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In Search of the Final Freedom : Chapter 38

Updated: Apr 4

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel


Raising the Revolutionary Flag of a Sexual Freedom

Chapter 38


The first thing Bonnie could clearly remember after she had gotten into the cab after leaving the club was the sun shining through the window of the rental house. Sarah was trying to wake her mother. It took a moment for Bonnie to figure out where she was. She was in the common room of the Miami Beach rental house, in one of the pull-out beds….naked. Why were they downstairs rather than in their bed? Marcy’s daughter was shaking her mother and holding her cell phone, “It’s Dad”.

Marcy, still more than half asleep, asked “What time is it?”

“Almost noon” Sarah answered.

“Oh wow, I was dead” she said reaching for the phone. Pulling herself upright she slowly said “Hi Honey.”

Sarah just stood listening to one side of the conversation waiting for her mom to give back her phone.

Bonnie, now mostly awake, still didn’t know why she was not in the upstairs bedroom. While she listened to what her friend had to say to her husband, she got up to retrieve the handbag she’d taken to the club. In it she found her own phone and checked for a message from Cooper while she listened to Marcy talk to her husband.

”Oh, we had a great time.”

“How was church?”


“Sometime around 4:30 this morning.”

“A lot, more than I think I’ll ever remember, but let me give you something to think on. Imagine a group of thirteen people going on for over three hours of continuous sex. That was what happened. Though a few people left and a few joined to replace them, the group stayed nearly the same size till the end. If you think about that all day, I can assure you that you still won’t begin to conceive of all the things that really happened.”

“Yes, everyone in our orgy group was good about using condoms. I’m sure we went through way more than three dozen. Though, I have to tell you earlier in the evening, I messed around with another guy and he didn’t use one when we screwed; though, when he ejaculated it was in my mouth not my vagina. I’ve actually swallowed a good bit of semen since I’ve been here. If you think I should, I’ll get a test when we get home”

“OK, but I think I’ll go to the Health Department office in Macon County since it could cause me a problem if I went to the Baldwin County office.”

“I think we are going back to South Beach today.”

“Oh, good, you can tell them what I told you.”

“Let me go pee, I’ll call you later.”

“OK, love you. Good Bye.”

Bonnie sat back on the bed, phone in hand. “That was a good tease. He’ll be going crazy.”

Trish added groggily, “But she’s right, he can’t even imagine all the stuff that went on last night…I can’t and I was there.” Then she added “You two were like zombies when we got home. You never made it upstairs, but if you had you would have found Misty, Caitlin and Haley in our bed. That is why we are down here. But, the girls had this pull-out prepared for us. Still I had to get you two out of your clothes… not that either of you were wearing very much.”

That answered a lot of questions for Bonnie. On her phone she found that she had a message from Cooper. It was short: “I think I put in a credible performance. Ronda and her crew stayed here.”

She replied with: Give me a call when you are free. Too much happened to text.

“Well girls,” Bonnie announced “Cooper did it with Ronda last night. But you know Cooper, no details other than they stayed at our place rather than hers.”

Marcy said “I’m sure Haley will know more after she talks to her sister.”

It took a while but all three weary women eventually made their way up the stairs to the big bathroom and started the water in the garden tub. Marcy poured some shampoo in to make bubbles. By the time they had toileted and brushed their teeth the tub was filled enough to start the Jacuzzi going. Rapidly the foam began to rise.

Bonnie quite literally disappeared into the bubbles when they began to overflow the tub's sides. “I want one of these” she said appreciating both the deep warm water and the fun suds.

Marcy suggested “You’ll like a hot tub like ours better, it’s bigger and you don’t have to fill it each time.”

“Cooper and I have talked about getting one for Christmas.”

Marcy just nodded. There were a few minutes of silence as they all just enjoyed.

Bonnie finally asked, "So what did you guys think of your first real orgy?”

Trish said “I will never, ever, forget last night.” They all agreed… with some laughter, before she went on “I can’t even find the words to describe it.”

Bonnie smiled. “I think you get the prize for the most wanton woman there. I thought I was profligate beyond what I ever imagined me doing; but you had me beat.”

Trish just leaned back and smiled. “I’m not going to apologize. In my forty years before my divorce, I’d had exactly four sex partners, and all of them were duds.” She stopped then said “No, that’s not true only three were duds. There was one guy I went out with for a couple of months in college and he was great. But my husband was a dud for sure. But the point is you guys had way more opportunities than I’ve had. So if I fucked my brains out with twice as many men in one night as I had done it in all those years before I divorced…If I spread my legs for men I’d just met…over and over….well I’m not going to be one bit sorry.”

Marcy said “I am not criticizing you. And I think you deserve a few days of wildness after all those years. For me, the only thing that would have made it better was if Mike had been there to see me.”

Bonnie affirmed Marcy’s assessment. “Cooper would have loved to see all that. I know it will frustrate him when I try to tell him what happened because I leave out too many details.”

Marcy said “I am so glad we got a few photos there at the end. I can’t wait to see how they look. I’m sure Mike will love them.”

“Marcy, Jeanne knows you want to send them to Mike. She said she will email me the full-sized files before noon today so you can send them to him.”

Marcy just nodded, but Trish went back to what she’d been saying. “I don’t think I could keep it all straight if I had to tell someone, but who would I tell? My mother?”

That drew a real laugh. Then Marcy said “Though Bonnie, if I’m to be honest; it would be more accurate to say it was my first orgy in decades, not my first one. Years ago, I was in a good many group things similar to what we did last night; though that huge bed outside overlooking the skyline made it unlike anything I’ve ever done before….and honestly, I didn’t think that was possible. Sometime I’ll have to fess up and tell you guys more about my life before I got married. Bonnie, I know you were no blushing virgin when you dragged Cooper into your dorm bed that first time, but I seriously doubt you were in my league.”

Bonnie laughed and said "Yea, yea, yea. You make the vague references to your Bohemian theater life, but never anything more than that do we get."

"Oh, well I guess there is just too much to tell… but the truth…” she paused and appeared to be thinking about whether to go on. “The truth is I have had sex with literally hundreds of guys.” She took a breath. “Due to the drugs and booze, especially those four years in New York between college and when I moved to Atlanta, I honestly don’t know, but it has to be over a couple of hundred.” Then she laughed to herself. “One of the reasons I don’t talk about life before Mike is that I don’t remember large chunks of it because I was too drunk or stoned to remember it clearly."

Bonnie was taken aback by that frank admission. She simply had no idea. While back in the day once or twice she had awakened to find some strange guy in her bed, or simply couldn’t recall how she’d gotten back to her dorm; those times had been rare and a little frightening. It appeared that what Marcy was saying was of a different magnitude altogether. It seemed that Marcy had quite a lot of things in her past life that she’d never told anyone about.

Then Marcy suggested “How about next weekend, let’s have a get together for stories old and new. I know the guys will be dying to hear all about this trip and the girls have already taken a good number of pictures we could show them.”

Marcy added, "Not just your husbands, but the whole group who comes to your house to swim naked."

Bonnie said seriously “Sounds good, but how about in two weeks, next weekend I’ll be up at my parents. We are going up to see them then go camping before the kids start back to school.”

“OK, week after next”

Bonnie then offered “You two have got to realize that our little group has been flirting with sex stuff pretty heavy, a party like that might push us off the edge.”

“I’m not following" Trish said. “We have had the guys over to tan with us without the kids twice now, and both times there was public sex. Everyone has seem me doing it with Cooper now.”

Bonnie explained “I mean the next step is a big one. You both have to know our group is getting close to transforming into a sort of open-sex community. If we sit around and tell everyone how much fun we had this week screwing people we just met….and each other...well I think the result is very predictable." She looked at Marcy, "What would Mike want to do?”

Marcy had the answer at hand “He’s going to want to watch us do it, then fuck both of you two silly.”

“Again, you mean” Bonnie corrected. “He’s done that once already, if you have forgotten. Right now I would say the three of us have developed a polyamory group, but what I’m asking is: are we ready to effectively turn the Church Women’s Fellowship into what was once called a communal marriage. Do you think we are ready to openly say that within the group, we are all free to make love with anyone else? Do you think the others want that? Yes, I know that close to half of the couples have already stepped out of monogamy to one extent or another, such a move would be significant and could not be undone. Think about it.”

It took Marcy just a second “Yea, I can say Mike and I are ready to include all our friends.”

Trish put up her hands, “Don’t ask me, I’m single and have already done it with both Cooper and Mike, and since we have been here, I’ve had sex with like a dozen men….” She stopped. “Saying it like that…wow!” She paused then said “No. I am not going to apologize or look back. I can tell you I am most definitely ready to ride on Tabitha’s Snake.” After a pause she continued

“Fuck…..after last night I’m ready to screw every one of the husbands right out on your pool deck. I don’t care who sees me do it either. And….if you are wondering, if those boys come back to night, I plan to go downstairs and have sex with them right in front of our girls…again. How can I ever go back to my old life?”

Bonnie thought ‘My, she really has changed.’ She had never heard Trish say ‘fuck’ before. She did not comment on that but just said, “Well…. I guess that settles it, a week from last night we will have a picture & stories party” Bonnie said and then settled a bit deeper into the water.

“Let’s do it at my house for a change” Marcy said, “You’ve been doing all the entertaining so far, let me take care of it this time.”

Bonnie agreed then the quiet resumed. After some time, Marcy sighed. “I might just stay here in the tub all day. I’m getting a bit run down.”

Trish asked, “What about that thing you were invited to go to by that stripper guy you told us about?”

Bonnie sighed, “I would love to go. But I am just not up to it. I would be too tired to enjoy myself.”

Marcy nodded, “I’m with you on that. I’d love to, but…no.”

As it turned out, the teens were also getting warn down from the pace they had been keeping since arriving in Miami. So, there was no hurry to get going. After some discussion however, they all decided to relax at the beach rather than at the house.

Cooper called as he was getting ready for the Sunday family swim day. She did her best to give a quick rundown on the party. She told him that, to her, the opportunity to present for the FFF had been far more important than the orgy. What was funny is that when she told Cooper that, she actually believed it. He thanked her for the photos she’d sent. “And tell our daughter I’m impressed with her photography. Both the glamor photos she took of you and the erotica. I wish I’d been there to see you presenting in that dress. You are something else Bonnie Campbell.”

She was most pleased with his response. She was less pleased with the blasé report of his night with Ronda. To hear him tell her of a long night of hot sex with a beautiful woman, you would think it was the weather report. No, the weatherman was more enthusiastic. He told her in general terms that he and Ronda and the two kids had gotten into the pool and just talked for a good while before anything happened, then he said “When Ronda didn’t seem to mind when Bethany first gave Gregg a blow job, then mounted him on one of the chaise lounges; I led her to the double chaise, where we made love for perhaps an hour. It wasn’t till afterward she let me know that was the first time she’d had sex in front of either of her kids completely in the open like that. When I apologized, she assured me that had I not initiated it, she would have. After that I guess we swam and sat and talked till past midnight. It was really the first time I’d talked at length to either Bethany or Gregg, they are really great kids. I’d love to talk more, but I’ve got to get things ready.”

She’d not really expected more from her wonderful, but taciturn husband. When she went downstairs, she was sure Haley would have more information. A text had come in while she’d been talking to Cooper. It was from Mira thanking her for the night before. She asked if she and Holly could take her to dinner. Bonnie wrote back that she and the girls would be going to the beach about 3:00, and asked if 6:30 would be OK with her and Holly.

Mira wrote back and asked if Bonnie would mind if they came out to meet up on the beach with their children in tow. She said she’d love to meet Misty and ask her about growing up in a “sex-positive” home. She also offered to buy the whole crew dinner at one of the beach-side places that cater to people coming from the sand. Bonnie wrote back and said that would be great; but asked if her kids would be uncomfortable in a group where the girls and women were topless, as Bonnie and her crew would certainly be.

Mira wrote back to say that would not be a problem So a plan was made.

Bonnie informed the girls so they could inform their friends the plan was to be near lifeguard tower # 4 at around 3:00.

The Silverfire Guild kids had left sometime before Bonnie and the other mothers had made it home, so as they got ready, it was just their girls again. Bonnie told everyone to dress in enough clothes to get into one of the beach front restaurants for lunch. Women and teens did so…if barely covered enough to be called dressed; and their little parade headed out of the rental house, down the side street, up Collins Ave. and over one block.

At the chosen restaurant, they were told they would have to wait for a table for eight. They were given a buzzer, but the hostess let them know that the signal reached across the street to South Beach Park. There they found a pair of benches so that Haley could continue filling Bonnie, and the others, in on what her sister said had happened last night. She had already recounted, as they walked, Bethany’s take on the little bit Cooper had reported. What Cooper hadn’t known was that while they’d been out at the pool, Bethany had come over to her mother and asked if it would bother her if she gave Gregg a blow job.

Bonnie really admired how Ronda had taught by example that consent didn’t just involve the people who were actually having sex, but those who were nearby. Bethany hadn’t asked if she could, but rather if it would bother her mom. The difference in the two questions were significant and said a lot about how Ronda had trained her girls. She was sure she had not done as good a job with her own kids in teaching them to actively seek consent of those who were passive participants. She would remember that and would tell the story to Mira and Holly later on.

Once they were all settled on a bench, Haley continued her story. “Bethany said she and Gregg decided to take a break to get something to drink because even though the sun was behind the house, they were getting hot. They went in and got some bottles of water and sat in the air conditioning for a few minutes. When they got back out Mom and your husband were already screwing. Remember, she and I didn’t grow up watching our mom actually taking dick the way Misty did. It was the first time my sister had seen her plainly in full light doing it. But according to her, she just walked right over to them trying to act totally normal. They were on that double chaise lounge on the far end of your pool and Mom was on her side while Mr. C. was doing her scissors. She said that Mom could see full well that she could see Mr. C’s dick going into her pussy, but she just thanked Bethany for the water and asked her to leave the bottles by the lounge chair. Bethany said that Mom did not tell her to leave them alone or anything like that. Later on, after it had gotten dark, Mom and Mr. C. and Bethany and Gregg were all just chilling on the steps like normal. Beth gets Gregg hard and climbs on him right there beside Mom. Nobody said a thing one way or another about it. She said they all kept talking even while she rode Gregg’s dick. About 10:30 or 11:00 right in front of Bethany, Mr. C. asked Mom if she wanted to go inside to make love. He just apologized for abandoning them and told Gregg and my sister that while the two of them might be able to do it on the pool deck, which is what they had been doing, he was too old for that. So it wasn’t that he minded they watched them have sex, but he wanted to be more comfortable. After all, Bethany said earlier on, after she had offered them drinks, my mom and your husband continued to have sex for a really long time. According to Bethany, she and Gregg sat down at the nearest umbrella table and openly watched them go at it the whole time. Mom and Mr. C. even took a short break to get a drink before moving to a new position and started to fuck again. She said Mom had looked right over to her and Gregg and winked at them, but it did not seem to bother her one bit that they were watching.”

Rather than being surprised Ronda had sex in front of Bethany, Bonnie wondered why Ronda had kept up the pretense of privacy with the curtain. Clearly, she’d never actually minded if the kids could see. So she asked Haley what she thought.

The teenage girl thought for a moment then said “I think it goes back to what she thinks is just normal life in a house of only females. Remember most of my life has been a world totally without men, except as they were more or less used as playthings; first for Mom, then for me too. Sex was about using men for fun; but girl stuff is just girl stuff. You see in my house, pretty much anything that is just about the three of us is just normal life. It has never mattered if we are talking about menstrual cramps or the odd flavor of some guy’s cum we tasted the night before; it is all just life for us. Sure, that cum came from a guy, but that isn’t the point, he is not part of our world, so talking about it is girl stuff. What has changed is who is part of our normal world. I think last night, Mom decided to bring Gregg and Mr. C. fully into our world. So, now having sex with them is…well normal.”

Bonnie said “I’m not following.”

Haley seemed to think again “I think it would help for me to explain some things that go way back. Let me ask you, if tonight you and I watch TV downstairs and I masturbate and climax while we do; would you say I was being sexual around you?”

Bonnie nodded. “Yes.”

“You have to understand, that when I do that at home in front of Mom and Bethany, it is not. What you don’t know is that I have, as mom used to say, petted my kitty to relax or just to feel good since before I could talk. I don’t remember when I didn’t.” She laughed to herself “I think I was born playing with myself. Ever since we moved here from Iowa when I was eight, Mom and Bethany never take the slightest note that I have my hand in my panties while I watch TV or pretty much any other time … of course that is when I actually have any panties on.”

That elicited some laughs.

“Bethany and I shared a twin bed when we lived with my Grandparents in Iowa. I’d play with my kitty to help me go to sleep, right with Bethany next to me. Even after we got our own rooms when we moved to Sparta, we often slept with each other or we all slept in bed with Mom, and it was not any big deal for me to play with my kitty, even after I discovered orgasms. So, to me and to Bethany or Mom, masturbation isn’t about sex…not in the way I think most people think of it.”

Marcy, who was sitting on the bench, looked up to say “You may not know it, but using ultrasound, researchers have learned that sometime babies masturbate in-utero. And, other studies suggest that unless they are taught not to, a significant portion of children, both boys and girls, will spontaneously learn to masturbate to relieve tension. Evidently you are one of those and your mother was wise enough not to force you to stop. In that light, what you are saying makes perfect sense.”

Bonnie had not heard all of that about masturbation by young children before. She made a mental note that she should talk to Cooper about doing some research on this for the FFF.

Marcy then apologized for interrupting “I’m sorry, go on Haley. This is interesting.”

Haley asks “So girl babies really play with themselves before they are born?”

Marcy nodded, “Yes, but not just girls, so do boys.”

“And lots of kids do it when they are little and only stop when people make them,” Haley said mostly to herself. “It sort of makes me feel better to know I’m not some sort of freak. Thank you for letting me know that. From what I understand my mom is the same way. She’s told me she’d been doing it since she was little too. Though her mom had punished her for it, she was stubborn and just did it more. Oh, Mom doesn’t like just jill off while we are watching TV like I do; but ever since I can remember, my mother has petted her kitty before she goes to sleep…like every night. I know that because in Iowa, all three of us slept in the room that had been my mom’s when she was a girl. There were twin beds, Bethany & I slept in one and Mom slept in the other. We had a strict bedtime of 8:00, so most nights we’d be asleep when Mom came in to get into her bed; but of course, sometimes I’d still be awake. Mom is funny, she does the same thing every single night and has since way back when we all lived in her old bedroom. First, she would make sure the door was locked. That was of course only when we lived with her parents. Then she takes off what she’s been wearing around the house in the evening. At my grandparents that meant she was fully dressed. The requirement to be fully dressed outside of the bedroom was one of the many rules we ditched when we moved to Sparta and Mom got her own place. But even then, she didn’t wear any sort of sleep wear. Looking back, I suspect that was her way of showing independence from her parent’s rules. But she didn’t start wearing things to bed once we moved away. So when she got into bed, she was… is… normally nude, but sometimes she wears panties; but never ever more than that. I guess that is why Bethany and I sleep in just our panties or naked to this day. When we were all in the same room at my grandparents, if Bethany and I were still awake, we would all talk for a little while about our day. I think she felt this was our only time away from her parents when she could just be herself. After a while she’d let us know that it was time to go to sleep. Then she’d lay on her back and pet her kitty. She never made a to-do about it, it was just what she did to go to sleep. In the winter she’d have covers over her, but if it was warm, she’d lay right on top of the sheets since my grandparents didn’t have A/C. Certainly, she had to know we could see her. Perhaps that was why petting my kitty seemed so matter-of-fact. Though I’d started doing it on my own, I did learn some things to do from watching her. For sure I learned the idea of petting with one hand while I put the fingers of the other hand inside of me; though I didn’t learn how to make that feel good till I was older. I also saw her using toys, but I didn’t even try those until much later. I knew when she was about done because she’d shake all over and sometimes make some sounds. But we were way too young to see any special significance in that. Mom playing with herself with us in the bed next to ours, even when she used her vibrator, was just a normal part of our routine. It wasn’t sexual at all.”

Marcy again cut in. “From what you are saying, I don’t think you learned to masturbate from your mother, you did that on your own. What your mother really did was to keep your grandmother from stopping you. Though I would guess her providing an example of masturbation as part of a relaxation regimen helped steel you against the social pressures to stop later on.”

Haley nodded and said “While I’ve been playing with myself forever, it was only after we moved from Iowa and I began doing it like all the time that I learned if I did it in a certain way, rather than relaxing it made me tense up. I asked mom about it. When I did, my mother took the time to tell me what was happening. I remember it clearly because it was the first time I began to see there was a relationship between me and Mom petting our kitties and what she did with her friends. By then she’d been having friends over for sex for a couple of years, mostly men, but sometimes a woman or a woman and man together.”

Bonnie put in, “Your mother told me how she was right up front with you about why she had men over to the house. She told me that she told you explicitly that they got naked and he put his penis in her vagina.”

Haley corrected. “Sort of. She asked if we minded if she had a friend from work to come over that night so they could get naked and he could put his penis in her. The way she put it, it was nothing more special than if she said they were going to play cards. So as kids, we just took it as something just that common. But she made a point that first time to say that while she enjoyed doing it at her friend’s house after a date, it would be easier not to have to get a baby sitter if she could just do it at home. Then she said if it worked out and we didn’t mind, she’d be having someone over once a week or so. That was when I was in 3rd grade, and since it did work out, she’s been doing it ever since; though rarely has she ever had people over more than a couple of times a month, and sometimes it’s been way less than that. But, even now, she’ll just call to let us know she’d bringing someone over. She’s always let us know in advance, and now it’s a house rule for me and Bethany too.”

Bonnie confirmed that was actually what her mother had said, “Though you gave a few more details.”

“That day when I told her that sometimes playing with my kitty made me tense rather than relaxed was when she first started using the word sex around me. You see we have this old wind-up alarm clock and she said that when I pet my kitty in that special way, it is like winding up the clock. She showed me how that the more I wound the clock the tighter the spring got. Then she flipped the switch and the bell started ringing. That day she taught me the word clitoris and orgasm. She said that while just petting my kitty can be relaxing, if I do it in just the right way, it will start winding me up like the clock. I told her that was what it felt like. She said that it is fine and feels good to just wind the clock up and then let it unwind slowly on its own; but if I keep winding it up, it gets to the point that it suddenly sets off the alarm. She said when that happens it feels super good and is called an orgasm. She explained that I had found how to start that process.”

Everyone was listening intently gathered around Haley as she sat on the back of a park bench. Marcy said “Wow, I had no idea she’d been that direct. That is really impressive. She didn’t just brush it off. She was giving you really good sex education even though you had no idea that is what it was.”

Haley went on “Then she began to put all the pieces together so what she did with men was related to us petting our kitties. She told me that the part of me that is the key can be reached by a spot between my girl lips. She said if I carefully rub down between them, above the entrance to my vagina, I’ll know when I have found it because it is a little nubby spot where it is super sensitive. She actually told me way back then that the spot is called my clitoris and if I want to wind myself up, that is the spot to rub. She told me that when I’m ready, I can do it long enough to have an orgasm.”

This time it was Bonnie who spoke up “Now you are making me feel bad. I didn’t teach Misty any of that, well not that young and not….well not like that.”

Misty was standing beside her mother, behind the bench. She corrected her. “No Mom, you didn’t do it that way, but you showed me by example. I think it’s great what Haley’s mom did, but don’t think you failed me.”

Haley came back “I’m sure there are lots of good ways to teach girls about sex; but this was just my mother’s way. She could have left it at that; but I guess her willingness to go to the next part is what makes her so amazing. Keep in mind this was right before my ninth birthday, but she went on to explain to me that while the fastest way for a girl to have an orgasm is from rubbing the outside part of her clitoris, it can also be done by rubbing the inside part which is found on the front wall of her vagina. My mom has a number of sex toys and like Mrs. C. she has always left them right out in her bedroom. Back then and now, she has a suction-cup dildo that she leaves stuck to her shower wall. I’m not sure when, but once she’d told us that the one on the shower wall looked just like our father’s penis and when she puts it in her, it makes her think of him.”

Caitlin just said “Oh, wow! I can’t imagine that. Not the dildo part. Mom has lots of dildos and I’ve seen her using them lots of times, mostly doing her webcam show…well that was before; but did your mom really say the one in her bath looks like your dad’s dick?”

Haley nodded “Yea. She still loves him and she never talks bad about him. I think she sort of pretends that he died rather than he ran off.”

Trish said “We women all have our ways of dealing with men who leave us. If that works for her; then good for her and I’m all for it.”

Haley agreed then went on “What I meant, was that she knew I understood the mechanics of sex. I wasn’t yet nine, but she’d had a book on how babies were made that she’d read to me several times even before we moved down to Georgia. So I knew sex was about a man’s penis going into a woman’s vagina, so she didn’t have to explain that part. What was new, was that was the first time I remember her saying that when a man uses his penis to rub the inside part of her clitoris, it is called sex. From then on, if a man came over, she’d tell me that he was coming over so she could have sex with him. Though to Bethany she didn’t move to that language for another year or so. That night, she also told me that while it felt good to rub her kitty herself, like she does at night; it is very different and special to have someone else do it for her. She started by telling me that when she is naked with her friends, she will have them wind her up by rubbing or kissing that outside part. She told me directly that snuggling up naked with another person and having them rub or kiss her kitty makes her feel close to them. That was all we talked about that night, but she told me directly that when I wanted to learn more about what she did with her friends in her bedroom and other ways to have orgasms I could ask her. She didn’t say it exactly, but I understood her to mean that after I’d had an orgasm, she’d tell me more.”

“Right off, that very night I found my clit and began to deliberately rub it. It took a year of rubbing until I thought I couldn’t stand anymore before I finally set off the alarm. As you can guess, as soon as Mom got off work that day, I told her all about it. After that, I was bringing myself off all the time. The first time she saw me have an orgasm out on the living room couch, Bethany asked what was going on. Like I said, she didn’t think a thing of me playing with myself; but when I came, she was worried I’d hurt myself or something.”

That got quite a lot of laughs and some comments.

“I tried to explain, but since she didn’t understand why I petted my kitty in the first place, she couldn’t even begin to understand. You see, unlike me, Bethany never petted her kitty when she was little. It’s just one of those differences within our family. When I asked Mom, she said that Bethany would let us know when she was ready to start petting her kitty or to learn how to have an orgasm.”

Bonnie put in “That was smart. Every girl is different.”

Misty agreed “There is no way I would have understood when I was seven or eight. So I get why she was clueless. Even though I’d seem mom masturbating in her room hundreds of times, one day it was like a light came on. I discovered masturbation for myself and orgasms came naturally like right away.”

Haley nodded. “I understand that now, but at the time I didn’t get why she never rubbed her kitty. When I had been that age, I was doing it all the time. So, after I found orgasms, I was getting them every day. I’m not sure when I first got myself off while mom was in the room, but I remember that my favorite thing for a long time was to hump the post of Mom’s bed. I’d do it right in front of her without any concern that I shouldn’t.”

“I guess I’d been getting myself off for a few months when I started asking about what she did in bed with her friends. The first time I asked she told me that the guy who’d come over the night before had kissed her kitty and licked her clitoris to give her an orgasm. I think that was when she first made it explicitly clear that even though her women friends don’t have a penis to put in her; snuggling naked and kissing each other’s kitty was still really nice. She told me it was perfectly normal for girls to kiss each other and to rub and lick each other’s kitty till they have an orgasm. I remember it clearly because she told me when she was twelve, she and her best friend started doing it. Since I was ten at the time, I just figured I had two more years to wait. That day I put going down on my friends in my mental calendar.”

That got laughs all around.

“But Mrs. C., I could tell that while what she was describing was not the same as playing with my kitty by myself, she didn’t call it sex either. It was a few weeks later, it must have been on a weekend because it was during the day; right after one of her male friends from the plant left, I went into her room. His name is Al. He is one of the few that she has brought to the house over and over. Not more than like once every three months or so, but he’s been coming over since not long after we moved here. As I understand it, like Mom, he is now the head of a department, and they have both sort of risen up the ranks together. He is really nice, but the reason Mom is willing to keep inviting him over is that he is happily married and isn’t leaving his wife. From what I’ve heard, the wife doesn’t know anything about Mom, and they both want to keep it that way. They are just like good friends who happen to have sex from time to time. Well, that particular day, I told her that I’d listened at the door for a while and I asked her to tell me what I’d heard her and Al doing. Though she had been progressively getting more detailed about what she did with men, that afternoon she fully spelled it out and directly related it to playing with my kitty. I know it sounds weird, but until then I didn’t link the two. She was still in what Bethany and I called her sex clothes, her lingerie…”

Bonnie cut in “Ronda dresses up for sex in lingerie? I would never have guessed.”

Haley smiled and nodded, not so much when we are on the road; but when guys come over to the house, she always has it on under a satin robe…usually one that matches the outfit. And when she goes out on dates, she always wears sexy stuff under her clothes. Her stuff is really nice. I’m sure a good bit of her collection are gifts from her male friends. I know for sure the outfit she was wearing that day came from Al.”

All three of the grown women commented how Ronda never even hinted she wore sexy lingerie.

Haley just said “Then don’t let her know I was the one who let out that little secret; but she really likes getting sexed up like that. Misty offered “If you think she’d be interested, I’d love to do a photoshoot of her in her lingerie. Actually, at your place we could do it outside in the stable and stuff. Since you own all that land we wouldn’t have to worry about shooting outdoors and juxtaposing lingerie with the farm gear would be really cool.”

Bonnie intervened “Misty, I know you are trying to be nice; but if her lingerie is some sort of secret, you should not be pushy.”

Haley said “No, once she actually said she’d like to get some boudoir photos done with her outfits. I’ll let her know. And after she sees the photos you took this week, she just might take you up on that. But as I was saying, while she was still in her sex clothes, she sat down while I sat on the bed and told me in detail what happened. She said that after they had been kissing naked for a while, she’d put Al’s penis in her mouth and gave him an orgasm just like he did to her when he licked her clitoris. She even specified that when he had his orgasm, his semen shot out of his penis while she was sucking on it. Maybe you will think it is weird, but when she told me directly that she thinks it’s fun to have it shoot in her mouth and swallow it; I didn’t think it was gross or even weird. If Mom did it, it was normal and that was that. By then I’d started looking on the internet to see sex videos, so I knew what she was describing. That night she told me she had swallowed Al’s cum just as normally as she might tell me she likes to let chocolate candies melt in her mouth before swallowing it…which she does.”

Several of the girls made comments about how incredibly specific her mother’s descriptions had been. Marcy asked Sarah “Should I have been that specific with you?”

Sarah answered, “I don’t know. But I didn’t play with myself in front of you either.”

Haley continued “Oh, that day my mom went beyond even that. Essentially that was the day she let me know how playing with my kitty, orgasms and sex were all part of the same thing. She finally linked putting a penis in her vagina to rubbing my kitty. She told me how after they kissed some more, Al’s penis had gotten hard and big again so that she could put it into her. She told me how she sat on top of him with his penis in her vagina and moved so that his penis rubbed the inside part of her clitoris. She explained that by pushing down so the outside part of her clit pressed on Al just above his penis she was able to have two orgasms in a row. Then for the first time she said that when I rub my kitty on the bedpost it is just like how she rubs herself on men when she has sex sitting on top of them. She told me that though I didn’t know it yet; but when I was on her bedpost, I was practicing for the day I start to have sex with boys.”

“That is an interesting approach” Bonnie put in.

“What is funny is that at the time, the big news for me was not that I found out that I was already practicing for having sex; it was that I could have more than one orgasm at a time. She’d never told me that was possible. I just naturally thought I’d have to wait till the next day to have another one. After that I would try to cum three or four times a day.”

There was a great deal of laughter at that.

“It wasn’t till later that in thinking about what Mom had said, I started to put things in my vagina to rub my inside clitoris. Remember I’d seen my mom put things in her while masturbating since I was little, so I understood how it was done. That is what led to me breaking my cherry with a rubber brush handle. Mom didn’t freak out, she just said it had been inevitable and apologized for not warning me. She also showed me how to put a condom on the brush handle so I didn’t get germs into my vagina.” She paused “Oh, I guess I should have let you know that the day she told me about what she’d done with Al; she also first explained that he’d used a condom to catch the semen. She said other than with a few very special friends, she always catches the semen in a condom. She actually went around the bed and picked up the condom and showed me Al’s semen in it. When I didn’t seem to understand, she opened a new one and rolled it down one of her dildos for me to see how it worked.”

Haley’s narrative was interrupted by comments of amazement and discussion of home sex ed.

Haley wrapped up by saying “All that to say, for us, me, Bethany and Mom, orgasms in and themselves aren’t like some private thing…or like I said, just cumming isn’t necessarily sexual…at least not the way most people think of it. While Mom still only gets herself off in her bedroom, for us to see her do it has never been any big deal. At home, Bethany and I get ourselves off pretty much anywhere we feel like it. For us that is just normal life. If you come to our house without calling first, you might find a vibrator or even a dildo has been left by one of us in the living room. But everything we do with guys at the house was kept behind closed doors. Until this summer that is. Gregg moving in with us was a huge change. It didn’t happen right off. After the first time he came on an overnight rodeo trip, which was followed by the first family nude swim day; Bethany and I returned to masturbating while we watched TV, even when Gregg was in the room. That along with the times you guys had sex right in front of Mom caused everything to start changing for us. I think when she called Mr. C. yesterday, she had decided to make the leap to fully normalizing sex with guys for us. That is why she walked in on Bethany and Gregg and that is why if Mr. C. hadn’t initiated sex out by the pool, Mom told Mr. C. she would have.”

The buzzer told them their table was ready. Bonnie wondered how many ways could sex-positive parenting be expressed. She had her way. Ronda had her way. Gina had hers. Bonnie would have to avoid the trap of thinking there was a single “right” way. She decided she should tell Mira and Holly that when she talked to them.

The women and girls were escorted to a large round table, big enough to seat all eight of them. The restaurant was much like any casual bar & grill back home; except for the go-go dancer on the bar. She wasn’t nude, or even in a micro-bikini, but she was a dancer in a family place. “Only in Miami Beach” Bonnie thought. Bonnie also noted that Sarah made a point to get a seat by her mother. It appeared this trip was doing them good.

Right after they had been seated Sarah said “OK old women, we want to hear all about your night.”

Marcy beat Bonnie to the punch and threw a napkin across the table at Misty. In unison they said “Old?!”

“All right, not old” Haley suggested “The right term would be MILF’s”

“I’m still not convinced that doesn’t mean old” Trish retorted.

Haley countered. “MILF? It’s the perfect term for women like you, hot, sexually available women with kids like us. I’d certainly jump at the offer to join any or all of you for a hot tumble. I know you left poor Squirrel dreaming of you MILF’s after you teased him in the tub yesterday.”

“I’ll accept that.” Bonnie agreed, “But, I was not part of what went on between these sex fiends and your friend Squirrel.”

Misty persisted “Stop avoiding the question. And what you probably didn’t tell your friends was how, while they were playing with Squirrel in the tub, you were playing voyeur. Did you tell them how you stood right by me in the downstairs shower while Brett and I did it?”

The two other mothers’ eyes went wide looking over at Bonnie.

“What? I went down to wash my hair in the only open shower. Yes, Misty and her guy were in there too, but that was just a coincidence. I had no idea they would be there. I washed my hair and I left.”

Misty added "Then you came back."

"Yes, I came back to bring him a condom since you two were already having sex and he wasn’t wearing one. And yes, I looked closely enough to see that. And yes again, after coming back with the condom I stood right next to you and watched as you enjoyed yourself for several minutes.” She looked to Marcy and Trish “And yes, I actually held Misty’s hand while she was leaned up against the shower wall taking Brett’s cock like it was the most normal thing in the world. And I thought it was wonderful holding her hand while she climaxed. Unlike you Marcy, I'm not ashamed that I watched and enjoyed doing so. If you ask her, I have no doubt Misty will tell you that she liked how I stood so close to her while she was taking his cock that had I wanted, I could have reached down to feel it going in. I could see in his eyes he was hoping I’d turn to let him do me too. And yes, I thought about doing both things. But I didn’t. After I left them to finish, I went upstairs and got myself off. I know half the house saw me masturbating on the bed and it appeared that at least some people enjoyed watching. I am very pleased that by doing so I was able to share some of the joy that I was feeling. So, it all worked out for the best.” She very briefly cut her eyes to Zara. If the girl wanted to add her part she could, but Bonnie was not going to drag her into this.

Misty apparently decided to let them both off the hook. “OK. Mom is telling the truth. It is not like I made it sound." She looked around at the others "She had no way of knowing we’d be in there and she just got in, washed her hair then left. Then she came back to bring the condom. I should not have let Brett put his dick in me without one on in the first place. So, I have no room to criticize, and the truth is I really appreciated her willingness to stay and watch me get off. She only did because earlier on, I’d let her know I wanted her to watch me cum while we are here. Let's get back to the question for all three of you Moms: what about last night? You didn’t get home till after we were all asleep, so you were out a long time.”

Bonnie appreciated her daughter’s effort to change the subject. She decided to play dumb. “Last night? What can she mean?” she said looking at her friends with a dumbfounded look “Oh, my little talk. Actually, it went great. At first, I was really nervous because these were not Podunk Georgia folks, these people are real sophisticates who have traveled the world. But I just talked about the stuff your dad and I talk about all the time and they thought I was way smarter than I really am. Afterward I got a big head with all the people wanting to talk to me and ask me questions.”

Marcy countered with “Don’t believe her talking it down. She really was very impressive. Even I was impressed. All night people were talking about how knowledgeable your mom is.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but be pleased with the compliment. “Thanks. I will admit I felt pretty good about the whole thing. Including the long question & answer session, I was on for close to two hours. Then after the meeting, I answered individual questions for another hour. One of the men is like the President of the Florida Swingers Club Association or something like that and we talked for a long time after the official program was over.”

“Do you mean Canon?” Trish asked.


“What she means girls,” Trish said leaning over the table in a stage whisper “is that she fucked him.”

“Trish!” Bonnie said glaring, then grinning “That was later. First, he told me he wanted me to do salon discussions about the FFF at other clubs around Florida. I’m so excited. I called Cooper and told him. We are going to invite Cannon to be a consultant.”

“See how she just glosses over the fact she had sex with this guy she just met” Misty said looking at her friends.

Sarah took over the inquisition “And Mom, what were you doing while Mrs. C. was doing all this lecturing, answering questions and fornicating?”

Bonnie was glad to be off the hot seat, and she added “I’d like to hear this too. What were you doing all that time from when I finished my talk till I found you in the hot tub? I didn’t see you for quite some time.”

Marcy, who just a few short months ago could not talk to Sarah about the sexual happenings in their own home; now seemed completely willing to lay everything out on the table. “Trish, feel free to add anything I forget. We actually slipped out long before the discussion was over. I hope you’re not offended.”

Trish interjected “It’s not that you weren’t doing good, we’d heard all that more than once and we wanted to explore the club.”

“Right, so we first went over to the Lounge.”

Trish jumped in again “The Lounge was on the same floor as the room where Bonnie gave her talk. The house had three floors and a tanning area on the roof of the 3rd floor.”

Marcy went on after the clarification “We watched some guys shoot pool, they were good but not that good; so we challenged them. The first game Trish sank the eight ball on her second shot, so she had to pay up.”

Trish clarified “We were playing for head.” She looked at Misty “Remember this was a swinger’s group, so we had the wager that the person who lost the game had to give the winner oral sex for two minutes. We were playing a round robin kind of thing.”

Haley interrupted “That’s a great idea for your next party Misty.”

Marcy ignored the comment and said “We shot pool for about an hour. We didn’t do too bad and won as often as we lost, all in all it was fun. Though it was not like a room for sex, no one seemed to mind what we did. Now after that we went out to the pool and swam around for a while then we got into the hot tub and met Victor & Maria and Hugo & Gloria. And we stayed there until Bonnie came out and we asked her to join us” “And girls” Trish added “Victor was so incredibly handsome; a man of any woman’s dreams.”

Bonnie agreed “I thought he looked like a young Antonio Banderas.”

“Yea, he did” Marcy seconded.

Sarah had a skeptical look on her face “And that’s all you did all night?”

“No way!” Haley interjected “Mrs. Simms woke me up at 4:45 AM when you got home. You’re leaving something out, a whole lot of somethings.”

Bonnie looked to the girls, ignoring Haley’s objection. “It’s your turn, what did you young ladies do last night?”

“No way, you guys haven’t said anything yet” Misty demanded “Just generalities, we want to hear what you did.”

Marcy didn’t hesitate and shot back, “OK you asked for it. The guys we played pool with were named Kevin and Yuri. Kevin was short but had a good-sized penis, thick and maybe seven and a half inches long. Yuri was burly but his dick was on the small side. When I sucked him off I could easily take him all in without gagging, which was fun. More fun than sucking Kevin, he kept pushing his hips up and getting too much in my mouth. When we won, we just sat on a bar stool and lifted up our dresses. It felt good but neither guy was a stem-winder. Finally, Trish let Kevin screw her right on the stool; so after they were done, I had Yuri do me the same way. With the outfit I was wearing, it was easy to screw just like I was. When I could tell he was close to cumming, I got off and took his load in my mouth.” She looked over to Trish “Is that it?”

“Yea that is what happened. It really was hot getting eaten out and then screwing like that right in public with total strangers really close by, just sitting around, fully dressed, talking. They weren’t staring, but I knew they were looking over to us. And there were others who would come into the room, watch us for a few minutes then wonder out. I got a real kick out of it and it was like nothing I’ve ever done before. Marcy was right, their pussy eating skills were nothing to remember; though when I invited Kevin to put his big dick in me, it felt really good. I know I should have done what Marcy did and had him blow in my mouth, but it felt so good I just let him fill my pussy with his jizz. Fucking where all those people could see was even hotter than the sex itself. I don’t know about Marcy and Bonnie, but I would like to find a swing club in Atlanta and do that again. Then in the hot tub Victor played with me under the water and almost got me off, but not quite.”

Marcy came back, “That was later. First, we got in the pool. Trish and I messed around with each other a little, but nothing big. In the hot tub we mostly all just talked; but we did some messing around with our new friends. And Trish is right. I think we need to find a club in Atlanta, and I didn’t know Victor was paying you so much attention in the tub. It’s amazing how much happened right there in the open. We left out that while we swam several couples had oral sex on the side of the pool, and a hot young man and woman fucked really loud in front of what I think were their spouses in one of the cabana beds. Like I said, there was so much going on that even as it was happening, I couldn’t take it all in."