In Search of the Final Freedom : Chapter 15

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

In Search of the Final Freedom

A Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 15

Sex-Positive Parenting in Action

Like many things in life, the plan for shopping on Thursday for a big night on Friday did not work out as planned.

Cody’s great-grandmother passed away and the family left for Vicksburg on Thursday morning. She was over one-hundred years old and had been on the decline for a decade, so her passing was not a shock to the family. However, it meant Cody would be out of town through the weekend. Misty texted her mother to let her know the big day was off, at least for a week.

Even in the text, Bonnie could sense her daughter’s disappointment. To cheer her up Bonnie got on the phone and made a dinner date for her and Misty to meet Heather that night called Kelli’s mother to let her know she would be taking the girls to Macon to go shopping Friday before their sleep over on Friday.

As she hoped, the dinner date softened the blow, especially since she sold it as the return to how it had been in Miami with Misty going as an adult, not a child. Despite the Campbell family’s proximity to Atlanta and Dad working in the southern suburbs, a trip to “the city” was a big deal, and this was the first time ever Misty had gone with mom like this. On the drive to Atlanta, Bonnie enjoyed the one-on-one time with Misty. She didn’t get enough of it. Bonnie took the time to ask her girl about her progress as a photographer and Misty was all too happy to tell her all about it. During the drive, she tossed in that Heather had worked as a professional model, howbeit only at the local level. “You should ask her for the web addresses of the photographers who feature her photos on their sites” she suggested.

Misty used the time to ask very specific questions about sex as she prepared for her debut. Bonnie was pleased that every time her daughter had talked about her upcoming initiation to vaginal sex, she never used the phrase ‘losing my virginity’ but rather used ‘sexual debut’ as Bonnie had suggested last summer. It was always gratifying for a parent when their teenager actually listens to them.

Since they were in town after business hours, it was easy to find parking and walk the few blocks to a pub type restaurant. When they approached, Heather was waiting outside in the cool evening. Bonnie’s heart raced. She had to make herself not hurry.

They were still a half a block away when Misty sensed her mother’s anticipation and she could not miss that their pace sped up considerably. In her mind she thought how her mother was acting a lot like she had last summer, only it was a lot closer to home. She hoped it would last this time. “Mom, it’s OK, if you want to run to her. I don’t mind.”

Her mother started to dismiss the offer when she just took off. Misty couldn’t help but laugh in her head. The deep kiss was still going on when Misty arrived. Her mother was flagrantly grabbing the young woman’s ass right on the sidewalk. Misty just stood and waited, and smiled to herself. She really liked this version of her mother. She really hoped she was here to stay.

Something she had not anticipated was that by meeting up with a woman after work, like she as one of them. The fact the ‘woman’ just happened to be just over two years older than her made her feel even more of a peer. Misty thought “I am just one of three women going to dinner after work. I’m one them, not a child.” Her mother had suggested she wear something from her own wardrobe to help her blend in with the adult environment; however, it was only when Mom had removed her jacket did Misty see that the blouse she’d worn. Misty had seen it before, it was one of the new one’s she’d bought this fall and it was quite sexy showing the pretty bra she wore beneath it; yet now she wore nothing underneath and her nipples showed even in the restaurant.

She vowed to herself that next time they came to Atlanta she would wear that top the same way her mother was. Worse yet, her mother who was acting like a giddy teenager with her girlfriend. “No, my friends don’t act that silly with their boyfriends.” She thought amusingly to herself “Mom really is in love.” Misty was not sure what to think of that last thought, though the fact her father knew and approved made it seem cute rather than worrisome. Actually it was very cute.

Misty opened it right up and asked Heather about what she thought of the trip with the LeMarco’s. Heather said that she was really grateful for the opportunity of going and that Bonnie and Cooper had made the trip for her. She was glad that neither her mom or Heather seemed the least bit squeamish about talking about the sex they had together in front of her. At one point Heather began to positively gush about Misty’s parents. “I’ve been having sex for over four years now, and until I moved to Atlanta if I didn’t have sex three times in a week, I felt I’d missed out. But in all that time, I didn’t realize how little actual experience I had. Sure I did the things that felt good over and over; but your parents showed me a whole different kind of sex.”

That seemed to be a odd statement to Misty. “What do you mean? How can it be different?”

Heather answered, “It sounds like your mother told you about the day she and I spent an afternoon with just the two of us.”

Misty nodded and say “Yes.”

“Right off she told me not to try to have an orgasm. She said let them come, but don’t try. The truth is I’d never ever done that. From the first time I came, I’ve always tried to come as hard and as often as I can. It’s almost like sex was all about orgasms; but that day your mother taught me that while cumming is nice, there is a whole different level of deep connection through sex that I’d never experienced.”

She saw her mom snuggle closer to Heather. It seemed she knew what Heather as saying, but Misty did not. “I still don’t know what you mean.”

Heather took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment, as if reliving the experience in her mind. When she opened her eyes she started right off “It wasn’t the coconut oil itself, but somehow she knew that it would awaken me to new possibilities. And it did. There was something about touching each other like that, not trying to get each other off; but making the same kind of connection by touching as I associate with giving oral sex. We were standing up by the sun bed, and the sensations were so strong that I almost fell. But it was not until we laid down and I began to lick the oil from her that I understood. She had said the taste of our bodies combined with the oil would be special, but I just didn’t get it. Even before I got anywhere near her pussy, I felt like I was tasting her the same way I do when a girl is really wet and I’m eating her out. I guess it was the sweat mixing with the coconut oil, but I was absorbing her essence. And when I kissed her mouth, or breasts and especially when I did put my tongue in her pussy and then she climaxed…it was…I know this is going to sound weird, but it was like I was being sucked into her, becoming part of her. Damn, I’m getting turned on just thinking about it.”

Misty laughed and commented that it was good she had on a black skirt or the wet spot would show.

“Oh, I now have a wardrobe of black wool skits. I wear one every day since it’s easier for quicky sex with Brian.”

Bonnie had not told Misty the details of Heather’s ongoing relationship to her boss. Her statement was so surprising to her that without thinking she said “You have sex with Brian LeMarco at the office?”

With a smile Heather replied “Most days. We don’t do it right in his office most of the time. We usually go in the private executive conference room. That way our clothes don’t get messed up because we take them up. There is even a clothes rack in there to hang things up. And in there I can clean up the goo if I want to. But the truth is I think its kinky to feel him running down my leg, and like I said I wear wool skirts so it doesn’t show.”

Bonnie asked “Don’t your panties catch that stuff. I know in college I wore gooey panties to class after a quicky more than once.”

“Oh, most days I don’t wear any” Heather replied before pulling the front of her miniskirt up to show her bare vulva to Misty and Bonnie.”

Bonnie smiled and pulled up the front of her skirt to show she hadn’t worn any either. Everyone laughed.

Misty just had to ask. “So, is there semen on your thighs tonight?”

Heather’s answer was to take Bonnie’s hand and place it on her inner thigh. Misty’s mother put her fingers to her mouth and said “Yep. She had sex today.”

That brought more laughs before Misty said “You two are worse than any of my friends.

Heather went on to say that Brian likes it when she wears short, but nice, skirts to work without panties. “We actually did it twice today. A nice session on the antique chaise in the conference room at lunch, then a quicky bent over his desk right before I left.“

“Aren’t you afraid you’ll get caught?” Misty asked earnestly.

Offhand Heather said “If anyone in the building doesn’t know we have sex in the office, I’d be surprised. More than once we’ve been walked in on. The first time I jumped and pulled down my skirt. After than I began to understand how things work at LeMarco and LeMarco.

That led into a less positive discussion about how she and her parents harbored significant concerns about the LeMarco men and their chauvinistic view of open sexuality. What surprised her most was that her mother not only agreed with her, but it seemed like they had talked about this a great deal; yet, her mom hadn’t said any of that to her. She wondered why. As they talked and laughed about things that had happened, Heather seemed surprised at how candidly Bonnie spoke of what had happened on the cruise. Though she was sure her mother had not meant to leave things out, Heather added a lot of details that Misty had not heard, not just sex stuff, but interesting none the less.

Over desert Bonnie brought up Heather’s modeling career. Misty was very happy to talk to a real professional model since she had increasingly been focused on the idea of becoming a glamour photographer. She was eager to hear about Heather’s experiences as a model. Heather used her phone to bring up two of the photographer’s websites. Misty was impressed with the quality of the work, especially of the stuff on the Janice Williams Photography site. Heather’s photos were super sexy, not just the lingerie photos, but all of them. She wondered if it was that Heather just naturally came across sexy like that, or was that the work of the Photographer?”

A myriad of possibilities ran through her head. Misty had received a good bit of praise for her photos of school events and sports, especially of her photos of individual people. Her teacher had said that she had an eye for bringing out the character of her subjects. And the nude photos she had shot of her mother on Miami Beach were terrific. Everyone who had seen them said as much. She’d shot bikini photos of her friends by the pool later in the summer as well as a few more of her mom topless and nude, but she’d not had the chance to shoot anything like that since the summer. One lesson was clear, she did not need to wait till her friends were eighteen to shoot sexy photos. She had just assumed that shooting them in their bras and panties would get her into trouble, but clearly that was not the case.

Misty also saw an opportunity to hear from someone who had nearly nude photos out in public all through high school. “I can’t imagine that those photos, which some are virtually nudes, didn’t get back to your school. What happened?”

Heather slid back in her booth bench. “Oh they were out. I doubt there was a single person at West Laurens High that had not seen them, including all the teachers. After all, starting in 8th grade I did a lingerie shoot every fall and a bikini shoot every spring. Once word got out about my modeling, each time I did a particularly sexy shoot and new photos rotated onto the photographer’s website or social media feeds, it generated buzz at school.”

“Didn’t you get into trouble?”

Heather laughed. “Oh, the first time I got called into the office, I think my middle-school principal was prepared to have me at least suspended if not arrested since I was just fourteen. But in the end, nothing happened. I had not posted the photos only signed a model release since I was working as a professional model. The photos themselves were not illegal, especially that first set when I was in 8th grade. Those photos looked more like stuff on the website of J. C. Penny’s than Victoria’s Secret, so it wasn’t a school matter. Both my mother and I got a preachy lecture, but that was it. Like I told your mom on the trip, we got called in again when I was in 9th grade because that second set of photos really were like on a lingerie website. You two might want to be prepared for when someone put’s your face to a topless or nude beach photo taken by someone last summer. It will happen, you can be sure of it.”

Both Bonnie and Misty nodded. They both knew that to be true. Misty didn’t say so, but she was actually disappointed they had not been found. Not for the first time she thought about asking Kelli to show the photos they had found on the web to Cody and let him get the word out. She went on to ask Heather about each of the photos she’d seen. She specifically asked about posing and about the sexy quality all of her images had. Heather talked for a good while on technical skills like making angles with her body, and on the more general topic of her Aphrodite persona and how she used it when modeling.

“Heather?” Bonnie asked. “I know this is off topic, but you said you were staying the night at Brian and Mandy’s, right?”

She nodded “But like I said, I’d rather be spending the night at your place.”

“Would you be interested in getting together with us Saturday afternoon?

She shook her head slowly, “Nope, I’m supposed to meet them early and we are going someplace, I’m not sure where.”

“I understand, but I’d really like to have you down to Sparta. I was thinking perhaps you might be interested in posing for Misty and teach her how to work with models.”

“I’d love to” Heather said with enthusiasm. Then to Misty she said “Janice, the photographer who did my lingerie photos every year, works out of Macon; but she does shoots in Milledgeville sometimes. Would you be interested in me asking her if she would like you to be her volunteer photo assistant for a few glamour shoots?. You could learn a lot.”

Misty jumped at that idea. Seeing her excitement Heather added, “I was going to set up a shoot date to do my first nude shoot with her next week. She’d jumped when I emailed her about me doing nudes in the Caribbean and I asked if she wanted to do some too. Perhaps I can set you up as her assistant. You wouldn’t mind driving down to my parents’ house outside of Dublin would you?”

Misty emphatically said she would not.

Bonnie was excited too and suggested “It will be warm enough soon to shoot out of doors. If she wants to do a pool side shoot; tell her you can use our swimming pool area. It’s quite large and very private. I have been swimming nude there since we moved to Sparta, back when Misty was just in preschool. It won’t be warm enough to swim for a few months, but in the middle of the day posing for pictures should be no problem.”

Heather told her that doing so was a real possibility “Janice has mentioned several times how difficult it is to find a good place to do extended outdoor nude shoots. I will let her know.”

The three of them talked after dinner until they were getting nasty looks from the waiter because he wanted to turn over their table. After they left, it wasn’t too chilly outside for the coats they had worn so they walked and talked for another hour. Most of the time at the table Misty’s mother and Heather were snuggled closely. Misty had sniggered at her mother holding Heather’s hand and mooning over Heather like girls she saw from her school. In the parking garage, Bonnie asked if Misty could keep an eye out while she and Heather said goodbye.” The goodbye lasted a good ten minutes with one interruption when someone walked right by them on the seventh floor of the parking garage. Her mother did not seem the least bit concerned Misty standing just a few feet from them when Heather pushed aside one side of her sheer blue shirt to expose one breast, or when she hiked up Heather’s skirt to play with her. That actually pleased Misty to see that even in Georgia, her mother was going to hide stuff from her.

On the drive home Misty asked her mother about what she and Heather had talked about. They discussed how Heather’s perceptions of a lot of things that had gone on was apparently quite different than Bonnies. Even when the facts where the same, more often than not she’d experienced it differently than the “adults” had. Her mother had not been surprised and they talked about how people filter things through their own lens and how a forty-one-year-old’s view of the world was quite different than a nineteen-year-old’s.

Bonnie apologized to her for not bringing it up earlier her concerns about the LeMarco’s. “I really should have talked to both you and Caitlin about it that first night. After all you will have to deal with men like that all your life.” Bonnie kicked herself for not bringing that up the first time she told Misty about her trip. Misty kept asking questions which led Bonnie to recall and think about details she had omitted simply because there was too much to tell; but by doing so she had inadvertently reframed the narrative leaving out the important cautions about free-love that should not be ignored. She would be more careful in the future when talking to Misty and her friends. While she wanted to promote a positive view of their bodies and sex, she could not paint an overly rosy picture.

Half-way home Misty asked “Why do you think Heather