) fucked fully naked Bonnie made for some funny and sexy photos. Even looking at the photographs, Bonnie had a hard time believing she had really done that. In the photos she could see people watching them from the nearest boat. She had not realized that they’d been seen. She had no idea why she had done it, or how she had the nerve. But perhaps that incident summed up the entire event.

Over all there were four times as many photos containing Bonnie as containing Cooper. Bonnie figured that was most likely because not only did she have a good deal more sex than he did, but Martin liked shooting her photos.  Only two of Martin’s photos were too explicit for her taste. She did not care for the two images Martin had taken from between her legs when she was screwing. It didn't matter whose dick was in her she didn't like it. She just thought they were tacky and she deleted both photos before even showing them to Cooper.  She also moved the two pictures of Cooper having sex with Martin from the main directory, to someplace obscure.  She knew the kids would be looking at the images, and she wanted him to decide if they could see those as well. Before she did so, for a good long time she looked at the one of Martin fucking her husband; she was surprised that it really turned her on.

She was pleased that the few that were included in the set that Cooper had taken with the little underwater camera of them snorkeling on the reef and of her and Heather afterword looked good. The ones he’d taken with Martin’s camera in the last few hours of the trip were just as good as any of Martin’s. She was glad Cooper had been the one to take all of the photos of that last group grope on the sun deck. To her it meant something that he had taken those images of her having sex with…well everyone… rather than one of the LeMarco’s. But the set he had done of her after that, posing with Ramón as he was at the helm were perhaps her favorites of all the photos taken of her from the trip. She even really liked the one he had shot through the spokes of the big bronze wheel while she squatted in front of him with Ramón’s thick penis filling her mouth. It was all she could do not to just pull off her pants and masturbate right then and there.

 Feeling a little mischievous she posted that photo of her as the desktop’s wallpaper.  Sure, her kids and likely others would see it, but she was not the least bit ashamed….in fact she was rather proud of how she looked. 

A few hours later, to Bonnie’s surprise, Misty showed up after school with Kelli, Caitlin, Haley, Connie, Hope and Jeannette in tow. Misty said they were here to study for an upcoming science test. Then with a wink she said “We have a couple of biology DVD’s to review.”  The crew stampeded up the stairs, then after a few minutes Bonnie could hear the feet pounding back down, then past her into Cooper’s study. For a moment she tensed up knowing what she had left on the desk top, intending for Cooper to find it. From the couch she could hear a voice “Oh, shit, you weren’t kidding” then everything became whispers as Bonnie assumed they were looking through all her pictures. Not content to let them look at her in secret, she stole off the couch until she was right behind Connie. Caitlin was saying “We must have to have a picture making party someday” as one of the group nudes were on the screen.

Bonnie startled them when she said, “I think the next picture is better.” and then promptly turned and left the stunned girls in silence.

When they filed out a few minutes later, Bonnie could clearly see the Better Sex DVD’s in Misty’s hand as the group of girls headed to the game room. She stopped them with “Will all of you be here for dinner? I’d love to have you.” They stopped and two of the girls got red faced. She knew that it would take a little bit for them to assimilate all they had just seen on those photos. The girls looked at each other and then to Misty. “They will all be staying. I’m sure this will take most of the evening.”

With a deliberately chipper smile and voice she said “Wonderful. Have fun studying. I’ll have dinner ready for you in an hour and a half.”  She knew the first video was an hour and a half long, though she wasn’t sure if they would play during or after the video.  “Yes.” she said to herself “Life around here will never be the same.”



When Bonnie had originally received the invitation to the LeMarco’s party, she had not known exactly what was meant by the call for “evening wear.” She had called Mandy LeMarco for clarification. She was grateful that the younger Mrs. LeMarco agreed to help, and they made a date to meet in Atlanta for dress shopping. Mandy and Heather were given the day off of work to join the all-day shopping trip.  Bonnie was actually looking forward to a shopping day with other women quite apart from spending time with Heather.   At 11:00 she met-up with the other two in a mall that comprised the first few floors of a pair of high-rise hotels connected by a skybridge. It was a fateful outing that would have long term implications.

The three of them talked openly and at length about the decision that Heather was struggling to make. She was pleased that Mandy seemed to talk quite candidly about what it meant to live in the LeMarco world. All in all, she confirmed everything that she and Heather had spoken of before.  Though it made her wince, Mandy openly stated that her husband and her father-in-law both loved their wives, but also saw their sexuality as business assets.

“Judy and I have talked about it and we understand.” Mandy said as they sat at a downtown restaurant. “Life is about choices and trade-offs. Neither of us see sex as necessarily meaningful in itself, and so we are willing to offer our sexual services to support our lifestyle. We buy our autonomy in the rest of our life at the cost of willingly having sex with people who provide the means for us to do so. It is as simple as that and I think it’s a bargain for the price.”

Bonnie found it hard to disagree with her reasoning. Life is about choices and she had made a practical discussion about cost verses benefit. She did not say so, but she thought on how women have been making that same assessment throughout history.

Heather added “I told Mandy about Aphrodite, so you don’t have to keep that secret from her.”

Mandy just gave a knowing nod.

Heather went on, “The truth is, I made the real decision when I was fifteen. Perhaps I’d made it earlier, but I remember deciding I would use my new sexual power to make my life better. So…” She took a breath and looked at both Mandy and Bonnie, “You are my two closest friends.  You are the only two people in the world who I’ve let know who I am and why. So, I want you to hear it first. I am going to take Martin’s offer.” Then she looked to Mandy “And if the offer still holds, I will take that room in your house and become Brian’s mistress.” Then she corrected “Well he will think I’m his, but in truth I have given myself to you too. If you will have me.”

Heather had been sitting on one side of the booth beside Mandy and she pulled Heather tight “Oh yes, I will most definitely have you. You don’t know how much I had hope you would agree. If you will have me too, I would like us to be as sisters or sister wives as it were.”

Bonnie put her hand across the table to Heather, “And Cooper and I have already committed ourselves to you. You have a team behind you and beside you.”

There were tears all around and so the pact was made.

Bonnie was beginning to see that her choices mattered, not just for her and her family, but for an ever enlarging group of people. She just hoped she was up to the challenge.  



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Feb 26, 2023

What a Sex Education Misty and her friends/lovers as well as Lamar received from both parents. This chapter is also educational for the readers. I didn’t receive such open instructions, never saw my parents naked or having sex. I know this is a sexual utopia backed by solid research and personal experience, and I suppose it is more common in America than in South Africa. People should study In Search of the Final Freedom to use it in their own lives.

I love how Campbell’s open marriage contrasts with LeMarco’s use of women. The LeMarco women, Judy, Mandy, and Heather decided to become the men’s women, inside and outside, to have the life the men offer. To quote The Ethical…

Feb 28, 2023
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That is great news and we just have to be patient.

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