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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 46-A

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel:


Raising the Revolutionary Flag of a Sexual Freedom

Chapter 46

The Party

The guests arrived at the Campbell home in short order at or just after 6:00 PM. The women had done a pretty good job at throwing together pseudo-Moorish/Arabian outfits at very short notice. It helped that Marcy, while she was in Atlanta had picked up some things for herself and Trish and several of the women asked to use some of Bonnie’s growing collection of body jewelry.

Additionally, Sue Ann was a wizard with a sewing machine so she was able to make great outfits for her sister and herself with no advance notice. Sure, some of the outfits were not exactly Arabian Nights, but they all seemed like something from the ancient world. Well, except Brandy who looked more like a dominatrix. But it was all good. Even though the men were not so well dressed, the women’s attire and the decor most definitely set the stage.

Bonnie had set up the game room with the drinks and food since it had much more room than the dining room and plenty of places to sit. She gave her guests half an hour to take a first shot at the food and drinks and settle down. At 6:30 she gathered everyone in the “harem” living room and asked them to have a seat. Standing near the television she began the night’s events. “I’m so glad everyone came to our Arabian Night. Guys, I’m sure you already know this has been planned as a story party.“

“Everyone should have come prepared to tell about their most amazing erotic experience. Once all the tales have been told, we will vote and see who’s told the best story. Not necessarily the kinkiest event, but the person who gave the most entertaining tale. So to win you will not only have to have a good story to tell, but you will have to do a great job in telling it. Now –we like all the sweaty sticky details, a good story is not just what happened but how it felt, tasted and smelled emotionally as well as physically. But since the whole point is what you really did in the past; no embellishment, please. If possible, we'd like to hear about lovers other than or in addition to your spouse, but whatever the story, the winner will have to get everyone in the room so excited that it will take work not to start an orgy right then and there.”

Bonnie motioned to the back of the room, “Sheri has been good enough to volunteer to go first. So, let’s get started.” She began to sit, but stood back up “oh yea, if you don’t know we girls have all agreed, that we all can do whatever feels natural with whomever we want at this party, so if anyone has decided that they are not comfortable with open non-monogamy I suggest you call it a night now.”

Unsurprisingly no one left, so she sat.

Sherry did not stand but leaned forward and cleared her voice.

“This is an old story, so old it took me several days of writing notes, and a phone call to a very old friend to remember the details. For those of you too young to remember it, the late 60’s and early 70’s was a wild time. While we complained that we were sexually repressed, in retrospect we were given freedoms that today’s teenagers can’t even imagine. I was right there from within a couple of years of the birth of the free love movement to its crashing end with the appearance of AIDS and the rise of the Moral Majority. I don’t know how many different people I had sex with during that dozen or so years, but it surely was over a thousand, maybe more.”

She paused as her audience took in the fact that she had just said she had done it with more than a thousand people; however Bonnie was the only one to voice what the others were thinking, “You’ve had sex with over a thousand men?”

“Men and women. The number overall is not important, but yes, certainly over a thousand when I include women. But what I’m trying to get you to imagine is the world of the counter-culture. To us in those days, anything resembling monogamy was seen as bowing to the oppressive system.” She paused “I will be fair to those of you who were born after 1976 and start from the beginning or it won’t make sense.”

“My father, when I was a kid, was a Major in the army and so we moved a lot. We were living at Ft. Benning when he was shipped off to Vietnam with the 1st Cavalry, see this isn’t the first time I’ve lived in Georgia. At first, my mom did OK with Dad gone, but it didn’t last. Dad got wounded but did not come home and Mom started taking pills she got from the base doctor to calm her nerves. After a while, the pills had made her nerves so calm I could do anything I wanted.”

“In a matter of months, I went from flirting with the young soldiers to making out with them pretty heavy. I was thirteen and an early bloomer. I already had “C” cup tits and it was no problem getting the attention of the young soldiers on base. Of course, I never told them my dad was an officer. I lost my virginity on a firing range to some kid from Michigan a month or so after my 14th birthday. I say he was a kid in retrospect, at the time he seemed every bit a man and I felt every bit a woman. I didn’t have to work up to enjoying sex. I'd been masturbating regularly for half a year or so before I actually gave it up. I'd already learned to guide the GI's in how to get me off with their hand while we were making out. So, when I finally decided I wanted to go all the way, I used a hairbrush as a dildo for weeks in advance, learning to coordinate the brush and rubbing my clit so I could cum quite easily. That very first time I told the guy yes, I fully expected to have an orgasm. And I did. I had already learned by then the key was telling the guy what I wanted him to do, and supplementing it with my own actions. It wasn’t until years later that I found out that it is rare for a girl like me to even enjoy sex the first time, let alone climax, but you'll just have to believe me when I say I did.”

"From that first time, I thought balling, as we called it then, was the greatest thing in the world. Until I married my second husband more than twenty years later, I’d never seen sex as something I did to please others, I did it, from that first time, because I wanted to… and I liked doing it. When we got word that my father had been killed in action my mom went to pieces and spent the next ten years completely hooked on those prescription medicines.”

“How terrible” Bonnie interjected before a chorus of condolences followed.

“It was a hard time, but it was a long time ago. And to be honest, I never was close to my father, he just wasn’t that kind of a man. To make matters worse, I got pregnant five months after we got the news. By that time, I was having sex with a couple of guys from school right in the house under mom’s overmedicated nose at least once a week. Since one of the guys was a freshman, like me, and the other was an upperclassman in high school, they didn't even know about the other. I was also still doing it with a couple of different G.I.’s at the firing range, of course, the two guys who considered me their girlfriend didn't know I was getting laid by other guys. I had already become used to having both a steady relationship and using guys for just plain ol’ fucking. Although it was illegal at the time, my mother had no problem securing an abortion for me. But that was the end of our life on the base. We moved to Sacramento to live with my mother’s parents. I was still only fifteen when we moved from Ft. Benning."

“From the very first day at my conservative grandparents’ home, my Grandpa wanted to keep me under lock and key. It only took a matter of weeks before I ran away. It was the spring of 1969 and teenagers were running away all the time. I naturally made my way to San Francisco to be part of the youth movement and the Haight/Ashbury scene. It was easy for me to make it in the hippy world with a young body that I was willing to share."

"I’d hitched a couple of rides and after I stayed a night in a motel balling a traveling salesman, I made it to San Francisco about noon the next day. In retrospect, that first time I traded sex for a ride, a meal, and a place to sleep was a huge step; but at the time it didn’t seem like any step at all. It didn’t even feel transactional to me, though now I see for that man it was entirely so.”

“I only had $16 and some change in my pocket, so I rode a city bus to Haight Street right at the west end of Golden Gate Park. It was like nothing I’d ever seen, and nothing has ever been the same since. Hundreds of kids most of them about my age or not much older, all just hanging out: talking, dancing and smoking dope. It was like I’d found a new planet of people just like me. I wandered around for hours before I began thinking about someplace to stay. I’d met a girl called Dryad after a mini-concert at the park. She was like me, a teenager on her own, but she’d been there for a year and a half. You’ve heard of the Summer of Love. That was 1967. By the time I got there in the spring of ’69 things had changed. While in ’67 the hippies thought they could change the world, by the time I got there, conflict had begun between those who thought we could change the whole world and those who thought we should just drop out of the old world and start a new one."

"Dryad was a year older than me, sixteen years old. It is hard even for me to believe we were so young because we felt so grown up. She took me under her wing, and more importantly at the time, she took me to the pad where she and her old man were staying. For you younger people an old man was not your grandfather, it was the lingo for your boyfriend. While the run-down old house that became my home for a year and a half was a self-proclaimed commune, it wasn’t anything like the self-sufficient commune I lived in later. The biggest thing was that everyone chipped in to pay the rent on the entire building and the power and water and stuff. So, for me it gave me a place to call home. Looking back, it was while living in that place that I grew up."

"Any one of those nights in that commune would have been the night of a lifetime to most people, but it was just the beginning. You might think I was incredibly young to be out on my own like that; but, I was by no means the youngest. We were all consumed with the idea of discarding the old ways, but for all my self-perceived wildness, I was still very much inexperienced and naive. When I arrived in San Francisco I’d had sex with a total of seven guys: four different G.I.’s, the two boys from my school and the guy who gave me a ride. I was still counting at that point. But as liberated as I thought I was, I still had a very narrow view of sex. Always missionary with foreplay consisting of kissing and hand jobs, but since I was having multiple orgasms most of the time, I didn’t look for other things. Until that first night in San Francisco, I only had the vaguest conception of oral sex. I had certainly never done it.”

“So, it was after dark the day I’d arrived. I’d just shared a joint with Dryad and she led me to what she called their commune. I go up this narrow stairway up to a third-floor landing. She pushes the door open and I almost fell over from the smell. It was a dingy, dirty place and the pungent aroma of incense, pot and human bodies was overpowering. Inside there was almost no regular furniture, just an old couch and on the floor, some mattresses with no sheets and a bunch of big pillows, kinda like the ones we are lying on now, but not as pretty and very dirty. The place was quite a letdown from the youth utopia I had dreamt of when I left home.”

“On one big mattress, three people were sleeping: one girl in just panties another in a long shirt and a guy in just blue jeans. On the couch was a girl wearing cut-offs and nothing else. At first, I thought she was sleeping with her head in a tall skinny guy’s lap. Dryad began to talk to him, but when I got closer, I realized the girl wasn’t’ asleep. She was sucking on that skinny guy’s dick. I had been having sex at least a couple of times a week for a year by then, but I had never seen someone else do it; and I certainly hadn’t seen a blow job. At that time, I knew I loved being fucked and liked both giving and getting hand jobs, but I’d never even considered putting a dick in my mouth.”

“Probably only Herb and I are old enough to remember that at that time, unusual sex acts were seen as making a political statement, a way of sticking it to the man. So, as I stood watching this totally bizarre sight, Dryad tells me that the guy getting his dick sucked was her boyfriend or more accurately she said it was her old man. For me at that time, the fact she identified the guy getting head as her old man was not a kinky sex statement, but a powerful political statement of her social independence. Are you following what I’m saying?”

Cooper answered, “Yea, it’s just like the painting over there of us making love is both art and politics.”

“Or how going to a public nude beach felt like I was striking a blow for my personal freedom” Trish added.

“Or for Butch and I, skinny dipping in your pool right in front of some of the teens from our youth group was rejecting what the community expects from a couple who do ministry” Tabitha suggested.

“So, you do understand, good,” Sheri continued. She then looked at Cooper “See, your Final Freedom Foundation is not fighting a new battle.”

Cooper responded by saying “I know, it is the same battle you fought in the 60’s, it’s just that you moved the culture only halfway to the goal line.”

“I agree, that’s why I’m so excited about your group’s work. You are trying to finish what we started” Sheri said to Cooper before looking around the room and resuming her story. “So, there I was, just in from conservative America watching my new friend talk to her boyfriend while another girl has his penis in her mouth. She asks him who the chick was. He casually said Stu and Boots, the other guys who lived on our floor, had traded chicks for the night with the guys who lived one floor up. He explained that he had borrowed the girl Boot’s was doing when Stu went out.”

“That might sound strange if you think the world of hippie free love was the same as sexual equality. It wasn’t. This was before the feminist movement and it was still very much a guy’s world. Girls were, frankly, passed around much like a joint was. So as naturally as could be, Dryad steps out of her long hippy skirt and pulls the top over her head. I must say I was shocked to see she wore nothing under it. Now I’d seen lots of naked girls in the locker room of the base school, but this was not the same thing. She didn't even have to tell me to undress, I knew what I was expected to do.”

“Under my jeans and tee shirt, I was still wearing the cotton panties and Playtex bra my mother had bought me. Oh, it was a 34 C, so I had pretty nice boobs. I would have continued wearing it but Dryad insisted I get rid of the oppressive clothing. I could see her old man looking at me as I dropped my bra to the floor. I had only gotten completely naked outside of bed for a guy once. It was for the man who gave me the ride to San Francisco, and the experience had been both frightening and exhilarating. When I went to the range to meet G.I.’s I always wore a mini-skirt so I wouldn't have to get undressed to have sex. Even though I let them unbutton or push up my top to play with my tits, I never took it off. And even with the two boys from school I did it with at my house, I certainly never got off the bed naked to let them ogle me. I’m not sure what happened next, but I think Dryad threw my bra out the window. I just know I never saw it again. In fact, it was close to a decade before I put one on once more.”

“I don’t mean to repeat myself, but that first week was so amazing because, like I said all my sex had been very vanilla until then. I’d enjoyed sex from the first time, but this was more excitement than I had ever experienced, standing there naked, literally shivering with arousal, waiting for what was next.”

“Once we were both naked, she led me to an empty mattress and we lay down. She lay next to me. She could feel me shivering. She told me to relax and I felt her naked body pull close to me. But nothing more happened. We watched her old man and the girl move to the mattress next to ours were they had sex in positions I’d never even imagined. They were not yet done when I fell asleep. Dryad and I have been friends ever since. I called her at her home in Austin last week to clarify my memory. Of course, she doesn’t go by Dryad anymore; actually, she is a well-regarded syndicated newspaper columnist. I told her about our little group and about the FFF. She’s very interested and wants you,” looking at Amy, “to call her.”

Amy, sitting nearly directly across from Sherry said “Great. May I ask what name she goes by now?”

“Cheryl Stovall”

“Oh, yea, I know her work, her column runs in the Atlanta Constitution every Tuesday. She’s good and has a circulation like in the millions. Thanks, give me a number and I’ll call her Monday. She could be of real help to us”

Sherry responded, “I’ve been feeling bad I haven’t helped you guys before, so I will give you that number before we leave tonight. But let me go to the real part of my story, all that has been background information. To be honest, what happened that first week in San Francisco is at once clear and also vague at the same time. It is only snapshots of sights, feelings, tastes, and smells that I can picture in my mind. Only by talking to Dryad last week was I able to put it into a coherent narrative…if it is even that. The next morning, or actually the next afternoon when I woke up the pad was quiet, only Dryad was still there, reading a book wearing a long hippy skirt but nothing else. The room had old metal blinds that were missing a number of slats so the room was much better lit than it had been the night before. Now that I could clearly see Dryad’s small tits, I could see why I hadn’t noticed she was braless the day before.”

“I pulled on my Levi’s and she tossed me a big scarf to use as a top. Now my boobs were really nice back then, nice and round but not overly big. The scarf barely covered me when I stood still; but when I walked, my tits visibly bounced and the scarf tended to slide down if I didn't pay attention. I loved it. Eventually, I collected a half dozen of them and for that summer and much of the next, that was my personal look.”

With that introduction to her story, Sherry opened a notebook, removed a photo and passed it around. It was her, but as a fifteen-year-old. She still had a kid’s face, but a fully developed body. With long strait hair, bell bottoms and a scarf wrapped around her moderate bust line, she looked like the quintessential hippy. She was also exceptionally pretty.

“This was taken within a month or so of my arrival. He wanted $1 for the print but I didn’t have any money so I offered to give him a blow job for it. That’s how I got this picture. I know that sounds crass today, but as I said, this was before the feminist movement. I blew or fucked to get a lot of things, but don’t think that’s why I did so many guys. I did most of them for fun and it made me feel so free to have sex with guys whom I’d met just minutes before, just because I could. But I’m getting ahead of myself.”

“I remember every event of my second day, and that is the story I want to tell. Dryad and I went down to Haight Street. On the way, she told me how everyone gets a new name because sometimes private detectives hired by parents come looking for underage kids. I thought for just a second before I decided to call myself Windsong; and Windsong I would remain for nearly five years. She took me to the free clinic to get me a diaphragm. It was all so different, there I was treated like a real person, not a kid. I got an exam, the doctor fitted me with a diaphragm in the name of Windsong. There were no questions about my age or my parents. It’s just the way it was there.”

“Afterward we went to the free kitchen. Let me digress. Contrary to how it is presented today, the hippy life was not glamorous. The food and beds were primitive at best and non-existent in all too many cases. For the year and a half I lived in San Francisco the free kitchen was my most reliable meal. That first bite will be with me forever. It was awful. Just a bunch of canned vegetables thrown in a pot. It was all I could do not to puke and I only managed a few bites. I was still hungry when we wandered down to Golden Gate Park.”

“Looking back over fifty years, it is obvious to me why I got whistles and propositions everywhere I went. I was young, pretty and my boobs were barely covered by the scarf at the best of times. But at that moment, I was surprised and flattered. That day I saw my first public nudity when a girl about my age danced naked as her old man played a flute in the park until someone warned them that there were cops nearby, so she put back on her dress. You have to understand, between ’67 and ’69 the whole scene had changed. The first year the authorities had all but ceded the park to the young people, the second there were sporadic efforts to enforce the laws on nudity and grass, but by the time I arrived, there was more or less an ongoing war with the pigs. A few times a week, groups of cops would sweep through the park to harass us and to arrest anyone they caught smoking pot or making love or anything. But, we were pretty good at getting the warning out so that if you were paying attention, you could hide your grass and quit doing stuff that would get you arrested.”

“So, we met up with a number of Dryad’s friends and I just took it all in. Some guys bought us lunch and hits of acid. Dryad disappeared, so I listened to an impromptu concert. When she returned, she casually told me she had been thanking the guys for lunch and the acid. It was only when she made a remark about the taste of one of the guy’s spunk that I realized that somewhere nearby, she had given both of them head. The lesson was not lost on me. In the world of free love, sex had a lot of value. As I said, it was just a few weeks later when I offered to suck off the guy for a $1 photo. So after she’d thanked the guys, Dryad showed me how to find a relaxed position to enjoy my acid trip. As most people who have done LSD remember, it was like opening the doors into a new world. As I tripped, my vision told me that I had found where I belonged in the world. I had found my tribe, my people.”

“I was more or less back to earth when we all piled into a first-floor pad just a few blocks from the park where she said a love-in was happening. All that has been to tell you my most amazing sexual experience was my first love-in. A love-in isn’t an orgy, though orgies are sometimes part. Love-ins were an outgrowth of sit-in protests. In those days sit-in protests were a mode of passive civil disobedience. I went to a couple and while they are a protest for a cause, for those of us participating it was like a long low-keyed party of sorts. There was a vibe of solidarity and usually there was live music and dancing along with the sitting and singing. A love-in was very similar. While there was public sex, that was just a part; mostly it was about promoting the feeling of universal love to everyone present. So there was music, drugs, dancing and yes sex.”

Right off Dryad takes me to a bathroom and helps guide me as I put my diaphragm in on my own for the first time. Rather than a lot of little rooms with doors, like our commune was, the house where the love-in was being held was very open with big archways connecting the four rooms of the first floor, so that it seemed more like one big space.

I remember kissing Dryad and kissing the guy named Boots. I don’t actually remember taking off my clothes to get naked, but clearly remember his tongue on my clit the first time. I almost came out of my skin since I’d never had someone do that to me before. I remember, not long after, Dryad took his place and the feeling of her soft lips as she kissed me deeply down below. I couldn't believe how good it felt. I remember clearly how a little later I was looking down at Boot’s hard penis. I was wondering what to do with it, so Dryad showed me how to give head. Then she held his erection as I mimicked her actions. And when he began to cum how I pulled back and watched the off-white semen spew up and fall down on Dryad’s little boobs. She used her finger to scoop some off, licked her finger clean then suggested that I should lick the rest of the jizz off her. The surprisingly bland taste of his semen and the excitement of sucking her puffy nipples was not as much a sexual high but a high of liberation. I was in a room, a brightly lit room with more than a dozen or more people milling in and out; naked, and doing things that would be so dirty and perverted back home that I was sure my mom had never even heard of them. It was exciting and empowering at the same time. I didn’t even flinch when still on my hands and knees licking Dryad’s tits, I felt Dapper, another of Dryad’s friends, saddle up behind me and slide his none-too-big penis into me.”

“I can’t begin to even remember all the sexual things I have done in the fifty years since that night, but never have I felt like I did that night and all the next day and night. A fifteen-year-old girl at a wild hippy love-in that lasted non-stop for almost two full days. Sex, drugs and rock and roll was not just a cliché. In one marathon session I had just about every first imaginable. Like I said, my first public nudity, my first blow job, my first taste of cum, my first time being watched having sex, my first time to do it with a girl, my first anal, my first threesome, my first foursome, and my first more-some. I did it all; sometimes tripping but mostly with just a buzz and even a few times more or less sober. One thing I can say for certain, neither Dryad or I wore more than a hat the whole next day and night and well into the day after. Many of the people that would become my hippy family in San Francisco I met on that long love-in. Some are friends to this day and I fucked them before I really met them, but in that time and place it was commonplace to learn a lover’s name after his semen was oozing down between my ass cheeks.”

Her narrative was derailed by a series of questions and she ended up telling about a couple of specific sexual encounters she had during the love-in. She eventually said “We just don’t have the time for me to go into it now. I could talk all night and I’ve already overused my time. but let me conclude by saying that during summer, I know I had sex with at least a couple of new people every week… sometimes every day. Few days went by when I didn't have more than one dick in me. On my sixteenth birthday, they threw me a party at one of the underground clubs that were still operating around the Haight area. It was really just an old converted store, but it served as a meeting house of sorts. Someone brought a pot-laced cake and loads of acid. There was a band and I danced naked for hours. About midnight it simply turned into a huge orgy. It was a day and night to remember."

"Like I said earlier, sexual behavior was seen as political protest; so even when the sex was fast and impersonal; it was still good for me, affirming my independence and self-image as a political activist. It was not uncommon for me to meet a guy at the park or at one of the local hang-outs and just out of the blue ask him if he wants to fuck, we’d step behind a hedge or into the alley, I’d lift up my skirt and either mount him or bend over. Ten minutes later we’d be back with the group talking about music or politics. They all knew what we’d done and often I’d feel his semen running down my leg, but that is how it was back then”

Sherry paused to collect her thoughts. "Yes, looking back more than a little of the sex I had in San Francisco could legitimately be called prostitution because I blew and fucked guys for food or whatever I needed or wanted. But at the time I didn't think of it like that. We lived with the concept of a barter economy. Giving head or fucking was simply the thing I had to barter with. We really were a community and there was nothing sleazy about a guy giving me a couple of joints after we screwed. Only one time I deliberately had sex for money. At one point we were all broke, the gas for heat had been cut off and the landlord was threatening to evict us. So, Dryad and I, along with two other girls from the commune took the bus downtown. Visiting businessmen were all too happy to give a pretty young hippy more money for one romp than most of us had seen since we got to the Haight. Even then to us, we were exploiting those men since we would have balled them for nothing if they'd come to the Haight and asked."

"I can't say it was all good. The fact the soup kitchen was my most reliable meal tells you that. I'm sure now after fifty years I have rose-colored glasses about some of it, but the truth is, there has never once been a time I've ever wished I had not gone to the Haight. And yes, not all the girls I knew back then came out without scars. I had friends who became addicts and even died of overdoses. And one of my very good friends had an old man who beat her up so badly that she was hospitalized and lost the baby she was carrying. Still, my time when I was fifteen and sixteen in San Francisco was magical, grimy, but still magical. I don't care what modern do-gooders say, I wasn't too young. I refused to say I was an abused child. To do so would be to sell me short as well as the whole beautiful dream that period was. I was liberated and I'll never ever say otherwise."

Sherry paused and again opened the note book in her lap, She took a laminated page from a magazine. She passed it to Cooper. It was a page from Look magazine. It was the same teenage Sherry from the other photo, but she was dancing in a park, bedecked with flowers in her hair, strings of beads around her neck and a long wrap skirt, but most striking she was topless, a scarf waving from her right hand.

Cooper couldn’t help notice that she had absolutely perfect tits, round half-bowls with not the slightest sag. He asked her about the page in the magazine “I didn’t know they could publish stuff like this back then.” She answered “Normally they couldn’t, but if you could read the article, you would see it is all about the depravity of the hippies. Since it was printed to make us look bad it was not considered pornography. Here’s what happened. It was early fall of ‘70 and we were grooving at our favorite part of the park when this strait reporter guy came around. We usually hid stuff when we saw straits, especially when strait reporters came snooping around. We were kinda paranoid that they were providing photos that the pigs would later bust us for. But this guy had been around for a good part of the prior summer and had gained some trust. He had just been walking around shooting everyday life. I was pretty high and dancing up a storm to this pair of guys with a drum and flute. My scarf wasn’t holding my tits too well even before I saw the straight reporter guy. On a whim, I just pulled the scarf over my head and danced even harder. He raised his camera and began to shoot. My dancing was loosening the wrap skirt so when it began to slip down my hips, I just let it go until I could just step out of it. It wasn’t the first time I’d been naked at the park. I’d balled guys at least a dozen times right at that very spot, but never when straits were there. He kept shooting photos until I guess he ran out of film because when I opened my eyes he was gone.”

“We all got a laugh at showing off for the straight, but a couple of months later, that photo appeared in Look magazine. My face was very clear and there is no way my mother and grandparents wouldn’t have some nosey neighbor bring it to their attention. I was an underage runaway and now it was national knowledge where I was, so I had to leave San Francisco. Well, a lot of people had already left the Haight by then and the feelings of love had largely been replaced by despair and anger. Our commune had broken up and we’d gotten an eviction notice. Dryad had moved to LA and the police were really harassing everyone a lot. And besides all that, I had grown up a lot since I’d gotten there. I was almost seventeen and was ready for a change. I knew a guy, a kind of guru, who went by the name The Seeker. He had asked me several times to join his commune in the mountains but I held out hoping things would get better. So, when I saw him a week or so after the photo was published, I went with him, but that’s a whole different story. Time for someone else to talk.”

Bill asked “What else is in the notebook.”

“Oh, I’ll pass it around. It’s the few dozen surviving photos of my swinging years during the seventies and a DVD that Herb had converted from a Beta-Max tape from two swinger’s parties in 1978. It survived my second husband because he didn’t have a Beta player and I told him it was baby videos from my kids. I had not actually seen it since shortly after it was made. Last week when Herb and I got the DVD in the mail and put it on the first time, I don’t mean to sound vain, but, I was impressed at how hot I was back then, … almost forty years ago. I didn’t know how to make short clips like Bonnie asked, but if anyone wants, we can put it on later after we are done telling stories.”

Cooper chimed in “For my money, you’re still hot”

Amy added “Sherry, you’ve got to let me paint you. I would love to make a collage of you over the years.”

Sherry smiled and said, “That’s very flattering, I’d love to. Oh, I forgot to add. When I spoke to Dryad she told me she had seen a photo of me, one of the ones taken at the park in a retrospective exhibit of Haight-Ashbury photos at The LA Museum of Modern Art last year. It seems that the photographer became famous and has published a book of his photos he took that summer. So, I went to his web page and ordered the book. When it came in and I saw I was in it, I emailed him, introduced myself and asked if I could buy prints of any of the other photos he still has of me.”

Herb picked up an oversized coffee table book. He opened it up to a marked page. There was a full-page photo almost identical to the one from Look magazine, except Sherry was no longer wearing the long skirt.

Amy asked “Have you heard anything back?”

“No, not yet. But I just emailed him a few days ago. It was getting ready for this party that opened back up the door to those long-ago events” she answered.

Bonnie stood up and said, “Well, I hope he responds. Thanks Sherry, it will be hard to beat that story.”

Tabitha spoke up as the photos were passed to her “And these pictures are just incredible”. They were nearly all faded Polaroids, mostly nudes of Sherry. A few showed her having sex, but in most of them she was posing with a variety of people in 70’s looking homes. In contrast to the faded snapshots were four very nice, apparently professional 5X7 nudes taken at some tropical location. Cooper said, “These beach photos are wonderful. Can you tell us about them?”

She looked over and smiled “That was in Jamaica. In those days you weren’t allowed to bring your own camera onto the nude beach. The hotel had a photographer and he took those.”

Sue Ann spoke up “Hey, I want to hear more about your life at the commune in the mountains.”

“No,” she said “I’ve talked long enough and I wasn’t there but about six months. I could talk all night with my stories. Ask Herb, and he has not yet heard half of all the crazy things I did back then. But for me, nothing compares to that first love-in. So who’s going next?”

Herb spoke up “She’s right, her stories are amazing. Though to be honest, I have my share of stories too. I could tell you how the year I led the Jefferson Davis Rebels to the Georgia High School State Football Championship as the team’s quarterback, I was allowed to deflower more than a few of the leading debutants of Hancock County. I could tell stories of when I was home from West Point, how I had my pick of the belles of Sparta to warm my bed. For instance, once, when I was home for Christmas break, I spent a night and most of two days holed up at the old Sparta Hotel with the two daughters of the leading political figure of the day, servicing their insatiable desire for me. Or I could tell tales of silk-clad whores in Saigon who could do things with their bodies that I did not know was possible. Or I could tell you the names of a good many leading men in our community, whose wives have over the years, with enthusiasm, wrapped their thighs around me as I plumbed them.”

Bonnie didn’t say so, but she was sure she could name more than a few of those women. What those leading men in Handcock County never seemed to understand was that among themselves, the society women bragged about their sexual conquests as much as the men did… though always in their genteel coded language. She had no doubt that back in the day Herb, the town football and military hero had no shortage of women seeking to bed him right under their clueless husband’s noses.

Unaware of Bonnie’s thoughts, he continued. “More than once, more than half a dozen times, I bedded leading women of our community at social events while their husbands were entertaining guests downstairs, or even in the next room over, clueless of what I was doing to their wives. I’ll confess it is quite an ego trip to rejoin a party after fucking the shit out of a business rival’s wife. Any of those events would make a good story. I could tell you all about the torrid affairs, not just romps, I’ve had with several women who are still pillars of morality in our community. I know it’s hard to believe looking at me now, but once upon a time I was quite the catch. And as a town hero from the right family, I’ve had access to an amazing amount of sex… even if little of it was with my saintly wife of thirty years.”

That got a round of laughter. Though it was funny, Bonnie thought of what an inditement he’d just made of conventional morality in Sparta.

Herb went on, “But, nothing compares in excitement to when this summer my lovely wife, in front of nearly all of you, without so much as a blush, stripped naked and took every bit of Butch’s incredibly long cock down her throat seemingly without effort. Then, while I and all of you watched, she brought him off and swallowed down his cum without hesitation. And when she came back and kissed me with her tasting of his spunk before pulling my boner out so we could have sex in front of you all. Well, I’ll put it this way, I was climaxing even before she got my penis all the way inside of her. Without a doubt that was the most erotic event of my life.”

Bonnie nodded, “Thanks Herb, and I’ll confess I was impressed with her performance that day too. Though the more we talk, the more I think we might need to have another of these story parties given all the stories we are not hearing.”

There was agreement all around before Bonnie said “OK then, let’s see who’s next with an erotic tale for our Arabian Night?” She scanned the faces and called on Beth Ann.

The bigger woman stood up where she was, “As most of you know, Calvin and I have been living together since Tucker was born four years ago, though we just made it official last year when we went to the courthouse and signed the paperwork to get married. We didn’t make it a big deal because it was mostly for health insurance reasons, and so he could adopt Tracy. To them, he is all they’d hoped to have in a dad. My daughter thinks of him as her father just as much as Tucker does. The truth is he is a way better father than the sperm donor who helped conceive her ever would have been. But, Calvin knows that before we made it official, I cheated on him… uhh… several times…” she laughed “Hey, I’ve never pretended that I don’t like variety and I am really easy to convince. Though from what I’ve heard tonight I’m not the only one.”

That got some laughs.

“While I’m not the most girly-girl and never have been…” she motioned to her body, “… I am great in bed.”

Bonnie knew she was right. She wasn’t dainty in the least. She was as large as most men in both height and weight. Her size contributed to her winning silver and bronze medals in discus and javelin at the State Track and Field Championships when she was at Jefferson Davis High. Though she was big-boned with very ample breasts and hips, she was not fat or slack even a decade after she won those awards. Bonnie was sure she must be a real handful in bed for Calvin when she gets going. “Until tonight I actually thought I was super slutty since I’ve had sex with something over thirty different guys since I first did it when I was in middle school. But compared to some of you ladies, I’m practically a virgin.”

That got more laughs and agreement.

“My story is hot for sure, but it might not be my most erotic tale, but, it is one that Calvin doesn’t know about, so it will be fun for me.”

Their eyes went to Calvin and he just shrugged.

“To be clear,” Beth Ann continued, since we got married, I’ve not had sex with anyone but Calvin…” Then she smiled…” though tonight I’m sure that will change.”

The first to agree was Calvin himself.

“This all happened about a year ago last May. For our last big step before we got married, Calvin and I bought our house together. The next spring, a few months before we got married, we were converting the house from gas to electric. You might not know it, but his cousin, Jimmy Connelly, is an electrician. Calvin had sent Jimmy over to do the wiring for the new stove during the day when the kids were at school. I was having one of my occasional spells where I’m super horny all the time.” She looked to Calvin for confirmation.

He nodded and said, “They go on for a few weeks at a time and someday I think she will literally fuck me to death during one of them. My buddies at work give me no sympathy when I complain that sometimes my wife wants more sex from me than I can give.”

That got laughs.

Beth Ann smiled in agreement then went on “I’d met his cousin before and I thought he was hot, so even before Jimmy got to our place, I had already decided that I would fuck him while he was at our house. So, I took off what I was wearing, and only put on a satin robe as if I’d just gotten out of the shower. I had it barely tied. Almost as soon as he was in the house, I made sure it fell open so that these girls were plenty on display.” She lifted her breasts with both hands. “I might not be the hottest piece of ass in town, but I’ve got great tits and guys go crazy for them.” She looked down at her husband, “You have to know Jimmy didn’t have a chance at resisting. In less than ten minutes, his cock was in my mouth. I gave him one of my killer blow jobs, and almost brought him to his knees when he came. Afterward, while he was working on the stove, he told me that his wife doesn’t do oral, and it was only the second time in his life a woman had kept sucking his cock all the way through his orgasm and swallowed down his cum. It was quite the treat for him and made him really hungry for more. Which, of course, had been my intent.”

Beth Ann gave her husband a smile which he returned. “Once Jimmy was done wiring the stove, I dragged him to the living room sofa. Since he’d already cum less than an hour before, he was able to hold back cumming again for a long while. We were still fucking when I heard the school bus up the street. I’d been holding him at the edge of orgasm for some time, so I just pushed him over by telling him how much I wanted to feel his cum in my pussy. He had just started pumping it in when the bus stopped outside of our house. Had the kids been sitting at the front of the bus and run right in, they likely would have found Uncle Jimmy’s dick still inside of Mom. But as it was, when Tracy came in the front door, he’d just had time to pull up his pants. He didn’t have time to get into his boxers though. When she came in the room, they were laying on the floor beside the sofa. I only had half gotten on my robe when Tracy first saw me.”

There were some comments of “oh no!”

Beth Ann laughed. “Even though she was only nine years old at the time, I was pretty sure she knew exactly what I’d been doing. After all, like me and Sue Ann, she’d grown up with mom having men over to her home. I’ve never been like Bonnie and just left the door open while I had sex; but my kids knew if they had an emergency, they could come right in. And you know how it is with two kids, lots of things are emergencies, so Tracy has seen me getting it on more than once… with more than one guy.” She laughed to herself. “One time, when she was about six years old, she came in and saw me giving head to Benny Slone. It was her first time to clearly see a guy fully hard close up and he isn’t exactly small. The next day she asked if all grown-up men had penises that big. After all, she’d helped me change her baby brother many times and his was tiny in comparison. What is really funny was that she didn’t even ask why I had it in my mouth.”

That got some laughs.

“But when she found me pulling on my robe with Jimmy still closing up his pants behind me, she didn’t say anything about what she saw. By the time Tucker made it in my robe was tied and Jimmy had his shirt on. He didn’t seem to notice a thing. Though Jimmy had gotten his rocks off twice, I was still horny as hell. The kids normally make it home about an hour before Calvin does, so I called my dear sister and told her all about what had happened. Of course, she loved the story.”

Beth Ann looked to her sister who nodded in agreement. “She agreed to pick up the kids and take them out for dinner and ice cream. So, an hour after Jimmy left me full of his jizz, Calvin comes home to find me sprawled on the living room sofa, completely naked using one of my vibrators.” She looked to her husband, “Do you remember that day now?”

His eyes got big as understanding dawned on him. With a big smile, he said, “Oh, yea. I remember. How could I forget that sight?”

Beth Ann nodded, “I thought you would.” She looked to the others “Now a guy with more experience would have wondered why my pussy was so red and sloppy. But he didn’t have a clue, and besides, he was too busy sticking his dick in me. It didn’t worry me that in five minutes his cum was joining Jimmy’s in me because I knew I could get him hard again in a matter of minutes. He is almost always good for two or and if I work at it, even three shots of cum at a time. When a little while later, Sue Ann called to let me know she was on her way back with the kids, we’d been fucking, for the second time, for a good while. To speed things along, I had Calvin stand in front of me while I sat on the sofa to suck him off. As Jimmy had earlier, he was cumming as the car pulled up. And again, I pulled on my robe to greet the kids. It was a very nice afternoon for me.”

Sue Ann, laughing said, “You don’t know how hard it was for me to keep a straight face when I came in the house.”

There were a good many positive comments about her tale before Calvin asked “Have you done him since then?”

“Nope. It was a one-off thing. I’m sure he has fond memories though. But if you want to watch I’d love to do him again. I’m sure I can get a repeat performance from your cousin anytime I want.”

She sat down and gave Calvin a big kiss before saying loud enough for everyone to hear “I love you. I am so glad you came into my life.”

They kissed again.

Bonnie asked “And Calvin? Do you have a story to match your wife’s?”

He looked sheepish. “Not really. The truth is I’ve never been great with girls.” He then looked to his wife and she nodded evidently giving him permission. “But I’ve had sex with Beth Ann’s sister, twice.”

Everyone looked over to Sue Ann and she nodded to confirm his claim. He continued, “It was right before Beth Ann and I moved in together. It was really strange. I’m still not sure how it happened, but I was at my apartment and Sue Ann came over one night, and the next thing I knew she was dragging me to the bed.”

Both sisters laughed, but it was Sue Ann who explained. “You see, Beth Ann was already pregnant with Jason and was thinking about having Calvin move in, which was a big step for her and Tracy. So I offered to do my own evaluation. I feel I should let you know that it wasn’t the first time I had screwed one of her guys. I’d done it in years past a couple of times, twice when a guy came to our bedroom window looking for her and she wasn’t home, I simply took her place for the night. The guys didn’t complain.”

Both sisters laughed and shook their heads with the shared memory.

Amy asked, “So how did Calvin do in the test you gave him?”

Sue Ann laughed, “Well, I enjoyed it enough that I went back for a second evaluation a week or so later; but the proof is in the pudding. They are married now. So, you can assume it went OK. Actually his sweetness and, as Beth Ann said, his ability to get it up for a second round pretty much right off made up for his lack of experience. So for any of you who are considering him as a playmate tonight, he comes recommended.”

There were some laughs before Marcy stood up and said she’d go next and put a jump drive into the side of the TV. “I’m sure some of you have heard bits and pieces of the story I told the girls on the way home from our trip in August. I was not always the mild-mannered school teacher you know. After I came back from Miami, I had my mother send me a box of stuff that has never left the house I grew up in, in it were stacks of well-preserved photos that haven’t seen the light of day since I went to college. I also opened a pair of boxes from our attic that have not been opened since I packed up my single life before I married Mike. Between the three boxes, I found I have far more photos of my pre-Sparta life than I realized existed.”

After that introduction, she actually told two stories, one was of the weekend of non-stop sex when she got the name Slosh, and then she gave a brief overview of her years at the Blue Globe in Atlanta. For both, she had numerous photos that she showed on the big screen. The pictures from her high school years were much better than Bonnie had expected. Likely that was because they had been stored away for so long. There were perhaps two dozen Polaroids taken backstage, during rehearsals and such. Even though Marcy had told the story a month before, it was unexpected to see that in a fair percentage of the scans of those old Polaroids, high school aged Marcy was shown backstage topless, and in a few, she was just hanging out backstage completely nude. The images made her story far more real. There were also a good many high-quality photographs that looked to have been professionally done. Several were of her in her body paint costume as Aerial. On the big screen, it was evident that in the posed photos she was wearing what she called her “pussy pastie” while in the photos from performances, she was not. In those stills, the shape and folds of her labia were clearly visible, making it obvious to all that her only covering was the paint.

Amy asked, “How old were you when you wore this on stage?”

When she said “Fourteen,” there was more than a little surprise from her friends in the room. There were even more surprised comments when she showed a series of glamour nude photos and she explained that she worked as a professional lingerie and nude model starting within weeks of her sixteenth birthday. The final photo from her high school years was a full frontal of her nude on the Lakeshore Players stage. With that photo on the screen, she explained “This is from the very end of my Shakespeare act where I took off my clothes piece by piece. I’m not sure if this was taken my junior or senior year of high school.” She then recited a few lines from the monologue.

Bonnie was very impressed at her recall. Marcy burst her balloon by admitting “On one of the videos, there is a recording of me doing that same act a decade later at the Blue Globe. Watching it just once this week brought a good bit of it back to me. After all, I did that bit on and off for thirteen years.”

There was some quiet discussion around the group as everyone realized she said she had gone nude on stage “on and off” for over thirteen years. Only then did her friends finally understand that Slosh Hidelman had been a very different person than the woman they all knew. The second set she showed were scans from photos from her time at the Blue Globe which led to her telling about those last years as a single woman. When a picture of her on stage wearing a tuxedo coat over a see-through blouse and a very short mini-skirt came up, Mike said “That is how she looked the very first time I laid eyes on her.” A few frames later another full-frontal nude photo of her on stage appeared on the screen and Mike added “And I saw her like this too before I ever spoke a word to her.”

Her effort to abbreviate her story was derailed when Mike told the whole story of how he’d met her. However, that opened the door to start a series of video clips of her having sex with a variety of people. Marcy explained, “All of these clips were taken from a pair of two-hour video tapes Mike had converted to digital this month. Just like Sherry said of her videos, I hadn’t seen any of these since shortly after they were taken in the last year or two before I got married; over twenty years ago. Actually, most of what is on the tapes I’d never actually seen at all before we got them converted.”

A clip began on the television screen. It was a pool party of unusually attractive people in their 20’s. “This is my backyard in the home in Marietta I bought from my initial earnings from the Blue Globe.” The screen showed perhaps half of the women were topless. “In those days the land just north of Marietta was still rather rural, and with the privacy fence, I could do anything I wanted in the backyard.”

The frame came to a twenty-nine-year-old version of Slosh, who was the only person around the swimming pool who was totally nude. To the camera, the Slosh in the video said, “I’m going to get Ivan to give me a ride. Be sure to get it all.” The video cut to a few minutes later where a very large man with an enormous dick was holding Slosh up. She looked at the camera as she slowly eased herself down onto the erection. Whoever was making the video showed how huge the head of the penis looked relative to her body as she began to guide it into her.

“Mike actually walked in on me in bed with this same man just nine days before we were to get married. Even though he knew I had sex with three or four different men most weeks, he’d only actually seen me doing it once before that day. And that other time had been pretty brief. But when I saw him standing at my bedroom door in surprise, I invited him to sit on the bed and hold my hand while Ivan pounded the crap out of me with his fence post.”

She turned to the screen to watch as the camera’s view moved around to closely frame the enormous penis as she rode it, and how it stretched and distorted Slosh’s labia. “Well… like that.”

Several people laughed, but Ronda said “Fuck! How did you get that thing into you so easily? I mean you are way smaller than me and I don’t think I could take that monster in one step like you did.”

Slosh laughed, “You are right, it is big. He was the club’s bouncer and I did him at least once a week for about a year. Sometimes he’d come to my house like this or the time Mike caught me with him in my bed; but most of the time I did him at the club. More often than not we fucked in my office.” She paused evidently deciding if she should go on. “Twice I had him do me bent over one of the club’s dining tables between the first and second show. Both times I did it because I thought the first show had been lackluster and I wanted to rev the cast up. Since my emcee outfit was a mini-skirt under which I rarely wore panties, it was quite easy. With most of my cast & crew watching, along with all the people setting up the dining room for the second show, I had him fuck me till we both came. All the staff just expected that kind of thing from me. And big Ivan was totally enamored with me, so he was always willing to pull out that foot-long of his and slip it to me whenever I asked for it.”

Slosh stopped for a moment as everyone watched the video of her fucking Ivan as he stood beside the busy swimming pool. Some people at the pool watched, but most didn’t even seem to think her behavior was unusual in the least. Then she began again “You have to understand, pretty much anyone who was part of my world in the years before I married Mike saw me have sex on a regular basis. Openly screwing men anytime or anywhere I felt like it was part of both my schtick and my mystique. It was the essence of Slosh Hidelman; and Slosh Hidelman was the essence of the show at the Blue Globe. My life was part of my act and my act was a reflection of my life.” She looked at the screen, “What you see in this video is me both performing and playing out my role.”

“I told the girls in Miami, that for me, sex is always performance art and always has been. From the time I was a child, I’d been on the stage, it was the core of my identity. That day when I was fourteen-years-old when I stood on the stage to audition to play Ariel in The Tempest, I had been told the role was to be overtly sexual, though, in truth, I only knew what sexual meant from movies and TV since I had not yet even contemplated having sex. I also knew all my competitors were college students. But I knew what I was doing when I pulled off my leotard to perform my audition dance in the nude. At that moment, I added my sexuality to my performance toolbox.”

“Over that summer before I turned fifteen, I did over two-hundred performances effectively nude. Yes, I had on body paint, but I knew I was nude even if the audience wasn’t sure if I was or not. And over that summer I learned how to use my body to make every single person who watched me perform want me… men, women, and even the younger teens who didn’t even understand what I was doing. Off-stage, in our tent, at our rehearsal hall and in the motels we stayed at, I put on public sex performances for the cast and crew at least six times a week that entire summer.

According to my diary, it was usually more than that, sometimes a lot more; and every single time I was putting on a show. To this day, my sexuality and sex itself is an extension of my acting career. Not that I’m pretending to get off; but rather it is performance art. I use my body to express the enjoyment I get from sex outwardly. But it is always a performance.”

She seemed to think for a moment then explained. “First and foremost, I am performing for myself. The better my visual performance, the more it turns me on. Second, I am performing for my partner because I learned in the first weeks of having sex that the better I performed, the more my partner enjoyed it, and the more desirable I became to others. Third, I perform for those watching me have sex or hearing me tell the story later. There were periods of my life, such as my four years of high school and when I was at the Blue Globe when I was having sex with an audience pretty much every day. In fact, in high school having sex without an audience was rather a letdown. I was in the theater because I liked to be watched, and as I said, sex is a form of theater to me.” She again looked to the screen of her going to town on Ivan’s dick as he held her up with ease. “Even while I was having a great time… and be sure I was having a great time in this video. I never, ever had to fake it. But, even as I was ramping up to an orgasm, I was also thinking of how I could tell this story in my next monologue.”

She laughed to herself, then said in a faux whisper, “I’ll tell you a secret. You should never be afraid to ask who I’ve screwed recently, even if I act like I’m reluctant to tell you, I’m not. I LOVE telling stories of my sex life. That too is part of the performance.” She laughed again “If you are ever in need of verbal porn, just call me up and I’ll tell you one of my great sex stories. Like Sherry, I have thousands to tell.” She looked at Sherry, “If you ever need a job, between the two of us we could put on quite a show just telling our crazy hot sex stories.”

Sherry laughed and nodded “I bet we could.”

Slosh, with a more serious look, said, “You see for many, if not most women, casual sex makes them feel somehow demeaned or lessened. Since the dawn of civilization, around the world, the value of a woman decreases each time a new penis enters her body. A pretty young widow is of less value than a similar woman who has never had sex. And for each subsequent time a different penis goes in, she is further devalued. Even marriage doesn’t change that.”

To Bonnie, the change of tone was abrupt, even jarring, but Slosh went on, “I don’t believe in that. Sex, even one-off casual sex with a variety of men does not devalue me in any way. My mother didn’t believe that so she raised me to own my body and use it to get what I want. She didn’t say that to me outright until after I accepted the part of Ariel and was on the cusp of becoming sexually active; but she’d prepared me for that for fourteen years by how she reacted to things around us and on the TV. As a young teenager, she had her best friend mentor me as I discovered the possibilities for pleasure and empowerment that my body offered through sex. When I took…when I take a new man’s penis into my body for the first time I feel empowered. For me, feeling a man build up his arousal and then feeling it explode into my body builds me up. It adds to my sense of self-worth. And I should say, I have without directly trying to, taught my daughter to feel the same. I believe it is the natural state for women to feel sex gives them power and value. For five thousand years men have been trying to take that away from us and in all too many cases they have succeeded.”

Her eyes briefly went to her friend Carlotta with a knowing look, then she went on, ”But as for me, and for Sherry and for Bonnie, we have never felt that oppression. Though she doesn’t say it outright, Bonnie is bringing along all those girls, and guys, in their Sunday night Youth Group to the same conclusion.”

Slosh seemed to catch herself, “oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to start preaching. I think Amy and Bonnie’s FFF mission has been affecting me.”

Amy piped up “Good.”

She turned back to Ronda “But to answer your question about taking that huge penis in so easily in the video.” She again looked at the video where Ivan was walking around the pool with Slosh impaled on his thick shaft, and people were laughing and patting Slosh on the butt as she and Ivan passed. “In this case, if I had played the whole video for you, you would see that I really was putting on a show for the camera. I’d already fucked another guy just a little while before, so I was lubed up from that. Remember why I was called Slosh after all. There was some initial discomfort as he stretched me out each time, but believe me, it was worth it with Ivan.”

Amy asked, “Who took the video?”

Slosh said she didn’t recall, “The truth is I had sex in front of house guests as readily as I ate or drank in front of them. If someone came to my house for an afternoon or evening and saw me fucking some guy, it was less notable than if they didn’t. Like I said before, that was the role I played 24/7 for three years. I was performing all the time. So, that day when I asked Mike to sit beside me and watch Ivan and I have sex, I was asking him to make the final step into my world. All my friends, even casual friends had seen me doing it dozens of times with many different guys; but before that day, Mike had only seen me with some other guys’ dick in me once, and that was for less than three minutes.”

“But I should let you know, when I asked him to watch Ivan do me, part of my brain, a small part, was afraid he might just call off the wedding; but I needed to know for sure Mike loved me for who I was, and what you see on the screen Is who I was.” She thought for a moment. Looking at her younger self enjoying getting split wide by Ivan, she corrected, “Rather what you see there is who I am, who I’ve always been even if I put it in a closet for twenty years.”

Again, looking at the screen where the sounds of her body slapping on Ivan as she bounced on his erection and her concurrent vocalizations were getting louder. “That is who I am deep down. But when I asked him to come sit beside me while I had sex, Mike didn’t hesitate. He sat down, took my hand and watched me writhe and moan until both Ivan and I climaxed. Actually, I climaxed nearly half a dozen times, and Mike even got some of Ivan’s semen on him when he pulled out before he’d shot his last stream of cum. By staying with me, all the way through a fairly lengthy encounter with a well-hung man, it was the last assurance to me that Mike knew who he was marrying. But after we were married, I didn’t have sex with anyone but Mike for twenty years. Importantly, you need to know Mike has never, ever told me not to have sex with other men; not once. Stopping for two decades was entirely my choice… and so was starting again.”

Bonnie had not realized that Marcy had planned to come out about her past so completely at the party; but watching that segment of the video, it was clear she had planned it all. Several people asked Mike questions about how he dealt with watching his fiancé having sex with another man. He was happy to answer which provided a segway for him to tell his story of Gerta’s stay with them. Marcy simply moved the slide show to a different directory, this one had photos of her, Gerta, Mike, and Rolf in their bedroom.

His narrative was mostly factually the same as the one that Marcy had told the girls; however, his experience was somewhat different. For instance, when describing the first Saturday morning with Gerta he said, “We had made a full southern breakfast to impress her. The women were all sitting around the patio table when I finished with the omelets and brought them out. Slosh and Sarah were grinning at each other in what I could see was some sort of private joke. I was halfway through eating when I moved the basket of biscuits. Down through the glass table, I saw Gerta’s bare pussy smiling at me. Only then did I know what the girls had been grinning at. The night before she’d worn that same tank top with a see-through thong while watching TV with us, so I’d gotten what I thought was a good look at her. But she was just as comfortable as could be wearing nothing but a tee shirt out at our patio breakfast table. At that moment, that was the sexiest thing I’d experienced in a long time, pretty much since Slosh and I got married. It wasn’t the nudity, but the nonchalant attitude about it that turned me on. That and how it was fun and funny to my family, not dirty. Their smiles seemed to give me permission to enjoy my arousal. After breakfast, Slosh and I had great sex, mostly because how she had responded to the situation, not directly because I saw Gerta’s pussy.”

Bonnie was sure everyone noticed how Mike had simply and naturally begun to call his wife Slosh. To him, that was who she was and always had been. Bonnie realized that this was a coming out for him as well as her.

He went on to describe the first night with Gerta and then said “But the high point was to kiss my wife while Rolf’s dick was all the way in her. I think all of you now understand that my wife was not exactly monogamous before we were married,”

That elicited some humorous comments from the gallery.

He smiled before he went on, “The truth is, when we started dating, I perceived her as a sex worker. Not a prostitute exactly, but someone who had sex with wealthy men, such as my boss, as part of her job. I now know she never saw it that way, but when we were dating, and when I fell in love with her, I did. I didn’t care how many men warned me not to marry someone like her. I knew without a doubt, that she was the woman I wanted to be with me for the rest of my life. Who all she had or has sex with simply didn’t matter.”

Slosh looked at her husband and said “I love you so much.”

They briefly kissed and several people made “oohs” at their obvious affection for one another. Then he went on “As she already told you, I’d actually seen her having sex with other men on two different occasions; but I’d never been part like I was with Rolf. Feeling his thrusts through her body to my lips was without a doubt the most erotic thing I have ever experienced.”

The quality of the digital photos making their way across the big screen was clearly superior to the older ones she’d been showing. Gerta was even better looking than Bonnie had believed she would be. The photos lasted longer than Mike’s story giving Slosh a chance to add, “Even before I asked, Mike let me know that it would be all right with him if I had sex with Rolf when he was not home. By the end of the holidays, Mike realized that Slosh was back for good, his only request was that when… and even back in January he had said when, not if, I start having sex with men in town that I would be discreet about it.”

Sue Ann asked, “So? Have you done any men in town yet?”

Slosh shook her head. “No, not yet.” She seemed to think before adding “Though, I think it won’t be long.”

Beth Ann laughed “Yea, like tonight.”

Slosh shook her head “Well, yes, I fully plan to let Mike watch me fuck Cooper silly tonight, and they both know that.”

As expected, her pronouncement got several comments.

“But what I meant was there is a local man outside of our group that I expect will become a playmate in the next few weeks.”

That was news to Bonnie.

Slosh went on, “The girls have tried out for parts at the Milledgeville Community Theater, though they didn’t get speaking parts they will be on crew so they will need to be there four nights a week for the next few months. And….” She drew it out as a buildup. “I’ve been talking to the father of another teenager while we waited for the kids. He has been subtly hitting on me for a couple of years and I’ve always just been a tease. But this past week, I let him know I was interested if we can work it out. Now, I know full well that he has one of those mini-R/V’s because he had a thing with another mom a few years back. All us moms knew they were doing it in his Mini-Winnie while the kids were in rehearsal. The big difference now is that with the kids older and in the main theater, not the children’s theater, there won’t be a gaggle of stage mothers watching the R/V shake while I ride him.”

That got laughs. With that Bonnie suggested they take a break as the video clips of a variety of combinations of Marcy, Mike, Gerta & Rolf having sex played on the screen.

In the game room, most of the guests were standing, stretching their legs and talking, while a few were looking through the big picture book of the Haight-Ashbury scene that Sherry had brought. The food was spread out on the wet bar and on the tall gaming table. It was more Greek than Arab, but it was good nonetheless. Cooper was perusing the pickings when Amy came up behind him and gave him a kiss on the neck. “Great idea for a party Cooper.”

He turned back as he placed a piece of baklava on his plate “It’s all Bonnie and her friends doing. I just did as I was told”.

“Well it was a great idea, whosever’s it was,” Amy said.

“I’ll tell Bonnie” Cooper answered.

“Tell Bonnie what?” came his wife’s voice from behind.

Cooper looked up and told her what Amy had said.

“Now Boss, I can’t believe you would expect anything less from me?” she said with just a hint of sarcasm.

“No, no. I wasn’t saying that at all” Amy backtracked. “It’s just, well I’ve been to a good many sex parties and so many are duds as parties, no matter how good the sex is, the party part falls flat. I mean I leave not knowing the participants any better than when I arrived” she said and continued filling her plate. She was now the center of attention in the game room. Bonnie knew Amy’s blithe referral to the party as a sex party, had been enough to get all her friend’s notice. Even though everyone expected it to be so, they were not ready to admit it. Amy was not under any such compunction as she went on “But this is great. The background stories and the idea of bringing old photos was just inspired.”

“Thanks, I’m glad you’re having a good time,” Bonnie said as she poured herself a glass of wine. Though she tried not to give it away, she was extremely pleased with herself that Amy was impressed. Not only was Amy her boss, but she was also far more experienced at the party scene. Suppressing a grin, she looked to Cooper. “The Marshal’s videos are done; I started the slide show that you made up of the nude photos you have shot of me over the years.”

Cooper began to gather his food before she added “Don’t hurry too much, even at changing photos every twenty seconds, that show could go on an hour if I let it.

A few minutes later, Cooper walked into the living room to see their guests standing around watching the slide show of photos he had taken over the last two decades. He had made up this set in the summer but Bonnie had resisted his suggestion of showing them to their friends because she thought they were not pretty enough. However, she’d needed him to make up some background entertainment for the breaks and he’d known this set of photos would be perfect. He guessed, correctly, that with the others showing their old photos, his wife would be more comfortable showing hers.

Though the new set of photos were on the TV, the group had not yet settled back to their places. About half were in the room and they all were standing in groups talking. Bonnie stood, and said, “Well we have had a good start with some great stories and pictures.”

That was the cue for everyone to return and have a seat. There was a good deal of rearranging. It had become clear the TV would be used for photos, so rather than a circle, the group formed an arc centered on the big screen. Bonnie looked around and then continued, "I think we have gotten to a good start. Would you all agree?”

Carlotta said “Bonnie, those photos of you on the TV were great. How long has Cooper been taking them?”

Cooper answered “The oldest ones actually were taken before we got married. I hope you could see the photos have gotten better over time. It helps that Bonnie has hardly aged in the last fifteen years.”

“You’re so sweet” Bonnie cooed in reply.

“Really, the pictures are exceptionally good” Sheri added. Looking at Bonnie she said, “In twenty years you’ll be even more glad you have them than you are now.”

“That’s what I’ve told her” Cooper replied.

“Could you do some of me?” Sue Ann said from the back of the room “I have some low-quality digital photos that Beth Ann and I took of each other when we were teenagers, but they’re not very good. And of course, I now have selfies taken with my cell phone, but they are terrible too. I'd really like something pretty enough to hang in my bedroom or to share with a lover.”

Bonnie suggested, “I don’t mind my husband taking pictures of you, but the truth is Misty is now better at glamour/nude photography than her father. She has asked for a set of studio lights and a backdrop stand for Christmas, so soon she’ll be able to do some real professional-looking work.”

Sue Ann thanked her and said she would catch Misty at church tomorrow.

Butch jumped in, “Well Sue Ann, if you brought photos, let’s see them”.

“OK, but don’t laugh” and she opened her purse and pulled out a small stack of 4x6 photographs.

Bonnie spoke up just as she was about to hand them out “Sue Ann, why don’t you go ahead and tell your story now since you’re handing out your photos?”

The photos began to be passed around. There were about ten dog-eared prints.

“All right” Sue Ann agreed. “These are the few remaining of a bunch of pictures Of Beth Ann and me taken in the early fall after I’d started 9th grade and she was in 11th grade. Beth Ann had borrowed one of the first-generation digital cameras from one of her friend’s parents to do a school project. When she finished, she asked me to shoot some sexy pictures of her for her boyfriend. Well, we made about ten pictures of her in her bra and panties with that digital camera. He liked them so much she had me shoot more while the camera was available to her. The second time she got completely naked. We thought they were super-hot. I decided I wanted some of me too, so I stripped down to my skin and posed for her. It was actually a lot of fun for both of us. Since we could erase bad photos, we were able to shoot for a couple of hours in the woods behind our trailer. Don’t laugh at the silly poses, I had no idea what sexy looked like. At that time, I was still a virgin and didn’t even have a boyfriend, but I had developed early and I knew my body was every bit as good as hers. We didn’t have a color printer, but her boyfriend did, so we asked him to use his inkjet printer to make these. I was hesitant to let him even see the ones of me, but I didn’t know anywhere else to get them printed since I was just fourteen.”

“Not surprisingly we never got the digital files back from that guy, and these are the only prints we have left. And as you can expect he also made prints for himself to pass around to his buddies. I guess this is a big reason we had a bad reputation. This was several years before smart phones and selfie nudes. In that day, naked photos getting passed around of a pair of sisters at Jeff Davis was a huge deal.”

The pictures came to Bonnie and Cooper one at a time. They were a little pixelated and the paper they were on was not in great shape. But despite all that, she could tell the girls in the photos were most definitely young teenage versions of Beth Ann and Sue Ann. Sue Ann was right, her figure at that time was terrific. In the four photos of her, she was showing off her young but very full chest as it defied gravity, pointing straight out. That was something that Bonnie was quite sure her breasts had not done in a while. Beth Ann too, despite the ridiculous looking attempts to act like she was a supermodel, was very attractive in her semi-masculine way. Bonnie passed the photos on.

When they came to Dwight he spoke up “I’ve seen these before, back when I was at Jeff Davis. But the ones I saw were even lower quality on plain copier paper. But you are right, it was a big deal. Even though Brandy had already had our baby by that time, she didn’t have as bad a reputation as you two did.”

Brandy added “For those who don’t know, Dwight and I were a grade ahead of Beth Ann. And like he said, even though I spent a year pregnant at school, I didn’t have anything like the slutty reputation that Beth Ann did.”

Beth Ann shot back “And I’m proud of that reputation… which was well deserved.”

Sue Ann simply went on without commenting on her sister’s comment. “As for the most erotic experience in my life, well it wasn’t a single day, it was a period of close to two years. It had just started a couple of months before we made the pictures. Beth Ann and I grew up in a single-wide trailer with our mom. Dad had walked when I was a baby so it was always just the three of us. Mom swore she would never depend on a man again. And all the while we were growing up, she didn’t ever let a man move in. Not that she was celibate, or didn’t even have men spend the night. Though she tried to be discreet, Beth Ann can tell you we heard mom bring guys over at night and we could hear them doing it through those paper-thin walls. We were very protective of our mother so we didn’t let her know we knew.”

“Beth Ann first had sex when she was in 8th grade. She told me all about it that first time and pretty much every time afterward; but she didn’t really start doing it regularly for more than a year. Mom was funny, she told both of us to tell her when we needed to start birth control, but we never really talked about sex. So even while she knew Beth Ann was having sex since she was on the pill, she didn’t let them do it at home and made guys leave our trailer at dark. For her freshman year, Beth Ann had sex with guys out in the woods or at home when Mom was at work. When she did, I would stay in the living room till the guy left. But in her sophomore year, she was dating a guy named Trey and when it got cold they no longer had a place to do it. So, one night, after I was asleep, Beth Ann let Trey in the window into the bedroom we shared. Having learned how sounds travel she’d turn the radio on first. But I will never forget waking up one night, in the middle of my 8th-grade year. It took me a few seconds in the light of the desk lamp to understand what was going on four feet away from me. On Beth Ann’s bed, she had her legs wrapped around Trey’s skinny waist as they fucked.”

All eyes turned to Beth Ann. “I was a horny teenager. And like I already said, I like sex. So we did it where we could and in the absence of anywhere else, I let him in the window.”

Sue Ann continued “We already had a code of not telling what we knew with Mom, it wasn’t that big a stretch for me to pretend I was asleep. Nearly every Friday night they would do it in our room and I would pretend to sleep. Over that spring and into the summer, their sessions began to last longer and longer, so it was harder and harder for me to pretend not to know. Besides that, after like the tenth time I began to get off on watching secretly and after he left and she went to sleep I’d masturbate.”

Beth Ann cut in “Of course, I knew even that first time she wasn’t asleep and also knew she was getting herself off afterward, but for months and months we both said nothing.”

Sue Ann finished her statement “We both thought the other didn’t know. So I didn’t want to tell Beth Ann I was watching and she didn’t want to tell me she knew I was watching and masturbating.”

“What got you guys to admit to each other you knew what was going on?” Marcy asked.

Beth Ann answered, “One night Trey caught her watching and he, of course, called her on it immediately.”

“This is my story, so let me tell it” Sue Ann insisted. “Yea, one night early in my freshman year, I’d been watching them go at it for like an hour and I had my hand in my panties nearly the whole time. I was so turned on I got careless and he caught me watching her give him a blowjob. He jumped out of the bed, flips on the lights with his dick standing straight up, and tells Beth Ann that I had been watching them. Beth Ann just told him that she knew full well that I’d been watching them for months, but that was none of his concern. She told him to turn the light back off and get back into bed. He was really confused but did what she said. Beth Ann went back to sucking his dick like nothing had happened.”

“Like I said, we are a tight family and she wasn’t going to let Trey humiliate me. The next day she and I talked. We laughed that we had both known what the other had been doing all along but did not want to cause embarrassment. The next Friday night when Trey came back, he made some comment about me watching and she put him in his place telling him again that it was no concern of his. For the next year and a half, until she moved out, I silently masturbated under the covers while I watched her do guys in our room. She never let Trey even acknowledge my presence in the room even though, more often than not, I very openly watched them. He would often look my way with a grin while he was fucking my sister. I’ll confess, it turned me on… and a few times I showed him my tits.”

Beth Ann butted in to say “Though she won’t admit it, lots of times she’d just fall asleep and start to snore, even while I was going at it hot & heavy just a few feet from her bed. And she has also kindly left out that it wasn’t always Trey, she saw me fucking.”

Sue Ann laughed, “No. My sister cheats on everyone. She just can’t help herself. So not only did I see her cheating on Trey, I saw her cheating on her next boyfriend too… and the next one as well.”

Beth Ann quipped “That’s true. I won’t deny it, I’ve cheated on every guy I’ve had since I was a high school freshman. It didn’t matter the state of my relationship, or how madly I was in love with my boyfriend. If I was in the right mood and a guy had the right come-on, and importantly, if he had a place readily at hand for us to do it, I’d have my pants off in a flash to give him a chance to show me what he could do. So yes, I cheated on Trey till he found out and broke up with me. Then I cheated with Sam, but he never realized Sissy was watching us. And then I cheated on Wes even after I was living with him.”

Sue Ann continued her story. “I guess it was after I’d been watching her for a few months when she snuck a boy other than Trey into the window and screwed him while I watched. It was quite the surprise for me. She’d told me before about cheating on Trey, but it was something else to see her actually doing it just a few feet away from me. I was very careful not to let the other boys suspect I was not asleep.” She paused then said “I guess I should clarify that my sister always did it on top of the covers, so I saw everything… and I mean everything. After whoever she’d let into our window left, she and I would review the boy’s performance. It became a real part of the whole experience for both of us.”

Beth Ann agreed, “Yea. I actually really liked our girl time after the guy had left. We’d always been close, but that drew us even closer.”

Sue Ann nodded, “Yea. I think that was when I went from being the little tag-along to her peer. This continued till she moved in with her boyfriend when she was a senior, the week she turned 18.”

Beth Ann agreed before Sue Ann continued. “After a few months, I began to rate the sex on a one to ten scale. I guess that’s how I became a voyeur. To this day I love going to strip clubs and I love porn. One upside was that in my own sophomore year, I became sexually active and I knew exactly what I wanted my guys to do. I am naturally less bold than my sister, so it took a while for me to get up the nerve to turn the tables and sneak guys into our room. Once I did, after they left each time, Beth Ann gave me suggestions for what to do and how to get the guy to do what I want. But that lasted less than a year because when, in the fall of her senior year, she moved in with Wes.” She looked over to her sister, then added “Wes is Tracy’s biological father… we think.”

Beth Ann nodded in agreement before adding, “And I guess that is why I love to be watched. I am so looking forward to having sex in front of my church friends.” She seemed to think for a moment and said, “Calvin knows I cheated on him before we got married even if I’d never told him about Jimmy. He actually brought it up when, right before we tied the knot, he confessed he’d done it with my sister. When I told him I had cheated on him since we’d moved in together, he was not surprised.”

Calvin put in. “It’s sort of like Mike said about Marcy, I knew who Beth Ann was before we became a couple. We’d gone to Jeff Davis together and everyone at school, probably everyone in Sparta knew that Beth Ann was a cheat and an easy lay. And… she cheated on her last boyfriend, Moe Williams, with me, more than once. I’d have been a fool to be surprised.”

Beth Ann leaned over to give her husband a kiss then said “But, I want to repeat that in the year since we have been married, I haven’t cheated on him once. Though to be totally honest that is more due to circumstances than anything else. When we agreed to get married, I did two things, First I promised to try to be faithful to him rather than actually promising I would be.”

That got laughs.

“And I got my tubes tied in case I didn’t try hard enough.”

More laughs.

She turned to Calvin, “But since you know that I completely plan to have sex with other people tonight right in front of you and everyone else; if you and my sister want to do it again, you have my blessing.” She turned to the others “It’s funny how even someone like me can be subject to doing what she thinks society expects. I know Calvin has wanted to do it with Sue Ann again ever since those first two times, and since we all started going nude out there at Bonnie’s pool, they have been flirting shamelessly. I had no doubt she wanted to ask to take him inside to fuck his brains out pretty much every Sunday this summer, but she wasn’t going to ask. It’s like while I knew I didn’t mind at all if they did it, something kept me from taking the proactive step of telling either of them it was OK if they did.” She looked across the room to her sister. “So, I’m cool with it. Not just tonight, but anytime you want.”

Sue Ann smiled and nodded. Then Beth Ann went on “I suppose this is as good of time as any to tell you guys that a couple of weeks ago I had Calvin take a bunch of naked pictures of me and we sent them to a website that posts that kind of thing. On Wednesday they showed up on the site. I’m on the web. Though the truth is I wish I had better photos. I guess I’ll be talking to Misty too.”

Bonnie shook her head “It’s not just you who has new pictures on the web.” She then gave the group a run-down on the photos of Bailey and Sarah that had shown up at Jeff Davis. “When we were in Miami this time, I kept a closer eye out for cameras than I did last year. And sure enough, not a day went by on the topless beach that I didn’t see a couple of guys covertly snapping photos of someone from our group. The Euro-Club girls have a list of websites where they have already found a good many pictures of our group topless or nude, though it seems nobody locally has put us with the images on those sites… yet.”

This introduction led naturally to Slosh looking to Trish to say “Go on Trish, your turn”

Trish got to her feet, pulled a small USB drive from her purse and plugged it in. “Well for me, there is no question what the most erotic experience in my life has been. Over that week in Miami, I did more things that I didn’t believe I would ever get a chance to do. It was like all of the fantasies I’ve had for decades came to life one after another without giving me time to take a breath.”

Trish picked up the remote and began. “Unlike most of you, I didn’t have a great sex life when I was a teenager. In fact, I never had sex even once in high school and only did it with a few guys in college. Then to my disappointment, when I got married I concluded that toe-curling sex was only in books and movies, not something that happened to real people like me. As a divorced woman in my mid-30’s I’d all but given up on having something like that in my life. Then…”

She looked to Bonnie as if to ask if she really should continue. Bonnie nodded and Trish went on, “Then about fourteen months ago, quite out of the blue, I found toe-curling sex did happen to real people. It happened to me in a crazy one-week affair with a man at the beach. I was there with my mother, so I kept it secret. During that week, for the first time in my life, sex was all that I’d dreamed it could be. BUT… that story will have to wait for another night, but it opened up my eyes. Then, early this summer Sherry and Bonnie encouraged me to try again… with Cooper. And it was wonderful too, but in a different way. I honestly didn’t know great sex could be had in more than one way like that.”

There was some laughter.

Then, six weeks ago in Miami, for a week I simply threw off the bridle and let myself go wild. I let myself be the person I’d fantasized about being since I was a young teenager. In one week, I had sex with nineteen… yes nineteen different guys and another six women.”

She paused to let her wide-eyed friends take in what she’d just said. “To put it bluntly, I fucked my brains out and learned about myself in the process.”

Over the past week, Trish and Bonnie had talked a good deal about what Trish should say, after all, there was just too much to tell in the time she would have to recount the whole trip. Finally, it was Trish who suggested, “We have photos of me actually having sex with half of the guys I did on our trip. How about I tell the group how I spread my legs for nineteen different guys and give a very brief description of each time I did? The point would not be in the details, but in the sheer number of guys I screwed in a single wild week.”

Trish Started at the beginning with the two Swiss businessmen. She showed photos of both of them with their dicks clearly in her. Then she showed a video clip of several of the teens watching her bent over the rental house sofa as fresh-out-of-high school Franklin fucked her to orgasm. She let the audience know that the climax Misty had caught on video was just one of the several he’d given her over about forty minutes while six of the other teenagers watched. Then in rapid succession, she gave brief descriptions of taking in the cocks of nine different men at the swing club (though she only had photos of her impaled by two of them). She then told of fucking the Coast Guard sailor in the ocean (for which she had a couple of photos taken by his buddy). Next, she quickly told of doing the boat captain while on the snorkeling trip. As it happened Misty had taken a photo of her chatting him up (topless) before taking him below for sex. Finally, she went through how she’d had sex with each of the other five Silverfire Guild boys over the last two days & nights of their trip. She had photos of her fucking two and sucking one of those five. The video clip of her taking it from Brett while leaning back against the front door of the rental house wrapped up her list of guys with whom she’d had sex. Perhaps more than from any other story so far, the people in the room just sat stunned.

Once the audience was over the rapid-fire account of Trish having sex with so many guys in a single week, Butch asked “How much of the trip did you leave out for time’s sake?”

Tabitha answered before Bonnie or Marcy could. “From what I’ve heard, a whole lot. One of the girls told me how one night, in the living room right in front of the girls, after Trish had sex with one of the teenage boys, the kids gave her a standing ovation for her performance."

Trish smiled broadly and replied, "I don't remember them standing, but yes they clapped."

“Damn it, you invited me and I didn’t go” Sherry groused as Trish sat back down.

“And you didn’t even invite me” Beth Ann added.

“Or me either Brandy” chimed in.

“I’m sorry” Bonnie answered “I didn’t think you guys would be interested in chaperoning a bunch of teenagers.”

Tabitha shot back, “Some chaperone you turned out to be.” More laughter ensued before Tabitha followed up, "Now what about the orgy at the swingers club? I heard you all got porked by like four or five guys."

When Cooper turned toward Tabatha, with a start, he realized that during Trish’s tale, Butch’s boots and pants had been removed. Evidently, that had been done by Tabitha and Sue Ann because they were sitting on either side of him, jointly stroking his long erection. While they seemed to be giving him a hand job almost absent-mindedly, Marcy’s friend Carlotta was staring. He supposed she’d never before seen such open sexual behavior.

Though Trish had very quickly rattled off each of her male partners (and she’d not even started on the females), it had taken her quite a while. There was no doubt that even her abbreviated anecdotes were more than some in the room had expected to hear. Bonnie stood up to say, “Yes, Trish skipped a lot… in fact she skipped most of what we did. And Yes, at the party I had more than one or two partners too; but that will have to wait for another night, it's time to move on. Tabitha, your turn. Do you want to come up here or will you just keep playing with the snake?”

Tabitha struggled to her feet “No, I'll get up. I think Sue Ann has it well enough… in hand.” Which generated a round of laughs. “Besides, I need to get my pictures.” She went to the game room where she’d left her shoulder bag and came back with a large manila folder.

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Feb 28, 2023


Feb 28, 2023

I'm curious about the Look article. Could I find it in the library or is it an invention? A minor hero of mine, George Leonard, was Senior Editor at the time that this would have been published. (Look, and its more popular rival Life, published topical stories heavily illustrated with photographs. There's a New Yorker cartoon of photographers trying to crash a newlywed couple's hotel room, with the caption, "But we're from Life Magazine." There's also a two-page ersatz-Life spread featuring two Manhattan models collaborating with the Wermacht after an invasion.) Leonard was a pilot during World War II, an Aikido master (read his book Mastery), and a CoEvolution Quarterly/Whole Earth Review contributor. The George Leonard Wikipedia entry contains this…

Feb 28, 2023
Replying to

Thanks. Oddly enough, my grandmother had a subscription to Life, but I never looked at Look.


Feb 27, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Like the last two chapters of Book One, these last chapters of Book Three end with an orgy. At the party of the LeMarco’s Cooper and Amy thought they were used by Martin for financial gain. That party also changed Cooper's life at LeMarco forever.

The women, under the leadership of Bonnie, organized a different kind of party, where everyone told their story, about their sexual awakenings. This revealed more about the characters and when they had sex, the readers can identify with them. The sex was amongst friends and that made a difference in the enjoyment and the quality.

“Whenever we divorce sex from the overarching frameworks of Eros, we vastly diminish sex’s power. If we either strip it…

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