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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 40

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

n Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel


Raising the Revolutionary Flag of Sexual Freedom

Chapter 40

Final Days

Early….way too early… Mira’s phone alarm went off.

Bonnie dragged herself out of bed. They found Marcy had joined her and Mira; though they did not recall when she’d gotten there.

On the way down, Bonnie looked in on Sarah and Bailey. She was surprised to find Red sleeping between the two of them. The used (and filled) condom on the floor beside the bed suggested that Red had done more than just sleep in their bed. That was unexpected.

Downstairs, she simply could not rouse Zara who was sleeping in one of the pullouts from the “L” units. Kimi and Josh were in the side room, on that pull out…with Trish. More went on last night than she’d known…or was it exactly what she’d expected? She was glad Kimi was quick to slide out of the bed and get dressed. She didn’t really want to make the drive back alone.

On the hour-long drive to Mira’s home, Kimi made herself very much part of the conversation and was full of questions for both Bonnie and Mira. Her inquisitiveness and lack of guile was refreshing. In a way, it was easier to answer the girl’s questions about open relationships than to talk to Mira about their feelings for each other.

On the way back to Miami Beach Kimi moved to the front seat and Bonnie asked what had happened downstairs. The story was a litany of who had sex with whom. Once again, Misty took photos, but from what Kimi had been told, she was framing (and sometimes posing) the photos so that they would not have to be deleted. Evidently, Trish had already begun to have sex with Squirrel while the slide show was still going on. According to Kimi, who’d been sitting right beside them; as the group discussed the photos, Trish had moved to her knees while not leaving the couch. When she’d offered herself to Squirrel, he understood her meaning right off and slipped his erection into her. Kimi related that for a good ten minutes, Squirrel had very quietly stroked in and out of Trish totally unbeknownst to Bonnie who was sitting just in front of her. Though after that time, Trish simply sat back down as if nothing had happened. However, after the slide show, once Bonnie and Mira turned into the stairwell to go up to the bath; Trish pulled Squirrel to her and they began going at it in earnest. Of course, everyone watched and Misty took pictures as they fucked hard and heavy for quite a long time.

When Bonnie asked about Red in the bed upstairs, Kimi explained that after Mitch and Zac left, Sarah and Bailey invited Red to spend the night with them. She also added that later on Zara had gone to the upstairs bedroom to join the other three. Her story began to get confused to Bonnie. Then Kimi, without Bonnie asking, went on to tell how she and Josh had invited Trish to spend the night in the pull-out bed with the two of them. Evidently, after all the other things Trish had done, she had the energy to have a threesome to end her night. “It wasn’t really a threesome” Kimi explained. “Josh and Mrs. Simms had sex while I watched. You remember that he’s gotten to like having sex with me after I’ve done it with one or two of the other guys. Right?”

Bonnie nodded.

“This week it has been the opposite. We still sleep together and have sex before we go to sleep pretty much every night. But, with your girls here, I’ve gotten to watch him have sex as much as he watches me. We have found that we both really like watching the other get off with other people. The times we have together afterward have only gotten better and more meaningful. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it draws us together. If you remember, among ourselves we don’t use condoms, so when he and I make love, we taste and smell like the other people we have done it with. For me and Josh that has become part of the experience and part of our relationship. So last night, even while Josh was fucking Mrs. Simms doggie, she and I started making out. After he shot his load in her, she and I made love. As special as it was doing it with her, the fact she smelled and tasted of Josh made it so much better.” She added “And, they didn’t use a condom, so she was sloppy with his jizz. Not that I minded one bit.”

Bonnie could only say “I’m happy it went well for you.”

For a few moments Kimi sat thinking as Bonnie pulled into a Waffle House. Amazingly, Kimi had never been to one before. Bonnie told her that she simply could not go back to Chicago without eating at the classic Southern diner at least once.

Once they were seated, Kimi said “I’m not sure how my relationship with Josh will translate to next month when we are both in the dorms at University of Chicago. He and I could have been roommates, that is allowed there; but I’m rooming with Zara.”

Bonnie understood all about dorm roommates. “I spent four years in the Vanderbilt dorms. By the end of the first semester, my roommate, Jackie, and I were regularly sharing my dates. Initially she just watched me and my dates do it in my bed, but by mid-October, she’d join in for part of the time. If she was between relationships she’d screw him, but if she had a boyfriend, she and I would do each other while he watched or he did me. Over time I learned that if her current relationship wasn’t going well, she’d want us to blow my date jointly. So what she did with my dates told me how her current relationship was doing. I’d bring a guy to the room once or sometimes twice in a week, rarely the same guy more than a couple of times in a month or so.”

“While I played the field and had a stable of fuck buddies; she thought dating was to find the right guy. So most of the time she had a boyfriend of sorts. Though she joined me and my dates before Halloween, it wasn’t till after our first year Christmas party that she asked me to join her and her current boyfriend. Jackie and I were roommates for our freshman and sophomore years and the first semester of our junior year. So we were really close. In that time, she and I brought dozens and dozens of guys to our room. Eventually we both had a few fuck buddies who lived in our building with whom we had sex, but we made it clear to them it was just about sex. It is amazing how quickly new things become completely normal.” She thought for a moment and said “By now somehow, I think you can understand how one of us could study for an exam without even noticing the other was having sex. We were both at Vandy on academic scholarships so we were serious about school, but the sex became part of normal life for us.”

Kimi replied, “Somehow, I think that might be exactly how things go for me and Zara; though perhaps we will sleep in the same bed more than you did with your roommate. We don’t see ourselves as a couple, and I doubt we ever will, but we really enjoy just being together. Several times we have actually gone to sleep in the sixty-nine position, our heads on the other’s thigh. We both enjoy smelling and tasting the other, especially after sex with the guys.”

Bonnie answered “Yes, I understand that. I liked going down on Jackie after her dates. In fact, Jackie and I rarely had sex with just the two of us. For those two and a half years, when we had sex, it was almost always during our threesomes. The two exceptions were if one of us had a bad date and were really down about it and right after her date had gone and he’d cum but she’d been left high and dry.” Bonnie gave a wicked smile, “Pretty early on in our freshman year she learned I would never ever leave her pent up.”

Kimi laughed “I bet not.”

Bonnie laughed too “Oh no. Once I was done with her, she was pleased as punch and normally ready to go to sleep. It is funny though, I actually really got off on eating Jackie when she was gooey with her date’s cum, yet I would never let guy’s cum in my mouth.”

Kimi gave Bonnie a big smile. “From what I’ve heard, you seem to have learned to like sucking it down by now.”

Bonnie smiled broadly, “Oh yea. I do indeed. It wasn’t her thing to do it with me though and that was fine. The second semester of our junior year, she moved into an apartment with the guy she married. I’m sure no one at their wedding realized that the maid-of-honor had fucked the groom dozens of times right in front of the bride. Did Misty tell you what I was called at Vanderbilt?”

Kimi shook her head “No.”

“I was Fuck on the First Date Bonnie. My moniker was well deserved. If I wasn’t going to have sex with a guy, I wouldn’t go out with him in the first place. In those first three years I had a couple of boyfriends, but they both knew I was doing other guys; but how could they complain since both of them had equal freedom to screw other girls and both had done it with my roommate several times. Still, we were in Nashville and Southern guys are usually raised to expect they own their girlfriend’s body. So, both times things were great the first few months. The guys thought it was cool they could date me and screw other girls. However, neither of those relationships survived past that initial phase because at some point they both decided I belonged to them. Cooper was different. He accepted me for who I was. He never came to the point that he believed that by dating me, my vagina became his personal fief. That was why we kept going out month after month.”

Kimi asked “So he knew you did other guy’s while you were a couple?”

“Yes and no” Bonnie replied. The question must be when did we become a couple. To me, we were not a couple just because we started going out regularly. In my mind, we only became a couple when I put on my engagement ring. Cooper worked really hard at school and he didn’t date much before me. I was like the fourth girl with whom he had sex in his life. He was in his fifth year at Vanderbilt when we went out the first time. At Vandy, architecture is a six-year program, after which he got his bachelor’s and masters at the same time. So he was a graduate student, even though he’d not graduated yet. But we only had sex that first time because I literally dragged him to my dorm room and into bed. Jackie had moved out, so the rest of that semester I was alone except when I had Cooper or some other guy over. That semester and summer was like my high point for recreational sex because the next fall I had a new roommate and she was not as comfortable with me having guys in our room. It wasn’t a problem since I spent almost every Friday night at Cooper’s apartment my entire senior year. But Cooper and I went out for almost a full year before I let him know I was serious about him. At first, we were just an occasional thing, but by the end of my junior year, we had a standing Friday night date. And all that time I was still doing other guys for fun, and I never hid that from him. Though I didn’t tell him till just before Christmas, I had told Jackey that he very likely would be the one for me in early May. “

“So you did do other guys while you were with your husband in college” Kimi said, confused.

“Let me explain. For the first semester, when I was still in my junior year, I didn’t think of us as a couple, but I’m sure he did. Like I said, we went out most Friday nights, that was our night. By spring break, I was staying at his apartment till the next morning. He was the only guy I ever did that with. Still, I dated other guys usually on Saturday nights. Beyond that I had my normal fun sex once or twice a week with friends from the dorm. That was easy since I didn’t have a roommate that semester. My dorm was co-ed, but floor by floor. By then I was well known as the resident hall slut and my taste in playmates was well established. I don’t like that word, but I know that was how a lot of people saw me; though I don’t think anyone who knew me called me a slut.”

She looked right at Kimi “You know how it is. People can’t see the same person two ways. Everyone who knew me knew full well I was a bookworm and on the Dean’s list every semester. Since that kind of person couldn’t be a slut no matter how many people she had sex with, to them I wasn’t a slut. But to those who only knew I was having sex in my dorm room two and sometimes three times a week, I had to be a slut. Living in the dorms for four years worked out for me because my building was considered the academic dorm; so it attracted a certain kind of guy which just happened to be the kind of guy I was attracted to.” Bonnie thought about it and added “Guys like those in the Silverfire Guild.”

Kimi gleefully said “Nerds and geeks.”

Bonnie agreed, “Yes indeed, and Cooper Campbell was as nerdy as they come.”

They both laughed.

“That summer Cooper went to Europe to study and…well I fucked my brains out while he was gone. Sort of like you are doing this summer. I only took the minimum one class, and it was the only time in my life I was a real party girl. You see Nashville is filled with tourists and hot guys wanting to break into the music business; so it is a real party town where sex is free and easy. In my years at Vandy, I’d been to the Nashville clubs lots of times; but other than that summer, I was not at all part of the club scene. My academic scholarship required a level of commitment that simply didn’t allow for that kind of life. Yes, I had sex several times a week from the first week of my freshman year, but mostly in my dorm room with one of my many fuck buddies or hook-ups at ball games. School was my life, that was why 90% of my sex was in my dorm room. One reason was for safety, but the main one was simply that even a really good romp rarely took much more than an hour. If Jackie was there for a threesome, it might even go on for a couple of hours; however, after we were done, as often as not I would hit the books as soon as the guy left. That is except for that summer when I went wild. In June I turned twenty-one so I could go anywhere and drink all I wanted. I danced and drank and fucked like there was no tomorrow. I know there were quite a few times when I woke up in a strange bed and had to find a ride back to campus for class since I didn’t own a car. But even while I was going crazy, in the back of my head, I knew what I was doing was a one-off thing. In the fall I would start my student teaching and when Cooper returned from Europe, I would have to decide to commit to him or not. So that was my wild summer.”

Kimi laughed, “So you really do understand why I’m doing what I am doing here in Miami with the Guild. I don’t expect a chance later on.”

“Yes, Kimi I do. But even then, the idea of an open marriage was beyond my conception. If I decided to marry Cooper, I’d have to stop seeing or screwing other guys. The semester I was a student teacher I had very little time free and I had the new roommate. From September to December, I only went out on a couple of dates with other guys. All of my old fuck buddies had graduated or moved off campus. There were very few upperclassmen in the dorms. Only people like me who were on scholarships and whose families were dirt poor. Before Christmas break, I had decided. I told Cooper I wasn’t going to have sex with any other guys. That was my way of saying I wanted to marry him and he knew it. Over the holiday, he went with me to my home in West Virginia and like a good southern boy, he asked my father for my hand before he officially popped the question. We became engaged on Christmas Eve. I said all that, because for a year while I dated Cooper, I claimed my autonomy and would not surrender the control over my body to anyone; but like I said, he was the first guy to accept me for who I was. The fact he has never told me I could only have sex with him as a precondition to our relationship reverberates in our marriage to this day. Even in our twenty years of monogamy, it was always unspoken that I retained the rights to my body and if I wanted, I could have sex with other people.”

Kimi said “That is so cool. So when did you start doing other men again?”

“After those twenty years of monogamous life. But, we talked about it before I did it the first time. He knew I’d put my true self in a box for nearly two decades. It was a series of unforeseen circumstances that led to us beginning to talk about open marriage. Though not in the context of a man. We had actually all but decided to invite Caitlin’s mother to share our bed. It was only because she became involved with a man who demanded she excise us from her life that didn’t happen. I suspect he picked up on the fact that she was one step from becoming our joint lover. Then just a few months later, out of the blue, a different church friend opened the door for me to sleep with her and her husband. Since Cooper never told me to stop having sex with other guys in the first place; it was not a huge leap for him to tell me it was my choice whether or not to take my friend up on her offer to have sex with her husband. I did. That was just under two years ago.”

Kimi again said “That is so cool. I don’t know what future Josh and I have, but I think since we came here to Miami our relationship has deepened, but not like a traditional couple. I would be thrilled for him to get a girlfriend, though I’m not sure he’d be as excited for me to get a boyfriend.”

Bonnie put her hand on Kimi’s “I’m not an expert on today’s youth culture, but from what I’ve read, the concept of intimate relationships seems to have changed from my day. For instance, I know that Misty and Caitlin love each other on a very deep level, almost like sisters. Perhaps exactly like sisters, except they are also lovers. Yet, they are not lesbians and both expect to date and marry a man one day. I think Sarah and Bailey also have a similar relationship, but in Sarah’s case she is also in love with my son. I don’t know a good label for that. Perhaps one day a word will be coined to describe it, but not yet. So, with Josh, don’t push for labels or boxes, just be there for one another. Share your love freely without reservation. Doing that you will never go wrong.”

Bonnie had not asked about Marcy in all the “who did who” talk. However, while she ate her Waffle House waffle, as a side comment Kimi mentioned that the night before, while Mrs. Marshal had not had sex with any of the guys, she and Zara went at it for a really long time. When Bonnie and Mira had come down to see Bailey’s beach photos, Marcy and Zara were already in a full sapphic encounter. They took a break to talk but were back at it as Bonnie and Mara went back up the stairs. Then Kimi said “Zara told me she really wants to make love with all three of the mothers before you leave.”

Bonnie put a bite into her mouth before saying, “Yes, Misty told me that already.”

“So, will you. Will you do it with her?” Kimi asked.

Bonnie wanted to say “of course I will, I’m looking forward to it” but she only looked over to Kimi

and smiled. She knew that smile said what she was thinking.

Kimi went on “I’m not sure when Zara went upstairs to join Sarah and Bailey. I know it was after Red went up to join them and Mrs. Marshal went back upstairs. Before Josh and I asked Mrs. Simms to sleep with us, I’d had a turn playing World of Warcraft and had done Franklin on one of the sofas for a good while. So I’m not exactly sure what transpired between that group. I’m not surprised you couldn’t get Zara up this morning. I suspect she was busy upstairs till very late. I am sure the only reason she came back downstairs after they were done was because the bed up there is too small for four people to sleep in it.”

“So” Bonnie thought, “Zara had a busy night for sure. No wonder I couldn’t wake her this morning.”

Having been clued in on how much had gone on with the girls, the Guild, Marcy and Trish; it was not a great surprise to Bonnie that nobody at the rental house was even moving when she and Kimi made it back at 9:30. However, once Bonnie made sure they all started moving, things came together quickly and they were on the road only a few minutes after 10:00.

After their stop at Walmart for supplies, as Trish drove the van towards the keys, Bonnie had Misty help her pick out a cabana bed from Amazon. Once they’d agreed on one, Bonnie sent Lamar a text telling him the bed would arrive in two days. She asked him to ensure it was set up by Thursday’s swim night. To ensure he did she added, “I think Sarah will appreciate it if you do.”

Misty’s comment was “Mom, you are so bad.”

Bonnie just smiled. She knew Misty was right.

It took a little over an hour to arrive at the Key Largo dock. Bonnie wasn’t all that surprised when the catamaran’s captain and one of the crew remembered Bonnie and Misty from the year before. However, she was surprised to see the photo of herself and her daughter and the boat crew in a collage of photos under plexiglass at the check-in counter. She was flattered. This year, rather than a family of four, Bonnie brought fifteen people; seven of whom were hot teenage girls and three were MILFS, all in very tiny bikinis.

They boarded the company’s smaller catamaran, rather than the larger one they’d been on the year before. It was nicer and newer and, though they did not know it at the time, it was equipped with sleeping compartments in each of the two hulls for overnight trips. They would learn about that from Trish on their trip back to Georgia when she finally told about how during the 90-minute sail back to the dock the Captain had taken her below….or rather she had lured the Captain to do so.

Since the boat only carried twenty-seven passengers and three crew, Bonnie’s expanded group represented half the people on board. Once underway Misty took it upon herself to talk to the three other families going snorkeling with them. Unlike their prior trip, she garnered the required approval of all their fellow passengers to tell the Euro-Club girls and Moms they could shed their tops. One mother was initially reluctant to say it was OK for the girls to go topless around her two children. However, after she saw how little the tops the girls (and mothers) wore actually covered, she motioned Misty to come back. After telling Misty she appreciated her willingness to ask her permission to go topless, she commented “Those tops don’t do anything but draw attention to the tiny bit covered. You might as well tell your friends they can remove them.” Misty thanked the woman profusely and even offered to shoot some photos of her family. Once again, the mother initially demurred, but on the way home, she not only took Misty up on her offer; but asked for some photos of Misty posing with her and her husband. The attractive mother didn’t remove her top, but still, Bonnie again took note of how they seemed to impact those around them.

Misty spent the entire trip to the reef and back shooting photos. She did a set of each of the teens and mothers with and without their tiny tops. Bonnie shot photos of Misty and Caitlin shot the photos of Bonnie and Misty together. After the first family posed with the girls, the other two families asked to do the same as well as the crew.

Bonnie found herself feeling self-conscious posing on the boat with the three crew members and the other passengers watching her. However, she reminded herself that she was setting an example. She made a point to let everyone know Misty was her daughter. She got the attention of the fathers right off…then interestingly it was the mothers who showed the most interest over time. One of which, the one who had initially asked the girls not to take off their tops, sat and talked with her for nearly half the trip back from the reef. That was why she’d not noticed that Trish had left the deck.

Shortly before the catamaran was back to its berth, Caitlin pointed out that they didn’t have any group photos that showed them in bikinis with their tops on. “We really should have at least one group photo we can show publicly.” It made sense why they didn’t have such a photo because they hadn’t brought their tops to the beach with them the entire week. The woman Bonnie had gotten to know volunteered to shoot the photo. So within sight of land, they got a group photo of all eight of them with their tops on….then with them off… again.

Caitlin need not have worried they would not have any photos of them wearing their tops. Bonnie had already planned to stop for a picnic lunch at a state park on Key Largo, and they would need their tops there. The park was right on the water and seemed to be popular with the local teens and young adults.

She found it quite nice to relax outdoors under the shade of the trees. Until then, Bonnie hadn’t realized that for the entire trip, they’d always been in the direct sun when outdoors. They stayed for about an hour and a half. The girls had brought a Frisbee for the stop and they played some sort of flying disk football game with some locals they befriended. In their tiny bottoms and tops that gave their breasts virtually no support as they ran around; the five girls attracted a good deal of attention (and camera phones), just as they had at the beach. Part of the reason they attracted a large portion of the teens and young adults at the park as spectators to their game was the frequency with which breasts came completely out of the inadequate tops.

The three mothers were more than content to sit and watch. Bonnie found watching the crowd they gathered quite amusing. Weeks later, the photos she took with Misty’s camera of the girls and the crowd they gathered were some of the best candids of the whole trip. She reasoned that the “accidental” exposures did not need to be deleted. Much to the girl’s surprise and delight.

Though it was just past 6:00 PM when they made it back to Miami, it had been a long and exhausting day. It was decided to drop the Silverfire people off at their place on the way home; but Bonnie let them know they were free to come back any time after 9:00 that night. She just needed a few hours of quiet to nap.

As it turned out, the entire house slept for several hours.

When Bonnie awoke it was still mostly quiet. Trish and Marcy were still dead to the world, but Sarah and Bailey had gone downstairs. She decided a nice time in the big tub alone with a pile of bubbles was just what she needed. Though to keep the water hot she had to set the jets to go on and off, it was still peaceful.

Perhaps she’d dozed off, or perhaps the noise of the jets had masked the sounds of the house filling back up; but into her consciousness came a voice that said “May I join you?”

Opening her eyes, Bonnie saw Zara standing beside the tub.

“I would love you to, but I’m afraid I might not be up for anything more than snuggling. I am just wiped out. Though, snuggling with you in the water does sound rather nice just about now.”

As she let her shorts fall to the ground, Zara said, “Now that I have lived for a month where nudity is the norm and sex is always available, it has changed the way I think of such opportunities.”

“How?” Bonnie inquired.

Zara pulled the tee shirt she was wearing over her head, and her large breasts flopped out as she did. As expected, she took a place beside Bonnie before she answered. “For the month before we met you all, at what we call the Guild House, we have been having sex on and off all day every day since the first week. While I make a point to have at least a couple of really intense and meaningful sexual moments each day; the rest of the time, sexuality is always at hand and so it has become much more relaxed. In the real world, when I have an opportunity for sex it’s like I’ve got to get all I can out of every sexual interaction because I have no idea if I’ll have another opportunity for weeks or more. But the way we’ve been living, If I see Red or Squirrel or one of the other guys sitting on the couch with a hard-on, I just ask if I can sit on it, or I might ask if he wants me to suck him off. I don’t have to try to get off right then because I know I can just enjoy having him in my pussy or mouth now, and later he will be right there with a ready dick when I’m ready to have an intense or deep sexual experience. And for the guys, the change is even more profound. Now they can just ask me for a little fuck and simply enjoy the feeling without having to rush to orgasm. If we kiss and screw for five minutes now, we can always do something more later. And pretty much, other than when we’ve been with your girls, between Kimi and I, almost every day for the past month, we have been swallowing loads from all six guys.” She laughed “I know it sounds bad, but if I don’t get three mouthfuls of semen a day, I feel I’ve been deprived. I can’t believe how much I like getting the guys to cum like that. And that is in addition to having full sex with over half of them every day as well.”

Bonnie wanted to make sure she understood. “So, more or less you all have an agreement that whenever someone wants to have sex, or even seems to want to, you just do it. And because of that agreement, there isn’t the same imperative to get the most out of each encounter.”

“Yes, that is what I was saying. So like right now…” Zara took Bonnie’s hand and laid it on one of her breasts. “I can enjoy the feeling of your hand on me, but I don’t have this voice saying I have to go for it right now or I’ll go home unsatisfied. If we make love, and to be clear I would like to make love to you, it will be great. But, if you really only want to sit here and snuggle naked, then that is OK because there is zero chance I’ll go home tonight without having great sex at least once.”

Bonnie caressed her large brown breast. Zara had a sensuousness about her that was hard to put a finger on. Indeed, she was like one of those buxom erotic carvings at Khajuraho. Bonnie had not been to India to see the temples, but she’d seen a traveling exhibit of a series of the friezes from there when she was in college. Zara’s skin was nearly the same color as the red sandstone of those erotic carvings. Though she wanted to tell herself she was not going to make love to this girl right out of high school tonight, she knew she was.

After a while Zara went on. “The other thing that is new for me is how much I enjoy making love to females. Before this trip, I’d only done it with one girl and it had been just a couple of times. But over the first couple of weeks, Kimi and I spent hours and hours making out and exploring each other’s body. I found I truly enjoy the scent and taste of a wet vagina. I can be happy with my face between Kimi, or one of the Euro-Club girl’s thighs for hours on end. I like to just lay with my head on Kimi’s thigh, and my lips and nose just barely making contact with her pussy lips. Just breathing in her scent and occasionally licking her brings a strange sort of contentment. Sometimes we will do each other like that, on our sides for an hour at a time. It looks like we are doing sixty-nine, but really, we are just drinking in one another’s sex.”

Bonnie recalled how that morning, Kimi said much the same thing, but she did not say so. Rather she cupped the large breast under her hand and lifted it as she leaned over to take the nipple between her lips. Zara’s barely audible moan was enough to erase any resistance Bonnie still had. However, having made the decision to make love to her, was not the same as rushing things.

Bonnie sat back up. “I understand what you mean. This week has been much the same here. With Trish and Marcy, usually naked, we have just casually made love on a number of occasions. Not big drawn-out things, just nice. But the reality for me is that it is not the availability of sex that has made this trip special, but the lack of real-world distractions that draw at my attention back home. There is something about being away from home that wakes up my libido.”

She guided Zara from her position beside her to having her sit between her splayed legs so that the girl lay back on Bonnie’s chest. She began to nibble at Zara’s neck and cupped both of her breasts with her hands. They sat without talking for a good while as Bonnie showed physical affection to the young woman…girl. She felt Zara relax fully even as she very softly moaned with enjoyment.

Zara continued her narrative. When we met up with your daughter and her friends, I’ve been able to take my growing love of women to a new level. I’ve made a point to spend time with all of the people in your group. Last night I know you saw me with Mrs. Marshal. I also had a wonderful time with both Sarah and Bailey. We took turns, so while one of them made it with Red, I was with the other.”

Continuing to nibble at Zara’s neck Bonnie softly said “Yes, Kimi told me that was why I couldn’t wake you. She said you had not come downstairs when she went to sleep.”

Zara had put a hand down to her crotch. Though Bonnie couldn’t see through the suds, she was pretty sure she was pleasuring herself as she talked. “I had an amazing time making love to Sarah’s mother. She’s the first grown woman I’ve ever been with. Her experience showed. She did things down there with her tongue and fingers I’d never even imagined. Someone told me that the second time alone, we went on for an hour straight. I know Misty took a lot of photos and I guess some video. When Sarah and Bailey walked Mitch and Zac out; I was just bringing her mother off for like the fourth time. Those big “L” shaped couches are really long & wide, like they were made for sex. Though, I didn’t see it for obvious reasons, I was told Sarah just took a seat beside me and watched her mom climax as I ate her out.”

Bonnie said, “That sounds like something she would do.”

“I know you’ve been down on Mrs. Marshal, is she always that wet down there?” Zara asked. “I mean my face was covered with her. My hair was even wet.”

“Yes. She makes quite a mess even when she’s just getting eaten out like that. When she’s had a dick in her it’s even worse…or better depending on your point of view.”

Zara smiled and nodded slightly. “It’s good the sofa is leather; she would have soaked fabric. As it was the whole cushion was slick with her. I’m sure Sarah could see it when I sat up. She had been sitting so close that when I turned to her, we were face to face. She must have had quite a view of what I was doing to her mother. Before I knew it she’d pulled me in for a hard kiss. I thought how Sarah must know I tasted of her mother since her juices were all over me. She dispelled any doubts about that when she said she thought that her mother tasted just like she did. Then she asked if I would like to see if she was right. Next thing I know, I’m on the ground with my tongue in Sarah’s pussy.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but laugh. It was so much like that girl.

“She was right. They do taste the same. Not just that, her labial lips are nearly identical to her mother’s. It was almost like I was eating the same person. At the time I was really horny and was all about enjoying Sarah’s pussy and didn’t really think about what I was doing. It wasn’t till later it seemed weird that I went right from Mrs. Marshal to her daughter. Not bad or wrong, just unusual. After not more than a couple of minutes, she lifts my face up, thanks me and kisses me again. Then she whispered that once her mother goes to bed, I should come upstairs so we could do it right. Once she was gone, Mrs. Marshal and I went back to making love. She acted like Sarah was never there.”

Bonnie wasn’t sure what to think of that, or that neither Kimi nor anyone else had told her about that part. Perhaps Marcy had asked them not to. Kimi had specifically said she’d been playing video games with Franklin so she’d missed some things. So perhaps she’d just not seen.

Zara twisted her head and said “And now I am pretty sure I am going to get to make love to Misty’s mother too. You have to know how much I’ve wanted you since we watched each other masturbating.”

Bonnie leaned down to put her lips to Zara’s.

After a moment she said “Yes, Misty told me. You know I really wanted you to get into the bed with me; for us to make love right then and there.”

Zara replied, “Yes, that is what Misty told me.” They shifted position to facilitate their kissing. As they did Zara said, “I didn’t know what to do then, but I do now.”

Bonnie was committed. She was going to have sex with Zara. She thought on how this would be her third teenage girl with whom she’d had sex in half a year. She told herself that she’d not sought out any of those girls, but she knew if it were a man her age doing eighteen and nineteen-year-old girls she’d call him a perv. She pushed those thoughts from her head.

Some twenty minutes later, Bonnie was sitting on the side of the big tub climbing to a second orgasm as Zara gave her exceptional cunnilingus. Bonnie thought perhaps the girl had an usually long tongue since she seemed to be able to lick deeper than other women. Or maybe it was just her technique. Either way, it was a truly wonderful experience. She reasoned that she must have made more noise than she realized with that first orgasm; because when she opened her eyes she found Sarah and Bailey standing in the bathroom watching her. She just winked at them and closed her eyes again.

From the bath, Bonnie and Zara made their way to the bedroom. Marcy and Trish had evidently gone back downstairs so the bed was empty. She and Zara made love, rested, then made love again.

Not surprisingly, Misty came right into the room with her camera to shoot photos. She didn’t say anything and seemed intent not to disturb them. It was strange how it now seemed normal for her daughter to photograph her having sex. But the truth was, Misty’s presence didn’t have any impact on what she was doing with Zara at all.

Misty wasn’t the only one to look in on Bonnie and Zara’s love making. Extrapolating from the few times she actually could see the doorway, Bonnie concluded that nearly everyone in the house had seen her and Zara having their passionate time together. She was not put off or offended they had. When she and Zara came down the stairs, they received applause from the crew. Bonnie just shook her head.

The pizza Trish had ordered came not much later, so Bonnie stayed in the common room with the kids till nearly 11:00. Misty worked on the photos she’d shot during the day, the teens played video games and talked. As had become the norm, most of the time one couple was engaged in foreplay or sex somewhere in the room. Bonnie noted how the other two mothers seemed completely at ease with the teens and all the goings on. Trish was even trying to learn how to play the on-line role-playing game of which the Guild was so fond.

As she passed the bulletin board on the way to the stairwell, she could not help but see how full it had become. She mused that by morning there would be another dozen condoms. When they’d stopped at Walmart on the way to Key Largo, not only had they bought three more large boxes of condoms, but more thumb tacks as well.

Bonnie was asleep not five minutes after she was in bed.

The next morning, she found both Marcy and Trish had made it back upstairs and were in the bed with her. She wondered what their stories from the night before might be.

As she had the prior morning, she peeked into Sara & Bailey’s room. In the bed she found that Caitlin was Bailey’s bed mate, not Sarah. “Interesting” she thought.

At about 10:00, Bonnie took the girls for a last trip to South Beach on her own. Marcy and Trish stayed back so as to get more sleep and to go shopping. Once again, the girls did not distance themselves from her. In fact, they gathered around her with several of them (including Misty) taking up places right on the mom’s blanket. When Bonnie and “her” girls returned from South Beach for lunch they had the Guild and Zac & Mitch in tow. As normal during the day, Stephen was the only Guild member not present. Bonnie led the mob of kids to stop by a little grocery to pick up more bread, cheese, lunch meats and chips. Feeding seventeen teenagers took a lot of food.

The other two moms were not there when the crew arrived from the beach. They had gone out for shopping and lunch. Even as she laid out the food for the kids to make their own sandwiches, most of the teens got naked. Bonnie didn’t even raise an eyebrow; she knew what would likely happen before they went to Haulover later on.

They were still eating when Sara told Bailey “Look at the time. Their grandmother will be here soon. If we are going to get any this morning, we’d better do it now.” With that, she took a condom from a pile on one of the coffee tables and walked over to Zac as he sat in one of the chairs at the kitchen table. She told him to scoot the chair back, then calmly went to her knees and put her mouth to his penis.

Bonnie almost laughed out loud when Zac looked over to her holding his half-eaten sandwich while Sarah was down sucking his dick to life. He seemed genuinely confused by her sudden moves. Bonnie stepped to the table and said “It’s OK, you can finish your sandwich while she does that. Sarah doesn’t have very much experience with teenage guys.”

Though Sarah must have heard what Bonnie said, she continued on till she held an erection in her right hand and rolled the blue condom on with her left. Whereupon she straddled Zac who had just stuffed the last bit of sandwich in his mouth as she guided his penis into her. The whole thing was quite funny, and sexy in a warped way.

That was the first time Sarah had sex down in the common area while Bonnie had been present. In her mind, it raised the question of who Sarah slept with last night since she was not with Bailey in the morning.

Bailey had watched the whole episode that had lasted perhaps four minutes. She did not have to give Mitch a blow job, he’d seen what Sarah had done. His penis was standing tall for her to roll a green condom on his penis. Bailey turned chair beside Zac till it faced away from the table. She guided him to sit in it before she mirrored Sarah’s actions by mounting him.

Both girls were riding their guys right at the kitchen table when Trish and Marcy arrived back at the rental. Bonnie thought how far Marcy had come this week when she, rather than running or pretending she didn’t see what Sarah was doing, calmly told her daughter “That looks like fun.”

Sarah turned her head to look at her mother “Oh, it is. Like I told you. I really, really like to feel his dick in me.”

Bonnie knew Sarah hadn’t actually said she liked Zac’s dick in particular; but it was good she made that slight adjustment to preserve his feelings.

While the two youngest teens rode their boys, there was some discussion about when to go for their planned trip to Haulover. It was agreed they would wait till the peak heat was passed and leave at 3:00. Bonnie had just said “That’s great. We should all get a nap before we go.” She almost laughed when she realized that she’d completely overlooked the fact that the kids would almost surely do something more… active…with the two hours before they left on their last day before they headed home. After all, Sarah and Baily had already gotten things started.

Zac’s phone beeped.

Without interrupting Sarah’s riding of him, he picked the phone up from the table, took a look and showed the screen to Sarah. Suddenly Sarah was off of Zac. “Bailey, we’ve got to hurry. Their Grandmother just texted. She’ll be here in fifteen minutes…and she wants to come in to meet my mother.”

Rather than racing to get dressed, Sarah leaned over and put both hands flat on the glass kitchen table. Looking at Zac, she said “We have less than ten minutes before we all have to start getting dressed.”

He looked around confused.

Haley saw what the boy did not. “Zac, she means if you want to get off before you have to go, you’ve got to fuck her good right here, right now.”

Even still Zac seemed not to fully understand. Red said “Dude, she’s bent over waiting for your dick. Put it to her. If you won’t I would love to.”

That got him moving. In less than ten seconds Zac’s dick was back in Sarah and he began fucking her for all he was worth. Not fifteen seconds after that, Mitch was doing the same to Baily who was also bent over the table.

Once they had started, Marcy looked around and said “Come on. All of you need to be dressed, and in more than you normally wear to the beach. Tee-shirts would be better than your cover-ups. Someone loan Kimi and Zara something. And can someone go up to get shirts & shorts for Sarah and Bailey while they finish up down here.”

Bonnie thought it was totally comic to watch the dash to get dressed while right in the middle of the chaos, Sarah and Bailey were bent over the kitchen table taking quite a pounding from their two guys. The sounds of the fucking and of the girl’s moans filled the room, but no one paid attention. There can be a lot of humor in the free-love life she thought.

Trish went up to get Bonnie and Marcy something to wear.

As if on cue, first Mitch then Zac began to grunt as they ejaculated.

As soon as they were done, they quickly began to get dressed.

Sarah calmly pinned both condoms on the board just before Caitlin handed her a tee shirt and shorts.

Only minutes before the knock came at the door Bonnie considered the other things in the room. Not only were there several condom boxes on the various tables, from where she stood, she could count eight empty condom wrappers on tables and the floor. And on the big TV screen was a “behind the scenes” video playing of a Playboy nude photoshoot. Quickly she gave instructions to get things picked up. Several of the Guild people were still not fully dressed, so Bonnie told them not to worry about finding clothes, “just go upstairs and chill till she leaves.”

When Zac opened the door, everything in the common room looked to be what they thought a grandmother would expect. To Bonnie, the woman seemed surprisingly young to be the grandmother of teenagers. While she was not how she’d been imagined; she was still Zac and Mitch’s grandmother. The woman quickly established she was rather conservative when it came to the behavior of the teenagers. The three mothers, the four teens and the grandmother ended up sitting for a very nice talk. School teacher Marcy gave a very sanitized account of what the woman’s two grandsons had been doing all week with the two girls from Georgia. She seemed very pleased the boys had “found such a wholesome group to spend the week with.”

By the time she’d left only the adults and the four youngest teens were still downstairs. When the two boys and their grandmother had gone, Bonnie headed up the stairs. Her plan to flop into her bed and take a nap evaporated when she saw that a genuine group grope had begun in the big bed with the mirror above it.

While Bonnie had expected the teens to screw on this last afternoon, she’d not anticipated this. In the king-sized bed were ten naked teenage bodies tangled in a heap. All seven of the Guild who were currently at the house were involved in the orgy, along with Misty, Haley and Caitlin. Because Sarah and Bailey had been obligated to stay downstairs until Zac & Mitch’s grandmother had gone, they had been left out and apparently there was no room for them.

As far as Bonnie knew, none of the guild members (other than those who had already had sex in that room) had ever done it in a bed with a mirror over it. Bonnie could see them looking up to see where they fit into the pile of flesh. The ten young people made for a larger single bed orgy than she’d had on the cruse, and those five eighteen-year-old boys were certainly more virile than the LeMarco’s. Though she would not do so, it would certainly be something to see if she stayed to watch. She was comforted in the knowledge that all the girls were on birth control given the likely hood this piled up orgy would be mostly (or entirely) condom free.

Before Sarah and Bailey could go to the bed in “their” room, Bonnie pulled rank and claimed it for her nap. They didn’t seem to mind too much and went to get into the big garden tub.

Once she’d removed her swimsuit and cover-up, she lay down in the smaller bed. Bonnie’s challenge was to ignore the orgy that she couldn’t help but to hear and could observe if she just looked out the door. She closed her eyes and turned facing the far wall so the sex pile was not in her direct vision. Surprisingly she was able to relax…if laying on her side slowly masturbating qualified as relaxing.

After a soft orgasm, Bonnie drifted into her nap.

She had no idea how long she was asleep, but a voice full of deference, almost a whisper, pushed her into consciousness. Very near her ear, someone was asking “May I snuggle up with you?”

Still facing the wall, she got out “What? I didn’t hear you.”

The request was repeated in the same plaintive tone. The voice was that of Brett, the boy Misty had paired off with over the past six days.

Once she understood the request, and what the underlying question actually was, she was able to consider. The last time she’d seen the boy with bright red hair, he was in the pile of bodies in the master bedroom. Certainly, he had been participating but she had no memory of what he had been doing when she’d walked in the room before her nap. She didn’t have to look, she knew he was nude, as was she. She knew right off what he was asking was not a simple matter of sharing the bed with her. Had he not taken that pleading tone, she would have just kicked him out. The fact was, he was a really nice kid and he’d been treating Misty wonderfully all week, so she’d grown to like him. Rapidly Bonnie assessed that he’d come from the pile in the bed across the hallway. There was no way he was here without Misty’s permission, or perhaps even at her instigation. She let him wait a good while before, without turning to look at him or out the door to the other room, she answered “Sure. Just don’t knock me off the bed.”

He was quite timid. She had to say “If you want to snuggle, then do so. She took the hand that he’d put on her shoulder and pulled it, forcing him to press up on her. Once she felt his body touching hers, she lay the hand on her breast. To counter what seemed to be an overtly sexual move, she said “Now let me rest.”

He didn’t speak and didn’t make any move on her. It was only his erection pressed to her backside that told her that he was not sleeping. Just as with Zara the day before, she knew she was heading to having sex with the kid, but she was going to try to play the passive role as long as possible. She had not made any effort to have sex with any of the Guild …unlike Trish. But here she was…again.

She began to think. She imagined Misty, in all innocence asking Brett “So, how was doing it with my mom different than doing it with me?” No matter how he answered that question, he would create a problem. So, she had to do something that did not lend itself to direct comparison with Misty. She thought of the bottle of lube she had seen sitting on the end table. It was the one that Marcy had brought to Bailey so she could have anal sex. Suddenly, the answer was obvious to her. With a decision made, she reached out, took the lube and put it to Brett’s hand that still lay on her right breast. As sensuously as she could, she said “Here, this is nice lube. If you want to touch me, put some of this on your hand. It will feel better for both of us.”

It took him a surprisingly long time to take the bottle from her, and several minutes before she felt his slick fingers tentatively begin to touch her perineum. Very softly she said “From there you can go up my ass or down to trace the outer lips of my vulva.” She wasn’t sure he knew what a vulva was. Surely he learned all that in school. Didn’t he?

He responded to her direction immediately. A finger traced up the valley of her buttocks very slowly, then back down. She breathed harder than necessary so he could hear her. When after a third cycle, it was apparent that he was avoiding her anus, she directed “Don’t avoid that part. It is where all the nerve endings are. Just go slow.”

Again, he responded. A finger found the puckered flesh, yet he did not seem to know what to do.

“Run your finger around the rim, then put a slight pressure on the opening.” When he did and the tip of his finger opened her up just a little, she rewarded him with “Mmmm. Like that.”

Before he could fixate, she reminded him “now go back to running your fingers up and down, just make sure you pay attention to the sensitive part.” He did. It actually felt surprisingly good.

“Now use the other hand to caress my ass cheeks…using the oil.” To facilitate what she was telling him, she rolled slightly and pushed one leg forward. She was sure he’d never done this before.

She’d kept her eyes closed, not looking at Brett or to the open door way. Had she done so, she would have seen Misty just inside the room and others looking in from the hall and from her bedroom. She suspected as much, but was playing the passive role and would not acknowledge anyone was present. She continued with the soft sultry voice she said “The lube has a slight vanilla taste. If you use your lips and tongue, we will both enjoy it.”

She rewarded him with positive vocalizations and again adjusted her legs slightly to open up easier access. “Now, as you do that, you can put the lube on my labia. You will find it is very smooth.” She’d been shaving every single morning on the trip to ensure no stubble grew. She was most definitely going to get laser treatments down there as soon as practical. Marcy had once told her one of the best investments she’d ever made was to permanently removed the hair on her labia, leaving just a tuft on her upper mons…and that was well before she even met Mike.

Brett continued to follow her directions. “Squeeze some lube down between my buns, and work your fingers back down there.” When he’d complied, she added “Now, a finger should easily slide into my ass. But don’t push it, just let it ease in with the help of the lube.”

She again vocalized pleasure.

He began to ease the finger in and out at just the right speed. “use the other hand to rub my outer lips.”

He was doing such a good job her hips began to softly undulate. Once her sphincter was used to the intrusion, she said “Now, using more lube, put in a second finger.”

She again moaned “Oh yes. That feels very good. Keep it up, just like that.”

After some time of him slowly fingering her ass, it was time to move to actual sex. She pulled her legs up to her and rolled to her knees. He did an admirable job of following her movements. Keeping with the soft quiet voice she asked “Have you ever had anal sex before?”

He croaked “No.”

“Would you like to?”


“Then keep doing what you are doing for a little longer. You are preparing me to take your erection in back there.”

After a few more minutes, she once again vocalized “Ahhhh” “Mmmmm” to let him know he was doing it right.

Finally, she was ready and wanted his penis in her. “There are condoms on the end table. Put one on.”

Not surprisingly, he was quick about that. With all the preparations done, she guided him to slowly press his penis in. Getting his head past the sphincter was the most sensitive part; but following her directions, soon he was fully inside of her.

She’d had him work her up for longer than usual, so his erection went in relatively easily. Initially she was quite sure that with the right responses from her, he would ejaculate quickly. Though, upon consideration, she reasoned if he’d cum already before he left the orgy pile, then perhaps not. From what she’d seen, most likely he'd filled Misty with his cum before he came to see her. She reasoned that he might last a good while after all. Was she glad, or put off? She didn’t really know.

He followed her directions about speed and intensity. With workman like tenacity, he stroked his cock a few inches in and out. She was a little surprised when her pleasure began to mount. Keeping the soft voice she said, “Longer strokes and a little more speed.” She was not normally into anal banging, yet for some reason that was what she was moving too this time. Once she’d relaxed the right amount, she began to tell him “Faster” in increments. She’d given the instruction four times. He’d been hammering her for several minutes, when she realized he was fucking her ass as hard as she’d ever had it. Even more surprisingly, she was responding with ever louder and more urgent vocalizations as an orgasm was clearly on its way.

She had never had an orgasm by doing this before, but apparently this would be her first. The volume of sound generated by what she and Brett were doing had ratcheted up quite a bit. The sounds were now creating an echo in the little room. Through the entire episode, she’d not looked at Brett or back toward the door even once. She finally turned her head to glance toward the doorway. The open doorframe was packed with naked teens watching her take Brett’s anal pounding. The thought that she’d created that much interest with a group that had just finished a ten-person orgy pleased her quite a lot. She knew the pleasure of being watched by all the teens would contribute to her pending climax. She’d never had an orgasm just from anal penetration alone, and had thought it was not possible; but now she was quite sure it was not only possible, but probable. She closed her eyes again to focus on the pleasure. It felt very, very good.

The sound of Misty’s camera told Bonnie that her daughter had come into the room. She opened her eyes to see Misty pointing the lens directly at her. That was no surprise.

After taking a shot, Misty turned her head to mouth instructions to Sarah, who stood at the foot of the bed holding the reflector board. When she noticed her mother’s eyes were open, they made momentary eye contact.

Once her daughter returned her smile Bonnie knew Misty had indeed approved of Brett bedding her. She closed her eyes again. She was going to try to focus so as to ensure she reached orgasm. She was determined to make it happen. Eyes shut, she concentrated on her pleasure. Though simply knowing her daughter was taking photos of the hard anal pounding contributed to the impending climax. Even the fact the guy doing her was Misty’s semi-boyfriend was oddly exciting. Later she realized that it was Misty’s presence that pushed both of them over the top. Bonnie heard Brett’s breathing become labored. He kept on hammering her ass. Then with a hard groan, he drove his penis in as far as it would go and he began to climax. Bonnie’s orgasmic spasms began almost immediately.

Once both of them were fully done and he had collapsed on the bed beside her, Bonnie, for the first time turned over so she could look at her daughter’s guy. “That was very nice. Very nice indeed. Now go pin the condom to the board and let me get my nap.”

To Bonnie’s surprise, when Brett left, Misty came over and kissed her mother on the cheek. “Thanks Mom. I knew you weren’t planning on doing that with any of the guys in the Guild, but I guess you knew I’d sent him over to see you.”

No, Bonnie had not known that. She’d thought it was a possibility, but had not considered it as the proximate cause of Brett asking to get into bed with her. So, apparently, she’d done the right thing by letting the kid screw her. How odd her life had become. But all she said was “I hope you got the photos you were hoping for.”

Misty looked at the camera in her hand and said “I really won’t know till I’ve taken a better look; but I think I got a few keepers.” She and Sarah slipped out as Bonnie closed her eyes again.

When Bonnie woke from her second nap, it was quiet upstairs. She picked up her bikini bottom and cover-up and headed across the hallway to get ready to go to Haulover. In the bed she found Marcy and Squirrel asleep, spooning. “Well” she thought, “I guess I wasn’t the only one.” She stopped to look for a moment. It was actually a very attractive sight. Rather than the older man and the hot teenage girl as was so often a staple of movies; this was the fifty-year-old woman who’d had the pleasure of an unusually virile eighteen-year-old boy. Trish’s camera was on the dresser. She quietly picked it up and began shooting.

One of Marcy’s eyes opened, but she did not move. Evidently Bonnie’s assessment had been wrong. Marcy had not actually been asleep. Her fellow mother said “So, you woke up?”

As Marcy spoke, Squirrel’s hips moved forward then back twice. He’d not been asleep either. “He is still inside of her” Bonnie realized.

As if to make that realization clear. Squirrel thrust hard three times and Marcy let out a groan of pleasure.

This time, Bonnie said it out loud “You guys are screwing.”

Both of Marcy’s eyes were closed again “Of course we are.”

Bonnie just stood staring as Marcy looked up toward the head of the bed and grabbed a pillow. Stuffing it in front of her stomach, she rolled up on it so that her chest was flat on the bed but her hips were elevated. Squirrel however, did not keep up with Marcy’s movements. He remained on his side. His forever hard penis was as stiff as one would expect if he hadn’t had sex in a week. He did not have on a condom. Bonnie shot a few more frames. She used the zoom feature to capture Marcy’s inner right thigh. There was no mistaking it. Semen was smeared from her inner lips onto her thigh. It was visually apparent that before they had begun spooning, Squirrel had cum. She wondered “Had he even lost his erection momentarily after he’d ejaculated?”

Marcy turned to face Squirrel “You’ve done a great job already; but I’d sort of like one more last hurrah before we have to go. Are you up to it?”

He snorted, “I think I can do that.”

Marcy added, “But make it quick. I think now that she’s well fucked and rested, Bonnie is ready to go.”

Bonnie moved around to the far side of the bed, taking more photos of Squirrel as he mounted Marcy and began to go at it. Marcy looked up to Bonnie. “Mike loves pics for sure, but Misty already took photos and video for him. That is actually what this was about.”

Bonnie put down the camera as Squirrel, standing on his knees, began thrusting hard. Marcy’s whole body shook. She closed her eyes and began to groan. Bonnie picked the camera back up and took more photos. She was sure Mike couldn’t have too many.

It did not appear that Marcy was anywhere close to orgasm when Squirrel made yet another deposit of his semen. When he was done, he rolled one way and she rolled the other. Sitting up she kissed him perfunctorily and said “Thank you very much. That felt great and it made for a nice ending. If you can now go downstairs and tell the others to get re