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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 17

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Social-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 17

Amy Douglass

Outside in the LeMarco's expansive pool deck, Cooper found Amy Douglass sitting by herself on the arbor swing, just the place she'd been when he left. He sat down carefully. He was not sure what to say after being gone for over a half an hour. The fact he'd had sex in that intervening time just made it all feel rather weird. She spoke first, “I’d about decided you were not coming back.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No don’t be. I know this must be hard on you; this party is sponsored by the man who owns the company for which you work. As I guess you have figured out the real purpose of this event is to reward his most important contacts. That puts you in a tough position.”

“Thanks, I appreciate your understanding. I do feel a bit like Martin’s pawn, or perhaps his whore to be given out as a prize to others.”

“That’s why I hate these parties; there is a clear dividing line between those people who hold power and those who do not“ Amy said in a down beat tone.

For some reason Cooper felt free to tell her the whole story about what had just happened inside and how Colleen was clearly the master. He told how it did not appear she was at all interested in the pleasure of either Cooper or her boyfriend.”

She didn’t seem the least bit surprised at the idea of a middle-aged male executive treated as no more than a sexual play thing. “Entertainment for LeMarco’s contacts. That’s all we are” she said bitterly.

“Yes, I know you are right” he said “But would you think something was wrong with me if I said I liked it. I know this sounds bad, but I found it really exciting being used like that. At least for me, a guy who has never once experienced being used as a sex object.”

She gave Cooper a wry smile and said “I’d never thought of that. For most women they have been treated that way since they were in puberty. The idea of being sexualized as something new and exciting is hard for me to imagine. Though, to be honest, at my age I can begin to identify. When a hot young man comes on to me it is much more likely to be a thrill rather than an annoyance like it would have been twenty years ago.”

It was Cooper’s turn to consider something new.

She went on “To be fair, I know full well there are people here who just enjoy the freedom to enjoy themselves as well as those who come here to use people like sex objects.”

Cooper responded “Earlier, I was out here and two people snuck out here for a tryst. They were past middle age and both powerful & wealthy. They did not see me but it was clearly a meeting of equals for the purpose of pleasure alone. That can’t be all bad.”

“I agree, I know full well that parties like this can be done in a way that is more egalitarian, but Martin doesn't want it to be. That’s my point”

They sat for a while, then she said “Would you mind if we get in the hot tub before it fills up. I’m getting cold”

Hand in hand they walked into the glass enclosed building that housed the hot tub. Inside Cooper saw that it had a changing area, a ring of seating and a small toilet stall in addition to the large, very large, hot tub. Surprisingly it was still completely unoccupied. It was quite a shock to move from the crisp cold air outside to the hot humid air inside the building. There were racks to lay out their clothes without getting wrinkled. Unlike the whirlwind episode upstairs, Cooper took off all his clothes, even his shirt and bow tie.

Amy carefully laid out her dress on the rack. To Cooper, her attraction lay in the fact she was a real woman. Sure her body wasn’t as firm as Heather’s, but his wasn’t as firm as Brian LeMarco’s. Her hips were ample, but not big as round as her bust.

The water was indeed hot. At first it was rather uncomfortable, but as Cooper settled in and turned on the bubbles, it was extremely relaxing. Amy settled into the crook of Cooper’s arm. For a long time they did not speak. In time, her hand wrapped around his penis and brought it back to full form. He cupped one breast with the hand over her shoulder. She turned and put her lips to his and slowly ran her tongue around the outside of his lips. “I can taste her on your mouth. I will admit to you tasting another woman on my lover's lips is a turn on for me.”

She kissed him again, this time it lingered. Then she said “It’s funny. I don’t go down on women nearly as much as I do men, but I love to taste them on a guy's mouth or penis. I absolutely love going down on a guy after he has ejaculated into a woman. That mixed up taste of woman and man is what sex tastes like to me.”

Cooper grinned and she snapped “What are you grinning at? Do you think I’m sick?”

Still grinning he replied, “No, it’s that looking back over the past year I have also learned to relish that taste. It’s hard for me to admit it. Only Bonnie knows how much I like tasting semen. You see, first I began to look forward to giving Bonnie oral sex after she'd been with her best friend's husband. Then on the cruise I found that going down on any woman into whom a man has recently ejaculated is wildly exciting for me. Even, or especially when it is my own wife. The last day of the trip, a couple of hours before we sighted Miami, Martin let me use his camera to take photos of an orgy on the sun bed. I’m sure some of those photos are on the wall somewhere in the house.”

Judy interrupted, “I think the photos you are describing are in their living room, but I didn’t really look at all those smaller photos. There are close to a hundred framed prints in there. In the billiard room however, there is a large print of an orgy on deck. Since both Martin and Judy are in the photo, perhaps it is your work. Did you not see it?”

“No, I was…well frankly I only went through the room following you, so I didn’t really look around. I will make a point to look when I go back in” he replied.

“I only got a good look at the big print, and as an art teacher I can tell you it is quite good; quite good indeed. You have a good eye. And as much as he disgusts me, Martin is an excellent photographer of nudes and erotica.”

“If that is indeed one of the one’s I shot, I will thank you in advance.”

They both laughed at the absurdity of it all.

After a moment, Cooper went on. Well, after the orgy Judy invited me to go down on Bonnie since her vagina was full of semen. I guess she can pick up on what people like. Once I’d done Bonnie and Heather, Judy suggested I see if I could taste Bonnie on his penis. One thing led to another and I sucked him to orgasm. I enjoyed having him cum in my mouth far more than I ever would have imagined I would. I am struggling with the identity of being bisexual. On one hand I just can’t imagine having a male lover as such; however, I really liked those first experiences on the yacht, not to mention just now I wished that guy had fucked me longer before he came. I don’t know what label applies to me. Bonnie is now describing herself as bisexual but has suggested the word hetro-flexible for me since I identify as a heterosexual in romance but I seem to enjoy having sexual contact with men too. For the last two weeks I’ve wondered if the whole guy on guy thing on the San Dinero was a fluke, but just now, I really liked it. All of this stuff is so new to me.”

Amy looked at him and said “Perhaps the label doesn’t matter. Perhaps there is sex for the feeling of sex and sex for bonding with someone you like.” She leaned over and kissed him. “I think I like you Cooper Campbell and I think I would like to have sex with you because I like you.” She kissed him again. Without breaking this second kiss she brought her leg over to straddle him; and with the hand that had been stroking his penis she guided him into her body. Cooper was lost in a feeling of peace, tranquility and oneness. Not unlike the feelings he had when Heather had done the same thing to him on the San Dinero. It was different here, alone with Amy though. And he was sure he liked Amy too. The feeling of romantic attraction to yet another woman was a little frightening, and in this case the woman was a peer and that made a difference. He did not know what to do with it.

They made love like this for some time before she said “This is the first time in a very long time I’ve had sex with another man where my husband could walk in on me. When I’m at parties with the art crowd, I have had sex with as many as three men in a night. While I do, I often fantasize that Walter is there watching me. And on nights when he comes home late, and I’m sure he’s been with another woman, I find myself wishing he would just come home and tell me about it and suggest I taste her on his cock. But no, he always denies what he has been doing. Other than on the trip we took with the LeMarco’s he has never admitted screwing any other women. Though I know full well he has not been faithful to me for even one year, probably one month, in the twenty-seven years we’ve been married.”

When she finished speaking, she immediately resumed kissing not giving him a chance to comment. Slowly she began rocking her hips.

The door to the pool house opened and a naked woman walked in followed by two men Cooper recognized by sight but not by name. He was pretty sure the younger man was a vendor from whom LeMarco & LeMarco bought building supplies, but was stumped on where to place the older man. Cooper wondered who the young woman might be, then he realized it was the same young woman they had seen giving Joe Sargent a blow-job earlier. He hoped that Martin had not salted the party with professional girls, but he would not put it past him. The trio was evidently coming from the swimming pool. They were wet, naked and she was visibly shivering. The men both sported full erections.

Cooper had to remind himself this private moment he was having with Amy Douglas was, in fact, in a very public place. Amy never broke her kiss or looked around to see who had come in the room. She did, however, increased the intensity of her deliberate rolling her hips on him.

The new comers had clearly been drinking and were more than a little buzzed. They were loud as they stumbled into the water and even louder when they realized how hot it was. The three settled on having sex on one of the benches that formed a horseshoe beside the large hot tub. The pretty young woman lay on her back while one man fucked her vagina and the other fucked her mouth. She was notably beautiful and quite young, with clearly enhanced breasts. If she wasn't a working girl, she must be the mistress of one of the business owners here.

Cooper and Amy continued their deep kissing and slow coitus. Occasionally Cooper peeked to see what the others were doing. Since the hot tub was above ground, Cooper had to make an effort to see the others without alerting Amy he was doing so. All this sex in front of perfect strangers was so new to him, even if it was old hat to everyone else in that glass enclosed room.

At some point the men moved the girl to her hands and knees, but both stayed were they were. He refocused on enjoying being with Amy. And enjoy it he was. He was more than a little grateful that he had heeded Bonnie’s suggestion to take a Cialis before they left home. His dick was holding up like a champ even with Amy's slow methodical pace of love making.

The water splashed as someone’s feet entered the tub. Cooper looked and it was the older man who had been fucking the girl. He sat on the edge of the tub dangling his feet in the water. He was at least sixty, perhaps seventy, but clearly still strong and virile, and his large but not huge penis was still nearly completely erect.

He began to talk to Cooper and Amy in a strong Charleston, or perhaps it was Savanah, Cooper thought.

“That little wife of mine could fuck an army and still keep going. That night I met her in Vegas at the AIA convention. Damn I knew she was hot the first time I saw her on that stage. At first she wouldn’t come back to the hotel with me, but a hand full of Benjamin’s changed her mind. I can hold it up forever and ‘the General’ nearly always wears out the honey’s before he quits, but this vixen and I fucked till morning. When my assistant came to my room to be sure I was on time for my presentation, she had his pants off and was riding him before I could blink an eye. That’s when I knew this was the woman for me. We got married that very night and we’ve been fucking like rabbits ever since. And that was over two years ago. But we had to get remarried using her real birth certificate last year since it turns out she used a fake I.D. the first time because she hadn't been of legal age.”

Amy abruptly broke the kiss and turned her head “That must be James Turner.” When she had turned far enough to see him she said, “You old lecher”.

She stopped rocking her hips and turned back to Cooper “This is James Turner of Turner and Associates, winner of the Pritsker Prize, and the worst womanizer I’ve ever known. He gave Walter his first job after college, we were newlyweds. Of course that did not keep this pervert from trying to get in my pants the very first time he got me alone.”

Cooper then realized why the man seemed familiar. He was a living legend, but drunk, naked and with a boner showing, Cooper hadn’t recognized him.

She lifted herself off of Cooper, “Here slide down a little” she said as she turned around. Sitting down on her knees facing the center of the tub, she guided Cooper’s penis back into her.

Mr. Turner watched intently as she began rocking on Cooper again. Then the man said “And did I succeed? I’m sorry I can’t remember every employee’s wife I bedded. Damn I have a hard enough time remembering the names of my ex-wives.”

“I must say you did, twice. I felt so guilty. But I’ve never forgotten you. No woman forgets you and The General. Come on over here.” She looked at Cooper and said “He is the man I cheated with. Look at him, he just fucked till he came and he is still hard….and at his age!”

She stood up and leaned into Mr. Turner who was still sitting on the side of the hot tub. She took the first three inches of his erection in her mouth. He was perhaps just over six inches long, but stout. She took the unused portion in her hand and began to lick up the shaft and suckled the head for a moment before letting go. She said “Umm, your wife tastes very good” then stood up at him and said in a sharp tone “How dare you forget fucking me.”

“Well good lady, it was a long time ago and I am seventy-two years old” he said in a kind voice.

She said wistfully, “Yes it was a long time ago.” as she sat and snuggled beside Cooper, wrapping a hand around his erection.

Amy looked over to the other man who was now on top of the very young Mrs. Turner as she lay on the bench. He was fucking her for all he was worth. “She is pretty” Amy said.

And she was, as far as Cooper could see, blond, firm ass and large plastic tits.

“Oh yes she is” Mr. Turner replied. “Suzie, come over here please. I want you to meet an old friend.”


Inside the house Bonnie was dripping sweat as she danced and danced and danced. She thought the DJ was better than any she had heard in clubs, but she knew her experience in the modern club scene was virtually non-existent.

She had long since removed her dress and was wearing nothing but her garter belt, stockings, shoes and the pearl necklace. She knew she was being watched. Most of the people around her were strangers and in the room with at least forty people, she was the only one who was fully exposed like that. Over the night she had seen all the other guests from her cruise, but currently only Mandy was in the room. Since she now was effectively naked, she was not surprised this time at the hands on her ass when she danced close. Twice fingers had slipped into the moist lips between her legs. She had not objected. After all she had put herself on display for that very reason. She had already decided she would have sex with one of the men right on the dance floor, the only question was which one. It would be a new experience she thought. True she had had sex in front of everyone on the cruise, but that was a small group. Here she was almost in a public place. This was a swinger’s party. Her very first swingers party, but it was unlikely to be her last.

And it wasn’t like she hadn’t done her share of groping. She grabbed asses (of both sexes), a couple of tits and several bulges in guy’s pants. She found her favorite thing to do was to bump and grind, but not too long with any one person. Often, she slid her bare pussy up a woman’s leg or back against the bulge in a guy’s boxers. She had felt a hard, bare, cock pressed between her cheeks a bit ago, but she slipped away leaving the guy cold. Her arousal had been in high gear for over an hour and she was afraid she might start dripping on the floor at any moment. She was ready for her next opportunity. As she was in high heels it did not come as a great surprise that when grinding on shorter guys, her vulva hit the top of their contained erections. She saw a good looking guy to the side watching her. Given the fact that the average age of the men present was surely well over fifty, he was one of the younger men dancing.

She danced his way and waved for him to join. He hesitated then moved slowly toward her. Wanting a faster response, she reached out, grabbed his hand and pulled hard. She pulled him close and pushed her clit hard into his leg. With her heels she was a tiny bit taller than him so she slid slightly to the side to rub on the outside of his thigh.

She knew it was time.

She deftly drew down the zipper of his finely tailored slacks, through the fly of his boxers and gripped his penis. Of course it was hard. She pulled it through the opening and stroked for a moment before letting him go twisting around. She ground her bare ass hard, forcing the shaft between her buns. She felt his hands grip her hips and pull her closer.

She looked around and many eyes were on her. No one near had missed her pulling the man’s penis out. She knew she was wet and thought it would work without breaking rhythm, but was not sure. She liked that literally everyone dancing was more dressed than she was and they were looking at her nudity, at her sex. As the song continued she leaned forward as she pushed back. She could feel the head sliding lower on her ass. Then pushing up to her tiptoes, the head slid forward into the cleft between her legs, She shook her ass until it had found its way between her lips, then down and back. She drove the shaft home into her as she continued to dance with her legs. His hands held firmly on her waist as she began to rock her hips side to side and dance as usual. Except now she was bound to her new partner in a physical way. She was the center of attention and relished every second of it.

She looked up to see a plain looking woman with big tits wearing a very expensive looking dress moving in front of her. Her low-cut gown barely held her full breast in check. Her eyes did not look at Bonnie, but over her shoulder to the man who was moving with her rhythm, expertly keeping his tool deep in her even as they moved slowly around the room. The woman got very close and leaned over to kiss the man. Though the music was loud, Bonnie could clearly hear the voice in her ear. “I love you. I’ll watch you for a while more, then I’m going upstairs with Joe Sergeant and a couple other guys. Join us if you want when you’re done.” Then she walked away.

She heard the man’s voice “That was my wife Trixie.” Then after a moment he added “Oh, I’m Richard Wagner. Your husband and I worked on the BB&T Tower project in Greenville together.”

For a moment she thought on the idea that she was fucking a guy before she even knew his name. It was so slutty, so slutty and so sexy. She could tell many eyes were on her as she and the man moved in unison. A man and woman danced near them, stealing glances. Boldly she said out loud “This is so good.” He was hitting just the right spot, that and with the thrill of having strangers watch her fuck brought about a surprise. Without realizing she was doing so, she had reached the point of orgasm. She looked for something to brace herself against as soon as she realized what was happening. There was nothing. Her legs began shaking violently as the orgasm overtook her. It was so very powerful. She felt legs giving way, then hands grasping her arms and holding her up.

The first crest passed over. She looked up to see the face of the tall grey-haired man in black silk underwear that she had been teasing earlier. He was holding her up as the man behind was now pounding furiously and a second orgasm was sweeping in like a tsunami. She pushed her lips to the lips in front of her, driving in her tongue as the first wave of her orgasm swept over her.

By the time it was over she felt limp. The man behind had cum in her and was now gone. The grey haired man led her to a chair. She felt him guide her, but not to the empty chair. Instead he turned her body with gentleness and power, so that she faced him as he sat. He then pulled her hips so as to straddle his lap. His lap that now had an exposed penis. She did not object as he lowered her on his pole. Facing him, she breathed hard as he lay her head on his shoulder. She felt the previous man’s semen squeezed out by the new intrusion. He felt good inside her. It was all so comfortable and relaxing. Sexy, but in a new sort of way. She could sit like this the rest of the night. Two full songs came and went while she rested. With the third song she began to roll her hips, but her head was still on the man's shoulder.

“Hi girl, I see you’ve found new friends” Mandy’s voice came from behind her.

Bonnie lifted her head slightly “Were not friends until he at least tells me his name.”

“Oh, fucking men before you know their name. You have come a long way Mrs. Campbell” Mandy rejoined.

“My name is Melton "came the deep voice of the gentleman she was riding. "Melton Carver.”

“Well you and Melton have fun, I’m going up stairs. I think there is a big group thing going on in Martin and Judy’s bedroom” Mandy said as she walked off.

“And you are Bonnie Campbell, I believe” he continued. “So are we friends now?”

Bonnie having recovered somewhat from the powerful orgasms laughed. “Yea, I guess so” she said and they launched into light conversation as she rocked back and forth on his pelvis. That feeling of being a sex goddess she had on the cruise had returned. She was coming to simply accept the reality that she now loved to be watched and desired as she had sex with men. That was something that had never been true in college. She thought it was funny that although she did like sex with women, she never got this feeling of power and sexual energy unless she was with a man. As she only was half listening as he spoke, she was more focused on seeing who was watching and on her building orgasm. It took her a little while to realize what felt unusual about riding him. After some time she realized he was shaved as smooth as she was. She slid back and forth, smooth skin to smooth skin. Martin had been shaved like that, but with all the other things going on, she never really focused on the feeling of it while on the cruise. Adding to the excitement was the knowledge that the slick surface on which she was sliding her clit back and forth, was the cum of the first guy which had been pressed out of her by the new penis. A voice in her head said sex with strangers without a condom was irresponsible, and a terrible example for Misty. She pushed it out. But it would come back.

Her thigh muscles began to tense, she knew it would be soon.


In the pool house, the hot tub was almost full. Cooper and Amy had been joined by Heather and Kelvin Heart (the son of the owner of a large private equity firm) who looked no more than 20 years old), Miriam Keiser (Goldsmith), Maxine Thurman and her boy toy. Now that Cooper got a good look at him, he appeared to be the same age as Heather’s date, but much more buff and with a penis that seem forever hard. Richard Wagner (who he did not yet know had just cum in his wife) was just getting in. Mr. Turner had left some time after his wife and the unknown man headed back to the pool. His thick shaft had not even begun to flag in all the time he was in the pool house. It made Cooper feel inadequate. He knew it was stupid to be comparing dick size and performance, though that was exactly what he was doing. He was larger than about half of them, including Heather’s date and the man who had been doing young Mrs. Turner, and he knew it to be bigger than both the LeMarco’s. He figured that is what average meant, some were bigger and some were smaller. He would have to just do his best with what he had, but his didn’t stay up the way 72 year old James Turner’s did.

Before he left, Amy Douglass told the older man, “If you see my husband inside, please let him know how much I liked tasting your wife on your dick, and ask him to come out. I would very much like him to watch Cooper fuck me.”

When he had left she told Cooper “I hope I wasn’t being presumptuous by saying I want Walter to see us have sex? We’ve had a nice evening together and I want him to know that I choose with whom I have sex, and I don’t have sex to please Martin LeMarco or him or anyone else.”

Cooper appreciated her concern, but assured her he did not mind. He rather liked the idea of Walter, who had more than once insinuated that he was more manly than Cooper, watching him schtup his wife.

Heather, with a wink at Cooper, told the story of him being a “Virtual Virgin” at the luau to the enjoyment of all present. Cooper did not mind her telling the story and fully understood why she didn’t even allude to the fact she and the Campbells had started a relationship. As she told the tale, at just the right moment, Amy moved to “sit’ in Cooper’s lap. She did it in such a way and at such a time as to make it quite a comical demonstration that Cooper was indeed no longer a virtual virgin. When Heather wrapped up her story Amy repositioned herself so she could fully face the other people in the large hot tub. Once she was comfortable she said “Oh, I just have to tell you of a really funny story about a real life twenty-four-year-old virgin and how my colleagues and I introduced him to bodily pleasure.”

“A couple of years back, my first-year teaching at The University of South Carolina” Amy began. “I had a graduate assistant who really was a virgin. You see, he had completed both his Bachelors and Masters of Fine arts at Bob Jones University; which is about the most conservative Baptist University in the country and it just happens to be about two hours from here in South Carolina. They are so archaic that in their museum of Religious Art, they still paint fig leaves on nudes in their art gallery.”

“When I interviewed him for the position, I told him that the lack of nude figure drawings in his portfolio was a conspicuous deficiency. When he told me his training had not included that kind of art, I let him know that at University of South Carolina nude figure was in several of the courses he would teach. I let him know that unlike Bob Jones, we have students with many moral view points, all of which are legitimately expressed in art. He assured me he wanted to teach students how to express through art, not what they should express. I was wary, but two things swayed me. First he was incredibly talented and an experienced teacher. Second, he was, to die for gorgeous. I mean one of those guys that makes panties wet everywhere he goes. I assigned him both an intro class and an intermediate drawing class, which I knew was about one quarter figure stuff, nudes. I made a point to have my scheduled “observation” the first day he had a nude model. You never saw a teacher so intent on his students as he was that day. When the model dropped her robe, I thought he would simply run out of the room screaming. I really don’t’ think he got one good look at the, rather attractive, model. But he adapted. I stopped in to critique his students one day about a month later. Although he appeared, if not completely comfortable, at least functional and he did not turn pale when she disrobed. I began to think we could convert this six-foot blond hunk of Christian Conservative to our libertine ways.”

That got some laughs and comments of agreement.

“The previous year a colleague and I had been awarded a grant to study indigenous art forms in Central America, which I set up as a Christmas term trip. Though the grant had been filed while I was still at Augusta State, the grant was for me, so it came with me to USC. There was room for six on the team and as our new resident expert on religious art I invited Daniel, that is his name, to come with us. I knew who was in the team and was sure this trip would tax our virgin stud’s morals.”

“Poor Daniel, he was so naïve. About a week before we were to go he mentioned, in passing, that since our villa would have a pool, he had to go out and get a swim suit. I told him I didn’t plan on taking one. He thought I meant I didn’t plan on swimming. Of course I was going to swim, but who needs a suit to do that?”

The group in the tub laughed.

“Our in-country partner, University of San Carlos of Guatemala had provided us with the use of a villa they own overlooking Lake Petén Itzá. It would be a wonderful place for a vacation; but we had a month of intense studies planned, long hours with a good deal of travel to historic sites in the region, touring ruins & museums and hands on practice in local techniques. The villa was large enough that we each had our own bedroom, but we shared a communal bathroom. This led to Daniel’s first big hint this group was not made up of Baptist. I guess it was our second full day. We had toured the Mayan site at Tikal until it closed then had a three hour round table meeting with our counterparts. It was like past ten when we got home and we were all beat. I quickly claimed first dibs on the shower. When I finished, I toweled off and wrapped my hair up turban style. I honestly was not trying to shock the poor kid when I walked across the villa’s common room wearing only the towel on my head. I had been on several trips like this with the others and we are always casual that way. You gotta realize that like most places in Central America, the villa was not air conditioned. Knowing that, I didn’t even pack any sleep wear. I was most definitely not looking to get laid, I was beat, and so I was just heading to bed to crash.”

“Though shock was not my intent, it was the result. He and one of my good buddy’s, Jim Peterson, were cooling their heels waiting for their turn in the shower. Daniel’s back was to me and when Jim saw me he gets this excited grin. I set him straight by telling him there will be plenty of time for that, but I was way too tired. Daniel turned and almost dropped his glass when he saw me. I’m not exaggerating when I say his jaw hit his chest and his eyes were big as saucers.”

That brought riotous laughter.

“For my part, I unexpectedly felt an erotic thrill. By the time I made it to my room I was completely turned on. I started to just play with myself, but reconsidered Jim’s look and returned to the common room, this time without the turban. Daniel was gone, but now Cass Flynn, from Duke, who co-wrote the grant with me was in the room. She was much more modest; her towel was around her waist instead of on her head because she has very short hair. Though her bare breasts were within his reach, Jim assumed he had no chance with her; he assumed she was a lesbian. What he didn’t know is that though her relationships were always with women, Cass was fully bisexual enjoying the pleasure of either type of genitalia that was nearby. I slipped up behind her and slapped her ass then told her I would like to borrow Jim for a quick fuck before I crashed. Of course, she was non-phased, since she had seen me riding several of her friends in the past. Though I’m generally hetero I had also ridden her once before as well. Once in the common room I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to decide to shock Daniel. I pulled off Jim’s pants as soon as we had gotten into my room, and went down on him, standing next to the door, until I heard the shower shut off, I pulled him to the bed and told him to give me his best."

"Jim thought nothing of the fact I’d left the door open. In our artists world we had nothing to hide. When Daniel passed by my room on the way to his, there was no way he could miss the fact that in the semi dark room Jim was on top of me fucking for all he was worth. And nasty me made sure to be noisy just as he walked past.”

More laughs & comments.

“The next day Daniel was very quiet. I felt a little guilty for imposing on his religious beliefs so much. But not so guilty as to put any more than panties on that next night as I walked from the shower. I don’t claim to look anything like you Heather,” then Amy paused and said “Damn I didn’t look like you 30 years ago.”

Heather and Maxine both cut her off insisting she was so very pretty. Cooper added his agreement “You are an amazingly attractive woman. No offence to Heather, but there is a beauty of a grown woman that can’t be had at twenty.”

“Well thank you very much.” Amy leaned back and turned to kiss him softly then said “I wasn’t fishing for compliments, what I was going to say was that to a twenty-four-year-old virgin, fifty-three-year-old me looked good. The second night he took a good long look before scurrying away to his room. But it was four days later, on our first day off, I don’t remember if it was a Saturday or a Sunday, that he had to really adjust to our way of living. We all slept in, and I thought I was the first up. It was hot when I crawled out of bed, I remember it distinctly, I lay on top of the sheets considering what to wear for several minutes before pulling on just a pair of cut offs. I half-stumbled into the common room to which the kitchen was attached.”

“I smelled the fresh Guatemalan coffee before I even got into the room. I knew I wasn’t the first to be up. In the main room everyone was fully dressed. At first, I hesitated but I thought what the hell, we were artists, why were a pair of middle-aged boobs a big deal. Daniel made a visible effort not to look at me. After breakfast, I suggested we try out the villa’s pool. That put Daniel in an uncomfortable position.”

“There were six of us; Jim and Cass and I were full professors who have spent many a day naked together. Ken was then an associate professor at Georgia, but now he is at University of Colorado. Cass assumed her new assistant was gay since she’d seen her with other women at a couple of social events at the start of the school year. That perception lasted only until her big annual Halloween party which had, as usual, a running orgy in her bedroom. When she checked in, she saw Dawn demonstrating she, like her mentor Cass, was not averse to enjoying cock. The next week, Dawn thought it appropriate to tell her new boss that she considered herself pansexual. So he wasn’t at all shocked. Dawn and Daniel were both graduate assistants. Dawn was Cass’s assistant and they had messed around together a couple of times, though from what Cass had told me it was just for fun and that Cass had started dating a guy. Cass is an art historian, not an artist herself, but she does have some talent with pen and ink.”

“No one but Danial had thought to bring a swim suit on our trip. So when I suggested we go swimming, that meant in the buff to everyone but him. It left him as the odd man out in his swim trunks. After a few minutes he swam over to me and said he didn’t mean to be a prude but he simply was not comfortable taking off his trunks. I told him that he should follow his own path, not ours. Though that tent I could see in his trunks made me want to see what was hiding in there.”

She was teased by Maxine for lusting after her assistant.

Amy splashed some water at her and said “Like you have room to talk.”


Amy changed her position to shift how Cooper’s penis was going into her, then went on. In doing so she missed the man slipping into the pool house and taking a seat on the bench to listen.

“Actually nothing but a little sexy play happened during that afternoon, but it set the stage for fun later. The pace was a little less grueling the next week so we were getting home with enough energy to make sleeping two by two worthwhile. Though there was no plan to do so, after that week there became a pattern that we didn’t sleep with the same person any two nights in a row. And following the example I had set; doors were never closed. Well except Daniel, alone in his room, closed his. One of the funniest nights was late that second week, Daniel and I were going over some notes we had taken and discussing how we could write a paper on what we'd seen. From Jim’s room we heard the bed began to tap on the wall in the unmistakable rhythm of sex. Next came moans, not soft, but full-bodied moans began coming from Cass’s room. We tried to keep working but it was impossible when we heard Dawn’s voice coming from Jim’s room in a string of expletives. She evidently had an orgasm followed shortly by Cass who was in the other room with Ken. Daniel was shifting in his seat trying to hide his erection and for a moment I thought he would jump me then and there, but all he did was just stumble over his words. I broke the ice when I told him ‘So I guess you have figured out that Cass is bisexual not a lesbian.’ I went on to explain that while there were a few monosexuals in our art community, people who only enjoy sex with a person with a specific kind of genitalia; most people are more than capable of enjoying either as the circumstances dictate.”

“Not surprisingly he had no idea. In his world there was a clean division between gay people and everyone else; but to his credit he was willing to learn. After a while he admitted that until that first figure nude class, he’d never seen a real woman naked before. As we talked, he also let me know that he had never heard people talk so explicitly about sex the way we had been for the last week, though he made a point to say he did not mind us doing so in front of him. In passing he let me know that until we came to Guatemala, he had never been around people having sex where he could hear. That gave me opening to let him know that while I found it pleasant and earthy to casually overhear my friends making love; if it bothered him, I would tell the others to make sure they shut the door in the future. He quickly assured me that he did not object, though with a laugh he admitted that the first night it took him a while to understand what he was hearing. I further decided to inquire if the nudity around the villa bothered him. Again, he said he did not object to that either. He actually said he was happy we all were treating him as one of the team.”

“When I apologized for not asking before I had sex with my bedroom door open his face turned red, but he said it was all right. To that I told him ‘While it really is a beautiful thing to watch friends making love, even still I should have asked first.’ My statement clearly intrigued him and I could tell he was quite turned on; yet he seemed not to know how to respond. I then suggested we go in and watch one of the couples. I assured him that our friends would not mind. I was not surprised he said no; but I noticed his no was not very firm.”

“The next day it just so happened we were scheduled to make the hour drive to Belize and to tour a museum of indigenous art that featured a series of clay figurines of the earth goddess having sex with mortal men. I made a point to Daniel that the Christian view of sex as dirty is unusual; most religions, outside the monotheistic tradition, see sex as beautiful and spiritual. I could tell he was shifting his view slightly when he responded by pointing out that the book of Song of Solomon is an ode to the beauty of sex, but most Christians ignore it. The next day we took a two-day trip to Guatemala City which kept us very busy. It seemed whenever we were alone Daniel kept coming back to the discussion of sex as aesthetically and artistically beautiful. It seemed obvious to me that he had found an artistic excuse to become included in the sex play.”

“We had two days off of our studies for Christmas. It was the afternoon of Christmas Eve and we were all just talking in the common room. I brought up the topic of love making as a subject of art. I was not surprised when my colleagues all agreed it was an excellent subject that was not explored enough. As we talked, we found that only Cass and I had actually drawn from a live couple having sex. All but Daniel said they had tried erotic art, but they had only worked from photographs. Cass and I told them that photos cannot portray the intensity and passion of the live act.”

“I suggested everyone get their sketch gear and then asked Ken if he would like to model with me. However, before we actually got started, I directly asked Daniel if he was OK with what I had proposed. He did not hesitate to say he thought it was a great idea. In short order Ken and I were in our birthday suits on the couch while the others sat in chairs to begin sketching. Daniel made no outward sign of embarrassment; rather he put on the same face I’d seen him use that second time I’d observed him with a nude model in his classroom. No doubt he was determined to approach the project as dispassionately as he would a bowl of fruit. To help him out I suggested to him that he might want to approach this in a figurative sense, rather than literal. By suggesting he , capture the essence of the entire act rather than a photo realistic freeze frame, I freed him from trying to do something with which he was not comfortable. For over an hour and a half he kept that same grim look as Ken and I had slow but continuous sex.”

“It was a real turn on for me to have those fine artist working to capture me as I made love. But of course it wasn’t me who had to keep an erection for ninety minutes, but thanks to his youth (and the little blue pill I’d asked Jim to let him have) he did just fine. He even stayed hard as several times we were asked to stay in a certain position while someone made a sketch. I remember that I made a point to give Daniel a clear view when after a long period of fore-play I put Ken’s penis in me the first time. I never climaxed, but it was one of the most memorable sexual experiences of my life. Not as much because Ken is especially talented, but just the circumstances”

“It didn’t turn into an orgy though. Everyone got consumed with their work. Long after Ken and I collapsed, they all continued on their art. Danial most of all seemed determined to take the sketches he’d made and create something meaningful. That night though, Cass and Dawn threw some pillows on the floor and demonstrated the beauty of Sapphic love for a second set of sketches. For the next two weeks nearly every evening one couple acted as models for the others. After the third time, Daniel no longer seemed to have any squeamishness. Before we left Brazil, between the six of us we had the makings for what became a full exhibit. Over the next year we all filled out our sketches into paintings, sculpture and mixed media into a unified presentation we called “Passion in the Rainforest”. It took us another year to find the right gallery to pick it up, but it is now scheduled to open in New York this summer.”

That got some congratulations and a side discussion. But eventually Amy went back to her story. “The day after Ken and I modeled the first time was Christmas day. It was kinda a downer. We all missed our families but it hit Daniel hardest. I guess he was the youngest and the most attached to his family. Calls home only seemed to make it worse. To top it all off, it was the hottest most humid day we had yet. After our Christmas dinner of pork roast we all slipped into the pool to relax. To our surprise Daniel, without saying a word, slipped off his shorts and boxers and stepped into the pool. His surprise turned what we had not planned to be a sexual time, into something different. It seems I wasn’t the only one wanting to get into Daniel’s pants. It had completely missed me that he and Dawn, as the two grad assistants who had spent a good deal of time together, would be the most likely coupling.”

“At first, he kept some distance between himself and any of us, but little Dawn pushed it. I told you earlier that he is gorgeous; let me tell you now he looked amazing in the buff. Iron buns and a perfectly shaped phallus rising out of his blond pubes. Contrasting him, Dawn is well, a nerdy wall flower; short but not really petite. She has dull brown hair and, to put it generously, a small but curvy figure; round ass, thick waist and heavy breasts. She is the classic “nice girl” that all the guys love but don’t think to ask out. In that pool however, she was the only female that was close to his age. And she was naked. She moved right in and began to try to dunk him, which of course was a ploy to create body contact. Her ploy worked. It didn’t take her ten minutes to move from dunking to playing grab the dick, which was now fully erect. From there it took half as long to move to stroking it as they kissed and from there he got, as he later said, that first blow job he’d been dreaming of since he was in junior high.”

“Like many wall flowers I’ve known, Dawn had long ago mastered how to keep a boy’s attention using her oral skills. She wasn’t some clumsy wench who just gobbled down the meat, no she was an artist and the four of us were as entranced as Daniel was as she showed herself to be a master of giving head. She worked up and down the shaft with kisses and licks, each time stopping short of the head. She worked over his balls at length before deigning to wrap her lips around his glans which already had a shine of pre-cum on top. It didn’t surprise me when no sooner had she taken the last millimeter into her mouth that his eyes got big and his face contorted as he started to cum. She held on as his hips bucked up and down, never moving from her lip grip on the base of his penis. What was really amazing was that even after he had clearly finished she didn’t move. Afterward I asked her and she said she was using her tongue and mouth muscles to stimulate him back to erection. And that she did in short order. In the lull, Jim took it upon himself to begin diddling my clit between his fingers.”

“I’ve never seen anyone do what she did. She held all of his dick in her mouth until he was fully hard again. Now that wasn’t very long but it was amazing all the same. She had been blowing him as he sat on the top step of the pool. When she moved her kisses up his stomach to his chest and then to his lips he was so green that he didn’t realize she was moving up in order to be fucked. He admitted later that until he was all the way in her and he felt her vulva pushed down on his pubic bone, did he realize that he was actually having sex. I think that is the only time I’ve seen a guy lose his virginity. We all were thrilled, well I know Jim and Ken were because soon they speared Dawn and me like fish with their built in harpoons. We didn’t get dressed until we went out to site visit the next day. Thanks to the staying power of the young men and a bottle of Viagra we had a sex marathon that I don’t think I’ve equaled to this day.”

Amy’s story had enraptured the audience, and as she ended Cooper noticed that Miriam Kiser/Goldsmith, who had been caressing snuggling Maxine’s boy for some time, was now stroking his staff. Maxine didn’t seem to notice or perhaps she just didn’t care. Miriam said “Tell us more about your show in New York, what gallery?”

Amy was clearly happy someone was interested in her art, and replied “It’s going to be at the New York Artists Guild Gallery starting June 8th. I had certainly not meant to begin a huge project that led to our show when I suggested they sketch Ken and I. I was just trying to make a point to Daniel that sex between friends was not evil or depraved, but by the time Cass and Dawn had started to model, the bug had bitten us and it seemed the progression to a full-blown collection was inevitable. A week or so later, a group of Brazilian artists with whom Cass had collaborated in the past were visiting the Mayan sites so she invited them to stop by our villa. We showed them the sketches we had made of some of the flora as it had invaded the old temples when on a whim, Cass brought out the best sex sketches she had done. They loved them and soon they were looking at all our work. They were very surprised that a group of American artists would dare do this. They loved how we had two distinct approaches to our nascent project. Roughly half of the drawings were more or less realistic, though we each used very different styles to capture the passion and intensity of sex among friends. However, it was the alternative approach which was figurative and allegorical of the spirit of the rainforest’s fertility that really got their attention. It was one of them who first suggested that we should work toward a collection. They were sure we could get a good reception in Brazil, even if no gallery would host such a project in the United States.”

“That night after the visitors left we had a long talk about what they had said. Once given the idea, we quickly saw that we had the seeds of something exciting. The last week had already been left free to focus on the things that we found most useful. After spending the weekend working on a unified approach, and like I said, taking turns modeling love making for each other. We decided our new sketches blending the fertile flora with human sexuality might prove to be the most important thing we had discovered on the trip.”

Heather jumped in “So did you get your chance with your assistant, Daniel?”

Amy laughed. “Oh yes. Before we left, he’d had sex with me and with Cass twice, and I’m not sure how many times he and Dawn had gone at it. It was a lot.”

Maxine nodded and said, “Young men are very good for that kind of thing.”

Miriam, who had been working Maxine’s boy-toy’s dick for a while said “Oh yes. I see what you mean” which got some laughs since everyone could see what she was doing.

Amy continued “Our Brazilian friends told our Guatemalan hosts and they had to see our work as well. When we showed them our first efforts to fuse the floral and erotic motifs, they offered to take us to some great spots to do the erotic art on location in that last week when we had not been booked tight. We were thrilled by the offer, and even more so when two of them, a married couple, offered to model for us once we arrived. We had already by that point agreed that when we returned to our studios, we would convert our sketches to our favorite mediums. The hope was we could create a full collection of works with a fertility theme based on combining the two types of drawings we had made. This would give us an opportunity to capture the emotional interaction of rainforest and passion.”

“Our last full day in the villa was so very exciting. We worked at a feverish pitch moving from sketches to colored charcoal, and even some impressionistic watercolors. We agreed to use the vibrant pallet of Latin America to unify the collection. By the time we left we had a good dozen clearly laid-out works and another two dozen foundations. Though we first said it in jest, I do believe that like LSD was the lubricant for the Warhol Factory art scene, the pervasive sexual behavior of those last two weeks became the lubricant for our creativity. We plan to have an even one hundred pieces by the time the show opens. Some will be our original sketches others will be things like a pair of wall-sized acrylic extravaganzas I am working on and six amazing sculptures Ken is working on.”

There were several comments of interest in seeing the exhibit.

“Opening night will be the first time we will all be together since we took different flights out of Atlanta at the end of the trip. We already have a great write up by NY Arts Magazine that will come out just before the show. We are trying to build some excitement in the art community by previewing pieces to some influential friends and friends of friends. We have received some rave reviews, but we are asking everyone to keep from publishing until the end of this semester. I know I’m a tenured professor, but I know my involvement in this will create a stir in the South Carolina State House.”

Maxine turned to Amy. “Oh yes it will. I sure am glad you’re now in South Carolina, I surely don’t want to fight such a battle as this will cause. I can just read the headlines now ‘USC Professor Makes Porn Art’.”

Amy who did not know Maxine was chairman of the Georgia Arts Commission asked “Would it be indiscreet to ask why you would have to fight such a battle?”

Maxine thought a moment and said “Let’s say I spend a good deal of time trying to keep artist’s supported while not attracting the ire of the conservatives. There are more than a few who use any sort of government funding, including your salary, as a club to limit freedom of expression.”

Cooper knew what she meant because he knew who she was, but Amy clearly did not.

“OK” Amy said uncertainly.

"But” Maxine said “If you don’t mind, I’ll give the heads up to some more open minded friends in your state so they can have an answer ready when they get pounced upon. How explicit are your paintings? And what about the others done by people at USC?”

“That’s the kicker. By the time the exhibit opens I’ll be the only one left at the University of South Carolina. My pieces are, on one hand very explicit in that they will certainly show phalluses in bodily orifices and people in the throes of sexual ecstasy; but at the same time most of my paintings will not be explicit at all because those people and body parts are presented as flowers, vines, trees or even rocks. And sure, if that would help please do. I know as a tenured professor I can’t be fired outright, but it could cause me much grief. I’ll get you my card before you leave.”

With that, Amy closed her eyes and resumed riding Cooper in earnest. He had half-deflated while she had been talking, though he never came out of her. It didn’t take long to rev back up.

They had not really gotten much past a spirited restart, when Cooper felt her freeze up. The familiar voice of Amy’s husband, Walter, came from the back side of the pool house. “Quite a story, too bad I only caught the last of it” he said as he began to cross the room toward the hot tub.

After a moment of hesitation, Amy resumed her deliberate rocking on Cooper. He knew Walter would soon have a clear view of what was happening as he moved to stand directly behind Cooper, looking down.

“Well Honey, it must have been quite a trip you had.” he said with a hint of sarcasm. “Too bad I didn’t get to see you in action. I bet you were great.” He said with a bit more sarcasm.

The emotional temperature in the room plummeted. There is nothing worse at a swinger event than when a spouse becomes jealous and angry. The others froze waiting to see what would happen next.

Amy began to aggressively rock and roll on Cooper before saying, well “I’m always great.” Then changing to a much more pleasant tone “and I always have wished you were there watching me. Did you know that?”

Though Cooper could not see his face his tone betrayed he was taken off guard. In a completely different tone her husband said “Really, why?”

“Because you’re my husband. Whether you know it or not I would like you there when I have sex with other people. Just like I’d like to be there to watch you have sex with your girlfriends.”

Now clearly incredulous, “Really?”

“Yes really! Now get off those clothes and get in and watch me and Cooper make love.”

Inside the house Bonnie was busy working on a plate of fresh fruit in the rec room while relaxing sitting on a sofa. After her one-two encounters in the main party room, Judy had kindly provided her with a robe, all be it an almost sheer lace one. For the moment she was alone on the couch. She had parried several offers to play, by truthfully saying she was hungry and wanted to rest for a while. She figured it was now around midnight and she was sure she had been either dancing or fucking or both for over two hours.

As she sat, on the big screen TV was what was evidently video from a previous cruise. She recognized Martin, Judy, Brian and a younger, more timid, Mandy. She started to nod off. She hadn’t realized how tired she was.

She woke with a start. Tina was beside her. “Well woman, you zonking already?”

“No, No.” Bonnie responded “I just nodded off. I guess I was a little worn out from dancing. I guess I'm not as young as I sometimes feel.”

With an air of excitement Tina said “Are you up for some real fun, I recruited the three best looking guys here to join me and you upstairs for a romp.” Still groggy, but intrigued “the best looking?”

“Oh yea, and I can tell you, from experience, that two of them are just amazing in bed.”

Though she had just about decided that she was done for the night, she couldn’t resist this. While she had not bonded with Tina the way she had expected on the cruise, they were certainly friends and she still thought the woman was super-hot. So up the stairs they went, and into the second door on the right, which they left open half way. Tina explained that this was the way to tell people they were free to watch, but the play group was full. On the king-sized bed, a hard bodied young man, perhaps twenty-five-years-old, lay on his back. His penis was no were to be seen as it was down the throat of an older muscular guy with a shaved head. Tina gestured to the man “What did I say? I borrowed the young guy from a female exec who is busy for a while, the guy giving him head owns a surveying company the firm often uses.”

”But you said three” Bonnie said.

“He will be here in a few minutes. I found those to in the billiard room, but Steven was just getting here and to quote him exactly ‘wanted to eat a few oysters before eating bearded clams’ but I assured him both our clams are quite beardless.”

Bonnie let out a small laugh before adding “Well he’d better say we taste better than oysters or he’s not sticking his dick in my clam.”

Tina had just finished helping her remove the garter belt and stockings when the door opened and in walked a tall distinguished looking man that appeared to be in his mid-fifty’s. Steven Spencer was dressed in a very expensive looking suit and sported a close-cropped gray beard. He scanned the room, not showing the slightest surprise at the two men having oral sex.

”Well Tina, introduce me to your friend” he said with a very slight accent that sounded like Scottish or Irish to Bonnie. “I started looking at her photos down stairs and decided I’d skip the second round of oysters.”

“Steven this is Bonnie. Bonnie this is Steven Spenser.” Then she looked around and said. “Five is enough, we will, keep this a private party” Tina said as she shut the door.

Fifty-five minutes later the door opened and Mr. Spenser left to find more food. The other two men had left shortly before. On the bed Bonnie’s thighs were clamped tight on Tina’s head as she shuddered with each orgasmic wave brought on by Tina’s ministrations. After she simply could not take any more she released her grip and pushed Tina’s mouth off of her mound. “No more, I’ll go through the roof.”

Tina sat up with a satisfied grin. “You know it’s never enough until it’s too much.”

“Well, that last bit was too much, so I guess it was enough.” Bonnie said as she flopped on the pillow. She had never had sex in a bed with a mirror above it. When, not too long into their busy session, she’d looked up while the youngest guy was on top of her, she was amazed at how the mirror brought a whole new dynamic to the sex. It was like she had a giant screen TV above her showing a movie in which she was the star. She had watched the young guy’s great looking ass as he ground into her, and she saw herself responding to what he was doing. This feedback cycle had built on itself to create something she’d never before experienced. At the same time, she had also seen the back of Steven’s head as he worked between Tina’s legs. In the mirror, her eyes had met Tina’s. Bonnie decided right then she would have to get a mirror like this for her bed at home.

While this was going on the mirror showed the bald guy, beside the bed, putting on a condom.

She had wondered if he were going to use it on her or on Tina. She didn’t really care, it was all great. However, he did neither. After adding additional lube to his latex covered cock, he moved right behind the young guy, and eased it into that gorgeous ass. Once again, Bonnie found the unexpected thing was normal at the LeMarco’s. The feeling and view had been terrific for Bonnie. She saw and felt each and every time the strong bald man drove home into the younger man’s body. Each hammer blow had transferred the impact from her lover, into her. When she and Tina made eye contact a second time, the look had been different. Had that look from Cooper’s secretary been supportive or competitive? Bonnie couldn’t tell. But she had felt herself responding by playing the role of porn star for the mirrored image above. From then on, she had determined to fill the role of star. She had done things she would not have done otherwise to displace Tina as the lead in this production, making the younger woman into a supporting cast member.

After another change of partners, Bonnie felt the cold lube on her own backside. Having watched the anal sex in the mirror, she was actually looking forward to it. But when the bald guy jammed his overly thick penis into her, it hurt. Not a little but a lot. But she was not going to be the one to back down. Even though she was on her stomach, her body language must have let him know she didn't like what he was doing because he soon pulled out. The young guy, with his thin and well lubed penis took his place, again in her ass. Perhaps it was the first guy was just too big, or perhaps he was too aggressive, and likely the first penis had stretched out her sphincter, but with the younger guy it felt good right off. The bald guy went right from Bonnie’s ass to Tina’s pussy, with only a short break to put on a new condom. Steven offered Bonnie his penis. She was more than happy to give him head while the young guy gently ground his cock into her behind. She hoped Tina could see what she was doing. She knew the idea of fucking to compete with Tina was not the way to be, but she could not help herself. At least these guys were all using condoms. So even going too far would be OK. Wouldn't it? She gave and received pleasure at a frantic pace.

Then the guys were gone and it was just she and Tina again. After she'd had that last orgasm, they snuggled and kissed. Bonnie could taste semen on her friend’s lips and face. She was sure Tina could taste the same on hers. Tina was right, she knew who to invite at this party. All three guys were like fucking machines. And while all three used condoms while they fucked, all of them took them off for their orgasms. While both she and Tina had swallowed an ejaculation, the bald guy had purposely ejaculated onto her tits, and the young guy had cum twice while having sex with her. The first time in her mouth, the second time he pulled out from fucking Bonnie, took off the condom and shot semen all the way from her navel to her neck. It had been since well before she’d met Cooper since someone had done’t that to her. She hadn’t liked it when guys did that back then, but now she wasn’t sure what she thought of it. However, laying there with her body sticky from semen, it was a little bit dirty and kinky. She’d chalk that up to another one of those things that are fun on occasion but she wouldn’t want to do all the time. But tonight, she had been outside of herself. She had been a actress in her own porn production. She had craved it all at the moment, but had she liked it all? Of that she was not sure.

Tina had been right about these three guys, not only could they do it well; they also could come back quickly after orgasm. She didn’t know if all three of the guys had cum a second time, but she had seen in the mirror the bald guy spray semen all over Tina’s boobs and stomach before he had done the same to her.

For Bonnie, that last orgasm made an even half dozen and she was wrung out. She responded to Tina’s kiss but was glad Tina soon sat up and said, “How about we go relax in the pool?” She then hopped up and walked to the door with more energy than Bonnie thought possible after that bout of high intensity sex. But Tina was, after all, both much younger and in excellent physical shape. Bonnie was, on the other hand, a full-time mom in her 40’s, whose idea of a work out was carrying a dozen bags of groceries from the car.

Tina gathered up their clothes before, with a mighty effort, Bonnie swung her legs off the bed. Tina stood at the open door with her hand out. The still wet semen shone in the light across many parts of her naked body. “Looks like you are as sticky as I am” she said as she took Tina’s hand. She had to waddle down the stairs. She knew she’d be sore tomorrow. She'd had sex with five guys in one night. She'd never done that even at her wildest college party.


In the hot tub, Cooper was working to a climax with Judy while Bonnie and Tina were busy in their five-some. With Walter watching, Cooper didn’t last ten more minutes before his arousal became uncontainable and he felt surge after surge of semen filling Amy. What made it even harder to stay in control was that she’d stood up and bent over the side of the tub to give her husband a clear view of Cooper doing her from behind. All the while, she gave an explicit account of how she and one of their neighbors had fucked right in their bed just last month when she had a day off. While Cooper stroked her from behind, she told her husband “Remember you said the sheets were wet and I said I had spilled Sprite on the bed. What really happened was that was where I had sat up and Carl Hamilton’s cum had dripped out of me onto the sheets.” Clearly Walter wasn’t too upset because he stroked his woody and watched intently as the slapping sounds filled the room.

Once he had climaxed, Cooper realized how hot it had become in the enclosed pool house and suggested they head outdoors to the pool. It was there that Bonnie found her husband after she waddled down the stairs. The cold dry air gripped her bare skin as she crossed the large area of ceramic tile, then the band of pebbled cement before entering the water with foggy air floating above it. The pool had a good twenty people relaxing in the steaming warm water in groups of four and five. Only one couple, two women, were making out, the rest were just talking. She waved to Heather, Brian and Mandy who were talking to someone she didn’t know. The warm water felt great as she waded deeper into the pool. Making her way to Cooper she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the neck.

With her mouth to his ear she whispered “So husband, have you been having a good time?”

“Let’s say it’s been unusual” he whispered back.

“You getting tired”?

“Yea, a little” he answered. “I hate it we got split up. It really isn’t as fun doing this without you.”

Bonnie appreciated the sentiment. She thought a moment, then although she was tired and was about to suggest they get ready to leave, said “Do you want me to grab someone for a threesome before we go?” Even though she’d had quite enough sex for the night, she didn’t want her husband to feel neglected. She had no way of knowing at that moment what he had actually done.

Cooper who was also getting a little tired said “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” What he meant was “I’m ready to go but I don’t want to deprive you”; however, what she heard was “I really want to have a threesome with you but I don’t want to sound pushy.”

She was still standing behind him when she reached around and grabbed his penis. It was not hard. She wasn’t’ sure he was ready, so she tested him. She whispered “How about you and I take turns sucking on a hard cock.” She had found over the past few weeks that he responded surprisingly quickly to such statements. She was more than ready to say he was bisexual, even if he was not. She moved back to judge his response, then continued “You can watch me suck it all down then I’ll watch you suck it hard. Then you can hold it while it slides into my sloppy cunt, and it’s sloppy I assure you.”

“Really?” He said with a smile, his penis already coming to life.

“Really!” she said. “And after he’s cum in me, you can eat the cum out of my pussy.” As she spoke she felt his penis swell to a full erection. She knew he was ready. She looked around the pool for a likely candidate. She saw Heather, Brian and Mandy going to the hot tub, with a good looking man she had met only briefly inside.

She told Cooper to wait in the pool, then followed the young people into the glass pool house building. They were already into the hot water, joining the half-dozen who were already in the conversation pool sized hot tub.

“Hey guys.” She called after them. “What are you up to now?”

Brian was first to respond “We decided to take a break long enough to be sociable”

An older woman Bonnie had not met added “You were so hot on the dance floor. Even with these parties it is a treat to watch something like that.”

Bonnie was a bit embarrassed by the praise. “Thanks, it was fun.”

“So how many notches on your pussy tonight?” Brian persisted.

It took her a moment to realize what he meant. “Five" she responded "plus Tina if girls count. And that isn’t counting all the people who licked me during the little newbie dance.”

Mandy laughed “Yes girls count, but the others don’t. Six, you’ve been busy. Doesn’t that like increase your total new partners by about 50%?”

“Not my lifetime total, but if you just mean since I’ve been married, yes, I guess it does. But I came over to talk to your handsome friend. Mr. Brooks is it?” Bonnie said as she leaned over the tub rim and extended a hand through the deck railing.

He took her hand and said “It’s James.” The tall, handsome young man then added, “Call me James.”

She guessed he was perhaps thirty, perhaps a few years younger or older. “Well James” Bonnie said “My husband and I...”

“Here it comes” Heather said.

”Number seven” Mandy joined.

“We, my husband and I, would both like to suck that very nice looking dick.”

“Kind of straight forward of you” Mandy added.

“...and then, if you don't mine, I'd like you to fuck me so that my husband can eat your cum from my pussy” she finished.

The others laughed and she looked over at Heather and winked.

Heather responded with a thumbs up. James answered “how can I say no to that?”

“OK” she said gleefully “I’ll be right back.”

The others continued hooting and making obscene comments as she went to get Cooper.

Without telling him what she had said to James, she got Cooper to follow her back into the pool house. When they entered the hot tub room Cooper looked around the humid space. In the hot tub were Heather, Mandy, Brian, and two people from the office and five more he did not know. With them was James Brooks, the son of John Brooks of Georgia Steel Fabrications, and recently installed operations manager of his father's company. It was weird, he'd first met the kid on a job site when he was like twelve, now he was at a sex party. He also knew he'd seen his father earlier. What an odd father son outing he thought.

Bonnie walked up the four steps to stand looking down into the hot tub. “So would you guys like a show while you relax?”

Nearly everyone said yes.

“OK I’ll give you one.” With that she took James by the hand and led him to one of the slatted benches. After having Cooper get several towels from the cabinet, she laid two on the slats of the bench and two on the ground.

“OK, James, just lay down and relax” Bonnie said and soon she began taking long strokes with her tongue on his stomach, and slowly moved downward. She took her time but at just the right moment, she lifted the shaft and made a long languid stroke up its length. She then, looked back to Cooper and motioned him to join her kneeling by the bench.

This was quite a step for Cooper. It was one thing to have sex with a guy a thousand miles from home on a yacht or in a closed room. It was something quite different to suck a man’s penis at an office party with a good number of his colleagues watching. If he did this he might as well start calling himself bisexual because that is what he would be seen as forever. But how could he say no with his lovely wife holding the man’s penis and asking him to join her.

He knelt beside her and together they took turns licking, then mouth fucking the young man until Bonnie thought he might blow. The entire time their audience, who now numbered at least twenty and filled the pool house, made suggestions and lewd comments. After all, he was, next to Mr. LeMarco himself and the CFO, the most senior man in their firm, and he was putting on a show of sucking off a young stud. Bonnie, now a firm exhibitionist, played up the role. And when she finally mounted the prostrated young man, she put on a show worthy of the most celebrated porn star; grinding and moaning and squeezing her breasts.

“Cooper I want you to fuck my ass while I ride him” She said it plenty loud for everyone to hear. That took him by surprise. She had asked for anal sex less than a dozen times in over twenty years. All but three of those times had been since the cruise. She’d found all sorts of new things she liked since then. Now it all made sense to him, almost every one of those times she’d put her glass dildo in her vagina while they had anal sex. He jumped up to look in the locker for some lube. He didn’t find any, and was surprised when she said he might not need it because she was lubed up already. He didn’t process what she was saying. But it was not an issue because Brian went to a drawer and pulled out a bottle of KY. He quickly covered his penis. When he moved up behind her, his penis slipped right past the sphincter muscle. He thought that was odd, he always had to slowly ease his penis in for anal sex. Right off she said "That's right Cooper, now fuck me hard." Though this was even more strange, he did what she wanted. Inside her, Cooper found he had to share the space with James’s cock which filled her vagina. He could clearly feel the ridge of the head as he slowly stroked in and out. It felt so very good. It felt amazingly good. He was glad he had cum already, her moaning and squirming still made holding off cumming again incredibly difficult. If it weren’t for the fact that he had emptied the last drop of semen into Amy very recently, he would have cum no matter how he tried to resist.

For Bonnie’s part she made no effort to resist the building climax. She had resolved to show the audience her having multiple orgasms with both men inside of her, even if she had to fake it. But that was not necessary. Like exhibitionism, she had found that being fucked by two men at once was something she really, really, enjoyed; though she would never have thought she would ever like either a month before. Initially she thought that first time with the men on the beach was a fluke, but now as she felt her husband standing behind her driving his penis into her ass while a stranger’s dick occupied her pussy, she knew this would make her cum. And she was cumming hard. She didn’t hold back on the scream that welled up within her as every muscle from her waist to her knees contracted at once. Clamping down hard on the twin shafts that filled her so much, she thought she couldn’t ever be so full again.

When she began to scream Cooper stopped momentarily, but when he made out the words “yyyyyeeeesss fuuuuukkkkk” he knew she was having an orgasm to remember. It was only then he realized that the sphincter mussel had now gripped his dick so tight he could hardly move it. And to both Cooper and Bonnie, it seemed the orgasm when on and on and on. Finally, she fell to James’s chest and said in a deathlike voice “Stop”, whereupon Cooper held his rigid tool still in her ass, gripping her hips.

Laying there she knew why the French called the stuporous state after a momentous orgasm la petite mort or the little death. She had never in her life had an orgasm like that, and at that very moment she wasn’t sure she wanted another. She was oblivious to the cheers from the audience. She just wanted to breathe and not move, but her little production was not yet done.

She whispered to James "Stand behind the bench and fuck me until you cum."

She rolled to let him out from under her and off the bench. Bonnie lay on her back on the teak slats. James pulled her hips to the end of the bench and without any preliminaries bent his knees to allow his penis to again enter into Bonnie. He then stood up fully, lifting her hips well off the bench. It took Bonnie a little while to fully regain her breath, but his initial slow pace of grinding on her was relaxing. It just felt good.

Once she could talk, she turned her head and looked back to the hot tub. In a voice loud enough for everyone in the room to hear she said, “What Cooper doesn’t know, is that just before I came downstairs, I had two different guys in my ass already. That was why I didn't have to get warmed up.”

That got some hoots from the audience. Not long after, the young man began stroking and filled the room with the sound of his hips slapping on Bonnie's. His athleticism showed as he held her hips over a foot off the bench as he worked his penis in and out with ease. His orgasm came, but not after a good long time. Even after his ejaculations ended, he worked her for a good three or four minutes longer. Once it was evident he was fully spent, but before he lowered her hips or pulled his penis out Bonnie said, "Thank you James. That was very nice indeed."

Again, applause and comments from the audience. After gently lowering her hips back to the bench, he took a little bow and went back to the tub.

She lay on the wooden slats, legs spread hanging off either side. From the ground beside her, Cooper could see her labia was dark red, and her inner lips stayed wide open as if an invisible penis was still inside her. Her labia shone with the semen and vaginal fluids that had escaped only to be smeared back onto the outside of her sex. It had been odd sitting behind James as he fucked her. Initially he could see little but his back and her legs as he worked her. Though while he stroked, they moved slightly so that Cooper was able to see Bonnie’s upper torso and face. He’d thought about moving for a better vantage point, but did not want to seem pervy to his colleagues. He had greatly enjoyed watching her face as she was so obviously enjoying herself as the young man did her in a way he could not possibly replicate. He had also watched the spectators, his friends, coworkers and clients watching intently as the young man fucked his wife so well while he sat on the ground observing.

Mandy said “Well, Cooper, when she asked to borrow James, she told us five different guys had already fucked her tonight and I can’t imagine there is the cum from any less than three or four of them in her now.”

Bonnie breathily corrected, "Sorry to disappoint, but three of the guys used condoms." She knew there was little chance that any semen from the first two men was still in her since it had been several hours and a good bit of sex prior. But she did not point that out.

Someone he did not know picked up. “We want to see you eat that whole buffet from her pussy. Go on eat her out.”

He had no idea she had done that many men tonight. There was a jumble of myriad thoughts going through his head, but none of them suggested he should not go down on his wife as all these people watched.

She sat up and scooted down the bench to give him room to facilitate the oral sex. He was just able to get his upper torso on the bench and did not attempt any preliminaries, but used his tongue to staunch the oozing whitish flow as it made its way out of her deep pink tunnel and down the crack of her ass. While he’d tasted other men’s semen on his wife a number of times, to him, this was something unlike anything he’d done before. To put his mouth to his wife’s vulva mere moments after her lover had removed his penis gave it the feel that he and the other man were part of one unified sexual act, rather than two discrete sexual encounters. More of the distinctive tasting fluid was spread all over her smooth vulva and even on her inner thighs and up past the exposed nub of her clitoris, a lot more. Since he knew all the external semen would have been washed away in the pool, all of this was from the loins of young (and very virile) James Brooks. When he pushed his tongue inside his wife, the thought came to him that it was not just this one man’s semen, but the semen of the different men who had fucked and ejaculated inside her that he was tasting. A total of six different men in the past few hours had enjoyed the pleasure of feeling their penis in his wonderful wife’s vagina. Six men had experienced what until very recently had been a pleasure for him alone. Yet, he was not jealous, it was like he had a hidden gem that now for the first time he was able to share. He thought he might cum just by thinking on this as his tongue found pool after pool of thick sticky semen.

When his wife’s hips began to undulate under his mouth, he was brought from those thoughts to an imperative; he had to give her the last climax of the night.

Bonnie was only partially aware of her body’s response. She’d had a night like no other and would have been more than content with that last climax, but after all that newness, the familiar feelings that Cooper brought forth were welcome. The comfortable and softly erotic feelings her husband gave her slowly brought on soft waves of one final orgasm. The waves were not the violent kind that she had felt ten minutes before but like a coda on the evening’s events. The orgasm swept over like a breeze to softly comfort her over worked body. She needed no more.

Down between her legs, Cooper knew she was done.

He guided her to her feet. Though there were more applause and cheers from the hot tub; he and she just waved as, without a word, they went out the glass door into the warm swimming pool where they both sat and relaxed in quiet contentment.

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Feb 26, 2023

This was a smorgasbord of “no-holds-barred’ “decadence.” It seems as if all morals were left at the gate and Bonnie dived into the hedonistic warm water of sins of the flesh. This reminds me of The Horror Rocky Picture Show lyrics: “

“Frank: What ever happened to Faye Wray? That delicate satin-draped frame As it clung to her thigh, How I started to cry Cause I wanted to be dressed just the same Give yourself over to absolute pleasure Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh Erotic nightmares beyond any measure And sensual daydreams to treasure forever Can't you see it? Woah oh oh Don't dream it be it Don't dream it be it.”

The Campbells’ Sexual Utopia reached a climax in the last scene when Cooper licked and sucke…


Oct 10, 2021

Whew! The final threesome between Bonnie, Cooper, and James was hot, but the part that intrigued me was the story of Daniel. I wanted it told first-person by the man himself. An unlaid young man, with two degrees from Bob Jones, plunked down in the jungle with a crew of naked and openly, promiscuously sexual co-workers, is going to go through some changes. He's desperately going to want to join them, part of him believing that Satan has arranged this to steal his soul. Given what happens, as you've written it, his epistemology will be shattered and remade in a hurry. Whoa, dude! What a story that would be. And then there's the man's name. Daniel was protected from lions...and…

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