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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 31

In Search of the Final Freedom an Erotic Socio-Political Novel:


The Revolutionary Ideals of Sexual Freedom

Chapter 31:


In Misty’s estimation the Euro-Club party had been a smashing success. While for her parents the party had been all work, for Misty it had been the event of her life.

The best count was that they had one-hundred-twenty-two visitors over the course of the day (excluding the ten club girls and three adults). That was a few more than the RSVP's. She noticed that a number of people brought dates that were not in the prior list which accounted for the discrepancy. She had not heard of a single incidence of highly improper behavior (based on the Campbell’s definition) and the teens seemed to have completely complied with the no alcohol and drugs rule. Misty supposed that was mostly due to the fact the Euro-Club were seen as both the creators and enforcers of those rules.

By the time they had made the party’s opening announcements Misty had seen something she had not when they were counting RSVP’s. Those at the party were not a cross-section of Jefferson Davis High, rather attendees were from a number of specific social groups. She reasoned perhaps that fact, more than anything else, accounted for the adherence to the announced rules. Though she was please that she’d gotten a decent showing of people-of-color (by rural Georgia standards), she was very gratified that all the rising seniors from the publications staff had come, every one of them, even Consuela who Misty had never seen to socialize with anyone but fellow Hispanics. Happily, she seemed to mix right in. Her killer figure in her swim suit didn’t hurt in that.

Misty was not surprised that none of the aggressive Bible thumpers were there, but what she had not expected was that it was as if the entire ‘cool crowd’ had decided to boycott her party. After thinking about it, it seemed obvious that was exactly what had happened. As she looked it over, close to half of the white rising seniors were there, as were a good number of her class’s Latinas. She was not sure why the Latinos didn’t show in greater numbers. It was only when she’d noticed the lack of Hispanic guys did she realize that overall, the guys were significantly outnumbered. Perhaps that should not have been a surprise. She’d already noticed at school the club got leers from guys and cheers from girls. She laughed to herself “Those guys who came are the winners for that.”

What was clear, this was a very, very self-selected group. It was as if this party had been held specifically for those who were creatives, nerds and ‘unimportant’ students; the ones that didn’t have a school-based identity that gave them status or protection from bullies. Perhaps she should not have been surprised at all. Those who had come were the core of her supporters at Jefferson Davis High.

The other thing she rapidly realized was the entire event, everything, seemed to swirl around her (at least that was how she felt). If she had not been building for this day for a month, it would have been simply overwhelming. It was not that Misty had been a loner by any stretch, but she’d had her friends, mostly from the St. Thomas Youth Group and the publications staff; but beyond that nobody paid her much attention (until recently). At the party, all the changes in her social status came to a crescendo. She felt like she didn’t have a moment to herself. Worst (or best) of all, the other club girls stepped in to do all the things she would (should) have done as party host so she could spend the entire day socializing and, like her mother also was doing during the party, act the role of sexual sage.

It seemed wrong that everyone seemed to think she knew everything about sex and sexual relationships. After all, she knew full well that both Haley and Jeanette knew far more about actually having sex than she did; but that didn’t seem to matter. She was the queen bee of the party and after the first hour she stopped trying to be anything else.

Also like her mother inside the house, it was almost exclusively girls who became her retinue. As far as she could tell, the only boys who gathered around her were boyfriends of the girls who wanted to talk to her. It would not be until she and her mom talked the next day that they realized that they had attracted two distinctly different groups of girls. While the sexually active girls gathered around Mrs. C. in the living room; those with no or limited sexual experience came to Misty who had ensconced herself at the table near the slide to be as far from the loud music as she could. Like a queen holding court, she sat in one of the upholstered armchairs while her admirers came and went all day having moved a number of the new stacking chairs to her location.

While her mother knew a good many of those at the party by face, Misty knew the vast majority by name and most could be called casual friends. She’d known half of them since she was in 1st or 2nd grade. Some were smarter than her, some more popular, some more athletic, and some had been good friends since they were small. Yet, it was clear nearly all of them no longer saw Misty as a peer exactly. She had become the inspiration and role model they all looked to for guidance. Hour after hour, she sat listening, encouraging, advising and answering questions.

She found herself answering a whole host of questions that she could hardly believe these girls didn’t know. She tried not to act as if she was incredulous about their ignorance regarding their own bodies and sexuality. An odd question came up early in the day. Charlotte Mason asked “How young would be too young to have sex? And then she followed up quickly with when did you lose your virginity?”

Misty thought it odd because she knew that Charlotte was her own age. Then she realized the question must not be was it too young for her to start having sex now, but rather she was wondering if she had started too early.

With that in mind she addressed the question in a different manner. Misty repeated her mother’s mantra about the word ‘virgin’ or the phrase ‘losing my virginity.’ When she told those dozen or so people gathered around, “You don’t lose anything when you put a guy’s penis in your vagina. You don’t become less or somehow less valuable. Don’t ever let anyone tell you any different.” Her words had a passion that surprised even her.

One of the eight girls who were gathered around her asked “Then what do you call it when you first have sex?”

“Before I answer, let me ask you something. What do you think counts as sex?”

Misty’s question seemed to puzzle the girls and the three boys who sat behind the inner circle. One of the guys timidly offered “Screwing.”

Misty had to swivel to her right to look at him and say “Really? So two girls can’t have sex?” He looked flustered so she bailed him out. “That actually was what people believed up until about a hundred years ago. They simply believed that a dick was required to count as sex. But is it?”

The circle of teens momentarily looked confused then Holly Hyeres said “No. We can have sex without a dick. Only the worst sort of misogynist would say two women can’t have sex together.”

To that there was universal agreement (among the females). Misty followed up with “You are right, but the question then becomes when does messing around between girls become sex?’ She let that sit for a moment before she began “It is no secret that Caitlin Richards and I are lovers. And, those of you who knew us back in elementary school might know that she actually lived here for a year. She and I have been sleeping in my bed together since we were six. My guess is that almost all girls have spent many nights in bed with other girls over the years. Right?”

There were nods all around. “And, most of us have at one time or another snuggled and kissed other girls at sleepovers. Right?”

Again nods. Misty thought they were beginning to see where she was going. “In my case, Caitlin and I first kissed, cuddled, and slept naked together when we were nine. By the time we started puberty we’d already learned that intertwining our legs and rubbing our bottom on the other one’s thigh felt great. We’d also tried fingering and licking the other’s pussies, but we didn’t see the point of that…. yet. But was that sex? I don’t think it was.”

Misty stopped to gauge the reaction of her listeners. It took a moment before heads began to nod in understanding. Then Misty went on. “In my mind, the first time I had sex was a magical night when something clicked. It was when we were in 8th grade. One night Caitlin and I were in the game room over there. At the time we had a couch, not the home theater seating we have now. It was late, and she and I were watching porn on my tablet while we snuggled naked under a blanket. That night we didn’t do anything we hadn’t done lots of times; but, somehow something changed. We went from messing around and just getting off to making love. She felt it too. I can’t tell you exactly what happened but that was when I first really understood what sex was all about. We didn’t go down on each other that night, and due to her step-father forbidding her to come over for over two years; we didn’t have oral sex until about six months ago. But to answer your question, to me, that night was when I had sex for the first time. So, Charlotte, how young is too young for girls to have sex with each other? I can’t give you an answer because the line between what is messing around and what is sex is blurry at best. More importantly, our generation needs to rethink how we talk and even think about how we use our bodies for love, fun and pleasure. It’s not a matter of mechanics as to what body part touches or enters another; but, it’s about intent and the experience for you. Last year after I had watched my mom fuck that guy on the beach, she tried to explain that concept to me; but it took me a long time to understand what she meant.”

Even as the words came out, she realized how much of them were a repetition of what her parents said; yet, they were her beliefs, not just their words. She was not sure if it was good or bad she so firmly believed what they had taught her.

One thing she and her mother both addressed were questions about birth control. Though she had to run through the whole range of birth control options, that seemed not to be what they were asking. What they really wanted to know was how to access those things without their parents. Fortunately, the Euro-Club had talked about this very thing many times and she had some very specific answers for those at her table.

Also as her mother had done inside, she answered questions about some of the rumors that swirled about her family. As her mother had, she confirmed what she could “Yes, I’ve seen my parents having sex. They don’t shut the door when they make love and they never have; but it’s no big deal.” She deflected some questions that she thought it best not to answer fully. For instance, she did not tell her avid listeners that she’d been in the room taking photos of her parent’s threesome that very week. She confirmed her parents had an “open marriage” but was surprised that she had to explain what it meant. Among her listers, those who lived with both their mother and father were dumbfounded by the idea; but those with single parents seemed to understand readily. Though she did not inquire about it, she suspected that many of those who lived with unmarried parents knew them to be sexually active and/or non-monogamous.

Several times girls asked Misty about the photos pinned to the bulletin board. Stacy from her publications class asked why she’d put photos of her sex partners up in the game room rather than in her bed room.

“That’s actually a good question” Misty answered. “The truth is I put the first photo, the one of me and Kelli in our matching lingerie up on a whim. I printed the photo to show my mom how we looked for the big night. You see Cody took that photo about a half-an-hour before my sexual debut.” She got some quizzical looks. “I mean, the first time I had sex with a guy. My mom had told me if I waited till I was sixteen to have sex, she’d buy me everything I wanted to make the night special. So since I was sharing the night with Kelli, she bought us matching outfits.”

Stacy knew Kelli very well since she too was part of the publications staff. “So your first time was with Kelli and her boyfriend?”

Misty explained why she believed a girl’s first time is way better with a trusted friend, than a guy she’s fallen for. Once her listeners got over the novelty of the idea, they seemed to buy in to it. Then she explained how the other photos just naturally followed.

One of the times she addressed the bulletin board she was asked who had taken the photos. Misty answered “Three of them were taken by my brother. Its not like he hasn’t seen me naked all my life. And the one of me and Rebecca & Samuel was taken by my mom.”

Around 1:30, she and the other club members went into the house and changed into their smaller, and sometimes see-through, string bikinis. They certainly got attention as they walked through the game room and then out to the pool; but it was when they, as a group, took a dip into the water and came out with nearly transparent swimwear, they were mobbed by gawkers and people taking cell phone photos. Not that Misty or anyone else was surprised. After all, they knew that coming out of the water, nothing was hidden from view for the first few minutes or so. For a good fifteen minutes she and the others were obliged to pose for photos. It seems just about everyone wanted a photo standing with one or more of the club. Misty knew that this was exactly the response they had expected.

Though all the club girls flirted like crazy, Misty was surprised that Connie and Jeanette were the most flagrant about it. While they were all gathered in the downstairs bathroom changing into the string bikinis, first Connie, then Jeanette adjusted the bottoms so that the fabric went down into the cleft of their labia majora. In Connie’s case that left her inner lips quite exposed.

Over the day she saw both of them making out with multiple guys. Later she found out over the course of the party that, between the two of them, they had sucked off five different guys (not including their own boyfriends). However, it was their effort to get the party started properly that brought the most notoriety. Before noon, on the landing at the top of the stairs, the two of them gave the cute (but geekish) Berkshire twins blowjobs right in front of about ten people; including their own boyfriends. Right off they both took off their tops. Their reasoning with regard to the house rules was that anywhere upstairs was as good as being in one of the bedrooms. When they talked about it later, both Misty and her mom agreed. Once they were done, the two girls took their boyfriends into Lamar’s room for a foursome, but not before letting the spectators know they were free to watch. Though in her later telling, Jeannette insisted that it was not “real” sex, but simply a demonstration of what could be done at the party. Though she was clear the fucking and sucking was real, none of the four actually climaxed and the foursome had gone on less than ten or fifteen minutes. In fact, both girls were sure they’d been upstairs less than a half an hour in total. In time, it was their behavior, more than anything else, that provided the basis for the legends that grew up about that party. And since the two girl’s boyfriends were right there the whole time, it brought understanding that while all the club members (except Misty and Caitlin) had boyfriends, they all had open relationships.

Connie and Jeanette pose for photos

A little while after the fervor over their new swimsuits had died down, Misty saw how Jeannette had to go inside to get a condom before heading out to Lamar’s treehouse. She realized the condom bowl that her mother had made up to put outside had not been actually brought out. Heading into the living room, she found her mother had her own crowd sitting around listening to her. After picking up the plastic bowl, she headed back out with the bowl in hand. It seems her mother wanted a break and followed her out the door. “Well Mom, I don’t think things could be going any better” she said.

“Yes, I think you are right” she replied, then seeing Cooper she added “Though I think your father is having the hardest time of it.”

Misty couldn’t help but agree given the sweat on his face as he worked the grill.

Not long after returning to the pool, her mother called her over and asked her to help in getting the girls who were now just wearing thong panties by the pool to change into the loaner swimsuits. Misty saw the good sense in that. Not only did she ask the girls to come in the house to change, she made a point to get the club members to ask anyone who had taken photos of the girls in their panties to delete them.

After helping those who wanted to use the loaner swimsuits, Misty decided to hide out in the kitchen for a few minutes. It was then past 2:00 and she’d been busy since early morning. She took a Diet Dr. Pepper from the refrigerator and had a seat at one of the stools at the kitchen’s island. She’d only taken a few sips when a soft voice asked “Do you mind if I join you?”

She turned to find Natalie Foster at the kitchen door. Though she didn’t really mean it she said “Sure, I’d love you to.” Natalie was a cute-as-a-button rising sophomore who had come as Cassidy Nusbaum’s date. She’d seen them sitting together for months at Sunday night youth group, but she’d not known if they were a couple or just church buddies. Though Cassidy was in the same grade as the Euro-Club girls, he wasn’t in any of Misty’s social circles. The fact he’d skipped 7th grade had left him socially cut off from his peers and the church Youth Group had been his refuge. Beyond that, she really didn’t know anything else about the girl.

Once Natalie had taken a seat next to her Misty said “I hope the party is going well for you.”

With a sweet Pollyanna smile, Natalie said “It has been amazing. Like nothing I’ve ever been to before. Thank you for putting it on…and letting me come.”

“You are quite welcome. I’m happy you came. So, I guess you and Cassidy are a couple, not just friends?”

Natalie made a cute laugh “Well, since I just told everyone in your living room we’ve been having sex for over a month, I guess we are a couple.”

Misty just nodded and took a sip.

Natalie went on “I guess we really started thinking of ourselves as a couple when he started driving me to and from Sunday night Youth Group back in March. I know that is the way my parents see it. I guess they are right since the second week we started making out in his car afterwards. Though my father doesn’t know it, my mother had our doctor start me on the pill pretty soon after that. We’ve never talked about it, but I’m sure she knows I’m having sex now. If Dad knew, he’d likely kill Cassidy.”

Misty put in “I know every family is different about things like that. I couldn’t help but notice your bikini. It’s very pretty and you look good in it, but I was a bit surprised to see anyone but the club in something that revealing. I know you got a lot of looks out by the pool. Good looks for sure. This is not the kind of crowd that would be offended.”

“My parents aren’t like red-necks or super conservative; but they aren’t’ like your parents either. I’ll admit when I bought it on our family trip to the Dominican Republic over Christmas break, I never thought I’d be able to wear it anywhere back home but to lay out in my backyard. I wore it almost every day on that trip, but I thought it would just be a souvenir unless we went back again.”

Misty asked “So your father was OK with you wearing it out at that resort?”

“Sure. Mom wore one just as small. We’ve been going to the same resort for years. When I was younger, Mom wore a thong and I even saw her sunning topless once, but that was a long time ago. I didn’t think my dad even noticed my new bikini; but when my little sister wanted one too, they both said she was too young for that kind of swimsuit.”

“Well I’m glad you came and I’m glad you showed the others that you don’t have to be a club member to own a Brazilian bikini” Misty replied. She was sure Natalie wanted to say something but was not sure how to begin. So she fished. “I hope my mother’s talk and the photos around the house weren’t too much for you.”

“No, its all been great. My dad has taken nude photos of my mom too, but they don’t print them. I don’t think they know I’ve seen them. I’ve even seen their sex selfies. I think that is a lot more common than people assume.”

Misty had to agree.

“The only difference is your parents just put it all right out in the open.”

Misty agreed to that as well, but did not interrupt. She wanted to see where Natalie was going.

“I think my mother would even agree that high school sex is not a bad thing. From things I’ve overheard when she talks to some of her old friends, I don’t think my mom was anything like a virgin when she was my age. I don’t even think she’d would disagree if she knew your mom said that sex with friends is often better than with boyfriends or girlfriends; but my dad would be irate if he knew she’d told us all that.”

Misty asked “So, you were in my mom’s little group in the living room for a good while?”

“Oh yea. Me and Cassidy both. That is kinda what I wanted to talk with you about. Did I hear her right when she said that she made your guest room up into a place for people who don’t have a safe place to have sex to use?”

Misty nodded, “Yes. Exactly so. My friends have been coming over to have sex with their guys since the fall.”

“So if Cassidy and I came over some time, we could just go up and …you know do it?”

“Sure. But I wouldn’t tell her that you are Lamar’s age. You don’t want to put her on the spot since you are not yet sixteen.”

That seemed to confuse Natalie, so Misty explained why. Once she seemed to understand she slowly asked “Well, that comes to what I really wanted to ask. Well, what Cassidy and I wanted to ask.” She paused then went on “Your mother said that we shouldn’t be ashamed of sex and that if we were interested in having sex for fun with a friend we should just ask.”

Misty nodded. “Yes, that is right.”

“Well…ummm…know we are not like besties for anything, but I would like to think you are our friend…and…well…” her speech sped up rapidly “We would like to know if you would enjoy having a threesome with us. I know that JoAnne would be all to happy to have a threesome or even do a foursome with her boyfriend and us, but we… well I…think it would be better to do it with you first because if we decided an open relationship it isn’t for us, it would make thinks weird in our little Cosplay community. So, would you like to have sex with me and Cassidy.”

Misty had to force herself not to laugh. Natalie was so earnest it was comic. Yet, she knew for the girl this was a huge step, so she had to be careful what she said. “I’m very flattered. I think you are adorable and Cassidy is just so cute in his super smart genius kind of way.”

Natalie smiled “Yes, he is.”

“I’d love to but…”

Natalie cut her off “I’m sorry. I understand. I shouldn’t have asked.”

Misty shot back “No I don’t think you do understand. What I was going to say is that today, I am playing the role of host and I can’t just leave the party for an hour or more. And to do it right, we would need that long.”

“Oh” Natalie said. “We hadn’t thought of that.”

Misty, looking for a way to make the situation better, suggested. “I tell you what.” She looked over to the kitchen clock and said “At 3:00 I will go upstairs to make a bedroom check. If you and Cassidy want a quick taste of what a threesome is like, just be in one of the bedrooms. If I just happen to walk in on you two getting it on, and you invite me to join in for a few minutes; I will.”

Natalie’s eyes lit up. “Really? You will?”

“Yes. If I just happen to find you in the middle of having sex and you ask me to join in, I will…for just a few minutes. I don’t want this to seem planned because others who have hinted, they would like me to join them today might get their feelings hurt. And I really will have to only stay for fifteen or twenty minutes.”

“Yea. We can do that” Natalie said. “It will be just one of those unplanned things that just happen.”

Misty nodded then asked “Have you ever been with a girl before?”

“No. I’ve thought about it and JoAnne has let me know if I wanted to try it out she’d be glad to do it with me. But I’ve never done it.”

“Have you kissed a girl?” Misty asked.

Natalie shook her head.

“Would you like me to kiss you before I go?”

Natalie nodded wide-eyed but did not say anything.

Misty leaned over and put her lips to Natalie’s. She gave several soft kisses before she put an arm around her and guided her to stand. Once on their feet, Misty wrapped both arms around her and pulled her body tight. As she gripped Natalie’s bare ass with one hand she slithered her tongue into her mouth. The girl responded with more vigor than Misty had expected. Within a minute, not only had Natalie grabbed her bare ass cheeks with one hand, the other had slipped under Misty’s top and cupped her breast. Misty knew if she let things go on further, she’d be breaking the house rules in another minute. She broke the kiss.

Natalie looked at her with eyes of pure desire. Misty smiled and said “Wow. You really do want to do this don’t you?”

Natalie nodded again.

“Well if we don’t stop, our swimsuits will be off soon and we’d be doing it right here. So, just be upstairs at 3:00.” With that she kissed Natalie softly and left the kitchen. As she headed out, she thought on how surprising that had been. To herself she said “I guess my life is now full of such surprises.”

Outside she found six girls waiting patiently for her return. At just before 3:00 she told the group she needed to go in to do a bedroom check and let them know she’d be back in half-an-hour or so. After picking up a couple of boxes of condoms, she headed upstairs.

When she went into her brother’s room, she was rather surprised to find Consuela sprawled out on the bed, naked, with Carrie Bruckheimer’s face in her crotch. Both were from the publication’s staff; but she had not even guessed they had that kind of interest in each other. Then she corrected herself, perhaps they are just friends and they too believed that sex among friends is a normal and constructive habit.

Misty’s mother had told her to leave twenty-four condoms in each bowl, the one in Lamar’s room had only three left. As she counted out nineteen new condom packets, she could not help but look over to momentarily watch her two classmates.

Consuela’s hips were slowly thrusting up and her hands were cupping her very nice round breasts. From inside the room, Misty now saw that as Carrie licked her, she had a couple fingers all the way inside Consuela as well.

When the bowl was filled Misty turned to see Consuela was looking right at her while continuing to tweak her own nipples. Misty smiled and her friend smiled back then let out a deep moan. Misty gave a small wave and headed out. Only then did she realize that another couple (Amy Williams and David Dowd) was at the doorway watching. The clearly posted rules made it plain that in the Campbell home, watching was not an invasion of privacy. She knew Amy was Rebecca’s second-cousin or something like that and was in the drama club, but didn’t know more than that.

At the door she tried to act casual. Just above a whisper she asked “So Amy, I hope you are having a good time?”

Misty had expected a non-committal reply but Amy said. “This is so great. A party full of my kind of people, just being themselves. A couple of hours ago we came up here and watched Connie and Jeanette giving the Berkshire twins blowjobs out on the landing. Then they had a foursome with their boyfriends in your brother’s room and they told us that we could come right in the room and watch. Neither of us had ever seen other people do it in real life before.”

Misty had not yet heard this story, but was not surprised. “Yea, watching sex videos is nothing like watching your friends do it.”

Both Amy and David nodded. Amy then said. We’ve been talking about it for the last few hours, and now we are going to do it too. When Consuela and Carrie are done, we are going to have sex with the door wide open so anyone who wants to watch, can.”

All Misty could think to say was “Great. I’m sure you will have fun” before heading up the hall to her own room where the first thing she saw were Natalie’s and Cassidy’s swimsuits on the floor just inside the door. “They sure were in a hurry” Misty thought to herself.

In her bed she found Natalie straddling her boyfriend, quite literally bouncing up and down… laughing. Misty crossed her room and slipped down into the chair beside her desk. Natalie looked right at her and kept up the bouncing and laughing. Misty could see that Cassidy’s penis was going into her, yet this was clearly just playing around. As she watched, she mused that Natalie had fully embraced the idea that sex need not be serious, but can just be plain fun. She and her mom had discussed this issue a number of times and how so few people really understood that concept. Natalie obviously did. She stopped bouncing and shifted to working her hips and said “This is the first time we’ve done it in a real bed. It is so much better than in Cassidy’s little car or out in the woods.”

That bit of information was new to Misty and explained why Natalie had been bouncing on the bed and why she seemed so excited about it.

“So Misty, can you join us?”

Misty stood up saying “Yes I can” and began to remove her bikini. Once undressed, she went over to her dresser and took her phone from the drawer she’d put it in before changing into her original bikini. After all, she had nowhere to carry it. Once she set the timer to twenty minutes she said “But I must, MUST, leave when the timer goes off, no matter how much I want to stay.”

It was only as she stepped back to the bed she realized Cassidy was staring at her so hard that his eyes were bugging out. Misty suspected she was the only female besides Natalie he’d seen live in the nude; and given how it sounded like most of their sex had been in his car, he’d not seem much of even his girlfriend completely naked.

She crawled up on the bed behind Natalie and began to nibble her neck and shoulders while running her hands up the younger girl’s torso and breasts. She whispered “Did you like our kiss downstairs?”

Natalie breathed “Oh yes.”

Misty scooted closer so her body pressed fully on Natalie’s back as she cupped both of the small breasts in her hands. “I did too.”

She could feel Natalie’s body quivering with excitement. She was sure she could bring her off easily like this, but she already was counting the time in her head. “I’m sorry, but I will have to rush things. I want to give you a number of new experiences before my time runs out.” With that, she worked her hands down the sides of Natalie’s body, onto her hips. Slowing, she slid them around to the front of her thighs, just far enough for her thumbs to brush the blond pubic hair.

Natalie gasped as Misty’s two index fingers slid down into the valley between her thigh and mons, then up the side. Though Natalie had a patch of blond pubes, her vulva was shaved smooth without even a trace of stubble. By this time Misty’s kisses were in the middle of Natalie’s back.

Much sooner than she would have ordinarily done so, both hands closed on the nexus of vulva and penis. Her right middle finger explored the very small clitoral ridge and the left nestled into Cassidy’s pubic hair.

A breathy “oooh” came from Natalie’s lips.

Again, much too fast, Misty slid from behind the girl, to her side then facing her with her hands cupping her quite firm buttocks. Before their lips came together, Misty looked over her shoulder and said “Cassidy, this is where you start to touch me.” She would not have done so had it been one of the Euro-Boy-Toys, but she was sure he would not have dared do so without her instruction. Misty’s and Natalie’s tongues once again danced as she sat on Cassidy’s stomach. She felt his hands gently touch her.

Misty was trying to keep track of time. She broke the kiss and turned to tell Cassidy to take off his glasses. She gave him just a moment before scooting backward till she was on her knees over his face. With a wink to Natalie, she bent her knees till she felt her lips touch his mouth and said “Time for Cassidy to get a taste of Misty.”

Natalie laughed and said “I’ve never done that to him before.”

Misty rolled her hips to rub her labia on Cassidy’s face. “I guess today it the time for new things.” She looked down and said “Now Cassidy, I want you to put your tongue as far up into me as you can.” She waited but he didn’t move. “Come on, we don’t have much time.” She waited again. This time she could feel him hunting with his tongue. She looked back at Natalie who clearly saw the humor in what was going on. He finally found the way in and she said “Good. Now first work it back to the rear wall of my vagina, then up to the front.” She waited then instructed, “Do it slowly. Deliberately, but slowly.” … ”Yes that is it" …. “Good, now keep going to the front up and out. Run the tip of your tongue along my clitoral ridge. Still go slow, but press firmly. I want to feel it.” … “Good, now go from the back of my vagina to the top of my clitoral ridge slow and steady until I tell you to do something different.”

Looking back to Natalie who was grinning ear to ear, Misty said “Guys don’t naturally know what to do. You have to tell them step by step.”

With Cassidy working on his assigned task, Misty leaned over so as to kiss Natalie again, but she was beaten to it. The long-haired blond leaned forward and took Misty’s right breast in both hands before putting her lips to the nipple and starting to suckle. “You, on the other hand, don’t need any instruction” Misty said.

When she shifted to the left breast, Natalie looked up and said “I’ve been dying to do this since we kissed downstairs.” She suckled the nipple for a while before moving up to kiss Misty on the lips; but not before saying “You have the most beautiful breasts in the world. I could spend hours between them and not have enough.”

What could Misty say or do but kiss her back? When they came up for air she whispered “If you want to see me suck and fuck your boyfriend, we’d better do it now.”

Without a word, Natalie rolled off onto the matrass. It was only then that Misty saw something she’d missed. He wasn’t wearing a condom; however, it only took a split second to recall how she was on the pill and they’d never done it with anyone else. She would explain the idea of double protection…later.

As she took the shaft in her mouth, she considered how this was the first time she’d tasted a penis from a girl (sans condom). The idea was very sexy, but she was disappointed that she could not separate Natalie’s tastes from those of Cassidy’s. Perhaps, she wondered, if she’d gone down on Natalie first would that have helped her know what to look for. Or perhaps the pre-cum that was on the shaft and oozed from the urethra masked Natalie’s taste. Either way, she’d tell her mother about this “first.”

As she was pondering the taste, something else occurred to her. The skin on the erection seemed different, somehow loose. She lifted her head to take a look at Cassidy’s penis and realized he was not circumcised. She’d never even seen one like that in real life, let alone sucked one. Now she really wished she had more time (again), but she knew she did not. After a second time down on him, this time exploring the different feeling penis systematically; she rolled off of him to stand on the floor. She looked at Cassidy and said “She wants to see us screw before I have to go, but you will need to get one of the condoms from the bowl and put in on before you put it in me.” He seemed too bewildered to move. She looked down at her phone and saw they had less than five minutes left. “Come on, we are almost out of time.”

When he finally roused from his confusion, Misty slipped into the bed and wrapped herself around Natalie and began kissing her hard and deep. Only when she felt Cassidy get on the bed did she pull her hips away and lift her left thigh. “Straddle my right leg.”

He did so.

Misty knew she’d need to give step-by-step instructions, and doing so had the added benefit of keeping Natalie apprised of what was going on. “Now, use two fingers to open up my little lips.” Once he’d done so, she said use the other hand to guide the tip of your penis between them and it will go right on in.” She felt him go all the way in right off. “Now, first use your body weight to push it in as firmly as you can.” She felt him go in a bit deeper. “Now slowly but firmly, just like you did in eating me, stroke back and forth pressing down hard each time.”

He began to do as told. One thing in his favor, he took directions very well.

Misty turned her face back to Natalie’s. “Your boyfriends dick feels really nice in me. Thanks for inviting me to join.”

Natalie smiled and said “This is so hot” before starting to kiss Misty again.

Misty had deliberately positioned her body so that once Cassidy began to stroke, she could reach down with her left hand to begin caressing Natalie’s vulva. She knew she could get them both to cum like this. The only question was did she have time. She was gratified that nearly as soon as her middle finger pressed on Natalie’s clit, her hips jumped. At the same time it was clear that Cassidy simply would not be able to stand this for more than a few minutes without cumming. But did she have those few minutes?

As it turned out she didn’t. Inside of ninety seconds, Cassidy was already beyond stopping and Misty knew his orgasm was on its way. She broke the kiss to say “Yea, fuck me till you cum.” That wasn’t her normal language, but she was in a hurry and she knew that would bring it on. And it did. She drove her tongue back into Natalie’s mouth as her boyfriend climaxed with a good deal of grunting and groaning.

Misty was just thinking hearing Cassidy cumming hard would be enough to get Natalie off, when the phone alarm sounded. Despite the promise to go right when it notified her time was up, she told Cassidy “Shut off my phone, she’s almost there.”

Even as he fumbled with the phone, Natalie’s climax began.

Unbeknownst to them at the time, Mrs. Ericson-Webber had made her way between two girls who were voyeuring at the door, to enter the room right after Cassidy had begun to stroke. She’d stayed and openly watched for those few minutes until the alarm sounded.

Over the twenty minutes since she’d removed her bikini, Misty had been aware that several people had peered into the room to watch the threesome; but she really did not know how many different people had seen them and had no idea Rebeca’s mother had been one of them. Misty reluctantly left the bed and began to get dressed. Natalie and Cassidy just lay on their backs evidently trying to process all that had just happened. As she tied on her bikini bottoms Misty said. I’m sorry about the rush, but I think you now have an idea of how a threesome goes. Had we the time, all that would have been much better experienced in an hour or two.”

“Could we?” Natalie asked. “Could we do it again when we have more time?”

When she was “dressed” and the phone put back in the desk drawer, Misty said. “I tell you what. You two talk about it, and if you want to, we can do it again. Actually, my parents will be out of town tomorrow evening and my brother will be going to Atlanta with Byron Simms so I have the house to myself. Before you leave today, let me know if you two could come over about six and…well you could stay all night if you can work it out.” They clearly were excited by the offer…well Natalie was excited; Cassidy still looked dazed.”

Before leaving she turned and said “That was fun. Thanks for asking me to join. But, I think people are waiting to use this bed, so perhaps you two should de-brief somewhere else.”

The remainder of the party for Misty was more or less a repeat of the first half. She was pleased to find Tommy waiting for her when she made it back to her table. This would be the third time during the party he’d come to visit, though he’d not made even a hint that he liked her minimal swimwear. That had been disappointing.

At the table was also JoAnne and some of her art club buddies. Once she had a seat, it seemed the conversation was about nude/erotic art because word had finally got around what the jungle scene painting in the living room really was. Vivian Summerset was sitting next to JoAnne and had a sketch book out, though that was not too surprising since Vivian was rarely without it. They were all looking at a sketch. Upon closer inspection, it was Jeanette and Connie, both fully nude. As she joined in the conversation it seems that the two had posed for Vivian and two other members of the art club in the storage room earlier in the day. Not that doing so was against the house rules, but it was not part of the expected activities of the day. It seems her party had inspired the art club members who were at the party to start an off-campus group that focused on nudes and erotic art. Misty was happy to find she’d inspired people who were outside of her close group of friends.

For the last two hours of the party, she spent most of her time sitting at her table, with alternate periods of posing with people for selfies. Before leaving Natalie had come by to let her know she and Cassidy would be over at five the next day and that they would work to see if they could find a way to stay over all night, but she didn’t think they could.

After Mrs. Ericson came by to let Misty know that it was close to time to send everyone but the club girls and their boyfriend’s home, Haley came over to say she’d started a sheet around for those at the party who wanted to be on a notification list for invites for open swim days this summer. The club had talked about the idea, but had not gone farther than that while preparing in the morning. Now that she’d seen what a cohesive group had actually shown up, the idea seemed even better than it had earlier.

As planned, after the other guests had been shooed out, Mrs. Ericson-Webber, the club girls and their boyfriends remained for the “after-party” that would last until midnight. The remaining snack & dessert food and drinks were moved to the back of the game room wet-bar. All the discarded cups, plates and such were bagged up, the furniture put back in place and things were generally cleaned. With the help of all those hands, in short order both the pool area and house were cleaned up as if the party had not happened. Bonnie thanked the club and their guys all for the help.

It was Bonnie’s plan that the after-party would set some presidents for a summer of Misty’s friends use of the house and pool. As such the guest room was unlocked and the photo books returned to their places in the living room. In the planning stages of the party, Bonnie had indirectly promised to give the club and their boyfriends some “unchaperoned time” at the pool. She’d all but said directly that after the official party was over, the girls could go topless with her implicit (but not explicit) blessing during that time. She’d also let them know that if that worked out, she would make a habit of giving the club an hour or two of similar time whenever the club had a hang-out night at their home. The fact Cooper had then expanded that to include sex out at the pool if they would refrain during the party had altered that plan; but there was nothing to do about that now other than repudiate her husband’s offer. Which she was not going to do. Instead, as they cleaned up, she let Misty know that her father’s offer was valid, though to the rest of the teens she was deliberately non-committal. Therefore, in talking to the girls, she had confirmed her promise that the adults would not play chaperon, while not specifying what that meant.

Once the work was done, Bonnie suggested to Ashley they should take a swim themselves and relax by the pool. After thanking the teens and reminding them that they had to turn down the music outside, together the two moms jumped into the cool water. Of course, she knew full well the unlined fabric of both her suit and Ashley’s would become sheer when wet; but, it was their turn to relax and if the boys wanted to look, well…

Once they moved to take a seat on the second step, Ashley took a look at Bonnie’s wet, and now quite see-through swim suit; she said. "I thought I'd been the daring one. I didn't know you were going to upstage me with your suit."

Bonnie laughed "Me upstage you? All day I’ve been wondering which was going to fall out first, the boy's eyes from their heads or your boobs from your top. Your suit has been mostly see-through all day with those flowers only making the boys look harder to see your nipples around them.”

They both laughed and Ashely said “Glad to hear it.”

Bonnie went on “The truth is, I’ve never worn this suit before and I didn’t realize it would go completely sheer like this.” Given the fact the suit was bronze colored, the, now see-through, stripes were almost invisible. Rather than second guessing her own attire, she pointed out “And your bikini is just as see through as mine.”

Ashley laughed, "Let’s be honest, both of us had the kid’s attention all day. I think Rebecca was the only one not amused by what I’m wearing, even though she helped pick it out. I think she thought I was trying to get the boys to pay more attention to me than to her."

"And were you?"

"Hell yes I was."

Both women laughed.

It did not take the club girl’s boyfriends long to realize the swimsuit now were even more sheer than the Euro-Club suits. Both mom’s nipples were quite visible as they stretched out on the pool steps. Several of them made a point to say what a pair of MILFS Mrs. C. and Mrs. Ericson were.

They sat for a good while in six inches or so of water on the next to top step. After sitting quietly for some time, Bonnie told Ashely "I think that went well. I really appreciate your help. I couldn't have done it without you. I guess I did not really grasp we would have that many people."

Ashley agreed. "I'm glad I came."

Bonnie looked over to the other mom, "The truth is you really do look great in that swim suit. You’d be a hit on any beach.” Then she asked, "So did you walk in on Rebecca and Samuel while they played in my bedroom?"

"Yes and no. I didn't completely walk in the room; but I saw more than I really wanted to before I realized who the couple in your room was."

Bonnie laughed, "Well, then you need to be happy it was me who walked in on them in Misty's bedroom. I have to say that your daughter has trained that boy right."

Ashley waved her hands, "No, I don't want to hear any more" then broke into laughter. Then she added “OK, I guess I need to confess. When I walked in on Misty in her bed with that other couple, I didn’t walk right out. It brought back so many memories from my teenage years I just watched them go at it for several minutes. And worse yet, there was a couple at the door watching me watch them, so everyone knows.”

Bonnie laughed “Well, I’ll confess I did more than just watch Rebecca and Samuel for a few minutes. I actually chatted with them while I could directly see him working that big dick of his in and out of her.”

“Really? You talked to them while they did it?”

Bonnie nodded. “Yep, just like it was the most natural thing in the world.”

Ashely asked “How did Rebecca respond to that?”

“She said that Misty likes to watch them do it too. Then before I left, she told me it was a turn-on for me to be right in the room while Samuel was doing her. She even invited me to come catch them again when they went to finish up in my bed.”

Ashely just shook her head.

Bonnie began to stand and said "Well, I guess we need to go in. I promised the girls I'd not chaperone them after the party was over. And it seems my husband in a moment of brainlessness, told Haley that after the party she and the others could have all the sex they wanted out here.”

“No! He didn’t.”

“Yes he did. He’d not really meant it the way it came out; but I’m sure they expect to be able to get naked and…well act like we all did on Sunday.”

They both had to laugh at the reality of what Bonnie had just that moment realized. “So, you see now why it is time to take it inside."

After leaving the water, Bonnie could not help goading Ashley by walking right over to the group of teens who were gathered at the big wooden table. The boys made no attempt not to stare at her framed but fully visible vulva and breasts. Bonnie pretended not to notice them and said "We are going on in now. So, if you guys somehow misplace your swimsuits, we won't be able to get on your case. But seriously, remember no phone pics from here on out."

One of the girls asked "How about a pic of you and Mrs. Ericson?"

Bonnie looked to Ashley. The other mother nodded. Bonnie then agreed. The girls unanimously insisted the mother’s dip down into the water to get their suits wet again before the photos. With a shrug the two moms did as asked; then posed together for several minutes while every single girl and boyfriend took a photo. "I know you girls want to, so come on, let's get one of all of us together before you put away the phones."

Haley said everyone needed to get wet again first. Bonnie almost nixed the idea, but recalled that the girls had been wearing those suits for hours, and likely every single teenager had photos of the girls as they exited the water. So, she just said. “You have one minute to do what you want.” Then she reconsidered “If we are going to do this, we will do it right. Misty, can you run in and get the good camera.”

Soon Misty was back, entrusting the camera to Cody who had used it before. “Come on girls. Now or never" Bonnie said before she and Ashley took a place on the top step surround by the Euro-Club. With that the ten Euro-Club girls and the two "chaperones" posed together for a few rather racy photos. Before she went in, she said "Remember I'd better not catch you going naked in front of the boys." She knew even if the other girls didn't know what she meant, Misty would.

Inside the house Cooper was already collapsed on the bed. It had been a much longer day for him outside than it had been for Bonnie sitting in the air conditioning. Without even thinking he just peeled off his sweat-soaked swimming trunks and tee-shirt and flopped on the bed. Although Haley had been the only one he had seen actually having sex outside; he had watched the condom bowl Misty had put on the serving table empty out. Others he saw go in the house and the rest packed up and left right after taking condom packets. Additionally, he had seen a good dozen hand jobs under towels, a few followed by the giggling couples going into the house for a short while before emerging again to smiles and giggles of their friends.

Walking into the bedroom Bonnie and Ashley found Cooper naked on the bed, his stiff tool standing up proudly. Bonnie looked over to Ashley and indicated she wanted to know if it was OK to have sex with Cooper. Ashely motioned for Bonnie to go for it. So both women stripped off their wet suits and Bonnie replaced Cooper's hand with her all too ready love canal. Bonnie was actually surprised that Ashley did not seem the least bit inhibited and greedily watched them make love. Bonnie reached over, took her Magic Wand from the end table and tossed it to Ashely. She took it up and in a short ten minutes they were on their backs panting as the semen oozed out of Bonnie.

Once she'd caught her breath Bonnie said "And Chad is OK with you being in bed with us like this?"

"We actually talked about it several times over the past few days. He and I both fully expected something similar. He said I'm free to watch and even mess around with you guys; but he draws a clear line at penetration. I can't fuck Cooper or give him a blow job, but beyond that it’s up to me."

Bonnie rolled over to the attractive woman beside her and put her lips right to Ashley's. "And so if I kiss you it's OK?"

Ashley said "Um huh"

Bonnie kissed her lightly several times and Ashly gently caressed Bonnie’s breasts. Though tempted to take it further, Bonnie was just too tired. So, to be sure not to seem to be just teasing her Bonnie said “I really would like to attack you, but I just don’t have the energy.”

Ashely made a slight laugh, “I was actually wondering if I could summon the strength to have an orgasm. So perhaps we should wait.”

Rolling to their backs and looking up into the mirror at their nude forms, Ashely said “Its been years since I’ve been in a bed with a mirror overhead like that.”

Bonnie said “Oh?”

In a mock huffy voice Ashley said “For your information, I’ll have you know I have stayed in several couples’ resorts that had mirrors over the bed. I’ve seen far more of the world than you realize. Just this past winter I bought the swim suit I’ve been wearing at Cancun. Chad loves to see me out on the beach in it.”

Bonnie thought ‘Trophy wife.’

A few minutes later Ashely asked, "Bonnie, could you come over to our place tonight or Monday night for a threesome with me and Chad. I know what he said, but it might be better to tell him what we just did while you and I do him together."

Bonnie understood what she was saying and was happy to help ease the transition to a new marriage paradigm for them. And besides, she knew full well she'd love the chance to have some quality time with Ashley later today. "Do you think he's up to having both of us at once?"

Ashley laughed "That old goat? Didn't you see how he had a hard-on before we went outside on Sunday?"

Bonnie laughed as well, "Oh I saw it. I thought it was going to rip right through his shorts. And I also noticed after we were all naked that it came and went all day."

"That's Chad. When he saw you standing at the end of the walkway with your body on display like that, he almost creamed right in his pants. He can hardly look at a pretty woman without getting wood. And like you said, it comes and goes. That is why he didn't want to have sex in front of you guys, he didn't know he could keep it up. With his little blue pill it comes and stays. I really think he would have been fine without it, but he has this real fear of seeming less th