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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 36

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel


Raising the Revolutionary Flag of a Sexual Freedom

Chapter 36

Full Throttle

As soon as they pulled out of the parking lot it was obvious that Friday night traffic was a nightmare on Miami Beach. It took almost half-an-hour to make the short trip back to the house. The teens didn’t seem to mind as all four had piled into the very back seat. Looking in the rearview, Bonnie couldn’t help notice that Josh sat between Sarah and Bailey, not next to Kimi. As Bonnie looked back and forth into the rearview a few times, she realized Kimi was quite openly directing the other two girls to take turns sucking off her erstwhile boyfriend. Neither Sarah nor Bailey made any effort to pretend they were doing anything other than giving Josh a blowjob. For his part, Josh mostly just sat, his head tilted back with his eyes closed as he enjoyed being the center of attention. No doubt, this was a wet dream come true for the bookish teenager. As far as Bonnie knew, this was the first time Bailey had done something with a guy since that terrible party over the 4th of July weekend. Equally significant was that Sarah, who had only put a penis in her mouth on that single afternoon with Lamar just before they left for Miami, appeared quite relaxed both watching Bailey suck Josh, as well as taking her turn taking the erection into her mouth. Not that Bonnie could actually see the girls doing him, but it was more than obvious that was what they were doing.

She almost said something, but did not know Bailey well enough to risk embarrassing her; and besides she didn’t want Marcy to freak out by letting her know that her little girl was sucking dick right in the van with them. She’d had enough trauma this morning.

Marcy used her cell to call Trish and asked if she should bring home food. Trish said they had ordered out for Chinese and there was plenty left. Marcy asked “So how have things gone with a house full of horny teens?” Trish cryptically answered “Well I think things are winding down now, but one can’t be sure with teenagers”.

Marcy relayed the answer to Bonnie.

“I wonder what she meant?” Bonnie mused.

“I Don’t’ know”

Once they found someplace to park the van half way up the block, the teens ran off leaving Bonnie and Marcy to bring in the gear. Bonnie was last in, hauling the ice chest and umbrella. Though the chest had wheels, it took some pulling to get it up and over the door sill. She turned to complain that she had gotten no help, when she saw Misty.

The main floor of the rental house had nearly all the interior removed to make it nearly fully open. But the furniture had been arranged so that there were clearly different areas, or quasi-rooms. As one entered, there was still the tile that demarked the once enclosed entry way. From there, one could see clear to the far wall, where there was the full-sized dining table. At that far end of the house, the kitchen was to the left of the table and the TV area to the right. Just inside the door, directly to Bonnie’s left as she entered, was what surely had been a small bedroom at one time. It now contained a couch/pull-out bed, coffee table and a small desk. To the right of the entry way was what in the 70’s was called a conversation pit. It was the largest of the quasi-rooms; two overstuffed “L” shaped seating units sat across from one another to give the space some feeling of continuity. Each of the oversized “L” units appeared to have been made for a hotel lobby. Between them were a pair of large rectangular metal & glass coffee tables. All in all, it made a nice space that could seat eighteen people. Beyond the conversation pit, was a second seating area with a couch and love seat.

It was on the “L” unit that ran beside the entry way that Misty was comfortably relaxing. She was lying up on the nicely developed chest of the boy she’d been with earlier, Brett. He sat propped up with a throw pillow on the short side of the unit. He had one leg dropped off the front of the couch and the other against the back rest. Between his open legs, was Misty, working on her lap-top. All very innocent, if they both weren’t naked. Naked as was everyone in the room. Franklin and Zara sat side by side on the same “L” unit playing a game on another laptop. Caitlin was on the far unit also doing something on a lap top. Red was lounging behind her watching what she was doing on her computer… slowly working his right middle finger deep in her vagina. For her part, Caitlin seemed to be paying him no notice; though the fact she had her legs spread wide to give him access indicated that she had initiated this.

Beyond them, Haley was on the far couch, apparently riding yet another boy…Squirrel if Bonnie’s memory was correct. On the tables were left-overs from dinner and significantly, condoms spread out as if a box had been emptied on the table. On the floor she noticed at least half-a-dozen torn open wrappers.

When Bonnie pushed the door shut, Misty looked up and said “Hi Mom.” Brett began to take his hand from cupping her right breast, but Misty stopped him. Similarly, Red began to pull his hand away from Caitlin’s crotch, but his retreat was also stopped. In returning his hand back down, Bonnie saw Caitlin guide a second finger up into her. Bonnie had been right; Red was fingering Caitlin at her bidding. Only then did she look up from her screen and said “Hi Mrs. C” without taking her hand from holding Red’s fingers in her vagina. “

“HI, Mrs. C.” Haley said cheerfully, continuing to roll her hips on her guy’s lap. “The sweet & sour chicken and some fried rice is here on the coffee table, but the rest is in the kitchen. We’ve been having a great time, but in a bit we’d like to go out shopping. Zara said the shops stay open till like 2:00 AM.”

All in all, it was a bit much to take in at once. With a flash the thought came to Bonnie: This is exactly what she’d been preparing the girls to do. Here they were, masters of their own pleasure, with no shame and no need for excuses. Here was a glimpse of a future where human sexuality has been freed from the Puritans; but equally important it was free from the exploiters who only find sexual pleasure at someone else’s expense. In this room, everyone was a winner. Everyone was happy and comfortable with themselves and with their situation.

Behind her, the voice of Kimi the sweet little Asian girl asked “Mrs. C.? This morning, Haley said for this vacation, they are allowed to get it on right in front of you and everyone. Is that true?”

To Bonnie, it felt like it took her a very long time to craft a response to this unexpected question. She had not told the girls any such thing; however, she could see how Haley could have come to that conclusion. After all, apparently last night at least she, Misty and Sarah had watched her fivesome with the two Swiss men for a good hour. What was more, she’d not said anything when Misty and Sarah had oral sex a mere feet from her, then later Misty had done Sarah with the strap-on in full view of all three mothers. No, she’d not actually seen it, but that was because Marcy was sitting on her face…again in full view of the girls. Thinking it through, it seems they indeed had, by example, indicated to the girls they could have sex right in front of the adults on this trip. But did she have to let that stand? Could she simply say that had been a mistake? Could she revert to the way it had been before? What had been going on while she’d been at the beach? Those open condom wrappers told some of the story, but what of Trish? Had she quarantined herself while the teens were having an orgy downstairs? Had it just been downstairs? She had explicitly said the open-door rule applies on this trip. Given the fact the adult’s bed is in line of sight with the other upstairs bed; there was no way to have both the open-door rule while also visually separating adult and teen sex. and they were spending a week in this house together. No, she could not backtrack. What was done was done.

“It’s like this,” Bonnie said carefully. “Around me and the rest of our crew, you are free to do what you enjoy, where ever you choose to enjoy it, with who you enjoy doing it with. So, yes, I guess that means if you want to, I don’t mind if you…… get it on.”

“That’s so cool.” She went over to join Bailey at the kitchen table, tossing the cover-up she’d donned when they left the nude beach.

Shaking her head, Bonnie walked over to the table and picked up a plate. Looking to her right she saw her assumption was correct. Haley was indeed having sex on the couch that directly faced the TV. A wave of discomfort came over her, but she put it aside and walked over to the coffee table, right in front of the screwing couple, to get some sweet and sour. Squatting down to get the food, Haley’s back was to Bonnie. Directly in front of her, as Haley leaned forward kissing the boy they called Squirrel; she could easily see Haley’s inner lips stretched around his penis. Bonnie was impressed by her dexterity. She repeatedly slammed her hips down on the shiny green latex covered shaft while never moving her shoulders or breaking her kiss. Bonnie put rice, chicken and sauce on her plate.

She decided she would not be embarrassed. She took a seat in the loveseat that sat perpendicular to the couch. The same place she'd sat yesterday when Misty and Sarah had their opening round of sex in the same spot occupied by Haley and Squirrel. Sitting less than eight feet from where the teenage couple were in active coitus, she observed that no matter how much force she used on the down stroke, Haley's thighs never shook. In addition to using those muscular thighs to lift herself over and over, Haley was rocking her hips front to back. “Ah, the benefits of youth” Bonnie thought. Then it occurred to her it was not just Haley’s youth that facilitated her prowess, it was her rodeo riding. Surely, she had developed strength and stamina in those legs from guiding a ¾ ton horse for hours every day with those thighs.

She was determined that she would still interact with the teens as the adult responsible for their safety. She could not afford, they could not afford, for her to even give the appearance of becoming merely a participant in their erotic play. She could not let herself become a peer. She needed a way to play her proper role without condemning them. She quickly saw an easy way to do this. She said to Haley “There had better be a rubber on that thing girl”, even though she had clearly seen the condom when she had filled her plate.

Haley, who had been kissing the boy intently for a good five minutes, stopped and sat up breathing hard. Without irritation she said “Sure do Mrs. C, we got it.” She lifted up and the penis clad in a green condom popped free. She snuggled in beside him. She was coated in sweat and her hard breathing didn’t abate for some minutes.

Bonnie could tell something was bothering Haley. “You OK?” she asked.

Haley started right in without delay “We’ve been messing around all afternoon. It’s been great, everybody just doing whoever, whenever, just totally great. But oddly I haven’t’ had an “O” all day. I mean that’s not like me. I can cum in minutes, but not today.”

“Why do you think you’re having problems? Are you uncomfortable with the fact there are lots of other people around while you’re doing it?”

“No, I think it’s cool. Last night when I played with Caitlin and Bailey, and then today it’s all so open and natural. I really like that a lot. But that very thing seems to intrude on my ability to focus on cumming.”

That was the first she’d heard that Haley had sex with Caitlin and Bailey last night; however, she was not at all surprised given the fact that Misty and Sarah took over the upstairs bed. After a moment of thought Bonnie answered, “Well, perhaps I can help. You see the first time I did it when I was in a room full of people… well actually I was on the deck of the San Dinero surrounded by people; but I had the same problem.”

“So what did you do?” the naked teen asked.

“It sounds funny, but rather than blocking it out; when I’m with a group, I put on a show. I make them part of my experience rather than try to shut them out. Once I made the performance part of my pleasure, it was like a whole new type of sexual experience. Now days, when I have an audience, I never have any trouble and the more they watch me the more turned on I get.” So as not to look liked she was asking Haley to put on a show for her Bonnie got up to look for a soda.

In the kitchen, beside the refrigerator was a bulletin board that had been filled with brochures and menus. The literature had been taken down an put on the sideboard below. In their place a row of nine used (and filled) condoms had been pinned up.

As she tried to figure out what that was about, Zara came up beside her. “It seems that the Euro-Club girls decided to make a trophy board. Their plan is to take a picture of the board and all their trophies before you guys check out so they can show the other club members when they get back to Georgia. Yea, on one hand its kind of gross, but on the other its simply brilliant. I wish I’d thought of that when we first got here.”

Bonnie didn’t know what to say. She more or less agreed with Zara’s assessment. “OK, I get it” was what she said. “They will just have to throw these things out before we leave.”

Zara laughed, “Yea, I guess so.”

With that Bonnie headed up the stairs.

Opening the bathroom door, she could tell the double shower was being used. She knew she shouldn’t but she poked her head in far enough to see into the shower stall with the fogged-up glass. Inside she could see Bailey and Josh scrubbing each other. His hard on seemed to say this was just foreplay before they started fucking. She slipped out quietly so as not to disturb them and headed up stairs to crawl into the big garden tub.

Trish and Marcy were already in the water, and the Jacuzzi was running full blast. Without waiting for an invite, Bonnie slid in with her friends. This made the tub nearly full, but not unpleasantly so.

”I was just telling Trish about our invite for tomorrow night” Marcy said.

“So we have plans for the next two nights, then on Monday we are going to Key Largo to go snorkeling. We’ll be busy.” Trish said.

”Talking about busy, what happened here?” Bonnie inquired.

“It was something else” Trish began. “After you left, I took a nap like I said I would. When I finally went down the stairs the sex had already started. It wasn’t like they all just threw their clothes off at once. Initially Misty and Caitlin were in the shower. Right off I could see the three boys sitting in the conversation pit using the laptops. It took till I got across the room to see Haley. While the boy they call Red was working with the computer, Haley was on her stomach blowing him. I’m sure my eyes bugged out, but no one else seemed to even notice. If I was going to say they could not have sex when adults could see them, that would have been the time to do it. But I didn’t. Should I have stopped them?” She looked to Bonnie for an answer.

“No, you did the right thing. Though perhaps we should have made a deliberate decision about this, but we sort of inadvertently made the decision to treat the girls, at least on this trip, as if they were adults.”

Trish seemed to be happy Bonnie had supported her decision, then continued her story. “For a while that was all that happened, except the boy put down the computer and just a minute later, he came. From what I could see, Haley swallowed all he gave her. And it’s not like she didn’t know I was right there watching because I made sure to move to where she could see me. I suppose that now she’s having sex with Gregg in their trailer with her mother right there, my presence was not a big deal. After that, there was no more sex for a while. Like you said, we had not actually talked about what we’d do on the trip. I know that at home you had never let the girls have sex in front of us like that; but they all had seen how Haley had sucked off Red while I stood there and watched. I guess at that moment I’d tacitly told them that they could have sex right in front of us all they wanted. When Misty and Caitlin came out from the shower in just some little thong panties it wasn’t all that crazy, since that was basically what they had been wearing at the beach all morning.”

“So,” Trish said taking a breath, “Misty and Caitlyn join the others on the couches looking at the laptops. I really tried to act as if nothing was the slightest bit unusual, though I don’t think I can be as cool as you are Bonnie. I found myself struggling to ask the kids what they want for dinner. I couldn’t help but notice that Misty’s hand went right into in Brett’s trunks. I’m sure it was obvious that I had seen; but still didn’t say anything. Next thing I know his trunks are down and she is giving him a hand job with me standing right in front of her.”

“What were the others doing?” Bonnie asked.

“Nothing but that. They were using the three laptops to play some sort of game with each other. Caitlin and Squirrel were using her computer together and they were playing against Red and Brett. So Haley and the girl, Zara, were kind of left out, so they moved to the other couch and turned on the TV. First they watched some Japanese cartoon, then Haley put on the Playboy Channel. It was like they didn’t even notice me, until Misty asked if I would go upstairs to get one of their condom boxes. By the time I found them and got back Misty had taken off her panties and was sitting on Brett’s face. After that things got really crazy.”

Marcy jumped ahead “Crazier you mean. I guess they all got after it?”

“No, like I said it wasn’t like that. It was like the two boys with Caitlin just watched until Brett and Misty took a break from screwing, then the three of them had a threesome while Misty and Brett watched. All the while they all knew I could see everything, and I mean I could see everything. They didn't care I was there. It was kinda odd, they treated me just like one of them.”

Bonnie corrected her “That makes sense. From what Kimi told me, I think this group of kids have been doing it in front of each other for almost a month, so this is a routine they’ve already worked out. She specifically told me about the first time she and Red fucked in front of the others and that was a good while ago. From what I gather they treat sex like any other activity; when two of them feel like screwing, they just do it right in front of the others without any fanfare.’”

Trish thought for a second “Yea, that is what it was like. While the Euro-Club girls have talked about sex being that casual, I don’t think they had fully reached that point yet. So, this group and ours meshed perfectly. Our girls were ready and waiting for this moment.”

Marcy nodded and added “That makes sense because with just two girls who, from what I gather have no problem saying yes or no as they please; and seven nerdy guys, our girls actually have balanced the numbers out.”

Bonnie thought it was safe to now say, “On the drive home, Kimi watched as Sarah and Bailey took turns sucking her boyfriend’s dick. None of them acted like it was any more than just something fun and a bit silly.”

Evidently Marcy had not been as oblivious as Bonnie assumed. She just said “Yea, they did it as casually as if they’d been sharing a soda. My girl has taken to oral sex every bit as easily as I’d expected she would.”

Bonnie thought for a moment then said, “It really is what Cooper keeps saying is proving itself everywhere we go; people are having sex with all sorts of people, but it’s all kept under the wrapper. It’s the stuff of life, normal life. These kids aren’t drugged up losers. From what Kimi said they are top drawer students going to some of the best colleges, and yet sex is just out there.”

Sarah appeared at the bathroom door, “Mom, we do have more condoms, don’t we? I know Mrs. Jackson sent some, but you three used a whole box last night and they used up another this afternoon. We might need more before the night is over.”

Marcy looked up a little befuddled “Yea, I’m sure we do.” And she crawled out of the big tub.

“So Trish, what were you doing for hours while in a room full of young people having sex?” Bonnie asked.

“The room wasn’t full of them having sex. I told you”

“OK, what did you do for hours while in a room of naked teens having sex on and off around you?”

“I told you I watched TV, ordered out for Chinese to be delivered and I watched more TV.”

Bonnie looked at her intently. “I saw your wrap and panties on the floor in the TV area.”

Trish struggled to find some words but found none before Marcy came back in. “

Marcy thought on that then said “Well I guess I’ve passed the test for being an open mom by giving my daughter a box of condoms knowing that several boys are downstairs. Now she said the condoms aren’t for her, she doesn’t plan on having sex with any of those guys, but it’s the point of it.”

The three mothers sat in the water for a few minutes then Bonnie said “Marcy, I’m trying to get Trish to explain why her wrap and panties were on the floor downstairs, in front of the television. I think she did more than serve food and condoms.”

“Trish, I can’t believe you would do anything like that….at least while I wasn’t here to participate.” Marcy said and broke out laughing. When she was done, she said “OK, you’re caught, give up the details.”

Trish blushed and quickly said “There’s not much to tell. I was sitting watching TV on the couch that faces the TV. Haley and Zara were on the love seat and they had been making out hot, heavy and nude, for a long time. And before you ask yes, I watched when they couldn’t see I was, and yes it was hot and it turned me on like crazy. The whole time they were going at it, the chubby kid Franklin is sitting by me. For a long time he didn’t say a word but finally he, out of the blue, said the pictures that Misty had taken last night were super-hot. I had not known she’d shown off those photos while I was asleep…right on the big TV screen no less.”

Marcy put in, “Not that we should be surprised.”

Trish agreed, “No I shouldn’t have been, but I was. He went on to say that he had never met a woman like me, a real-life MILF. Of course, I know what a MILF is and what he was saying, so I thanked him and then he pointed out that he and I were the only ones in the room with any clothes on. Yea, that geeky kid was wanting me to do it with him. I had to respect his boldness. Oh, and by then Caitlin and Zara were using their fingers and hands to get each other off.”

“So, what did you do?” Bonnie asked.

“Not right off, but after a while I realized he was right. I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable, so I peeled down as did he. Now I’d seen what the other guys were packing and it was nothing to notice, but thick bodied Franklin has a thick dick to match. More than long enough, but not super long, but when it was hard like that, it was fat enough for me to notice.” Then she added, “I could just barely get my hand around it.”

Marcy mocked her “Oh, so you felt obligated to give a hand job did you?”

“Yea, yea, and before you harass me anymore the end of the story is I let him put it in me.”

“Oh, I like that turn of phrase: I let him put it in me” Bonnie teased. “Not we had sex or he fucked me, but he put it in me" “And surprise, surprise, you liked it?”

”You know full well I did…I liked it a lot. Not just a lot, it was an…experience.”

“Did the other kids see you?” Marcy quizzed.

“Like I said they seemed to like to watch as one couple at a time had sex. I kissed Franklin for a good while. He wasn’t bad for a kid. For me it seemed more of a transgression to kiss the kid, than anything else we did. I know that makes since, but now looking back ,that is the only part that embarrasses me.”

Marcy nodded, “I actually understand what you are saying. I don’t think I’d hesitate…well not too long… to let any of those boys fuck me; but I think I’d feel a little pervy about kissing them.”

“Yea, that is how I feel” Trish continued. “I played with his thick dick and he did a pretty fair job of using his hand…good enough to make me cum. When I decided to let him put his dick in me, I bent over the back of the couch. I was impressed. He did it much longer than I thought he’d be able to last. The truth is, he went on so long I have no idea how much time passed. I sort of zoned out. I guess it was a combination of his size and the angle he was drilling me; but the orgasms just passed over me like a tide. Even as it was going on I knew at one point he replaced his dick with his fingers before going back to work with his penis. Only after I completely collapsed and then recovered, did I see he’d filled two condoms.”

Bonnie was taken aback, “He’d cum, then put on a new condom and came again all in one sitting?”

Trish nodded. “Later Zara told me she had put a fresh condom on him while he finger banged me. Like I said, I’d zoned out and had no idea he’d cum half way through. And since you’ll find out anyway, I’ll also let you know that for a good half an hour I was the center of attention…or perhaps more accurately, I was the teenager’s entertainment. The whole crew watched me for what they said was forty minutes of almost constant banging. Perhaps I got a little responsive when I kept telling him to do me harder. I’m not totally sure, but I think it was because tears were running down my face that he asked if I wanted him to stop. But one thing I clearly remember was telling him to keep going till I couldn’t hold myself up any longer. And that was exactly what he did. Never in my life have I been pounded like that. And my thighs and pelvic muscles are sore from I don’t know how many cycles of contractions. So…maybe…just possibly it was my fault that I became the center of attention.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but harass her “So, you out of the kindness of your heart, made out with this geeky kid until he got you off with his hands, then you bent over the back of the sofa so he could put his super-thick dick in your pussy… and you… to make him look good to his friends….you moaned, groaned and loudly demanded that he do you really hard & long so that Misty and her friends could see him bring you to a string of orgasms that went on for half an hour.”

Do I have it right?”

Marcy answered the question “I think that is what it sounded like you said.”

Now Trish was deep red. She just nodded and said “That sounds like a good way of putting it. Oh, two more things. I guess Misty went up to get her camera while I was in LaLa Land. Later she showed me the photos she’d taken. They were actually really good.”

Bonnie said, “Misty seems to have a knack for taking great photos of people having sex.”

“Yes, she does” Trish agreed. “I never in a million years thought I’d actually like seeing photos of me having sex; but I really do like the pictures she took today….and the ones she took of me with Hans and Otto too. Here and now, I will commit to paying Misty to make up a photobook for each of us from this trip like the one Bonnie has from her sex cruise.”

“Thanks, that will be great” Marcy said. “Mike will love it, but don’t look for it on our coffee table.” After they all laughed, she asked “And Trish? The other thing?”

“Well…I guess I just might have told him that if he would like to do that again before we leave all he has to do is ask.”

Bonnie laughed “There is nothing that will help a geeky kid with his self-image like telling him you’ll fuck him anytime he wants it.”

Even Trish laughed at that.

After a few moments of sitting in silence, Trish added “I think I will gladly embrace that fiction that none of it was for my own gratification. That’s right, I was just being polite and trying to make him look good.” She sat back then added a post script to her story. “Not a minute after I’d pinned the two condoms on the bulletin board…yes I did that too…. …. the food arrived. You should have seen that delivery guy’s face when I swung the door open.”


“Oh, yea, not a stitch and still flushed and breathing hard. Unless he was the most dimwitted guy on Miami Beach, he knew full well I’d just finished having sex. And of course, it was not just me who was naked; he could easily see the others standing around. When you called, we were just finishing eating. So that’s the whole story.”

“And quite a story it is” Marcy said with a smile, followed by a kiss to Trish’s lips. “I really am disappointed I missed all that.”

Picking up a razor from the side of the tub Bonnie said “I bet that electrolysis is popular here. I’ve got to shave like every day because I left my epilator at home.”

Trish agreed “Yea, I think we need to go get it done when we get home” as she also soaped up to shave. Then she added “Now that I have to go completely bald due to that postage stamp sized bikini you talked me into wearing, it would be good to just have all the hair gone for good. And besides that, I’m going grey down there, and I’m not about to start dying my kitty fur.”

Bonnie knew full well that her own greying pubic hair had been in her mind when she first shaved it all off last year.

Once she and Trish had finished “I think the kids want to go out shopping tonight” Bonnie said “I’ll take them if you guys want to stay here.”

“No I want to go” Trish piped up.

“So do I” seconded Marcy.

“OK, let’s see how many of the kids want to come” Bonnie said as she clambered out of the big tub.

After toweling dry Trish suggested “Our visitors have all seen me naked already so, why don’t we all go downstairs like this” using her hands to indicate she meant nude.

“If you want” Bonnie said and headed out the door drying herself as she went.

The appearance of the moms of two of the girls, stark naked, caused quite a stir among the guys in the common room. That amused Bonnie since they had seen all but about ten square inches of her already. She knew it was the point of them being completely naked that mattered, a lot.

“FUUUCK! Your moms are so fuck’n hot!” Squirrel, who was on a computer at the dining table, blurted out.

On the couch, right beside him, Haley’s hips pushed up to meet Franklin’s ass as they copulated.

“Well, well” Bonnie said as she entered the room. “I guess Trish didn’t come close to wearing Franklin out.”

“The glories of youth” was her response.

When Haley realized the mothers were in the room, she appeared to take Bonnie’s advice and work to put on a show. She pushed Franklin off of her and then squatted over him to face Sarah’s mom. Once straddled over Franklin’s thick penis, she reached down underneath her and guided him back in letting out a deep groan as it entered. Using those powerful thighs of hers, she quite slowly and repeatedly lifted, lowered and thrust her hips on the erection. Even if it were not undoubtedly erotic, it would still have been quite an impressive feat of strength.

Haley, who had been sitting next to them, stood and began to talk to her mother in a very upbeat voice, “This is so great. Gerta would be impressed”.

“What do you mean?” Marcy replied in a voice which was far more relaxed than she expected.

“Well, we have both completely overcome our inhibitions and the American social norms and have embraced life as it comes to us. I know you are wondering. No, I have not had sex with one of the guys, though I did suck off Josh in the van on the way home.”

That got her mother’s attention.

In a voice a little too breezy to be real, Sarah went on, “Well, actually Bailey and I did, but I got the cream. It seemed to have more…uh, I guess flavor is the right word. Well, Josh’s semen had more to it than Lamar’s. Is that normal?”

Bonnie thought it best to let Marcy handle her daughter’s question. And she did with surprising candor. “Yes its quite normal. Not only does one guy’s semen taste different than another; the same guys can taste different based on what he has had to eat. And some, well perhaps one in four have almost no taste at all. I actually prefer a guy who gives me a flavor that stays with me for a while. I think its sexy to blow a guy at a party or just a quickly in a car, then go back to normal things with his taste still in my mouth.”

Sarah seemed to be taken off guard by her mother’s frank reply. Bonnie certainly was. Though Marcy had made it clear she’d had a good many sexual partners before getting married; she’d been notably tight lipped about any specifics.

Once Sarah got over the surprise, she went back to that faux light voice “I haven’t screwed one of the guild guys yet, because I really hope to do it with Zac before we leave. If it looks like it won’t work out with Zac, I will most definitely do one of these guys. I think I’ll ask Josh. He’s really nice and I know Kimi won’t mind because she’d already suggested it while Bailey and I were taking turns sucking him. That was fun sharing like that. I am actually a little surprised how much I like giving guys oral sex. When you were upstairs in the tub, I asked Misty if she’d share Brett. She let me join her in giving him a blow job, but we didn’t do it till he came. I’m sure before the week’s out, and perhaps before the night’s out, I’ll have gotten a mouthful of cum from all the guys here.”

Given how the last few weeks had progressed, Bonnie wasn’t at all surprised at what Sarah said; and she didn’t think Marcy was either. Still, she knew it was taking her some effort to maintain her composure.

While Haley was putting on her very sexy show and Sarah was briefing her mother, Bonnie wondered where her own daughter had gone. However, after taking only one step to her left, she realized that Misty had been right in the room the whole time. Bonnie’s view had been blocked by one of the columns. When she stepped a few feet closer to the “L” unit, she saw, for the first time ever, Misty actually having sex with a guy.

Looking down over the back of the sofa, she immediately made eye contact with her daughter. She smiled broadly at her mother and winked. Misty was on her back with Brett over her in the missionary position. Her hips were up on a throw pillow lifting her pelvis up slightly. Bonnie could see his ass squeeze and push forward then relax and pull back in a slow cadence. Not breaking eye contact with her mother, Misty wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him in deeper with a pleased sigh. That action had lifted her hips up so that her mother could see her labial lips wrapped around the base of the green condom covered erection.

She didn’t have any idea how many times her daughter had had seen her mother’s lips gripping a penis; but this was a first for Bonnie. She asked herself “And what do I think of this sight?” Then answered herself “My daughter has a lovely body… and it is way more flexible than mine is these days. Taking in both Misty’s evident joy and the penis pressing into her daughter at the same time; Bonnie could only be filled with happiness for her little girl…who was a little girl no longer.

The thought came to Bonnie that everyone in the room could see her just standing there, quite obviously watching Misty and Brett screw. She didn’t care. It was a beautiful and joyous sight and she was not going to let this special moment be rushed.

The whole time she stood there, and it was quite a while, Misty kept her gaze on her mother. She knew Misty could tell when her eyes moved from Misty’s smile, to the locus of their sex. She equally knew Misty wanted her to watch. So she did.

Misty released the grip on his hips and whispered something to Brett. He began to stroke with purpose.

It seemed very odd to Bonnie, that on the same couch, not a foot from Misty’s head; Josh and Kimi were focused on doing something on one of the laptops. And in the other “L” unit Zara and Red were talking about something that was on the third computer - and everyone was still completely naked. But she, and she alone, was watching Misty taking the strokes of Brett’s cock.

Marcy was listening to her daughter continue on when Haley flung her arms over her head and shouted, “It feels so good. I love the feeling of being filled like this right in front of everyone.” Bonnie was sure that Haley was heeding her advice to put on a show. Then Haley followed up by gripping her breasts and announcing loudly “Yes, I’m going to cum!” This of course got everyone’s attention and Haley’s eyes clearly were taking in the attention and converting it into her rising climax.

Haley’s outburst and then her long and loud orgasm helped Bonnie finally pull her eyes away from watching Misty. Once Haley was done, Bonnie stepped to the middle of the room to make a general announcement. “We are going out to walk around and do some shopping. Anyone who wants to join us needs to be dressed in fifteen minutes.”

It was only then she realized there was a guy she hadn’t seen before in the alcove that was once a bedroom. He was sitting on the couch with Bailey and Caitlin. What got her attention was that he was fully clothed. She crossed the twenty feet or so and extended her hand “Hi, I’m Bonnie, I don’t think we’ve met.”

Though he clearly was trying to act with decorum while rising and taking the nude woman’s hand, his eyes only slowly lifted from her unclothed body to her face. “I’m Tommy. I came to pick up my friends”

Sitting on the couch Bailey said, “He’s kinda freaked out. I told him you and Mrs. Marshal are Misty and Sarah’s moms, but he doesn’t believe me.”

Bonnie shook his almost trembling hand, “It’s true, Misty is mine and Sarah is Marcy’s.”

The boy just stood wide eyed and then slowly sat back down. “Kimi” Bonnie asked, “Did Bailey tell you that Sarah’s mom teaches at their high school?”

Bailey’s head nodded as Bonnie continued “Of course we keep all this very quiet back home. Well, nice to meet you Tommy, I’ve got to get put together to go shopping.” She turned and went back to the main part of the open format house, stopping only for a minute to watch Misty again. She could tell the boy was driving hard toward climaxing, but she could not help but tell her daughter beneath him, “If you’re coming with us you’d better finish up pretty quick.”

Bonnie had hardly stepped away when she was sure the boy began his orgasm. Haley was continuing to enjoy herself as Bonnie went to the stairs, “Remember fifteen minutes before we leave.” Then as an afterthought she added “If any of your new friends want to stay the night, they are welcome.” Then she headed upstairs.

They had a great time walking at night and looking at more of the shops and boutiques. The entire crew joined them. It was a big group now and after a while they split up with Trish and Marcy taking Sarah, Bailey, Zara and Squirrel while the others went with Bonnie. The mom’s looked for outfits for their party tomorrow night and Misty looked for props to use for beach photos.

It was almost 1:00 AM when Bonnie and company met up with the others for a late-night bite to eat and past 2:00 AM when they made it back to the house. Bonnie and the other moms were wiped out from the pace of the last few days. Their bodies reminded them they might be acting like college girls again, but they were in fact all over forty…and Marcy was approaching fifty. Bonnie didn’t even bother to see what the sleeping arrangements would be with the extra bodies downstairs.

On Saturday morning, it was after 10:00 AM before Bonnie crawled out of the bed and made it downstairs for something to eat. She was not surprised to see little movement among the young people. It appeared that Caitlin was the only one awake as she rummaged through the miscellaneous food stuffs on the kitchen counter. While Bonnie had pulled on the sheer floral shirt she’d begun wearing as her “summer at home” look; Caitlin was totally nude. Bonnie thought back to those elementary school years when Caitlin effectively lived at the Campbell’s in the summers. How often had Caitlin and Misty not put on a stitch of clothing for days on end? Of course, at ages six through eleven, they’d never thought a thing of it. Even after they began to grow pubic hair and breast buds that was just normal life. After all, when Gina, Caitlin’s mother was sunning by the pool when Cooper was at work, she normally went nude, as did Bonnie. Somehow, Bonnie had never considered that in just a few short years Caitlin would have a woman’s body (a one-in-a-million woman’s body) and still be totally comfortable in the nude. But there she was, likely totally unaware of the effect her nudity had on others.

A thought occurred to Bonnie. She wondered if Misty would have gone through those few years when she was ashamed of her body and sexuality embarrassed her if Caitlin had not been yanked from her life? Was it just coincidence that it was soon after Caitlin was pulled away that Misty had stopped going naked at home? Or was it cause and effect? She’d never considered that possibility before. But…yes… there had to be a link. Caitlin had told Misty how her mom’s new boyfriend had declared that her mother’s old life of sin was over. Misty had heard the same reports. Bob wanted Gina and her daughter to act “Christian,” but of course Bob never legally married Gina (though publicly he claimed he had); but who said religious conservatives need be consistent in their ranting?

With those things sill in her head coming up behind Caitlin Bonnie said “Well everyone is just dead this morning.”

“No, Sarah and Bailey are already gone off with those two guys on their roller blades.”

“Oh, yea, I’d forgotten about that.”

Caitlin elaborated “Last night they went up to bed, not long after we got back here. I guess they were planning for an early start.”

“When did the rest of you go to sleep?”

“I’m not sure but we all messed around for most of the night before it got quiet. I suspect if we’d looked out the windows, dawn was showing.”

Bonnie looked over at Caitlin and asked “Are you OK with all this sex stuff? I know you don’t have near the experience with guys that Haley does.”

“Oh, it’s fantastic!”


“Yea Mrs. C., I’m having a great time. I’m not doing anything I don’t want to, and I’m getting to do a lot of stuff I have only dreamed of doing, but never thought I would. The truth is I’ve fantasized about living my mother’s old lifestyle since I was about eight. Well, yesterday I really did it.”

Bonnie nodded, “Yes, it has been like a page out of Gina’s world. More than once I told your mother I wished I could try out her life…well the good parts of it at least.”

Caitlin seriously said “Yes. Just the good parts. I know all too well that while some people don’t approve of how she made a living; she really liked getting paid to help interesting people live out their sex fantasies by making a little video movie. She used to come home and talk about the clients and the fun scenarios the clients and producer had created. They were little movies and she would tell me all about what it went through to make them. While she didn’t go into the details of doing the sex scenes; she gave an overview of how they set up those too. They weren’t like home videos, from what I remember, Mom said the company had a crew of about fifteen people to make them; and Mom was the star. I’m sure you know how they would go to all sorts of places around Atlanta; fancy hotels, stores and places they rented out for a few nights, up at cabins in the mountains north of the city and even down to the beach outside of Savanah. She’d tell me about the stories and how fun it was to play different roles. That thing you guys did with those two Swiss guys was like a real-life version of one of her videos. So was last night, with Mrs. Simms getting it by a hot teenage guy surrounded by more hot naked teens. They were both like mommy porn fantasies come to life.”

Bonnie had to laugh because she knew Caitlin was right. It was exactly like the fantasies of board middle-aged housewives. And with Misty photographing it all, it really was like a porn set. Except there was nothing fake about it. “You are so right. And yes I remember your mom telling me week by week about each project. But not everything was done in Georgia. She went up to Colorado to do a ski fantasy once and I was so jealous when your mother went to Hawaii for two weeks.”

Caitlin pulled a bowl from the cabinet and poured some dry cereal. “I think that was the first time I spent weeks at a time at your house. I was too small to know how long she was gone, but I knew I had fun with Misty.”

“She was gone two weeks. Yes, it was the first time you lived with us for an extended time. I think she did a couple of videos while she was there. And I think she did some nude modeling too.”

Bonnie didn’t add that while Gina had gone to make a video, the reason she was gone so long was that she was the defacto escort for the Russian oligarch and his wife with whom she did the “movie”. As far as she could recall, this was the first time Caitlin had ever brought up her mom’s career in making fantasy videos with couples. Nearly everything of what she knew about Caitlin’s knowledge of what her mom did was from things Misty had told her. It was only recently Misty had told her that she and Caitlan had started actively watching Gina’s sex videos at the outset of puberty. How many girls get to watch professional porn starring their best friend’s mom?

What Bonnie replied was “She had a great time in Hawaii. She told me all about it.” Bonnie laughed “And she told me about all the sex parts too. She stayed on a yacht and just went from island to island for the whole two weeks. Like I said, I was jealous…I’m still jealous.”

Caitlan laughed with Bonnie then said “She had a bunch of photos from that trip. I don’t know what happened to them, but I remember looking at them for years. They became the basis for my earliest romantic fantasies.” She paused then said, “Now that I think about it, in those photos, she wore pretty much the same kinds of things we have been wearing on this trip. I was seven or eight and I asked her about the thong bikinis that she seemed to have worn all the time. I’d never seen a swimsuit like that before and I asked if it itched.”

They both laughed again.

“I’m sure I had seen her in thong panties around our trailer and in her videos, but I guess to me that wasn’t the same as a swimsuit.”

Bonnie was curious “I’m not criticizing at all, but I’m I right in understanding you and Misty watched her videos together. How old were you?”

Caitlin took her bowl of cereal to the table. “I know you’re not criticizing. For me as a little girl, to see my mom have sex in videos was a lot like Misty seeing you and Mr. C. have sex in person. She doesn’t remember anytime she did not occasionally see you guys doing it. Misty likes to tell people that when you and Mr. C. were younger you would do it just about anywhere and anytime the mood hit you.”

Bonnie laughed again. “Yea, our bodies were more flexible back then. And I think hornier too. But her memory is right. We’d do it pretty much anywhere in the house or out by the pool when we got turned on. We didn’t hold back. Back in those days, to me having sex in our bed seemed so pedestrian.”

With a smile Caitlin said “You seem to forget, I virtually lived there too. I’ve seen you guys going at it even in the laundry room and on the stairs.”

They both laughed, then Caitlin went on “It is the same way with me and my mom. I don’t remember when I did not occasionally see Mom’s sex videos on the TV. She didn’t just sit and watch them by herself, but she would play them for her friends and I’d be in and out. After all, in a little single wide trailer there aren’t many places to go. Like Misty I didn’t think a thing of seeing it. And you can expect, if my mom showed a friend a porn video of herself, it always ended with them having sex.”

Bonnie had taken a seat next to Caitlin at the table. “That makes sense. But I didn’t know Gina let you watch her have sex.”

“She didn’t exactly. Not with men. Not because she thought it was bad, but she didn’t trust men. Any men. I think Mr. C. is the only man in the world she really trusts. She let me know that when men get hard dicks they can’t be trusted. The rule at home was that when I saw a guy had his dick out of his pants, I needed to stay outside or in my room. She didn’t need to tell me, that was just what we did. Like I said, Mr. C. was the only man she didn’t mind me being around when he was naked. But for a year or two before she met Bob, she was web-camming and sometimes I’d watch from outside the cam’s view. She did a lot of masturbation stuff and I’d watch her talk to her clients and get herself off. But never when men were actually at our place.”

“Wow!” Bonnie said. “That’s pragmatic. I recall her web-camming. Do you know she did a couple of session by our pool using her laptop? You and Misty weren’t there; not because she didn’t’ want you to see, but because she didn’t trust you guys to stay quiet. I took you guys off for ice-cream. Now you say that about men, I recall her saying that exact thing when you were about six. I had called her in a panic to tell her that you and Misty had watched Cooper and I have sex. We didn’t know you two had been in the house and Misty had coaxed you into watching.”

Caitlin said “Yes, I remember that first time.”

“I was so worried how she’d react. I’d only known her for less than a year and she’d finally told me the full story about what she did for a living a month or so before; but just because she made those videos didn’t mean she would be cool that you and Misty had stood and watched us. She just laughed and assured me she did not mind. That is when she explained why she shooed you out of the room when she was with men. But I guess I didn’t fully understand you saw her videos at that age.”

“Like I said, I wasn’t very interested. But you see I didn’t really see any difference between the videos with her in them and grown-up TV or movies. Mom always called herself an actress and most grown-up TV shows had sex scenes. I was too young to realize the sex on TV was fake. I thought they were all doing what Mom did in her videos. Actually, the reason I first showed Misty Mom’s videos was because I’d told her mom was in movies and she wanted to see them. I’m sure we were in first grade. But once we’d looked at parts of a few of them, it was boring so we didn’t really look at them again for several years. But like I said, we didn’t understand they were somehow different than shows on TV.”

Bonnie had to laugh about that. “I’ll have to ask Misty when she realized TV sex was fake.”

Caitlin laughed too, “Don’t call me stupid, but it wasn’t until a few years ago I really understood movie stars didn’t really have sex on set. After all, in my world faking it would be silly. You will have to ask her when she gets up.” She stopped and seemed to think about it for a minute. “I just now realized something. Maybe you already knew it, but I just now understood.”

Bonnie cocked her head “What?”

“As a kid, pretty much right up until when I was thirteen and Bob made such a huge deal about it; I didn’t realize that to most people what my mom did was gross and wrong. I think you know he made me promise to never ever tell anyone about any of that and told her to destroy all her videos and erase her web-cam files. As I think you know, Mom told me to stash the DVD’s and flash drives at your place. But, like I said when I was younger, since I thought all the stars had sex while making TV shows and movies; why would I think that what Mom did was different? What I just realized is that perhaps it is your fault I thought that for Mom to have sex to make a video or to web-cam in the nude was just like any other job.”

“My fault?”

“Yea your fault” Caitlin replied…with a big smile. “You are like my other-mother. Your house has been the most stable home I’ve had in my entire life. Mom and I started coming over when I was like five, so I don’t even remember before you were my mom’s best friend.”

A pang of pain hit Bonnie. She was right, Gina and Caitlin had been part of her world since not long after she moved to Sparta. This discussion reminded her how much she missed Caitlin’s mother.

“You and my mom talked about her work in front of me and Misty all the time. She didn’t go into detail with me about the sex parts, but I heard her telling you all sorts of stuff. Mostly it was like how she had sex with the husband and wife, and what she did when there were more participants than just the threesome; but she also told you about things like licking cum off the wife’s tits and taking it up the ass. Since Mom always answered any questions I had, I knew what all those terms meant. Sometimes she had to give a lot of explanation for me to understand; but she never blew me off. Mom really, really looked up to you and Mr. C. because you were respectable people; so if you thought those things were part of a normal job like any other parent had, then they were. But what I just realized is that it is because you treated her job as normal, I simply never even considered that it was not. There was one year, before Bob yanked me out of my whole social world, when Misty, Kelli and I (and sometimes Haley and the other club girls) started really watching porn together. I mean to watch it to masturbate as a group. Several nights we watched my mom’s videos and jilled off. That led directly to us making out and getting each other off. None of us saw the actors as trashy. They all knew my mom made movies but that just made her cool. I didn’t even think it was weird that we all watched my mom’s videos while we played with ourselves. Just last month Misty and I pulled out some of her videos and got off watching them. I’m sorry if you think I’m pervy, but I think my mom is super-hot. So it is your fault I think sex work is just as good as any other job and I think sex workers should be respected the way other actors are; not treated like trash.”

Bonnie didn’t see that as a bad thing at all. But before she could say anything Caitlin leaned over and gave her a hug. “Mrs. C., I love you so much.”

Bonnie was taken off guard by the sudden outburst.

“My mom and I owe you so much. I know she’s not in a place right now where she can openly tell you; but I know she loves you too. She knows even better than I do how much you have done for us. This week has reminded me how much I owe you. My life would not be anything like what it is without you.” She took a deep breath, then Bonnie saw tears begin to run down her cheeks. “For all the things Mom has loved about her life there have been some really terrible things too. She has paid a price for mistakes she has made; but you were always there for her. No matter how bad things got. You even took me in when she went to jail. Without you likely I would have gone into foster care and might never have gone home. I certainly would not have the life I have.”

Tears were streaming down Bonnie’s cheeks too. But what could she say? Likely everything Caitlin just said was true; but she certainly did not think she deserved any praise for it. She’d benefitted just as much. Her life and the life of her kids were intertwined with those of Gina and Caitlin. Gina’s unconventional life and lifestyle had been an ongoing challenge to Bonnie not to become closed minded. Especially in those years when Bonnie was still acclimatizing herself to life in Sparta; Gina and her libertine life had been an important balance to the pressures exerted by Sparta’s bourgeois social leaders. They had expected Bonnie to conform to her proper role as the wife of Cooper Campbell, community leader, rather than to be true to who she was: the free-spirited child of an Appalachian moonshiner. It was no sacrifice for Bonnie to choose to embrace the community “whore” (and that was what Gina was still seen by many as) to be her best friend over the proper women she “should” have befriended. How can someone separate who receives more from such a relationship?

After a moment’s pause Caitlin went on “I know some of the things that have happened to her over the years have been really bad, especially those related to her terrible choices of men; but lots of times, most of the time, she thought she was the luckiest woman in the world. Sure, we lived in a ratty little trailer, but she doesn’t care about those things. She was able to be herself and around you and Mr. C. she found love and acceptance for who she is.” Caitlin seemed to think for a moment then added “But you are showing me how I can have the good parts of Mom’s life, without the abusive stuff. I think that is what Mom has always hoped you would do for me.”

Bonnie was at a loss for words. She was glad Caitlin saw that on balance, her mother has had a wonderful life and more important; that her mother is a good person. “I know you are right in that your mother wants you to have all the good things. I was surprised how willing she was to risk conflict with Bob to let me know she knew what this trip would entail. She fully trusts my judgment regarding you and your safety. Though she didn’t say it, I think you are behaving exactly how she’d hoped you would. You are giving yourself permission to try new things that you couldn’t back home; but doing them in a place and in a way that is safe and supportive. I might not look like I am playing the parental role; but I am from behind the scenes. I don’t know how I’ll do it, but I am going to find a way to get your mother alone and tell her all about this week.”

“That would be great. I hope you can. I know…I mean I really know she would like that” Caitlin said. “So, I guess I should fill you in on what all happened yesterday… so you can tell my mother.” She paused to give a faux moment of thought. “Let’s see…yesterday… what did I do? Well I had sex with Red… and Squirrel…and Brett and Kimi and Haley. And I messed around with just about everyone else. It was too fun.”

That was way more than Bonnie had expected to hear; but she just nodded as if it had been exactly what she had expected Caitlin to say. “So Misty shared Brett last night?”

“Yea, I kinda felt sorry for the guys. After Tommy left, there were only three of them here and five of us girls. Not only that, but the three of us Euro-Club girls were all too ready to go and go and go.”

Caitlin pointed to the bulletin board and said “You don’t need to count them; there are an even twenty now. I’m sure at first it seemed like a dream to the guys, but they just couldn’t keep it up nearly as long as we could keep taking it. Poor Red he gave out before he’d done all of us even once. He just couldn’t contain himself and wanted to do it till he came every time he had sex with one of us; but he just couldn’t keep that up. I’m pretty sure all five of us got a piece of Brett before he couldn’t get it up anymore. But Squirrel kept it up forever and kept pinning condoms on the board. Last thing I remember before falling asleep was that he was spooning Zara. I know he did me twice and got me off both times. I think he did it for Misty as well. It was a great night.”

“Glad you had fun.”

“We all want to go to South Beach today. Is that OK?”

“Sure, but everyone needs to get moving pretty soon. We have lunch reservations?”

“Here, I’ll get them up” Caitlin said. Then she went around the room pulling the sheets off and yelling for them to get moving. Each time she pulled a sheet off several shriveled condoms flew off as well; though none appeared to be holding semen. One by one they stumbled out of bed. Some went upstairs to lay in the garden tub and others went into the shower.

Bonnie heated some water for coffee and pulled out three boxes of powdered doughnuts. Soon the six chairs were full of teens munching on the messy white confection and talking. Much of the talk was explicit discussion of last night’s fun. At one point Haley said “You should have joined us Mrs. C.”

That was a surprise to Bonnie, and even more was Caitlin's second “Yea, we would have loved to have you join.”

“It’s flattering you think so, but I was dead to the world.” While she was indeed flattered by their invite, that was a bridge she was not yet ready to cross...unlike some mothers she knew.

“So, when are we leaving for the beach?” Caitlin asked.

“Not till after lunch. We have 11:30 lunch reservations for Benihana’s of Tokyo. Trish is treating everyone. So, don’t fill up on doughnuts and dress for going out to a nice restaurant. We will come back here to change before we go to the beach. OK?”

It was odd to shift from being told they wished she was part of their orgy, to giving normal mother type commands in just a matter of seconds. That was the world she was creating, and she was actually comfortable with that. She got agreement from everyone in the kitchen and went back upstairs to get into the tub. But once she got there she found the bathroom already busy. Kimi was naked in front of the mirror drying her hair, while in the tub were Trish & Marcy and between them was Squirrel sporting his now famous ever-hard dick.

Kimi chirped “Good morning, Mrs. C.”

“Good morning” she replied. “I told the others we are doing lunch before we hit the beach. And don’t worry about money, it is Trish’s treat.”

“Thanks” she said over to Trish.

“No problem” the woman replied.