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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 43

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel


Raising the Revolutionary Flag of a Sexual Freedom

Chapter 43

Real Life Hits

It seemed nothing could slow the pace of Bonnie and Cooper's metamorphosis; however, as the Campbell family would find out, real life has a way of undermining the most exciting of events.


Cooper’s life had become quite hectic since leaving LeMarco & LeMarco, so he’d been looking forward to a quiet week with his nights free to work on preparing lectures for the classes he would be teaching in the fall. He would also make a start on researching and writing new material for both academic publication and use by the FFF. On Thursday he’d wrapped up his last summer session class, but he had the task of grading final projects ahead of him.

Before she had left for Miami, Bonnie told Cooper that she had let everyone know that the normal events at their pool would be canceled, so he need not worry about the Thursday night group. However, Sherry contacted him and let him know that she and Herb would volunteer to sponsor the Sunday Swim Day so Cooper really wouldn’t have to do anything but unlock the door… in theory. In reality, he knew better. He would still have to get the pool area into order. Though Cooper didn’t admit it, he was quite happy to be relieved of providing and preparing food and drinks for Sunday.

Bonnie and the girls had left early Wednesday morning. After he’d gotten back from the university that same afternoon, he’d put Lamar on a bus that would take him to his grandparents. Thus, by early evening, he was alone in the house. Since he and Bonnie were not the type that had to talk on the phone every day while she was gone, he was not concerned that she’d not called. However, Wednesday night she’d sent a text message letting him know they had gotten safely to Miami and all checked in.

At Augusta State University, when he taught his classes, Cooper deliberately left his phone in his office, so on Friday, he did not get the pic message until after a lunch meeting with his colleagues. It was nearly 1:00 when he opened the pics that his daughter had sent him. Though he’d expected Bonnie to have sex while she was gone, the photos of all three mothers in a fivesome with two men on their second night were quite unexpected. The photos were both hot and well done. Cooper knew right off that Misty had taken the photos herself, though that was no surprise at all.

The next message he opened was actually from his wife. It just said “We are having fun,” with a photo of the three moms topless on South Beach. He had to marvel at how beautiful his wife was. The other two women looked nice, but Bonnie was simply gorgeous. For the millionth time he marveled that such a woman was his wife.

He sent off messages to both his wife and daughter thanking them for the photos and wishing them well. Then he considered for a moment how his quiet life had seemingly become something much different in the past year. Yet, he knew that Bonnie was simply reverting back to who she was when he met her. As a young man, he’d wondered why it didn’t bother him that his girlfriend, his first real girlfriend ever, screwed half the guys at Vanderbilt. He’d gotten more than a little razzing and even some nasty efforts to belittle him because of it. But none of it bothered him. He felt like the luckiest guy at school… and several of his friends assured him that they would take his place in a heartbeat if Bonnie would have them. Here it was over two decades later and she was the same beautiful amazing woman she was back then, and he still marveled at how a dullard like him had won life’s lottery by marrying her.

He had a stack of papers and projects on his desk to grade but he’d stayed late to finish them all. After all, there was no one waiting at home for him. Before he left for the weekend, he’d gotten through them and had the final grades entered into the university’s computer system. Before he left for home, he received a few more beach photos (from the nude beach this time) from Misty and a short text message from his wife. She said that she was already exhausted, but the girls were having a great time. As he was driving home, she called to tell him she’d been invited to speak about the FFF at a swinger’s club that apparently was the haunt of some real movers & shakers. He promised he would help by emailing her some resource materials to help prepare her talk. Though she seemed nervous, he had no doubt she was up to it; especially after her performance at the art gallery. He stayed up late not only collecting information but collating some of it for her.

The next day he was eating a sandwich around noon when he received an unexpected call from Ronda Jackson, Haley’s mother.

“Hey Cooper,” Ronda’s voice had come over his cell phone. After some opening pleasantries, she said “I’m guessing you have been getting updates on the goings on with your wife, my daughter, and the others in Miami.”

Cooper laughed “I think I get more details from Misty on her mother’s doings than I get directly from Bonnie. Though, I do understand the three mothers are going to a swinger party tonight.”

Ronda laughed too. “I get my information indirectly from Bethany who tells me what her sister says. It seems the women and the girls are getting plenty of action. I’ll confess I’m a little jealous. Had they given me a few more weeks’ notice, I could have gone with them.”

Cooper snorted. “While I’m happy to hear they are making some great memories, a house full of teenage girls is not my idea of a relaxing week at the beach.”

Ronda seemed to understand why Cooper was not wishing he was there, then said, “I was wondering if you would be interested in going out for dinner with me and Bethany and Gregg.”

The truth was that he really would rather stay home, but did not know a polite way of getting out of the offer.

Once he’d said he’d love to, Ronda followed up with “And If you would like, I think we would both very much enjoy it if you came back to my place to spend the night with me.”

He was not expecting that. Sure, Ronda was extremely pretty… no she was extremely hot, and in the nude, she was downright stunning. But he’d not imagined this woman who was close to a decade younger than him would be interested.

When he did not answer right off she added “Bonnie has made it quite clear that she does not mind if her friends come on to you or if you agree and sleep with them. Trish raves about her time with you and… well… I thought I’d see what has prompted not just Trish to jump your bones, but a beautiful nineteen-year-old too. And I’m sure you would find the experience very enjoyable as well. I’m not without my own fans when it comes to bedroom skills.”

Cooper found himself groping for words. All he could do was choke out “What time?” With that, it was set. Almost. A little while later when Ronda called back to tell him the time and place for dinner, he’d offered “You know, it is supposed to be really nice outdoors this evening and it won’t be dark till 9:00. If you and the kids would like to come back here to relax and swim.” Then at the last minute, he added “And since the pool on warm summer nights is really nice, if you want, the three of you can just stay the night. It’s not like we are short of bedrooms.”

Ronda took him up on his offer and the plan was set.

Dinner with Ronda and the two teens was quite nice, He was surprised how relaxed it all was. It was evident right off Bethany and Gregg were aware that he was going to have sex with Bethany’s mom. Bethany had no hesitation to fill Cooper in on what she knew of what was going on in the rental house. She didn’t even seem to notice that the sexually explicit nature of what she was saying would mortify most girls her age. She pulled out her cell phone and let Cooper see a few phone pics Haley had shot at the nude beach. The photos Misty had sent only had Bonnie in them, but these had the teenage girls as well. One showed Misty taking photos of her mother and a man that looked like he could be a male stripper. Bethany quickly noted the man was indeed a professional. In the last pic, Haley had captured Bonnie’s labial lips stretched wide as the head of the man’s penis was all the way in her. Ronda, Haley, and Gregg all agreed they wished they’d been able to go.

When Bethany began to tell what her sister had told her about Misty’s sexual adventures, Cooper did his best to be casual about it. The only thing that really surprised him, and seemed to surprise Ronda as well was the report of Trish having sex with one of the boys the girls had brought home, right in front of them.

“Oh,” Bethany added “Misty took pictures of Mrs. Simms getting pounded in front of everyone. I haven’t seen them, but Haley says they are hot.”

And so the discussion went on. While Bonnie had told him a little of what Ronda had told the other women at the trip planning meeting, he had not been prepared for how comfortable fifteen-year-old Bethany was talking about sex. Nor how her mother seemed to think it was totally normal for her to do so. Yes, Misty talked like that now, but she didn’t when she was fifteen. And the truth was, few adults he knew were willing to be so casual about explicit sexual discussion, but with the three of them, there wasn’t even a blush or giggle.

When the group of four made it to the Campbell’s swimming pool, nude swimming was a given since they had been coming to both the Sunday family swims and the Thursday teen/adult swims for two months. Even when Gregg had a full erection as he and Bethany went to the slide, they did not treat it as something new or surprising as Cooper and Ronda sat watching. What was new was that Ronda sidled up to him and by her motion brought his arm around her as they talked and watched Bethany and Gregg.

As they did, Ronda gave Cooper a much-condensed version of how she’d raised her two girls to see sex as both quite normal and something in which a woman is fully in charge. As she told it she used the word “curate” to describe what she let the girls know about her sex life. She explained “I had sex with the girls in the trailer using the curtain as a means of plausible deniability should some busybody decide to report me for child abuse. It also let them see me with my lovers while the curtain kept the men from easily seeing my girls as they watched. By doing that, both girls were able to see how an empowered woman can enjoy her sexuality while maintaining control of the process. Then, from the very first time, after the man I’d done it with had gone, we discussed what I’d done and why.”

Cooper had thought he and Bonnie had planned things out with their kids, but Ronda had been far more active in her sex education than they had been. He’d never considered the idea of a parent being so proactive. But, as a single mom, perhaps she was justified in her desire that her girls did not become subject to the whims of men.

When a little while later Bethany began giving Gregg a blow job right in front of him and her mother, he was not particularly surprised. The only thing that made him curious was that Gregg was her sister’s boyfriend, yet he had no doubt the two teens would soon be having sex… and so they did.

While Cooper initially made a real effort not to watch the two teens going at it on the chaise lounge, Ronda did not. She openly watched as the couple moved from the pool and began to kiss and explore one another’s bodies with hand and mouth. Gregg had given her an apparently effective job of cunnilingus before Bethany moved aside for him to lay flat on the lounge chair so she could mount him. It was only when her daughter had worked up a good rhythm did Ronda say “It gives me a real sense of satisfaction to see her confidence. You know how it is, you plan and work for years to prepare your kids for life, but you simply don’t know how it will work out until your kids are put in the situation. Haley took to it at a much younger age than Bethany, but I knew each child knows when the time is right.”

All Cooper knew to do was to agree. While they watched Bethany and Gregg have very active sex, Ronda continued to talk. She relayed much of the things Bonnie had heard from Haley, but from her mother’s perspective. At some point, Ronda reached down and gripped Cooper’s erection. She turned and kissed him lightly before saying “It’s OK. They know we are here and they are certainly very beautiful to watch.”

With that, he could not disagree. Cooper considered how he and Bonnie had developed rules that were somewhat different than Ronda had. The very fact the teens were having sex out by the pool in front of the adults was something that so far, he and bonnie had not permitted. Yet, from Bethany’s report from Miami, the teens and the adults were quite openly having sex in front of each other. Then again, he thought, Ronda, Bethany, and Gregg had all been right there just a few weeks ago when he and Heather had sex in the pool at the Thursday night swim. While he’d made an effort to be discreet as she rode him while he stood in the water, Heather made no effort at all to disguise what they were doing. She was quite active and vocal when she climaxed, so it was not that great of a leap for Greg and Bethany to have sex on the chaise lounge.

Ronda went on “When I offered to let Gregg spend the summer with us, I’d actually expected this to happen sooner. Given that the girls have shared a bed while watching me have sex in the trailer for years, I’d just assumed Bethany would ask to join them right off. But, I guess it proves I was right to let the girls make their own choices. It wasn’t until a week ago that Bethany and Gregg had sex for the first time while, from behind the curtain, they watched Haley do one of her guys at a rodeo. From what Bethany told me earlier today, I expect the three of them to start having real threesomes pretty much as soon as Haley gets back from Miami.”

Again, Cooper didn’t know what to say. She solved his dilemma when she turned to kiss him. He was sure that more than kisses would soon follow. A few minutes later she whispered with an air of excitement, “I think she’s going to have an orgasm soon.”

Ronda was right, in under a minute they watched her daughter have a shuddering orgasm. Perhaps five minutes later, with Bethany on all fours, they watched Gregg ejaculate with a deep grunt as he pushed his penis into her as deep as he could. Only then did it dawn on Cooper that the couple had not used a condom. Clearly, Ronda had different rules for her girls than he and Bonnie had set for Misty. The very fact that Bethany was yet to turn sixteen was a reinforcement of that difference.

When the spent young couple went into the house to get something to drink and cool down in the air-conditioning, Cooper cautiously asked Ronda if she wanted to move to the large double chaise lounge so they could stretch out. His apprehension was washed away when she laughed and said “I was wondering if I was going to have to completely take charge of this.”

When the two teenagers came back out fifteen minutes later, Cooper was on his knees straddling Ronda’s left leg, holding her right perpendicular to the cushion of the double chaise lounge. He was slowly stroking his erection all the way in and out. It was all very relaxed. While Cooper felt most comfortable with maximum skin-to-skin contact, it was just too hot for that, so she’d suggested doing scissors. He was intent on her facial expression which was most gratifying and simply didn’t see the teens round the corner of the house. Evidently, Ronda did, because it was her smile and the shift of her eyes that caused him to look to his right.

Bethany had an ear-to-ear grin on her face. Not one of seeing something kinky but something that clearly gave her a significant level of emotional pleasure. Gregg however, was openly leering as he could plainly see Cooper’s cock going in and out of his girlfriend’s mother. By the time Bethany stopped beside the lounge chair, Greg was half-hard.

Still with her grin, Bethany said “Well, so you did it after all.”

Her mother slightly nodded and said “Yep. Did you think I wouldn’t?”

“No. But it is one thing saying you are going to do Mr. C. out here, it is something else to see you do it.” She held up cold bottles of water in each hand. “These were in the refrigerator and I thought you might want some. We’ve been watching you guys all along from inside the kitchen. You two are really hot.”

Ronda laughed “Hot is the operative word. That’s why we are doing it this way. Thanks for the water. Just set it down, we aren’t ready for a break yet; but as hot as it is we can’t keep this up for long.”

“Yea, I understand” Bethany replied just before putting down the water and leading Gregg to the umbrella table near the slide were they took seats and openly watched her mother and Cooper.

As Ronda had told her daughter it would, their session didn’t last too terribly long. Though after a short break, Ronda had simply squatted over Cooper as he lay prone. As far as Cooper could tell neither of them had climaxed before she suggested they get back in the water.

By then the sun was getting lower on the horizon. Cooper and Ronda again relaxed sitting in a foot or so of water. After a moment Ronda said, “That went well. I guess I should tell you that was the first time my daughter has directly seen me having sex with a man. Before it’s always been behind that curtain.”

Cooper was suddenly concerned “Oh, I’m sorry. Should I have waited till we went inside?”

Ronda laughed “No. Of course not. If you hadn’t initiated it, I would have. Remember I was the one who suggested the best way to do it out in this heat.”

He knew she was right.

“It was time for us to get started and we both knew it” Ronda continued. “And I guess I should tell you that Bethany had specifically asked me if it were OK before she started on Gregg.” After a few minutes, she added “And I had a good time over on the lounge with you. It was very nice. Just a relaxed afternoon the way it should be. Bonnie is a very lucky woman.”

Cooper was pleased, but a little confused “What? I didn’t do anything. I’ve just enjoyed your company, but haven’t done anything special. We haven’t even actually made love yet.”

Ronda laughed “The fact you don’t think you have done anything special says volumes about you. I don’t mind saying I’ve been with quite a few men, and very few would do what you have done today. Perhaps none. Earlier, you did your best not to look at Bethany when she and Gregg started to get it on. You only did so after I made it clear that I thought watching them was not inappropriate, but rather I let you know that it was what I expected us to do together… as sort of foreplay. Then, the simple fact you didn’t have to cum when we had sex. You didn’t even try. You just did what you thought I wanted you to do then happily stopped when I said I wanted to get in the water.”

Cooper was even more confused. “How is that unusual? Especially since you are staying the night, we will have ample opportunity to do it when we go to bed.”

Ronda laughed again “How can you be so naive? Just having my nude daughter standing beside the lounge watching you do me would have gotten most men to cum, and those who didn’t cum right off would have gotten their rocks off when they realized she was going to watch us from the table, or when she and I made eye contact when I got on you and put your dick in me again. Yet, you didn’t and I don’t think it was because you couldn’t but rather because you guessed that it was not what I wanted right then. Trish and Heather were both right that you are something special.”

Cooper was happy to hear it, but was sure she was wrong. He was quite relived when Bethany laid a pair of towels behind them on the steps, saying “Mom might have liked how what you did felt, but I won’t even pretend that I didn’t love watching you do it. Sure, you have a dad body, but I could tell how much you wanted to please Mom. You weren’t all trying hard to get yourself off like most of the men I’ve seen her with. And that is super sexy.”

She then stretched out behind her mother. “And it is also different seeing her directly, not through the curtain. Though, to be honest, I think it is just as much that she openly let me watch this time as what you were doing.” Without a word, Bethany rolled her hip up and motioned for Gregg to join her. He had a full erection. When he lay down behind her, she adjusted her leg for access as he sidled up. Bethany let out a soft moan as her sister’s boyfriend eased his penis into her.

The teenage girl was so close to him that Cooper could easily have reached her face or breasts without even turning. He forced himself not to turn to look.

Ronda must have seen his apprehension. She whispered “It’s OK for you to find it arousing. I certainly do.” She reached down to take his erection into her hand and she turned to kiss him softly. “I have been working toward this day since she was born. It’s actually hard to believe it has finally come. And it came without any fanfare or drama, just in the course of our normal life.”

Cooper wasn’t exactly sure what she meant so he said nothing. The young couple was so close that he could hear the slurp of Gregg’s penis as it slid in & out and the soft guttural sounds Bethany made each time his erection fully filled her. Cooper didn’t have to look to know what was happening.

After several minutes of listening to the quiet sounds of sex, he heard Bethany softly say “This is wonderful. Thanks Mom.”

Ronda responded “You are welcome, Baby Girl. Your pleasure is my joy.”

Cooper couldn’t help but whisper to Ronda “You really are a good mother. Your girls are very fortunate.”

She turned to him “No more fortunate than your two. And she kissed him again.”

The next morning when Cooper awoke he had a hard time believing it had all really happened. He and Ronda had a long and passionate lovemaking session in the bedroom, then they had gone out to join the kids in the warm summer air by the pool for a little while. As she was riding her sister’s boyfriend…again, Bethany let her mother know that she and Gregg had watched the adults make love from the living room for a good while. “We actually started fucking in the living room. I just bent over the back of the couch and he put it to me while we watched you to doing it That was too cool. I tried to get Gregg to come into your room and just get on the bed with you, but he wouldn’t do it.”

Cooper didn’t miss the fact that Ronda didn’t give any indication that she would not have wanted her fifteen-year-old to have sex in the bed right beside her mother. Rather she just said, “I understand his reluctance.”

Bethany nodded and fished with “So we came out here. We have been messing around the whole time we’ve been waiting for you guys to come back out. He’s been inside of me for a really long time now.”

Ronda appeared to have completely moved on from the idea of Bethany and Gregg actually getting into the bed with them by saying “Oh, the amazing things that young men can do.”

Bethany seems to have understood what her mother was saying about Gregg's performance and responded “He’s only cum twice tonight. Well, three times if you include that first time right after we got here. But that’s pretty normal…. isn’t it?”

Ronda laughed “Perhaps I haven’t taught her quite as much as I thought I had.”

Cooper couldn’t help but laugh.

Bethany didn’t seem to understand the joke. Rather she said “You guys are so beautiful together. You really should become regular lovers.”

Ronda replied casually “I think that is going to happen.”

The next morning Cooper had to get ready to go to St. Thomas’s to teach his Sunday School class. He and Ronda had a nice time in the shower together before they both dressed and went to church together. The two teens evidently had been up half the night and so Ronda let them sleep up in the guest bedroom/play room.

That night, it seemed to Cooper that every teen at youth group knew that the night before Mrs. C. had been at a sex party and he had slept with Haley & Bethany’s mom. He had just about convinced himself he was imagining it when Tabatha cornered him and asked “So, who do you think had more fun last night? You or Bonnie?”

His feeling of astonishment must have shown on his face. Tabitha followed up with, “Oh come on Cooper. I doubt there is a single person here tonight that doesn’t know by now.”

He still had no answer.

Tabitha answered her own question “Well according to Bethany, her mother had a great time.” She just gave him a wink and went on with putting away the chairs. He hadn’t said a word.

On Tuesday afternoon, after his departmental meeting his graduate assistant, Lilly, poked her head in the door. “Dr. Douglass called while you were in class. She said to tell you she will be checked-in at the Partridge Inn by 4:00 and if you can make it by then, you two will have time before dinner and your board meeting. She also asked me to move your student advisory appointments to after lunch because she’s arranged for a late check-out.”

Cooper looked up confused. He knew nothing of this, but he wasn’t surprised. What made him uncomfortable was how knowledgeable Lilly appeared to be about his relationship with Amy. Evidently, his face gave away his consternation.

Lilly stepped into his tiny office and shut the door behind her. “Cooper.” She said firmly. He’d broken her of calling him Professor Campbell in her first week. “You can stop walking on eggshells around me. Ever since you came back from New York you seem to think you have to censor what you say and do. I’m guessing you are afraid of a sexual harassment charge. Well, you need not be. Remember, Amy told me that you two were lovers the very first time I met her. And I’m sure you know I was one of the other nude figures in that big painting of you and Bonnie. I have posed for her several times since then and you know Amy, she tells everything. One day I saw her working on drawings of you, Bonnie and her having a threesome. When I asked, she was all too happy to share the photos with me…the ones your daughter, Misty, took. They are wonderful by the way. I even know about the sex party that your wife went to on Saturday night. Since Amy had talked to her at length about it, I might know more about it than you do. But the point is, you don’t have to pretend you are some monogamous hermit around me. Yes, my boyfriend and I are monogamous, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect the open relationships that you and Dr. Douglass have. So, enough pretending. OK?”

Cooper was taken aback, but he saw her point. How he’d not realize she knew everything after learning Lilly had posed for the painting he didn’t know. Likely as not he just didn’t want to know. She glared at him until he said “OK. I get it. So, I’ll be spending the night with Amy and you can expect me in the office around noon. Right?”

Lilly smiled “Right.”

As instructed, Cooper arrived at the hotel at just past four. Lilly had given him a room number just before he left, so he did not need to ask at the front desk. When he knocked on the door of room 439, Amy swung the door wide open. He had expected her to be naked. He had not been expecting the sexy lingerie in which she greeting him.

After greeting him with a deep passionate kiss she said “I’ve had this on all day under my skirt and blouse. It’s made it hard to keep focused on my work.”

The foundation’s board meeting began at 7:00. Bonnie had sent the contribution records to the board treasurer before she left town; but Cooper was bringing the donor list as well as the layout for a brochure for new potential donors.

After the opening parliamentary procedures were concluded, the first issue was financial. The foundation now had assets of almost $120,000 due to the proceeds from both the art show and a steady stream of donations by foundations and individuals. There would be more, but it appeared a hitch had occurred in the purchase of Amy’s best painting: the one of Cooper and Bonnie. The word was that there was something about the Spanish museum which had won the auction having financial irregularities.

Amy also reported that she was in a discussion with a private foundation that was considering a three-year grant of $500,000 if she would provide them with a clear plan to use the money to further the FFF’s stated mission.

That much money, and the potential grant, meant the foundation needed full-time staff and an office. After the board voted to make the office of Executive Director a paid full-time position, the job was offered to Amy. She accepted stating that although she was on sabbatical, she would talk to the university about resigning her current position of department chair for a part-time emeritus designation. She let the board know that the soonest she could begin full-time work was mid-September.

Bonnie’s position was also upgraded. Effective on the same date, the administrative position would become a paid full-time job. Once that decision was made, they began a discussion about authorizing Amy to take bids from advertising agencies for crafting an image-building and marketing campaign.

Cooper and Amy both reported on the good reception that Bonnie had received in Florida and suggested that the first use of foundation funds be to support speaking engagements with grassroots organizations.

“I would suggest,” she said, “that although a media campaign will be useful; real cultural change happens on a personal level. Since we are trying to get sex out of the closet in general; we should reach out first to groups who will naturally welcome our message. I don't just mean swinger and polyamory groups. If we package our message right, college groups, civil rights groups, and the more progressive mainline churches might be open to us.”

Cooper added in support of Amy’s suggestion “When my article was published in the Christian Social Chronicle, I received far more supportive responses than hostile ones.”

“So what are you two suggesting?” Denise asked.

“A speaker’s bureau” Cooper replied. “We can begin with those of us on the board who feel comfortable speaking to groups. Without sounding like I’m overly praising my spouse, I suggest we should present things very much as Bonnie did at her salon talk in Miami. We lay out the FFF message, answer questions and then ask for them to support the FFF. Better yet, we could create a society to which they can belong. Let’s say, The Final Freedom Society. Via the net, we can create a community.” Looking around at this group of distinguished professionals, he implored, “That’s the way social change works, by first challenging the old ideas and then nurturing new ones, one person at a time.”

Rev. Davidson, the Episcopalian Bishop agreed, “He’s right, the media campaign is important but people’s hearts are changed by other people. Unfortunately, due to my position, I cannot do that kind of speaking; however, I can arrange for our speakers to have access to dozens of progressive church-related groups that are both open to our message and influential in their communities”

The meeting lasted until nearly ten, but that simply gave Cooper’s body more time to recover from his and Amy’s first lovemaking session earlier.

At midnight, Cooper lay in the hotel room’s bed, Amy Douglass in his arms. Their lovemaking session had not been nearly as athletic as his with Ronda on Saturday night had been. But to him, his time with Amy was more satisfying. The simple truth was that he found more comfort with Amy than any of the younger women with whom he had an ongoing sexual relationship.

When that idea came to him it boggled his mind. The idea of ‘all the women with whom he had sexual relationships’ was something he still couldn’t grasp. Yet it was true, given Ronda’s certainty there would be a ‘next time,’ Cooper was sexually involved with four different women… besides Bonnie of course. How had that come to pass? He certainly hadn’t sought it out. Yet it was the case. Even though Amy was old enough to be Ronda’s mother, the truth was he would rather be here in this woman’s arms than Ronda’s or Trish’s or Heather’s. He had a connection with her he didn’t feel with any of the other women he had been with over the last year. Quietly he told Amy what he was thinking.

She kissed him and replied “Yes. I feel it too. I’ve been with some real sexual athletes who have fucked me half to death. There is one graduate student I’ve been thinking of inviting Bonnie to join me with soon. But, Cooper Campbell, you leave me feeling better than any of them. There simply isn’t any man I’d rather feel next to me as much as you… even if you are nearly as old as me and don’t have abs of steel.” She kissed him again then said “If you don’t mind though, I think I have a couple more orgasms in me. Would you mind terribly if I sat on your face to finish off?”

Fifteen minutes and two orgasms later Amy was again wrapped in his arms. His face was wet with the combination of her fluids and his semen. She put her lips to his again. “Thank you. As I said, I’d rather share a bed with you than any other man I know…including my husband.”

Though he wanted to make love to her again, his body simply wasn’t up to it. That had to wait till morning. Her prearranged late check out allowed for love making, breakfast in bed, then more love making.”

When he made it to his office Lilly greeted him with a knowing smile. He wondered if she’d already talked to Amy.

“I hope you had a nice evening,” his graduate assistant said without any sort of smirk. “Dr. Douglass sure did. Well, according to her she had a very nice evening and an even better morning.” That answered his question. He was sure she knew everything. She followed up with “You guys are great. Really. And so is your wife. You set a high bar for a progressive young woman to aspire.”

Cooper just shook his head and went to his office.

All in all, Cooper enjoyed a very productive week but was looking forward to the noise and bustle of his busy household. While the girls had been in Miami, Lamar was in Tennessee with Bonnie’s parents. Grandpa Forrester was an outdoorsman and expert wood carver. This was Lamar’s second extended visit to his grandparent’s home up in the Tennessee mountains. Bonnie’s father despite being seventy-four-years-old was very active with a sharp mind, and he was excited at the opportunity to teach his grandson his carving skills. Lamar was, by several years, the youngest of his eighteen grandchildren. Grandpa very much liked having Lamar come to visit.

Grandma Forester was lean and hard as the oak flooring in their mountain home, but she was significantly less active than she had been just a few years ago.

Cooper had also spent his week alone gathering and prepping the family’s camping gear for the trip to Tennessee to get Lamar. The plan was to go on Friday up to Bonnie’s parents and then they would go up to the National Forest for a week of primitive camping. He was looking forward to that, now the kids were older, camping was far more relaxing.

The van full of very tired girls and women arrived home late on Wednesday night. Cooper thought that the three moms and five girls were surprisingly quiet as they unloaded the van. Bonnie took the time to tell the others that there was no way she’d be up to having the Thursday night swim. They understood. Marcy, Trish, and Haley pulled out in their cars and Bonnie collapsed in their bed. He could tell by her eyes she was exhausted and so he did not ply Bonnie with questions.

It was well past noon when mother and daughter finally lounged in the family room and began to tell their tales. They were still telling stories of their trip when they finished packing the rented van for their trip to Tennessee. And they were still adding details the next day when the Campbell family crossed the state line. At first, it was unnerving for Cooper to listen to his daughter describe in detail having sex with something like a half dozen boys she met in Miami; but after the first hour, he relaxed and listened to what she was saying. She was simply telling her dad about the fun she’d had. She was not embarrassed or shy that the fun was sexual in nature. He had been slowly accepting that she was no longer a child for some time; this was her life now, a life she wanted to share with him. He knew he should be grateful his seventeen-year-old child wanted to tell him about things that were important to her, but still, it made him wince. Listening to her on the trip to Grandma’s he accepted it all as something good in her life. After that day her sexual activity never made him uncomfortable again (well, not enough to make him sick).

Sometime around noon, Marcy called to tell Bonnie how her meeting with Bailey’s mother had gone. Since the van was new, she simply transferred the call to the van’s sound system so she told all three of them the story at once.

“At first Bailey and her mom seemed to be testing each other out to see how much was safe to say. But eventually they pretty much both told their whole stories. However, the House of Pizza was crowded, so we ended up going to my place and that was where DeeDee and Bailey really got honest with each other. First off, Bailey went into how long she and Sarah have been having sex with more detail than she’d yet given. DeeDee even let her know that she’d known they had been having sex before the day she’d walked in on Sarah eating her out. And Bailey reprised the terrible experience with her ex-boyfriend.”

“DeeDee reciprocated by telling how as a teenager, she’d been built a lot like Bailey and had a love-hate relationship with her body. Mostly it was her loving it and her mother shaming her for the attention her breasts garnered. Evidently, for several years her mother wrapped her chest with an Ace-Bandage to flatten her out whenever they went to a church function. When her mother caught her masturbating once she was severely beaten. It all sounded really bad. She’d been sent to a fundamentalist Christian high school and then to the same kind of college. That did not keep boys from getting into her shirt and dress though. She first had sex at a youth outing with her pastor’s son. She had been very confused by the mixed signals. While she liked the positive attention and wonderful feelings her body gave her, it was so wrapped in shame. The times she had sex, just like masturbation, were a mix of joy and guilt.”

Bonnie asked, “How did Bailey react to what her mother said?”

“Evidently a lot of this was not entirely new to her. She already knew the kind of woman her grandmother was and the kind of religion she practiced. So, Bailey clearly felt her mother’s pain. After her mother had gone that far, Bailey and Sarah together told the whole story of the trip. Misty, I know you didn’t have time to give Sarah and Bailey more than a portion of the photos you have. DeeDee, well all of us, loved the ones you gave the girls. We are looking forward to the rest.”

Misty responded to Marcy’s voice on the van’s sound system “I badly underestimated the time it would take to do the editing. I have all the files with me and that is what I’ll be doing in my free time during this trip. I know I still have photos that will need to be edited or deleted, but Mom gave me until we get home from her parents to get that done.”

Marcy answered “Don’t put yourself out. There is no rush. But Mike said he wants to pay you for your time to make up a photo book of the trip for us, like the one your mom has from her trip to the Caribbean…including ones with Sarah in bed with the boys… well the legal ones at least. What is amazing to me is that he seems to have already accepted his daughter will be Slosh Jr. The photos we already have of the girls in bed with Mitch and Zac don’t seem to bother him at all, nor did it bother him when I told him how Sarah had helped with the photos of me doing it with Squirrel… or when Sarah let him know that we both had sex with him in the same night. So, he wants all the photos you can legally use in the book, even the explicit erotica you have of me with different people. Oh, and Bonnie, if it is OK with you, he would like Misty to include the photos of me from the party. I think there are like three with me in them.”

“Sure, I’d love to” Misty replied happily.

Bonnie added, “I don’t see a problem with including the party photos. They are really quite good.”

Then Marcy continued with her report “Dee Dee said that it was not until she began doing her first clinical rotation at a local hospital did she first spend time with people outside of her fundamentalist world. It’s hard to believe, but she’d never known anyone on a personal basis who wasn’t steeped in that world of rules and shame. But she had been looking for a way out for years, and her nursing clinical rotations gave it to her. She made a friend who went to a different kind of church who introduced her to the idea that sex for fun wouldn’t bring down hellfire or cut her off from God. Despite her college’s best efforts to keep tabs on her, she found a way. She began to have sex. Not like you or I did when we were young, but she had several regular partners over a period of three semesters working in hospitals. But sadly, for her, she simply didn’t have enough life experience to tell when she was being used as a sex toy. In the end, she got pregnant with Bailey’s sister and was pushed into marrying the father who was a real jerk.”

“She was miserable from the very start. Evidently, he never made any pretense to be faithful to her, so it was just a matter of time before she too began to have affairs. With some prodding from Sarah, she actually gave some pretty explicit sex stories. I guess after the girls had told all their own steamy stories it made it easier.”

Bonnie put in “Though perhaps she’s been dying to tell those stories for years. Did you get the idea that she felt good about those relationships?”

“Yea, but it seems they were pretty much all with doctors, mostly married doctors, and so they were never equitable. I don’t think she’s ever been in a relationship where she had as much power as the man. I think that is why she’s so excited about how Bailey has learned to own her body and to expect guys to treat her with respect.”

Both Misty and Bonnie agreed.

“The rest was pretty much as Baily described. Bailey’s biological father was one of those doctors. What Bailey didn’t know was that he gave DeeDee money to get an abortion, but she didn’t go through with it. I guess while the man was a jerk, he was brilliant and she wanted a child with those genes, not her husband’s.”

Cooper, who’d not commented once on the story began to laugh. Bonnie could see the humor in what Marcy said.

“And as Bailey had relayed, an anonymous person persuaded him to take hair from Bailey’s brush and get a paternity test. Once the test came back he kicked them both out on the street… evidently quite literally. DeeDee came home from work and found all of her belongings… and three-year-old Bailey sitting in front of the house.”

“Oh God!” Bonnie exclaimed.

“Oh yes. Evidently, Baily has blocked all that from her memory. And like Baily said, when she tried to get child support from the biological father, he let her know he would ruin her if she persisted. And that is how they came to Sparta to get beyond his reach. In the end, she got the attorney she needed and both men have paid dearly for their behavior in punitive damages. I think Dee Dee is looking for a new life and she might let me help her find it. She is coming over next week and I’m going to invite Trish and Byron since both women are in similar circumstances.”

Bonnie, Cooper, and Misty all agreed Marcy was just whom Bailey’s mother needs in her life. It was just one more unexpected outgrowth of what was supposed to be just a getaway for two moms and their daughters.

It was evening before they arrived in the middle of nowhere Tennessee. The three days and four nights at Grandma & Grampa Foresters went by fast. Misty, it seems found new places to shoot pictures everywhere she went. Bonnie found herself posing nude in some of the very spots she’d had sex as a teenager. At night Misty spent her time working on photo editing. Lamar was busy with Grandpa in the workshed from morning till night. Though Bonnie could see “Grandma” was not the energetic self she once was, she did not comprehend that when the family left the old house on Saturday that it would be the last time Bonnie would speak to her mother.

As usual for their trips, they did not go to an official campground, but pitched their tent out in the woods in Tennessee’s Cohutta Wilderness Area. It was roughly halfway between Bonnie’s parent’s house and home. The family had been camping there since the kids were small. They pitched the tent off the trail near Jack’s River. It was wonderfully relaxing. No cell service meant no distractions.

Sitting around the campfire that first night, Lamar told the family that at that very moment Sarah, his girlfriend, was having a foursome at Bailey’s house. “You see, Bailey invited over to her house two guys she’s had a crush on since she was little, Steve Richter and Josh Lackey,. The same two guys she had sex with at the 4th of July party. The plan is for her and Sarah to have a foursome like they did in Miami.”

Bonnie asked, “May I assume both mothers know all about it?”

“Oh yea. They both talked to their moms and the moms talked to each other about it, so everyone knows what is happening. Baily’s mom has decided to adopt the open-door rule at her house.”

Bonnie nodded, “I think it’s a good idea for both safety and openness.”

Lamar added “And from what Sarah said, her mom has a guy she’s been doing it with for a while, the son of an elderly woman she visits as part of her job. It sounds like she might bring him home soon, but she agreed she’d leave the door open just as she expects Bailey to.”

That was news to Bonnie, Cooper, and Misty. Marcy hadn’t said anything about DeeDee having an existing affair.

Lamar went on “Bailey’s mom even took her to the drugstore to pick out lube and condoms and said she will order out pizza for everyone. I guess Bailey needs the lube to do anal, which Sarah says Bailey loves.”

Misty put in “She sure does. Just like Mom.”

Lamar just nodded as if that was common knowledge. “I don’t know if you guys know, but pretty much every time Sarah had sex in Miami, she either called me or texted me like right afterward.” He picked up his phone, worked it a bit, and stood up to show his mother, father, and sister a photo of Sarah. In it she was apparently nude, but one forearm covered her breasts and in the other hand she held a filled condom. “She sent seven photos pretty much just like this of different times she had sex. In each message, she let me know who fucked her and filled the condom with cum. Mostly it was the two younger guys, but with two of the pics she sent, she named one of the older guys that she’d just finished fucking.”

Bonnie had no idea Sarah had taken such photos, let alone sent them to Lamar right after having sex.

He went on, “When we talked on the phone and in several of the pic messages she said she wished it was my dick in her. But of course, it wasn’t. Then he got a funny look on his face “Is there something wrong with me that I don’t mind that she did all those guys and that she is going to screw two more guys tonight, yet all we’ve ever done is have oral sex… and we haven’t done that very much.”

Bonnie looked to Cooper as if he were supposed to be the one to answer.

Cooper was a bit confused, so Bonnie prodded him. “Ask your father what it was like when we were dating and he knew I had sex with other guys much more often than he and I did. And that lasted for nearly a year, right up until we got engaged.”

Lamar looked at his dad in surprise. “Really? Mom was doing other guys more than she did you? And you knew it?”

Cooper nodded “Yes. I started dating your mother in February and she continued to have sex with other guys until we became engaged the next New Year’s Day. She never hid that fact, though we didn’t really talk about it either. I understand your question, I guess it was around April or May I had to ask myself the same question. When I began to think that your mother might be the one for me, part of me thought I should tell her that she had to stop having sex with other guys. I knew that is what was expected of me by other people. You see she had quite a reputation, in fact, I knew full well she’d had sex with several guys I knew.”

He seemed to think for a minute. “Some guys thought I was crazy for getting serious with her. In their minds, girls like her were great for a fun night, but weren’t wife material. Especially one guy in my cohort who your mom had done like a dozen times over the prior years. Once, I guess it was near the end of the semester, right before class started he told some other guys that he’d fucked the shit out of my girlfriend the night before. I knew he deliberately said it loud enough for me, and the rest of the class, to overhear. Several people looked over to me to see how I’d respond. But I didn’t get mad or defensive. I knew exactly who she was by then, and so did everyone else. The upshot was that he looked like a jerk to everyone in our class, not me. After that, nobody ever said anything about Bonnie’s sexual habits around me.”

He laughed. “A couple of weeks later, we were on an end-of-the-semester picnic with the arch department, and she out of the blue came and gave me a big kiss. By then I knew what her mouth tasted like when she’d sucked a guy off recently. It had happened often enough that I instantly knew the taste. She never directly said that unique flavor in her kisses was from getting a mouthful of semen in the prior hour or so; but a couple of times, after we’d kissed when I picked her up for a date, she just casually mentioned that so-and-so had come by her room earlier. She didn’t say she’d had sex with the guy, but we both knew that was what she meant. So, at the picnic, I knew she had been drinking, then she came over and made a point to kiss me pushing her tongue into my mouth. It unmistakably tasted of fresh cum. Then she whispered to me that she’d taken Mike Mosely, my partner in that semester’s big project, for a walk into the woods. That was as good as telling me she’d given him a blow job right in the middle of the picnic.”

Misty asked, “What did you do?”

“I just kissed her back and then told her that I loved her. What else could I do?”

With that, Bonnie more or less recounted the same story she’d told Kimi on the way back from dropping off Mira. She had never told her kids nearly so much about her sex life in college. Misty asked more questions than Kimi had, so the story took most of the time they were roasting weenies on the fire and toasting marshmallows. At one point Misty asked dad, “Did you ever know you were getting sloppy seconds while you were dating?”

He laughed. “Certainly, I did. Most of the time it was not as much sloppy seconds as semen residue that I could taste when I went down on her. But there were a few times I came to pick her up at her dorm and she was super horny when I got there. So those times we had sex in her room right after I arrived before our date began. All three times that happened, the freshly left semen in her vagina made it true sloppy seconds. I guess until tonight, we have never talked about what she’d been doing before I got there. But even then she had to know I knew what she’d been doing.”

Bonnie said “Of course, I knew he knew. I never planned it that way, but, like he said, three times it just happened. The last time though I remember it clearly. I was crazy horny so I dragged him to the bed and lay down and spread my legs. Even I could see the semen in my pubic hair and I could feel it oozing out of my pussy.”

Lamar looked to his dad “What did you do?”

“We’d been dating a while, so I knew exactly what she wanted when she spread her legs like that. I didn’t even get undressed, I just put my face to her crotch and ate her out till she came.”

Bonnie put in “Not just once, but he got me off four times in like ten minutes. He was amazing.”

“How cool” Misty exclaimed.

Cooper looked to Lamar, “But that kind of sloppy seconds only happened like three times that I recall. What normally happened was when we got to my place, I found her panties were filled with semen that had dripped out of her vagina while we’d been eating dinner, but the fabric had kept it contained. Sometimes it was still gooey wet and I could visibly see the semen. Of course, even when we could both see it, we pretended not to. Other times there was just a dried sheen all over her vulva. It was only when I went down on her, which she always wanted me to do when she’d had sex before I picked her up, did I find the flavor of cum. That happened once or twice a month. Though in the fall, right before we got engaged, it happened less often.”

Bonnie looked at her husband “You mean you always knew when I’d had sex before you came to get me? I never realized that.”

He nodded “Oh yea. Of course, I did. Not at first, but certainly by spring I knew. You are quite predictable you know.”

Bonnie felt the need to explain. She looked at the kids and said, “Almost always before I went out with your father, I would get myself off to keep me from rushing things on our date. Sometimes, however, if I was super turned on, I’d ask one of my fuck buddies from the dorm to come to my room and do me. Like he said once or twice a month. And like he said, three different times in that year, rather than calm me down, doing one of the other guys just revved me up. So when your dad got there I shamelessly pounced on him. Yes, I knew he could tell I’d just had sex. The first time it happened I was nervous he would just leave when he realized what had just happened; but the other two times I knew we would have great, pre-date, sex. And that last time, I remember it clearly. It was right around Halloween. I’d come back from student teaching horny as hell. My roommate was gone for the weekend and I knew Cooper would be over to get me in like an hour, so I got a guy I knew was a jackhammer to come to my room. And your father was right, when he got to my room, I wanted him to go down on me. And what he didn’t say was I was completely naked, sweaty, and flushed when I opened the door. It was plain as day I’d just finished having very strenuous sex. I wasn’t really thinking about the cum, it was just the guy who’d done me was great at pounding me, but he’d not gotten me off. My whole vulva was beet red and covered in goo, but Cooper didn’t even hesitate. And like I said, he did what I needed.”

Misty again said, “That is so cool.”

Lamar seemed to think about what his parents had said then asked, “Then it’s not bad that I don’t mind Sarah is having sex… like right now?”

Bonnie was happy to hear her husband emphatically say “No it is not. In fact, it shows that you are an amazing young man.” She followed up by adding “And someday you will make a great husband for some lucky woman.”

In the morning Misty decided she did not want to get her rear end stuck by prickles, so she decided she would keep on her shorts unless she was posing. However, when it warmed up in the afternoon, she shed her shirt. Mom followed Misty’s lead without discussion. Each day several groups of hikers got a surprise when they passed the topless duo in and around their campsite. The most amusing was an entire Boy-Scout troop. Bonnie didn't know who stared harder, the teenage boys or the dads who led them.

Misty insisted on continuing her photography. She knew that she was limited to two thousand frames or so due to an inability to recharge her pair of camera batteries. Mostly she shot scenics, but she asked Mom to pose nude several times including on a mountain trail and in a small waterfall, which turned out to be very cold. On the second day, she told her mother she wanted a set of the two of them in the river. Bonnie suggested they first do a normal family portrait using her tripod and remote, then shoot nudes. So that is what happened. First, the whole family posed on a rock shoal in the river in their camping attire, then they did an identical photo with the whole family wearing only their shoes. The entire family actually had a good time spending over an hour playing naked in the river. Misty shot photos of everyone. She found Lamar was surprisingly photogenic in the nude; though she had to tell her brother she could not shoot him if he had an erection. It took some effort…well actually he resorted to the expedient of masturbating right in front of his parents and sister until three long streams of semen shot across the water. While he had done that in front of both Misty and his mother before, it was the first time he’d gotten himself off in front of all of them … and he did it so casually. However, after he’d had his orgasm, his ever-hard penis relaxed enough for Misty to shoot “nudists” type photos of him. Bonnie wondered if her son even realized how kinky most people would think what he just had done was. She doubted it.

Misty found that her little brother did not need his arm twisted to shoot some nude photos of her and Mom splashing around in the river. After that went well, she did something she’d never done before, she had Mom and Dad pose for some nude couples’ portraits.

Later that night, around the campfire, Misty used her tablet to show the family what she'd shot. Everyone was pleased, though they all had suggestions for photos for the next day… even her father which Misty found most surprising.

It had been over a full week from when Cooper, Bonnie and Misty had left Sparta, their fourth-morning camping when Mom and Dad left the campsite to get some fresh ice in town. Once they got a cell signal, Bonnie’s phone received a message that had been sent the day before. Her mother had been taken to the hospital. After several frantic calls, she contacted one of her brothers and found that her mother was in a coma, having suffered a stroke.

All other plans were shelved. They packed up and were on the road by dark. For three days Bonnie stayed with her brothers round the clock until early Tuesday morning, her mother passed.

Bonnie’s mother had always been a hard person, aloof and emotionally unavailable. Their relationship was not as much fraught with conflict, as simply non-existent. Though her brothers had been closely bonded to their mother, Bonnie had been a daddy’s girl since she was small. Once she went to college, the two of them rarely had any conversations deeper than the state of the weather. As such her mother’s death was not as hard on Bonnie as it might have been in other circumstances. Her concern was her father, to whom she had always been very close.

While the Campbell family had stayed in the home place for their visit to pick up Lamar, it was decided it would be best to check into a motel. The first night, Cooper drove home to get clothes the family would need in case of a funeral, and for Bonnie, in the event she would need to stay longer to help her father. He even brought back a swimsuit that Misty could wear at the motel pool, without getting arrested, should she want to.

The entire week was simply dreadful for the Campbell kids since they really didn’t know their grandmother and the few memories of her were not particularly good. She’d always been impatient and snappish to them. Though for Lamar it was more difficult since he’d just spent a week with his grandparents. It was the first time in his life he’d been up close with the finality of death.

Even worse was the interaction with the aunts, uncles, and cousins, most of whom Misty and Lamar had only met a handful of times. Though they couldn’t put it into words, both of them felt the cultural gap between them and their extended family. When Misty asked her mother about it, Bonnie explained that her brothers had always felt she’d turned her back on them when she went off to Vanderbilt. “They think I feel like I’m better than them. It’s not true, but that is how they feel. I have no doubt their children have picked up on that. I am sure that is the cause of the standoffishness you are feeling.” Misty had never felt like an uppity-up, but once her mother had explained the background, she realized that is exactly how her cousins saw her. It had not made for a comfortable time.

Though the rest of the family went home after the funeral, Bonnie stayed at the old home place for over a month. As the new FFF office was under construction until the end of September, with the help of Trish, Marcy, Misty and a few of the Euro-Club girls back in Georgia, she could do her work via her laptop from Tennessee until then.

She had not realized except for when visitors, such as Lamar, came to the homeplace, that her parents had not slept in the same bed for years. She was packing up her mother’s clothes and found that all of them were in the dresser of what she thought was an unused bedroom. Since her dad never commented on the reason her mother evidently lived in another room, Bonnie did not bring it up. She had attributed the fact that he was not overly distraught to the mountain stoic ethic, but now she wondered how much had been left of their relationship when she’d passed.

One thing that had survived even after the emotional part of her parent’s marriage had evidently died years or decades before: a clear and rigid division of household chores. Though her father was an exceptionally industrious man, he was simply unprepared for simple household tasks that had been performed by Mama for the past fifty-three years. Things such as cooking meals and cleaning the bathroom were totally foreign to him. Bonnie took up these duties, but the week before she left Tennessee, she arranged for a neighbor woman to help out two days each week with domestic tasks.

All the while she had been in Tennessee, a sore throat had been nagging her but it was getting progressively worse. She finally broke down and went to a local clinic rather than waiting to go to her regular doctor back home. As it turned out, she was glad she chose to deal with it away from home.

The young female doctor examined her throat and sent a nurse in to take a swab, which almost gagged Bonnie. After an hour wait, the doctor returned and asked a peculiar question. “How many people, men or women, have you had oral sex with over the last six months?”

Bonnie was not mortified by the question, but by the fact that she did not automatically know the answer. After a pause, she said, “I’ll need a few minutes to work that number out using a calendar; but yes, I’ve given oral sex to a number of men and women in that time frame.” The young physician simply nodded “I asked because you have pharyngeal gonorrhea, which is gonorrhea of the throat.”

Bonnie’s mind reeled as she tried to process what she was being told.

The doctor went on “The progression looks like you contracted it about two months ago.”

Bonnie said, “My husband and I went to New York City on the first of June and we went to a party where I gave a man oral sex.”

“Yes, that is consistent with the progression I saw in your throat. I’ll need to give you vaginal and anal tests as well, so if you could slip out of your pants” the doctor said as she pulled the latex gloves onto her hands.

The young physician went on to tell Bonnie that she most likely got it from a man, sometime between May and July. Though she agreed that Bonnie’s story from the New York trip might explain the source, she pointed out that she could have gotten it from her husband who had gotten it from someone else. The doctor explained that just because her husband doesn’t have symptoms doesn’t mean he doesn’t carry the bacteria.

Half an hour later, a nurse came to an office where she’d been taken after leaving the examining room. “Mrs. Campbell, the bacteria were not found in your vagina or rectum, so it was localized in your throat.” She handed her a clipboard with forms attached. “The Tennessee Department of Health and Human Services requires we ask you to complete this form. It is important that you do your best to list the names and any contact information you may have of the men and women with whom you have had oral sex in the past four months and did not use a barrier-protective method the entire time while doing so. That means a condom for men and a dental dam for women.”

As Bonnie began to fill out the form, she recalled the penises she’d sucked and pussies she’d eaten. As she did, she realized that she didn’t know most of them by more than first names and didn’t have any contact information; though she vowed to do her best to find ways of contacting as many as she could. She declined to list Trish and Marcy since she knew they had been tested weeks ago. Still, she listed the names she could. Fortunately, the six men at the LeMarco’s Party, the eight people she'd done while on the cruise, the man in the Miami penthouse as well as Jill & Vic were all too long ago. She couldn't believe how many genitals she'd had in her mouth over the past two years.

Bonnie’s head was swimming when she left the clinic with a bottle of antibiotics in hand.

“Trish!” she said into her cell, tears wetting the phone as she sat in her car.

“What’s wrong?”

“I have gonorrhea! Gonorrhea of the throat, I’ve got VD!”

After a moment Trish responded, “I think it’s called STD now, but it’s easily cured isn’t it?”

“That’s not the point,” she said trying not to break down completely. “The doctor said I could have given it to any man or woman with whom I’ve had unprotected oral sex. I haven’t been living with the rules we set up for the kids and now I’ve got the clap. When you and Marcy were tested you came back negative right?”

“Yes. We were both clear. So you didn’t give it to us.”

“Mike should be tested though” Bonnie said.

After a period of silence, Trish asked, “OK, do you want to call Marcy or do you want me to?”

“Can you?” Bonnie asked “I’ve got to call Cooper and Amy… and Heather and oh God…. I’ll need to contact Mira and get Misty to contact Zara. This is so embarrassing.”

Trish reassured Bonnie it would be OK and promised to take care of what she could.

Bonnie couldn’t reach Cooper. When she arrived back at the family homestead she just sat in the car for the longest time. In her father’s dirt drive was the car of Stella, the woman Bonnie had hired to help her dad with housework.

She was still so embarrassed she wanted to just disappear, so she quietly slipped into the house hoping not to see anyone. She headed through the living room into the bedroom that she and her older sister had shared all those years ago. She was glad that one of the few new things in the house was the full-sized bed that had replaced the twins she and her sister had used for so long.

At first, the house was completely quiet. She assumed her dad must be taking a nap, but wondered why she didn’t hear the neighbor lady. Suddenly the sound of bed springs squeaking from the wall behind her crept into her consciousness. It wasn’t loud, so she didn’t notice it right off, but in that old house, everything made noise. She remembered as a kid she avoided a lot of trouble because she could always hear when her parents were getting out of bed because of the loud squeaking of the old box springs. She was stunned when two new pieces of information resonated in her brain.

On the couch, she had seen a large purse, just like the one the neighbor lady carried and the sound of squeaking was coming in a rhythmic pattern. A pattern she had never heard coming from her parent’s room in all her years growing up there: the squeaking sound of an old bed being used for sex.

She lay frozen listening to the squeak, squeak, squeak of the box springs, then there began the tap tap tap of the four-poster bed hitting the wall. Momentarily she was appalled at the idea that her dad was doing this so soon after her mom had died. Then the obvious occurred to her. She knew her father was not the strict church person her mom was. As a kid she’d not had any understanding that the fact she could hear the springs of the bed through the wall when they got up meant she should have at least occasionally heard what she was hearing now. But she had not, and now she knew they had not even shared a bed in years. Did she really think her dad had been celibate for the last thirty years? Of course not! She clearly remembered his flirtatious ways with women and had on occasion speculated that he might not be completely faithful to her mom; but, now listening to him rutting a woman that was a good twenty years younger than him ended all speculation.

Laying in the bed, listening to the minute-by-minute progress of the rhythm droning on from behind the wall she began to understand. It was her father who had recommended that Stella, a reasonably attractive divorcee, less than ten years older than Bonnie come over and help him. Why hadn’t she picked up on the fact they appeared to be good friends the first time she came over.

The sounds stopped. Then she could hear the springs squeak as bodies moved around the bed. The regular squeaks resumed, only slightly slower this time. Bonnie was now a bit impressed by her seventy-two-year-old dad’s stamina. She smiled. She now knew how Misty felt dealing with her parent’s sexual behavior. Out of curiosity she got up and crept to the bathroom. Opening the medicine cabinet she looked at the labels and sure enough, one of the bottles was labeled Viagra. She couldn’t help laughing out loud (quietly). Her mood of despair had lifted.

She debated leaving the house but decided to practice what she preached. With the sounds still emanating from the closed door, she switched on the TV. The sounds from the room instantly stopped. She heard someone exit the bed and footsteps approach the door. The door opened slightly and her father’s face peered out. She looked over at him with a broad smile and before he could speak she said “Oh, I didn’t mean to bother you two. If it upsets her that I’m here while you are enjoying yourselves, I can go and come back later.”

He just looked a bit befuddled before a look of understanding came over his face. He said “That’s OK, you can watch TV” and he shut the door.

It was quiet for a long time, then she could just hear the squeaks for a while, but slowly they and the wall taps returned for several minutes, faster than before, then the sounds quit again. Bonnie decided to give Stella a break, so she went to take a shower when she heard someone get out of the bed.

Coming out of the shower she found her dad had gone out to his wood-shop behind the house. The same wood-shop where, all those years ago, he had caught her having sex with the neighbor boy. The symmetry of it all wasn’t lost on her. Though the incident was not directly mentioned before she left, two days later when Stella arrived she told her father “Dad, I’m running into town for some groceries. I promise to be gone for no less than an hour.” Then she winked and said, “Have fun.”

His face crinkled up into a wry grin, but he said nothing.


While the Campbell families’ life was consumed by the passing of Bonnie’s mother, the world around them continued on. Soon those events would take on a life of their own. Bonnie, who had been so careful to control the pace of things, had already lost that control, but it would be some time before she realized it.

School for Misty and Lamar was due to start two days after the funeral. So Cooper and the kids left very early the day after so as to get to Jeff Davis High to get the kids registered. Once in Sparta, they went directly to the high school before even going home. One of the benefits of living in the rural south was that in times of grief the whole community helped out. Though he missed the appointed time to register them, the school secretary already knew of their loss and allowed him to register them contrary to the posted times.

After spending over an hour at the high school, they drove to the mall in Macon to buy school clothes. By the time they made it home, it was well past dark and Cooper collapsed in the bed fully clothed. It all seemed so rushed and with Bonnie out, Cooper worked feverishly to get everything done.

Though dad was dragging the next morning, the kids were ready to go. Jefferson Davis High, though a rural school, was not small. As the only public high school in Hancock County, it had over two thousand students. In a school that size, most students moved through the halls in relative anonymity. Misty, however, was no longer one of those anonymous faces. It was not just that she was a senior or the fact she had been named Photo Editor of the school newspaper, yearbook, and website that made her a face nearly everyone knew. It was because her nude beach photos from the previous year were still passed around. Since the end of classes, the Euro-Club End-of-School Party had taken on legendary status, even though fewer than one in five of the new seniors had actually come.

Walking through the halls that first hour she hardly passed a person who didn’t say “Hi Misty” or something similar. She also got a few sexual innuendos from the younger guys she did not know and a few cold stares from the churchy kids. She just brushed them off.

Several of her teachers paused at her name as they checked their rolls. Clearly, she had a reputation that extended beyond the ranks of the students. She had heard, through Mrs. Marshal, that her appointment as photo editor had been challenged by one of the vice­-principals on “moral” grounds. It was only through the insistence of Mrs. Maybree, the photo teacher, and Mr. Truman, the publications teacher, that she was allowed to be Editor. The self-styled protectors of morality apparently saw Misty as a threat to Jefferson Davis High.

Lunchtime was the predictable chaotic mess it always was the first day of school. As seniors though, Misty and her friends were now at the top of the food chain, as it were. This was the first time she’d been with her friends since the trip. Sure they’d talked on the phone, but in person is always different. It was still too hot to use the optional outdoor seating, so at their usual lunch table, the original Euro-Club girls were joined by their boyfriends and a new group of younger girls: Bailey, Sara, and several others. Most of the new girls were from the church youth group, but Misty didn’t recognize a couple of them.

Misty set down her tray at the end of the table, next to Kelli. Her friend was just asking Caitlin, who sat across from her, “Do you think that was you?”

“I don’t know you’ll need to tell me more about the pics" Caitlin answered. Then shifting tone she looked up to see Misty. She jumped up to give her closest friend a hug. “Hey girl. We’ve missed you. How’s your mom doing?”

“Thanks for asking” Misty responded “She’s up with my grand-dad. She’s OK, she had never been real close with her mom, but she and her dad are tight. She’s worried about him. They had been married like forever.”

“Let her know we’re all praying for her and her dad” Caitlin continued.

”From me too” Kelli said, followed by the others at the table.

“I hope your mom knows how much we all appreciate her,” Kelli told Misty. “She’s like the mom we all wished we had”

”Yea, I think she does, but I’ll tell her you said so” Misty replied. “What were you talking about when I got here?”

“Well,” Haley offered. “You know that Jeannette, Hope, Tyler Rice, and Tyler Anderson have been a regular foursome for about a month?”

Misty shook her head, “No, I didn’t. Well, yes, I knew they were all messing around together but you are saying they are like a double couple now?”

From further down the table a newly arrived Jeannette and Tyler “Yea, we love it. Polyamory isn’t just for adults.” And beside her Tyler added, “But we’re not like Devin and Gregg.”

Haley swiveled around. Seeing Tyler at the end of the long table she said “Come down here and tell us what you saw on that website.” Jeannette promptly pulled her boyfriend down to the center of the table.

He began by saying “Well, see Tyler and I were online last night and we checked out the Voyeur Web site, a place where people post pics they took in public. We’ve been keeping an eye out for pics of you girl’s trip to Miami since the day you left town. So, we’re just flipping through when we saw a post that said it was from Miami Beach. That was what we were looking for, so we open it up and the story says this guy saw a group of girls hanging out topless all day and he took these pics with his phone camera. Now the pics weren’t too great but I could swear I could recognize Haley and Sarah Marshal, but what threw us was that we didn’t recognize three of the girls at all.”

When he finished they all looked at Misty who asked “Was one of the girls you didn’t recognize Asian or Indian looking?”

“Yea, one of each.”

“That was Kimi and Zara. So those pics are probably us. Are you sure you didn’t see me or the others?”

“Maybe, but Haley and Sarah were the only two we could clearly tell it was one of you guys in the post. The photos were taken from a good bit away and he seemed to be most interested in a super-hot girl with a big boobs who was with the one that looked like Sarah.”

Caitlin said, “That must have been Bailey.”

Tyler said, “Baily Hildebrandt? No way. I said this girl was super-hot. He got some pretty good pics of her and that was not her.”

Haley asked, “Was she wearing a back teardrop micro-thong?”

Tyler seemed to think then said, “I don’t know what you call it, but it was so small she was virtually naked. But yea, the little piece of fabric that covered her pussy was black.”

Caitlin, Haley, and Misty, almost in unison said “That was Baily.”

Then Misty went on “I told you guys nobody would recognize her.

Tyler seemed not to believe them, but he said “Well tonight you can take a look. But she was super-hot too.” He seemed to think then added, “If that was Sarah with her, she looked mighty fine too. The little caption said the two of them got a ton of attention.”

Haley briefly told how the police were called out on them, then Kelli put in, “Well Tyler, we want you to keep looking. From what I’ve heard they saw people taking pictures of them from a distance just about every day; I guess that’s why they’re not too clear. But I’m really surprised that some good and clear photos of them at the beach haven’t shown up yet.”

Tyler reiterated, “Oh there are a couple of really clear ones of the girl you think is Bailey. She even posed for selfies with some guy and those are like clear as day.”

Misty said, "It's not like we all didn't pose for selfies from anyone who asked and all of those would be easy to ID as us."

Looking right at Misty, Haley said “While you've been out of town, we have found a fair number of pics that have shown up on websites that we knew were us. Mostly when we were in the water but because they were taken from a good way off and we were mixed in with the Silver Fire people, no one has connected us to the photos. None of the ones the Guild people or Zac & Mitch took have shown up. We told them they were free to put them online if they want if you recall.”

Misty added, "Zara said she wouldn't let their guys post any of the pics the Guild took of us, but that will only last so long and we all know it.”

Haley went on. "I know we aren’t the only ones looking for beach photos of us. Some rumors of our trip are already circulating, so we can be sure other people are looking."

Tyler added, "But what might mess them up is they are looking for photos as close and clear as the ones of you from last year. Haley said she took some good beach pics with her phone but you got her to move them to your tablet. We didn't know you would disappear, so all we have gotten to see are stupid shopping pics and stuff.”

Misty nodded and smiled, “Really I am sorry I disappeared like that. But I know for a fact Haley, Sarah, and Caitlin all have a couple of dozen pics I put on a flash drive on the way back to Georgia; but the vast majority are still on my laptop."

Haley explained "What he means is there are no full-frontal pics on our phones. Lots of bare butts and side boobs, but no nipples or pussy. That is what he's complaining about."

"Oh. I understand now" Misty said. "Yes, all the "R" rated stuff we moved off the phones on the trip home. And yes, there are a lot of those, I promise. But what I'm saying is that we weren't the only ones with cameras and it is only a matter of time before some close-up "R" rated photos surface. The net is a big place and great pics could be out there, probably are out there, but no one in our little school has found them. Just do us a favor and email the web addresses where you and Tyler find pics of us to Iris. As I understand it, she’s helping collect those for the club.”

Haley said, “Everybody is already doing that. She already has a list of links.”

Misty was not aware of that. “Tell Iris to send me the list she has.”

Tyler’s face looked pleased he’d been of help, “Sure, we will suffer through surfing through nude beach sites for you guys” and he began moving back to his seat. As he went Kelly added, “And you and Tyler can help the club’s image by sharing some of those web addresses to the right people so they get around school.”

Misty corrected her “No, not all of them, just the ones with good photos that might or might not be us. When you do, stay non-committal as to if it is us or not. We don’t want anyone to forget the Euro-Club, but we don’t want to give out too much public information either. Pretending you don’t know what they are talking about will generate a buzz and make us more mysterious.”

Misty was already aware that publicity was a double-edged sword in the world of Jeff Davis.

After that, the table broke into a number of separate conversations. Caitlin looked across the table to Misty, a little pale. “I guess I didn’t think it through that we’d be out there for everyone to see so fast.”

Misty said, “I thought you knew they would. We all saw people taking photos like every day. It was only just a matter of time.”

“Yes, but I guess I didn’t really think it through. I know that was probably rationalizing.” Caitlin said “I just hope my mom's boyfriend doesn’t hear about them. Your mother said she would try to show the pics to my mom. But as things have turned out that might not be for some time yet. And if Bob is told about me going nude at the beach, it would be a problem for her.”

Haley commented to her friends, “Well my mom’s response isn’t an issue for me. She and Bethany were both super excited to hear about everything. They asked me what the nude beach was like right off and asked to see the photos. And they went bat crazy over the photo of me and Caitlin that your mom is going to make into a wall print for us. They thought it was amazing.” Then as an afterthought, she added “Oh, and Bethany took some phone pics at the pool on Saturday of my mom and your dad out getting busy. I’ll send them to you in a text.”

Misty nodded “Thanks. I’m sure my mom will like them. Your mother is really pretty, so I’m sure they are good.”

Haley nodded “Yea, she is. I won’t send the nude selfies Bethany took of herself and Gregg. I know your parents are sensitive about that kind of pic. But when do we get the rest of the photos from our trip?”

“They are all ready. I had plenty of time to work on them sitting around the motel room for a week. And the more I worked on them the more impressive they are as a set” Misty said then added with a sly grin “and who knows who might hack my computer and sell them to the same site that posted my pics in the spring.”

Caitlin said, “Oh that would be terrible” with a knowing grin.

“Well, who knows?” she said smiling, though she knew all those who went to Miami with her knew full well she had taken hundreds of photos for that very purpose, but they were all sworn to secrecy about that little fact.

Kelly asked, “So, I guess you took a lot of photos?”

“Oh yea. In all I think I shot close to ten thousand frames. Though lots of those are duplicates and my mom made me delete a lot of them. All the sexual ones which are identifiable as having one of us in it had to be heavily edited or deleted. And I can’t share any that show my mom's friend who came with us. But I still have like four thousand good photos… of those at least a couple of hundred are simply great. I can’t imagine some of those pics won’t eventually find their way to the web.”

“If they make me look good, I want them to be seen” Haley said.

Caitlin responded, “I’ll want to see them first. We got previews in the rental house and in the van, but we have all been dying to see the final product.”

“Yea, and to let our guys see them” Haley agreed.

“I tell you what, anyone who wants to come over right after school today can see them. And if those of you who went with us can bring your flash drive, I have as set made up for each of you. But, we can’t like make a night of it. Don’t forget, I’ve been going constantly for three solid weeks. But because I am so nice, I’ll do it for you guys.”

Just a few moments after the bell rang to indicate the end of their lunch period, Jeannette arrived at the table with two girls in tow. Misty knew one, Torrey North who was now a junior. She was Megan LeCroix’s cousin and had been coming to youth group with Megan since the spring. She was nice but very introverted. With her was another junior, Celia Schultz. Misty knew her from the Algebra II class they'd shared last year. But she looked so different from what Misty recalled. She was wearing a skirt that was short enough to get her into trouble with certain teachers… and her hair was blue & purple. That was odd because Misty remembered her as not slovenly, but certainly not the kind to dye her hair blue and wear a mini-skirt that could invite a trip to the school office on the first day back. Jeannette said “Misty, can I ask a huge favor. Can I bring Celia and Torrey with me to your house? Haley said that we were looking to bring in some girls from the junior class. While you were gone we all decided that Megan should be invited to join, but Celia and Tory want to talk to you about joining us in the club too. I think they will be a good fit for us.”

The club had already invited Sarah and Bailey to join; however, they had not really worked out a way to vet new candidates. Still there was no way Misty would just say no after she'd made the invite with them standing right there. So she just said “That is OK by me, but…” she looked right at the two girls, “Celia, Torrey, everyone knows about our pictures from last year, so all I ask is your promise that what we say and do at my house today stays between us unless we, as a group, decide to let it out.”

Celia spoke up. “We understand. Jeannette has been talking to us for a couple of weeks about joining the Euro-Club, but we’ve been waiting to talk to you.”

Torrey added, “You can trust us. We will not cause you problems. We certainly would not be very popular with the kinds of people who attack you.”

So with that, the first Euro-Club meeting of the school year was planned, including the two who were already new members and two prospects.

By 4:00 that afternoon, the Campbell’s game room was full of teens as Misty worked behind the closed doors of her dad’s study to make a preview set of photos that had the best of the different sets she’d made for the other girls, but still excluded photos of Mrs. Marshal. She had not actually planned to show the photos till she’d made up this set, but her friends were so eager.

Misty knew her dad would not be home from work until quite late since he had a lot of catching up to do and her mom was still in Tennessee, so the kids had the house to themselves. As Sarah’s mother had been at school it was not a problem getting her OK to ride with Bailey in the car her mother had just bought her to the Campbell’s.

The vast majority of the topless/nude photos were outdoors but she still had several hundred nude or sex photos from inside their rental house. It was taking longer than she planned to pull out a sampling of the best photos, so she’d asked her now “official” photo assistant Caitlin to help her. Misty told Caitlin to be careful to not include any of Mrs. Marshal’s face. The girls had been briefed never, ever, tell anyone that the third adult on their trip had been the school’s drama teacher, Mrs. Marshal. They were told when they finally related stories from the trip to trusted people just call the woman Jane, a friend of Mrs. Campbell’s. Twice Misty went to the others in the game room to apologize that it was taking so long.

Finally, she copied the directory to a flash drive and asked everyone to gather in the game room. Though she didn’t tell them, Misty knew she had not included in any of the sets for her friends the best photos of her and her mom. Those she hoped to sell to Mr. Kyle. She had to be sure they would be exclusive to him.

Since most of the girls had brought their guy with them, there were over twenty people in the room. Misty asked Lamar and Byron to move the chairs and stools to give everyone a view of the screen. Lamar and Byron had not been expressly invited but were present so she decided to put them to work as everyone found seats.

Sarah made a production of asking Lamar to join her on one of the overstuffed bar stools, which actually meant she was in his lap. The evening before, Mrs. Marshal had made dinner for Misty’s family. As her mom set up the meal out by the pool, Sarah and Lamar made their way to the new outdoor daybed that Cooper had set up where two of the oldest chaise lounges had been.

Without waiting to eat the dinner Mrs. Marshal had brought, Sarah and Lamar started eating each other on the new daybed.

Sarah’s mother told Misty that she had promised her daughter a half-an-hour to “Show Lamar how much she’d missed him” before they would have to take a break to eat the food she’d brought.

Misty hadn’t missed that her brother had cum in Sarah’s mouth just before they came to the table. She couldn’t help but quip to Sarah “You really shouldn’t eat your dessert first.”

Sarah didn’t miss a beat and replied “Oh, that wasn’t dessert, that was just my appetizer” and she leaned over to kiss Lamar. Then she added, “I expect more for dessert later.”

Even Misty’s dad laughed at Sarah’s quick thinking.

As soon as they had wolfed down their food, Lamar and Sarah were back at it. After dinner, as they sipped wine and talked Misty knew full well that her dad and Sarah’s mom were casually watching their kids getting it on. From what Misty saw, they were pretty much-doing everything they could except vaginal intercourse. Mrs. Marshal told Cooper, “They have decided to put off vaginal sex for now. Yes, Lamar knows that she has done it with other guys and will continue to do so; but they have decided to wait. I guess hearing about how you and Mike both accepted that while dating Bonnie and me, that we screwed other guys more than we did you two is their relationship model. I guess they could do much worse than to follow their parent’s example.”

“I know Sarah told him on the phone all about the foursome she had at Bailey’s house last week. I actually talked to DeeDee about how it went and how she’d dealt with it. According to her, the kids had a great time and she said she was surprised at how it made her feel like a successful mom for the first time in a long time. She said after the initial embarrassment that the boys showed when they realized that she knew full well why they had come over, it was all very relaxed. From what she said, the kids came over and went right to the bedroom for about an hour and a half. Then when the pizza arrived, my daughter, of course, came out to eat totally nude while Baily had worn a sheer robe that her mother had bought her just for the occasion. The boys, not surprisingly put their shorts back on. She said she thought the boys were going to die when Bailey thanked her mom for the lube she’d bought and how it gave a tingling sensation back there when the guys put it up her ass.”

Misty laughed and said that the club had really done a job on shy Bailey.

Marcy went on to comment on how relaxed DeeDee had been as she told her about it. “I really think she’s been waiting for years and years to be able to have a friend she can be so candid with. DeeDee even told me that she’s invited the man with whom she is having an affair to come to her home for dinner and sex next week. I was surprised by how much detail she gave in telling me about her rendezvous with him at a motel this week. She said the sex had been so much better because she felt she wasn’t living a double life for the first time. Though, I know it bothers her that he is married and is cheating on his wife. And she was really excited to tell me how that when she got home, she and Bailey talked about it. Not just that she’d met the man, but what they did in bed. DeeDee feels like she’s been liberated and is excited about life’s possibilities. We, Sarah and I met DeeDee and Bailey for dinner a couple of days ago. I think we are becoming a little group, the kind DeeDee has never had. I let her know that soon the evenings will get cool and I’d love her to come over to join Mike and I in our hot tub. She didn’t balk when the girls pointed out that for this fall, nudity will be the norm. When Sarah spilled the beans that I was thinking about asking her to join Mike and me in our bed some time in the future, she didn’t jump to say she wanted to do that. But she didn’t say that was not a possibility either.”

All the while Marcy was talking, Sarah and Lamar were directly in Misty’s line of sight. She was impressed at how energetic they were. They didn’t slow down once in the hour Mrs. Marshal gave them after dinner. Before leaving Sarah gave Misty a deep kiss right in front of Lamar and both parents. Misty wasn’t surprised by the strong taste of semen in Sarah’s mouth. She’d seen her brother cum twice as she’d sucked his cock, once before and once after dinner. The second time hadn’t been long before Mrs. Marshal let her daughter know that it was time for them to go. Misty had already realized that tasting her brother on Sarah would be routine if she and Lamar were both going to have a sexual relationship with her…and that seemed certain to be the case. How the logistics of such an arrangement would work she didn’t know, but she had no doubt that both she and her brother would be sleeping with Sarah in the coming months.

She noted that Sarah had her arms around Lamar as they sort of shared the barstool. Though it was not quite public, she knew her brother, as Sarah’s boyfriend, was now one of the Euro-Club Boy-Toys. So their actions were no surprise. However, had surprised her was that right beside Lamar & Sarah, Baily had wrapped her arms around Byron as if it had been planned in advance.

Misty, after plugging in the flash drive, took a seat on a stool she’d put beside the theater seating and held up the remote. “Today we will just look at candid’s and beach pics. Sorry, no sex pics at all. There are a lot of them, even after I had to toss the ones I wasn’t allowed to keep, but you’ll have to wait on those. But I can tell you, they are hot, hot, hot.”

Several guys moaned in disappointment.

Haley followed up with, “And the video clips were even better. I so wish we could have kept all them, because they were better than any porn on the web.”

Misty agreed then said, ”I’m not saying your parents would approve of me showing you this set, but they are legal.” After the laughter, she used the remote to turn on the TV.

The first photo loaded onto the big screen TV. It was from the inside of the van. It was of Haley and Caitlin making faces. The different girls began to narrate about the fun they had on the road. After the third photo of just silly antics from the trip, the boys began to grouse “Get to the good stuff” and “Dull, we’ve seen these kinds of pics already. We want to see tits and pussy!”

Misty, rather testily replied “If you don’t want to see our pics, you’re free to leave” which was followed by several of the girls seconding her opinion. After quelling the boys, the slide show continued. The girls were having a great time talking about the shopping and the people they met and everything but naked bodies. The photos were in chronological order and the first day Misty hadn’t taken her camera to their trip to South Beach. So skipping the first time at the beach, it took over ten minutes before the first bit if skin appeared. Cody, Todd and Tyler had resorted to scrounging the kitchen for food when they heard Gregg and Devin calling them back to see.

On the big screen the photo was of Misty, Sarah and Haley standing in front of the Haulover Beach sign in their sarongs.

Haley narrated “Mrs. Simms and, uh, Mrs. C’s friend went with Caitlin and Bailey back to South Beach to meet some Swiss guys but Mrs. C. took us to this beach about ten minutes away.” Though Byron and Lamar fully knew the third adult was Sarah’s mom, their mothers had made it painfully clear to them that they had to pretend, along with the girls, that the other adult woman was a friend of Lamar’s mom from Atlanta.

Misty pushed the button on the remote to advance the photo. It was the same photo but the sarongs were gone and they stood in the buff beside the sign.

“OMFG” Gregg said,

Haley continued the narrative by describing the skateboard boys staring at them and then brought up the photo with Mrs. C. joining the girls nude with the sign. The boys let out a gasp. Even though they had all seen other nude photos of Mrs. C., and all but the visitors had seen Misty’s mom nude in person the day of the end-of-school party, this photo was quite the jolt. Misty looked to see the reaction from their visitors, Celia and Torrey. The two girls were standing behind the theater seating beside Jeannette and her boyfriend Tyler. To Misty’s surprise, Celia had her arms wrapped around Torrey the same way Sarah was holding Lamar. the girls were holding hands. So, Misty began to get an idea of why Jeannette thought they would be a good fit with the club.

Afterward came several photos of the girls and of Mrs. Campbell nude on the broad white beach. Misty stopped at a group photo with Mrs. C, Misty, Sarah, Haley and Roca, the hunky stripper they’d met. Every one of the girls, including the visitors, eyes widened at the most perfect naked man they could imagine.

After moving through a few more from the nude beach there was a visible gasp from a couple girls. On the big screen appeared one of the photos that Bonnie had taken of Sarah’s mom and Byron’s mom making it with the two Swiss men in the upstairs bedroom. Misty quickly apologized saying “You aren’t supposed to see this one”, I guess I got confused and put this one in the wrong set”.

Because it took a second or two to get the machine to respond to the forward command everyone got a good look at the photo. On the big screen, they could see the back of Marcy Marshal’s nude body as she bent over obviously giving head. The view was a life-sized, full view of her smooth labia, with her pink inner lips flagrantly on display.

Once the image was gone Devin said to Misty “Your mom’s friend is hot. A great ass with a baby smooth pussy. Just the way I like it.”

Misty tried not to look over at Sarah which might give away the secret of her identity.

Iris, sitting next to him elbowed him hard “That’s someone’s mother you’re talking about.” Of course, Iris knew that was Sarah’s mother.

“It’s a mother I’d love to fuck then” he retorted.

“Rather than me?” Iris demanded.

“I promise I’ve got enough for you both,” He said plenty loud enough for all to hear. He got heckled for his efforts.

The next photo was of Trish riding on top of the other man, with the friend of Mrs. C. out of focus in the background.

This time Misty just gave up and said “Well, I guess I was in just too much of a hurry. If you are offended I’m sorry. But there are going to be a few sex pics mixed in I guess.” No one complained but there were several comments from the guys to Byron about his mom’s great tits followed by several more tasteful comments about how pretty his mom was from the girls. But that did not lessen the impact of seeing a picture of Byron's mother fucking a man she'd just met.

Byron was fidgeting a bit in his seat. Misty paused and whispered to him “Do you need to leave? Is this too much?”

Byron, looked at Misty and said, “No, if Mom said the other guys could see her like this, I can too.”

Misty said back “Yea, I called her on the way home from school. And she specifically said you were free to see any of the photos or videos I brought home if you wanted. She didn’t’ know I’d originally planned not to show any sex pics today.” Then to the group she said, I am sure you guys have guessed, my mom took these photos with my camera. Those are her friends. If you didn't catch on, that is Byron's mother in the foreground. The guys are from Switzerland and they'd met them at the beach."

She moved to the next photo in the set. It was one that Misty had taken of her mom and Trisha both on top of one of the Swiss men. The two moms were kissing and holding one another’s breasts. But, in the background, only slightly out of focus, was Mrs. Marshal taking it doggie style from the other man. At first, the crew was taking in the fact that the two moms were making out while fucking this guy, but then Devin and Gregg said almost simultaneously “That’s Mrs. Marshal from school!”

Sure enough, though fuzzy and partially hidden, Marcy Marshal’s face was plenty recognizable by anyone who knew her. Both boys knew her very well since they were in her drama class and had been in several of the theatrical productions Mrs. Marshal had directed.

Misty tried to jump to the next frame, but once the guys had pointed it out, everyone saw. Misty just turned off the TV when it didn’t change quickly enough. She looked over to Sarah.

Sarah said, “Might as well, let them see it, they know now.”

Misty brought back the photo of Marcy. “I really shouldn’t have tried to rush making up a set to show you. Guys, listen to me. If the school finds out that Sarah’s mom did all this stuff, she’ll lose her job for sure. So no one, and I mean no one, outside this room can know she went with us. You guys get it?”

Cody said “No problem, but we want to see the pics we missed.”

That request took Misty by surprise. She again looked over to Sarah who shrugged her shoulders and said, “If they don’t let it get to the school, Mom won’t care they see all her photos.” She paused and turned to the two guys and added, “But she will care if she thinks you guys are sniggering at her behind her back in class.”

Gregg and Devin assured her they would not and Iris added “And you can tell your mom that my boyfriend here has the hots for her now.”

Misty said "I'll go back to that photo; but no, I won't intentionally let you see any of those I meant to exclude." With that, she turned back on the TV and cued the photo again. She had to admit to herself, it was a very well-composed picture.

It was Celia who asked, “I see all three of the mothers in the picture, who had the camera?”

Misty had not meant for this pic to be seen and certainly did not mean to have to answer this question to a girl she hardly knew, but all she could do is say, “I did.”

Sarah piped up to explain “See, Misty and I wanted to borrow her mom’s dildo and harness but they were all so into it, they didn’t even notice we had come to the door.” At the mention of the dildo the guys hooted. Sarah ignored them “So Misty had to go in and interrupt her mom to ask where she had put it.”

Misty picked up the story “I saw my camera just sitting on the dresser where they’d put my mom's harness, so I thought I’d get a few shots of the three of them. I was thinking that my dad and Sarah’s dad would like a pic of all three wives in action.” Those words, for the first time really brought a look of shock to the two newcomers. Misty calmly said, “This wasn’t the first time I’ve seen my mom doing it… or taken photos of her like this.”

Samuel pointed out “And Mrs. C. has seen us doing it up close, and I can assure you she likes to watch as much as I do.”

His girlfriend gave him a whack, but he continued “and for my 18th birthday in December she’s promised to give me a present of a threesome with her and Rebecca.”

Rebecca again hit her boyfriend.

Sarah, ignoring the boy said, “I’d never seen my mom doing it before. I've seen pics of my parents having a threesome, but this was the first time in person. You see, we could hear the sounds coming up the stairs, and I kinda knew what we’d find, but it was a bit overwhelming”

Misty picked up, “But even though I’d seen my mom doing it with other people a couple of times before, this was the hottest thing I’d ever seen her do.”

Sarah agreed, “Before the others got back from dinner with the two guys from Switzerland, Misty and I had been messing around for a long time right in front of Misty’s mother. I’ll admit to you guys, even though Lamar and I have become a couple, getting down to business with Misty is something I’ve thought about for a while, and then to do it with Mrs. C. just a few feet from me, was just over the top.”

This public statement that she thought of herself and Lamar as a couple took both Misty and her brother off guard. Yes, Sarah and Lamar had sex for two hours out by the pool the night before, but neither of them had expected Sarah to make a public announcement like this. Not only was she telling everyone that she considered Lamar to be her boyfriend, she also made it public that she saw her sexual relationship with Misty was an ongoing thing as well. Misty’s ability to conceptualize this was more advanced than her brother’s. She understood the ideals of polyamory and how this was not problematic in any way.

Misty seconded, “I’ll confess, I’d been sort of lusting over Sarah for a while but I’d been a good girl and waited till she turned sixteen to do anything about it. And in case you are wondering, it was worth the wait. It was cool doing it that first time with Sarah when my mom was so close she could have reached over and touched us. That was the first time she has ever seen me really getting it on.”

Sarah picked up “Later, after my mom and Mrs. Sims brought the two guys home with them; when Misty and I walked in their room, there was my mom close to cumming, taking it like a horny cheerleader. I just couldn’t tear my eyes away. I almost came just watching.”

When she got ready to start the slide show again Misty noticed for the first time that Kelli had her hand inside Cody’s fly. It wasn’t a big deal, but it was a portent. She also noticed that Sarah had moved her hand to Lamar’s crotch, but at least it wasn’t inside his shorts…yet.

The next photo set was of South Beach.

“This is the world famous South Beach” Misty explained. “I’ve never seen so many hot guys in one place. And it was so cool, this was like just the regular hang out for people our age. The nude beach was mostly people more in their 20’s and older, but South Beach is the hangout for high schoolers. And as you can see, even though most girls didn’t wear thongs and go topless it was still, no big deal that we did.”

Haley continued “I want to move to Miami! I could spend all day every day on South Beach.” On the screen was a photo, evidently shot by Misty’s mom, of Misty, Haley, and Caitlin with several of the guys and girls they had met at the beach”

Caitlin took up the narration “These were the guys and girls we hung around with most of the week.” She stood up to point out each person on the big screen “That is Red, Brett, Josh, Franklin, Kimi and Zara with us. There were a few more guys, but they weren't there the first day. They all just graduated and rented a house in Miami for the summer.”

Haley just had to add “And I fucked every one of them by the time we left, plus the others not in that picture… six in all.” There was a few ohhs, then she added “So did Misty and Caitlin…and so did Mrs. Simms.” Though they had all heard the stories already, it was different looking at the photos of the guys knowing the girls and Byron’s mother had screwed them all.

Kelli offered “We should think about renting a place like that next summer after we graduate” for which she received several seconds.

The photos moved forward showing many pics taken over several days at the beach of the girls, their friends and the moms. In nearly all of the pictures, their group wore no more than thongs. This slowed down the show as again the girls told many side stories about their times at the beach and the people they’d met.

After that came four photos taken of the moms showing off their super sexy party outfits on Collins Ave. Haley paraphrased what the moms had told them of what had happened at the party. After which Devin added “I’ve always liked Mrs. Marshal, now I’m positively in love with her.”

Predictably Iris once again elbowed him for his comment.

Jumping from the shots on the street, the next photo was a photo taken in the house that night; Misty & Haley sitting with a good looking guy between them. They all were sweaty and exhausted looking. Though they were clearly naked, they used their hands to cover the “good” parts.

“It’s hot, but who is that?” Tyler inquired.

“Well, it’s us with one of the guys we met on the beach. Don’t you recognize him from the beach photos? We’d just finished a very nice threesome” Misty said, then she explained why she and Haley were covered up. “I had kinda expected that mom would make me delete the real sex pics, so I am glad, I made sure to take a bunch of these where I had people cover up just enough to make them legal. Caitlin took this one. She was my photo assistant the whole trip.”

There were a dozen more of different girls and their various friends with either hands or other objects covering the “naughty parts.” In one Sara had Bailey on one side and a boy on the other, “and as you can see” Sarah said, “I’m ambisextrous.”

“Ambisextrous?” Hope asked.

“Yea, I do guys and girls equally well” she responded with a perky tone which got another round of comments.

Iris said, “We’ll have to add that word to the Euro-Club web site.”

Again Misty looked to the new comers which seemed to give Celia the courage to ask “So, you guys think it’s normal for girls to be bisexual?”

Misty answered “No, we think it’s normal for everyone, guys and girls to be bi. We have a few monosexual guys in the group, but we are working on them.”

She could see it took them a moment to process that statement. After a few photos of Caitlin with two guys in bed, again not “showing” anything Misty asked, “Comments Caitlin?”

“No, it was fun, but it was just sex.”

Haley prodded her as Misty advanced through a dozen photos “Come on, you got more to say than that.”

“OK” Caitlin added, “It was really good sex and we did it for like two hours without a break.”

After her second comment, there was only one more pic of Caitlin before the first similar photos of a nude Haley with a dark-haired guy. Misty looked over to her right where Haley sat in Gregg’s lap. Seeing only smiles from Gregg whose hand was flagrantly up Haley’s shirt she knew it was OK to go on. She couldn’t miss in the overstuffed chair Lamar’s shorts were unb