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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 19

Updated: Apr 6

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

BOOK TWO: Sexual Freedom, a Revolutionary Ideal

Preface to Book 2

Our fate is a combination of many factors; some over which we have control and others are beyond our ability to shape. All too often we must cope with difficulties that we did not want or foresee, but are the direct results of our past. Sometimes we can see how recent decisions impact our status, but often it is our long ago past that most profoundly shapes our present. While we are indeed subject to the mercy of fate, we ourselves have quite often been the bowman who drew back fate’s arrow that now flies inexorably toward us. All the desire in the world to change the past will do us no good. All we can do is to take the present, as we find it, and shape it to make sure the arrows we are drawing back today will hit the target of our choosing.

Chapter 19

An Early Warning Shot from the Right

In a small building in the Cayman Islands, Richard Kyle was scanning through his daily series of e-mail’s from people submitting what they purported to be original photos they owned and wished to sell to one of Richard’s companies. His companies supplied content to over three hundred different web sites, mostly pornographic, based all over the world.

To most men, his job would seem like pleasure, but for a man who looked at photos for a living, it was just work, and his eyes were tired. Richard had an excellent memory and once he saw a photo he never forgot it. This rare gift allowed him to reject a full 99% of the photos he scanned off hand. He knew they were stolen from other sites. Of the 1% of truly original work 95% was unusable due to low quality. Of that small fraction of usable original work, most came from a hand full of reliable, if not creative photographers who worked out of Eastern Europe. He knew full well that a good percentage of the girls he saw in the photos were, in truth, too young to be photographed in the nude for his largest market, the United States; however, in the former iron curtain countries, false proof of age was no problem.

He had emailed purchase contracts to only two photographers that day and was about to break for lunch when he opened an email that read:

“I shot these and over one hundred fifty other photos of these two at the nude Haulover Beach in Miami last summer. The woman in the photo said the girl was her niece, but as they talked I realized that this is a mother and her teenage daughter. The originals are all high resolution twenty-three mega pixel photos. I don’t know the age of the mother but the daughter said she was eighteen. These photos have never been seen by anyone. How much would you pay for the whole set?”

Richard looked carefully at the attachment. It contained five photos. Upon opening the first he noticed the sender had been wise and had “Evaluation Copy” printed several times across each photo so they could not be used without paying. He looked carefully. These had been taken with a very high quality Digital SLR by someone who knew their business. They were high resolution photos with excellent color and sharpness. By looking at the background he could tell the photos were indeed taken at Haulover beach; he had been there more than once. Finally he looked at the women. The older one looked to be late-thirties, possibly five years younger or older. Nice figure and face, but not too nice. She was no model, but what the industry called a MILF. Firm breasts, nice ass with just the tiniest bit of cellulite, nothing a little Photoshop can’t fix, if he chose to.

The “daughter” looked to be about sixteen or seventeen. He had no doubt she was younger than the claimed eighteen years. As the photos were taken on a public nude beach and since there was no sexual content involving the girl, her age would not be prohibitive. He also knew he could generate a document of proof that the girl was eighteen should one of his buyers want it. She was cute, thin, nice round B/C cup breasts, long legs, mid-back length dark blond hair. Both mother and “daughter” were clean shaven in the pubic region. He zoomed in on the faces and after a long time concluded these two appeared to be related. He would market them as mother and daughter even if he wasn’t sure of the relationship. These photos could be sold for $10,000 to the right buyer.

He replied to the email with a planned lukewarm tone, he didn’t want to pay too much.

At the end of two weeks of negotiation via email he paid $650 for 172 photos. They were great. He found photos of the two posing separately, posing together, playing in the water and posing with a couple of very nice looking naked college age guys. A couple of dozen of the "mother” contained obvious sexual penetration not just beach nudes. In them the older woman was having sex play with the best looking guy until he was holding her at his waist screwing her right on the beach. In one set of images, it was clear the mother was fucking the younger guy right in front of the daughter. Even more, three showed the daughter giving one of the guy’s a hand job as she watched her mother fuck. His experience told him not to risk selling to websites those photos that showed the underage daughter jacking a man, nor those which showed her watching a cock going into her mother. However, he had an avenue to sell those to private collectors who would pay as much for that dozen photos as he could get for the remaining 160 photos.

After showing the photos to some of his staff, he decided to only sell the ones that would be illegal in the US and to use the rest on his own websites. To maximize his profit before the photos were all ripped off and posted on free sites, he planned a maximum exposure campaign using banners on all his sites and posting “teasers” on fifty free sites with links. It would cost the end user $14.99 to get access to the whole set in the very high-resolution original form. He knew his servers would be jammed with men trying to bill their credit cards to see the nude mother and daughter. All this was scheduled for April 1st so as to appear the photos had been taken over spring break, rather than last summer.

He made the calculated risk that it would take weeks for someone who knew either of the women to see the photos and identify it as the person they knew. Thus, if he ever got a challenge on the photo’s ownership, he would have made his money back and a good deal of profit prior to any possible action that could be taken to shut down his use of the images.

Back in Sparta, Georgia no one knew any of this, least of all the mother and daughter who were the target of this marketing scheme.


In the month after the LeMarco cruise and subsequent party, Cooper Campbell’s life had moved into a greater state of flux than at any time since the period where he’d finished college and gotten married. While those events washed away any lingering commitment to monogamy, that was not the proximate cause of the change. The revelations about the LeMarco’s mercenary values had been disturbing. He could not evade the gnawing feeling that he actually had seen (or should have seen) the truth in the nearly twenty years working at LeMarco & LeMarco, Had he simply refused to let himself put the pieces of the puzzle together? Either way, Cooper knew he could not stay at a firm where the owner so deliberately used female employees as defacto prostitutes.

Though to an outsider it might seem that Cooper leaving LeMarco & LeMarco was precipitous, in fact it was no such thing. The process had begun two years before when Cooper and Bonnie began their deep investigation into Christian sexuality that had begun even before Bonnie had become involved with her friend Jill. For the first time since he was a sophomore in college, he had found something more compelling than architecture. His wife's early foray into extramarital sexual relationships had just pushed the issue. Over the last year, events had been snowballing to change his life focus. It was the cruise and the party afterward that had brought the events to a critical mass.

Thus, while the events in the winter had been the triggers that impelled him to uncharacteristically bold action; it would be incorrect to say they caused him to suddenly turn his life upside down. In the process of making his decision and Bonnie had not one, but a series of meetings with Amy Douglass and one with the LeMarco’s as well. He and Bonnie had made a real point not to be accusatory or combative when they discussed the events of the past months. He repeatedly thanked the LeMarco’s for their invitations to both cruise and party which had helped him expand his horizons enough to make the change in career possible. Cooper very much wanted to keep on good terms with Martin LeMarco who was both his employer and a friend.

At mid-life, at the height of a successful career as an architect, he was taking his life in a new direction. With the help of Amy Douglass, he received and accepted an offer for a position as Assistant Professor of Architecture at Augusta State University. Having pursued a second masters’ degree in Social Anthropology while a practicing architect, would finally come in use. In the fall he would be teaching two graduate courses: Introduction to Commercial Architecture and Architectural Anthropology. Thus when he told Martin he would be leaving the firm, the offered reason was not moral or ethical differences; but because Cooper was starting a new career as an academic. As such he left the firm on very good terms.

His new position would not begin until the summer when he would teach one summer session, but he took two months of accumulated leave to begin preparing lectures beginning the first of April. He cashed out his 4.5% stake in LeMarco and LeMarco Architects for a considerable profit. Enough money, if invested wisely, to more than make up for the pay cut in the short term and provide a comfortable retirement when that day came.

In addition to all the other events of late winter, at Rev. McBride’s suggestion, Cooper had been writing a series of treatises on Sexuality, Christianity and Open Societies. He and Payton McBride had gotten along well ever since the minister had been appointed as their pastor four years ago. They were only a few years apart in age and both had an interest in the church as a social change agent. Well before Bonnie began her thing with Jill, Cooper had talked to Rev. McBride several times about the couple he had asked him and Bonnie to help hold a church family together as they delt with the issues of extramarital sex. In that process, they had taken a long hard look at Christian sexual morality. It was that study that first led them to challenge the conventional restrictive view. Cooper had been only mildly surprised that, in confidence, the pastor told him that he did not believe extra-marital sex or homosexuality were inherently wrong; but he knew that would upset the older members if they knew. So, when Cooper came to him after the events at the party at the LeMarco’s looking for guidance, he did so with confidence the pastor understood and was supportive of what he was saying. Though in earlier meetings he had alluded to the fact that Bonnie had, with his blessing, been sexual with other people; that day he stated plainly that he and Bonnie were no longer monogamous and that they did not believe that was inconsistent with their Christian life. What Cooper needed was help in articulating a Christian perspective on open marriage. He wanted to build a clear and systematic ethical approach to sexually permissive Christianity.

The minister was not at all taken aback and even gave Cooper a new word to research: polyamory. In this his pastor was not just supportive in a passive way, but challenged and empowered him to find the answers himself. After that he met with Rev. McBride a few more times to discuss what he had found before he was given the suggestion to write a few formal articles on the subject both to clarify his own thoughts and for publication.

The mid-March was always busy at the Campbells since both of their children had been born then. In earlier years there had been large elaborate parties; but this year, with all the changes Misty Campbell’s March 17th birthday, it was raining in Sparta, Georgia. Misty had been given permission by her yearbook teacher to drive home for lunch because she’d forgotten her purse. The swimming pool supply company’s truck was parked crossways in the drive, so she parked her green Mini in the grass. She thought “That is odd, how could he be working on the pool in the rain?” She knew Mr. Newell from the pool store. He was good looking and hadn’t been very subtle last summer when he shamelessly looked down her mom’s shirt and made come-on type comments to her. The house was oddly quiet. Something in the back of her mind told her not to announce her presence. Inside the door, she slipped off her jacket and turned left into the family room. Due to the heavy rain, the room was dark for 11:00 AM, but the lights were on in her parent’s bedroom. As she neared, above the sound of the rain, she heard noises coming from her mom’s room. As she crept forward, she knew full well what the sounds meant. She knew what sex in her parent’s room sounded like, so she moved into a position to see what was going on.

She crept behind the Lazy-boy and peeked around. She could only see her mother’s shoulder moving up and down, but she could see nothing else from where she was. She wanted a better view. Since she could tell her mom’s back was to her, she ghosted across the room and moved up in front of their big plasma TV. Now she was just feet from her parent’s door, even before peering around the side of the TV, she could hear the squeaking of the mattress and voices. Cautiously she looked over; her mother sat on her knees poised above the prone figure of a man. The tips of her hair were dark with moisture as sweat ran down her back in tiny rivulets which converged into a stream that disappeared between her spread ass cheeks. When her mother slammed down on a pair of muscular men’s thighs with a shudder, sweat droplets flew in the air. Her mom arched her back and up went the soft flesh of her buttocks. When her mom’s hips lifted up again, Misty could plainly see how the inner lips gripped a bright green condom clad penis until enough shaft showed that Misty could have put her hand in and gripped it without touching her mother, then the hips went down with another thigh shaking thump. The sweat told Misty her mom had been at this for some time. She was so close she imagined she could smell their sex. She couldn't believe her mom was doing Mr. Newell and doing him right in her own bed.

For a full ten minutes she stood watching her mother and the owner of the pool supply shop. Somewhere, half-way through Misty’s spying, the man rolled over on top of her mom. This necessitated Misty to move more in the open to see. But it also meant, the man was unlikely to see her, even if she stood right in the doorway, which, after working up the courage, she did. She stood right in the door and watched her mom wrap her legs around the pool man’s waist, holding him tight as they did the missionary position. He had a nice ass. She tried to guess how old he was. She knew he'd taken the business over from his father a few years ago and from the pictures in the shop, she guessed his kids to be in elementary school. She concluded he must be a good decade younger than her mom. She also never realized how big a man’s balls could be. They nearly completely covered her view of his penis sliding in and out. Her mom released her legs and moved to the left and he stood on his knees, rolling her mother onto her side. Misty could see her mother’s whole body now as she lay crossways across the bed. She ducked for cover back behind the TV, fearing her mom or her mom’s lover might see her. But after peeking for a few minutes, she was confident that they had one another’s full attention, so she moved back to the door frame. She was so very tempted to slide right into the room, but resisted. He was holding up her mom’s right leg horizontally as he worked hard enough for his impacting her to sound a loud “slap, slap, slap”. Misty had never watched her parents at length like this. She’d watched hundreds of hours of internet porn, but she was sure that did not show the pacing and actions like a real couple. Her observation told her she’d been right about that.

At precisely 11:25 the alarm on her phone went off. She jumped and hid behind the curio cabinet on the far side of the bedroom door. She silenced her phone, but was sure her mom and her mom’s lover had heard. Thinking quickly, she dropped it on the floor and slipped through the doorway to the kitchen. Her heart beat so hard it hurt. She thought her breathing was so loud everyone in the house could hear. From the family room, she could hear her mom walking toward the curio cabinet. The steps stopped. “It’s my daughter’s phone” Bonnie called back to the man on her bed. “She must have dropped it here on the floor when she went to school.”

Misty thought she was in the clear.

“While I’m up I’m going to get a drink, do you want one?” her mom continued.

“Sure” the male voice answered.

Misty froze as her mom stepped completely naked into the kitchen. Her body glistened with the beads of perspiration and her face was ruddy with exertion. Misty then understood what the broad grin on her mother’s face meant. She almost fell down in relief.

Bonnie put her finger to her lips and whispered “You wicked girl! Watching your mommy get laid while Daddy’s at work.”

Misty whispered back “You wicked mom, getting laid by the pool man, what will Dad say?”

Bonnie grabbed two diet-Cokes, and whispered “He’ll say he’s sorry he didn’t get to watch.” She handed Misty the phone “I figured you’d want this back. Don’t be late for class”. She leaned over and kissed her daughter on the cheek and danced out the door.

Once her heart rate was back to normal, the high school girl grabbed a Sprite and a Dannon Yogurt, and stole a glance around the curio cabinet, but could see nothing, so she put her head further around it. She could tell her mother had made sure there was no way the pool man would see her leave the kitchen. Mom was now sitting on the man’s face as she sucked on his penis in the sixty-nine position.

As Misty crossed the room, she stopped as a naughty thought crossed her mind. She pulled her iPhone back out and snapped two pics of mom on the pool man.

When a few minutes later Bonnie looked up from sucking the penis in her hand, she smiled, clearly unaware what Misty had done, nodded her head to indicate that Misty needed to go on, and then winked before going back down on the pool man. To impress her daughter, she deliberately downed as much of the penis as she could. She tried to get it all in but she could only go so far as to just barely feel his copious pubic hair with her lips. She held it deep for as long as she could, knowing full well Misty was still watching. Was she competing with her daughter? Or perhaps showing off? Or perhaps it excited her to know Misty was so close and watching. Probably it was all three.

Misty shot a few more pix of her mother with virtually all of Mr. Newell's, not small, penis in her mouth. Once she was in the car she sent the best two photos to her dad with the words “I stopped home for lunch but Mom was already eating."

The first week of April was to be when that Cooper end his time at Le Marco & LeMarco; however, Martin made Cooper a very generous offer if he would fly to Chicago one last time to put out one last fire. So, as freelance consultant, not an employee, Cooper once again took off for Atlanta Hartsfield Airport early that Wednesday morning. However, Bonnie’s annoyance that Martin LeMarco kept his hooks in her husband was mollified because after over a month of trying, Bonnie and Heather Jones were finally able to work out a plan for Heather to spend the night. Bonnie had not expected so many things to come up and prevent Heather from spending time with them. Lamar had been sick one week end, then the next weekend her mother insisted she come home for a family function. All that was normal life, however, Bonnie was suspicious that Brian LeMarco had a hand in Heather’s lack of availability on weekends.

Heather arrived about 2:00 Friday afternoon. Their first kiss at the door was proof that the wild ride of the sex cruise had been replaced by a more subdued, but sustainable type of relationship. The kiss was prolonged and soulful, but it was not frantic or wonton. Bonnie had been mortified at her behavior the evening that she and Misty had met Heather for dinner. Though her daughter did not seem to hold it against her that she acted like a high-school girl with her first love; Bonnie felt she’d betrayed herself by allowing herself to act that way. She was not going to have a repeat of that meeting. Though they had the house to themselves for over an hour, Bonnie did not lead her to the bedroom. For the hour and a half before Misty and Lamar made it home from school, they sat and cuddled on the couch and talked. Sure, there was touching and some kissing, but mostly it was just being together and using the skin on skin contact to give them both assurances.

They had spoken on the phone most days since returning to the “real world” and in that time Bonnie’s role of big-sister and mentor had full solidified. Heather told her all about her evolving role as part of the LeMarco world. Unlike her earlier take on the situation, Heather now characterized her role not as a prostitute, but rather like an adopted member of the family where it just so happened that the women in the family fully shared their bodies with those in the family’s social circles. If that meant screwing someone that was doing business with LeMarco & LeMarco, that was all to the good, but she assured Bonnie she wasn’t expected to have sex with anyone she did not actually want to. To her that was an all-important distinction. Bonnie played the role of supportive listener as Heather lay back on her chest on the couch.

Heather said that since the party, she’d actually had sex with Brian less often than she had been before; but she had had sex with two other executives in the conference room and a total of six clients or other people with which LeMarco & LeMarco did business. “But every single time it has been with Mandy right with me, even the time it was a threesome with woman and with a couple. Even when I had thought I was going to screw a guy on my own, Mandy just came in the room a few minutes later.”

Bonnie asked “Why?”

“After the third time I asked her and she said that she felt more comfortable when I was with her and a man she didn’t know and had thought I did too. And she was right. When we do a guy I don’t know together, I feel way more in control and relaxed. You seen in the last month, Mandy and I have developed a very interesting relationship, not like girlfriends, but more like sisters. Just last week she asked me to move into one of their guestrooms, not for Brian, but for her, as what she calls her companion. We have only had sex without anyone else that one time on the San Dinero, that’s not our thing, and we’ve only done a threesome with Brian a couple of times. We are just really good friends, like sisters. When we do have sex in a threesome or group, it is more like we support each other, than we are making love. Sure, we touch and kiss and get each other off in the process, but … well…like I said, we are just being supportive.”

She paused “I don’t love Brian or Heather. I love you and Cooper. I have so missed feeling your arms around me like this.”

Several times as they hung up the phone Bonnie had told Heather she loved her; but she said that to a good many women she was close to. To Bonnie the concept of love was very expansive, but she was not sure how Heather meant it. Even so she pulled the young woman’s head down on her chest and sad “I love you too.”

They sat quiet for a few moments before Heather reached up and unbuttoned Bonnie’s shirt. As a woman she surely could tell that Bonnie had nothing on underneath. When she was done, she settled her head between Bonnie’s breasts and quietly said “You don’t know how much I am looking forward to being Cooper tonight. I’ve been dreaming of laying between you like we did that night in your cabin. I don’t know that I’ve ever been so contended as when he was behind me, he was inside me while you and talked and kissed and touched.”

Bonnie replied “Both Cooper and I enjoyed that very much too. Enveloping you with our love without any rush; only swallowing you up inside our love for each other. So you would like to do that again tonight.”

“Oh yes. Please. I really need that tonight.”

“I think we can make that happen.”

Over the next hour they continued to talk. Occasionally Heather kissed Bonnie’s breast and once she leaned up to suckle it, but mostly she just lay and talked. Bonnie stroked her hair and slid a hand up her blouse to cup one of her breasts. Heather told her that next week she would be moving out of the apartment she’d been renting and into Brian & Mandy LeMarco’s. “Their place is on Lake Horton, south of Atlanta toward Macon. It is less than an hour from campus, so I will likely stay there most nights even when I start classes in June.”

Heather filled in more details about from phone conversations about her evolving relationship with her mother. She had, over a period of weeks told her mother more and more about the trip to the Caribbean. “When I brought her a few of the medium sized photos, I couldn’t believe how excited it made her. She didn’t even flinch when I showed her the photo of me, you and Cooper on the sunbed that last day before we reached Miami. She directly asked we the three of us were lovers and I told her we were. She just hugged me and said she was so happy I was experiencing so many things she had missed. I thought Dad’s eyes were going to fall out of his head when she hung the mermaid photo of the five of us in the garage.”

When Misty and Lamar made it home Bonnie had to force herself not to move an inch or pull her hand from under Heather’s blouse. Lamar seemed to want to goggle at them, but his sister pulled him away.

By 6:00, the whole family was home and it was decided to simply order out for pizza rather than to make the effort to cook or to go out to eat. Bonnie was pleased that the evening was all rather low keyed. Bonnie was careful not to repeat her behavior of the last time she was with the young woman. Heather fit in quite well with the family as if she were simply an old friend of the family. Lamar didn’t seem to even notice that she was hardly older than his sister, to him she was clearly an adult and that is all that mattered. Misty’s shared interest in photography and their proximity in ages went a long way. Heather let them know she’s talked to her photographer friend and would like to do a bikini/nude shoot in late May at their pool. To Misty she said “And she would love you to be her assistant. She also said if you were interested, she could shoot you too.” Misty didn’t hesitate to agree and Bonnie told Heather to give the woman her phone number so they could work out at date and time.

The subject of the cruise did not really come up until they were all in the living room looking at Heather’s glamor portfolio on the big TV. Both Bonnie and Misty loved the photos and had a great many questions. Cooper stayed out of the conversation and pretended not to pay attention as for an hour they looked at photos of Heather at 14, 15, 16 and 17 years old, most in lingerie or bikini’s and a good in a good many she was quite exposed. Lamar had no compunctions about staring and drooling. After all, to him these were photos of someone his own age.

When she’d finished showing her digital portfolio, Lamar asked about one of the photos in the study. When she said she was not sure what photo he meant, Lamar practically dragged her from the living room to see. Bonnie thought it a good idea to follow.

As promised by Judy, two days after the party one of the LeMarco & LeMarco pulled up with a van and unloaded four boxes of carefully packed framed photos. It was only when they sat in her foyer that it sunk in how big several were, and how many Judy had sent. When Lamar got home from school, she set him to work helping unpack and sort the framed photos. She didn’t think twice about asking him to help; and once he saw what she was asking him to do, he didn’t hesitate to jump in. She decided to press her own comfort and openness by putting no less than a dozen on the shelves and walls. She did hedge her Options by mostly hanging nudes on the walls and putting the explicit erotica on the shelves. That way if they were going to have certain people over to the house, she could easily and quickly hide the sex photos without the room looking bare.

Bonnie saw Heather look to the photos on display, then to her then to her fifteen-year-old son.

“You wouldn’t believe how many photos Judy sent. What you see here is less than a third of them.” She pointed to the sole example of one of the six-foot tall, life sized, images that had been in the mansion’s solon. “She sent four of these. I don’t know where she thought I could put them in my normal sized home.”

Heather laughed. “Yes, I have one of me like that too. It sits in my old bedroom, face to wall.”

She then scanned the room again before saying “So Lamar, I guess your mom told you everything that happened on the trip.”

Lamar nodded and said “From what I’ve seen on all these big pictures, and the ones on the computer and the video clips, I think she did.”

As the started back to the dining room she asked “And what do you think of it?”

He didn’t hesitate. “I think its great my parents treat Misty and me like we are grown up enough to tell us and to show us the pictures.”

She agreed and said “Yes, you are very fortunate indeed. Your mother is quite a woman.”

It was a long but wonderful night with Heather. As per Heather’s request, for a good hour they lay with Cooper spooning her from behind while she and Bonnie kissed and talked. Though they were never did get overly active, the lovemaking after that was passionate and fulfilling. They actually had three extended sessions with relaxing breaks in between. Cooper ejaculated into her at the end of spooning, and by the third round he was fully erect again. Bonnie was not at all jealous he came in Heather both times, but she did insist on eating her “cream pie.” She, not for the first time, told herself she’d become quite the cum fiend. After which she reflected on the fact she was all too ready to taste a new flavor and considered her options.

The next morning the whole family took Heather to the local Waffle House. Bonnie knew Misty and Lamar knew fully what had gone on in her bed the night before, and even suspected both her children had gotten a good look through the open door. Yet, no one in the next booth would have suspected anything unusual had gone on. Since the town were Heather grew up was very much like Sparta, she knew full well that careless words could put the rumor mill in high gear.

By 1:00, it was nearly 80°, the warmest day since last fall. With the sky bright and clear Bonnie announced they would take advantage of the weather for the first day of sunning by the pool of the year. Wryly she announced “After all, I had to work hard to entice Bob Newell to come over to get the pool ready to use.”

When Misty and Cooper laughed, Heather seemed confused until Misty was all too happy to relay the story and show the phone pics she’d taken. There didn’t seem to be any discussion about the attire for the day. Bonnie let Heather use one of her cover-ups and they headed out. For the first time since she was eleven years old, Misty and her parents all went nude by the pool. Lamar, much to his later chagrin, had been dropped off at Byron’s on the way home from Waffle House.

After they lay in the sun and talked for a good while Heather asked Misty if she would like her to her some things about glamour photography using herself as the model. Before they were done, all three women had taken a turn at modeling; though at Bonnie’s insistence Misty had to put on one of their micro-bikinis. Even though the tiny top often did not cover her nipples, and Misty and Heather decided to pull the tiny up into the cleft of her labia; however, the point was she was not nude, and from what Heather understood, that is what mattered. For the entire three hours they were out by the pool, Cooper intently kept his nose in his books. Bonnie knew this was his way of coping with this first time he’d been nude at the pool while their daughter was out too since she had been eleven….and she was not the same little girl she’d been back then.

When the sun fell behind the trees, Bonnie and Cooper took Heather out to dinner in town while Misty went took off in her Mini to join her friends at House of Pizza. After dinner Bonnie, Cooper and Heather relaxed and watched a pair of movies in the living room. After Cooper’s Dudes Night with Lamar, Bonnie had been scouring the net for real movies that had real (not simulated) sex. Though it was easier to download such films, she did her best to buy them so as to support the artists. That night they watched two DVD’s that arrived just that week, one was French dubbed into English and the other was German with subtitles.

Less than half way through the first movie, Heather had Cooper’s penis gripped in her fist. Lamar was dropped off by Trish not long after. Either he didn’t see or did a great job of acting like it was no big deal.

Not long after they were all nude. The sex on the living room couch was relaxed and sporadic, but continued from perhaps twenty minutes in, till the second movie was over. It was all so casual, yet tender. Bonnie and Copper had had hundreds of such relaxing sexual encounters over the past two decades; yet sitting with someone else, in their living room just gently touching, caressing, kissing, licking, sucking and even fucking while watching the movies was a new experience.

When Misty came home near the end of the second movie, Cooper had been in his recliner for a good while, with Heather “sitting in his lap” as the chatted and watched the movies. Misty, unlike Lamar, walked right up to the back of the couch and chatted with Heather as she rolled her hips with Cooper visibly inside of her. Still, she did a great job of making it all seem so normal and casual. He climaxed in Heather not long after Misty had come and gone a second time after stepping into the kitchen. All the while Bonnie never took her hand out of her own lap as she lay on the far end of the couch watching her husband and “their lover” have sex. Bonnie enjoyed watching as Heather kept riding him after his orgasm. His semen had oozed out and run down his scrotum well before his penis finally fell out of the girl.

After the second movie was over that they moved to the bedroom and engaged the first high energy sex since Heather had arrived the afternoon before. She was pleased that for the second night in a row her husband was able to get it back up for a second round in short order and keep it up a surprising long time. The even tried something new. She sat on Cooper, taking up her ass while Heather worked her over with fingers, tongue dildo and vibrator. The experience left her a quivering mess, and with a new “favorite thing” to add to her collection.

All the while the bedroom door was wide open and Bonnie wondered if Heather realize that several times they had voyeurs watch for a little while at a time from the darkened living room.

When the Campbell’s headed out to church the next morning, Heather headed home. They had agreed that they would try to do this once a month. Once she was gone, Bonnie and Cooper agreed that experience was exactly what they hoped would become normalized in their home.


The marketing campaign by Richard Kyle had gone unnoticed by anyone in Sparta for almost two weeks. In the first ten days after the new site featuring a fully nude mother and her teenage daughter at the beach had debuted, sixteen-thousand people had paid the $14.99 “membership fee” to get access to the photos; yet, not one was in that particular rural community.

As it happened it was a high school boy by the name of Todd who first recognized that teenager in the teaser photos looked a whole lot like a girl in his Algebra II class at Jefferson Davis High. Not one of the free pics showed her completely. Some showed her naked from the rear, but the two shots from the front had censor bars over the “good” stuff. Still, he was sure he knew the girl. Her name was Misty Campbell, the 11th grader who sat two seats in front of him every day. Not that she even knew he was alive. He was only fifteen and a 9th grader, but because he was a math wiz he went to class with the upperclassmen. He tried to print out some of the photos but the freebie pics were too low resolution to convince others it was her.

He called a buddy, Byron Simms who he knew harbored a not-so-secret crush on Misty. All school year, Byron had been saying that Misty had shown him her tits during the summer. Initially, no one much believed him even though Byron's best friend was her brother, Lamar. It hurt his case that Lamar, would not directly confirm the story. However, once several other guys had seen the large family photo from Miami beach in the Campbell's game room, the story gained more credibility. In the large wall photo, the family was standing at the water's edge facing the ocean, but looking back over their shoulders. Both Misty and her mom were topless and wore only a thong. Not only were the boys mesmerized by Misty & Mrs. Campbell's asses, but both of them showed more side-boob than they could imagine seeing in a photo like that. There was much discussion of whether they could see any nipple or not, though Byron said that Lamar had told him that his sister had confirmed both her and their mother’s nipples were showing. The big photo quickly became a thing of legend among the freshman boys.

Todd asked Byron to check out the site and tell him if he thought it was Misty. Byron lived with his mom, but his dad had bought him the computer and let him take it to his mom’s house with the strict condition he would not look at porn. He suspected his dad had installed some spy ware on his laptop prior to giving it to him, so he waited until he went to Todd’s house that weekend to look at the site. After looking at the teaser photos, Byron agreed that they looked a whole lot like Misty, but her face in the free pics were just too small to be sure. Better proof came when Todd showed him a photo of the supposed mother on the web site. In one of the teaser photos, Byron made a positive confirmation that the woman on the nude beach was definitely Mrs. Campbell. He was sure because Mrs. Campbell and his mom were good friends and he’d seen her hundreds of times. What was odd to Byron was that he and Lamar were best friends and he had never told him anything about a nude beach. Lamar had told him all about his mom and sister going topless on South Beach in Miami. But even that story did not come until the big photo was put up in their game room.

It was another friend, Lucas, who “borrowed“ his mother’s Visa Debit card and bought them an access code to the whole set of hi-resolution photos. It took ten minutes to download all the high-res files and then each of the boys made copies on their own flash-drives. But when they opened the files up, they couldn’t believe what they saw. Lamar’s hottie sister and amazingly hot mom, showing their tits and hairless pussies to the world. After they didn't think the pics could get hotter, they came to one of Lamar’s mom kissing one of the guys. There were a whole series of them both naked making out. Then one came up that caused Lucas to say "She's fucking him now!"

Byron didn't think so. He said it just looked that way since the guy was holding Mrs. C. off the ground with her legs wrapped around him and her pussy against his stomach. Since the images were really huge, a moment later Todd had zoomed in on one of the photos. It was shot from slightly behind the guy who held Mrs. Campbell up in the air. Her face was crystal clear above the back of the guy's head as she posed with her hands raised, her right tit pushed against his ear. The next photo was shot slightly more to the side. Her head was above his and he had her nipple in his mouth. The next one was the same but, was almost completely in profile. They could see the guy's hard-on. It was standing straight up, pointing right at Mrs. Campbell’s pussy lips. In the next two, Mrs. Campbell's butt had moved down, they were kissing but the head of the guy's cock was out of sight.

Lucas said "See, they are fucking!" Todd said "No they aren't" and he zoomed in on the next image. The huge size of the file allowed a magnification of even small details. The screen was filled with just the two adult's hips. Sure enough, they could see part of the head of his penis as her pussy pressed it onto his body. Lucas said, "Go to the next pic."

Todd brought up the next image in the series. When he again zoomed in, they could see something was different, this time they could not see any of the head, though Mrs. Campbell's hips had opened a gap between her and his pelvis. The shaft was no longer pressed on his body, but disappeared between her thighs. Again Lucas said they were fucking and again Todd said they were not. "Look how much of his dick you can still see under her, almost all of it."

Todd queued the next image, this time the angle was no longer directly in profile, but slightly behind Mrs. Campbell. Her hips appeared lower and less of his dick was visible. Again it was disputable. Byron said "It's just the angle that has changed. " But the next image, was shot from Mrs. Campbell's right shoulder, but at a lower angle. Again, Mrs. Campbell obviously had her tongue in the guy's mouth as they kissed. From the new angle, they could see her left bun and the crack between them. Of more interest to the boys was that in this image, the curve of the guys cock was plainly visible as it went up into her. Lucas said triumphantly, "See, he is fucking her." There was no mistaking it, they were indeed having sex. Still a good three or four inches of his cock was still visible, but for sure half of it was in her pussy.

Todd went to the next frame, only about two inches of his penis was still visible. This time Lucas did not speak. The next frame was shot again from head level and in profile. None of his penis was visible. Only part of his ball sack under her butt could be seen. “His whole cock is inside of her” Lucas said triumphantly. Mrs. Campbell is fucking that guy right on the beach. Lamar's mom fucked some college age guy right in front of Misty.” Though none of the photos that appeared to show Mrs. Campbell having sex, also showed Misty, it seemed obvious she was right there. In the group of photos just before and just after Misty was standing just on the other side of her mother. It was beyond belief.

Finally, Byron conceded “While it could be just the angle that makes it look like his dick is in her, I think you are right. I think she did do it with that guy. But I’m not convinced Misty was actually there when her mom did it. Did you notice there wasn’t a single photo that showed both Mrs. C. getting it on and Misty at the same time. I think they were taken at different times.”

It was just that sort of ambiguity that led Richard Kyle to remove twenty more photos from the set before having the new site created. Just as the boys were not sure what was happening, neither would those people who thought it their mission to harass businessmen like himself. Though he was safe from US law enforcement, he did not want to risk his access to the banking systems on which his, very profitable, business depended.

The boys worked through the last few dozen photos. These showed Misty and her mom posing on a lifeguard tower. They were thrilled that in several photos they sat on the tower steps and their legs were spread enough to see everything. It was Lucas who suggested selling the photos at school. Buying thumb drives was way too expensive so they used a dozen from an old spool of writable CD's Todd's parents had laying around. The files were huge, so to save time they picked out forty-five of the best photos to put on the CD's. After some discussion they agreed, for Lamar's sake, to leave out the one's of Mrs. Campbell making out with and fucking that guy. They made twenty copies and sold them the next week for $5 each which allowed them to pay back Todd’s mother and make a nice profit as well. Amazingly no one told Misty or any of her friends about the photos circulating among the freshmen guys that first week. Byron was mad at his best friend Lamar for hiding the fact they’d gone to a nude beach from him, so he didn’t say anything to him either. Sure, none of the photos showed Lamar present, but how could he not be there since his mom and sister were?

The next week the entrepreneurs got greedy. They made forty more copies and on Tuesday Lucas got busted by Mr. Phelps the gym coach. The coach did not know what was on the CD’s but he knew Lucas and when he saw another student hand a bill over for the CD, he moved in and took that CD and the dozen or so still in his book bag. It wasn’t until the next day he remembered the stack of disks in his desk. He opened the tray on his desktop to bring up the contents.

The Jefferson Davis High School’s coaches’ offices were located in a large room situated between the girls and guys locker rooms. The office was shared by both the male and female P.E. teachers and coaches. Of course, it was not directly connected to, or visible from, where the kids changed. Opening the first file he chuckled to his colleagues at their desks “Well, it looks like Lucas Terranova is now peddling porn off the net.” That brought several head swiveling to see what was on his screen. He changed images. A full screen shot of a nude teenager girl throwing a Frisbee appeared. A gasp came from behind Coach Phelps. “That’s Misty Campbell, I’m sure of it” came the voice of the volleyball coach, Sue Parker. “Pull up another one, so I can be sure.” A second photo taken farther away of the same girl splashing in the surf convinced her that this was indeed Misty. In minutes, with CD’s in hand, Coach Parker was on her way to the office of Dr. Collin’s, their principal.

Dr. Collins, in turn, called the sheriff's office because they knew without a doubt that Misty was a minor.

Lucas, Byron and Todd were all called to the office where they, realizing this could be a “real” crime, gave a full account of how they found the photos and were summarily suspended for bringing and distributing pornography on school grounds.

The local sheriff and his staff looked at the photos and concluded that this matter fell under the jurisdiction of the FBI since the images were taken from a commercial website. Upon receiving the photos the FBI concluded, as Richard Kyle had, that because these were photos taken at a public beach that they were not child pornography as defined by US law. When they went to the original website referenced on the images, they did find some sexual photos involving the older woman, but the minor girl was not involved, so no federal crime had been committed. The federal investigation was closed by the end of the week without ever contacting anyone in Georgia; however, Sparta was a small conservative Southern town and what had been the knowledge of a few teenage boys would soon make front page news in the local newspaper.

The same week that the three teens were caught selling DVD’s of nude photos at school, the first article was due to be published in The Christian Social Chronicle. A second was under consideration by He was proud of his work in the piece for the Social Chronicle. He had appreciated that Rev. McBride not only had read through the early versions of the article and made useful suggestions, but had sent him more than a dozen reference suggestions including books, websites and articles. His finished work used both theology and church history to show how the modern notion that sex is inherently dirty and should be hidden was a 4th century construct, unknown to the first generation of Hellenic Christians. The Salon piece, using social anthropology rather than scriptures to support his proposition of sexual openness, if picked up, would have a thousand times as many readers. All in all, he was feeling pretty good about abandoning the corporate world of greed, for the academic world of ideas.

Sitting in front of his computer he labored on a particularly sticky paragraph. From behind him he heard Bonnie’s footsteps. “OK, Mr. Professor, enough for now. I think you work more hours now than you did before you quit LeMarco’s.”

Her attempt to drag her husband from his study was interrupted by the ring of her cell phone. A very terse female voice said, “This is Dr. Collins, Principal at Jefferson Davis High School, we have a problem and would like you to come up to the school as soon as possible.”

Bonnie’s heart raced, she had never gotten a call from a teacher, let alone the principal. “Is Misty and Lamar OK? Are one of them in some kind of trouble?”

“No, they are fine. We will talk when you get here?” and the phone went dead.

“Cooper” Bonnie yelled. “That was the school, something is wrong.”

At that moment, her phone rang again. This time it was her closest church friend, Trish. She sounded very upset, “Bonnie, I just got a call from Byron; he is in trouble at school. Its something about beach pictures of you and Misty!”

Bonnie had not been secretive with her friends in the women’s tanning group about going to the topless beach, even though she had not told the part about the nude beach until the fall, and still had not given a hint as to the actual events of their cruise. Even so, when she told them she had gone to a nude beach, it was more than mildly scandalous. That is not to say they didn’t pepper her with questions, especially about the naked men. She had not told them Misty had come with her though; she let them assume she’d gone with Cooper. After a few weeks of questions from the women in her tanning group, she admitted that she had touched a guy’s penis while his buddies had taken photos. “Well, OK, it was more like a hand job and some pretty hot kissing.” She made a point to honestly tell them that she had seriously considered just letting loose and screwing his brains out, but had pulled back at the last second. She knew that was not quite the full truth; but she continued to be mortified that she'd lost control of the situation that day and was too ashamed to give the full story.

“Did Cooper see?” was the first response. She had to think fast, as Cooper wasn’t even there, but if she said yes what other revelations might that lead to. So she just told them the truth, sort of. “No, he wasn’t nearby. I’d gone off on my own for a while.” Others of her friends were horrified that she would end up on the net, they had all read such stories, but Bonnie assured them “There were much better looking, and younger women on that beach than me, and on South Beach, it is all topless. If someone wanted to secretly take bare breasted photos, they wouldn’t take them of me.” While she’d said she’d let them take her picture, she didn’t let on that she and Misty had actually posed nude for them. She assured herself that the young man who had earnestly promised they wouldn’t put them on the net would be true to his word. From that day to this, that had been the only discussion with her friends about her trip to the nude beach.

Since Jill’s departure over a year ago, Bonnie and Trish had become much closer. Trish had been divorced for two years and had yet to start dating. She was not a bad looking woman. A shoulder length brunet in her late 30’s, perhaps a size twelve or even fourteen with well matched hips and 36 D breasts that, though attractive, showed some effect from gravity over the years. She had been one of the first of her friends to shed her top at Tina’s request two summers ago. She and her friends had done a lot of sex talk and had been encouraging Trish to go ‘get some’ but she always said “I couldn’t do that”. However, she did readily admit she had started to use the vibrator they had bought her as a joke, on the first anniversary of her divorce.

Upon hearing Trish’s report of photos at the school, Bonnie’s heart jumped to her chest. She knew full well what photos had been taken. She could not say a thing.

Trish asked in a quivering voice “Could he have gotten any of your beach or pool photos from last summer?”

“I don’t think Lamar would have given those files to Byron.” Bonnie replied, for the first time considering it might not have been the college guys on the nude beach, but the ‘family’ photos. There were hundreds of them that showed her and/or Misty topless and even one set of nudes. In her mind she rapidly considered the possibility that Lamar had sent some, even one or two, to his friends. Out loud but not really to Trish she said “Unless…. unless, I guess it is possible that Lamar emailed some of our photos to someone. But it is most likely the photos were taken by just people on the beach. We saw more than a few phones and cameras pointed our way on the topless and the nude beaches. I've looked, there are whole websites devoted to posting such photos. All it would have taken was one of Byron's friends to recognize Misty on one of those sites.”

“No, Byron clearly said he found fully nude pictures of you…and of Misty with some young guys on a web site. Did Misty go with you when you went to the nude beach?”

Bonnie thought back to last summer, again mostly to herself she said “I didn’t tell anyone that part. Oh God, those college boys! They sold the pictures they took of us! Oh God, no!”

Trish added “Yes, If Misty went with you, I’m sure that is exactly what happened. I told you that you can't tell what will show up on the internet.”

Bonnie went on ignoring what Trish said, “It’s got to be those photos. Damn. I just got a call from the principal too. I guess I’ll see you up at the school. I’m sorry if I caused problems for you guys.”

Trish was calmer now. “No, it was Byron who was porn surfing at his friends house. It seems that he and some friends brought a bunch of CD’s of the photos to school. If his dad hears about this he is going to hit the ceiling and blame me.”

After apologizing again and saying goodbye to Trish, Bonnie told Cooper she was off to the school.

Cooper offered to come with her, but she thought she would deal with this on her own. It was fortunate that Trish had called; she would have been blind sided. The high school was far enough away to give time for Bonnie to get her thoughts together. By the time she arrived she was loaded for bear if the principal should attempt to do anything to Misty because of those photos. She saw Misty in a waiting area, Misty rose to come to her but a vice principal appeared suddenly and ushered Bonnie into the office. This only steeled Bonnie’s resolve. The fact that Misty was not allowed to speak with her just added to the price the principal would pay.

In the office was the high school resource officer and two people whom Bonnie was not able to identify. After a short set of preliminaries Dr. Collins said “It seems that three of our students have been selling pornography on our campus.”

Bonnie attempting to appear confused asked as to what that had to do with Misty.

The large middle-aged woman continued “And it seems that some people have made the accusation that your daughter Misty is involved.”

Bonnie said convincingly “I don’t think Misty would be in the business of selling pornography. You must be mistaken. Have you asked her about it? I saw her out there. I don’t’ think she has any idea why she’s in the office.”

The other woman did not act as if she heard what Bonnie had said. “It seems someone has identified her as appearing in photos from a beach that are not appropriate.” She paused then looked right at Bonnie and said “…and you have been identified as being in the photos as well.” She paused and looked at the other people in the room with an air of success, “But, I’m sure these photos could not be you and your daughter, I could not imagine why any mother would do such a thing.”

Now Bonnie understood, the principal did not have Misty in her sights but her! She had wondered why those other people, and the police officer were there. Yes, that was what this was about. “Well, Dr. Collins, our family did go to Miami Beach last summer. And you may not be aware of it but the standards of modesty, and the legal dress code there is much different than it is here.” Bonnie’s words came out more sarcastic than she’d planned “but I don’t know what that has to do with this school” Bonnie said in a more even tone.

Dr. Collins was not much older than Bonnie, but it was obvious that she was used to giving orders, and unused to being challenged. Her face became red “Because your nude photos ended up at my school.”

“My photos? I am quite sure you are mistaken; it is not possible those are my photos.” Bonnie replied, “Let me see them.”

Dr. Collins ceremoniously took out a DVD from her drawer and placed it in a lap top on her desk. She pressed some keys and turned the computer to face Bonnie who sat in a chair across the desk from her inquisitor. On the screen was a very sharp, easily recognizable photo of her and Misty standing on a Haulover Beach lifeguard tower. They were both fully nude and the image was good, really good, like magazine quality good. She knew full well it was one of the photos the guy from Texas A&M had taken last summer. The principal clicked to the next photo and then one more. Though Bonnie was very pleased at how good she looked and thought she and Misty looked good together, she had to hide those thoughts and focus on what was going on. She noted the large logo in the corner of each photo. After leaving the office she would need to call and tell her husband to look up

Bonnie reached up and shut the laptop and calmly looked up to the glaring Dr. Collins. “Those are absolutely not our photos; I’ve never seen them before. I expect an apology for your baseless accusation.” The principal looked crest fallen. Bonnie stood and began to leave.

Dr. Collins looked at the other people and then tried to save face and said. “I’m so glad this is just a case of mistaken identity. The boy who was selling these photos was sure it was you and Misty.”

Bonnie stopped half way to the door, turned on her heels, “Oh, that is me and my daughter in the photos; we did visit the nude beach as did a number of other families with children much younger than ours. It is an official public family beach run by Miami-Dade County with life guards and beach patrol. But the photos are not ours. Like I said, I have never seen them before. Did you look at all the photos. Are they all that flattering?”

Indignant, Dr. Collins almost shouted “I most certainly did NOT!” Still calm Bonnie said “If you had you likely would have seen that the photographer was with a group of researchers from Texas A&M University. They just happened to be there when we did and we all socialized. They took those photos while we were with them.”

Still very loud, the principal retorted, “You let them take photos of you?”

Bonnie’s eyes narrowed and she spoke deliberately “It is a public beach; I could not keep them from doing so. I guess I could have assaulted him and stolen his camera, but like I said Beach Patrol. I don't thing getting arrested for assault and robbery would have set a good example for my kids” Bonnie said sarcastically.

Trying to regain the upper hand the principal said “Well I’ll have you know I turned all the other copies of this disk over to the Sheriff’s office. I’m sure you will be talking to them soon.”

With a contemptuous smile Bonnie said “Good, because I would assume it is illegal to post photos like this on the web. So why don’t you look for the perpetrator not the victim. What is wrong with you that you can’t see the difference?” Bonnie turned again to leave.

Once again the Principal tried to put Bonnie in her place “I am very concerned about how your poor judgment will impact Misty’s self-esteem and reputation.”

Bonnie was already to the door, she turned briefly before leaving and said “Stop with your false concern Mary Collins. Should you continue trying to attack my family, you will find out quickly that in a town like Sparta, blood runs deep, and Misty’s blood matters far more than yours here. For your own sake, I suggest you turn your focus onto ensuring this does not become a circus due to your inappropriate response. And to ensure you do not show this disk to anyone else I will take it with me." Bonnie walked back to the desk and put out her hand. The principal now quite flustered, removed the disk and handed it over.

From what Trish had told her, she knew the school had several copies of the DVD, but that was not the point in this little power play. Bonnie then looked her square in the eye and said "As for Misty, if you knew anything about her, you would know she is very secure in herself. If she weren’t she would not have asked me to take her to that beach. Yes, she asked me to take her. She will not be harmed one wit by this; unless you make it a point to harm her, and again, I suggest you do not.” With that Bonnie walked back to the door and pulled it open.

Dr. Collins stood dumbfounded as Bonnie walked out triumphant. Bonnie did feel a tiny bit guilty for using Cooper’s well-known family connections as a club on the principal who was all too aware of her status as an outsider. That guilt passed the second she saw Misty, sitting by herself in the outer office. Once again mom was angry. Not at the boys for bringing the photos to school, but for Mary Collins’s little plot to attack her family. However, in the back of her head, she knew this was a small town and everybody knew every body’s business. There would be a price to pay for this, even if Mary Collins wasn’t the one who would exact it.

Misty had been sitting in the outer office for over an hour. At first she was confused, but she heard a few snippets of discussion between two vice principals, enough to know what was up. Just that morning, word had come to her about the existence of a CD with photos of her at the nude beach. Iris’s boyfriend had told her that the little brother of one of his friend’s had bought a copy back on Monday. After the guys selling them had been caught, those who bought them had gone to ground for a few days, but then nothing happened, and now word of the pictures was leaking out. This had come up at lunch, and so when Mrs. Anderson, one of the vice-principals, had come to get her she was not completely surprised. Of course, they’d think she had provided the pics, but she hadn’t. She had been waiting for this day to come since school had started. Given how many people she’d seen taking her photo on the beach, she was baffled as to why it had taken so long. She told her friends more than once she was disappointed none had showed up at school yet.

Contrary to what Dr. Collins seemed to think, Misty Campbell had no problem with her own body image. In the outer office Misty wasn't the least embarrassed. She actually was thinking how much better her relationship with her mother was than Dr. Collins, who had no children, could imagine. That….woman….simply would die if she knew how common explicit discussions about sex were at her house. Last week she hadn’t even hesitated to bring up that she had noticed the mirror installed over Mom & Dad’s bed when she had come home from school that day. She told her mother, “But Mom, I’d be turned on constantly if that were over my bed. I know how much I love watching myself get off in the mirror that’s on the back of my door. I mean, it’s such a turn on looking at myself while I do it and if it were just right over my bed, I’d play all night every night.” Then she’d asked her mom if that had sounded really weird and more than a bit narcissistic. She wasn’t just making idle talk, she’d been masturbating to climax for five years by that time, and more and more she’d been doing it while looking into the mirror. She knew how much she liked watching herself do that, but was afraid she might be taking it too far.

But her mom had reassured her that it was not bad at all. “No sweetie, it’s good you appreciate your body, after all it’s the only one you’ve got.” Then her mom confided, “Little girl, to be honest, since I had that mirror put over the bed two weeks ago, hardly a day has gone bye when I haven’t played with myself while I watch. I find I just can’t resist.” To that confession, Misty just broke out laughing.

A little later that same day, when her mom and brother went out grocery shopping, Misty tried out the overhead mirror for herself. Feeling a little silly she crept down the stairs with her vibrator in hand.

It wasn’t like she’d never been naked in her parents’ room. It was in that bed, not her own, that last month, she had felt a real penis inside of her for the first time. She, Kelli and Cody had opted for using the king-sized bed that night, at least for the first session. By the end of the night they had done it in her parent’s bed, the floor of the family room and all over the game room. By the time they made it to her room Cody couldn’t get it up again, so he just watched her and Kelli go at each other. They finally drove him home at 1:30 AM. Misty laughed to herself how she had been sure to leave empty condom wrappers in all three rooms (two in the game room). The discovery of the wrappers by her mom led, the next day, to a detailed recitation to Mom, Dad and little brother of who did what in what position in each of the rooms as they all ate pepperoni and bacon pizza at House of Pizza in town. Wouldn’t Dr. Collins choke at that?

Sitting in the overstuffed chair in the school office, Misty squeezed her thighs together as she recalled how, last week when she had the house to herself, she had tossed her new dildo on her parents bed and pulled off the tee-shirt and thong she had been wearing and looked up into the new mirror attached to the ceiling. Mr. Norris always did good work and it looked very secure. She’d looked up in the mirror as she watched herself run her hands over her stomach and breasts. Misty was indeed pleased with her breast that measured a solid 32 C. She had gently run her hands over them and it made her tingle. Her nipples were dark pink and stood up above the white flesh. Having seen her friends topless on many occasions, she was sure none had breasts any better than hers, and most, she thought, were not nearly as nice. As she recalled how she’d caressed herself as she remembered the amazingly soft lips of Caitlin the first time they touched her nipples. How she had lingered for what seemed to be an eternity on each of Misty’s tender but hard tips.

One hand, almost involuntarily, had descended to her smooth-shaven labial mound as she laid on the bed looking up at herself. She felt her own sex, she thought of how each of her friends labia’s were different, but all were beautiful. Sitting in the office she had to grip the arm rests as she recalled how her hands had explored her own outer and then inner lips. She remembered the sex of each of the six friends she had discovered with her hands and mouth over the past year. Laying on the bed she’d imagined it was Kelli’s fingers, and then Rebecca’s tongue, then she pressed three fingers in like Connie did so well. All the while she watched herself. When she had begun with the vibrator and dildo, she pushed up on her hips so she could have a clear view of the artificial penis sliding in.

She thought of a day last month she watched the real penis of the pool man going in and out of her mother, and on how last week she’d lain on that very fabric imagining the dildo was the pool man.

Sitting in that chair in the busy office, she recalled how, on her parent’s bed, her hips had begun spontaneously to undulate as she watched herself fucking the artificial penis. The sight had pushed her further toward an orgasm. She had kept that up for three rounds of climax and resolution until she couldn’t move any more. The power of orgasm after orgasm had completely sapped her strength. Eventually, she heard her mother and brother returning from the store and unloading the groceries in the kitchen. There had been something erotic about watching them through the open door come and go carrying bags of groceries, oblivious to her presence as she laid spread eagle exhausted from making love to herself.

As she’d lain watching her brother and mother come and go, her left hand still lay on her pelvis and, as if on its own, the middle finger began to stimulate her sensitive clit again. With her eyes closed she had again imagined the pool man was back, this time it was better because her mom really was out in the living room just like she had been when she watched him fuck her. She had heard the footsteps entering the room as she masturbated with her eyes focused on her own reflection in the mirror above her head. She imagined it was the pool man walking into the room to see her masturbating. Of course she had known the footsteps were just her mom’s, but she kept up the fantasy. She kept going and going, the orgasm was eluding her. In the mirror she saw her naked body tensed, ready to climax, but it was only when she turned her head and had seen her mother, by the dresser watching her that did it. It gave her the last nudge. Looking at Mom watching her get off for the first time ever, she achieved her climax. It wasn’t anything like one of the big orgasms she so