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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 27

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel:


Sexual Freedom, a Revolutionary Idea

Chapter 27

Trish Simms

Trish Simms and fifteen-year-old Byron lived in the only modern apartment complex in the county. When her husband, Victor, had surprised her by moving out one fall day almost three years ago she had been devastated. For months she hardly left the house they had shared for ten years. She could not understand what she'd done wrong. Her husband repeatedly denied there was another woman and for over six months she believed him. Even when she began hearing rumors she refused to believe. It wasn’t until her mother drove her to Victor’s new place before church one Sunday morning she was willing to accept the truth. Next to Victor’s Audi was a white Mercedes that she knew full well belonged to Collette, her husband’s law partner.

After that she agreed to let her mother hire an investigator. Though her husband was a very successful "ambulance chaser" he was not very good at making friends in the legal community. Trish had an abundance of help in the divorce and ended up with a huge cash settlement and substantial alimony and child support payments. She had planned to keep the four thousand square foot lake front house, but she could not separate her dream home from her ex-­husband. During the previous winter the home had sold for far more than she had initially expected. This allowed her to have a new, smaller, dream home built on a less fashionable part of the lake. But the upside was she was able to purchase a little ten acre peninsula on which to build. Cooper had designed the home for her, and the contractor promised it would be ready by the fall.

She had a plan to complete her master’s program at Georgia State College and University (GSCU), but so far she had only taken a few courses. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with the degree, but with money as a non-issue, going to school was a good use of her time until she felt more sure of her future.

Trish and Byron had always had a good relationship, but it wasn’t until after the divorce when his dad married Collette, that she had become much closer to her own son. Byron had always been thin and shy and somewhat bookish. The split made him much more so. For both she and Byron their church involvement was the saving grace in this difficult time.

When. two summers before, Jill Banning had shocked everyone by suggesting they tan topless, it hit Trish at just the right moment. If she hadn’t seconded it, the idea might have died; though it turned out that several had thought it was a great idea but were unwilling to go out on a limb to provide the second. Trish did, and the nature of their group began to change.

In the past year and a half since her divorce was finalized, she had lost 30 pounds. This had not been a plan to get sexy, but rather the effects of depression. Friends and acquaintances routinely noted how good she looked. Last June she had only come to tan once with the girls because she took a long vacation. She had rented a beach front house on Hilton Head for a full month. Her mother and Byron stayed the whole time, and her sister and her sister’s two young children stayed the first week. At a local shop she bought the first true bikini (not just a two-piece swimsuit) she had worn since Byron had been born. At the time, she had no idea that in just a few weeks Bonnie would be wearing things at South Beach that would make her new bikini look modest. However, for a long-depressed divorcée, it was very racy. In the dressing room she thought she looked pretty good in it. The thirty pounds off made a world of difference, and her hour-long power walks she used to fight the depression had begun to tone her new leaner body. Even looking at herself in the house bedroom mirror she thought she looked sexy in the little red swimsuit. Still, she did not wear it out of the house until after her sister had gone back to Macon and Byron and Grandma were out at a movie. With great trepidation, she left the beach house and headed over the dune to the beach.

This sea island beach, by nature of the high cost of rentals, was skewed away from young people to adults of means and their children. She strolled down the board walk that led directly to the back door of the house, over the dune and onto the sand. It was near high tide so there was little room between the wet sand and the people sunning. As she walked, she was very self-conscious and imagined being watched. Even still it was quite a shock to see the first men’s eyes that fixed on the large amount of décolletage that the suit presented.

The first time she wanted to hide from the “dirty old men” watching her, but by the time she had passed two dozen more men and everyone gave her a positive look, she began to think that she indeed might be attractive. She went much further down the beach than she’d intended. By the time she made it back to the house she was feeling rather good about herself, but not so good as to leave the bikini on for her mother to see. The next morning, she went out and bought two more bikinis. Again, they were significantly less revealing than Bonnie’s Brazilians but these did show just a little ass cheek and lots of boobage. Back at the house, she donned a new bikini, grabbed a beach towel and a bottle of sunscreen and headed out to the sand. Day by day she felt the old self-loathing disappear and a new confidence take hold. The fourth afternoon wearing a bikini, when she came in for lunch and began to change out of the sandy swim suit, she looked at her now tanned body with distinct tan lines. She became so aroused that she locked her bedroom door and masturbated as she looked in the mirror. This was the first time she had masturbated during the day since she was in college. It was that day when she went back out after her self-pleasuring, she noticed a particularly good-looking man. She had seen him several times over the past few days and each time they had exchanged smiles.

He was clearly middle aged, but very attractive in a distinguished way. His hair was solid white and it blew in the wind as he walked by her, smiling as he went. She slowed her step to make sure he saw her smile back. She tried to covertly watch to see if he went into a nearby house, but could not tell if he crossed the dune on a public walk, or on a private boardwalk. Long dead feelings awoke: feelings of raw sexual desire.

At night her fantasies became more and more explicit and her masturbation sessions longer and more intense. It took almost a week for him to stop and chat. By then she could feel her arousal each time she saw him. The tide was coming in as she lay on a big beach towel. Byron was boogie boarding in the surf. She watched the man walking toward her, not past her but directly toward her. She sat up as he approached.

“It’s been a beautiful week” he said as he came close.

”Yes, it has been” Trish said her heart pounding.

“I couldn’t help but noticing you here all week” he said. His accent was clearly Charleston.

“I noticed you too” she replied. She hoped that was not too forward of her.

He extended his hand “My name is Richard Ravenell, I’m from just up the coast in North Charleston.”

She stood up and shook his hand. “I’m Trish Simms from Sparta, Georgia.”

He held her hand longer than necessary. She found it hard to breathe.

He broke eye contact and looked out to where Byron was just being crashed to the sand by a wave. “You and your son here alone?”

“No, my mother is staying with us” she said.

He looked like he was pondering something then said “Good, so if I asked you over to my place for dinner it would be a possibility.”

Her throat constricted. He was asking her on a date. A man was asking her out for a date. She’d been twenty the last time she’d been asked out on a first date. She was at once thrilled, flattered and also terrified. How could she go on a date? She knew there must be a hundred reasons why to say no, but she couldn’t grab one quickly enough. His eyes searched for an answer.

“Where is your place?” she said without saying yes.

“From here you would take the first boardwalk over the dune. It is the green house across the street and on the left. How does seven sound?”

And so without actually saying yes, she was dressing for a date. To avoid questions, she told her mother she wanted to go out shopping. Because of that lie, she could not dress up too much. Searching through her stuff she realized that since she bought new clothes after losing her weight, she had not one pretty bra or panty. She told herself that that didn’t matter, he would never see them.

She remembered back, nearly twenty years, to the time before meeting her eventual husband, Vincent. She had only had sex with three guys before Vincent and she done it on a first date once; but that was a long, long time ago. This would not be like that. She was just going over to have dinner. Right?

After trying on almost everything she had, she opted for the royal blue silk sarong she had bought at the bikini shop. Solving the ugly bra problem, she could just not wear one. She was at the beach after all. Did she dare? Deciding to just see how it would look she followed the attached directions to make it into a halter dress, twisting the two ends and tying them in a knot at the back of her neck. She moved in front of the mirror. Her large breasts swayed with each little move. If she walked too fast they would be quite out of control. She could not think of the last time she'd left the house braless. Surely it was well before she got married. The fabric was thin and the small tips of her nipples made visible bumps. “This will get his attention” she said aloud. But did she want that kind of attention?

She continued to look in the mirror. It was impossible to miss that her panty lines clearly showed. Worse yet they were “granny” panties. If she went in the sarong they would have to go. Since she was tall and the sarong when worn as a halter dress was fairly short, she would have to keep her legs together or she would show everything. Just like she'd not said yes to the date, she did not decide to wear this outfit. She slipped out while Byron was playing his video games and her mother was in the bath. She was sure her racing heart beat could be heard from a block away.

To keep up her deception she drove the six houses down and pulled into the sandy drive of the green house. A gust of wind caught the hem of the sarong and hiked it up past her navel. A wave of excitement and arousal went through her as she pushed down the light fabric. She found she was truly disappointed that there was not one of those men she had been seeing all week outside to see her accidental exposure.

Her hands and knees shook uncontrollably as she knocked on the door.

She waited. The door opened. He wore a silk powder blue robe. His cologne wafted to her senses.

Without hesitating he said “I see you dressed light”

“I didn’t know what was in the offing tonight, so I dressed simply” She immediately berated herself for revealing her inner desires.

Closing the door behind her, he stood close. He kissed her lightly on the lips. He drew her closer with one arm and kissed her a second time with a little more meaning.

She initiated the third, passionate, kiss, wrapping both arms around his shoulders, opening her mouth and offering her tongue. He responded in kind pulling her tightly against himself. She was overwhelmed. She had long ago decided no man would ever want to hold her this way again. The firmness that pressed on her stomach through the two thin layers of silk told her that he wanted her as much as she wanted him to want her. In turn she wanted him for wanting her.

But this was all way too fast. This was not what was supposed to happen. She told herself she wasn’t a desperate housewife to throw herself at this stranger…..but she knew it was a lie. She was desperate.

Without further words, his deft handpicked the knot on the back of her neck. Shifting his body as he kissed deeply, he allowed the silk sarong to flutter to the ground around her feet. Their mouths continued to devour one another’s soul as his hands explored her body.

She’d not said ten words and she was completely naked in this man’s house.

Somewhere in her semi-conscious mind, a voice told her that this stranger was touching her in the most intimate places. The voice didn’t exactly say to make him stop, but it did ask “Don’t you care he is touching your breasts, your butt, your vulva?” The only time she even bothered to tell herself “no I don’t care” is when the voice said “Trish, don’t you care his fingers are in you?”

The only fear she had was that this middle-aged man would not be able to satisfy this all-consuming sexual fever that gripped her. She found herself leaning back against what she assumed to be a coat closet, just feet inside the front door.

She was so grateful when his kisses moved from her breasts downward to where the flesh screamed for stimulation. She actually said out loud “Please do that”. The first words she had spoken since walking into the house. She couldn’t imagine she could become more aroused without passing out, but she did. It had been at least a decade since she’d had such a moment, but it all came back to her. She knew what to do. He crouched down and gently guided one leg up and over his shoulder. His tongue and lips danced on and around the sensitive pink folds of moist flesh. She braced herself with both hands to keep from falling.

Only after stimulating every other conceivable part of her genitals, he finally began to flutter his tongue on her clit. The first climax began nearly immediately, followed by three others in such rapid succession it was almost like one endless stream. Eventually it was simply more than she could take and she reached down and pushed his face away from her.

He stood and she untied his robe. It fell open, and as she expected, nothing covered his full erection. She squatted down in front of him and was determined to give as much pleasure as she received. His penis was clearly smaller than Vincent’s, but as she began to work on him she found there are distinct advantages of giving head to a smaller man. The most useful was that she could without undue effort take him all in her mouth, nestling her lips in his thick hair. In her present mood that was exactly what she wanted, to swallow him whole. She gripped his ass cheeks tightly as she worked his penis with her cheeks and tongue. Then using this firm leverage, she began to move his erection in and out of her tightly pursed lips. She sucked hard as she took him from base to head, over and over again. She surprised herself when she agreed with the inner voice that now said “Make him cum. Taste him. Eat up all the cum he has”.

In college she had blown eight different guys before meeting Vince, but never, never would she keep It up till they came, she always finished with her hand. Gradually all other things faded from mind but pulling the semen out of this man; faster and harder she worked as she pulled on his ass with ever building pressure. She stimulated the underside of the shaft with her tongue as her sucked-in cheeks formed an artificial vagina as she mouth fucked his tool.

A groan from above told her she would soon have what she craved. She took it all in and held tight. She didn’t feel the spray, only the fluid that suddenly surrounded the penis. It was less thick than she imagined it would be and not strong in taste either. With a hint of garlic it had a taste all its own. She knew right then it would be a taste she would seek again… and again. She kept sucking until she had swallowed everything he had to give, then kept on.

He had to stop her with “Woe, woman. There isn’t anymore” and lifted her to her feet and surprised her with another deep kiss when she knew full well she would taste of his semen. Letting go of the kiss he reached down and picked up her sarong. Handing it to her he said “That was a fine appetizer. After dinner we can start on the main course.”

She followed while putting her sarong back on. In the living room, on a coffee table was a large bowl of boiled shrimp on ice, a bottle of Sauvignon, glasses and looking out of place, a bowl of hushpuppies.

“I hope you are not offended I ordered out rather than cooking” he said, “But these are from The Green Turtle. I don’t think you will find better anywhere.”

“No. No, this looks great” Trish said still trying to catch her breath. Switching gears so fast, this was new to her. She couldn’t decide it that was a result of her two decades out of commission, or of the fact that adults date differently than do college students. Either way it was strange and appealing at the same time.

The conversation through dinner was surprisingly routine. Short bios, jobs, children, hobbies, all normal things; yet all this came after she had swallowed his semen. After dinner came more conversation and drinks then a walk on the beach. When the main course of sex came it was everything she had hoped it would be. Though his smaller size limited the depth of penetration, she gained full satisfaction all the same. His stamina was surprising. She found herself wondering if he used Viagra or one of the similar medicines, but thought it would be rude to ask.

All too soon the alarm on her phone went off and she had to go, but not before she made a promise to return as soon as possible.

The next morning her power walk only made it as far as the green Ravenel house, but she returned home just as sweaty and breathless as she did when she walked four miles. For the next three days she found a myriad of excuses why to leave Byron with her mother and whether she had ten minutes or two hours she left the green house with a smile on her face and spring in her step. His power of recovery for a middle aged man was remarkable. She was sure Vincent couldn't do in a week what this man did in a day.

On the last Tuesday of her trip she had again stopped at the green house on her morning “walk” to have the fourth morning in a row of sex before breakfast and once again she and Richard Ravenel made love like there was no tomorrow. This morning it was first an opening blowjob and fuck in the bed, then cunnilingus on the breakfast table and a final furious fuck on the living room floor.

All this just made her look forward to stopping by for a quickie at lunch time even more. As they had for weeks, each morning about ten, Trish and Byron went out to the beach. He would boogie board, play in the surf or fly one if his fancy kites. She would sun. Now, when possible, she also did some flirting. Her multiple trips each day to the green house made her feel so much more sexy and empowered. Now when men would look at her in her new bikinis she smiled at them. After about two hours she and her son would come in to escape the noon sun. Byron would watch TV or play video games. In the prior weeks she would read or go shopping, but for the last four days, she slipped off to the green house.

She put on a sun dress and one of the thong panties she had bought the day before and headed out the door. She had been by eleven other times since that first meeting. ELEVEN! She’d had gone to this man’s house eleven times in five days specifically to have sex ….and every time had been like something out of a romance novel…or a porn story.

She could see the car was gone even before she got to the house and was not surprised no one answered. She was disappointed, but could not be upset.. and for the past four days he had always been there. He must have to go out some time.

She checked back every hour that day and the car never returned. By night fall her heart had begun to sink. The next day when a family unloaded at the green house she knew her affair was over. Like a wildfire it had consumed her for five days and left a changed landscape in its path. In less than five full days she had gone to Richard’s place a total of twelve times and had almost twenty separate sexual episodes. That was more than she and Vincent had done in their last two or three years of marriage. She was equally sure she’d had more orgasms during sex with Richard than Vincent had given her since the birth of Byron. She had long forgotten (or suppressed), that prior to meeting her husband she had a boyfriend who could regularly give her orgasms through intercourse. She had not however forgotten that all eight of the other guys with whom she'd had sex had given her cunnilingus. Vincent rarely made her cum and thought going down on a woman was effeminate and had never once done it to her.

She only had one more week at the beach, but several times over the next few days her mother asked why she was so down. Trish never even hinted what it really was. Fortunately, that week was the 4th of July holiday, so her sister and nieces came back to Hilton Head. That kept her too busy to mope (much), but she knew something in her had changed. She was different now, in a fundamental way. It wasn’t the sex itself; it was the freedom to be herself without apology. Even after divorcing Vincent, she had not reclaimed that most basic right. Now, with that man’s help she had done so.

In the eleven months that had passed from that day till the day in which the tanning group shared stories of their sexual past, Trish had not told a single person of that amazing week. And when she had gotten up the courage to tell it that day, the opportunity had passed. It seemed silly that she had kept it from Bonnie now that she had made love to her husband twice. Bonnie had even gone down on her last Saturday; all be it briefly…and that was something else she needed to tell. She would very much like Bonnie to do that again…at length.

As Trish thought on these things, last summer seemed so long ago. It was the activities the prior Saturday that now preoccupied her. Since their talk in the car, Byron hadn’t made even the vaguest reference to what he had seen her doing; in the swimming pool or on the chaise lounge. She called Bonnie Friday night, still concerned she had given her son some inappropriate ideas.

“I don’t think so Trish” Bonnie said “You know how hard it is for men to talk, imagine how hard it is for a fifteen-year-old boy.”

“I guess so. I’m just so worried I’m doing something wrong.”

“Like what?”

“Like lowering boundaries that don’t need to be lowered.”

“Do you think he might get ideas, like about you?”

“Well, yea” Trish said with resignation.

“I really don’t think you have anything to worry about. He made it clear he preferred the teen girls. Right?”

“Yes, he did.”

“Unless you see something that would lead you to think something like that, you don't need to worry.” Bonnie assured her. “But if you’re that concerned, you could go back on what happened and just stick to your old habit of always being fully dressed around him. But to be honest, I doubt that will have any impact on the sexual thoughts he is having. It might however make you look like you are ashamed of what you did.”

Trish said dejectedly, “I have tried to be more relaxed. I even had breakfast in my bra and panties on Tuesday, and all week I have left my door ajar when I’ve been changing and showering.”

Bonnie commended her “That is a good start.”

Trish went on “But Wednesday evening, after I got home from the tanning group, I was sitting in the living room watching TV. I could hear the shower running. When I heard the bathroom door open I turned that way and out came Byron stark naked.”

“What did he do?” Bonnie asked.

“Well, nothing, he just went to his room. But he was naked!”

Bonnie laughed.

“It’s not funny, he did it again tonight, just a few minutes ago.”

Bonnie continued laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Trish demanded.

“It’s Lamar, he’s put Byron up to this. I can guarantee it.”

“I don’t understand, what does Lamar have to do with what Byron is doing?” Trish said confused.

“He put Byron up to walking around you naked. I’m sure of it” she answered as she continued to laugh. “You see, Sunday morning, I came out of my room to find Lamar eating a bowl of cereal in the kitchen, without anything on. It just happened that I was already dressed for church.” She began to laugh again “I know he was trying to shock me. What he didn’t know was if he had been in the kitchen a half an hour earlier seeing both his parents naked would have been the least of what he saw. He would have seen his mom bent right over the counter getting it hard from his dad as we waited for the coffee to make.”

Trish broke in “You guys are bad.”

“We try. But the truth is I don’t ever remember Lamar naked in the kitchen before. I just got another cup of coffee and reminded him we were leaving in twenty minutes. What else could I say?”

Bonnie paused then went on “Then on Monday, when I went in to make sure he was getting ready for school; I found he is now skipping pj’s or underwear in bed, just like his dad. And yesterday Misty told me he had stopped dressing when going to and from the shower to his room. I guess all this is his way of saying he’s all grown up. He must have convinced Byron to go along.”

It took a moment for Trish to agree “Yea, I guess so”.

“They’re just being boys, don’t worry. You didn’t have brothers. I did. They do stuff like that.” Bonny tried to assure her “I think Lamar is also doing it to show he’s as grown up as his sister, especially after I walked in on Misty in bed with Rebecca and Samuel Monday evening.”

“You didn’t tell me about that.”

“It wasn’t that big a deal since it’s no secret that Misty is sexually active. But I had gone shopping with Cooper’s mother on Monday afternoon and we didn’t get back until about 6:00. I had stopped by Taco Bell and brought supper home. Lamar was watching TV in the family room. When I gave him his food, he told me I should take Misty’s up to her. I was suspicious of his motives, but I wasn’t trying to be sneaky when I went up to Misty’s room. The door was open so I walked in, Taco Bell bag in hand.”

”What did you see?”

“Nothing really, I guess they had finished some time before and were just lying on the bed talking.”

“Were all of them naked?”

” Oh, yea, completely.”

“What did you do?”

“I was just placid as could be and acted like it was nothing unusual. I made a point to tell Rebecca and Samuel hello, and apologized for not getting more food. I just stood next to the bed and told them next time they come over for after school play time to let me know so I can have supper for them as well. I then offered to cook them something. After what Misty pulled on the three of us in bed on Saturday, taking her sweet time while you were squirming on Cooper, I thought I would do the same. There was no way Misty hadn’t told them all about that.”

“What did they do?”

“Well Rebecca and Misty did nothing, but I think Samuel has a little thing for me and so he strikes up a conversation. Though he was soft when I came in, he rose to a full erection as we talked, then he moved flat to his back so I couldn’t miss it.

Trish scoffed “Typical male, thinks his dick will drive you wild.”

“Well, Trish, I gotta say, in his case he’s got something to be proud of.”


“Yea, I didn’t give him the thrill of me staring but even so, he is far bigger soft than Cooper is hard. But I just left and told them to have fun. I guess they did because it was another hour before they came down stairs. When they got down, I acted as relaxed as I could. The girls just wore tee-shirts and their thongs, and Samuel was just in his boxers. I offered to cook something for them and gave them some iced tea and you’ll love what I said”

Trish asked “What?”

“I said ‘now that you’ve spent several hours on extra-curricular biology, do you have any homework for school?”

Trish said “I don’t know if I could be that cool.”

“I don’t mean to freak you out, but you know that Misty and her friends learned about sex by doing it with each other a year before they did it with guys.”

“What are you saying?”

“Are you so naive? You’re so worried about Byron wanting to do his mom you are missing his much more probable next step.”

“And what’s that?”

“It’s just a matter of time before the boys move from jacking off in front of each other to jacking each other off.”

There was a pause, “Really? You think they would do that? You don’t think they are gay do you?”

“Yes, I’m sure they will and no that wouldn’t make them gay. That would make them normal boys who don’t have girls throwing themselves at them. I didn’t say that to freak you out, just know if you don’t want to catch them doing something like that don’t barge in if Lamar spends the night. But enough about the kids, I am starting to worry about you. It’s been over two weeks since you and Cooper first did it. You have skirted the issue when it has come up. You are too embarrassed to tell our friends directly what you did, but yet, you sent them to me to tell them all the gory details of your new sex life. I had begun to think you had second thoughts about it, and then last Saturday you practically assaulted my husband right in front of me, and then on Wednesday you had me tell the whole group what happened. And then after I'd told what you and I did with Cooper you began to tell a story then stopped. When I asked what you were going to say you wouldn't. What is going on?”

There was silence for some time then a timid voice said “Yea, I want to tell you, but let’s do lunch and I’ll tell you everything.”

Bonnie’s curiosity was up. “How about we do some shopping and lunch in Milledgeville. I think we both could use some new summer wear.”

And so it was decided.

Milledgeville was considerably larger than Sparta, so much so it was considered a small city rather than a town. It’s great claim to fame is that it was the pre-Civil War capitol of Georgia and housed both the Georgia Military College and a state university. Consequently, the choices for both dining and shopping there far exceeded those in the town of Sparta. After Trish picked Bonnie up in her flashy BMW Z4 roadster, they headed out. Bonnie did not press for Trish to tell her story; she would let her do it in her own time.

Milledgeville didn’t have a proper indoor shopping mall; however, it did have a nice shopping center with a Belk’s department store and a dozen or so women’s clothing shops. They did not go to Belk’s or the shop for respectable women of their class; instead, they went to several shops that catered to college students and teenagers.

They had a great time trying on things that Bonnie was sure Trish had never even worn when she was a teenager. Though even Bonnie agreed that some of the outfits simply would look silly on women their age; they found more than enough to set them up for the summer. They each bought several pairs of rather short shorts, some halter and tank tops, and Bonnie even bought a tube top like she’d worn when she was in high school. She didn’t even know they still made such things. Just like the one she had in high school, it was yellow and she was sure in the sun the dark circles of her areolas would show. It had been a hit with the guys all those years ago; she was sure it would be no less now. After all, her boobs were quite a bit larger now than they had been back then.

In all their shopping they found that not one shop carried thong swimsuits for Trish; however, when they asked a very trendy looking college age sales girl, she told them of a shop at the edge of town that did. That was just as well because they couldn’t carry any more in their hands. As they headed across the parking lot with several bags each, Trish blurted out “Cooper isn’t the first man I’ve had sex with since Victor left me.”

Bonnie stopped cold and turned to her friend. “Oh, so now we hear the big secret.”

Trish nodded and they continued to walk toward her car. Once inside, and with the engine running to get the air conditioning going, Trish let it all out. To Bonnie, she seemed not to breathe for the first ten minutes as she told her narrative. She would have got it out much faster if once she moved into the sex part had Bonnie not peppered her with explicit questions. When Bonnie asked “How was he at giving oral sex?” then followed up with “Please don’t’ tell me he refused to eat you out?” Trish answered “He did it great, but you do it differently, though on Saturday you stopped before I had a chance to get into it.” Then she went back to her story too quickly for Bonnie to respond to her hint she wanted more oral sex from her. “I wanted to tell you all what a great time I had at the beach when I got back, but I just couldn’t do it. After a while the secret took on its own life and I just couldn’t tell anyone. Then when I began to really focus on fantasies about doing it with Cooper, I felt I had to hide it all even further. I had really decided I was a depraved woman. Then in a few short weeks you, and then my other friends, shattered the delusions I had that everyone else lived the straight and narrow.”

Bonnie calmly replied, “You’re not the only one who thought that nearly everyone reserved sex only for marriage. When I did it the first time, I knew I was a fallen woman, never to be worthy of my church friends again.”

Trish agreed “Yea, I felt just like that, but I didn’t know you had too.”

Bonnie went on “Now I’m over that and I am wondering if everyone at church, not just the Junior League women, are sleeping around all the time.”

“You and me both girl.”

A short drive later they came to a much more run-down strip center right at the edge of town. In addition to the “adult” shop, there was a liquor store, a pawn shop and a payday loan office. Just past the little shopping center was the only topless bar in the three-county region. This was the seediest part of town by a long shot.

The shop was called Pandora's and on a mannequin in the window the women saw quarter-cup demi-bras that left the wearers nipples exposed. Bonnie had bought one like this a few months before and she’d found she liked wearing it when she needed to wear a bra (which she was doing less and less lately). Even if there was no way it was evident that was what she had on under her clothes; just knowing she had it on was transgressive enough to be fun (and a turn-on). She especially liked wearing it to church, and had thought about looking for a second one for the past month. So before they went to the swim suits, they both tried on and bought two bras each.

The shop was much larger than it appeared from the street and was clean, well lit and not the least bit seedy. Bonnie was surprised she’d never been here before. There were three racks of bikini’s, mostly thongs and Brazilian cut. It was clear this shop catered to those who wanted what could not be found in the mainstream shops. The clerk showed them a line of one and two-piece suits that appeared modest, but she told them that when wet, they went almost completely transparent. Bonnie could not resist telling the clerk she already had a several bikinis that were similar. Trish could see the use of such a suit and picked one. After Trish had picked out no less than three swimsuits, the clerk offered to show them the “back room” which was where the dildos, vibrators, and other toys were kept. Giggling like school girls they looked over the inventory. “Where have I been” Trish said grabbing a ‘life like’ dildo from its hanger. She looked at the label. It was called Mr. Realistic and purported to be cast directly from some male porn star. She did not put it back.

Bonnie picked out a double headed dildo. “We can freak Cooper out with this” she said.

Trish ended up spending almost five hundred dollars at Pandoras, but she was thrilled. After spending so much money in the store they had no problem asking to use the dressing room to change into some of the clothes they had bought earlier at the mall.

Bonnie changed into denim shorts with suspenders and the yellow tube top that indeed did show the dark circles of her nipples in the sun. Trish went with shorts and a halter top and a pale-yellow quarter cup bra. Even though the bra had no panel covering her large areolas; the bra pushed her up-and-in so much that the top revealed an enormous amount of cleavage even when standing up strait. Then when she bent to pick up her purse, Bonnie noticed that her nipples were fully visible as soon as the top gaped even a little.

“Wow, that combination puts you on display all right” Bonnie quipped.

“I thought that was the idea” Trish replied.

“Yea, but I didn’t know you were going that far this first time.”

“Remember I told you that at the beach, I had tried out showing off. So this isn’t really a first time. Does it look trashy?”

“No, no it looks hot. I just hope I get a few looks too.” Bonnie said as Trish slid behind the wheel.

The trip to Earl Dukes Barbeque took just a few minutes. As expected, it was busy so they had to wait for a table. It didn’t take long for both Bonnie and Trish to realize they were getting looks from men. Bonnie found herself a little annoyed as the eyes consistently settled on Trish’s chest. But she knew it was natural, Trish was making the most of her considerable assets.

The hostess gave them a choice of seats, Bonnie strategically asked to be seated near the window. Trish smiled showing she saw why her friend chose that seat, the direct sun cut through the thin cotton. Though it was still mostly opaque, the tube top nicely showed off her youthful appearing breasts. Bonnie in turn was not surprised when the young waiter’s eyes lingered both women’s chests.

“He’s so cute” Bonnie whispered as their waiter left with their drink orders.

“He couldn’t keep his eyes off your boobs” Trish whispered back.

“My boobs?” Bonnie shot back. “He was doing his best to look down your shirt the whole time.”

“OK, maybe he checked us both out”

He was back notably quickly and took his time to talk through the menu. Bonnie almost laughed when Trish leaned forward, knowing full well she was giving him a clear view of her entire left breast. When he finally left, Bonnie with a grin said “Why didn’t you just take the shirt off, you showed him everything anyway.”

“If I thought I wouldn’t get arrested, I would.”

For the next forty minutes they teased the often-present waiter, and exchanged ideas of how to molest him when he was gone. They each dared the other to ask when he was going on break, but neither mustered the courage.

Walking back to the car Bonnie asked “Let me drive home, with the top down. I’ve never driven a convertible.”

“Sure, it will wreck our hair, but we’re not going anywhere else” Trish agreed.

“And I’m sure we can get some looks from guys” Bonnie added. Trish handed Bonnie the keys and showed her how to put down the top.

Only once they were on the road did Trish exclaim “That was so fun. Did you see the way our waiter looked at us? He could be our kid but he was about to blow right in his pants, over us!”

”Why didn’t you ask when he went on break?” Bonnie asked.

“Why didn’t you?” Trish bounced back.

Bonnie swerved around a slow car before answering “I don’t know. Afraid he would say no I guess.”

“Would you really have let him fuck you if I’d asked him for you? Or were you just playing?”

Bonnie, rather sheepishly said “I guess I’ve just become easy…again. I wouldn’t have hesitated to let him do me. Did I tell you I put two condoms in my purse before I left the house?”

She brought the car to a halt at a stop light. Trish looked over and said “Glad I’m not the only one thinking like that. But, I didn’t actually think to bring condoms.”

Bonnie pointed out that they keep them at the house all the time now, and soon she’ll need to do the same when Byron starts dating. Just then a nice-looking young man in a pickup pulled up beside them. He looked down and grinned. “Oh, he’s a hottie” Bonnie said in a low voice. Both women smiled and waved just as the light changed.

”I feel like I am seventeen again” Trish bubbled. Then she added “No, I feel like the girl I wished I’d been. I was never actually like this.”

Just past the light was the US Highway that let back to Hancock County. As they accelerated to highway speed the wind whistled and their hair began to fly. Trish reclined her seat slightly. She then looked down at her halter top. It was tied just under her bust and with the shorts there was a large space of skin showing in the middle. “I guess I’m lucky. No stretch marks from when I was heavier.” She leaned her seat back slightly more to stretch out “Not bad for an old woman.”

“You’re not old, you’re younger than me” Bonnie chided.

“Yea, but you’re a freak of nature, looking like that at your age.”

They both laughed. Trish went on with her musings “I think I should get a belly ring.”

“Misty wants one, but when she found out she couldn’t go swimming for six weeks, we decided to wait until fall.”

“How about we all three get one?”

“I had been thinking about it, but fall’s a long way off.”

Trish pulled at the halter’s tie and it fell loose. “I really like the way this bra feels. I've been too big to go braless since I was like thirteen. This gives me adequate support yet makes me feel daring. I should have gotten more than two."

“But they only had the two styles. That emerald green looks good on you though.”

“Yea, but maybe I should go looking on-line, I’m sure I can find more.” Despite the fact they were not fully out into the country side, she pulled the halter apart and looked at her breasts. The bra’s cup appeared to be well made, and it clearly gave her friend's breasts support. Though they had always looked large to Bonnie, cradled like that, they appeared much bigger indeed. “Are my nipples too ugly, they’re so big and not even round, they’re oval.”

It was true that the areola of her nipples were slightly oblong and large enough that the bottoms were covered by the bra’s cup. Bonnie answered truthfully “I think they are lovely, I’d love to have boobs that big, and big nipples tend to go with big boobs.”

A loud “honk, honk”, jarred them.

Jerking her head to the right she looked up to the cab of a red big-rig that Bonnie was slowly passing. In the window a man flashed a thumbs up looking at Trish’s bared breasts.

Her hand instantly grabbed the two sides of the halter, but did not pull them together. Her hand’s gripped the fabric tight and even shook a little, but she did not cover her breasts. Instead, she looked up and released one side of the top to wave at the trucker whose head swiveled rapidly from the road to Trish and back again.

Soon they were past the truck.

“Oooh, Trish the highway flasher!” Bonnie exclaimed.

“That was an accident! You were the one who wanted the top down.”

“I didn’t see you cover yourself up. It looked more like an invite.”

“Well, I was just being polite” Trish said reclosing her halter.

“Yea right.”

Then the truth dawned on Trish. “You crept up on that truck knowing he’d see me first in his mirror then look down at me from his window!”

“Now would I do that?” Bonnie protested, though in fact that was exactly what she had done.

Bonnie began creeping up on another truck in the left lane. Trish looked over and grinned at Bonnie. She loosened the halter’s tie and reached behind to unhook her bra. Slipping it off under the shirt she tossed it in the back. Once she could see the man driving in his big side mirror, she untied the fabric between her breast and slipped the open shirt back off her shoulders so that she was, for all practical purposes, topless in the convertible. It took a moment for the driver to see in his rearview what was behind him. He slowed a bit so the car was below his door. Trish waved up at him before Bonnie sped up and left the big truck behind. They laughed loudly as Trish recovered her breasts. Before they made it back to Bonnie’s place, they had made the day of a half dozen truckers. Trish was having the time of her life.

As they drove down what had become a rural two-lane highway, Trish brought up her son again. She told Bonnie how she and Byron had not really talked about the fact he’d been just feet away watching her with Cooper's penis in her mouth. She wanted to, but just didn’t know how to bring it up. They talked about how the new clothes would give her opportunity to talk to him more. “Like those almost sheer tanks. I’m sure I’ll wear them around my house. If you did the same at your apartment, that would be showing him things are different, while at the same time you aren’t just walking around naked…yet.” Trish seemed to like Bonnie’s suggestions and also appeared to be less concerned about her son lusting over her.

It was almost 5:00 PM when Bonnie pulled into the parking lot of Trish’s apartment complex. Bonnie got her things and left in her Volvo. It had been a great trip. She would tell Misty all about it. She rather liked Misty in the role as both friend and daughter.

A few minutes later, inside her apartment Trish found her son, Byron, firmly ensconced in front of the TV playing a video game. Laying down her packages, she said “Well couch potato, have you been playing that game since you got home from school?”

“No” came a defensive reply “I watched TV too.”

“Well get yourself together, we’re going out for dinner in about an hour.”

“OK, let me get to a good save point” he said as she went back to her room.

She put all the clothes but her two new swimsuits away. After thinking for a moment, she placed Mr. Realistic on her end table. She took the tags off of two of the swimsuits and put them on hangers. In the living room she found Byron putting away the game controller. He had not even looked at her when she had first come in; but now seeing her in her shorts and halter, he said “Wow mom, that’s new.”

“Is that bad?”

“No. It looks good on you. But you probably don’t need to wear it to Jeff Davis.”

“OK, I won’t wear it to your school.”

“What suit should I wear tomorrow at the Campbell’s couple’s pool party? Should I wear one of my old ones or…” she held up the hanger with her new Brazilian cut swim suit, “this new one?”

Byron looked at it saying “That’s way smaller than what you wore at the beach last year.”

She agreed, then raised the hanger with the thong bikini “Or should I wear this one?”; then putting the other two down she held up a hanger with nothing at all on it "Or this one?”

Her son looked at it quickly then understood what she was asking. He smiled and said “You should wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. The truth is you can pull off any of those.”

“You won’t be embarrassed if your mom wears this one in front of a bunch of men from church?” she said still holding up the empty hanger.

“It’s not like you’re an old hag, and I’m guessing most of the husbands would get a thrill seeing you like that.”

“Really? You wouldn’t mind your mother going nude with men from the church?”

“Come on Mom, I saw you giving ...” Byron abruptly ended.

Trish thought she knew what he was going to say and thought this would be the time to get it out in the open “Saw me doing what?” she said in a quiet tone.

He looked down and said in a tentative voice “I watched you giving Mr. C a blow job.” His voice gaining confidence he continued “Lamar and I watched you and Mrs. C. for a good while before you saw us. We saw everything you two were doing out there, but I spent most of my time watching Mrs. C. playing with herself while she watched you suck Mr. C.’s dick.” Then he turned away like he was embarrassed he’d said that much.

Trish knew it was time. She’d been putting this talk off, but this was her opportunity. Since Saturday, she’d thought long and hard what to say and knew that she might not have a better opportunity to bring up a number of things beyond the events at the pool; some were things she’d been avoiding for years. She slid down into the couch and turned to Byron. “Did it upset you that Lamar saw me doing that to his father?”

Byron as well seemed to understand this was the time to talk about it. He sat back on the couch and looked at her “No, Mom. It didn’t’ upset me at all.” He seemed to think then added. “I actually thought it was cool. He and I have looked at pics and video of his mom giving guy’s blow jobs and everything else. I never thought I would ever be the one to have the hottest mom.”

She laughed a bit and said “Well, I’m glad to hear that, because I know things are changing for me.”

“Yea, it’s like you are becoming a different person.”

Trish replied “Actually, I’m not becoming a different person. It’s more like I am just now getting to the point in my life I can be the person I’ve always been deep down. I’ve been trying to be something I am not since... well since I was your age.” That got the puzzled look she’d been hoping for.

When she and Byron had moved into the apartment, Trish had told him how, when she was growing up, it had been just her and her mother. She had never really gone into why, but she’d let Byron know that her father had never been a part of her life. Grams had been an environmental and social activist when Trish was growing up. After her divorce, Trish had told her son that when she was his age often she’d felt like she wasn’t as important as her mother’s causes. Everyone knew that his grandmother had quite a big personality and dominated any room she was in. However, in Byon’s eyes, his grandmother was cool. She certainly didn’t dress or act like other grandmothers. He like to tell his friends his ‘Grams” had been a hippy. Trish knew that her mother was not old enough to be part of the hippy era; yet she understood why he described her like that. For this conversation, her son’s understanding that her mother had been something other than the storybook grandmother was a good starting point. “I just do not want to make you feel uncomfortable. When I was in high school, your grandmother did a lot of things that I didn’t understand and embarrassed me. At school I was more or less invisible; but my mother would show up and got lots of attention. She would pick me up in her old beat-up car with ten bumper stickers about saving whales or supporting gay rights or against apartheid and stuff like that. Worse yet, she would wear… well wear things like this.” Trish used her hands to indicate the copious amount of flesh showing from the halter top she was wearing.

“Why would that bother you? She still does that and it doesn’t bother me.”

“Well, perhaps you are better adjusted than I was. Gainesville is just as red-neck is Sparta and I was afraid those bumper stickers might make me a target at school, though in reality no one cared what my mother had on her car. But people did notice her outfits. I would tell her no one wanted to see her dressed like she did. But I knew that that was a lie. The truth was people did like to see her like that. While the guys would say crude things to show they liked the way she dressed, the girls also loved it; and lots of them said so. While it embarrassed me that the guys would look at her, deep down I was jealous since the same guys ignored me. The truth was, all my friends thought my mom was super cool and I was sure they all liked her more than me. I wanted to be outgoing and popular like she was, but I wasn’t. I wanted guys to look at me like they looked at her but I was too self-conscious and timid.”

Byron put in “But last summer at the beach, you wore your new bikinis and got lots of attention.”

Trish’s eyes widened “You noticed?”

“Of course I did. So did grandma. She told me she was glad to see you finally coming out of your shell.”

“She said that?”

“Yep.” Byron replied. “And she suspected you were going out to meet a man at night, but I told her there was no way.”

To herself she said “She didn’t even give me a clue she’d noticed.”

Byron got a funny face then asked “Were you? Did you go out wearing those outfits to meet a guy?”

Trish did not see that coming. She stammered “Really? Grandma saw me and thought that was a good thing?”

Byron nodded.

Trish took a deep breath. “I guess I should have known she would. I hadn’t planned on going there, but I guess I will. Grandma was right. I was in a shell., that is exactly what it was. The real me was there since I was a teenager. I knew who I was or at least wanted to be, but I was afraid to take risks. Granma would buy me clothes that would have gotten guy’s attention, but I wouldn’t wear them. Partly out of fear, but partly out of resentment. While guys ignored me, I knew she went out with men a night or two a week. She never brought guys home, but I knew she was having sex because she was on the pill and kept condoms in her purse. Once when we were fighting I told her that at least I wasn’t a slut like her.” She paused “To this day it hurts me that I did that.”

“Did you say you were sorry?” he asked.

“Oh yea. I knew I’d gone too far as soon as the words came out. But apologizing doesn’t take away the hurt look she got on her face. You see I was jealous because in high school I only dated occasionally, and there was only one guy that I went out with over and over; though I’m not sure I would call him a boyfriend. He was my first…” She paused and asked “Do you want me to go on? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“No, go on. I want to know what you were like when you were my age.”

“I was a wall flower. I wore frumpy clothes just to spite my mother. I knew guys wanted to have sex with Mom, and she was doing it with them. Deep down I wanted to have guys want me as well…but I just couldn’t bring myself to make that happen. Looking back, I can see guys wanted to be with me, but I pushed them away. All except Doug. We were… well I guess we were just good friends who secretly had sex for all of my junior and senior year, but like I said, we weren’t actually a couple. We had been friends since we were kids. We’d even kissed and felt each other off a few times. One day in the fall of 11th grade, right after he’d gotten a car, I just asked if he could come by the house so we could make out and that I would give him a blowjob if he did. I’d done it to other guys, and I actually found making out and sucking the guy off was nice; but all the guys I did it to, assumed that meant I would have sex, and I wouldn’t. But with Doug, well…like I said he was a good friend and as soon as we were able to get some condoms, we started having sex in my bedroom. Mom had told me at least a dozen times that when I had sex, she preferred I do it in my room rather than in a car or something; so, it was just sort of ‘we’ve got condoms, so let’s try it out.” Mom was tickled pink when I told her I wanted to get on the birth control pill. I think it was a bigger deal for her than for me. But like I said, we weren’t a couple. I told him it didn’t bother me that when he got a girlfriend, he kept coming over for sex because we were just friends. Of course, it did, but I couldn’t tell him so.”

Byron clarified “So in high school you blew a couple of guys, but you only had sex with that one?”

Trish nodded. “I’ll be honest, I’ve often regretted letting my fear and resentment of my mother keep me from doing the things I wanted. Like I said, I liked making out and giving blow jobs and actually did like having sex and wanted to have a real boyfriend to do it with; but, I just couldn’t let myself get out of that box. I’m sure no one at my school knew I wasn’t the prudish virgin that I acted like.

It wasn’t until I started my paralegal course after high school I had my first love affair. I was madly in love and we couldn’t get enough of each other; but he went on to start a pre-law program at Georgia State, but I went right to work. I had just turned nineteen when I moved to Milledgeville to start at your father’s law firm. I still had in my mind Jason and I would find a way to make it work and was not looking for a new boyfriend. But I was still young and very naïve. I didn’t even realize that your father was behaving inappropriately toward me. At first I thought he was just being nice, then I really did believe that I had uniquely smitten him and he’d fallen for me like I fell for him.”

She paused. “I don’t think I’m bashing your dad or telling you anything you don’t know when I say he sees women as conquests and is really good at it. He can be quite charming especially to a wide-eyed teenager at her first job.”

Byron shook his head. “No, its not news to me. And the truth is I don’t think he would think it was an insult to tell him that to his face.”

Trish gave a sad laugh. “I guess he wouldn’t. I don’t think I’m saying too much when I tell you it was only a little more than a month before we were sleeping together. So, he was only the third person with whom I’d had sex and the second one I’d fallen in love with. In four months, I was pregnant with you and he and I got married. Not that I regret having you. Not one bit.”

She did not and would never tell him that his father had offered her $10,000 to get an abortion. Nor would she tell him that after she’d rejected that; he offered her a very nice settlement to just move back to Gainesville and raise Byron on her own without ever telling anyone who his father was. No, she’d never tell anyone those things…ever. She believed once they got married, he would be a good and faithful husband. For over a decade she continued to believe that despite a mountain of evidence he was not. It was real work to put up a civil front about Byron’s father; but she did so and would continue to do so for Byron’s sake.

With a real effort to sound pleasant and casual she went on. “I was so very happy I married your father; and I was equally happy to fulfil the role of the wife of a leader in the community even though doing so put me firmly back into that shell. My life instantly became one of wife and mother rather than my own person. I loved both and don’t regret any of my choices; but now I’m at a stage in my life where I am ready to be more. If you think about it, the place I am at is not really too different than where you are in life. We are both ready to expand our horizons.”

Byron nodded “I guess I get it. You are learning to be a single adult just as I’m learning to be a…what? an older teenager? A young man?”

Trish smiled, “Yes you are indeed learning to be a young man. Bonnie tells me that her relationship with Misty has changed dramatically in the last year. While she is still mother, they are also sort of peers. She says now she and Misty talk like friends about sex and lovers and stuff and she says she expects the same will soon be true for Lamar.”

Byron asked “And us?”

Trish looked at her son “I guess that is what this talk is about. Do you want our relationship to change?”

“I think that happened on Saturday. There is no way I can see you as just boring old Mom again. Not after watching you for like two hours go naked in the Campbell’s back yard just like it was the most normal thing in the world.”

“What is funny is that by the time it was all over, going naked like that did seem normal. I can’t believe it, but it did.”

“And its hard to see you as just mom after watching you sucking Mr. C’s dick and then Fu…uhh having sex with him.”

“You can say it any way you want. You know I’m not a fan of cursing, but truthfully that is the right word for what we were doing. We were not making love, we were… fucking. And I won’t pretend any different. Bonnie said she saw you two watching us from inside, but I didn’t know that at the time.”

“Yea, you couldn’t see us because your head was hidden by the cabinets, but we could see him doing you doggie. Lamar even opened the glass door a little so we could hear you guys. You made a lot of noise while he drilled you. That was when Mrs. C. saw us. She didn’t seem mad we were watching; but Lamar switched off the lights so she couldn’t see us anymore. We were still watching when he got you to swallow his load. I hope you’re not mad, but it was really hot. Like I said, I can’t see you as boring ever again.”

Trish almost let it pass, but quickly decided that it was an important distinction and a good teaching moment. “No Byron. Cooper wasn’t doing anything to me, he was doing something with me, or perhaps even for me. Yes, he was doing that because I wanted it and even needed it. So, he was doing it for me, not to me.”

Byron looked confused.

“Don’t think for a moment I would let any man have sex with me because he wants it or demands it. Even more, I don’t ever want you to think that sex is something you do to a girl. I initiated the sex with Cooper. He was doing what I wanted. And while I will fully support you when a girl wants to have sex with you; I will not support you treating girls like conquests like your father does!”

She caught herself up short. “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to criticize your father. Like I said, he can be quite charming and he did not drag me to that hotel room that first time, or any time. I wanted him to do me.” She paused “But, even though he uses charm and not force; to him it is him doing it to the woman, every woman. Even at the time, I knew he was doing it to me, not with me or for me. Do you see the difference?”

Byron seemed to think before saying “Yea, I think I do. It’s like the way he talks to me about girls. He will say things that make it sound like I should be hunting girls to do stuff with.”

“Yea. That’s him. Like I said, I was one semester out of high school and he was over thirty and a partner in the firm, yet within a week he was coming on to me. Even then I was told I was far from the first young woman he’d done that to; and though I was in denial for years and years, I am sure I was not the last. Now I don’t fault him for having sex with other women, I should have known that was who he was before we got married. I should have, but closed my eyes to it. BUT!” she gave Byron a hard look “You do not have to be like that. You can be better; but you have to decide now that sex will not be something you do to prove how macho you are or to rack up some sort of score. No! You can decide that sex will be something that you share with others. It does not have to be deeply meaningful; it can be just fun, but you have to commit you will only have sex when the girl wants it, and then do it in such a way that she is glad you did.”

Trish couldn’t believe she just said all that so directly. From Byron’s face it was clear he couldn’t believe it either. Should she qualify that with something saying that was a long way off? But was it? Her actions were putting him in a world where teen sex was totally normal. He and Lamar had masturbated together right in the Campbell’s dining room and Bonnie had thought nothing of it. There was at least one woman who would likely come to the co-ed nude day at the pool who had a daughter Byron & Lamar’s age. Would she come when they invited the kids to come too? She softened her tone. It would be hard, but she would emulate Bonnie in this. “Only you will know when you are ready to go beyond looking at girls and masturbating. I would expect that will come sooner than you realize, but perhaps not as soon as you wish it would.” She was proud of that turn of phrase. Byron’s smile was her reward. “When you do, you will not have to hide it any more than I hid what I did Saturday. I knew you were in the house, but I chose to go nude and I chose to have sex with Cooper first with their bedroom door wide open, then out at the pool. After Misty walked in on us in the bedroom while we were doing it; I knew then that you might have seen us too, but I went ahead and continued on outside. It was my choices and in doing so, I have given you permission to do the same.”

She wasn’t about to say he could jack off or have sex right in front of her, but in effect that was what she was saying. She rather hoped it would take him time…a long time… to figure that out. The fact he just nodded seemed to say he did not understand…yet. She was happy for him to shift the conversation, even though it made her tell more things that she had not planned to.

“So is Mr. C the only man you’ve done it with since Dad? Or did you do it with some guy at the beach last summer?”

She didn’t even try to prevaricate “I had sex with a man in a house a few doors down from us several times last summer. Your grandmother was right. I was going to meet a man.”

Byron shook his head “I guess she knows a lot more about those things than I do.”

“That she does. Don’t feel bad. Once I thought most women have sex for the first time on their wedding night, or at least she first does it with the guy she eventually marries then only with him the rest of her life. But I think I was naïvely living in my own little bubble. If the women at church are any indication, most women tell people that is what they do even though they do not. I’m beginning to think I am the exception not the rule.”

Byron cocked his head “So other moms at church screw other men?”

“From what the other women said on Wednesday, those of us who don’t are almost rare. Perhaps that’s not true everywhere, but Bonnie seemed to say the society women who attack young people and blacks for the immorality in Sparta are doing it more than anyone. I can’t tell you anymore. I really don’t know.” She paused “So, back to the question, do you want us to act more like friends and feel free to be open about stuff? Not that I’ll stop being Mom, but would you like our home to be more like what goes on at the Campbell’s.”

“I don’t know, well yea kinda. I don’t like being treated like a child. You keep hiding adult stuff from me.”

“OK, fair enough. Yes, I had sex with Cooper before this past weekend. Any other questions?”

“And you had sex with Mrs. C. too?”

She nodded. “That was something I’d never done before.”

“Any more questions?”

“No.” he said. She got up to leave then he changed his mind “Yes. If you take off your swim suit when I’m there, like you did last time, and Lamar and his family do too, do you mind if I take mine off as well?”

“If you want to. It is up to you.”

“anything else?”

“So you did lezbo stuff with Mrs. C.? That’s hot!” the words raced out. He finally did bring up the sex, but not what Trish had expected. “So are you a lesbian?”

Trish laughed heartily at that. “So you want the adult answer?”

He nodded.

“OK. No I’m not a lesbian. Lesbians don’t have sex with men, and like I said. I had sex with Cooper and I enjoyed it very much. Actually, I’ve had sex with him twice, and I’m sure I’ll continue having sex with him from time to time. But, Bonnie and I kissed a lot and we touched each other’s breasts and things like that, but I did not go down…..uh…. I did not use my mouth on her vagina. She did it to me though and it felt good. We did it with their bedroom door wide-open, Misty walked in the room while I was having intercourse with her dad. If you had gone to the kitchen while we were doing it you would have seen it too. So, how is that for an adult answer?” Would you like to know any more about what we did in their bed, or in the pool?”

His eyes told her she’d given her son a whole night of things to think through.

“How about we talk about it later. I’ll tell you as much as you want to know. I will try to be like Bonnie and tell you everything, but you’ll have to ask me.”

He nodded “OK.” She turned to leave.

“Mom” he said.

She turned back.


Trish, then went to her room to try out Mr. Realistic briefly before they went to dinner, but not before she called Bonnie and told her about how good she’d been talking to Byron.

While she did so, Byron texted Lamar telling him what his mother had said.

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Feb 14, 2022

i had a sex positive upbringing via my mother allowing me to be naked at home and her treating me like an adult with sexual needs really helped me in becoming a man


Feb 03, 2022

Just another compliment: your images are very detailed, sexy and add a delightful dimension to your novel. Well done.


Feb 02, 2022

You have created a rare gem In Search of the Final Freedom. Christianity has struggled with the sexual since the beginning. The church played it safe to preach a sex negative theology, but we know when you suppress sex it will pop out in a dangerous guise somewhere else. What you're doing here (based on your own experiences) is presenting a sex positive theology in a church setting. People have used sex to shame and destroy others, but you have turned it around as a teaching tool for a sex positive lifestyle. Unfortunately, sex can never be casual, even among friends. Sex is life, sex is an expression of God making love to the world, and to Herself. When two…


Feb 01, 2022

Sitting here I thought about my becoming a man. My father told me the basics, what the penis does, the shape and function of the vagina and, not much else. It was my mother who taught me how to treat a woman. My mother died in 1989 at fifty-nine years, and I still miss her words of wisdom, so I try to live up to her expectations every day.

Replying to

Sounds like your mother was a lot like mine; though my mom and I were not close when I was a teenager.


Feb 01, 2022

As we watched Misty become a sexy young woman, I am patiently waiting for Lamar and Byron to come into their own as sexual young men who have learned the lessons from sex-positive homes.

Replying to