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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 28

Updated: Apr 4

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel


Sexual Freedom, a Revolutionary Idea

Chapter 28

Marcy & Sarah Marshal

Sunday Morning was a beautiful day outside, but not so pleasant indoors at the Campbell home.

The evening before, Lamar had begun to vomit and then to have diarrhea about midnight. By morning, Bonnie had come down with the same symptoms. Cooper called Trish to tell everyone the planned get together of the women’s group and their husbands would be put off yet another week.

The Euro-Club girls took advantage of the canceled adult event to sit out by the pool working on their upcoming party. They had some previous RSVP’s say they couldn’t come and some who had not responded saying they would be there. They now had a count of ninety-four RSVP’s, including those who indicated they were bringing dates from other grades or schools. In all they were up to one-hundred-fifteen people coming to the party. Though she had invited all the rising seniors, she knew that without putting forth effort to prevent it, the party would be an almost all-white event.

Though her school had been officially desegregated before her mother was born, socially it was still almost entirely segregated socially. The only exception being the school clubs and sports teams. Misty was glad to see the names of all three of the African-Americans and the one Latina on the publications staff on the RSVP list. There were also several black girls from the Drama Club planning to come as well. She was glad they were coming. In a county where barely half of the population was white, most of the "cool" parties were overwhelmingly white events. While the club party would certainly not be balanced, Misty was happy to see it was not an all-white event either. Among the club members this racial disparity in the RSVP’s wasn’t even commented upon, it was just the way it was in rural Georgia, even in the 21st century.

They sent an email to all those who had confirmed extending the party's time to 5:00 PM saying:

Due to the unprecedented response, we are extending the hours of the party but, please think of this as a “drop in” where people will come and go at their leisure. Late risers can show up at 3:00 and still have lots of fun before we kick everyone out at 5:00. We hope this change will make the pool less crowded and more enjoyable for all. And please, try to carpool. It appears that we will have well over a hundred people attending; the Campbell’s do not have space for anything like that many cars.

If you have a parent who wants to contact Mrs. C. or if they are dropping you off, they can simply come in; let them know she is more than happy to speak with them and assure them that she, Mr. C., and Rebecca’s mother will all be present the entire time. They will all ensure there will be no alcohol or drugs.

Misty made a call that night to her mysterious contact at The Jeff Davis Underground. She told him about the party and their plans. She thanked him for being a help in disseminating information over the year though she was disappointed to hear that since he was graduating the site would be closing down the last day of school.


Tuesday morning Bonnie got a call from Denise Patton. She first thanked Bonnie profusely for her help with her family. She told her how happy her dad has been now he was able to talk about his love for Lois around her. “I don’t know when I’ve seen him so happy.” She had called because the seniors didn’t have exams this week, so they were officially finished high school. All they had to do was show up for graduation rehearsal on Thursday. She asked if she and her boyfriend and Ben & Patty and Gwinn could come celebrate by coming over to use the swimming pool at their house today. Bonnie didn’t hesitate to say yes.

The doorbell rang at 12:15. Bonnie had thought long as to what to wear when the young people arrived. She’d considered meeting then in one of her tiny thongs, or even nude, but in the end, she just met them in one of the new tops she’d bought (sans bra) and a pair of shorts. The top was not sheer, but awfully close to it, especially out in the sunlight. She could not help but notice the surprise on Ben’s face, and the leer she got from Denise’s boyfriend, Gill, whom she’d only met once or twice when he’d come with her to the youth meetings. Like the other four, he was tall, not quite Ben’s height but close. Bonnie felt positively short given the fact that she was several inches smaller than any of the five teens.

After opening pleasantries, they sat in the living room. Patty said “I want to thank you so much for everything you have done for my family. I don’t know what would have happened had it not been for you and Cooper.”

Denise continued “And the other part, letting Misty show us the photos in the study. We have talked so much about them.” She paused as if wanting to say something more.

Bonnie sensed Denise wanted to show the others the guest room, so she offered “Why don’t you take Gwinn and the boys to see the upstairs playroom while I get some cold drinks. We have an addition: we now have a book with several hundred photos from our cruise and we’ve decided to just leave it on the desk up there.” They all stood back up and Bonnie added “But be warned, about half of the photos are very adult in nature.”

Not surprisingly it took the teenagers a good while to make it back to the living room where Bonnie waited with the ice tea. The boys gave her an even closer look after seeing the nude and erotic pictures of her in the study.

Right off Denise said “Mrs. C. I don’t know what to say. Thank you for trusting us enough to see that book. Last time I was here I didn’t’ get a chance to say the wall pictures were so beautiful, like nothing we had ever seen before; but some of the photos in the book just took my breath away.”

Gwinn, who had not come with the other two last time, picked up “It’s like that book illustrates what you were saying in youth group. I thought I understood what you were trying to tell us about your marriage before; but I don’t think I really did. But, seeing the photos of you two sharing love with other people, it so makes your words real to me in a way they were not until now.”

Patty then added “I don’t think I could have understood about how my mom loves my dad yet also makes love to Denise’s dad, if you hadn’t opened our eyes by letting Misty show us the photos. To see that you and Mr. C. have those pictures right out in plain sight helped me understand how my dad can watch my mom and George making love and not be angry or jealous, but happy for them.” She paused and took a deep breath. “So, I trusted you and put what you were teaching into action in my own life.”

Only then did Bonnie realize that it was no accident that Ben was sitting between Patty and Gwinn, and they were both holding his hand.

“I’ve known for a long time how much Gwinn is in love with Ben. I know full well that the reason she hadn’t gone all the way with a guy, was that she loves Ben and didn’t want to give her virginity to anyone but him. But I was keeping him all to myself, even though I knew she wanted to be with him. I knew she didn’t want to take him from me, she just wanted to share my love for him. I also knew he wanted to be with her too. Not instead of me but alongside me, but he would never cheat, so they had never even kissed. So, I took your husband’s and my dad’s example and told them it was OK to show their hidden love.”

Gwinn spoke up “I’m not a virgin anymore. And it was so much more special as a gift from my two best friends in the world.”

This was not a turn of events Bonnie had been expecting. It seemed to her that, although she firmly believed in what she was doing, there would be no way to predict the ways it would impact people’s lives.

They talked about polyamory and how it was working for them. She didn’t point out the new painting in the living room. She wanted to see if it would be noticed. It was not. After a good while of talk indoors, Bonnie escorted them to the pool.

“I’ll get you some towels. We normally have them in the storage bin over there, but since I was sick I got behind on washing. Since you are all eighteen, you are adults and you may do whatever adult things you choose; but, I would highly suggest that if you are going to expose parts of your body not used to the sun today, you need to put on sunscreen. I’ll bring that out as well.”

She came out with towels and sun screen a few minutes later, and was a little surprised to see the girls in bikinis and the boys in their trunks. Just to get a bead on their plan, after Denise thanked her for the hospitality, Bonnie pulled Patty aside and asked “Do you mind if I come out and sun in a little while. We have had so few days to lay out so far this summer.”

Denise said “Uh, it’s your house, of course.”

“Well, I don’t know your group’s plans for today, and I generally wear considerably less out at the pool than you are wearing” Bonnie said referring to her bikini, “I wouldn’t want to be offensive”.

“Actually” Denise said in a lower voice, “That would be great if you did. I know they all want to go skinny dipping, but they are afraid of, well going first.”

Bonnie laughed “Well, that’s no problem for me. I’ll be out in just a few minutes then.”

She did not take long. She tried to deny it to herself, but could not; she was looking forward to getting the guy’s attention. She asked Denise, “Are you sure?”

Denise said “yes”, then all four of the others seemed to say “yes” with their eyes. Bonnie dropped the robe she’d worn out of the house to reveal she wore only a belly chain and sandals. Their looks were worth giving up her plans she had to cancel for the day. She then took her time spreading coconut oil over her body before lying out.

In the end it took the group of soon-to-be high school graduates about half an hour to shed the last of their swimsuits. And like nearly all visitors who go a’ natural, by the time they prepared to leave they agreed how normal it felt being nude.

Bonnie said they were free to come over any time they would like. Then she added “And that includes if you want to use the guest room… or my room.” She looked to Denise “Did you show them my bedroom?”

Their detour to Bonnie’s bedroom on their way out was the first time she had to show off the new French door that allowed visibility between the bed and the living room; but the big mirror over the bed and the erotic art put the door out of their mind. Bonnie couldn’t help saying “That bed would be plenty big enough for all five of you should you be interested.” That brought forth blushes on all three girls, but only the most tepid denials that they would consider such a thing.

She was sure she would see them again soon.

The Wednesday women's group had a good turnout. While Sue Anne and Marcy didn’t make it; everyone else from the previous week, as well as Holly Carter, were there. The women noted and commented about the French door to the bedroom. Once outside, it didn’t take long for everyone but Lois and Holly to get naked. Bonnie was actually glad to see Lois was not the odd-man-out this week.

Trish ended up telling her beach story. She seemed very pleased with the response she got from the women. There was some talk about the girl's party next week and Ashley offered to help her host since her daughter was a Euro-Club girl. Bonnie said she was fine, but Rebecca's mom insisted, "I really do want to come over and help. From what Rebecca told me, there will be a lot of kids and you will need more than just you and Cooper to ensure they know they are being chaperoned.

Rebecca has told me your stand on drinking, smoking and drugs. I really appreciate it, but this is the kind of event where your rules will be tested." She had a good point. Bonnie accepted her offer and thanked her for her help.

On Friday Heather had called and asked if she could come by and spend the night as she travelled from Atlanta to her parents’ home. Bonnie had assured her that she was part of their life now and she was always welcome. They had been talking less on the phone in the past month, but not because they were growing apart; but because their relationship was evolving. Bonnie was quite pleased that she and Mandy LeMarco appeared to be bonding beyond the fact they were Brian’s “two women.” She was looking forward to spending time with Heather, and she thought the young woman was a good influence on her kids the way Gerta was on Sarah Simms.

The same morning, Cooper received an email from confirming what Amy had told him about accepting his work. He wondered what that would mean for him. Would it actually bring him unwanted attention by the press? He genuinely hoped not.

When Misty came home from school, Bonnie let her know that Heather would be coming to dinner and spend the night. “I was thinking of trying something we’ve never done, and wanted your input.”

“Sure” Misty said with a smile. “What are you thinking?”

“I’ve got a lasagna ready to put in the oven. Your father and Heather will be here about 5:00. What would you think about the five of us eating out by the pool… in the nude?”

Her daughter didn’t hesitate. “I think it’s a great idea. Do you need help getting things ready?”

“Sure, if you can clean off the glass table by the pool and make up place settings for five.” Bonnie started to turn back to the kitchen then added “Oh, and put a folded bath towel in the chair of each setting. As I understand it, that is normal nudist etiquette.”

Just before 5:30 the Campbell’s and Heather were seated around the table. Right off Misty said “I guess we can now officially call ourselves nudists,” but Bonnie replied I’m not sure that is the word for us?”

“Why not?” Misty asked.

“Well for one thing, nudist tend to take the position that nude is better than clothes; and I’m not there. I’ll grant you, this is nice; but we are nowhere close to only wearing clothes when we leave the house.”

Misty nodded and said “Yea, certainly not the way Dad likes to turn the house into a refrigerator.”

Everyone but Cooper laughed.

Bonnie went on “But the main thing is that I don’t like the basic philosophy of the mainstream nudist organizations. Way back when your father and I started researching sexuality, I spent some time looking into nudism. After all, nudity here at our pool is nothing new. Your father and I been doing it since before you could go without a diaper.”

Misty smiled. “That is actually strange to realize that you had to decide when I could go without a diaper in the water.”

Bonnie nodded “To us that just seems like the day before yesterday.” Cooper agreed before she continued “It seems in much of the nudist literature, going nude is presented explicitly as having nothing to do with sex or sexuality. I’m uncomfortable by how often they refer to sexuality or sexual arousal is indecent or dirty. Over and over again I see words like wholesomeness and healthy contrasted with sexually charged or sexually oriented. I believe, and I’m sure I’m right, that loving expressions of sexuality are not unwholesome. For a woman out by our pool to invite a friend to slide his penis into her is not somehow anti-family. Sex is not dirty and is not indecent. It is Puritan nonsense to say otherwise.”

Misty agreed “Watching people make love is beautiful. God gave us sex so why should we say it’s bad?”

‘You are right, but their point is that going nude in public isn’t or shouldn’t be a sexual turn on. Sure for those born into tribes deep in the Amazon were they have known nothing but social nudity it might not have a sexual connotation; but for the rest of us who have been acculturated to associate nudity with sex, to be nude outside always has a component of sexuality, even if its latent. I am not depraved or lecherous when I say that for our family to sit out here nude with Heather has a sexual edge to it. My guess is that all of us feel it.”

She turned to Cooper “Do you feel the sexual component sitting out in our own backyard just a few feet from Heather’s nudity?”

Cooper nodded.

“Misty, do you feel it? Do you feel some sexual feelings sitting nude next to such a beautiful young woman who is young enough to be an appropriate sexual partner?”

“Yes. How could I not? I’m sure as we go on it will fade, it always does; but that does not mean the thought of having sex with her isn’t at the edge of my mind.”

Bonnie looked to Lamar “And you? Does it turn you on to be so close to Heather?”

“Of course, can’t you see?” Lamar pushed back his chair to show his nearly full erection. “It had gone down but when you all started talking about sex with Heather… well, it popped right back up.” Even as he spoke the shaft continued to rise.

Everyone laughed and Lamar sat down quickly.

Heather leaned across the table toward the now red-faced boy and said “Don’t let them make you feel bad. You have a very nice body and I like a guy who keeps it up just looking at me.”

Lamar smiled.

Heather went on “If I were just a little younger I’d be on you like a duck on a June bug.

Lamar’s smile got bigger and his face got redder.

Heather looked over to Bonnie and winked before leaning over toward Lamar to say “Yep. You’ve got a very nice tool and I’d have it in my mouth before you knew it. Then I’d lay you on one of these lounge chairs and ride you till I’d drained the last drop of cum from your balls.” She followed up with blowing him a kiss before sitting back.

Misty laughed and said “Heather, you are bad. Even my friends didn’t tease him that much. Close, but not quite.” She went on to tell about Lamar and Byron spying on her friends and leaving puddles of semen in the dining room. Once again Heather came to Lamar’s defense.

As dinner progressed, Bonnie asked Heather to tell the kids about her alter-ego Aphrodite and how it had shaped her life choices. Heather was all too happy to do so. Bonnie’s intent was to use it as both cautionary tale and to teach them how people may not be what they present themselves as.

Lamar’s take away was. “So you mean you have almost nude photos of you when you were my age?”

She nodded “Yes. I have hundreds of them. All legal, if barely. Since the best of them showed up on local photographer’s websites, They made me very popular at my high school.”

“I bed” Lamar exclaimed. “What I would give to see them.”

“Unless your mom objects, I’d be happy to send you some of them.”

He looked to Bonnie, “Can she?”

Bonnie smiled and nodded.

“I tell you what. I know Brian would love to make prints of a few of them for his house. If you want, as a late birthday present, I’ll have a poster sized print made for you; and I’ll even autograph it. That should make your friends jealous.”

After dinner they all decided to relax by the pool in the late afternoon sun. Rather than laying out, Heather dove into the water right off. After she had swam for a bit, she looked to Cooper and said “Come on in. Don’t leave me by myself.”

Bonnie was not a bit surprised that soon Heather’s legs were around Coopers waist as he stood in the middle of the pool. Bonnie and Misty both knew what they were doing, but Lamar wasn’t so sure. He asked his mom “Are they having sex?” Bonnie looked to her son and smiled. “Yes, they are. So don’t bother them.”

Instantly his focus was on them. Not content with the view, he grabbed his swim goggles from the cabinet and slipped into the water so he could see “the good stuff” closer up than he’d ever done before. Fortunately, they were too engaged in their intimate conversation and coupling to notice Lamar under the water only a few feet away from them.

Sometime after, Heather looked to Bonnie, who was sitting on the side of the pool beside Misty, to ask “Would you mind if we moved to the steps so I can sit on your husband’s lap for a while?”

Bonnie knew she meant sit on his lap with his penis inside of her. “That’s fine, but please don’t make your ‘sitting’ too demonstrative; I need to keep a level of plausible deniability because of the kids.”

“I promise not to be too active in my sitting” she said with a smile.

Soon Cooper was on the top step and Heather was adjusting herself to sit comfortably facing him. Bonnie’s attention however, was on Lamar who was quite openly watching to see Heather guide Cooper’s penis into her. She was sure that he’d not seen that before. She thought to herself that Lamar will be far ahead of his male peers in knowing how a good lover acts; and Cooper was indeed a very good lover. The women on the cruise, Amy and Trish had all said so more than once.

Misty, who was sitting with her mother on the side of the pool asked “Is it odd to watch Dad have sex with a… I’m sorry Mom, but a blind person would know she is way prettier and younger than you? She is likely the most amazingly beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in person. Does that bother you?”

“No, it doesn’t bother me in the least. Part of the reason I like watching them so much is because she is so beautiful. How could I not enjoy watching her?”

They watched in silence as Heather slowly used her thighs to move her hips up and down as she kissed Cooper hard and deep. It was all so languid, yet sensuous and so very erotic. However, even watching his dad’s erection rhythmically exposed and swallowed by Heather’s vagina was not enough to keep Lamar’s interest long. Their pace was just too slow for him and he began to swim again.

As she watched them, Bonnie quietly told Misty, “That is called the lotus position. It is very common in ancient texts and paintings and is said to give a very spiritual connection to the couple. It is more about creating a oneness than getting off.”

They both silently watched for a good while. Heather’s motions became less pronounced until she no longer was lifting her hips, but rather gently rocking them while keeping her upper body motionless. Bonnie quietly noted. “See how she is breathing slow and deep in synch with her hip movements.” She waited to give time for Misty to observe Heather’s subtle actions. “Look how she presses her entire body onto his. She’s getting the maximum skin on skin contact possible. On the phone this morning she told me that your father and I are very important to her and fill a critical place in her life right now. She said she needed some time with us to center herself. I’d never given much credence to what the tantric writers say; but our relationship with Heather has shown me how sexual healing works. This is exactly what they mean.”

Misty whispered “I think I can see it. It’s not like I normally think of sex.” A few moments of silence followed before she added “It really is beautiful to watch. Like performance art.”

Bonnie just nodded in agreement. “Your father and I certainly did not go looking to acquire a lover, especially one as young and stunningly beautiful as Heather; but this is what God put in our path. Just watching them makes me so grateful we opened ourselves up to new ways to share love.”

“So this is part of yours and Dad’s Christian ministry?”

Bonnie nodded, “Yes. I am sure of it. Can’t you see how she is both exuding love for your father, and also absorbing strength from his love for her?”

Misty slowly nodded her head.

“It’s not the kind of romantic love people usually think of when paired with sex; but instead, it is the love of compassion and care that the Bible calls agape’.” A little while later she softly said “I expect they will be like that for a while. If you would like, I know they would not object if you used your father’s camera to take photos or video.”

Misty looked over to her mother “Really?”


With that Misty was off to get the camera.

When his sister was gone, Lamar took her place on the big towel she’d been sharing with her mother. “Why is it that I never see people doing that on-line? I get why you and Misty think it’s pretty, but it isn’t what I’m used to seeing.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but to be amused (and a little concerned) that despite all the actual sex he had seen in his life, her son’s vision of sex was mostly what he saw on his laptop. She made a point to hide her amusement when she answered “I think it’s because it is all so slow. Unless you know what you are seeing, it looks like nothing is happening. Porn naturally is geared to getting the viewer aroused. That is not what this is.”

Lamar nodded, but kept his eyes on Heather. Her head was on Cooper’s shoulder and while her hips were still slowly moving, they were doing so in a way only barely perceptible. Her upper body was pressed tightly to his father; but her hips moved very slightly up and out then down and in.

Bonnie went on “When is the last time you saw people kissing for twenty minutes in a porn video? But, with real lovers that is not uncommon. Misty told me how long you watched us in bed last time Heather was in town, would you really watch a video that goes at that pace?”

Lamar slowly shook his head. “No, I would get bored. But watching in person isn’t like on a video. I’m not sure why, but it’s totally different.”

“Yes it is very different. I certainly enjoy watching the erotic videos we have collected in the living room and game room. Though I do it while you are at school, once or twice a week I will turn on one of the artistic ones in the living room and masturbate to orgasm. But nothing is like watching love making in person” his mother agreed. Inwardly she was pleased that Lamar didn’t even have an erection at this point. To her that was the sign she’d been looking for to validate her decision to normalize sex for her son.

Without looking away from Heather she went on. “Another reason you don’t see the Lotus position is that not many men can keep an erection with very little stimulation more than a few minutes. Even at his age, your father can still keep himself hard for an hour or more. Have you ever noticed how most of the time you’ve walked in on us, or seen us from the living room that I am on top of him. I’m sure you never thought about it, but I often sit on him and we just talk. I like the feeling of his penis in me.” She decided to push her candid talk a little further and make this a teaching moment her son would remember. “You see while active fucking for orgasm is fun…really fun… and can be done with just about anyone; what you see your father and Heather doing requires a special partner. The act of spending extended quiet time together with the man inside of the woman is so different it might even deserve a different name. Since I was younger than you, I’ve been fucking guys for fun.” She paused to gauge his reaction to that before going on even more explicitly. She knew the more graphic she was, the better he would remember what she was saying. “Since then, I’ve had far more dicks in me than you have likely ever imagined; and I don’t regret it, not one bit. Not only do I like feeling a guy driving his cock into me, I especially like doing it with someone new, for the first time. There is a special thrill to making it with someone I’ve never been with. But, making love, like you see they are doing or when you see me on your father and we are just enjoying the moment without working for an orgasm, is something I’ve never done with any man other than your father.”

Though she continued to watch Heather as she slowly rocked her hips on her husband, she was also watching her son out of the corner of her eye. She was sure he was actually listening to what she had to say (as opposed to how teens often pretend to listen to adults). “The truth is, I kept dating then married your father because he made love to me rather than just fuck. It is the same with Heather. I think your father is the first man Heather has ever had inside of her who makes her feel loved, not simply desired. I know how she feels. Being desired by men is great, but being loved is transcendent.”

Bonnie finally turned to Lamar. He responded and turned his head to listen to what she was saying. “If you can emulate what you are seeing here when you start having sex with girls; I can assure you that you will have girls vying to get you into their bed. Keep watching and consider that to women and girls, a great lover is not the guy who can give lots of orgasms; rather he is the guy who leaves them feeling loved.”

Misty arrived with the camera and began to shoot.

When almost a half-an-hour later, the shadows had begun to creep toward the pool, Lamar had gone inside. Bonnie knew once she was out of the direct sun, she would get chilly quickly. She was sure things would go on for a while longer, so she took the chance to gather up some of the dinner dishes, take them in the house and come back with cover-ups for herself and Misty. Her daughter was glad for the wrap and she sat back down with her mother.

“You done shooting?” Bonnie asked.

“Yea, I’ve shot several hundred frames, I hope I got some good images. Right now, I’ve got the camera recording video on the tripod. I figured Dad might like to see it.”

As Misty was speaking, without warning, Heather went from the slow rocking of her hips to aggressive thrusting. This drew Bonnie’s attention. She soon heard the fast breathing that suggested whatever had been going on for the last forty-five minutes was over. Heather began a series of strangled groans just before her thighs began to shake violently. She was climaxing, and hard. Even before her spasmatic jerking ended, Cooper’s hips thrust upward and his grunts were not strangled at all, but full-throated groans that surely matched the seminal ejaculations going into Heather’s womb. Bonnie knew full well this was an unusually strong orgasm for her husband. After the initial thrusts, his body shook and he let out a series of groans as his orgasm worked through its cycle.

Once they both seemed spent; breathing very heavily, Heather and Cooper sat looking at one another as if asking “What just happened”. Their lips came together and the kiss lasted longer than Bonnie had expected.

Misty whispered, “Wow! That was something worth seeing.”

Bonnie could not help but agree. “Yes it was.”

Once they were all inside the house, Bonnie gave Heather a robe to wear and the kids went to get into something to keep comfortable in the 68°f air-conditioning.

With the kids out of the living room, Bonnie asked “So how are things really going in LeMarco Land? Not that we don’t love you to come visit, but you seemed to indicate you needed a break from Aphrodite at our place.”

On the couch Heather, snuggled in beside Bonnie. “Yea, you got it about right. Not that I’m complaining, I am in exactly the place I’d intended and it is working out great; but… its like I am always on stage. Aphrodite is Brian’s mistress, not Heather.”

Bonnie understood the idea that Brian only knew they sex-goddess persona, not the real person that Heather was; and from what Bonnie knew of Brian, he likely didn’t want to know the real Heather.

“I think Mandy is beginning to see through my façade. We spend a lot of time together and I think she realizes I’m not who I pretend to be. While I only actually sleep in their bed about once a week, she and I always sleep together when he is out of town. We don’t have sex, we just like being together.”

“That’s really good. I’m glad it’s all working out for you” Bonnie said.

After a few minutes of sitting quietly enjoying Heather’s body next to hers, she felt a hand slide into her robe. Heather didn’t grope, but just laid the hand on her skin. Bonnie asked, “And how is it going at the office? You said there have been some changes.”

“A few weeks ago, I trained my perspective replacement as Brian’s executive assistant before I took up my new assignment.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but quip “Oh, like how to suck his dick while he sits at his desk or how to have sex without ruining your hair?” She regretted it even before she was done. She was sure her comment sounded like she was making an attack.

“No. I actually had a real job beyond servicing Brian. Its more or less anticipating the things he will need or needs to do, but doesn’t realize it yet.”

Bonnie was pleased Heather’s voice did not sound hurt or offended, but she still felt she needed to backtrack. “I was not saying you have just been Brian’s sex toy. I know you have a real job. Given what I’ve seen of Brian, I’m sure you had your hands full.”

Heather laughed quietly before saying, “My hands, my mouth and my pussy full. A few times my ass too, but I think he realized I was not a fan of that. You don’t have to apologize, the simple truth is that to Brian, being pretty and sexually available was my chief reason for working in his office.”

Bonnie didn’t know how to respond to that.

Heather went on “But, no I have not even hinted to the new girl that I have anything but a professional relationship with Brian. However, I can’t imagine that nobody has told her that I live with him and Mandy. It’s odd, since I moved in, I have significantly less sex with him at the office, in fact we haven’t done it there since before the new girl arrived. I’m not doing him at work, but I’m pretty sure several other women from the clerical staff are visiting his office now.”

“Oh” Bonnie said, “I hadn’t anticipated that. But you are having sex with him at home, yes?”

“Oh yes. Sometimes it’s just me, especially quickies around the house; but he seems to like Mandy and I together quite a lot. Which is just fine with me because, like I said, she and I are becoming quite close. Oddly we have only had sex with just the two of us one time since I moved in. We do each other as part of sex with Brian or someone he wants us to help him influence.”

Bonnie was glad Heather couldn’t see her expression. As casually as she could she asked “How often does Brian ask you and Heather to have sex with other men?”

Heather snuggled again using the movement to slide her hand up to cup one of Bonnie’s breasts. “He never out and out asks either of us to fuck someone, but we know when he wants us to. And like I’ve told you before, he simply has that kind of power over me when I’m with him. When I know he wants me to do someone, I want to do it. Mandy is the same. In the months since the after-cruise party, I’ve done one thing or another to seven men for the business. Most of them I’ve done more than once. That’s not including when he has friends and their wives over to the house. With the LeMarco’s, even having friends over to watch a ball game involves sex; and I know it’s my role to make sure everyone has a good time.”

Bonnie asked “What do you mean by you do one thing or another with men for business?”

“Oh, since the cruise I’ve given at least a dozen after dinner blowjobs in the back of a limo. With most of those guys, I had already or would later go to a downtown hotel for a full round of sex. When it’s just me, I spend the night; but when Mandy and I do a guy together, Brian has someone wait for us with a car.”

Seriously Bonnie said, “Then we were right when we surmised on the cruise that the two Mrs. LeMarco’s have sex with men for the business.”

“Yea, both of them. It took me a while to realize that for their family, that is just part and parcel of what it means to be a LeMarco. Oh, I forgot, Tina will be changing her name to LeMarco next month. According to her, the plan is for her to give Martin another child in a year or so. She is Mr. LeMarco’s second wife in all but the legal sense. And so she too is part of the family’s resources. Given her athleticism, she is normally asked to entertain a different type of man than Mandy or I.”

This was far more information than Bonnie had expected; but it was only mildly surprising since she’d already concluded that Martin LeMarco saw sex and his wife’s sexuality as company assets. All this was a reminder that Cooper had done the right thing to make a break with them.

Heather seemed to sense Bonnie’s reaction and said “I know you don’t like the idea of using sex for business; but for me, it works. I actually enjoy those nights out quite a lot. Because of the role I play for the LeMarco’s, I get to dress up in clothes I could never afford and go to places I could never go on my own. I get to play my Aphrodite persona to the hilt at someone else’s expense. And while she isn’t really me, I love playing her. While I know when I am around Brian, I effectively give my body over to him; but, those other men, they give themselves to me. When I’m with them, I own them even though they don’t realize it. They are in my hands not me in there’s. You see the goddess Aphrodite, like all the Greek gods, was totally selfish and used her sexuality to get what she wanted. My Aphrodite persona is the same. Long before I’ve taken off my clothes with those men, I have already brought them completely under my spell. Every one of them desire not only my body, but my favor. When we have sex, we do what I want, how I want; and they are thankful for it. For me that is reward in itself. The fact the LeMarco’s are providing me with a home and an education are just bonuses. The truth is, that while I said I moved to Atlanta to become a model, the reality is that I moved there to live this lifestyle, even if I couldn’t see it at the time.”

Bonnie didn’t know what to say. She just nuzzled into Heather’s hair “Then I really am happy for you.”

Heather pushed open the right side of Bonnie’s robe. “And some of those guys have turned out to be decent lovers. So yes, I fuck men for the good of the company, but this is the life I have wanted since I was twelve years old.”

Heather leaned down to take Bonnie’s right nipple between her lips.

Bonnie closed her eyes to focus on the pleasure the lips and tongue were bringing to her. But she could not be comfortable with Heather’s situation no matter how she tried.

Heather stopped suckling and sat back up. “Bonnie, think about it. I have been preparing for this since I was seven-years-old and my mother put me on a pageant stage and began teaching me how to be sexy. I’m sure I was giving men hard-on’s before I even knew they had dicks.”

Bonnie had to laugh at that even though it was sort of sickening.

“But it’s true. Before I was eight, she had taught me how to sway my hips and purse my lips in ways that I now know are blatant sexual invites. Did I tell you that when I was thirteen, she taught me to shave from my ankles to my belly. We moved to waxing, then when I was fifteen, I had electrolysis. That first time I asked her why I needed to shave my pussy, initially she just said it looks cleaner. Then she explained it would allow me to show a lot more skin in photos without crossing the legal line. Like I told you before, I’d already been taught I could show all but my pubes and the tips of my nipples in photos. Even by then, at thirteen, already been asked to pose nude more than once, and I would have been happy to if she’d let me. By shaving clean, I could show all but the actual slit of my pussy.”

“The next spring break when we went to Vegas the first time, I learned what she meant by it looked clean. She put me in a very short mini dress and told me to skip both my bra and panties. She didn’t exactly tell me to let guys look, but when she thought I’d given one a peek up my dress, or down the front for that matter; I could tell she thought I’d done something good. Oh, to be clear, on our trips, she dressed the same way and so more or less I just mimicked her. That is just one of the many ways she taught me how to be Aphrodite. I did what made Mom proud, and getting guy’s attention was what made her proud.”

“What did she do when guy’s hit on you? That had to happen.”

“Oh yea, all the time. She taught me how to keep them at arm’s distance….with a smile. At the time I didn’t realize that when she would go out at night and leave me to watch TV, she often went back to meet guys we’d met and spent time with earlier. It was only since I got back from the San Dinero cruse that she admitted to me that on those trips she was having sex with those guys when she left me in our hotel room. When I got older, I’d suspected, but I never dared ask till she got me to tell her about the things I’ve been doing.”

Bonnie had to ask “How much does she know?”

“She knew I was sleeping with Brian and quite approved; but I wasn’t going to tell her the rest. Then after the After-Cruse party, I left a stack of those smaller photos that Judy let us have at my parents’ house; I’d put them in my bedroom closet. A few weeks later when I came home for the weekend, she gushed about how great she found the photos of me on that yacht. As you know a good many of them showed me having sex. She didn’t even give me a chance to evade answering questions. I ended up telling her everything, and as I did the smile on her face grew and grew. To her that trip was proof she’d done the right things in preparing me. So, it is true. This is the life I was raised to live. That is why it feels so natural to me.”

Bonnie had always been concerned that Heather had been maneuvered into this life by the LeMarco family; but suddenly she understood. Just like Heather had said, this was the life she’d been raised to not only live, but to succeed in. “So, then why did you tell me you needed to come by so badly? Don’t get me wrong, we are very happy you came, but I’m confused.

“I needed to see you and your husband because I am enjoying myself so much. That’s the problem.”

Bonnie was more confused than before.

“You see, because I am getting everything I wanted…or rather Aphrodite is getting everything I wanted for me; I’m afraid of losing myself to her. One of the most important lessons my mother taught me was that it’s all an act. Whether I was on a pageant stage, or posing for a photographer, or even flirting with grown men in Las Vegas or LA; I was putting on an act. When I stepped off the stage, or ended the photoshoot or went back to our hotel; I put off Aphrodite and became myself again. But, in living with Brian and Mandy in their world and experiencing their lifestyle, I am on stage all the time. Worse yet, I’m getting rewarded for my performance day in and day out. If I don’t disengage and spend time with people who don’t see Aphrodite, I think I’m in danger of forgetting she is just an act.”

Bonnie finally thought she understood. “So, you needed to be with us because we see you as just Heather, not the goddess of love?”

Heather snuggled on Bonnie. “Yes. You and Cooper have never seen the goddess, only the girl struggling to make it in a hard world. Those first two days on the San Dinero, I really tried to make you two see her; but I couldn’t. It wasn’t until that afternoon in Tortuga harbor where you introduced me to real love making that I realized that I don’t have to be Aphrodite with everyone. Until that day, I’d always thought sex and love making were the same thing. You showed me the difference. Then the next morning, Cooper showed me the same thing, but coming from a man it was even more a departure from everything I thought I knew about sex. You both made love to me without wanting anything from me, without even seeking your own climax. After that, it was all about the joy of being me, Heather. With you two I did not have to put on a show as I had expected to do on that trip. Once we got home, and the LeMarco’s began drawing me deeper into their world, I began to realize I needed you two in my life to keep me grounded.”

Bonnie whispered “I am glad you know that Cooper and I love you just as you. Your happiness is what we get out of our relationship. That is all we ask for.”

Heather kissed Bonnie again. “I love you more than I can say. You and Cooper are the only reason I can be in the LeMarco world without losing myself the way Tina has.”

“We are so happy to be here for you” Bonnie whispered into her hair. Then she added “And I’ll confess, the process of showing you our love isn’t exactly painful.”

Heather pressed her lips to Bonnie’s again. She wondered if they were about to start making love right on the couch.

“I need you more than you can imagine” Heather whispered in her ear. “Even if I had to leave right now, I would be so much better than when I got here; but I am so looking forward to a night sandwiched between you and Cooper. With that I’ll be good to go for a month or so before I will absolutely have to come back for more…uhhh…centering.”

They kissed with a growing sense of sexual passion, but again once Heather slipped her head back down to lay on Bonnie’s chest. “Over Memorial Day weekend, I will be on a four-day trip on the San Dinero. Martin is taking a small group of investment fund managers. I think some will have wives or mistresses with them. Brian and Mandy won’t be there though. It will be me and Judy and Tina entertaining.”

From behind her, Misty’s voice surprised Bonnie. “Sounds like fun. Are you sure I can’t stow away?”

Bonnie wondered how long her daughter had been listening.

Heather looked around to Misty who was in the process of taking a seat beside her, “That would be fun. If you are half as lively as your mother, you would be a hit.”

Bonnie, in a voice firmer than she meant said, “Misty isn’t going within fifty miles of any of the LeMarco’s.

Heather laughed and nodded, “You are right. Once they get you under their spell, it’s hard to get loose.”

Evidently Misty didn’t pick up on that line of conversation. She just told Heather “Thanks for letting me take photos of you and my dad making love. They aren’t trashy or bad, but I can tell I have a lot to learn about shooting people together.”

Heather sat up fully, “Perhaps you could study Martin’s photos, and try to figure out what he did. He seems to know what he is doing and his photos of people having sex are every bit as good as the famous erotic art photographers on the web.”

“That’s a great idea. He did some amazing photos of you and Mom with all sorts of people.”

Heather agreed, “I’d wondered how I’d do in that kind of photo, and I was more than a little pleased when I saw them at the after-cruise party. I guess you heard when I told your mother how much my mom liked the photos, even the ones with really explicit pictures of me having sex with more than one person at once. Actually, she really liked the ones with me and your parents. I told her about our special relationship.”

“Was she cool with it?” Misty asked.

Heather laughed, “She just warned me not to let my heart get in the way of my arrangement with the LeMarco’s. I assured her that it was not a problem. I didn’t tell her about how I just play the role of Aphrodite for Brian. The truth is, that is who she wants me to be and I don’t want to disappoint her.”

Misty surprised Bonnie when she leaned over and kissed Heather lightly before saying “We like you for you and don’t want you to lose yourself to her.”

Heather didn’t seem the least bit surprised at Misty’s action and just went on as if nothing unusual had happened. “A few weeks back, my mother went as assistant on a shoot with my regular photographer. She took along some of the photos from the trip. Mom said Janice was blown away by them. All in all she couldn’t be happier how things have turned out. I’m sure she’s happier that I am a rich man’s mistress than had I married an average Joe.”

Misty asked Heather, “Has Mom shown you her new video? I haven’t seen it all together, but the parts I’ve seen are really good.”

Heather’s eyebrows when up as she turned to Bonnie “A new video?”

Bonnie nodded and explained.

Completely without her planning it, in fifteen minutes her whole family and Heather were in the game room. There were two big bowls of popcorn and sodas for all as they sat in the comfortable chairs that arched around the high-end 70” television with theater sound. In the past few months, the family movie night had migrated to the game room where they had watched several sexually explicit movies all together; but watching Mom have sex with three men was quite a leap. Bonnie was surprised how relaxed she was about it, even as everyone watched her moaning with pleasure at the ministrations of the Gibson boys.

After the movie, Bonnie, Cooper and Heather went to bed. As per their guest’s request, Cooper spooned up behind Heather. While the two women talked and kissed and touched, he very slowly ground his penis into their ‘special friend’.

Once or twice, Bonnie saw the kids look in on them; but it seemed the novelty had worn off and neither of them stayed long. She knew the family had taken another step into the unknown. It had all happened so naturally that it there didn’t seem at any point they had crossed a new boundary. It appeared the family was on a river that was just sweeping them along. She felt confident they’d been making the right choices, but still the future was uncertain.


The next morning, Bonnie woke up to find Heather and Cooper in the shower together. She watched them kissing for a moment before stepping in to join them.

It was still early when Bonnie walked Heather to her car. She didn’t even hesitate when the girl initiated a long & deep goodbye kiss on the circular drive.

Once heather was gone, her attention turned to prepare the yard for the big party on the following Thursday. Because the twice postponed church couples swimming party would take up all day Sunday, only Saturday was available. Even though she’d said she would not help Misty and her friends prepare, Bonnie had quite a long to do list and had made one for Cooper and Lamar as well.