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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 44

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel:


Raising the Revolutionary Flag of a Sexual Freedom

Chapter 44

With a Little Help from Our Friends

Cooper filled the void created by Bonnie’s absence for most of September as well as he could. He tried to keep track of all the things that Bonnie did on a day-to-day basis without his awareness: washing clothes, cleaning up, and fixing at least a few meals. Had he not had generous support in all of those tasks from Trish and Marcy he likely would have floundered. The house that had been so busy with guests for months became mostly quiet.

Cooper was glad to have his work to keep him occupied. His planned week out of his office had extended to over two, so he was swamped. He simply would not let himself shortchange his students. They depended on him to guide them in both their course selections and in developing their all-important projects. For two weeks, he was sure he spent three hours every day in meetings with students. Not that he didn’t enjoy working with these aspiring architects, many of whom openly sought to model their careers on his; it was just he had so many other things to do.

Another afternoon with Amy Douglass at the Partridge Inn helped him cope with the stress, though he’d noticed most of the other women in his life seemed to have backed well away while Bonnie was out of town. However, when Haley was at the house visiting Misty, she let him know that her mother had very much enjoyed her time with him. She told him directly that once Bonnie was back, her mother would be back too.

However, he was not always left alone.

As he drove toward home, Cooper looked at the clock on his car’s dashboard, it read 7:45 PM. He wondered how the kid’s first day at school had gone. For him It had been a long few days, and the next week would be worse. But he could not afford to get behind on the Opera House project. The family needed that income given the huge pay cut he’d taken when leaving LeMarco & LeMarco in order to become a college professor. Not that he regretted his choice, but choices have consequences.

When he saw the three cars in front of the house, he was not too surprised. He was glad to see Trish was here, maybe she’d made some dinner. And he also recognized Kelli’s little Honda. He was glad to see the kids getting back with their friends after the ordeal with the death of their grandmother.

Dropping his briefcase at the door of the study he was indeed greeted by the wonderful smells of dinner and Trish’s smiling face. Maybe it was the fact he’d been celibate for a week, but when he went into the kitchen, she looked especially hot. His eyes naturally landed on her chest. She wore a light gingham halter that tied just below her very full bust. As no buttons were done, more of her soft fleshy breasts spilled out the front than Bonnie even had. The extremely low-rise white jeans would have been called hip huggers in the old days. They were low enough to both show off her dark tan accented by the tan lines from the thong bikini she’d worn in Miami. and her surprisingly flat stomach. Not that she was a hard body, clearly she was at least a size 12 at the hips but her stomach, was much smaller and flatter than he recalled.

“You look great” he heard himself gush as he felt his penis begin to stir.

She smiled broadly, waiting to let him take in her carefully planned appearance before coyly answering “Thank you.”

“I mean really great. Have you been working out?”

“Glad you noticed. I joined the Georgia Gold Gym during the spring and go three times a week to meet with a trainer, but it's taken this long to really see it. I’ve lost fourteen pounds and have toned quite a lot.” then she struck a body-building pose “And naked, it’s even better. I’m sure you have heard that in Miami a lot of men noticed.”

His penis now made a tent in his dress slacks. He saw her eyes go to his crotch. Surely she knew exactly what he was thinking. “So, are we going to….?”

“Sorry Cooper, you’re too late. It’s now past seven, by the time we get the kids fed and this mess cleaned it will be 9:00.” She turned to go back into the kitchen. “If you can get the kids I’ll get the food out.”

Let down, Cooper reached down and adjusted himself in his pants as he went to the bedroom to kick off his work shoes. He was surprised to see the bed neatly made up. While Bonnie had been out of town, he had not made it up even once. He assumed Trish had done it.

Walking to the kid’s wing he now noticed how neat and clean it all was. “Trish has been busy” he thought. “I owe her one.”

They ate in the dining room and Trish, Byron, and Kelli all joined the Campbells for dinner. The kids talked at length about their first day back to school.

“The Euro Club is now more famous than ever.” Kelli told the two adults. “The end of the year party has now reached mythic proportions.”

“If all the people who claimed to have come really did we would have had like three times as many people” Misty clarified.

“Yea,” Byron added “I heard a guy in my grade telling how he saw all the Euro- Club girls swimming topless. I had to step in and say that was not possible, but stopped short of calling him a liar.”

Misty picked up, “We are nearly legends and I had several girls ask me to join the group.”

Kelli countered by saying “The down side is we also have heard that a bunch of kids have been banned from coming over to your house by their parents. Some of them are friends of ours.”

“The preps and Baptists were pretty nasty today, but that’s old news” Misty added.

Cooper felt a need to point out “Of course a lot of this is due to the photos that were on the web last year. To be fair to those kids, the fact one of their classmates has a nude photos site is pretty provocative in a high school.”

Lamar burst out with “And wait till people see the pics you showed your friends today!”

Cooper, who knew nothing of the teens coming over asked “Did I miss something? Who was over and what photos did you show them?”

“Just the Euro-Club girls and some of their boyfriends” Misty said calmly. Cooper could tell she was apprehensive about this subject so he decided to push.

“How many kids were over?”

“I don’t know, ten or twelve.”

Trish cut in “I counted sixteen out at the pool.”

Cooper looked over to Trish “So you were over, well that’s OK then.”

“No” she said “I didn’t come over until they had been here for a good while. Not long before I got here they had gone out to the pool. I recognized most of the girls through the window, but there were at least two that I’d never seen before.”

Misty, now clearly rattled, quickly cut in “That was Tory North and her best friend Celia Schultz. You both know Tory from youth group. Perhaps you didn’t recognize her without any clothes on. She is now a junior at Jeff; she’s Megan LeCroix s cousin.” Misty continued speaking very fast.

Cooper could tell she was trying to change the subject but let her go on.

“Not that Tory is anything like Megan. You know Megan is a real prep, all about the right clothes and the right make-up and stuff. But Tory and Celia are like total nerds. Not that nerds are bad, but they don’t seem to care to fit in. They both play the violin, no I think Tory plays the viola, but that doesn’t matter, they are both really good. They both made All-Region but Celia is like super great. She has been on the All-State Orchestra since she was a freshman. Even though she won't be graduating until next year, she already has several colleges recruiting her with offers of full music scholarships.”

Trish, clearly listening offered Cooper some clarification, “But while she was here, she was busy playing out at the pool, but not playing the violin.”

Misty commented “Yea, she’s become quite the sex maniac, but we didn’t do that to her. She got that this spring in Europe.”

Cooper didn’t miss this hint as to the goings on at the pool, but was not ready to butt in yet.

Misty looked over to Kelli, “You explain. I talked to them about what is going on now and the club and stuff, but they only made general reference to what happened in Celia’s life this summer as if they assumed I’d heard the story.”

Kelli took over, “Now I got this from Jeannette, so I might not have all the details right. Last fall Celia won a big violin contest so she was invited to go to Italy and attend this special music school for half a year. As Misty said, she was a total frump, even though she could have been very pretty if she chose, she just dressed so bad and she was so absorbed into her music thing. She’s never had a boyfriend, and from what Jeannette said she had never even been on a real date, never been to the beach, never done anything social. Her entire life was about that violin.”

“Well, according to Jeannette, at the Italian music school the kids are just wild. They come from all these countries that don’t think teen sex is any big deal, and the dorm was co-ed. I don’t mean girls’ rooms and guys’ rooms are on the same hall, I mean things like there was only one big bathroom and the shower room is used by both guys and girls. And they didn’t assign roommates based on gender; they assign them based on the instrument they play. So, as it happened, little conservative Celia had a guy from Romania for a roommate. If you can imagine this, a girl who had never worn anything but a one-piece bathing suit and had certainly never seen a naked guy under any circumstance found herself rooming with a guy who, get this, sleeps in the buff.”

“No! Not really?” Trish said, “What did she do?”

“Like I said, her music is her world so she either had to give up the opportunity or just put up with it, and she wasn’t about to go home. For the first week or two, she tried to change clothes quickly when he was out of the room. She took showers late at night to try to avoid boys seeing her, but after being mortified a few times when guys would show up in the shower room; she just gave up and went with the flow.”

“Did she and her roommate become lovers?” Trish, now intrigued, asked.

“Well, as I understand it, they did do it more than just a few times together before she left Italy, but he preferred guys to girls. About a month after she arrived, just as she was beginning to get used to the nudity, one Sunday afternoon she was awakened from a nap by her roommate making a noise like he was in pain. When she opened her eyes, she saw that he was on all fours… getting butt fucked by another guy and the noise was not from pain at all, but pleasure.”

“Now, this next part I know is right because Cody asked Celia while we were all out by the pool today. She told him all this with me standing right there. It seems the guy doing her roommate was the hottest guy there. He was from Rome and he was a total hunk and totally bi. She’d had a crush on him from the first day, and that was who she found completely naked, fucking her mostly gay roommate, she was both super embarrassed and super turned on. She couldn’t pull her eyes away. She just sat up and watched. Even when the hot guy turned to see her watching she didn’t stop.”

“Since she’d not surfed porn very much, she’d never seen what gay sex looks like; but as I understand it, she just sat up for like an hour watching them fuck and suck each other’s cocks. She didn’t know what to do with how it made her feel. When they finally finished the hunky guy didn’t go back to his room; he and her roomy went to sleep. She slipped out of the room to get lunch When she came back, the hot guy was still there, but when she walked in, he got out of her roommate’s bed still completely naked, with full wood. She said she was just petrified. Then he asked her, in his heavily accented English, if she had liked watching him fuck her roommate. She was so shocked she couldn’t speak. Then, according to Celia, he told her ‘Tonight we, me and you, make love and he watches. Yes?’ Remember she was not only a virgin. Up to that day she had never even made out with a guy. I knew that. But imagine my surprise when she said right out in front of Cody and me that she has been masturbating regularly since she was twelve. She said that long before she went to Italy, she had used all sorts of household objects as pretend penises. So she was experienced with her own body, but had just never done anything with anyone else. So, she told us that even while watching this guy fuck her roommate, she had already decided she wanted to lose her virginity to him. So when he says 'Yes?” she just nodded to let him know she wanted to. She told us that the whole day her violin playing was terrible because all she could think of was what was going to happen. But, that’s all I heard, I didn’t hear the rest of her story because Misty asked me to help get some drinks for everyone.”

“You should have told me to wait,” Misty said.

“You were rather insistent” Kelli defended.

Trish wanted to know “But what happened?”

“I missed the details, but Cody said she did indeed have sex with him that night, while her roommate watched. By the time she came home, she was acting like us. From what Jeannette said she had oral sex with like a dozen people, girls & guys, and she’d fucked four different guys. It seems that she got completely used to being naked both in the dorm and at the local beaches, which all allow nudity. So in July, she came home to Georgia where she can’t do any of that stuff. At first, she didn’t tell anyone. Finally, she told Tory who as it turns out, has been wanting to experiment sexually with her for the past year but was afraid Celia would freak out. So Tory and Celia had sex the first time that very afternoon. Then last week Tory told all this to Jeannette because Jeannette had been telling Tory about the things we in the club have been doing. So, Tory asked Jeannette for an introduction to Misty. That brought Tory and Celia to our lunch table today and there they got invited to come to our club meeting to see the pictures from the Miami trip. They weren’t freaked out by the nudity or the sex at all. In fact, by the time the slide show came to an end, they were sure they wanted to join the club. They didn’t even hesitate to get naked with us to go swimming.”

Misty looked over to her dad “Got all that?”

All that teen speed talk had Cooper’s head spinning, but he was focused on one thing. “What pictures did you show them?”

“Mostly it was from the base set I’m making up that I’ll give everyone who went with us, but I am nowhere near ready for the big premiere on Saturday. What I showed today was like a sneak preview of just a few, like about two hundred, of the pictures” Misty said offhandedly.

Lamar added “And some pics of our moms doing it to each other and some guys. And some of Misty, Caitlin and Haley doing it with the kids they’d met inside the place they stayed.”

Byron blurted “They were the hottest pics ever. I thought that showing pics of Mom having sex to everyone would weird me out, but it didn’t.”

Misty corrected “Yes, I just grabbed a few pics to fill in the holes. I did it all too fast. I’d not planned to show any sex pics, but a few got through. No matter what the boys say, only five pics of sex were in the set. They all wanted me to show more of the sex pics, but I didn’t do it.”

Trish said to Cooper, “I should clarify that after the others left, before you got home, Misty showed me and Byron a set of about a hundred sex photos she took of me, including five video clips. Well, I say she showed them to me and Byron, but I let Kelli and Lamar stay to see them too. But as she said, the whole club only saw five pictures of actual sex. of the hundreds and hundreds Misty showed me later. Misty has a real talent for those kinds of photos. In years past I would have cringed to see a photo of me in a bathing suit, but none of what she showed embarrassed me at all because she did a great job of making me look good, even when she showed the most explicit sex.”

Kelli put in “She really does. None of the sex pics looked trashy at all.”

Cooper nodded knowingly. He’d seen her work before and he’d seen the entire set Misty had taken of his wife having anal sex with what he understood to be his daughter’s vacation boyfriend. They were insanely sexy. He had no doubt the photos Misty took of Trish were no less beautifully erotic. From what he understood, Trish had sex with a lot of guys in that one week, though he didn’t know how many sex photos Misty had taken of Byron’s mother.

Misty partially answered that question when she said “I shot way more erotica of her than Mom and Mrs. Marshal combined. Mrs. Simms only saw a portion of what I have. Two of the sets were downright terrific: the mom’s fivesome and when Mrs. Simms got it from Franklin while Caitlin and the Silverfire people watched. Not as great, but still really good were the ones of her with Squirrel, with Zara, and her threesome with Stephen and Red. The photos of her with the waiter, of her threesome with Kimi & Josh, and the photos I took of Brett screwing her against the door were more like candid’s than artistic erotica. Even still, I got at least one really good image of Mrs. Simms getting screwed by eight different guys.”

Trish nodded, “Yes, even some of the ones you called candids were really good.”

This made Cooper finally consider that this all might be too much for her son. He knew Lamar had seen his mother actually having sex on many occasions, but Byron surely had never seen anything like those photos. Looking over to Byron he said “I’m not sure it was right of them to put you on the spot like that. I hope it didn’t bother you too much, everyone seeing your mom in those pictures.”

Trish looked to Cooper, “I guess you don’t realize that Byron had already seen a few of Misty’s pictures right after I got home from Miami. And he’d also seen the photos taken at the swinger party and the ones from doing the Coast Gard guy in the ocean. So today wasn’t the first time he’d seen sex pictures of his mom.”

Byron, who had not said a word, finally spoke up. “Mr. C., you of all people know it’s not like I’ve never seen her do at least some of that in real life, and besides our bro’s Keith and Mike have been saying my mom is a first-rate MILF all summer.”

“MILF?” Cooper queried.

Lamar answered, “Dad, you are so out of it. It’s short for Mom I’d Love to Fuck. Both of them would give their right nut to fuck her. The couple of times she has been here when I’ve had Keith and Mike over, they stare at her tits all the time. And she doesn’t even go topless when they are here.”

“I’ve noticed them looking,” Trish said with a laugh “They are so obvious. They haven’t yet learned that women can tell when a guy is looking at her boobs and not her face. But in their case, it’s flattering that my son’s friends want to peek.”

“Peek nothing” Lamar interjected “Keith and Mike said that last week when they spent the night with Byron, they got more than a peek.”

That seemed to get her attention “What did they say?”

“They said you left your bedroom door wide open that night when you undressed to go to the shower and I guess Mike got a quick look of you fully nude. He told Keith and Byron about it and Byron told them you don’t shut the door when you change and shower anymore. So, they stepped into your room while you were showering so they could see into your bathroom while you were washing your hair. They said they saw everything.”

Looking to Byron she asked, “Is that true?”

Byron sheepishly nodded “I really didn’t think you’d mind. I thought the point of leaving your bedroom door open was that it didn’t matter if I see you naked or what you are doing in bed. I know here at the Campbell’s the rule is that an open door means it is not impolite to watch what is going on. Isn’t that the rule at our house now?”

She knew she was caught. She had intentionally been leaving the door open nearly all the time, even when she’d been masturbating in her bed. And yes she had defacto adopted the Campbell’s house rule. Still, she didn’t think Byron had actually taken up the implicit invite. She wondered if he’d seen her masturbating, or rather how often he saw her doing it. She had no doubt he had seen her at least a few times. She’d been doing it a lot in the weeks since she came back from Miami… like once a day… at least. She had to admit it would be awfully easy for him to observe her undetected since she usually closed her eyes when she got herself off. But she never thought about his friends seeing her. Sure, all the teens at Bonnie’s house knew an open door is an invite to watch, and in Miami she’d been watched by the teenagers and enjoyed it. But this was back home and these were not the Euro-Club girls.

She took in a deep breath, “Your friends are dirty little boys. Yes, when the door is left open, I am giving up any expectation of privacy and it is not rude to look in, but they didn’t know that. And besides that, they didn't see me in the shower from the hallway. From what Lamar said, they came into my room. That is not the same thing.”

Byron nodded, “Yea, but I really didn't know they were going to do that. I was in my room and I thought they were just watching from the hall. I jumped on them for going in like that to see you in the shower. They begged me not to tell you."

Trish said, “So, they don't know I'd intentionally left the door open. That is just as well. But in the future, I’ll be careful to keep the door closed when your school friends are over. I don’t want them suspecting that I don’t mind they saw me in the shower.” then to Lamar she asked, “So did they like what they saw?”

Lamar leaned back and smiled broadly “Oh, yea, as far as what they could see. I guess the glass was steamed up so they didn’t have a perfect view; but they saw enough because when they went back to Byron’s room the two of them jerked off telling each other all the ways they want to have sex with you. If only they knew that the week before you’d done it with five different guys just a few years older than them.”

Cooper again played parent “But your friends will never hear about that will they son?”

Lamar nodded no. Byron was now practically under the table. But he mumbled “But Lamar, when we were jerking and you all were talking about my mom, I was telling you how much I wanted to do it with your mom, not mine.”

That got a laugh from everyone.

Trish nodded. “I bet your little friends would die to get a look at my new photos.” She turned to Cooper, “Misty took photos of me having sex with a total of nine different people including Bonnie and Marcy. It is hard to believe how normal it seemed when Misty showed me the set, to be looking at those photos with my son sitting right beside me. And like he said, he not only didn’t mind seeing his mom acting like a cat in heat; he thinks I’m cool for doing it and letting Lamar & Kelli see them with us. Not just the photos, but a good fifteen minutes of video too. I’d hoped you’d make it home in time to watch it all with me. The photos and short video clips really are quite good, and very hot. If you had been here, Byron surely would have seen me riding you live and in person before it was over. Too bad you were late.”

Byron added, “The whole group only saw a few of mom doing it, but it was enough for all the guys to get the hots for her. How can I not like that they think my mother is great?”

Cooper looked at Misty “Let’s back up to what you showed to the whole club.” Then he firmly asked “Did you show photos of underage kids having sex? I thought your mother had you delete all those photos.”

Misty looked down. “Yes, I had deleted or edited out all that stuff. Well, there was one picture where I hadn't noticed that Haley was having sex in the background. I spent a lot of time editing out any incidental views of those of us who are under eighteen having sex, but you know how crazy it has been. I knew I wasn't done, but the girls were dying to see the pics so I gave them a preview show. Unfortunately, I was in too much of a hurry and I missed one photo that needed to be edited.”

Cooper continued “Young lady, you know your mother and I are very, very permissive, but you know that is not OK. It’s illegal don’t you understand that?”

In a quiet voice she said “Yes.”

“And, am I right in gathering from what the boys said that you showed nude photos of Mrs. Marshal too?”

“Yes, but that was an accident too. I didn’t mean to show any pics that they could see her face. We hadn’t even told anyone she was there.”

“Accident or not, don’t you realize she will lose her job if just one of your friends tells the wrong person. You weren’t using good judgment girl. And very possibly, no probably, Mrs. Marshal will one day pay a high price for it.”

“Sorry Dad” she said quietly.

“Young lady, you will call Sara’s mom as soon as we are done here and tell her what you did. She deserves that.”

“Yes sir. Though I’m sure Sarah has already told her what happened.”

He knew he had made his point and she was clearly hurt, so he thought he’d take some of the sting out. “Did your friends like the photos?”

Misty perked up “Oh yea, they were amazing, if I say so myself. I learned so much this summer at my internship about photography and they are so much better than the ones I took last year. I’ll be ready to give a full show for the families of everyone who went with us by the time Mom gets home.”

Cooper smiled and said “I’m glad you had a good time and your friends liked them, but after dinner, you have got to go back and be sure any remaining photos showing underage people having sex or nude in the rental house are gone. All of them. I want a copy of every photo you keep on a jump drive that I can review tomorrow when I get home. Got it?"

Misty nodded.

“If someone is a minor, they cannot have sex in front of your camera. You’ll be eighteen in March but you aren't yet. After you and your friends are all of age, you can take all the sex photos you want and show them to the world; but until then no more. OK?”


“and that goes for you too” Trish said to Kelli.

“But I wasn’t even in the pics. I wasn’t there at all.”

“You know what we mean” Cooper came back.

“Yes Mr. C, until my birthday on November 27th" Kelli agreed.

Sitting quietly, out of the conversation, Lamar knew full well that he had copies of not only the few remaining photos that his sister would soon edit; but, of hundreds of the other photos his sister had already deleted or edited. Though Misty had been editing the illegal photos on and off for two weeks, she hadn’t finally erased the originals from the camera memory cards until the night before. Lamar had copied the cards in their entirety onto his own flash drive, including the video clips of the mom’s and the girls fucking and sucking dick, and it was hidden along with his collection of all the pics Misty and her friends had snapped with their old little digital camera at their pool in prior years, and the entire content of his parent’s nude photos & videos. He knew he’d be in trouble if they knew he had them, so he just said nothing.

Cooper, to change the subject, said “Talking about photography, How’d your first day as school Photo Editor go?”

This perked Misty up and she said “It’s going to be great. We had a meeting today with the whole publications team. Kelli is the Yearbook Copy Editor so she was there, so was Tommy Francis, he’s the Newspaper Editor”

“Even though we no longer have an actual newspaper” Kelli interjected “It’s online, but he’s still called the newspaper editor and according to him that is even more difficult to do than the old-fashioned kind. And … he is a total hunk and I’ve heard he is very well hung.”

“Oh yea, I’ve heard that too.” Misty agreed “If I could get him naked, I’d ride him until dawn”

Cooper decided to derail this line of talk. He looked over to Trish “That brings me back to what you said earlier. What did you see going on at the pool?”

“Nothing much. Or at least nothing much that I will go on the record as having seen. Just a bunch of nice-looking kids having a good time,” She said with a smile. “I love the windows in the kitchen, I had a great view. Well, I would have if I saw them. You would think I'd remember if I saw hot teens having sex out by the pool… but somehow I don’t."

Kelli evidently didn’t seem to understand her willful amnesia. “Oh, we all knew you were watching us. Even Byron knew you were watching Bailey sucking his dick.”

Trish just looked at Kelli innocently, “I don’t know what you mean. Do you think I would have stood there watching my son receive oral sex from Bailey and then watch her lay back as she guided him to return the favor? What kind of mother do you think I am?”

Cooper noticed Byron blush slightly.

Trish went on to say “Though if I had been watching, I would have been impressed by the energy out there. Kelli, your boyfriend is like the energizer bunny, he just kept going and going, even after you went on to other guys he kept going with that new girl Celia Shultz.”

“Yea, he’s really good like that” Kelli answered. “Why do you think I keep him around? He can do all my friends and still have plenty for me.”

“When you say all your friends you really mean it. Like I said I saw him doing it with the new girl Celia, but I was really surprised that right in front of everyone, he sucked off Iris’s boyfriend. I didn’t think you kids could surprise me, but you did.”

“That started after the big party this summer,” Kelli said. “Now pretty much everybody does everybody. Though not all the guys will take it up the ass, every one of them are happy to either give or receive blow jobs from the other guys… most will do both.”

Trish smiled “Yea, I watched you too, your boyfriend didn’t have anything on you.”

Kelli nodded “I took advantage of getting to fully participate in a club orgy for the first time. For the big end-of-school party I was on my period, and then you guys didn’t take me to Miami. I’ve been missing all the fun. So yea, I did at least something with three of the other guys, and Misty and Sarah and Tory. I was real tempted to do Lamar and Byron too, but I was good and left them to the younger girls. And yes, I’m following house rules. Though I’m on the pill, I made the guys use condoms when we fucked.”

Trish didn’t even seem to wince at the mention of Byron’s name. She simply responded, “As far as I could see, every penis going into a vagina had on a condom, so you all need to be commended.”

“You were looking that close?” Cooper asked.

“You bet. It was all I could do to keep my clothes on and not go out and join them. If I’d known they’d been looking at the photos of me screwing those two Swiss guys, I might just have done it”

Misty jumped in “Oh, the whole crew knew how you took a ride on every one of the Silverfire Guild guys who are our age.”

Trish defended “No, they weren’t your age. Yes, some of them were only a matter of months older than the Euro-Club boys, but those few months matter.”

Then thinking of Lamar and Byron, Cooper asked the boys, “And so you two were just part of the group?”

“Oh yea. But we only made out with the younger girls and we didn’t screw, we just had oral.”

Kelli added “The two new girls fit right in too. I don’t know if you saw it, but Byron was sitting on the side of the pool when Tory just swam over and started giving him a blow job. I let her know that the Campbells have set sixteen up as the minimum age for fucking at their house.”

Cooper nodded, “Well, we are going to have to have a family meeting about adjusting the house rules once Bonnie gets home.”

Kelli came back with “Yea, I heard that Haley’s little sister banged Gregg right in front of you guys and she’s not sixteen yet.”

Misty added, “And last night Lamar and Sarah did everything but fuck right in front of you and Mrs. Marshal… and both of you openly watched them do it.”

Cooper just nodded. What could he say? She was right, he and Marcy had indeed watched them for nearly an hour as they talked. And the two kids had done everything possible without actually putting his penis in her vagina. And the truth was it seemed rather silly to forbid that one little thing.

Kelli began “Well, I didn’t see Lamar or Byron screwing… even if they were busy doing other things.” Then she turned to Lamar, “Oh, and congrats, I didn’t know you and Sarah were officially a couple.”

Lamar, who had been trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, said “It was kinda a surprise for me too when she announced it.”

That got a chuckle from his dad. “I know the feeling son. Your mom had me hooked and put away before I knew what had hit me. And I know your mother gave you and Sara the go-ahead for oral sex before their trip.”

Kelli then continued looking right at Lamar. “Since you are now a Euro-Club guy, I hated to butt in to tell Tory no screwing. But we have promised to live by your parent’s rules and well, I’ve never met a guy who can just say no half-way through a blow job. Especially one as energetic as the one she was giving you."

That got some laughs.

Then she looked back to Mr. C. and said “I was actually impressed she didn’t go through with what she was planning. I guess I should mention that Celia had come over and given them a condom.”

Misty added “Yea, I knew Mom had given Lamar and Sarah a green light to go down on each other. But I thought she had asked them to be discreet till he turned sixteen. Last night after dinner, they were anything but discreet, so today seemed no big deal. I know mom has put it up to them when to start screwing, but she still would like them to build up to that.”

Trish came to Lamar’s defense, “Now girls, it seems so unfair for you guys to let Byron and Lamar join your friends getting naked and crazy and then expect them not to want to fully participate. All the younger girls got drilled by dick, even Sarah. I watched her taking a pounding from Devin even while she and Lamar kissed. It’s hard to see that was easy for him. But I guess he has a great example in his dad.”

Lamar finally spoke up “The difference is that both Sarah and I know I could have put my dick in her pussy if I’d decided I really had to. She certainly wouldn’t have said no. We talked about that even before she started screwing Devin. And, to be honest, I really liked watching how much she liked his dick in her. Just like you saw, the whole time he was doing her, we were making out. I could feel it each time he drove it home. Once he was done, she asked me to go down on her. I guess that is sort of like she and Bailey do. Afterward, we sort of agreed that she can fuck all of the Euro-Club guys, but if I’m there, she wants me to get her off with my mouth once the other guy finishes. No there isn’t any cum since the club rule is to use condoms, but she wants me to give her the orgasm. That is what we did out there today and what will be doing at least for the next month or two.”

Cooper was impressed they had already worked all that out explicitly. Back when they had first started dating, he and Bonnie had not talked that directly for months even though she didn’t hide the fact she continued to fuck other guys.

Kelli looked right at Mrs. Simms, “You have to know we knew you were watching us and the guys were hoping the super MILF would come out. But you can be sure they will be whacking off tonight thinking about doing you.”

“For sure.” Lamar laughed. “I’m sure I will because I have access to the pics and videos.”

The girls got another laugh at that and agreed that all three of the Moms who went to Miami were classic MILF’s. Trish laughed out loud and told the girls “When you are my age, if you still have teenagers jacking off thinking about you, you’ll feel pretty good about yourself.” Then as an afterthought, she added, “Oh, Misty, did you get your dad’s bed made after you and Kelli were finished with it?”

“So that’s why my bed was made,” Cooper said to himself.

Trish turned to Cooper, “Misty ran everyone out but Kelli by 6:30. After we looked at my pics, and you still weren’t home, Misty and Kelli decided to have some girl time in your bed. They were going at it hot and heavy when I told them you had pulled into the drive. I asked them to make the bed up for you… though you might find a wet spot or two.”

Everyone was finishing up dinner when Trish told Byron “It will only take me about ten minutes to get this cleaned up, I’ve done most of it already, so go get your stuff together. It is already later than I planned.”

The girls went to the family room and turned on a teen-oriented sitcom while the boys when up the stairs. Cooper was hoping for some relief from his now raging erection, but Trish got straight to work. So he, out of guilt, got busy helping.

Soon the dishwasher was humming and Trish was wiping down the sink. Turning to Cooper she said “Bonnie called and had asked that I provide you with some more intimate needs. Sadly I’m afraid you got home too late for us to knock heels” then reaching up to pull the knot out of her halter top, she pushed Cooper against the counter and pressed her lips to his as her top fell open.

Her tongue writhed in his mouth as he pushed his crotch against hers. He cupped her breast then fingered the rubbery nipple. He wondered if he might cum just kissing like this, but she did not give him time. She broke the kiss and said I really gotta go”

His growing disappointment at having to jerk off again tonight was sidetracked when she added “So don’t hold back” and she slipped to her knees unbuckling his belt as she went.

Working quickly, Trish unzipped Cooper’s dress slacks and pulled his pants and underwear to the floor before gripping his penis and swallowing the head. She didn’t take her time to enjoy but went straight to focusing single-mindedly on drawing out the semen from his balls. She’d only knelt in front of a man like this one other time, with Richard Ravenel, and like that time, she found herself craving the taste of his semen in her mouth. She had put Cooper’s penis in her mouth on five different occasions, but she had only felt his climax while she did once, but she had never taken it to the hilt before. Her brief affair at Hilton Head had opened her to the enjoyment of the taste of her lover’s semen, and now she went after Cooper’s with relish.

Though she wanted it all, Trish had a hard time taking in all of Cooper’s cock. It was significantly longer and thicker than Mr. Ravenel’s had been. Wrapping both hands around his ass, she pulled him deeper into her mouth, sucking hard and caressing the shaft with her lips and tongue. She suppressed the gag reflex as she pulled it deep. For the first time in her life, she felt a penis actually in her throat, it was odd, disconcerting, and incredibly sexy.

With Trish’s obvious desire to swallow his cock, it took Cooper no time before he knew he would cum hard. Instinctively he began to thrust, he grabbed her head with both hands as he began to stroke; slowly at first but quickly becoming hard and fast. His muscles in his thighs and buttocks strained to push his penis in further still. He surprised himself when he arched his back forcing the last bit of his organ down her throat, but somehow, he knew that was what she wanted.

“Is this what you want?” he croaked.

She nodded her head as best she could. If it had not been Cooper, someone she trusted deeply, this subservient position and the fact he was now fucking her mouth, driving his penis halfway down her throat each time, it would have upset her. But with him, even the discomfort was a joy.

In his loins, the climax began. Momentarily he held her face up tight against his pelvis awaiting the first spasm; then before it came, he released her head to brace himself against the counter. From his lips came a loud groan as the semen erupted from his penis. As he had expected, he came hard. A second intense contraction sent more fluid down her throat.

Trish had to come up for air. Unexpectedly from Cooper's erection in front of her face came a third long stream. It left white globules from the hair above her right ear down to her chin, with the last puddle on the inside of her left breast. With the two streams of semen having been shot down her throat, bypassing her mouth, she was able to quickly descend on the slick shaft to take two more small spurts before sucking out the last of the sticky fluid from Cooper’s shrinking organ.

His thighs lost their strength and his knees began to buckle. Holding himself up on the counter. He wished the moment would last forever. Her mouth continued to massage his penis as he came down from his erotic high.

Once he was somewhat flaccid, she stood and gave him a savory kiss.

“I hope you will tell Bonnie that I did a good job of taking care of you tonight.”

The whole thing had lasted hardly more than five minutes.

She loosely tied her halter back and they both headed toward the family room. The girls stood up and turned to them. “Dad, I think the neighbors heard you cum” Misty chided.

Kelli put in "But, I thought it was cool how you guys did it in there with us right here. I so wish my home was like this one."

Trish smiled and said "Before you know it you will have your own home and you can make the rules. If you want you can do just like Bonnie and Cooper and make it normal for your kids to see adults having sex." Then she called for Byron to come before scooping the last blob of semen off of her cleavage.

Kelli answered, "I will, that's for sure."

After watching Trish very ostentatiously lick the semen off her fingers, Misty added “I think you got it off your chest but there is more in your hair.”


“Just above your ear” Kelli helped and pointed to the two-inch line of thick fluid laying in Mrs. Simms’s hair.

“Isn’t he going to return the favor?” Misty asked accusingly.

“I’m sure he’d be all too happy to do so, and I am sure I’d love it; but we really have got to go. If we had time I’d bend over and let him do me right in front of you two, but alas….” She paused then added, “Don't worry though, I will be back and you can be sure that I will get mine.”

Once the Simms and Kelli had gone Misty got busy making good on her promise to her father to have no more illegal photos on any computer. But she rapidly found out there were more photos to re-edit than she had time. Very sheepishly she went downstairs and asked her father if she could have one more day " that I don't have to stay up all night and be a zombie tomorrow at school." She hoped making it a matter of being ready for school would give her the extra day. She was right.

So, after school, with the help of both Sarah and Caitlin, the last of the “illegal” photos were edited to make them at least disputable. Misty hated it when she finally purged her hard drive and the memory cards of the last remaining original erotic photos and all the videos of the teens. Many of the photos taken inside the rental house were really good. By careful cropping and some neat Photoshop tricks, she was able to keep a full four dozen of the very best images of Euro-Club erotica.

The following Monday, Trish was over at the Campbell's prepping a few meals for Cooper and the kids. She was happy to help. She'd picked up Lamar, Byron, and Sarah at school since Misty had to work late on publications staff business. As expected, the three teens stripped down right in the living room before they headed out of the back door.

Occasionally Trish looked out the kitchen window to see the kids swimming or just sitting and talking. She was just finishing up when she looked out again. The two boys sat on the edge of the far side of the pool. She wasn't all that surprised to see Sarah in the water, with her head between Lamar's legs. She was obviously giving him head. However, what she did not expect was to see that Lamar was stroking her son's erection. Sure, Bonnie had told her some time ago that one day she would find the boys jacking each other, and possibly even giving one another blow jobs; and Byron and Lamar had clearly seen a couple of the Euro-Club boyfriends sucking each other’s dicks the other day. So this was not as big a thing as it might seem to her. Even so, actually seeing her son clearly enjoying Lamar's hand on his penis was arresting. She stood in the big dining room window for several minutes. She watched long enough to see Sarah move over to switch from sucking Lamar’s erection, to Byron’s. Just as Lamar had done for him, as Sarah worked on Byron’s dick, he slowly jacked Lamar keeping him fully hard till she returned to her boyfriend’s penis.

This was far from the first time Trish had seen Sarah put her son’s penis in her mouth. In the absence of Lamar for two weeks, Byron had been an easy and available substitute. As planned, on Monday after they had returned from Miami, Trish and Marcy came to the Campbell’s home to catch up on Bonnie’s FFF work. Naturally, she’d brought Byron so he could swim and Marcy had brought both Sarah and Bailey. Just as naturally the teens all got naked right off, and given the events of the prior week, it was also not a surprise that Sarah and Bailey were openly ‘affectionate’ to one another out at the swimming pool. What had surprised her that first day was that they invited Byron to join them on the new daybed Cooper had set up in their absence. Though to be fair to the girls, Trish recalled how Sarah came into the house to ask Trish if she was OK with her and Bailey having oral sex with her son.

She was sure she’d sat there at the office desk for half a minute dumbfounded at the question. She knew that while her son was a grade behind the girls, he was actually only three months younger than Sarah, so there really was no practical age difference at all. Since, while in Miami both she and the girls had been quite open about enjoying sex right in front of everyone; Sarah’s direct question was a simple courtesy, not an attempt to shock. With Marcy watching to see what she’d say, Trish just said, “That is up to him.”

Sarah laughed, “Oh his hard-on has been up to it for over an hour. We just thought it was only fair to let him join in.”

When the Campbell’s week in Tennessee became two, Trish and Marcy spent three more afternoons in the “FFF office” at the Campbell’s before Cooper and the kids came home. On two of the additional days, Sarah again brought Bailey with her. By the end of the last day, it became just as normal for the two mothers to find the girls and Byron having oral sex as it was to find them naked (which was all the time). According to Sarah, who was very free in giving such information, Byron was getting better at cunnilingus and could be counted on to give three loads of semen in the two or three hours the two moms worked for the FFF.

Both Trish and Marcy had wondered how it would play out when Lamar got home… that afternoon watching the best friends masturbate each other while Sarah fellated them, Trish had the answer.

On that Monday afternoon of the first full week of school, Sarah stayed with the boys for dinner before her mother came to get her. At about 8:30 PM, while Marcy was waiting for her daughter to put on some clothes so as to get into the car, as brightly as could be Sarah said to her mom “It’s been great having both Lamar and Byron all to myself this afternoon. I’m sure I had one of their dicks in my mouth for hours and between the two of them, I must have swallowed half-a-gallon of cum. And poor Misty, she didn’t know that when she got home, the guys and I had just finished up on the day bed. While I sucked Byron, I’d sat on Lamar’s dick. It was not in me, but we’d both cum while I ground my pussy and clit on his cock under me. So my pussy was covered with his cum when Misty came out to the pool. She didn’t give me a chance to tell her before she went down on me. Of course, once she got down there, she had to have seen it all over me. But she clamped her mouth over my gooey pussy. She didn’t react or mention what she’d found until after she had gotten me off. Afterward, she said that since she has been home, my mouth has tasted like her brother’s cum when we kiss as often as not, so she said that she didn’t think that it was a big deal when she went down on me. I thought it was super-hot though.”

Marcy looked to Trish somehow thinking the other mother could confirm it. Trish had just nodded. She’d seen the whole thing. She’d seen Misty go out and shoo the boys away. Through the closed window Trish couldn’t hear what Misty said, but it certainly had been something to the effect that it was her turn. To Marcy’s gaze, she just said “Your daughter has had quite an afternoon.”

Pulling on her shorts, Sarah looked to her mother and said, “Since Byron turns sixteen in October, it won’t be long before those dicks will be somewhere else too. Mom, you just have to accept, I am Slosh Junior.”

Marcy didn’t act the least bit put out by her daughter’s actions, though she did shake her head before saying to Trish, “Well, I guess this makes my invitation for you and Byron to come over tomorrow night a bit more interesting. Mike and I thought you might want to have some play time in our bed after dinner. Now I guess we can assume that Sarah and Byron will have their own playtime while we do.”

Trish just said, “Oh well, this is our new world. What time do you want us to be there?”

When Sarah and her mother were gone, Trish let her son know they would be leaving shortly, as soon as she helped Cooper with the dishes. Since she’d been cleaning as she prepared the food, it was only a matter of minutes before the last signs of dinner were gone. With the cleaning up done, Trish announced to Cooper, “Sorry we are short on time again, so we will have to do with a quicky.”

With that, Trish pulled the stretch mini-skirt she was wearing up to her waist and bent over the kitchen island counter. Cooper had already decided she wore nothing under the clingy thin fabric, so her bare ass was there waiting for him.

Trish said, “Watching the kids out by the pool get it on all afternoon, I’ve been dying for this for hours.”

Cooper didn’t need any more of an invitation. In under a minute his slacks were down and he had filled her vagina with his almost-full erection. Her moan of pleasure at his entry served to bring his penis to its full size and firmness. Even though he knew she wanted this to be quick, he still took the time to work her up before starting to really pummel her. She responded with energetic vocalizations and pushing her hips back to meet his thrusts.

As if they had radar, the boys appeared just outside the doorway to the living room just as Cooper began to climax. Perhaps it was the noise of his body slapping on Trish, or her rather passionate moans and comments that drew them; but, Byron and Lamar watched from just outside the kitchen doorway as Lamar’s dad ejaculated into Byron’s mother. Cooper didn’t turn to look at the two boys, but he’d seen them in the corner of his eye. He knew she had to have known her son was not more than fifteen feet away as she cried out that she was cumming.

Once Cooper had worked through his climax and pulled his shrinking penis out, Trish turned to kiss him deeply with her skirt still at her waist and his pants still around his thighs. Though they had both known when the boys arrived, they acted surprised to see them when they broke the kiss.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Trish said in feigned innocence. “I hope you two aren’t traumatized by seeing that little display of affection.”

Both boys assured her they had not.

The rest of the week Cooper came home late every day. Though Trish had been over two more afternoons to again observe teens cavorting by the pool after school, she’d been gone when Cooper had made it home both times. Early on Saturday, she and Byron arrived at the Campbell's home. Misty was gone off with Sarah and the club girls to spend the day in Atlanta doing more back-to-school shopping, so it was just Cooper, Trish, and the boys at home.

It didn't take long for her to drag Cooper to the bed. After a long pleasant session of touching & kissing foreplay, Trish took his penis in her mouth. She had only time to begin before he reminded her of the debt he owed her. As was his custom he warmed her up with kisses all over her body before beginning on her vulva. She kept asking him to start on her clit, but he took his time. Once he did, he was not surprised that it did not take long before her hips began to undulate. In short order, she began a string of climaxes.

During their foreplay, Trish had watched in the overhead mirror as Cooper worked between her legs and she caressed her own breasts and pinched her nipples. For the n-teenth time, she'd wondered how Bonnie had married such an amazing lover while she'd married a dud. As she felt the first of the orgasms approaching, the soft undulations of her hips became hard thrusts without any conscious effort on her part. She had to use one hand for support while continuing to play with her breast with the other. When the first one hit, she closed her eyes and kept them closed until after five rounds of orgasm she just couldn't take anymore.

"No more " she cried. Then she, less emphatically, said, “My clit is just too sensitive now.” She opened her eyes to look down at Cooper. He briefly looked up from between her legs, but rather than taking his face from her crotch, he simply refocused from her clit to kissing her smooth vulva and licking the inside of the mouth of her vagina. For Trish that was perfect. It felt good but it was a break from the intense stimulation he'd been giving her.

Suddenly, she realized that Lamar was in the room, standing to her left, between the bed and dresser, not four feet from her. The intensity of her orgasms had momentarily fogged her brain and narrowed her focus, but now she saw Lamar and her head snapped to look at him. Before she could think of what to say or do, the teenage boy looked into her eyes and said “Mrs. Simms, Byron wants me to make absolutely sure you are OK with us watching you and Dad from the living room. He knows you were fine with us seeing you and Dad the other day, and at our house, an open door means we can watch; but he doesn’t want to take any chances. Can you let him know that it really is OK for us to watch you and Dad from the living room?”

It took her a full five seconds to process what was happening. It was not so much that Lamar’s appearance startled Trish, though it did, it was trying to process something unrelated through the sexual glow in which she was lost. Much to her own surprise, she didn’t even try to cover up despite the fact she was spread eagle with him standing almost close enough to touch. Sure, he’d seen her nude quite a bit over the summer, but to be this close while she was still receiving oral sex was difficult.

She tried to focus on his question. Yes, her son had seen Cooper do her in the kitchen on Monday, and he had openly watched the videos of her having sex right in their apartment living room several times since she brought them home the week before. From what she could tell, none of it had bothered him. Even still, it was something entirely different to directly tell her son that it was OK for him to openly watch her (and possibly masturbate) while she had sex with Lamar’s father.

Though watching the video clips of herself with multiple people with Byron twice in the last week had erased much of her prior concerns, it was hard to say “yes” to Lamar’s question. Though Byron had not pulled out his erection to stroke it in front of her while watching her having sex on the screen (as she knew Lamar had done with his mother’s videos); she was sure even that was only a matter of time. And the truth was while watching the video clips with her son, she was quite tempted to get herself off right on the sofa.

Trish ran all this through her mind in the few seconds it took for her to lift herself up on her elbows. Looking past Lamar on her left, and Cooper between her legs, she could see her son at the doorway. He'd no doubt watched her cum over and over again. Now the fact she'd been so vocal about it embarrassed her. She told herself it shouldn't, but it did all the same. Despite all these thoughts, she told Lamar “We left the door open so you two are free to watch if you want. I don’t know why you would want to, but that’s your choice.”

With that, Lamar turned to leave, slowly.

For his part, initially, Cooper just looked up very briefly. Seeing that Lamar didn’t need him, he went right back down and pushed his tongue into her vagina. But as his son was slow to actually leave the room he put up his head again and said, "But that doesn't mean you two can stand in the doorway. If you want to watch us, you need to stay in the living room."

While they did what he said, Lamar did not go to his normal watching place hidden in the nighttime shadows on the far side of the living room. Rather, the boys only moved about five feet from the bedroom door to stand just outside of the room. There they were far from being unobtrusive, to Trish they were so close they might as well have been right in the room. Even with her eyes closed, it was hard to focus on what Cooper was doing between her legs with them right there. Since she couldn’t get into Cooper’s oral sex, she told him to try something different.

She rolled over and Cooper helped her to get a couple of pillows to go under her hips. She was afraid that if she had Cooper get on top of her it might be too graphic for her son… well for her. She remembered something Cooper had her do the first time they made love. Not only would it be the least explicit thing they could do, but it had also really felt great the first time. She lay chest down on the bed, crossing her arms to support her head. Her hips were up supported by both the pillows and her knees to give Cooper easy access. She almost turned her head to face the headboard but did not. She turned to face the doorway. She had a direct view of her son watching wide-eyed just inside of the Campbell’s living room. She quickly closed her eyes.

Cooper did not just push his penis into her as most guys would; but rather he gently ran his hands up her legs and up onto her back. When he began to kiss her upturned rear-end it was just so gentle and relaxing. But when his kisses went down between her cheeks and she felt his tongue press on her anus she let out a gasp. No one had ever done that before and not only was it a surprise, but it felt so good. She groaned loudly to let him know she liked it. Forgetting for a moment that the boys were watching she said “Oh yea! Your tongue in my ass feels amazing. Keep doing that.”

Though she had momentarily forgotten, the boys were watching… and listening. Lamar put his hand inside his shorts and gripped his erection. He really liked the feeling of his cock. He didn't have to jack off, just holding it watching his dad do Byron's mom was so nice. Of course, once he and Byron got back to his room they would most definitely jack each other off until they couldn't get it up any longer. He was thinking about suggesting they blow each other today, but wasn’t sure Byron was ready for that yet.

When Lamar’s dad finally stood up on his knees and pulled Mrs. Simms up on her knees as well; Both boys could clearly see him guiding his cock to Byron’s mother’s pussy. He rubbed the head on her for a moment or two before easing it in slowly. It was insanely hot to watch from so close up. Lamar looked over to see Byron's response. His best friend was staring intently as his mother moaned in pleasure. His hard-on was evident in his shorts. Lamar whispered, "Is it hot to watch your mom get fucked in person like this?"

Byron just nodded.

Lamar looked back and watched his dad. Rather than stroking in and out, he just appeared to give Mrs. Simms a back rub, with his dick in her. That was odd and more than a little disappointing. This was the closest he'd ever been while watching sex in his parent's bed, but nothing interesting was happening.

While Lamar might have thought what Cooper was doing was dull, for Trish it was nothing less than heavenly. Though she had made love to Cooper several times, she was still thrilled with his slow sensual style. She was both relaxed and aroused at the same time as Cooper, with his penis all the way in her, gave her a tender back and shoulder rub. In a steady rhythm, his hips slowly pushed forward till she could feel him pressing hard on her labia, then relaxing so the pressure disappeared, then pressing his penis deep once again. It was comforting, almost like the rocking of a boat. Before she’d had sex with him the first time, she didn't even know this kind of lovemaking was possible.

Trish said softly, "This is so wonderful. If you want to do this for the next hour you'll get no complaints from me." Though she couldn't see it, Cooper smiled. She had almost forgotten about the boys until she opened her eyes. She and her son made eye contact. She smiled to let him know she knew he was watching but did not object. He reciprocated. Significantly Lamar had his hand in his pants, but Byron did not. Once more she closed her eyes.

To Cooper, she whispered, "You know what's weird?"


"Though I know Byron is right outside of the door watching me have sex, I'm not the least bit embarrassed by it."

He leaned down close to her ear and whispered, "You have come a long way since the summer began."

"I guess so. But, a lot of it is how you make love to me. We aren’t just doing it like animals rutting…OK, that is what we were doing the other day when they caught us.” She gave a soft laugh. “Of course, that time I’d been too turned on to care they were there. Not that doing that wasn't fun, but doing it like this is different. It is like what Byron is seeing today is not pornographic, but just his mom and his best friend’s dad sharing." Then she again went silent. Since she'd told him clearly she wanted him to keep up the same thing and his erection was holding firm, he just continued.

Trish was indeed enjoying Cooper's efforts. And when he began to kiss the back of her neck and shoulders she shuttered and let out a moan. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes again. Her son was still watching her. She smiled and winked at him before closing them again.

From only three feet outside the door, Lamar was rather disappointed at the dull performance. This was not what he'd hoped to see, but he couldn't help but imagine it was him and not his dad fucking Byron's mother.

Lamar pushed down his waistband and pulled his cock out in the open. He whispered, "Come on Byron, let's show them how much we like watching." Just the thought of Mrs. Simms watching him jack off was enough to make some pre-cum ooze out.

"No" Byron whispered. “I'm guessing that us just being here is weird for my mom, I don't think we should push it any further."

It hadn't occurred to Lamar’s fifteen-year-old hormone-addled brain that Byron's mother wouldn't want to see him stroking while watching her screw. A little disappointed he put his woody back in his pants. His dad wasn't really doing anything. He was just rubbing Mrs. Sims’s shoulders and back with his dick in her. This was why he normally didn't watch for very long… and this was duller than usual. He looked over to his best friend who didn't seem the least bit bored and said "Let's go to the game room and whack off. I'm so ready to spew."

Without taking his eyes off his mother, Byron said, "OK, let's watch the video of your mom with the three guys in your backyard."

Lamar thought that was a great idea, and so they went.

When Trish opened her eyes again, the boys were gone. She’d not seen how Lamar had briefly pulled his erection from his shorts while watching her. She and Cooper had gotten in the bed an hour before and his erection finally had begun to wane. So they took a break.

Lying beside Cooper and looking into the mirror above them, Trish asked what he thought of what just happened with the boys.

He said "Maybe you aren't aware of it, but while he’s seen me and Bonnie having sex since he was small, only in the last couple of years or so has Lamar been deliberately watching us make love. His normal place is behind the living room sofa. I think he started when puberty gave him a new understanding of what he had been seeing all his life.”

Trish laughed, “Yea, I bet.”

“The house rule is he is free to watch, and even masturbate, as long as he stays in the shadows and is not obtrusive. Since all the new things this summer, I don’t know if he has actually stayed there and jacked off watching when it is just Bonnie and me. But when we’ve had friends in the bed with us, he has watched when he could, though Bonnie let him know our guests shouldn’t even know he is there. The first time with Heather, he and Misty both watched and masturbated right in front of each other.”

“Yes,” Trish said. “I know. Bonnie and I have talked about that many times.”

“Has she told you that with our explicit approval, right in the game room he quite openly watches sex videos, including the ones with Jill & Vic, the clips from our Caribbean trip and the one of her with the three builders? Actually, we’ve watched all of those as well as some of the really old videos we’ve had converted to digital as part of our weekly movie nights. Each week during June and July, we watched one of our home videos before the night’s movie. Both kids get a kick out of the old videos where I am thin and have a full head of hair. Inevitably one of them asks who that man screwing their mom is.”

Trish laughed softly.

“In the month or so before you guys went to Miami, when Bonnie walked in on Lamar watching sex videos during the day, it didn’t bother him in the least that she saw.” Cooper then digressed “I guess Bonnie has told you we have curated a collection of artistic erotica and sex-positive amateur videos for the kids to watch.”

Trish nodded indicating she knew that.

“Over the summer, since everyone was naked most of the time, he didn’t even try to cover up that he masturbates while watching sex videos in the game room… he goes right on playing with himself as she goes back and forth doing the laundry. I guess that makes sense because Bonnie has masturbated with the bedroom door open his entire life, so he’s not embarrassed in the least she sees him do it.” Then he added, “But the rule is he has to clean up his mess when he is done.”

Trish laughed again then said, “Yes, Bonnie has told me all of that.”

“I guess we will soon add all the Miami video clips to the collection. Unless you object, your video clips will be available for Misty and Lamar to watch anytime they want.”

Trish quickly said “Well, I specifically let them watch them with me that first time. I don’t know why they would want to watch them again, but they certainly have my permission.” She paused then added, “Would you mind if I had the boys make a copy of all those movies and videos you have for your kids for me and Byron to watch at home?”

“Of course not. You’ll just need to make sure Byron, like Lamar, understands that he can’t make copies for his friends and he needs to be very careful to whom he shows them to.”

Trish snuggled closer to Cooper. “Yes, that makes sense.”

Cooper thought and asked “What would you think of asking Misty to do a video of you and me? We could let her play director and see what she comes up with.”

“I think that is a great idea.”

They snuggled and kissed before laying back to again look up in the mirror at their naked forms side by side.

After a few minutes, Cooper said. “When I told Lamar not to stay in the doorway, I’d meant for him to go back behind the couch like he usually does. I didn’t mean for them to just stand a few feet outside the bedroom. This was the first time he's been that close to the door while watching. I'm sorry that was my fault. I'll talk to him about it."

Trish looked at Cooper in the mirror, "Well what's done is done. They seemed to have gotten bored pretty fast anyway."

Cooper chuckled. "He never stays all that long. When we've had a playmate over he has stayed as long as twenty minutes but when it's just me and Bonnie he only stays for like five or ten before leaving. I suspect he doesn’t stay long because real sex is much less visually interesting than porn, especially when it’s his parents. And since we don’t pay him any attention while he watches us have sex, it simply doesn’t have the thrill of being forbidden as it would be for most teenage boys.”

Trish softly said "You know, I think you are right. I think it is good for Byron to see us making love like this."

Cooper whispered back, "Not that I disagree, but how so?"

Trish had to think for a moment to find the right words. "It's that by Byron watching you and I, you are showing him how to make love in a way that is more than just fucking. He isn't going to find that in most porn on the internet."

Cooper couldn't disagree with her assessment.

Trish went on “Having sex with you isn’t about you proving anything. Instead, it is about you showing me love and your desire to feel oneness with me. Ronda and I were talking about it the other day. She has infinitely more experience with men than I do, and she said you were different from any man she’s ever been with.”

“Really? She does it with athletic younger men. I’m just an average dad.”

“What Ronda said was that for you sex isn’t all about your dick and showing how macho you are. And she said it wasn’t just that you took time to find out what she wanted. What she said is you used your dick and hands and mouth to show her love. In her head, she knows you don’t love her; but you made her feel that you did and that you weren’t fucking her, but showing love using your whole body, not just your dick. She really appreciated that. I know that is how you make me feel too, and from what Bonnie has said, I think that is how you make that teenage girl, Heather, feel. Ronda most definitely wants making love with you to be a regular thing. Are you up to one more woman in your life?”

Though he laughed as if it were a joke, he really was wondering how he was going to make time for Trish, Amy, Heather AND Ronda without neglecting Bonnie. Cooper didn’t know what to say. Sure, he found it easy to feel love for the women he slept with. It just seemed natural to use all the parts of his body to show it. He thought about it and said “I guess it’s just natural to feel love for the women with whom I have sex. I simply try to show…” he thought then corrected “not just to show the love I feel at that moment, but to pass on that love to them the best I can. And to me, when I put my erection in you, or Ronda or Amy or Heather, it becomes like a spiritual umbilical cord connecting us. Through it, I try to send the love I’m feeling for you. I know lots of guys see their dick as a sword to conquer women, but I just can’t see it that way and I never have. For me, my penis is a tool to create joy and express love.”

Trish thought about his words for days before concluding he was exactly right… at least for him; though she was sure very few men thought of it that way.

Round two of sex came after the girls had returned and the five of them had a late lunch together.

Owing largely to the fact that Cooper had chosen not to ejaculate in round one, this time it was more energetic. It was not the boys who interrupted them, but Misty and Sarah. They didn't even bother to ask, nor did they stay in the living room. They came right in the bedroom and sat on either side of Trish who was on her back while Cooper was on his knees steadily working his penis in and out.

Though Misty was dressed, or half-dressed rather since she was in one of the revealing outfits she’d bought in Miami, Sarah was totally nude. That was no surprise since all summer she had shed her clothes within minutes of arriving at the Campbells.

Sarah scooted up onto the bed to sit cross-legged right beside Trish. Cooper stopped stroking in confusion. She pointedly looked directly at where Trish’s lips were gripping Cooper’s erection. In an incongruently cheerful voice, Sarah’s words came out in a torrent as she spoke to Cooper, “Oh don’t stop on account of me. I’ve watched Mrs. Simms have sex several times already. On the last night in Miami, I watched her threesome with Red and Stephen for a long time. I really liked watching Mrs. Simms fuck Red. He and I had screwed several times the night before so I knew exactly what his dick felt like inside of her. I didn’t do it with Stephen because I was too busy with Squirrel, who I watched do Mom in the afternoon. But we all watched Bailey with the two of them after they’d finished with Mrs. Simms.”

As she spoke, Cooper realized that although Bonnie and Misty had told about their trip in explicit detail, clearly there was a lot he hadn’t understood. Like how much overlap there had been between the girl’s sex partners and the parents. That would go a long way in explaining why Trish didn’t seem the least bit bothered by Misty and Sarah on the bed.

Sarah went on speaking to him in a blithely chipper voice, “Did you know that on Tuesday evening, Mrs. Simms came over to have sex with my parents.? They let me watch. Not from this close, they made me stay in the doorway, but for like an hour and a half they had a threesome, though most of the time either Mom or Dad did it with her while the other watched. I didn’t just stand there that long, but I looked in on them three times. One of the times Mom was eating her out while she sucked Dad’s dick, and then later I saw Mom watching as Dad fucked Mrs. Simms really hard. Like I said, I didn’t stay the whole time since they went on and on and on, but I saw a lot.”

While Trish didn’t seem the least bit put out, Cooper was completely at a loss as to what he should do. He looked to Trish. She nodded and said, “As Sarah said, she’s seen me do it, and I’ve seen her screwing too. I guess a lot of things changed in Miami. So go ahead.”

Cooper resumed stroking, though slowly. Trish didn't seem bothered at all that Sarah’s eyes were fixed on the point Cooper entered her as he began to pick up speed. More quietly, but still clearly speaking to Cooper, Sarah said “I like how Mrs. Simms’s little lips seem to grab at your dick as you pull it out. It’s like her body is trying not to let you go.”

Trish smiled at the girl and said “I just know it feels really, really good.”

Breathily Sarah said, “Yea, I bet it does.”

From his right, Cooper heard Misty quip to Sarah “I captured that image really well in a couple of photos. One was when she was riding Red, I shot a great close-up of just what you are saying. I did it in high-contrast black and white. It is super cool.”

Cooper had actually seen the image of which his daughter was speaking. While at the motel in Tennessee, Misty had been quite proud of it when she’d finished processing it in Photoshop. She’d made a point to ask him to come over to take a look. And… he’d been impressed. Cropped very close, in monochrome with the color and fine details smoothed, it looked like abstract art. Misty had told him it was the penis of one of the teenage boys encased in Mrs. Simms’s labial lips. It was an impressive photo.

To her father, Misty said, “I shot photos of her fucking all six of the Silverfire guys, in the fivesome with the two Swiss men, and her taking it doggie from the waiter she brought back to the rental house. Not all of those pictures are great, but I did capture her fucking nine different guys.”

Sarah looked up from the sex to Trish’s face, “And the video she took of you and Franklin is really super-hot. I wished I’d been there to see it live.”

Trish seemed to smile then responded by saying “Maybe I should start naming all the guys I saw with their dicks in you two?” She turned her head slightly to look right at Sarah, or do I need to name the three Euro-Club boy toys I have actually seen you fucking since we got back? Or count the times I’ve seen my son’s penis in your mouth? I seem to recall how on the day before Lamar came home, you, Bailey, and Byron had a threesome in the Campbell’s living room. You knew full well your mother and I went in and out of the study several times and you didn’t even slow down when we were… well just about as close as you are to me now.”

Cooper couldn’t miss that Trish interacted with the girls more like peers than an authority figure. They were just messing with each other as equals… while he was having sex with her. It was very, very odd. Not off-putting, but odd.

Sarah laughed “OK, I was showing off just a little bit, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like doing it.”

All three of them laughed as if it were three friends, not a mother and two teenage girls. Cooper wasn’t sure what to think of that.

Even as Cooper slowly increased his tempo and intensity, Trish, Misty, and Sarah chatted about the relative merits of the overlapping sexual partners the three of them had in Miami. The juxtaposition of the casual talk about the relative merits of guys they had all had inside of them, with the fact he was right there sliding his own penis in Trish was odd indeed. It was both sexy and not. As such he was able to maintain a full erection, yet was not tempted at all to climax. “Yes, very odd,” he thought.

This went on for a good ten minutes before Sarah suddenly seemed to remember something. “Oh, Mrs. Simms, the reason I came in here was to tell you that my mom is on her way over here to get me.” She looked over the prone woman’s body and then leaned down to Trish’s ear and said “But now that I’m here on the bed with you watching Mr. C.’s dick in you, I really want to see you cum, like from up close. Can you do it before I leave?”

Smiling, Trish responded, “I think I can do that for you.” She then put a hand to her crotch and began to rub as Cooper kept working his penis in and out of her.

It didn’t take Trish very long before her hips began to lift from the bed. She started to thrust into Cooper. Then she began to narrate “It’s coming….. almost… harder, Cooper do me harder….”

Cooper did his best to comply, but he wasn’t like that teenage boy from Miami that he’d seen doing Trish in the video. He couldn’t keep this up indefinitely And it was only in that video he’d seen Trish act like this. She gripped a breast with one hand as she furiously masturbated with the other, bucking and vocalizing the whole time.

Finally, just before Cooper was going to have to stop to rest, Trish began to climax. He could feel her vagina grip his penis as she loudly exclaimed “OH FUCK YEA! Here it is!”

He’d never heard Trish use such language. It was as if she, since the girls came in the room, had morphed into a different person… the person she was in those video clips from Miami. He finally understood what Bonnie had told him about the “new Trish.” This was her… and she was a freaking wild woman. Suddenly he put the two incidents where she’d initiated sex in the kitchen into a new light. He’d not seen them for the acts of aggressive sexual desire that they were.

He couldn’t help watching Sarah intently focused on his dick still banging into the Succubus trying to swallow him whole with her pussy as she had her orgasm… no not an orgasm but two orgasms in quick succession. It was just too much for Cooper. He thrust as hard as he could into her, gripping her thighs as he grunted out his climax. He felt a jet of semen expelled through his penis into Trish’s body. Then came a second groan and jet than a third.

It was a pair of surprisingly intense orgasms from the adults that the girls watched with open glee. Once both of them had stopped shuttering, Sarah quietly said “How cool was that?”

Even as he was breathing hard, he kept sliding his slightly softened erection in and out of Trish’s vagina. It felt so good. With the insistent demands of arousal sated, the simple pleasure of feeling his penis inside of Trish was more accessible. And now that he could see this new, sexually wanton version of Trish laying sprawled and sweaty in front of him, it added a whole new dynamic to the experience.

He closed his eyes and began moving his hips in the rhythm of his heavy breathing. The pure physical pleasure he derived from his penis moving in Trish’s vagina, well lubricated by his semen, kept his penis turgid enough to keep up the steady stroking. No one spoke for several minutes. It was silent except for the slight noise of his not-quite-full erection easing in and out of Trish’s sloppy canal. No, it was not totally silent. There were also soft moans of pleasure. Cooper was surprised when he realized that a couple of those moans came from him.

Softly Misty said “When Caitlin hears about this, she’s going to be so jealous. She would so love to see Dad cumming like that… and to see this too. It is really sexy.”

Sarah didn’t look up from the sexual nexus and replied, “Yea, but she wants him to fuck her, not Mrs. Simms. Well, perhaps she’d like it if he did them both.”

“That’s true” Misty agreed.

Neither she nor Sarah could miss the ring of thick white fluid collecting on the shaft just outside of Trish’s, still gripping, inner lips. Mr. C.’s semen began to drip from that ring onto the bed making a small puddle between their bodies.

A new voice, from behind Cooper, corrected Sarah’s statement, “Both things are true,” Marcy said as she crossed the room to stand by her daughter. “Caitlin will be jealous you got to see all that from up close. But if she were here, she would be so disappointed to watch Cooper’s penis in Trish but know he would not put it in her… well not yet at least.” Then pointedly looking at where Cooper was still penetrating Trish she added, “Almost as disappointed as I am that I arrived too late to get some too.”

The moment for him was broken. Cooper’s half-erection slipped out of Trish’s vagina with a slurp-pop. It was shiny and had globules of semen on it.

Misty looked at her father and said “That was pretty impressive… for an old man.”

Cooper gave her a face.

Marcy, who was unashamedly looking at his penis, put her arm around her daughter, and said, “Yes, I’ll say it out loud, that is yummy looking.”

Sarah, agreed with her mom before scooting off the bed.


On their way back to their apartment, Trish decided the events of the evening gave her an opening to have a conversation with her son she’d been putting off. As she and Byron were heading home, as casually as she could muster, Trish asked her son, “So, have you enjoyed watching me have sex with Mr. C.?”

Byron was clearly taken back by the directness. It took him a good ten seconds to respond, but she didn’t push him. Finally, he said “I think the best thing is that I’m now allowed to watch if I want to. In some ways that is better than the watching itself.”

Trish liked the answer and it helped to confirm that she’d done the right thing. She followed up with “You didn’t stay very long this afternoon. I thought you’d want to see everything.”

To this Byron did not need time to answer. “Oh, I’ve seen a lot. On Monday we saw from when you pulled your pants down to the very end. We watched him put his dick into you. It only lasted like five minutes, but we saw it all. We just didn’t move close to the door until right before Mr. C. came. Then today, Lamar and I were there a good while before you saw us. I thought it was cool to watch how much you got into it when you came. It was like your whole body tensed up, shook, then relaxed then shook again, then relaxed, and so on. Were all of those different orgasms? I’ve only been able to make Sarah or Bailey have one at a time. I think I’ve seen them give each other more than one, but Lamar and I can’t do it."

In her mind, Trish was astonished at her son’s directness, but on the outside, she just smiled and said "I didn't know you'd seen all that." She knew this was one of those teachable moments, and even though it made her uncomfortable she explained " Mr. C. is very good at cunnilingus, that is the right word for giving a female oral sex.”

Byron put in, “Yea, I know. I learned that in sex ed in 8th grade.”

“Good, words matter. And he is very, very good. By taking his time to warm me up, rather than rushing, then keeping going after I climaxed the first time I could keep on. And yes, that was one orgasm after another. Women can do that if the man knows how to make it happen.” She thought for a moment then added, “In time I hope you will learn to do that to Sarah, Bailey, or whomever you go down on. While I’ve not been around like Bonnie and Marcy, they both tell me that in college, guys who are good at it are very popular with girls."

Byron seemed to really think on what she said. Then he continued "But, like I said, the best part was that you said I could watch. Mom, don’t be mad, but even though my friends think you are a MILF, watching Sarah, Misty and their friends is way better. I hope you’re not offended.”

Trish laughed. “No, not at all. As you know, in Miami I saw a good bit of that, and there was a lot to enjoy seeing. I know I did.”

And that was the end of that conversation; however, it was a great end to a great day. At that moment, Trish felt like a very good mom and like a very sexy woman.


It was the third Tuesday in September when Bonnie finally came home.

She had talked to Cooper about what the doctor had said, and Trish had spoken to Marcy and Mike. Once all four had been tested, they were happy only Bonnie had caught the STD. She called Amy as well, she also got tested and was positive. It seemed clear they both had gotten it from Jim who also tested positive. It was scary and a reminder that safe sex wasn’t just for the young people.

With that lesson learned, Bonnie was ready for life to begin again. In the old world, mourning might have lasted for a year, but for her a month was long enough. She was due to start her job in the new full-time manner when the office in Augusta was ready. The contractors said in one more week they could move in. With help from Trish and her friends, the work she had been doing was up-to-date so she was free to invite the tanning group over for one last Wednesday in the sun.

Bonnie had come home on Tuesday but cleaning the house, doing the laundry, and such kept her inside until less than an hour before her friends were due on Wednesday morning. She had hoped it would not take much cleaning to get the place presentable, but upon going out to the pool area she was shocked. It seemed that with her in Tennessee and Cooper not making it home till past seven each evening, the Campbell pool had been used after school by the teenagers quite a bit. She knew it had to be the teens since the Sunday family swims had not resumed when Cooper came home. Later she found out that some of the people who descended on the pool when Misty was not home were complete strangers.

Bonnie was fit to be tied. Evidently, Cooper had not done one wit of supervision, and just as bad, the backyard and pool area were nothing short of trashed. In and around the yard and pool deck she found three pairs of panties, a pair of men’s boxers, and one bra, in addition to more used condoms and wrappers than she cared to count. She was most put out however in finding hundreds of cigarette butts and a few crushed beer cans and two half-smoked joints.

This would most certainly be dealt with very firmly, but she was just bagging the last of the trash when her friends began to arrive. The whole crew made it: Trish, Marcy, Sherry, Ashley, Brandy, Lois, Sue Ann, and Beth Ann. Marcy even brought a friend, Carlotta Vincis, who taught at the High School with her. Though the school was already in session, Marcy was not scheduled to teach that day and her friend called in sick. A “mental health” day as Marcy called it. It was the most people they’d had at the St. Thomas Women’s Group in several years.

Carlotta was an olive-skinned buxom woman in her forties, with dark hair and features indicative of her Italian descent. She had separated from her husband of twenty-three years the previous winter and Marcy had been there as she worked through her grief. When asking Bonnie if she could bring her, Marcy said “When I got back from Miami, she confided in me that she has been having an affair with a man she met just before the end of school. She is confused because she is doing things she has never done before. She’s always been a good Catholic wife and mother, but now it seems she is, for the first time in her life, enjoying sex. I think she believes she’s the only grown woman and mother in the county that has ever screwed a man just because it made her feel good. So, I took the risk to tell her that Mike and I were no longer monogamous while also happily married and good church members. Not surprisingly she was shocked to hear that I have sex with other people and am not ashamed of it. But once she got over the initial surprise, I began to tell her a little bit about the things our group has been doing over the last year. I told her how before we opened up to the group, we all had been engaged in activities that we thought no one else would understand, but once we started talking we found lots of other women were doing the same kind of stuff.”

When Marcy had told her all this the day before Bonnie extended an invitation but told Marcy to make doubly sure her friend understood about the nature of the little group and especially about the nudity and sex talk.

The day at the pool was wonderfully relaxing and a break from the emotional stress she’d been under for weeks. It was sunny and slightly humid; however, the temperature was not as warm as it had been in August. To allow for comfort without any clothes on, Bonnie took down the umbrella at the table they usually used for their meetings before they broke up to swim and tan. Lois for the first time went fully nude at the women’s group. At the final Thursday night teen/parent swim before Bonnie gone to Miami, she’d shed her suit for the first time, but she’d never done it in full daylight.

Marcy arrived with Carlotta and to Bonnie’s surprise, Carlotta hadn’t even brought a swimsuit. She slipped out of her sun dress without hesitation saying, “I grew up in an all-girls Catholic school, but it’s been thirty years since I last went skinny dipping with the girls.” Then looking down at her naked body she added “and the years sure show” which prompted a response from nearly everyone.

The other women who had already arrived told her she was very attractive, which she was. Though not slim, she was indeed very attractive in a Rubinesque way, her large but not quite pendulous breasts were balanced by her wide hips and thighs. Her waist, while not small, was surprisingly narrow in relation to her bust and hips. Her olive skin was as dark as Bonnie’s at the end of summer though it had not been exposed to the sun at all.

The mood was still hushed and initially, the talk was about Bonnie’s loss and then discussion of others who had lost loved ones. Shifting the subject Bonnie ranted about the way she’d found the backyard.

“It’s not that I am mad that they were fucking up a storm at the pool, but they left it a mess” Bonnie bemoaned.

Trish told Bonnie (and the group) how she had, over the past month looked out the kitchen window to see the teens on many occasions. Until Cooper made it home with Misty and Lamar, it was just Sarah, Byron, and Bailey. I know they didn’t leave the stuff you found. But in the two weeks since then, from what I’ve heard, the pool has been used quite a bit even though all the scheduled activities from the summer were canceled. The truth is, I was unsure of what the current house rules were about nudity and sex, so while I looked out the windows, discreetly, I pretended not to know what was going on with the Club girls and their boyfriends.”

Bonnie nodded in understanding. After all, she and Cooper had already discussed the house rules and hadn’t yet come to a conclusion.

“I’ll be honest,” Trish said “From what I saw, I certainly can see how they went through a hundred condoms. And, don’t think badly of me, but I found it was…..uh…. stimulating, to watch.”

She got some chuckles and a couple of razzes and Marcy teased “Yea, you guys can’t imagine what a sex fiend Trish has become”.

Bonnie was still getting used to the new version of her best friends who were now her lovers. She wasn’t sure how forthright she would be once they were back at home. Trish answered the question when she said “I’ve found I like a lot of things I’ve never done before. And OK shoot me but I like watching the kids do it. Those young guys can just keep going and going forever.”

“And what did you do about all those hot visuals?” Sherry asked.

“Me? I don’t know what you mean” Trish feigned innocence.

Bonnie answered the question for her, “I know you practically raped my husband more than once while I was gone. Not that he minded.”

Sue Ann chided “Oh you bad girl!”

Her sister, Beth Ann, added “And you didn’t invite me? I’d do a threesome with you and Cooper in a heartbeat.”

That was more direct than Bonnie had yet to hear from the other women in her group. She suspected that Beth Ann was more serious than she appeared.

Sherry did not comment about what Beth Ann said, but rather eyed Trish “No, I don’t believe you waited. I think you did yourself while you watched. Right?”

Trish blushed “You know me all too well."

“So you masturbated right in Bonnie’s kitchen while watching our kids and their friends have sex?” Marcy said in a mock serious tone.”

Trish nodded. “But I only did that once… or perhaps twice.”

Sherry parroted Beth Ann by saying “And you didn’t call me to come over and join you? I like to watch hot young bodies as much as anyone.”

Everyone else laughed.

While she’d been in Tennessee, Bonnie had been wondering how much of what had happened in Miami would follow Marcy home. The fact she had a friend from school join the group today, made her next words even more emphatic that there was a new Marcy…or the return of an old Slosh, as well as a new Trish.

As if to emphasize the return of Slosh, Marcy said to Trish, “I know from my daughter that you jumped Cooper’s bones right in the kitchen…twice.” Then she looked around the group and said “Oh yea, and one night I came to get my girl only to find this Jezebel getting drilled by Bonnie’s husband.” Then back to Trish she said “And you didn’t think to call me first? The night you came over to play with me and Mike I told you I’ve been dying for my turn with him.”

There were some surprised looks, but not shocked.

That little exchange led to Marcy and Trish giving a very brief description of a few of the highlights from their trip: going topless at South Beach, their visits to the nude beach, the swinger party, the boat ride and Bonnie’s impromptu striptease at the highway rest area.”

Bonnie added a word about the unexpected connection she’d found with Myra and how they’d talked on the phone a couple of times a week since then. “And… We did something I guess teenagers do, but I never have. While I was by myself in Tennessee, we used Face Time to have virtual sex a couple of times. We would really like to get together for a weekend, but it will likely be the holidays before that is possible.”

Marcy then shared that she and Holly’s husband Elijah had a date for a three-day weekend in New York the first weekend in November. That prompted Bonnie to open her phone to share the photos from the swinger party so they could see Myra and Elijah. Bonnie hadn’t planned on showing any pics, but with her phone right there it was hard to resist.

As Bonnie’s phone was passed around Marcy said, “I guess some of you have heard, Misty let the cat out of the bag and at least the club girls and their boyfriends saw a couple of my beach photos along with the others. We had a delusional fantasy that we would pretend that the third adult on the trip was not someone from Sparta, but I sort of knew that wasn’t going to work. It was flattering that Sarah said two of the boys, who are in my drama class, have the hots for me. Now I catch them looking at me like they are undressing me with their eyes. I used to get that look when I first started teaching and it annoyed me, but now at fifty-years-old it makes me feel sexy.”

Sue Ann said in surprise. “I hadn’t thought about the fact some of those guys might be your students.”

“What if someone who finds out about your trip goes to the school administration?” Ashley asked.

“I’ve thought about it, a lot,” Marcy responded. “Then I considered how many times someone in our group gave permission for people to take photos of us.”

Bonnie thought for a moment, "Yea, I guess I did it about four times."

Trish nodded in agreement then said, "Marcy makes a good point. Those four times were just you. I know I told a couple on the nude beach it was OK to take our photos, but we didn't pose for them. And, if you recall, you and I actually posed for, or with, four different guys at South Beach over the week. In total, I told people like six or eight times that it was OK to take photos. And that was just me. How many times did one of the kids give that kind of permission? And none of that includes all the people who did not ask."

Marcy picked back up the thread, "And according to Sarah, all the new friends they met in Miami used their cell phones to take pictures at one time or another, and in how many of those am I at least in the background? And like Trish said, none of that includes the passersby who took photos without asking. By a long shot our group had more bare breasts than any other on South Beach. None of us have any idea how many people took pictures of us on the nude and topless beaches, but it might well be in the hundreds if you count the whole week. It was always only a matter of time before someone recognizes me in a photo online. The girls told me that pictures of our little group, taken by other people on the beach, have been filtering out since before we even got home from Miami. So far it seems that none of the pictures that the kids have found on the web had us old women as the main focus because the people taking the pictures zeroed in on our hot teenage girls. But, Sarah has showed me a couple that I thought pretty plainly showed me in the background, still like I said, I know it is only a matter of time before a recognizable photo of me will find its way to the school. When that happens, and it will, I will surely get fired, but I’m only part-time and I have been thinking about doing something different for some time.”

“That’s a mighty caviler attitude about it” Bonnie said.

“Not as much as it seems. It is just part of a larger change I’m making in my life. I was making that change more or less at the same time you first started experimenting with non-monogamy. As I told the girls, I had quite a history in the free-love lifestyle before I got married. Mike’s law firm is doing very well so the loss of my little income is not an issue, and I think Gerta asking to sleep with Mike and me, and then the stuff Cooper’s been writing has reopened my mind to the things that drew me both to drama and to free-love in the first place. I’ve even started writing again. I haven’t done that since before Sarah was born.”

“That’s great,” Sherry said “I thought I was the only one going through a change like that. I’m feeling like the woman that I was 30 years ago has been resurrected. I feel so alive and confident and best of all Herb is coming out of his shell. Instead of trying to avoid the fact I had done things he couldn’t even imagine with my late husband; Herb and I have looked at my pictures and the one surviving group sex video several times now. I think I am bringing him into the world I once had by sharing stories I hadn’t even thought about for years.”

“That’s amazing you guys are saying all that” Sue Ann said excitedly. “Beth Ann and I were just talking about that the other day. “Since everyone else has become so open about their lives, we decided to open up a bit too. You all know we’ve both been pretty sexually active since high school.”

“Middle School” Beth Ann corrected.

“Yea, Middle School, and since then we’ve always felt something was wrong with us. We put on a tuff image to keep people away, but now we feel for the first time we are just like everyone else. It’s so liberating to know we’re not freaks.”

Sue Ann continued “Brandy went to school with me, I bet she remembers how I was shunned by the popular girls because I was a slut. But the truth was I really liked sex, so I did it a lot.”

Brandy countered “It wasn’t because you liked sex, as much as you weren’t discreet about it. I didn’t have the reputation you had even though I first got laid in seventh grade. Then in high school, I was with Dwight for two years before I got pregnant, he and I did it virtually every day at least once. I mean we did it anywhere we could: like in his truck right in the school and the church parking lots, in bathroom stalls, in closets…it was crazy. And yes we got caught more than once. Even getting pregnant didn’t give me a bad rep because everyone thought I had only done it with him. Since I wasn’t on the pill and we didn’t use condoms every time, it was amazing I didn’t get pregnant as a freshman. But Sue Ann, the thing was that you didn't just do it a lot, you did it with a lot of guys.”

Trish interrupted, “Talking about condoms, Bonnie, you can’t complain too much about the used ones being left in the grass. I mean the kids clearly got the message about birth control and safe sex. From what the girls told me on the trip they are all on the pill or have an IUD or something like that and they appear to be very good with using condoms. I think you have done a great job of being open while also teaching responsibility to the girls.”

Bonnie took this as an opening to tell her friends “If I had just lived by my own rules.” Then she told them about her visit to the clinic in Tennessee.

“I’m taking the last pill today.” Bonnie said, “I guess what upsets me is that for all my insistence that Misty use a condom every time she has sex, like a hypocritical parent I didn’t do so myself.”

Sherry comforted Bonnie by saying “But that is normal. My kids were teenagers in the late 80’s when we already knew AIDS wasn’t just a gay thing and they knew full well what their dad and I did for fun. As a parent, you try to lead the kids to be conscious of dangers because it is their nature to think they are invulnerable, but as an adult, you make informed decisions about personal risks.”

“Yea, I made a poor one” Bonnie lamented.

“Sherry, from the little you’ve told us, I know you have a lot more experience with this sort of lifestyle,” Marcy said then asked, “What do you do to keep from this, or worse stuff?”

“Like I said, my first husband and I were swinging when AIDS first showed up, but by then I’d been sexually free over a decade. I was a true hippie; free love, LSD and all that, I even lived briefly in a commune, so I’ve been through it all” she said. “In some respects, all our choices about sex involve some risk. In the early days we didn’t take the slightest precautions, but later, toward the end of the 70’s, even before AIDS, our swing group became a pretty closed affair. Eventually, we actually had memberships and part of that membership was an agreement to limit sexual activity to members. We only took new members or visitors with the sponsorship of an existing member. Part of the sponsor’s job was to ensure the new person had been screened for disease.”

The group sat for a while taking in what was being said. They had a vague idea about Sherry’s early life, but this was more than they could process.

To break the silence, Sue Ann asked, “How did it work?”

“Pretty good, but not perfect. We had one time when everyone in our circle got the clap and another when we rented a cabin where we all got crabs. But that was two instances in ten years.”

Trish raised a hand and then said “I guess this is a good time to discuss this. As you now know, when we were in Miami we had quite an adventure. Marcy and I only told you a tiny part of all that happened. To be clear, you only have heard about a third of the guys with whom I had sex… yes, actually less than a third. One or two of you have seen a few of the photos. Misty has been working for weeks to edit and arrange the thousands of photos she says are really good. Saturday night, those who went on the trip and their families will see the premiere of what she calls her photo story of the trip.”

That was news to Bonnie. It made sense they would have made the arrangements before she knew she’d be coming home, but someone should have told her. She suspected that Misty and Cooper each assumed the other had informed her. She wasn’t upset at just finding out, only grateful that she didn’t find out Saturday afternoon.

Trish continued not even realizing this was news to Bonnie. “Before Bonnie’s loss, we had planned to have a Story & Pictures Party, with our men, in early September at Marcy’s. So, now we want to reschedule it. We want everyone to be prepared to tell their most amazing sex story and if possible, bring photos or short videos to illustrate. But, before we agree to do this, we must face the fact that at the last two Thursday pool nights, the sexual quotient was ratcheting up.”

Lois who rarely said anything in these meetings nodded and said “Oh yea, that is for sure.”

Trish continued “We should acknowledge that if we have a party where we share sex stories and pics & videos of us having sex, it would surely break down the last barriers. In effect, it would most like become what Sherry would call a swinger’s party.”

Sherry agreed “Exactly so, and in all likelihood, hearing what I’ve heard today it might just become an out-and-out orgy. Which to my way of thinking would be a good thing.”

Trish reclaimed the floor “I can speak for myself, Marcy and Bonnie when I say we are ready to let that happen. Hell, we three did that more than once in Miami and had a great time. But, we thought, we women should talk it through before we ask the men.”

Sherry followed up her prior comment, “Herb and I were ready to go further a month ago, so we are just waiting for you guys.”

Brandy also agreed “Yea, Dwight and I have talked about it and we are ready to take that next step. I don't know what excites him more, the idea of having sex with some of you or to see me have sex with your husbands.”

Beth Ann said “Sue Ann and I want to as well, but I’m not sure Calvin could deal with seeing me have sex with someone else. I think I'd just leave him home if that’s OK with you guys?”

Trish said “No problem.”

But Bonnie cautioned, “But I would not advise you to go out on a limb. If you want to take that step, you can’t just leave him out. It must be a couple’s decision.”

Sherry back that up with her decades of experience in swinging. “It has to be a mutual agreement. Anything else will destroy your marriage.”

Lois said “I’ll need to talk both to my husband and my lover. We have a stable triad and while we would have no problem sharing sex stories and pics, we would have to talk long and hard about joining in group sex with all of you.”

Bonnie jumped in “Don’t get Trish wrong. The party would not be a swap meet or anything like that. We are envisioning just a party built around us telling hot stories and sharing photos or videos Yes, I agree that likely there will be some sex, but that has been true at some of our pool parties as well. But tell George and John, I can assure them that no matter what happens there will be no more pressure to have sex than they have seen at our pool parties.”

Lois nodded in understanding.

Ashley said “I’ll tell Chad. And I have thousands of great sex photos and videos. The hard part will be picking the best one.”

Marcy said “I’ve got the same challenge about picking the best one, that is assuming I get the digital conversions back from the lab in time. When we got home from Miami, I opened a box of of stuff I’d sealed when I got married. Among other things are a half dozen VHS and 8mm videos. I actually don’t know what is on them, but I know for sure there are hours of me fucking and sucking hot men. Once they are digitalized, it should be easy to make a short loop of clips.”

Ashely asked “Let me know how and I’ll do mine too. At least half of mine are already digital. If you can send me a link where you are having your conversions made.”

“I can do that” Marcy said then added, “Let’s set a ten-minute time limit for videos, otherwise it will take forever.”

With that last detail done, the discussion ended with everyone saying that they were ready for whatever happened. At the last minute, Bonnie suggested, “Since the weather has stayed so nice, why don’t we go ahead and have it here. Marcy, let’s do your house for like a Halloween party since you have a much better indoor space for a party than we do in this old house.”

It was settled that a week from Saturday night they would meet at the Campbell’s at 4:00. They decided to let the guys know they would each be expected to tell a story, and the story must be about sex with someone besides their spouse. They also agreed not to tell the guys what the prize would be for the story voted to be the best. They had worked up the idea of a prize with help from Sherry’s decades of experience in attending swinger parties.

As usual, the “tanning group” stayed till 2:30. When her friends left Bonnie left a text message to Misty to come home right after school. She would find out about the stuff in the yard, even if that meant an ugly scene. And it did get ugly right off.

“But Mom” Misty pleaded when she had gotten home, “I didn’t know about the pot!”

Bonnie trying to control her anger exclaimed, “Why would anyone think it was OK to do that at my house? Yes, I was right up front with you girls that I smoked grass when I was young, but the risks today are simply too great to even consider bringing it here.”

“I don’t know. None of my friends do that kind of stuff.”

“Then who would bring that stuff to my house?!” she was now yelling. “Pot at my house and you say you don’t know anything about it. Weren’t you here when your friends were using our pool?”

Misty was now crying. “I’m sorry mom, but when I was having my after-school meetings for publications, I guess a couple of times I kinda gave permission for people to use our pool until I got home.”


“I really didn’t mean for anyone but the club girls to come over,” she said through her tears. “But like three times when I got home there were people I didn’t know here in the backyard. Monday afternoon was the last time. They were smoking, it could have been pot I don’t know and they had all this beer. I made them leave. I really did! I was so scared when a couple of the scummy looking guys got aggressive, so I threatened to call the Sheriff’s office. I would have but they left, but not before making that mess. If you want you can check the security video. When I got home and saw what was going on, I turned on the system as a way to protect myself. It will prove what I’m saying is the truth.”

Bonnie could tell she was very upset. Her mother did not need to see the recording to know Misty was telling the truth. This allayed her anger, somewhat. “You’re talking in jumbles. Start from the beginning, who invited them?”

Wiping her tears Misty told her mother, “Two weeks ago, the first day of school we had everyone over for a couple of hours. I told you about that. Afterward, Iris had asked if she and her cousin Jenny could come over on Wednesday. I knew I wouldn’t be there until later, I really wasn’t thinking when I said she could. I know her cousin’s a stoner, but I didn’t ever imagine Iris would let her do that here. So on Wednesday, that was two weeks ago, when I got home it was just Iris and Jenny. I didn’t think it was a big deal so I didn’t say anything. I guess that was where I really messed up. A week later, when I got home, I found her cousin here again, and she had brought her scummy stoner boyfriend. He was so gross! A real barf bag: a tattooed, skinny, pale, naked barf bag. And right off he wants me to get naked. You know I’m into naked most anytime anywhere, but there is no way I was taking my clothes off with him there stroking his nasty prick, staring at me smoking his cigarette; but maybe it was a joint, I don’t know. I told him there is no smoking at our house and I didn’t feel like swimming and went in till they left. Looking back, I know I should have told him to leave immediately and then let Iris have it for bringing him, but I didn’t. Since I didn’t do that, she thought it was OK to let her cousin bring other friends this past Monday.”

I guess the reason I didn’t say anything was that like five different times while you’ve been gone, I had the club girls come over … but all those times I was there. Over the weeks you’ve been gone we messed around out by the pool quite a bit. I knew you wouldn't mind that. So, I guess I didn’t want to seem like a hypocrite to her cousin, but I knew it wasn’t the same thing and I should have said so.”

“Then, as I said, the day before you got home, when I got back from school at about 5:15 Iris wasn’t here at all, but like every stoner in the county was in our pool. I was so freaked out, I’m glad Lamar had decided not to wait for me and had come home on the bus and locked the house. That was the day I had to threaten to call the cops. I told them to take their beer and crap and get out, they had not been invited. They got all mad and called me a slutty hypocrite and a cheap stuck-up whore and stuff like that. I was afraid they might do something to me but they left before I called the Sheriff’s department.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Bonnie asked, both angry and concerned.

“I knew I’d screwed up and was afraid to tell you. Lamar, who probably saved us from being robbed was locked in the house. I made him promise not to tell.”

“How’d you do that?”

“I know something.”


“He didn’t tell and so I can’t say a thing.” Misty finished with “Don’t worry it’s no big deal, but he thinks it is.”

“All right, we learned a lesson” Bonnie said, then added “Will you take responsibility for the used condoms and wrappers I found all over the backyard? Somehow, I don’t think the stoners were using condoms and drugs at the same time. I picked up a lot of them. I stopped counting at one hundred”

“Oh yea, that was us. The stoners don’t much use condoms. Sorry I didn’t clean up. I haven’t even been out on the deck since running off the stoners. I’d planned on cleaning up our mess, but I was afraid of what I would find out there.”

Bonnie put an arm around her girl, “From all the condoms and what Trish told me, I guess more than just the club girls came over.”

“Yea, pretty much we let the guys come all the time now. It’s not like we fuck constantly. Most of the time the guys just mess around in the pool while we sun.”

“Well from what Trish said that she saw on the days she was here…and all the condoms, there has been a boatload of screwing out there since school started.”

“It might have been the time she was coming over. There tended to be more sex near when dad was due home, and that was pretty much when Mrs. Simms came over. I knew she was here two or three times when things were pretty busy, but she stayed in the house and pretended she didn't know what was going on. But normally, the sex didn't start right off. But yes, for the last hour before they had to go someone was doing someone out here virtually all the time. But everyone wasn't doing everyone all the time. Most of the time no one was doing anyone. It’s just gotten so normal that one couple having sex doesn’t get any attention. Does any of that make sense?”

Bonnie actually had a difficult time following what Misty said. She answered, “Yea, I think so.”

“More than half of the time, we were just sunning and talking and teasing the guys; but, yes, it is also true that some of the time there was more than a couple or two getting it on. And we will do better at picking up our trash.”

Bonnie, satisfied with her daughter’s answers said “Well with that out of the way, let’s go get you some new school clothes; I heard your dad was of very little help in that regard.”

“He did his best” Misty said happily as she grabbed her purse before her mom said, “I heard you had a real crowd when you showed some of the pictures from our trip”

“Yea, the game room was packed, I guess that wasn’t too bright either.”

“No, it was not too bright. That is two pretty big failures of judgment while I was gone. I think I want to have a meeting with the Euro-Club in the next couple of weeks. We need to talk about the responsibilities that go with the freedom you have been given.”

“Yea, I know. See what happens when you are away.”

“I guess we might be adult friends now, but I’ll never stop being your mother.”

Misty agreed “I’m glad we are now friends, but I don’t ever want to lose you as my mom, even if I sometimes don’t like hearing what you say.”

This just brought back to Bonnie her own poor judgment and she felt she was obligated to use her recent experience as a warning for her daughter. Though it was hard, as she drove toward Macon, she told her daughter of the price she’d paid for not using a condom in New York. Misty took it well, and the revelation seemed to give Mom more credibility with her daughter, rather than less.

A little later Misty brought up the planned debut of the completed photo sets. “While you were gone, we set up for everyone who went on the trip, and their families to come over on Friday night to see my final cut of the photos from our trip. I also made up a nice twenty-minute montage of all the video clips. Both Mrs. Simms and Mrs. Marshal approved the plan since we didn’t know when you would be home. I hope that is OK?”

Bonnie smiled, “Oh… Now I understand. Marcy and Trish mentioned a big premiere of your photos and seemed to just assume I knew about it. So, no I didn’t know but it is an excellent plan. So I guess your father was part of the planning?”

Misty nodded, “Yes, he will be providing drinks, but Mrs. Marshal and Mrs. Simms will be providing pizza.” Then changing gears Misty said “Oh, I sent a sample photo of you and me to Richard Kyle. Remember I told you about him? He runs the site that had our photos last year and said he is willing to pay per photo as long as they are of top quality. I’m sure we easily have three hundred excellent photos of you and me from Miami. I have another thirty from the mountains, and a few I shot here at our pool that are cropped to look like they were shot at a public place.”

Misty had first brought up the idea of selling photos to Mr. Kyle well before the trip. Even though they had shot many photos in Miami that Misty said were for that project, Bonnie wasn’t sure how serious her daughter had been about really carrying through with it. Now it seemed clear to Bonnie that Misty really intended to act on the idea of putting out more of their photos to the public… and making money from them.

“We will need to talk to your father about that, and probably Mike’s friend the entertainment lawyer” Bonnie answered. “One thing I know for sure is that you will need to make sure that any photos that you send to the publisher should look like they could have been taken by a stranger like the first set was.”

Misty agreed. She hadn’t thought about that.

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I like your quote about the myth about ""One common lie that keeps us sexually stagnant and stuck in old patterns is the idea that sex will ruin a friendship." It is a good point that I never thought to address directly. I know that in our circles, friendship and sex often went together seamlessly.

Dec 25, 2022
Replying to

I am glad you confirm that friendship and sex often go seamlessly together. I changed the wording of the quote: "One common MYTH that keeps us sexually stagnant and stuck in old patterns is the idea that sex will ruin a friendship." (Life, Mystic. Spiritual Polyamory) to LIE for a reason. Joseph Campbell in his book "THOU ART THAT" introduces the meaning of myth with something that happened to him during a radio interview. The radio host didn't understand myth: "The red light went on and he began argumentatively, “The word ‘myth,’ means ‘a lie.’ Myth is a lie.” So I replied with my definition of myth. “No, myth is not a lie. A whole mythology is an organization of…


Dec 20, 2022

When I was a kid, my family owned a lovely little wooded cluster of ravines. It was a great place to explore or take girls. I had a couple of friends who asked my Dad if they could come out on their own. Now I know why he refused.

They say we don't get all of our frontal cortex until our mid-twenties. We're ready to fuck a decade before that. For cavemen that was okay. You can go hunting or pick mushrooms when you're fifteen, maybe even twelve, and family and tribe could backstop thoughtless young parents. Post-industrial Homo saps need every bit of the quarter century of brain development to make their way in the world. Maybe the FFF…


Dec 18, 2022

This is an incredibly hot chapter with all the sex between adults, and teenagers and the voyeurism of everyone involved, except Cooper. He seems overwhelmed by all the nudity, sex, and relaxed relationships between the adult women and the teenage girls. Fortunately, Bonnie's infection didn't spread too wide and they all learned a lesson about safe sex. People can take advantage of other's vulnerability and I suppose the pictures of underage sex Lamar hides will bite someone later on. I really enjoy this series with all the characters and the sex-positive lifestyle Bonny, Cooper, Misty, and Lamar are spreading through these wonderful novels. "One common lie that keeps us sexually stagnant and stuck in old patterns is the idea that…

Dec 20, 2022
Replying to

Sandra, this paragraph moved me more than anything you've posted. Thanks.

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