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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 25

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel BOOK TWO Sexual Freedom, a Revolutionary Ideal

Chapter 25 Trish, Byron & The Euro-Club

Though Bonnie had time to play her games with the workmen, the rest of the family had been very busy all week. Every morning Cooper left well before the kids as he settled into his new world at Augusta State. Misty and Lamar were just as busy with their end of school-year projects and preparing for exams.

Misty was amazed how quickly people adapted to new realities. By that week (the 3rd week since the photos had come out), she was starting to become accustomed to the attention at school; and it seems the school was getting used to the new position Misty had in the social hierarchy (though exactly what that position had become was unclear). . The teachers also seemed to be working hard to overlook Misty. Whatever her dad had said to his friends on the School Board, it seemed to have had an immediate effect on the faculty. Even the cheerleaders seemed to have accepted a tense truce

Misty had also begun planning for her annual end of the school-year pool party. She’d done this every year since the end of 4th grade. This year however, her mother made it clear that Misty was old enough to do all the planning and preparations herself. It was that announcement back in March that led her to ask her friends to cosponsor it with her. They had decided the party would be a sort of "coming out" event for the Euro-Club with super skimpy matching swimsuits.

While the concept of the Euro-Club had only developed last summer, it was not the case that these girls had only recently become Misty’s social circle. Sparta was a rural town and she’d known half the girls her entire life from St. Thomas UMC and the rest she’d known from school for years. So, while the group of ten girls were “sponsoring” the event for the first time, all nine of the others had been at most of the previous pool parties. Misty was the linchpin that all the girls had in common, so at school they had not necessarily been seen as a single group like members of a ball team or school club. Now, unexpectedly, the Euro-Club had suddenly become well known (and much talked about) at Jefferson Davis High. The upcoming party at Misty’s had suddenly become a big deal at school.

A month before events made their little group public, Misty and her friends had met one afternoon to decide on and to order Euro Club tee shirts and matching bikinis. It had been the first concrete step they had taken to make the “club” more than just a name they had given themselves. They'd had fun trying on all of Misty and her mother's tiny bikinis so as to decide what kind to order as a sort of club uniform for the summer. In the end, they had agreed to order two bikinis, not just one. Both were thongs but one bikini was fashion forward and the other just plain skimpy. They were as racy as the girls thought they could get without getting into legal trouble when they posted pics this summer. Rebecca, who was quite an artist, had designed the royal blue tee-shirts to push buttons; yet not violate the school’s dress code so they could, if they wanted, wear them to school. On the front was the name Euro-Club-Hancock County surrounding a ring of yellow stars, like the European Union flag. On the back the shirt had the silhouette of a bikini, the bottoms of a thong bikini rather, with the words “No Shame-No Apologies.”

The shirts arrived at the Campbell’s house on Monday and the bikinis on Friday. With the news the bikinis had arrived, they were all caught up in the excitement. Because of their new visibility and popularity, all of the club girls had been given invites to the end of school parties of the most popular people. This was quite a change for all ten of them. They all knew their new-found popularity emanated from their relationship to Misty, but that was OK with them. This new popularity also had transformed their party from a second-tier event, into the most talked about activity of the month, maybe even the year.

Given recent events, they could not resist deciding they should wear the shirts before school let out. Every week at Jefferson Davis, school clubs wore their respective tee-shirts, so a plan was made for everyone to come by Misty’s on Saturday morning to get the new shirts. It was simply fortuitous that the bikinis arrived on Friday and the weather was great for the group’s first swim day at the Campbells.

On Saturday, just before ten, the girls of the Euro Club descended on the Campbell home. By her mother’s design, they had the house to themselves. Lamar had spent the night at Byron’s, and Mom & Dad had gone to Milledgeville to do some shopping. Since Misty’s room was manifestly too small for ten girls to use as a changing room and the house was empty, Misty asked if anyone objected if they all just try things on in the game room. None did.

The fashion suit had blue rubberized neoprene strapping (like on a wetsuit) with narrow gold mesh panels just covering the nipples and mons. While holding the suit to the light, the gold panels seemed quite see-through, but when wearing them, they became completely opaque (almost). The effect was that the suit effectively framed their breasts and vulvas, but left more skin exposed than covered. The second bikini differed in both fabric and cut. To put it simply, it was small, very small. It was made of very light weight unlined blue spandex, with gold stars like on the EU flag. When Rebecca tried it on, she commented that the top was so narrow that when she moved quickly, the sides of her areola showed. Haley also pulled at the front of her bikini, which wanted to ride up her cleft in and said “Yea, this will take some getting used to”

Connie agreed “I’ve never had anything to ride up like this does, not even my smallest panties.” Misty pointed out “I have some bottoms like this that I bought in Miami last year, and yes you are right it does take some getting used to. But I assure you, it will drive the guy’s wild.”

It was evident that several of the club girls needed all the sun they could get before the party, so they all headed out to the pool. Some stretched out on the lounge chairs, but a few waded down into the water. It was still rather cold, but the sun was fully up and half the girls decided the cold was not a problem (at least for a little while). Misty assured them that by the time they get back from lunch the water would be warm enough to swim.

When Caitlin decided the water was just too cold for her, they all realized exactly how thin the string bikini was when she came out of the water. Everyone could see the effect. The fabric became almost see through. The way it clung to her nipples and vulva made it look like it was body paint, not a real swimsuit. Anyone looking closely could see quite a bit…well pretty much everything there was to see.

Caitlin pulled the fabric from her body making it less form fitting, though only marginally so. “Well girls,” Kelli announced “we wanted to push the limits; we will certainly do that with these outfits.”

Kelli, Caitlin, Haley, JoAnne, Hope and Rebecca all agreed, but Iris, Connie, and Jeannette weren’t so sure.

“I didn’t know this bikini would be so thin” Jeannette hedged.

“When she got out of the water, I could see everything” Iris added.

Kelli responded “Yea, but look now, the bottoms are hardly showing anything.”

“What do you mean?” Rebecca said “That is about as close to everything as you can get.”

“But,” Kelli replied. “It’s not see-through. It just shows the shape of her girl parts. And I think it looks very sexy.”

Sure enough, after just another minute of drying time, the folds of her vulva were not as obvious, but the outline and shape of her nipples stayed plainly visible. Haley, with a look of puzzlement, asked “Didn’t we want to push the boundaries? Isn’t that what we all wanted? We even talked about how the web site said it was somewhat see-through when wet.”

Rebecca shook her head, “That suit is not somewhat see-through, it is completely see-through. I’m not saying we shouldn’t wear them, but we need to be aware of what we will be showing if we get in the water.”

The two hold outs weren’t convinced. Iris, who was the most voluptuous girl in the group called from the water, "I don't have Caitlin's amazing figure. Sure, it looks hot on her, but I can't imagine people will want to see me like that."

JoAnne shot back at Iris, "I don't have any figure at all. At least you have great big boobs. This bikini just makes it clear I have the body of a twelve-year-old."

Her fellow club members rejected both girls’ assessments outright. Jeanette pointed out that JoAnne’s heart shaped pubic hair (dyed purple to match the mop of hair on her head and showed plainly even with the bottoms on) would certainly tell people she was not a little girl.

When Connie asked if JoAnne would shave it off before the party, it sent the group off on a rabbit trail about pubic hair.

“No, are you kidding. I’ve spent months learning how to color and shape it just right” JoAnne shot back. “Haven’t you thought far enough ahead to realize that we need to be stylish, even when we go naked. I have put a lot of thought into my nude summer look, and the heart above my pussy is my personal statement of both style and independence.”

The other girls thought for a moment then agreed with her assessment. Haley then added “The top of my pubes also show wearing these bottoms, and I agree it makes a statement. If this doesn’t get people talking, nothing will.”

The other’s laughed and discussed how it was good that the ten of them did not all do the same thing “down there.” Misty summed up the short discussion by saying “It is good we show that even while we are unified in believing that our bodies are our own, we don’t feel pressure to do what the other club members do with them. There is nothing I hate more than non-conformist who dress exactly like everyone else in their group. I think the purple hair in both places looks great on JoAnne and reflects her personality perfectly. But for me, I like the hair on my head natural and my bottom smooth. I like how it looks on me.” Then she smiled and added “And when someone licks my bare skin down there it drives me crazy… not only that, when I get myself off, which I do a lot, I like how the smooth skin feels to my fingers.”

Everyone laughed, and several said “Me too.”

JoAnne nodded but made her position clear “I play with myself like all the time, but I can’t imagine getting off without playing with my hair. For me it is a part of the experience and I would not want to give that up.”

That got comments of agreement from Haley and Caitlin. The others nodded before Misty put in “JoAnn’s look is great for her, and I think Haley & Caitlin’s trim but natural hair look super sexy on them…and they both know how much I like playing with their pubes.”

More laughter.

“The freedom to do what works for each of us individually has got to be one of our club’s goals.” Mrs. Campbell, who had returned home as the girls were going outside, was bringing out a tray of drinks for the girls. Hearing what Misty said, she added “I couldn’t have said it better myself.” Caitlin meanwhile had been toweling off vigorously. Once finished the fabric was mostly dry and opaque.

“See” Caitlin said “It just took a minute to dry it off.”

The girls looked closely and Iris said “OK. It just freaked me out at first. I guess I’ll just be aware who is looking when I first get out of the water.”

“Like Michael?” Rebecca teased.

Iris thought about it for a minute then agreed “Yea, he’ll like that. He likes my boobs” she said grabbing her large breasts that were mostly left exposed by the pizza wedge shaped top panels. Though Iris was on the larger side, Misty thought she was pretty and well proportioned. She and her geek boyfriend Michael made a good pair. She reached down to the water and splashed some on her chest, making it sheer again. When the bikini top was wet, her small nub like nipples and big areolas were easily discernible. “Now that I think about it, he’ll get off on me showing off like this.”

The girls laughed. Haley added “Gregg will just be disappointed I don’t’ go naked”.

Misty had known Haley since she and her mom and sister had moved to Sparta back in 3rd grade. The family had joined St. Thomas UMC right off, so she and Misty had been in the same Sunday School class since then. By extension, the two girls went to the same church sponsored children’s activities, the same birthday parties and sleepovers and since Mrs. Jackson melded into Misty’s mom’s social circle, Haley’s family came over to the Campbell’s from time to time. However, Misty and Haley had not become close friends until the last couple of years. Haley’s life revolved around athletics and well …Misty was (to put it charitably) not athletically inclined. Only as the St. Thomas Youth Group became to be an important part of their lives, had the two begun to see themselves as belonging to the same social circle.

All the group knew that Haley was the most sexually experienced of the Euro-Club members by a long shot. As best as Misty could determine, she’d had more sex with more guys than all the other nine of them combined. She had been an early bloomer and had begun giving blowjobs when she was in 7th grade. Just a few weeks after her fourteenth birthday, at a sleepover at Connie’s house, she’d told the girls all about how she’d “done it” with a guy the weekend before at a rodeo. Haley had been barrel racing since she was eight, and though she’d played soccer and softball in middle school, she had dropped them in favor of devoting her efforts to racing. As Misty understood it, her mother had grown up on a farm in Iowa and been a champion barrel racer when she was younger. In their house was a wall of Mrs. Jackson’s plaques, ribbons and trophies. Haley’s little sister, Bethany, also raced; but, she had not given up softball when she started high school as Haley had. Misty had gone with Haley to ride horses a number of times; and while it had been fun, she was not bitten by the horse lover bug.

According to her, all of Haley’s early sexual experiences were at rodeos and other racing events. It was long a normal part of sleepovers for Haley to recount the cowboys she’d blown or ridden since the last time they’d all gotten together. Though that first time, it had felt like a bit much to the small group of church girls; however, in time it just became “Oh well, Haley is just doing her thing again.” According to Haley, from the very first time, her mother had been completely supportive of her choice to be sexually active; so, rather than impeding her messing around at events, her mother helped ensure she had a safe and comfortable place to do it. Haley’s family’s big horse trailer had living space for both their two horses and for people; so it became her most frequent place for sex at rodeos, while her bedroom was where she had sex back home.

Though she had sex with a lot of guys, Haley was adamant she was not one to used or abused. If the guys didn’t yield to her direction, they did not have sex. Once she’d told Misty “When I’m riding a bronc or bull rider it is in many ways like riding my horse. I use my whole body to ensure he knows who is in charge no matter how big and strong he is. Even if he is on top, I’ve got my legs wrapped around the stud so tight that I am still riding him. They always do what I want. Those cowboys have a macho image. While they want others to think they are always in charge, when I ride them, they know they are the bull and I’m the rider. Just like breaking a bronc, I have to work hard till he knows who is boss; but when I’ve done that, it’s all pleasure. Doing any other kind of guy isn’t the same because the rodeo guys are so much more like animals themselves.” Misty had not known what to say to that, though the idea of having sex with a stinky sweaty cowboy on top of her did not appeal to her one bit.

From hearing Haley tell it, having sex for her was as much a part of the events she went to as the racing was. She said she had a “stable” of rodeo guys she did it with, but didn’t do any of them regularly enough for them to get the idea they owned her. From what Misty could figure, Haley had done it with at least a dozen different cowboys in the last three years, though it was likely twice as many. While she’d been talking (bragging) about her sex life for years; the week after Mrs. C had told the club girls about her open marriage, Haley had confided to Misty things she’d never told anyone before about her mother’s openness to Haley and her sister about sex. Misty could tell Haley was happy she could now tell someone about it. She understood how stifling family secrets can be. As almost a preface, Haley had told Misty that years ago when she was telling her how babies were made, her mother had told her all about how she’d been conceived in a horse trailer at a rodeo. It seems her grand-parents had forbidden her mother to even talk to the guy she was madly in love with. Haley never said exactly how much older her father was than her mother, but she did say her mom was still in high school and had gotten pregnant on purpose so that they could get married. That was all Misty had ever heard of Haley’s father, and she just assumed if Haley wanted to say more, she would. She told Misty that her mother has a man she’s been doing it with at rodeo events for almost three years. She went on to explain he was not the first rodeo guy to sleep with her mom at events, but this was more than a fling. She went on to say that over that time the man has spent the entire night in their trailer dozens of times. “But, that is only when his wife isn’t at the event with him. Yes, he is married. If his wife is there, they just have a quickie during the day; but when she isn’t, Mom closes the curtain to her bed over the gooseneck and they do it on and off all night. Understand the living area in the trailer is really small. Bethany and I sleep on the main floor, but there are no walls. It is just one room with that curtain giving only the smallest bit of privacy. Not only can we hear every little sound, but if it is bright outside, we can more or less see through the curtain as they go on and on.”

Misty asked if it had bothered her or her sister.

“Well, the first time it was weird. Mom has had guys over to the house for sex occasionally since we were little. Not a lot, but perhaps once every month or two; and they never stayed the night. She’s never really had a boyfriend as such. She always described the men as friends from work. Like I said before, she told us about how babies were made and all that when we each got to be about five years old. As part of that talk, she told both of us right out that when she brings men over, she has him put his penis in her vagina. She told us that it makes her feel good, but the doctor has made it so she will not make a baby when his sperm gets in her. So, we understood she was having sex even though we only understood the mechanics for a long time. Sometimes we would ask what she’d done when she’d gone out with friends. She’d tell us she’d gone out to dinner, or a club or perhaps a movie then, as often as not, she’d tell us they went somewhere so they could have sex. We never really thought anything of it. Dinner, movie, sex, just boring adult stuff to us.”

“The first time she did it in the trailer’s upper bed while we were right there in the lower bed, it was just a fling and he didn’t stay long. I was twelve and Bethany was nine. Before she asked him to come in, she told us that she had asked a friend to come over. By then we understood a lot more and since she never used cute words to hide what she did with men; she told us that she wanted to have sex with her friend and the loft bed was the most comfortable place. She assured us that if we said we didn’t want her to do it in the trailer, they would do it in the cab of the truck instead. Bethany and I didn’t have to think on it, we told her we didn’t mind.”

“I’m not sure why, but I let her know that we’d both seen lots of videos with people having sex, so we knew what she would be doing. At the time I didn’t understand why she thought that was funny. I do now. But once we’d said it was OK, she brought him in, they went up to the bed and closed the curtain. It was pretty quick as I recall, then after he left, she had us crawl up into the loft with her and we all talked about what we thought about her doing that with us there. Until she started her thing with the guy she sees now, she only had sex in the trailer like that three more times; but the pattern was set. Even now, she asks if it is OK if she has sex with us in the trailer. A few times one of us said we’d rather her not that night, and she didn’t.”

Misty found it fascinating how Haley’s experience was so different than her own; yet it seems the values represented in the two families were remarkably similar: respect, open communication and a belief that sex is a normal and positive part of life. She supposed it was the family make up that made the difference. Misty’s family had an equal number of males and females, while Haley’s had no males at all. To Haley’s family, men were outsiders and used to meet the needs of the women and no more. She wondered how Haley’s experiences differed from Caitlin’s. In Caitlin’s family, men were overlords and the females seemed to be the ones there to meet needs. Misty was sure this idea would take more thought.

Haley, oblivious to Misty’s ruminations, went on with her story. “That night was actually the first time my mother told me that she expected that within a few years I would be having sex too. At the time that seemed a ridiculous concept; but she was right, two years later I was having sex. That night as we talked in her loft bed, she said for me to let her know when I was ready and she’d get me on the pill. She told me that when I started having sex on our trips, I could use the upper bed when I had guys over to the trailer. She let me know she would not mind sleeping with Bethany down below. Now five years later, as much sex as I’ve had though, I’ve never done it when Mom’s been in the trailer. Many times Bethany has been up in the loft behind the curtain while I’ve done it with guys in the lower bed, but never Mom.”

Misty had been curious. “If sex is so normal to you and your mom, why not?”

Haley had laughed at the question. “Well two reasons. One is that, believe it or not, those shit kickers are crazy conservative about sex. While they will stick their pricks in anything that moves, they want to do it where no one knows they are doing it. Would you believe in all the times I’ve had sex with those guys, I’ve never once had a threesome with them? It wasn’t until I did it with Connie, Gregg, & Devin the first time that I’d ever done it with more than one person at a time. I’ve suggested guys bring a friend along more than once, and while they act like they want to, they never carry through. Screwing with my mom in the trailer would be impossible for those guys; though I suspect they’d jump at the chance of her joining us for a threesome. But the other reason is more important. The minimum age for bull and bronco riding is 18, and most of the riders are in their twenties. While my mother trusts me to pick the guys I want to do it with, until this year, she couldn’t officially give me permission when I want to do it with a bull or bronco rider. Up until recently, she pretended not to know when I do it with older guys. That is why, even now, when I bring home someone for sex, it is always someone in high school. Mom prefers to be open with my friends that she knows what we will be doing so they’d better not get out of line. I guess after having to hide it from her parents, she doesn’t want me to have to even act like I’m hiding that we are fucking. And of course, she just loves Gregg. She’d be happy if he moved in with me…actually we have talked about him staying all summer. So until this spring, when I do it at events, she has to pretend she thinks they are calf ropers or steer riders, not actual bull or bronco wrestlers.” She paused and added “Oh, I’m pretty popular with some of the cowgirls who ride barrels too. Last fall it was really funny when she realized one of the women she hangs out with at events is someone I’ve been having sex with for over a year. I guess she didn’t realize it because we do it in her trailer not ours.”

Misty was actually shocked. She had never considered that at least some of the guy’s (and apparently women) Haley had been telling them about were adults, not teenagers. She thought back over what she recalled had been said in the past. She was sure Haley had led them all to believe the guys she’d been doing it with had been her own age. Misty wished Haley hadn’t clarified that part, though at least she was now seventeen so the men (and women) she did it with were not breaking the law (at least in Georgia). She would not tell her mother about this. There was no reason to give Mom information that might be a problem for her later.

Even while she knew she couldn’t condone what Haley was saying, she would not condemn it either. It was not her place to stand in judgement on Haley. However, it was not hard at all to condemn people in their twenties for screwing a fourteen or fifteen-year-old girl. Just because she had a hot body and was asking them to do her was no excuse. Now Misty understood why none of the selfies Haley was so fond of taking ever showed the guy’s face. Those guys must have known what they were doing was illegal, even if Haley didn’t know or care.

Misty would not tell Haley she thought it was wrong for those men and women to bed her when she was so young because she felt she owed her a debt. It had been Haley’s bold stand at school that had assisted her in summoning the courage to stand up for her own actions over the past few weeks. Years before Misty had to take that stand, Haley had refused to pretend she didn’t have sex just for fun. Haley’s refusal to let other’s slut shame her for that had embolden Misty to tell people all she had over the past few weeks. She knew she needed to take the time to thank Haley for paving the way for her and the rest of the club girls, but she would do that later.

The truth was, Haley relished in the fact people gossiped about the number of guys with whom she'd had sex. Having screwed several loudmouth jocks from school in her pickup truck, she was talked about a lot. From what Misty had heard from her time around the school’s ball teams, half the jocks claim to have screwed her; however, Misty knew she'd not done it with remotely as many school guys as her reputation indicated.

Part of the reason she had a reputation was that since she was a freshman, Haley had very openly invited guys over to have sex in her bedroom. Other than Misty, she was the only Euro-Clubber whose mother explicitly condoned her having sex at home. Since late last summer Haley and Greg Green had been an item. For most of their sophomore year, he had been just one of several of Haley’s school fuck buddies; but in time their relationship evolved beyond sex. By last summer they were madly in love.

Brash, athletic, big boned Haley and quiet, sensitive, artistic Gregg seemed at first glance to be an odd match, Yet, in the year they’d been a couple, they had proven to be wonderful together. He was perfect for her for many reasons. Not the least was that her reputation at school as a super-slut didn’t bother him; and the knowledge that she would continue to have sex with her “stable” at rodeo events even as they became a couple did not put him off. Gregg was the first guy she had dated that accepted her knowing that she had no intention of being monogamous. Misty’s respect for Haley as a person helped mold her conception of sexual morality even before her mother made the changes in her life. Though she knew (in detail) of her friend’s sexual behavior, even as a fourteen-year-old, she simply never thought of Haley’s casual sex at rodeos as degrading or immoral. She had often wondered how much Haley and her selfies helped prepare Misty for her mom’s sexual behavior the next year. It was only after Mom’s announcement to her friends that she’d had sex with fourteen men in the last year that had allowed her to tell Haley how much she’d prepared her to learn about (and see) her mom having sex with other men just for fun.

Another reason that Gregg and Haley worked so well together is how easily he melded into Haley’s social circle. Gregg’s best friend was Devin Riker who was Connie McGill’s boyfriend; and Connie was Haley’s best friend. Connie and JoAnne (both St. Thomas & Euro-Club members) were both in the Jefferson Davis Drama Club with Gregg and Devin. Connie & Devin had originally brought Gregg along to Haley’s house so they could have a foursome. As it turned out, in addition to hitting it off in bed, Gregg and Haley hit it off personally as well. Perhaps it helped them have common ground when, during that first foursome, she saw that she and Connie were not the only BFF’s who had sex with each other; Devin and Gregg did too. While out for a ride a year or so ago, Haley had said “Watching them go down on each other as casually as and me and Connie do it was quite the surprise, and very hot. Our foursomes are just amazing. Everyone does everyone else. We’ve gone on for hours and hours in my bedroom. Mom’s even had to come knock on the door to let us know she has dinner for all four of us ready.”

From what Misty understood, Mrs. Jackson liked Gregg a lot and actually encouraged him to sleep over rather than go home late at night. If Haley’s family were not at a rodeo, most Saturday mornings she had been happy for him to join the family for a traditional Southern breakfast. Misty had actually not been surprised when Haley had said her mom had invited him to move in for the summer. Haley had told the group a hundred times how she had the perfect boyfriend.

When in February, Misty was preparing for her first time to have sex with a guy, she’d asked Haley “What is the difference between what you get from the rodeo guys and what you get from Gregg?” Haley didn’t seem to have to think about the answer. Right off she said “Like I’ve told you before, doing rodeo guys really is like the thrill I get from riding in competition. It’s about physicality and the thrill of the moment that I know won’t last. Most of the time it’s a matter of pulling off our clothes, getting his dick in me, going full tilt for about ten minutes then getting dressed again. There is no warming up, no cuddling. When we are naked, we are fucking hard. I normally only give a blow job long enough to get the condom on, then I’m on him.”

Misty was perplexed “Just ten minutes and it’s done?”

Haley nodded, “Yea, of actual fucking, yea with a guy that is good it’s about that, perhaps a few minutes longer. When I take the time to make my little diary videos that makes it last a few minutes longer, but I never do that with a guy the first time we screw. You have to understand, that kind of sex is all out work. It is like a sprint, whereas making love with Gregg is a walk in the park. With him it is all about being together; feeling his skin on mine, feeling his breath on my neck, and our naked bodies intertwined. We sometimes just hold one another for hours. His dick isn’t even hard, let alone in me for most of the time we are making love. It is so comfortable and relaxed that lots of times we have literally done it on-and-off all night long. My mom laughs about how many condoms we go through in a night because we use a new one each time we start to screw again. And we do screw, but even that is usually soft and loving, nothing like how the cowboys fuck me.” Misty repeated “But still, ten minutes from start to finish with the rodeo guys? I’m hardly getting warmed up after that long.”

Haley had laughed at that. “Sometimes that happens to me; but there are always more cowboys to rope and ride if the first guy doesn’t do the job.”

Misty had to join her laughing.

Haley followed up with “Mom says as long as I’m in control and the dicks are covered with a condom, there is no reason to stop at just one, or two or however many I want to do it with.”

That conversation had been enlightening. However, as much as Haley liked to talk about enjoying her time with those bronco & bull riders, she also had made it clear on more than one occasion that while she loves to ride them; as people they tend to be controlling jerks and she’d never want one as a boyfriend. “The honest truth is, as much as they like the time they spend with me, they wouldn’t want a girlfriend as independent as me either.”

While Misty had heard Haley say she doesn’t regret any of the guys with whom she’d had sex, that does not mean it had all been smooth sailing for her. When she was still fourteen, she became pregnant. She told Misty she had a good enough relationship with her mother that as soon as she saw she was late. She went to her mother and admitted that she had not been taking her birth control pill every day and two of the guys she’d screwed since her last period had not used a condom. By her account the pills she’d been given by the doctor to end the pregnancy had been painless and she’d never regretted doing so. Her mother had taken her in to get an IUD as soon as it could be arranged and from then on Haley was militantly pro-choice and pro-condom. Well before noon, the ten girls had put back on their street clothes and piled into three of the cars to go into town for pizza. The plan was that after lunch they would come back to start working on the party and a new website for the club. Before she left, Misty made a point to tell her mother the club girls would be back from lunch in a couple of hours to work on their projects. “We were planning on doing our work out by the pool, so if you could keep Lamar out of our hair.” Bonnie said she could do that, but she needed to let her friends know that Trish would likely stay for a while to sun after she brought her brother home.

Lamar, Trish and Byron arrived less than an hour after the girls had gone. A number of cars were still in front of the Campbell home so Trish had to park on the road. Lamar and Byron went to the game room to play video games and their mothers went out to the pool to sun bathe.

Given the fact the Campbell swimming pool lay at the side of the house, the kitchen & dining room windows gave a direct view of the entire pool. Additionally, about half of the pool and the old patio could be seen from the kid’s game room. As such, there was no part of the outdoor living space that could not be seen from the house. Bonnie saw Trish looking around deciding where was “safe” to lay out where the boys could not see. Knowing this would be a first for her friend, Bonnie moved one of the lounge chairs behind the outdoor serving table, the one spot not visible from the game room or kitchen.

“How about this?” Bonnie asked. The spot would still be partially visible from Lamar’s bedroom window on the second floor but the boys were playing video games downstairs. Trish looked around before agreeing.

Bonnie removed her coverup which was all she had been wearing and lay down. Trish sat down on the chaise. It took a moment but she pulled off her sun dress, then slid her bikini bottoms to the ground. “I can’t believe I’m doing this” as she laid out nude on the chaise lounge. “What if the boys come out?”

“Then I’ll shoo them back in if you want” Bonnie answered as she collected her cover-up and Trish’s sundress & bottoms and placed them on the nearby umbrella table.

“But you don’t understand, I don’t’ think my son has seen me unclothed since he was nursing.” Bonnie knew Trish had been somewhat shocked a few years back when she found out she didn’t hide her nudity from Misty and Lamar, but still Bonnie was surprised at her friend’s statement. So Bonnie asked “He’s never walked in on you dressing or in the tub?”

“No, not that I know of. I am not sure how he would react if he sees me out here like this.” “I’m sure Lamar told him about you laying out last year topless, especially after the time Byron walked out and saw me and Misty sunning” Bonnie said. “That kind of thing is dinner table conversation at our house.”

Trish looked over “Do you mean Lamar has seen me?”

“Of course. I’m sure he has seen you topless. Sure he wasn’t home every time we laid out last summer; but if you don’t think he ever got a look at the women in our group, then you don’t know much about teenage boys. Last summer, whenever he wanted to, he could see all of us right from the kitchen, and most of us from the game room. Not just you and me, but all the women. And Misty and her friends for that matter. I just assumed you had thought that out.”

Her friend was clearly trying to be calm “Uh, no, I guess I didn’t think about it. But you don’t mind?” “No, why should I? I’d rather him look at a real woman like you than some photo shopped picture on the net.” Bonnie said in a relaxed manner.

Trish took a moment to answer, “I guess you are right. But what will they do if they see me… I mean us out here together like this?” Trish asked.

Bonnie said “Well if I know fifteen-year-old boys their natural response to seeing two super-hot women naked of course would be… to run away in embarrassment.”

They laughed then Bonnie added “Afterward they would find a way to spy on us. Boy’s that age are all about curiosity, but very self-conscious about their responses to such things. Well, normally. Lamar’s used to it enough. The day we opened up the pool for the summer was the first time since the kids were little that all four of us were out here naked. We used to do it a lot when the kids were small, but when Misty hit puberty, she insisted we stop skinny dipping as a family; until now. You should have seen him, my Lamar strutted around showing off his erection like a peacock.” “His erection?” Trish gasped.

Bonnie told the story of Cooper napping and the kids making fun of his hard-on, and of Lamar showing off his new growth.

Trish was still concerned, “But will he get like, wrong kinds of thoughts about me?”

“I don’t think Byron will, but Lamar might” Bonnie said then looked over at Trish spreading sun screen over her large breasts. “No, not might, Lamar most certainly will get those thoughts about you. Your boobs are a teenage boys dream.”

“And that doesn’t bother you? I mean if he looks at me sexually?”

“Why should it? Like I said, fifteen-year-old boys are always thinking and fantasizing about sex. But for most guys that age, those thoughts are not even related to reality. Nothing to worry about, he won’t attack you.”

They lay back and felt the warm rays on their skin.

“Oh, Misty and her friends will be back later. They might decide to stay in the air conditioning to do their work, but they might come out here right off. Either way, it will be just girls, no big deal.” Bonnie could tell this made Trish nervous.

“Trish,” Bonnie said firmly. “This is my pool. If it bothers the girls that we are sunning they can go inside, or around the corner where they don’t have to see our old shriveled bodies. But we cannot act ashamed or embarrassed if they come out. We have to set a good example to them.”

Trish agreed, though it was evident she was not yet sure she would stay nude while the teenage girls were out with them. Laying back they relaxed in the sun. Bonnie then told all about her wild afternoon the day before with the builders. She could not however, bring herself to tell how young the third guy was.

It was 2:00 when the Euro Club crew made it home. All ten girls headed up to Misty's room where they put on just the bottoms of their new string bikinis, took towels from the bath room, then went down the stairs and right out to the pool. Though Misty's friends had gotten used to seeing Bonnie topless last fall, and all had seen the nude photos; all but Misty and Kelli stopped cold when they reached the outdoor serving table and saw the two fully unclothed moms sunning.

Misty and Kelli, though initially startled, both unwrapped their towels and laid them on the granite topped table. The other eight bunched up as they one by one saw the two nude mothers, then stood as if frozen in place.

”Mom, I think you and Trish are freaking my friends out.”

Bonnie sat up and looked over to the girls “Would you rather Trish and I put on our bottoms?” Trish lay still with her eyes closed, feigning sleep.

Kelli, always the brash one, said “It doesn’t bother me. If you don’t mind, I’ll take my bottoms off too.” Without waiting for an answer, she pulled the tie of the blue thong. It fell to her feet on the flagstone pool deck.

Bonnie said "It's up to you. But I do like those new bottoms. They are very cute. But you girls should know I don't dictate to you how to dress at my house."

Haley, was the next to wake from the momentary paralysis. “Mrs. C. this is your house. Who are we to tell you how to dress? You are fine just like that. You just surprised us.” With that she tossed her towel onto the serving table with the others. That was followed shortly by the bottoms to her suit as well. Once Haley had unfrozen the others did as well. Misty, Caitlin and JoAnne also removed their bottoms right off.

The others, one by one, removed their bottoms without commenting, though Rachel and Jeannette said they would take off there’s too if they were not on their period. Though the tension had gone, it took until about 3:00 when Bonnie was serving the girls ice cream, wearing only her sheer cover-up, did the lack of clothes take on a sense of normalcy. After that no one seemed to much notice the nudity.

After the ice cream it was time to work on the party. Bonnie provided a credit card to allow the girls to buy a domain name for the Euro-Club’s web site. Misty figured through their collective skills they should have it up and running by the end of the day.

They broke into two groups; one working on the Club web site at one of the glass tables, the other on the larger wooden table worked on the party page. Though the groups initially had five girls each, only two could get close enough to see the computers well, so as it turned out, four girls worked while the rest swam or sunned, though those at the computers frequently sought input from those sunning. Back in the house the two fifteen-year-old boys eventually took a break from their endless video games to raid the refrigerator. One chance glance out the sink window to the pool area by Byron changed their plans. “They are naked!” he exclaimed.

Lamar, being a long-time peeper of females by the swimming pool, yanked the staring Byron away from the window.

”Stay down! You don’t want them to see you. If they do, some of them might put their tops back on” he whispered insistently.

“They’re naked” Byron mumbled.

“No, they always leave on their bottoms. I told you about it” Lamar replied.

“No, I saw their pussies, they are naked” he defended himself.

Rather than arguing, Lamar switched off the kitchen lights and said “Follow me.” The two boys crawled behind the dining room table and looked over toward the big bay window. The wooden blinds were down and the slats were mostly closed blocking their view. Lamar crept under the dining table to the right-hand window. Reaching up, ever so slowly he turned the blind’s wand. “Let me know when you can see out” Lamar directed. The wide wooden slats began to open wider and wider. Byron whispered “Good, that’s good.”

Lamar then, very slowly pulled the cord to lift the slats up to improve the view. Once he’d done all four blinds, he crept back to where Byron crouched behind the table looking out. From behind the table in the darkened dining room, they had a great view of the pool area, yet it was unlikely they could be seen by anyone outside.

“Oh Shit” Lamar groaned. “We’ve hit the motherlode” as just outside the window his sister and nine of her friends were completely naked. After a few minutes he realized a couple girls still had on their bottoms, but that was of little consequence.

The two boys watched enraptured.

“Look at those knockers” Byron hissed as Iris went down the stairs. “I think her tits are floating? Do they all do that?”

“I don’t know” Lamar said. Looking at Haley he went on, “But she’s way sweeter.” The tall girl’s long hair swept over her brown shoulders to her full weighty and tanned breasts. Below, her hips flared with a small patch of pubes. When she walked by them, the two boys salivated over her round ass as she turned then took a seat by the water.

By the time the boy’s attention switched to the slimmer Connie and Jeannette climbing the ladder to the slide, Lamar had, without a word, pushed down his shorts and boxers to begin masturbating. They had first jacked off in front of each other looking at pics of his sister & mother a few months before. From that time on, the two best friends did it pretty regularly. Normally they just looked at internet porn, but this was way better. They were looking out at a whole bevy of real girls, live before their eyes. When a pair of them happened to stroll by the window, they were just feet away. Byron soon followed Lamar’s lead and pushed down the swimsuit he’d worn to expose his erection. The two boys stroked their cocks’ side by side as they watched the show.

“Does she really have purple pubes?” Byron asked indicating a girl in the pool with purple hair. Lamar watched JoAnne for a few moments. Sure enough, her patch of pubic hair was purple. “You’re right” Lamar answered, “and it’s been shaped into a heart”

That discovery led Lamar to look at all the girls. About half of the club girls were shaven smooth like his sister and mom; but he had been surprised to see the other half had at least some pubic hair. Sadly, even though his parents were quite open about sex, Lamar was all too aware that almost everything he knew about girls was from the internet, and he was smart enough to know that meant he knew next to nothing.

After a stint working on the computer Connie, who was tall and rather plain, stood up and stretched for a few moments. She was almost directly in front of the window….. and when she leaned forward to touch her toes, the boys thrilled with the clear view of her shaved snatch. They were in teen boy heaven watching the girl’s parade in front of the window as their right hands moved non-stop on their dicks. Byron, who had never seen such a sight, was the first to have to stifle a groan as a stream of jizz shot half-way to the window. He didn’t know why, but seeing his best friend cum always helped Lamar over the edge. There was something about being right there when Byron shot his load that was better than porn. Soon there were two gooey white streams on the hard wood.

After Lamar and Byron had climaxed, they slipped out of their hiding place to get a couple of cans of Dr. Pepper and some snacks. Not long after they had returned, Misty stood up from the table and walked over to two chaise lounges out of their sight-line. Then she returned to the table where the girls were working, followed by Mrs. C., fully nude. The boys had vaguely known the moms were out there, but had not given any thought about what they were wearing.

Byron was far more than just startled seeing his best friend’s mom nude in real life. “Damn, this is my lucky day” he told Lamar as his wanking sped up and his full hard-on returned. “I’ve been jacking off imagining what it would be like to see your mom naked for a year. I’m not going to miss the opportunity to spew looking at her live like this.

They watched as the ten girls gathered up and followed Mrs. C. to take seats on the wide steps that made for the pool’s conversation area. Lamar and Byron had to move around the side of the table to see it all. They watched the girls talk for a few minutes, then Lamar’s mother seemed to begin telling a story. Of course, they couldn’t hear what she was saying, but that didn’t matter. Not long after, the power of his orgasm nearly caused Byron to fall over from his kneeling position. No sooner than Byron’s cum started splattering on the floor, Lamar exclaimed “Damn, I knew your mom had nice tits, but wow, seeing them like this…they are amazing!”

Byron’s mother had walked into his view. She was also naked. Since Byron had momentarily closed his eyes while he was climaxing, he had not initially noticed. When he opened his eyes. He said quietly “Oh god, she is.”

They watched as she stood near the edge of the pool and said something to Mrs. C.. Lamar went on “I saw her lots of times sunning with Mom last summer, but this is the first time I’ve seen her walking around.” Lamar was totally obsessed with how Mrs. Simms’ tits moved side to side and up and down as she took a seat with the girls.

“Yea,” Byron said as the two mothers discussed something with the girls, “I guess she does. I’ve never seen them before.”

“Never?” Lamar said with some surprise.

Just then they heard someone coming into the kitchen. Cooper had been in the study with the door closed all afternoon. He had been working on making a movie using the four video feeds from Bonnie's tryst the day before. Going over and over the images of Bonnie having sex with those young men was such a turn on it made it hard to concentrate. He’d resisted pulling his cock out and jacking off for well over an hour;’ but when he watched as she climaxed with one guy in her ass while the other stroked in her vagina, he broke down and freed his erection.

For the thousandth time, Cooper marveled that such an amazingly hot woman wanted to be his wife. In truth, he’d been asking how such a hottie had wanted to be with him for the last twenty years. Though he did not want to be the guy who saw his wife as a sex object, the truth was he had found that he LOVED watching her have sex with other men.

He slowly jacked off as he watched how his wife mounted the kid at the big wooden table before he evidently came in her. They talked for a while before she gave him a long (very erotic) blow job. He’d actually gotten back to his efforts to capture scenes when the feeds showed her taking Adam to the chaise lounge to fuck him a second time. He could not miss that while she’d used condoms with the older guys, she had not with the kid. Nor did she use them when she began to suck off the Gibson brothers for a second time as she rode Adam. When he saw Jake Gibson cum, shooting his semen into Bonnie’s mouth; the taste of her lips from the day before seemed to come back to him. When he’d arrived home, he found his wife still asleep on the chaise lounge where she’d had sex an hour before. He'd greeted her with a kiss…a kiss that tasted strongly of semen. He had been in his meeting for the last of her tryst so he’d not seen it; but that kiss told him what had happened. Or so he thought. Because when she asked him to eat her out, his licks and kisses worked down from her lips, to her breasts to her stomach, to her mons, to her thighs. Everywhere he tasted cum on her. She was coated from mouth to her inner thighs.

It was only when they were done and relaxing in the pool did she explain how she’d gotten semen over her entire torso. “When I took Adam to my chaise and laid him down, I deliberately sat on his chest and spread the goo all over him as I moved back to put his hard-on in me. Then when Jim came in my mouth, he surprised me with a second round of ejaculate that got all over my chest, and Jake also gave me so much spunk some of it ran down my chin and then to my chest. I was so into the moment; I didn’t think of those things until after I laid down on Adam after I’d cum. Right off I could feel the semen spread between our bodies. As I made my effort to get off again, I smeared it everywhere even though I didn’t have the energy to keep it up for another orgasm. I wasn’t sure what to think about it at the time, but now I think it’s pretty hot that I got coated in a mix of three hot guy’s cum, my own juices, sweat and coconut oil.” She’d kissed him then said “I hope you enjoyed tasting how great my sex with those guys was.”

He had.

Sitting at his study desk, watching the video of first Jim, then Jake then Adam cumming into her mouth and vagina; and thinking on how yesterday he had tasted it on her lips, her breasts, her stomach, her inner thigh, her vulva and inside of her vagina was just too much for him. Cooper lost control and his erection became a fount of semen.

Once he’d done, he saw he’d gotten a good bit of cum on his shirt and the front of his pants. Stuffing his penis back in, he stood up and headed to his bedroom. The truth was, even if he hadn’t been so turned on by watching his wife have sex, he was making little progress on editing the video. Bonnie was the one who knew the software, not him. He’d left the study to change clothes, then to eat some crow and admit to Bonnie that he couldn’t do it on his own… just as she had told him… four hours ago.

With fresh clothes on, he decided to get a snack.

In the kitchen Lamar and Byron had just enough time to get their dicks in their pants, but not time enough to move away from their place behind the table before Cooper saw them.

They blasted past with a “Hi Dad” and “Hi Mr. C.” before Cooper had time to look to see what was out the window. When he looked out the open blinds, he knew the boys had been spying on the girls. Only once he'd closed the blinds could he see the splattering of white goo on the ground. Right off the scene made sense to him. But could he blame them? If he’d been in their shoes, he surely would have done the same. He only looked out the windows for the few seconds it took to close the blinds; yet he admitted to himself he found the naked teenage girls quite a tempting site. Only the fear of feeling like a pervert, moved him from the window after he re-shut the blinds. He got a paper towel and cleaned up the semen. There was a surprising amount of it. It would not do for the girls to come in and figure out what had happened.

Out at the pool, unknowing that her brother and Byron were watching, Misty had called Mom over to one of the tables. Though she pretended to ask about the website, it did not take Bonnie long to realize that the website was an excuse for her to bait her mother into telling her friends about what she’d been doing with the workmen all week. Even though Bonnie had seen her daughter’s ploy, she feigned not to see it and let her self be roped in. For half-an hour the whole club gathered on the wide curving pool steps that acted as a sitting area as Bonnie recounted the entire week. The only thing she omitted was Adam’s name and the fact he was still in high school.

Since she’d already culled the photos Jim had given her to remove any in which Adam Fisher was recognizable; she consented when Misty asked to let them see the photos the men had taken of her. The girls were elated. The fact those phone pics of Mrs. C. had been taken right where they were, only a day before really seemed to make it all more real. They gushed over how hot Bonnie and her three guys were.

Once that story was complete, those few who had already heard Mrs. C. tell all the explicit details of the cruse and the after-cruse party begged Bonnie to tell the rest of the club what she’d done. Not surprisingly, all that led to Misty running in to get her mom’s tablet so they could see those pics too. After all Bonnie had promised to let them see the sex photos the last time they were at the house. Again, the girls gushed and went on about how hot Bonnie was and how they thought she was the perfect role model and the greatest mom in the world and so on.

After a break of nearly an hour, the club went back to working on the website & the party planning or just found a new place to sun. Haley however, took a seat near the two mother’s lounge chairs. That was where she was when Bonnie saw her after a short swim. Bonnie had known Haley’s family since Caterpillar had transferred Ronda to their plant about twenty-five minutes east of Sparta. Bonnie wasn’t sure what she did exactly, but she knew she worked in the office, not on the factory floor. She figured the job must be important for her to be transferred all the way to Georgia. While she would call Ronda Jackson, Haley’s mother, a friend, she actually didn’t know her all that well. She had always been remarkably reticent about her personal life, which was odd given her outgoing personality. Or, perhaps it wasn’t odd at all.

“Well Haley?” Bonnie asked as she approached the “big-boned” teenage girl who was clearly waiting for her. She was curvy and certainly had the figure of a grown woman, if a little on the masculine side. Bonnie motioned to the other girls then to her own nudity, “So what do you think of all of this?”

Haley didn’t miss a beat, “I love it, though I’ll admit I wish the guys were here too.” Bonnie laughed” I understand, but this is the way it has to be…for now.”

Haley nodded and said “Yea, I get it.”

Bonnie sat on her chaise and patted the spot next to her inviting Haley to sit. When she didn’t speak right off Bonnie said “May I assume your mother knows about the photos?”

“Yea. You should know the whole set is now being freely passed around, even the ones of you having sex. She’d heard about them, it’s a pretty big deal around here. She’s been asked dozens of times at the plant if she knows you.”

“And? What does she tell them?”

“The first time she didn’t know why someone would ask. That night I showed her the photos, all of them. I hope that was OK.”

“Of course it was. By now you should know I have nothing I think I need to hide.”

Haley nodded “I get that. I get some trolling at school because pretty much everyone knows how slutty I am.”

Bonnie frowned “I really wish you and the others would simply excise that word from your vocabularies. People don’t call a guy who has sex with many different girls a derogatory name, he’s called a stud. Try using neutral words like sexually active or even better something more positive like sexually adventurous, sex-positive or simply say that you like to have sex.

“Yes ma’am. You are right” Haley said. “And Mom tells those who ask if she knows you that she goes to church with you and that she really respects you.”

Bonnie was pleased to hear that. “That is nice to hear” she said. “I’m glad she did not find the photos a problem?”

“Oh no. She was impressed. She never lets guys take nude pics of her because of her job, but she thought it was great that you could be so open about it. She asked if you’d posted them. I told her you hadn’t then explained what you said happened. My mom is really impressed that you are not running from all of this, especially since you took Misty with you and let her be in the photos.”

“I assume you told her that Misty was literally five feet away when I was having sex with that guy.” Bonnie was surprised at how easy she’d said that. Less than a year ago she’d worked hard to deny she’d actually had sex with a guy she’d just met right in front of her daughter; but now she didn’t even hedge about saying it directly.

“I did. She doesn’t have any problem with you having sex around Misty.”

Bonnie was comforted to hear Ronda’s positive reaction. Though she’d never said it outright, Bonnie was pretty sure Haley’s mom was far from celibate. From what she’d knew of Haley, sex was not likely a taboo subject in the Jackson home. “I’m glad to hear that she doesn’t think I’m a terrible woman; though your mother never struck me as any sort of prude. I hoped my friends would understand.”

Her comment seemed to relax Haley. The teenager looked around and lowered her voice even more to say, “You see she does pretty much the same thing. She has sex with her special friend at rodeos when Bethany and I are in the trailer. Though there is a thin curtain between us, we are just as close as Misty was at that beach. We can hear every word they say and every sound they make. Sometimes, when the light is right, we can even see them doing it in silhouette. So, she actually is relieved that she isn’t the only mom in Georgia who has done that.”

That revelation was more than Bonnie expected to hear, but she was careful not to let it show. “You can tell her we talked, and you can let her know that she isn’t alone. She has a friend that fully supports her and her parenting choices.”

Haley had a serious look, “Mrs. C., I’m not sure she knows you think of her as a friend. You see, she has told me she doesn’t have any real friends in town. She wishes she did, she doesn’t think she does. The people at work are…well they almost all grew up here and you know how people from around here can be. She just doesn’t like having to bite her tongue all the time. Even when she goes out with men from the plant, she does it really covertly because she doesn’t want it to get around at work.”

“You just tell her that Bonnie Campbell will be calling to invite her out this week.” Bonnie said firmly.

Haley smiled broadly, and for her that was a broad smile indeed. “That is sort of what I was going to ask. I was wondering if I could tell her that you invited her and Bethany and me over to your home again.”

“Sure, you do that. I’d love you guys over.” She smiled and said “And I think Lamar likes your sister. I’ve seen them hanging out after youth group.”

Haley laughed “He might have missed his opportunity on that. She waited for him to make a move for months, but he didn’t bite. Now she has a boyfriend. But that does not mean she won’t enjoy a visit and if he said the right thing, I think she’d cheat on the guy she’s dating. She isn’t nearly over the thing she has had for him for a couple of years now.”

That was news to Bonnie, but she was not surprised. Though she wondered what Haley meant by ‘cheat.’ Did she mean Bethany wanted to have sex with Lamar? That was a new thought. Bonnie didn’t make any comment about Bethany, only replying “Then rather than calling, I’ll talk to your mother tomorrow at church. And feel free to tell her all you saw and heard today.”

With that Haley was gone and Bonnie stretched out to relax in the sun. The day was going better than she’d expected. The spying boys had not been so easily discouraged as to quit their activities when they had to abandon the kitchen. They waited in the game room for a while then went out the front door, around the far side of the house and into the woods. From there Lamar saw all the girls were still crowded together listening to his mother. That allowed him and Byron to creep to Lamar’s treehouse unseen. Having brought sodas and a whole bag of chips, they made themselves comfortable. Lamar’s well used spying (and jack-off) hideout, allowed the boys to watch the girls and moms from a different angle than before. They watched for a long while, but all the girls did was sit at the edge of the pool and talk. Like that the guys couldn’t really see anything. Finally, just as Lamar and Byron were about to give up and go in, the group broke up. Their mothers took a brief swim then lay back down on their chaise lounges and the club girls went back to moving around, sunning, swimming and working on their laptops.

The fact they could catch snippets of conversations and shouts an laughter made the watching even more exciting. That was more than enough to get them back to masturbating full erections. This time, Lamar fully removed his shorts and underwear and used them to shield his knees from the rough wood. Byron followed the example.

“Kinda weird seeing my mom naked” Byron said in a low voice.

Lamar replied “No big deal for me. I've told you before, my parents have been skinny dipping right in front of me as long as I can remember. Last weekend we spent the whole day out there, all four of us naked at the pool.”

“Yea, but it is a big deal for me. Mom never leaves her bedroom unless she’s fully dressed. I’ve never even seen her tits once. Not that I haven’t tried” Byron went on.

“Well, if the girls go in before our mom’s we will go out to swim and see what they do.”

The boys watched a good while from their new vantage place. They had both splattered the wall of the treehouse with even more semen before the girls got ready to go in. They watched Misty and her friends huddle over the two laptops, then gather their towels and go into the house.

By the pool, the girls had been debating the best way to get out the party info. They had settled on the flyer to be sent via email to all the addresses they had and to distribute fliers at school. With Bonnie’s emphatic “suggestion”, it was decided that a strong anti-alcohol and drug statement would keep school officials off their back. They also gave the Club website some references to European culture and literature. To give it the air of legitimacy, they even said there were trips to Europe planned. This had a grain, a small grain, of truth because they had gotten Bonnie and Trish to agree to take the group to Cape Canaveral National Seashore this summer, where they learned swimsuits were optional at one end of the beach. They figured that was sort of European. And there was some talk about a European graduation trip next year. So they didn’t feel too terribly deceptive.

They decided to call the website The Euro-Club of Hancock County and not the Jeff Davis High Euro-Club in order to head off interventions by Dr. Collins. They also decided that, until after school let out, they would not activate the links to the other pages some of them had already completed for the site. Those pages explicitly stated the Euro-Club’s commitment to “textile optional” swimming and a relaxed view of sex.

The final version of the flyer read:

The Euro-Club of Hancock County is hosting an END OF SCHOOL PARTY For Rising Seniors of Jeff Davis High

Swimming - Dancing - Food - Music - Fun

Come in your most stylish beach wear in the best of European fashion (however, yielding to local prudery girls must wear tops) The Euro Club will have a special HOTTEST GUY contest, so girls come ready to get an eyeful. Misty Campbell, Party Host Co-Hosted by:

Kelli Preston * Haley Jackson * Connie McGill * Rebecca Ericsson * Caitlin Richardson * Jeannette Sanders * Hope Hopkins * Iris Trent * JoAnne Adams

The flyer’s text done, they went into the house to put back on their new fashion bikinis and to re-do their hair and faces because Mrs. C. had agreed to take some photos of them for the Club site.

When the two boys realized Misty’s friends were about done, they had made their way back to the house. Not long after, the girls walked right through the game room in their Euro-Club swimwear. It was somewhat of a let down from watching them for the last hour in the buff, but seeing the hot girls in thongs close up had its’ advantages. They decided to shoot pool in the game room but they made a point to open fully the game room blinds so they could see what happened on the patio.

They watched Lamar’s mom, still naked, using the family’s good Cannon camera to shoot various shots of the ten club members posing in their two different matching bikinis. Byron asked what his mother was doing and Lamar had to explain she was holding the reflector board to help with lighting. The boys thought they’d gotten a bonus when the girls changed between the two outfits right on the deck and after two changes, the girls simply didn’t put the tops back on. The guys watched Mrs. C continue shooting group photos of the club girls even after that, but could tell Lamar’s mom was making them cover their tits with their hands.

As much fun as the boys were having watching, Misty and her friends were having just as much. Repeatedly the girls begged Mrs. C. to shoot topless photos that showed their breasts fully, but she would not. Finally, Bonnie took the time to brief them on what the lawyer had said. “So, as weird as it seems, if we were in a public place, or your parents were nudists, it would be OK to shoot you buck naked. As it is, I can only shoot Misty nude here at our pool since our family now would qualify as nudists.”

The girls groused, but understood she had no choice.

Then Bonnie added “Now, technically, if your parents were here and this was a nudist event, then I could shoot topless or nude photos of you as long as the photos were more or less candids and not overtly sexual. Like I could, and surely will have photos of my family, all nude, out here this summer. Of course, once you turn eighteen it won't matter and you can shoot anything you want. That magical birthday turns you from a child to an adult.”

Haley asked “So, if my mom were here and said we were nudist you could take nude pics of me and Misty?”

Bonnie nodded, “Yea, I guess I could.”

Connie asked “How about we all get the string bikinis wet and you shoot photos of us like that?”

Bonnie thought for a second. “How about this? When I go in, let Misty take candid shots of you guys playing in the pool. Sure, that means she might accidentally get photos of you when those tops are see-through, but I won't be involved.”

Everyone agreed that was a great idea.

Misty piped up, “Before you go. I have an idea for one last group photo that will be great and won’t get us into trouble.”

Misty then began orchestrating. She arranged the ten of them under the gazebo. In order to get one photo showing all their attire, she had her friends variously wear the two sets of swimwear, the tee shirt and the sarong they had also purchased for their outfits. Once she’d gotten everyone else set, the tripod mounted camera framed and Mrs. Simms pointing the reflector right where Misty wanted it, she was ready to take her place on the bench between Iris and Jeanette. But before she did so, she announced “This is what I will wear” and removed both her top and bottoms. Since she’d planned it out in her mind, she knew just how to pose to get herself covered enough for the photo. It had taken over fifteen minutes to get it set up, but she was sure the photo would be worth the effort.

Bonnie began to shoot.

Front Row: Caitlin Richardson, JoAnne Adams
Seated: Hope Hopkins, Iris Trent, Misty Campbell, Jeannette Sanders, Haley Jackson
Standing: Connie McGill, Rebecca Ericson, Kelli Preston

Once she was done with that last set of photos, Bonnie started to leave. But before she did, she reminded the girls, “No cellphone pictures of any of this today. None. Got it?”

They all knew why she made the point and agreed.

It was a treat for the boys when several the girls, right beside the sliding glass door to the game room, took off their fashion bikinis, and put back on the string ones. This time the boys got a clear view of the last of the girls fully nude. Misty and Kelli traded off the camera shooting for quite a while as they all played in the water. As they had hoped, the girls’ tops, then the bottoms, came back off while the pictures were still being taken.

From the kitchen, Trish looked out the window and saw what was happening; she and Bonnie just decided to pretend not to see. They would let the girls have a good time but would insist no illegal photos left the house.

All through this, the two boys were occasionally still watching through the game room window, though they were primarily playing video games by then; the two got more than an eye full when they paused their game to take a look. Though they had not meant to, they had stopped being discreet about their watching. When Haley noticed them standing at the game room’s sliding glass door staring, she smiled, stepped right up to the glass, cupped her big boobs in her hands and held them up for the younger boys to see.

“Looks like your brother and his friend are into voyeurism” she loudly told Misty.

“The little perverts! I bet they’ve been watching all afternoon!” Misty exclaimed angrily.

“Oh well” Iris said. “At least, if they talk they will keep our reputation up.”

The other’s laughed, but Misty said “They know better than to do that. My brother might be pervy, but he won’t tell anyone what he sees unless he is given permission by my parents.”

With that the girls turned away to go back to the tables and got back to work, this time going through the photos they and Mrs. C. had shot.

Misty let them know that her mom would look over the photos to ensure none were crossing the line. After some discussion, in order to head off the appearance of violating Mrs. C’s trust, they decided to deleted (or crop) all the photos that clearly showed what they should not while they’d been messing around. They still kept a good many that showed bare asses and a lot of boobage, and they knew some were pushing the limit, but they didn’t think they crossed it. They agreed to leave the pics from this set that Mrs. C. OK’s off the web site until after the party. They were sure all of the photos would let their peers get the idea that wearing very small bikinis was costume du jour for the party. To be sure to cover themselves, they added a red-letter disclaimer on the website saying: This party is not a swim suit optional event, a top is required for females”

The photos done, they called it a day. The girls left and momentarily the pool was abandoned.

“Come on let’s go” Lamar told Byron “We gotta hurry before our moms go back out.”

Byron rose to follow, then he saw Lamar toss his shirt, then shorts then boxers on the game room couch.

“What are you doing?” Byron asked incredulously.

“Going swimming” Lamar said as he turned toward the sliding glass door, “Hurry!”

Byron didn’t move, “Like that? What if our moms or your sister come back out?”

“That’s the whole point. Hurry you moron!”

They made it to the pool in time. In fact, they hid in the water for what they thought was a good while waiting for someone to return; but, being teenage boys, they didn’t wait too long before they got bored and began swimming and jumping in the pool.

“Be careful” Lamar warned. “Doing a cannon ball in the buff can hurt if you don’t get your balls above your legs.”

Inside the house the club girls had dressed, said their good bye’s and began heading out. Cooper had simply given up on his task. Joining Bonnie and Trish resting in their bed was a much better use of his time. Resting soon turned to sex play. This was their first real full threesome with someone from home, but yet it seemed so comfortable. Unlike on the cruise, Cooper felt no pressure to perform. And though Bonnie and Trish had never discussed their sapphic interaction by the pool the previous week, they enjoyed touching and kissing one another as if they had been doing it for ever.

Their threesome was not a romantic encounter as Cooper and Trish's first time in the bed had been. Nor was it in an intense sexual frenzy, but rather just a languid enjoyment of touching and being touched. The two women together gave Cooper a double blow job, laughing and playing with his penis. She let Cooper take turns going down on both her and her best friend while they talked, laughed, and kissed each other on the & breasts. All-in-all there was far more talking and laughing than panting and groaning.

Though both women rode Cooper for a good while, only Trish was brought to climax; but that was OK with both Bonnie and Cooper. Finally they took a break to relax on top of the duvet cover. While the three of them lay and casually talked, they looked up at each other in the overhead mirror.

“That was so pleasant” Bonnie said “I knew Cooper and I just mess around like this all the time, but I’ve never just played around with anyone else where we don’t try to get off.”

Trish said “Well, it was a first for me. I’ve never just had ….what would you call that…sexual fun? Sex play?”

“You haven’t. Even with your ex?” Bonnie asked.

“Never. All the sex I’ve ever had has been for love or orgasms. Just playing around and not even trying to get the guy off is nothing I’ve ever done.”

“I don’t know what the word for it is,” Bonnie said “But, I think what we are finding is we have all kept our sexuality in a pretty tight box all these years."

They talked on and finally Cooper asked Bonnie to get him a Diet Coke from the fridge.”

Bonnie left the door open when she went to the kitchen. When she returned with drinks, she found Trish had reversed position and was now “playing” with Bonnie’s husband’s penis again. Out of habit, she left the door wide open as she took her vibrator from the end table to buzz and watch. Last week when Cooper and Trish made love the door had been closed, and Cooper had shut the door when he’d joined them earlier. It hadn’t even occur to Bonnie to shut it, though later she realized she should have asked Trish before leaving it open.

Once he was hard enough, Trish remounted Cooper and began to rock her hips back and forth. Bonnie watched for a while, but then closed her eyes to focus on the feeling her vibrator was generating.

Bonnie had been only intermittently opening her eyes to watch Trish’s hips rotate on Cooper’s erection. She was in the trough between orgasms when she opened her eyes to see a fully dressed Misty standing near the foot of the bed watching her father and Trish.

When she noticed Bonnie looking at her, Misty looked up to her mother and casually said “Mom, I’m going with Rachel to the movies. OK?”

Trish, whose back was to Misty, froze mid-circuit and looked over to Bonnie with terrified eyes.

Bonnie didn’t even begin to remove the two fingers that were deep in her vagina; rather she continued to work them as she looked at her daughter to say “No problem. When will you be back?”

“Not too late, we are going to a 7:30 movie then to her place” Misty answered cheerfully.

“OK, do you need any money?” her mother asked.

Trish still didn’t move. Bonnie knew full well that her friend would not be able to fathom how she was having a perfectly normal conversation while Misty stood there watching her father do her. What was done was done. Bonnie decided there was no sense acting like this was shocking, because it wasn’t…at least to her family.

Trish seemed to get over the momentary paralysis, and laid down flat onto Cooper’s stomach to hide herself. While this accomplished the goal of hiding her boobs, it made her sexual union with Cooper far more visible. Bonnie knew that to Misty at the foot of the bed, Cooper’s penis arcing up and going into Trish would be plain as day.

Cooper’s judgment was colored by the pleasure he was having. The kids had walked in on him and Bonnie having sex many times, but to be doing it with the mom of one of their friends was weird. But the desire to keep the pleasure coming won over his discomfort. He squeezed his buttock muscles and lifted his hips to push his penis deeper into Trish.

To Misty, it was both funny and sexy. She could see Trish was mortified, but her dad had started to stroke up, just feet from where she stood and her mother barely even slowed down frigging herself. She had been watching for some time outside the doorway as her mom buzzed and Mrs. Simms enthusiastically rode her father's penis. She would have just kept watching longer, but her friends were waiting out in the car. “Twenty bucks would be nice” she said and walked around the side of the bed toward her mother. She made no effort to hide from her mom that she was watching her dad thrusting up into Mrs. Simms.

Bonnie kicked her husband, “Can you get her some money?”

Cooper had found a good rhythm and wanted to keep it up till he climaxed. He felt like ignoring his wife, but duty won out over his arousal. He reached around and grabbed Trish’s ample ass cheeks. Firmly, he moved them to the right so he could slide out from under her. Though being naked was not embarrassing with the kids around, it was a little uncomfortable to get up with his full erection, slick with Trish’s juices only two feet from Misty.

Misty looked to Bonnie and said “Mom, did you see the little pervs watching us from the treehouse?”

“When we were out by the pool?” Bonnie asked.

“Yep. He and Byron were in their watching for a good hour, and I’m pretty sure whacking off. Actually, at the time I didn’t know that, but Haley a little bit ago caught them watching from the game room. It seems Hope had seen them when you were taking pictures of us, but assumed we all knew. Fortunately, all my friends thought it was funny that the boys went to all that effort to spy when they could have just walked right out and looked.”

“They didn’t come out with you because I’d told them to say in; however I just assumed they would find a place to watch. You and your friends were outside after all. Our house rules are clear that you have no expectation of privacy when you are out there.”

“Yea, you know that boys will be perverts" Misty answered. "And yes, my friends all know the rules. They weren't upset, or even surprised really. They'd seen them in the house when we got home from the restaurant."

Cooper handed Misty a twenty. She took the money and said “Thanks Dad, and don’t have a heart attack trying too hard to impress Mrs. Simms. You need to remember that you are an old man.”

“Get out of here, you little pest” Cooper said and he swatted her on the rear-end.

He sat down on the side of the bed, his erection having gone half way down. Trish looked at the door and asked “Aren’t’ you going to shut the door this time?”

“If you want me to” he answered. “But I've got a better idea. Let’s go jump in the pool.”

The boys had given up and gone back into the game room a good while before. With the blinds still open they couldn’t miss the three naked adults walking out to the pool.

“I can’t believe Byron would watch me like that” Trish told Bonnie as the warm air hit her bare skin.

“I told you, for boys that age, peeping is the preferred method" Bonnie said as the three of them rounded the corner of the house out of the boy’s line of sight. "But now Lamar is much less shy about it.”

Cooper added “I’m sure they were mainly watching the girls not you. I didn’t think about telling you earlier, but I found them a little before 3:00. They heard me coming and almost ran me over, but they were obviously watching the girls from the dining room, they scampered when I got there.

They left several puddles of semen on the floor for me to clean up.”

Bonnie saw a look of horror on her friend's face. The idea of her son masturbating looking right out the window where she was naked clearly was a bit much for her. Bonnie decided to explain the house rules as to privacy. She’d not thought to explain when she’d been talking to Misty. "When a person is in a public part of the house or in a room with the door open, there is no expectation of privacy. In our house, Lamar was not being inappropriate by watching or even masturbating because he was not being intrusive. All the girls have been repeatedly told this is our policy. After all It is hard to say the girls can expect privacy when they knew he was home and they were visible not only from the kitchen, but from the game room and his bedroom as well. I can’t imagine that every one of those girls didn’t just assume the boys would see them” Bonnie said. It took Trish a few minutes to process that concept, along with the idea that they were not concerned about the two boys masturbating together in the kitchen. Bonnie made a point to say “But Cooper will talk to Lamar about cleaning up their messes in my house. While its fine if he and Byron want to look out the window and masturbate together, leaving semen all over the house is not.”

Inside the house the reverse of the same topic was at hand. It had taken Lamar only seconds to correctly assess what had been going on in his parent’s bedroom. “I tell you” Lamar said “my parents and your mom were all doing it together while we were swimming.”

“I just can’t believe it” Byron said “She’s just not like that. She isn't like your parents. She's way too boring to have a threesome.”

“Then what were they all doing inside my parents’ bedroom naked?” Lamar pressed.

”I don’t know” Byron squirmed. A few moments later he added, “OK, I can’t think of any other reason, but I just don’t know.”

“Would it make you mad? Because, they haven’t said so right in front of me, but I think my dad and your mom did it a week or so ago.”

“They did?” Byron thought “That makes sense, she acted funny for a couple of days. But, no it doesn’t’ make me mad, not really. I gotta say I would never have thought she’d walk around naked like that either, but she has, all day. Even when the girls were out there too, she never put on anything.” He thought for a moment then said “It kinda changes the way I look at my mom.”

“Yea I bet it does. She’s been on my MILF list since last summer when I first saw her tits” Lamar said. He then added "I got an idea.”

Out in the pool the three adults splashed and played. With just a little help Cooper’s erection came back and he lifted Trish easily in the water to slide it back in her; but she pushed away. She insisted Cooper make sure the boys were not in their hiding place. Cooper got completely out of the pool and walked over to look in the tree house. He assured her the boys were not there.

Returning to the pool, he sat on the side with his feet in the water. Bonnie swam up between his legs and began to give her husband a blow job. Trish was clearly becoming comfortable with the sex and said “Hey girl, save some for me. I could use some more Cream of Cooper.”

Bonnie moved back to give her room saying “I didn’t think you took it in your mouth?”

Trish dove under the water only to surface between Cooper’s legs. Then she told Bonnie, “I didn’t say I wanted him to cum…..but….well, I guess I might have meant that. I didn’t used to do a lot of things I’m doing now.” She took his penis in her hand and wrapped her lips around it

The boys, clad in their swim trunks, had ever so quietly moved across the patio and listened to hear what was happening around the corner of the house. When the noise of talking and swimming stopped Lamar assumed it meant the adults were having sex. He moved his head to the right giving him a view of most of the pool. It was enough, he saw Byron’s mom’s head down between his dad’s legs and his mom was sitting in a bench near intently watching with her hand between her legs. Though her hand was not in view, Lamar knew she was masturbating as she watched Trish suck off his dad.

He motioned to Byron who peered around Lamar’s shoulder, then jerked his head back. He looked again a little longer and again pulled his head back. Then a third time he looked and kept looking.

With their bodies still behind the house, they craned their necks to watch Mrs. Simms working her mouth on Mr. C’s penis with obvious relish. There was no way to miss that she was really, really enjoying sucking that cock. Lamar could tell Byron was mesmerized by the sight, but he didn’t give him all day to just stare; he moved out from behind the house and motioned for Byron to follow him. Together they moved out onto the pool deck giving them a better view of the action. Byron made a show of watching Lamar's mom masturbate; but Lamar knew his buddy could not possibly miss how much his own mother was enjoying what she was doing.

The adults were so fixated, they didn’t appear to know the boys were there; so, they just stood quietly and watched Mrs. Simms work on Mr. C.'s cock & Mrs. C. play with herself. Though in reality the boys only stood in the open watching for under a minute, to them it seemed much longer. Lamar grabbed his friend’s arm and together they moved forward toward their parents. Once they were right up to Mrs. C’s shoulder; in a cheerful voice, Lamar asked “Mom, can we order some pizza?”

Bonnie jumped, evidently startled, before turning her head to the boys who had taken a few more steps in her direction. Standing right over her; Lamar could not miss that his mom initially pulled her hand from her crotch, then put it back and resumed. He could see how she spread her big lips with her ring and index fingers then resumed stroking her clit with the middle. He’d walked into her room while she was getting off lots of times and he knew that was how she usually did it, at least when she was not using her buzzy or a dildo.

Unlike when Misty had walked in on them, Trish didn’t freeze. The question was not out of Lamar’s mouth before she had released Cooper’s penis and swiveled her head to see who had spoken. It took just a split second for her to see her son looking at her and slip under the water. Cooper slid off the pool’s coping to follow behind her.

Bonnie, once she had established that she was not embarrassed that they could see her masturbating, slowly relaxed her fingers, but left them resting on her mons; otherwise she sat calmly where she was, legs spread, her open labia in full view of the boys. Gathering her thoughts, she said “Sounds good to me? Who do you want to order from?”

She was not surprised the boys had not thought that far in advance and a long silence followed. She had to work not to laugh at the look on Byron’s face as he stared between her legs. She imagined herself giving him an anatomy lesson “Now Byron, this is called the labia majora, and the inner lips are called the labia minora, and this is the clitoral ridge….” but she resisted the urge.

Lamar had forgotten the question. He was watching where Mrs. Simms had come to the surface of the water. After all she couldn’t stay submerged forever. When she came up Lamar was as bad as Byron at staring. He couldn’t take his eyes off Byron’s mom. Her large breasts floated on the surface just like Iris’s had. He wanted to ask if all big boobs float like that, but he held his tongue.

Getting no answer, Bonnie stood and walked, unhurried, over to the round table where Trish’s long-discarded bikini bottoms lay. She picked them up, walked back to the pool and tossed them to her. She was actually amused at how Byron’s eyes followed her every step.

Having not received an answer from the ogling boys Bonnie repeated “Lamar, where do you want to order pizza from?”

Finally, Lamar fumbled, “Oh, uhh… how about that new Papa John’s on Highway 16? I’ve been wanting to try them out since they opened.”

Bonnie answered, “Sure. You go get my phone from my bedroom and I’ll call.”

Together, the boys went in to get the phone.

Trish looked up from the water and said with a touch of desperation “Give me my top!”

“It’s inside remember? When we first came out, before the girls got here, we'd only worn our bottoms” Bonnie replied.

“OK, my sundress” she continued.

Bonnie looked around and then remembered “You wore it when we went inside earlier. Trish, you do remember that he has been watching us all afternoon, don’t you?”

Trish, apparently had completely forgotten that. "Oh. Yes, he has" was all she could say.

By that time the boys were back out with the phone. Now that the spell Bonnie had put on him was broken, Byron was looking a bit like the cat who caught the canary but didn’t know what to do with it. He kept looking anywhere but where Mrs. C. stood nude a few feet in front of him, or to his left where his mom’s breasts were visible in the water.

Bonnie looked right at him “Byron, don’t even pretend you’re embarrassed, we know full well you’ve been watching all afternoon from the dining room window, then from Lamar’s treehouse.”

He blushed but his eyes moved around till he looked at her and nodded. Handing the phone to his mother, Lamar dragged his friend to the slide. From the steps Lamar said to his parents, “I’ve already explained how, when he doesn’t have on his swim suit, he needs to take a quick look to see if the Fishers happen to be out in their yard.”

It had been the practice since the kids were very young to take that precaution. From the top of the slide, they could be fully seen from the road directly in front of the house. However, since only a handful of cars ever came down their rural road, and those could be heard long before they were up to the house, it had never been a problem. Bonnie had heard Misty telling her friends the same thing last summer, and again earlier in the day. One good thing about the Fishers’ new barn was that it further lessoned any chance of being seen.

Byron seemed to appreciate Lamar guiding him to look like it was not anything special for the parents to be naked. One after another they slid down into the water and swam to the broad steps to stand up.

“What kind of pizza do you guys want” Bonnie asked no one in particular.

The boys said “Pepperoni and Bacon.”

Cooper blurted out, “I’m not particular, but I’m guessing Trish is in the mood for sausage.”

It took a moment, but the boys understood his joke and began to laugh; Trish’s face looked in horror at Bonnie.

“I’m sorry Trish, I can’t take him anywhere” Bonnie said trying not to smile herself.

The boys kept laughing about Trish wanting sausage. Bonnie was glad that Cooper's comment seemed to normalize the situation. Still after a minute she had to say “Enough boys! I’ll admit that was funny but no more.” Then looking at Cooper’s grin she directed “Cooper Campbell, you caused them to start, get them to quit”

“Boys stop now. Trish doesn’t think it’s funny.” Then he turned to Bonnie and asked “Was that good enough?”

She was pleased enough with her husband’s minimal effort and dove in the water. Cooper looked back at the boys smiled and winked then he swam over to Trish who had sunk neck deep in the water to hide her boobs, “Sorry Trish, but I really thought by making a joke of it, it would make it easier for you to talk about it with him later. The boys saw what we were doing in living color. If I can guess they had been watching you enjoying yourself for a good while before they let us know they were there. You will have to address it head on or it will become an issue.”

Trish reacted with surprise rather than anger. “Oh, yes.. I didn’t think of it that way” she answered. “I guess pretending he didn’t see what I know full well he saw will only close down communication.”

”I think so” Cooper agreed.

“So, you probably think I shouldn’t hide under the water either?” She didn’t wait to see Cooper nod his head. She just stood upright. The Campbell pool was a uniform 4’ 6” deep (other than the steps/sitting area), which on Trish meant the top half of her breasts floated on the water’s surface. She looked at Cooper and smiled. She seemed to make a decision, then stepped over and kissed him on the mouth. Not a deep kiss, but a bold move with Byron nearby. “I really did enjoy doing that out here. I hope I’m not terrible, but it was worth getting caught” she whispered before slipping under the water to swim to the steps. Standing back up, she slipped her bottoms back off, and went up the steps to take a seat in about six inches of water. To Cooper it was obvious that she then worked very hard to appear to look like she was relaxing in the sun, as if this was the most normal of situations.

Later when one large supreme pizza and one extra-large pepperoni & bacon arrived, Trish was ready when Lamar said, “Sorry Mrs. Simms you didn’t get your sausage.”

Before either Bonnie or Cooper could correct their son, Trish shot back with “That’s OK, I know where to get sausage if I want it” and she made an overly dramatic leer at Cooper.

Bonnie had to comment on that “You go girl. Don’t let that smart mouth kid get you.”

Her retort did indeed shut down Lamar.

The pool was disappearing into the shade when they finished the pizza. The boys went in to pack up their games giving time for Trish to take a position on her chase lounge offering herself to Cooper. He obliged with an almost instant erection and began to stroke.

Bonnie took a seat by the table to watch. A few minutes later, in the corner of her eye she caught the two boys watching from inside the game room. When she looked their way with a smile and waved at them, the blinds shut, though she was sure they kept watching. Turning back to her husband she said “I’d hurry up before the boys come back out. And Cooper, I think she wants you to finish in her mouth, so let her know when you are close.”

Momentarily he said he was ready and Trish turned to get her fill of sausage & cream. Bonnie watched with some surprise as her friend swallowed down every drop of her special dessert.

It had been a full day for everyone.


Ten minutes later Trish was driving the country road that led her back to their apartment in town. Byron was unusually quiet. Guilt welled up in her, “You are not mad at me, are you?” she asked her son.

Not receiving an answer her voice quivered as if about to break into tears “I’m sorry Byron, I didn’t mean to embarrass you out at the pool.”

He still didn’t answer, then as if just comprehending her question and tone “Oh no, that was fine. I was just worried you were going to kill me.”

“For what?”

“For spying on the girls from the treehouse.”

She added “and from the kitchen from what Cooper said.”

“Yea, and from the kitchen.”

“No, you’re not in trouble for that. Bonnie explained her house rules. If the girls are going to go skinny dipping knowing you are in the house and that you could see them from multiple windows, they can’t’ expect you not to look.”

“So you’re not mad at me?” he said with surprise.

“No, how could I be, especially since I wasn’t wearing any more clothes than they were. I hope I didn’t gross you boys out.”

Byron cut his mom a sideways glance “Lamar thinks you are a hot MILF.”

“Really?” she responded.

”Really what?” Byron answered.

“He really thought I looked good?” she inquired.

“Yea, pretty good for an old woman” he quipped.

“Old woman! I’m not so old that I don’t know what a MILF is.” She reached over to slap his head, which seemed to break the ice.

“O.K., you’re not an old woman, and we thought both of you looked really great.”

“We? Sure Bonnie looks great in the buff, and I can’t fault you for liking what you saw.” She paused then added “You think I look great too? Even around those young girls. Now I surely can’t ground you after that” she said lightheartedly.

“but not nearly as great as Misty.. Or Kelli.. Or Rebecca.. Or...”

“OK I get the point. I certainly don’t object that you liked the looks of the teenage girls more than your mom. I’d be worried if you didn’t.”

She paused and collected her thoughts and went on “I guess you know the Campbell’s don’t think it’s a big deal. Going naked I mean.”

“Yea, Lamar is the luckiest guy in the world.”

“You think so?”

“Well yea, he said that Misty and his mom sometimes just walk through the house naked. And they don’t mind if Misty has sex in the house because Mr. and Mrs. C. do it with other people and don’t care if he looks at the pictures of them doing it. Lamar has even seen his parents have sex with a girl from Mr. C’s old office, and he has watched Misty have sex with Kelli and Caitlin both.”

“What do you think about that?”

He said “I don’t know. On one hand it’s kinda weird, but on the other it’s really cool.”

“What do you mean?” She was not ready to bring up the fact that she’d turned to see her son looking at her with Cooper’s erection still in her hand. It had been a very brief moment, but she knew right then that he’d been watching her giving Mr. C. head. He’d seen her and surely he could tell how much she was enjoying it. Even worse, on the way out the door, Bonnie had let her know the boys had watched from the game room while she and Cooper had sex. He’d seen it all, but she just was not ready to talk about that directly. She would. She had to, but not yet.

He thought for a few moments before saying “I’m not saying it’s bad, its actually really great, but its also just like, way off the wall. Like when Lamar and I were in the pool and you guys were inside, to him it was no big deal to walk right out there leaving our swimsuits inside, but to me it was ... well ... I don’t know.”

She offered the word “uncomfortable?”

“Yea, I guess so.”

He agreed “It wasn’t just that you and Mrs. C. might come out at any minute, it was more that I just wasn’t used to being outside naked like that.”

“I didn’t know you’d gone without your swim suit today. You didn’t take it off while you were out with us” she pointed out.

“Yea, but you weren't out there. At the end Lamar asked me if I was up to taking it off right in front of you guys, but I just wasn’t ready for that.”

“That’s fine. Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable." She didn’t know if she should be relieved or concerned that he didn’t mention the fact that he had clearly seen her having sex. “So you’re not upset with me about today?”

“Mom, how can I be upset when you just gave me permission to look at naked girls” he said. She had a vague feeling he had gotten something over on her; however, she thought she’d done a good job of trying to be more honest with Byron. Still, she was uncomfortable with so much of what was happening. This would take time to sort out.


Sunday was a quieter day. It remained warm, but it was raining and the weather channel said it would continue on and off all day. The buzz over the nude photos and their discussion with the teens about the matter continued at church but at a lower volume. Bonnie found that again Trish had told her friends what she had done the day before.

“Yes” Bonnie confirmed to Brandy “Right out on the pool deck, after they screwed for a while, Trish did indeed swallow every drop. What she missed when he shot it in her mouth, she licked up afterward.”

Brandy with amazement said “I don’t know what you’ve done to her, but I’ve known her for years and she thought it was gross when I told her I like to eat Dwight’s spunk, now she’s even licking up the remains. Wow!”

After Bonnie had finished the story Brandy thought for a few minutes “I was wondering something.”

“What? You know by now I’m willing to answer anything these days” Bonnie said.

“Well, you took Lamar with you when you stayed at the topless beach. Right?”


“And from your story about Saturday, it seems seeing you nude wasn’t a big deal and you said you didn’t even think about shutting the door when you Cooper and Trish did it.”


“Well, you know I had DJ when I was very young, and Dwight and I didn’t get married until he was seven.” Brandy said in a low voice “It was just me and DJ for a long time and well I guess I never developed any modesty around him. He’s been seeing me naked all this time and doesn’t think anything of it. Sometimes I have felt guilty, like I was doing something wrong. Not always but sometimes. But, you guys are real educated in that stuff and it looks like you do pretty much the same thing.”

Bonnie rocked back as she fed an infant her bottle. “Yea, we took a different approach, but pretty much came out the same place” Bonnie said, “We don’t have a problem with nudity or sex. Since the kids were very small the swimming pool has been clothes optional when it’s just family, expanding it to friends is new but an easy addition. But you need to know that both Misty and Lamar got real private for a couple of years going through puberty. All the while however Cooper and I kept skinny dipping in our pool even if they were there. A couple of weeks ago was the first time since they were little that they both went skinny dipping with me and Cooper.”

Brandy in a voice just above a whisper asked “What about. S.E.X? Trish said you didn’t seem to mind at all when Misty walked in and saw you and Cooper and Trish having your threesome.”

“We have never intentionally had sex in front of the kids. But, when they walk in on us, we have never acted like we were doing anything wrong. As for the bedroom door, when Misty began to enter puberty we, for the first time in our marriage, occasionally shut the door when we made love. Not all the time, but like when we knew the kids were in the living room. But after both kids had seen the photos from the cruise of Mom and Dad having sex with each other and with other people, we stopped doing that.” She knew what she was saying wasn’t entirely true. In actuality they had stopped shutting the door after she learned the kids had seen the sex photos and video of her with Jill & Terrance. But she’d never told anyone in Sparta about Jill since Jill was not there to give permission. Not that she was likely to object, but still Bonnie moved the time frame from last summer to the winter. Continuing Bonnie said “I’m thinking about having a French door put in for our bedroom to match the one that goes to the backyard. That way we can keep an open door, while turning down the heat or air in the family room.”

Brandy seemed much relieved. “I always thought we were the only ones who lived like that, but am I right in understanding you guys have made a deliberate choice to keep it all in the open?”

“Oh yes, we did our homework before Misty was born and decided the open approach was best” Bonnie said.

“How did Byron deal with it, I mean he did not grow up that way?”

Bonnie replied “Well according to Lamar, it was really difficult for him to believe his mom was having sex with me and Cooper yesterday. Byron has had a crush on Misty for more than a year and seeing his dream girl naked put seeing his mother into context. I guess it made the whole thing easier to swallow.”

“Swallow” Brandy repeated “I still can’t believe she swallowed.”

“And from my view point she even looked disappointed when she’d gotten the last of it” Bonnie said with a smile.

After the morning service, Bonnie gave her friends who had not been at the house the last week, the news that from now on, her pool was fully clothing optional: not just topless. Additionally, she invited Sherry and Tabitha to the Wednesday tanning sessions, though she knew Tabitha couldn’t come due to work.

A nice surprise was when Heather called to say she would be driving from her parent’s home to Atlanta and asked about meeting Bonnie and Cooper for lunch in Milledgeville. Though it was a nice meeting, Bonnie really wished she could have talked her into coming back to the house for a while. She had been pleased with the news that Heather’s professional photographer friend was excited about the opportunity to shoot nudes at their pool. They looked at a couple of dates in the next month, but did not pin anything down.

On the way home, she had asked Cooper about her idea to have the solid bedroom door replaced with a French door. He, as expected, deferred to her judgment on this. With a glass door to the bedroom the king-sized bed, the mirror hanging over it and the nude painting of her behind it would be visible to people in the family room. It would make a bold statement to all visitors that what went on in that bed was not shameful. This would however force her to make sure the bedroom was always clean. To head off that issue, she decided to have sheers put on the door so that with the lights off, and the sheers pulled, a messy bed would not be visible. But she decided she needed a really nice duvet cover anyway.

Misty missed the lunch because she and Kelli planned on working all Sunday afternoon to finish up the details of both the main site and the party page. All in all, the Euro-Club site and the party page looked pretty good. They now had less than two weeks to get the word out before the party, but they felt confident they would be able to do that. It took less than an hour to complete their Euro-Club work, but Misty had one more thing that had to be done by the end of the day.

When Kelli was gone Misty sat down with her laptop to consider the photos she’d collected for her application for the photographic internship. She was pleased with the collection. On Friday, she’d taken the risk to take a flash drive of possible photos to school and asked Mrs. Maybree to help her choose the photos she would send. They’d gone over them after school when no one was present to see. Most of the photos were non-controversial, but she had a handful that would not be “appreciated” by Dr. Collin. After looking over all the photos, Mrs. Maybree suggested she include one of the nudes she’d shot of her mother in Miami, and one of the nudes she’d shot of Heather. In the end, she’d included what Misty already thought was the best sunrise photo of her mother and one black and white “abstract bodyscape” of Heather floating in the pool. Once that was done, all she still lacked was the required self-portrait.

Over the past week, she’d made dozens of them, but they all looked bland and none of them really showed what she was about. She looked out the window at the rain wishing it were clear so she could shoot outside…then the idea came to her.

It took half an hour of work and she was soaked by the time she was done; but she’d moved one of the big patio umbrellas into the grass and set up her father’s camera on a tripod under it. Once that was done, she set the camera to take one frame every eight seconds, removed her wet clothes, and pressed the shutter button. As the camera clicked on, she worked a variety of poses. She then stopped to change the camera’s field of vision, and repeated that process for over an hour. As she worked the sun began to peek out even while the rain continued. At first that had annoyed Misty, but then she realized it would just add to the variety of looks from which to choose.

By the time she had to get dried off and ready for evening youth group meeting, she had over five-hundred frames to pick from. After she made it home from church, the last task was to pick the best images she’d made, edit them, then pick from those and attach the very best one to her application before she emailed it.

When Bonnie and Cooper made it home from their lunch with Heather, they started to work on making a movie of the security camera feeds. After hearing of her husband’s failed attempt to do it on his own, she had not teased him (too much) about refusing her offer of help in the first place. Since she'd already made the movie of sex with Vic and Jill, she already had the basic skills down; but she knew she was by no means proficient. After Cooper’s “help” became too much of a nuisance, she just ran her husband out of the study. It proved a larger project than she'd imagined. In the end she worked on it most of the day Monday and Tuesday as well.

With the four feeds, she had to choose what camera to use for each shot. Right off she could tell she was going to have a finished product with an amazing look. Each of the camera's showed a total of seventy-two minutes running time from the moment she set out the pitcher of tea till the men were dressed and gone. In addition, the cameras had automatically turned back on when Cooper arrived home to find her asleep on the lounge chair. While Cooper had not intentionally meant to keep the # 1 & #4 cameras zoomed in on the chaise for that purpose, it had worked out perfectly. She was sure she could use a bit of that additional eighteen minutes of them making love for a post script of sorts. In particular she liked how, even without the sound, she could tell they were discussing the fact she was sticky with semen from her breasts all the way to her thighs. Half of that portion of the video feed was him giving her oral sex until she’d cum twice. She was sure with her editing; it would come across that her husband continued to be giving to her, even after what she’d done with the other men. Yes, she thought, it would make a perfect postscript.

The new HD cameras took broadcast quality video. And at any given moment there were at least two cameras with a great view. Cooper had done a good job of keeping one camera with a medium angle view any time he'd moved one to closer up. She was surprised how several times, using camera #1 & #3, he was able to nearly fill the frame with her face and upper body to catch her reactions. Of the hour and fifteen minutes running time with the builders, only about half was actually of sex. The rest was talking and other transitions. She liked that she would be able to tell a complete story, not make a video that was all sex. What also helped was that because there were three guys, there was always someone just watching and waiting. By cropping she was able to sometimes isolate that person to break up the sex scenes. She ended up adding video footage she shot with Cooper’s Cannon on Monday afternoon of the front of the house in the beginning to set the location.

When there was sex on the screen, she couldn't deny it was hot. She could not have been more pleased with her performance or that of her "co-stars." Her decision to slather herself in coconut oil had been a good one. Her shiny skin in the sun was both super sexy and it hid some of her imperfections. The contrast of the appearance of the sex with the two brothers with that of the teenager really gave the little movie two very different erotic looks.

The last thing she needed to work on was sound. There was none on the recordings. It took two hours to find the right music for the opening, the three distinct sexual episodes and the transitions. Then it took more time to add it in. Even with the music it lacked something. She realized the "film" needed more context. So she went back to overdub a short narration at the beginning and a few segments of additional narration in the transitions and at the end. She had to extend both the opening sequence of her prepping for the guys and walking to the gate to invite them in, as well as the portion of her just sleeping on the chaise after the men had gone. The final version was five minutes longer and began with "I'd been flirting with the men building the barn next door all week..." and ended with "Making love with my husband after what I'd done was the best part of all."

By the time she was done just before the kids got home on Tuesday, she was far more pleased with this forty-five-minute video than she had been with the last one she’d made for Cooper. She was impressed with her own work, and she admitted that watching herself in it was quite a turn-on.

Misty had almost fallen over with laughter when she'd reviewed the “film” and seen one of the guys was from her school. As predicted her daughter gave her a very hard time about being a cougar and cradle robber. Bonnie readily admitted she had not taken a good enough look and she just assumed all three of the guys were grown men. Bonnie assured Misty that she had not known he was still in high school until it was too late. ”I mean it really was too late” Bonnie had said “Not only had we started having sex, he’d already cum in me once.” That just set Misty laughing again. She figured it was no more than she deserved for behaving recklessly.

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03 mrt. 2023

Pragmatism is the name of the game at the Campbell’s home. The house rules are well-defined but can also be adjusted. All the visitors must accept the rules and leave their shame at the door. The Campbells have shown that shame is not welcome in their home: “Shame is the root of all evil. Shame is different from guilt. Guilt is a healthy human emotion that arises when we have done something bad. Shame, by contrast, is the experience not that we have done something bad but that we are bad. Shame is the feeling that we are somehow broken and cannot be fixed. More often than not, shame is rooted in something sexual. Self-images of control, artificial dignity, status,…


Rev. Teas
Rev. Teas
11 jan. 2022

Wonderful chapter. JoAnne's little pussy shaved like a heart and dyed purple is the cutest thing ever.


09 jan. 2022

This is a wonderful continuation of the story. You've included many of the main characters: I love it how Lamar and Byron were exposed to new sexual experiences, how the EuroClub girls became comfortable with their bodies; how Trish could enjoy sex with Cooper with her son present, etc. Your images are spot on, again. It is wonderful how you let Cooper make love to Trish with Bonnie looking on. This story should be compulsory reading for all families with teenagers. Well done.

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Thank you so much for the comments. I've worked hard over the years to make the people in this story act like real people that I've known.


05 jan. 2022

The picture of Misty in the rain is fabulous. Lots of drama. Lamar's and Byron's day by the pool is pretty good comedy. I've been exchanging views with Sandra about erotic video, and she's expressed a need for a unique storyline and setting as well as relationship. That's all in this chapter.

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I was pleased how it came out. This is the "photo" that she sent with her application packet. I haven't decided what to do with it. Perhaps it will end up as one of those only in the set of renders I post for book 2


I would like to see more stories with Lamar! Especially when his attention is focused on his mother and sister, I want to know how a guy should navigate such situations.

08 jan. 2022
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I've heard about a study of kids raised in early Israeli kibbutzim, in which children were raised communally. (I don't know whether communal child rearing was a universal practice or happened only in certain kibbutzim.) None of the kids married others they'd grown up with. Young female or male animals of social species will leave their home groups to mate. Baboon males move out; Chimpanzee females do. I've often toyed with the not entirely satisfying idea that morality depends on whether a behavior is biologically healthy or pathological—whether it contributes to human survival and reproduction. Given safe, effective contraception, and longstanding taboo, this would make instances of incest not necessarily wrong, but hints of individual pathology.

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