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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 21

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

BOOK TWO: Sexual Freedom, a Revolutionary Ideal

Chapter Twenty-One

Making It Real

Though the nude photos and subsequent notoriety were a boon to the two younger Campbell's, Bonnie and Cooper saw the dangers and had called their lawyer that very first day. Though the attorney told them he could see them the day after Bonnie received the call from the school, he asked for a few days to do some research. It took until Friday until he was ready to give them some directions other than to not talk to the police or social services if they showed up.

On Friday, three days after the call from the principal, Bonnie called to confirm that Trish knew that Misty would be dropping Lamar off at her place after school. That done, she and Cooper headed to Atlanta. It was 1:00 by the time they arrived. As they walked across the large parking lot to the professional building on the southern suburbs, Bonnie quipped “This is why I wear as little as possible in the summer. Too bad we can't dress like we did in Miami.” It was true, the Georgia summer had finally arrived. The weather man predicted mid 80’s today and even hotter tomorrow. Bonne felt like she was going to melt, the cool spring made the first of summer feel even hotter and damper than normal. Cooper’ shirt stuck to his body and Bonnie’s hair simply would not stay in place.

Cooper just chuckled and imagined the stir she'd cause in Atlanta if she had on booty shorts and a see-through top.

Cooper and Bonnie entered the air-conditioned low rise office building. Only then did she allow herself to think on why she was here. Suddenly she was nearly shaking with jittery nerves. They were led back to a large, but not ornate office. The lawyer, Dean Toombs leaned back in his chair.

“Well, well, you certainly have kept my office busy this week.” The heavy-set attorney said with a deep Georgia draw. “I guess it’s good for the staff to do work on something totally different for a change. I guess in L.A. this kind of thing might be more common, but here it’s quite a novelty.”

Bonnie was a bit impatient and jumped in before his words were fully out “What have you found out?”

“The long and short of it is you don’t have anything to worry about.”

Cooper looked at his wife “I told you Martin and Mike both told me this is not a problem.” He referred to Martin LeMarco and their good friend from church Mike Marshal, who was the leading criminal attorney in Hancock County.

Mr. Toombs went on “Unless, that is, your local solicitor or someone in Social Services gets itchy for some publicity. Then they could cause you quite a headache.”

Both Bonnie and Cooper felt their feet pulled out from under them. They instantly leaned forward to catch the next words.

Ever so slowly the attorney went on “But I found out Sheriff White punted this one to the FBI. I have a contact that was able to determine that the FBI has no plans to pursue the matter. Still if the solicitor wants to pursue this he might be able to grandstand about it; but because you had no part in publishing the web site and you were acting lawfully in going nude on the beach you are in the clear. At least according to the laws in Miami Beach…so at least to the law the photos are not illegal. The nude beach photographs fall into the kind of nudity in a national geographic magazine...just barely.” To Bonnie he said “Yes, there are photos of you having sex but Misty is not in any of them, so your claim she was not a part will hold.”

Bonnie thought to herself that she was thankful that the guy’s who sold the pics had made a point not to sell any with her fucking while Misty and the other guy gave each other hand jobs. Misty was clear that the third guy had clearly taken pics of her holding her guy’s dick while he rubbed her clit, but none of those were part of the website.

Mr. Toombs went on “In theory the Miami Beach Police could pursue that on public indecency grounds, but the chances of that are about zero. So, all that is to say that you have no real legal exposure, only bad PR. And since it seems that you and Cooper have an understanding about all this; it’s all good.”

“And Social Services?” Bonnie asked with baited breath.

“Same thing. It is possible the director might get an itch to do some grandstanding, but no more... at the very worst just some inconvenience to you. I thought you might be nervous about that issue so I used a back channel to find out if they are interested. What my source tells me is given their overwork with real cases, they don’t want to touch it. I think it is highly unlikely they will want to get involved in this, even if someone calls them to report this as abuse, they won’t bite. Not for a prominent white family like yours. You don’t need to worry about even a visit.”

This confirmed what Cooper had thought. “So do you have any suggestions for us based on all I told you?”

The lawyer put his hands behind his head “Well, Georgia is strange. On one hand, it has a liberal age of consent law. Sixteen-year-olds can have sex with anyone they choose unless that person is a care giver or teacher or such. That law was changed after a pair of black seventeen-year-olds were sent to ten years in prison and labeled as sex offenders for life after getting a blow job from a girl weeks from her sixteenth birthday. On top of that fornication, unmarried people having sex, is still a misdemeanor that can be prosecuted if someone really wants to. But, it would just be harassment since Supreme Court rulings on privacy would in the end invalidate such laws, but they can still be used to publicly humiliate people. In your case, as a well-connected community leader you have nothing to fear, if you were poor and black you might.”

“The biggest liability” he continued “with families with popular teenagers is booze. You can’t tolerate any booze….or pot, or anything else illegal for minors or adults, brought by anyone to your house. Make sure your kids know that. Combining any of those things with sexual activity under your roof would cause you problems.”

Cooper nodded his head. “I don’t think that’s an issue.”

The lecture continued “I would not hang out with Misty or Lamar’s friends if they are not fully clothed. Mostly I am talking about your swimming pool. The teenagers need to be wearing swim suits until they are eighteen. It’s not illegal for you and the teens to go nude, but their parents could, in theory, go the civil suit route. So, I’d avoid it. To complicate matters, that is not the case if their parents are present or give consent for them to go nude since that falls under the exception for recreational family nudism. Under that rule, there is no age restriction. Again, the laws are so inconsistent.”

”No problem. Bonnie and I have already made house rules about drinking and drugs at our house.” Cooper agreed.

The lawyer concluded with “As odd as it seems, because the beach photos were taken legally in a public nude or topless beach, they are easily defended as would any photos of nudism in your home or at your pool no matter the ages. To me it makes no sense that in Georgia (and about one third of all states) sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds can have sex with almost anyone they want, but to photograph them having sex, or even photographing them naked in a setting that is not “nudism” is kiddy porn. And that is a serious felony. So, even though the practical difference is slight, the legal implications are huge.”

Cooper and Bonnie left more relaxed, now they only needed to concern themselves about the social fallout. After all she and Cooper were leaders in the church and routinely hosted youth activities at their home in addition to the weekly ladies fellowship group (aka the tanning group).

The next morning, Saturday, Cooper was opening his email, and saw a message from Rev. McBride. With trepidation he opened the message.

“Cooper, I just read your piece in the Social Chronicle. I know I’d read the earlier versions, but still I was impressed. How would you like to present at the Synod meeting next month? They have had a few speakers cancel and need some help. This would certainly liven things up and you will be surprised to find you will have a few supporters (and more than a few critics). If you’re interested, I need to know by tomorrow.”

Cooper immediately called Rev. McBride. After thanking him for the kind words and agreeing to do the presentation he asked if he'd received any calls about the photos that had appeared on-line. Rev. McBride said that he had been told about them by his kids and had seen the photos, but had not heard any complaints. To be clear Cooper asked “Have you seen the whole set on-line rather than just what has been passed around at school?” He said he had not.

With trepidation Cooper said, “I think you might want to see a few that are not yet in local circulation so you don’t get blindsided when they do. Would you like me to send you a sampling of what will cause the most controversy?”

His pastor (and friend) said that would be a good idea. Cooper had told him that he and Bonnie now have an open marriage months ago, but for him to see photos of her having sex might be too much. But Cooper knew the safest route was to send them. He was sure those sex photos would come out eventually.

After he hung up. Cooper called from the study “Bonnie, we do have some good news. The Social Chronicle went out today. Dr. McBride thinks it should get a good response in at least a few circles, even if a lot of people will hate it. I asked if he'd gotten feedback about the photographs. He said he had heard about them from his kids and seen the ones circulating at their school.”

“Any comment about my pictures?” Bonnie asked.

"No, just that he'd seen them. That was all."

"OK, I guess." She said as she was dialing her cell to call Trish. Before this week she had seen Cooper’s writing these academic essays on sexual openness as nothing more than a hobby. But since the call from the school, she now saw them as very important. She had even read the piece he’d written for for the first time. It was way to wordy and formal for her tastes but she liked his conclusion

“The fact that the 6th century tools for oppression of human thought still shape the 21st century world should be of concern for all. Shame and self-loathing for behavior that is nearly universal is an idea whose time passed a millennium ago. Yet it survives today. Just as it served the small numbers of leaders in the medieval Church to control the large and diverse populace of Europe, small groups on both the left and right continue to use sexual shame to leverage their small numbers to control nearly all of the large and diverse populace of America.”

“Hey Trish” Bonnie said when her friend answered the phone. She hadn’t talked to her since Wednesday night. Bonnie told her what their attorney had said about the photos not being porn in the legal sense. “So Byron and his friends shouldn’t have to worry about this going beyond their suspension. Not that I am saying that is small potatoes.”

Trish, her voice less withdrawn. “No, for a boy who has never even gotten detention, three days of in-school-suspension has been a big deal. But I’m glad to hear this should be the end of it.”

Bonnie felt very bad for Trish. “I’m so sorry we caused this problem for you.”

“Bonnie, you didn’t cause the problem; I don’t even blame Mark for showing Byron the pictures. Byron should have known better than to be part of selling them at school. He got what he deserves. It’s just Byron’s dad is making my life hell over this.”

“Why don’t you come on over, I know Byron and Lamar won’t be home from that band competition till late and Misty went to Atlanta shopping with her friends. It’s hot out, we can relax by the pool.

“I would but Sherrie Connors is on her way over.”

“Invite her to come too.”

After a pause Trish said “OK, we’ll be there in about forty-five minutes.”

Bonnie hung up and went into the study, “Cooper, can you make me a composite of all the best pictures that the LeMarco’s have given us along with the best of the photos we took in Miami." She then added "And any nude or topless photos you took of me last summer at our pool that you like.”

Looking back from his computer, “Sure, but why?”

“Trish and Sherry Connors are on their way over and, well, I’m buying into what you have been saying. If we are going to do this, we have to be clear to our close friends about just who we are and what we do. I think it’s time we come out of the closet. If we are going to live by what you’re writing, we can’t hide who we are from our best friends.” Then thinking for a minute, “Do this, cut it down to the best hundred from Miami, another hundred from the cruise, maybe ten from the pool and perhaps a couple of video clips. It just took too long for Misty to show just the Miami photos to her friends. Why don’t you leave out the pictures of the guy on guy stuff, that might be a little too honest for right now. And make it with two different directories one for each set, I don’t want to throw too much at them at once.”

Cooper agreed, and by the time her friends arrived she was already out by the pool, using her laptop to look over the photos. She was wearing one of the new bikini's that she and Misty had bought on-line. Though they both agreed that they would both as often as not wear nothing this summer, they bought a number of new bikinis. But they did not really buy them for themselves. They bought them in a variety of sizes to be loaners for girls or women who wanted to try something racier at their pool. However, Bonnie had bought one with black and grey fabric and with crisscrossing straps for herself. It was one of those that would be called a Brazilin in Miami, but would be called a thong here in Georgia. She thought she looked great in it.

At quarter after eleven when Bonnie went out, the thermometer by the pool read 91°F. When she heard Trish's car pull up, after some thought, she put back on the bikini’s push-up top and cover-up. She rose to greet her guest as Cooper escorted them out. Though Trish had been a regular at the Campbell’s pool from the very first, Sherry had never been to their home before. Bonnie could tell the new, older, woman was taken a bit off guard by Bonnie’s cheek exposing swimwear. The three women settled into chaise lounges and relaxed. After she had poured them both a glass of white wine and judged they had made enough small talk Bonnie asked “How’s Byron doing? Lamar told me he was able to go to the band competition despite his suspension.”

Trish answered “Yes, I’m so glad. And he seems to be in a good mood. It seems that this whole chain of events has suddenly made him popular. For only the second time all year a group of guys came to our apartment just to hang out with Byron. You might not know it but Misty is now a superstar at school. Byron's connection to your family and because he was the first person to positively identify you and Misty in the photos helped his social status. But to be fair, all the guys at our house were other brass players. So I guess his social mobility hasn't been that dramatic. Still he's happy.”

Bonnie had to laugh because she'd heard all about the lack of respect the band members felt. She then swiveled around to look at Sherry. Trish saw her face and said “I told her about all this stuff. I hope that’s OK?”

Bonnie laughed “That’s fine, I really am trying to be open with all this. Trish, you know I’ve been making a lot of changes over the last year, but even you don’t know how many. So Mrs. Connors what do you think of me now that I'm outed as a Jezebel?”

Sherry was a woman in her late sixties from somewhere out west who had been married twice before. Two years ago, she had married Herb Connors and moved to Sparta. Bonnie remembered shortly after joining their church, she had told a group of ladies that her first husband died of cancer after twenty years of marriage and her second marriage had lasted less than a year. She had an exceptionally nice figure for her age and was quite the flashy dresser. Trish had stopped by her place so she could get a swimsuit. Even with a swimsuit and wrap skirt, she wore plenty of jewelry. Her maillot showed quite lot of, evidently silicon enhanced, cleavage That outfit worn to a church event would be enough to get tongues wagging. According to Trish, she had made vague references to her wild years on several occasions. But not even the gossip mill had any idea what that might mean. Though she would always be an outsider in their community, she was well liked, at least by the younger women. The church women’s ‘old guard’ saw her as trying to suppliant Herb’s deceased wife, who had been a pillar in the church.

Bonnie noted that Sherry thought for a few moments before answering her question. Then in slow, carefully chosen words, she said “Now Bonnie you do not need my approval for what you do. I have been more places and done more things than you can imagine and I don’t regret any of them. Well, I don’t regret very many of them at least. If you’re worried about offending me the only way to do that is to treat me like a naïve child. So let’s see these pictures that everyone is so excited about.”

Bonnie began to cue up the laptop but she realized her battery had died.

“Here, we will have to take the jump drive inside, my tablet is dead” Bonnie said.

On the jump drive she’d curated the photos in stages. She even had a few dozen photos and six video clips from the cruise if she thought Trish would but up to that. She started the slide show with their Miami Trip “I think I should start not with the photos that showed up on the net today, but since Sherry has never seen them, I’ll open with our family photos from the days before I went to the nude beach.” She narrated through the ten minutes or so it took to run through the first set of Miami photos. When she worked through the nude beach photos to the part where she was having sex, she did not even hedge. “Yes, I had sex with that guy right on the beach with Misty not ten feet away. The only reason I stopped was I knew Misty would have soon been having sex too and we had not brought any condoms.” Trish’s’ eyes were wide in disbelief; but Sherry just nodded as if understanding. Though Bonnie had never told anyone but Cooper the next part, she felt it was important. “It was only fear of Misty getting pregnant that prevented us from having a full-blown orgy. I was ready to do all three guys and afterward Misty told me she had been too. In the end, I only let myself go for perhaps five minutes. Yes, I’ll admit, it was great. I wanted to keep going but I pulled myself back together and got off of him.”

Bonnie wondered what Shery’s look of complete understanding and even sympathy meant.

Quietly so as not to let Cooper hear in the adjacent study, Trish asked “But you had sex with another guy. What does Cooper think of that?”

Bonnie looked for the words to tell her friend that she had done many other men in the past year when Sherry stepped in. “Bonnie back that up to just before he lifted you up.” Bonnie backed the slides and started again. Sherry told her to stop when she got to the photo that showed her face at the instant the good-looking college guy had just penetrated her with his penis. Sherry said, "Trish, compare this photo, with the last one of this sequence."

Bonnie advanced once more through the two dozen photos of her going to town. Her face made it clear she was fully engaged in rapturous sex. Near the end of the set Sherry said “Look at her eyes. Now go to the next to the last frame."

In that photo, her eyes had flown open. There was a look as if someone had startled her.

"One more."

This one was now at full profile. The face of ecstasy was gone, but so was the surprised look. It was as if in the few seconds it took to capture those last three images Bonnie had completely changed attitudes. Bonnie had not noticed the difference in the photos before; but that instant in time was burned in her mind. The pictures did indeed tell the real story. She couldn't believe she'd not seen it before.

Sherry then said “Trish, like I’ve said before, I’ve been around. I’ve actually watched a good many friends have sex with a man outside their marriage for the first time. The face she showed in those first few frames as his penis goes into her is not the face of a woman who is having her first taste of extramarital sex. I have no doubt. It’s too relaxed. She is enjoying it too much, especially with her daughter watching. Correct me if I’m out of line Bonnie, but this isn’t the first guy you’ve had between your legs in the past few years, besides your husband’s I mean.”

Trish’s face was mortified “Shhh," she hissed. "He’s in the next room he’ll hear you.”

Sherry looked at Bonnie with a wicked grin, “Oh, he knew didn't he? Perhaps he even took the photos. And Misty knew her mother had been with other men too. Notice she's not surprised at all at what is happening. It was smart not to have any photos showing both you screwing and her watching, but she was there and watching and didn’t mind one bit.”

Bonnie looked at Trish’s bulging eyes. She didn’t know what her friend was thinking. Without speaking she moved the slides all the way back to the photo of her sitting at the cabaña bar and began with the Cuban man.

“This photo was taken the day before I went to the nude beach. See the man talking to me. Shortly after Misty took this photo I went up to his penthouse and we had sex. Mad crazy sex. Amazing once in a life time sex. Then,” moving to the next slide “as soon as we finished I left. I put my bikini bottoms back on in the private penthouse elevator. I was still weak in the knees and sweaty when Misty shot this photo of me coming from the condo building.”

Trish whispered “Where did you tell Cooper you’d been?”

“I told him I’d gone to the penthouse and I’d gotten laid.”

Bonnie looked at Trish’s befuddled eyes. Sherry looked at Bonnie.

“Do we get to see the rest of the pictures? I saw there were two more directories in the index” Sherry said.

“Trish, are you up to another set of photos?” Bonnie asked “You look a little shell shocked already, and the others are, well, more extreme.”

She shook her head and said “Oh, sure, I was just imagining what my ex would have done if I had announced I’d just gotten laid. It certainly would have involved EMS. Go ahead, I’m getting an education. Evidently I didn’t know when I invited Sherry I would be bringing someone who knows more about my best friend's sex life than I do.”

“O.K.” Bonnie said “But I warn you, though I think these photos are beautiful, you might find them shocking.”

Bonnie went back to the directory, “Now, to be honest, these are not all the photos we have from this trip, but Cooper has culled them down to the best one hundred.”

She decided to call Cooper in to the room to help her narrate. “I hope you don’t mind” Bonnie said to Trish, “He can help me explain what’s on the photos.”

The opening image was taken in the Miami marina with all eight passengers ready to depart. The second photo skipped to the next morning as they were hiking through the jungle. A photo showed the topless hikers, the next was of Judy posing in the nude.

“That’s my boss’s wife” Cooper explained.

Trish just sat, eyes wide.

Bonnie gave her friends a moment to take in the next image before speaking. In the foreground was Cooper’s bare backside as he stood on his knees on a large rock. Beyond him, it was evident that Bonnie was sucking him off while she lay on her side and masturbated. Beyond her, was a teenage girl, who lay on her back, also nude, also masturbating. “We were sunning on this huge flat rock in the middle of the jungle.” Bonnie finally said.

Cooper interrupted “Sunning nothing! She and one of the girls from the office were getting themselves off right in front of me.”

Trish’s face was now deadpan. Bonnie suspected she just couldn’t take it all in.

Bonnie continued “It seems that we were in a nature reserve. And yes, that is me and Heather from his office. After we sunned for a while, we did, uhhhh, well, start enjoying ourselves. Then as you can see, Cooper joined in.” Then she continued on with the slide show. The next image was a wide shot on the deck of the beautiful sailing yacht, San Dinero. In the photo Cooper was standing beside the raised cabin watching Bonnie who was on the cabin roof with Heather, sitting atop Brian LeMarco; the two women were both nude and clearly having sex with the young man at the same time.

“He’s OK with watching you do... THAT?” Trish blurted out.

Cooper answered “If she is having fun, why should I object?”

Trish was getting louder “She’s your wife!”

“All the more reason I want her to be happy” Cooper said coolly.

Sherry stepped in and began to talk to Trish as the images continued to cross the screen. “A man who really loves and trusts his wife enjoys watching her enjoy herself, even when she is having sex with someone else.”

It was Bonnie’s turn to be stunned. How were these words coming from the mouth of this older church woman?

"I actually like this one" Bonnie said of the next photo that Martin had taken from the cockpit. In this one she was facing his feet and Martin was several feet below the cabin roof and the composition was all about Bonnie. Who she was on did not matter. She was bent back on her knees, every part of her inner labia was fully visible in the morning sun. Her larger lips provided a frame and her little lips wrapped around and gripped the penis while her clitoris poked out from under the hood and it's ridge stood up and out like a mountain ridgeline. "I've never told anyone but Cooper, but I think I look really good down there. I hope you don't think I'm vain, but between my nipples profiled against the sky and the beautiful symmetry between my legs, I couldn't look much better."

Cooper agreed right off then Sherry agreed too saying "Oh, you are right. You have a lovely vulva. You have a right to feel good about it. And this is a great and very erotic image."

For the first time even Trish said something. "I can see what you are saying. I've never really looked at myself like that, but it all looks so... so symmetrical."

Sherry supported Trish's tentative entry into the conversation, "Yes, that is the word. It's symmetrical, almost as if a painter had meant to make a right and left mirror image."

Later the same photo that had gotten Caitlin’s attention filled the screen. It was of Bonnie and Cooper, with his full erection quite prominently shown. Trish blurted out “Bonnie, you don’t mind if I see him like that?”

“No, I think he’s handsome and has a wonderful penis” Bonnie replied.

Bonnie was again surprised when Sherry seconded Bonnie “Yes, he is and his penis is. Don’t you think so Trish?”

“Well… she hesitated, yea I’ve always thought he is attractive, but she’s Bonnie’s husband.”

Sherry smiled, “Well, I think before these photos are done, you’ll have a new appreciation for your friends and their marriage.”

Bonnie was puzzled. How did this woman seem to know exactly what had gone on? From that first photo of her with that guy on Haulover Beach, she seemed to know. But how?

A nude photo of Ramón at the wheel came up.

“Now that is a nice piece of man flesh” Sherry said. “You shouldn’t have let him go.”

Bonnie looked over to Trish, “Are you OK with this Trish?”

Trish didn’t answer but nodded, eyes wide and glassy. Only then did Bonnie say "Oh, I didn't just look. And he isn't just a looker, he's a doer. He really knows how to use that tool."

Sherry looked over at Trish, "I know all of this is hard for you to understand. From what you have told me, your husband was jealous and distrustful. I have had both kinds of husbands. Jerry was the love of my life, but we were never monogamous. Never in twenty years.”

Now Bonnie understood why this grandmotherly woman had seen what was going on. She slowed down, almost stopped the progression of photos while Sheri talked.

The older woman continued, “For two decades we had more erotic fun than you can begin to imagine. It started in the swinging 70’s in California, before AIDS and the rise of the religious right. Together we did men, women, couples, little group sex, big group orgies, there was no limit. In those days we didn’t even have to hide our open life style from other young couples, many of whom had been free love hippies just a few years before. We were closer than any couple I’ve ever known and kept it up until he just got too sick. And even in those last months we would relive our wildest experiences.” She got very quiet, “It was very special; once in a life time special.” Sheri went silent.

In a flat voice she went on “After he passed, I went to a few parties; but it just wasn’t the same. The sex was fine, but it felt so empty without Jerry. I took a job in Atlanta and for several years I was celibate as I grieved. When I met Carl, who eventually became my second husband, he loved that he dated a woman who didn’t expect monogamy and even better that I didn’t mind his friends joining us in bed. It wasn’t’ until we married I realized that his motives were completely different than Jerry’s. We didn’t share sex. He had sex and I was his possession to use as he liked. Well, if I misjudged him, he also misjudged me. I wasn’t going to be any man’s property to be passed around like a party favor. It didn’t take long after that he was out of my life.” She paused to regroup her thoughts.

After a few moments Sherry resumed her talk “I vowed not to make the same mistake again. Then when I met Herb, I guess one of the attractions was that he was almost ten years older than me. I just buried the past life, with only these boobs and my pictures and a single grainy video as reminders of my life with Jerry. My relationship with Herb is much more as companions than lovers. He’s a wonderful man, kind and gentle. But we will never have what Jerry and I had.”

Bonnie could see a tear running down her cheek. “Do you want me to stop?”

Sherry perked up quickly “Oh, no no, your photos are great. Before I left him, Carl found my box of hundreds of photos and dozens of videos and threw nearly all of them out. I only have a small cache of photos and one video tape left and it’s about worn-out from me watching it over and over.”

Bonnie began going through the photos of the Luau and she resumed her narration. Trish was clearly lighting up. In a timid voice she said of a shot of Ramón in his grass skirt with his penis sticking straight out from the brown grass. “I love those outfits”

Bonnie seizing the moment, “Ah, you do like this. It’s been way too long since you’ve seen a man.”

Sherri added, “or had sex.”

“I have never in my life seen pictures of people I know doing anything like ….like that before” Trish said breathlessly as a photo of Bonnie and Tina doing sixty nine at the luau was on the screen.

The photo show continued as did the narrative. The photos of Bonnie and the others in their calypso dance outfits led to her story about being double fucked in the rain.

“No way” Trish gasped “Not two at once!”

“Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” Sherry answered as the photos continued to flash on the screen. There were wonderful snorkeling and scuba shots, and many more of explicit and sweaty copulation. The last image was a group photo, just like the first slide had been, but everyone was nude this time.

When the main menu returned there showed what appeared to be chapter headings, and beside each was a small picture. “Is there video too? Sherry asked.

Bonnie said, “Well, Trish, if you are up to one more thing, we have some short video clips. Martin LeMarco’s fancy Nikon also takes video, amazing HD quality video. But, well, they are just clips of a few minutes each, but they are way more personal with sound and motion than the photos are.”

Cooper offered “The LeMarco’s gave us about twenty clips, but on this jump drive all but one of the clips are from the very last morning. I actually took the first three clips from that day in between shooting still photos. It was just a matter of switching a couple of settings on the camera. Once we are done, you might want to step into our bedroom where we have hung a large print of a still photo that I shot at the same time. Judy LeMarco took the last two clips after I handed her the camera. In that last pair you will see me, Bonnie and Heather. Each are about two minutes long, so in total the six clips I’m going to show you come to like twelve minutes.”

Bonnie asked Trish, “Are you up to really seeing and hearing Cooper and me having sex?”

Trish just nodded.

Bonnie pushed a button on the television’s remote control.

The TV showed a beautiful scene of Bonnie and two other, younger, women sun bathing on the cabin roof of the yacht under sail. It was pretty but not erotic. The two of them chatted for a minute or two with the cameraman before the view panned toward the stern of the yacht where Cooper and several other’s relaxed talking. All were nude. Cooper put in “I included this clip because it gives you a feel of what it was like sailing in the open ocean. It would have been a memorable trip even had we never taken off our clothes.”

Bonnie agreed with him.

The next scene was of the sun bed with all five women and the two LeMarco Men tangled together. The clip initially focused on Brian LeMarco stroking into Bonnie. Her legs were bent almost to her chest as he fucked her slow and steady. Bonnie’s face and upper body filled the screen as her moans of pleasure were very audible. Slowly the image zoomed out to show all seven of the bodies intertwined on the sun bed. It was unlike porn in that there was very little movement. With the wider angle, even Brian’s short slow strokes were hardly visible, as were Martin’s as he spooned Tina from behind. The sun reflected off of the sweaty skin to emphasize the passion. Bonnie hope Tina and Sherry would see this as a tableau of bodily pleasure rather than something base.

As if responding to Bonnie’s thought, Sherry said “That is a really, I mean really, wonderful shot Cooper.”

Trish echoed “Yea. It really is. I’ll confess, I’m surprised, but I like it.”

In the next video clip, Bonnie was on top of Martin, grinding on his dick and kissing Mandy’s breasts as she sat on his face. The camera panned over to show Brian laying beside his father with Heather and Tina doing the same to him. The view slowly moved out to show the pair of threesomes in the context of the larger yacht and the ocean. Cooper was actually pretty proud of his photography in that two-minute scene.

Once again both Sherry and Trish complimented his cinematography. He thanked them and observed “Judy isn’t there because she had gone to relieve Ramón at the wheel for a few minutes so he could join in too.”

In the last clip Cooper had moved so that he was shooting down on them from the main cabin roof. This was the longest segment and began with Bonnie on all fours taking Ramón’s hard pounding until the video caught her crying out that she was cumming, then moments later he pressed hard into her and grunted as he ejaculated. After only a few more good hard strokes the dark man pulled out of Bonnie and slid off the sun bed. He could be heard apologizing that he had been gone longer than he planned and needed to go back to his station at the wheel.

While Cooper had been focusing the camera on Bonnie who was in the center of the sun bed, he also caught the others as they were in action on either side of her. Brian and his wife had been jointly working on pleasuring Tina while Heather and Martin were in sixty-nine. Even as the video showed Bonnie catching her breath laying on her stomach, Brian and Mandy LeMarco left Tina to move toward her. Before the clip ended, a triangular orange pillow had been pushed under Bonnie’s hips. Cooper’s camera work showed Brian sliding his penis in for sloppy seconds. When the camera moved back, Mandy’s crotch was under Bonnie’s head. The clip ended as Cooper filmed his own wife as she put her mouth to Mandy’s vulva and began to eat her out.

Bonnie laughed “I couldn’t tell if it was Brian’s or Martin’s semen I tasted on her. With both Brian and Martin able to cum more than once in a session, it was hard to tell.”

Sherry said “Been there done that” and she laughed.

It was lost on no one that in less than ten minutes of video, they’d seen Bonnie with three different men inside of her and one climaxing. Bonnie looked over at Trish, she just sat, not moving, hypnotized.

The next clip opened with only Bonnie, Heather and Martin still laying on the sun bed. All three were breathing hard. Bonnie paused the video before saying “The big end of trip orgy had come to an end, at least that is what I thought until Cooper handed Judy the camera.” When Bonnie resumed the action, Judy’s voice came from the television as she pointed the camera at Cooper.

“Cooper? Would you be interested in tasting your wife after watching her fuck three men? I was busy with Tina at the time, but I am pretty sure Brian gave her his last load just before we quit.”

Cooper smiled at the camera but didn’t say anything before he took a position on his stomach, face between Bonnie’s spread legs. Judy added “I’m sure if you lick her mound and thighs, you will get plenty of Ramón’s jizz since Brian likely pushed most of it out of her with his cock.”

Bonnie looked up to the camera and gave a thumbs up before leaning back to enjoy as the camera showed Cooper doing just what Judy suggested. The image zoomed in to show him kissing and licking his wife’s inner thighs, then moving to her mons before the clip ended.

Sherry laughed “Well. You two certainly have embraced the lifestyle to the fullest. Sad to say I’ve known more than a few men who would never do that. Certainly, my second husband wouldn’t have.”

Her words were cut off as the final clip began. It was the shortest lasting only about a minute as it showed Heather on her back, legs up with Cooper driving his penis into her while Bonnie sat on her face. Judy zoomed in on the looks that Bonnie and Cooper were giving each other as they both gave and received pleasure from the young woman.

Sherry said “Oh, I love that. This video captures the feeling perfectly. There is nothing like when you and the love of your life share an experience like that.”

All Bonnie could say was “Yes. You are right.”

In a quieter voice Sherry said “It brings back so many wonderful memories for me. What I would give to have just five minutes of video like that with Jerry and I.”

To that Bonnie had no response. She had not before considered how this would look to her decades in the future. She just switched off the TV and stood up.

Trish seemed to be in deep thought then stood and asked Bonnie “To be clear you really liked doing all of that. Right?”.

“Oh yea!” Bonnie said. “I really did. And I guess I should add that Heather spent last weekend with us. She, Cooper and I even had sex right out here on the couch.”

Sherry also standing just said “Good for you. It is hard for most couples to bring the lifestyle home. I commend you for doing so.” She then looked to the bedroom door, “And now to see the photo you were speaking of.”

Bonnie used an arm to indicate the direction and the four of them began the few steps to the bedroom. Sherry continued “The video quality is amazing. My old videos looked positively awful compared to that. And both of those two young women were so beautiful. All you were just so sexy. That’s better than any porn I’ve ever seen.”

“I know” Bonnie said “It’s great. We have perhaps a little less than an hour of video in total. About half though is underwater stuff from the reefs. Even with the nudity aside, those underwater clips really are quite the memory.”

Cooper and I have watched the whole thing several times. We never make it to the end before we can’t watch anymore because we are too busy doing it live.”

“I bet!” Sherry said. “You wouldn’t let me borrow it so Herb and I can watch it together would you?

“Sure. Remind me to get it for you before you leave. Just don’t’ let it leave your possession. It is numerically watermarked and Cooper would get sued if it gets into the wrong hands.”

It had been less than an hour from when Bonnie had put in the flash drive, but for Trish it felt like far longer. Prior to this, she had thought she was pushing the boundaries by going topless in a ladies’ only environment; but now she, for the first time since her teenage years considered the possibility that it was OK to let her friends know she liked to have sexual fun, for herself.

After being in the cool house for an hour, the girls went back out to the pool, this time followed by Cooper. Between the slide show and the wine, the two guests were both clearly feeling good. Sherry almost danced back to her chaise lounge dropping her wrap skirt on the way. Turning to Trish, thanks for stopping by my place so I could get my suit, but it is just too pretty out here to wear it. I hope you don’t mind if I take it off.” Without waiting for a reply, she slipped the shoulder straps down and stepped out of her only clothing.

Raising her hands to the noon sun she said “It’s been so long since I felt the sun on my whole body. I LOVE IT!” Cooper found her surprisingly attractive. She was average height with well-coiffed frosted yellowish hair (and a full gray bush). Her perfectly round butt not overly large breasts balanced her full thighs and rear. Her skin glowed with a tan as if she’d been sunning nude for a month. He wondered if she used a tanning bed, or spray on tan. He felt a twinge in his shorts. She cupped her breasts and to everyone’s surprise tweaked her nipples between her fingers.

”Well girls, I’m I the only one who is getting a tan today?” she said sitting down and stretching out on her chaise. Settling with her feet more than slightly apart her full, natural bush was evident, though it was not nearly enough to hide her fleshy labia.

Bonnie unhooked her top and without hesitating slid her bikini bottoms to the ground.

Cooper could feel the twinge in his shorts was now a growing hard on. He was getting the hots to fuck this sixty something year old church lady.

Trish had reached behind herself but had hesitated to unhook the clasp.

Bonnie seeing her hesitancy asked “Do you want Cooper to go in?”

With a quivering voice she said “No. No that is the problem, I want him to see me.” She turned away from Cooper as the red flowed to her cheeks. “I’m not ready to tell you the story, but I want him to see me naked.” She began to cry. What she didn’t say was that almost every day after tanning she went home and fantasized about Bonnie’s husband finding her topless and making love to her like she had last summer with her secret lover. The shame and excitement of that experience colored all her life now. Making love to Cooper had become one of her favorite fantasies. “I’m sorry, but right now I’m just confused.”

Bonnie jumped up and put her arms around her friend. “It’s OK, really. Don’t do anything you don’t want to” she said softly. She held her tight for a moment, then felt Trish’s hands unhook the top's clasp before hugging back. Trish, let go and backed away. The top fell into Bonnie’s hands. Looking into Bonnie’s eyes she said “In for dime, in for a dollar” and grasped the waistband of her bottoms and pushed them to her knees. After kicking them free she slowly turned and faced Cooper.

Cooper thought her form was ideal for a full-figured woman of her age. She was sexy, large soft breasts though pulled downward with their weight. The large nipples pointed proudly straight forward. Below her breasts was a distinct waist, a small round belly, and wide supportive hips with untrimmed, but very sparse pubic hair that left her labial cleft visible. Like Sherry, she was tanned, but oddly she had bikini lines. He reasoned she must go to the tanning solon in town and wear the same bikini each time. He wondered if Bonnie the only one in her group who did not get fake tans in the winter?

Cooper wasn’t sure what to do when Trish lay down on the last chaise lounge between Bonnie and Sherry. The three women all stretched out on lounge chairs and just relaxed as if he was not there. He wasn’t sure if he should move a fourth chaise closer, or sit at the table, or what. It was not that he did not like looking at three pretty women naked but his erection, bound down in his shorts, was beginning to hurt. Trish’s breasts, though not surgically perfect as Sherry’s were, where very, very fine.

Sherry, who had not said anything for a while looked up to Cooper and said “Don’t be a boob Cooper, drop those shorts and let her see what you think of her body.”

Now it was Cooper’s turn to turn red, but he unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his shorts and putting his thumbs inside his boxer briefs, pushed outer and underwear to the ground. Standing up, his painfully firm penis pointed to the sky. His was one of those penises that when soft was on the small side, but when hard, as his wife was fond of telling him, was noticeably larger than the average man. He unbuttoned and discarded his madras shirt. To dispel his slight embarrassment, he flexed and posed, which brought the laughter that he had intended.

“Come over here, you sexy hunk.” Bonnie growled.

Cooper certainly knew he was no hunk, but prancing nude for these two friends of his wife made him feel like one, and it kept his dick fully inflated. The three lounges were in a row, with Bonnie lying between those of her friends. He bent over and kissed his wife deeply. He so wanted to spread her legs and do her right there with the other women watching, but he knew that would not be OK. He stood up and went to get a fourth chaise lounge from the far end of the patio.

Trish waited till Cooper was as far away as possible then rolled to her side and said quietly “Bonnie.” She waited for Bonnie’s attention “Bonnie, I want to watch. I want to watch you do it with Cooper. Right here next to me.”

Bonnie thought it through quickly and in a low tone asked “Do you want to join in?”

“No” she snapped, then sheepishly added “not today at least. That would just be too much at once. But I want to be right here when you two do it.”

Cooper was dragging another lounge, this one made of cast aluminum, with enough scraping noise to bring on a migraine.

Bonnie turned her head to Sherry “Did you hear her?”

The older woman said, “Oh, be sure, I want to watch too. And you were afraid she would be offended with your photos. Boy did you misjudge your best friend."

Bonnie then looked to Cooper who had just arrived “Are you up to it husband?”

Cooper sheepishly said “Well I’m not exactly sure I heard what she said.”

Bonnie said “She wants to watch us have sex.”

“Would it be OK with you?” Trish asked “I’d love to watch. I’ve never seen another couple do it in person.”

Bonnie sat up and moved to the end of the lounge and commanded her husband. “Come over here.”

Cooper quickly closed the space between them. “Yes sweetie.”

“Trish wants to watch us make love. You haven’t said if you are up to it or not.”

Without saying a word he knelt in front of Bonnie on her lounge chair, took her head in his hands and drove his tongue into her mouth. She gripped his penis as they kissed with vigor and passion. She was mindful of showing her friend as much as possible and she released his kiss. She had Cooper help her to her feet. Turning she sat on the side of Trish’s lounge, pushing her legs back to give a good seat. She moved Cooper to stand over the left armrest. That was as close to her as she could get him while still giving Sherry a clear view. Bonnie knew she was on stage, and she would make the most of it. She put on the best show possible. She took his penis in her hand, licking, kissing and then taking the head into her mouth. After working it over thoroughly, she slowly, ever so slowly, took it deeper and deeper. Soon she'd had as much in her mouth as she normally took. His head was pushing on the back of the roof of her mouth, but she wanted to do something new. She'd seen little Heather take her husband to the base. Something she'd never done in all their years together. She'd even asked the girl about the trick to taking it all in. Heather had told Bonnie "You have to make a strait path to your throat. Cooper's dick is strait so it's pretty easy, but you have to guide it. Otherwise it will just jam up in the back of your mouth."

The last month she'd been going deeper than she ever had, but not yet where it was really past her mouth and into her throat. Heather had assured her the feeling was great. At the party, she had fully downed two men’s cocks completely. That had been good, and she'd felt them in the top of her throat. But they were both a little smaller than her husband. Today, in front of Trish and Sherry, she would do it to Cooper. She shifted back a little so she had to lean forward, and guided it in. She had really gotten much better at not gagging, still she had to suppress it as it pressed on the entrance to her throat. She came back for air then when down again, this time she gripped his ass with both hands and pulled him into her. She felt her throat stretch. She had only felt this twice before. The guys at the party had been in her like that, but Mr. Newell was just too thick to even get that far in. This oddly brought up the realization that she'd sucked the cocks of no fewer than six different men, besides Cooper, since February. Even odder was the realization that she had fucked twice that many. She came up for a breath then back down again till she felt the pressing. She thought it odd she could clearly hear the slurping sounds she was making while she was doing it. She pulled Cooper again, it went deeper still. She'd never had felt anything like it. Her face was pressed on his pelvis, there was no deeper she could go. She'd done it. She held till she needed air.

Bonnie was not sure who Cooper was speaking to when he said "She's never done that before."

Trish lay beside her transfixed.

Bonnie went back down on Cooper. She held it in until she needed to breathe, took a breath and then once more swallowed the last inch of her husband’s tool, her lips pressed hard against him. Again she heard the gurgling sounds she made as she pulled his penis all the way in, and again thought it was weird. She held it even longer that time, but she'd done what she wanted and went back to working on the head.

Cooper also felt a need to put on a show, knowing these people weren’t strangers he’d just met at a party. He would continue to see them every Sunday at church. Trish was the mother of his son’s best friend. So when, due to the amazingly deep blow job his wife was giving, he thought he might cum, he moved away from her mouth. Gently he coaxed her around to the foot of the lounge. He reached behind her and lifted Trish’s leg and moved it on the other side of his wife’s hips. This naturally opened up Trish’s thighs showing the pink inside the apex. Cooper knew full well Trish was feeling exposed with her legs spread and her feet on either side of the chaise. He wanted her to be sure he noticed. He held his gaze on Trish’s tender flesh now glistening with moisture long enough to be sure Trish noticed, then looked in her eyes and licked his lips before turning back to his wife. He was sure he saw her body give a shiver. He was also sure if he did his job with Bonnie well now, he’d get a taste of Trish’s flesh in the near future.

Taking Bonnie’s shoulders he gently laid her back. Her neck fell right in the “V” of Trish’s legs. Sitting on the pool deck between her feet he began to do all he knew to excite his wife. Working slowly and patiently to orally please her he took the time necessary to do it right. His tongue was tired even before her hips began to undulate up and down, but he kept going.

After what seemed to be the longest time, her hips were thrusting up and down without her will. Though it had taken a good while to get fully aroused like this, Bonnie knew she would not need to fake anything for her friends. She reached behind her and grabbed Trish’s hands and pulled them down, down till she held them over her breasts. At first they seemed to want to pull away, but she held on to the wrists. She felt she was reaching the point of no return as climax became inevitable.

Cooper sat on the pool deck and struggled to keep the rhythm on her clit as her hips bucked wildly up and down. But hang on he did, until the movement stopped and she pushed his face off out of her crotch. He had done it and well.

Bonnie lay panting hard. She let go of the wrists, but the hands remained. As her head cleared she processed that the gentle rubbing of her nipples came from Trish’s hands not Cooper’s. She felt so good. She thought about just relaxing, but she wanted to push this event forward while her friend was into it. She stood up and looked around for the best place to let Cooper finish the job. Then forming a plan she told Trish to lay the chaise lounge flat. She put both Trish's feet back on the chaise lounge and stepped over the prone body, putting her legs through the lounge’s curved armrest. With her hands on either side of Trish’s head and arms outstretched, she looked down at her friend and said “You wanted to watch, is this close enough?”

Trish didn’t say a word, she just looked up at Bonnie, whose face was directly above hers and slowly nodded. Cooper moved behind her and she expected him to immediately begin to fuck her. But instead he stood to the side of the lounge and pushed two fingers into Bonnie’s vagina. After a few slow strokes to move her moisture around, he began to finger fuck her hard, very hard and fast. She loved when he did this. Two fingers became three; three became four. She felt his thumb press on her sphincter, then wet with her juices, it slid right into her ass. She knew a climax would come quickly when Cooper did this to her. It always did.

In a breathless voice Bonnie said “I’m surely going to start dripping on you. Don’t worry it’s not pee.” Sure enough, having just climaxed moments before, and with all his fingers working, it wasn’t long before the stimulation brought a steady rain from Bonnie dripping down onto Trish's crotch. When Cooper had begun using his fingers on Bonnie, her face was well above Trish’s, as he worked on her she moved downward until they were almost nose to nose. Trish once again had her hands on Bonnie’s breasts. Without knowing who had initiated it, she had sucked Bonnie’s tongue into her mouth.

Cooper watched Trish pull his wife down on top of her and the kissing became more passionate. With Bonnie not standing, but laying on Trish, Cooper moved to stand on his knees at the foot of the lounge chair. His wife’s feet were still on the ground either side of Trish’s prone body. Thus, the pink of her inner self was exposed and beckoning to be filled. He guided his organ between the wide-open lips. She was so loose he could hardly feel the vaginal walls, which helped with self-­control.

For a good while Cooper alternated with slow and fast strokes. Now and then he broke the rhythm by pulling his penis completely out then driving in again, hard. Bonnie’s mound lay directly on Trish’s. There was no way she did not feel every one of his thrusts. When he shifted to a more upright position, he felt Trish push up with her pelvis. Cooper could not see this action as anything but a deliberate request for him to do her too.

With his hand, he guided his penis so the head contacted the lower woman's labia. He ran his rubbery head around their radius. She seemed to shiver. Slowly he pressed forward with just a tiny bit of pressure and guidance causing it to move in between Trish’s lips. His thighs were in direct contact with Trish’s. He felt her rock her pelvis to meet his intruding erection. He looked down to see the dark pink flesh wrap around his head, but not to actually penetrate her fully.

While he considered doing so, he did not drive it home. Rather he used his hand to drag the head up and out of Trish's labial embrace and pushed it fully into his wife. As he resumed fucking Bonnie, he used his body weight to press her down onto Trish's hips. With a bit of adjustment, he found the angle so that with each thrust, his balls would make contact with Trish’s labia. He pistoned in and out of his wife for a few minutes, then repeated the process of teasing Trish with the tip of his penis. He did it once more, twice more, three times more. Each time he pressed his penis into Trish’s lips just a little deeper than it had been the time before.

He was pretty sure it was doing a number on Trish. She and Bonnie were kissing intently. But he knew for sure it was pushing him to climax. He knew he would not last much longer. On the fifth cycle, he lost control and pushed forward into Trish as far as Bonnie’s thighs would let him go. He could not see, but knew his shaft, not the head, was gripped by the lips. He was into her. He pulled it free. He pushed in again, but again was blocked by Bonnie’s hips just after the head was fully inside. He thrust several more times, but never did more than around two inches of the shaft enter into Trisha’s vagina. It would not go in further in this position. So he buried his penis back into his wife just in time for his climax. He felt the jets of semen as they moved from his balls, into his body then down his penis then spray into Bonnie. He did not hold it deep in his wife until the spasms were done, as he usually would, he began to pull out even while the first burst of ejaculate was coming. The second hard ejaculation sprayed on Trish’s waiting lips. He pressed forward hard, and his head slipped between the lower set of lips. Bonnie had evidently moved her hips some, close to half his shaft slid into their friend. And there he held it as several small ejaculations left his semen inside Trish. He just stayed there until he was fully spent. As he contracted, he knew Trish felt his penis slowly exit, all the while he continued small thrusts to heighten the sensation for both of them until the last wave had passed. Bonnie held most of his semen, but he knew full well that Trish’s vagina had his spermless sexual fluid in her as well.

Once done, he stumbled backward to collapse onto Bonnie’s lounge. He lay panting for air.

They all just lay for a few minutes. Bonnie and Trish kissed softly and enjoyed the feeling of one another’s body.

Sherry perked up “That was intense.”

Cooper gasping for air said, “It’s hot out here, let’s get in the water.”

In the pool, no one spoke for a very long time. The four adults just relaxed in the water, each lost in their own thoughts.

It was Bonnie who finally said “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m hungry. Let’s go in and get something to eat.”

Though exhausted, Bonnie played the role of hostess bringing four, clean but old, robes that everyone put on. Then she retrieved another bottle of wine, some sodas, two bags of chips and a plastic tub of dip from the fridge.

Again, it took a while for anyone to speak. They all knew what a watershed moment they had just been a part of.

Then as hostess she sparked conversation. “You were great honey.”

Cooper, sitting in his easy chair only smiled, not sure what to say.

“Well girls, how was the show?” Bonnie asked.

Sherry had no problems answering. “First rate. Brought back many fond memories”

Bonnie looked to Trish sitting beside her. “Well, did you enjoy?”

“I’m sorry I’m still processing everything” Trish said.

Sherry boldly asked “Trish, did he actually screw you? From my angle I couldn’t tell.”

Trish looked perplexed and said “I’m not sure.”

“What do you mean you’re not sure?” Sherry inquired.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had sex, so perhaps you should ask him what he did. I could feel when he put his penis right at the opening when it went in." She paused, "Yes, I could feel every time it went in. But I don't know if that counts if he doesn't go all the way in. Does it?”

Eyes turned to Cooper.

He grinned. He knew full well she knew that she had his semen in her. How could that not be called sex? But, she clearly wasn't ready to say that. “Before I answer, let me ask: Trish, did you want me to have sex with you or not?

Bonnie butted in “What does that have to do with it? You either did or didn’t.”

Cooper was rather pleased with himself “Yes my penis was in your vagina. It was in far enough that if you want to say we had sex then we did. So if you want to get through the stress of doing it the first time we could say, we had sex even if it never went in all the way. If your self-image would be damaged by having had sex with me, then the answer is no. My penis never made it more than half way into you so we did not have sex.” Knowing he had their attention. “I just figure it is fairer to let you decide if you want to have sex or not when things aren’t quite as heated. So I’ll also give an ambiguous maybe.”

Sherry chimed in “That’s really sweet and thoughtful of you.”

Bonnie’s opinion was, “That’s Cooper, always over thinking things.”

But the opinion that mattered was Trish’s. “I do think it was thoughtful. And you are right; I would have regretted doing something like that in that way. So, we will say we did not have sex out there.”

Cooper felt vindicated and was sure his stock among the women just went up.

“But...” she said and paused so everyone looked at her. “I am quite sure I would like to have sex with you soon.”

Bonnie was sure her husband wanted to do her, and said casually “Sure, what do you want to do and when?”

Trish spoke slowly, “If….you are really OK with it...and I mean really OK.. I would like….to go in the bed room….” her words were getting so quiet they were almost inaudible “... I’d like Cooper to make love to me. Don’t hate me, I really liked what we did out there, but once, the first time, I’d like it to be just him and me.”

Bonnie was taken aback and even a little offended by the desire to exclude her, but she had no problems with Cooper showing her closest friend a good time. Cooper on the other hand was feeling like the real womanizer. His teasing had led to her wanting him and him alone. This boost of confidence would help should she want him to get it up again.

“Do you want to do it now?” Bonnie asked trying to keep her voice level.

“Yes. If I don’t go with it now, I might not have the courage later.”

Bonnie put on her brave face. “OK. Cooper, are you up to it now?”

“I think so.” He said, he actually wasn’t at all sure he’d be able to get a new erection, but hoped he would be when the time came.

Trish then added “My one concern is Misty. When will she be home? I can’t have her coming home while I am, well, doing that. I’m not ready to be as open as you guys are. Not yet. All this is just so much so fast. I need some time.”

Not long after the bedroom door shut Bonnie suggested that she give Sherry a belated tour of their home.

“I’d like to see the photo you spoke of in your bedroom. When those two finish, that is.”

“Not at all” Bonnie replied and they talked about the painting of Bonnie’s that Cooper had made for her as they headed to the game room.

Stepping into the large room that was the kid’s domain, Sherry looked around and said “Now this is a wonderful space for entertaining.”

Bonnie explained that her late father-in-law built it as part of the addition for his weekly football gatherings. “When I first came here, this room was a shrine to Georgia Bulldog football.”

Sherry said “I understand. Herb doesn’t miss a game each fall” as she took time to look at the three big photos on the wall: two family photos from Miami and the image of Cooper watching Bonnie swim nude over the reef. “I think you hit just the right note with these pictures on in here. You let visitors know you are free spirited, but you don’t actually show anything.” After she looked at the two-family photos she asked, “Is this Miami Beach?”

“Yes, right off Collins Avenue. Of course, there we didn’t get a second look.” Then Bonnie corrected “No, we got lots of second looks, and several people took phone pics, but no angry reactions.”

“I bet. The two of you bouncing down the sidewalk would have gotten everyone’s attention, even in Miami Beach” Shery responded.

With feigned innocence Bonnie said, “I would never deliberately make my boobs bounce by the way I walked on a busy sidewalk. What kind of shameless huzzy do you think I am?”

Sherry laughed “Oh, I’ve been there done that. From the late 60’s to the mid 70’s I don’t know if I put on a bra even once. And in ’72 &’73 semi-transparent shirts like that were almost an everyday sight in California, I had several even more sheer than yours. But this is not the 70’s and this is certainly not California. Kudo’s to you for your boldness to hang all three of these photos in what appears to be the teenage hangout room. May I assume your kids’ friends have responded quite well to the photos on the walls?”

“Oh yes” Bonnie replied. Not only have I become the coolest mom in town, Misty’s friends have been quite impressed at her self-confidence for letting me hang those photos of her from Miami. Lamar’s friends just drool.”

Sherry nodded “And all that supports you in your position that the publication of those photos this week did not disclose anything you have been trying to hide.”

Bonnie was glad someone understood why she’d been doing things over the past half a year. She knew eventually some photos from the Miami trip would surface, and she had indeed been planning for that eventuality.

Sherry also noted the bulletin board with the thank you notes and photo of Misty and Kelli in their lingerie as well as the photo of Misty, Hope and John Paul that Lamar had taken. Bonnie explained how the kids had gotten the idea when she told them about how Judy LeMarco had handled teens in her home. She pointed out the jar of used condom wrappers.

Sherry nodded “What an effective way to encourage condom use by the boys. A trophy jar. Very smart.”

Bonnie was feeling quite good about herself as they headed up the stairs. “Like the game room, the second floor is more or less the kid’s world up here. Only when I’m collecting laundry or we have overnight guests do adults come up the stairs. I am thinking about talking to the kids about continuing the theme from downstairs with family photos that would push boundaries.” She stopped at the end of the hall, where the doors to the guest room and Misty’s bedroom were located.

“About a month ago Misty tried to complain that her brother had looked in while she and her best friend had sex, yet when I questioned why her door had been open enough for him to see, she admitted they had baited him as a prank.”

Sherry put in, “Really? She left the door open while she had sex just to harass her brother? You really have destigmatized both nudity and sex for your kids. Good for you.”

“I’ve never thought about it that way, but I guess you are right. They simply do not see sex as the taboo subject most people do” Bonnie said. “That incident drove home a concern for Cooper and I that the kid’s hallway upstairs was out of our sight nearly all the time and yet teenagers were having sex up there every week. We decided we needed to establish some guidelines. We had a conversation and decided to make both specific rules and more general behavioral principles for the kids and their friends to account for the new realities.” She pointed to the two wood and metal signs that now hung between Misty’s door and the guest room, at the end of the kid’s hallway.

Mrs. C.’s Wisdom

  1. If you show respect your playmates you show respect for us.

  2. If you won’t be proud tomorrow of what you did tonight, don’t do it.

  3. If you are ashamed your friends might see, you shouldn’t be doing it.

Rules for Visitors: Non-Negotiable

#1- No means no; not maybe, not keep trying, it means stop now.

#2- Every penis put in a vagina must be covered with a condom.

#3- The door must be opened fully before your clothes come off.

#4- Looking in at your friends is cool, disturbing their moment is not.

#5- Possessing or using recreational drugs or alcohol betrays our trust.

Sherry read the list and nodded her head. “I like the moral principles you’ve set out. Those fill in all the gaps teens will find in your rules. Not that the rules are bad, though I’ve never seen them spelled out that way for teenagers before.

As they stepped into the guest room Bonnie explained “From working with the teens at church, I know how much they hate adults who won’t say what they mean. I could have just said use protection; but putting it as directly as I have, I hope they will be less likely to just blow it off as an adultism. I know the open-door rule might take some people as extreme, but I want the girls to know I take their safety seriously. I’ve told Misty to point out to her friends that neither her’s nor the guestroom bed can be seen unless someone makes a point to come down here and look in. The rule after that makes clear that if they do have sex, anyone in the house has permission to peek in or even watch as long as they don’t disrupt. I see that as an important safety measure even though it also has the effect of, as you said, destigmatizing sex as something that should be hidden. I think the girls will see that the ability to call for help outweighs any perceived need to hide their sexual activity. Conversely, if some guy does think that he can push a girl into sex, he knows he won’t have a closed room to do it in. And besides, I actually mean if they think no one should see, they shouldn’t do it. Well at least at the Campbell’s house”

Sherry quickly said “Once more I am quite impressed. Your children’s friends are lucky to have someone like you around. When I was the age of your kids, I had no guidance or guardrails. Like so many kids all I heard from the adults in my life was sex is bad, so when I became sexually active and found out sex was wonderful; I had no roadmap to ensure it stayed wonderful.”

Bonnie blushed a little at the praise from this older, much more experienced woman. “I just hope I am up to the job.” Then she shifted gears “This was Cooper’s grandparent’s bed that was bought when the original portion of the house was built in the 1920’s. While a few times a year it is used by out-of-town company, since last fall it has been used at least once a week as a love nest for Misty’s friends whose parents won’t let them have sex at home. Those thank you notes on the game room bulletin board are mostly from couples using this bed. My thought is that by providing a supportive place while also having clear boundaries and easy access to condoms,” she pointed to a small treasure chest on a stand beside the bed. “My kids and their friends will not only feel freed to explore their sexuality, but know they have easy access to very supportive adults who will be there when needed.”

“That is wonderful. More or less you are treating sex just like any other teenage activity; like sports or a hobby. I can see it, though once again, I’ve never seen anything like it in practice. When I was your age, some of my friends were simply permissive with their kids, leaving them on their own; and others used the problems they encountered as teens to justify the sex is bad routine that their parents had used. Both approaches had nearly universally disastrous results.”

Bonnie replied “I hope I’m up to the challenge. While I know that sex is a recreational activity, it is also more than that, and it is fraught with more potential challenges. I just know young people deserve better from adults.” Bonnie opened the little treasure chest. In it were dozens of condom packages. “My new thing, is finding all sorts of different condoms for the four condom containers in the house. Different colors, textures, sizes and even flavors. I now have a big box with dozens of different kinds of condoms that I use to refill this chest each week as well as the one in the kids’ bath, the guest bath and the game room. My idea is that by making picking out a condom fun, it will become a part of the experience for the kids. My hope is it will make it part of a positive routine as they develop their own habits. All Misty’s friends know they are free to take all they want, not just for themselves, but for any of their friends who might be hesitant to go into a local store and buy them. This is a small town after all. I hope with the room and the condoms I am doing an important service. I already am buying several dozen a week and suspect that will rapidly increase as we move into summer and our pool becomes a hang-out.”

Sherry nodded “Oh, I would expect that will happen given the fact you have made your home the go-to place.”

Bonnie went on “When my parents come to visit, I will just put away the condom boxes until they leave. I guess I’ll need to take down the two signs too.”

Sherry said “I had a friend years back who did sort of the same with their guest room. But they made it into a play room for their own friends, not their kids, at least initially. They were big football fans too, so they had people over nearly every Sunday, and everyone knew the playroom was available. They put mirrors on the walls and put up a love swing and erotic art. When their kids became teens, the room was used the same way you say Misty’s friends use this one.”

That gave Bonnie something to think on. As they were heading back down the hall, Sherry suggested “If this is mostly used as a love nest, you might consider a little décor like you have in your bedroom.”

“I thought of that, but was afraid it would be too overt.”

“Not with those signs outside of the door. You might even consider putting one of your glamour nudes up as well. After all, you are trying to set an example. And, like the signs and the condoms, you can always take it down when your mother or someone else like that comes to visit.”

Without a second thought Bonnie said “I’ll do that. I think you can tell I collect bronze sculptures, though to be honest they are all Chinese or Indian knock-offs. I have a couple a sexy pieces stuck in the closet with nowhere to put them and they will look great on those shelves.”

They made their way down the stairs. It seemed odd to Bonnie that her bedroom door was shut. She couldn’t think of the last time it was. The thought occurred to her that perhaps she didn’t need a door at all, but that seemed too extreme.

She opened the door of Cooper’s study. Walking in, Sherry was clearly taken aback. Looking at the photos she said “Well this would shock the socks off of a great many people in this town. Hell, this display would shock people from San Francisco.” Bonnie wasn’t sure why, but actual prints seemed different than the same image is seen on a screen: far more explicit. And looking at the entire dozen photos with Sherry, for the first time they really looked very explicit indeed, almost gratuitous.

She responded “The truth is I won’t leave these up beyond summer. For me putting them out in the relative open like this, was my way of coming out as it were. And that was before the photos of me having sex with that grad student on Haulover came out. Now I like to remind myself that I chose to show off these pictures before circumstance forced me to go public with our open marriage.”

Sherry looked at each of the photos. She particularly was impressed with the Five Mermaids. “In all my years in the swinger community, I’ve never seen someone with more willingness and commitment to own your choices than this. But you have reason to be proud. I surely never had photos of me of this quality, nor did anyone I knew other than the ones who were professional models or actresses.”

The more Sherry talked, the more interesting her background seemed to be.

For several minutes they talked about nude and erotic photography. Bonnie told her how this trip had been far from her first time to pose nude. “I’ve been posing nude for Cooper since he took a photography course when we were both in college. We had actually only started dating a few weeks before, but he had an assignment to do a classical nude; though the professor said if the students were uncomfortable with that, the model could wear a bikini. Poor Cooper, he was so shy and backward about sex back then. I only found out about it from a friend who he had asked to pose for him, in a bikini of course. It seems he thought it would not be appropriate to ask me since we had only just started dating. I was rather pissed he had asked someone else and told him flatly, he would use me as a model and I would not wear a bikini.”

Sherry laughed heartily at that. “Oh yes, you have only been pretending to be the model Southern wife. You’ve been a tiger all along.”

Bonnie laughed with her “I don’t know anyone else who has a nude oil painting of herself hanging over her bed. I hope I’m not too vain but, when Cooper surprised me with it; I said it had to go over our bed right off.” They talked a moment about all the erotic art and photos in the house before Bonnie went behind the couch and pulled out a sofa sized framed canvas print. “I had told Judy LeMarco at the party that this was one of my favorites, perhaps my very favorite, photo of the trip. It had only been an 8x10 when I saw it, so without me asking she had one made up like this for me. It just arrived this week. I think I might replace the similar one on the wall with this one.”

Sherry helped out as Bonnie took down the photo of Martin about to put his penis in while she sat on Cooper, and replaced it with the new photo, taken less than a minute before.

“Yes, I agree” Sherry said. “This one would be the one to leave up. Not only is it just you and Cooper, that fierce face of yours just dares anyone to challenge your life choices.”

Bonnie couldn’t have agreed more, so the picture stayed. As they made their way out to the pool deck, Sherry asked “Might I make a suggestion?”

“Sure. It’s clear you know a lot more about living this way than I do.” Bonnie said, dropping her robe and laying back on the chaise lounge.

“No, I’m not sure that is true. I know some things; but the truth is, when I was a swinger, it was all about hedonism. From what you’ve said today, you and Cooper have put a lot more thought into ethics and making free-love part of an avowed Christian community than I ever have. But some things I know from hard experience. I think you should consider moving those sex photos from Cooper’s study up to the guest bedroom. You are just beginning what might be a long fight, and you might not want to arm your enemies. I understand why you want to put them out. You want to make it clear you have nothing to hide and nothing for which to be ashamed; but your nudes do that already. You have some truly amazing photos in there. That underwater photo could be in a gallery. Besides that, for Cooper to have his office decorated in nudes of his beloved wife comes across as sweet, if a little eccentric rather than pervy. In that upstairs guest room, there is little chance of a casual visitor seeing them. Those going in there to have sex are not the ones you need to be worried about. In fact, having photos of you having sex will support your position that sex is not something that need be hidden.”

Bonnie didn’t hesitate to agree and to thank her for her input. It seemed that she may have found a mentor in some of these things beyond Judy LeMarco.

Sherry went on, “I would say put the big orgy photo from your room over the guest bed and the photo of you and Cooper having anal in its place. You said Cooper has taken photos of you since you met; do you still have any of the negatives?”

“As far as I know, they are all in a box in the storage room. Since we went digital, they were just put away.”

Sherry sat up on her elbow, “Remember how I told you my second husband threw out nearly all of my photos from my first marriage?

Bonnie mimicked Sherry’s behavior. “Yes?”

“What I didn’t say was that a few months ago, I ran across a large mailing envelope with strips of 35mm negatives. I don’t know how many. I’ve looked at some by shining light through them, and while most are just normal things, there were at least some that have nudes and even one of the strips I could tell had sex photos. Most of the frames though, I have no idea what they are. The older ones are all black and white since back in the 70’s it was hard to find places that would process those kinds of pictures, even in California, let alone make enlargements. What do you say next week you and I drive to Atlanta to see a professional lab and get them digitized an perhaps printed? I’m sure a good many of the negatives are damaged, but a good lab can fix most anything.”

Bonnie sat all the way up. “I’d love that. Not just to get the negatives done, but I’d love to get to know you better.” She didn’t explain that Cooper had scanned many of the old negatives, but those scans were not good enough for wall sized enlargements.

She began to lay back before looking over to the house “I’m not sure how long those guys will keep at it.”

“That depends on your husband I think.”

They both laughed and made comments about men before they lay back in the warm Georgia sun. A little later Sherry inquired “You said your young girlfriend spent two nights with you, might I ask how you explained that to your kids?”

Bonnie laughed “Oh, I just told them at dinner one night that Heather was spending Friday and Saturday night. Since they had already seen the photos of their father and I having sex with her, they just assumed she would stay in our bed. Misty not only walked in on Heather riding her dad in his LazyBoy on Friday night; the two of them had a nice chat while Heather kept working her hips on him. No fuss, not even any embarrassment that she could plainly see her father’s erection going into Heather while she ground her hips on him as they talked.”

“You see, we have never shut our bedroom door. She and Lamar have seen their dad and I having sex many, many times; though, Lamar thought seeing us do it with a girl only a couple of years older than his sister was worth watching. Both nights, as per the house rules, he stayed quietly behind the living room couch while he watched us with Heather. I only know that because his sister found him masturbating and told me. Though I think that was the first time she’d ever seen him jack off, she didn’t seem to find it objectionable. In her bossy big sister way though, she reminded him to clean up his semen when he was done. The next day we even had dinner conversation about what they saw us doing. You see Heather very much enjoys feeling Cooper move slowly in her while she and I lay face to face talking and kissing and such. She says she gets a great deal of comfort from that. Watching us hardly moving like for close to an hour confused both of them. But, in our family, they felt free to ask about it and Heather was very open about why she enjoys doing that. If you asked our kids, I think they would say sex is just a normal part of life.”

Once again Sherry went on about how impressed she was, and about the fact that she’d not heard a word of this from even the gossipiest women at church.

Bonnie was very pleased indeed. Even the fact Cooper was making love to Trish seemed to validate her choices. But it was time for Sherry to do some explaining. She’d made so many references to what had to be quite a past. “So” Bonnie said “Tell me about those memories we brought back.”

All the while Sherry talked; Bonnie kept an eye on her phone’s clock.

Inside the bedroom was a new experience for Cooper. Yes, he’d had sex with five other women in the past three months; and Heather had spent an last weekend with them, more importantly, she spent two nights in bed with him and Bonnie. But this was very different. He and Trish made love, and that was a first. Tender and passionate came the caresses and kisses. Even as he was on top of her slowly cycling in and out, it was love making, not fucking. He liked Trish and he knew this was not going to be a one-off kind of thing.

Outside, Bonnie listened to Sherry’s stories, and they were quite good. An hour came and went. It was one hour and sixteen minutes after the bedroom door shut, that her husband and her best friend reappeared onto the pool deck. The green-eyed monster told her Cooper and Trish had been making love for longer than she and her husband usually did it. Coming out of the room fully dressed Trish virtually floated as she crossed the expanse of concrete. Bonnie stood by her lounge chair and Trish hugged her. With a genuine sincerity, her friend said “Thank you so much. You are so lucky. In fifteen years of marriage Evan never made love to me like that. I will never forget your kindness in letting me experience your husband.” The nasty pall of jealousy evaporated with the sincerity of Trish’s appreciation.

Cooper began to unbutton his shirt “We didn’t know you guys were out like this, it would have saved us the effort of getting dressed.”

Sherry asked how it had gone and Trish gushed about Cooper’s performance, and alternately condemned her ex-husband. Though Trish was honest in her appreciation for how good Cooper had been as a lover; she was not quite ready, even now, to admit, that despite her repeated assertions, this was not her first sexual experience in the two years since she’d been divorced. And though Cooper's performance had eclipsed her ex-husband's, she had experienced that kind of fully realized sexual joy before. She would tell them soon about her brief love affair, but not today.

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28 Şub 2023

I enjoyed the structure of this chapter: Cooper and Bonny at the lawyer, the visit by Trish and Sherry, Cooper making love to Bonnie and Trish, and then Bonnie giving Sherry a guided tour while Trish and Cooper made passionate love behind a closed door. This is where Bonnie had to step back to allow her best friend and husband the time to make love. Their lovemaking was different from how Bonnie usually had sex with her lovers. She had a flash of jealousy and some insight.

The sex scene between Cooper, Bonnie, and Trish was hot and the image enhanced the narration. Trish has her secrets to make her a more rounded character.

My question is: How can you…


24 Kas 2021

This is another interesting episode in the life of Cooper and Bonny. They are sharing their sexual philosophy to their close friends. Not many women would share their husbands with others - Bonny allowing Trish to experience Cooper's lovemaking. You've set up a nice entrance to Trish's earlier brief love affair for another episode. The pictures of Bonny and Cooper's sailing holiday give you lots of mileage to introduce your philosophy to friends and young people. It is also great you give another side of Christian loving. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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