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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 45

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel:


Raising the Revolutionary Flag of a Sexual Freedom

Chapter 45

DeeDee Hildebrandt

DeeDee Hildebrandt did not like to be late, but as the owner of a home health care agency, sometimes it was unavoidable. Sure, her company was very, very small with only three elderly clients; however, since each of the wealthy elderly women she served had 24/7/365 care, she had fifteen CNA’s and two LPN’s on her payroll requiring a surprising amount of time to just manage staff. If she had a problem with the care for one client, it cascaded to the rest of the day. She’d had two complications during the day, so she knew she and Bailey would be late to the Campbell’s. After work, she rushed home to change from her scrubs into…into what? What should she wear?

As she understood it, it was a party of sorts, yet the primary purpose was to let the families of those who went to Miami see the best of the pictures that had been taken on the trip. DeeDee had seen a few dozen photos already, however, according to her daughter, there were thousands of photos Misty had been working to edit and organize over the five weeks since they’d returned. How to dress was the question. She decided to revert to professional casual as a default. However, as they headed to the car it was clear her daughter had opted for a considerably more casual look.

Since her return from the Miami trip, Baily had transformed her personal style. Gone was the frumpy, form-covering default that had been the norm for years. In, was a sort of devil-may-care casual sexy where she openly flaunted her body, especially her 32EE breasts. Other than for school and Sunday night church Youth Group, DeeDee was sure her girl hadn’t worn a bra since that trip. Yes, she’d given her money to buy clothes while she was in Florida, but she hadn’t really expected Bailey to actually go for the sexy look as she’d suggested. Though, to be honest, DeeDee knew that had her mother allowed her to dress like that when she was sixteen, she most certainly would have done so.

Half an hour later DeeDee turned her Honda up a rural road she’d never been on before. She was actually apprehensive. She wanted to make a good impression. Sure she’d spent a number of afternoons and evenings with Marcy Marshal in the past month, but she’d never met Bonnie Campbell or the other parents who would be at this event. The simple truth was she had not had friends with whom she could talk about the things that really mattered to her since she was a young teen. From everything Marcy had said, these people might be the peer group for whom she’d been waiting for thirty years. She most definitely did not want to mess this up.

It was obvious which of the handful of homes on the rural road was the one for which she was looking. The circular drive was full of cars. She and Bailey exited her hatchback and headed toward the house. The front door opened and a mother and daughter stepped out to greet them. She recognized them both from the notorious nude beach photos she’d seen months ago. Bonnie was every bit as attractive in person as she was in the photos, and she was almost as naked in front of her house as she’d been on that nude beach. All Mrs. Campbell wore was an abbreviated caftan with a weave that was open enough to make all her assets evident.

DeeDee felt overdressed, but there was no fixing that now. It was clear that Bailey had known exactly what to wear. Though to be honest, DeeDee wouldn’t have dressed any different even if she’d known what Mrs. Campbell would be wearing.

In the few seconds it took to approach the party’s hosts, DeeDee’s mind was filled with the strange circumstances that had brought her here… to a party that in part was to be showing off nude photos of her sixteen-year-old daughter. She simply could not have imagined the series of events that had led her here when the year had begun.

The trail to this day had begun the prior February when Bailey had followed her mother’s footsteps and allowed an older boy (a young man) to convince her that her true worth lay in bending her life to satisfy his sexual desires. Out of ignorance or willful blindness, DeeDee had not seen what was happening to her daughter until it was all over. Upon hearing that terrible story, it seemed clear that the one thing she thought she’d done right, raising Bailey to believe in herself, had also been an utter failure. She had failed to prevent her daughter from falling prey to the same type of predatory young man that had so shaped her own life. When finally, the whole sordid story had flowed out mixed with Bailey’s tears, it was the lowest point of DeeDee’s entire life… in many ways worse than the day she’d found herself thrown into homeless destitution by her ex-husband.

She had told herself that she should have been able to prevent it. Afterall, it had happened to her decades before. Though even then she knew Bailey’s situation was not the same, nor had she facilitated her daughter’s debasement the way her own parents had; at that moment the guilt had not let her admit it. In DeeDee’s case, by the time she turned fifteen, she had been led to totally believe on a deep level that providing sexual pleasure to high-status males was why God had made her. Even now, nearly twenty-five years later, deep in her soul she still believed it. That had not happened to Bailey. Even still, at least for a few days, the guilt had so overwhelmed her that she’d thrown herself into an orgy of self-destruction… both figuratively and literally.

Bailey’s story had hit her so hard in large part because it was so similar on many levels to her own. For DeeDee, it had begun not with a sexually entitled handsome football player, but with the equally handsome and even more entitled heir apparent to the leader of her insular fundamentalist church/Christian school world. As a child, every aspect of DeeDee’s life was guided by their Primitive Baptist church/school ecosystem in the town of Gordon, GA (30 miles east of Macon). Outside influences like television, movies, “secular” radio & music or even popular books & magazines were forbidden to her. While her pastor ruled that world entirely, his teenage son Paul was the future leader and to young DeeDee, an authority figure ordained by God himself. And the fact he was handsome and charming simply made it easier for thirteen-year-old DeeDee to fawn on him.

It had been between her twelfth and thirteenth birthdays that little DeeDee’s body transformed from looking like a skinny beanpole little girl to one that seemed to belong on a 1950’s sex-siren. Inside she was the same person, but how people looked at her seemed to change overnight. As she moved through her 7th-grade year at her small religious school, she struggled to understand the effect her reshaped body (especially her large breasts) had on both her peers and grown men in the church. One of her female school teachers had “counseled” her about causing the boys to be distracted… though she had no idea what she’d done. While she could tell the boys were paying much more attention to her than they ever had before, there had been nothing she had done to encourage it. Her mother had noticed too and had taken drastic measures to “flatten” her with an ace bandage… at least on Sunday mornings. She supposed that her mother thought God was offended by her growing breasts. Even at twelve years old that seemed a little insane.

For her part, she often felt like her changing body made her a freak. Given the attention her mother and some teachers at school paid her, she was sure everyone was staring at her (as indeed she saw many were). Her older sister had not been cursed with those big noticeable breasts that brought her so much unwanted attention and even condemnation. A thousand times that year and the next, she’d asked “Why had God made me this way?”

Yet, at the same time…when she was alone taking a bath or shower, she looked at her naked body in the bathroom’s full-length mirror. The truth was, she liked what she saw… a lot. She loved looking at the curve of her hips and the swell of her breasts separated by a tiny waist and flat stomach. In the process of enjoying looking at her naked body, she’d found touching herself was immensely pleasurable. Nearly every day she’d spent ten or fifteen minutes looking at herself and touching those parts that made her feel especially good. She didn’t have any vocabulary to describe getting sexually turned-on, and in that year she didn’t even have an understanding that when her pastor railed against lust and sexual perversions and sins of the flesh he was talking about what she did each day looking into that mirror. Though she understood that somehow, the body she liked to look at and touch caused boys and men to sin. So even as she was just discovering sexuality, she was conflicted by her feelings versus how she thought she should feel. She loved her new body and hated it at the same time.

During her thirteenth year, Paul Lowe became part of DeeDee’s story. The pastor’s son was three or four years older than her, and the acknowledged student leader in their church-sponsored high school. He was routinely held up as the model Christian young man for all the kids in her church/school. And best of all, he became her older sister’s boyfriend that year, so he was at their house a lot. When he began paying her special attention, she ate it up. It never occurred to her that he only showed her that attention when others weren’t around. At the infrequent times when the two of them found themselves alone in a room, he made it clear that he appreciated her curves. When he directly told her that God had blessed her by gifting her with such a wonderful body it brought her indescribable joy. He was the first person to ever directly tell her that her body was something about which she could feel good. One afternoon in the early spring of her 8th-grade year, they found themselves alone in a room for just a few moments. He leaned in very close to her and whispered to her that her breasts were wonderful and that any guy would love to touch them (she couldn’t miss that he included himself in that statement). That very night, while looking at herself naked in the mirror, imagining he could see and touch her whole body, she brought herself to orgasm for the very first time. It had been both terrifying and indescribably wonderful.

A week or so after he’d commented on how he liked her breasts, a note was sent to DeeDee’s teacher to send her to the main church building to assist in a project. This was not unusual since the church relied on the school students to do many routine tasks (like envelope stuffing) that ordinarily would be done by paid staff. When she arrived at the main church building, she found Paul waiting for her at the front door. He used a key to let them in. Still, this was not unusual since even though Paul was only a student in 11th grade, he often headed up such projects. It was only when he used another key to let them both into his father’s office did she think something unusual was happening. Nobody else was in the main church building at the time but the two of them. She naively was flattered that he would arrange for her to spend time with him. She’d not even considered why he’d locked the doors behind them, or why he’d sat so close to her on the office sofa.

As devout Calvinists, everyone in their church believed firmly in predestination. That afternoon, Paul began a series of “counseling” sessions where he was guiding her to know what God’s plan for her was. That day he introduced her to the idea that God had chosen her to minister to him in a very special way. He told her if she trusted him, she would not only find God’s plan for herself, but he was sure she would enjoy it very much.

When he leaned over to kiss her, she was confused but excited. As they kissed, he began touching her in the ways (and places) she enjoyed touching herself while looking in the mirror. When he felt his hand slide up her thigh (under her skirt), she thought the intense sensations would make her faint. Over the next half an hour she was thrilled to feel the touch of his hand in all of the places that felt good. He guided her to open up her blouse, then remove her bra so he could see her breasts. She was thrilled beyond words that he’d found them beautiful and told her so over and over. When he put his lips to her nipples she shook with the overwhelming feelings of both joy and … she didn’t have a word for it, but she knew it was something wonderful from God. A little later, with his hand up her skirt, he pushed her panties aside and touched her “down there.” It was like she was living in one of the “dirty” Harlequin romance books she and a few of her friends secretly passed among themselves.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his “male member” and guided her to wrap her hand around it. It was oh so much bigger than her little brother’s “wee wee,” which she’d seen many times.

She’d been surprised to find it hot to the touch. While they continued to kiss, he showed her how to move her hand over, what he called his scepter. In just a minute or two, Paul began to shake and from his scepter, thick fluid shot forth. Not pee, but something else. It landed all over her hand that still held him as he’d instructed. Like she’d read in one of the books she had hidden between her mattress and box spring, his ejaculate was hot and thick and she was quite sure it was something very special. Once it had stopped coming out, Paul looked at her and spoke. She would never forget what he said.

“That stuff on your hand is Holy Seed. Though it comes out of me like pee does, it is from God and it is holy. It is God’s gift to you for your service to Him and to me.” He lifted her hand to her mouth. “Think of it like taking communion. By taking it from my hand, you are taking God’s blessing into you.”

He then indicated she should lick the sticky stuff from her hand and wrist. It was odd, neither good nor bad tasting, but if it was a gift from Paul and from God then it was something she wanted. The idea it was gross didn’t even occur to her. A few minutes later, as she redid her clothes, he told her that it was God’s will that they try to do that once a week. Though he also made it clear she could never, ever tell anyone. It was a sacred bond between him and her. She believed him wholeheartedly and thanked him for choosing her. He kissed her one last time and said “I did not choose you for this, God did.” She believed that too.

Some of the seed had gotten on her dress and she took a tissue to clean it up. He told her that next time, to keep it off her dress, she should just put his scepter in her mouth so that the seed didn’t go everywhere. It seemed to be a good idea. While the whole experience was strange, she trusted him; and it indeed felt good… very good. That night she felt like God himself had chosen her to do a sacred task.

And that was how it happened. Once or twice a week, at different times under various pretexts, she’d meet with Paul and they would kiss, he would touch her body and she would suck the seed from his scepter. He also began putting his fingers up into her “down there.” He even asked for her to let him know what felt best when he did. She learned new words and ideas to describe what they were doing. In addition to calling his male member his Scepter of Flesh. Her “bottom” he called her Holy Chalice. She had no idea why, though she did know a chalice was a special cup. He also taught her that his seed was a physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit that lived in him. She instinctively knew it was a great honor for him to give her God’s seed. She relished in the feeling of him ejaculating in her mouth every time he did it. He let her know that when she was ready to be formally consecrated to God’s service as a harlot, he would sheath his scepter into her chalice, though she didn’t know when that would happen. She had never felt so good about herself, even though he repeatedly reinforced that she could tell no one about what they did.

Because he was trusted by both the school staff and her parents, it was easy to find times and places for her to suck him off every week, though times to make out at length were more difficult to arrange. Nearly three months after that first time swallowing down his seed, and three weeks after her fourteenth birthday, they were again in the pastor’s office. Paul showed her the scepter cover he’d obtained and she did not resist at all as he removed her panties and pushed his scepter through her hymen. It hurt for a moment, but the joy of being a woman… God’s chosen woman made it well worth it.

For half a year, most weeks Paul found ways for them to meet twice. Once just long enough for her to bring forth his seed with her mouth and once where they kissed and caressed leading to him sheathing his scepter into her chalice. Though most of the time they ended with him removing the cover so as to spill the seed into her mouth, occasionally he would fill the cover with seed while his scepter was still inside of her. When he did, he instructed her to pour the contents onto her body (preferably her breasts) and rub it into her skin. He explained it would be a sacrilege to simply toss God’s seed into the trash with the cover.

Looking back at those years, of all the things that astounded DeeDee was that she actually had to ask Paul why he used the condom (cover) to catch his seed rather than letting it fill her womb. The simple fact was that at fourteen years old she honestly did not know the mechanics of conception. The story she’d been told was that when people get married, they lay in the same bed and their love brings forth a baby. Nobody in her hermetically sealed world had ever told her about how a sperm and egg unite. Paul had to tell her how his seed, if allowed to fill her womb could create a baby and that was not God’s plan for them; so, he either put his seed in her mouth or let it get caught in the cover he put on his penis.

Years later, as she went through her college years working on her Bachelors of Nursing program, it became obvious to DeeDee that someone had taught Paul quite a lot about sex. He just knew too much and had things thought out too clearly for a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy in their isolated world, especially in the time before Google. Not only did Paul teach DeeDee about conception and birth control; but he taught her how to talk about her arousal and methods to prolong the man’s pleasure before he “spilled his seed.” It was not until she was in her nurse’s training (that she learned the correct terms for body parts (like labia and clitoris) and for actions (like arousal and orgasm).

It was after her “consecration” ceremony, a few months before her fifteenth birthday, that DeeDee concluded that someone (most likely Pastor Lowe) was guiding Paul. The fact he read much of the things he said from typewritten notecards made it obvious to even her that someone else had created the script.

Just prior to the Christmas holidays of her freshman year, shortly after Paul had turned eighteen and been ordained to the ministry, she and the other students were told to start calling him Brother Paul. Even though he’d not finished high school, with his ordination, he was officially a minister. Even when they were alone, perhaps especially when they were alone, DeeDee understood that God had placed him in her life as her spiritual authority figure to be trusted and obeyed.

A few weeks after that, in the week between Christmas and New Year’s, her mother told DeeDee that the pastor’s secretary had called to ask for DeeDee’s help on a project up at the church. Her mother was told that it would not take more than two hours, so she dropped DeeDee off at the church and said she’d be back to pick her up.

The first thing that was odd to DeeDee was that Peter, Paul’s younger brother met her at the front door, let her into the church, then locked the door behind him. He led her to the church sanctuary where “Brother Paul” was arranging things on the communion table. While the lights were all off, the stained-glass windows provided plenty of light in the middle of the day.

She took a seat on the front pew with Brother Paul, while Peter sat a few rows back. He asked her if she was ready to formally dedicate her body as God’s vessel for men of God’s choosing to sheath their scepter. Over the past few months, he had taken time to teach her that in the Old Testament, there were certain women who made their bodies available to men so that other women could be pure from such things. Such women were sometimes called harlots. He had explained that God had not forbidden men to sheath their scepter in the bodies of such women because harlots had been ordained by God for that purpose. He repeatedly pointed out the Bible holds up many women who were harlots as great godly women. He showed her that in the book of Joshua, Rahab, who was explicitly labeled as a harlot, had given her body for use by the spies Joshua sent to Jericho. Only after she’d shown her commitment to God’s will by bringing forth the spy’s seed did she help God’s people take the city. She was not condemned for being a harlot, instead, she and her family were rewarded by God for what she’d done.

Another time they looked at the Bible book The Song of Solomon. In it King Solomon met a beautiful shepherd girl who was most likely about fourteen or fifteen. In the story, not only do they have sex, but the Bible goes into explicit detail about what they did. She and Brother Paul spent several days looking at the sexual content right out of the Bible. He showed her how the text praised their love and love-making yet, nowhere was there a hint of condemnation for what they were doing, despite the text making it clear that they were not married.

Another day he had shown her that most of God’s men in the Old Testament had what were called concubines. Those women, who began their duties at around her age, were not wives but women whose sole role was to give their bodies to men God chose. He also used the New Testament to show her that Mary Magdalene, who had been a harlot, effectively lived with Jesus during most of his earthly ministry as his concubine. Brother Paul told DeeDee that it was clear that Mary Magdalen met the human needs of Jesus. It was as a reward for that service that she was the one to find the empty tomb and to be the first to see the risen savior. To a girl raised to believe what she was told by authorities about the Bible, it was natural to simply accept his narrative. Thus, under Brother Paul’s teachings, she simply accepted her God-ordained role in life was to use her body to meet the needs of godly men. The sacrifice of her body in this way would allow other girls (and women) to serve God in ways that required them to abstain from the physical joy she received when she was with Brother Paul.

Therefore, when in the church that day he asked if she was ready to dedicate her body to God to be his harlot, it had not come out of the blue. She’d seen it coming, though she had no idea how it would happen, nor did she fully understand what he was asking. However, she was ready and eager to do so.

The first thing she was asked to do that day that set it apart was when he handed her a pair of scissors and explained that God used symbolism to help people remember their commitment to him. He said, “For instance, a wedding ring is a reminder of someone’s commitment to their marriage, and in the story of Samson, his long hair was the outward sign of his commitment to God.” She understood what he was saying. It was nothing new. But then he asked, “Have you ever wondered why God has you grow hair to cover your sacred chalice?”

She had never thought about it.

He explained, “It is like a veil or curtain reminding women their chalice is closed to any but their husband. But, you are going to commit to God that your chalice is open to God’s men who seek to sheath their scepter in it, so I want you to go to the lady’s room and cut away as much of the hair as you can. For the rest of your life, whenever you look in the mirror, the fact you can clearly see your sacred chalice will be your reminder that you have opened your body to God’s servants. It is the first step in your consecration.”

His words made perfect sense to fourteen-year-old DeeDee.

It was more difficult than she’d expected to cut away the rather thick mat of hair on and around her chalice. When she was done, she used the lady’s room mirror to see how well she had done as instructed. The cleft of her chalice was totally visible to her…and to God. Later that week she’d trimmed herself up using the Whal electric clippers she used to cut her two younger brother’s hair. It was much easier than scissors and gave her a more attractive & uniform look. To the day she found herself walking up the Campbell’s drive, once a week she used an electric hair trimmer to keep her pubic hair cut to half an inch long. Even though she’d stopped going to church over a decade before, the commitment of her body to God’s service had never waned.

When she returned to the sanctuary, Brother Paul was waiting for her beside the communion table, and Peter had moved to the front pew. He called her over and took her hands. He asked gravely, “Are you ready to be consecrated to God’s service?”

She had firmly answered “Yes.”

New deacons were dedicated by pouring holy oil on their heads, and new parents dedicated their child to God in a ceremony where the pastor puts a few drops of the same oil on both the parent’s and baby’s forehead. On the communion table, was the same crystal bottle Pastor Lowe used for those ceremonies. When she said she was ready, he gave a short prayer and he went to sit beside his brother on the pew while she remained standing.

“Sister DeeDee,” he said quietly but firmly, “please remove your clothes… all of them.”

Thinking back on it in later years, DeeDee marveled at how credulous she was. But even on that day, a month before she turned fifteen, she’d understood the significance of the fact that the pastor’s secretary had called to ask her mother to bring her up to the church. It had not been Brother Paul, nor was the secretary at the church when she arrived. It was as the ceremony progressed, she noticed that he was reading words from a stack of index cards. She knew without any doubt, even as she removed her clothes that this ceremony was sanctioned by her pastor… and therefore by God.

In the years since that day, she’d come to understand how common sexual abuse is in authoritarian religious settings. She did not know how common such ritualized sexual abuse was, but she knew for a fact it was endemic in fundamentalist Christian circles. But at the time, she’d totally believed she was giving her body to God’s use.

DeeDee had never actually been completely nude in front of Brother Paul before that. While he had seen her topless dozens of times, and he’d often looked right at her chalice when she’d lifted her skirt up, she’d never totally removed her clothes like that. Now she was standing completely naked right at the front of the church with Peter there as well. Peter was her age and the two of them had been playmates since they were little; however, rather than embarrass her, it had thrilled her to be unclothed in his sight. She hoped it was not prideful that she thought her body was beautiful… a beautiful creation of God. She was sure both Brother Paul and Peter would think so as well. By the looks on their faces, they did.

Perhaps that moment when she’d stood totally nude at the front of the church was where her persistent fantasy of going nude in public had been born. She knew full well that Bailey’s trip to the nude beach had been her fantasy come true, lived out through her daughter. But that day she’d simply been too overwhelmed with joy to even consider Brother Paul might be doing something selfish or untoward.

She stood there for a good while, perhaps as much as a full minute or even two while the two teenage brothers just looked at her with wide eyes. Finally, Brother Paul seemed to shake himself out of the spell. “Good” he said. “There is nothing between you and God. Now if you can lay on the table.”

Once he reached the table to assist her, he continued. “Today you will be making your body a sacrifice to God. You will be willingly giving up the bodily purity other girls seek to preserve so that you may serve Him.” After Brother Paul had helped her to lay out fully on the communion table, Peter rose and walked over to join them.

While Brother Paul stood beside DeeDee, Peter stood at her feet. Paul took the small bottle of oil off of the table, said a prayer, then poured a little on her now visible mons and labial cleft. Firmly he said, “I dedicate this Holy Chalice of Flesh to God’s service.”

The oil was cold. She couldn’t help her response of “Wow, that is cold!”

That seemed to lighten the mood up some.

Once the proper solemnity was restored, Brother Paul poured a little oil on each of her nipples. “I dedicate these breasts to God’s service.”

Dipping a finger in the oil he’d poured on her breasts, he traced her lips with the olive oil “May God’s servants always find these lips open to receive their Holy Scepter of Flesh. May Sister DeeDee, your servant, relish in the Holy Seed these lips draw out of your men.”

Brother Paul said another prayer then asked her to scoot down to the end of the communion table. He took her hand to help, and Peter took her legs. When she looked down to see how far she had to go, she was surprised to see that Peter’s pants were open and her chalice was moving to meet his full erection.

When she was far enough down, Brother Peter asked “Sister DeeDee do you willingly and joyfully invite this brother in Christ to fill your Holy Chalice with his Scepter of Flesh?”

She and Peter had been friends since they were in diapers. It was totally unexpected that she would join her body with her friend like this… yet, the idea was very appealing to her. She had no doubt at all that after this day, she’d have Peter in her chalice as often as she did Brother Paul. With more enthusiasm than she’d meant she said “Yes, I willingly and joyfully ask him to fill my chalice.”

After Peter made two unsuccessful attempts to do as he was asked, DeeDee had to reach down between her legs and guide his scepter to part the gates of her chalice. She felt bad for him because it was obvious he was quite apprehensive and wanted to look good to both his brother and to DeeDee. Once he had found his way into the gate, the rest of the shaft easily went into her. It was only once Peter’s scepter was fully inside of her did it make it to her conscious mind that he did not wear a covering. At that point, Brother Paul had only done that a few times and he had never spilled his seed in her chalice. That realization added to the excitement she felt.

Brother Paul turned to Peter “I know this is your first time, but you need to take it slowly.”

He nodded.

With his left-hand Brother Paul began to rub the oil on DeeDee’s nipples, with is right he softly stroked what she later knew was called her clitoris. From the time his fingers touched her, she was in ecstasy. She’d not yet had an orgasm from anything but masturbation, but it didn’t take long before she was sure she was very close to it. Over a year before she had learned to give herself orgasms by doing exactly what Brother Paul was doing… and this time she had Peter inside of her too. Brother Paul was touching her just the way she’d told him she liked it over the prior months. Suddenly she understood why he’d been asking how to use his hand to bring her pleasure. He’d been preparing for this ceremony. Even as that realization hit her, she began to climax, or as Brother Paul had called it, she began to touch God’s Spirit.

She hardly noticed when Brother Paul told Peter to speed up or to pull out so that the first spilling of his Holy Seed spread from her belly to her breasts. Before they were done, Brother Paul had, for the first time, spilled God’s Holy Seed directly into her chalice. He would not do so again for nearly eight years. After her chalice had been filled and anointed with seed, she’d knelt in front of the altar for her to take Peter’s scepter between her lips. When he spilled again, she received anointment of Holy Seed in her mouth as well.

The final component of the ceremony was her prayer of thanksgiving. She was still on her knees when Brother Peter handed her one of his typewritten notecards. His final command was, “Sister DeeDee, now that your body is God’s, you should memorize this prayer so that every time God gives you Holy Seed, you can recite it in thanksgiving.”

With joy and true thankfulness for what had just happened, she read the words aloud, knowing she was speaking directly to God:

“I thank you God for the gift of your Holy Seed. I praise you for allowing me, your humble servant, the privilege of bringing it forth. I thank you for the men whom you chose to deliver it to me this day. I joyfully make it part of my body as a reward for my service to you and as an outward sign of my eternal covenant.”

After that day, she knew deep in her heart that sex was an act of service to God. Because of that, it brought her both spiritual and physical pleasure each and every time.

As she had expected, from that point on, she was having sex with both brothers on a regular basis. She was surprised at how different it was with Peter. With Brother Paul, more often than not they only had time and privacy for her to suck his seed out with her mouth or let him fill her chalice with his covered scepter for just a couple of minutes. However, when they had longer, they would have a ritual to bless their time. Brother Paul would pray for God to be with their time together and he gave her a short lesson from the Bible that reinforced her conviction that God had called her to a ministry of bringing forth seed to God’s glory. Only then would he ask her to expose her breasts to him and lift up her skirt. In the end, virtually every time he would remove his cover so she could swallow down his holy seed. It disappointed her the times he actually filled the cover with his seed rather than giving her the joy of feeling and tasting it in her mouth before making it part of her body. She soon came to truly love the excitement of Brother Paul’s or Peter’s explosion of desire as they spilled their seed into her mouth. She very much looked forward to it. In practice, even after she expanded her ministry to other men, her expectation was that the man she was with would finish in her mouth. That did not change until she was with child, then afterward, since she was married, she began using birth control pills. At that point in her life, she found the feeling of her chalice being filled with seed had its own joys.

With Peter though, it was more relaxed and even fun. In time they learned to talk and even laugh while they had sex, she never did that with Brother Paul. Once a month or so, they even locked themselves in his brother’s church office and stayed for an hour of fun before returning to class. Sometimes they would both get totally naked and cavort around the whole office. In truth, those were her favorite times and later became some of her most cherished memories of her high school years.

Due to the logistics of getting time with the brothers at school or church, she didn’t double the number of times she had sex when she started doing it with Peter too; but she tried and usually succeeded in doing each of them once a week from then until she and Peter went off to college over three years later. Though when they were both home from school during Christmas break and in the summers she and Peter did it more than ever.

After her consecration, for several months, Brother Paul took time to explain that by giving her body over to carnal pleasures, she was allowing girls, like her sister, to be free to have chaste love and relationships. It was then he began to call her “My Rahab.”

DeeDee couldn’t miss that Brother Paul and her sister were lavishly praised because they were a model Christian couple who would never do anything remotely like what she was doing. She actually felt sorry for her sister for what she was missing out on. She was sure if Brother Paul did the things he did with her, her sister would enjoy doing them just as much as she did.

A few months after her consecration she actually asked him why he did not give her sister the opportunities she’d been given. Much to her surprise, he confided in her that despite how the teachers at school talked about him, he had done things with many of the girls at their school. When he had first started dating her older sister, he’d put his hand up under her bra. It had made her start crying. Though his explanation had been rather obtuse, DeeDee gathered that before he’d found her, Paul had systematically gone through all of the pretty girls in their high school looking for someone to play the role of Rahab, even while he was dating her sister. However, he told her clearly that most of the girls had stopped him before he’d even gotten one hand in their bra or panties. Less than half had let him go somewhat further before they stopped him and one had even taken his scepter into her mouth… once. He express to her that day that, to his regret, he’d pushed the un-named girl past what he knew she actually wanted to do. Then he confessed to DeeDee his guilt in knowing that he could tell her classmate thought that it was sinful and gross to put it in her mouth, yet he didn’t stop. “God punished me in that when the seed filled her mouth, she started to vomit all over my dick and everything. It was super gross. She was crying really hard and well…. It was just really, really bad and I’ve been asking God’s forgiveness ever since.”

Not only was it a revelation that he had systematically worked his way through the girls in their little school looking for a girl to do it with, but he’d even put his scepter into another girl’s mouth before. Until that day, DeeDee had just assumed she’d been the first. The school was small enough that she knew every girl, even those who were in the same grade as Brother Paul. So, even while he’d tried to feel many of them up (and from what he said he’d succeeded at it with more than one or two), nobody had ever let a hint out that he was not the role model for the other students that the adults presented him as. And… that was the only time she had him call it a dick, not before or after.

Gravely he’d told DeeDee that God had not made most Christian girls for the calling in life she had. She was the rare exception and God had created her body for that reason and preordained that life for her. She remembered how he had said, “I hadn’t even considered a girl as young as you, but I just sensed that you were different. I could tell you liked it when I looked at your body. When I took the chance of telling you how beautiful you were, you ate it up. Do you remember when I told you that your breasts were amazing and that a guy would do anything to touch them?”

She did. It was that statement and imagining him touching her that led to her very first orgasm. He went on to tell her that it was her positive response to that clandestine comment that led him to set up their first time together in his father’s office. He went on to point out that she’d raved about how much she liked him kissing and sucking on her breasts that first time. She knew he was right; she had loved it. And that had led to the next week. Before she took his scepter into her mouth the first time, she let him know how much she’d been looking forward to tasting the Holy Seed again. That too was true. In fact, over the intervening week, she had been distracted because of constantly trying to imagine what it was going to be like when she put his scepter in her mouth. He then reminded her how many times since he’d first put his scepter in her chalice, she had told him how much she enjoyed feeling it sheathed in her. He was most correct in that as well. He then explained that for married Christian women, taking her husband’s scepter into their chalice was a duty done only out of the need to create children. He emphatically said that married women never asked to put their husband’s scepter in their mouths the way she did. It simply was not something married Christian women desired or enjoyed the way that she did.

She understood what he said. After all, there was no way her own mother would ever have enjoyed doing the things she did with Brother Paul and Peter, even when she was young. She also knew she and her sister were different, so he must be right about that too. That did not keep her from feeling sad when she thought of all the things her sister was missing out on. Alternately that same thought made her feel like she was unclean deep down for enjoying those things. She was sure that she was less than her sister… or the other girls she knew at school who had rejected Paul’s advances.

She could not get around the fact that even while Brother Paul was telling her it was God’s plan for her to be a harlot, she knew what their pastor and her school’s Bible teachers taught. What they said was very different than what he was telling her. What she was hearing from the pulpit and from her teachers at school was that girls who let boys touch them in places that “were covered by a swimsuit” were not just trashy, but working for the devil himself. And DeeDee did a lot more than let Brother Paul and Peter just touch her in those places. Her mother often talked very badly about “loose women” and how girls who showed their bodies to men were disgusting filth. Additionally, while Brother Paul used the word “harlot” as if it was a positive thing, when she looked the word up it was just another way of saying prostitute. Nothing she found presented prostitutes as anything good, yet she’d pledged to give her body over to Christian guys to use for pleasure. Yes, she did it so girls like her sister could be “pure,” but didn’t that mean she was impure?

Pastor Lowe (Brother Paul’s father) often railed from the pulpit about carnality and sins of the flesh. If she applied his words to her, she must be a dirty used fallen woman that no man would ever want as a wife (or in her mind a girlfriend). After all Brother Paul was her sister’s boyfriend, not hers. Several times Peter had let her know he would like her to be his girlfriend, but they both knew that his father would never let him date “someone like her.” It was central to their church’s belief that once a woman had sex outside of marriage she was permanently ruined. Thus, before she’d turned fifteen years old she utterly believed that her only value (and sense of self-worth) was tied to giving sexual pleasure to Brother Paul and Peter. But she reasoned that God in his wisdom had preordained that she was to be a harlot, so she would be one without regret because who was she to find fault with God’s eternal plan?

Their brand of Christianity didn’t believe ministers should go off to college, but rather learn the trade at the feet of an older man. Thus, a little more than a year after they had first begun to have sex, Brother Paul finished high school and officially became the church’s associate pastor. That simply meant he received his own office so it was even easier to meet his (and Peter’s) needs, even on Sundays. Indeed, more than a few times while she was in high school, as DeeDee sat beside her parents during Sunday morning services, she was relishing in the taste of Brother Paula’s or Peter’s semen in her mouth after sucking it out in the fifteen minutes between the end of Sunday School and the start of the main service. It also meant that Brother Paul’s office was the standard place for her to have sex with both Brother Paul or Peter on a regular basis for the rest of the four years she was in high school, and when she was home on weekends or breaks from college. Even when Brother Paul got married to Mary White, one of DeeDee’s high school classmates, it did not change her role in his life. In fact, according to him, what she did for him became more important rather than less.

It was years later, after her divorce and removal from the membership roll of her parent’s church, that she read an article about how the pastor of a mega-church in Indiana had been sent to prison for having sex with a sixteen-year-old in his Christian school. Reading the article seemed to make everything that had happened to her make sense. Only by changing her perspective did she really understand what had gone on at her church/school when she was a teenager. Back then, she thought the other adults in the church/school were incredibly stupid for never catching her having sex with Brother Paul or Peter even though over the years she’d done it several hundred times. In the article, it made it clear that the pastor of the mega-church had been facilitated by the church staff’s willful ignorance and efforts not to see what was going on right in front of them.

After thinking on the article for a few days, she realized that was what had happened in her church/school. That was why she never got caught, the teachers in the school made a point NOT to catch her or the pastor’s sons. As she thought about it, she realized that even her parents must have known and helped facilitate her role as a Christian harlot. It was quite the realization considering how they had condemned her for first getting pregnant in college, then effectively disowning her when it came out her second child (Bailey) was not her husband’s.

It had been that realization that finally brought her relationship with her parents and her church to an end. She’d not even been inside her parent’s home or in a church for over a decade.

Yet…for all that, she had never lost her love & respect for Brother Paul, or stopped having sex with him. After his father had passed away, he had become the church pastor. To the day she drove to the Campbell’s, once a month or so she made a trip to Gordon and visit him… right in his home. His wife, Mary, nearly always met her at the door and always thanked her for taking care of Brother Paul’s needs. Mary knew. She’d known since they were first married. Long ago, DeeDee had found out that Mary appreciated her for doing something with her husband that she most often found an annoyance and even distasteful. After DeeDee had spent an hour or two having sex right in their bed, Mary was always gracious, many times she invited DeeDee to stay for dinner with the family afterward. In practice, it seemed like she was something between Brother Paul’s concubine and a sort of home health worker caring for his mental health needs…as she did in her professional life.

Nobody had to tell DeeDee how complicated life can be. No matter how much she knew intellectually that the whole “God’s Harlot” thing had been a scam, deep in her heart, she still believed it. The feeling of Brother Paul’s orgasms & ejaculations still made her feel closer to God. Sex would always be a spiritual act for her, especially with him. Nothing could change that.

At her consecration, when she gave her body over to be God’s harlot, DeeDee had explicitly been told that she would be called on to serve men other than Brother Paul. The fact that at the ceremony, Peter had been the first one to ceremonially put his scepter into her chalice made it clear that her body would no longer be her own. Her chalice (vagina) would be open for other “godly men” as directed by God (Brother Paul). It didn’t happen immediately, but when she was sixteen, for the first time Brother Paul arranged for her to minister to another man (a man not a boy).

She’d been hired to babysit for a young couple in the church. It was normal for those who hired her to babysit to drive her home afterward, so she didn’t think anything of it when the husband offered to take her home in their Suburban. What was unusual, was he offered to take her to a local fast-food place on the way to her home. She wasn’t about to turn down a late-night Taco Bell run.

The first hint he had another reason for taking his time in getting her home was when he worked into their conversation that Brother Paul had suggested he consider a Rahab to relieve the tension in his marriage. Instantly she knew what was going on. Sure she’d made that commitment, but she’d never actually had sex with anyone but the two brothers; yet Brother Paul had clearly told this man to talk to her about providing service… service she’d promised God she would give. Just because it had taken over a year to make good on her commitment didn’t mean she shouldn’t. She did her best not to seem surprised or that what he was hinting at was out of the ordinary. Working to keep her voice steady, and quiet, she leaned toward the (actually nice-looking) man in his mid-20’s. She asked “And he suggested that I was the Rahab you should talk to?”

His face flushed. He was clearly embarrassed. But he nodded.

She nodded back, “Then you must know that I have consecrated my body to provide for the physical needs of Christian men. Could you tell me what the tension is?”

Hesitantly at first, but with a growing willingness, he explained to a sixteen-year-old girl how his wife had lost interest in sex since their child was born. As professionally as she could she said “I don’t think we have time for a motel room, do the seats in your Suburban lay down?”

And so she gave her body in service that night… and enjoyed it. What she was not expecting was for him to pull out three ten-dollar bills. When she seemed confused, he said “Brother Paul told me to quote Matthew 10:10 that a workman is worthy of his labor. A therapist would have charged me more than three times this much and it would have been much less pleasant.”

The next time she was alone with Brother Paul she asked him about why he’d given the man her name. He just calmly reminded her of her consecration and that as he and his father worked with men, there were times the church needed someone who’d made that commitment to help out. “We waited for over a year till you had developed a high level of competence with your body and we had a case where the man was young enough that my father thought you’d be comfortable with him.”

It was the first time Brother Paul had openly made it clear that his father (their pastor) was not only aware of her “activities” but he was part of the process. While she was stunned, he’d always been upfront he saw her as a harlot for God, before that moment, she’d not quite realized that all along he had meant she actually would be engaged in prostitution in God’s service.

On a Saturday afternoon a little more than a week after her first experience with what she would afterward think of as “ministry sex”, her mother dropped her off at the same home to babysit again. However, she found the man’s wife and child were out for the day. It was the first time she had sex in a bed, her first time for afterglow snuggling, and the first time to have a second round of sex less than an hour after the first. It was by far the longest sexual encounter she’d ever had. The truth was it was wonderful, but the $30 she took home made it clear that she was performing a service, no matter how much she enjoyed it. After that, she “babysat” for the family a time or two a month, and about half the time she actually watched their child.

Between that day and when she finished high school, Brother Paul made three more referrals. Those four men were the only ones she ever took on in her ministry of harlotry; however, all but one of them she ended up seeing on an ongoing basis. Two of them she continued ministering to even after she was married (unbeknownst to her husband). One of them, a very sweet man whose wife had cerebral palsy, she had never stopped seeing on a monthly basis. But it was from that first time she took the money after sex that the idea that she was actually a prostitute for God became firmly embedded in her heart and soul.

After DeeDee had earned her BS in nursing, gotten married, taken a job at the Macon Regional Hospital, and had two children, she thought her life was settled into a stable and predictable pattern. While she did not love her husband (actually she didn’t even like him very much), they had an efficient relationship as parenting partners, but nobody would have confused them with a loving couple. She had no doubt he was banging any woman who would spread her legs for him. She actually assumed he was vaguely aware (and passively acquiescent) of the fact that nearly the entire time she’d been in one of a series of affairs with doctors at the hospital. She’d not tried terribly hard to hide it and everyone at her work knew. Though she was sure he had no idea about her relationship with Brother Paul or the two men to whom she ministered a few times a month. Bi-weekly sex with her husband was just one more thing she did for God. Though she sometimes wished she had a loving partner, she knew that was not the lot for a harlot like her.

But that stable, if less than ideal, life was not to last.

After the trauma of finding herself homeless with a three-year-old daughter, she was embittered by how her home church had turned on her for having a child with a man other than her husband. To hear that the church to which she’d belonged her entire life would not lift a finger to help her when she was destitute was both hurtful and eye-opening. The fact Pastor Lowe, who had been instrumental in setting her on the path of becoming a harlot, would punish her for her sexual activities was hard to forgive. Though, at the same time she was gratified that Brother Paul & Mary, Peter, and three of the men to whom she’d “ministered” worked together to provide her the funds to set up her new life (after her husband had cleaned out the bank accounts when he threw her out). While her church had turned its back on her, God had not. God had indeed rewarded her for her service to him, just as he had for Rahab.

However, after those events, she vowed she would never let Bailey feel like her only value was as a place for boys/men to put their dicks. She went out of her way to avoid dressing Bailey to be “pretty” and worked to focus her energy on academics. She had involved Bailey in the Milledgeville Community Theater’s children’s program to boost her daughter’s self-confidence. As her girl entered high school, it appeared that those choices had played out well for them. Though the battle with her ex-husband had cost her the relationship with her firstborn, as Bailey moved into her teen years, DeeDee had felt very successful as a mother. She’d been thrilled when she realized that her daughter and her best friend from school and theater, Sarah Marshal, had become lovers. She reasoned that if her daughter became an actual lesbian, there would be no guys to ruin her life.

But in early July her world came crashing down again when Bailey spilled out the entire terrible story of her relationship with Kevin. Her daughter had indeed followed in her mother’s footsteps despite all the efforts to keep that from happening. As DeeDee listened to her girl tearfully tell her the story of how her first boyfriend had used her for sex, then pimped her out; it cut deep. She knew exactly how her daughter felt. it was like, despite her best efforts to protect her, Bailey was headed down the same path she had gone. Worst of all she had no idea how to help her.

That weekend just after the 4th of July had been DeeDee’s low-point. Worse even than the day she’d found her belongings and her daughter sitting on the curb. The one thing she’d thought she’d done right in life had failed. So on the next Friday night, when Bailey spent the night with Sarah, she had donned a set of clothes she’d picked up at the local Goodwill Store for a self-destructive plan. What she’d really wanted to do was to go out and openly sell herself as a streetwalker. After all, she’d taken money for sex since she was Bailey’s age. And though she didn’t like to admit it to herself, to the man who had provided the financial backing for her little home health company, and with whom she’d been having sex every Sunday for three years: she was effectively a prostitute. Though he paid her in backing a legitimate business venture, and in clothes, lingerie, and jewelry… he was paying all the same. While she didn’t have the courage to go stand on a street corner, she knew the next best thing that she could do to put her in the gutter where she belonged.

DeeDee knew of a notorious redneck bar where there were regular fights and a stabbing or shooting once or twice a year. It took her two glasses of wine to get up the courage to get on her outfit and drive the half-an-hour to the bar along Highway 16, just outside of Eatonton. It was the first time since she was eleven years old that she’d left the house without a bra, and the top she’d worn would blatantly show that off. The fact the very low-cut tank top had a big Confederate battle flag emblazoned on it made her wince, but she wasn’t going to be herself this night.

Once inside the bar, she got exactly the looks she’d wanted. She wasn’t the RN, and professional woman, owner of a small (but successful) business that she had become; rather she was a cheap tramp looking to get laid. In five minutes, she had men on either side of her and a glass in front of her. Half an hour later she had a hand caressing the skin of her bare upper thigh, ten minutes after that she was squatting in the men’s room, sucking that man’s cock. She was not in a stall, rather the man she was blowing was leaning back on one of the lavatories so she was right out in the open. She’d pushed the straps of her revealing tank top off her shoulders so her breasts were fully on display to anyone who opened the men’s room door. In fact, several men had come in while she gave head. Every one of them stayed to watch after they’d done their business. Two of the men didn’t put their dick away but were openly jacking off as they watched her. She was sure it was just what a whore like her deserved.

When the guy climaxed, and she’d made a show of swallowing what he had to give, she got a round of applause. One of the guys with his dick out asked if she’d do him next. She smiled and said her jaw was tired “… right now.”

One of the men who’d watched her suck down the mouthful of cum didn’t leave as soon as she’d finished her work. Instead, he stayed until she’d pulled her top back up & straighten her hair in the mirror before asking her to join him, his wife, and another couple at the pool tables. She said she would love to and took his arm without any mention that she’d been sucking some other guy’s dick just moments before. Even her lack of acknowledgment of her whorish actions made the point of how cheap she was.

He led her to a pool table where two women and a man were shooting. To one of the women, he said “Look what I found in the head!”

A woman, DeeDee supposed her to be his wife, in a revealing eyelet shirt gave her a hug as if they were old friends. She’d clearly been drinking.

The man (called Butch) continued “And guess what she was doing? She was sucking Bill Banks’ dick right out in front of half a dozen guys.”

That seemed to get the other couple’s attention. So he repeated, “Right there by the sink this hottie had her big boobs out and his cock in her mouth till he busted a nut and she swallowed it all.”

The brunette (Cat) who DeeDee supposed to be his wife said “No, you are bullshitting us.”

Butch said “Kiss her. You’ll see I’m right.”

Cat looked at DeeDee with a “May I?” look. DeeDee nodded and in seconds the woman’s tongue was in her mouth. The kiss lasted longer than necessary to ascertain if she’d just sucked cum down, but DeeDee didn’t complain. This was just the kind of treatment she’d come to this bar to get.

When Cat broke the kiss, she turned to the others “Fuck yea. She’s just had a mouth full of cum for sure.” Then she pulled DeeDee close and grabbed her ass “I like her!”

Thus, DeeDee made some new redneck friends.

The guys bought her a few beers and they shot several games of pool. Both men and both women had their hands all over DeeDee. Again, this was exactly how she’d wanted to be treated. Butch sidled up behind her while the other man was running the table. He ground himself into her super short cut-offs. She could feel his hard-on and she looked over to Cat who was right beside them, “I can feel your man’s interest, do you think he will make good, or is it an empty promise?”

With a leer, Cat said, “Oh, if you are up to it, he will most surely make good and I am looking forward to watching him do it.”

Before DeeDee could come up with a response, Butch put his hand up under her tank top and lifted her left breast fully out into the open. She didn’t miss a beat. She just turned back to him, gave him her best smile, and asked “So will this be a threesome with just you two or a five-some with your friends?”

A little less than an hour later, she was on her hands and knees on the living room floor of a double-wide trailer not far from the bar. The big Confederate flag that hung outside the trailer and the velvet “painting” of Elvis on the wall confirmed she’d found the right kind of people. (see endnote) The two husbands aggressively fucked DeeDee’s mouth and pussy at the same time. Tears were going down her cheek as the dick in her mouth repeatedly choked her as he thrust it in. She did not make any sign of objecting. After all, that kind of treatment was what she’d been seeking. As the men shoved their dicks in her mouth and cunt, their “women” watched laughing. While the two horny men had not seen through her “disguise,” their wives had seen her for the middle-class professional woman she was. She suspected the new “Hillary” bumper sticker on her Honda had been the final giveaway since in central Georgia only black people and uppity feminist libtards would have something like that on their car.

As she was taking the two men’s lust, the blond said with a sneer, “So how’s your night slumming with us white trash going? My man can do that all night, so I hope you are up for it.”

The other woman, Cat, added with considerably less venom, “She’s right, Honey. You are going to get the whole experience before you leave. We are going to make sure you won’t forget us.”

What the two wives didn’t know was this was exactly what DeeDee was hoping for. She was getting treated like the trash she believed she was. There was nothing they could do that she was sure she didn’t deserve.

Throughout the long night, she was passed around like a new bauble. Nearly the entire time only one (or sometimes two) of the four were using DeeDee’s body while the others relaxed, drank beer, talked & watched the action. The only breaks DeeDee was given was to go pee out the beer she was drinking as they used her. The one concession they made for her comfort was they had plenty of lube. In addition to taking both cocks in her pussy and mouth over and over again for hours, both men had shoved their dicks up her ass. She’d been fucked in the ass before by one of the doctors, but he’d used copious amounts of lube and took his time to work it in. These guys just shoved it in whenever they felt like it. Thankfully the semen that had collected in her vagina and sex lube they’d been using provided some lubrication, but it still hurt. Though after the third time, the sharp pain was gone. Still, there was nothing she found sexually arousing about having a dick in her ass… other than it made her feel more like the worthless slut she was.

Less than an hour in, she saw Butch empty his balls into the blond, the other guy’s wife. Of the half-dozen loads (or more) of cum that long night, it was the only one that went into either of the other women. When he pulled out, the blond motioned for DeeDee to disengage with her husband. She barked, “Get over here and eat my cream pie. My man doesn’t mind me fucking Butch, but he doesn’t like sloppy seconds.”

She’d only had sex with one woman before, years ago, when she was a student nurse. She’d thought about it many times in the years since, especially after walking in on Sarah going down on her daughter. The experiences she’d had with that woman and her boyfriend had been fun and light… but what she did that night was nothing of the sort. DeeDee had no doubt that the blond meant to humiliate her by having her eat Butch’s cum from her pussy, but it did no such thing. She’d been eating cum since she was thirteen-years-old… and she’d always loved it.

As the night wore on, DeeDee spent a great deal of time with her face in one or the other woman’s pussy. Just like everything about sex, she was a natural at cunnilingus… and like most everything about sex, she liked doing it… a lot. It was after she’d brought each of the women off with her mouth several times that the atmosphere went from jeering of the uppity woman slumming, to an all-out orgy with all four of her playmates intent on using her to get off as much as possible.

A few hours in, someone retrieved some sex toys from the bedroom, and the experience of Cat using a strap-on dildo to fuck her just added to the list of “firsts” for DeeDee. As did the use of several other toys and vibrators she’d never seen before. She’d actually found that having someone use the long vibrating anal probe while she was getting fucked was something she wanted to try again. She was sure the men had cum at least three times each, but it could have been more in the haze that seemed to come over her. No condoms were ever offered and at the end of the night, the sticky residue of semen was spread all over her vulva and upper thighs. She had no idea how many orgasms she’d had (dozens for sure). It was the middle of the night when the last of her new “friends” had fallen asleep and she pulled her clothes back on and left.

The clock on the Honda’s dash read 2:51. She’d arrived at the trailer at 10:25 the night before. She’d had sex for over four hours with hardly a break. Her body was sore all over. Both thighs had been bruised by the rough handling as the men who’d fucked her over and over had gripped them hard. Though she knew she’d metabolized a lot of the booze already, she also knew she should not be driving; but if she got busted for that, or caught some disease, it was just what she thought a worthless piece of shit like her deserved.

She stunk of beer, sweat, and sex. It was exactly what she’d hoped would happen. The only thing that angered her was that… she’d liked it. Even four hours of being treated as a living sex toy without any regard to her feelings had been fun for her. “Fuck!” she said out loud. At that moment, she had every intention of doing it again…and again until any pretense of being a decent woman was gone. Why not? She was sure she was born to be nothing but a cum dump for horny men. Her “other life” as an RN and business owner was just a cover for the real her.

But God had not utterly abandoned DeeDee.

The very next week she had her first extended conversation with Marcy Marshal.

Mrs. Marshal had provided a lifeline, just when she needed it the most. God stepped in to provide her and her daughter with the help they both desperately needed.

In just over a month Mrs. Marshal and then Mrs. Campbell and their teen girls had pulled Bailey back from the abyss. They taught her daughter that her curvy body and her sexuality were not curses from God to strip her of her self-worth; rather they were a blessing to be enjoyed and used to help build rather than destroy her sense of value and self-confidence. In helping Bailey, they had also saved DeeDee, though she was sure they had no idea of that fact.

From mid-July, Baily had been going to the St. Thomas Methodist Church youth group every week. DeeDee initially had been leery of her girl becoming involved in any church. However, from what Baily, Sarah, and Mrs. Marshal (Marcy) said, there was a type of Christianity that was far different from the one she’d grown up with. Their Christianity was full of joy and taught her girl to care for herself and for those in need around her.

All of those thoughts & memories had flashed through DeeDee’s mind in the one minute it took to walk from her car to greet Bonnie Campbell. She took the other woman’s hand and thanked her sincerely for all she’d done for Bailey.

Since she was indeed late and everyone had been waiting for the two of them, Bonnie begged her forgiveness for not showing her around her home as she led her to a large room that she called the kid’s game room. Even with fifteen people (including her and Bailey), the room was not at all crowded, and the chairs and stools gave everyone a clear view of the large screen.

While Bonnie was barely covered, Sarah was totally nude! Nobody there seemed to notice the fact Marcy’s daughter had on no clothes at all. It was like one of those gags on TV where she was the only one to notice. It took a few seconds, but DeeDee recalled Bailey telling her several times that Sarah had declared herself a nudist at the start of the summer and rarely wore any clothes while at her home or at the Campbell’s. That was why nobody seemed to notice. To them, there wasn’t anything unusual going on. But seeing Sarah, completely naked, sitting casually on a stool beside her father was still jarring. The fact nobody else seemed to notice it said a great deal to DeeDee. At least, other than Bonnie, the rest of the adults were fully clothed so she did not feel like an overdressed frump.

A place for two had been saved for her and Baily right up front. After Bonnie made a brief round of introductions, she turned the floor over to Misty. She launched into what turned out to be a three-hour slide/video show by describing the process by which she’d chosen and edited the photos. “Tonight, you will mostly see the story of our trip as seen through my camera lens. The parts where I was not actually present are presented as others have told me about them. The photos of those times were taken with cell phones or Mrs. Marshal’s… I mean Ms. Slosh’s, little waterproof camera. While I encourage all of you to add your two cents worth. To keep this from dragging out too long, please keep in mind that I will try to keep the slide show going the best I can.”

For DeeDee the night pulled back a curtain on a world that, though she’d been told about, she’d simply not understood. There was no question that Misty not only had a gift for taking photographs but the way she’d edited and curated them to tell her story was remarkable. Yes, there was a superabundance of nudity and sex; yet, the story Misty told was not of debauchery, but of friendship and joy. DeeDee found herself so drawn into that story, even the most explicit photos (such as Bonnie taking a teenage guy’s dick up her ass) didn’t seem out of place or exploitive. How Misty had simply made the nudity and sex blend into the background of her narrative was truly amazing. Yet she did.

That did not mean the nudity wasn’t there. DeeDee could not but help feeling a real sense of pride in the absolutely beautiful photos of her daughter at the beaches and later on the boat. There was no question in her mind that Bailey’s glamor photos outshone even those of the statuesque Caitlin. It was hard for her to comprehend that the utterly confident young woman on the screen wearing only the briefest of thong bottoms (or less) was her little girl. Several times she pulled Bailey close to her and told her how proud she was of her or how happy she’d found the confidence in herself to model like that. Deep down though, part of her was jealous that her daughter had the opportunity to do what she’d been fantasizing about since she was fourteen years old.

All through the event, the girls (including Bailey) kept interrupting Misty with anecdotes and clarifications. The side stories by the girls often filled in the sexually explicit parts that Misty had edited out of the photos. When Misty told of the very last night when any remaining restraints seemed to have fallen away, she was interrupted time and time again. Her daughter gleefully told everyone about her foursome with Caitlin and two of the guys. “Red was in my ass and Stephen was in my pussy, but kissing Caitlan while they fucked me was what pushed me to cum. It was the best orgasm I had with two guys in me like that.” The way she told it was just so happy and… well so normal. Several of the other girls elaborated on what Bailey said. Evidently, it was quite the visual treat for the other dozen or so people who’d been spectators. Rather than showing embarrassment, Bailey laughed along with her friend’s descriptions.

DeeDee’s very favorite image however was not a glamour photo, but one of Bailey pointing to a recently filled condom she had just pinned to a bulletin board… their trophy board. Shot from the side, Bailey was looking over her shoulder giving a cheeky wink to the camera. She was totally nude (though her arm blocked most of her breasts from view). The half-dozen fully clothed people that could be seen in the background only magnified the story of her daughter’s self-confidence.

With the photo on the big screen, Bailey turned to her mother and said “Sarah took this pic. I don’t remember whose cum was in that condom, but I’d been doing it with both Zac and Mitch for like hours before this.” The real joy to DeeDee was that her daughter didn’t seem to have any hesitancy to tell her mother (and the other parents) that she’d had sex with both of the boys. Yes, she’d sent photos of those two boys to her when she was still in Miami, and Bailey had been telling her several times a week about her sexual deeds since then; but given her own history, DeeDee marveled at how her girl was willing to talk like that… in public.

The photo spoke to DeeDee because while she too was regularly having sex at Bailey’s age, it was always done in total secrecy. Even though she had been sure of her calling as a Rahab and was confident while she had sex, even with grown men; nobody could ever know about it. The joy she found during sex as a teenager, had always been tempered by the fear someone would find out and the shame of that would have been unbearable. Even now, she’d not told Bailey or Marcy everything about her life as a harlot. When she finally did, she would have to fight the lingering belief that she was dirty. Those feelings maintained a place right beside the belief she served God with her body. Yet her daughter, sitting beside her, clearly had not the least bit of shame, nor the idea that she should have it. That photo summed it all up for DeeDee.

By the end of the slide and video presentation, DeeDee was simply overwhelmed. Not in a bad way, but it was like she’d come to the end of a roller coaster that had begun the night Bailey had told her about her abuse at the hand of the football player. Yet, as it turned out, the negative feelings of worthlessness Bailey had expressed that night were an aberration. Marcy (Ms. Slosh as Misty and the girls had begun to call her) with the help of the other mothers and the club girls had pulled her daughter from that nihilistic path.

But it hadn’t been them alone. Though for a few terrible days, she’d forgotten it, she had indeed done her part for Bailey. Over the past month, DeeDee had begun to understand (allowed herself to remember) that those wonderful people had only reawakened the lessons that DeeDee had been instilling into her girl since that terrible day she and Bailey found themselves homeless. She’d been drilling her girl on ownership of her body and that she should only do things that made her feel good about herself since before her daughter started kindergarten. Then when Bailey was almost thirteen, she’d realized that her daughter was masturbating pretty much every night. DeeDee never mentioned it to Bailey, but she doubled down on teaching the idea that her body was her own and she should do what made her feel good about herself.

Nearly two years ago when she’d realized that Bailey was having sex with Sarah, she’d only redoubled that effort. While DeeDee never addressed her daughter’s activities directly, Bailey had been well-prepared for the application of the principles that she’d been teaching her daughter for over a decade. That had been why she’d directed her girl to Mrs. Marshal and why she’d been as direct as she’d ever been when she told Bailey to try new things and follow the lead of Mrs. Campbell and Misty while in Miami. She’d even given her money to buy sexy clothes. Now, as Lamar Campbell turned up the lights, DeeDee knew, she indeed had been a good mother. AND… contrary to what she’d often thought over the past thirteen years… God had not abandoned her after all.

Misty handed out the flash drives to the girls and moms explaining that while the slide show had been long it was just a fraction of the good photos. She explained that all the drives have all the photos from the slideshow she’d just shown, but she’d given each of them an additional personalized set of photos made up just for them. Looking at Bailey “Your drive has all the photo sets I did of you. There are like two thousand photos just of you… well many are of you and Sarah together, but you get what I mean.” She looked to Haley “Your drive is the same, they have all the sets I shot of you, as well as a good many of you when you were with Caitlin and the Guild people.” Turning to Ms. Slosh she said, “Your drive has two additional sections, one of you and the other moms and one of Sarah.”

DeeDee was sure she and Bailey would be up late looking at photos.

After Misty was done, Ronda began gathering up her crew explaining they had to get up very early in the morning to leave for a rodeo.

Bonnie stepped over to DeeDee “If you have time, I would love to show you our place as I should have done when you first arrived.”

DeeDee was more than happy to follow her host. But before they left the room, Bonnie took time to tell her about two of the large photos on the game room wall. Arriving just in time for the show, she’d not noticed the large photo of Bonnie on the near wall, swimming over a reef (in the nude); nor the photo of the family’s first Miami trip with mother and daughter both wearing only thong bottoms. While neither photo showed genitals or nipples, it was still quite bold to have pictures like that in a room set up for the use of their teenagers. “No wonder she comes across as authentic to the teens at the church youth group,” DeeDee thought to herself.

As they headed to the living room, Bonnie looked to DeeDee and said, “Bailey and Marcy have told me some bits and pieces about you, but I’d like to invite you to dinner Wednesday evening so we can get to know each other better.”

DeeDee liked that suggestion quite a lot and quickly agreed.

When she was shown the FFF Office (Cooper’s Study), DeeDee was stunned at the large, fully nude, photos of Bonnie on the walls. Not only were they nudes, every one of them was simply wonderful and very professional looking. Looking at a pair of them on the far wall DeeDee asked “When were these taken? Not that you don’t look great now, but you are much younger in these two pictures.”

Bonnie smiled “Oh, Cooper took them before we got married. I’ll confess I’m really glad I have them to remind me how I looked in my early twenties. It helps me not to be too jealous of all the pretty teenage girls that hang out here.”

DeeDee laughed and nodded “I bet so. I would so love to have photos like that of me from before I had kids.” She framed her breasts and added “These old girls no longer defy gravity the way they once did…” then she added “like my daughters do now. When I was her age, I had the exact same figure…almost like she is my daughter.”

They both laughed.

Then DeeDee added, “I’ve never had nude photos taken, though I now wish I had.”

Bonnie asked, “Never?”

“Well, the man I have a… an intimate relationship with has taken a good many photos of me with his cell phone, mostly in the lingerie he buys me; but your photos are in a totally different league. Every one of them looks like something from a magazine.”

Bonnie nodded, “Thank you. But it’s not me. It is the photographer. A good photographer really matters.” Pointing to one of the nudes Cooper took of her before they were married, she said “As an architecture student, Cooper was taught about composition, lighting, and such. Photography courses were part of his studies, though to be sure he’d never shot pictures of a naked woman till I twisted his arm to take these.”

DeeDee laughed, “I’m sure you really had to twist hard.”

Bonnie laughed too, “Amazingly, he really was very embarrassed that first time. Though it didn’t take him too long to adjust. He’s been shooting nudes of me ever since, and he is quite skilled. Tonight, I guess you saw that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Misty inherited his talent and is very good indeed. She spent the summer as an intern learning glamor nude photography from one of the best photographers in the country. I can safely say she would jump at the chance to do a photoshoot with you.”

DeeDee’s instant reaction was “Oh, no. I could never do that.” Then a moment later she said “Really? Do you think she would? That same man would love some high-quality photos of me.” She didn’t say so, but she knew a couple of other men in her life would as well.

As they headed out the door and toward the stairway Bonnie said, “Absolutely she would. We can talk about it when you come over Wednesday night.” Then she added, “Would it be too personal to ask what your relationship is with him… the man you mentioned?”

DeeDee had not planned on talking about Nole Green, but after a moment she said “That is fine, though I can’t say much. You see he is the silent partner in my home healthcare business.”

Bonnie interrupted her “Oh, I didn’t know you owned your agency. The girls just said you were a home health RN.”

“I’m not sure Bailey fully understands it and I’ve not gone out of my way to explain it to her. I did work for another agency but…” she paused as they started up the stairs “The man of whom you asked set me up in my own business. You see, I started seeing his mother nearly four years ago when I was just a home nurse. We became involved only a few months after I began going out to his mother’s home. In theory, he guided the creation and funding of my company so that his mother gets all her care from one source; but, in truth, he did it for me.” She paused and then clarified what she meant. “To keep me. I can’t really say more than that because it is an ethical violation for me since in theory, I’m at his mother’s house in a professional medical capacity. For over three years we have been having sex every Sunday morning, in his mother’s home. Not only that but he is both married and an important business figure in town. I have no doubt that both your husband and Mike Marshal know him. He is a very public civic figure in the county.” She thought for a moment and added “Given your social status in Sparta, I’m sure you know his wife, so I have to be very careful about what I say.”

Bonnie understood her reticence and didn’t push it. Heading down the kid’s upstairs hallway, Bonnie asked “So are you his mistress?”

DeeDee laughed. She knew that had she been younger and they had lived in a big city, she likely would be just that. “No. To be honest I’m more like a courtesan. He doesn’t expect monogamy from me. I’m not his, as it were. It’s not that kind of arrangement. While we have great sex every week, and I’ll tell you he is the most skilled lover I’ve ever had, he can… and does… see younger prettier women. We actually spend more time talking and just enjoying each other’s company than anything else. His family is very wealthy and his mother never leaves her suite, so he and I have the run of his family’s old plantation house.” She laughed to herself “And we use a good bit of it.” She laughed again “In the summers, we’ve had great sex out on the veranda more than a few times.”

She thought to herself but did not mention that he had bought her an extensive & very expensive lingerie wardrobe, complete with jewelry, that she wore when they were together. He might not pay her in cash for her time with him, but he most definitely did pay her for her services…beyond the fact he provided the investment money and business expertise to start her agency. She went on “He had me arrange a five-hour break in his mother’s 24/7 care on Sunday mornings. He comes to visit his mother every Sunday and has for years and years, so we have the house to ourselves during that time and nobody knows we are involved. He arrives after I’ve relieved the night shift caregiver and is normally gone before the afternoon woman arrives… and I am the company owner after all. So nobody asks questions. Since the estate has a long gated drive, we have a good five minutes between someone putting in the code to open the gate and when they walk into the house. The times someone has shown up unexpectedly while we are going at it, he is warned by an app on his phone. It is easy enough to jump into my scrubs and nobody thinks anything of finding the home health nurse at the house.”

The explanation was derailed when Bonnie showed her the large new photo on the wall beside Misty’s room. It was from the beach with Misty posing with the Silverfire Guild people. They were all nude but posed to hide their sensitive parts. She told DeeDee “This is just a continuation of the photos Misty has on the bulletin board of the people with whom she’s made love. So, since she had sex with all eight of the Silverfire Guild members, this is part of that series.”

DeeDee had not seen the photos of which she spoke, but again it impressed on her that the Campbell family fully embraced the idea that having sex with friends is simply a normal part of life. The idea that Misty’s parents not only supported her in having multiple sexual partners, but they had let her put up a photo, right in the hallway, of six boys and two girls with whom she’d had sex. That level of support for their daughter’s choices was hard for DeeDee to wrap her head around, though somewhere in her mind she knew that her own daughter had the same kind of support.

At the same time, she could not help but wonder about how much she had lost because as a teenager she could never breathe a word about her sex life. She would have so loved to tell her friends about the amazing times she had with Brother Paul and Peter… and the truth be told three of the four men she “ministered to” in high school became very important to her; yet she could never, ever tell anyone. But Misty had the freedom not only to tell about what she did, but was given the freedom to put this picture on the wall as a memento.

That thought was cut off when Bonnie ushered her into the spare upstairs bedroom. With astonishment that she simply could not hide, DeeDee looked around to see more than a dozen explicit photos of Bonnie having sex with… well, lots of different people.

Bonnie explained, “This used to be called our guest room, but now everyone just calls it the playroom. While some adults have used this room, it is really set up for the teenagers who do not have a safe place to have sex such as in their own homes.”

DeeDee tried to grasp the idea of a room set aside for Misty’s friends to have sex. She thought nothing more could knock her back on her heels this night. She was wrong. And as the kicker, to emphasize that there was nothing shameful about what went on in that room, it was decorated in photos of Mrs. Campbell fully engaged with different people… a good many different people. On the wall behind the bed was a large canvas print of an orgy with Bonnie as the center of a pile of flesh. She felt her own nipples perk up. Bonnie pointed to a photo of her having sex by a swimming pool… with two men… at the same time. “This is the newest photo. I was pleased with how good this image came out. It was taken by our outdoor security camera.”

DeeDee blurted out, “That was taken here? By your pool?”

Bonnie laughed “Oh yes. That is our backyard. That’s what I’m saying. The security camera takes photos of this quality. I was surprised by how good the resolution is.” She turned to DeeDee “Cooper got very little done that day after watching me do that out by our pool. He raced home to get my sloppy seconds.”

DeeDee mumbled, “I guess it was hard to work after seeing that.”

Bonnie smiled mischievously “That was my intent of course.” Then she shifted gears, “I will be adding photos from our recent Miami trip to the collection in this room. Both Marcy and Trish were quick to agree a photo from our fivesome and the one you saw from the swing party should be included in this set. After all the room is used by some of our friends as well as the teens.”

DeeDee simply didn’t have words, all she could do is nod with a nervous laugh.

Bonnie pointed to a book on the desk and let her know it was filled with erotic photos from the Caribbean swinger’s cruise she and Cooper had taken in the winter. She pointed to a few of the photos on display from that trip. “Misty is putting together a book from the slide show tonight that will go in this room as well” Bonnie explained.

DeeDee also noted that the mirror was designed so the people in the bed could see themselves… in the act. She’d never actually seen, in person, a bed with a mirror, let alone had she been in one. Sure, she’d heard about them, but… There was no question in her mind that she would love to have sex in this room. For a moment the image of having sex with Bonnie Campbell, right there on that bed, came into her mind. She pushed it away.

Heading out of the room, Bonnie said “I know tonight you’ve been bombarded with more new ideas than you’d expected. It is one thing for your daughter to tell you what she did on the trip and what goes on here at my house, it is something else to see it. It’s a lot to take in.”

Just before they headed down the stairs, Bonnie finished up by saying “Just so you are certain, I would like to explicitly invite you to join our little community. Your daughter is already part, but I think you are a good fit for us. Next Saturday night we will be having an adult get together. It will be something like tonight, except that each person will be bringing a story and photos from their own life. We’d love you to come, but you would not need to tell a story if you don’t want to.”

Before DeeDee could answer, Bonnie led her to take a seat in the living room where Trish and the Marshals were waiting. From her seat, she could see into the master bedroom where a saloon-style, full-frontal nude painting of a younger version of Bonnie was fully visible right from where she sat on the sofa. It was unquestionably a beautiful painting, but to make it so visible to visitors was quite bold, but certainly no more so than so much else she’d seen.

DeeDee responded to Bonnie’s offer by saying, “I actually would love to meet the rest of your group, but my special friend is taking me to Dallas for a long weekend. Of course, I’ll be meeting him in Atlanta to prevent anyone from figuring out that we are going together, but it is our first overnight trip like this. He’s even bought me a whole wardrobe for the trip. I’m very excited. But otherwise, I’d love to come.”

Bonnie added “If you can make it fit into your schedule, we also have a women’s group that meets on Wednesday afternoons. I have been the host for some time, but Monday I start working full-time for the FFF. A day or two a week I plan to work from home, but that day will change based on the speaking schedule for me and my boss.”

Marcy put in “I only teach on ‘A’ days at Jeff Davis, so every other week I’m off on Wednesday. As it now stands, the meeting will be at my place on those weeks.”

Trish then added “And once I move into my new home on the lake, we will meet there the other weeks. Until then, it will move around.”

Marcy picked back up, “I really think you’ll fit in well if you can make it. It’s a shame we’ve already stopped our Sunday afternoon family swims for the season.”

DeeDee said “Yes, I’ve heard all about them, and I know that Bailey would really have liked us to have come before the weather got too cool. And…” She paused, but only for a second since she was sure this would not be too bold, “I’d already agreed to go naked if we came. I’ve never gone nude in public anywhere, and I was actually hoping we’d be able to work it out.”

Marcy looked over to her husband then said “Well….it just so happens that just this afternoon, the good folks at Newel’s Pools finished our new hot tub and deck early. The water should be hot by now so our family was going to christen it tonight. I am absolutely sure that our daughter would be thrilled if you and Bailey would join us.”

DeeDee knew full well what she meant but did not actually say: “Would she join them nude in their hot tub.” She and Bailey had met Marcy at the House of Pizza earlier in the week. Marcy had offhandedly mentioned that if she would be interested, she and Mike would love it if she’d spend the night with them, in their bed, when Bailey had a sleepover with Sarah. She’d been just so casual as if she were asking her over to play cards. Both girls jumped at the idea, but DeeDee had not said yes, but she’d not said no either. Marcy had also mentioned the new hot tub, but she’d not expected it to be done till next week. To Marcy’s offer, DeeDee didn’t hesitate to say “That sounds great. I’d love to.”

Marcy followed up with “And if you want to spend the night afterward, that would be great too.”

DeeDee nodded but didn’t answer directly. She still marveled that such an offer to spend the night…and have sex… was treated as normal conversation with this group.

A few minutes later, Sarah, Bailey, Lamar, and Byron made a noisy entrance into the living room. While Sarah had been nude all along, Lamar was now fully unclothed as well. The teenage boy had a full erection, yet it seemed she was the only one who had to try not to stare. She couldn’t miss that he had a man-sized endowment… a good-sized man’s endowment. Far bigger than the ones she’d enjoyed from Paul or Peter as a teenager. She also had to push aside the fact that her daughter had enthusiastically told her in detail about how she’d shared sucking him off with Sarah (several times).

Sarah spoke for the group “It’s too chilly to mess around on the daybed out by the pool and Misty and Caitlin have gone upstairs,” she looked at Bonnie, “Mrs. C., Neither Lamar’s bed nor the playroom bed is big enough for the four of us to mess around as a foursome. Would it disturb your chat if we played in your bed for a while?”

DeeDee was dumbfounded by what Sarah was asking.

Marcy however answered the question, “While I’m sure that would be OK with Bonnie, I have a better idea. How about the four of you come with us to try out the new hot tub instead?” Then she looked over to Trish in one of the recliners, “And you too if you want.” She then corrected herself and also invited Bonnie, Cooper, Misty, and Caitlin saying “That is why we got the new tub. Mr. Newell says we should be able to fit up to fifteen people comfortably.”

Not giving the kids a chance to answer Bonnie said, “Trish has already agreed to spend the night with me and Cooper, and I’m really not up to going off. It might work out great for you to take the four of them though. And I think that is likely plenty of people for DeeDee’s first foray into public nudity.”

Nobody disagreed and ten minutes later DeeDee was driving to the Marshal’s with Bailey in the front seat and Byron in the back. “So little girl,” DeeDee asked, “how do you think the night went?”

“Wonderful. Don’t think me full of myself, but the pictures of me were even better than I’d hoped.”

Her mother couldn’t help but tell her that the photo collection was even better than she’d expected. “I can’t wait to see the whole set on the flash drive.”

From the back, Byron said “Yea. Bailey, the pictures of you were so amazing. Not just hot, but really pretty. I’d kill to have a poster of one of those of you from South Beach for my bedroom.”

Bailey turned to her mom, “Could we get him one made?”

DeeDee could not miss the excitement in her daughter’s voice. Bailey clearly liked the idea of having one of her topless beach photos on Byron’s wall. “If you don’t mind, I don’t either” she answered. “But his mother would have to say it’s OK. And I’d have to ask Mr. Marshal if that would present any legal issues.”

From the back, Byron said, “After tonight, I don’t think my mother would object.”

DeeDee laughed, “No, I guess not.” Then she added, “Oh, Bonnie told me that Misty would be happy to do a photo shoot of me like the ones she has around her house.”

“Really? Would you? That would be terrific.” Bailey responded in short succession. “Would you pose in some of that great lingerie Mr. You-know-who gave you? Or would you pose nude?”

Her mother nodded, “I think I would like to do both. But I am sure you are right, he would love some really good pictures of me dressed up in some of the things he has bought me.”

DeeDee was glad she had finally told her daughter everything about her relationship with Nole Green. Bailey had actually met Nole several times. They had even had lunch with him and his wife once. It was wonderful to finally be able to share that part of her life with someone, especially the single most important person in her life. In that first conversation at the Marshall’s house, she’d told Bailey, Sarah, and Marcy that she had an ongoing relationship with a man in town, but she’d not gone into any details. But in the weeks since, she had piece by piece, spelled out the full reality of her relationship with Nole to her daughter (though she had yet to spell out all of her history with Brother Paul). Bailey had been totally supportive even when she’d explained that he was not her boyfriend, but he was effectively her employer since he still held the majority ownership of her company. It was hard, but she told her daughter that having sex with him was, in effect, part of what Mr. Green paid her for. Even so, the week before Bailey had asked what exactly she had done with him, and when DeeDee had told him that he'd asked her to spend three nights with him in Dallas she was excited for her mother.

DeeDee pulled into the Marshal’s driveway. She had been to their home a good many times in the past few years, mostly dropping off or picking Bailey up. Despite the fact that Mike Marshal’s law firm was one of the largest in the county, and that he was quite influential as a member of a number of civic & non-profit boards and committees; their home was very middle class with none of the ostentatious size and decor she’d first expected.

Marcy met her, Bailey, and Byron at the door and led them through to the back yard. She recalled there had been a fairly normal hot tub on the patio; however, that tub was gone and an entirely new raised deck filled the left side of the yard. At the far end, Mike was removing the cover off of a very large hot tub that was shielded from the neighbor’s view by the trees and a wooden screen.

To DeeDee, Marcy said “As I understand it, this tub is actually designed for commercial applications: hotels & such. The guys who came out to install it said it was the first time they had put one in for residential use.”

DeeDee could believe that, and she had no doubt fifteen people could use it very comfortably.

Their casual talk was interrupted by the four teens rushing past them, all were fully naked. While they did not seem the least bit concerned to be seen in the nude, it was on the cool side and they rushed to submerge themselves. Even as they did so, Marcy looked to DeeDee as if to ask “Well? Are you going to do this?”

This moment had been in her mind since she agreed to join them. She knew she wanted to do it. She’d been wanting to do something like this since she received the first reports from Bailey about what she was doing in Miami. Actually, she’d wanted to go naked out in the world like this since that day, so long ago, she stood at the front of her church in front of Brother Paul and Peter. Her hesitation was short, and she covered it by saying “Where should I put my clothes?”

Marcy looked to her husband and said “Could you get one of those chairs so we can use it to hold our clothes.” Then to DeeDee she said “As I said at Bonnie’s, this whole deck is all brand new. I plan to have a cabinet put in for towels, but I’m not there yet. I’d not thought of a rack of some sort for clothes. I’ve already ordered a set of robes that we will keep in the house as loaners since during the day it is just a wee bit too visible to make the trek from the house to the tub in the buff.”

She could see that while at night it would be difficult for any of their neighbors to see the nudity in the hot tub, walking back and forth in the daylight could be different. As Marcy spoke, both she and DeeDee had been unbuttoning their shirts and by the time they removed them, Mike had put a chair at the foot of the steps. Though she was sure Mike and the two teenage boys were covertly watching, she simply slipped out of her bra without fanfare. She actually felt a sense of accomplishment as she walked naked up the two steps to the deck. Mike, who had somehow fully undressed himself without her noticing, took her arm to help her into the tub. She worked at not being obvious as she checked him out. After all, she was sure she’d be having sex with him tonight… and possibly on an ongoing basis.

As she waited the few moments it took for Marcy to get into the water and let her know where to sit, DeeDee was acutely aware she was standing less than a foot from the teenagers… totally nude. She considered how when she was their age, she was the most sexually active person that she knew…or could imagine. By the time she was eighteen, she was sure she was on the all-time great list of sluts in the world. While at her fundamentalist Christian college, she’d actually only had sex when she’d gone home for weekends, holidays, and over the summers; the truth was that had she had the opportunity to fuck guys at school, she would have; but strict rules kept that from happening. It was only in her senior year when she’d begun clinical work at a local hospital did opportunities arise, and she’d taken them. It had only taken her two weeks in the relative freedom of the hospital setting to give a guy a blow job, and a month to let a supervisor fuck her in a storage room. Less than a week after that, one of his buddies had her bent over a gurney as he plowed her. But that was what she did, that was who she was: she used her body to service men in authority.

Even the one female with whom she’d had sex (prior to the night at the bar in July) was right in line with that pattern. In her senior year, she had her first semester of full-time clinical work at the hospital. She’d been assigned to shadow an RN who was only a few years older than she was. The young RN (Clair) and DeeDee had hit it off, and since they spent all shift together day after day, they talked a lot. In a matter of weeks, they had begun to share with each other stories of their active sex lives. Clair was actually less sexually experienced than DeeDee having only had sex with a couple of boyfriends, though she’d lived with her current guy for over a year. Not only was it new for DeeDee to have a friend with whom she could talk about sex, but Clair was right up front that she was active in her evangelical church. The idea that a good Christian (not just harlots like her) could joyfully have sex outside of marriage without any sense she was sinful was something she’d never even imagined.

Though DeeDee never told the exact circumstances as to why she was having sex with multiple guys, Clair loved to hear what she’d done over the weekends at home. After a weekend in October when Peter had been home from his college, DeeDee told Clair about having sex with three different guys in the two days between Friday night till Sunday evening when she headed back to her college. The next day, Clair asked DeeDee if she would like to join her and her boyfriend for a threesome. As her supervisor, the RN was able to tell DeeDee’s college minders that she was doing an extra shift when in actuality, Clair and DeeDee had slipped out to the Super 8 motel just down the street where her boyfriend had rented a room.

It had been her first real threesome and her first time having sex with a female. She’d never even kissed a girl before. Despite that, it had not felt strange to her at all. She had actually been surprised at how natural it felt to go down on Clair. Over those visits to the motel in the next two months, she spent quite a few wonderful hours with her face between Clair’s legs. But most significantly, it had been fun sex. While she and Peter had learned to relax while they messed around, there was always a feeling of being on guard. In all the times she’d done it, she and her partner had never been so free to just relax and have fun for hours on end. She’d never laughed and acted silly even as her pussy was filled with dick. It was a revelation to her. Over the rest of the semester, she’d done three full “extra shifts” and another three half-shifts. They had tried to work it out for Clair to go to their church with them one Sunday, but they simply couldn’t work out evading her college’s surveillance.

DeeDee was quite disappointed when it became obvious that due to scheduling she would not be able to carry on with them for her final semester at school, but the experience opened the possibilities of a whole other world to her.

The exception to DeeDee’s rule about having sex with people in authority was the radiology tech who came on to her in January. By February, they were having sex in his lead shielded isolation booth a couple of times a week. It wasn’t that she particularly liked him, but the opportunity was there and she loved getting drilled after her shift. Going back to the dorms in the afterglow of an orgasm was well worth it. The fact he frequently forgot to bring a condom had not bothered her. In March she realized she was pregnant.

After she was married and working as a hospital nurse, she continued her pattern of giving herself willingly to men in authority in that she had affairs with a series of four doctors (including Bailey’s biological father). Even her relationship with Nole Green fit the pattern. That was just who she was. Including the night at the redneck bar, she’d had sex with seventeen men (and three women). Certainly, that made her a super slut. Didn’t it?

It was only in her conversations with Marcy since the Miami trip that DeeDee was disabused of that self-delusion. From what Marcy (now Slosh) told her, most of the women in their group had done it with at least that many guys. She also pointed out that those seventeen partners of DeeDee’s had been over a period of twenty-five years. Thus, she’d had sex with fewer than one new guy per year. That was hardly the behavior of a super slut.

Once Mike and Marcy were in the water, they indicated for her to sit beside Mike. He put an arm around both DeeDee and his wife as everyone relaxed in the hot water. To DeeDee it seemed very odd that everyone was so casually relaxed, yet they were all naked. That seemed so incongruous. Didn’t getting naked mean fucking? She could give blow jobs without taking off her clothes, but to get naked just naturally meant the guy was going to fuck her…yet Mike made no move in that direction. Even more, the four teenagers were also sitting snuggled up, but they weren’t getting it on either. That was one of the most surprising things yet.

Initially, the teens carried on their own conversation while the adults did the same, but after perhaps twenty minutes, the two sets of mothers and daughters jointly discussed the upcoming season at the Milledgeville Community Theater and Marcy’s plans for a fall production at Jefferson Davis High. Since both girls were now sixteen, they had been forced to leave the children’s theater group and join the theater’s main production community.

To DeeDee, the mundane nature of the conversation seemed so out of place.

Sarah bemoaned, “It is like we are too old for the kids, but at the auditions last week we were competing against college students and adults.”

Bailey seconded the thought.

While DeeDee had gotten her daughter involved in community theater six years before, it was still a world she did not understand fully. That was one of the reasons she’d been happy to see Mrs. Marshal take her girl under her wing… even before the present issues arose.

Sarah’s mother nodded, “Yes, but if you pick the parts for which to audition it won’t be as bad as you think. Though, you have to know you won’t be able to get speaking parts in every production as you have in the past. Remember, the backstage crew is just as important, and by participating you will become a part of the community. And don’t forget you two have opportunities at the school for roles. We will be casting for our fall production in a couple of weeks, and Mrs. Goodwin and I are also working up a plan for a mid-winter variety show combining drama, comedy, and music.”

Listening to the discussion, DeeDee was once again comforted that Bailey had a mentor that could guide her at school as well as in her personal life. Later on, the teens went back to their conversation and the two mothers worked on carpooling plans to the community theater.

Seemingly out of the blue, Sarah looked over to her father and said “Dad, according to what mom told us, back when you and mom were dating, you knew that she was having sex with lots of guys right up until the day you guys got married. Right?”

From what DeeDee could tell, Mike didn’t seem the least bit offended by his daughter’s very direct and personal question. He just nodded and said, “That’s right.”

“Well, you see,” Sarah went on, “in the last month, I’ve been having sex with the other club girls’ boyfriends while Lamar is with me. We both found that we really like it when while Lamar and I are making out, one of the Euro-Boytoys is behind me, screwing me. He even sometimes reaches down and feels the other guy’s dick going in and out of my pussy. Bailey and I do the same thing, but with Lamar... well, he wonders if something is wrong with him that he doesn’t mind that I do it with other guys even though he and I don’t yet actually have sex.”

DeeDee was not prepared for the explicitness of the question, though some time ago Bailey had told her mother how much she and Sarah enjoy doing exactly that. But she’d not considered the idea of Lamar and Sarah kissing while another guy’s penis was actually inside of her. The truth was she’d never had a real boyfriend to “cheat” on, so the very idea was beyond her experience. From the very first, she’d been the harlot and the guys she had sex with expected she did other guys too. The one exception had been her husband and he’d kicked her out of the house when he’d found out. So, DeeDee was actually interested in what Mike would have to say, especially after sitting through that slide and video show of his wife having sex with multiple people.

Mike gave a soft laugh. “No Lamar. Nothing is wrong with you. Understand that in my case, I knew who Slosh was even before we went out the first time. After all, her nightclub act was telling funny stories about the sex she’d had with different men during the prior week. There was never any secret that she did it with a great many guys, week in and week out. Before I actually met her, my boss had been telling me how great she was in bed for months. So, I guess that was just part of the person I fell in love with. Sarah’s mother has never had sex with people because she is weak or has felt pressured into it. Back then Slosh Hidelman had sex with a variety of men… or I guess I should say currently Slosh Marshal has sex with a variety of men as an expression of her self-assurance. Doing so does not diminish who she is. I think most guys feel they have to own their woman. I don’t and never have. I think it is to your credit that you don’t think you feel a need to own my daughter’s body in order to love her. If you did, I doubt you would be sitting here with us.”

His answer may have been directed at Lamar, but DeeDee found it profound. She also noted that when he called his wife Slosh, it seemed that for him, that was the natural name for her. When the teens used it, the name seemed a little forced. That thought was preempted by Mike’s follow-up which actually shocked her with its directness.

“You see Lamar, a great many times while we were dating, I made love to Slosh knowing full well that one or two or on a few occasions, three different men had not only put their penis in her already that day, but they had also left their semen behind. But that didn’t make her love for me any less real. When I would kiss her or go down on her and taste the semen of another man or a couple of men, it was just a normal part of our relationship. I actually think you already understand that. From what I’ve been told, you have kissed Sarah several times after watching her take another guy’s penis in her mouth and when you did, you tasted his semen on her lips?”

DeeDee did her best not to drop her jaw at his statement. He was talking as casually about his daughter sucking dick as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Then she realized, in their family, it was. Almost as fast as that thought came to her, she realized that for her and Bailey, explicit sex talk had also become completely normal. How many times over the past five weeks had Bailey told her how much she’d enjoyed sucking off Byron and/or Lamar. Around once a week she’d been all too excited to tell Mom about how good it had felt to have one of the club girl’s boyfriends’ dick in her pussy and/or ass while the other girls and guys watched. Certainly, Bailey found nothing odd about talking to her mother, in detail, about the sex she had.

But the new openness about sex in their home wasn’t just one way. The prior Sunday afternoon as soon as she’d come back from meeting with Nole Green, her daughter asked her to tell her about what they had done that morning. She’d known full well that Bailey wanted to hear about the specific sex acts, not just what they did in general. With a deep breath, she said when Nole had arrived about 8:30 that morning, she met him at the front door wearing only lingerie. “He really loves when I do that.” Without any urge to hold back, she just let herself describe the foreplay in one of the mansion’s bedrooms. It seemed the more sexually explicit she was, the more Bailey liked it. At one point her daughter interrupted, “Did he start giving you some of that sweet pre-cum before you started fucking? I love that part.” DeeDee actually had to think for a moment before saying “Yes, and I like that part too.” Finally, with a smile she wrapped up, “Once I’d gotten the last of the clothes off of him, we lay in the bed, kissing for the longest time. Almost the entire time we kissed, like over half an hour, his penis was inside of me. He worked it really slowly. He is really good about not rushing things. It felt so good. Once we were ready to wrap up and get something to eat, it only took a few minutes of him on top of me for us both to cum hard.”

It had been oddly easy for DeeDee to tell Bailey that part, so she went on to tell how when they were done, she’d not put back on her scrubs. She explained that for the rest of their morning, she had worn nothing but the lingerie. Until he left at about quarter till one, she’d only pulled on her scrubs twice, briefly, to check in on his mother. To illustrate that part of the story, she kicked off her work shoes and pulled off her scrubs. Beneath her work clothes, she’d had on a teal open-front bra, crotchless panties, a garter belt, and stockings. She pulled a pair of heels from her bag and put them on and stood to show Bailey exactly what she’d been in most of her morning.

Sitting back down, DeeDee went on to tell Bailey how around noon she and Nole had done it again right out in the parlor. DeeDee matter-of-factly told Bailey how Nole had eaten her to orgasm as she sat on the wet bar before he’d put his cock in her…” but that was more of an appetizer than the main course. After we took a break to catch our breath and let him calm down, I went to my knees and gave him a pretty damn good blow job, if I say so myself.”

Bailey had not stopped laughing before DeeDee went on, “When I began to taste his pre-cum, like you mentioned earlier, I knew it was time to change things up.” Then she took a side step to give her sixteen-year-old daughter a bit of advice. “You see, as sexy as that sweet stuff is, it is a warning to you that you need to change things up…that is unless you are ready for him to cum.” It seemed surprisingly easy to give her daughter the first bit of advice in sexual technique she’d ever proffered.

Bailey seemed surprised her mother would be so direct but smiled broadly “I’ll take that as the voice of decades of experience. Thanks.”

Feeling quite good about herself, DeeDee continued her story. “A little later we went to the, like hundred- and fifty-year-old, sofa. We didn’t trust it to take both of our body weights while he banged me, so I got on all fours at an angle so he could stand on the ground. He put it in me really slow, teasing me. Since we had been messing around in the parlor for a really long time by then, once he was all the way in, it didn’t take long before he was hammering me really hard.” She hadn’t even blushed in all of that. So it was easy to tell Bailey how, with her sitting on the sofa, she had swallowed down his “really tasty” semen just before he left.

While Bailey had been happily telling her mother explicitly detailed stories of the sex she’d had since her return from Miami, it was the first time DeeDee had done the same. She wasn’t sure if her girl’s obvious enjoyment of her story was the graphic sexual content, or had it been because she was happy her mother was finally sharing with her. Likely it was some of both. Bailey just smiled broadly and said “See Mom, that wasn’t that hard.” She was right, it hadn’t been. So in truth, as of the past week, her family wasn’t any different than the Marshals about sexual openness.

Lamar simply nodded in agreement with what Sarah’s father said.

Mr. Marshal followed up what he said by asking Lamar, “Does the taste of one of your friend’s semen in her mouth take anything away from the enjoyment of kissing her? Does it make you feel less love for her or loved by her?”

“No” Lamar answered “Why would it?”

“Exactly” Mr. Marshal replied. “The same was true when I put my penis or tongue in Slosh’s vagina when we were dating. The knowledge that other men had been there already in the past few hours never, not even once, made me feel less loved.”

Lamar seemed to understand.

Mr. Marshal added “I actually think it is terrific that you are learning that lesson very early. I strongly suspect that Sarah, as I’ve heard her say, will indeed be Slosh Jr. Though you won’t often find other guy’s semen in her vagina because her mom has taught her the importance of not taking chances. But, like her mother, I think she is committed to embracing all the pleasure her body has to give. And if you can love her for that, rather than in spite of it, you guys will make a great couple. Sadly, as a lawyer, I’ve seen all too many marriages and families destroyed by a husband or wife who simply couldn’t grasp that when their partner shares their body with someone else, they are not taking anything from them or their relationship.”

DeeDee wanted to agree with him, but she just couldn’t find the words. For him, and Marcy and Bonnie these things seemed so simple and easy.

Marcy/Slosh began to kiss her husband before turning to DeeDee to say, “I was so happy when I found a man who understood me.” She went back to kissing her husband and DeeDee saw her hand reach to grip a growing erection. She glanced over to the kids, but they didn’t seem to be paying any attention to the display of sexuality by Sarah’s parents. A few minutes later she wasn’t at all surprised when she felt Marcy guide her hand to Mike’s erection, or when, a few minutes after that, he turned to kiss her.

The three of them kissed and quite openly played with each other for some time. Even when Mike had quite vigorously used his fingers in both of their vaginas and sucked their breasts, the teens didn’t seem to take notice. She suspected they were deliberately not paying attention for her sake. When Marcy looked at DeeDee and quietly asked “Are you ready?” There was no question about what she meant. Without further discussion, DeeDee turned her body and moved onto Mike’s lap. Reaching between her legs she guided the shaft to spread her labial lips. Before pressing home, DeeDee looked to Marcy for confirmation her actions were all right.

Marcy just smiled and whispered, “Do this for you, not for him.”

DeeDee nodded and eased herself down, letting Mike fill her. She had always loved the feeling of a man inside of her. For her, it still was a spiritual exercise. Though she had long known that what Brother Paul had told her all those years ago had been manipulative, it was part of her. For her sex and spirituality were inextricably linked. Being filled with a man’s erection was like being filled by God. When she climaxed, she was touching the divine. Even while deep down she knew she was a whore, she was God’s whore and she did not feel the least bit of guilt in enjoying what God had ordained for her. So, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations of Mike’s cock inside of her. She knew for a certainty unless he ended too soon, she could and would climax…touch God…before she finished riding him.

Mike did not finish too soon. In fact, to DeeDee’s surprise, he did not climax at all while they were in the hot tub even though she did. That was far from her normal experience with men. Rather he was attentive to her body language and seemed to know what she desired. DeeDee’s pleasure was compounded by the fact that both Mike and Marcy kissed her and suckled her breasts as her arousal built. She had tuned out the teens in the hot tub as she neared orgasm. Her world narrowed as her arousal built. It was always that way for her. In the back of her mind, she knew the teens were there as her vocalizations reflected her pleasure; but that knowledge was far, very far, in the background. She was not particularly loud when she had sex, she’d long ago learned that while vocalizations helped her and her partner’s arousal, they had to be quiet since she could not let other people hear. As such, while she was not loud, there was no question to anyone in that hot tub that DeeDee was enjoying Mike’s penis in her quite a lot. With Mike sucking her left nipple and Marcy licking her right, DeeDee lifted her face to the sky and firmly said “Oh thank you God!” as the dam broke.

The orgasm was totally complete and she had a hard time keeping her perch with her thighs shaking so violently.

It was only when she was well down the mountain that she again was cognizant of where she was and that she just had sex in front of her daughter and her daughter’s friends. But she was not embarrassed or regretful. This was who she was and she was thankful… thankful to God that she now could be that person openly.

She was still on Mike and he was still full and deep inside of her when she began kissing him again. Without warning, a pair of hands gripped her shoulders from behind. It didn’t startle her, rather it just emphasized that her service to God was no longer a deep dark secret.

“That was great Mom” her daughter’s voice whispered in her ear.

It took more than a little self-control not to react to the fact her girl was standing right behind her, touching her while Mike’s fully engorged shaft was still inside of her.

Sill in just above a whisper Bailey continued. “Thank you for letting me… well us stay out here while you did that. I’m sure it took some effort on your part to tune us out.”

She just put her hand on her daughter’s as acknowledgment. This was simply too important a moment to her for words. Though, as much as anything to show herself it was real, she began to move her hips on Mike once again with Bailey standing right there, her hands on her shoulders. With one hand still on her daughter’s she let out a low moan as a wave of pleasure swept through her.

For several minutes no one else moved or spoke as she steadily ground her hips on Mike.

Eventually, Bailey quietly said, “I guess this means you are part of the group now.”

It took a moment to realize what Bailey meant. When she did, DeeDee squeezed her pelvic muscles and pushed her hips forward in her own acknowledgment that her daughter was indeed correct. She felt herself grip Mike’s penis deep inside of her. “Yes, I guess I am” she replied more to herself than to anyone else.

“Well, we all thought you were super-hot” Bailey added then leaned down to kiss her mom on the cheek before rejoining her friends.

DeeDee simply didn’t know what to say or do. There was no doubt in her mind that her world had suddenly changed… for the better. In the absence of any other plan, she closed her eyes and began to work on a second orgasm.

After that second, even more wonderful climax had come and gone, DeeDee slid off of Mike to snuggle back beside him. Slowly she became cognizant of the quiet conversation among the kids. They seemed to be deciding whether to move to sex play right in the water or to go inside. When they began to stand, she realized they had made a decision.

Sarah told her mother “We are going to the living room and look at all of the photos on the flash drives… and of course we will finally get to have our foursome. If you want to join us looking at the pics, you know there is plenty of room.”

Her mother shook her head “No, I think we will be heading up to the bedroom to continue this.” Then, just as Sarah began to get out of the water she asked, “Will you all be sleeping in the living room tonight?”

“No,” Sarah said brightly. “Once we decide it’s time to actually go to sleep, Lamar and I will take my bed, and Bailey & Byron will use the guest bed.”

When the teens were gone DeeDee said “I guess I should have seen that coming. Will this be the first time Lamar spends the night in bed with Sarah?”

Slosh nodded “I think so. As I understand it, when she spends the night at the Campbell’s she always sleeps with Misty.”

DeeDee saw that this would be a big night for all of them. Not only would this be the first time for Sarah to spend the night with Lamar, it would also be Bailey’s first time with Byron, and the first time she slept with a man with her daughter in the house since she was five years old.

Slosh must have been thinking along the same lines as DeeDee. “Do you think Bailey and Byron are on their way to being a couple, or just friends with benefits?”

DeeDee thought about it for a moment then said “I think they are on their way to becoming a couple. I don’t think it’s all about sex. They seem to get along really well. I pick up a vibe that I’ve never seen from her with any boy before. I guess it is good that this is nothing like how she acted when she was with her last guy.”

Both of the other parents in the tub seemed to understand and agree.

There was a few minutes of silence before DeeDee agreed with Slosh that it was time for them to head inside too. They had not thought to bring towels out to the tub, and when they headed to the house, they simply left their clothes in the chair. It wasn’t actually cold, but cool enough that the hot water steamed off of DeeDee’s warm skin as she and Slosh walked briskly to the back door. Just making that walk in the nude was thrilling to DeeDee.

Once they were all in the bed, Mike sat aside for a very long time allowing his wife and DeeDee to make love. While she’d had sex with the two women from the bar, and decades ago she and Clair had made out and gone down on each other while they shared her boyfriend a good many times; DeeDee had never actually made love to a woman before. It was a new experience for her, soft and loving in a way that was new. The same as tender lovemaking with Brother Paul, Bryan or Nole, but different at the same time. The extended kissing with their bodies pressed together gave her a new perspective on sexuality: undemanding, sensuous but not urgent.

As they went on, she realized that part of it was that they were simply friends. There was no pretense they were romantic partners and certainly, Marcy wasn’t an authority figure or client DeeDee was there to please. They were friends enjoying their bodies together for mutual pleasure. That realization helped her to relax and simply let the feelings flow. She did not work for or try to force orgasms. They just came naturally and smoothly as they both used their hands and mouths to find and give pleasure. She was not surprised she very much enjoyed her time with her face between Marcy’s thighs. Her labia was utterly free of hair or stubble so that it felt baby smooth. So much so that running her tongue over that soft flesh and rubbing her face on it manifestly added to her enjoyment.

Before their time together was done, DeeDee had learned first-hand how Marcy had earned the name Slosh. Well before she’d pushed Slosh to her limit, her face and bangs were already quite wet with womanly fluids. It was a truly lovely experience. It had only been after a very long time of Sapphic pleasure that Slosh asked “would you like Mike to join us?” When DeeDee said she would, they began a true ménage à trois.

Later, much later, the three of them lay exhausted on the bed. She had no idea how long they’d gone on. All she could do was say “Thank you.”

Slosh rolled over to kiss her lightly and repeated, “Thank you. I am so glad you came over. Tonight has been wonderful, though I’ll confess once I’ve caught my breath and Mike has brought us something to drink, I’ll be ready for more.”

DeeDee gave a slight giggle “Me too.” She’d not missed the fact that Mike had yet to cum. That too was something new, and telling about what sex with the Marshal’s would be like. She now had not the slightest doubt this would be a regular part of her life for some time, possibly… hopefully, for years to come. She couldn’t remember being so excited about a new relationship since she and Brother Paul started having sex.

When Mike was out of the room to get the requested drinks from the kitchen downstairs, DeeDee said to Slosh, “I really do want to thank you for bringing me into your group. You can’t imagine what it means to me to have friends with whom I can actually tell not just what I do but how I feel about it.”

“We are glad to have you. But, what things do you mean exactly?”

DeeDee took a deep breath. She wanted to tell someone, but she’d held it in for so long. “You see, while I told you and the girls a lot of what I’d done with men, I didn’t tell you why. I’ve never actually told anyone the real reasons why.” She took another breath and began the tale of how, when as a girl, barely a teenager, she’d been taught to serve God by servicing Paul, then his brother, and finally other adult men in the church. She had to work to ignore the looks of horror at the obvious exploitation of a young girl that Slosh gave her.

Only when she was done and Slosh asked “When did you stop having sex with Brother Paul?” did DeeDee tell the final truth “I never did. We last were together three weeks ago. He is the church pastor now, and I try to take care of him once a month. The truth is that the sex has actually gotten much better over time. We now usually go on for a couple of hours when I go down to see him in Gordon.”

“Did he end up marrying your sister?” Slosh asked for clarification.

“No, she went off to college and met someone else. He married one of my closest childhood friends though, Mary Eustis. Well, I guess she’s been Mary Lowe for more than half of her life. Knowing her like I did, I totally believed him when he told me she saw sex as a duty that wives must perform, not something she really wanted to do. So after they were married I saw it as a service to her when I took care of her husband’s sexual needs, and I’ve been fulfilling that role ever since.”

Mike, who had returned with bottles of water, asked “Where do you do it?”

“Oh, I guess I left that out. For a long time, we always did it in his office but after he got married the Christmas of my second year of college, we started doing it at his house as well. For the past twelve years, we’ve only done it there.”

“How can his wife not know?” Marcy asked

“Oh, she knows. She has known all along, though I didn’t realize that till later. We have been friends since we were barely out of diapers, and truth be told, for over a decade she has been my nearest and dearest friend. You see, on that day my world blew up when I found Bailey and my clothes out on the front lawn when I got back from work, it was Mary Lowe who came to my rescue. She welcomed Bailey and me into her home with open arms. She did so in defiance of her father-in-law and the church, but she was there for me when nobody else was. I strongly suspect it was her influence that prompted her husband to go to the three men whom I had taken care of for years to help me out. The four of them provided the funds to get me and Bailey into our own place.”

She could tell both Mike and Marcy were astonished.

“Up to that point as Brother Paul’s wife, Mary had been cordial if a little standoffish around me. I should say that even after I began having sex with her husband right in her bed, I never got the sense she resented my presence. It was more like she didn’t know how she thought she should act when I was there. It was only during that week did we have our first real heart-to-heart about our arrangement: which is what we still call it. Up until then, she’d just not been comfortable talking about the fact we both knew I was screwing her husband. Over the week Bailey and I stayed in their home, the two of us just talked and talked and talked. My guess is she had been wanting to discuss those things with me for several years but didn’t know how. I broke the ice when I told her I had deliberately gotten pregnant with the doctor’s baby because I wanted another child, but not my husband’s. From there the damn broke and in a matter of hours, she became remarkably candid.”

“Eventually she explained that Brother Paul had been only partially correct when he had told me that she wasn’t interested in sex. It hadn’t been that she was never interested or turned on when they first got married, but it was sporadic. Then she had three kids in four years and her libido was nearly entirely crushed by the challenges of having three preschoolers. Though, even then, more than a dozen years ago, she told me that she had begun to feel the first stirrings of arousal once more. But what knocked my socks off was that she’d actually known about what I did with her husband since before they got married. Brother Paul’s mother had told her, but not to warn her off, but to let her know Pastor Lowe had arranged it so that she would not have to carry all the burden of his needs by herself. Mrs. Lowe had directly told her that other women had been taking care of her husband’s sexual needs for decades and she was glad they had. When Mary told me what her mother-in-law had said, it was the final confirmation that our pastor had been the architect of my transformation into a Rahab. From the way Mary described it, her mother-in-law saw the Rahabs as a blessing to her and other married women in our church community. That first time we talked at length about my role in her marriage, Mary explicitly told me how appreciative she was that I had sacrificed myself to be a Rahab. At that time, I don’t think she had any conception that I didn’t feel like I’d sacrificed anything. I think she now knows better.”

Slosh had a confused look on her face and asked “Rahab? Like from the Bible story?”

DeeDee nodded and told how Brother Paul had taught her the story of Rahab and other similar women in the Bible before she described her consecration into God’s service as a harlot. Then she summed up the rather long story for the Marshals by stating the credo she lived by but had never been able to say out loud. “I am, and have been since I was fourteen years old, God’s harlot. It is my divinely ordained role in life to service Brother Paul and other Christian men so they can serve God without distraction.”

Slosh blew up. “You have to know that is bullshit!”

DeeDee gave her a patient look “Of course I do.” Then she corrected “I know that in my head at least. I know God didn’t preordain me to provide a sexual outlet for Brother Paul, his brother Peter… and the other men from the church I have serviced. But deep down, it is simply part of me. It is who I am.”

With more than a hint of anger, Marcy said, “You say as a fourteen-year-old you were told to fuck your pastor’s sons as a service to God?”

“Yes, that is exactly what happened. Though to be fair to Brother Paul, according to what Mary said, he had been directed to look for a Rahab when he was barely sixteen by his controlling father. And in all the years I’ve known him, he has never been anything but respectful toward me. He taught me that to be a harlot for God was an honor and, more importantly, he said I was no less holy or godly than girls who never had sex. Had it not been for his father and the teachers of the school, it never would have occurred to me that what we were doing was anything but a holy act.”

DeeDee could see Slosh’s skepticism, so she added “But according to Mary, once her husband took over as pastor when his father died, he ended the Rahab program.”

Mike asked “Program? So there was an ongoing effort to recruit girls to be sex toys?”

“Not girls, plural. As far as she knows, I was the only young girl who’d been recruited. It seems that most of the women who had been consecrated to be Rahabs were either divorcees or women who had a history of sexual promiscuity, though Mary told me there had been one other girl from our Christian high school. I knew her, but she was a couple of years younger than me. She hadn’t become a Rahab until the fall I’d gone off to college, so I only found out about it years later. She’d been caught by her parents having sex at home and they referred her to Pastor Lowe for counseling. Somehow, I don’t think they intended him to turn her into a prostitute; though on the other hand, from my experience, I doubt they did anything to stop it. From what Mary said, she was the only other high school Rahab and she didn’t start till she was a junior so she was sixteen or seventeen when she started. Brother Paul never had sex with her but both of his younger brothers did. I suspect she was actually recruited to replace me for his youngest son.”

DeeDee could see the seething anger on Slosh’s face even before she said “I am all for giving teens the choice about having sex at whatever age they choose; but for the church pastor to manipulate them like that is simply disgusting.”

DeeDee explained “It was rationalized by Pastor Lowe that by formalizing those women’s status as God’s harlots, they could channel their wanton ways to the good. Though I should say, as far as Brother Paul or Mary know, I was the only one to have all the components of my consecration ceremony. They are quite sure I was the only one to be dedicated in the sanctuary itself. The others were anointed with oil and semen in Pastor Lowe’s office. That part was the heart of the process. Again, according to Mary, Pastor Lowe had been having sex with women in the church since before Paul had been born. She told me that Paul grew up thinking it was normal for men to bring women to the house and take them to the bedroom. As I said, when he turned sixteen, his father told him to start looking for a Rahab among the girls in our school. He completely laid out how Paul was to go about it. From what I understand, Paul had to report to his dad pretty much everything he did in the process. That had been going on for just over a year when he found me.”

“How many Rahabs were there?” Slosh asked.

“Mary didn’t know for sure. She said Paul’s best guess was that at any given time his father could call up two or three women for sex anytime he wanted. He said while he was growing up, women came to see his father once or occasionally twice in a week, and just like I do now, they had sex right in the parsonage. Once he was about twelve, his father ensured he knew exactly what he was doing with the women. Pastor Lowe actually installed one of those front door peepholes to overlook the bed. As each of their boys turned twelve, they were expected to look in on Dad and his women to learn about their role as men. From what Mary said, it was not optional, he fully expected his boys to watch him fuck women from the church. Brother Paul & Mary didn’t take it as far as his father did. But once their kids began puberty, they were tacitly allowed to peek in on me and their father if they wanted to, with my permission of course.”

“So they let their kids watch?” Mike asked with some surprise.

“Not watch, covertly peek in. They did not want their kids to think their parents were involved in something that was sinful; so, when each of their three kids began to show an interest in sexuality and ask questions about why I came over, Mary had told them exactly what their father and I do in the bedroom and why. In the house they lived in up until they moved into the parsonage when his father died, the master bath doubled as the guest bath so it had doors in the hallway and the bedroom. By closing the hallway door and turning out the light, they could crack the door into the bedroom just enough to see without being seen. Mary had actually arranged for their oldest to figure out how to do that after she started asking questions. Mary has told me that all three of their kids have peeked in, though she actually doesn’t know how often. She deliberately never caught any of them peeking so as to ensure she was not put in the position of condoning or condemning their curiosity. She’s sure the kids don’t believe what he and I do is wrong, even if it is still a closely guarded family secret. Unlike the elder Pastor Lowe who had a good many women over to the parsonage over the years, I am the only woman Brother Paul has ever slept with other than Mary. So it’s not really the same since to the kids, I’m like an aunt or something. After all I’ve been in their lives since they were born.”

“According to Mary, it was not until Brother Paul was in his twenties that he came to understand that it was not part of God’s plan for pastors to expect sexual access to women in the church. In fact, several times in the five years I was married he asked me if I wanted to stop seeing him. But the truth was I loved Brother Paul, not my husband, so of course I didn’t want to stop. Then, once my marriage fell apart, he never asked again. After the week they took me and Bailey in, the three of us had a discussion and it was agreed that even though I had my own place, we would always use his, their, home for sex. The very first time I came over to see Brother Paul after I moved into our new apartment, Mary asked to sit in with us for our devotional time before we got undressed. Ever since she often joins us and when she does, she holds my hands and prays for God to bless my intimate time with her husband.”

Slosh had shifted from anger to appreciation saying. “That is so wonderful. I’m glad it worked out for all of you.”

“Yes, it has. Since then, Mary and I have become fast friends. Even while she is the only one I’ve been able to talk about our arrangement with, I’m also the only one she can talk to as well. According to her, I am an adjunct to their marriage that she truly believes God has blessed. In the year or so before I moved to Sparta, we spent a lot of time together. Now we talk on the phone at least weekly. For years now, nearly every time I drive down to Gordon, she greets me at the door with a hug and thanks me for taking care of her husband. Rarely does she let me leave without sitting down for dinner. She knows all about what has happened in my life since July. She actually finds it fascinating. In the past four or five years, her interest in sex has grown dramatically, and this fall, now that all of her kids are all off in college it’s like her long-lost libido has come to life. More than once she’s asked me about things to do in bed with her husband.”

Slosh put in “That is really wonderful.”

DeeDee nodded. “Oh, you will like this part. When they moved into the parsonage after the death of the elder Pastor Lowe, Mary found the peephole that her father-in-law had put in to allow his sons to watch him with the women he bedded. She actually told me about it and asked if it would bother me if she peeked in on me and Brother Paul occasionally. That was a little more than a year ago. Since then, not only has she looked in on us a good many times, she doesn’t just peek, she has watched us at length more than once. Though we have not actually done it yet, this summer she asked if once the kids were out of the house for school, would it be OK if she just came right into the room and watched us. Both Brother Paul and I agreed it was actually a great idea, but when I was there a few weeks back, she couldn’t work up the nerve to do it.”

Mike put in, “Cooper is so right that the idea of one man and one woman for life is the rare exception, not the rule. And like with Lois, John, and George; more families have worked out alternative arrangements to simple monogamy than people realize.”

DeeDee’s face must have given away she had no idea what he was talking about, so Slosh explained that family’s poly-triad relationship.”

Then Mike added “I’ve actually run into a few alternative family arrangements in the past couple of years in my law practice. People think that just happens in places like California, but it happens right here too.”

DeeDee decided that was the time to finally tell about her ministry to married men. “When I was sixteen, Brother Paul first arranged for me to have sex with a young husband in the church. For six years I was effectively a sex surrogate until his wife had come out of the difficult years of postpartum depression and then the challenges of caring for young children. Mary and Brother Paul are both sure that I gave that couple time to work out their issues and saved their marriage. About six months after I began having what I called ministry sex with that man, Brother Paul referred a man in his late twenties to me whose wife had gotten very sick and could not have sex. Twenty-two years later they are still married, but she is an invalid. His wife has known about me for most of that time. I still do him and do it as a service to God. In total, I took on four cases when I was in high school, three became long-term things, but Bryan (that’s the man with the disabled wife) is the only one I still see. For the past four years or so, on some of the days I go down to Gordon to see Brother Paul, Bryan just comes by the parsonage and after I’m done with Brother Paul, we all have some fellowship time, normally over dinner, then I do Bryan.” She laughed and added “And once Bryan is gone, Brother Paul is normally ready to go again. More often though, Bryan comes up this way and stays overnight in the Motel 6 in Milledgeville. But don’t think I am put upon. I enjoy my time with both of them quite a lot. Even from the first time I did it with him when I was seventeen, Bryan has been exceedingly courteous and grateful. And…” she paused “They pay me.”

She expected Slosh to be shocked that she was paid for sex, but the older woman didn’t show the least surprise. So she just went on “The men I have ministered to have always paid me, but Brother Paul didn’t start paying me until he got married. When I said I was dedicated to be a harlot for God, I actually mean they, Brother Paul and the others see me as a Christian prostitute. I’ve never set an actual fee and in reality, the money they give me is more a token payment than the actual commercial value of the sex. But for me, it really is service to God, rather than for the money, though I’ll confess, Bryan has been paying me very well since my divorce.”

“Please understand, even now, I always see sex with men as a service to God, not just those four and Brother Paul, but always. It is sort of a sacrament for me.” She looked right at Mike “Feeling your erection inside of me tonight was truly a joy; but for me, a big part of that joy came from knowing you are a good Christian man and I’m giving my body to pleasure you. Yes, I get pleasure in return, but that is God‘s gift to me for giving my body to you. I simply can’t be anything different than who I am.”

She looked at Slosh “Please understand, that is the root of my self-image and how I get my self-esteem. Sure, I am proud of my work as a nurse, but that is not my core identity, being a harlot for God is.” She paused “Does any of that make sense to you?”

It took a few seconds but Slosh nodded, “Yes, I understand. You know intellectually that your church lied to you and you were the victim of both abuse and exploitation; but at the same time it is your identity and the source of your great enjoyment of sex.”

DeeDee nodded “So you don’t think I’m pathetic.”

Slosh gave her a hug, then a kiss before saying “No, we don’t. I’m like you in that. For years, decades, my sexuality was the center of my identity too. I may have become monogamous when I got married, but it was only when Sarah was born did I have something strong enough to compete with my self-concept built on my sexuality.”

DeeDee couldn’t help the tears that began to run down her cheek. “Yes. Just like that. But sadly I didn’t really embrace my maternal identity fully with my first child, perhaps it was because she was her father’s girl. Only when Bailey came did I become something more than a harlot. That was why I fell apart when I thought I’d failed her.”

Marcy pulled her close again and then said “And don’t think you are the only woman who has had transactional sex. I’ve had my share. I also understand that each one of us has our own relationship to the joys of sex. To me, sex is a performance and always has been. Even during my twenty years of monogamy, I imagined how what I was doing would look to others in the room in order to help me get off. Even tonight in the hot tub, I arranged my body to look good for the kids while they watched. So while you and I don’t get off by the same things, our sexuality is tied to who we are deep down and that will never change.”

DeeDee was relieved to hear that Slosh (and that was how she thought she’d begin to think of Mrs. Marshal) understood.

Slosh added “I know we talked about it earlier, but now I’m sure that if you can work it into your schedule, you would get a lot out of our Wednesday women’s group. I think you’ll find more commonality in your experiences than you might expect. Like I said at Bonnie’s, now there is room for everyone in my hot tub, on the weeks I don’t teach on Wednesday our nude group will meet here for the winter.”

DeeDee happily replied, “Actually I think I might be able to do that by simply slotting a couple of hours in as if you were an appointment. There are advantages of owning the agency. You won’t mind if I come in my scrubs will you?”

“Of course not. Especially since we will most likely all be naked most of the time.”

DeeDee didn’t say so, but she thought that her “business partner” would get a kick out of her joining a nude women’s group that “share” their husbands. The fact that she had no doubt that several of those in the group are wives of other civic leaders would just be a plus.

Before their next session of lovemaking, Slosh sent Mike (still nude) down to retrieve the jump drives from the kids. When he came back, they spent over an hour looking at photos, but the videos on Slosh’s drive of her having sex preempted the rest of the slideshow. While they were watching the video clips of her fucking one of the teenage boys, Mike mounted his wife. Though they were all getting tired, that next love making session was every bit as enjoyable as the other two had been. With DeeDee riding him hard, Mike finally filled her chalice with his seed. As she sat on him, rolling her hips, she relished in the feeling of his penis sliding around inside of her with his semen acting as lube. Instinctively she closed her eyes and in her mind recited the prayer Brother Paul had taught her at the end of her consecration ceremony.

I thank you God for the gift of your Holy Seed. I praise you for allowing me, your humble servant, the privilege of bringing it forth. I thank you for Mike Marshal whom you chose to deliver it to me. I joyfully make it part of my body as your reward for my service to you and as an outward sign of my eternal covenant.

Since the day twenty-five years ago when she had first said that prayer, kneeling naked on the church alter, she had recited it nearly every one of the thousands of times she had taken semen in her mouth or vagina or when she’d spread it into her skin. No matter what she knew intellectually, in her heart she believed. As part of the bargain she made when she gave her body to God so long ago, all semen was a sign of her covenant and a gift from God. It did not matter from whose penis it came. Even the semen she took in her body from her loathsome husband was from God himself. It was that deep belief that allowed her to enjoy him jamming his dick in her twice weekly for five years. It didn’t matter that the sessions with him were quick and artless… she had sex as an act of worship to God, not for the particular man whose penis was in her mouth and/or vagina. And so it had been since she was hardly more than a girl.

As she drifted off to sleep, snuggled between the bodies of Mike and Slosh Marshal, DeeDee knew it had been a truly special night; the beginning of a new life for her.

The fourth round of sex since she’d arrived at the Marshal’s came first thing in the morning. Again, it was immensely satisfying Once DeeDee’s chalice had again been filled, Slosh asked her to join her in making breakfast for the whole crew.

When her host headed out the door without putting on a stitch of clothing DeeDee had a decision to make. Slosh had taken the time to leave a satin robe on a chair. Should she put on the robe or not? She almost reached for the robe before she reminded herself that she’d been dreaming of this opportunity for twenty-five years. With a deep breath, DeeDee headed out into the hallway fully nude.

The night before, she had noticed the door to the master bedroom had been left wide open the entire time. She couldn’t be sure, but she thought that during the final portion of their lovemaking that she’d seen movement out in the dark hallway. She didn’t know who, but she was pretty sure someone, or several someone’s, had seen Mike drilling her before she mounted him for the last time. Not that she was upset, she’d heard of the open-door rule from her daughter and understood… and besides that, earlier in the night she’d ridden Mike to a pair of orgasms not ten feet from the kids in the hot tub.

The upstairs hallway actually had four doors, Mike’s home office occupied the nearest of the rooms while the second door was to Sarah’s bedroom. From the hallway she could see the teenage lovers sleeping, bodies intertwined partially under a top sheet like Romeo and Juliette. She thought that Sarah and Lamar really were an attractive couple. Looking in the last door before the stairs, she saw no one was asleep. Byron lay on his back while Bailey lay on her stomach crossways on the bed, diligently sucking his erect penis.

Without actually deciding to do so, DeeDee stopped and watched her little girl working almost half of the unusually thick shaft in her mouth with obvious joy. In those couple of days after Bailey had returned from Miami, she had confessed that she had absolutely loved giving head from the very first time she’d done it when she was still thirteen. In turn, Bailey had let her mom know that even though Kevin had been a jerk, she too had loved sucking him off. There had been a moment where they had both been unsure of what to say before they both burst into laughter about how similar they were.

DeeDee stood there watching completely lost in her thoughts. Though what she was seeing at that moment was not Bailey, but herself at sixteen years old. Her mind saw her joyfully working to bring the seed from Peter’s scepter. In her thoughts, she did not see a bedroom, but Brother Paul’s office where Peter’s seed had filled her mouth at least a couple of hundred times over the years. It did not matter if he’d put his scepter into her chalice or not, they finished with the cover removed and the holy seed filling her mouth. On the occasional instances he’d lost control and filled the cover with seed, she’d never… never, let it be wasted. The holy seed was God’s gift to her, and making it part of her body was part of her covenant with Him.

She was brought back to the here and now when Byron grunted out “I’m almost there.” With a start, DeeDee realized that while she’d been watching, she’d stepped from the hall right into the room. She did not recall deciding to do so. But she was only two feet or so from the bed as she watched Bailey enjoying Byron’s thick, but average-length cock in her mouth.

With the young man’s announcement, her daughter began to focus her attention on the large head, one hand on the shaft and the other on his balls… just like DeeDee had been doing to bring guys off since she was that age. When, after just a minute or so, she watched his lower stomach and the base of his cock begin to move rhythmically in concert with a series of groans, she knew Byron had begun to pump his semen into Bailey’s mouth.

His orgasm seemed to go on for a very long time and she saw Bailey swallow at least twice. That too reminded her of herself and teenage Peter. He could do the same and she often had to swallow a few times as she worked him through his copious ejaculations. As Byron’s orgasm began to wane, a rivulet of semen escaped her lips. It ran down the shaft in a slowly moving viscous stream. If he’d not been so girthy, likely her daughter would have just caught it by taking more of the shaft in her mouth, but it was just too big for that. Bailey quickly left off sucking the head to staunch the oozing white flow by wrapping her lips around it from the side, then working her mouth back to the head. She had been very fast and her lips recovered the tip of his penis in time to catch Byron’s last hard grunt and stream.

Though DeeDee’s early morning session with Mike and Slosh had only ended ten minutes before, she felt a wave of arousal sweep over her and settle in her crotch. Her vagina quickly secreted lubricating fluids to prepare her to receive a penis. That shot of lubricant combined with the semen already in her, led to a cascade of fluids rushing out of her vagina that began to run down the inside of her right thigh. Oddly, that unusual experience turned DeeDee on even more, especially since she saw that her daughter was now looking right at her.

It appeared that during her momentary loss of focus, Bailey had come up for a breath. Seeing her naked mother standing there right by the bed, intently watching her swallow Byron’s cum brought a smile to her face. Even as DeeDee made eye contact with Bailey, the girl’s right hand worked to coax the last of the semen up the shaft.

When DeeDee’s eyes shifted to watch a small last font come forth, Bailey looked down as the viscous goo began to make its way down Byron’s unusually large head. Rather than just put her mouth over it, she used the tip of her tongue to corral it and spread it over the entire sloping pink surface like a coating of icing. When Bailey’s eyes cut back to her mother even as she continued to swirl the ejaculate around, DeeDee suspected her daughter was showing off for her. Only after she was rewarded with a smile from Mom did Bailey use the center of her lips to gather up the semen into her mouth, then turned her head to look fully at her mother. She made a show of swallowing it, then made an equally ostentatious swipe of her tongue across her lips to ensure there was no more before breaking into an ear-to-ear grin.

Cautiously DeeDee lifted a hand to wave at Baily and in just above a whisper said “Sorry for disturbing you, but that was amazing to watch.”

Bailey responded equally softly, “I’m glad you enjoyed it” before turning to take the head back into her mouth.

Moments later, as DeeDee made her way down the steps something occurred to her, perhaps Brother Paul didn’t make her the way she was. The similarities between her and her daughter were just too profound. She’d not taught Bailey how to give head like that, but watching her was like a memory come to life. Even if she’d never met Brother Paul, perhaps she’d have become the same kind of woman anyway. Certainly, Brother Paul hadn’t caused her to start fucking guys at the hospital when she was a student, then later as a married RN.

The voice of Harry Chapin came singing in her ears:

And as I hung up the phone, it occurred to me

She'd grown up just like me

My girl was just like me

And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon

Little boy blue and the man in the moon

"When you coming home, girl?" "I don't know when"

But we'll get together then, Mom

We're gonna have a good time then

Yes, her girl was just like her.

Endnote: The description of this home isn’t some bad cliché of rural Southerners, in fact I am describing a place I’ve actually been when I was a social worker….velvet Elvis painting and all.


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12 janv.
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Great response from the Prof and readers. The power of story transcend oun small worlds.


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Wow what a chapter! I think more churches should take loving sexual service seriously especially i cases where one spouse can’t have or doesn’t want sex. Most Christians just assume the guy will have to just suck it up and go without sex, but that’s an unhealthy and mentally dangerous thing even. Certainly it would be better than sneaking around or going to actual prostitutes for sex.


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The last two women we read about in the world of Final Freedom had an early start in experiencing nonmonogamous sex – Marcy in the secular environment of the theatre and DeeDee in the religious institution of the church. Both had positive experiences with negative consequences. The important result of their exposure to sex at an early age is that they could instruct and then guide their daughters to enjoy sex responsibly in a sex-positive church and group environment without anyone taking advantage of them. How many more teenage girls must go through this abuse and is this compulsory to become ethically nonmonogamous?

I understand your Advance Notes on Chapter 45. The advantage clergy and men in power took and…

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What an incredibly insightful and useful comment! If it’s loving and safe, it’s moral. THATS the summary of the law of love and it applies perfectly to sex.

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