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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 46

Updated: Feb 5

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel:


Raising the Revolutionary Flag of a Sexual Freedom

Chapter 46

Bailey Outed

Bonnie decided that after all that had happened over the past five weeks, she needed a day off. So, Saturday she (and Cooper and Trish) slept in. Then she spent the day doing nothing.

Well not exactly nothing, they watched the Vanderbilt - Kentucky football game. They didn’t expect or even have a great hope that the Commodores would beat the Wildcats, but as loyal alums, they watched and cheered anyway. And as she had said a thousand times before “At least our football players can read and write, unlike those at Alabama.”

After the game, she and her husband had a wonderful, relaxing love-making session. After all the craziness, and all the sex they’d both had with other people, it was so very nice to simply lay in her husband’s arms, his penis filling her.

On Sunday afternoon, Butch and Tabatha came over to plan for the evening Youth Group at St. Thomas’s. It would be Bonnie’s first time back in over a month and she missed the kids. According to everything she’d been told, they had missed her too. Though Tabitha had stepped up to fill her role the week the crew was in Miami, everyone agreed she simply didn’t have the life experience to fill Bonnie’s shoes. For two of the weeks, Marcy had handled the Q&A time the kids loved so much.

Since she taught at the local high school, Mrs. Marshal had to be much more circumspect about her answers. However, in answer to a question about entertainment choices she, for the first time ever, publicly talked about how before she’d met her husband, she’d been the emcee at a risqué nightclub in Atlanta. Though she did not even remotely tell the full extent as to how risqué her act was, even that admission had given her cachet with the kids.

The second week back from Tennessee, Cooper had decided to try something new and asked Rev. McBride’s wife, Cynthia, to fill in. He’d been pleasantly surprised by how well she’d interacted with the teens. She did so well that he decided to ask her again the weekend before Bonnie was due to return.

At the St. Thomas’ United Methodist Church Family Life Center that evening, as soon as the kids began arriving. They (well the girls) began to mob Bonnie. Most simply wanted to express how much they had missed her, though many also offered condolences for her loss. She was much gratified by their concern for her.

Her Q&A time during the youth meeting was mostly about the same things that nearly always came up in the first month of a new school year, though she was surprised by the questions about dealing with the death of a loved one. Tabitha’s last question was: “Four people have asked you to talk about your trip to Miami. Would you care to talk about what you did on your trip, and what you wore on the beach? While you have been with your family, Marcy has deferred all such questions to when you got back and the others who went have been extremely tight-lipped. It seems that some photos have surfaced on the net that might or might not be you and those who went with you, but nobody seems willing to confirm they contain pictures of your crew topless on Miami Beach.”

Bonnie fully expected this. At their afternoon planning meeting, Tabitha had told Bonnie that Haley’s sister, Bethany, had not been as careful as the Euro-Club girls about sharing what she knew. She told Bonnie that she expected that every teenager in the hall knew she’d again gone to the nude beach and that there had been public sex in their rental house. Though she’d made it clear that all those circulating stories were thirdhand from Bethany. However, Bethany had given a number of people a firsthand account of Cooper and her mother having sex while Bonnie was out of town, “So everyone in the Youth Group knows all about that, in detail. Though in every story I’ve heard, it is agreed that you knew and gave your permission in advance, so nobody I’ve talked to thinks he cheated on you.”

At that afternoon planning meeting, they assumed such questions would come up, but Bonnie decided to put off commenting on them till later. Their strategy had been to pose the question when Bonnie was just about out of time. Thus, as planned Bonnie answered “I know you all have heard a lot of things about that trip and other related stuff. You also know I’ve always been straight with you. Last spring, I didn’t even pretend those beach photos were not of me. I also think you know that Cooper and I both believe that in our Christian walk, we have to balance the liberty we have in Christ with our duty to others. Among my duties is to ensure I don’t say anything that will cause Pastor McBride any problems, so while I may say more in the coming weeks; all I can say for now is that I’ve heard some of the rumors that are going around and I suggest you simply ask yourself: ‘Is that something that I would expect Mrs. C. to do?’ After all, I’ve been pretty candid in the past and I’m not exactly the most prudish woman in Sparta.”

That got a wave of laughs from the teenagers who filled the Family Life Center.

Bonnie knew that in the coming week, pictures from their trip (pre-approved by her) would begin to be posted on the Euro-Club’s social media accounts. None would show frontal nudity, nor would any of them reveal that Marcy had even been there. In fact, the first set which the club planned to upload later tonight, would all show the girls wearing their tops. However, the infinitesimally small bikinis they wore on the boat trip (even when their tops were on) and of them playing Frisbee football at the park would be plenty scandalous. Those pics would give ample room to expand her answers at next week’s Youth Meeting without her having to reveal things that were not already public knowledge.

Bonnie continued “We are out of time for now, but as always, I will be available after the meeting to talk.” Before handing off the mic, she added “I have one more announcement. As of tomorrow, I will be working at my new job full time, so I won’t be as available to you during the week as I have been in years past. So, if I don’t answer your call or email for a day or two, don’t think I’m ignoring you.”

She’d added that last bit since most weeks she fielded at least one call or message from a distraught teen from the group. More often than not the issue was the kind of overblown adolescent crisis that seem to be the end of the world, but was in fact just the normal bumps in life. In the last year, she’d increasingly directed the girls to talk to Tabitha since the younger woman had shown a real gift in relating to the teenage girls.

Even as she left the stage an idea came to Bonnie: Perhaps Bailey’s mother, as an RN, would be interested in joining the group of women to whom she referred teens for specific kinds of questions. That would also help bring DeeDee fully into their community. She decided she would ask her about it when she came over Wednesday evening.

Monday, Bonnie finally began working out of the new FFF office in Augusta. It had been agreed that both she and Amy would spend three days per week in the Augusta office and the other days they would work from their homes and/or do speaking engagements. She was looking forward to commuting with her husband several days per week. It would be nice to have him all to herself for two hours each day, with no kids to compete for his time. To match Cooper’s teaching schedule, she would be working every Monday and Wednesday (at least until next semester). Her role at the foundation had already changed significantly since she had volunteered to help Amy out just a few months before. She knew that Amy had already begun booking Bonnie for engagements to present to groups about the FFF. It was still up in the air how often she would speak. But the plan was, depending on her booking schedule, she would be working in Augusta some Thursdays or Fridays as well.

The new FFF office was a generic affair situated in a light industrial center not far from the university. Amy was able to get a great deal on a lease because the previous occupants, for whom the layout had been built, had gone broke. In exchange for lowering the leasing costs, the FFF agreed to move into the space as-is using the furnishings the prior occupant had left.

It was more space than they actually needed, and to Bonnie, it certainly looked impressive. At both ends of the common area, in big cast bronze letters, was the group’s title Final Freedom Foundation. She could not miss the large bas relief sculpture beside the lettering on the back wall.

Amy, seeing Bonnie’s arrival came out from her office smiling. “So, that couple on the wall looks familiar, do they?”

“Uh… yea. Did you make it?” Bonnie asked, still taking it in.

“No, I simply don’t have that kind of time these days. A pair of my grad students jumped at the opportunity when I let them know I needed a piece that would become the FFF image. I only sketched a general idea from memory, but they used my reference photos to create the final sculpture in digital form. They took some artistic license to give it a vague aura of a pair of holy sages floating in the clouds. It really is a very nice piece. It was all done with the university’s graphics computers and large 3d printer. So what you see there isn’t really bronze and it is scalable and easily reproducible. Actually, if you want one, I can have them print one up for you. I think it doesn’t shy away from who we are one bit, but it also isn’t overly in-your-face. What you see on the wall is also on our letterhead.”

Bonnie nodded. It was indeed impressive and of course, she’d want one. She had no idea Amy was planning to use them as models for the foundation’s public image. She and Cooper (well a totally bald version of him) were in the lotus position, and she could see how they appeared to be floating in the air.

Amy went on “I had the artist who made it use you guys as their models primarily because I thought it would be better to present a mature couple, rather than young hotties. I certainly could have gotten any number of fit young models to pose for me, but I think this is better. And besides, the simple fact is, without you and Cooper, the FFF would not exist.”

Bonnie wasn’t sure that was right, but she was gratified to hear Amy appreciated the work she and Cooper had done.

Bonnie’s eyes drifted to the photo on the wall next to Amy’s office door. It was taken at the New York art show of her, Cooper, Amy Denise, and Gillian. Their very revealing outfits were certain to get visitors’ attention. Seeing Bonnie’s eyes go to the photo, Amy quipped, “Gillian is on the board to get us noticed, I thought this photo that showed her, oh so famous, bare breasts would do just that.”

Bonnie laughed “Well, it shows a lot of the rest of us too.”

Amy smiled, “That it does. I wanted everyone who comes to see us to know exactly how confident we are in our mission.”

Bonnie doubted there was any chance of visitors missing the point, though she wondered if it might freak some people out.

There were actually four office spaces and a receptionist station in the main part of their leased space. Amy had already moved into one of the front offices and had decorated it with a mix of her own art and prints by one of her favorite artists, Norman Lindsey. Significantly, one of the paintings was a highly stylized nude self-portrait from the Spring in the Forest series she’d premiered in New York. Bonnie had not seen that particular painting before, and she reasoned that visitors might not even realize the central figure was a self-portrait.

Across the reception area was the office that would become Bonnie’s new home. On the wall was another painting from the May in the Forest series, but this time Bonnie was the central figure. As if reading her thoughts, Amy said “Oh, I’d made up that piece and the one in my office in the process of making the paintings I showed in New York. I thought rather than let them collect dust I’d bring them in. If you don’t want it on your office wall, I’ll look for a buyer.”

Bonnie shook her head, “No, it’s great. In fact, I like how it ties the offices into a theme. And besides, just like the one in your office, unless I told someone that was me in the center of the painting, nobody would know.”

“I think you are right, but you will know and that is why I put it there,” Amy responded “And just so you know, the first draft of the May in the Forest is actually hanging in the conference room next door.” She went on to let Bonnie know that other than the painting, the office looked exactly as she’d found it. If Bonnie should want to buy any additional furniture or décor, she’d already set aside money for move-in expenses.

Bonnie thanked her and assured her she would not need any foundation money to make her space work…” Except I don’t see a filing cabinet. I’m sure I’ll need one.”

As Amy had said, beside Bonnie’s new office was a conference room with a large table surrounded by expensive-looking chairs. Amy explained they would use the space as both a meeting and board room. As she already told Bonnie, the preliminary version of May in the Forest, which had sold for $24,000 at the art show was on one wall. In this centerpiece of a series of paintings, the models were presented as woodland spirits in a spring bacchanal. In this piece, several of the spirits (including her and Cooper) were explicitly shown engaged in sexual unions. The series of paintings tied the decor of the two offices and the conference room together, though only the piece in the conference room was explicitly sexual.

The fourth office was mostly empty with just a simple round table and chairs. Amy noted, “I’m thinking, for now, we will just call this a break room.” The rest of the rented space, behind the offices, was unfinished. Amy had already turned it into a working art studio since she would no longer have her university space available. For the two of them, Bonnie thought it seemed to be excessively large, but she knew Amy had bigger plans.

Bonnie was practically giddy as she unpacked her first batch of personal things onto her new desk. She looked at length at the painting Amy had hung. There was no question that the idea was to use the office décor to remind visitors (and themselves) of the principles for which the foundation stood. While the painting wasn’t sexually explicit, like the one in the conference room, not only was she nude, but so was Cooper.

One bit of business was to call DeeDee Hildebrandt and to tell her that there was no way she’d be able to have her for dinner on her first week of work. She’d just bitten off too much for this week and assured DeeDee that they would reschedule for the week after. “And…” Bonnie said, “That way, I will be able to tell you all about the party at my house and you can tell me all about your long weekend in Texas.” DeeDee understood completely why Bonnie couldn’t have her over this week and seemed excited about her trip.

Once she’d unpacked, Amy came back to her office. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, Nell Boyd will be volunteering on Monday and Wednesday afternoons for a couple of hours as your assistant. She seems to think you are some sort of sage or something. From the way she talks, it is clear that you have collected yet another attractive young woman into your orbit. The truth is, I’m sure the real reason she’s volunteering is to spend time with you.”

Bonnie was aware of that. Though she’d not actually seen Nell since she came to their home on the 4th of July weekend, she’d been talking to the young woman regularly on the phone ever since. Nell had wanted to come back to visit Labor Day weekend, but Bonnie’s extended stay in Tennessee had precluded that.

Amy went on to tell her that Cannon, the man Bonnie had met at the swing club in Miami, had already set her up to meet several groups in Florida. She informed Bonnie that a week from Friday night, she’d be speaking in Orlando. Then the next night she would be addressing a second group at what was billed as the largest nudist resort in America, just outside of Tampa. Already she’d been booked to be gone from Friday till Sunday. She wondered how much she’d be on the road. But, this was what she’d agreed to, so the first order of business after moving in was to make travel and lodging arrangements.

Amy was friendly but clearly, business would be business during work time. Bonnie was glad to see that, she had never seen Amy at work and was not sure how it would go. That first day, after spending the morning becoming acclimatized, she decided that she needed to set-up some sort of a routine for managing the office since that too was under her purview, but not until after lunch. “For your first day, lunch will be on the foundation,” Amy said sitting on the side of her desk.

Amy drove. They went to a small traditional Southern ‘meat & three’ place outside of downtown Augusta. Bonnie commented that “It’s rather ironic that this foundation, while on the cutting edge of liberal thinking is located here in redneck heaven, where places like this hometown restaurant are the rule, not hip or gourmet places.”

Amy agreed “It’s amusing that to most of the country, Augusta is simply the home of the Master’s Golf Tournament, when in fact it’s mostly just another small conservative Southern town.”

“Of course, the same can be said of most of northern Florida, and I will be presenting to a swing club and then at a nudist resort next week.”

Amy agreed and added, “Oh, I should tell you that as Cannon explains it, where you will be speaking outside of Tampa next week is not only big, but it has two distinct communities. One is traditional nudists where they pretend that public nudity doesn’t have a sexual component and the other half is something between a traditional nudist resort and a swing club. But there won’t be open public sex at either place. I’ve spoken to Cannon three times now. He was very impressed with your presentation. That was a fortuitous meeting; he will be of real help to us. He has some great contacts.”

Bonnie whispered “And he is awesome in bed”

Amy, clearly surprised, “Oh, I didn’t know you and he had gotten to know each other that well.”

“It was at a swinger’s party after all.”

“I guess so. You know speaking at swing clubs doesn’t mean you are expected to participate.”

“I know, but it doesn’t mean I can’t if I want to. Or does it?”

“It’s up to you. That’s what the FFF is all about” Amy said then leaned over the table and quietly but urgently said “So was he that good? Tell me all about it and I'll tell you about my time with Cooper…and what my husband and I have planned for him as soon as you’ll let me take him home for the night.”

“Well………” Bonnie began….


The morning Bonnie settled into her new office; Misty was starting the fourth full week of her senior year of high school. She was all too aware that the Euro-Club’s, and her personal notoriety had continued to progress significantly since school had ended in June. The ever-growing stories surrounding the Club’s end-of-school party continued to be the topic of many lunch table conversations. There were hundreds of pix circulating of the club members (and chaperone mothers) in their shockingly revealing swimsuits. Those pictures were on any number of Jeff Davis students’ social media sites. There were even a few pix of girls flashing the camera beside the Campbell’s swimming pool, but not one of them was of a club girl. While the Euro-Club's Facebook page and website both had plenty of photos of the girls in skimpy bikinis, the only semi-nudity was the photo Misty’s mom had taken of the girls (after the party) where they had posed topless with their hands covering their bare breasts. That photo was now the semi-official photo of the club.

In the half year since the spring when her first nude beach photos hit Jefferson Davis High, Misty had gone from being a non-entity to school royalty. In the first month of classes, she had been invited to far more parties than she could possibly attend. She was almost worshiped by every student who bucked the system or felt like an outsider. In her first three years at Jefferson Davis High, she had not once been offered pot or any other drugs, but now it appeared that the druggies just assumed a girl who goes naked and is into casual sex should be naturally one of them. She tried to refuse their offers politely, but refuse she did.

In September, she wrote an editorial for the school paper. In it, she coyly referred to her total commitment to personal freedom but then blasted the abuse of alcohol and recreational drugs by her peers as antithetical to her beliefs. She contended that, as opposed to giving more freedom, alcohol and recreational drugs enslaves young people and as she put it “give the user the false illusion of liberation just as it forged its own shackles of bondage”. The editorial went a long way to keeping her job as photo editor by using her newfound influence to promote one of the school’s agendas. It also had the effect of confounding her Baptist critics at school as well as offending the stoners.

It was without a doubt the best fall she had ever had. Her confidence had been buoyed by the arrival of an acceptance letter from Georgia Tech. It wasn’t that Georgia Tech was her first college pick, but it was the most selective of the colleges to which she had applied. Her ongoing and seemingly productive conversation with Richard Kyle also gave her a sense that she was leaving childhood behind. It was a good feeling.

Given the fact all those who went to the St. Thomas Youth Group meeting knew full well that some of the girls (as well as Mrs. C. and the other two moms who helped at Youth Group) went topless in Miami during August; rumors were going around that the whole Euro-Club had spent the summer at a nude beach. Misty had told the Club girls not to confirm or deny the rumors. Though the rumors were mostly more fiction than fact, she thought it good to keep their activities shrouded in mist. The truth that only three of last year’s members had gone, and that for for a single week made it easy to confuse the issue. In the second week of school, two pics had begun to circulate from the internet of a topless beach that might or might not include Euro-Club members. None of the club could be coaxed to comment on them one way or another; however, Misty had seen the pictures in question, and right off she knew they weren’t taken at Miami Beach, so it couldn’t be her crew.

She knew eventually someone would positively identify a photo of one of them from the Miami trip, that was what prompted her to talk to her mom and the other girls about starting to post their own photos. After some negotiations with her mother, a set of sixty photos had been selected. None of the chosen images showed bare breasts from the front, but a good many showed them from the back or back-quarter, so that it was clear that the club girls had at least gone topless at the beach. After Youth Group the night before, Misty had sent a text to the club members who managed different social media platforms. Five different members managed five different social media accounts for the club. Sometime after ten Sunday night, two different sets of three photos from their snorkeling trip were posted on Instagram and Facebook. However, all of those six photos showed the girls wearing their tops… even if they were really, really small. A similar number of photos from their Frisbee football game were posted on Twitter and Snapchat. Additionally, a four-minute montage of clips Mrs. Marshal had taken on her phone from the same game was posted on YouTube. Though she heard nothing before school of the new photos, she expected as the day progressed, word would get around…. and it did. By Tuesday morning, all the talk was about the dozen photos and the video. It seemed every single student at Jeff Davis had seen them.

What Misty didn’t know was that two weeks before, one of the varsity football players found a pair of photos on the net. He thought he recognized his buddy Kevin's ex, but wasn’t sure because the girl looked too damned hot…and she appeared older than he’d remembered Bailey to be. But something made him download them.

Both of the images were very sharp and they were supposedly taken on Miami’s South Beach the month before. The hottie was only wearing a crazy small thong bottom and sunglasses. She was posing with some dweeb, but her fine ass and amazing tits were both on display. The second photo wasn’t as good, but in the background was a decent view of a second topless girl. The other girl was pretty, but her boobs weren’t as big and to him, that was pretty much all that mattered. In the end, what convinced him it wasn’t Kevin’s old girlfriend, was that the girl was posing topless for strangers. Kevin’s ex would never do that.

Over a week later, on Thursday after football practice, he was looking at the hot pics the Euro-Club sluts had posted on Twitter. He was sure he recognized the girl with big tits in a micro bikini. This time, the Euro-Club had identified her clearly as Baily Hildebrandt. He opened up the photos he’d saved of a similar-looking girl the week before and put one of them right beside one of the new photos.

Yes, he was sure, both photos were of the same girl. It was Kevin’s ex who was posing with a guy, topless. He immediately sent all three photos to Kevin.

Bailey's former boyfriend, Kevin, had graduated, but had not been good enough to get a college football scholarship and was not interested in college for any other reason. So, he was working at the local Walmart. When Kevin saw the images he’d been sent, he forwarded them to everyone in his address book that still went to Jeff Davis. That was mostly the varsity football team and cheerleaders. He added a text message that identified her by name with the text:

Super Slut Bailey Hildebrandt didn’t think it enough to show her tits off to everyone at the 4th of July party, she decided to show them off to the whole world. I guess she fucked that wimpy guy too. I can’t believe I put my dick into such a skank! I was smart to give her to the new players as a cum dump before I graduated.”

On Friday, when those in the Euro-Club who had “A” lunch period and their boyfriends gathered at their normal table, none of them had yet been apprised of the circulating photos or the message. Bailey was sitting between Haley and Rebecca when a group of cheerleaders made a point to walk by them. One of their group called Bailey a slut. It was the first time they’d done something like that since the first days of school. Though there was no love lost between the club girls and the cheerleaders, they had an uneasy truce. This was in large part because the popular girls knew it was not a good thing to fight with Misty and Kelli who were two of the three publications editors. Haley was just turning to respond to the comment when a second one said “Yea, showing her nasty tits off to the whole world,” and a third said, “I had to delete the pic from my phone because I didn’t want it to catch something.”

All the girls sat still as the cheerleaders walked away, but the group couldn’t miss the message. A beach photo of Bailey was out. It took a few minutes, but Rebecca found someone who had been forwarded the message from someone who had received it from Kevin. School rules were clear, phones must be off during school hours. However, that just meant the students had to take care not to let any teacher see them using their phones. Rebecca’s friend forwarded the message to her. The girls gathered closely at the lunch table to shield what they were doing before Rebecca opened up the message on her phone.”

“That pig!” and other less savory comments were shared about Kevin.

Misty said nothing as she considered what this development meant. It seems the only reason Sarah wasn’t named was that Keven didn’t know who she was. All the eyes went to Bailey. She sat for a moment, evidently thinking, then she seemed to collect herself and said in a conversational tone, “I wanted to send some photos to my mom in my new swimsuit, so we posed for some pics. Sure, I saw other people taking advantage of us posing to get their own pictures, but people had been doing that all along so I didn’t say anything.” She stopped talking for a moment then added, “Kevin is right about one thing, I fucked the guy in the picture with me…a lot.”

That seemed to break the tension like a balloon. But she wasn’t done. “I won’t, but part of me wants to write Kevin and let him know that the guy he calls a wimp, not only is better hung than him but got me off more in his very first time in bed with me than macho Kevin did in six months.”

Misty who knew much more of the story than most of those at the table understood what she was saying, but Kelli asked “Really?”

Bailey laughed. “Well, all it took to outdo Kevin was getting me to cum once, and over the week Mitch got me off more than one time every time we did it… and we had five long sessions before I left. In half a year with Kevin, the only time I ever got off with him was if I did it myself.”

That actually got the group laughing. Misty thought that was a good thing. While she was angry at the message, Misty was pleased with how good her friends looked. Bailey it seems couldn’t take a bad bikini photo. In the first of the two new pics, Sarah and Zac were walking away so it was hard to I.D. her, but in the other; her face & boobs were plainly visible.

She knew right off the two photos would be extremely popular at school, especially once Sarah (a teacher’s daughter) was named. The text however was crude and cruel to say the least. She also knew that since the jocks now had the pic, that meant by the end of school that photo would be on hundreds of phones. There was no chance Sarah would not be identified as well.

Last spring, after the nude pics of her came out, all but a rather small minority had treated Misty positively, as a real celeb in their midst. Sure, lots of people thought she was a bit eccentric, but she had not been treated badly by most of her fellow students. It was true that there was that minority, particularly girls, and a good many of the school officials who attacked her, but by and large school had not been a place of open hostility. However, it seems something had indeed changed since then and there was a level of antipathy from certain people toward her she had not felt when school let out for summer. She had also noticed that certain groups of students clearly avoided her, and not just the kids who were active in the big evangelical church just outside of town. To be fair, the students who shunned her were still comparatively few, but they had become vocal and annoying. Misty hoped Bailey was up to the negativity that would come her way from those people. And the nasty text from Kevin wouldn’t make things any better. She also knew Sarah would quickly be identified in the photo as well; but Misty was sure she would be able to hold her own. Misty knew she would need to rally the other girls to protect and support Bailey. Her next thought was the realization that it would only be a matter of days before Sarah’s mom would be confronted by Dr. Collins.

Misty told everyone at the table to chill. She said not to respond to any questions yet, “Play ignorant and don’t get sucked into having anyone show you the photos.” After checking with Bailey, she went on to say “Bailey’s mom is out of town for the weekend, and so she is staying with Sarah till Monday. Let’s keep to our existing plans to meet at the House of Pizza tonight at 5:30. We need to have a unified approach when we go to the football game tonight. I think it is fair to assume that these photos will be the leading topic in the bleachers tonight. And, my guess is that there will be a deliberate search for more pics from the web all weekend. By Monday, likely more pics will have surfaced.”

The Euro-Club had never gone to one of the school’s football games as a group before, but they had decided earlier in the week that attending their big rivalry game with Baldwin County Central High School tonight might help the Euro-Club’s image. With this new development, their plan took on new significance.

Lunch was cut ten minutes short because of the pep rally. Misty only went to the gym long enough to ensure her photo staff was prepared, and then slipped off to the publications room. She really hated pep rallies and she knew if she was found skipping it she could make it seem she was in the publications room on business related to the pep rally. She was pleasantly surprised to find Tommy had used the same ploy to skip the event. It was rare they were ever alone together like this. Though their working relationship had been blossoming of late, they still were not anything like a couple.

At first, they just discussed how they would present the game in next week’s on-line paper, but out of the blue he said “I guess you know a topless photo of Mrs. Marshal’s daughter is being passed around the school today.” Weeks ago, Misty had, in confidence, told him about the trip to Miami in general terms; however, she had left out a great deal, including the names of who had gone with them. Contrary to what she’d told the others to do, she acknowledged she’d seen the photo.

He went on “You know it won’t be long before everyone knows you and your mom were there with her.” Misty agreed with that too. “What will Mrs. Marshal say when she finds out that her daughter went topless in public?"

Misty was glad to hear that the idea that Sarah's mother was actually right there does not seem to have occurred to anyone…yet.

Then he made his point “Why do you keep rubbing this nudity and sex stuff in everyone’s face?”

His words took her completely off guard. It sounded like an accusation. When she asked him to explain what he meant he went on, “Misty you are the most amazing girl I’ve ever known. Smart, funny, creative, free-spirited, and not afraid of anyone’s opinion: that’s all great. I admire how you are not embarrassed about your naked pictures being everywhere and I think it’s even cool how you are not afraid to talk about sex stuff. But why do you have to make all of it so public?”

She was dumbfounded by this. She really thought he understood. It took her several seconds to regain her composure and say “So, you think it’s cool I’m so open about sex but I should be open only in private?”

It was his turn to be flustered “No, that’s not what I mean. Well, it is sort of what I mean. I mean, well, you know I’m no virgin and from what I hear, not that many senior guys are, or girls either. But, well it’s one thing to do it with your girlfriend or boyfriend in a relationship and just keep it between you two. But, well, like you never deny the rumors about skinny dipping parties at your house and you seem to encourage the talk that you do it with anyone who shows up.”

“And?” Misty said, now annoyed. “So, it’s better to have sex but pretend you don’t. Hypocrisy is better, in your opinion than honesty?”

“I didn’t say that!”

“Well it sounded like you said it is OK to screw after a guy buys me a couple of dinners and movies so we can say we have a relationship, however shallow. But, I can’t have sex with a guy I’ve known for years with whom I have a genuine caring friendship. You are saying it is wrong to share my body with that person, just because we don’t call ourselves a couple.”

He stammered.

“And what about girls? Do I have to call myself a lesbian in order to have fun with my female friends? I’m sure you’ve heard the talk that Caitlin and I are a couple. Well, we are not, but we are lovers and have been for several years. Is that wrong?”

“I wasn’t attacking you? I was asking a question” he said plaintively.

“OK, I’m sorry I jumped. I just didn’t expect that from you. I thought we understood each other.”

“In a lot of things we do, but I guess what I’m asking is, Well, if we….. if you were dating a guy would you keep acting this way?”

“What way?” She asked testily.

“You know what I mean,” he said.

Barreling forward she let him have it all before she lost her nerve. “You mean I should stop going to nude beaches when I can? Stop loving other people with my body as well as with my heart? End my efforts to start a career as a glamour/nude photographer? Stop enjoying myself with my friends in a physical way?” She put her hands on her hips “Any guy who I was dating would understand that each of those things is a statement of my values, they are who I am. It is possible, that someday I might be in a relationship where I might choose to forgo those things for a while, but any guy I got that far with would have to accept me like I am today. He would have to accept those are my values here and now. Before we would even have a second date, he would have to accept that if one of my friends asked me to have a threesome with her and her boyfriend that I would. You see, our group doesn’t have petty squabbling and rivalry over guys like all the other groups of girls at this school. And you know why? Because we all agreed that each of the club members freely shares their boyfriend with any of the others who wish to. It is truly wonderful to be asked to spend an hour or two in bed with one of my closest friends and her guy. And it’s not just the sex, though a threesome with my friends is always great; it is that in finding joy by watching her guy and I join our bodies, she and I become closer. I’ve had threesomes or group sex with all nine of the other Euro-Club members. The truth is I like joining my friends and their boyfriends for sex. I’ll state it plainly for you: my friends enjoy watching me put their boyfriend’s dick in me as much as I like doing it… and that is a lot. To me and my friends, it is the most natural and wonderful thing imaginable. I don’t think a week has gone by in months when I haven’t done it with one of them.”

The clear, unapologetic statement that she regularly has sex with any of nine different guys made his eyes widen, but she went right on, “There is a world of difference between me only wanting one sex partner and being told I must be monogamous.”

She could see him thinking, then she worked up the courage to just say it straight. “Look Tommy, I like you a lot, more than any guy I’ve ever known. I care for you and would really like to be with you.” She could feel tears welling up in her eyes “I might even be falling in love with you, but we can’t be a couple if you want someone different than who I am. And a big part of who I am, is that girl who doesn’t blush when a guy asks me to autograph a nude photo he has taken from the web. I am a girl who has a loving and sexual relationship with three different girls, but I am not a girlfriend to any of them. And a big part of me is being open, public, and unashamed about the fact that I have sex with my friends, both guys and girls, just for the fun of it. I know full well some girls call me slut or whore, but I am neither, I just am public about what they are in private. So if you, or anyone else, wants to be my boyfriend they just have to know that they won’t have ownership over my body or soul.” The tears were now about to run down her face. She hoped he didn’t see that first tear making its way down her cheek before she turned away and turned purposefully to sit down to switch on one of the laptops.

He pointedly didn’t follow her across the room, but he asked, “What guy would put up with that?’

The tears were flowing now, so she just looked at the screen and said “One who wants me for who I am, not for who he thinks I should be.”

She was sure she’d said too much; but she believed every word of it.

He said quietly “What if you can’t find a guy like that?”

She typed nonsense for a while then wiped her tears and turned to look him right in the eye and said “I won’t have to. A guy who is self-confident enough to have a relationship with me will seek me out. I won’t have to go looking for him.”

The conversation was abruptly ended when the others came back in the room. Misty hoped it was not obvious she’d been crying.

As it turned out, Misty found an excuse to leave the room once the others came back. After the pep rally, the school had scheduled the annual National Honor Society meeting in the school library. It was the annual meeting where new members were inducted into the NHS. Misty caught the girl she’d assigned to shoot the photos and told her she would do it herself. She didn’t want to stay in the room with Tommy. She could spend the whole class period in the library shooting group and candid photos of the event.

In the library, she set up a tripod to shoot as much as she could without using a flash. As she’d been doing all month, she used her own camera since both her professional Nikon and her high-speed lens were much better than the one’s the school provided. Across the room she noticed three girls looking right at Bailey, talking among themselves, then looking over to her, then back to Bailey. To Misty it seemed evident the three girls were talking about Bailey in a disapproving way. She was pretty sure what the girls were talking about. It was hard not to assume they had seen the pix message. In the past the school had let students use their phones to take photos at the pep rallies, so it would be reasonable to assume that during that time that the offensive message with both the pic and the nasty text had reached virtually every student.

As the induction ceremony went on and Misty moved from person to person shooting candid’s she got a visibly icy response from that same little group of girls. Bailey, for her part, chose to keep close to Misty for support. It was evident that Bailey’s endless chatter was an excuse to keep near and to avoid interaction with the small knot of girls who were gossiping about her. When the Vice-Principal and the faculty sponsor left the library for a moment, one of the guys said, “Hey Bailey, how about you have Misty take some pictures like the one of you and Sarah Marshal on the beach.”

A frumpish girl seconded “Come on Bailey; show our guys what you showed everyone at the beach. A little tramp like you surely can’t mind showing off here at school.”

Misty snapped her head over in time to see Bailey’s face flush and before she knew she was doing so, Misty barked “Shut up bitch. Just because you would repulse anyone who saw you wearing just a thong doesn’t mean you can look down on Bailey because she is exceptionally pretty.” The words had hardly faded when Misty cringed inside herself. She did not mean to attack the girl’s appearance, just her condescending attitude. But the simple fact that Bailey on the beach looked like a pin-up model and the girl talking was large and homely made her statement all the more harsh, and regrettable.

The girl attempted to retort but Misty cut her off in a less hostile tone “Look, just because you are really smart doesn’t mean you have to be stodgy or a tight ass.” Her mind was racing to find a way out of her demeaning comment about the girl’s appearance without backing off. “You don’t have to look like your dried-up grandmother to have substance.”

The girl bit back “Well I’m not going to dress like you and your trampy friends.” Before Misty could respond she added with a smirk “Or undress like you either” which got a chuckle from several quarters. Even Misty had to smile at that comment.

Changing tactics, Misty said “No, you don’t have to be naked to prove you’re alive.” Then to the others in the room she added “but it helps”. That got smiles from the majority of the thirty or so students in the corner of the library where the event was being held.

“I don’t think so” the girl continued her attack.

“You don’t have to. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my choices and neither does Bailey. But if you would get that immature, repressed and puritanical brainwashing out of your head, and grow up and think for yourself you’d be much better off. You might then see Bailey here, not as some threat to your self-styled morality, but the freethinking empowered young woman she is. If you would do that, you would be on the road to being a mature woman, even if you leave on all your clothes and stay a virgin forever.”

As if on cue Mrs. Shinbeck came back into the library ending the conversation. Though it appeared that Bailey had the sympathy of most of her Honor Society peers, it was clear that feeling was not universal.

Between the return of the faculty sponsor and the end of the class period, individuals and groups came up to Bailey and condemned the other girl’s comments as well as the boy’s sexist remark. One girl, one of the sophomores that had just been initiated into the Honor Society, specifically said “I get so tired of boys thinking that I’m asexual just because I study hard and get really good grades. Since when did people think that brains replace a girl's libido?”

Both Misty and Bailey laughed at that. Then the girl went on, “I just wanted you to know that I am glad that photo got out. I know it was meant to be an attack on you, but I think most people in this school will see the guy who sent it as the jerk he is. He, not you, is the one who looks bad. I know among my friends in the honors classes you are now our role model. I hope it will get people looking at girls like us a little differently.”

Misty could tell that Bailey was very grateful for the support the girl was showing her. Bailey also took time to thank Misty for coming to shoot the pictures herself. Misty didn’t tell her that she was only there to hide from Tommy.

Though not necessarily intending to do so, the Euro-Club had continued to gain members. Over the month of September, they had met several times to add new girls to the club. In addition to the original ten senior girls, there were now ten new club members who were high school juniors. Thus the Euro-Club had replicated itself. The very fact that ten girls, a year younger than them, had joined to fill their places meant the club was building an air of permanence.

Sarah, Bailey, Celia, and Tory had all been considered members from that first day of school where they’d looked at photos at Misty's house before the swim time/orgy. Over the intervening month, Misty was pleased when six girls, mostly from the St. Thomas Youth Group, had asked her about joining. They were all friends of Sarah's. When she talked to each of them it was clear they knew what they were getting into. Misty particularly like the fact the girls saw joining the club as a way to show solidarity with Mr. & Mrs. C. and what they were teaching in youth group. Unlike the original group of girls, who just happened to be friends, the second wave of girls were joining because of their belief in the club's cause. Misty thought that was a great development. What made the growth more complicated was that five of the six girls did not go to Jeff Davis High. For them, the St. Thomas’s Youth Group was the glue that kept the girls together, not school. Megan LaCroix and Amelia Summerset went to an exclusive private school in Baldwin County, and Gabriella (Gabby) Motts, Hanna Corley and Lindsey Price went to Baldwin Central High. Only Hillary Tomlinson went to Jeff Davis. Even before the news of the new photos, the meeting at the pizza joint had been planned to be the first meeting with all twenty Euro-Club girls.

The House of Pizza was one of the few teen-friendly joints in or around Sparta. It was located in a strip center next to a liquor store and a nail salon. The food was good and the Indian owner was accommodating to groups like the Euro-Club. Kelli had reserved the restaurant’s “club room” earlier in the week and it was good she had. The main dining room of the restaurant was full of Jeff Davis students. As the girls streamed in with their matching tee-shirts, they received a great deal of attention. Joanne had designed the shirts for the Euro-Club for the End-of-School party. While it was provocative, it was not indecent. Around the silhouette of a thong bikini, the words said “Euro-Club of Hancock County” at the top and “No Shame-No Apology” below. Since many of the new girls didn’t go to Jeff Davis, Misty was glad they had not used the term “Jefferson Davis High” to describe the club.

This particular evening had been chosen to publicly debut their new expanded club in their matching tee-shirts because the contest against Baldwin County's Central High Bulldogs was the biggest game of the season. They had also chosen this game because it was taking place at Baldwin Central High, not at Jeff Davis. Misty was mindful that half the new members didn't go to Jefferson Davis High and three actually attended Baldwin Central High school. However, she'd talked to them and they did not mind the plan to sit on the Jeff Davis side of the field for the first half of the game. The Euro-Club was aware that they were under extra scrutiny by some of their teachers, but at an away game they would be less likely to be stopped for their tee-shirts.

Misty waited near the door to direct the club girls as they arrived. Among the first were Sarah, Bailey, and Lindsey. She thought their entry into the restaurant made just the right impression. She could not miss the heads turning, nor did she miss that Sarah had slowed the trio’s walk so as to make the moment last. She was glad to see that Baily didn’t seem the least bit cowed. She’d known Sarah would not be. All three looked hot.

Misty was pleased that it only took a moment for several phones to come out to take pix. Their arrival, and the ten new members, would be well publicized on social media. The plan was working. One group of guys jumped up and asked to take selfies with some of the arriving girls. Soon it seemed everyone in the restaurant wanted pix with the Euro-Club. Not surprisingly they wanted pics with Misty, Sarah, and Bailey most of all.

Once everyone had arrived, the twenty girls and nine boyfriends (including Lamar and Byron) sat at two long tables in the club room. Though Byron wasn’t actually Bailey’s boyfriend (yet), Misty had suggested Lamar bring him to give Bailey support. Misty had never been in the restaurant’s club room and was amused at how all the decorations made it clear that this was the home of the Hancock Rotary Club. She was sure that in most towns they would meet someplace more upscale than the House of Pizza, but in Sparta, this was as upscale as it got. She wondered what most of the stuffy old businessmen in Rotary would think of the club that was using the room tonight. Though not all would be shocked since both her father and Sarah’s were members of the Sparta Rotary Club.

While everyone was just chatting among themselves, Misty asked Sarah how Bailey was doing. She could see her and she seemed to be relaxed among her new club friends, talking and laughing. Sarah answered, “We were talking about that as my mom drove us over here. It seems she’s getting a lot of support, more than she’d expected. She’s not on Facebook or Twitter so really only her friends can easily contact her. In this case, I think it is good she never has been interested in social media. I think by Monday she will be OK. The nastiness of Kevin’s attack today just took her off guard. You did a lot to help by standing up for her at the Honor Society meeting. She is fully on board with what we are all trying to do. I think while we were in Miami she was in experimental mode, but she’s now completely committed to the Euro-Club’s agenda.”

Misty was glad to hear all that, she asked “Has she talked to her mother?”

“Yea,” Sarah answered, “She tried to call her after school, but I guess she was still in-flight. She got her on the phone about an hour ago. Of course, her mom is totally supportive, though once Bailey forwarded the message that is going around, she was really mad. it’s good she’s in Texas because if she were here, I think she might have killed Kevin.”

Misty nodded, “My mom is livid too. What about you? Have you gotten any responses? I know you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and everything else.”

Sarah shook her head, “Right after school, only a few girls I know asked if the pic was really me. I told them it was and they were all impressed I’d go like that on a public beach. Other than that, I didn’t hear anything at school. I think that was because when school let out people were still just focusing on Bailey since she was named in the pic message and because I’m sort of in the background of the two photos. Whoever had found them could have sent some that showed me clearly, but I think they wanted to share pics of just Bailey. And it was Kevin’s message that he regretted having sex with her and how he said he’d given her to the younger players to screw seems to have delayed people seeing me in the pic.”

Misty corrected “Oh, some people have recognized you. Tommy from publications already asked me if your mother knew that you went topless.”

Sarah nodded, “Yea, I checked my Facebook and Twitter a few minutes ago. It seems people are beginning to realize I was in those photos too. Not surprisingly several messages asked the same thing about my mom finding out.”

Misty pointed out. “At least they can't know she was there from those two photos.”

“No, they can’t. I guess the trolls aren’t even aware that it is a possibility that my mom was right there with me. A good many messages threatened to tell my mom about the fact I went topless in public. Wouldn’t that be funny if they tried to rat me out? On the way home from school today my mom stopped by my dad’s office and we talked about what all this will mean for both me and for her job. She didn’t imagine a photo that is readily identifiable as me would make it to school so fast. They knew I wasn’t embarrassed at all, but my dad wanted to know if there were any pics around that showed my mom. I used my phone to show them some of the photos that our crew have found on the web that we know is of us, even if nobody else does. I also went to the site that was printed on the photos Kevin sent. It had a total of ten, but all were of me & Bailey with Zac & Mitch. Most were shot from further away. I know exactly when those pics were taken. Whoever shot them must have gotten closer after Mom had shot the photos of me and Bailey posing side by side because I don’t recall noticing someone else so close taking our picture right then."

Misty nodded, "Yea, but people were taking our pictures all the time so, I know I just stopped noticing."

Sarah seemed to agree and then continued. "We decided that the reason no one has yet realized Mom was there on the beach with us is simply that they can’t imagine it. But, once people suspect she might have been there, and they find the web pics we have already identified, she will be exposed. Even though her face is clearly visible in only a few of the pics we’ve found, someone would have to know what they are looking for before they would see her; but, once they know what to look for, there are quite a few out there that show her topless. My parents are sure it is now only a matter of weeks, or possibly days before someone finds the right pics and puts two and two together and goes to the school to complain. It will only take one photo of Mom’s boobs to cause Dr. Collins to have a heart attack. She would try to fire mom for sure. But right now Dad is more concerned about what to do when Dr. Collins confronts Mom about the picture of me that everyone already has. They assume it will be Monday.”

Misty didn’t know what to say. Although she knew it would come to this eventually, she had kept pretending that day was always a long way off. “Yes, your parents have some tough choices. Like it or not, I think the Euro-Club needs to make some decisions tonight as well. I guess we need to get to it.”

With that Misty moved to the tabletop lectern and got everyone’s attention. Speaking in an authoritative voice she began “I guess this will count as the first meeting of the Euro-Club since we have expanded from ten to twenty members. A lot has happened since we met to plan the end-of-school party.”

That got a lot of agreement.

“I think the first item on the agenda should be to welcome our new members.” She then went through their names individually. It was odd for Misty to have her little brother there. But he was sitting next to Sarah, he was as much a club guy as any of the others. She went on “Now, in the past, we’ve never had anything like an official membership role, but I think things might get sticky quickly so I propose we vote right now that the females here constitute the membership of the Euro-Club. Does anyone object?”

No one did.

“Does anyone not want to be publicly listed as a member on our new website that Megan and Amelia are building? And by the way, while I was happy to see our new photos show up on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, only our Instagram page has been kept current, we need to do better if we want to get attention. No one objected to being listed as members, and then there was an official vote to confirm the membership included all the girls present. Without being asked, Celia took up the task of club secretary writing down what was happening. After some discussion, it was agreed that each social media account would be managed by a team of one old member and one new member.

Misty then addressed the matter at hand “Now, as I’m sure you all know, two photos have made it to school that show both Bailey and Sarah …um… bare breasted at the South Beach.”

Haley quipped, “And very nice breasts they are.”

That got both laughter and agreement all around. Misty supported the idea “Yea, they look amazing. I think it is one of the best photos I’ve seen off the web, but to be fair, Sarah’s mother had them pose for her. My guess is whoever took it was standing right behind Mrs. Marshal as she was wrapping up.”

Bailey nodded “Yea, I remember. It was actually a girl, about my age. I didn’t think anything of it.”

Misty said “And there wasn’t really anything you could have done about it anyway. You were on a public beach.” Then she took a more serious tone. “I will admit I had not foreseen that by posting pics from the Frisbee football game on Key Largo, someone would be able to positively ID Bailey as they did.” She looked at Bailey, “And I am truly sorry I helped contribute to you being outed. It was my mistake.”

Bailey shook her head. “No, Keith or one of his friends already had the topless photos of me, so it was just a matter of when they went public with them not if.”

Misty saw her point. Someone must have already had those photos of Bailey; they just used the pics they had posed from the Frisbee football game to head off denials. She nodded to Bailey, “Perhaps so.” To the larger group she said “But it was more than the photos, what her ex said was a particularly nasty attack on Bailey. Be sure, it was not just an attack on her, but on all of us and our right as girls to have recreational sex the way guys do. Now we all must be prepared for Monday when those two pics will be the center of attention at school. First off, we need to agree to stick together to ensure she gets the same support you gave me when my pictures came out. And I mean all twenty of us. Tonight at the game we will be presenting ourselves as a group, and we need everyone to know we are unified in support of Bailey and of our values.”

To that, there was universal agreement.

Misty continued “Second, I want us, as a group, to decide if we should go ahead and post the next set of photos on our social media platforms on Sunday night, or should we put it off. For those of you who don’t know, we have a dozen new photos selected for release on our social media accounts. None actually show frontal nudity, but around half are from South Beach and show the five of us from angles that make it clear all five of us were topless. We have to assume that whoever found the pictures Keven sent out realizes that Bailey was not the only Euro-Club member to be on that beach.”

Haley spoke up “I don’t see any reason not to put out more photos.”

Misty replied “Yes, I agree. But I wanted us to decide as a group. To me, it actually seems that putting out more pictures will be helpful so as to spread the heat from Bailey to all of us. In fact, perhaps we should also post some more photos of us in our club bikinis. I know we have some that pretty clearly show how see-through our bikinis became.”

Iris spoke up, “But other people have posted similar pics from the party already.”

Misty shook her head, “Not like the photos I shot of you guys in the water the day we first tried them on…well, I mean before we all took our bikinis off completely.”

That elicited a few laughs and then an explanation to the new girls about how Mrs. C. had gone inside so they could deliberately shoot photos of the new bikinis when they were fully wet… which meant they were all but transparent. Then how that led to the first nude swim with the boyfriends there.

Misty brought them back to the subject. “My thought is by doing that, we can take control of the situation. I would also say we should begin openly confirming that the photos other people have found on the web from Miami Beach are of us... well of the ones that really are us.” Once again there was nothing but support for the motion, but Misty made a point to ask every one of the girls who when to Miami if that was OK with them. Caitlin seemed to sum up the issue best when she said “Misty is right, by Monday the rest of us will also be outed, so either we take charge of the narrative or we let our critics do so.”

There was some discussion and then it was agreed they would post the twelve planned photos they had ready tonight after the game, not Sunday. Additionally, Megan and Amelia said the website was all ready to go live as soon as the club was ready. It was agreed that the story and the photos from the day they first tried on the club bikinis would be the first content on the new site. Misty suggested, “Let’s start working on some written narratives to go with the beach photos as well. I think it is best we tell enough about the trip to get everyone talking about the things we want them too, not the things we don't."

Haley piped up "For instance, we don’t want to publicize the fact Byron’s mother fucked six different guys who had just graduated from high school right in front of us."

A dozen eyes went to Byron. Bailey, who sat beside him holding his hand, spoke up “For my money, Byron’s mom is super-hot… a real MILF, as is Sarah’s and Misty’s.” She then gave him a kiss. It was clear she was making a statement.

Her words got a round of agreement and if Byron felt any discomfort, Misty didn’t see it. Rather, his grin seemed to indicate he was quite pleased everyone saw his mother as a super-MILF… or was it that Bailey kissed him in public?

Haley chimed in “Fuck, I’d sleep with anyone of them. From what Mrs. Simms said on the way home, she was ready to agree if I’d asked to join her with the waiter for a threesome. I kick myself that I missed my opportunity.”

Misty thought it better not to confirm that, but agreed with Haley’s first observation, "Yes, like that or even more important we need to do our best to keep hiding the fact that Mrs. Marshal was there at all. As I’m sure you all know by now, on the photo sets I gave Haley, Sarah, Caitlin and Bailey, there are a handful of pictures of the whole group, including Mrs. Marshal taken at both South Beach and Haulover.”

Haley added “And on the boat trip. We were all topless for most of that trip too.”

“Yes, on the boat trip. The point is that we are keeping a very close reign on the photos of Mrs. Marshal and I’m sure you have already found out that they are not willing to share the files of those photos with anyone. But there are pics they can share. There are literally thousands more great images on the drives I passed out that night that don’t show Mrs. Marshal. Even though we can share those, I appreciate you not letting any of the photos from the trip to get out in the wild. I know for some of you, like Haley, that has taken more than a bit of self-control."

Gregg jumped in "Yea, she hasn't let me show any of them to my friends, not one. So many are super-hot, but she says I can’t share them outside of the group of people here tonight."

Misty said "Good for her. That has been the plan. But be sure, we'll get a lot more photos out in the public domain soon. But for now, no "R" rated photos get shared. No pussy or nipple pics. Got it?"

The girls who had gone to Miami all nodded. All five of those who had gone to Miami knew of the plan to covertly release a few selected photos, but that was not mentioned. However, Sarah asked about pics that were already on the web.

Misty thought for a second then said "How about we use social media to put links, but only if they show photos that make us look good…. and that none of the moms are in any pics on the sites we point people to. We want people to know that we are not ashamed that they know we went topless or nude in public, or even that they see photos of us. What is imperative is that any photos that get out did not come from us. I found out how important that fact is last year when some people wanted my mother prosecuted. What mattered back then was that nobody in my family took or put out those photos. Again I want to emphasize, we want to control what people know. When they think they have all the dirt, they won't look for more."

Iris then pointed out that if they only talked about the Miami trip it would leave out most of the club members. Sarah added "And the girls who don't go to Jeff Davis need to be included too." Misty saw their concern and agreed "You are right. We want to present a united front of all twenty of us. To do that we will need to talk about more than the trip to Miami, particularly on our website; and we want to use our other social media to push people there. Making the story about trying on the new club bikinis the first content on our new site is a start; but Iris, you are right. All our social media needs to be about the club, not about the Miami trip. As for photos, of course, we took them all summer, so at least for the seniors and Sarah, we have plenty to post. We will have to make a point to get more content over the fall, particularly of the new members. I have my camera with me, so before we leave, we will get a group shot in our tee-shirts and I’ll shoot more photos at the game.”

After more discussion, it was agreed that Misty and Caitlin would write up an official version of both the end-of-school party and the Miami trip. Everyone else would write up highlights from their activities this summer. Misty looked at Celia, “Perhaps you can write up a story about your time in Italy and talk about the different attitudes about nudity and sex. I would use euphemisms for having sex, but things like the coed showers would strengthen our message that the norms in Georgia are not universal.

Caitlin said she would. Then Misty said “Let’s make a central bank of photos that you all have taken at my house. Now I know my mom told you not to use your phones to take photos of us skinny dipping at my house, but I know full well some of you did… and so does she. She deliberately did not catch you doing it, so don’t think you put one over on her.”

That got some laughs and blushes at finding out they were not as sly as they thought.

“So, if you can use encrypted email or jump drives to get the best of them to me, I’ll use Photoshop to edit out or pixelate the naughty parts so we can use them on the site. I will also write up something about my summer internship and how I learned to shoot glamour nudes. Tomorrow evening, Bailey, Caitlin and I will be at Sarah’s house since my parents are kicking me out for their adult-only party.”

Haley put in “What she means is they are having a sex party with their friends. My mom is so looking forward to it.”