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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 48

Updated: Apr 3

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel:


Sounding the Clarian Call

Chapter 48

Waking Up in a Brave New World

The events of Friday and Saturday had been a crossing of the Rubicon point for both the teen and the adult social groups that revolved around the Campbell family. Though that family had already made their personal transition some time before; their actions over the prior two days was creating a new social norm that would impact the future of all involved. Sure, the transition had been coming for some time, but this particular weekend would forever mark the “before and after” point for their social groups.

Sunday Morning came early for all the Campbells as they slept in three different homes. In the rural countryside outside of Sparta, Georgia, Bonnie slapped the alarm clock when it rang at 8:00. She could vaguely remember that the clock had read 2:07 when she had set it for their Sunday morning wake-up. She swung her feet to the side of the bed. She so wanted to lay back down but she knew Cooper had to teach his Sunday School class and she would be needed in the church nursery during the main service. “I am just too old to stay up that late,” she said to her sleeping husband.

Five miles away, in the Marshal home, the four girls had been asleep by 1:00 AM (or so). Though they had not been quite as active as the parents, they had not even begun to move, when Miss Slosh came into her daughter’s room at 9:00. Though Sarah had a queen-sized bed, with four girls it was filled. “Come on girls, it’s time to get up and get going,” she said yanking off the cover to reveal that among the four girls, there was not a single article of clothing.

A groggy Sarah began to untangle her nude form from that of her best friend. She said “OK, OK, I’m up,” and then looked confused at Bailey and then turned to see Caitlin on the other side of Misty. “When did you two get into my bed?”

Bailey sat up. “You don’t remember? Uhhh? Really early this morning. You smothered me with your kisses when I got into the bed with you.”

Sarah looked even more confused.

“Not that I minded, and not that you weren’t asleep five minutes later, but you were all over me for those five minutes.”

Sarah’s mother laughed “Don’t feel bad girl. That has happened to me more than once.”

Sarah glared at her mother “Yea, but you were stoned back then.”

Ms. Slosh nodded, “Not always, but that is a good point.” Then she went on “I think your father and I have used all the hot water for our shower, so you might want to eat breakfast before you clean up.”

Sarah pulled herself upright.

Her mother continued, “Are Bailey & Caitlin coming to church with us? We won’t make Sunday School, but I think the whole family should go to the main service.”

Waking up, Sarah replied, “Bailey is. I think Caitlin is riding with Misty, but I’m not sure.” She shook the two older girls who hadn’t moved.

“Well then, you all need to get going. I’ve got grits, sausage, and eggs cooking. It will be ready in about five minutes.”

From one of the motionless forms, Misty’s voice said “OK Mrs. Marshal, were moving.”

“Yea I can see that,” Ms. Slosh said as she turned to leave. “Five minutes, come naked if you must, but don’t let it get cold.”

Caitlin sat up. “I wonder what my mom would do if she walked in on us like this? Actually, she'd be cool with it, but she'd tell us to get dressed before her boyfriend finds out.”

“What would he do if he saw?” Misty asked.

“I think he’d send me to an exorcist” Caitlin sighed before sliding out of the bed. “Listening to your mom just now makes me so wish that the mom I grew up with would return and the phony churchy woman who has invaded her body would leave. Before him, my mom would have acted the same way as your mom did. Deep down she still wants to; but she doesn’t want to risk the stability that she's had the last few years.”

Misty looked over and said "Yea, that is what my mom says too. She'd love to have the old Gina Richards to be her best friend again, especially with all that is going on. She thinks that your mom really would love joining in what the adults are doing now; but, like you said, she doesn't want to risk losing what she has." Misty gave Caitlin a hug before sitting up. There was nothing more to say.

Bailey crawled out of bed and asked Sarah for a shirt. "I left mine downstairs."

Sarah replied “You don’t need one. Just like at the Campbell's, nude is fine here. And you‘ve gone naked in front of my parents before.”

“OK, if you say so. I just didn’t want to presume” Caitlin replied before she went down the hall to the bathroom.

Sarah sat on the side of the bed and asked, “So, I wonder how many people Mom did it with last night?” She was not really expecting any answer from Misty who was rummaging through her bag to pull out her hair brush.

“I guess we will just have to ask,” Misty said stepping to the full-length mirror on Sarah’s wall. She examined her naked body and began to run the brush through her hair “I will certainly ask my parents what all they did over lunch.”

Sarah joined her friend in front of the mirror and began working on her own rumpled hair. Finishing her hair first, she said “I know it’s a little chilly, but why don’t we all go like this at first? We can put something on if we get cold.”

Caitlin evidently saw she was serious and said “OK, OK” and took back off the tee shirt she’d just put on.

The three girls went down the hall, at the bathroom they opened the door and told Bailey they were going to breakfast dressed as they were and she should do the same.

In yet a third home, that of Trish Simms, the last member of the Campbell family was also getting a wake-up. Trish was making breakfast for her son and his guest. With the waffles cooking, she opened Byron’s bedroom door and looked to the two boys asleep in the bunk beds. “Rise and shine boys. We need to leave for church in less than an hour.”

On the bottom bunk, Lamar opened his eyes to see Mrs. Simms in a blue lace robe that was hanging half-open. Looking up at her, nothing was really hidden by the loose lace, even better, the bottom was wide open so he had an unimpeded view of her pussy that was right at eye level. No matter how many times he’d seen her naked he loved looking at her. As always in the morning, his penis was full staff, just waiting to be jerked off. Impishly, he pulled the sheet completely off his body. “OK Mrs. Simms,” he said. Lamar knew full well he was showing her his morning hard-on. He was pleased and excited when her eyes clearly landed on his engorged organ. In the last couple of years, it had grown quite a bit, especially when it was hard. Since the summer, he’d found out that his hard-on was longer and thicker than his dad’s, and from what he’d heard, Mrs. Simms clearly thought his dad’s was pretty great. His penis however wasn’t hard for lack of use. In fact, his dick had been as busy as any at the adult’s sex party the night before.

Last night when Byron’s mom had left the boys at her apartment for the party, Lamar pulled out a folder from his bag. Not only did he bring a porno movie from his parent’s bedroom collection, but a micro-SD card containing all his parent’s sex photos & videos and a complete set of the photos & video clips that Misty had brought back from Miami. On that fingernail-sized piece of plastic, Lamar had the only existent copies of over a hundred photos and seven video clips of Misty, Sarah, Bailey, and their friends having sex. He knew full well all other copies had been destroyed or the good parts had been cut out. Byron had been told there were no such photos… he LOVED them.

For the first hour, the two boys looked at the photos & videos from Miami while they sat on the couch naked, jacking themselves and each other off. It was later, when they were looking at the photos of Lamar’s parents on the Caribbean cruise, that they first came on the “guy on guy” stuff. Though Byron had seen many of the photos from that trip, this was the first time Lamar had shown him the whole set. Bringing these photos to Byron’s house was a leap for Lamar. He wanted to see how his best friend would respond to them. They had been masturbating in front of each other for a year, and for over a month they had been jacking each other off.

The day they’d first played with each other’s dick had been a huge leap. It had been the week that he, Misty, and his dad had gotten back from Tennessee. Byron and Sarah were hanging out at the pool with him. To impress Sarah, he and Byron had shown how they watch each other jack-off. She told them how hot she found it to watch them get off on seeing each other masturbate.

Halfway through she said she wanted to see Lamar take Byron's penis in his hand and do him while he did himself. He had not hesitated to grab his friend's cock and begin to stroke. Not to be left out, Sarah went down on Lamar while he jacked Byron. Lamar couldn't believe how much the whole threesome turned him on. After Sarah had brought her boyfriend off and swallowed his ejaculate, she moved over and sucked Byron till he climaxed as well. While he knew it was not the first time Sarah had sucked Byron off, it was the first time she had done it since he’d gotten back from Tennessee. Watching her suck his best friend’s dick for the first time was super-hot. After all, he had heard how much his dad liked watching his mom get off with other guys, so why shouldn’t he enjoy watching Sarah? When she’d kissed him afterward, he knew he was tasting both of their spunk in her mouth. It was enough to get him hard again.

The next day, Lamar called his mother in Tennessee and told her what had happened between him and Byron and Sarah. He knew what he told her would not bother or even surprise his mother. It did surprise him that she already knew because Mrs. Simms had watched the whole thing from inside the house. And, it was not the first time Lamar had asked his mom about homoerotic sex. Lamar had been looking at the full set of photos from the cruise since they first arrived at the house. In that set were a good number of photos of his father giving and receiving oral sex from both LeMarco men as well as photos of Martin LeMarco with his penis all the way in his dad's ass. When he first asked his mom about those photos, he was both confused and encouraged. To know his dad did the things he'd secretly fantasized about doing was assuring to him.

To Lamar, it was natural to find it super-hot to see all those photos of Mom having sex with other women; but, seeing his dad enjoy a man fucking him was something totally new. He wasn’t prepared to tell her that he’d whacked off while thinking about sucking dick for years, but he suspected that she knew it didn’t bother him to know his dad did. She pointed out to him how there were a hundred times as many pictures of his dad having sex with the women on the cruise than with the men. She assured him that his dad was certainly not gay.

With that in mind, Lamar asked his mother if enjoying playing with Byron’s dick made him gayish. She had actually laughed as she assured him that it did not. So he had taken the leap to directly tell her that he really wanted to try sucking off Byron. She didn’t seem surprised at all. Rather she just said “Just make sure he wants it too first. But I suspect if you offer to suck him off, he will not refuse. I can’t imagine any fifteen-year-old turning down a blow job.” She went on to directly tell him “Both your father and I enjoy sex with both men and women. We like it quite a bit. But that does not make either of us gay. It makes us normal. I've never told you, but my very first sexual experience was with my best friend. I had a lot of sex with guys in high school, but my first was with a girl. And you know full well that your sister’s first lover was Caitlin and you know for sure that she is not gay.”

He'd actually laughed at that proposition. He didn’t know how many times in the past six months he’d heard his sister say how much she loved screwing guys… and then there were all those photos.

His mom went on to tell him how way back in the 1950’s a college professor and his students had interviewed thousands of men who had grown up before World War II about the sexual things they had done over their lives, as adults, teens and kids. She said, “It turns out that even in the late 1800’s boys learned about sex from doing it with each other more often than not. And that was back before anyone talked about sex and no one had ever thought of the idea of sexual orientations and all the silly labels that people want to put on teenagers these days. So playing with your best friend's penis doesn’t even begin to say you don’t want to do it with girls, or that you are romantically attracted to guys. My guess is that while it felt good to feel Byron's penis in your hand, you like it even more when Sarah does it to you.”

He quickly confirmed her conclusion then he told her, “I like getting off with Byron, but with Sarah, it’s different. Am I too young to say that I love her?” His mom assured him he was not too young, and the conversation shifted from asking if he was gayish to one about his growing feelings for Sarah.

With that casual shift, the guy-on-guy thing was both normalized and put to rest as an issue. That was nearly a month ago. In the meantime, he and Byron had seen several of the Euro-Club guys suck each other’s dicks right in front of everyone. It seemed clear that Misty’s friends didn’t think guys giving guys oral sex was any big deal and Sarah told him that some of them fuck each other too.

That conversation with his mom had happened a little under a month before the night of their parent's sex party. It had been with all that in his mind, he had made a point to take pics of his dad having sex with men to Byron’s apartment. He had come over with a plan for what he and his best friend would do while his parents were fucking their friends.

For years in the future, they would debate who went down first, but either way, by the end of the night Lamar and Byron had both sucked the other to orgasm not once, not twice, but three times each. Knowing the older guys who dated the Euro-Club girls were cool with sucking dick helped quash any homophobic feelings. He'd had Byron's dick in his mouth for over an hour all told, and they’d fingered each other’s ass as well. He was surprised at how much he'd enjoyed doing it. Giving oral sex to Sarah was still new, but right off he could see giving a guy head was both different and the same as doing it to a girl. One thing that was easier when sucking dick was that he knew right off when he was doing it right. He had no problem getting Byron to cum, while it had taken three tries to get Sarah off the first time. He couldn’t wait to tell her all about it, but decided to wait till he saw her. He was sure she’d think it was cool and want them to do it in front of her at the first possible opportunity. Though he knew it seemed odd, he was looking forward to telling his mom about it as well. She seemed to act like his sister’s stories about sex made her look like an adult, so he reasoned that this should make her treat him more like an adult as well.

With all this background in his mind; when Mrs. Simms walked into Byron’s bedroom on Sunday morning Lamar rolled out of the bed to stand right beside his best friend’s mother. He was quite proudly sporting his erection as he moved to stand quite close to her. Sure, he knew Mrs. Simms had seen his hard-on at the pool many times over the summer; however, standing this close to her in her home was clearly something different, more personal, more sexual. Even the fact she’d let Byron hang a photo behind his bed of Bailey, topless on the beach, made Mrs. Simms more desirable. He was hoping for at least a flirty smile… if not more. Without thinking he reached down and began stroking his hard cock.

Right off, he was surprised that she didn’t respond in a way that said she liked what he was doing. No flirty smile. No coy laugh. In fact, it was almost like what he was doing made her nervous and embarrassed. Thinking back to all the pics and video clips of her fucking and sucking guys just a few years older than him, most of whom didn’t have dicks as big as his; her response was confusing. But while she was not acting as he expected, it was definitely turning Lamar on big time. Thinking with his hormone-addled fifteen-year-old brain, he made himself believe she must be just as turned on as he was. It simply didn’t occur to him that rather than exciting her, it was upsetting.

She didn’t seem to notice what he was doing as she reached to nudge her son awake. She stayed in that position waiting for Byron to respond for what seemed to Lamar to be quite a long time, but in reality, it was less than ten strokes of his staff.

When Byron stirred and Mrs. Simms turned and saw what Lamar was doing, her face stiffened and flushed. Without a word, she pulled her robe closed and turned away from Lamar’s masturbation. As he watched her leave the room and walk down the hall, he remembered all the pics of her having sex. Looking at her fine ass through the lace robe, he imagined her bending over for him to fuck her. His fantasy quickly led to him spewing semen across the floor before Mrs. Simms had turned into her own bedroom. He made a point to groan loud enough so that she would surely hear he’d cum.

From behind him, he heard Byron say “Jacking off in front of my mom, you got balls”

“Not in front, behind.”

“Yea, but I’m sure she heard.”

Turning, Lamar smiled, “Yea, and I bet she liked it.”

“You are a sick bastard.” Byron jumped off the upper bunk. “Well, you got your rocks off, so get some clothes on, and go let’s eat.”

Back in the Campbell’s home, Cooper stood in front of the bathroom mirror. To himself, he said, “Cooper, that was a night to remember.” He knew he’d never forget it.

While the cruise in February and then the party at the LeMarco’s had been the things of teenage fantasy, last night was different for Cooper because it was his closest friends from home. Though both Mike and Herb were older than him, he’d known them all his life; and two of the three younger men he’d watched having sex with Bonnie, he’d known since they were children and had known their parents even longer. Yet, he enjoyed watching so much he rather felt guilty, or would have felt guilty had not his wife very obviously enjoyed their services more than he’d enjoyed watching.

And then there was what he’d done. Sure, he’d absolutely known he was going to have sex with Marcy… Slosh. Even when she’d come by the house to bring decorations in the afternoon, right in front of Trish, she’d given him a deep tongue kiss and told him how much she was looking forward to having sex with him. But the time he spent with her was nothing at all what he’d expected. Not that it was not enjoyable, but it was not what he’d expected… and it included Sherry Connors who was old enough to be his mother. Having sex with Sherry was both a surprise and surprisingly erotic. How a woman in her mid-sixties could be so sexy and move the way she did was, even now, baffling to him. From her comments before she left, he was sure he would experience making love to her in a more conventional setting sometime in the near future. He was surprised by how much he looked forward to that.

More surprising was Tabitha though. He simply had no idea she was infatuated with him. While she was not a classic beauty, he was learning that friendship and respect for his partner, not stunning beauty, is what transformed casual sex into fulfilling encounters. He was thankful Bonnie had given him a heads up on her feelings for him before the young woman approached him in the warm water of the swimming pool. Her soulful kisses had convinced him that she had indeed wanted him for months. Since he’d held off cumming during the “performance sex” with Slosh and Sherry, he was ready when she’d wrapped her thighs around him in the water and eased his erection into her as they talked and kissed. When Bonnie had suggested they take it to the living room so as to move the party back indoors, they had done just that. As they made their way from the pool to the living room, Bonnie had let them know they were the opening couple in what she intended to be a round-robin of couples and threesomes. She let them know it was up to them to set the tone for the remainder of the party.

Bonnie had two plans for the party, one was hopeful and one she thought was more realistic. The realistic plan had been after the stories, the guests would break up into couples or groups for sex then everyone would go home. Her “hoped-for” plan was that after sex, her friends would gather in the game room for food and to process what had just happened. Once they were relaxed, Bonnie’s hope-for plan was to invite those who were still there to join her in the heated pool before she initiated a structured time of couples having sex one at a time in the center of the living room/harem as the others watched and socialized. Cooper knew his wife had been thrilled when her hoped-for plan worked out nearly perfectly.

As Bonnie had requested, his sexual liaison with Tabatha had lasted about fifteen minutes, but it had been a very active fifteen minutes. They both worked to set the pattern for the couplings that would follow. It most definitely had elements of both performance sex and of a quicky. They moved rapidly from fellatio to cunnilingus to vaginal sex. Once their time was coming to an end, Tabitha had made it clear she wanted him to cum while they did it. Given he’d been holding back so long, that was an easy thing to achieve. His orgasm had been quite powerful and afterward, he found himself looking forward to making love to her in a more conventional manner in the future.

It took some time for the group to begin treating the sex in the middle of the room as simply background so that a lively conversation among those around the circle was enjoined. Sure, the talk tended to be sexy, but it was not just about sex. Cooper knew from listening in to his wife’s conversations with Sherry and Slosh over the past week that that normalization of the sex had been her final goal for the party.

As “Act # 3” of the round-robin sex, Bonnie made good on her promise to spend time with Brandy when she invited the younger woman and her husband to join her in a threesome in the center of the circle. They’d been at it for a while and he was enjoying watching Bonnie enjoying Dwight’s penis while she ate out Brandy; then Amy Douglass dropped her bombshell. Over the sounds of Dwight’s banging, Dr. Douglass told everyone how much Bonnie and Cooper enjoyed it when he ate her to orgasm after another man had left his semen in her… or as she said “Injected cream into Bonnie’s muffin.” She went on to suggest the men, in appreciation for her work in putting the party together, give Bonnie a “thank you fuck.” With a wicked grin she added, “That would also give Cooper a cream-filled muffin as a thank-you dessert. I don’t know about you, but I’d enjoy watching that.” This had been a total surprise, but he suspected that her little speech had been planned well in advance.

Neither he nor Bonnie voiced any objection, though he wondered if her suggestion would work out under these circumstances. It was only after Dwight had done the filling and Cooper had brought Bonnie off by his eating that their friends began asking questions about what Amy had said, and what they had just done.

Sue Ann, Beth Ann, and Ronda all said they had never seen a guy go down on a woman after another guy had cum in her. Beth Ann said, “I once dated a guy who would do it after he’d cum in me, but…wow, watching that was super-hot… and kinky.”

Once Ronda and Mike started up in the middle of the room, Bonnie said cryptically “For us, it is not about kink or even being hot. It is about a special memory that sort of symbolizes Cooper’s love for me. That particular memory is from when we had only been dating for a few months. Until a year and a half ago it was only about the past, I never expected it to be anything more.”

Her words only piqued more interest, so Cooper began telling the story from his perspective. “As I already told you, when we were dating Bonnie continued her active sex life. We’d first gone out right at the beginning of the spring semester, and by late April we had a standing date on Friday nights and she’d stay the night with me in my apartment. As a 5th-year architecture student, I had a graduate assistantship and so I was both a full-time student and I was teaching two Introduction to Architecture classes. My schedule was very full and my free time very limited.”

Bonnie put in “And I was on an academic scholarship and was double majoring in English Lit and Secondary Education, so I was super busy too… though I still had time to go out on Saturday nights… with other guys.”

Cooper picked back up “So from Friday night till I took her back to the dorm on Saturday afternoon was really our only official date each week. That was the case from that April after we’d only been going out a couple of months, until a year later when she moved into my place as we planned the wedding.”

Bonnie added “Though we ate lunch together on campus whenever we could. And in the fall he was given a tiny office as a graduate assistant… and I should say, in that tiny office we had quicky sex dozens of times over that year.”

Cooper smiled at the memory and nodded, “But that was months after this event. It was the second week of May, the Friday night before finals week.”

Bonnie cut in again “We were not the kind of people who had to cram for finals, we actually learned the subjects so a final exam was no big deal for either of us. We both had already turned in our end-of-semester projects, so we were looking forward to a great weekend. For the first time, I was going to stay with him both Friday and Saturday nights.”

Cooper nodded, “So I showed up at her dorm door at 5:30 as always, but when she opened the door, she was already naked and flushed. Before I could react, she was in the hallway, totally nude, pushing her tongue down my throat.”

Bonnie jumped in again. “It was so hot, especially when a group of people came up the stairs and stopped dead when they saw us. Of course, since it was me who was naked in the hall, it didn’t cause THAT much commotion.”

“Yea, she thought it was hot because she wasn’t a GA and for me that kind of thing was risky. But at that moment my mind was putting two and two together. She was sweaty, flushed and naked… and her mouth tasted strongly of semen. Even before she got me inside and told me so, I suspected she’d been having sex not long before I arrived.”

Bonnie again jumped in “Not just that, I’d been doing a pair of twins. They were both on my list of guys in the dorm with whom I had sex as sort of a way of releasing stress. By then, I had been in that dorm for nearly three years. Though I’d lost some at the last graduation, I had a list of close to two dozen guys who passed their audition and made it to the list that every guy in the six-story dorm wanted to be on. So that they didn’t get the wrong idea I made a point not to call any guy more than about once every three or four weeks. Given that for several semesters I’d been taking two or even three,” she used her fingers to air quote the word “study breaks” a week, I needed a good-sized list.”

Cooper had never heard her describe it that way, it was comical and she got a few laughs.

“My dorm was set aside for those with partial or full academic scholarships, mostly hardship cases like mine where the room and board was as much a barrier to education as tuition. As such, it was filled with guys who were… let’s say, not the most socially active guys on campus. But, they were nearly all super sweet, grateful, and very compliant in bed, in short, the perfect playmates.”

That had gotten laughs, even Ronda got distracted from sucking Mike’s dick and laughed out loud.

Bonnie went on “Half of the guys in my dorm that I did it with had never had sex before, some had never even seen a set of boobs in real life.”

That got more laughs.

“So, after my last class, I called up both brothers. You see, I’d done both of them more than once, but I’d never done them together which I knew was a fantasy of theirs. Because I knew Cooper was prompt, I didn’t shoo them out of my dorm room till 5:25.”

Cooper took back over “Once we’d made it into her room I looked to her bed and sure enough, there was a rather large wet spot. Now, understand, she knew I knew she had sex with other guys a couple of times a week. Just the weekend before at the architecture department’s annual picnic, she pulled one of my best friends behind some trees and sucked him off. Though to be clear, I knew that before she and I had started dating, she’d had sex with him more than once. He’d actually been the one to introduce me to Bonnie, but he did it so I’d get laid. He never thought I’d actually fall for Fuck on the First Date Bonnie. So when she and Bill rejoined the party and she pulled me aside to give me a kiss, she knew that I knew I was tasting Bill’s spunk in her mouth.”

Bonnie cut in “That was not just random. I was working up to finding out if Cooper really was serious about being with me, the real me. It was only after he’d not gotten mad at the picnic, I planned the real test. That was what I was doing when I told him that I’d just had sex with two brothers and I laid on my bed and spread my legs to see if he would stay. You see, I’d had two other relationships in college and they’d both ended when the guy realized I really was the slut people said I was. I didn’t want to go further with Cooper unless I knew without a doubt, he knew what kind of girl I was, and still wanted to be with me. Jackie, my former roommate said I was nuts to rub it in his face like that, but I knew if I let this relationship go further, and in the end, he couldn’t accept me for who I was, it was better to end it now rather than later.”

Cooper then answered the question the other women at the party had really been asking. “So, this is not the first time I’ve gone down on her right after she’s had sex with another guy. But on that day Bonnie didn’t know that I’d already decided she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I wasn’t ready to actually ask her to marry me yet, but I knew I would. And, I completely understood why she was doing what she was doing. I also knew why she’d given Bill that blow job at the picnic the week before. She was trying to get me to ditch her. Well, that wasn’t going to happen. Even then I knew it took a lot of courage for her to spread her legs to draw attention to the semen on the sheets, in her pubic hair and even beginning to come out of her vagina. She was making herself totally vulnerable to me. Yes, that is what she was doing. While she was making herself physically vulnerable to me, I knew that the emotional vulnerability she was showing was far more profound. She was trying to make it easy for me to reject her. That courage made me love her even more.”

Bonnie came back “Yes, I was terrified, but listen to how he describes it. To him, even when he was only twenty-three years old and we’d only been dating for a few months, when he saw me like that, with cum from casual sex literally oozing out of me, he thought of it as making myself vulnerable, not slutty. He saw what I was doing as courageous, not whorish or even kinky. That is just who he is. My best hope was that he would get on top of me and show me he was OK with sloppy seconds. That is what I expected Cooper to do. But when he went down on me and gave me oral sex the same way he always did I nearly cried. I knew he loved me, but how could he love me enough to do that? But he did. He didn’t give any indication that he even knew he was eating jizz. He just worked on making me feel good. Even more, he never mentioned it until I brought it up the next day. After that, I knew I’d found the guy who would be my husband, though I didn't tell him anything of the sort for half a year.”

There were literal gasps of astonishment at the story. Ronda, who had completely stopped blowing Mike quietly said “Damn, no wonder you love him so much.”

As Cooper stood in the bathroom looking in the mirror, recalling how Bonnie had laid all that out to their friends last night, a wave of love for his wife rolled over him… and for the thousandth time he marveled that a woman like Bonnie had married him.

But Bonnie wasn’t done “That is why when last year, the day I first had sex with Vic Banning, the very first time, I called Cooper home and had him eat me out. And at the luau, and at the party at the LeMarco’s and after I’d done the three workmen. At each big moment, we’ve done this. To us, it’s not a kink but a form of bonding.”

Hearing her describing it like that, he knew she was right. Giving her cunnilingus after she’d had sex with another man (or men) was a very special and symbolic act. It had been that first time all those years ago, and it continued to be so… even if it was also super sexy.

Some half an hour after Bonnie had given that declaration, Cooper lay on his side watching Butch ease his exceptionally long erection into Bonnie. Just prior to this moment, he’d been surprised at how much his wife had clearly enjoyed… relished… in performing fellatio on the top half of his shaft. She didn’t even try to take it all down (as Slosh had done before Bonnie had joined in), but she clearly was totally into giving him head. Cooper had been sure she would have kept on for much, much longer if she wasn’t keeping to the time constraints. As it was, she’d laid on her side, facing Cooper, and invited Butch to give her the snake. So it was that Cooper’s head was only about a foot away as the long shaft spread her inner lips and slowly disappeared into Bonnie’s body.

Even though a good two inches was still showing, it was obvious from Bonnie’s rapid exhale when Butch hit bottom. Despite the ongoing conversation in the room, Cooper could clearly hear the wet slurping sounds as Butch began to stroke. Soon a ring of white formed around his cock as he displaced the portion of Dwight’s semen that remained deep inside Bonnie.

Oddly, as he watched, Cooper found himself thinking about an article he’d read in his studies on sexuality. Evolutionary biologists postulated that the human male penis had evolved the round head and coronal ridge specifically to displace and extract semen from a female’s vagina. The theory was that by displacing the prior man’s ejaculate, the new man was more likely to procreate. Inherent in this theory was that for hundreds or thousands of generations, humans had practiced communal insemination. While this seems outlandish to modern humans, his studies said that many anthropologists don’t think so. Those who studied the very last communities un-contaminated by intensive early agricultural culture, which nearly universally turned women into chattel, found that communal insemination was quite common. The idea that women, not men, carry the seed of life and men were only needed to “water” the seed was nearly universal. This belief led to practices that encouraged communal insemination… just like their group was doing tonight.

As he watched his wife enjoying Butch’s attention, Cooper supposed that the scene in his living room of friends talking, laughing, and all of them having multiple sexual encounters over the night might have been the norm for hundreds of thousands of years. Hunter-gatherers lived in groups of about twenty adults, and women nursed their children till they could keep up with the adults which acted to inhibit further conceptions. And, of course, for those hunter-gatherer groups, the term ‘adult’ meant teens as soon as they were able to procreate. With such a young population the sexual urge would have been constant. After all, what other pleasures were available to ancient humans? He considered the idea they might be simply recreating socializing from 50,000 years ago.

His thoughts had been interrupted when Bonnie said “Give it to me now. If I don’t cum, Cooper will finish me off.”

Much to Cooper’s surprise, within a minute Butch pressed his penis in as far as it would go and climax. Since he could see a good two inches of the shaft, he watched the urethra expand and contract as he pumped his semen into Bonnie. It was quite a sight. Even before Butch had stopped cumming, Bonnie said “Do me until I tell you to stop” as if she had the full expectation that he could, and would, do what she said.

Again, to Cooper’s surprise, he had done just that. Butch began thrusting hard, slamming his dick into Bonnie’s cervix over and over. Her reaction made it clear that was exactly what she wanted and soon he began to force his own semen out of Bonnie to mix with Dwight’s.

Without forethought, Cooper reached out and put a fingertip to the sticky puddle that had collected on the inside of his wife’s thigh, scooped it up and put it to his mouth. He had done this a second time before Bonnie said “OK Butch, now it’s Cooper’s turn. He can push me over the top now.”

As if it had been rehearsed, Butch slowly eased his long penis out of Bonnie (still hard) even as Cooper was sliding over to her. He paused just before the snake’s head came free for Cooper to finish closing the distance. The moment the tip cleared Bonnie’s little lips with a tiny slurping pop and a stream of semen, Cooper was there. Though he had wanted to appear as if he was paying no attention at all to the cum, there was just too much of it. Before he clamped his mouth over her entire mound, he used his tongue as a scoop to push most of the cum mixture from her inner thigh to where his lips were able to gather it up. He was pleased that he’d accomplished it in one smooth move, but it took several moments and several swallows to clear the swampy mess enough to begin cunnilingus.

He knew exactly how she wanted him to do it though. He’d done it hundreds, thousands, of times. Whenever she had a hard time cumming from penetration she often asked him to put her over the top with his mouth. Using his decades of knowledge about her body, he brought her to her first orgasm while she lay on her side, but for the second she rolled over on top of him which brought a fresh batch of semen.

Even before she was spent, the next couple had begun.

When they were back in their place as mere spectators, she kissed him and thanked him. “Your face is so wet and sloppy. Is that Dwight and Butch?”

“Yes, it’s both of them and you too” he quietly responded. “There was way more of it than I’ve ever run into before.”

She laughed and said “You are the best, do you know that?” before she gave him several kisses on his beard and cheek to clean up the messiest parts.

As he looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror, Cooper said, “Yes, it was a night I will never forget.”

At just that same moment, a few miles away, in the Marshal household, Mr. Marshal was pouring orange juice when three naked teenage girls rounded the corner and strode into the dining room. Looking up as they arrived, he paused briefly. Though he clearly attempted to act as if nothing was unusual, Misty noticed that his eyes quickly, but thoroughly examined Caitlin. To be fair to Mr. Marshal, she knew that Caitlin could have easily graced the cover of Playboy. She was a classic beauty in face and figure.

Mrs. Marshal seemed to notice her husband’s reaction then said to the girls, “Well you made it down” as she brought a big bowl of grits from the kitchen. “Where is Bailey?” She showed not the slightest notice of their nudity.

“Oh, she’s coming, she was in the bathroom,” Sarah said taking a seat.

Misty waited to see where Mr. and Mrs. Marshal were going to sit before selecting a chair for herself. They were both fully dressed for church, which made her feel more naked than she ever did at the pool. Of course, she knew Mr. Marshal had seen her nude every Sunday for most of the summer, but even then she thought he seemed uncomfortable. Now she could see his very evident discomfort up close. She leaned over to Sarah and whispered “Is your dad OK with this?”

Without whispering, she answered, “Why not, it’s not like I wear clothes at your house.”

“But…” Misty responded.

“OK” Sarah said exasperated. “Dad, do you mind if my friends eat breakfast before they get dressed?”

Her father paused and looking down at his plate said, “Whatever makes them comfortable. I was just a little surprised. I’m still getting used to this public nudity thing.”

“We are not in public, this is our home and you have been around us when we are nude all summer,” Sarah pointed out.

In defense of the girls, Mrs. Marshal interjected “Well Mike, you were certainly comfortable with the public nudity thing last night.”

Bailey’s arrival saved him from his wife embarrassing him with further comments.

Mrs. Marshal seeing her hesitation offered “There you are Bailey. We’ve been waiting on you.” Then she looked right at Sarah, “OK girls, you made your point, yes it is perfectly OK to come to breakfast naked, but, you know full well it is too chilly in the house to go like that this morning?”

Sarah said, “It’s fine Mom.”

“I beg to differ, the goose bumps on your skin says it is cold in here, so you four go get something on. And hurry back before your food gets cold” Mrs. Marshal said.

The girls were quickly back sporting tee shirts & sweat pants, but to make a point, Sarah wore a tee shirt and nothing else. She’d asked Misty to do the same but Misty had declined with the idea it was one thing for Sarah to challenge her mother like that, it would be rude for her to do the same.

Mrs. Marshal shook her head when she saw her daughter enter the room.

As she sat Sarah opened with “Well mom, who’d you do it with last night?”

Mr. Marshal interjected, “I don’t think that is exactly something you should be asking your mother.”

“Come on Dad, in Miami, I stood not three feet from her while two complete strangers fucked her for like an hour. I doubt she did anything wilder than that last night.”

Her father didn’t say anything, not even about her language, but it was obvious she had won the point.

“So Mom, who’d you do it with?”

Putting down her glass of orange juice she recited as if she’d been expecting the question. “Think of it like a fancy sexual dinner with multiple courses. For an appetizer, my friend from school, Carlotta, and I made out with your father and jointly gave him a blow job. My two main courses were threesomes with Sherry & Cooper and later with Amy Douglas & Butch. Over the night I also had sides of oral sex with Dwight, Trish and Calvin. For dessert, I had a cream-filled muffin from Ronda.”

While Bailey seemed confused, Misty knew exactly what she meant. So, she put in “Which you enjoyed I supposed.”

With a grin, Ms. Slosh said “Of course I did. I developed a real taste for cream-filled muffins when Gerta lived with us and I haven’t had one since she went back to Germany.”

Seeing the confusion on the girl’s faces she explained “You see it seems sometime in the past week, Misty’s mother made the mistake of telling Amy Douglas how much she and Cooper found they both liked it when Misty’s father went down on her after a man had ejaculated in her. So, after our break in the pool, Amy put the guys up to thank the host couple by giving Bonnie a thank you fuck and provide Cooper with what she called a cream-filled muffin.”

Though Misty had understood what Mrs. Marshal meant from the first, a light of understanding lit up in the faces of the other three.

Now all the girls laughed and Misty asked “And did they?”

“Dwight, Calvin, and Butch did.”

The girls laughed again.

Sarah asked her mother, “OK so you had two threesomes and did oral with three more people. That’s a start. You told us that before you met Dad you made a living by telling people your sex stories … so tell a sex story.”

“I’m not sure what all to tell you. Sherry and I put on quite a performance with Cooper and by the time we all took a break, everyone at the party was watching what we did. It wasn’t like normal love-making sex, we didn’t keep doing one thing all too long before we went to the next. In truth, for the first time in twenty years, I really put on my Slosh Hidelman act. Since Sherry seems to come as easily as I do, that meant we were able to work up to orgasms pretty fast before moving on to the next thing. We didn’t take time to savor but rather focused on giving a show. The fact that both Sherry and Cooper are masters of cunnilingus also helped. They both got me off that way, and I came twice while Cooper banged me. Changing positions so quickly must have helped Cooper hold back from cumming himself. He did really well at that too.”

Sarah looked to her father “What did you think of watching Mom have sex like that?”

Mr. Marshal didn’t have to think before answering “It was simply amazing to watch. Even I could tell she was putting on a show and it was a show to see for sure. It was like she was helping me understand her in a way I never had before. I mean it’s one thing for her to tell me sex with all those men was a performance, but it was something else to see it live.” He seemed to think some more, then looked right at Sarah and said “I know how much your mother enjoys having sex with a variety of men. I’ve always known that. On our very first date, she told me she had sex at work nearly every day, and she did it with both the staff at the Blue Globe and with special clients. She told me how much she enjoyed having a wide variety of sex partners and that she did not plan to change her lifestyle one bit. She didn’t say it directly, but she was letting me know that I had to accept that as a prerequisite for any relationship. Yet, less than a year later, she gave it all up when we got married. So I know how much she gave up to have the life we have here in Sparta. Watching her with Cooper and then with Butch simply reminded me of that. It also made me so very glad she has been able to regain her true self while keeping what she’s built here in Sparta.”

Misty glanced over to Mrs. Marshal, she was listening intently and appeared quite pleased with what her husband was saying.

He continued on, “While she was doing her thing with Cooper and Sherry, she was putting on a show; but later, with Butch, she was simply enjoying it for herself. I could see how much she liked every second of sucking on his cock then when he put it all the way into her, she let out this moan of deep pleasure that everyone saw. It just reminded me of how much she gave up when she gave up being Slosh Hidelman.”

Ms. Slosh turned and kissed her husband, “No matter what I gave up, it has been worth it.” Then she turned to Sarah “Yes I gave it up for twenty years, and if I had to do it all over again, I’d do the same. Yet I don’t have words to explain how excited I am to be able to be my true self in front of Mike, my friends… and you. Perhaps most of all with you because my own mother was never able to do that.”

She seemed to think for a moment then shifted back to talking right to Misty. “While your mother had her turn with Dwight and Brandy, Mike was sitting with Ronda and she had given him a slow hand job the entire time, so even before your dad was done eating his first muffin of the night, I asked your mom if she wanted Mike and Ronda to give her a joint thank you once your dad was done. She let me know that she was going to need a break, so Ronda just pulled Mike to the center of the room and they started up, but Ronda got so caught up with your mother’s story about when they were in college that they got sidetracked and didn’t finish their little thing until after your dad had eaten his second muffin.”

The girls again laughed at how she said it.

Then Ms. Slosh turned back to the four girls as a whole, “When Mike and Ronda picked back up, it was getting late. From the clock over the Campbell’s fireplace, I could tell we’d been back from our break for over an hour, and I knew things would soon start to wind down. Actually, it had been an hour and a half, and for most of that time, one couple or threesome had been in the center of the room while the others watched and talked. Watching Mike and Ronda have sex was really great for me. She is so sensual and sexy and everyone could see the chemistry between them was really good.”

Mr. Marshal put in “Yea, I’ll admit it was pretty great, but it wouldn’t have been half as good if Slosh hadn’t been just a few feet away watching… and enjoying Amy playing with her while she did.”

The girls all looked over to Ms. Slosh. She nodded, “Yea, Amy and I hit it off. After our great threesome with Butch, she and I more or less spent the rest of the evening snuggled up. And yes, while we watched Mike with Ronda, Amy was playing with me. She kept me right at the edge of orgasm while Ronda did the same with Mike. I actually began to worry about him trying too hard, so I reminded her that Mike was a fifty-two-year-old lawyer, not a twenty-one-year-old bull rider.”

The girls laughed.

“You laugh, but I really was worried. And I guess she got my point and flipped him over to do all the work herself. As I said, for an hour and a half it had just been one couple or threesome, but to make the point that the night was about over, Bonnie came and lay on a pillow beside Mike so that Calvin could give her his thank you fuck. Soon it got quite busy and noisy. Ronda was giving it her all riding Mike while Calvin was on top of Bonnie banging her hard. It was super-hot, too much for Mike and quite loudly he began to cum.”

Mike nodded. “I could only hold back so long, and when Bonnie started moaning and groaning as Calvin fucked her right beside me I just let it go. Even as I was cumming I told Bonnie I’d have to fill her muffin for Cooper another time.”

The girls laughed again.

Slosh went on “Earlier, when Cooper was eating his first helping of cream-filled muffin, I told the group how much I’d learned to enjoy that particular dessert when Gerta had been with us; so, without asking, when Mike finished his orgasm, Ronda stepped over to me and put her newly filled muffin right to my mouth.”

Bailey asked, “What did you do?”

“I ate it of course.”

The girls laughed once more.

Mike explained, “Yea. Ronda went right from riding my dick to riding Slosh’s face.” He looked at Sarah, “Of course, your mother didn’t mind one bit and gobbled up the cream and her pussy both. While that was going on, Bonnie had gone to all fours so that Calvin could wrap up his thank you fuck. In just a couple of minutes, he began injecting his cream into our hostess’s muffin.”

Sarah’s mother jumped in, “Of course, I couldn’t see any of that” as she stood up to begin picking up the breakfast dishes. “My face was still covered by Ronda’s yummy muffin.”

Another laugh.

Ms. Slosh looked over to Misty, “When I was done with Ronda, your mother was sitting on your father’s face while Brandy was riding his dick, screwing him like crazy. It seems he’d recovered from his time with Tabatha pretty good.”

“But Slosh missed that transition” Mike put in. Misty didn’t comment, but she was amused how Mr. Marshal seemed to have completely gotten over his reticence about talking about what happened at the party. She was glad he had.

He continued, “You see as soon as Calvin pulled out of Bonnie and she was still up on her knees, Cooper slid under her. So, the last five minutes of the party were quite active. Slosh brought Ronda off while Bonnie sat on Cooper’s face to feed him his last bit of dessert while Brandy rode him hard. Right after Ronda sat back down with me, Cooper turned Brandy over and drilled her till he came. And that was the end of our group’s first orgy. Was that enough story for you girls?”

They all smiled, nodded, and said it was.

He then wrapped up with “Afterward, we all talked for a good while before the party broke up. It was obvious that everyone had a great time.”

Mrs. Marshal began gathering up the dishes, she looked over at Misty and said, “And thank you for letting us use your photos from Miami. Everyone loved them and I think you have some women who want you to shoot glamour nude photos of them. You can be sure both Sue Ann and Beth Ann will corner you at church this morning.” Then she thought about it and added “If they make it.”

Misty had not expected her parent’s friends would want her to shoot them, but she was instantly excited about the idea of having new models. And, perhaps they might even pay her something. “Oh, great,” Misty said. “Thanks for letting me know.”

Mike added, “I was really surprised how many of the people there last night had old photos.”

Coming back from putting dishes in the sink, Mrs. Marshal said, “What he means is that a surprising number of my friends had old naked photos of themselves. But, we don’t have time to tell more stories. You girls need to get dressed for church while I clean this up.”

Attendance at Cooper's Young Couple’s Sunday School class was light. He had to wonder if those who were there knew what the rest of the class had been doing the night before. Despite how open he and Bonnie had been in the youth group, he had never been so with the Sunday morning class. Though he took a decidedly more liberal tone, he stuck with the United Methodist curriculum and had generally avoided sexual issues. He simply didn't think the class offered him the same distance from the main church program as did the youth group. And, it had mostly been Bonnie, not him, who had been the one to deal with the controversial topics with the teens.

After class, Bonnie went to the church nursery. Brandy, who was scheduled to work the service with her had not been in Sunday School. She didn’t drag in until the main service had already begun and Bonnie was scrambling to care for six infants and toddlers by herself. She had to work to keep the feelings of annoyance down as she waited for the younger woman to arrive. After all, if she could get there in time, so could Brandy who was much younger… and the babies in the nursery didn’t care one bit how late they’d been up.

While the children were arriving before the service Marcy had stopped by to say she had thought the party had been a hit; as did Tabitha and Beth Ann. It was nice to get some affirmation for not only the party itself, but by inference the new open lifestyle she was advocating.

The top of the Dutch door swung open and Brandy’s chipper voice said “Hi Bonnie, sorry I’m late.” Opening the bottom half of the door, she came into the nursery and continued “You see last night’s excitement continued into this morning.” She then lowered her voice “Sue Ann came home with us and, well, by the time she and I got out of bed this morning I was so hot and sweaty again that I had to shower before I could come to church. We didn’t have time to get the kids ready, so Dwight is home with them.”

“OK, that will do for an excuse for being late.” Then looking across the room, she said, “You can tell me more, but first let’s check to find out who is smelling up the place.”

After finding and changing not one, but three diapers, Bonnie and Brandy sat in the two rocking chairs each with a baby in arm.

“OK,” Bonnie said quietly, “First tell me what you thought of last night.”