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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 42 (part 2)

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Marcy went on, “At dress rehearsal, the foundation’s board of directors was in the audience, as was my mother. Dorcus had also invited some members from the Chicago theater press and representatives from foundations Dorcus was hoping to fund us beyond the summer. With those people and another twenty assorted invited guests, we had a good audience for our formal dress rehearsal. Since for the troop, this was our public introduction, I was expected to do some meet & greets after the show. Dorcus made sure I knew to put on the kimono robe that my mother had bought me just for such occasions. It was one thing to go virtually naked on stage, it was something else to do so when I met the foundation’s board members.”

“The next day, we opened in Chicago’s Lincoln Park for the busy holiday weekend. I thought I was immune to nerves; I wasn’t. I’ll admit I was glad to see that we didn’t really have much of an audience beyond those who just happened to be in the park. Though by the time we got to the end of that first show, we had several hundred sitting in the grass in front of our stage. By Monday, Memorial Day, our audience had grown significantly. People evidently were coming out just to see us. It was a good start. After that first weekend, it just became a routine that ran week after week. There were twenty of us in the company, ten girls and ten guys, plus Margarete. Dorcus rarely came to the actual performances. So it was just the twenty-one of us in the large tent that was set up behind our portable stage. Each week, on our day off, a moving company moved our stage and gear from venue to venue. The tent was a combination production office, dressing room and break room. We had some big fans that drew air from the outside and circulated it, so it wasn’t too hot; though there was very little clothing worn inside the tent during the day. On the hot summer days, I was far from the only one wearing nothing at all.”

“Wendy, one of her assistants and I had to be on-site at 10:00 each morning to start my make-up. The others would arrive about noon. The first performance was at 2:00 PM, second at 7:00 PM. Between the two performances, we were free; but of course, since I couldn’t wear clothes over my body paint, I couldn’t leave the tent between shows. More or less, what you all saw at the rental house the last few days is what it was like that summer and the following summer while we still had the original group; except that we were all performers so the sex was always performance art. Pretty much every day two or three couples would put on a show for the rest of us between the two performances. While I technically could have sex in my painted-on costume; my range of activity was very limited since I didn’t want to damage my body paint or make-up. It entirely precluded close body-to-body contact, so I couldn’t get it on with the girls at all. I could give blow jobs and I could squat over someone’s dick, but that was pretty much it.”

“But you found a way. Right?” Bonnie said with a smile.

“Oh yes, I did. The majority of the days Karl and I had sex in the tent between shows. I either blew him, or he did my ass. He was able to do that without smudging my paint. By the first week on the road, everyone saw us as a couple. Additionally, as I said before, I played the role of sex fairy so when I saw a guy with a hard-on, I’d offer to take care of it. Between shows, nearly every day, I would do one or two of the other nine guys. Often Karl and I would do the guys together.”

“While a number of people got a reputation for putting on great sex shows, my performances with Karl were some of the most popular. We actually worked up a couple of routines based on what I could do in my make-up. The mini-show I was asked to do the most often was where first I would squat in front of Karl and blow him while I played with myself. With the knowledge everyone was watching, I could climax like that as often as not. When I either came or realized I wasn’t going to, he’d sit on a stool and I’d ease his cock up my ass. I’d use my hands to get myself wet enough before I would use one of those machined aluminum Maglite flashlights as a dildo. We had like ten of them for use at night. Not the little ones, but the big “D” cell ones that policemen carried. It was the audience that got me turned on even more than the physical sensations. I could cum every time like that. With Karl in my ass, I would fuck my pussy with the flashlight till I climaxed. As soon as I started to cum, Karl would let himself come too so it appeared that we did it at the same time.”

“It was such a hot performance that by the end of the run, I was asked to set a date where I would do it one final time between shows so the cast could invite special friends to watch. There were like twice as many people that afternoon in the tent as usual. That was so gratifying and such a turn-on for me. I guess I should mention that on any given afternoon there were a couple of visitors in the tent. There were either girlfriends or boyfriends who had come to the show, or just some hottie that one of the troop members wanted to screw.”

The girls fell apart. “You were doing live porn when you were fourteen!?” Sarah asked.

Marcy nodded “Pretty much.” But it was just for fun. Remember, I was in my full body paint, so it was visually something quite extraordinary and it was impossible to tell who I was. I loved putting on a performance. I still do. One of the few things that made me sad was that while all of the guys were happy to let Karl suck them off, and only one didn’t readily fuck his ass when he offered it; only a couple would suck his dick and Karl wasn’t actually interested in giving anal sex to anyone but me. So, for him, other than with me, sex was something he freely gave to others but rarely received. Still, from that summer till the end of the next summer, he and I by and away had sex more often than anyone else in our troop. That was the identity we both had assigned ourselves.”

“While it had been impossible for me to do anything with the girls between shows, I made up for that at night. The other players didn’t see me as a cheap slut, but as the bringer of joy and happiness. Even the girls who had boyfriends didn’t mind when I did it with their guys, even if he wasn’t part of the troop. By the end of June, everyone began to see me as the sex fairy. After the last performance on Labor Day, as they had done for several years, there was a party. Dorcus and Margarete rented a suite at a hotel and there was booze and pot and wall-to-wall sex.” Marcy seemed to think for a moment then said “From when I was younger than any of you girls, having an audience was a normal and important part of sex for me. Right up until the day before I got married, I wanted people to get off watching me. Damn, if I’m going to be honest, I should say I like to be watched, present tense. That’s why I pursued theater; it excites me for others to watch me perform. After I left the Northshore Players, it took me years to accept that having sex in a room alone with a guy or girl was normal. I’m sure that is why I’ve always thought of sex as performance art. If there had been the internet when I was your age, I would have been all over it. I'm sure I had more sex in high school than all of you combined. I know exactly how many times and how many people I did it with because it is all carefully recorded in my diaries. In the back cover I kept a list of names.

Sarah put in “Even after this weekend, I’m having a hard time imagining you fucking around like that a hundred years ago. I want to see the diaries and the pictures.”

Marcy smiled and said “I can assure you it has not been a hundred years. And I will do what I can to get both. But there is more. You see, while I was limited in what I could do while in make-up and body paint; of our twelve-week run it turned out that for five of those weeks we were outside of the actual Chicago area, performing at state and county parks. It was just too far to commute every day; so we stayed in motels near our venues. To accommodate the twenty of us, Dorcus would book five rooms of four people each. Aunt Margarete let us work out our sleeping arrangements. Kathern encouraged all of us not to room with the same three people at each new venue. She didn’t want cliques to form.”

Bonnie asked, “How’d that work out?”

“With Kathern, Wendy and I all actively pushing the idea, it actually worked pretty good. By only getting one person of the four to shift in each of the five rooms it allowed for couples & best friends to stay together while keeping things mixed up. For the first two of the five weeks we stayed in motels, Karl and I slept in the same bed. However, he found sleeping with a guy for a week at a time helped him to get comfortable with his emerging gay identity; so for the last three weeks we stayed in a motel, he and I both slept with a different guy each week. That was actually a really great way for both of us to get to know what we liked and didn’t like in guys. And you can just assume that I had sex with the other two people in my room more nights than not as well. So, by the end of the summer, I’d spent five nights rooming with over a dozen different people. AND…just because someone wasn’t sleeping in my room any particular week didn’t mean they didn’t come visit. At least once or twice each week, an orgy went on half the night. For some reason, whatever rooms Wendy and I were in gathered people. Two weeks she and I were in the same room, and it was like the sex never stopped. And… in the mornings… my male roommates always knew I could be counted on to happily relieve their morning wood.”

The girls all laughed.

Marcy finally said “I know I am going to regret telling you this next part. This is where the name Sloshy was coined. Since shows ran from Thursday to Tuesday, the first night in a hotel was not until mid-June. It was on the Monday afternoon of that first road trip that I was christened Sloshy the Sex Fairy.”

Bonnie and the girls had been waiting for this explanation for an hour.

“As I explained already, the fairy part I had deliberately cultivated right off. Since I was cast to be Ariel because I was petite, lithe, energetic, and sexy, I just tried to be that way all the time. I had learned from Wendy how to add the sexual component, so starting the first weekend on the road, I began to flitter around the tent offering joy and pleasure to anyone I saw needed a lift. The other players were quick to pick up on what I was doing and by the end of the first week, I’d already begun to be called the Sex Fairy. But… the Sloshy part came from something I said off-hand. Wendy, Karl, a hot guy named Darius, and I shared a room that first week we were at a motel. The very first night it seemed everyone wanted to come visit our room, and things just took on a life of its own. We’d pushed the two double beds together to make one big bed for what can only be called an all-out orgy.”

“She looked at the three older girls, think of what you guys did in our bed on Sunday, but with a total of twenty people coming and going for three solid hours.”

Bonnie could see the teenagers understood what Marcy was saying.

“For the majority of the troop, it was their first group grope. Let’s just say I made a point to make sure nobody who got in the big bed failed to get my attention. For most of them, it was the first time they had sex with me. About an hour and a half in, I had to get up to go pee. When I got back, I told Wendy that I thought my pussy was so full that I could hear it sloshing when I walked. You see, it wasn’t just the three loads of cum that had already been squirted into me, it was also that I get really, really wet down there when I get super turned on. When I’d sat on the toilet, I saw that mixed fluids were smeared from my belly to my knees, so that was why I’d made that comment to Wendy.”

“I didn’t think anything else about it until Monday morning, three days later, while I was getting my makeup done, two people asked me how Sloshy the Sex Fairy was. I didn’t know what to think about the name at first. It was hard to argue that was an unfair characterization. Especially since in order to start my body paint Wendy had already had to clean up the semen that had been deposited in me right before she started my paint job.”

That got a few comments from the girls and Marcy had to tell short stories about how she’d had sex with two different guys that morning before going to start her body paint. Once she’d told the stories, she went on. “As Wendy worked on me, she made it clear that the nickname was not a slur or attack. She said beyond the fact I’d had sex with pretty much every one of the cast and crew, everyone in the Northshore Players really liked me. She wanted me to understand that they were not attacking me or calling me cheap or trashy. After all, Wendy pointed out that she’d had just as much sex as I had. But she said that someone had heard what I’d said about being sloshy feeling down there. As people talked, virtually everyone who heard what I’d said had commented how over the prior three days, when I’d had them put their tongue, finger, or dick into me, no matter what time of day or night; they had found there was already stuff sloshing around in there. I knew what she was saying was likely true. Since that first night and the orgy, pretty much everyone had put part of their anatomy into my vagina. It had been four days and nights of sex. Because of that every time I got a new partner, they found they were getting sloppy seconds… thirds… or fourths. So just like Bonnie was called ‘Fuck on the First Date Bonnie’…well…after that I was called Sloshy the Sex Fairy, Sloshy the Good Fairy or just Sloshy the Fairy.”

Caitlin, with a tone of disbelief said “You mean that you already had semen in you whenever you had sex with someone new?”

“It wasn’t literally true, but it happened often enough that it seemed so. The truth was that the slosh was one part cum and nine parts my pussy juice. Even then, just a month or so after I’d had sex the first time, I was getting really sloppy with my own juices when I climaxed…and I have always cum very easily. So no matter if it were, or is, sex where the guy leaves me full of his jizz, or I’ve had sex with a woman, I get…well sloshy.” She turned to Bonnie “After our time with Hans and Otto, would you agree I am still Miss Sloshy?”

While the girls were still working to wrap their heads around what Mrs. Marshal was saying, Bonnie just couldn’t contain her laughter. It took her a few moments to get out “Oh yea! My face and the front of my hair was soaked after you got off of sitting on my head. I’m sure I’ve been with women who were as gushy as you, but I can’t recall any right now.”

After a moment, Bonnie added, “When I heard Mike call you Slosh, I’d just assumed it had some reference to getting drunk. We had a family friend back in West Virginia called Boozy; but to the best of my knowledge, he had been a tee-totaler for at least fifty years. I just thought it was like that.”

Marcy laughed. “Nope. It was that when my friends put something into my pussy, they nearly always found it already was full of wet stuff. Given how quick I was to fuck those first couple of years, they just saw it all as cum.”

For a moment there was silence, then finally all five girls burst out in laughter. It took five full minutes for them to calm down. Even Trish laughed from the driver’s seat.

Sarah looked to her friends and said “From now on, just like we call Misty’s mom Mrs. C.; we need to call my mom Sloshy the Sex Fairy.” The other girls agreed and Bonnie didn’t have the heart to tell them no.

After a few moments of looking mortified, Marcy started laughing too. Finally, she just shrugged. “I am who I am. Sarah, you were right when you told Mira that I have no shame in who I am or what I have done. But you should know, over time the Fairy part fell away as I grew up. By the time I was a high school senior. It had just become Sloshy or most often, Slosh. But if you girls want to call me Mrs. Slosh, go ahead. After all, I took the name with me to college. If I had wanted to bury it, I could have. I have never been ashamed of that name and I am not now. At Oberlin it was just Slosh. That was what I was called by everyone in college. I guess you have never looked me up in the Oberlin yearbooks in the living room. If you did you would see me listed as Marcy “Slosh” Hidelman. When I met your father, that was my professional name. That was the name your father first knew me by. It wasn’t till our third date that he learned that wasn’t my legal name.”

Bonnie shot back “You mean you really used Slosh as your professional name?”

“Absolutely. The sign on my office door at the Blue Globe Dinner Theater was Slosh Hidelman. Few people in Atlanta’s entertainment world knew my given name. Sure, I was Miss Marcy Hidelman when I was teaching, but that life had been on the back burner for several years when I met Mike.”

There was so much about Marcy that Bonnie had never even imagined. She’d been right when she’d said she’d hidden the real her for two decades.

Marcy looked at Sarah, “So little girl, that is how I adopted the free-love life. Throughout high school, if someone in the Northshore Players or the art students who gathered at the warehouse even hinted that they would like to have sex with me, the default answer was yes; even if I had to let them know it would be a quicky. I only declined if there was a reason I couldn’t. Everyone in the troop or the artists who used our space knew that all they had to do was to ask nicely and I’d almost always say yes.” She laughed, then looked to Misty and said “Perhaps you would understand. Misty, am I right that you had a threesome at your party with Natalie Foster and Cassidy White just because she asked nicely?”

Misty nodded “Yes, but I had to tell them I could only play for about fifteen minutes because I was the party’s host.”

Marcy nodded. “For those four years, it was just like that for me. Now, other than that summer I played Aerial, I didn’t go nude as my normal way of living, the way Caitlin and Sarah seem to want to. But wearing a tube top and miniskirt without panties offered much the same ease of access as if I were naked. Just like I’d seen Kathern do that first time, at rehearsals, I’d often be seen sitting in a guy’s lap. Everyone could see me working my hips and they knew full well that his penis was inside of me; it was just who I was and it was what they expected of me. I wore tube tops because I couldn’t fill out a halter. Even though they were slightly out of fashion, Wendy and my mom helped me find enough to have a full collection of colors and styles. I spent all of every summer till I was twenty with the Players.”

“I should also say clearly, it was just the first two summers and the school year between them that was the way I’ve described. Just as I began to spend less time performing and moved toward producing and directing as I moved through high school, there was also a transformation as to how I saw the sexuality all around me. It lost its novelty and became more of a part of the fabric of the world in which I lived. That first summer I actively worked at being the sex fairy; by the following summer, using my sexuality to bring happiness or to make a connection with my fellow players became as natural to me as shaking hands. In time I learned that kind of intimacy was not natural to everyone, but I used my body and my sexuality to build relationships and enrich the lives of those who were open to it. By the time I was seventeen, I was not so aggressive to show off as I’d been in the beginning. I wasn’t ashamed, but I was more sensitive to the feelings of those who might not like to be around sex all the time.”

“Even as I changed and matured, so did the Northshore Players. That first group of twenty was not the same as those that came after. Since all those initially recruited to join the troop had committed to the first two summer tours, the troop membership barely changed. For the second summer, only two of the original twenty could not commit to traveling with us; yet while we brought in two new people, both were from the group of artists who frequently used our rehearsal space as a studio. It was only in the fall after our second summer that things began to evolve. In September and then again in January and then once more in April we brought in new members. By the start of the third summer tour, we only had nine of the original twenty. That fall, however, we were down to four and we finally had open auditions. Those of us who were left began to realize the special relationship of the founding members would not and could not be replicated and so the culture of the troop began to change.”

“The initial grant which created the Northshore players had only been for those two summer tours. With that money, Dorcus had paid for a two-year lease on the warehouse space and set aside the funds to pay salaries to both herself and Aunt Margarete until the end of the second summer. She didn’t have a fleshed-out plan for what to do during the interim school year. The grant called for an ongoing workshop to keep the company together and to develop the skills of the cast and crew, but how to do that was rather up in the air. Initially, her idea was that we would continue to use other venues around the Chicagoland area to do free public performances. But due to the nasty Chicago weather and the reality that during the school year it was very difficult to book

performances because not everyone could drop their school work when she booked them. Even as we were wrapping up our first summer tour, as a group, we came up with the basic format of what we called the Northshore Review. The idea was a flexible show with many small components that could be mixed and matched based on the availability of players. The format would have group improv, prepared sketch comedy, and one-act scripted plays. That first year we actually did a couple of shows at other venues; but quite unintentionally, our warehouse became our performance hall. To begin with, we only had a total of forty-eight folding chairs, including those we had backstage. On the first Friday night in October, the company invited friends from their schools to come to be an audience. We had over a hundred people that night and everyone had a great time despite the majority having to stand for the show.”

“A month later we had two hundred chairs just for the audience, and we were doing it every Friday night. As it turned out, for the rest of the company’s seven-year run, the Northshore Review became the center of the company’s existence from the first of October until the first of May when we began full-time work for the next summer’s Shakespeare shows. While we technically had rehearsal Monday through Thursday from 7-10 PM each night, in practice, on any given night there were perhaps a dozen of us, plus three or four artists. While the artists were originally all from the Art Institute, by the first spring we had a couple from Northwestern, and in time we had painters from half a dozen colleges. The draw for the artists was both the bohemian culture and the ready availability of nude models. For the Northshore Players, the arrangement gave us all the wonderful props and backdrops we needed with very little effort from the players ourselves.”

“Our audience was almost all college students. For the entire seven years, The North shore Players never charged anyone to see us, not once. Though we did take donations. Because we were more like a club than a business, we could get away with a lot of things on our warehouse stage that no commercial theater could. There was lots of sexual humor and plot lines and there were at least a couple of flashes of female breasts most weeks, and perhaps once a month there was some skit that included extended nudity, both male and female. We did improv, sketch comedy, and one-act plays. Politics and sex were our main staples.”

“Before I finished high school, I wrote and directed two one-act plays. My first was a retelling of the Arthurian legend based on E.B. White’s The Once and Future King. That is the same classic book that was the source for Disney’s Sword and the Stone and the hit musical Camelot. In the book, the root cause of Arthur’s downfall was the sexual desires of three women: Arthur’s half-sister Morgan le Fey who seduced him (among many others), Elaine of Corbenic & Guinevere both of whom seduced Lancelot. White’s book is filled with lustful women who ruin men’s lives with their sexual desires. I loved the book; but for my play, I changed the story to make the women’s sexuality a positive trait, not a curse. In my version, a female Merlin teaches Arthur that sexually empowered women are a blessing to him and his future Kingdom, not evil temptresses. In my telling, Morgan le Fey, rather than using her constant sexual desires to ruin men, she led Arthur to use his power as king to usher in a matrilinear norm where women own their own sexuality and were free to openly take any lover they choose. This, of course, totally changed the love triangle between Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot and thus the outcome of the story. I called it Arthur, Guinevere, and the Round Bed. While even at our little private showings we couldn’t have actual sex, there was kissing by naked players as a stand-in. As a one-act it was just over an hour long, so for the show, it was combined with sketches and other short pieces. It was a hit. On the weeks when we staged a full one-act play (which we did twice each season), we did three performances (Friday night, Saturday matinee, and Saturday night). My play, which we first staged when I was in 11th grade, was so popular, after the initial weekend, we put it into the Friday night program three more times that year and twice more the next.”

“My second one-act, which premiered when I was a high school senior, was an allegory contrasting the religious right’s neo-Puritanism with free-love values. It was a rift on Orwell’s Animal Farm with Jerry Falwell and his group, the Moral Majority, as the pigs. What is amazing to me is that the message of both of those plays is even more important today than they were when I wrote them over thirty years ago.”

Sarah inquired “So, you say your plays had nudity; but you didn’t say if you were in them.”

Marcy asked, “What do you think?”

Before Sarah could answer Haley jumped in “Of course she was.”

Marcy nodded “Well actually not. I wasn’t a player in my own plays. I was the director. The truth is I realized that I could say and do more from behind the scenes than on stage. For my senior year and that following summer, I didn’t have a part in a single play. I was Aunt Margarete’s associate director. However, I worked up a pretty good stand-up routine where I took some of the bawdiest things from Shakespeare and made them into a twelve-minute stand-up routine. I started out in a vaguely Elizabethan-looking outfit; but as I spoke, I had one mishap after another that caused pieces to fall off. For the entire final few minutes, I was doing Shakespeare in the nude. It was very popular and I was asked to do it several times over my senior year.”

Haley then asked, “And let me guess after the show there was a sex party?”

Marcy hesitated, “Not a sex party exactly, but yes during the social time after our shows, the daybed in the make-up area and the divan in the artist studio area usually had some sort of action. And before you ask, yes, I was involved on occasion.”

The girls laughed.

“But I have to stop here and tell you that actions have consequences.” Marcy said in a serious tone, “While cum is wonderful and sexy, it has a purpose, and it takes vigilance to keep those little swimmies from doing their assigned job. As the first summer tour came to an end, I began to suspect I might be pregnant. My mother and I could not play our little game of deliberate ignorance, I had to tell her that I was a month late and needed to go to see the doctor. The truth is that I simply didn’t have the maturity to take my birth control pills consistently while on the road. You would think since I was screwing multiple guys every day and getting buckets of semen in my vagina, I would have taken it more seriously. Not only was I pregnant; but the doctor found that I had syphilis at the same time.”

Several gasps of shock went around the van.

Marcy didn’t slow down. “At least I knew exactly with whom I’d had sex…well mostly. I’d screwed all the guys in the show many times, and had done it with several of the girl’s boyfriends as well, so all of those were easy to trace; but I’d also done it with perhaps half a dozen guys who’d just come backstage to meet me after one of the evening performances. I didn’t even know their names nor could I recall where we were when I’d had sex with them. So mostly we were able to do contact tracing. Though it was embarrassing, Mom made me tell Margarete myself. We had a meeting with the rest of the players at the rehearsal hall the next day and she told everyone they needed to be tested. It was the first time she’d addressed sexual health with the group. It would not be the last. In retrospect, we should have taken the lesson more seriously, but we did not. “

Though the events in Marcy’s life were difficult, Bonnie knew it was good for the girls to hear it.

“Ending the pregnancy would have been more complicated for me, but fortunately, only about a year before that, the abortifacient RU-238 had begun to be legally imported, though it was not widely available because it was not yet FDA approved. However, our gynecologist had access and I used it.”

Haley put in “I think that is what I used, but it has a different name now.”

Marcy just nodded to Haley in understanding.

Bonnie was very glad the girls were having this conversation, but she decided not to participate since Marcy was the one with the knowledge to be shared.

“Due to my failure to take the pill regularly, my gynecologist got me one of the first IUD’s when they were reintroduced in the US market. That both made birth control secure and mostly stopped my periods. Which, to me at the time was great because it meant I could have vaginal sex every day of the month.”

Again, Marcy’s talk was sidetracked by laughter and comments.

When Marcy resumed, she picked right up where she’d been interrupted. “Sadly, I didn’t learn from that experience. Once the Players came back after a three-week break, Sloshy the Sex Fairy was back too. By the first of October, in addition to the Northshore Players, I was having sex with most of the student artists who used the warehouse for a studio. In addition to just sex as a matter of course, the Northshore Players had lots of parties where group sex was a normal event. On top of all of that, when Dad was out of town, my female friends often slept with me in my bed at home; AND, I slept at Aunt Margarete’s nearly every Friday and a good many Saturdays. There, in addition to Karl and Aunt Margarete, I enjoyed the company of a steady stream of new partners in her bed. Oh…and I had dated guys from my high school from time to time. I could be counted on to give a blow job on the second date and fuck on the third. All that to say, I had more sex and more partners through those four years than I would ever have again; and I am actually looking forward to finding my diaries. I’m sure I only remember a small fraction of all that I did. It will be wonderful to read the details. What I do know, is I spread joy and happiness wherever I went. By my third year in the Northshore Players, my self-image and my public persona had morphed from the Sex Fairy to the Love Fairy because I was spreading love not just sex. Do you all get the picture?”

The girls said they did.

She paused again " I've never been ashamed of my sexual activities. I had a wonderful mother that had been part of the sexual revolution and she made sure I was sex-positive even though we only directly talked about sex that one time, and that was before I’d actually done it. Sex positivity is a way of viewing the world, not just free love."

Sarah again said, "I can’t believe Grams was like me…and you."

Marcy nodded, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree little girl.” She then continued "But my lack of care for safety kept having consequences. I didn’t catch an STD just once. The second time was the next summer and we all got it. Literally, every one of us got it. While the first time Mom was able to handle it discreetly, the second time I had syphilis…the time everyone got it…the Health Department got involved. There was nothing as humiliating as having to sit in a health department office and write out the names of everyone with whom I'd had sex in the past two years. I'd been warned by my friends what they'd be asking so I'd copied the names from my diary. I actually had to ask for a second, then a third form to put all the names because they wanted both males and females. Though for most I knew first and last names, for some, like people who’d come over to Aunt Margarette’s’ apartment, I only knew first names, and for several, I had no name at all. As with the abortion, my mom simply could not completely pretend she didn’t know what was happening. Though she literally was sitting next to me as I wrote over four dozen names, she was not the least bit judgmental. Though I think she did peek a couple of times to see who I was doing it with. The look in the eye of the lady who'd been assigned to be my caseworker seemed to say she thought I was some pathetic victim. That was way worse than if she’d looked at me like I was just a dirty slut. For her to think I was weak and victimized actually did make me feel ashamed. I wanted to tell her that I screwed all those people because I liked it, not because I was abused. If I hadn't had my mother there supporting me, I don't know what I would have done. But she was there, and she was totally supportive. Even still, it was something none of you want to experience."

Bonnie couldn’t help but ask “Did the police get involved since most of your partners were adults and you were still a minor.”

“No. I was assured they do not share the information with the police.”

Bailey asked, "Did you start using condoms after that?"

Marcy with a little laugh to herself said "As stupid as it sounds now, I did but not consistently. At the health department, we all got a lecture on HIV/AIDS. It was the first time it really got through to me that I could get it too. However, at that time it was still something seen as an issue with men who have sex with men and IV drug users. The social worker told me that all anal sex is high-risk, even for girls. I hadn’t thought about that before. As I’ve told you, anal sex was just for Karl, so while I told myself that wasn’t risky, I knew that he’d already begun requiring the guys who wanted to fuck him to use condoms. It took us some time, but we eventually started using them when he did me in my ass. But the truth is I didn’t really start to use condoms consistently until I was at Oberlin, and by the time I moved to Atlanta, I was on and off with them again. The sad truth is that for too many of those sexual encounters I was under the influence of booze or grass. That is why I am so supportive of Bonnie's no booze or drugs rule even while she is cool with you fucking your brains out right in front of her.”

From the driver’s seat, Trish said “I will be going to the health department next week for an STD test. If anyone wants to come with me, I’ll be glad to take them.”

Marcy nodded. “I’ve already told Mike I’ll be getting one too. But I won’t apologize for enjoying my first real orgy in decades. It brought back a lot of good memories. And I guess it was because of sex parties that it was hard for me to be good about condoms back then too. Just like your big thing on the upstairs bed. Condom use is hard in a group grope.”

Once again Marcy’s narrative was sidetracked. But this time the adults let the girls talk the issues all the way through before Marcy went on.

“The other reality that it took me time to understand was that, by design, few people stayed with the Northshore Players for more than two years. We were a teaching company, and it was expected that our best and most talented would go on to other repertory theaters and the rest would simply graduate from college and go on to other careers. So, after the second summer tour, we were always bringing in new people and seeing friends leave. But when they left, they not only left with theater skills; they left with a set of values and a view of human relations that we hoped they would take with them. Among the values we tried to instill was the idea that their sexuality need not be put in a box and separated from everything else; rather, their sexuality was an intrinsic part of a full life and sharing it with others was a normal part of that life.”

Bonnie noted that all five girls nodded in understanding and agreement.

The girls all smiled and said they did. There were some more side conversations about different parts of her story, then Marcy said “BUT… there is a dark part. It is the real reason I have never told anyone about all this. Well, that and the part about sleeping with my aunt for years.”

That elicited some laughs.

“Let me wind back to the spring of my sophomore year of high school, things were sort of bleak for me. Kathern had begun her internship at WGN and Wendy was in the process of leaving the company as she was focused on graduation and her post-college plans. Karl was finally breaking free from his mother’s control and was working to make a transition from her world to Chicago’s gay community. Though he went on the third summer tour with us, he was in the process of dropping out of both the Northshore Players and high school. In the fall of my junior year, he was spending perhaps one Friday and/or Saturday night a month with men he was seeing, rather than coming home so as to be with me. By the following April, I only saw him once. It was hurtful, but we’d talked a lot and I understood he had to free himself of his mother’s control. The truth is, I knew full well that Aunt Margarete smothered him and saw him as an appendage of herself. As painful as it was for me, I repeatedly told him I was happy for him and encouraged him to find his true self.”

“This brings me to Becky, my second true love. In September after our third summer tour, we had open auditions for new members in the Players for the first time. I was on the committee. Becky Black was a short curvy dynamo. She was shorter than me and was what we used to call voluptuous. She had hips & breasts that gave her a distinct hourglass figure, and a smile that simply dominated the stage. That fall we were down to four of the original Northshore Players. Aunt Margarete was resisting replacing Karl, but Dorcus insisted we at least choose an alternative that would get his slot if he did not commit before the first show. Even still, choosing was hard. Because we’d brought on new people before the summer tour, we only had seven open slots that fall with nearly a hundred applications. It was decided to bring the total number of players up to twenty-five since we had found over the past two school years, that when classes were in session, it was sometimes hard to have enough people to put on a quality show on Friday nights. Given the growth in our popularity, we were planning to seat two-hundred-fifty people for our free shows. Still, choosing even a dozen out of a hundred was very difficult. It was one of the few things I truly dreaded doing. The selection committee consisted of the four of us from the original troop as well as Margarete and Dorcus. Though I was still in high school, I was seventeen that fall and was part of the leadership team. We gave twenty-five of the hundred a full audition on the stage. They had five minutes to impress us. Becky impressed me from the very first.”

“She was our first student to come from Arora College which was an Evangelical Christian school located well outside the city, though it was actually closer to my home than any of the other schools from which we’d been drawing all our players. Due to comparing herself to the people in the insular rural environment in which she’d grown up, she arrived at her college thinking she was morally open-minded and worldly-wise. She was the first thing, but not even remotely the second. Until those open auditions, Dorcus and Margarete had been careful to weed out those who had not already shown interest in the free-love outlook; but open auditions made that much more difficult. With Becky, we all had been taken in by her open-hearted enthusiasm. Even in the growing right-wing backlash of the mid-80’s, the urban theater community had not forsaken its Bohemian value set. However, Becky was not from the urban anything. Of course, none of us saw it at the time, but she was so naive that it masked the huge cultural chasm that she would have to cross to become one of us. While Becky wasn’t a virgin, she had very limited (and unsatisfactory) experience with sex. Her sheltered history first showed up in the very first day of rehearsals. She had come back to the make-up area and had looked around the folding partition to see me on the daybed, naked, sitting on the face of Suzette Collins, a junior from DePaul and I was just approaching orgasm. I mistook the look she gave me as one of excitement as she watched me climax.”

“It was a full year later that she told me she had been both shocked and terrified. She said she almost quit the company that day. Since I had misinterpreted her response and since mine had been the loudest voice saying she should be one of the new players, I took her under my wing.”

“That fall, we were preparing for what we were calling our fifth season of the Northshore Review, counting each school semester as a season. Becky readily saw my role as her mentor despite the fact she was a year and a half older and in college while I was still in high school. She became my shadow. When I’d been introduced to the free-love lifestyle at age fourteen, I had been completely ready to make choices. At all times, the choices I made to have sex with a variety of people day in and day out had been mine and mine alone. I had the strength to keep ownership of myself, even as I fucked my brains out with dozens of people and came home with a sloshy pussy nearly every day. I just made the assumption that she was the same. I was sure that if I opened doors for her, she would walk through them and not lose herself. I was wrong; though it would not be until two years later when I would realize my mistake.”

“By Thanksgiving, Becky Black was my best friend in a way I’d never had a friend before. My friendships had always been split between school and theater. As such I never had a single friend with whom I could share all my life. In my first two years of high school, the Northshore Players had become the most important part of my world and was the center of my emerging adult personality and persona. While I had many friends among the players, and two very special people in Kathern and Wendy; what I lacked was a person who was both a peer and an intimate friend. Becky and I were less than a year and a half apart in age; though I had far more life experience, that seemed to level the field so we could be true best friends. Her dorm room was less than twenty minutes from my house. Since we both had our own cars, that distance was virtually erased. We did everything we could together. In addition to all the time we spent at the rehearsal hall, she spent most of her free time at my house rather than on the Arora College campus. My parents quickly adopted her as one of the family. She more or less moved into our guest room. It was only a few days after she caught me having sex with Suzette when we first made out. She’d kissed her best friends back home, but I naturally assumed that kiss was just foreplay. I fingered her to a climax as I assumed she expected me to do. It was the first time she’d had anyone bring her to orgasm. Ever. The night after that she stayed after rehearsal to help me lock up. Of course, we had sex. To me, it was a given. To her, that hour or so we spent intertwined naked on the day-bed was a life-altering event. I didn’t have a clue how profoundly our relationship was challenging the values that had been ingrained in her. To me, she seemed to be eating up my attention. After that, she seemed to want to have sex with me every time we could be alone. Naturally, I tried my best to comply.

“By the time we started the second semester, she was spending the night in my bed most nights my dad was out of town. My mother pretended not to know. I thought I’d found someone who was just like me and I clung to her as much as she clung to me.” Marcy looked around to each of the girls and said “What set up the disaster was a power imbalance that I did not understand was there. Becky saw me as an authority figure. I didn’t understand that. With the departure of the key leaders from the Northshore Players, I stepped into a leadership position. I was given true adult responsibilities and authority within the company. In September I had been named the new production manager. That is why I was on the committee to select new members for the troop. Because of that, I had significant control over not just our productions, but over the college students who made up the Northshore Players. And while my years in the theater & my seniority in the company gave me technical knowledge; I utterly lacked any understanding of the responsibilities of leadership. Most of the time I think I did a pretty good job and I simply don’t have the personality to lord authority over people; however, I didn’t see that just my suggestions seemed coercive to others. I now see that in Becky’s case, because I was an authority figure, she did things I suggested that she would not have chosen to do on her own. I made the mistake of projecting my life experience onto her. While Aunt Margarete and I were total believers in egalitarianism and personal autonomy, Becky was steeped in hierarchical control social systems.”

“I didn’t see it at the time, but my mother had raised me outside the mainstream of sub-urban middle-class Schaumburg. Long before I joined the Northshore Players, she had taught me to reject the suburban bourgeois values of middle-class white America. She drilled into me that people should be valued for being people, not for their social station, wealth, or what they could do for me. I have a distinct memory of her berating me for treating our cleaning lady as my servant. I couldn’t have been more than ten, and I don’t even recall what I did; what I do recall is how hurt she was that I had treated the woman as less than me. By the time I was a teenager, I truly believed that I was no higher or lower than anyone else. When I entered Aunt Margarete’s working-class world, I saw the differences in her surroundings; but I didn’t see those differences as indicative of personal value.”

“Becky was raised in a very different world. She came from a small town in the southern tip of Illinois where race and class truly mattered; but, unlike me, she did not have a mother who pushed back on those things. While Becky vocally opposed racism and sexism, deep down she believed that those who were put in authority over her were put there by God and thus must be obeyed. It was just who she was. In our case, from the get-go, she saw me as an authority figure. She felt compelled to do not just what I told her to do in blocking a scene but in everything. In effect, to her, I had forced her to have sex with me that first time even though I had not dreamed of any such a thing. On a certain level, when that night I expected that we would have sex after I’d locked up the hall, she did not believe she had a choice to say no. In a sense, it could be called rape. Though neither of us actually thought of it that way, all our subsequent interactions had that first time as a foundation. It was several years later when I first realized what I had done. I was horrified not just by how I came across, but by the terrible consequences to Becky that traced back to that night. I still am horrified. I will never be free of the guilt I carry with me every single day.”

Marcy stopped talking. Bonnie could see how hard she was having to work to maintain her composure. Sarah took her mother’s hand.

After a moment or two, she went on, more quietly this time. “I had no idea until it was too late that she felt compelled to do the things I did. I led trusting Becky down a path that not only was she not prepared for, but one that took away her self-worth rather than building it. Rather than using her body as a tool to meet her goals and bring joy to others; at a deep level, she believed that her body was her true self and that each time she spread her legs for a guy or girl, she was giving part of herself and her value away. I saw it, and still see it in completely opposite terms. Each time this week I had sex with a man or a woman, I felt empowered and validated. Even now, it gives me a glow of happiness to know that some of Squirrel’s sperm are still alive in my uterus.”

Sarah patted her lower abdomen and said “And his sperm are alive in me too. I told you he and I did exactly what he did with you, so we didn’t use a condom. It was my first time having my vagina filled with semen. I get it now. There is some kind of psychic energy that is dampened by catching the semen in a condom.”

“Yes,” Marcy agreed, “Then his essence is alive in you too.”

Bonnie could tell Marcy thought about saying something about Sarah not using a condom, but she didn’t.

“Back in those days, it was a part of the psychic and spiritual energy I got from my free-love life. Since sperm stay alive for four to five days, at any given time when I was in high school I had the sperm of at least four and usually more guys alive in me. I guess I really did absorb some of Aunt Margarete’s mysticism about sex because when Squirrel ejaculated in me, both times, I felt a filling of his young essence and energy.” Marcy paused and looked right at Sarah, “And I should also add that it meant a lot to me for you to be on the bed as a participant with me and Squirrel. Like I said before, deep down I believe that when I share my sexual experience with friends and loved ones it gives it additional meaning and potency.”

Sarah, with a confused face, said “But I didn’t participate. We didn’t like, have a threesome.”

Marcy again took her daughter’s hand “Certainly you participated. You were on the bed just inches from me watching everything I did from first to last. You and I looked right at each other on and off the whole time. And don’t forget you were also completely nude too. Then when it was obvious that he was going to cum, I saw how you positioned yourself to actually watch his penis pumping his semen into me.”

Sarah nodded “Yea, I did that. It was really amazing to see it happen like that.”

Marcy also nodded, “I am sure it was, and feeling that filling of male essence was my last step in becoming Slosh again. The fact you were right there with me is what I will remember about that experience in years to come. It was your participation, not Squirrel’s performance that made that experience stand out to me.”

Sarah seemed to understand. “I hadn’t thought of it that way. But I guess you are right. “

Marcy said “Next time, you might try just laying your hand on my back or shoulder to feel my body move with the guy’s strokes, or even better hold my hand while I do it. You will find the sexual-psychic energy you felt just being near me will be magnified like a hundred times. I think you found out this week that to bring someone into your experience doesn’t require them to touch you in a sexual way. Simply holding the hand of someone you care about while you are in the throes of sexual ecstasy acts as a conductor of the joy to your loved one.”

Bailey jumped in “Yea, Sarah and I did that five or six times this week. I didn’t have to actually be having sex to feel the high of doing it. Holding her hand while she fucked and especially when she climaxed let me feel part of the high that she was getting. I hadn’t actually realized that until just now. I just knew I liked doing it.”

Several of the girls nodded in understanding. Bonnie also knew exactly what Marcy was saying.

Sarah’s response was different. “So, you are saying there will be a next time?”

Marcy smiled “Of course there will. The horse is out of the barn now. Slosh is back. It is who I am. And you too have embraced the same wonders and joys that I did as a teenager. I think you would agree that our relationship has changed in a profound way and we wouldn’t want to go back to how things were even if we could.”

Sarah’s eyes were wide with a sudden revelation. She didn’t seem to have words, she only nodded slowly in agreement.

“I will certainly start having men over to the house and I don’t have the slightest doubt you will, at least some of the time, want to be there while I make love to them. Conversely, just like you have done this week, I expect that you and your friends will feel free to have sex right in front of me as well. So yes, there will be many next times. I think that you and I both believe sexual joy is something that is multiplied when shared. That is who both you and I are.”

Marcy let that sink in for a moment before returning to the narrative. “But it is not who most people are and that is what I didn’t understand when I was your age. When I brought Becky into my life and world, moving from one sex partner to the next had always been so very affirming, it simply never occurred to me that for Becky it was the opposite. In the end, when I left her to move to Oberlin College, she concluded she was utterly worthless and had no value at all.”

Marcy wiped a tear from her cheek and looked at her daughter. “I was also too young and too inexperienced to understand cries for help don’t always look like what you expect. It is this story, even more than that of Karl, that has kept me from telling you about my sex life when I was your age. It is the story of a seventeen-year-old girl, who dragged her eighteen-year-old best friend into an abyss. I have never ever been ashamed about how many sexual partners I’ve had; but the shame of how I failed Becky, that is different and I can’t even think of that period of my life without thinking of her.”

Marcy got quiet. The girls in the van did not try to push her.

“Again, I was just too young to understand what was happening. All I saw were the outward things. Being from rural downstate Illinois, she was a little lost. The people in the Northshore Players tended to be city people with city outlooks and experience. I wanted to help her fit in and the truth was, I really enjoyed her company. She filled the void left by Karl, Kathern, and Wendy and since we were closer in age, it was a more comfortable fit. Within weeks she started coming home with me for meals and she and my mom hit it off. Other than the one weekend a month we did the three shows, we only put on the Northshore Review on Friday nights after which I went home with Margarete. Soon Becky was arriving at my house on Saturday mornings and she would spend her weekend with me and my family. We took her to the Chicago museums, a Cubs game, to the Sears Tower and shopping downtown. It was all so new to her. She’d never even ridden a sub-way, so she and I would sometimes just leave our cars and spend the day adventuring on the trains. It was like an idyllic time in my life.”

“But here is the deal, for me, free-love sex was just part of my normal life so I didn’t think of it as a particularly large leap when I asked her to participate with me in all the things I did. It was just one more aspect of my world and life that I very much enjoyed. Since I had made that transition to the free-love life so easily, I just naturally thought Becky would too. Though during the normal rehearsals, nudity and sex had been toned way down since those first couple of years, during my last two years of high school one Saturday night a month there was what only could be called a sex party at the rehearsal hall. In addition to an ongoing orgy on the stage that usually lasted for hours as people joined and left the group action; people used other spaces for more intimate couplings. And of course, booze and pot fueled the fire. Unlike the first year, not everyone participated, but since it was not on a rehearsal night and we had twenty-five members, many of whom brought dates, there was a large variety of potential sexual partners at every party. At those parties and at other times, Becky and I would together have sex with guys or couples or groups. I don’t know how many times we were side by side holding hands while we had sex with two different guys. For me, moments like that were magical.”

“I just assumed she felt the same. I was wrong. Though she put on a good front as long as I was right there with her; when I went off to Oberlin and I was not there to support her, she imploded.” Marcy looked at the girls “You need to understand, that while for you what happened this week was liberating and uplifting; for other people, it would be devastating, and you cannot know who it will help and who it will harm. You need to think of your sexuality like a tool, just like my mother taught me. You use it to benefit yourself and others; but like any tool, it can be dangerous to those who are not prepared to use it. And the more you are comfortable with the use of your tool, the easier it is to forget that others may not be. In Becky’s case, as long as I was there to hold her hand; she was able to enjoy what we did, even though under the surface tensions were building that I did not see.”

“So for two years, we had a great time and for two years we shared more men and women than I can begin to recount without that diary. I was the undisputed leader of the free-love lifestyle in the troop. She followed me and participated fully. In those two years, we had literally hundreds of casual three and foursomes. But even then, in the back of my mind, I knew she wasn’t quite as free as I was. For instance, while she joined me in modeling together for the artists at the rehearsal studio many times, she never took any requests for her to pose nude by herself. Her figure, and breasts, were a sight to behold.”

As an aside, Marcy explained, “Almost immediately Becky began to come with me to camera club engagements to act as my make-up and hair assistant; but she never posed for the photographers, even in lingerie, though she was asked many times. When I turned eighteen in September of my senior year, my artist friends set me up to start posing on weekends at both Northwestern and the Art Institute. I didn’t make nearly as much money as I did for the camera clubs, but they were my friends. Between the clubs and the two universities, I was posing once or twice nearly every weekend. I was in every respect a professional nude model.”

Bonnie could tell the girls were impressed.

“I also noticed how at parties and when I had sex on the daybed in the makeup room or on the divan in the artist’s studio, unless I specifically invited Becky to join in, she seemed happier to sit and watch me. Though I couldn’t put it in words, I began to understand that while it was clear she truly enjoyed watching me have recreational sex, she only participated at my request. I should have seen that as a clue that something was wrong but I didn’t. Over the summer tour, I noticed she did not engage in the sexual goings-on unless I was around. I didn’t have to be right there in the sweaty sticky bed with her, but she needed me nearby. I also saw that she gravitated to a single guy at a time. My entire senior year she engaged in what is called serial monogamy. She only had sex with the guy she was dating unless I was with her. Finally, that last summer on the road before I went off to college, I finally began to consciously see that Becky did not want my lifestyle. When we stayed at motels, she only took a bed with the guy she called her boyfriend or with me. She had stopped partaking in the company’s free-love culture; well unless I was right there beside her. Together we still had group sex side-by-side as we had always done; but slowly I began to understand when we’d finished a couple of hours of sweaty sticky group grope, she didn’t have the same sense of bliss I had afterward.”

Marcy stopped. “Before I tell you the rest, I need to tell you what else was going on that summer. As I said, my role in the Northshore Players had slowly morphed from young actor to that of Margarete’s assistant. For that summer tour after I’d graduated from high school, I was not going to be on the stage at all. For many young actors to face that they simply didn’t have what it takes to be the star is hard; but for me, I found my real calling as a writer and director. As much fun as it had been to be the ingénue, at the ripe old age of seventeen, I was again becoming someone else.”

“The Northshore Players was changing too. For the first year and a half of the Northshore Players, when we mainly had the original group, things continued on much like they had been that first summer. Without a doubt, the first summer was the most free-wheeling and open. Each year after that, it became less so. The company didn’t so much as become more conservative, but more mature. The first year we had nothing to lose; but once the Players had a reputation and something to preserve, we became less willing to risk what we had. I guess that is true for many organizations. And you have to understand that during that time the larger culture was also changing. Things we would do that first year were simply not possible by the end of the 1980’s.”

“While it would be easy to blame the anti-sex attitudes on Ronald Regan, Margret Thatcher, and the Religious Right; the reality is, there was something else going on: HIV/AIDS. You see, it took some time for the threat of HIV/AIDS to make its way from New York and California to us. It was only just becoming a real fear by the end of our third summer tour.”

Marcy paused to look around at the girls. “I am sure it is hard for you to imagine a world where AIDS wasn’t the existential threat it is now. But I lived at the very end of that era. So far, most of what I’ve told you has been joyous. Even with the two bouts of syphilis and the pregnancy, I continued to wring every bit of sexual pleasure I could out of my body. For four years I had relished being Sloshy. I loved knowing I had the semen of several guys in me at a time. Many days, especially in that first year and a half, I had guys cum in my mouth or pussy three, four, or five times in a day. It was my self-identity. During the school year, if I wasn’t sloshy on the way home from rehearsal, something was wrong. Even after having sex with multiple people at the rehearsal hall, most nights I would masturbate in my bed. My habit was to put my fingers in me and then lick them to see if I could still taste the semen. It was part of the joy to think of how the guys had pumped their liquid sex into me at rehearsal. Even the thought of how I’d brought them to orgasm made me feel good about myself.”

That got laughs.

“In those years pot, booze, and semen was everywhere. But the truth is, we were all taking insanely stupid risks. And I am very fortunate I did not get HIV. I’m not sure when Karl contracted it, but the doctors say it was sometime in the winter or spring of my last year at home.”

She paused. Bonnie was not prepared for that. Certainly, the girls were not.

Slowly and deliberately, Marcy continued. “When one of his friends was diagnosed with HIV, fall of my senior year, Karl, Aunt Margarete, and I had a talk. AIDS was a death sentence back then. After that, we never had sex again without a condom; though I continued to suck him raw. Karl had finally moved his belongings out of his mother’s home around Christmas. The last time we slept together was in mid-January. Karl broke down in tears when he told me he loved me too much for us to keep having anal sex, even with a condom. He knew I had only started doing it for him, and though by then we were only having sex a time or two a month and it was always in my ass, feeling him inside of me was an important part of my life. He said three more of his friends had been diagnosed with HIV and he was quite afraid. Still, I didn’t push him away. That weekend we slept together on both Friday and Saturday nights. It was the last time we spend a weekend together like that.”

Marcy stopped again.

“I didn’t see him at all until late March. When I did, he told me that he had been diagnosed with HIV.”

Marcy stopped speaking again. Tears were running down her cheeks.

“For close to a year he was in and out of the hospital. Aunt Margarete did not travel with us that summer. I was the director and Dorcus took over company management. As the summer drew to an end, and I was preparing to move to Oberlin, my idyllic life had come crashing down. The reality was much harsher than I’d realized.”

Marcy took a deep breath.

“In November, Becky committed suicide. No one I know had any direct information about what happened or why. She told several people in the days before that she might get expelled from her Christian college for sexual immorality. The following February Karl died of AIDS.”

Tears were streaming down Marcy’s face. Bonnie now saw it; the reason Marcy had never spoken of these things.

In a monotone, Marcy said “Aunt Margarete never recovered from her loss. I don’t think that she was ever fully sober again. According to Dorcus, she was functional most of the time, but she was never the same. When a year later, the Northshore Players project lost its funding to continue past that next summer, it was the last straw for her. Shortly before our last summer tour, she died of an overdose.”

With that Marcy broke down sobbing. Sarah held her mother close as they both cried.

They drove in silence for some time. The hum of the tires on the highway echoed the numb feeling Bonnie had inside her.

Trish again decided it was time to stop for gas and to let the girls stretch their legs and for Marcy to get a break. Bonnie and Trish made sure the stop lasted a good twenty minutes.

The van was only back on the road for three minutes before Marcy announced she was going to finish her story. She assured everyone it was more just an epilogue to tie the girl she had been to the woman who married Mike Marshal than a new tale.

“Oberlin College was a different world for me. It was full of like-minded people who were committed to making the world a better place. Up until then, I had been quite contented in shaping the world around me, primarily through the Northshore Players. Karl’s AIDS diagnosis in April had been a sobering comeuppance for me. It was time for me to start growing up. But when I went to Oberlin, I was in a world of other young people who had eyes on the larger world and its injustices. I’d never given a moment’s thought to South Africa or the ozone layer. Initially, I was intimidated by their vision of impacting the larger world. That lasted all of let’s say two weeks.”

The girls laughed.

“Really. It only took about two weeks to see my new peers were overwhelmingly spoiled rich kids who were every bit as smug as the worst of my mother’s social group. The only difference was they acted like martyrs if anyone pointed out how silly they were acting. In my four years of integration with Aunt Margarete and her community, I had come to understand much of what I’d initially missed about the people who struggled to put food on the table and to keep safe in dangerous streets. I’d also held a position of real adult leadership and come to understand that difficult problems are not solved by simplistic slogans. Even more disappointing was that my mission of promoting free love as one of the answers to making a better world was unwelcome by a certain faction at Oberlin. It baffled me that some of those who claimed to seek feminine empowerment sought to put me into a sexual straight jacket. Fortunately, those few who spouted Andrea Dworkin’s nonsense that all heterosexual sex was rape were in the political science and feminist studies departments, far from those of us involved with theater. I had a few run-ins with such people, but I am not prone to intimidation. I proudly brought the name Slosh with me, though I’d long since dropped the fairy part. When people would ask about the name, it gave me an opening to see if they were at least open to my view of human sexuality.”

“However, what really knocked me down that first semester was Becky’s suicide. It came as a terrible shock that she had been struggling. Through a friend, I was informed that I would not be welcomed or wanted by her family at her funeral. That was hard. I was fortunate that Oberlin was ahead of its time for providing mental health services for students. I’d never been to a counselor before. I was surprised at the help I received. As I began to reassess my role in Becky’s life, my feelings of guilt grew exponentially. Spiritual answers to such problems were simply not something I understood. I continued to see my counselor until I graduated. When Karl passed, I already had a support group.”

“With the help of my nickname as a litmus test to see who would accept me as me, I had begun to develop new relationships on campus. While the double blow of losing first Becky and then Karl was devastating, by late spring I’d found my footing. From the first week, I was welcomed with open arms by the Oberlin fine arts community. My professional resume from the Northshore Players gave me entry into the theater department; though from the very first day, I took acting as a sideline with my main focus on production, direction, and writing. Starting the spring semester, my references from the Art Institute of Chicago got me a regular gig as a figure model for Oberland’s art department.”

“I should note though that in college I had much less sex than I had in high school. In fact, over my four years at Oberlin, I had about the same number of sexual encounters each week as I did every day in my first two years with the Northshore Players. It was not that I’d become a prude. All the way through college I kept the same default answer of ‘yes’ to friends who asked to have sex with me. It was just I had more things on my plate. Though I guess I should also note that while I had about the same number of encounters as many of my peers, perhaps two or three each week; I had far more partners. You see, after the pain of losing both Karl and Becky I was not interested in another relationship. I also decided I did not want to take the path my mother had taken and abandon the free-love life for domesticity when I was young. As a result, in my four years at Oberlin, I never had a boyfriend. I had several loves, but I never let myself fall into an exclusionary relationship. Because of that, I had sex with many times as many people as anyone in my peer group.”

Marcy laughed as if dredging up a memory. “It’s funny. I became sort of the threesome queen of the theater department. In the 80’s, lesbian chic had not taken hold, so among my social group, nearly all the girls were heterosexual while a good half of the guys were either mostly or totally gay. In an effort to try to embrace the traditional Bohemian life of theater majors while pursuing traditional relationships, a great many of my peers experimented with threesomes. And who better to invite than a young woman who was known to say yes to her friends who asked her to have sex, AND, was no threat to their relationship? As such, I ended up having sex with nearly all of my self-proclaimed heterosexual female friends, in the course of joining them and their boyfriends for a ménage à trois. Most of the girls I had sex with that way had never had Sapphic sex before. So, Slosh simply picked up another specialty.”

There was a detour as the girls had a number of questions, but finally, Marcy was able to bring the discussion back to try to wrap up her narrative. “After I graduated from Oberlin, I decided to follow in my mother’s footsteps and go to New York City. By then I knew I wasn’t destined to be onstage. Instead, I got production work on a couple of shows. I got some decent experience and it certainly looked good on my resume, but New York wasn’t for me. I started looking for something else less than a year later. A theater in Atlanta was looking for a director of educational outreach. My provisional teaching certificate was still valid, so I took the job. It was not full-time, so I took a half-time teaching position in a county just north of the city. I taught high school drama at an underserved rural school in the mountains. In effect, it is what I do at Jeff Davis. That allowed me to get my Georgia teaching certificate. For three years I became very mainstream. However, as much as it sounds like I had become someone different; I hadn’t, well I hadn’t yet. I was still me and I wasn’t yet ready to give up on my dreams. I felt stifled by the children’s theater management and the long drive to Dawsonville wore me down. Then I got a break. As you girls will find out, in the real world, the relationships you make when you are young, can give you opportunities later. In my case, one of the alums from the Northshore Players had been recruited to join the Second City troop at the height of their fame.”

Bonnie and the girls gave Marcy a look that made it clear they didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Second City Theater is a world-famous comedy club and troop. Perhaps some of the people who got their start at Second City will give you a hint of their influence: Harold Ramis, John Belushi, Bill Murry, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, John Candy, Mike Myers, Shelly Long, Chris Farley, and a whole host of lesser-known, but successful actors.”

Different lights came on different faces as she recited the list.

“I got a call from Stephen Coast, who had been part of the Northshore Players my junior and senior year of high school. He had seen me write and put on both of my one-acts, do my Shakespeare striptease repeatedly, and had been under my direction. He’d also seen me take over the troop and hold it together when Aunt Margarete could not. He had gotten word that a dinner theater in Atlanta was looking for someone to write and produce an adult-only burlesque-type show to take advantage of the upcoming Atlanta Olympic Games. The difficulty was for legal reasons, the show had to have enough literary merit to call it a legitimate theater. He’d heard I was in Atlanta and wondered if I might be interested. He warned me that whoever took the project needed to know that it was not well-financed, so if it wasn’t successful enough to make it before the games started that I would find myself unemployed, and possibly with a bad reputation in Atlanta. Of course, I was interested.”

“Three months later my production opened at The Blue Globe Dinner Theater. I used the same formula and format we had used for the Northshore Review. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays we did formal dinner theater. The format of dinner theater with two sittings, two-hours apart each night was perfect for my one-act plays. We only needed a little filler of short pieces between scenes to round out the program. We changed plays every two months. We started with the two plays I’d already written and I did two more based on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and Taming of the Shrew. For both, I condensed the play to fit the ninety-minute format and sexed it up. For Taming of the Shrew, I changed the Title to Taming of the Cad and changed the namesake protagonist from a bitchy-controlling woman to a man who bedded every woman in sight. In both, I had about half of Shakespeare’s original lines and half my own work. All four plays went over very well and we got very good write-ups in the local press.”

“On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays we did the review format. The theater part of the club was closed on Monday nights, so that became my day off. Since it was a dinner theater, the main show was an hour and a half long with another half-an-hour filled with the Emcee. Like what I’d done in Chicago, the review shows mostly consisted of sketch comedy and stand-ups. What was new was that we had a musical piece and two openly burlesque acts in each show. In Chicago, my Shakespeare Striptease was the only thing like burlesque in our shows; in Atlanta, every show had two acts that ended in full frontal nudity. The first year we mounted an entirely new show every week so as to bring in a regular clientele, but about a year and a half out we had every show reserved in advance and a waiting list, we moved to a new show every other week.”

“Since at first money was tight, I filled many roles. Initially, I was the emcee every night and I did my Shakespeare striptease as part of the show for the opening week and then whenever we needed a fill-in. What is funny, is that at twenty-eight, my Shakespeare accidental striptease bit came across as far cleverer and was even better received than it had been when I was eighteen. But, I was mostly the producer and director because at the Blue Globe, I had a full-time professional company to work with. That made a huge difference. I made it clear to everyone who auditioned that I was building what was essentially a repertory theater company, even though it was adult in nature. I let everyone know, men and women, that they should assume that full-frontal nudity would be required as a normal part of the job; not every week, but certainly most months they’d appear in the nude in a show. That was not a problem since, in a city like Atlanta, many of the strippers in the upscale clubs, male and female, were aspiring actors and they jumped at the chance to do acting and the nudity was not a problem. It also helped when at the open auditions I let everyone know that I, the director and production manager, would also be doing a nude act. I made sure before they auditioned that I wasn’t just looking for drop-dead gorgeous people since most of the nudity would be in the context of the plays and/or our comedy sketches. Just like the one-act plays, we started with a number of sketches that I’d written in high school and college. I didn’t say so, but I only hired guys who had penises that were noticeably on the large size when flaccid. And no it wasn’t because I planned to have them all inside of me, it was for aesthetics.”

That got laughs and comments.

Marcy went on without responding. “The show did significantly better than the theater owners had expected or even hoped. By the time the Olympic Games opened, we were in full swing. For the three weeks of the games, we operated seven days a week with an additional matinee every day. We sold out all sixty-four shows and had gained enough credibility that we continued to sell out nearly every show for the entire four years I was with the theater. With the money coming in, I moved off the stage…mostly. We started with five men and five women but were able to move to seven by the time the games opened which gave more variety and made for less grueling nights. Though I started as Emcee every night, a few months I was only doing it a few nights a week. By the start of the second year, I was Emcee only on Tuesday nights. Tuesday’s became Slosh Hidelman’s night. As the emcee, I opened the show with a monologue and did short pieces between acts. I’d been christened Sloshy when I was fourteen and I’d used that name off and on ever since, yet it was only when I took over the Blue Globe did Slosh really come into her own. Within a few months, my stick developed into a routine that I used until the very last week I was at the theater, two weeks before I got married. My emcee act was… was,” Marcy paused “Well, it was very funny and all about my crazy sex life.”

Again, the girls’ laughter interrupted the story.

“Told in the right way, a lot of the free-love life can be very, very funny. For instance, if I were doing my act now, I would tell the story of the day Zac’s grandmother came over in a way that would have people rolling on the floor.”

The girls seemed to think about it and Haley said “Yea, I could see that as really funny. From you coming home to find Sarah fucking him while at the kitchen table then suddenly everyone was running around trying to clean up the place while Sarah was bent over the table taking it hard and loud from Zac.”

Sarah agreed “And Bailey too. Yea, I could see it could be told in a way that would be hilarious. It actually was pretty crazy now that I think about it.”

Marcy nodded. “Exactly like that. For the first year or so that I did my emcee monologues, I relied on old stories from my sex life, though I changed them to indicate I was in college not high school. But, over time I began to shift to stories about sex I’d had since the prior Tuesday night show. You see my sex life in those sixteen years from my first time when I was fourteen till I got married at thirty-one was like on a “U” curve. I had an amazing amount of sex right out of the box, then it tapered off for over a decade then suddenly I was doing it all the time again for four more years before I got married and the free-love life ended. Though I had no way of knowing it at the time, that very first summer after I had sex for the first time, I did it more often than I would ever do it again. During that summer tour, fucking three different guys in a day was pretty much the norm, with a good many nights I’d go to sleep having had six or seven separate sexual encounters. But over the next four years, the frequency slowly declined. Or more accurately, for the next two years it slowly declined, then sharply declined in my last two years of high school, then declined again when I went to college and again after I graduated. By the time I was teaching, I was having less sex in a whole month than I’d had pretty much every day that first summer. But when I took the job at The Blue Globe, I was again Slosh Hidelman and only Slosh Hidelman. For those final four years of free-love, I returned to the habits from high school. I became Slosh full-time and even resurrected my signature outfit of mini-skirt & boots sans bra or panties. Though rather than a tube top, I wore a business jacket over a see-through shirt. It was both sexy and professional at the same time. It was what I wore to work almost every day. The suit coat allowed me to cover up as needed, and show off when I wanted. Almost immediately after taking the job, I jumped back to having sex every day, with a variety of people. It took perhaps a year, but I eventually had a whole stable of playmates, most of whom I did it with right at work. Because I worked ten or eleven hours a day six days a week, I felt entitled to an hour a day for sex while at the club.”

Sarah asked “You had sex in your office? Like with who?”

Marcy laughed “Oh… let’s see. From the very start I was doing the two sons of the principal owner. One of them was divorced but the other was married, though his wife had more of the hots for me than he did. They had three kids and they weren’t swingers or anything. I think I was the only person they did it with. About once a week she’d come by the club in the early afternoon on her way to pick their kids up from their fancy private school. I’d get a buzz to go to her husband’s office and very often she’d be half-naked by the time I got there.”

The girls and Bonnie laughed.

“Then there was the bar manager. You see, I normally arrived at the club about 1:00 in the afternoon, so most of the staff wasn’t there yet. I have no idea how many times I just went back behind the bar and bent over and flipped up my skirt for him to do me before I started work for the day. The club staff would walk right by me while I was bent over the bar taking his cock. I was Slosh Hidelman and that was what I did. It is what they expected of me.”

More laughter.

“I also did the bartenders. There was one guy, his name was Dembe and he was from Uganda. He was really nice and for my last year or so, a couple of times a week, I’d ask him to come out from behind the bar and sit on one of the stools and he’d lay it to me with his boa-sized penis just before a show.” She looked at Sarah “You thought I looked split open by Holly’s husband, Elijah, well I don’t know how many people asked me how I got Dembe into me like that. Sometimes, watching it go in, I wondered where it all went. Actually, I totally knew where it was…I could feel it totally filling me up.”

Bailey quietly said “Oh wow.”

“He had huge hands and he’d reach up under my mini-skirt to grip my hips to more or less move me on his erection rather than thrusting. I’d just hang on to the barstool seat to keep from falling. He was just so strong and after we’d done it a few times, he knew exactly how I liked it done.” Marcy used her hands to show how the man would guide her to his crotch. “He stretched me so incredibly tight and by guiding my hips as he did, it put the perfect pressure right on my g-spot. Within minutes of him filling me, I’d be climaxing every time. The staff was rushing around us to get ready to open the front doors and pretending not to notice, but I knew full well everyone was watching. Who was going to complain? Of course, nobody stopped me, I was who I was and everyone made money from my show. I made quite a racket as he brought me off twice in under ten minutes every time. Though I was tempted to have him do me like that every night he worked, I had to limit myself to once or twice a week.”

That got some faces, laughs, and comments from the girls.

“Often I could feel his goo on the insides of my thighs as I started my monologue. You can say Dembe had a knack for putting me into the right frame of mind to get up in front of several hundred strangers and tell explicit stories about the guys I’d fucked over the prior week.”

The girls… and Bonnie… and Trish all laughed.

Oh, but I had learned. Except for people, I knew well, like Dembe, and a few club regulars I normally used condoms. The bar manager insisted on them if I was doing him or anyone else in his bar area….for hygienic reasons of course. That was why I did Dembe in a barstool in front of the bar, not behind it.”

Again, laughs filled the van.

“And I’d also learned my lesson about leadership and I never did it with the people who worked for me.” She paused and corrected “Rather I should say I never initiated sex with any of the men or women who worked in the theater’s productions. Who was I to say no if one of my actors begged to fuck me or one of the girls in the show wanted to make it with me on my office sofa? But I never seduced them.”

More laughs. Bonnie could see how Marcy could have been very funny on stage telling these stories.

“Now, I won’t deny seducing vendors and some of my VIP regulars who came to the club. Because I did, shamelessly. At any given time I had an ongoing thing with perhaps half a dozen of our regular patrons. Mostly men, but not all. Sometimes we’d have sex in my office after a show, but for those with whom I had a real affair, I’d meet them at nearby hotels after the show or on Mondays which was my day off. One of the few things I do regret is how many married men I led to cheat on their wives. Though to be fair, I also seduced women to cheat on their husbands too….”

More laughs.

“And I had an ongoing thing with the hot Latina pastry chef where she was cheating on her girlfriend. For well over a year we more or less had a standing thing for sex at 2:00 every Tuesday afternoon in my office. The first time someone walked in on us she sort of freaked out, but after that everyone knew what she and I were doing on Tuesdays. If someone came in to ask me something and we were naked on my couch, it was like ‘Oh well’ and she’d keep going. And then there were the vendors. You see the dinner theater had a dozen or more regular vendors who came weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Very few of those who serviced the restaurant didn’t service me on occasion.” Marcy made a face like she was climaxing.

“Yes.” Bonnie thought, she could see Marcy doing a comedy routine from all this.

“Most were not particularly hot, and most were just normal married guys who simply had no way of resisting me when I came on to them. Like I said, it’s one of the few things I now wish I’d not done. At the time I met Mike, I had four different vendors with whom I’d been doing it regularly for over a year. One was weekly, but the rest were every few weeks. I even kept their scheduled times on my calendar. I tried to give each visitor half an hour in my office when they came to the Blue Globe.”

Bonnie just shook her head.

“I guess I should also note that before a year had passed I had the money to buy a nice home north of Marietta. It was a 70’s vintage four-bedroom ranch on a three-acer plot of land. Right off I had a pool put in and it was rather popular with my work friends. Like at Bonnie’s home, swimsuits were always optional… and I opted never to wear one. From the very first I had a young couple, the club’s receptionist and her fiancé, later her husband, as boarders. On and off the entire three years I owned that place I had single guys or girls staying in the other two bedrooms. And yes, before you ask, they all ended up in my bed within a week. But I didn’t have to seduce them, anyone who came to stay at Slosh Hidelman’s knew full well that one of the perks of boarding with her was the sex. Not just with me, but with pretty much anyone who stayed or even visited. All that to say, by the time I met Mike Marshal, I was having more sex with more different people than I had since those first two years after I’d joined the Northshore Players, over a decade before. I was truly Sloshy again. Most days I’d had sex before I went to work, more often than not I had sex with two people during the day, and then often I had sex with one of our regulars in my office during the show or at a local hotel afterward. It was both my public image and my self-identity to live out the sloshy lifestyle. I would say perhaps half of the guys who fucked me used a condom, so I had multiple men’s semen in me most of the time when I made it back home each night. Then on Tuesday nights, at each of the two nightly shows, I’d tell funny stories of sex I’d had over the past week. Sometimes I’d tell about sex I’d had shortly before going on stage and put my hand under my skirt as if I was getting the last taste of the guy who’d done me. My routine was pretty raunchy, but because of that I had a loyal following and I was having a great time.”

“However, my life changed the night Dean Toombs brought the newest partner in his law firm to see me. I’d been having an affair with Dean for about nine months, and while we’d had fun, we both knew it had run its course. The man he brought to meet me was a handsome young lawyer named Mike Marshal.”

“Dad!” Sarah exclaimed. “So you were running a strip club when you met Dad?”

Marcy shook her head. “Not a strip club, it was an upscale dinner theater that just happened to have nudity in every show.”

Bonnie had a different question. “Was that the same Dean Toombs you sent Cooper and me to see after my nude beach photos came out?”

Marcy again nodded “The same. You see his firm was the club’s primary defense against the forces of self-righteousness that didn’t like what we did at the Blue Globe.”

“And Mike referred him to us knowing you had an affair with him?”

“Of course. Dean had told Mike all about me and how great I was in bed before he brought him to my show. He was more or less passing me off to a younger colleague who he thought needed a little more experience in real life. Back then Dean thought of me as a courtesan and didn’t see anything wrong with passing me off to his new associate. I knew what he thought of me, as did most of the wealthy men with whom I had similar relationships. I was neither a mistress nor whore, but still, they did not see me as their equal, no matter how successful I was. When seven months later Mike announced that he and I were going to get married, Dean was appalled. His refusal to see me as a peer was one of the factors that led Mike to move back to Sparta and open his own practice.”

Bonnie was not surprised that Caitlin took offense to Dean’s view of Marcy…or rather Slosh. Bonnie was surprised that the teenager seemed to have a quite sophisticated understanding of what it meant to be a courtesan. “But even if you were a courtesan,” Caitlin said, “respectable men married courtesans all the time. After all, they were the most educated and literate women of their time.”

Marcy smiled. “I appreciate your defense. But 1990’s Atlanta was not Renaissance Venice, and to be fair to Dean, by the time the wedding came around he was fully supportive. He gave us a cabin outside of Helen as a wedding present.”

Sarah exclaimed, “You mean our mountain cabin was given to you by a former lover!”

Marcy just smiled and nodded, then added “It was both a wedding present and a going away gift. After all, your father had been a partner in his firm and had made him quiet a bit of money.” Then to the others, she said “The guests at our wedding had no way of knowing that many of the wealthy and important men were there to see Slosh Hidelman off, not Mike Marshal. I received some very, VERY expensive wedding presents from CEOs, judges, and Atlanta’s movers and shakers.”

The girls laughed and asked what kind of things her former lovers had given as wedding presents. It took fifteen minutes to get back on track, though she told them of one man who gave her the pink slip to the Mercedes 380SL she had been driving for the prior year. Then Marcy said, “I guess I should wrap up with the night that Dean first brought Mike to the Blue Globe.” She looked to Sarah “It was no accident that he brought your father on a Tuesday night; however, no one could have predicted that one of my performers would be out sick that night, so I had filled in with my Shakespeare routine. Before I said my first words to your dad, he’d heard me tell funny stories about a pair of sexual encounters I’d had that past week, and seen me nude on stage.”

While Sarah began laughing, Bonnie was dumbfounded. She simply had no idea. Not even a hint of a clue about any of this. It was one thing to hide what she’d done as a teenager, but Marcy had simply erased everything in her life prior to moving to Sparta.

Marcy must have seen her response. “As I said, few people knew my name was Marcy. The demarcation between Slosh Hidelman and Marcy Marshal was complete. It was less than a year from the night we met until we were married. My mother had shown me how to end one life and begin another, and I followed her path with only some slight variations. It only took six months until we both knew we’d found the person we’d been looking for, though it took almost two months of planning before we made it public. I once again started taking substitute jobs for the public schools in the area, making sure to completely obscure my real profession. Since this was before the internet era and I’d only gone by Slosh since the day of my first meeting with the owners of the Blue Globe, I was able to restart my other life with ease. Once we made our engagement public, I began looking for someone to train as my replacement. I also started substitute teaching one day a week or so. That meant I was commuting an hour to someplace far from the club, but somehow, I knew it was time. To Mike’s friends & colleagues, other than Dean, I was only Marcy Hidelman, a rather dull public school teacher. To that stuffy circle of high-priced lawyers, that was sufficiently boring as to not generate any questions or even interest.”

She looked at Bonnie. “Dean was almost the only person in Mike’s social circle who knew better. In addition to a good many trysts in the hotel near the club, I’d taken several ‘business trips’ with Dean. As an entertainment lawyer, going to Vegas didn’t seem unusual to his colleagues or his wife. Though to be honest, Dean found screwing Slosh was way more fun than losing money in the casino.”

That got several laughs.

“And I guess Mike knew about all that?” Bonnie asked.

“Oh, of course, he did” Marcy answered.

“Twice while with Mike at social events I ran into men who seemed to think they recognized me but couldn’t place my face. Then at a stuffy party, a very influential judge with whom I’d spent three days at a nude beach knew exactly who I was. I’d gone with him and his mistress to Jamaica a couple of years back. It had been my first time at a nude beach.”

Her narrative was interrupted by Sarah who insisted her mother had said that she’d never been to a nude beach before. Marcy calmly explained she’d said no such thing, though she’d not said she had been to one before either. Bonnie had to tell the girl to let her mother continue.

“The judge had initially acted as if he had never met me until he caught me alone when he quietly congratulated Slosh and said he hoped Mike was up to what I would put him through on our honeymoon. We both laughed, but after that quick exchange, it was back to pretending he’d never met me.”

To the girls, Marcy said “I did not change my lifestyle when I started dating Mike. In fact, I didn’t change my lifestyle even after I agreed to marry him, nor did he ever tell me I must do so. I continued to have sex with my male and female friends every day right up until the night before I got married. I screwed the strippers at my bachelorette party right in front of everyone. Fortunately, Mike’s sister was too drunk to remember, or at least she never mentioned seeing me do it."

Bonnie noted that Marcy had omitted a lot of the details of that story she’d told them before, but she understood why.

" Then the next night, after the rehearsal dinner, the night before the wedding, my old friend Kathern, who was my maid of honor and had organized the bachelorette party, decided to make my last night as a single woman memorable indeed, which was funny because she was already married, a mother of two, and a very respected woman in Boston by then. She and two of the very pretty young girls from the show who, as of that week no longer worked for me, dragged me to a bar where we let ourselves get picked up by a group of six hot young guys. Of course, my friends had arranged that in advance, so it only appeared to be happenstance. We went to a hotel, that just happened to have a very large room reserved under Kathern’s name where we fucked all six of them till they couldn’t go anymore. After we’d worn them out, Kathern took me home. She and my parents were staying with me for the week helping me pack. Mom and Dad were asleep when we got there. Or at least I thought they both were. Sometime during the hour or so that Kathern and I made sweet and tender love for the final time, I saw the door open and my mother looked in. She didn’t say anything nor did she interrupt us. It is the first and only time she’s ever seen me have sex. She just kept her face in the door for some time. I think she was crying. I think it was for my joy and for her loss. Margarete had been gone for seven years by then and I know she missed her terribly.”

Marcy stopped. Clearly, she was working to keep her composure. “I don’t know how long she watched, but I do know that Katherine and I had been making out hard and heavy for a while. I’d first seen Mom looking in before we started into an active round of kissing. Our make-out session ended as Kathern slid down to put her face in my crotch again. I looked over to the door and Mom’s face was still there, with a smile of happiness and sadness. Before she closed the door she mouthed ‘I love you’ to me.” With that Marcy lost her effort to hold back the tears.

She and Sara cried and told one another how much they loved the other. Sara said the obvious “It was just like us that first night when I did it with Misty and you were in your fivesome. We looked at each other and something passed between us.”

Marcy nodded and pulled her daughter closer. “Yes. Except there were so many other things going on at the same time. But, in my mother’s case, after all those years pretending she didn’t know, for her to open my door and stay to watch me and Kathern make love was a huge leap for her. I think perhaps she was getting a stark reminder of how much she’d actually paid to give me the life I had. That is why she was both happy for me and very sad at the same time. That night was the last time I had sex with anyone other than Mike Marshal until Gerta joined us in bed last fall.”

Again, Marcy took a moment to regroup. She sat up and Sarah let go of her. She looked around to the girls. “I want you to know that I married Mike Marshal because he knew exactly who I was and still wanted to spend his life with me. During those four years I ran the show at the Blue Globe I was having more sex with more people than at any time since I finished high school. On one hand, it was different because I was a grown woman and had a position and stature; but on the other, it was the same joy of feeling a steady stream of men’s cocks in me. One big difference was that rather than acting as the one giving sex to please others as I had as a teenager, most of the time I had sex I was the one being served. It was an odd juxtaposition in that with the men with whom I had sex I made sure they knew I was totally in charge and they were serving my wants; yet at the same time, I knew my reputation hinged on making every man with whom I had sex, especially those one-off encounters, so memorable that the man would feel I’d given him a great gift by letting him fuck me. The one thing, more than any other, that I did to cement my reputation was that I found ways to give most men a second orgasm, even those who’d never cum twice in their life. It was actually a series of tricks, including giving both post-orgasm blow jobs and using my PC muscles to knead a semi-hard cock back to full staff. I fucked a lot of men and virtually all of them dreamt of the day I’d deign to give them a second experience.”

Bailey just said, “You are amazing.”

Haley asked, “Can you teach me how you got average guys to cum twice?”

Marcy smiled “Perhaps once you guys are all eighteen, I’ll do a seminar.”

Bonnie laughed though she wasn’t sure if Marcy was serious or not.

“There was a joke about how if my office door was closed, I was likely sitting on my desk with my legs spread as a vendor or staff member was boning me. And the assumption was not unfounded. If someone knocked on my door, I invited them to come in no matter what or who I was doing. And me being me, I didn’t stop screwing to answer the question. The simple truth is I liked sex for fun with all my friends when I was thirty years old just as much as I had when I was fifteen.”

She took a breath and then said “And yes, Mike often got sloppy seconds and he knew it. The other day I told Bonnie how dozens of times my bed was still wet from me doing other people when Mike would come by. Yes, it was an adjustment for him. He was at heart a country boy with the idea that men effectively owned ‘their woman’; but within just a few months he admitted to me that he thought we had our best sex after I’d been, as he said, warmed up by one of my friends. Since he chose to date the notorious Slosh Hidelman, he was never surprised if my mouth or pussy tasted like cum.” She looked over to Sarah, “And your father was never intimidated or felt demeaned that some of the men who worked or lived with me fucked me far more often than he did, even after we were making our wedding plans.”

Haley asked, “So did he like to join you with your lovers?”

“No. When Gerta and Rolf joined us in our bed, it was the first time he had ever actually participated with me while I had sex with someone else. Though twice he inadvertently walked in on me to find me fucking another guy. But I’ve told enough stories for today.”

Sarah wasn’t having any of that. “Oh no. You have to tell us about both times.”

Marcy looked at Bonnie and then the other girls. It was obvious that everyone wanted to hear. “OK, but I really am going to wrap this up.” She took a breath then said “I guess I have to give a little more background so this first story will make sense. I told you that he knew all about me and Dean Toombs. On our first official date when we went out to eat and all, we actually talked about it. He’d come to see me at the Blue Globe twice since that first night but we hadn’t had sex yet. Though Dean had told Mike about his relationship with me, his view was quite different from mine about our relative status. To Dean, I was at best a courtesan and at worse a high-priced prostitute. To him, I was a perk of his wealth and power and something of a possession that he’d given away to his new associate. And, he rather overstated his sexual prowess.”

It took a second for the girls to get that last part and laugh.

“Mike didn’t seem at all bothered to hear me talk about fucking his boss. And I was initially quite explicit as I presented my relationship with Dean in quite different terms than he’d been told. To me, like all the wealthy VIP club members with whom I had sex, Dean Toombs had been granted my favors. He had not bought me. There was no quid-pro-quo. I had sex with him because I found him fun and enjoyable. Though, I was not in the least surprised how the relationship had been described to Mike. We both found it interesting that there was one thing Dean had not told Mike. He had not been told that on the night we’d been introduced, I’d sucked off Dean just before I went out of the theater to see Mike off. He, Dean, had come back to the office area to ask what I thought of Mike. I’d let him know that I really liked him and felt a spark for sure. Dean and I ended our relationship right then, but it was quite cordial. So cordial, that I went to my knees and sucked him off right in the office hallway. As soon as I’d swallowed down the semen, I went out to see Mike off, so when we kissed in the parking lot by his car after the show, our very first kiss was flavored by ejaculate. Mike was not put out by anything I told him that day. In fact, he told me that he was drawn to women who were strong and self-assured. No matter what else he knew about me at that point, or would find out, he was certain that I was both of those things. That was indicative of our dating life to come. The reason I opened the story with that bit of info was so you’d understand that from the first, Mike knew I was doing other men and, on that date, I made it clear I had no intention of stopping, even though we knew already there was a special chemistry between us. And yes, that night after dinner and a movie we went to his place and had sex for the first time.”

“Understand since I worked six nights a week and he worked days, it was hard for us to go out the way other couples did. During the next eight months, we went out almost every Monday night, which was my only night off, and he began coming to one of the review shows each week. He asked if I minded if he came to the Tuesday shows since it was more or less my night as the star. He asked because, as I said, the main theme of my opening monologue was my very active & varied sex life. I assured him I didn’t mind at all. We also like doing Sunday Brunch before I went to the club and if he happened to be up in Marietta in the early afternoon, he’d stop by to see me.”

“That is how he came to see me having sex with another man for the first time. One of my regulars, a very nice, and very married, vendor for a liquor distributor, Ben Baker, was in my office. I was on the desk enjoying his ministrations when I heard a knock on my door. I didn’t hesitate to say to come on in even as I was taking Ben’s cock. Since people came in to see me all the time while I was having sex, I didn’t even look to see who’d opened the door for a good minute or so.”

“I assumed it was one of my players, Malanda, who had found a reason to come in to see me the last two times I’d been with Ben. I was pretty sure she had a thing for him and was working up the nerve to ask to join us. The next time he came back, two weeks after Mike walked in on us, she indeed found a reason to come see me. By the way she watched him, I knew what she wanted. After she made some inane talk, I asked if she wanted to join us. Her clothes were off in a flash. After that, they began an affair that was still going on when I moved to Sparta. He continued to come to my office every other week for our time together even as their relationship blossomed. Malanda didn’t mind at all that her boyfriend fucked the boss every other Friday. That was just how life was for me in those years.”

Marcy seemed to remember what story she was telling and came back “Oh, sorry. Back to the time Mike walked in on me and Ben. Though I was mildly surprised to see Mike standing in the doorway, his jaw was slack as he watched Ben grinding into me. I knew the day would eventually come when he’d walk in on me, but I was glad it had finally happened. I had to know if he really was OK with me having sex with other men. Even after we’d been dating just a few months, I knew that as often as not when Mike and I had sex he was not the first man inside of me that day…and I was pretty sure he knew it too. Even on Mondays when I didn’t go to work, usually I would have already been well fucked by one of my friends or tenants before he came to pick me up after he got off work. And every time we had sex after the show, I’d had sex with one or more people at work before him. I knew that, and I knew we’d talked about it, but seeing me enjoying taking Ben’s dick was not the same as just hearing about it.”

Bonnie agreed, “No it’s not the same at all. Cooper never actually saw me doing other guys when we were dating. And while he knew I did, we rarely talked about it… the time I gave him a cum kiss after blowing his friends at a picnic was the exception.”

Marcy replied, “For Mike and I it was a common conversation. For me having sex was an important part of my life and my job, so it seemed natural to share it with him. Perhaps it was because I’d been passed off to him as a sex toy, or perhaps the fact he listened to my monologue most Tuesdays, but most likely it is that I just talked about my sex life the way most guys talk about sports. I simply didn’t have any sense what I’d done with other people was something I shouldn’t tell him about. I knew initially it made Mike uncomfortable, but if he really was determined to date Slosh Hidelman, then that was just part of it. After a few months though, he lost all squeamishness and would even ask questions when my stories were not clear. He was my boyfriend and that was that.”

Bonnie nodded. Then she noticed the girls nodded too.

“I wasn’t pretending to be casual when, as Ben stroked into me, I told Mike ‘Hi’ and asked what brought him by my office. For me, it really was a casual moment, though I knew for him it was not. He told me that he’d just seen a client nearby and wanted to know if I wanted to do an early dinner. I asked if he minded waiting a few minutes. He started to leave and I let him know I wanted him to wait in my office with me. Unstated was that I wanted him to watch me have sex. He just shut the door and leaned against the wall. Now, while I wanted Mike to watch us screw, soon I could tell Ben was getting distracted. So, I just slid off the desk and took him into my mouth. Though I made it seem I was just getting comfortable, I turned Ben so Mike had a clear view of my lips wrapped around the erection as I sucked Ben off. I’d been giving head long enough to know how to make a guy come quickly and soon I heard Ben’s rather demonstrative grunts and groans and knew the semen would be filling my mouth. Once he was spent, I stood up and thanked him with a quick kiss. I could tell he was confused, so I turned to pick up my Day-Timer and confirmed we were on for two Fridays from then at 2:30. Still confused I gave him another, longer, kiss and walked him to the door stating that I needed to fuck my boyfriend.”

“As soon as he was gone, without a word I grabbed Mike by the belt and pulled him over to where Ben had been standing. I undid his pants and pulled out his penis, which unsurprisingly was hard as a rock. I scooted back onto my desk and guided him into me. Only when he was fully inserted did I ask ‘So?’. He looked at me for a moment then said ‘I don’t love Slosh Hidelman in spite of who she is but because of it.’ Then he pulled my mouth to his and we kissed deep and long as he took his turn fucking me.” She looked to Sarah “It was the first time your father said he loved me. When we broke the kiss, he reminded me of how he’d told me how he was drawn to strong self-directed women then said ‘I could spend my life with a woman like you.’ It was the first hint from him that he’d begun thinking of marriage. He didn’t actually ask me to marry him for half a year, but from then on that was the direction. I’d been in love several times over the years and had more than a dozen love affairs, but I’d never met a man with whom I would be willing to give up my life as my mother had done, but by the time he asked me I knew I’d met that man. Not that he asked me to give up my career and lifestyle, but for me there had never been any question. When I found a man for whom I would do that, I would marry him. And I did.”

Sarah once again hugged and this time kissed her mother. “I am the luckiest girl in the world to have parents like you.” They embraced then she asked, “But Mom, why have you never told me any of this? I mean Dad is so much more amazing than I’d ever dreamed. I’d always thought of him as super dull. Yet he first said he loved you after he’d kissed you while you still had cum from another guy in your mouth. It’s like I’ve never known who my dad really is.”

Marcy looked at her daughter “Would you have been ready to understand before now?”

Sarah seemed to think then shook her head “No. I wouldn’t. And before now I didn’t know who you were ether… or Grams for that matter.”

She hugged Sarah, “Do you still want to hear the other story?”

Several of the others answered “Yes” before Sarah could respond.

“OK, but this is the last story of this trip. I literally have thousands more, but you will have to wait.” Marcy laughed. “Let’s fast forward to two weeks before the wedding. I’d put my house up for sale and even had a pending buyer. My boarders had moved out. Wedding plans were beginning to take over my life and my parents would be coming to town the next Thursday. Since I didn’t much like being alone in the big house, I had asked the club’s security man, Ivan, to come home with me after the Friday night show. He was a big and sweet Russian who had a cock and balls that belonged on a bull, and he loved to fuck. He wasn’t as insanely long as Dembe, but his erection was thicker than my wrist, thicker than Mike’s wrist, and he could do it three or four times a day, every day. Once the prior summer, out by my pool, I’d seen him fuck a string of girls for three solid hours cumming for every one of them.”

Haley said, “I would like to meet him.”

Marcy laughed “Well, he is close to fifty now, so I doubt he is the same stud he was twenty years ago. But back then, when he came he easily had three times the jizz as most guys.” Marcy smiled “He was my last really wonderful playmate and since I knew I was about to end my free-love lifestyle soon, for the last month or so he came home with me a night or two a week. Like I said, I fucked several other guys way more often than I did Mike. Oh, and since he worked at the club, we did it at work as well as at home. He particularly like doing me when he knew I was going to meet Mike later on. He was sort of an old-school machismo and he loved to leave his cum in me when he knew Mike would soon pick me up for a date. At least a dozen times over the prior few months Mike had put his dick in my totally full vagina, or I had walked out to Mike’s car with Ivan’s sloshing in me. So, on the particular Saturday morning that I’m talking about, Mike gave me a call saying that there had been a big wreck on I-285 and he was stopped dead in traffic. Cell phones were still new, so we both thought it was cool he could call me to let me know. He told me to call and move our brunch reservations back an hour. It just so happened, that when Mike called, Ivan had just cum in my vagina and I was coming down from a great orgasm. After I called the restaurant I, assuming I had an hour more with Ivan before Mike got to my place, I crawled over to lick the semen off of Ivan’s big cock. Since he had kept fucking me after he’d pumped more semen in me than my vagina would hold, jizz was all over me, him and the bed. And since he really wasn’t soft, my blow job was mostly just licking up the globs of goo on his shaft and balls because I couldn’t get even the entire head of his cock in my mouth.”

“I guess it was about twenty minutes later, I was on my back with Ivan standing on his knees holding my hips up as he banged hard as only he could. I was writhing and squealing as another orgasm was on its way for sure when as I turned my head, I saw Mike standing in the bedroom doorway. Not upset, but certainly confused looking. For close to nine months, we’d talked freely about me doing other men, but watching me thrash about with a dick the size of a fence post stuck in me was something quite different.”

The girls laughed.

“I had just enough wits to motion for Mike to come over and hold my hand. He took my hand and watched and heard me cum hard. When my first orgasm was done, I told Ivan I wanted one more. So he kept pounding me. Just before I came again, Ivan started bellowing as he pumped his second river of semen into me. He kept pounding me until my second orgasm was spent. I can still remember how as he kept thrusting his big dick into me the sound went from smacking, to sloshing to just a splat as his pelvis impacted his semen. Mike just sat calmly beside me holding my hand as I bucked wildly as jizz was splattering everywhere. I suspect some landed on Mike, but he didn’t say anything. When Ivan pulled his still mostly hard dick out, a string of cum stretched out from me to the tip of his penis. It stretched like close to a foot long before it snapped. Ivan said something in Russian that I didn’t understand, but it was surely telling Mike he’d just finished pummeling his fiancée’s most intimate parts with his huge tool. I just thanked him for his hard work and assured him Mike could take it from there. I was a wet sloppy mess and the bed was too.”

Sarah asked, “What did Dad do?”

Marcy smiled “A less self-confident man would have freaked out or at least felt belittled; but not Mike. He got undressed and made love to me of course. He loved me and I loved him for loving me no matter what. We had a wonderfully tender time in my sloppy wet bed. Semen makes great lube and we slid all over each other, but I was too stretched out to get any friction. There was no way either of us was going to have an orgasm. But even that didn’t seem to bother Mike. And besides, I was exhausted. We snuggled for a while then showered to get Ivan’s goo off us both before we went out to make our brunch reservation. As we ate, we worked on wedding plans.”

Sarah jumped in “My dad is the best. I just didn’t know how great he is.” She hugged her mother “Thanks for telling me that story.”

Marcy hugged her back “I’m glad I can now tell it to you. And girls,’ Marcy added as she turned to add a caveat, “While both Dembe and Ivan were quite large…quite large indeed… and they both gave me eyeball-rolling orgasms with their oversized tools; the truth is for actual love making a more average size penis is better in most cases. I couldn’t put either of those guys in my mouth nor would they have been ideal for sensual lovemaking. While a big beefy guy with a huge erection really is great for just straight-up fucking to produce insane orgasms; but, a huge dick has limitations that aren’t worth the trade-off. For me, slightly larger than average is perfect for a balanced sexual partner over the long haul. Mike Marshal has the perfect all-around penis if you ask me.”

That got smiles from all the girls. Bonnie couldn’t help but say “I’d agree that Mike has a mighty nice cock, I enjoyed it very much. But Cooper’s is the perfect size and shape.”

Marcy shot back, “If only you’d invite me over to try it out.”

Bonnie replied “As soon as we get back from my parent’s place, I’d be happy to arrange a test drive.”

The girls sniggered at the good-natured banter.

Marcy looked to the girls again “Oh, one more thing. Understand it wasn’t that Mike had some fetish about his girl being a slut or that he got off on me doing other guys. It was and is just that he loves me and that was just part of who I was. I know he was warned not to marry a whore like me, but he didn’t listen to those voices. I was never a whore, but I know full well I was seen as one especially since everyone knew I did the club’s owners. Though I will confess, I did a couple of city officials and detectives to keep them off our backs; so maybe I was a little bit of a whore, but not a big one.”

Bonnie couldn’t help laughing with the girls.

“What was important to me was that Mike made it clear that he loved me because I was my own woman, not in spite of it. He has always known I have those tapes of me and other people in the attic, but I think he didn’t want to seem to demean me by asking to see them. I think he now understands I would not be demeaned and have no shame at all if he or anyone else sees them. He has made no pretense that he doesn’t love the photos Sarah has sent him of me fucking Hans, Otto, and Squirrel

That got some laughs and Misty said “I still hope to have a video for you to take home with you tonight. That is if I get some time to work before we get home.”

Marcy said “Don’t knock yourself out. He has waited twenty years to see video of me having sex with other men, he can wait one more day.”

There were more laughs.

Bonnie asked, “So you quit your job and your old life and move to Sparta?”

Marcy nodded. “In the month before we got married, Mike began his move from corporate law, back to his hometown to start his own practice.”

Bonnie was still stunned by all the things Marcy had revealed about her past. But, since she had not moved to Sparta until Marcy had been there for four years, she simply had no reason to look past who Marcy had become.

“Though I did not simply erase my past the way my mother had, I did box it up.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but ask, “What are in those boxes you keep talking about?”

Marcy thought for a moment “Well, it’s been twenty years so I don’t know exactly. Like I said there are photos, and the videos. There is a good bit of memorabilia from the Blue Globe. You know, playbills, I think some promotional tee-shirts and stuff and a copy of the souvenir book we sold during the Olympics. It’s actually really nice: hard bound with eighty pages of full-color photos. It sold for $75. We put on King Arthur and the Round Bed for the four weeks of the games so there are perhaps fifty photos from that. They weren’t taken during an actual performance. We brought on a professional photographer to do photos of the play and of the troop doing a variety of sketches. Each of the girls who did a striptease act has a two-page spread. Though of course we never called their acts striptease. My Shakespeare routine even has a page. Since it was made for international tourists, it is slated strongly toward sex and nudity. Slosh gets a three-page write-up with photos of me in a couple of different outfits I wore for my emcee bit. The bio is well…less than truthful. Oberlin is completely left out and my time with the Northshore Players is listed as my college years. Beyond that I know the boxes have a bunch of my old see-through shirts & miniskirts, and lingerie men had been buying me since I was modeling in high school. There are some erotic nick-nacks and art. I guess I’ll just have to open them up. them to see what all is there.”

Marcy seemed to think, then looked to Sarah, “Before I end, I need to tell you that it was no random event when we brought Gerta into our home last fall. It was a deliberate effort to introduce new things to you. I told Bonnie and Trish this last night, but you see, I knew considerably more about her than I’d let on. I knew you were growing up and your father and I invited Gerta into our home as a way to introduce you to enough new things to open a door to tell you about my life before I met your father. We didn’t have a plan for me to actually become Slosh again, even though that is what has happened. . We just wanted you to have the same choices my mother gave me. Tomorrow, we will get the boxes from the attic. I will also call my mother and ask her to send the box of my stuff she has. You are free to look at the photos, read my diaries, and you may show all of it to the club girls; but as long as I work for the school district, we will have to keep tight control of all of that material. I’m sure I will have to take some, or all, of those tapes to a specialist to have them restored and converted to digital. I have no doubt my diaries will read like porn and most of what is on those tapes is definitely porn, though I really don’t know what exactly is on them. Well, actually one tape has my stand-up routine on it. I’d actually like to see it. And I’m pretty sure there is a segment of me and Ivan doing it by my swimming pool."

With that, Marcy ended her narrative which, with all the stops and side trails had taken over four hours to complete. It was as if Bonnie had just found out that her friend of over a decade was simply a totally different person than she had supposed. She could not help wonder how Sarah was feeling.


t about 7:00, as planned, they had a picnic with the leftover food at the Georgia Welcome Center rest area. Adjacent to the picnic area was the truck parking. A number of drivers were standing around talking in the parking lot. It didn’t take long for the provocatively dressed teenagers (by Georgia standards) to get the attention of the truckers. The girls didn’t help much when Haley pulled out the Frisbee while the mothers got out the food. Bonnie found it hard to blame the truck drivers, especially when Bailey’s breasts came out of the arm holes of her shirt the very first time she ran and reached for the flying disk. Marcy had anticipated this and had pulled her little camera from her bag. Fortunately, the truckers never actually approached their group, though some of the comments were rather explicit.

Before they were done, Misty had pulled her camera from the van. The place they had been for half an hour to picnic and stretch their legs was largely shielded from the main Welcome Center and the car parking area by a low rise and pine trees. She wanted a final round of fashion type glamour photos. She had each of the other girls and moms pose for her briefly and the slope allowed Misty to frame shots that belied the fact they were at a highway rest stop. Not surprisingly Caitlin and Bailey were the most interesting models. Bailey in her super-short cut-offs and shirt with oversized armholes showed off quite a bit of “side cleavage” and Caitlin in her colorful crocheted top that just barely hung low enough to cover the bottoms of her breasts (when she wasn’t moving) were great models. They attracted quite a bit of notice when the two of them left the isolated picnic area to walk a circuit around the busy Georgia Welcome Center Building. Misty had to run to get shots because she didn’t want them to stop and perhaps get unwanted attention.

Once they were again packed and ready to go, Bonnie got daring and told Trish to drive to the very end of the last parking spot and keep the engine running. She directed Marcy and the girls to wait for her by the van. She asked Misty to do one last series of her with the truck drivers as her audience. Misty gave her a knowing smile. She began to pose while sitting on top of the picnic table they had used, and she quite deliberately hiked up her miniskirt so that the drivers (and Misty’s camera) could clearly see up her skirt. It was only as she posed for Misty, did she realize that her daughter was no longer wearing panties under her minidress/long shirt; and the hooting from the truckers was as much for Misty’s exposure as hers.

She wasn’t going to let Misty steal her show, and since she was bare under her mini-skirt, she couldn’t very well tell Misty to put her panties back on. So she only had one solution. She glanced over to see no families were visible over the rise, then she pulled her top off. From the assembled drivers she got an immediate response of appreciation. Then standing up on the table, she kicked off her denim miniskirt. She turned in a circle posing fully nude while Misty’s camera shot her as she moved.”

“For about thirty seconds she struck a rapid series of poses before telling Misty to reverse her angle so as to get the drivers and their rigs in the background. Misty did so and Bonnie posed for another half-a-minute, then she jumped down, blew a kiss to the drivers, picked up her skirt and shirt, and began to trot to the van some fifty yards distant. Misty followed, shooting the whole time.

Once she and Misty were in the van, Trish accelerated out of the parking area.

Inside the van was a riot of laughter and shouts of glee.

Bonnie had pulled off the final crazy stunt of a trip filled with them. She felt good that she could still shock the teenage girls. Though in just a few minutes, her body reminded her that she was not a teenager and soon she was asleep.

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08 nov 2022

I congratulate you on these Chapter 41 (Parts 1 & 2) and Chapter 42 (Parts 1 & 2) with Marcy's story. This read like a true confession of someone you know and who related her life story to you. It is something like your 3D "Annie's Story: The Making of a Sex-Positive Nudist." Marcy's background is a moral predicament that left her audience amazed and sad (the two deaths). A mother knowingly sending her 14-year-old daughter into a sexually liberated environment with little or no moral guidance can be construed as child abuse. But as the story goes, nobody saw it that way. "How can something that feels this good, be bad," seems to be the only moral guide. The…

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09 nov 2022
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The couple that has great sex every day, never fights, and live in New Jersey doesn't exist. We all struggle to make sense of the world and life in general. Our skin-encapsulated ego would not allow us to move beyond ourselves to incorporate others into our understanding of who I am.

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