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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 34

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel:


Raising the Revolutionary Flag of a Sexual Freedom

Chapter 34

The Mother-Daughter Trip

Misty’s eight-week internship at Evans Edge Photographics in Atlanta was a huge leap into a completely new world for the seventeen-year-old. Studio owner, Kate Evans, meant for the three interns she took on in the summer to both learn and work. Along with Misty was Aiden Alrick, a rising junior at Georgia Tech and Felicita Monteiro, a rising sophomore from Emory. Both were significantly older than rising high school senior Misty, and both had significant prior training in graphic design and photography. However, no one at the studio seemed to treat her any different than the other two. Besides Ms. Evans and the interns, the studio had four full time employees: two assistant photographers, a middle-aged man who handled all the business affairs and a young woman who did hair and make-up. The two assistant photographers were by no means trainees; rather they were experienced and talented photographers in their own right. Either could have their own studio; but for them, working for Kate gave far more opportunities. In addition to shooting photos, each brought specialized skills to the studio. Miloslava Szabová, from Slovakia had started in the business as a model before moving behind the camera. David, a good-looking guy in his thirties, was the lead digital editor

The studio was located in an industrial park south-east of downtown. Misty spent all of June and July doing an assortment of tasks from cleaning the cameras and other equipment after field shoots to assisting in setting up the gear for shoots outside the studio, to cleaning the studio bathroom. But her favorite task was to actually be the photographer’s assistant for photo sessions. She had this opportunity twenty-two times in her eight weeks.

Kate was around Misty’s mother’s age, easy going and funny, except when she was shooting. Then she became focused and all business. The studio was very well known in the business for the sexy advertising work Kate did. She shot images for three large advertising agencies as well as doing freelance projects of edgy glamour and nudes. The glamour/nude photos were mostly published in European fashion and glamour magazines.

Misty was envious that the other two interns were going with Kate to Italy for two weeks of shooting the week after she was ending her own internship. However, she could not complain. In the two months of working for Kate, she learned more about photography than she ever imagined existed. Kate, the full-time staff and the other two interns who were both far more advanced than Misty, were happy to take the time to explain to her the why’s behind what was being done.

There were usually four scheduled shoots per day. The vast majority of these were commission sessions, which meant that someone was paying a small fortune for the studio to shoot photos of a single person, group or thing. Perhaps half the time these were people and the other half were product shoots. Though, to be clear, when companies came to Evans Edge Photographics they nearly always wanted a sexy model, often mostly naked, to accompany their product. The assistant photographers were assigned these sessions with Kate only providing supervision. These shoots, Misty found, were the backbone of the business. About half were professional or aspiring models but the rest were just women who could afford the studio’s exorbitant fee to get high-end glamour/nude photos done. The professional models were nearly all comfortable with the staff seeing them unclothed on the set or while changing. The aspiring models tried to look comfortable but not all succeeded in appearing relaxed. Those there for glamour portraits were a mixed bag, some reveling in being nude around people they didn’t know, and others were nervous and always trying to keep as covered as possible. The crew didn’t even seem to notice that the stream of women (and a few men) were naked.

The last week she was there, Misty had the opportunity to co-shoot two sessions: one with David and one with Miloslava. One was of a young (18-year-old), very pretty aspiring model the other was of a professional model in her twenties. In the second case Kate came out to help Misty when David had to leave for another shoot. It was one of the highlights of her internship.

While standard commissions were the bread and butter, Kate’s reputation (and the studio’s) was built on full glamour/fashion layouts for magazines. These projects normally stretched out for days and were always done by Kate with collaboration from one of the assistants. The layouts were often shooting images to sell whole lines of jeans, dresses, underwear, accessories from hip brands or even cars. Except in the case of a project they did for a perfume while Misty was there, there were nearly always multiple products to shoot and multiple models. Nearly all featured more naked skin than the product they were selling. Four times during her internship they packed up to do all day-location shoots. Once Misty and the crew flew down to Florida for a shoot at the everglades and she was gone for two nights.

Whether she was the photo assistant, or just on call to move lights or hold a light board, Misty was learning all the time. Once or twice a week, Miloslava would work directly with the interns for an hour or two teaching them how to direct, pose and light models. Misty had no idea how little she knew about photography until she’d been there for her first week. By the end of the internship, she was brimming with ideas for photos.

As much as everyone made her feel an equal, she was left out of two things in her internship. One involved playing the role of model. In addition to the times Miloslava taught them; when they were not assigned some other task, during down times between scheduled sessions the other interns practiced on one another for test shoots: clothed, semi-clothed and nude. Each week Miloslava made sure they each played photographer, assistant and model at least twice. Misty very much enjoyed the practice sessions because they had all the lights and props and studio tools at their disposal. If Kate or one of her assistants were on the studio floor when they were having their practice sessions, they would usually stop by to see what they were shooting and give a few suggestions.

Since one of the other interns was male and the other female, over the two months, she had the opportunity to learn how to shoot female, male and mixed couple’s glamour photos. She was surprised how different it is shooting a man than a woman and how challenging it was to shoot couples. They tried all sorts of crazy ideas. Some worked and some didn’t, but in every one she learned. The one stipulation was that none of the photo files could be taken out of the studio. That way those modeling did not have to worry the photos would show up on the internet. Since she’d been briefed on confidentiality at the start of the first day and required to sign a non-disclosure agreement; this stipulation was not a surprise.

Most importantly, each Friday they were told to send the ten best images each of them had shot that week to Miloslava. The following Monday, she would meet with each of them to critique their photos and make suggestions. At the end of each meeting, she would give them a glamour photo assignment that was due on Friday, as if she were a client.

Even though she shot sessions of her fellow interns posing fully unclothed nearly every week; Misty was told in no uncertain terms, she was not allowed to pose nude. Kate, herself, made it clear that when in front of the camera, she must have on panties at the very least. To minimize the visual effect of that rule for her fellow interns, Misty bought a flesh-colored microfiber thong panty that was nearly invisible in photos. When Miloslava first saw her posing in it, she let Misty know she’d taken the right approach. Misty found she like the look (and feel) of that first pair so much, she bought ten more of them and wore them every day (sans bra), so in her mind she wore nothing at all under her clothes.

The other thing she was denied were the Friday “chill sessions” after work. She soon realized these events were little more than an excuse for staff and interns (and their friends) to hang out in the studio to drink, smoke weed, dance naked and fuck. Kate had made it clear to the others that though Misty was talented and would pull her weight in the studio, she was still a minor. That didn’t keep her from engaging in their conversations about their sex lives, even if she was not allowed to stay past 5:00 on Friday afternoons.

The one exception to the “Misty’s a minor” rule came when they were on the overnight trip to Florida. Misty and the intern from Emory (with whom she shared a room) had a very hot night of Sapphic sex the second night there. It was the first time she’d had sex with someone out of high school.

At her meeting with Miloslava on the last Monday of her internship, she told Misty that on Thursday morning, she would have one of the sets for four hours to complete a final project. “On Wednesday I want you to be prepared with a full prospectus of what you intend to shoot just like the ones you’ve seen us make up for our major clients. Of course, it will be a lot shorter and simpler, but you need the basics. What I want is to see you have thought out three different sets. Ideally, you would have one glamour, one fashion and one fine art set; but that is not required. Aiden, Felicita and I will be your models and I want you to use all three of us. You can use us individually or in groups. As usual you will have access to any of our props, wardrobe or accessories, so I want a list of what you will need for each of the three. That afternoon you will be in the office selecting the ten best and editing them for your final portfolio which you, your models and Kate will all get digital copies.”

She finished by saying that unless Kate finds one of the images inappropriate, Misty would get model releases for those ten photos to use in her professional portfolio. Miloslava explained that she and Felicita’s release forms would give her permission to use nudes in her professional portfolio, Aiden’s would have a clause excluding images that showed his genitals. She explained that such clauses were common in the business. Misty was quick to agree with that condition in order to get ownership of some of the photos taken during her time at Kate’s studio.

Misty was beside herself with excitement. She stayed up late that night and Tuesday night to write up her prospectus. Her father was a lot of help producing the final product since he’d made over a hundred of them over the years. In the end it actually did look very professional. First thing Thursday morning Miloslava met with Misty. She told her that after going through her prospectus, she and Kate only had a handful of suggestions. Mostly they offered additions to her plans: things she had not thought of.

It was a long morning for Misty. She’d given herself an hour and a half for each of the three sets. She availed herself of access to a very experienced model, Miloslava, using her in two of the three sets. Misty thought her earlier photos of Felicita had been terrific, so she used her in at least some of the photos in all three sets. Fearing she’d run out of time, the last set was a simple romantic fine art nude portrait of Felicita and Aiden together with a flat black backdrop. As it turned out, she was short of time so the simplicity of the last set served her well.

After lunch on Friday, her last day at the studio, Misty was called to the office to meet with Kate. On the table in the work room were her ten photos printed as 8x10’s, 10x10’s & 8x12’s (she had edited different photos in different format ratios). Right off she told Misty that she was quite impressed by her work. She then explained “I think you should know, this project I gave you to shoot yesterday; I made it up just to see what you could do. I’ve never had my interns do anything like it before. Though since Felicita and Aiden have already asked if they can shoot their portfolio photos when we are in Italy, I guess they will also complete the same project.”

Misty wondered “Why had she made up something new for me?”

Kate answered the question without being asked. “The simple truth is that in looking at your photo’s week after week, I can tell you are one of the most talented young people I have ever mentored. Your photos simply stand out from the others. Miloslava saw it. We made up this project, which frankly would be unfairly advanced for most college students, to see if you would rise to the challenge. Miloslava joined the two interns as your models as a further test. Working with an experienced professional model offers both opportunities and challenges. I really felt you needed to be pushed beyond what seemed reasonable; and you succeeded brilliantly.”

Misty didn’t know what to say.

Kate pulled out a manila folder with prints of a dozen or so photos she’d sent weekly to Miloslava. Misty was dumbfounded. Somewhere in her mind she realized she should have known in the weekly sessions with Miloslava, many of the comments and suggestions came from Kate.

Somehow, she’d missed that. Kate went through all of the twenty-five photos she had printed. Misty was simply overwhelmed.

Wrapping up, she put all the photos into the folder. From her satchel she took out copies of three signed model releases. “On the back of the prints, you will see Mr. Stalls (the business manager) has put numbers that correspond to the model releases. Felicita and Aiden agreed to include all the photos in the folder, not just the ones you took yesterday, in the model release.”

Misty managed to say “I will thank them before I leave.”

Kate took an envelope from her satchel. “I am so grateful that Elena suggested I make an age exception for you. And I’m going to do something else I’ve never done before. I’m going to invite you to be an intern for a second year. Would you like to come back next summer?”

Misty quickly said she would.

Then as if it were an afterthought, Kate handed Misty the envelope. “It is a check for $6,000. It seems I’m not the only one to be impressed with your work.” She went on to explain how Mr. Stalls was able to sell one of the photo sets Misty had taken of Felicita to a magazine in Germany called DieNacht.

Misty almost fell over in surprise. She said she was grateful, but wondered why she hadn't heard of this before. Kate explained that she had only found they’d bought the photos when the check came. She’d kept it for a week to make it a going-away surprise. It seems Mr. Stalls had seen the photos three weeks ago and thought they were marketable. He asked Felicita for a model release in the hope he could make them both some money. He’d had shopped the photos along with Kate's stuff “and it seemed DieNacht liked your photos more than mine.” Kate laughed. Misty almost swallowed her tongue.

Kate then added “Now I know you didn’t sign a contract with her, but I would suggest you in turn pay your model $1,000 of that money. Normally the studio would also take another thousand; but I have heard that you have been telling your peers how much you need a good camera to work with at home. With the remaining money you can get the tool a budding professional needs. Think of it as a Thank You gift from me for all your hard work.

Misty’s head was still swimming when she left Kate’s office, but she had things she had to do before she left this internship.

Before she left the studio offices to tell the other interns what had transpired, she stopped by to see Mr. Stalls. He was a stumpy middle-aged man that could be best described as pedantic, but she liked him. She’d initially met with him when she had been assigned to him a few hours a day for a week so that she could see and learn about how photos are shopped and other un-glamourous things about the business. At the beginning of July, she’d gone to him for advice. She wanted to find the true ownership of the website that was selling her nude beach photos. He gave her some tips on how to look; but it was a couple of helpful phone calls he had made to people he knew in the business that yielded the information she was seeking.

Two weeks prior to her last meeting with Kate, with the information in hand she contacted Richard Kyle of a company called Unique Images Ltd., based in the Cayman Islands. In order to even begin any sort of email correspondence, she had to verify her authenticity. She sent him two photos of her and her mother, taken at the hotel pool, topless. Additionally, she sent a picture of herself, fully dressed, at home; and a scanned copy of her driver’s license.

Misty had gone to Mr. Stalls office that last day to ask how much money he thought she should hold out for in dealing with this shady company in the Caribbean. He had gone to “her” website the day she’d first gone to him and was conversant in both the legal and financial issues regarding such things. He let her know he’d done some more digging, and found this company is one of the largest independents left after several years of consolidation by the huge company that owns Porn Hub. He suggested that more photos of her with her mother would have real value to Mr. Kyle. At the very least she could expect several thousand dollars for each new set she provides him. He based that estimate on how much traffic “her” site was still generating. “I say that not because the company would be generous, but because they could make many times that amount with a fresh set of mother-daughter nude beach photos. There is a market there and very little supply.”

As she thought of it on the drive home, Misty wanted to keep her mother in the dark about her plans so as to give her plausible deniability; however, if she was to get more photos of the two of them together at Haulover next week, she’d have to tell her why. She was sure…hopefully sure….she could talk her into it.

Misty did not call-in advance with all her news, she wanted to lay it all out together in her bid to get her mom’s help with more photos. The plan was to overwhelm her mother with good news, then slide in that she wanted to take and sell new photos of the two of them at the nude beach.

When Misty began telling her mother about all that had happened, she was indeed excited at the stream of good news. Bonnie also closely looked at the two dozen prints her daughter had been given by Kate. She seemed to appreciate their quality. It was a good start.

“Misty,” Bonnie bubbled over with pride “These photos are amazing. I can see why that magazine bought some of your work. I wish I could say you got that artistic talent from me, but I know you didn’t. You can thank your father for that.’

Misty’s first pitch was to sell her mother on spending the whole $5,000 she would have left after she paid Felicita for modeling. She explained her plan to purchase a good camera, lens and tripod. Much to her surprise, her mother was all for it. Even when she asked her to front the money so she could order it that night, before she could get to the bank on Monday. She very much wanted to make sure the gear arrived before they left for Florida Wednesday morning. Thankfully, her mother agreed whole heartedly. Perhaps her plan would work.

Sitting in the living room sofa Misty looked at her mother. “I didn’t go looking for this, it just happened on its own. Things just came naturally, like so much of what has happened to you and Dad this year. For a while I’ve been wondering what my place in the world will be. A year from now I’ll be going off to college, yet I’ve had no idea where to go or why. In the last year, it appears that God or providence has been guiding my hand so that I’m beginning to get some sort of outline as to my future life. I can so very easily see myself with a studio doing work like Kate. I know the details aren’t clear, but I see the outlines. I just have to move forward.” Misty took a deep breath “I think I already have a buyer for more of my photos. I haven’t negotiated the exact dollar amount, but Mr. Stalls from Kate’s studio said the lowest I should accept is $2,000 per set of two dozen. But I will need to do another shoot or two to make it work; and I’ll need your help.”

“I am so proud of you. You know I’ll do anything I can to help ” her mother said with a sparkle in her eye.

It took Misty another ten minutes to layout and explain why she wanted to sell Mr. Kyle nude beach photos of both of them. She explained why doing so would simply be part and parcel with the things her mother had been doing recently. “We spent all day on the 4th having nude photos taken by a professional photographer. You signed a model release for both of us. Several of me with Heather and Nell are already on Janice’s web site. Sure, in the posted pictures you can’t see my nipples, but we are nude. Last year’s beach photos have been up for months now. All I am proposing is we keep on the path we are already on.”

When she finished her appeal Bonnie only said “I just want you to promise me you won’t send anything or sign a contract until our lawyer looks it over and gives your father and I an OK.”

And so it was done. She and her mother were going to deliberately take and sell nude photos of themselves. Another momentous step had been taken, yet it had all been so very easy.

Misty was able to get her new camera before Wednesday when she and the others were schooled to leave early in the morning for Miami. It might not have been possible, but when her father came home from the university that night, he was totally supportive of her plan to spend the money, or as he put it invest the money, in a quality camera. He let her use one of his cards to order a new semi-pro grade Nikon 850 camera off of Amazon. With two-day shipping her new camera would arrive the day before they left for Miami. Even with so much money available, she still had to be selective to get the things she needed: Nikon’s current semi-pro level DSLR, a very fast “shorter” zoom lens for shooting indoors, and a moderately fast “longer” zoom for outside; Nikon’s good flash that synched with the camera; a professional grade tripod, collapsible reflector board and a bag to carry & protect her “investment.”

On Tuesday night, as she packed her things for the mother daughter trip to Miami, Misty contemplated the value of more photos and how she could use all the things she had learned on her internship to good effect on this trip.

The mother & daughter trip had been planned for just Sarah & Misty and their mothers, but it had grown. First Bonnie asked Trish to join her and Marcy, then when Bonnie asked Marcy to invite Sarah’s friend Bailey, the list grew more. Bonnie decided that Misty might feel left out if Sarah and her best friend came, so she called Ashley and asked if she and Rebecca would like to come with them. Ashley said "Oh, I wish you'd asked sooner. We would love to come, but we already have plans. I told you we have been trying to book a trip to France before school starts. Rebecca has never been to Europe, and she is finally old enough to appreciate it. Just yesterday we made the final arrangements and paid for our trip. I was going to tell everyone at our tanning session tomorrow. We will be spending four days in Paris and three on the Mediterranean coast at Cap d'Agde. The largest nudist resort in the world is nearby and we will certainly visit. We are so excited, but I'm so sorry we can't go with you guys."

Bonnie replied, "Well, I guess we will just have to share photos and stories once we all get back home."

Bonnie then decided to call Caitlin's mother. It had been over two years since she'd spoken to what had once been her closest friend. The conversation was cordial and Bonnie distinctly got the feeling that Gina was not happy with the level of control her “husband” was exercising. However, she notably made a point to let Bonnie know her life was more stable than it had ever been before. The message seemed to be that she was trading her freedom for stability. Given that, Bonnie was more than a little surprised when Gina asked "So, will you be going back to the nude beach?"

Bonnie was not surprised that Gina (like everyone else in town) knew about that, but she did not expect her to be so direct about it. She replied "That will be up to the girls."

Gina with a wistful voice said " I'm sure Caitlin will want to go. Do you remember when I went to the nude swinger’s resort in Jamaica? "

Bonnie said "Of course I do, both times. Caitlin was in seventh grade, old enough to understand where you were going. She stayed with us for a week in the fall and again in the spring. As I recall you had a great time with your boyfriend, but I don't remember his name."

Gina quietly said "Yes, I did. They were some of the most wonderful weeks in my life. And I told Caitlin all about it. We even talked about going to a nude beach together when she got a little older. That seems like a lifetime ago, but it was only, what five years back? Too bad James was married. At the time I really wanted him to leave his wife, but looking back that was really selfish of me. If Bob knew about those trips I don't know what he'd do. It was not just the nude beach, but the resort was for swingers and I had a lot of great sex with more than one man on both of those trips."

Bonnie cut in "Oh, yea, you told me all about it."

"Yes, you were the only one I could tell those things and know I wouldn't be judged."

"I was on occasion a little jealous though."

They both laughed then Gina continued. "If Bob knew even a tenth of the things you know about me, he would probably throw me out. I can't tell you how happy I am Caitlin is spending time at your place again. I get bits and pieces but I can't really talk to her about what is going on because I have to pretend I don't know any of it. I hate it, but it is the price I have to pay."

Bonnie replied, "I figured as much. You can be sure that your girl is getting the good things you recall from being a teenager, but I'm keeping her away from the bad stuff."

"Please know, I fully trust you with my daughter. You can teach her in ways I just can't right now. Let her know we talked. Tell her I’m completely supportive of her and I want her to enjoy herself doing new things in Miami even if I can't tell her directly."

"Like going to the nude beach?"

"Yes, that is exactly what I mean."

"What if she wants to have sex?"

"I know you won't let her do anything that would harm her or make her feel… well like I did so many times. I know in my case it was not the sex exactly, but the way the guys made me feel about it afterward."

"You know I'll treat her just like Misty. Safety first, self-respect second and having a good time third. Having sex might be in the cards, but it might not. We will see how it goes."

After she hung up Bonnie was very down. She cared a lot for Gina. It was clear she felt she had to trade her happiness for security. It was a terrible thing to have to choose between the two.

The final addition to the trip’s make up was Haley. It happened quite accidently after Rebecca called Haley minutes after Bonnie’s call to her mother. The two girls logically assumed, since both mothers were part of the Campbell’s group; Haley would also be asked to go. They reasoned Mrs. C. had not talked to Ronda yet only because she worked during the day. While the girls were partially correct, the real reason Bonnie called Gina rather than Ronda was it just slipped her mind. The planning kept changing and it was all so last minute. In the rush, she’d goofed. When she found out what happened, Bonnie called Ronda that evening to ask if Haley could come too.

Given the fact the trip had grown significantly beyond what was first envisioned, Bonnie thought a planning meeting was in order. The next evening Bonnie, Marcy, Ashly, Trish and Ronda sat around her living room with legal pads in hand. Bonnie surprised herself with the effort she put in deciding what she should wear, if anything. While she understood the whole nudist mindset, and she certainly wasn’t ashamed of going nude; however, by doing so often as of late, she had also come to appreciate clothing and the social role it plays. She thought of doing just the body jewelry thing, but decided on a sheer flowery top and one of her most daring swimsuit bottoms: one with a cut out that exposed most of her labial cleavage, yet were not actually crotchless. She’d bought two versions of the bottoms, and had not worn either one yet. She hoped it would give the right message.

Though neither Ronda nor Ashely was going to Miami with them, they both had more experience in planning trips like this than any of those who were. As they talked through the details, their help was invaluable. Once everyone had a list of things to do, they were able to relax and chat for a bit. As it turned out, this had been just the right moment the four mothers needed. Though it had not been planned, the women began a long overdue discussion of how their teenage children seemed to magnify the changes that were going on in all of their lives.

In just a few minutes, one by one they each confessed that they felt stressed due to the speed of how life was changing for them. Partially that was due to the emergence of their new social group and its unapologetic embrace of recreational sex. However, much of the change in their lives was simply adjusting to their children growing up. It was the interaction of those two factors the four mothers where working to balance. One thing they knew for sure, they were not going to cop out and revert to the ways of their parents’ generation. Telling the kids that teenage sex was wrong or degrading was simply not an option. They had to live with the consequences of raising daughters who embraced their sexuality as a virtue.

“This afternoon was a first” Bonnie told the other three women. “I walked into the game room to find Lamar on the floor, with his face between Sarah’s thighs as she sat in one of the theater seats.”

Ronda, Ashely and Trish looked over to Marcy who just nodded “Yea, I knew it was coming. But for Sarah, this was not the first time to have someone go down on her. She started having oral sex with her best friend back in the fall, though I didn’t know that until a few weeks ago.”

Bonnie told the other two how Sarah and Lamar had been using their hands to get each other off for a month.

Marcy put in “Yea, they have done it right in front of us out at the pool.”

Bonnie told Ronda, Ashely and Trish how Sarah had directly asked if it was OK for them to start having oral sex the day she first saw them playing with each other. “I told them to give it some time first. I guess they did, after all, for a sixteen-year-old, a month is a good bit of time. So when I saw him eating her, I guess I was a little startled, because Sarah looked over to me, smiled and gave me a little wave before turning back to Lamar. She seemed to give him some sort of direction, then she just leaned back and closed her eyes again. I went back to my FFF work in the study, but perhaps an hour later they both came to see me and we had a good talk. It seems they have decided that while Sarah is totally ready to start having vaginal sex, they agree that Lamar should be given the time to get really good at everything else first. They are afraid if he jumps to screwing, he might be too tempted to just get himself off like so many guys do. It seems Sarah has been talking a lot to Misty, Haley and the other club girls who come over. They are providing her the real guidance she needs right now.”

Ronda said “She really is fortunate to have such open access to that kind of information. I hope Haley is a good role model.”

Marcy put her hand out to Ronda, “Oh, there is no question that Haley has helped Sarah. She is not ashamed of her significant sexual experience and is more than happy to share things she has learned. Though Sarah doesn’t give me the details, I gather some of Haley’s knowledge was acquired the hard way.”

Ronda was visibly appreciative of Marcy’s words. Marcy then turned to Bonnie and asked “So, did they tell you what they plan to do?”

“According to Sarah, she and Bailey are hoping to find the right guy on our trip and have sex with him together. Baily really does want to try out having sex just for herself, rather than for some guy; and Misty convinced Sarah how wonderful it was for her to have her best friend there when she had sex with a boy for the first time. So that is their plan. Lamar clearly has absorbed the idea that just because he and Sarah are moving into the realm of what can be called a first love; he has no objection to her having sex with guys just for herself.”

The other mothers were rather impressed.

Bonnie went on, “I think he means it. While we talked, he expressed dismay at how guys he knows seem to think their girlfriends shouldn’t even look at other guys. I really don’t think it will bother him in the least if Sarah does have sex with a guy while she’d gone.”

Marcy put in “But, you should tell them how she had sweetened the deal for him.”

“Oh yea. They told me that that was actually the second time he’d gone down on her. It seems during this week’s family swim day, they went to his room and he gave her oral for the first time. So, what I saw was his second effort. Sarah was funny and remarkably candid about it. She said since Lamar is just a guy, it will take him some time to learn what her girl friends knew the very first time they licked each other’s pussies.”

The women couldn’t help but laugh.

“But, I want you to know” Bonnie said with an air of excitement, “On his second try, he got her off….twice.”

She could not help but feeling pride in saying that part. Her friends went on for some time about how that was impressive for a fifteen-year-old boy.

Bonnie finished the story by telling them that the kids had told how after Lamar had gotten Sarah off, she gave her very first blow job. “She went on for quite a while about that experience. She talked at length about what she had expected and what she had not. She seemed quite surprised at how much she enjoyed the experience of sucking his penis. She warned me that one they get back from Miami, I’d likely find her with Lamar’s dick in her mouth on a daily basis.”

Marcy just shook her head.

Bonnie couldn’t help but ask “So, does your daughter take after you?”

Marcy nodded. “I wasn’t going to tell you guys, but I guess I will. Sarah also gave me a whole narrative of her first experience going down on a guy. She made a point to say she’d swallowed every drop. Then she told me something that surprised me. It was the only thing that really surprised me about her story. She said that she had not been concerned that she would find his semen gross in her mouth. It seems she has been licking it off her hand for weeks, so she already knew what Lamar’s stuff tasted like. She said that for weeks, she has been looking forward to him ejaculating into her mouth. So that first time she got him off today, it was something she’d been waiting for. I thought I should show some support for her actions; so, I admitted to her when I was her age, I couldn’t get enough spunk. I told her how I had a group of friends I’d suck off just as a matter of course. Rather than be grossed out, she told me she might turn out to do the same.”

“The first time?” Ashely asked.

It was only then that Bonnie noticed how Ronda and Ashly were so close together that their legs touched. Though over the summer Bonnie had seen them holding hands several times, and they seemed to spend most of the time at the pool together; this was the first time they had really looked like a couple. Yet, they did it with such innocence that it made the conclusion they had something going on hard to justify. Though, as the talk wore on, Bonnie couldn’t help notice how Ashly’s hand stroked Ronda’s thigh for over an hour. Bonnie didn’t say anything. If they wanted to come out as a couple they would say so. Bonnie did her best to act as if she did not notice anything so she just went on with telling what had happened. “When they left the study this afternoon, Sarah said they were on their way to his bedroom to do it all…again. They didn’t come back downstairs until Marcy came to get Sarah at 5:00.”

Marcy bemoaned. “All the way home she talked about her day. Part of me was excited to see her growing up into a confident young woman; but another part of me cringed as she went on and on about sucking Lamar off three times over the afternoon.”

They all laughed because they fully understood her quandary.

Ronda then told the group, “I am glad to know it is not just me who struggles with that. This week I’ve been thinking about that conflict in my mind and how much the entire atmosphere of my home has been totally transformed since summer began.”

Bonnie asked “Is there a problem with Gregg living there?”

“Oh no. There is no problem…perhaps the fact it is going so well is why I am uncomfortable” Ronda replied. “We have gone so long with no male presence, I guess I’d expected it would be harder. But there hasn’t been a hitch. Even the fact Bethany and I can hear them screwing morning, noon and night seems so normal. I think you all know that I’ve supported Haley having sex when she wants with who she wants since she was barely fourteen, so this is nothing new. The truth is, with one notable exception, I couldn’t ask for less trouble from her in her teenage years. She has become a very sure young woman who gets what she wants without putting up with BS from guys about it. What is important to me is that she has learned to enjoy life while managing the potential risks.”

Marcy asked “So, there has never been any problem with you giving her carte blanch on sex?”

“I didn’t say that. Once, early on.” Ronda paused to collect her thoughts. “I’m only free to tell you this next part because she has shared it with the club girls. Like you said, she told them she has had a few hard lessons. Though thankfully, they have been very few. You will understand in this area it is not something we want generally known; but, when she first started having vaginal sex, she did not take safety seriously enough. Perhaps I should have made her wait another year, and I certainly should have been more diligent about her practices. In those first few months after she started having sex, not only did Haley fail to make every guy use a condom every time he put his dick in her; she was hit and miss with her birth control pills.”

Bonnie knew full well from friends in college what happens when young women do that while having an active sex life.

“When she was fourteen, she got pregnant. The father could have been one of a half dozen guys she’d done during the time frame we were told it likely happened. I failed by simply telling her what to do and assuming she would. Fortunately, we were easily able to get the medication to terminate the pregnancy. From what Bethany has told me, Haley now aggressively, even militantly insists all her friends make guy’s use condoms. However, at the time I took the initiative to reduce that risk by getting her an IUD. Since one of the side effects of that method is the virtual cessation of her monthly period, she is also an evangelist of IUD’s. She and I both learned our lesson, and we haven’t had any issues since then…though I do buy a lot of condoms now.

Bonnie said “I was wondering if one of the club girls had been the one pushing IUD’s. That explains why Misty seemed to know all about it and wanted one right off.”

Ronda just nodded knowingly and went on. “From after that incident, until the last few months, it’s been more like a game to all of us than anything serious. That has been especially true when we travel to rodeos which is where she and I both have had most of our casual sexual encounters. For her, sex with guys on our trips is simply light fun. I get that. From the very first time when, on our drive to a rodeo outside of Montgomery, Alabama, she told me she planned to have sex; I’ve tried to treat it like just a normal pleasurable activity. You see, a few months before that, she’d asked to get on birth control for her fourteenth birthday, so I knew it was coming. But even still, just like Marcy said; when it happened, I had that mix of pride and fear. She told me right out that her friend Bobby would be at the event and they’d been talking about doing if for a while. For close to a year, she’d been giving him blow jobs when they were both at the same event. I liked him, and I’d actually had sex with his parents once in their trailer…and yes, Haley knew that before she said she planned on doing it with him.”

Ronda got a thoughtful look then went on a tangent “You know, its funny. Rodeo people are full of contradictions. They are nearly universally very conservative. Recently rodeos seem like Donald Trump conventions, and they are the vanguard of the in-your-face Christian right. To hear them talk, they are totally committed to conservative Christian morality. While gay people are the worst, all those so-called liberals who support extra-marital sex are simply beyond the pale. Yet…inside their trailers, they fuck around like 70’s swingers. Nearly all the sex I have at rodeos is with married men and married couples. Even though Haley mostly does younger single guys, she gets hit on by married guys all the time.” Ronda laughed for a second and said “At the first rodeo of the spring, she asked if it would be OK if she spent the night in the trailer of a very attractive young couple we’ve known for several years. You see, we normally arrive at events on Friday nights since we don’t leave until I get off work. Depending on the venue, there is either a parking lot tailgate party or a campfire kind of thing. Either way, Friday nights are all about being with our friends, drinking beer and later on, getting laid. As a single woman who doesn’t have, nor wants, a man in her life, I am quite rare in the rodeo world. You can imagine how popular my girls and I are in that very macho community. Though we’ve never really made it a rule, Haley and I have more or less divided the guys into hers and mine. That isn’t to say the guys she plays with don’t hit on me and visa versa, but until Samantha invited her for that all-night threesome in April, we’d never had any overlap.”

Bonnie asked “What about Bethany? I can’t imagine the guys don’t hit on her too?”

“Oh they do, and guys have been hitting on her since she was eleven or twelve. She has always been pretty. But, like you know, each child is different. While Haley was all about making out and then in giving blow jobs before she’d even left elementary school; Bethany didn’t begin to have any interest in that sort of thing until she was almost out of middle school. She liked flirting and the attention, but she just didn’t have the desire to get physical. The difference between them goes way back. Haley discovered that it felt really good to wrap her legs around the posts of my bed not long after I bought that fourposter when we moved here. By the time she was nine, she was humping the bedpost to orgasm several times a week. Bethany has never done that. The next year Haley discovered she really liked to watch people have sex on the internet. From watching porn, she discovered she could use her hands or other things to get herself off. Right about her eleventh birthday, she broke her hymen with the handle of a hairbrush. That really scared her.”

The other women reacted instinctively with “On no!”

Ronda just nodded “It seems it was not the first time she’d tried insertion, but the brush she’d used that time had a large rubbery handle. Once I convinced her that she hadn’t hurt herself, we had a nice talk. Among other things we spoke of safety and hygiene. It allowed me to both be supportive and to offer guidance. Since that brush had a spongy covering, it could not be properly cleaned; so, I took a lubricated condom from my drawer and showed her how to put it on and secure it with an elastic hair tie. She actually has brought up that day more than once as a big moment for her; not so much for breaking her cherry, but for our talk about her budding sexuality and how grown up she felt when we put the condom on the hairbrush. With Bethany none of that happened. While Haley says she doesn’t even remember a time in her life when she didn’t play with herself every single day; Bethany just didn’t have the inner desire until she was well into puberty. It didn’t bother her that she knew full well what her sister was like and the things she did, it just wasn’t her thing… well until one day it was. So not only was Bethany older than her sister when she started to have sex, she was more or less asexual until quite suddenly when she was thirteen…almost fourteen, it just hit her all at once. So, yes Bonnie, guys at the rodeos we go to have been hitting on her for years; but until about two years ago, she didn’t even flirt back. Even now, she’s not like Haley. She might be sexually active, but she still isn’t drawn to the kind of guys at the rodeo. For Haley and me, just watching guys riding bulls or broncs gets us going, but it doesn’t do a thing for Bethany. I think that is why she’s pulling back on barrel racing and turning her attention to softball and the guys at school and church.”

Bonnie said “Yea, I get that. My siblings were always very sexually repressed goody goodies, like my mother. When I was fourteen and fifteen, I was like Haley. I was getting all the dick I could. With Lamar and his growing relationship with Sarah, I think they are at different sexual developmental stages, even while they are both having their first taste of love. Not only is he nine months younger than Sarah, but of course as a male, that means he is even further behind her developmentally. He might be a fifteen-year-old boy and he gets hard at the least provocation and jerks off day and night; but he is just venturing into actual physical acts with someone else. So, it makes sense that Sarah is wanting more than he is ready for. I’m just impressed they figured that out on their own.”

Trish, Ashely and Marcy seemed to be thinking on all that even as Ronda went back to her story. “So when she said she planned on having sex with Bobbie, I had to agree he would be a good choice for her first. Until he went off to the Navy last fall and Gregg came into her life, he was the closest thing she’d yet had to a boyfriend. Bobby was the only rodeo guy Haley had more than just hot casual sex with. They would nearly always go an hour or more. He was also the only guy we let her go and spend the night in his trailer. Haley just thinks of casual sex as just something fun to do; though now with Gregg, she understands how sex can be so much more. I think she has a healthy attitude.”

Marcy asked, “What about safety? Aren’t you concerned one of those guys will harm her?”

“We had thought of that even when she was just having oral sex with guys. Way back then, I let her know I wanted to be close enough that if she needed me, I could hear her. Since the very first when she planned to bring a guy to the trailer, she let me or her sister know. Our trailer has two sections: one for people and one for the horses. The door between the two compartments is not sound proof at all, so she has always known that should she need me I was close at hand. If she calls for me while I’m working on tack in the horse stall, I know I can hear. Of course, I can sometimes hear… well other noises she makes when she is with guys.”

That got a laugh from all three of the other mothers.

“Just you wait,” Ronda said, “It is a little unnerving the first time you hear your daughter having an orgasm.”

Marcy came back “Hear? I told you I was right there and saw Lamar finger fuck her till she came.”

“That I have not seen. Though Bethany has seen it many times. If I have something else I need to do when Haley wants to play in the trailer, her sister goes up into the loft and closes the curtain. She reads or plays with her phone while Haley and her guy do their thing. Its just part of our rodeo life. I guess I was teaching them both by my example. You see, I have made a real point to teach my girls the difference between great sex and love. When I was there age, I didn’t. I think Bonnie knows this, but I’ve never told anyone here in Sparta about me and the girl’s father. I was Bethany’s age when Junior Spivey, a bull rider in his late twenties, started paying me attention. I ate it up. I was the All-American good girl: good grades, church girl, 4-H, and that year I won the Iowa State Fair Junior Barrel Racing title. My parents simply were not paying attention. If they had, they would have seen that grown man was too friendly with their naïve fifteen-year-old daughter. He was my first. I didn’t have the early exposure to sexuality that my girls have had, and it was like suddenly I was overwhelmed with feelings I could not understand. I was madly in love and was sure what we had was unique in the history of the world. Looking back, he really was fantastic in bed; but to me all I saw was all that wonderful pleasure meant he was as madly in love with me as I was with him. That is why I deliberately taught my girls that sex is good for its own sake, and should not lead to turning your life over to the man who gives it to you. From the time we first moved here when Haley was eight and Bethany was six; I’ve been right up front that when I have male friends over to the house, or when I go out on dates, I nearly always have sex. Since they were still too young to really understand what that word meant, I got out my How Babies are Made book and went back over the mechanics of sex and explained that the doctor had fixed it so I won’t have any more babies. I directly told them that I very much like the feeling of being naked with a man and having his penis in my vagina. At that age they were full of questions about everything. They just accepted my answer about that like they did the answers I gave to their millions of questions about everything under the sun.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but laugh. “Well I’m not sure I explained it that way. In our case, we just never shut the bedroom door. Both of our kids grew up seeing Cooper and I have sex whenever they looked into our bedroom at the right time.”

Ronda replied “Yes, had I been in your situation, I would likely have done that; but men were not part of our everyday life. When I have men over, they might tell the girls hello but that is it. Men I have had over to our home over the years have been just playmates, usually guys from work. The girls have always known that. That is why when they became sexually active, they thought it was just natural to bring guys over to the house for casual sex. Gregg is actually the first male to ever stay overnight in our house…ever.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but say “Ever?”

Ronda nodded, “Yes, ever. Neither my parents or my brother has ever come to stay overnight at my house. When they come, they always stay at a motel. Our relationship never really recovered from when I deliberately got pregnant with Haley when I was sixteen. I still did not understand that her father was not as in love with me as I was with him. I moved in with him when I turned seventeen, and Haley was born four months later. For close to two years I kept trying to make it work, but when he found out I was pregnant again, he just disappeared. I’ve never seen nor heard from him since.”

All three of the women gasped and expressed how sorry they were for her.

Ronda sat up straight and said “That was a long time ago. Though my parents were not happy about what happened and I don’t think they have ever forgiven me; they did let me move in with them so I could get my GED, then my Associate degree in Human Resources. When Caterpillar offered me a position a thousand miles from home, I started a new life here in Georgia. As part of that new life, I decided I would never again confuse sex with love. I’d had some very clandestine playmates in Iowa; but because of fear of my parent’s threat to cut off my financial support, the girls had no knowledge of that. Only when we got here did I let Haley and Bethany see when a friend from work and I went into my bedroom for an hour or two. Like I said before, from the first time I had a man over, they knew full well we were having sex.”

Marcy quoted her from earlier “You were putting his penis in your vagina.”

Ronda smiled and nodded “Yes. That is how I described it. As they got older, they sometimes would ask questions about what I did in bed with men. Like the time I thought the girls were asleep and I was giving a guy head in the living room, but Bethany had seen. The next day we had a talk about oral sex. I showed them a video of a woman giving a blow job so as to demystify it. I thought that was the best way to approach it.”

Bonnie said “I recall when Misty first asked why I put Dad’s penis in my mouth. I guess since we have a man in the house, I was teaching Misty the same way you did your girls, except I had a live model. She had seen me doing it to her father dozens of times before she did it to Cody that first time. Oh, and she’d seen pictures and video of me blowing other men. So, I guess we did use video too.”

Ashely also said “I try to pretend I was always discreet, but I wasn’t. More than once Rebecca opened my bedroom door and saw me in the act. But I think it was more significant that at some point she realized the men in my life supported our lifestyle. She’s never called me a whore or anything like that; but I think she has thought it more than once… hell, more than once I’ve looked in the mirror and called myself a whore.” She looked at Bonnie and Ronda “But unlike you two, I never talked to my daughter about it. I just pretended she didn’t know I was sexually active. And I still have not talked to her about the fact some of the men with whom I’ve had relationships were transactional in nature. Though I’m sure she has figured it out. I guess I really should. I know that was wrong and unfair of me, but I just…I guess I was just too selfish to see it. Or perhaps too ashamed that I was effectively having sex for money.”

Bonnie was surprised. She’d never heard Ashley talk so candidly about her past. She knew she needed to be supportive. “None of us can change the past. What I do know it that Rebecca is happy that the two of you are on the same page now.” Bonnie considered if it would be wise to continue. She decided it was. “I know she told Misty that she thinks one of the reasons you are so open about having sex with me and Cooper while she is here is to make up for hiding it all those times before. And she also told Misty about something that happened the last time I spent the night with you and Chad. I recall that during a break, you went to get us some drinks. I guess Rebecca was in the kitchen when you pranced in fully naked. According to Misty, you didn’t make any pretense you were not right in the middle of a ménage à trois. From what I understand, she asked you how it was going and you went on for some time about what a great time you were having…including some pretty sweaty details.”

Ashely seemed embarrassed. “I know. I talked too much. It was more the sexual high than the wine that made me do it. I hope she wasn’t too grossed out.”

Bonnie shook her head, “Not at all. You’re missing the point. She was thrilled you were finally willing to be completely honest and open with her. You are making up for those years now, when she needs you the most. I don’t think you know it, but she has watched you and me and Cooper from the living room go at it in my bed. She told Misty that while watching us have sex is hot; what she likes more than anything is that you know the door is wide open and she is in the house. In her view, that is just one small step from doing it right in front of her. And then, what was it? Two weeks ago, on Thursday night. You and Cooper started making out in the pool, and you were pretty flagrant as he got you off with his hand. Rebecca and Misty sat on the deck watching the whole time. They saw you climax. So, while you might have made some questionable choices before; in Rebecca’s eyes you are making up for it now.”

Ashely’s eyes were large. “Really? She has deliberately watched me have sex? And have an orgasm?”

Bonnie nodded “From what Misty told me, she’s seen you cum more than once from Cooper and I eating you out.”

“And she is OK with it? I would have died if I’d seem my mother.”

Bonnie repeated “She’s more than OK with it. And yes, it turned her on to watch; but the big thing to her was that after pretending you were not doing it for so long, you now are willing to do it where she can see. That is what she really appreciates.”

Ronda then put in, “Ashely, consider this. You now have a stable and positive home for Rebecca. Perhaps it was better in your case that you waited till now to come out of the parental closet. The fact she wanted to watch you have a threesome would indicate, that even if she doesn’t realize it; you and her are now in synch. In my case I waited until I thought the girls had a good understanding about why I was having sex before I made a choice to do it when they would be aware of what I was doing, as I was doing it. In our trailer, the pull-out bed they share on the main floor is perhaps ten feet from the loft bed I sleep in. While there is a curtain, it only gives nominal privacy. The first time I invited a man over at night when they were in bed, I directly asked if they would object if I had sex in the loft bed with them present. Even though they said it was fine, we had a nice talk afterward. They had been able to make out a good deal of what went on, and we talked it through. That was right about the same time that Haley began bringing her own guys to the trailer. She began having oral sex pretty much right after she started making out with boys; but like I said, she didn’t have vaginal sex till she’d turned fourteen. Since then, we both have sex with men on the rodeo circuit; though it was just this summer when she first had sex with me actually in the living compartment, and that was with Gregg. Without a doubt, she has a lot more sex on those trips than I do. I don’t think I had her libido even when I was a teenager. She commonly has sex with one guy on Friday night and with a different one on Saturday. I don’t fault her or shame her for it though. As long as every penis is covered, I encourage her to ride as many cowboys as she wants.”

Bonnie said “Again, I don’t think I’ve used the same words, but essentially I’ve told Misty the same thing.”

Ronda nodded “I know that approach isn’t what conventional wisdom says a mother should tell her teenage daughter; but the simple truth is, I’ve lived that way for the last decade and they know it. How can I do anything but support her choice to do the same. For both of us, until this year, the guys we took to bed have been transitory and have never been integrated into our lives. That is why Gregg living with us is such a big step.”

Ashley commented “I was on my own for a good while, and I understand keeping men at arm’s length. But I dropped the ball when I simply closed my eyes to the reality that Rebecca was growing up. Like Haley did, I am sure Rebeca learned about casual sex from watching me. I wasn’t anything like you two about my dates and lovers, but she’s not stupid. She knew. The truth is I don’t know when she lost her virginity. She developed early and she was definitely sexually active when she was fourteen. I know that because before her fifteenth birthday, she told me she thought she should be on birth control. She’d had a pregnancy scare. That was the only reason she came to me. Looking back, I kick myself. Had she gotten pregnant, it would have been my fault for not paying enough attention to her needs. I was wrapped up in my own life…and my own sex life…to see it. What I do know for sure I didn’t give her the support and safety I should have and she has some painful memories that she still has not shared with me.”

Trish put her arm around Ashely.

Bonnie said “I wasn’t as on top of things as I thought I was either. Before she told me last summer, Misty had been having sex with her female friends for close to a year. I think we are all doing some catching up to what Ronda seems to have been doing from the beginning. Even though there is room to think perhaps that fourteen was too young, especially with no guard rails; but I have no doubt Ronda’s basic approach is one to emulate. We can’t forget that Bethany took the same environment, and chose to wait a year and a half longer than Haley for her sexual debut. Yet today, both of them are fully empowered to control their own body and their own sexual choices.”

Ronda pointed out “I’ll confess, I have had some moments when I felt really guilty about how permissive I’ve been with Haley. This group has really been better for me than you realize. It’s like you all have helped me dispel the doubts that have plagued me since Haley was fourteen.”

Bonnie understood “Yes, the group has been good for me too. Its hard feeling like you are the only parent in the county who believes teenage sex is not a problem to be stamped out.”

The five mothers all agreed.

. Having Gregg come with us to events this summer has been great; it allows her to hide behind him.“

Then she said “Oh” with clearly an afterthought. “At the last event, while Bethany and Gregg pretending to be a couple… a subterfuge Haley and he came up with so as to allow her to keep on with her cowboy habit even though he is traveling with us…I know, but well that is what they wanted to do. We only have two more events before fall. But, this last time, on Saturday afternoon, while Haley was with one of her bull rider friends, Bethany and Gregg were playing like they were a couple up in the loft. Well while Haley was having sex, they pretended so well that they actually had sex too.”

“And that just slipped your mind?” Ashely asked.

That started a whole side discussion. Ronda assured them that Haley had expressly let her sister and boyfriend know beforehand that it would be all right with her if that happened. She went on to tell how for three hours on the drive back to Sparta, she, Haley, Gregg and Bethany and a very good discussion “and that is why I’ve been thinking about how much things have changed. On that drive, I realized I don’t have two little girls anymore, I have two young women…two very confident and self-directed young women. How could I want more than that? But yet…I am sad to loose my little girls all the same.”

Her statement resonated with Bonnie, Marcy and Ashley. It was as if she finally said what they were all feeling.

They sat in silence for several moments. Ronda then said “But before you guys go to Miami, you need to press on the girls that this trip is different than anything they have done before. Miami can be very dangerous and the truth is, our girls are extremely naïve. They grew up in a quiet backwater, so we can afford to give our girl’s latitude they could not have if we lived in the city. And I know full well my Haley can be obstinate, so I think we need to lay down some firm rules. She has to understand that she cannot go off with men she meets down there.”

Marcy seconded that opinion. “She’s right. What is safe in Sparta could be very dangerous in Miami.”

Bonnie and Trish agreed. “Then rule one will be, the girls must stay in the house or with one of the adults at all times.”

“And they need to be told in no uncertain terms they are never allowed to get in a car with anyone” Ronda added.

Bonnie fully agreed and said that the girls would absolutely positively not be allowed to go off with anyone. “There will be three adults to keep an eye on the five teens all the time.” She took a breath and said “If the girls want to have sex, they will have to do it right in the house we are renting. And, I think we should simply import my house rules: no closed doors and if you are ashamed someone might see, you should not be doing it."

Ronda nodded “Good. I know full well Haley is planning to get laid by some beach guy… or guys.”

Bonnie followed up with" So is Misty. I want you to know that you can be sure safety will be front and center. And while we are being honest, Misty's mom plans on getting laid too."

Ashely laughed “I figured as much.”

Marcy followed up with “So does Sarah’s mom.”

Trish sheepishly then joined the other two saying she too hoped to have sex on their trip.

The rest of the rules they agreed upon were also from those posted next to the Campbell’s guest/play room: no means no, no disrespect would be tolerated, no recreational drugs or alcohol. The three “chaperones” agreed that even the adults would abstain from drinking during the trip. There was also agreement that condoms must be used for all vaginal penetration.

Ronda, added “Condoms for anal sex too. I don’t know if any of the girls like anal, but I think we should spell out condom use for both vaginal and anal sex. The single easiest way to pass disease is anal sex. I know Haley does it from time to time, but its not in her standard repertoire.”

Ashely said “Bonnie is the only one I know who is freaky enough to like it up the ass, like all the time. One thing is for sure, Chad thinks that is the hottest. But… you are right we should add anal to the condom requirement.”

Bonnie shot back “I use condoms for anal….well most of the time.”

There was some laughter.

“OK ladies, are we agreed?” Bonnie asked.

And so they were ready.

After all the planning for the Miami trip was done, Bonnie asked Ashely to give a run down on her family’s upcoming trip to France.


Very early on the first Wednesday morning in August the mother/daughter trip finally arrived. The big fifteen passenger rental van did not pull out of the Campbell’s drive until 9:00 PM, an hour late. The drive to Miami Beach took well over eleven hours with the many “pit stops” and lunch & dinner. Misty busied herself learning about her new Nikon DSLR & matching electronic flash.

On the trip down, while Trish was behind the wheel, Bonnie took the opportunity of sitting in the back with the girls so that she could laid down the law. “You should not leave the house without one of the adults. When we are out, like at the beach, while you can walk the beach without one of the mom’s; you are never to leave our camp alone. NEVER! Even if you just plan to walk a few hundred yards. And three is better than two. And never get in any vehicle, even this van unless one of us moms are with you. Even if that guy is super cute and hot, you don’t go even for a walk alone. I can assure you that no guy will turn down a second hot girl to accompany him. Second rule: if you choose to have a penis in your vagina or up your rectum at some point this week, always, always, always use a condom. I have reason to suspect that in spite of my advice to the contrary, on occasion, there are Euro-Club girls who fail to use condoms with your group of boy-toys. But this is different, these guys may screw a dozen different girls a week, you can’t take that chance. Agreed?”

“Agreed” answered the three older girls firmly.

Bonnie went on “You all have mothers who are very supportive of your independence and have put trust in you to make good choices. After all, how many mothers would be as open as Ronda who strait out told me to keep you safe while you get laid on this trip. I think she even bought you guys three boxes of condoms. How many mothers do you know that would do that?”

Misty told her mom “She’s not the only one. Hope, Iris and Jeannette’s mom’s all buy condoms too.”

Then Bonnie added "As does Rebecca's mom." then she laughed when she said "After seeing Samuel's huge penis in action at the end of school party, I told Ashley to start buying magnums because he can't use the normal ones."

That got several comments about Samuel's tool.

Quietly Bailey said “My mother buys condoms for my sister and me too.”

Bonnie did not know that. Once again, she thought that the girls somehow attracted friends who had mothers who were out of step with the prevailing “teen sex is wrong” and “abstinence is the only choice” mindset. Not for the first time she wondered how that had happened. “I mean other than the Euro-Club mothers… and though Sarah and Baily are not officially part, for this trip they are effectively members. After all you have to know your club is not typical. At first, I didn’t realize it, but it appears you all have exceptionally progressive mothers when it comes to sex. Even you Caitlin, though it doesn’t seem like it now. And I guess Kelli too. But for both of you, during your formative years your mothers were well outside the mainstream for our area. I don’t think you all even realized it, but there was a commonality that brought you together even before you all took your clothes off.”

“I’ve never thought about it that way” Misty said.

Caitlin agreed before Haley said “But you are right. I mean way back in 7th grade when I first started having sex, I knew it was safe to tell certain people without fear of getting treated like dirt. I don’t know how I knew I could tell them and not others, but I did. Those girls that I told way back then are now the core of the Euro-Club.”

Bonnie said “You girls are very privileged with trust from your parents. Like I said Caitlin, even you. Your mother knows full well what we will be doing this week. I talked to her about it. She can’t directly tell you, but she is happy you have a safe environment in which to enjoy your teenage years.”

Caitlin didn’t say anything, but Bonnie could tell the words had been meaningful. She then looked at Sarah and Bailey “Now you two, I’m not suggesting you should do anything with guys this week, let alone something that needs a condom. No matter what the rest of us do, we do not expect or necessarily want you to have sex with anyone.”

Misty cut in “Except with each other.”

Bonnie didn’t like being interrupted, but she was right. It was better for Sarah and Bailey to know that the adults all know they will surely be having sex with each other. “Yes Misty, but you know that is not what I mean.” Then she continued “BUT….if you decide you want to have sex with a boy, the same rules apply. I don’t actually think I really need to say it, but you do not need to be messing around with guys that are more than a year or two older than you.”

They both said “OK”, Sarah with much more enthusiasm than Bailey.

Bonnie turned to face the front of the van and added “And you two also” Bonnie said to Trish and Marcy who were in the front seats. “The rules about not going off alone go for you too. And if you decide to get some action, the condom rule applies to everyone here.”

“Agreed” they said somewhat red faced as the teens laughed and razzed them.

On the drive down, Bonnie had a chance to talk to each of the girls individually. Bailey let her know that while her mother doesn’t know about the problems with her ex-boyfriend, she knew they were having sex. It had not been a secret. “Mom had me fitted with an IUD when I turned fifteen. She knew I wasn’t having sex back then, but after my sister got pregnant when she was fifteen, she was not going to take a chance with me.”

That was news to Bonnie. She also did not recall any talk of a child living at Bailey’s home; but Bonnie wasn’t about to ask.

When Bonnie sat with Haley for close to an hour, she began to tell her how it was working out for Gregg to live with her. When it became evident that the other girls wanted to hear, she turned in her seat so as to include everyone. Much of what she said, Bonnie had already heard from Ronda; but she added more details about Gregg going with her family for overnight rodeo trips.

“Gregg and I talked about it” Haley explained. “He agreed he would pretend to be Bethany’s boyfriend at rodeos so that I could still ride cowboys in the trailer.” She then filled Sarah and Bailey in on the background. Bonnie only half listened to the explanation, but when she started on things Bonnie had not heard, she began to listen in earnest.

“So you see Bethany has been in the trailer when I have sex since she was like eleven; but Mom has never seen me doing it. Looking back, I’m not sure why, nor can I tell you if it was her or me who decided I wouldn’t have sex when she was in the living compartment. It’s just been what we’ve done for the last three years. Now with Gregg traveling with us, we had to change things. The first trip he came with us was back in June. As usual, while mom spent time with her friends on Friday night by the fire, I brought one of my cowboy friends to the trailer. Then again during a down time on Saturday.” As she explained to the two younger girls how her mom and sister help with safety, Haley was more specific than Ronda had been. She spelled out that Bethany was almost always in the loft on Friday nights, while her mother was in the horse trailer on Saturdays. That was actually news to both Bonnie and Misty.

Haley explained “This time Bethany had her pretend boyfriend in the loft while I worked the guy over. That was the first time Gregg had seen me screw anyone other than Devin. It was hot for us all. That night, Bethany slept in the loft with mom. Gregg and I when ahead and did our thing even though Mom and Bethany were just behind the curtain.”

Sarah asked “So your mother was OK with you having sex with her right in the trailer with you?”

“She’s been doing that with us there for years, so it’s not like I was breaking any taboo; but that first time it was a little weird. Now we’ve done it a couple of times, it’s no big deal.”

Given what she’d seen of Lamar and Sarah in the past weeks, Bonnie fully understood what Haley was saying.

Haley went on “After that first time Gregg and Bethany were up in the loft watching me ride that guy, I knew it was just a matter of time before he and Bethany would be doing it while I was with my bronc and bull riders. What I didn’t say before, is that he told me afterward that they’d started making out by the time I was done. She’d even pulled up her shirt for him to suck on her nipples. The next time, they gave each other hand jobs while they were up there and I was having sex down below.”

Caitlin asked “So were you OK with that?”

“Sure. You of all people know I am more than happy to let Gregg be available for my friends. And I have no closer friend in the world than Bethany. Now that she’s having sex on a regular basis, there really is no reason in the world they shouldn’t do it; especially while I’m doing a different guy or two every time we go to an overnight event.”

That seemed to make sense to all the girls, and it certainly made sense to Bonnie.

“After that first week, I let them know when (not if) they wanted to have sex while I was doing other guys, that was OK with me. On our third rodeo trip of the summer, a week before this past Friday night; while I was doing a particularly hot cowboy in my bed, up in the loft she fucked Gregg for all he was worth. Bethany intentionally left the curtain open so me and my cowboy could see them screwing. Not surprisingly, my guy thought that was outrageously hot. After all she’d been presenting him as her boyfriend at the two prior events. At the second rodeo, lots of people had seen them getting very friendly up in the bleachers.” She paused and said “Of course all that making out in public was just part of the effort to convince all my rodeo friends that he was her boyfriend. I can’t imagine Gregg actually enjoyed making out with my randy little sister. I’m sure they were both suffering through every moment.”

That got the laughs she’d intended.

“While I was packing yesterday, I let them both know that my feelings won’t be hurt if he sleeps with her while I’m gone.”

All that was more than a little surprising to Bonnie, but perhaps it should not have been. She asked Haley “And what does your mother think of your boyfriend sleeping with Bethany?” “She said if all three of us are fine with it, she has no objections. On the way home last week, we all talked about everything that has happened over the summer. We decided that Bethany should go back to sleeping in the lower bed with me next trip. That way Mom can let her guy spend the night with her up in her loft.”

Baily asked “Wouldn’t that feel weird. Having your sister in the bed while you are with your boyfriend?”

“Not at all. Like I said, we are really close. And besides, we’ve been sleeping in that bed together since we got the trailer. We are certainly not squeamish about touching each other since we both sleep nude as often as not. If it’s chilly, we snuggle up. We’ve always done that. Like I said, for three hours driving back to Sparta after they had sex the first time, the four of us talked about it. I mean, we talked about everything. We agreed that Bethany being in the bed, or even joining in for a threesome would not be any problem.”

The other girls had loads of questions, and Haley was an open book answering everything no matter how intimate. Bonnie could not help but wonder what kind of stories would they be able to tell next week.

It was late when the packed van pulled up to the front door of the house they had rented. They knew it wasn’t on the beach, but about eight blocks from South Beach Park.

The first thing they noticed in driving up was that the photos on-line of the house had oversold its appearance. The fact it was 1940’s vintage was not the problem, but rather the exterior said it was not terribly well maintained. Given the late notice that they would need much more room, Trish had been happy to get anything reasonably close to the water. Two upstairs windows were filled with air conditioners which said the house had no central air. Walking in, Bonnie rapidly concluded that it had been renovated at some point to be a party house. The first floor was mostly one big room, with pillars where the walls had been taken out. There were two “L” shaped seating units with pull out beds in the front half, and a second seating area beyond that, a dining room table and a big screen TV. Upstairs were only two rooms; a small one done in art deco and a larger with a tropical motif. Both rooms had a king-sized bed. The Airbnb listing had specified newly redone bathrooms and they did not disappoint. Both bathrooms were large and gleaming. The down stairs bathroom was simply appointed but nice. The purpose of the double sized shower stall with two shower heads was apparent to all. Similarly, the large garden tub in the much larger and better-appointed upstairs bath appeared to be part of the party nature of the house.

While the adults were inspecting the upstairs, the teenagers were delighted that it looked like a party place.

“This place just screams 'Get laid here’” Misty mused aloud.

“Can you imagine how much fucking goes on at this place?” Haley gushed as she dropped her bag on the entryway floor. “And I don’t plan on ruining the tradition.”

“I guess we’ll sleep in these pull-outs down here” Caitlin said tossing her bag on the glass coffee table.

“Yea, we’ll leave the upstairs for the old folks” Sarah said as she led Bailey to a sofa-bed in an alcove off of the large open area.

The three older teens looked at each other but Haley was the spokesman. “We’d love to have you down here, but if seeing the rest of us fucking our brains out would make you uncomfortable, you might want to stay upstairs.”

“I don’t think they’ll mind.” Misty said after seeing the look of rejection on their faces “My mom says Sarah and Bailey know full well what might happen. Anyway with, my mom, Sarah’s mom and Mrs. Simms upstairs, there may be as much messing around up there as down here.”

Sarah added “If my mom has her way they’ll be more.”

Haley said “Really? You thinks so?”

Sarah nodded, “Oh yea. She hasn’t said anything directly to me, but I’ve heard her talking with the other moms and I think she totally plans to relive her college days this week.”

The girls were still laughing when the three mothers came through the room to retrieve their bags from the van. Bonnie had heard the last of what the girls had said, so as she passed she said “There will certainly be more moaning and groaning upstairs than down here. You can count on it.”

The girls began to howl with laughter having been caught.

By the time they were unpacked and settled in, it was past 11:00 PM. A couple of the girls wanted to go out but that idea was quickly quashed.

When Misty, Sarah and Haley opened up their laptops they found they had a good Wi-Fi signal, as the brochure had promised.

While the girls talked and showered downstairs, the three moms relaxed in the garden tub for a good long time before retiring into the big king-sized bed they would share for the week. Though Bonnie was ready for a good time with these two women, after just a brief period of kissing and fondling they were all asleep.

In the end, despite the earlier statements they wanted to be downstairs with the older teens, ten minutes in the lumpy pull-out bed convinced Sarah and Bailey to go upstairs to the unused “real” bed.

The next day the sun rose early and hot. Bonnie was awakened when the door burst open as two seventeen-year-olds and one sixteen-year-old, clad only in bikini bottoms, flooded into the room.

Misty’s voice rose above the cacophony “All right you three, house rules are no closed doors, just like at home.” She ripped the sheet back to expose the moms’ nakedness.

“Sooo? What have you guys been doing?” Haley asked with a leer.

Bonnie spooned up to Marcy, gripping one of her breasts “Actually not as much as I’d hoped. We were just too tired for hot and sweaty sex.”

“Oh, so sad.” Sarah said in a stylized pout.

“But it’s time to get up. We are ready to go” Misty said. “See, we all have on our swim suits” as she first motioned to her very abbreviated bikini bottoms then to her non-existent top.

Sarah rejoined “I wanted to go to Haulover, the nude beach, but they all were being prudes and wanted to go to South Beach this morning.”

Caitlin reasoned “No, it’s not we are being prudes, we just want to go to SoBe today. You can be sure we will spend several days at the nude beach before we go home. Besides we are practically naked now.” Then looking to Bonnie who was slowly sitting up “Are you sure we can wear thong bikinis down town?”

Bonnie, now pushing the other women off the bed said “Yep, you sure can.”

Caitlin smiled “Well, maybe walking around town like this will be as good as being nude on the beach”

“But you have to wear a top until we are on the beach itself” Bonnie said as she walked out the door on her way to the bathroom.

It still took the mothers almost an hour to get hair and make-up ready.

Walking down the side street they were a sight even by Miami Beach standards. At the head of the little parade was Bonnie. Like all but Bailey, she had a deep, all-over tan from the many hours of sunning by her pool. She wore a long waist wrap over one of the thongs she bought last year and a matching halter top. Her long slim figure belayed her forty plus years as did the so noticeable bouncing boobs under the thin fabric of the top. Flanking her on the right side was Trish. Her curves more mature looking: but with her ample cleavage spilling out from the tiny bikini top, she was no less attractive than Bonnie. The waist band of her thong rode much higher than the low-rise shorts she wore. And on the left side, slim Marcy put on a confident face in her pink eyelet sundress. Quietly she commented that she felt naked and nervous with only a thong underneath. Though she still occasionally was hit on by guys a dozen years her junior, she felt like the ugly duckling after the house full of almost naked young people all morning. But she kept up a confident face.

Behind the grown women as they emerged from the side street onto a main drag, with its cars bumper to bumper, came the three rising seniors. The three Euro Clubber’s wore their thong bikinis (tops and bottoms) with sheer waist wraps, each in a different color. They too put on a brave face to mask their insecurity about wearing next to nothing right out in a shopping district.

Misty had been here before, but the others looked down the street at the endless line of designer shops on the sides of the broad sidewalk. Following the adults, they crossed the street onto a busier side walk, then to the end of the road, the column turned right paralleling the beach. The beachside sidewalk was totally filled with people. Misty, Haley and Caitlin felt more exposed than they ever had when they were naked by the Campbell’s pool. If it had been any one of them alone they would have pulled the towel from their tote bag and covered up, but none would admit their discomfort. But after two blocks of good-looking guys straining to check them out, Haley’s discomfort had faded. By the time they crossed the street and began encountering other teens and women dressed as they were, it was entirely gone from all three.

The two sixteen-year-old girls were the tail end of the column as they followed the three shapely and visible seventeen-year-old asses. Both had opted to wear shorts over their swimsuit bottoms. Bailey wore the only regular bikini in the group. Of the eight females, only Bailey really was truly frightened by her exposure, though she was indeed the most covered of the entire group. She simply thought her body was substandard, whereas the truth was her figure in the low-rise shorts and well filled triangle bikini top, was turning heads even here at South Beach.

Fronting the street was a large park shaded by coconut palms. The park was crisscrossed with concrete sidewalks creating a patchwork of grassy areas, most with people sitting and talking. On the sidewalks several teenage girls on rollerblades laughed and talked. It was not the fact the skaters were in tiny thong bikinis that surprised Sarah and Bailey; rather it was the fact they were allowed to blade on the downtown sidewalks; something expressly forbidden at home. At the edge of the sand was a public shower. No walls, just a bank of shower heads spraying down on those leaving the beach. None of the group missed the deeply tanned young woman who casually untied her top and let it flop over on her stomach as she rinsed. Then just as casually she retied it, put back on her sandals and walked toward town. Though it was true they all agreed they would be sunning topless themselves, the casualness of it just shocked the girls from rural Georgia.

Crossing the wide expanse of white sand, the girls and women took in all the sights. Hundreds and hundreds of people as far as they could see in each direction. It was the most people any but Misty and her mom had ever seen on one beach. Great looking guys, and sexy girls relaxing, playing and flirting under the Miami sun. The big pastel painted life guard stands as well as the size of the beach itself was amazing to all, even Bonnie and Misty who had not been to this area last year. To this group, a trip to the beach meant the islands off the coast of Georgia, narrow beaches hemmed in by the trees and/or houses with dozens not hundreds of people. Also new to them was that other than old women and young girls, the females nearly all wore very “cheeky” bikinis. Brazilians and thongs were not the norm, but there was a good sprinkling of both. Looking down the beach, they could see several girls and women laying out sunning topless.

The older women quickly realized that they were a tiny minority. There were a good number of mothers with young children, none who looked over thirty; but even in that group only a few wore thongs and none they could see were topless. Bonnie felt a pang of apprehension. Last year at the condo’s top optional pool women of all ages went topless. Even on the beach right in front of the hotel some older women did so. But here on South Beach less than one in fifty they saw were topless and of those they were all young and very pretty. But she hadn’t even brought a top. However they had made their choice, so they would live with it.

Prior to leaving the rental house Misty and Sarah had made it clear to their mother’s that they were not to come within fifty feet of them at the beach. “Mom” Misty had said “We really appreciate you bringing us, but on the beach please pretend you don’t know who we are.” Bonnie understood what Misty was saying and why. So she agreed to the request. Thus as soon as the group walked into the bright sand, the girls quickly put a distance between themselves and the older women. The truth was that Bonnie was glad she and her friends weren’t going to play parent at the beach. Nothing would make her look older and less sexy than to have those simply beautiful, nearly naked young women calling her mom.

When the teen crew found a spot near the water and began getting comfortable, the mom crew staked out some sand further up the beach. They camped far enough away for no one to suspect they were together, but near enough to still keep a close watch over them. Laying out her towel Bonnie mused “I know they’re nearly grown, but a mother’s protective instinct never dies.” The other moms laughed and agreed, Marcy rejoined “But mine is just barely sixteen, so I don’t plan to squash that mother instinct just yet.” They laid out their towels and began applying sun screen while covertly watching the girls.

Misty was the first to toss aside her bikini top and run to the water wearing slightly more than nothing. Only a step behind her was Haley, followed closely by Caitlin and Sarah. Bailey wore a red & white striped bikini small enough to get attention back home, but here it was more or less average. She did not follow the other’s example and kept on her top. Cautiously they waded into the water filled with people; timid at first, but soon were apparently having quite a time.

Meanwhile, Bonnie had dropped her wrap but found it surprisingly difficult to remove her halter top. Had it not been for the fact that she could feel Marcy eyeing her she might have left it on. She had become, like it or not, the leader of the adult version of the Euro-Club; so it was with no small part of her feeling old and out of place; she untied the top and dropped it into the beach bag. Looking around, she then began to feel silly. Just like last year, no one noticed or cared what she wore. Beside her Marcy stopped pretending to untie her sundress. She loosed the neck tie and let the dress fall down to her feet. When Bonnie Lay out on the blanket and closed her eyes, only Trish still had on her top.

She must have dozed off because she was startled by water falling on her. She looked up and Trish, now wearing only a micro-thong, stood over her. To wear that ultra-minimal bottom, Trish had to shave off all of her pubic hair before they left the rental house. She was wet and dripping. “Come on in the water with us.”

It took Bonnie a moment to realize where she was and what Trish was asking.

“There are some good looking grown up guys out there” Trish added.

“OK, OK, I’m coming.”

Slowly getting to her feet she looked over to where she remembered the girls to be. She was surprised to notice what was a comparatively sparsely populated part of the beach was now crowded by good looking young guys and a good number of teenage girls. There was no question the five girls in their crew were the nucleus of what looked like a beach party. A group of buff guys were playing Frisbee with Haley and Misty. Both girls looked great and got the guy’s attention. It was interesting to Bonnie how she could tell certain guys were drawn to Haley's large and voluptuous figure while others seemed drawn to Misty. Down at the water's edge, a couple of younger teenage boys were evidently trying to teach Sarah and Bailey (still wearing her bikini top) how to skim board. Between the two groups, Caitlin sat with a group of teens talking in some beach chairs.

Bonnie was pleased to see they all seemed to be having a good time. Out of her bag, Marcy retrieved the little waterproof Olympus camera she had bought just for this trip; then took photos of the kids playing. When they got to the water’s edge, she turned the camera on Bonnie and Trish. Passing the camera around they all posed, nearly naked, on the crowded beach which only added to the frivolity of the day.

After a little while, two very nice looking middle aged men, oddly in Speedo type swim-suits arrived. It was clear they had already met Trish and Marcy. When Trish introduced them, their German accents explained why the unusual dress. It turned out Otto and Hans were Swiss, not German. They were coworkers who were taking the last few days of a business trip to the US to enjoy Miami Beach. Except for their accents, their English was excellent. Bonnie and the others ate up their attention and their never ending hungry looks.

As the sun rose to its zenith, Bonnie knew it was time to go, lest they all burn. Otto and Hans asked to go with them but Bonnie wasn’t about to get picked up her first morning on the beach. It was clear that Trish and Marcy had other ideas as they gave the guys their cell numbers.

When the guys left, Bonnie told Trish, “Marcy and I were told to stay away from the girls, so could you go over and tell them it’s time for lunch.”

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Growing up, our family avoided the beaches, and only went in late fall when the weather was cooler, and even then, often to more neglected beaches, all so us boys wouldn't see any sights even close to what the people on Miami beach saw in this story. On the other hand, if I hadn't been raised so strictly, I wouldn't have gone online to study nudism and sexual freedom like I am now, and would have likely never stumbled across the Professor's amazing novels and articles.


Mar 11, 2023

This excellent chapter is divided into 4 sections: 1. Misty’s internship at the Evans Edge Photographics in Atlanta with Kate as her guide. 2. The five mothers talking about the upcoming trip, their own sexual backgrounds, and their daughters’ sexual development. 3. The trip to Miami in the van with three mothers and five young women. 4. The eight women at a topless beach.

Only the first section has direct action from Misty’s point of view. The last section on the beach has very limited action because Bonnie, the pov has been sleeping. The other sections were more a telling than a showing – this is standard in everything I read so far. The reason is clear: the author cannot…

Mar 12, 2023
Replying to

Sad because of what they're missing.


Jun 13, 2022

I’ve made noises like this before, but this is speculative anthropology, something like Walden II, or Huxley’s Island, in which we visit an idealized culture, and learn about its superiority as we interview its citizens.

Bonnie, Ronda, Ashley, and Trish talk proudly about their children’s sexuality, the way we might gossip about our kids’ learning to talk or read, their SAT scores or parts in the school’s production of “As You Like It.” Bonnie, for instance is proud of Lamar’s consideration for Sarah’s pleasure. It’s not lost on her that Lamar is patient and takes direction from Sarah when he touches her vulva. We get to eavesdrop on the conversation of mothers who are naturally avid about sex and wish…

Jun 25, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, G, for the comment.

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