In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 3

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Miami Beach

When Bonnie wanted more information , Cooper said she should call his executive assistant, Tina, because she had gone with the LeMarco’s son to that condominium more than once. Bonnie called her almost immediately. Bonnie had been looking for an excuse to get out of the house, and this gave her a good one. So on Thursday, Bonnie took Cooper’s assistant for a long lunch. Bonnie had met the younger woman on many occasions and spoken to her on the phone many more, but this was the first time they had ever sat down together.

Initially the assistant was tense having lunch with her boss’s wife, but that faded rather quickly as Bonnie gained her trust. Tina Clark had worked directly for Cooper for almost five years. From what Bonnie knew, she was very good at her job and an important part of his success. They had bought her a very nice Christmas present the past few years. She was in her early thirty's, and an avid outdoorswoman; kayaking, rock climbing and backpacking. As such she was slim, but clearly fit under her professional attire. She was also tall, as tall as Cooper when she wore flats. She’d never been married, but had lived with two different guys since working for Cooper.

After the initial chit chat, Bonnie asked about Miami Beach. Tina initially said she had not been to the place they would be going, it was way out of her price range; but when Bonnie said Cooper told her she’d gone with Brian LeMarco, the owner’s son, she apologized for lying. “I was told not to tell that I went with Brian, but I guess you know already. You can see that if it got out that I had a sexual relationship with the owner's son it could be bad for office moral.”

Bonnie could see there was more to the story and secretly wondered if she’d gone not with the son, but with the father; however, she did not pry. That issue cleared up, Tina went on to say there was no need to buy beach wear in advance, because Miami is such a fashion Mecca, beach and club wear was actually cheaper in Miami than in Atlanta. Bonnie again sensed she was hedging about details so as not to offend Bonnie, so she stopped the younger woman and told her flat out “Look, you can’t shock or offend me.” She’d so wanted to tell someone about her new approach to married sexuality, but dared not in Sparta. It sounded like Tina was discreet, so she just said “Cooper and I are not monogamous. Years ago I guess people would have called us swingers but I’m not sure if that term is still used. So, what I’m saying, if there is some wild night life you would recommend, we are up for it.” Of course she’d overstated, or perhaps simplified the situation, but it was exciting to tell another woman that she had sex with people other than Cooper.

At first Bonnie thought she had made a mistake by Tina’s face, and then the attractive young woman broke into a broad smile. “Well, Bonnie Campbell, aren’t you full of surprises!” In the next hour Bonnie told her about Jill and Vic, their wild sex and their sudden departure. She even cried a little. It was so good to tell someone. She had many friends from church but she just couldn’t tell any of them about that. They finally made their way back to talking about Miami.

Tina said “I was worried what to say and how to say it because I didn’t want to get myself into any trouble, but I guess that is not really a risk. So I’ll put it like this, when I’m in Miami Beach, I buy just the bikini bottoms because I never have any need to buy the tops….and I rarely buy anything but tiny thongs for beach wear. Going in nothing but a thong is OK at the condo's pool and on Miami Beach as well. It’s hard to imagine Florida is right next to Georgia, it seems like it should be a different planet.”

Bonnie wanted to make sure she understood what Tina was telling her, “You can wear nothing but a thong on some of the beaches?”

“No” Tina corrected “On all the beaches. And at some of the hotel pools as well, including where you are staying.”

That was a stunner. She’d be taking the kids to a condominium where women could go topless. Bonnie actually struggled with that for a little bit before realizing she was being as bad as the prudish old ladies at church. It would be good for Misty and Lamar to see a different way of living. It wasn’t like they hadn’t seen mom’s breasts nearly every day in the last month. Just last week Misty had asked when had the women in the Wednesday tanning group started going topless because she had seen them out her window.

Tina went on to tell Bonnie how she loved Miami Beach because the people are amazingly beautiful and “even off the beach I rarely wear more than a cover-up, thong and sandals. That is except to the nightclubs. Dressing to impress is the name of the game at night." She also clued her in on the existence of a public nude beach about a ten minute cab ride from the condo.

It was a great lunch and Bonnie got her back to the office late. That evening Cooper asked how it went, but Bonnie didn’t share about the minimal swimwear required; that would be her secret.

As it turned out, to fly the whole family on a holiday was prohibitively expensive on such short notice, but Cooper figured it would only take about 12 hours to drive from their central Georgia hometown of Sparta to Miami. So early on Monday the 2nd of July the family piled into their Suburban, aka the mommy mobile, and headed south for four nights in one of the newest and swankiest high-rise condominium buildings in Miami Beach.

At exactly 5:00 PM the, by then, trashed SUV pulled up the ramp to the gated entrance to The Setai, one of the fine high-rise condos on the island of South Beach. Cooper felt like a real VIP when he gave his name to the attendant and the large wrought iron gate swung in and allowed them into the valet parking area.

As much as Cooper wanted to act like this was a world in which he felt comfortable, he knew full well this place catered to people well beyond his pay grade. The marble floors and fine lobby art stood in stark contrast to the Holiday Inn’s which were his family’s usual lodgings. Though he was somewhat of a tightwad, he could not admit to the bellman that he wanted the family to carry their own luggage, so he had to part with a twenty dollar bill once they arrived at the room

If the public areas were intimidating, the condo itself was beyond belief.

Fourteen year old Lamar ran through the rooms shouting “It’s as big as our house.” Though Lamar was exaggerating, it was enormous for a beach front condominium. It had four bedrooms, and the living room, far bigger than theirs at home had two walls made entirely of glass, one looking directly out to the ocean, and the other looking north up the beach. At the 23rd floor, they had a huge and panoramic view of South Beach.

All Bonnie could say was “WOW” as she stood looking out the glass walls.

Though Bonnie and Cooper would have been content to just look out the windows, the kids wanted to see the pool and beach (from closer than the 23rd floor). Cooper, who had been driving since before 5:00 AM, was in no mood to do anything but rest. He grumbled as he pulled himself out of the deep and very comfortable couch. He did insist his eager family must wait until he could put on a clean shirt. He wasn’t about to walk around this place with jelly doughnut stains on his stomach.

From the lobby it was still one floor down to the ground level were there were shops and two restaurants, at the end of the ground floor atrium was a revolving door leading to the pools. The building had three swimming pools, two large ones shaped somewhat like lopsided kidney beans surrounded by coconut palms and one small round children’s pool. Additionally there was a hot tub adjacent to each adult swimming pool.

Though Bonnie thought it was her secret, Cooper vaguely knew toplessness was permitted on at least some of South Beach. What he did not know was that it was also permitted at some of the hotels and condos. In this case it was permitted at the pool nearest the beach, screened from the other two pools by a row of coconut palms. Thus it was not immediately apparent to the visiting family. Lamar being the most eager to explore was far ahead of the others. When he passed the row of palms he stopped short, and just stared.

It had been just in the past year or two that Lamar had passed the phase where girls were a sort of dangerous animal to be avoided, to that stage were girls were lusted at from afar, but never really approached. It had been just last month when Bonnie walked in on Lamar looking at porn on his laptop for the first time. Now, Lamar was entranced, because as if out from his wildest fantasies, there were two attractive women wearing nothing but tiny thongs sunning and chatting in German not fifteen feet from him. His sister’s hand slamming on the back of his head brought him back to the real world. Though sixteen year old Misty was as shocked as her little brother, she was far more concerned about not making a scene than her younger hormonal sibling.

To Bonnie, the most amazing thing was not that breasts and/or bare butts were on display, but rather that most of the exposure was by grown women, not teenyboppers. Maybe half of the women were topless, she rapidly counted twenty-one bare breasted women, not including the teenage and younger girls with their mothers. She guessed they ranged from their twenties to their 60’s. Most were somewhere around her age. Though only a few were hard-bodies, the majority were either the more typical American type of soft curvy shape or the thin European. Significantly to her, not a single one was the tall, slim and busty blond Playboy model type. The two German women hadn’t noticed Lamar’s staring because they were watching their own young kids playing in the shallow end of the pool. To Bonnie, nudity had always meant sex, but here it seemed as relaxed and normal as, well, as a day at the beach with the kids. She would find that this pool was nearly entirely populated by Europeans to the point that the staff referred to it as the European swimming pool and the other one as the American pool.

Bonnie’s attention was drawn to the far end of the pool where a girl, perhaps Misty’s age (it was hard to tell at that distance) climbed out of the water and went to talk to what appeared to be her parents. She, like the two women at their end of the pool, wore just a thong bikini bottom, as did her mother. Bonnie instinctively looked over to her own daughter, who was watching the mother and daughter speak. Bonnie wasn’t sure what Misty was thinking. Sure, Misty had seen Mom a hundred times sunning topless by their swimming pool, but Misty hadn’t been topless in their pool since she was about eight years old.

Seeing this topless mother and daughter, Cooper now was uncomfortable, and he quickly suggested they continue on to see the beach just beyond the fence. It was one thing to say it was cool to go topless, even for his wife to go topless, but just the thought of men looking at his daughter the way he found himself looking at that girl made him just want to move on.

Bonnie, could feel Cooper’s discomfort and told the kids they were going on to the beach, but if one teenage girl made him uncomfortable, the beach gave him no respite. On the beach in front of the condo, the women were much younger and almost universally pretty. From what she could see, perhaps just under a quarter of the girls were topless, but as they walked down the beach away from their building, Bonnie noted that fewer and fewer of the girls and young women were sunning breasts exposed. Initially it was like one in five, but not far from the condo it was more like one in ten, then she saw no topless girls at all. She supposed the international nature of their condominium building led to a higher percentage of girls and women who wanted to go topless. This hypothesis was supported by the men's wear. At and near their building most men wore Speedo type bikini bottoms or super tight little shorts, but by the time they'd gone a quarter mile the guys were in "American" type trunks.

She took Cooper’s hand as they walked “So why did you get uncomfortable at the pool?” she asked.

“I don’t know” he replied “It’s hard to explain, but I guess seeing that girl and her mom brought home the fact Misty is getting older and as you know I’m not doing too well with that.”

“Yes, I know” she said as she gave his hand a squeeze.

They walked a bit down the beach but being fully clothed they soon got hot and turned back. Cooper thought about suggesting Bonnie take off her shirt, but he didn’t want to seem pushy and let it go. What he didn’t know was that she had the same thought, but didn’t want to seem overly eager.

By the time they had arrived back in their room and looked out that amazing view, the long shadow of their condo covered the beach all the way to the water.

On the way up it was agreed that the guys would take the evening easy and the girls would go out shopping. Cooper planned that to mean he would crash in the king sized bed in the master bedroom, Lamar; on the other hand wanted to go swim in the big pool. He had always been able to find friends anywhere they went and would be anxious to get downstairs on his own.

Cooper wondered how much of his son's insistence was because he wanted to see more tits. To be honest with himself, he wouldn’t mind going back down without Misty there. So he pulled on his swimsuit, grabbed the book he’d bought for the trip and headed down with Lamar. It was no surprise that Lamar walked right by the first swimming pool, past the line of palms, and to what was sure to be a teen boy’s heaven. Cooper was mildly disappointed to see no topless women sunning, but then upon further reflection he realized that it was now dusk and all the tanners had gone in. There were however, a half dozen kids around Lamar’s age in the water.

There was a gentle breeze off the ocean that broke up the heat that still hung in the air. Before Cooper drifted off to sleep on the chaise lounge, Lamar had made several friends in the pool, one Cooper recognized as the girl he had seen earlier with her mother. This time however she sported a one piece swim suit which oddly was full coverage in the front but thong cut in the back. She was, he guessed, about the same age as his son, but at this age when the girls looked so much older than the boys it was hard to tell. There were several other kids in the pool all playing a game with a Frisbee. He heard a myriad of languages being spoken. He was sure he could identify Spanish, French, Hebrew and German, but there were a good many tongues he could not begin to identify when they came to him all mixed up in the breeze. This was certainly a crossroads of the world.

Bonnie was having a great time with Misty in what appeared to be the ultimate beach shopping district. Most beach resorts had dozens of small shops all essentially selling the same cheesy merchandise. Here on Miami Beach it was a totally different experience. The condo concierge had told her that they were only a few blocks from the center of the shopping district and so they had simply walked up Collins Ave and turned right one block to find shops large and small as far as they could see in either direction. Some shops were typical beach fare, but most were unique, including many boutiques owned by famous designers. Though they were specifically looking for beach wear, it didn’t keep them from excitedly browsing the couture shops with prices that would have sent Dad into convulsions.

After visiting a half a mile of shops, Bonnie concluded that the swimwear she brought with her, thinking it was sexy, was, for Miami Beach, only worn by women who wore a size twenty or larger. She noticed that for a good number of the thong bottoms the shops had on the racks, they didn’t even sell a matching top. She rationalized that Cooper would not want her to feel out of place, so after a couple of hours browsing, Bonnie and Misty went back to a shop that they had visited earlier. They decided it had the best selection of swimsuits they had seen, at prices they could afford.

At the shop, they browsed and talked about the different suits. Finally Bonnie picked out three suits to try on. She noticed Misty looking at the very skimpy bikinis as well, but simply chose not to see the obvious. Mothers can be willfully blind when they want to be.

“Mom, you will look hot in that. Dad would love to see you wearing that one.” Misty said looking at the dark blue bikini in her right hand."

Bonnie was quite sure her daughter was right.

A few minutes later she opened the curtain to the changing stall and stepped out. She stood before a three way mirror looking at a blue Brazilian cut bikini with a push-up type top that gave her great cleavage. In the shop there was no separate changing area, so Bonnie was right on the main shopping floor when she exited the booth. The bottom was far smaller than anything she had worn to a beach before. At perhaps six inches wide at the rear waist band, not much of the suit's rear was visible as half-way down her butt the fabric just disappeared between her buns. It was smaller than most of her panties. And in the front, it was so low that even though she'd trimmed up to wear her bikinis, more than a tiny bit of her pubic hair showed above the waist band. Misty was behind the curtain but Bonnie let her know “Well if I am going to wear this I guess I’ll have to trim up some more. ” As she finished the last word, Misty emerged wearing a suit with a bottom that was cut similar to the one her mom was wearing.

“Yep, I agree. But we might need to do more than trim.” Misty agreed as she vainly tried to cover up the top of her neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair.

Bonnie saw her daughter and realized she looked good. Real good; too good for her own good. The suit was bright yellow with orange trim. The top was not fitted like the one Bonnie wore, it was just a regular slide string triangle top, but the triangles were more like pizza slices, than triangles. They were most definitely narrower than any she had seen on a swimsuit before. In that top, even Misty’s young boobs showed a good bit of skin on either side of the fabric.

“Well we will look like yokels on vacation with our white butts showing.” Misty vocalized what her mother had already noticed, the tan lines of their regular swimsuit bottoms, left a good bit of white untanned skin showing. Though Bonnie wasn’t nearly as pale in those areas due to the fact that once or twice a week over the past month she’d been tanning in the nude, it still showed.

“Yea” Bonnie replied,” but would you rather look like a prudish yokel on vacation by wearing what we brought?”

“Oh no. We don't want to look like we are from Georgia or something." They both laughed. "This one is a keeper" Misty said admiring herself in the multiple mirror images. "And I think yours is too” Misty said a moment later.