In Search of the Final Freedom : Chapter 16

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Social-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 16

Party LeMarco Style

Atlanta had been a city of booms and busts since before the Civil War, but always growing, gobbling up more and more of Georgia’s countryside. In each cycle, even before the automobile, the land just outside the bounds of the city had become the province of the country gentlemen, but with the next boom, their quiet solitude had been surrounded and engulfed by the city’s incessant need for space leaving pockets of estate sized dwellings in a sea of cityscape. The LeMarco’s home was in one such pocket. One moment Cooper and Bonnie were in the congestion of the city streets, the next found the Campbell’s driving down a quiet boulevard flanked by huge oaks. The mansion sized homes sat nearly invisible a hundred yards off the road.

The stone entryway marked they had arrived at the LeMarco's residence. Cooper had worked for Martin LeMarco for twelve years, but had never been to his home. Pulling up the drive, they were surprised to find a parking attendant guiding them to stop in front of the arched entry way. “Valet Parking?” Cooper said to his wife. “Wow!”

Cooper guessed the home to be late 1950’s or early 60’s vintage by the ‘Modern’ architecture style; unusual for Atlanta which favored the neo-classical Southern form. They would find the layout just as Brian had described, but far larger than they had imagined from his descriptions.

The valet handed Cooper a token and Bonnie smoothed out her dress.

Walking up the front walk to the very large LeMarco home, Bonnie wore a full-length gown of silk burgundy and black silk. The slit that ran up the side stopped just below the widest part of her hips, and she wore only a black garter belt at her waist and sheer stockings. The ridiculously low-cut front prevented the wearing of any sort of bra. Though she knew it was vain, she thought her breasts looked as good as those on a woman half her age. She even took the occasion to buy some new shoes. On the shopping trip, Mandy had pointed out that there would be dancing so she needed to keep that in mind. She’d bought a pair of strappy moderately high heels. To top her party look off Bonnie ware an antique pearl necklace that had belonged to Cooper's grandmother. She thought the whole look was smashing and though she felt silly doing so, she asked Misty to take a few photos of her in in her outfit. She had felt even worse when Misty suggested they take photos of her with Cooper who wore his black tuxedo he owned to wear to the formal work related events. “How vain I’m becoming” she thought.

At the door they were met by another of the hired help for the night. The uniformed took their coats and directed them to the main room of the mansion….and mansion was the only word for the place…the estate. Once inside Bonnie felt she had been transported to the set of an old movie; the men all in tuxedos and the women in gowns that must have cost thousands of dollars each. There was no regular furniture in the room, just a portable bar in one corner, a punch table in another, and rows of art deco chairs along two walls. A waiter carrying a tray of Champagne glasses moved through the crowd. To her surprise, she recognized only a few of the people. She had just assumed the party would be almost all LeMarco employees and their spouses, but that was clearly not the case. She wondered who the people were.

Light Classical music filtered from a balcony that overlooked the room from one end. The twenty-five-foot ceiling and the entire back wall of etched glass gave the room the feel of a modern cathedral. Though most everyone was very attractive, it was clear this was not a crowd of young people and there was more than a sprinkling of completely white heads. It took her a moment to realize the art on the walls were giant prints from their trip. Not the ones that had been sent via email. These were far better. Martin must have mailed only the outtakes she thought. Walking into the room she was confronted by an almost life-sized, full-length nude of her!

She remembered posing for that photo just before the luau. Martin was already in the dinghy and he told her to go stand on the bowsprit, right over the water. It had taken a good five minutes to get a photo that did not look like she was hanging on to the bow stay for dear life (which she was). But the photo was nothing short of sensational. With her hair blowing in the steady breeze and the island behind her, it would have been perfect for a magazine, or a pin-up. Even to herself she had to admit that she looked great. The photo truly was very flattering.

It took her five minutes to realize there was a second life-sized nude photo she had missed. This one was part of the set of daring nudes taken in on Grand Turk Island, right in town. The women hand taken turns dropping their dresses briefly in an alley to get the photos. Again, she thought Martin’s photo made her look great, but he had no right putting up those photos without her permission in a room filled with people she did not know. Even still, it frightened and excited her to see her body so openly and flatteringly displayed.

To Cooper the group looked more familiar. Not only was he accustomed to such formal affairs, he also knew almost all of the people present, at least the men. A good many were contractors or brokers with whom he had done business, others were former employees who had either started their own firms or had been recruited away, but all had left in good standing. He also noticed the art. He noticed they were all from their trip: landscapes, seascapes, semi-nudes and nudes. He knew Mr. LeMarco was an accomplished photographer in the architectural world, he had two published books of his work. Now Cooper saw his employer had significant skills in a very different type of photography.

The walls that were not glazed were literally lined with the very large photos. There were shots every place they had been and of different groupings of the people from the trip, but each person on the trip had at least one solo larger than life-sized photo somewhere in the room. He was glad in the one photo of just him, his dick was not the tiny shriveled thing as it sometimes became, but rather, it swung fully swollen but not quite erect between his legs as he pulled a sail line taut. Cooper had to admit he thought he looked good in the photo. As he mingled with the people at the party one by one he saw others from the trip.

He was speaking to Joe Sergeant, the owner of a general contracting firm with whom he had done business a good many times. Joe said to him “I don’t know how Martin knows who to invite. I wouldn’t have gone on that first trip if I’d known what would happen, but somehow Martin instinctively knew I would love it. Was this the first trip of this kind for you too?”

Cooper, a little flustered, responded, “Oh. ah ... Yea it was.”

Cooper was trying to be careful what to say. He did not know this party would be a business affair. He found it difficult to believe all these people had been on one of the winter cruses. He was sure Martin did more than one cruise a year, perhaps he did a lot more. With all his travels, it would be easy for him to slide in other trips unknown to most employees. LeMarco was full of secrets it seemed. Like Bonnie, part of him was angry; the idea of bringing clients to a party with nude photos of his wife on the walls. On the other hand, that pride of knowing that the fabulous woman in many of the photographs that these successful men were giving appreciative and lustful looks, was his wife. He had thought this would be a rehash of the last night on the boat. Now he did not know what to think.

Joe went on talking, although Cooper was looking for a way to move on. “And how did Martin know your wife would be game? My wife Deborah, would have made us go home just seeing Judy in her thong on the dock. But your wife, Bonnie is it? She is amazing, not only is she better looking than most of the mistresses I’ve had” he said looking right at the solo photo of Bonnie, “by looking at the photos in the other room, she is far more adventuresome than any of them.”

Cooper wasn’t sure what he meant but he was sure he didn’t want to talk to this guy any more. He couldn’t pinpoint why, but he just didn’t like his tone. He had never really liked Joe. He had always seemed a bit too full of himself. And on top of that he was just standing too close for Cooper’s comfort. The arrival of Tina gave him an excuse to slide away. That is why she made a great secretary, she always seemed to know when he needed her.

He followed Tina as she crossed the room to an open door leading to the formal dining room. Cooper hadn’t felt hungry until he saw the most amazing buffet of hors d’oeuvres he had ever seen. The prints on the dining room’s paneled walls were all of the luau, mostly 24”X 36” all printed on canvas. And there were a larger print containing the whole group posing together in their costumes. He scanned the walls quickly; it was pretty much everything that happened: the dinner, the hula and the orgy. He could not miss one of Bonnie holding his dick as Judy lowered herself on him. It was similar to the one LeMarco had emailed, but different, better. But, his stomach and the desire to further look at the photos would have to wait until he spoke to Tina.

He approached her and with a quiet but firm tone said, “Tina, what is going on here? I thought this was just going to be the people from this and past winter cruises.” Tina appeared a bit put out by his tone “Cooper, I told you the other day, both that this was for people who have been on any of the San Dinero cruises. All of these people have been on one of Martin’s trips. From what I see most have been on several. See, once you have spent time on Martin's boat you are part of a club, a very exclusive club.”

Cooper only slightly less agitated asked “But the clients and vendors?”

“Did you think Mr. LeMarco only uses the San Dinaro once a year?” Tina asked incredulously. “Sure the employee cruise is the longest of the year, he has clients or contractors out at least every couple of months, sometimes more often than that. The yacht is a business expense for him. I can’t believe you didn’t realize that?”

The wind had gone completely out of Cooper’s sails. Once again, he felt like he’d been missing things right under his nose for years. He could not believe he had missed it. Of course, Mr. LeMarco’s pleasure yacht is primarily a way for courting new business or rewarding loyal clients and associates. In his twelve years at the firm, he’d not made that linkage. How naïve was he? In a much meeker voice, he asked “Are they all like ours was?”

“No, No. They are mostly just long weekend trips. I’m sorry if I have not been completely candid in the past, but Mr. LeMarco never wanted you to know about my relationship with him and Judy, and well…that I have been on over a dozen short trips in addition to the winter cruises. Now after our trip, I think you will understand that he invites me when he wants to impress a certain kind of person. If the trip is to be athletic and outdoors oriented with people who like scuba, blue water kayaking and those kinds of things; or people (men or women) who appreciate the charms of a woman like me more than, well let’s say women like Mandy or Heather, I’ve become the go-to girl. For me it’s a nice perk and I think you learned how much I enjoy playing for an audience and with new people.”

Bonnie had told him about the conversations with Heather and so he understood what she implied about appreciating her charms and playing with new people. To the LeMarco’s, sex and business had a symbiotic relationship with each feeding the other. That is why at least ninety-percent of the people at the party were business associates. Though that knowledge once more highlighted the reality that there had been a concerted effort for years to hide from him a great many things about the firm that the other senior executives all knew. He and Bonnie had talked of this at length and she’d made it clear that he should take it as a compliment that Martin thought enough of him to want him there, even if he was not on board the way they mixed sex and business. Her argument made sense, but the idea of being left out of the loop for so long still galled.

Tina, unaware of his thoughts, continued. “Most of the trips are, to one extent or another, sexually oriented; all the ones I’ve been on have been that way. However, as I understand it, several each year are downright family friendly affairs. And I don't mean for families like the LeMarco's." Tina laughed at her own joke then continued "Judy even has some one-piece swim suits for those trips. I’ve never been on one and those people are not told of these parties. Other trips only have topless or nude sunbathing and some discreet dalliances, but half are more or less like the trip last month. There are some married couples who come, some guys bring their mistresses and in increasing number are female executives who bring their boy toys or girlfriends. Since I’ve worked for you, I have gone on two or three of these a year. I never liked it but I was told I had to tell you that I had called out sick on those days. I am glad I can stop deceiving you like that. Some of the trips are reserved for just Martin, Judy and male clients and suppliers. Judy goes, and does everything to assuage their fears of being outed because the real purpose of those trips is to give the publicly strait men an opportunity to have as much sex with other men as they can handle. I’ve never been, but I understand that those are like a 48-hour fuck fest. No site seeing, no scuba diving, just constant guy-guy sex. Well, not all guy on guy, Judy says she always comes back completely worn out. Then they go back to their wives, families and Baptist Churches and play straight arrow. Like that Joe Sergeant out there, he’s been on one of the trips I’ve been on, with a mistress, but mostly goes on the all guy ones. Judy has promised to let me go on one of those this year. I’ll confess, I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Now I get it” Cooper said more to himself than to Tina.

“Get what?”

“Joe, he was hitting on me out there. I knew it felt creepy but couldn’t put a hand on it.”

“Yea, I’m sure he was.

Have you seen the photos in the billiard room?”

Cooper shook his head, so she continued “There is a big one of Martin fucking you. It is actually really hot.” She smiled as he turned deep crimson. The dining room now had several people in it, so she lowered her voice, “I’m sure he’s hoping he can do you.”

Cooper tried to deflect that idea, “But he made several comments about Bonnie.”

“Yep, that’s him. He will fuck anything that walks and thinks anyone with a cunt wants him to be inside it. He’s a real ass.”

“Well he’s not getting into my ass tonight” Cooper whispered as he began filling a small glass plate with food.

Tina changed the subject and asked “So have your wife and Heather found a date for her to come spend the night yet?”

Cooper surprised, looked up and without out meaning to asked “How do you know about that?”

His secretary smiled, “You have to know that among the LeMarco’s, who is having a relationship with who is normal fare. Once Heather told Mandy, she naturally told Judy who told me. Don’t worry, we are all very supportive. We know how we all but pushed you three into a triad on the trip. Judy hadn’t meant to do that It was only the last day when she realized what she had done and that Bonnie and Heather and you were a thing. I think it is adorable.”

Cooper had no idea how to respond to that. He just said “I don’t know what they have worked out. But with our son’s birthday next week, it is a bit hectic at our place.”

Tina, placing some sushi on her plate, said “Oh yea, I’d forgotten. Both your kids have birthdays this month.”

Cooper was happy to change the subject. “He turns fifteen. I can’t believe it. And a week later Misty turns seventeen” Cooper said, still unbelieving the kids were so big.

Tina took a bite from a little sandwich looking thing and said, “Oh, and I understand it is a big night for your daughter tonight. I wished I’d had this much parental support when I lost my virginity.”

She was right, even though Cooper had done his best to push that from his mind. Misty had looked quite attractive when they had left. She and Kelli were wearing the new miniskirts and blouses that Bonnie had bought them on their big shopping trip. Kelli had come home with Misty after school and they spent a good hour primping for their joint date with Cody. They were preparing to go pick up the boy in Misty’s car when Mom and Dad left. They had reservations for dinner at an Italian place in Milledgeville, then they would be coming back for the night. Cooper pushed out of his head what that meant. Still he got a sick feeling in his stomach. “I don’t even want to think about that. I have to act supportive, but inside I want to vomit.”

Tina suddenly shifted to caretaker mode, “Why? It’s a beautiful thing you and Bonnie are doing for her.”

“I know in my head we are doing the right thing, but I’m losing my little girl for good”

“No you’re not” she tried to console him.

“Yea, I am and I know it and it makes me sick. OK, I’ll still have a terrific young woman for a daughter, but, I’ve been trying to hold on to this image of Misty as a seven-year-old and now I have to let it go.” He felt tears welling in his eyes. “I just don’t want to talk about it” and he took his plate out the door and turned right into the billiard room. He paid no attention to the antique pool table, the art deco bar, the full- pinball machine or the Whirlitzer Juke Box. He didn't even stop to look at the big photos from the cruise on the wall, but went through the room out to the quiet of the large patio and swimming pool.

He settled into a chair swing under a large arbor near the pool house and began on his bacon wrapped shrimp and cocktail weenies. It was all too much for him. Not just Misty having sex, but the whole scene at that party. Tonight he felt that it all was coming too fast. Bonnie seemed cool with everything, but it was just too much for him tonight.

He just did not like the idea of fucking people to get them to make better deals for Mr. LeMarco’s business. It appeared that both he and Bonnie’s photos were some sort of advertisement and the clients expected to have sex with the LeMarco employees if they did business with LeMarco & LeMarco. Prostitution, that is what it was. For the first time he fully grasped that poor sweet Heather was no more than a high class call girl for the LeMarco’s. With his daughter being so close in age to Heather it was easy to become angry at the idea someone would give her a job with the full expectation that she’d have to have sex with the boss to keep it. He and Bonnie and Tina and Heather and Mandy were all the whores and Martin the pimp. For over a year, he had been developing a new philosophy or paradigm about sex. It involved love, respect, fun and other things but nowhere did money fit in. Using sex as a commodity was against everything he believed in. Didn’t Jesus toss the money changers from the temple and weren’t he and Bonnie’s bodies the temples of God? How could he condone that Martin LeMarco wanted to use their bodies to make money?

Layered on this was the fact that as he sat in the dark, he knew that his precious daughter was sharing her body to a young man, likely at this very moment. Would he want her to have sex for money? No, never.

The longer he sat the more annoyed he became. He was ready to find Bonnie and leave when the door that led to the billiard room opened. The light turned blueish as it filtered through the fog created by the heated pool and the forty-five-degree night air. Though he was swallowed in the dark shade of arbor, he could easily identify the couple as Maxine Thurman, an attorney that brokered many of the largest building projects in the Atlanta area; and, Melton Carver, the grey-haired owner of a large Construction firm.

They were all over each other. In moments they had moved to a table near the pool, the black sequined dress lay puddled at her feet.

They obviously did not feel the chill, but he was clearly careful as he lay first his jacket and then starched white shirt, and finally his pants across the back of a wrought iron chair. Neither were young, both perhaps in their mid-sixties or even older; but, the energy they put into their passionate kissing would have done a teen proud. And when she sat in the chair, and pulled his boxers down she took him in her mouth with obvious relish. Cooper, who was about a hundred feet away could not exactly see what she was doing as she gave him felatio for the longest time. He could see Melton’s head rock back with pleasure, but did not know why. When after several minutes she released his organ it was twice the size it was when she swallowed it. She pulled the full slip she was wearing over her head, released her bra and kicked her panties to the ground. Hidden under her lawyer attire, she sported a fine body for her age, firm legs and firm, artificial, breasts. After some more kissing she bent over the table and he began to fuck her. As the older gentleman slowly, but methodically, stroked the powerful lawyer, Cooper thought about this odd pair of lovers.

He recalled that, in addition to being an attorney, she was also on Atlanta’s school board as well as the chairman of the Georgia State Art’s commission. She was a very prominent person indeed. Melton, lived somewhere in Arkansas where he ran a commercial construction business with world wide reach. Both of these people could have younger, more attractive lovers by the score if they wished, but chose to make love to someone of their own age and position.

About ten minutes after they had come outside the doors opened again. Judy, followed by a couple he did not immediately recognize, came out onto the patio. Seeing the other couple in coitus she politely said across the distance “I don’t mean to disturb you, I’m giving the Kiser’s a tour of the grounds, are you OK, or should I come back later?”

Maxine stood up, which pulled Melton out of her and said “No, go ahead, we are moving into the water anyway.” She slipped off her stockings and they waded into the pool to about their waist. Half of his still erect penis shown above the water’s surface. Cooper thought of the wonders of Viagra.

Judy led the couple to the pool’s edge and introduced them to Melton and Maxine, but oddly enough she did not use Maxine’s real name, though she did use Melton’s. Later he would inquire and found out that the guests who were not employees had the option of using a fictitious name on the cruise and subsequent parties. Cooper finally recognized the man introduced as Eli Kiser. It was Benjamin Goldsmith, the chairman of an investors group that funded new office buildings.

“Eli and Marion had a great time in November on our Thanksgiving trip to the Bahamas. They had been in the lifestyle when they lived in New York, but thought all Southerners were devout Baptists. Where upon Maxine rejoined “I’m a devout Baptist, and that doesn’t keep me away.”

Judy walked toward the pool house and pointed out that the general rule is no swimwear allowed in the pool. “If you swim, you swim a natural and as you can see the pool is kept at ninety-four degrees. Very nice in this weather, but you’ll want to get a towel before you get in, you’ll chill fast on cool nights like this.” She took two towels and dropped them near the pool edge where Maxine was once again bent over taking Melton’s strokes.

Judy continued the tour and was nearly on top of Cooper before she saw him on the swing. “Oh, hi Cooper, I didn’t see you.” she said surprised. “Why are you out here?”

“Just chilling” Cooper answered flatly.

“I will need you to come inside in a little bit. You, Bonnie and Heather, along with the Kiser’s are the only new comers since our last party in the fall so I need to introduce you.”

“OK, I’m coming” he said but it was several minutes before he actually came. Thinking about the couple in the pool, Cooper felt much better about the evening. Sure Martin gets good contacts, but the people who make love do so for their own reasons. No one here is directly paid to fuck. At least as far as he knew. Perhaps Martin just provides a safe positive environment. He could now see both sides of this.

Bonnie had been wondering what had happened to Cooper for some time but she was certainly not concerned. She felt totally comfortable in the hyper sexualized atmosphere. She knew she was completely comfortable in this environment and thought “I guess it’s like riding a bicycle, no matter how long it’s been, I haven’t forgotten how to do this.” She had met over a dozen new people and already had a number of offers to “hook up” later. It seemed evident to her the people here were regulars to Mr. LeMarco’s parties and not only knew each other, but knew the routines. This was meet and greet time. There as talking, some eating, some drinking, a lot of flirting and posturing for later sexual activities.

Overlooking the main room was a second-floor balcony. From what she could remember of Brian’s stories the bedrooms were all upstairs. Judy came by and asked her to follow another couple and Heather up the stairs and to the balcony. Heather reached out and the two held hands as they climbed long stairway along one wall. Below, it was now more crowded than it had been just a short time before. On the balcony the DJ’s equipment left only a small area where Judy could actually reach the railing. Bonnie tried to count the people, but had a hard time. Her best guess was there were a good fifty to sixty people in the large room below and a good two dozen, perhaps three, elsewhere. When Cooper finally came into the room, Judy rushed down to get him and returned with him in tow.

Using the DJ’s mic Judy formally opened the party “Good evening friends. I say friends because I’m quite sure I’ve had sex with each and every one of you on more than one occasion.”

This brought hoots and claps.

“We want to welcome two new couples and one single young woman to our party. Some of them you will recognize from the photos on the walls from our Winter Cruise. Cooper Campbell, whom many of you know, is chief commercial architect and Executive Vice President at Martin’s firm and his lovely, and I must say wonton, wife Bonnie. As you can all see, they both are open to all sorts of fun, so get your reservations in early.”

The applause from below excited Bonnie. Even as she waved from the balcony, her life-sized nude photos were on full display. The idea that every person there was a potential sex partner was actually a little overwhelming. Here she could openly try anything she wanted. This would be a night to remember.

Judy took Heather by the hand and said “This stunningly beautiful young woman is Heather Jones, she is Brian’s executive assistant. Just be aware she might well have been spoken for since she is also Brian and Mandy’s girlfriend; but who knows, perhaps they will be willing to share.”

Bonnie thought that Judy couldn’t have been more explicit in spelling out how the LeMarco’s saw Heather fit into their world. Though she found it offensive, she knew that Heather had resigned herself to her new role that she would play for the next eight years if things worked out as planned.

Judy then introduced the Kaiser’s and then the DJ for the evening before saying “The hot tub in the conservatory is open as well as the pool, which is wonderfully warm. Remember, both are nude only. I’m sure that is bad news to all you prudes tonight.”


“There are four guest bedrooms up here. And there are plenty of condoms around. Please don’t leave them on the floor, it’s kinda nasty, even for someone who loves cum as much as I do, to step on a cold squishy rubber. We don’t care where you fuck, but please no bodily fluids on the furniture…. or drapes, or walls …”


“On a serious note, remember: No means no; and what happens here stays here. So be free to have all the fun your heart can take and don’t leave until you have had all it can.”


The music and dancing began immediately but it was much too crowded for his taste. Bonnie was the dance fan, so Cooper slid into the billiard room. When he’d walked through before he hadn’t even noticed the photos on the wall, but this time his eyes were drawn to the corner of the room that held the pool table. Of the three large sepia prints in that corner, one was of Martin fucking Bonnie on one of the San Dinero’s stern tables. It was something he did not recall from the trip. It was actually pretty hot, but nearby was a photo of him with Martin’s dick up his ass. As he scanned the room he saw that in this room all but two of the dozen images had Martin LeMarco’s dick in someone’s, ass, mouth or vagina. It was like this was his room of his conquest; and Cooper could not miss that he and Bonnie were both in that category. He wondered if everyone at the party had been penetrated by Martin at some time in the past. I suspected that might well be the case, and these photos were just reminders to everyone who was the true alpha in this crowd.

Across the room he saw a woman he recognized as the wife of Walter Douglas, one of his former co-workers who now ran his own small firm in South Carolina. She looked as uncomfortable as he felt. Her husband was nowhere to be seen. This did not surprise Cooper. More than once he had heard Walter brag about his sexual exploits with young women, even though he had been married for twenty years back when they’d worked together. Though Walter was not someone Cooper had an interest in spending time with; his wife however, as Cooper recalled, was some sort of art professor and was very interesting. Thus when he saw her slip out the back door, he followed.

She had not gotten far when he called “Amy, Amy Douglas.”

She turned and peered for a moment at him before saying with a stand-offish voice “Hello Cooper.”

Though her tone was not at all inviting, he thought he’d press forward. He stood near enough now to talk in a hushed tone. “If you’re looking to hide from all this noise, there is a nice swinging bench over there” and he pointed to the shadows to his left.

She gave a skeptical look, like he was trying to put a move on her, but said “Thanks” and followed him past the pool to the arbor and swing.

Cooper opened the conversation with “I hate formal affairs in general, but this one takes the cake. Not only am I supposed to mingle with these stiffs, I get the distinct impression I’m supposed to have sex with them as well. If I had known this is what was going to happen, I would have found an excuse to stay home.”

That seemed to be the right thing to say. In the dim light he could see her face brighten. “I thought I was the only one who felt that way.”

That kicked off their conversation. From their talk it soon became evident that Amy had known of her husband’s infidelities for years before they had been invited on the employee trip the year before Walter had started his own company. Like Bonnie, she had tried to get the inside scoop by her husband’s secretary. And like Bonnie, she had succeeded. After finding out that it was a swinger's event, she had planned on simply pretending to get sick and let Walter go without her. “But at the last moment I decided that not only would I go, but I would fully partake and enjoy myself. And enjoy I did, to Walter’s dismay. From the moment he realized I didn’t’ need him to have fun, he became uncomfortable watching me have sex with the other people.” She went on to explain that to her, that had been a one-off thing: a payback for his years of infidelity. It was when she came to this same “after cruise” party four years ago did she understand what was really going on.

“There were not nearly so many pictures on the wall the year I went as there are this year” she said. “But to walk into that room and see an enormous nude photo of me right on the wall. I just wanted to die.”

Cooper laughed “Don’t think me crass, but I was just happy the photo of me didn’t make my penis look too small.”

She laughed, “Boobs and dicks; everyone thinks theirs is too small; but, I saw several of your photos, you are plenty well endowed. Definitely bigger than Walt from what I saw. That’s why I think he fucks around so much, to prove he is still man enough despite being on the small side. “

They both sniggered at Walt’s expense.

“So, what did you do at that first party?” Cooper asked.

“I locked myself in one of the upstairs rooms and cried myself to sleep. When I woke up two hours later and told Walter I’d been having a threesome with two well hung men. He asked who I'd been doing it with but I told him I wouldn't tell him saying he'd just have to assume everyone he does business with has fucked his wife. He was so mad we left. I must say I felt victorious. We moved to South Carolina before the next year's cruise and this is the first LeMarco party that we have been to since.”

Cooper could see she was shivering, so he offered to go find a blanket. Once he returned and he related his own misgivings about the party, they entered into a long conversation about the LeMarco's home decor and the art deco movement. It was during their talk on the Nazi influence in deco, that a group led by Mandy came out to the pool. The group seemed to contain at least half of those at the party who were under thirty. Heather was right behind Mandy, but Brian was nowhere to be seen. Cooper supposed that for Brian and his father this was a business event, so he was with someone important to an upcoming project.

It appeared that a number of those young arm candy guests had decided to abandon their escorts for a while. They discarded their clothes and jumped into the steaming pool. This sidetracked Cooper and Amy and they considered how this event must seem to those young guests, nearly all who came as playmates for their older sponsor’s. She told a funny story of when she was in their shoes as a second-year art student and found herself at a similar party that was mostly people over 50, but nearly all were important in the art community that she could ill afford to offend. Though her telling was very funny, Cooper was surprised at how much it sounded like Heather’s situation. Perhaps it has always been that way for pretty young women.

Once the pool was filled with the sounds of over a dozen people splashing, laughing and soon after, fucking, it was hard to stay on the arcane points of art history. For a while they just watched silently as Joe Sargent and a woman they did not know took a seat on one of the benches under the large arbor. In short order, the watched the young women go to her knees and give Joe a blow job.

Amy continued her discussion without comment about what was going on around them. “To be fair, I had cheated on Walter before that and for the last four years since that cruise I don't even know how many men I've slept with. The University’s art crowd is a pretty libertine bunch. I don’t know how they knew it, but within a week of the cruise one of my colleagues invited me to a party where they all smoked pot and fucked right in front of each other. It seems I’d been at Augusta State for five years and had never been invited to one of their parties. I don’t know how they knew after all that time, I’d be open to such activities after being known as a non-partier for so long. It was like the cruse changed how I viewed sex. Or more likely, it brought back what I had believed about sex when I was in my twenty's.”

Cooper explained how for him and Bonnie, the cruse had been the culmination of several years of change in their thinking and behavior. ”But, I do understand. When we came back from that week of free sex, we were not the same people who left.”

She then told him “When I took the job at University of South Carolina I was one of those invited to the art faculty’s pre-semester bacchanal, which is just a Ph.D.’s word for an orgy. And, I fully participated. Since then I’ve had a good number of clandestine lovers, including a neighbor of ours that Walter really likes; I’ve even gotten to the point I enjoy doing it in a room full of people. I just don’t like the idea of Walter setting me up so he won’t feel guilty about his fucking around.”

“Does Walter know what you do?”