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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 33

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel


Waving the Revolutionary Flag of Sexual Freedom

Chapter 33: Summer at the Campbell’s

Contrary to Amy’s prediction, Cooper was not inundated with local press upon his return home from New York. It seems events in the Middle-East took a dramatic turn the day of the exhibit’s opening. Since the media seems to only follow one story at a time, Cooper’s moment came and went. However, that did not mean he got no attention at all. Over the month of June, in addition to the local reporters who had called before he left for New York; Cooper did five interviews, all for national publications. The FFF got a great write up in the Village Voice. Cooper wondered how much that was influenced by his performance in bed with the article’s author. The very favorable articles in Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and the New Yorker suggested it was the quality of the show and not his impressive blowjob that mattered.

Unexpectedly it was Bonnie, not Cooper who got notice. It seems that the art show had made it to the celebrity news. In the pop media, the show had garnered a great deal of attention; though it was less to do with the art than the A-list stars in very revealing outfits. The freelance photographer Amy had allowed into the grand opening must have made a pretty penny selling her images of the rich and famous. By Monday, dozens of the photos were circulating on the net.

The People Magazine article had several of those pictures, including one of Gillian Moyers and Emilia Clarke that happened to include Bonnie as well. Though the magazine pixilated out Gillian’s bare breasts, there was a full-sized unedited version to be found on the webpage. While in the photo Bonnie was not quite as exposed as Gillian, the photographer's flash made the fabric sheer enough to show she wore nothing under the light silk dress. In the many on-line celebrity and entertainment sites there were many more photos of the event. In some of them either Bonnie or Cooper could be seen in the background. Bonnie was thankful that she was not correctly named in a single one of them. Most of the web-sites only named the celebrities in the pictures, even when it appeared that Bonnie (and her dress) were the real point of visual interest. Bonnie knew it was vain, but the more photos she saw, the better she thought she looked. Misty Googled her mom’s name and found several more good photos of Bonnie Campbell with the fully exposed Gillian Moyers. However, that was not to say she did not find any pictures where her mother was showing quite a lot. In several pictures that she found, part of all of Bonnie’s areolas were showing, and in one, her entire right nipple was bare.

It was a relief to both Cooper and Bonnie that the national dialogue that the show had started did not find its way to their little town. They supported the cause, they were glad they made their public stand, but it was good that they’d made that stand in New York City, not in Sparta, Georgia. So, for now, the FFF’s mission had not yet shifted from an intellectual pursuit to one involving the general public with all the hysteria and emotion that would come with it. She had a foreboding that day would come, but for now they were safe in their rural refuge.

Fortunately for Amy and the FFF, the shift in front page news to the Middle-East crisis did not seem to affect the arts and social action communities. Inquiries and donations flowed into the new foundation. Amy took Bonnie up on her offer to help with the clerical duties; processing and forwarding email, recording and depositing donations, sending out literature, etc.

At the next board meeting, two weeks after the show, Bonnie became the first employee of the FFF: Office Administrator, part time. The board was not yet ready to set up a permanent office; but with over $50,000 in proceeds from auctioning almost three dozen of the art works and a growing flow of donations, they had the money to invest in one. They also had requests from galleries from Chicago, San Francisco and London to do a similar exhibit in their cities. It was clear the foundation was on its way.

A committee was assigned to find suitable space for a corporate office and Amy agreed to discuss taking a sabbatical from the University of South Carolina to spend a year full time with the FFF. Although she was wrong about Cooper being assailed by local news outlets, she was right about the political backlash against her and the University of South Carolina. There were more than a few calls by South Carolina legislators that she be fired for making “pornographic” paintings, but the university was standing by her… so far.

In the Campbell’s home, Cooper’s study was converted into the FFF office. Though technically a part time job, Bonnie threw herself into the work and then dragged Trish, Ashley and Sherry in to help her. Every week in the months of June and July one or more national publications produced a story on the art show, the FFF or the issues it raised. In addition to the New York newspapers and The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone, other print magazines ran stories over the rest of the summer: Esquire, GQ, Cosmopolitan and even Playboy Magazine did a short piece. Additionally, many on-line publications such as The Huffington Post and many smaller blogs picked up the story. Each time an article came out, they received more inquiries.

It was decided to milk Gillian’s star power for all it was worth, so part of the standard digital packet was a reproducible file of the photo they had taken of the four FFF women and Cooper as the show closed. It worked out that by that time Bonnie was officially part of the foundation so her inclusion in the “official” photo appeared planned. Dr. McKinnon wrote a short essay on why the women had deliberately chosen to put their bodies on display that night. In her usual combative style, she presented their dress as an open challenge to the suppression of the sexuality of grown women. After all, three of the four women in the photo were over forty years old. She firmly stated their attire that night had been an extension of the exhibit’s boundary pushing art work.

Since the question had come up several times, Bonnie spent more time considering whether she and her family indeed were nudist as she was called by Gillian Moyers in New York. She thought perhaps they were. From the beginning of that summer, none of her family wore swimwear at or around their swimming pool unless there were “outsiders” (i.e. those not in the circle of close friends) visiting. Even more significant (in Bonnie’s mind) was that by mid-June, nudity was as common as not inside of their home. This had not been part of a master plan, but each step in that direction had seemed to naturally follow the last.

On Sunday afternoon, a week after the New York trip, the Campbell’s hosted the first family swim day that was suit-optional. Throughout the week after the art show, her friends called Bonnie to say how they were excited and a little nervous about going nude with all their kids present. Most were asking what they should bring to help with the food, but Brandy asked her to clarify what was going to happen at the part. She said that although she expected that her two younger kids would hardly notice; her teenage son would be coming too. Bonnie explained there would be no sex by the pool this time; however, the upstairs play room (as she had decided to call the guest room), would be open and the book from the cruise would almost surely be passed around. “You should assume that DJ will see photos of me having sex. If you think exposure to those images will come as a surprise to him, you might want to bring it up in advance.”

Brandy reminded Bonnie that her son, and every other teenager in town, have already seen the photos of her having sex at the nude beach, “So your pictures will not be a problem.”

Ronda called on Thursday to tell Bonnie that she and her two girls would try to come, but they might be late because they had an out-of-town rodeo on Saturday. In their discussion Ronda spoke of how well it was working out for Gregg to live with them. “He’s fit right in and it’s nice to have someone so willing to do the yard work and help out at the barn.” She then asked about bringing Gregg with her girls to the swim day. “He’s living with us, and we can’t exactly tell him he can’t come too.”

Bonnie thought for a moment and asked “You and his mother have talked about your arrangement, right?”

Ronda explained she had spoken to Gregg’s mother enough over the past few months that they had gotten to know each other. They even planned to invite her over for dinner soon. “She knows full well that Gregg and Rebecca sleep in the same bed here. She’s very supportive and has said that she appreciates me giving him this chance to see what adult life is like in a controlled environment.”

Bonnie asked Ronda if she could talk to Gregg’s mother and ask her for permission for him to attend nudist events with you and the girls. She told Bonnie she be happy to do so, but she was sure Gregg’s mother would say it is fine.

The weather on the first family swim day turned out to be simply beautiful. Everyone that Bonnie had expected had come. This time lunch was something of a pot luck; so while there was plenty of food, Bonnie had very little to prepare. Several men offered to cook the burgers and dogs, so Cooper did not get stuck at the grill. None of the kids chose to wear their suits even though they were all told clearly it was their choice. The younger ones didn’t even seem to notice but, Byron and DJ initially acted silly to hide their nervousness.

Brandy was the only parent who had to talk to her child about his behavior. DJ was a year younger than Lamar, but his appearance could have passed for being older. Though nudity had never been unusual in DJ’s home, the presence of nude teenage girls led to some inappropriate behavior. When he just pestered the girls, Bonnie didn’t say anything; but when he began “accidently” touching them while they were in the water, she asked Brandy to intervene. After that there was no more problems.

Once the newness of going without swimwear wore off, neither Brandy’s two elementary school children (Abigail and Owen) or Beth Ann’s children of the same age (Tucker and Tracy) seem to think anything was notably different than when they had been over to swim last summer. Lois and her family were the only ones who had been to the adult swim day who were not present this time. They were off to the beach on the first family trip where Lois openly slept with both John and George. As Bonnie understood it, the girls were also allowed to bring their boyfriends. For three nights the four teens would be sharing a hotel room with two queen beds that adjoined the adult’s room. Lois had been apologetic they would miss the swim day, but Bonnie had assured her that the trip was important for her family.

To Herb & Sherry, Butch & Tabatha and Sue Ann the addition of other people’s children did indeed change the atmosphere, but none of them voiced any complaint. Ashely was remarkably relaxed about stripping off beside her daughter for the first time; though her husband seemed a bit nervous. Ashely told her “Oh, he’s not bothered by going nude around Rebecca. On the way over he said he didn’t know how to act around a man who he knows, knows that he screwed his wife the week before. And, just to let you know, every single day this week he has brought up what a great time he had. I think he now has a thing for you.” They both laughed. “Don’t be surprised if you catch him staring at you today.”

Ronda and her crew showed up less than an hour late. She said the promise of a nude swim day meant the kids were much more motivated to get up and going than they usually were. Bonnie watched to see if Haley’s sister Bethany (who was in Lamar’s grade) hesitated in removing her clothes. She did not.

In addition to the families, Jeannette from the Euro-Club was there too. Edie Sanders, her mother, had called on Wednesday and approved her to participate as a nudist at the Campbell’s pool. It was the first time Bonnie had spoken to any of the Euro-Club mothers outside of the women she knew from church regarding this issue. At first, she was concerned when she received the call. Edie seemed to know quite a lot about what went on at the Campbell’s house. When she specifically thanked her for providing a safe and positive place for the girls to explore, it opened the door for a very nice and frank discussion about their girls and sex. Edie very specifically mentioned her appreciation of how she and Cooper enforced their strict no drugs or alcohol rule on one hand; and her promotion of safe sex, provision of condoms, and emphasis on full consent before sex on the other. Bonnie hadn’t realized any of the Euro-Club girls had been that open with their parents, but she was glad to hear it. She was even more surprised and gratified when Edie let her know that Iris’s mother, Aggie, was also grateful and that she’d likely be calling Bonnie soon to give Iris permission to participate as well. She went on to say how the two of them had been talking about this for a while. Bonnie made a point to invite Edie over to swim anytime, but she did not take her up on the offer that summer.

For the first hour Cooper made a point to stay with Mike Marshal. He knew full well how uncomfortable having his daughter go nude would be for him. After all, he’d had to go through the same process. Mike did not remove his trunks that first nude family swim day, but the next week he did. While Chad did not have any complains about his wife’s very pretty teenage daughter going nude with him there; Ashley admitted to Bonnie it made her a little uncomfortable…or possibly threatened. Though she acknowledged that sort of fear was irrational in Chad’s case.

Over the day, Bonnie noticed that her son had at least a partial erection on and off the whole time; yet even when it was fully pointing upright, he didn't give the least sign he was embarrassed about it. She suspected he liked showing off.

As Bonnie knew it would, rapidly the nudity became normalized for everyone. By the time they had begun to eat, the atmosphere had already settled down into what was just a normal swim day for the kids and parents. Ashely commented “I really don’t know why I thought this would be such a big deal. It really isn’t once you get over that initial discomfort.” That comment generated general agreement with her statement by the nearby adults.

After they had all eaten, the women gathered around the steps as they often did on their women’s only tanning days. It was the preferred spot for them to talk since there was plenty of room for them all; and by moving up and down the wide steps they could easily move in and out of the water. Word had gotten around of Bonnie’s day in the celebrity limelight, so right off Bonnie found herself recounting everything that had happened in New York.

In the week since the art show, she’d been given access to the FFF on-line files; so she was able to access the whole set of photos taken by the photographer they had hired using her iPad. For close to an hour the women passed around the tablet trying to identify celebrities as they peppered Bonnie with questions. Her friends were able to ID, many times the number of people that she and Cooper had.

The women (and teenage girls) all raved about Bonnie’s dress. “You are absolutely fabulous”; “No wonder people thought you were a celebrity, you certainly look the part”; “I’d kill to have been in your shoes…well in that dress…with your figure.”

When she got to the part of her narrative when Gillian Moyers asked her to join her for a foursome romp in bed, they insisted she tell every last detail (often more than once). With that last, she soon found that not only were the women hanging on every word, but so were several husbands and all of the teenage girls. A portion of her narrative went something like this:

“At one point, we had been kissing and rubbing our bodies on each other for a good while. She is a really great kisser and I could have done that for an hour, but since it was not just the two of us, I began to move my kisses downward to keep things moving. First, I enjoyed each of her nearly perfect breasts. Before you ask, I really couldn’t tell if she is artificially enhanced or not. But her light brown nipples stood out nicely so it was very easy, and pleasant to wrap my lips around each of them. When my mouth had gone across her stomach then on to her vulva, I made a ring of kisses and light licks all the way around her mound. She has just a little tuft of hair, but the rest was completely smooth, not a hint of stubble; and she smelled wonderful. Only when I felt her hips start to push up at me did I run my tongue along her clitoral ridge. Once I got going, she tasted just as good as she smelled. I didn’t slow down when Francois pulled my hips up to slide his penis into me.”

Descriptions like this just led to more questions. Ronda, Ashely and Marcy didn’t flinch when their daughters asked about sucking the two men’s “cocks” and other such explicit things. Her story ended with “I spoke to Amy several times this week. She said after Cooper and I left, the party did not break up for hours. As far as she recalled, after I left, everyone had sex at least once with someone new. She said she and Nell, the young woman who I had talked to at the beginning of the After-Show, had a super-hot threesome with Francois on the couch. I guess after we left, all the sex happened in the same room as sort of a communal thing.”

Bonnie was sure they would have kept asking questions all day, so she got up to find something to drink in order to bring the inquisition to an end. Not long after she’d sat back down, iced tea in hand; Misty walked over to where she’d sat down among the other women.

“Mom, is it OK if Jeanette, Rebecca and Gregg use your bed for a while? Your story got them crazy hot and they want to have a threesome under the big mirror.”

Bonnie looked around to the other mothers, in particular to Ashely. She was pretty sure they understood that Gregg’s girlfriend, Haley, wasn’t going to be involved. She knew this kind of casual sharing of guys would be an eyeopener to several of the women. When no one objected to the teens having a threesome in Bonnie’s room, she looked up to Misty and said “OK. Tell them to have fun, and let them know the open-door rule still applies.”

Bonnie looked around and said “If any of you don’t want your kids looking in, you need to tell them to stay out here. Otherwise, they will surely slip in to get a look.”

Brandy said “Well it’s not like they all haven’t been watching porn for years. Perhaps it’s better to see people they know and look up to.”

Ronda stretched out and said “Well after the last week at my house, I don’t know that Bethany would make the effort to go in.”

When Trish asked what she meant Ronda looked to Bonnie “Has Misty told you about Cassidy and Natalie?”

Bonnie said “Yes, but not in detail. Things have been crazy around here this week with Misty starting her internship in Atlanta and all. Go ahead and tell it as you heard it.”

Ronda then moved to take a seat on the top step to begin. “At the club’s End of School Party, Natalie from the church youth group asked Misty if she would join her and her boyfriend, Cassidy, for their first threesome. I understand that Misty had already had several other couples ask the same thing; but for some reason she decided to agree that time. However, she told Natalie that because she was hostess and couldn’t be gone more than about fifteen minutes; she could only stay with them long enough to give them a taste of what a threesome is like.”

Sherry said “Sounds like she takes after her mother.”

There was general agreement to that comment.

Ashely added “Oh, I actually got a peek at their manage a’ trios in progress when I was doing a room check.”

Bonnie turned her head “Tell them the truth girl.”

Ashely blushed “OK, I didn’t just get a peek. I actually stood and watched for three or four minutes as the girls made out while Cassidy did Misty. But, how could I not? They were passionate, young and very attractive.” Then she looked at Bonnie and said “You don’t have any room to put me on the spot Bonnie Campbell. No you don’t.” Ashely looked around “You see when SHE was doing a room check and found my daughter and her boyfriend fucking in Misty’s room; she not only watched, but walked right in and talked to them while they kept going. Yep, that is what she did.”

That brought on a round of laughter and razzing of both women.

Ronda went on “Yea, it seems like our girls simply don’t feel any embarrassment at all about sex, not even when they are seen doing the deed itself.”

Sherry told the women “That reflects well on how you have raised them, especially in this time and place. Sadly, it is all too rare to find young women who are that self-confident.”

That brought on some discussion before Sherry cut in “I’m sorry I interrupted you, Ronda. Please go on.”

The others quieted. For the first time Bonnie realized that while in most ways she was the leader of this group; Sherry was the wise elder. Everyone seemed to defer to her judgement when she spoke. Certainly she knew she did.

“It seems that Natalie and Cassidy really enjoyed their brief threesome with Misty. Before the party ended, they asked if they could have a full session with her another time. Since Bonnie and Cooper were supposed to be in New York the next night, and they had told Misty she could have up to two friends over; she invited the couple to come back Friday night. And they did. Without getting ahead of my story, Natalie was over at my house this week and she told me and my girls all about their wonderful night with Misty. She said they were all naked from like 6:00 in the evening till midnight when she and Cassidy had to go. To hear her tell it, it was wall to wall sex the whole time: mostly a rotating twosome, but at times she said they were all three engaged at once. It seems Misty made a real impression on both of them.”

Ashely cut in “Sherry was right. Misty does take after her mother. She made quite an impression on my husband when she joined Chad and I the night of the kid’s party.” Her comment quickly engendered a few questions, but Ashely said that story would have to wait.”

JoAnne offered “I would have killed for such an opportunity at their age.”

Ronda agreed “You and me both. But here is where it gets really interesting. It seems Misty feels like she has her hands full with the club girls and their boyfriends.”

Brandy cut in to ask “Does she have sex with ALL of the Euro-Club girls? … and their boyfriends too?”

Bonnie answered “Actually yes. Have you taken a look at the bulletin board in the game room lately? As of a few weeks ago, there are photos of Misty with all nine of the other club girls. Except for Caitlin; the photos were taken after she’d had her first threesome with the club girl and her boyfriend. That is why everyone is naked. She told me that she put up those photos right in the game room as sort of her statement of sexual liberation. Perhaps in that, I followed her lead. She’d started that bulletin board well before I put up any photos of me and my lovers in the guest room.”

Ronda began speaking even as Brandy gasped. “Haley had told Misty some time ago that my Bethany had decided she was ready to start having sex with boys too. Once she was on birth control, I agreed she could. But you see she didn’t want to do it with just anyone. She was looking for the right guy. I am convinced that by letting teenage girls openly choose when they are ready, they will be more selective than if they have to sneak around their parents.”

All the mothers agreed.

“In May, Bethany brought two different boys home, and while she had sex with each of them once and said she’d had fun; neither was what she was looking for in an ongoing playmate. She already had a very good idea of what she wanted in a regular sex partner. Having watched her sister have sex with over a dozen rodeo guys; she knew what she was looking for and would not settle for less. She also knew she just wanted a playmate, not a boyfriend. She looks up to Haley, and she had quite literally seen her sister play the field for three years before she and Gregg became a couple. She could not miss that while Haley very much enjoys having sex with the cowboys, her choice of a boyfriend was nothing like one of them.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but comment. “Really? That is interesting. I’d done the same thing when I was young. I honestly don’t know how many guys I did before I met Cooper, but he was nothing like the guys I normally played with.” She realized she’d interrupted. “Oh, I’m sorry. Go on.”

Ronda continued without comment. “On Sunday, Misty told Haley about her time with Natalie and Cassidy and how they were looking for a safe place to have sex since they can’t do it at their homes; and after their time with her, they too wanted a regular playmate. Misty told Haley that while she had a wonderful time with them on Friday night, she thought someone else would be better for all concerned. Misty knew Bethany hung out with Natalie and Cassidy at church and they seemed to be friends; so, she asked Haley if her sister might be interested. It just happens that after that first guy she’d brought home didn’t work for her, Bethany had told her sister that she would like to ask Cassidy to come over for sex; but she knew he was with Natalie. Misty and Haley decided they had a perfect solution for everyone.”

Sherry commented that in her experience, “If you are open to them, often the right opportunities are right in front of you. Your daughter is fortunate to have a sister and friends who are attuned to her desires, even if they aren’t consciously aware that is what they are doing.”

Ronda paused for a moment as if considering what Sherry said. “Yes, I think you are right. When Haley told me what Misty had said, I had the girls invite Natalie and Cassidy over for dinner. They came over this past Wednesday night. It took a little while before Natalie understood that my home is just as relaxed about sex as the Campbell’s, even if we aren’t so public about it. Over dinner, to break the ice Haley decided to tell us all about how she’d bedded a new, and very hot, cowboy at the last rodeo. Her story was more lurid than the ones she normally tells, but it worked. After that Natalie seemed to understand that she could talk freely. When Haley asked her about what happened with Misty, she was excited to tell everything. When near the end of dinner, right at the table, Bethany directly asked Natalie if she and Cassidy wanted to go to her room for a threesome; it didn’t seem that much of a leap. They went at it over an hour straight. After they came out, we all sat in the living room and talked. I really wanted those two to understand that what they had done was natural and wholesome. Not surprisingly, after we’d talked, they went back to Bethany’s room for a second act before they left. Once they were gone, my daughter went on and on about how great it had been and how they agreed with her that the three of them seemed very well matched. They will be having dinner with us again this coming Wednesday. I think, or at least hope, this will work out as a weekly thing.”

An idea had been growing in Bonnie’s mind for a couple of weeks. There seemed to be a growing understanding among the women that they were leading their families along a path that was well outside what is conventional and even acceptable to most people in their region. It was that day that Bonnie, for the first time, understood that this group was actually becoming an interlaced community of people with shared values and their own communal behavioral norms. Certainly, she and Cooper had not planned it, but she had no doubt it was the case. She and Cooper would have to double down on their efforts to clarify and systematize the moral imperatives. They could not lead these people astray.


The next Sunday, at the second family suit-optional swim day, Marcy gave Bonnie a hard time about putting crazy ideas into her girl’s head that led to her being bullied by Sarah into adopting nudism at home. “Do you remember how last week she marched up to us and pronounced that she was a nudist? And how she said she was forswearing clothes any time they were not absolutely required, then begged me to support her decision. Well, she wasn’t kidding. It seems the two day’s she spent here at your pool going naked around people has convinced her nudism is the way to live. Monday morning, she came downstairs in the buff and insisted I support her by going nude all the time we were at home as well.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but laugh.

Marcy laughed too. “Really. I was going to have no rest until I agreed to try it for a week. After all our family had spent the day before together in the nude, so I could find no good reason to refuse. I made it abundantly clear that even if I agree to be a home nudist, it would only be a summer thing. I let her know that we were not going to keep the house hot enough to go naked all winter.”

Bonnie laughed again. It really was funny.

“Yea, you laugh. It didn’t happen to you.”

As she kept laughing, Bonnie got out “So? What did you do?”

“I undressed right there in the kitchen. For a while I was really uncomfortable hanging around the house nude like that; however, on Tuesday I was comfortable and now I have to admit I rather enjoy it."

A few days later Marcy called Bonnie and told her how Sarah had used the nudity to coerce her dad into enlarging and improving their deck. “She told him that last week some of the boy’s in the neighborhood had been spying on his wife and daughter as they lay out naked on our old, small, exposed deck. She got this Cheshire cat grin and let him know that she didn’t mind them seeing us if he didn’t. It was a brilliant ploy.”

Bonnie knew the Marshals, unlike the Campbell’s, actually lived in a planned subdivision. Sure, it was an upscale housing tract with the lots averaging almost an acre. But that just meant privacy fences were impractical. The deck, actually more like a porch, built with the house was not very large and the one area screened from the neighbor’s view held their four-person hot tub.

So all June, Mike Marshal found himself pressed into the task of enlarging their deck, adding a close picket railing and planting two rows of red-tips as a hedge. As planned, that would provide a high degree of privacy to that area. As part of the project, both Marcy and her daughter also badgered Mike for a new and larger hot tub. Mike didn’t need too much convincing when Marcy explained that it would allow them to have friends over for “adult time.”

Sarah was excited about becoming a home nudist, but was not happy she didn't have anyone to share her new lifestyle with. Unlike Misty’s whole group of “open to anything” friends. Sarah only had two friends with whom she felt safe sharing her new expanding horizons, but both were unavailable.

Sarah and Bailey Hildebrandt had been best friends forever. The prior fall she had been Sarah’s first partner in a genuine sexual experience (something she had not told her mother when she told her about her time with Gerta). Though it was just natural that Sarah told Bailey, her best friend, everything about Gerta as it was happening; which is what led to them having sex for the first time. It was Bailey who was the first of her friends to go naked with her in the hot tub. Sadly, that relationship had been curtailed in early spring by Bailey’s new boyfriend Kevin. While she was just a sophomore, he was a senior and was extremely controlling and demanding of her time.

It was after Sarah’s best friend had been stolen away from her by the boyfriend, she had turned to Lindsey Price for comfort. Though Lindsey did not go to Jeff Davis High, she had been a longtime friend since the two of them had done community theater for several years together in Milledgeville. They had become closer over the spring when they were in a production of Wizard of Oz. During that production, Sarah and Lindsey had begun making out in the dark corners of the theater. After it warmed up in late May, she and Lindsey had sunbathed naked on the old rather exposed back deck together a couple of times. About the same time, they began to have sex; both in Sarah’s bedroom and in Lindsey’s. But Lindsey went off for the summer to stay with her father in North Carolina. Thus, when Sarah decided she was to be a nudist, she had no peers with whom to share her new lifestyle.

Marcy knew her daughter was lonely so she called Bonnie to ask if Sarah could just hang out at their pool while she helped with the FFF stuff. Bonnie said she would be happy to have her over. Sarah was so thrilled that first time to go naked for an entire day inside and out, she asked if Mrs. Campbell would let her come over even if her own mother was not there. The next day, Marcy just dropped her off at 10:00 AM. As the weeks, then the whole summer wore on, Sarah spent four days most weeks as a nudist at the Campbell’s.

Misty’s internship caused her to be gone during the week days in June and July. She left at 7:15 AM for Atlanta, and didn’t return most days until around 7:00 PM. It left her little time to socialize except on the weekends, but she did not resent the schedule at all. That did not mean Sarah and Lamar were the only teenagers skinny dipping during the week. After the first nude family swim, Rebecca, Jeanette, Haley, Bethany and Gregg all had parental permission to come by and sun or skinny dip. In the 3rd week in June, Iris’s mother, Aggie, called and told Bonnie she was allowed to go to their nude family swim days. Like she had with Jeanette’s mother, she and Bonnie had a nice talk and she’d invited her over to swim as well.

On days Trish or Brandy came over to help with FFF stuff, they brought their sons with them to swim. Neither mother or their boys ever even brought a swimsuit. Trish and Bonnie agreed to supervise on Tuesdays so their two sons could have their own school friends come over and swim. Both mothers made it clear to everyone, especially Sarah, that when there were any school friends in the pool on that day that a swimsuit would be required, with no exceptions.

Though Misty was in Atlanta every week day, she had arranged to have the Euro-Club girls and their boyfriends over on Friday nights. Despite the events at the party, Bonnie enforced a “swimsuit required” rule for these mixed swims. That was at least till she went inside at 9:00 every Friday night. At that time, with some ceremony, she would bring out a condom bowl and leave it on one of the tables before going in the house for the evening. Of course, she knew full well the swimsuits were off before she had closed the door behind her, but she pretended not to.

On the second of these planned Euro-Club co-ed swim nights it was raining hard, so the Campbell house was filled with teens. Misty approached her mom and asked "Would you mind if I showed my friends the video of you and the builders. Both Kelli and Caitlin have seen it and the others have been begging since the party." Bonnie was actually flattered the teenagers, who had easy access to loads of professionally made porn, wanted to see her sex video. She replied "You know officially I can't say yes, but I won’t say no. You know I have nothing to hide."

Misty beamed. "Thanks' mom. I told them you wouldn't mind but I had to ask." She paused. "And could you and Dad and Lamar perhaps go shopping or to a movie. Including the guys, there are eighteen of us here.” She paused and gave her mother a grin “We will need all the beds afterword."

Bonnie smiled back. “Yes, I understand. You'll need to give us a half hour or so. But we can do that" her mother agreed. "You know Lamar won't like us taking him off, but you are right it would be better if we were out of the house. Plausible deniability you know. I'll ask if there is something at the Milledgeville cinema that he wants to see."

When Bonnie, Cooper and Lamar made it back after the movie, most of the cars were gone from in front of the house. On the living room coffee table was a nice pile of opened condom wrappers with a Thank You note signed by all the teens. Bonnie felt like a very good mother that night.

She had also been pleased when Patty Drayman and Denise Patton approached her and asked if they could ask some female recent graduates, mostly those who had just been “promoted” out of the teen group at church and into the college class, over for a suit-optional swim day. Bonnie was happy to let them come on Thursday. Though that first week only Patty and Gwinn went topless, a total of eight girls came. Patty asked if they could come back the next Thursday afternoon. Bonnie suggested they open it up to younger girls like the Euro club. They said that would be great. For the rest of the summer, Thursday afternoons was an official “all-girl time” at the pool. Lamar groused about losing access to the whole back yard for a few hours, but the tradeoff was once a week he could look out his bedroom window and see more than a dozen topless or nude teenage girls. For her part, Bonnie rarely worked on FFF duties when the girls were over. Unless it was just too hot, she stayed out at the pool with them. She thought it important she was easily accessible.

The girl's-only time was over at 5:30, but Gwinn, Patty & Denise stayed for dinner almost every week. Since they were all over eighteen-years-old, the three girl’s boyfriends were invited to come over around 7:00. Over the summer the Thursday evening clothing optional swim time became a relaxed, casual drop-in time for the Campbell's friends and their teenage children. The Simms, the Marshal's, the Ericson-Webber's, the Jacksons (including Gregg), the Drayman’s, the Smith's and the Connelly's all came from time to time. It was not like the Sunday swim times and normally there were no more than a dozen people out at the pool at once. Without the need to keep an eye on the smaller children (Lamar & Bethany were the youngest ones invited); the Thursday evenings were much less formal than Sunday’s.

From the very first family suit-optional swim day Bonnie and Cooper made it clear that there would be no sex out at the pool. However, that did not mean guests did not have sex at those Sunday events. When that first week, three teens openly went into the house to use the master bedroom; everyone understood that even at the family swims they were free to go inside for sex then return to the pool without shame or embarrassment. Thursday nights though it was more flexible still. By mid-summer. light sex play out at the pool became common and accepted. The unwritten expectation for Thursday nights evolved so that by July, everyone knew that as long as couples refrained from “overtly public” sex, no one would complain.

One Thursday night in July, right in front of Patty & Denise; Ashley suggested she and Bonnie go in the house and bother Cooper for a threesome. By that time Bonnie had joined Ashley and her husband for two full nights, and one afternoon surprise romp. While Chad was all too happy to drill Bonnie when she was with them; everyone involved understood and honored the boundaries that he wanted when Ashley was in the Campbell's bed. Cooper’s penis never entered Mrs. Ericson-Webber's body. That did not keep Ashley from playing with his penis or using her tongue to feel it slide in and out of Bonnie, which she loved doing. Nor did it keep him from going down on her, which she also loved. So, when Ashly brazenly announced her intent to mess with Cooper; the two girls told her to have fun, and not to do anything they wouldn't do. When the trio came back out a half an hour later, they got applause from all nine people who were then out at the pool. That lightness about the sex also pleased Bonnie.

Thus, a regular schedule developed that lasted until fall. All day Tuesday's it was the swimsuit required time with Lamar's school friends; on Wednesday mornings it was the ladies tanning group; on Thursday afternoons it was girls time; Thursday evening it was family friends; Friday evening’s it was Euro-Club & boyfriends time. The Sunday afternoon family suit-optional swim potluck cookouts continued into the fall, well after nudity was replaced by sweaters and jackets. Though it might appear the Campbell’s pool was always booked into an overly-full schedule, in reality, the majority of the time the pool area was open for whoever was at the house.

In addition to all the other weekly events, there was one more addition to the family routine added in the early summer. It had begun the weekend of the second family suit-optional swim day. Trish offered to come by on Saturday evening to help get things ready for the Sunday’s family swim. Bonnie suggested she and Byron just stay the night. “Byron can use the guest room and you can sleep with us. Then we’ll all go to church together and come right back here for the family swim day.”

It turned out so enjoyable and practical that they did the same thing the next Saturday night and the next. Trish, after her initial hesitation about having sex with her friend, told Bonnie that she now enjoyed the time in bed with her as much as the time she spent with Cooper. That was convenient since she was routinely at the house helping with FFF. By the end of June, the two women were spending at least an hour or two a week under the overhead mirror, just the two friends enjoying one another’s bodies.

During those months when Misty was away from the house; Sarah was at the Campbell home so much she became rather a fixture, almost like a replacement daughter. When right at the start of the summer, Sarah proudly told Mrs. C. that she was now a nudist and asked to go nude all day at their home, even if she was inside; Bonnie felt obligated to support the teenager. Up until the start of that summer, the familial nudity was casual but situational; mostly in transit from one room to another. Even though they had a history of swimming in the nude, they were far from being anything like nudists. That pattern of limited nudity had already begun to change when Sarah began to spend her days at their home. When in the second week, there was a thunderstorm, Sarah casually sat in the living room watching TV without donning any clothes. When Lamar walked in and saw her, he removed his clothes as well. After a while, Bonnie felt silly in resisting Sarah’s example and thus spent the afternoons doing her FFF work unclothed. Oddly she found, after that first day, it just seemed so right to go naked while working for the FFF.

By the last week in June, Sarah could be counted on to be at the Campbell's for four week-days. She went naked from literally the moment she stepped in the door, until opening the door to leave. Once in the second week, precocious Sara walked to her mom’s car to go home without putting on a stitch. Via this process, it came to pass that one day in July Bonnie realized she had gone two entire days and nights without putting on any more than a sun hat, sunglasses and sandals. That was a first, but much of the time she wore one of her light see-through cover-ups, not so much as to cover her nudity, but to accentuate it. One of the things she learned in that first month was that while complete nudity was fine, she liked some level of bodily décor. Hats, lace & sheer cover-ups, her body jewelry and such made her feel “dressed” even when her breasts and vulva were completely uncovered.

During those first two months of that summer, Sarah and Lamar spent a great deal of time together. Although many different people came to the Campbell’s pool each week, only Bonnie, Lamar and Sarah were everyday fixtures. Later Bonnie realized that it was inevitable that Lamar and Sara would develop a relationship. She had in that first week at the house, clued Bonnie in on how she’d had two different “lovers” since the fall. The term more than the fact Sarah was having sex with girls surprised Bonnie. She’d been quite matter-of-fact that she planned the have sex with a guy as soon as the right one came along.

The first time Bonnie found Sarah and Lamar kissing at the end of June; she was actually surprised. A few days later she was taking a load of linens from the upstairs hamper to the laundry room, which took her through the kid’s game room. Sarah and Lamar were in the theater seats, kissing again. With the full basket in her hand, she made a point to pretend she didn’t even notice the naked teens making out hot and heavy. It was not until she was on her way back, did she see that they each had a hand in the other’s crotch. They were quite openly masturbating each other without any concern she’d see them. She stopped short.

She knew that technically since they were less than a year apart the age of consent laws would not be in force even if they carried this to its logical conclusion; however, she thought she should say something. She took several steps over to them and without any effort to get them to stop, firmly but without condemnation said “Sarah, I know you are already sixteen, but Lamar will not be sixteen till March. If you two are already thinking about having vaginal sex, just remember we would prefer you to wait until then. Just like we told his sister, it wouldn’t be wrong to do it now, but it would be better if he waited till he is sixteen.” They stopped kissing and untangled their bodies. Even having been interrupted, Bonnie didn’t see any hint they were embarrassed they’d been caught. Though Lamar tried to deny they were thinking about having sex, Sarah made no pretense, but rather asked “Is oral sex OK?”

Sarah's earnestness and innocence were on full display in that question. To her it was a perfectly normal and practical thing to ask. Bonnie was actually impressed by her candor. The fact she’d already told Bonnie she was looking for her first male partner put her words into context. She’d told Bonnie the week before “using my mouth to bring Bailey or Lindsey to orgasm is such a thrill. When it happened for the first time, I finally really understood how sex brings people together. Using our hands on each other is really great, but it just doesn’t have that emotional kick that oral sex does.”

Bonnie was impressed how far Sarah’s understanding of sexuality had come despite her limited experience. From what she could ascertain, up to that point, Sarah only had sex with those two girls and that had only been a few times with each. Yet she already had a rather sophisticated understanding of the difference between physical and emotional pleasure. Even with that, Bonnie failed to make the logical leap from Sarah’s candid talk to what was going on with Lamar, even after seeing them kissing that first time. Yet, she knew that Sarah indeed would be a wonderful first partner for her son, but still she said “I think you two should give that a little time first.”

“So you are cool with us playing with each other like this?” the naked teenage girl inquired as she reached to take Lamar’s straining erection in her hand.

Bonnie didn’t like being pinned on this. She didn't want to say no, but she didn’t want to explicitly say yes. So she equivocated. “Just don’t let things get out of hand.”

Sarah said "Oh, I won't let him out of my hand" and began to laugh.

Bonnie couldn't believe she'd walked into that, but could not help but laugh too.

Though Marcy often dropped Sarah off at the Campbell’s, that did not mean that Sarah’s mother did not spend time at their home as well. Indeed, with school out for summer, she attended the regular tanning group each week. Additionally, one day a week she stayed to spend time with Bonnie rather than dropping Sarah off. Thus, she too became witness to the progressively romantic nature of the relationship between Sarah and Lamar.

After months of trying, in late June Bonnie was finally able to work out a date for Heather and her photographer to come to shoot at the pool. She made sure it would be on a day when Misty could be there. Even though her daughter was now in a glamour studio every day, she knew Misty had been looking forward to seeing how Heather’s photographer worked. Only once since May had Heather been able to stop in to spend the night, and even with that she’d arrived after dark and left very early. She bemoaned to Bonnie that she was just finding it very difficult to find time to drive to see them. With starting to college, her part-time work for LeMarco & LeMarco, the expected time with Brian & Mandy and a budding relationship with a guy from one of her classes; she just couldn’t do all the things she would like.

When it was arranged for Heather and her photographer, Janice Williams, to come to shoot on the afternoon of the 4th of July, Bonnie decided to have a different group of people than usual over that day. The 4th fell on a Thursday that year, so while she canceled the girl’s-only swim day, they would still have the regular swim time with friends in the evening for those who did not have holiday activities planned.

Misty was thrilled Heather was doing her photo shoot on a day she could be there. With all she’d learned in her first month interning at a well-known glamour studio, she was brimming with ideas. Kate, the studio owner, had even let her take a professional camera and tripod home with her so she could use them to shoot her own photos of Heather. Not one of the good Hasselblads, but one of the back-up Nikon 35mm DLSR’s.

Since their trip to New York, Bonnie had talked briefly on the phone to Nell a few weeks before. She and Daniel really did want to come from Augusta to spend a day at the Campbell’s, but like Heather, they’d had a hard time making it fit with their school schedules. This time, she invited them for the 4th of July holiday, suggesting they could stay the weekend. She texted back the next day that they could make it. So it was arranged. Bonnie let Nell know that she wouldn’t be the only guest. “On the 5th, a glamour photographer will be here for a while shooting photos of a friend of ours who is a former professional model. You might find it interesting to watch how they do it.”

Nell then told her “Oh, I was going to tell you, Dr. Douglass hired me as one of the university’s nude figure models. Last week I posed for the first time in the summer school class she is teaching. It was really exciting, but sitting perfectly still for two hours was not easy. Sure even in high school I had my boyfriend shoot naked pictures of me, I’ve got hundreds of them; but I’d love to get real glamour photos done if the photographer wants another model.” Bonnie assured her that Misty would want to shoot her and she thought likely the professional photographer would too. “After all you are exceptionally pretty with a great figure” I can’t imagine she wouldn’t jump at the chance.

Though Bonnie had not originally planned to invite any of her local friends to the afternoon’s activities, she decided to ask Marcy and her family so that Lamar would not feel neglected. It was partly cloudy on the afternoon of the 4th, but that just kept the temperature down to a bearable level. Heather and Janice (her photographer) arrived at 9:30 AM. Bonnie “volunteered” Lamar and Cooper to help unload the gear and take it to the back yard. They did a walk through the property to get an idea of what her options would be. Before going to the living room to plan, Bonnie showed her Martin LeMarco’s photos in Cooper’s study (now the FFF office).

Janice said Heather had shown her some of the photos she had from the Caribbean trip, but the big underwater photo really impressed her. While looking at the life-sized photo of Bonnie in the rigging, Janice said “On the way over, Heather told me of her special relationship with you and your husband. She has suggested that you might be willing to model with her in some of the photos. Looking at these, I can tell you really are a natural.”

Bonnie was flattered and said she’d be available for whatever was wanted as they made their way to the living room. She took that opportunity to talk about Nell’s willingness to pose for her as well. Before they sat, she put a box of her super skimpy bikinis and the smaller box that contained her growing collection of body jewelry on the coffee table. “I know you are planning on mostly shooting nudes, but I do have these micro bikinis if you would like to switch things up.” Reaching into the jewelry box she pulled out the chest piece that Judy LeMarco had given her. “Just because I go nude, does not mean I go unadorned. I have several types of body jewelry that you might find interesting.”

Janice began to go through the box, but she needed help in understanding how each piece was used. Without being asked, Misty stripped off her shirt and picked up a piece to model it. Bonnie could tell the photographer found that was mildly surprising; but once she saw the utility of what Misty had done, she asked Heather to take off her shirt and model as well. They went through all the jewelry then she had them models several of the micro-bikinis too. During the process of evaluating Bonnie’s wardrobe, the photographer said “Heather told me that your family are all nudists. Did I understand that correctly?”

Bonnie was surprised how easily she now took to the nudist label. She let Janice know she was free to take all the candid photos she would like. “We are not ashamed of our lifestyle, so shoot anything you want. You will find that no one in this family is shy in front of a camera. We would like a copy of the files for ourselves though, and would want prior consent for any commercial use of them.”

Janice quickly said that she could do that.

Misty added “I know I’m not quite eighteen, but I’d be happy to pose with Heather if you want. I’ve seen some of your lingerie photos of her when she was a couple of years younger than I am. I was thinking we’d look good together.”

At that particular moment, Misty wore nothing but a pair of shorts. She could tell the woman took a quick appraisal of her before saying “That would be wonderful. A group of models would give me a great deal of options. It will be easy for me to keep within the letter of the law, even when you both are fully nude. The fact you are a nudist family makes it even easier.”

Misty then added, “Of course that would be when I am not shooting my own photos.”

Bonnie jumped in to tell of Misty’s internship. At the mention of Kate Evans, Janice perked up. “THE Kate Evans? You are interning at her studio?”

Misty said she was.

“You must have some real talent to be chosen for that. I’ll want to hear all about it as we shoot. And yes, I’d be happy to work beside you.”

The afternoon went wonderfully. Daniel and Nell arrived even before they had begun to shoot. For the entire day, Heather, Bonnie, Nell and Misty posed individually and in groups; in the water, on the deck and in the wood line in the back yard. They posed nude and in sheer cover-ups and in the micro bikinis. Janice must have shot two hundred group photos of Heather, Misty and Nell together. Bonnie was not offended that she mostly wanted to shoot the girls. She thought the three of them simply looked amazing as a group, and it was evident that Janice thought so too. When shooting glamour nudes or poses that had a sexual edge to them, Janice had a knack for hiding Misty’s nipples and vulva so that it did not look like that was the intent; though with nudes that were plausibly casual or candid, she made no such effort.

Sarah and her parents arrived about noon. The younger teenage girl was very interested in the ongoing photo shoot; but became increasingly jealous as she watched. She wanted to model too, but her mother would not let her. It was not that Marcy had anything morally against it, after all her family were in the nude all day; it was her job and her father’s she was worried about. Mike was one of the leading attorneys in the county. In a place like Sparta, reputation is everything to someone in his business. About 2:00, she finally relented with the stipulation that Sarah only pose with Misty and they both keep on at least the bikini bottoms. Sarah quickly agreed, though the micro-thong she picked out was so small it didn’t even hide her strip of pubic hair.

Bonnie found she enjoyed watching Janice work. She clearly knew her stuff and had a way with the girls. Her camera was connected wirelessly to her laptop she’d set up on the wooden table. Each time she took a shot, it showed up on the screen instantly. Bonnie and Trish mostly watched from behind the screen so they could see Janice working and the photos she was taking as them. When a photo of the three girls laying on blow-up rafts in the water came up Bonnie told Trish “This one I will most definitely have blown up and hung in the game room.”

“Even though Heather and Nell’s breasts are on full display?” Trish asked.

Bonnie smiled, “Its not like that would be a first in the house. And besides, Misty is on her stomach, so it should be fine.”

When Misty was not in front of the camera, she was behind it. She was happy to learn from a long-time pro that did not have a huge studio and staff like Kate did. She found there were a great many things that could be done with the far more limited amount of equipment Janice used. It really was kind of Janice to take the time to explain to Misty what she was doing and why. All in all, it was a wonderful day.

Before Janice left about 5:00, she asked Bonnie about bringing other models to shoot sometime. “It really is hard to find a place in central Georgia to shoot nudes. You have not only the pool, but your backyard is like a woodland meadow.”

Bonnie was happy to say that would be fine. She only asked that Misty be able to shoot with her. Janice happily agreed. Misty put in, “And could the Euro-Club girls come to model too?” After a brief explanation, Janice said she was all too happy to have more pretty models.

The Marshal’s and the three out of town guests stayed for the regular Thursday night nude swim for the Campbell’s friends. Cooper and Mike drove into town and brought back dinner from a local Barbeque joint. After dinner, Nell sought out Bonnie for another talk.

“At the After-Show in New York, you told me that there would be another round of sex after you left. You were right. As it happened, there were actually two rounds.”

“So I heard” Bonnie replied. “As I understand it, you, Amy and Francois had quite a nice time on the couch.”

“Yes we did. And you were certainly right about Francois. Not to denigrate Daniel, but he took it to a whole new level.”

“It’s not just Daniel” Bonnie replied. “I’ve been with a good many men and I’d never had anyone do it the way he does.”

Nell nodded vigorously in agreement.

Bonnie followed up, “If I might ask, how did you and Daniel deal with watching each other having sex with someone else?”

“I’ve thought about that a lot since then. You remember that I told you he’d slept with Dawn before I arrived, right?”

Bonnie said she did.

“I don’t think I explained they didn’t do it just once. He told me that they had sex twice every day except on Wednesday when they did it in the morning, in the gallery office at lunch and twice that night. They had as much sex in those three days as we normally have a chance to do in weeks. Before we made love that first time when I got to New York, I was concerned that I’d be resentful or somehow negatively affected by knowing all the things he had done with her. But it was the opposite. It made our love making even better. Even while we were doing it the first time when I got there, I asked about what he’d done with Dawn. When you said you expected there to be more sex after you and Cooper left, I was excited about the possibility I might actually see him with another woman. My only concern was I did not know if he would react negatively to seeing me screw another guy. I shouldn’t have been. Later he told me how much he liked watching me enjoy myself with both Dr. Douglass and Francois.”

Nell leaned in and whispered “He thought it was kinky that I had sex with his boss.”

They both laughed.

She went on “And I’ll confess, I really, really liked seeing him with Gillian Moyers. My naïve and innocent Daniel was the plaything of the hottest woman alive. And be sure, it was her doing him, not him doing her. I am so glad they did it right on the other couch where I could see.”

“I bet.” Bonnie agreed. “He hasn’t said it, but I think Cooper’s a little jealous that I got to be with her and he didn’t.”

They both laughed again.

More seriously, Nell said “But the whole experience of both of us having sex with other people was the exact opposite that everyone seems to think it should be. Having sex with other people didn’t pull us apart. Not at all. It is a wonderful shared experience that has brought us closer than ever. Now, we aren’t like talking about marriage; but if we did get married, twenty years from now that night would be a treasured memory. Our entire relationship is better than ever.”

Bonnie smiled. “I’m glad to hear that. I really am. Do you plan on doing it again?”

“We haven’t yet because we want to do it with my dorm roommate and she’s at home for the summer.” She seemed to think she needed to explain. “You see, I live both with Daniel and in the dorms. In actual practice, I am now living with Daniel, but I make myself go back to my dorm room two nights a week. I might disagree with my parents’ values, but I don’t want to hurt them unnecessarily. If I told them my boyfriend and I were living together, they would be devastated. There is no way they could understand that he and I are on our Christian journey together. The idea that we could stay in his bed, having sex, on Saturday night then Sunday morning go to church together is beyond their comprehension.”

Bonnie understood. Though it was apparent Nell wanted to talk longer, the first family had just arrived for the swim night and she needed to go play hostess. She let Nell know “We can talk again tomorrow” before she went to greet Ashely, Chad and Rebecca.

The Thursday night swims were always nice. There was something different about sitting by their swimming pool out in the country when it was dark. The sky was usually full of stars and the sound of the crickets and other night creatures set an atmosphere that was conducive to conversation. People talked quieter but less hurried, and everything seemed more relaxed. Because of 4th of July events, only Ronda & her girls and Ashely’s crew showed for the swim time that night. Given the busy day, Bonnie was actually relieved to only see those few.

The Thursday night “messing around in the water was more flagrant than in prior weeks. In the pool in front of everyone, Heather wrapped herself around Cooper’s waist to start kissing him passionately. She made no effort to disguise it when she reached down to guide his erection into her. Everyone knew full well they were having sex, but nobody seemed the least surprised. Before the night was over Nell was on Daniel and Marcy was on Mike the same way. As far as Bonnie knew, it was the first time Sarah’s parents had ever had sex around her. Bonnie could tell that, rather than bothering her, she kept looking over at them in the water the whole time Marcy was on Mike.

Once everyone else was gone, Heather went to bed with Cooper & Bonnie while Misty took Daniel & Nell up to the guest/play room. Even after everything else, the explicitly sexual photos on display in the guest room seemed to make quite an impression on Nell. “Misty,” Nell asked “I’d like to talk to you for a minute if you don’t mind.”

They both went into Misty’s room while Daniel went to take a shower.

Though Nell was only two years older than she was, and had been at the house all day; Misty hadn’t really talked to her. It turned out she had a host of questions for Misty about what her life was like living in a home were sex was treated so casually. They talked over an hour. Misty was actually very pleased this college girl had looked to her for help. In time it became evident that the heart of all her questions was how to live in a way that was both sex-positive and Christian. The more they talked, the more she impressed herself how much she knew and could articulate on the topic. So much she said seemed to be totally new to Nell. Misty simply had not realized how much knowledge she simply took for granted. Nell was like a sponge soaking up everything. Misty thought it was like she had been waiting for years to find someone to answer her questions.

Before Nell went back to the guest room, Misty’s impression was confirmed. Nell gave her a hug and told her directly that she had been looking for some of those answers since she was thirteen years old. Then as if to make a counter point, she added “Now I’m going back to my room and fuck my boyfriend’s brains out.”

Misty couldn’t help but say with a mischievous grin “Remember the posted rules: You must keep the door wide open.”

Nell turned back. “I will, but you might not get any sleep for all the noise I’ll be making” before she crossed the hall to join Daniel.

Misty was both excited that she had an opportunity to really help someone; and at the same time astounded that Nell had grown up in church yet had never heard so many things that she thought were just basic to the Christian life.

When Friday morning came way too early for Misty, she and her father had to go back to their jobs; however, the three visitors stayed the day, relaxing in the sun by the pool. Mid-day Heather whispered in Bonnie’s ear “Nell is too timid to ask you, but she would like you and me to join them for an afternoon foursome.”

For two solid hours Bonnie, Heather, Nell and Daniel enjoyed one another’s bodies in ways that evidently neither Nell nor Danial had ever experienced. Rather than pretend she was the peer of the two girls young enough to be her daughters, Bonnie reveled in the role of the erotic matriarch: the queen of ceremonies. The two young women (and young man), in turn, seemed to seek for ways to please her. While she both gave and received intense sensual pleasures, Bonnie was the center of the kaleidoscope of flesh she could see in the overhead mirror. Daniel was wonderfully up to the challenge that he faced. She and both young women took several turns enjoying the sensations of his penis filling them as he eagerly followed Bonnie’s every direction. Though he first climaxed after half-an-hour; it took less than ten minutes before his tool was rigid and ready for use again. When Nell asked to take phone pics looking up into the mirror, Bonnie didn’t hesitate to agree.

All in all, the long weekend was a total success. It had been one year ago they’d gone to Miami beach; so much had changed in that year. Yet in other ways, Bonnie and Cooper were the same people they had always been. Sure, the kids were growing up, but that too was just a normal part of life.

The next Monday, a week after Bonnie had first seen them making out, Marcy was over to help Bonnie with FFF correspondence. Bonnie was in the living room when Lamar and Sarah walked through on their way out to the pool. There was simply no way Bonnie could not help noticing his erection. By then, he'd been going nude nearly all the time for three weeks, and more and more often she was seeing his penis engorged. While a few times over the prior weeks it had been pointing fully skyward, mostly his penis was between just lifted off his scrotum to a point just shy of standing straight out.

Without even considering that it might be an embarrassing question she asked her son, “Lamar, does that thing ever go to sleep?" At that moment Lamar's penis was standing out perpendicular to his body, swinging side to side with his gait. His response was so innocent that it was almost comic. "I try to not let it get all soft when I'm walking around. You said girls liked to see guys at the nude beach in Miami walk around with boners; well Sarah likes to see me this way, so I try to keep it at least a little awake."

Sarah nodded and agreed "I think he looks great like that."

With that he reached down and gave his penis a few fast strokes. "And besides, it feels good when it's like this. Just a little tingly and swinging when I walk." His answer betrayed that he had not even an inkling that most guys would be mortified at the question, let alone his mother asking it. Of course, he'd been walking in on his mother masturbating since he was a toddler. She had made a point never to seem embarrassed about what she was doing or that he saw it. He'd taken that lesson to heart.

While all that was true, Bonnie realized that her son was missing something. In his complete absence of self-consciousness about his erection, he clearly did not understand that his level of comfort with his body was extremely rare. She had a quandary. How to get him to see how others might become uncomfortable with his openly sexual display without putting him in the closet?

Though she would have liked to just let it go, this was one of those special teachable moments. She had to say something.

"Well Lamar, I see Sarah's point. And you are right, it does feel good to be a little turned on. The truth is it is only natural at your age to have erections quite often. None of the people we have over to the pool will be offended to see you hard; but that is not the issue as much as what you do with it. Openly playing with it to keep it up is just fine when it's just family and Sarah, but you need to show some discretion when others are around. Just like when you and Sarah are making out and getting each other off, you need to be mindful of those nearby. You don't want them to feel like they are unwilling participants in what you are doing?"

Sarah asked "So, it's not OK for people to see us playing with each other?"

Bonnie searched for the right response. "That's not what I said." She paused to think, then said "Because you were here at the house and we don't shut the door, you guys saw me and Trish playing in my bed last week. You actually stood in the living room and watched for a while. Right?"

They both nodded. Sarah got a big smile and said “It was super-hot.”

Bonnie continued without comment "It was one thing for us to be doing it and you happened to see…even if you stayed to watch for a while; but it would have been quite different if we'd walked in on you guys in the game room and started to get it on right next to you."

Sarah answered, "But we wouldn't mind."

"That's not the point. The point is we would have been intruding on you. You would have been an unwilling participant."

"But we could have said it was OK."

"Yes you could, and that would make all the difference in the world. If you consent to be our audience, or if you walk up on us doing it already you make the choice to participate by watching, not us. Does that make sense?"

Both kids agreed.

"So Lamar, it is just fine that you have an erection when others are here, but you need to be discreet if you want to get yourself off, or if she does it for you. And as for you two playing together, or when you start having oral or vaginal sex, prior consent of anyone who is nearby is critical. Got it?"

"Yea, Mom. I got it" Lamar said.

"Yes Mrs. C. I got it" Sarah echoed.

She then thought she needed to make one more caveat. “And since you two are minors, you need to be careful about what you do around adults. It’s one thing for you to show physical affection like this in front of family; but as a general rule, you should avoid sex around adults until you are both eighteen. That is why I come in at 9:00 on the nights that the club and their boyfriends are out. I shouldn’t intentionally be out there when they are having sex. While by the letter of the law, they are all of the age of consent, it is just playing with fire for me to make myself a part while they are still under eighteen. All it would take is one of their parents making an issue of it.”

Sarah asked “Then can Lamar and I go stay out on Friday nights and mess around when the others are all getting it on?”

“I wouldn’t object, but you would need to talk to Misty and she’d have to talk to the club first.”

That answer seemed to satisfy both of them. Bonnie was glad that was done. Even so she was proud she'd been successful at raising a son with no shame of his body or sexuality at all.

After lunch Bonnie and Marcy had knocked off work and headed outside to relax. They found the two young lovers sitting on the pool steps making out. There was no way to miss they were playing with each other's genitals. Bonnie had told Sarah's mother about her earlier conversation with the kids and both women agreed that had been the right approach. They had not expected to be confronted with it quite so quickly. They looked at each other then proceeded to the chaise lounges. They did their best not to pay the kids any attention, but it was hard.

Both women knew that the odds of Sarah and Lamar waiting to have sex before the following March were infinitesimally low. Marcy said she was glad she'd started her daughter on birth control right after Gerta had left town. They both agreed they would do their best to slow the process down without sounding like what the kids were doing was wrong. Bonnie closed her eyes to relax. She tried to resist the temptation to see what the kids were doing.

Given the fact they lived out in the country, there were few ambient noises during the day to mask sounds. It was the moaning sounds of a woman having sex, working toward orgasm that caused her to open her eyes. When she looked, Sarah was sitting on the pool deck, with Lamar down on the first step. He seemed to be working two fingers into her as he sucked her nipples. This wasn’t just making out, this was finger fucking. She couldn’t look away. Lamar wasn’t groping for what to do. He knew exactly what would get her off. This was certainly not the first time they’d done this. …and it was working.

Bonnie closed her eyes again. She didn’t want to feel pervy, but when Sarah got louder, she just couldn’t pretend nothing was happening. Lamar was banging her solidly with his fingers and Sarah’s hips were thrusting. She knew Sarah would be climaxing soon and she’d be right there watching…as likely was her mother. She glanced to her left, and sure enough Marcy was watching intently.

Suddenly, she realized she should be very pleased with her son. He was doing a wonderful job in attending to Sarah’s needs. How could she fault him for unselfishly giving her such pleasure? She could not look away. Sarah’s orgasm was soon to come. When it did, it appeared to be full and strong. Lamar kept working her until she told him that was enough. Again, Bonnie was proud of Lamar. How many high school boys would have such a commitment to his partners pleasure as to wait for her to let him know she was ready for him to stop.

Bonnie only closed her eyes again after watching Sarah, while breathing hard on the way down from her climax, look over her way. She looked right at her mother and then at Bonnie with an air of contentment and of…of achievement. She’d done something that had made her feel good about herself. Somehow Bonnie knew it was not the orgasm, but the fact the two women were there to witness it. It was as if she were letting them know she was now part of the club.

Bonnie closed her eyes again. Had she created an environment that made Sarah, and perhaps Lamar, feel like they were excluded? Could it be that in her embrace of free-love she’d had left them out? Misty and the Euro-Club were part of the new social order Bonnie had helped bring into the lives of her family and those close to her. Certainly her church friends were all part and even people such as Heather and the FFF were a part. All of that had been set out right in front of Sarah and Lamar, but they had been on the outside looking in. She would have to talk to both of them later about this.

She did not look their way again for a good while. Bonnie estimated ten to fifteen minutes passed before she allowed herself to peek in again at Sarah and Lamar. They were both down on the step between the deck and the pool’s surface with their feet in the water. They were kissing hard. Sarah was working Lamar’s erection in her hand. Bonnie closed her eyes again.

A little while later Marcy whispered "Your son just came. He ejaculated quite a stream and it all went into the pool."

Bonnie hadn’t realized Marcy had been watching so carefully. Without opening her eyes, she said "I guess I'll need to tell him doing that is just as bad as peeing in the water."

They both laughed quietly.

After that incident, Bonnie began looking for the right time to have a talk with Lamar and Sarah. As it happened Trish had taken Byron to Disney World for the week and Marcy had volunteered for something at the Milledgeville Community Theater for several days. Without her friends helping with the FFF, she and Lamar and Sarah were the only ones at the house. Over that week, in the absence of people to offend in the house, open acts of explicit physical affection between Sarah and Lamar were on the way to becoming as normalized as their nudity already had.

Friday turned out to be blazing hot, so the two teens stayed inside to play video games and watch TV. Bonnie decided it was time to have her sit-down with the two teenagers. She knew there was a movie that had just become available via Amazon that Lamar wanted to see, so she paid to buy the movie and ordered out for pizza (something that was always a hit).

Her plans began to fall into place when, after they had finished the pizza, Sarah lay down on the couch with her head in Lamar’s lap. It did not take long for Lamar’s hands to begin absent mindedly running over Sarah’s naked body. Over time she rolled to lay flat on her back to give him better access. Half way through the movie, his right hand was slowly exploring the folds of Sarah’s vulva. It was not long after that Bonnie detected her hips were beginning to rock slightly.

She gave them time to get well into the moment before she hit pause on the movie and said “potty break.” When she returned from her bedroom, Bonnie had a small bottle of Kama Sutra brand warming sex oil. She’d deliberately taken her time, so Sarah had returned from the downstairs bathroom and was once again laying in Lamar’s lap. Before sitting, Bonnie said to Lamar “Hold out your right hand.” He looked puzzled but did so. She poured a small amount of the oil into his palm. “Spread the oil over her vulva. Not just the good parts, but all over her mons.” With that she put the bottle on the table and sat back in her recliner.

Lamar seemed confused.

Sarah was quicker on the uptake. “Do what she said. It’s a kind of lube.”

Bonnie clarified “Yes, it is, but it is more. It is cinnamon flavored warming oil. It can act as a lube, but actual sex lube is a little different. This stuff is really meant to be used on the skin and genitals, not inside of you. Not that it will harm you if it is on someone’s fingers or penis, but KY or Astroglide are better for that.”

Sarah just nodded in understanding.

It took a moment, but Lamar put his hand to her mound and began to spread the oil.

Bonnie went on “It has a small warming effect, but more importantly, it will heighten your sensitivity and make his fingers move with less friction.”

She let Lamar work for a couple of minutes.

“Ohhh!” Sarah said softly, her eyes barely open. “It does feel nice.”

“Yes it does. it tastes really good too. You can use it anywhere on your body that you want to be touched or licked. I’m giving you this bottle even though I still think it would be best if you two built up a little longer toward having oral sex.”

Sarah quietly said “Yes, I know.”

“Sarah,” I get it. I really do. “I know full well you are dying for him to go down on you. You must be. Once you’ve experienced it, you know there is nothing quite like it. You even told me how much you like receiving, and giving, cunnilingus. I’m giving you the oil as a way to have a new sensual experience to explore for a little while. You can actually use it anywhere on your body and it can be a lot of fun. I also have bottles of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors of this same oil.”

She let Lamar caress the mound in silence. Sarah had maintained the pubic hair style she said she adopted from Gerta: a completely smooth vulva below and a strip of curly light brown hair above. Lamar seemed instinctively to know he should gently run his fingertips through the furry strip and skate them over the smooth parts.

Certainly, Lamar knew his mother was watching his actions; but if it made him nervous, he gave no outward sign of it. He took his time and appeared to be just barely touching her as he moved the oil into her most sensitive parts. When his fingers began working into the folds of her sex, Bonnie could see exactly what he was doing from her position in the Lazy Boy. For a second time in a week, she was pleased to see her son was already showing a sensitivity toward Sarah that would make him a great lover one day. But perhaps, she thought, she should not be surprised. After all, from the very start, his father had shown that same trait. That was why she’d married him. After spending a good deal of time stroking her inner lips; Lamar, very gently, started running the tip of his middle finger along her clitoral shaft.

Sarah closed her eyes before moaning softly.

Things had gone exactly as Bonnie had hoped. It was time to move into her real purpose of this entire exercise. “I wanted to apologize to you two for not taking your feelings into account over the last year. Lamar, I’ve been so focused on my new mission of proclaiming the joy of Christian free-love; I hadn’t considered that while your sister and her friends have been openly part of my mission, you were left on the side-lines. I should have gotten the message the first day you were showing off your, very grown-up, erection by the pool. But sometimes parents can be dense. While your father resisted seeing your sister as a young woman; I guess I’ve resisted seeing you as a young man.”

Lamar didn’t look up, but Sarah opened her eyes to look at Bonnie, even as her hips were more visibly responding to Lamar’s touch.

Bonnie continued “It was only when I saw how you were so very diligent and effective at using your fingers with Sarah the other day did I realize my mistake. I haven’t told you so, but I was very proud of how you put her desires ahead of your own. Both Marcy and I were impressed.”

At that last comment Lamar finally looked up at his mother.

“And Sarah, I know your mother is still working to fully embrace treating you as a sexually mature young woman, so she might not have told you so directly; but she too was proud of you. The simple fact you had the self-confidence to relax and enjoy Lamar’s finger banging enough to climax said volumes. The truth is, most women of any age would not have been able to do that with people around, let alone with their mother watching. She told me directly that she was proud that her daughter had become so comfortable with her body and her sexuality. She said she doubted that even now she could do that in front of her mother.” Bonnie snorted “I know I couldn’t.”

Finally, Bonnie had said something that elicited a response from Lamar. “Oh, yea. You having sex in front of Grandma. That is rich.” And he laughed.

With that, Bonnie knew she’d succeeded in her plan to get them relaxed enough to hear what she wanted to say.

They talked for a good while. In the talk Bonnie brought up several things she’d been working through in her mind for the past few days. She let them know it was rude messing around when the other boys were present, even with Byron's or DJ's permission. She pointed out that DJ was only fourteen which was problematic, and Byron did not have a girlfriend so displays of affection in front of him were insensitive. They seemed to understand. That part however, was just the warm up. It was time to say the things she knew she needed to. First, she let them know that she and Marcy had talked: from then on, they had ongoing permission to engage in sexual play around the two of them. “In the future, you will not need to ask our permission before you start, but for anyone else you needed to ask.” She’d realized that given their highly sexualized home environment, asking them to wait over half a year to even have oral sex was simply unreasonable. She had to modify what she’d originally told them. “I want you both to know, your parents, all four of us, will completely support you when you decide to start having oral sex. When you start having vaginal sex, we will also be 100% behind you. While it is true, we’d said you should wait till Lamar is sixteen; but in doing so we put you in a difficult bind. So, I just want you to know you may choose when. You do not need to fear any negative response from any of us.”

She let that sit for a moment, then went on “For you especially Sarah, we know full well you are eager and ready to begin your adult sexual journey, though I’m not so sure Lamar is. I would like the two of you to consider an idea. It would not be unreasonable for Sarah to decide she is ready to start having fun sex with, perhaps someone like Cody, even while you two develop your relationship and wait for a bit longer to do so. As I’ve said before, Lamar if you will wait till you are sixteen, we will make sure the wait was worth it; however, the choice it totally yours.”

The conversation was not one-sided. Both Lamar and Sarah engaged with Bonnie and they had a frank exchange of ideas. She was able to work in the important concept that “Your skin is your largest sex organ. The more skin to skin contact you have, the more endorphins are released. That does not require genital contact at all. So Lamar, while her vulva is sexy and sensitive, she has a whole body to touch.” He must have understood because a few minutes later he asked for some more oil to put on Sarah’s stomach and chest. Before they turned the movie back on, Sarah climaxed right in the middle of their discussion. She had interrupted the conversation to say “Hold on…I’m almost there.” She then gave Lamar very specific instructions as to what to do. All the way through the assent, climax and descent, she narrated to both Lamar and Bonnie what was happening.

The erotically charged stream of consciousness description was, to say the least, very arousing. Though she tried to pretend it wasn’t happening, Bonnie felt her body respond in concert with Sarah’s climb to orgasm. She had to make herself not put hand into her crotch. She was sure she could have very easily cum herself with only the slightest effort.

That evening, telling Cooper about what had happened, Bonnie felt quite pleased with herself as a parent.

It was in that first full week in July, with Trish out of town that Bonnie came to a realization about herself. Her relationship with Trish had morphed. She was now more than just a good friend, more than just a playmate. It was something else, yet at the same time she was sure neither of them had romantic feelings for each other. More or less, she had the same relationship with Trish as she’d had with Jill, though she had a hard time giving a name to it.

The Simms family arrived back in Sparta late the next Wednesday night. When she came over the next afternoon, eight or nine of the girls were out at the pool, along with Bonnie. When Trish came out of the house, Bonnie jumped up and began to kiss her passionately. She had actually begun to undress her friend right beside the pool when she came back to her senses and realized all the girls swimming that day were intently watching what she was doing. She took Trish by the hand and looked over at the girls and said “If you will excuse me my best friend, no, my lover and I are going to have wild passionate sex in my bed.”

Sarah said “You can do it out here, I promise we don’t mind.”

Bonnie looked back over her shoulder and said “Yes we could, and I wouldn’t care if you watched us; but for people our age, the bed is much more comfortable than a poolside lounge chair.”

With that, she announced to the girls, to Trish and to herself, that she and Trish were lovers. It wasn’t like all the girls hadn’t known for some time they had sex together, but there was something about calling her a lover that changed their relationship. It was that day she decided that the label of polyamorous fit her best.

It was a week later. The girls were again out at the pool. Bonnie and Trish were taking a break from the FFF clerical work… in the bed, when Sarah walked right in the room. They were kissing deeply and Bonnie was holding her Hitachi Magic Wand to Trish’s crotch. The teen waited patiently until after Trish finished her shuttering orgasm before she made her presence known by telling the two women “You know my mom is really jealous that you won’t include her in what you are doing. I mean you two have sex all the time. And Mrs. C. you also have sex with Rebecca's mom and step-dad, but you guys don't ever invite her and my dad to join.”

A lot of water had gone under the bridge since Trish had freaked out when Misty had walked into the room while she had been riding Cooper. Trish never even flinched anymore if she happened to see one of the teens looking in while she was busy with Bonnie or Cooper.

Bonnie rolled over and asked “What do you mean she’s jealous?”

Sarah leaned against the dresser and answered “She wants to join you guys. She knows you two mess around like this during the day while I'm over but you never invite her to participate. It hurts her feelings.”

Bonnie queried “How do you know that?”

“She told me. Well, I asked. At first she denied it but then she said she keeps hoping you’ll ask her and my dad to have sex, but you haven’t.”

Bonnie felt bad. “Wow. I didn’t know she was feeling excluded. I just assumed if she wanted to play, she would let me know. It’s not that it is any secret among the tanning group what Trish and I do. Nor is it a secret that Ashley and I have been messing around with our husbands for over a month as well. Geeez, the other women wanted a full narrative about what happened all three times I've gone over and done it with Ashley and Chad.”

Sarah said, “And it’s not just her, I’m pretty sure my dad wants to do it with you guys too. She didn’t say it directly, but once she hinted that my dad has a fantasy about doing it with both of you.”

That got Trish’s attention. “Really?”

Sarah just nodded. “I told her she just needs to tell you how she feels. My mom can be kinda stupid sometimes. But I have an idea.”

Bonnie laughed, “I should have known if you came in like this it wasn’t just to see two old women getting each other off.”

Sarah got a big smile “Oh, that was super-hot to be sure, but yes I came looking for you to tell you about my idea that will make both my parents happy."

Bonnie and Trish now knew their play time was over so they fully sat up to listen.

Sarah started "See, in my conversation with her she told me how much easier it was when Gerta made the first move by coming in the room and asking to join them. I don’t know if you know it, but tomorrow is Mom & Dad’s 20th anniversary. They will be going off to Charleston for a long weekend to celebrate, but their actual anniversary is tomorrow and they will be going to their favorite little place in Milledgeville for dinner. I was thinking how much they would love it if they found you two in their bed waiting for them.”

Bonnie looked at Sarah closely, “You know you think way too much for a sixteen-year-old.”

Sarah was clearly proud of herself. Bonnie told her they would think about it and come out in a little while to tell her what they decide. With characteristic self-confidence Sarah just said “OK, but I know you’ll do it.”

And so they did.

When Mr. & Mrs. Marshal came home from dinner the next night, their daughter greeted them at the door. Uncharacteristically she was fully dressed. With a mischievous smile she said “I decided you are the best parents a girl could have. I figured you might want to play newlyweds, so I’m going off to spend the night with Hillary Tomlinson. Her mom will be here in a few minutes to pick me up. I’ve gotten you an anniversary present but I didn’t know if I’d be here when you got back. It’s on your bed.”

Her parents hugged her and thanked her for her thoughtfulness but did not go upstairs to their bedroom. Sarah had to push them “Well since I’m home, go up and see what I got you.”

She followed her parents up the stairs. Their bedroom door was open and when they looked in, they found Bonnie and Trish on the bed wearing only bows and ribbons. The surprise was complete. They were stupefied. Sarah was elated. She slipped off to let them “unwrap” their present without her in the way.

Marcy made sure to send Sarah a thank you text during their first break an hour later.

The sex was great and went on for half the night. Bonnie was surprised how naturally she and Trish and Marcy seemed to work together in both pleasing Mike and one another. Bonnie actually felt sorry for Mike when she found out at about 2:30 AM when they had all finally given out, that he was due in court at 8:30 that morning.

All in all, that summer found the Campbell’s house quite busy, even while Bonnie’s commitment in time and energy in the FFF grew rapidly. After it became apparent that Sarah's hoped for trip to Germany would not happen, Marcy proposed a mother-daughter trip to Miami Beach to make it up to her. Despite her new job, Bonnie agreed for her and Misty to join Marcy and Sara, but it would have to wait until Misty finished her summer internship.

Even though Bonnie was working a good bit for the FFF, she made a point to stay the whole afternoon with the young women who came to her home each Thursday. She found herself playing the role of the oracle of relationships and sex every single week. Additionally, ever since the Euro-Club party, rarely a week went by when she didn’t help several girls with questions or problems via text or phone. Often she invited these girls to come by to speak to her in person on Thursdays. Thus, not all the visitors to the girls-only swim afternoon were club or youth group members. It was nothing unusual when Sarah brought her friend, Bailey, to the house the last week of July.

According to Sarah, Bailey was somewhat of an introvert and made little effort to make herself attractive. She could have been very pretty, but was more committed to her literature and poetry than popularity. Sarah told Bonnie that she had been surprised when Bailey first went out with Kevin in February. But soon it became obvious, that her friend, who had been a virgin when she started dating Kevin, was simply an object of convenience to him. Beneath her stodgy clothes she was a petite, slim hipped, 32 DD, and Bailey knew full well that is what attracted Kevin. Of course, Bailey wouldn’t hear it; she had to see it herself. Now, five months later, she did.

Their break up a few weeks before had been messy with him calling her a whore. Kevin also began spreading a story that Bailey had sucked the dicks of half the football team at the team's season kickoff party on July 4th. Kevin was telling everyone, since he was going to dump her anyway, he had made her a gift to the new varsity players. The worst part was that when Sarah asked Bailey about the rumor, she said it was partly true. That is why she brought her best friend to talk to the now famous (or infamous) Mrs. C.

At first Bailey’s obvious discomfort at the nudity led Bonnie to think she would need to call Marcy to come get the girls; however, that did not happen. Though Sarah never brought a swimsuit to the Campbell’s, Bailey wearing her one-piece suit seemed quite stressed. For several hours while nine other girls swam and sunned Bonnie tried to relax her. She even had put on one of her cover-up outfits to try to put Bailey at ease. Finally with some coaxing from Sarah, Bailey sat next to Bonnie and began to talk. Haltingly she told Bonnie her difficult story.

“For weeks I increasingly have been feeling that, to Kevin, I was never anything but a pair of big boobs and somewhere to put his thing.”

Sympathetically Bonnie said “Oh? That doesn’t’ sound like much of a relationship.”

“It had actually begun before that party over the 4th of July weekend” Bailey said. “Since the start of summer, he hasn’t wanted to talk on the phone and we haven’t been on a real date since school let out. Between the end of school and that party, the only times I even saw him was when he would come to my house. He’d be all nice for a while, but once he was done doing his thing, he would leave. It is just my mom at home, and she works a lot. So it was easy for him to come by just to screw. No one saw what he was doing.”

Bonnie was alarmed “Has he ever forced you to have sex?”

“No. I let him. Every single time. What he said he wanted, I let him have. Even if it hurt, like when he’d do me in the ass without warming me up first. I didn’t ever say no. Even at the party and all that stuff happened, I let them. I wasn’t raped, or even drunk. I was lied to” Bailey said in a monotone voice. “The party was the kick-off for the team’s season. They started summer practices the Monday afterward. It was at that huge house of Quint ’s on Highway 81. After we’d been there about an hour, Kevin took me to an empty bedroom and I assumed that he just wanted to have sex. He does me at every party we go to, it makes him feel like a stud to do me and then tell his friends what we just did in the other room. Once we got in there, I saw there were three guys I’ve known since I was in kindergarten sitting on the bed: Steve Richter, Josh Lackey, and Josh’s cousin Drew. They made the varsity team for next year and Kevin told me that it was a tradition for the returning Varsity players to introduce the new players into manhood. I asked him what that meant. He said I, as his girlfriend, was expected to give these three guys a blow job, but he wanted me to take my top off and show them my boobs first. I didn’t want to, but he assured me that the new varsity cheerleaders were actually fucking the other new guys right then. Yes, I know that sounds farfetched, but I believed him. He told me that since I wasn’t a cheerleader, I only had to suck their dicks, but I had to swallow when they came. I told him he was the only guy I wanted to do that to. But he got kinda mad and said that he would be humiliated if his girl was the only one not participating in the tradition. I told him again that I really didn’t want to do that, but he kept on saying that that was how I could show my team spirit. If I did it right, I would gain the respect of everyone.”

Sarah, sitting beside Bailey on the chaise lounge snorted “And you believed that?”

Bonnie squelched her “Sarah, you’re not putting yourself in her shoes. She had no idea what would happen to her if she said no and humiliated him. She was right to be afraid.”

Bailey responded, “Mrs. C., It wasn’t I was afraid; looking back, I guess I should have been. I was more confused than anything. I knew things weren’t going good between us. When we had first started dating, I had told Kevin that I’ve had a crush on both Steve and Josh since we were in elementary school. So, he was telling me to suck the dick of two guys he knows I really like. I thought it might be a test of my faithfulness or something.”

“What were Steve and Josh and the other guy doing all this time?” Bonnie asked.

“I could tell they were scared to death. Kevin’s a bully, everyone knows that.”

Sarah cut in “Duhhh! I’ve been telling you that for months!”

“Yea, I know. And, I know full well they didn’t want to be in there either. In one way, it made it all easier because those guys really were afraid of Kevin but I wasn’t. I know I seem like the stupidest girl in the universe, but by the time Kevin stopped talking, I completely believed him. See, I had seen for myself at the party after the sports award banquet in the spring, something similar happen. It was at the same house, every single guy who was graduating from the varsity and who did not have a date that night had sex with one of a hand full of girls who seemed to have been invited to the party for just that purpose. They were all members of the pep squad and aren’t normally invited to the team parties, but I guess these girls were invited because they agreed to put out. I’m sure they thought it was their way to move up the social ladder. What is really bad is that several of those girls had boyfriends who had not been invited to the party. When it came down to actually letting those guys do them, not all of them went through with it. But four did because they were promised they would be invited to all the parties next year. Those four had sex with at least two players each. No, I didn’t actually see them have sex with all those guys but I saw the guys go in the rooms where the girls were, and then a little later, come out telling their buddies what they had done. So it wasn’t too much of a stretch to believe Kevin’s story.”

It all made sense to Bonnie, in a sick sort of way.

Bailey went on “To be honest, his friends are constantly talking about how their girls, the popular girls, are so good at sucking dick and he only talks about my big boobs. So, like I said, all he really had to do was convince me it wasn’t some trick. And I wanted to believe him. I decided it was my chance to patch things up between us and make him proud of me. And besides, like I said, I have a thing for two of the three guys. So, he sold me, or I sold myself. He waited till I’d taken off my shirt and bra, then he left the room and told me I had a half an hour. Once Kevin was gone, I gotta say I was really excited about doing it, I had convinced myself that I’d been given a hall pass.”

“So you sucked them off to please Kevin?” Sarah said accusingly.

Bonnie rebuked her “Let her talk!”

“Yea I did.” Bailey said looking down “I did all three of them. But Sarah, the truth is they were all so nice about it. Both Steve and Josh told me twice I didn’t have to really do it. Then all three agreed they would lie and tell Kevin I’d sucked them off even though I didn’t. I was sure he would beat the crap out of them if he ever found out they had lied to him. The fact they would risk really getting hurt to protect me made me want to do them just for that. Kevin would never have taken a risk like that for me. I did Steve first, and he came really fast, even faster than Kevin usually does. When Josh and Drew did the same, we found our time was only half-done.”

“Did you swallow like Kevin said?” Sarah asked.

“Kevin always insisted I swallow, so I guess that’s just how I suck dick” Bailey said before going back to her story. “To be honest, by the time I’d done them all, I really was enjoying myself. They were so grateful and kept telling me over and over how good I was. Kevin had never once told me I was good at that. Not once. I knew I could trust Steve and Josh, but I didn’t know about Drew; but I decided to take my chance and use my hall pass. So I first began to kiss Steve then let him suck my tits. The other two guys joined so I was kissing one while the other two touched me all over. I think it was Drew who asked if he could take off my shorts. I said he could. They just had an elastic waist, so it was pretty easy to slide them off. They loved my boobs and my ass and that made me feel sexy as they rubbed all over me. Josh asked if he could touch my pussy. Kevin never asked before he did anything, he told me what to do or just did it. So, when Josh asked so nicely, I didn’t even hesitate to say yes. I was actually surprised when I realized that I wanted to feel him play with me. I took off my panties and he started to run his fingers over my girl parts. Not rough, but really soft and gentle. Because Kevin likes it, I keep myself shaved really good. Shaving down there was just part of what I did to get ready to go out with him, so of course I’d done it before the party. His fingers felt really nice on my smooth skin down there. I was really having a good time. Touching my pussy got Josh hard again, so I went down on him for a second blow job. It was different than with Kevin. With Kevin, he was always in charge. He just liked holding me on either side of my head and fucking my mouth. Sometimes I would choke. I actually think that part turned him on. Even when he could see tears running down my face, he wouldn’t stop. But with Josh, it wasn’t like that. He let me do what I wanted. I was able to listen to his breathing and holding his sack I could tell he was going to cum again, so I backed off, and he calmed down. On my knees beside that bed I realized for the first time what a good blow job was. It wasn’t that I was bad at it, but Kevin never gave me the freedom to do it right.”

Bonnie had to force herself not to just stop the narrative. She actually didn’t want to hear more, but knew Bailey needed to tell her.

Sara asked, “Didn’t Kevin come back?”

“Yea, he did, but no one came in at all for nearly an hour. Like I was saying. I was really enjoying myself. That hour was for sure, the best sex I’d ever had. Nothing with Kevin had ever been close, and I was learning. Josh came a second time and I started sucking Drew’s dick, or rather continuing learning how to suck dick with Drew. All the while I was doing Josh and Drew, Steve sat behind me and played with my tits and ass. I had been sitting on my knees for a while so my pussy wasn't accessible. While I sucked Drew though, I lifted my bottom off my legs so as to allow Steve to play with my pussy again; but I didn’t lift my butt high enough to tempt him to fuck me. Part of me wanted Steve inside me.” She paused as if to think. “That’s not true, all of me wanted him, but I knew Kevin would kill them if he walked in and found me fucking one of those guys. I even told him that. I know that made him feel good. I did however tell him to put his fingers in me.

Bailey paused and looked at Bonnie “I hope you don’t think I’m a slut but I really enjoyed how they made me feel. For the first time ever, while I was with a guy, his actions made me want to have sex. I don’t know how many times I’ve had Kevin up in me, but not once was it because I was wanting it. At that moment, I would have happily crawled up into that bed and asked all three of them to do me one after another. Only my fear Kevin would hurt them kept me from doing just that. I know what you must think of me, but I really wanted all three of them to fuck me.” With that she just stopped talking.

Bonnie quietly said. “That’s a good sign Bailey. The fact you know what it feels like to want to have sex, for you, means you now know when to say no. You say no every time you don’t feel just like you did right then; but….” Bonnie reached over and lifted Bailey’s chin, “but you also know when to say yes. When you feel like that, the answer is yes, yes and yes some more. Bailey, look at me.”

The girl sheepishly looked up at the grown woman giving her advice. “So I’m not a tramp for what I did?”

“No, not at all. Would you believe that at a party last spring I had sex with six men, in addition to Cooper, all in one night? I didn’t just give them blow jobs. I fucked all six of them.”

Bailey was clearly surprised, Bonnie repeated “Six men, and one woman, and I said yes, yes, yes, each time. I happily said yes when each of them licked my clit, I said yes while I sucked their dicks. I said yes when I put my tongue into her vagina, I said yes when they got on top of me and drove their dicks in. I said yes when I got on top and rode them; and I even said yes really loudly when several of them fucked me up the ass. I said yes yes, yes, yes! So, no I’d never ever call you a bad name for saying yes to pleasing yourself, and I don’t expect you ever to call yourself one for that either. Do you understand me Bailey?”

Bailey smiled and sat up straighter. “Thank you Mrs. C. for trusting me enough to tell me all of that.” She began to talk again, this time with more confidence. “If you can tell me you had sex with six men at a party, I guess I can finish my story. To jump to the end, when things got really crazy, I was sucking Drew’s dick and Josh was laying on his side so he could lick my ass as he fingered me. Steve was up on the bed. He’d already cum twice, so he was just watching us when someone opened the door. I was sure it had to be Kevin, so I didn’t stop. I wanted him to see what a good job I could do if he would just let me do it my way.”

Sarah jumped in “You shouldn’t care what that jerk wanted.”

Again, Bonnie told Sarah to let Bailey tell her story her way.

She went on without comment. “But, it wasn’t Kevin at all. It was Dwayne Shaw and Anthony West. I am sure they did not expect to see Kevin’s girlfriend completely naked with one guy’s dick in her mouth and another guy’s fingers in her pussy.”

“When I heard Dwayne say ‘Holy shit!’ I knew it was not Kevin at the door. I whipped my head around to see who it was. As I did, Anthony said ‘Oh no don’t stop girl. You are doing great.’ For a second, I just looked at them. Dwane said I should keep on going. He said they wanted to watch me. I had like a split second to decide what to do. Drew and Josh had frozen when the door opened. They were waiting for me to decide. I’ve asked myself a hundred times why I didn’t just jump up and start pulling on my clothes; but I still don’t know the answer. Partly though, Dwayne and Anthony’s words fed right into the lie that Kevin had told me, though I don’t think they knew that. I’ve also asked myself if I had stopped right then, would the outcome have been any better. I’m pretty sure it would not, and perhaps it would have been worse. So, I just turned my head back to Drew’s dick and went back to giving the blow job. The very idea that the team’s two star players wanted to watch me was enough to wipe out any self-control I still had left. In just a few minutes, I told Josh to put his dick in me. Yes, despite what I had told the guys before, I told him to fuck me. That was the word I used. I told him to fuck me."

Though Bonnie instinctively wanted to say something about safe-sex practices, she held back. This was not the time to criticize her. She’d already condemned herself enough.

"I stood up on my knees to get my butt up enough to make it clear to Josh what I wanted him to do. I didn’t even consider that he’d already cum twice since we’d started. I just expected he would, and he did. He is actually bigger than Kevin, I could feel the difference right off when he pushed it all the way in. In like under a minute, I felt Drew’s balls twitching in my hand and right after, he came in my mouth for the second time. I guess watching his cousin start to fuck me was just too much for him. I heard someone say something about me swallowing every drop. I wasn’t looking, but since Dwayne and Anthony are black, and the person who I heard was white; I knew my audience was growing. I made a point to pretend not to notice the door was open and once I was done with Drew, I whispered to Steve it was his turn again. Josh was working up a steady rhythm. It felt amazing. I’ve never even wanted to cum while being screwed, but it felt so wonderful that I thought if he went on for long enough, I might be able to.”

"When I was switching from Drew to Steve, I glanced over and could see five or six people crowding at the doorway and beyond that, the hallway was filled. I knew I’d become the focus of the entire party. Now I had even more reason to perform. I was doing everything I had been asked to do for the team, and more. I heard a steady stream of comments about what I was doing. Most were really encouraging me to keep going, but others I didn’t much like; but I’d heard them call the most popular girls the same names.”

Bonnie finally spoke up. “Like what?”

“You know, the normal: slut, hoe, nympho. Just stuff like that. I know I don’t like those names, but I didn’t take it personally because the guys on the team even call their girlfriends the same things. Since I thought I was doing the exact same thing the cheerleaders had been doing to the other new players, I just wanted to be as good at it as I could. So, with everyone watching, I was going to town on Steve's dick and Josh was doing me pretty hard and fast. I actually felt an orgasm building in me. That was the first time ever to have that feeling except when I’m getting myself off. I doubt I really could have had one even if I'd had the time, but just feeling close to one was amazing. But I didn't have the chance to see if I could. I finally heard Kevin’s voice over all the others. I don’t really know how long it was from the time the door opened, but it had been a good while. Long enough for both Steve and Josh to work up to cumming again as Keven made his way through the crowd. I could hear him asking what was going on. It was odd with all those people watching me, I just assumed he had been there. Later, I heard that he and Cindy O’Rourke were fucking in another room, that’s why I’d had so much time."

“What a pig!” Iris, who had been listening from the pool for a while chimed in.

Bailey didn’t even try to defend her ex-boyfriend “Yea, he’s a pig all right. I could hear him making his way through the crowded hallway yelling at the younger players. I was excited to see I was going to bring them both off again, just as Kevin was making it to the room. Thinking back, it’s kinda funny. Just as Steve yells out that he was going to cum in my mouth…those exact words, Kevin screams ‘What the fuck are you two doing with my girlfriend?”

“Though I didn’t know it at the time, there was no way Kevin could have looked more foolish. I found out later how he’d told lots of people what he’d told me to do. He’d bragged how he had made up a story about initiating the new varsity players. He’d picked Steve and Josh because he knew I liked them so as to rub it in my face and he picked Drew because Kevin thought he was gay. He did not think for a second I would do it. I guess he thought I’d be afraid of him, just like you thought I was Mrs. C. I guess I was even more naive than even he thought. And besides, he had planned on only leaving me with them for a few minutes. If he had, nothing would have happened. But Cindy, who is the classic mean girl, kept him occupied so as to leave me alone with the boys for what turned out to be almost an hour before Dwayne and Anthony just happened to look in to see who was in the room.”

“The whole time I was listening to all the compliments about how hot I was, it kept me going; but even then part of me realized that I was really tired. Even though it took a good while for the guys and me to actually get started, I’ve worked out that I actively sucked dick for around an hour. When Keven got there, I had already gotten all three guys to cum twice each. It was, for sure, several times as long as the longest sexual experience I’d ever had. When I heard Keven on his way, I was high as a kite. I knew I would finally be one of the popular girls. When I heard Kevin yelling at Steve and Josh, I thought he was just trying to ruin the moment for them. Like I said, he is a bully. It didn’t yet occur to me that the whole story he’d told me was a lie. Just as Steve was starting to cum, Kevin arrived. I guess I turned to look at him, so rather than going into my mouth, the jizz sprays all over my face and tits. At almost the same time Josh pulls out and starts to shoot on my ass and on my lower back. For as long as the two guys were coming, it was like everyone froze, even Kevin. It seemed like that moment lasted forever. No one watching moved or talked. When Steve and Josh gave their last spurts and moved back, I stood up and went to kiss Kevin. I knew every eye was on me, and I was sure he was going to be beaming with pride because everyone was so impressed with how well I’d initiated the new players. After all I thought it was about showing my support of the team. I know now how stupid that sounds. It even sounds stupid to me saying it; but for that really long moment from the time the guys started to cum and when I turned to face Kevin, that is what I believed. I knew there was cum on my face, on my boobs and even up my back; but I’ve seen porn, guys love cum on girls. I knew that he’d surely love that too.”

Bonnie gravely and quietly said “But he didn’t, did he?”

"I tried to kiss him, but he didn’t respond. He didn’t smile. He just glared.”

Bonnie tried to lighten up the moment. “That wouldn’t be Cooper. He would have stuck his tongue down my throat and fucked me right there as he licked the other guy's goo from my face.”

Bonnie was now flanked by five girls and they all seemed to enjoy that comment. Even Bailey’s dark face lightened a bit before she continued.

“The look on his face was my first hint that something was really wrong. I’d thought his yelling was an act. But when he just gave me that cold look and backed away as if I was contagious when I moved to put my arms around him. In a flash I saw the truth. It all crashed down on me. I didn’t know it was possible to go from being that high to feeling like dirt so fast. He crossed his arms and looked down at me. It seemed like time froze, but not in the good way it had while the guys were cumming. Looking back, I realize he was trying to figure out how to save face in front of the team, but didn’t know what to do. He called me a fucking skank. I think he was going to hit me. He pulled back his fist but Dwayne grabbed his arm. Kevin’s a bully, but he wouldn’t stand a chance against either Dwayne or Anthony. He turned all red and yanked his arm away and said he was not going to hit his slutty girlfriend even though I deserved it. He looked at all the people in the door and hallway and said that since I’d proven I was just a cum dump, he was going to fuck the shit out of me, then anyone else who wanted to could have me too.”

Sarah wrapped her arms around her friend “Oh, no!”

“Well, he went to do just what he said he was going to do. He didn’t kiss me but I knew he was going to bang me in front of all those people, just to show how macho he was. It’s like he didn’t want to see my face, he made me bend over and grab the bed’s footboard. I saw the faces of the other people, they were in shock, but no one said or did anything. Then he got behind me and pulled his dick out of his shorts, but he couldn’t get hard. He acted like he started to do me, but he wasn’t. He pretended to do me hard. Hard enough that it hurt. But not for long though, I think he realized he wasn’t fooling anyone. So he put his dick back in his shorts and pushed his way through the crowd leaving me bent over the bed, naked in front of all those people, crying. I wanted to die. Really, if I’d had a gun I would have blown my brains out.”

Bonnie saw tears streaming down Bailey’s face.

Bailey choked out “And that was the end of our relationship.” Sarah was now crying too as she held her friend close.

They all sat quietly for a good long time.

Bonnie went to get Bailey and Sarah tissues. When she returned, Bailey wiped her eyes and said “Thank you. I don’t know what I would have done if Kenya and LaQuisha hadn’t rescued me.”

Iris put in, “I know them both, they were in my home room my sophomore year. What did they do?”

“As soon as Kevin stomped out, they told everyone to get out of the room. That bitch Cindy said something about me being a slut and Kenya went nuclear. She started yelling ‘You shut your skanky white trash mouth, you’re the only ho in this here room. You’d been fucking her man while she’s here doing what he told her to do.” Then she threatened her if she said anything else. They helped me with my clothes and sat with me till I calmed down. They talked to me for a long time, then got me a ride home with the mom of one of the other girls.”

Bonnie, Sarah and Bailey all sat for a long time. The others one by one hugged

her and moved away. Then, softly, Bonnie asked “Do you know why he got so mad?”

“No. I did exactly what he said.”