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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 49

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel:


Sounding the Clarian Call

Chapter 49

The First Week (part 1)


Bonnie’s Day

Bonnie went up the stairs to get the kids moving before she joined her husband for the drive to Augusta. While it would certainly limit her mobility while at work, the ability to ride with Cooper for the drive from Sparta to Augusta was well worth it. It had been a memorable weekend and she and Cooper had much to talk about on the hour drive from their home to her new office. They talked of her upcoming trip to Florida and of their new project for writing up some sort of framework for their new free-love circle…though that was not what they wanted to call it. A name for their group’s relationship might be one of the most important things they had to do this week, and they were both sure this was something that had to be done in the next day or two. With a word to call their arrangement where the members were free to have sex within the group, it would be easier to build an identity.

When she arrived at her office, she and Cooper did not yet have that name. They both thought that Amy might have something useful to add. She decided to ask her about it later, but before she’d even made it to her new office, Amy called to her, “As soon as you get settled, I need you to come here so we can plan out our week.”

Bonnie thought that it was a good sign that it was right to business, though in truth, she’d not expected anything else. Putting down her brand-new leather satchel case, she picked up a legal pad and headed across the lobby to Amy’s office.

“Any backlash from the party?” Amy asked after Bonnie was seated in one of the comfortable chairs.

“None. Everything I’ve heard has been extremely positive.”

Amy nodded, “I think you did a very good job preparing all those people for taking the big step. As I told you Saturday, you put on the best sex party I’ve ever been to. Certainly, it wasn’t the biggest or fanciest, but it was the best organized and planned. I think it would be good to write up a description of what you did to prepare the guests in advance and then write up how you pulled it off. I think we could quietly create a database of resources and ideas for those seeking to create free-love groups. Not that we are opposed to swingers, but I think that model is both outdated and tends to objectification. The model you have created in your community is much better, more stable, and more in line with FFF values. While we have some more pressing things for this week, I think you should put in your agenda for the fall to work up a handbook for free-love groups, or Open-Sex Circles or whatever you want to call it.”

Bonnie replied, “Actually, Cooper and I were talking about something similar last night and on the way in this morning. Though we were looking at building a framework for our group, not really something for export.”

Amy said “Well, this way you can do it on company time, and besides Cooper is the FFF’s primary philosophical writer. I think you should do a formal interview with your friend Sherry. She has first-hand historical knowledge of what has been tried in the past. On the days you work from home, you can take her out for lunch, at FFF expense.”

Bonnie thought that was a great idea, but before she could say anything Amy went on. “But, as I said, that is a longer-term project. We have a lot to do before you leave town on Friday morning.” She indicated to the legal pad Bonnie was holding. Bonnie put the tip of her pen to the paper.

“First thing this morning I want you to review and revise the text in our new brochure. I’ve tried to distill our mission and vision into something easily readable, but I have a tendency to sound like a professor. I need you to suggest revisions to make it more consumer-friendly and look for things I’ve missed. Hopefully, you will be distributing thousands of these in the next few months to the clubs you visit; so it has to be engaging and compelling. With the brochure, we are looking for people to reach out to us and become a part of what we hope to be a movement one day. Once I get your input and make revisions, I’ll send it to the local printer so that you will have them in hand when you leave for Florida.”

“Oh, if you and Cooper have any objections to the FFF using this image let me know now,” She indicated to the copy of the FFF logo on the wall behind her.

Bonnie thought to herself, “That is new. Last week there was only the one in the lobby. She must have hung that copy before I came in this morning. I guess I’m going to see it everywhere”

Amy continued, “The order I’m sending to the printer is for the brochures, business cards, and stationary all with this image embossed with metallic ink. Unless you say no, this sculpture, and thus your body, will be the foundation’s front-facing public image.”

Bonnie laughed, “Not that I would have ever suggested I be the foundation’s image, but we do not object.”

“Well, you might not think you are the perfect model for what we want to convey, but all the board members have been here to see the new offices, and they disagree. They love the idea that we are represented by a mature couple and not young hotties. Their only qualification was that I get your explicit approval to use the image as our logo.”

Bonnie laughed, “Well you have it. Though showing off my thick thighs makes me cringe a little. But I thought you told me last week you were already using it on your stationery.”

“That was just a temporary experiment, and it was just more or less printed on paper by my laser printer, so it wasn’t a good reproduction. By embossing it with metallic ink, it will look just like what you see on the wall. In other words, before it didn’t look like you, but when we put it on the brochure, it will.”

Bonnie nodded in understanding. “Sure. If you want to bank the foundation’s image on my old body, go ahead.”

Amy leaned forward and in a low conspiratorial voice said “I think your old body is super sexy… as I think I showed you when I shared the bed with you and Cooper.” Then, before Bonnie could react, she sat up and went on in her normal voice, “After you are done with the brochure, the rest of your week needs to be focused on putting together a presentation. By all accounts, you did a bang-up job in Miami, but that was just on the fly.”

She took a few pages of text off of her printer and slid them across her desk to Bonnie. “I’ve taken the write-up you did for me last week on what you said in Miami and made some suggestions, but not too many. Understand that while your bookings for the next month or so are with groups more or less like those you spoke to in Miami. As such they already embrace nudity and non-monogamy, however, I am already working to get you into more mainstream venues. So, think of the presentation you work-up this week as important, but also temporary. I already had some people working up something with more heft.”

Bonnie was confused. “What do you mean?”

“What I mean is that nudist and swinger groups aren’t really looking for serious philosophical discussion. I think your presentation hits the right note with them, but for groups with a more political bent, you’ll need something different. One of my friends, Emma Osgood, teaches sociology here at Augusta State. Her line of research is on how social conventions change over time. She has asked me for a way to help the foundation but since she is trying to get tenure this year, she is afraid to do so publicly. She has agreed to work with Denise over at The University of South Carolina and your husband on a research project. While they will ostensibly be working on a paper for publication, the information itself will provide the backbone of a new presentation with enough gravitas for you to use at universities and with political groups. The paper will be in process for months, but if they work quickly, they can have a presentation for you ready in a month. But for now, you need to work for this weekend. When you come in on Wednesday, you need to have the text for a thirty-minute presentation more-or-less ready to go. I have someone coming out to work with you on a PowerPoint to go along with it.”

Bonnie hadn’t even thought of that.

Amy finished her marching orders with “I will need you to come into the office Thursday. I hate to do that to you, but I want you to practice your presentation with a live audience. Putting together your text and using the projector at the same time can be tricky, especially if you’ve never done it before. Better you work out the kinks on Thursday than at your first official presentation. I won’t have any trouble getting an audience for you to gauge your delivery. You should feel special, you will be the first person to use the new FFF conference room for a meeting.”

“One last thing,” Amy added, “As I told you last week, Nell Boyd is going to be a regular volunteer here. She will be coming in at about 1:00 today. I want you to teach her how to process the mail. Since your friends did a great job when you were in Tennessee, you already know what she needs to be taught. When I’m done with my FFF work for the day, perhaps about 3:30, I’ll be taking her back into my studio space to pose for me.

About 1:00 Nell arrived with lunch for the three of them, submarine sandwiches. Bonnie gave her a hug and let her know how much she liked her new hairstyle. Nell obviously appreciated Bonnie’s compliment and replied, “Yea, as much as I liked it super long, I decided it was time to get a more professional image.”

“Well, I think it suits you,” Bonnie went on as they made their way to the empty office, she and Amy had decided to designate the break room. As if a switch had been turned, as soon as they sat down at the table for lunch, the “all business” version of Amy disappeared. For a little over half an hour, she told the pretty young woman all about the party in explicit detail giving special emphasis on how good Cooper had been, and the little challenge she’d put to the men.

Nell was both amused and enthralled. Several times she turned to Bonnie with that look in her eye. She knew exactly what Nell wanted, and she was tempted to give it to her; but she didn’t. But she wanted to.

As they were wrapping up lunch, Amy went back to business. “Remember, you will only have Nell until 3:30 today, after that, she is posing for me.”

Behind the offices, there was what had been warehouse space that Amy had converted into her art studio. As agreed with the FFF Board, Amy had eight hours a week to work in the office studio. Bonnie understood that on occasion she’d be asked to help out, particularly moving lights and taking reference photos as Amy sketched. The prior week, Bonnie hadn’t been in the office when Amy had been painting. This would be a first.

Nell was attentive if a little fawning over Bonnie while she taught her what needed to be done. There was no question she would easily be able to do what was needed. When she was ready for her, Amy came into the lobby area and collected Nell. Before going back to the studio area, she poked her head into Bonnie’s door and said “When you are finished with your first draft, print it up and put it on my desk. Then if you don’t mind, you can help me until Cooper gets here to pick you up.

An hour or so later, Bonnie went through the swinging doors to the studio area. In the back of the studio space was a raised platform, perhaps a foot high. In the center of the stage was a curvy posing bench. Nell was nude, as Bonnie knew she would be, reclining.

Bonnie went over to see Amy’s work. When she approached, without looking away from her work, Amy said, “I don’t know. I’m not sure if it is the lighting or the pose, but it’s just not doing it for me.”

Amy looked up to Nell. “Go ahead and relax. We will start over in a few minutes.” She then turned to Bonnie, “I had this great vision of exactly what I wanted, but I just can’t seem to pose her to get it.” She pointed at two lights on tripods and said “Could you move those in, and over to the right? I’ll tell you how far.”

Bonnie went to move the lights as Amy directed Nell into a new pose.

Not long after Amy started sketching again, Bonnie’s phone rang. It was Cooper. He was out front waiting for her.

Cooper’s Day

Cooper loved having Bonnie with him on his hour-long commute. He knew some men wouldn’t, but even after twenty years, she was the person with whom he most enjoyed spending time. Having two hours a day, three days a week with just him and her was an unexpected blessing in his otherwise hectic life. Sure, in his years at LeMarco & LeMarco he’d been busy, but he’d been doing it so long that it seemed predictable and orderly. His new life was anything but. While his classes were predictable, his sessions with students and the myriad of departmental meetings and obligations still seemed random and haphazard. On top of those things, he was expected to write articles on architecture for publication, and on top of all of that, was his work with the FFF.

While he had assumed that work would be separate from his faculty job, it turned out that collaborating with Amy and Denise fell into the category of academic projects and thus was part of his job. It was this part of his portfolio that was the most random of all. At about 10:00, he received an email from Denise asking if he could meet with someone named Emma Osgood on Thursday to start planning their research project. He had no idea what project she was talking about but it certainly was something of interest to the FFF

He put the thought aside and began gathering what he would need for his class.

His graduate assistant, Lilly, put her head into his door. “I’ll be in my office for a couple of hours if you need me.”

Cooper looked up. “OK. I’m off to my class. I don’t have anything new for you, but do you know anything about a project I’m working on with Dr. McKinnon and someone named Emma Osgood? It seems I have a planning meeting with this Dr. Osgood on Wednesday. I suspect it is something to do with the FFF, but I’m not sure.”

“No, but would you like me to call Dr. Douglass to see if she knows anything about it?”

“Please, if you don’t mind. Perhaps you can pretend that I already know what her email was regarding. I’m sure I’m supposed to know, but I haven’t a clue.”

An hour and a half later Cooper returned to his office.

A minute later, Lilly came in and closed the door behind her. He thought it was odd she closed the door… then he recalled he had asked her to inquire about what his meeting with Prof. Emma Osgood was about. The fact she shut the door told him a lot.

At the beginning of the summer, his GA had been thrilled to find out that the professor to whom she’d been assigned was a close friend of one of her favorite contemporary artists, Amy Douglass. Given Amy’s tendency to tell too much, Lilly knew all about everything. Not just the FFF, but his family’s unconventional lifestyle as well. And even worse, last week when Bonnie began working in the FFF office, Lilly just happened to go over and befriend his wife as well. He was sure all those women in his life becoming buddies would cause him problems one day.

So, when Lilly took a seat in one of the chairs in his small office, he cringed fearing what all she’d found out in the last hour or so.

“While you were teaching your class, I called Dr. Douglass,” Lilly opened. “Your meeting is to help set out a research agenda for a project on the suppression of sexual expression as juxtaposed with the expansion of other freedoms from the Enlightenment to the present. The short-term goal is to help produce an academic foundation for your wife to use in a new presentation for the FFF by late November. It seems that while the presentation she made at the Miami swinger’s club was appropriate for that audience, Dr. Douglass wants something with more substance when Bonnie begins speaking to political, sociological, and academic groups.”

“Yes,” he thought. She’d learned quite a lot in the past hour. But Cooper pretended not to be phased by her matter-of-fact mention about Bonnie’s trip to a swinger’s club. He nodded, what she said all made sense, though he didn’t recall agreeing to take on a new project. Not that he would balk at doing something to help his wife or the FFF. “OK, thank you. I guess I’ll contact this Emma Osgood and make sure of the time.”

Misty’s Day

As planned, the Euro-Club social media campaign had kicked off. New photos were posted on the club’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat feeds. As planned, none showed frontal nudity, but the four photos posted of the girls in their club string-thong bikinis were see-through enough that it almost didn’t matter… almost. Similarly, the photos from South Beach didn’t actually show nipples, but they showed lots of side boob. One photo was of Haley turning to the camera so that her left breast was fully in view, though she strategically held her sunglasses to cover her nipple. It was almost a topless photo…almost. And on Instagram, they had put links to some of the best photos posted on other websites. Those links led to full-frontal pics of all five of the girls on South Beach, topless. Importantly those pics clearly showed their faces as well as their boobs.

Before leaving home, Misty had checked the club’s Facebook page. While the photos there were the least racy of the newly posted pictures, that post however featured the first installment of “Tales of the Euro-Club.” The post had over a hundred likes at 7:30 AM, which was better than Misty had hoped. Two minutes after arriving at the Jeff Davis Campus, Misty knew the plan to shift the focus from Baily to the club as a whole had worked just as planned. As she walked from her car across the parking lot, she had two different people comment to her about the new social media posts. When she reached the school doors, where some of the club girls were waiting, she found they too had been approached.

By lunchtime, the posts and the Euro-Club were all anyone was talking about. While Misty was used to the attention, and Haley & Sarah basked in the new experience: Baily & Caitlin stood up to it stoically. Though Misty had expected the new bikini photos shot at her pool would receive less attention than the topless beach pics. She was wrong. The four new bikini photos that had been posted, all deliberately showing the girls who had not gone to Miami, were if anything, getting more attention than the beach pics. That seemed to create a surge in photos getting shared that had been taken of the club (and other girls) at the End-of-School Party.

Yet, for all the buzz the club created, there had been no official response to the photos at school directed at Sarah, Bailey, Haley, or any of the Euro-Club girls. It was during Misty’s lunch period, that word began to be passed that several boys who had forwarded the message & pics from Bailey’s former boyfriend had been suspended. It seems they had forwarded those photos during school hours, thus Dr. Collins had someone she could safely punish immediately. Misty warned the girls though, “Don’t think that she will be satisfied with that. We have made ourselves a threat to the way she thinks things should be. The fact she’s taking her time worries me more than had she hauled us all into the office already.”

At the table, Joanne pulled her tablet from her backpack to show the group a photo that Kurt had found on Pinterest over the weekend. It was of Everleigh McMaster and Naomi Jacobs from the End-of-School party posing in the revealing bikinis that Mrs. C. had loaned them. “Though he found it on Pinterest, I did some work and it seems that someone had posted it on Instagram a couple of months ago and it has like eighty-thousand likes.”

The tablet was passed around. Hope said, “Well of course it went viral, it’s a great pic of my amazing butt. Everleigh, Naomi, and the others are just window dressing.”

That got some laughs, though Misty thought the view of Hope’s rear end in the background was very attractive. In too many of the photos from the party, she was treated as an also-ran because she just didn’t have the figure of Caitlin or some of the others in the club. To those around her Misty said, “If this pic has gotten that many likes, it is hands down the most shared of all the party pics. Perhaps it is good that while Everleigh and Naomi are part of our church youth group, they are not Euro-Club members.”

Misty had known both girls since they were in first or second grade, and since the End-of-School Party, Everleigh had started coming to youth group with Naomi. She’d become a part of the little cosplay grouping on Sunday nights. While the Euro-Club was one of the sub-groups within the St. Thomas Youth Group community (which was nearly 200 strong if one included those who came only occasionally), it was not the only one. The cosplay group included a much broader age span than the Euro-Club with both middle and high school students; though to be clear there was overlap in the two social groups, notably Joanne and Connie (and their boyfriends).

Misty also knew that since the End-of-School party, Everleigh had become a regular bedmate of Joanne and her boyfriend Kurt. Outside of the Euro-Club, Everleigh was the most openly sexually active girl in the church youth group. Not long after school started, she’d told Misty that her goal was that none of the senior guys in the youth group would graduate a virgin if they did not want to. It seems her older siblings were off in college and both of her parents had demanding careers and often worked late, so she usually had the house to herself until nearly 7:00 PM. Since she had a car, it was no problem finding the time and place to do it.

After Joanne had shown the girls at the table the phone pic of Everleigh and Naomi, she said “I really showed you the pic because I wanted to ask you all if it would be OK if I invited the two of them and Mimi Howard to my birthday party. I know they aren’t club members, but we all know they could be.”

All three of them were very old friends of Misty and of most of the original group of club girls. They were also regulars at the youth group and had even been part of the Brownie troop led by Mrs. C. back when they were little. Misty’s mom knew and liked all three of them. More relevant to the question was their suitability for a Euro-Club event was that at the End-of-School party, Mrs. C or Mrs. Ericson-Webber had walked in on each of those three girls having sex with different guys. Naomi had actually put a condom on Wesley Dawson right in front of Misty’s mother before guiding his dick into her. So, there was no question that the sex at the birthday party would be a problem for any of those girls (and there most certainly would be sex).

Misty looked to the other girls at the table and asked “Do any of you see a problem with Everleigh, Naomi, and Mimi coming to the party?” When none did, she looked back to Joanne, “I’ll still have to run it by my mother, but I don’t see a problem.”

Joanne’s question brought up the party and for the rest of the lunch period, they talked and planned. Caitlin suggested “You might want to ask your mother about the house rules. Will they be what they were at the End-of-School party or will they be like they were in Miami?”

Everyone at the table knew exactly what the question meant, even those who were new to the club and had not been at the End-of-School party. Misty assured them she would ask her mother and send out a text to everyone when she found out.

That evening, Misty and Lamar decided to surprise their parents and put together dinner on their own. Given the fact Lamar was in the dog house with their parents, Misty suggested that it would be in his interest to use the time that he was grounded to be the model son. He’d agreed and even took the lead on making dinner. When their mother and father made it home at just after 6:30, the table was set and Misty let them know that “Dinner will be served as soon as you are ready.” Their parents were both impressed and grateful.

As they ate, Misty brought up the planning for the party. “I need to tell the club what the house rules will be?”

Her mother put down her fork and asked “Do you mean for what they can wear, or what they can do?”

Misty hadn’t even thought about what they would wear since it wasn’t a costume party or anything, but that was something she needed to tell everyone. “Both things I guess. I told the others I’d let them know tonight so they can plan.”

Her mother came right back with an answer, “Your father and I actually talked about it on the drive home. According to the weatherman, this unusually warm weather should hold for the weekend, so if you want, we will heat the pool up for your party. While after dark it will still be chilly, but do you think your friends would like one last shot at swimming?”

“Oh, I hadn’t thought that was an option. Yes, if you will heat the pool up, I know people would love to use it.”

Her mother nodded “OK then. Any type of swimsuit will do. You can tell the new girls that we have loaners if they don’t have bikinis that are… well, like the club likes to wear. However, like at the last party, both tops and bottoms will be required at least until the party is over at midnight and the boys leave. You all can go for a midnight skinny dip after the guys are gone if you want. As many of the girls who want to stay the night can do so. But I would like the official party to end at the stroke of twelve so that the adults can go to bed.”

Misty agreed then her mother added, “When I say the boys will need to leave at midnight, …” she said to Lamar, “… I mean even you. Trish has already said you can stay with Byron.”

Both Misty and Lamar nodded before Misty added, “OK, I’ll let everyone know.”

Her mother went on, “In case someone asks why the house rules regarding nudity and sex from Miami don’t apply, you need to remind them we are back in Sparta, Georgia, not Miami Beach. Until midnight when the guys leave and the chaperones go to bed it will be just like the End-of-School Party. Nudity and sex must be confined to the bedrooms. Doors must remain open and the new girls need to understand that just like before, Ashley and I will be doing safety checks on those using the bedrooms. Perhaps you should make sure everyone who has never been to our home knows what is posted in the upstairs hallway and what those signs mean in practice.”

To let her mother know she understood, Misty said, “I know: If you don’t want to be seen doing something, then don’t do it.”

Her mother nodded.

Misty went on, “That’s no problem. Everyone in the club knows that, and expecting others to see us having sex is part of the club’s identity. But I will make sure everyone who was not here at the last party knows that before they arrive. Just like last time, you and or Mrs. Ericson-Webber will be walking right into the bedrooms, unannounced, no matter what couples are doing in the bed. Though to be honest, I don’t think anyone we’ve asked to join the club will be surprised at that.”

“Good,” her mother replied. “Remind them that it is a safety issue. And remind them that we expect to see a condom on every penis before it goes into a vagina. No exceptions. If I recall, Ashly did a couple of condom checks last time.”

Misty laughed and nodded. “Oh, that is part of Jeff Davis lore now.”

“And, I need you and the club girls to vet any guys who will be coming with the new girls as their date. No one over eighteen and only guys who you feel sure can be trusted to keep their mouth shut. Ideally, I’d like to see only guys who are a regular part of our youth group here.”

Misty again nodded and added “I’m not sure how many, if any of them, plan on bringing dates… well other than Sarah and Bailey. But I’ll let everyone know tonight.”

Her mother went on, “And as for attire. How’s this? Anything you could wear out on the streets in Miami Beach will be OK.”

Misty suddenly had an idea. “We don’t have a theme for the party, and I know all the girls who didn’t go with us are jealous of what we got to wear in public… well everything else we did too. So, I’ll suggest that we have a Miami Beach theme. Those of us who went to Miami have plenty of things we can loan out. If I let them know tonight, they can still order stuff from Amazon and get it in time for Saturday…. And the same with decorations. Thanks Mom, that was a great idea.”

“Well, I wasn’t presenting it as an idea exactly, but it sounds good. Then, as long as you don’t show any of Marcy, I guess you can use the Miami photos as wallpaper on the game room TV to set the mood.” She thought then added, “Though you should limit it to photos taken in town and on the day we went snorkeling… well any from the beach too that don’t fully show bare breasts. If you only set it up to change the photo every few minutes, you have more than enough photos that don’t show actual frontal nudity.”

Misty replied, “We actually have collected a lot of the really good PG-13 photos into a file already, but if the point is to give the feel of Miami, there are a lot of candid photos that show the art deco buildings and people walking around town in outfits we could never wear here at home. That sounds like a plan.”

Misty took a breath and then said “Oh, Joanne asked if she can invite Everleigh, Naomi, and Mimi even though they are not club members. It is her birthday party after all and they are part of the youth group and some of her best friends. Though, as I think you know, all three certainly could be club girls.”

“That’s fine,” Bonnie answered. “But why exactly aren’t they club members? I mean at the End-of-School party, Naomi didn’t seem to have the slightest reservation about openly sucking Wesley’s dick and then screwing him knowing I was right there in the study with her. Until the Miami trip, none of the club girls had been that bold around me.”

Misty explained, “Yes, I think everyone in the youth group knows that story.”

Her mother seemed surprised, “Really?”

“Oh, yea. Those in the youth group share everything they know. In a lot of ways, you are the hero and role model for every girl in the group. Even those who aren’t yet ready to have sex want to be like you when they are older. I’d dare say none of them would mind you being in the room while they did it, even if it was the first time for them.”

Bonnie came back with “I know that wasn’t Naomi’s first time, she’d told me so.”

“Yes, but it was Wesley’s. The guys think it’s too cool that the first time he did it with a girl, you were right there watching his dick go in.” Misty laughed, “Of course, they all fantasize about doing it with you. There isn’t a guy in the youth group who hasn’t jacked off looking at your pics dozens of times… or girls too for that matter. You are quite literally the personification of Aphrodite to every single person who is a regular in our group.”

Her mother just shook her head, then said, “You can tell Joanne that they can come. Will Wesley come with Naomi? I’ve noticed they have been a couple since the party.”

“I’m sure he will. And David Ricemiller will probably come with Mimi.”

Her mother nodded, “Yes, I’ve seen them sitting together too. But you still haven’t told me why those three girls aren’t part of the Euro-Club? I mean they are some of your oldest friends, they are part of the youth group and from what Ashely and I saw at the last party, all three are totally on board with the Euro-Club values.”

Misty agreed “They are. And I’ve talked to all three of them about it. The simple answer is Naomi and Mimi’s mothers. Do you remember how, on the way home from Miami, we talked about how all of the Euro-Club share the commonality of mothers who empower their daughters and trust them to make their own choices? We decided that even Caitlin’s and Kelli’s mothers are quietly supportive even if neither can do so openly.”

Her mother nodded.

“Neither Naomi nor Mimi has a mother who is like that. Both of their mothers want nothing more for them than to fit in and be subservient. They are both conservative sheeple and they want their kids to be sheeple too. Both of them are sure that if their mother found out they were sexually active, the consequences would be severe. As such they simply can’t be publicly associated with us.”

Her mother nodded, then asked “But what about Everleigh? I’ve known her mom since you guys were in 2nd grade. She isn’t like that at all.”

“No, she’s not. Over two years ago her mother took her to get on birth control. I don’t think she knows how much sex Everleigh is having nor how many guys she’s done it with, but she knows she’s sexually active and does not try to stop her. But Everleigh won’t join without Naomi. They are sort of like Caitlin and me. They were best friends, then they didn’t see each other for a couple of years, and now they are tighter than ever.”

Bonnie asked, “Are they lovers?”

“Not the way Caitlin and I are, but pretty much all summer, Everleigh drove Naomi to her house after youth group and took her home Monday afternoon. But Naomi’s parents are clueless about what happened while she was there. They just assume that since Everleigh’s parents are home with them on Sunday nights nothing bad could happen.”

Her father, who had been quietly listening to the whole conversation, put in “Bad by their standards you mean.”

“Yes. Of course. If they knew Naomi slept naked with Everleigh and they messed around, it would be enough to create a family crisis. But, the sleep over was just the means for what happened on Mondays. Starting the very first Monday morning after the End-of-School party, Wesley arrived at Everleigh’s house not long after her parents had left for work. And just like at the party, he and Naomi had sex while Everleigh stayed there with them for moral support. As you would expect, by the second week it was a threesome. As the summer went on, it wasn’t always Wesley or just Wesley who came over. At the end of June, Joanne’s boyfriend, Kurt, joined them for a foursome. Everleigh told me that over the summer on Monday mornings, they had four other guys from the youth group come over at least once. Timothy Jones, David Upshaw, Michael Smyth, and Jerry Opel all had at least one time in a threesome or foursome with Naomi and Everleigh. And once, Mimi and David also came over together and they had a six-some.”

Both Misty’s parents had a look of surprise. Her mom was the one to say “I had no idea.”

Misty just nodded. “While the Euro-Club is the most open about the fact we have a free-sex circle and we are the most organized, since the spring several interlocking groups have formed. Everleigh, Naomi, and Mimi are all part of the cosplay group at church and at school.”

Her mother queried, “Cosplay?”

“Yea, Cosplay. It’s sort of an umbrella term for those who play fantasy & board games and like to dress up as characters. They get together at different people’s houses and just sort of geek-out. Joanne and Connie are the guiding force this year, but it also includes Natalie Foster along with perhaps a dozen other girls and about the same number of guys spread from 7th graders upward. They make up a distinct group within our church youth group. I’m sure you have seen them sitting together most Sunday nights.”

Her parents both nodded acknowledging they knew the group of kids she was talking about even though they knew nothing of cosplay.

Misty went on, “While they are all about board games, Magic cards, fantasy books and going to conventions, within the group, since the start of summer behind closed doors, , they have followed your teachings and become rather free with their bodies among their group. Not quite like the Euro-Club, but way past the norm of expected behavior. But unlike our group, they are mixed guys and girls, they don’t have any adult supervision and they aren’t age restricted to those sixteen and over.”

Both parents gave a concerned look. Misty knew full well that on Sunday nights, most of the Cosplay group were under sixteen, and a good many were not yet in high school.

Misty came back with a qualification. “Understand the cosplay group is not like the Euro-Club where nudity and open sex is the primary identity. They are all about cosplay, it’s just that they, particularly the older ones, don’t think public displays of affection are bad and sex isn’t a taboo topic. From what I’ve heard, they have become rather casual about nudity when girls and guys are changing their outfits. Joanne and Connie sort of lead the group and they have made sure the older ones don’t get carried away with sex stuff and ruin it for the younger ones. They have also made full consent, safe sex and age-appropriate partners part of their group’s ethos, just like it is for the Euro-Club. And like the club, they are a no alcohol and drugs group too. From what I understand, they really do try to implement what you and Dad teach in their own geeky way. But the older ones, especially those that overlap with the Euro-Club do act like us. That is where those three girls come in. The biggest event of the year for them is DragonCon in Atlanta. I guess Joanne and Connie have gone for a couple of years. But this year, Everleigh’s parents rented a pair of adjoining rooms at one of the Atlanta hotels for the whole long Labor Day weekend for the five of them: Joanne, Connie, Everleigh, Naomi, and Mimi. That was just two weeks after we got back from our Miami trip, so the girls knew all about what we’d done when we were gone. I’m not sure if Everleigh’s parents knew, but Kurt, Devin, Wesley Dawson, David Ricemiller, and Timothy Jones … you guys know all five of them from youth group… joined them in the two rooms for the weekend after Everleigh’s parents had gone home.”

Misty looked at her mom, “I can’t believe you haven’t heard about this. While they geeked out all day, at night it was just like we did in Miami. From what I’ve heard from several of the girls who were there, for the three nights they were in the hotel, it was free-love and multiple partners each night. Joanne told me that while they were in Atlanta, she did it with all four of the other girls and all five of the guys. From what I was told, it sounded like at least one couple was going at it from when they got back to their hotel each evening till they left the room the next morning.”

Bonnie shook her head, “No, I hadn’t heard. But that is likely because I was out of town for weeks after Labor Day weekend. But I suspect on Saturday, the girls will bring me up to speed on their lives.”

Lamar, who’d been sitting quietly so far added, “But, you do know that the cosplay people aren’t the only ones to have their own free-sex circle. There is also the group that has formed around Bethany and Natalie Foster, sort of the Euro-Club in waiting. While Bethany and Natalie and Cassidy White have been having threesomes all summer; the last few Sunday afternoons before youth group, they, along with Lanie Hartsell, and Ester Green have been hanging out at Bethany’s house. From what I’ve heard, the girls and their boyfriends mostly hang out in the Jackson’s living room; but the whole-time different couples, and sometimes groups, go to Bethany’s room and get it on. Mrs. Jackson has adopted the open-door policy for their house, well I think it is the door ajar rule there, but everyone, including Mrs. Jackson, knows all about the fact that people who are all my age are having sex all afternoon.”

Misty knew all about that from Haley, and her brother had heard it correctly. “Yea, that’s pretty much how it is. Ester’s boyfriend, Howie, is Hope’s cousin, so she’s told me what he’s told her. Haley says the five girls see themselves as the Euro-Club members for next year.”

Their mother nodded, “I actually do know about all of that. Ronda told me. But from what I heard, it’s pretty low-keyed, with most of the kids just hanging out rather than having some kind of orgy. She’s sort of picking up with those younger girls what I’ve done here with the older ones.”

An hour later, Misty texted the club members with the new information about the party.

Lamar’s Day

Lamar was still smarting from the dressing down he’d been given by his mother the day before… and the punishment. The idea of not being allowed to talk to or Facetime or even text anyone for a week seemed so harsh, yet his parents seem to think they were being lenient. Worst of all, they laid on him the worst kind of enforcement… the honor system.

His mother had told him “This is all about how far we can trust you to make choices when we are not there to watch you. Yes, I know it would be easy for you to go behind my back, and I won’t even take your phone away; but this isn’t about me, it’s about your integrity.” How was he supposed to go around her when she talks like that?

But, she had given him some hope as well. At dinner, she’d let him know that if he abided by the strictures, she would let him help his sister set up and host Joanne’s birthday party Saturday night. That effectively meant his grounding would end Saturday morning, not Sunday afternoon. And the reality was, unlike the summer when he and Sarah had been together all day every day, now he mostly saw her only at school and on the weekends. Perhaps he could survive this.

Then at the end of dinner, he’d gotten another big break. After Misty and Mom had finished talking about Joanne’s birthday party, his mom had asked him to do her a favor. “After school tomorrow, Brandy Connelly and her kids will be coming over to the house for an hour or two. Your sister won’t be home till close to 5:30 because she has after school photo-editor duties, so you will ride home with Mrs. Marshal. She will bring you and Sarah here so that Sarah can watch the two younger kids while you keep DJ out of our hair.”

Though he’d been excited about the idea that Sarah would be coming to the house, he was confused. “What do you mean keep DJ out of your hair?”

His mother had clearly been expecting his question. “Brandy is coming over specifically so we can spend some quality time in my bed together. While you know how to behave when I have friends over to play, this is all new to DJ. Yesterday morning he walked in on his mother watching his dad and Sue Ann Wilson having sex in their bed. That was the first time anything like that had happened at their house. Tomorrow, once he realizes what his mother and I are doing in my room, he might not know proper boundaries. I need you to explain it to him. Brandy is already aware that I leave my door open when I have sex with my friends, so she expects DJ to try to get a look. I need you to let him know that at our house, it is OK for him to watch while his mother and I have sex, but he must stay unobtrusive behind the sofa.”

Lamar didn’t know what to say. Just the day after getting reamed out for behaving inappropriately around Mrs. Simms, he was asked to role model appropriate behavior to DJ.

When he didn’t respond his mother went on, “I know you already know that watching real people make love isn’t nearly as interesting as porn. But he doesn’t know that. Tomorrow with Brandy will likely be even more visually boring than usual. But, since he’s never seen his mother with another woman before, I am sure that he will want to watch at least for a while. Can you do that?”

Lamar nodded “Yes, I can.” He knew this was both a test for him and an opportunity to lead DJ the way his sister led the girls. It seems his mom didn’t think he was such a screw-up after all.

“And I’d like you to do one more thing while you are at it,” his mother had added. “I need you to make it very clear to him that what happens at our house, and at his house for that matter when it comes to sex, cannot ever be shared with guys outside of our church group. I know you know that and perhaps I haven’t told you how proud I am of you. You and Byron could wow guys at school by telling just a fraction of what you have seen, or sharing just a few photos, but as far as I know, you haven’t done either thing.”

Lamar nodded, “Yea. I get asked all the time to tell what Misty and her friends do at our house, or to show them pics.”

His mother nodded in agreement. “Well, you need to tell that to DJ and explain why it has to be so. You know that we share quite a bit with the teens in the youth group, perhaps you could let him know that you’d help him know who he can tell what. Like, I know he is good friends with Clayton Tomlinson. Since his sister is now in the Euro-Club, he can share a lot of things with him.” She seemed to think then said, “Maybe you should involve Sarah in this conversation, she’ll know more about how much he can or can’t tell Clayton.”

“OK,” Lamar answered. “I can do that too.”

With a smile, his mom stood and said “Then good. Not that I’m easing your grounding any, but Sara will be here until Misty and I leave to meet Bailey and her mother for dinner. Depending on when Brandy and I finish, you two might have up to an hour to do whatever you want. Perhaps you will play pool or maybe some video games.”

Lamar laughed, “Yea that’s exactly what we will do.”


Misty’s Day

Roughly half of the Euro-Club shared Misty’s lunch period. It would have been better if they all had the same lunch period together, but that was not how things worked at Jefferson Davis High School. There simply was not room for all the students to have lunch at the same time. Each semester there was a different mix of students in the lunch room depending on who was assigned “A” lunch and who was assigned “B” lunch.

“So,” Misty explained, “More or less the house rules will be the same as they were at the End-of-School Party. No nudity or sex… well no overt nudity and sex needs to be kept in the bedrooms until midnight, after the guys have been kicked out. During that time we will have the same adult chaperones as we did in June.”

Someone laughed “And fat lot of good they did last time.”

Haley groused, “Well I got told to put my top back on and stop screwing Gregg in the swimming pool.”

Misty came back, “I did that, but yes, I did it at my dad’s direction… but that was in the middle of the day. Everyone knows what happened after the official party was over. And you know that my parents and Rebecca’s mom knew exactly what we were doing out by the pool during the after-party, even if they pretended not to.”

Cody added, “Well until she came out completely naked to bring us more condoms. Damn, Misty, your mom is so hot!”

That got a round of laughs, but no one disagreed.

Misty turned to Sarah, “And you need to make sure all the new girls know that my mom wants any dates they bring to the party to already be part of our youth group. She’s concerned about some guy from the outside blabbing too much… or even worse taking phone pics of what he shouldn’t.”

Sarah replied, “I don’t think that will be a problem. Though Lindsey is dating a college guy from GCSU, I know your mom wouldn’t let him come anyway.”

Misty agreed. “You are right, she wouldn’t want a college guy at the party.”

Sarah added, “It’s just a casual thing anyway. She’s not in love or something like that. She says he gets her into great parties and that he’s pretty good in bed, but she’s not serious about him.”

The conversation ended with a discussion of Misty’s idea to give the party a Miami Beach theme. Everyone thought it was a great idea. Haley asked directly, “You mean anything we could wear on the street in Miami Beach… even if it’s see-through?”

Misty nodded, but then qualified it, “Not totally see-through, but sheer is OK.

Cody asked, “Can your mom wear that dress she’s wearing in the picture on your game room wall?”

Misty knew he meant the dress she wore to the swing club. “I’ll tell her you requested it. But understand she’ll have been on the road all day, so don’t get your hopes up. She is speaking for the FFF at a nudist resort outside of Tampa at ten that morning. She won’t even make it home until six or seven that night.”

Telling the whole table in the school cafeteria that her mom was speaking at a nudist resort got exactly the response she expected. One of the guys said “She can wear to the party what she wears at the nudist resort. None of us will mind.”

Misty laughed, “You all know she wouldn’t hesitate to do so if she didn’t think it would get her into trouble. But that reminds me, she said unlike at the End-of-School party, the upstairs playroom will be open and she’ll leave the photo book from her swinger cruse in there for people to look at if they want. There are some new hot photos from the Miami trip on the walls and I’m hoping the new picture book of our Miami trip will arrive before the party too. But, make sure everyone knows not to take pix of the photos she has out, in fact, let’s put out that the books must stay upstairs and no pics should be taken upstairs at all. So far, we’ve never had a problem with photos we don’t want out, getting out. I just want everyone to make sure it stays that way.”

Everyone agreed.

Bonnie’s Day

As planned, Bonnie worked from home on Tuesday. She spent the entire morning working out her presentation. She’d worked up a first draft the day before and she’d left it for Amy to look over in the morning. Amy had sent back suggestions and corrections. By noon she’d sent a second revision and after lunch, Amy had approved the new version and suggested she start working on possible visuals for the PowerPoint.

Brandy called at 2:00 asking if they were still on for this afternoon. Bonnie assured her they were and that she’d recruited Sarah to watch Abigail and Owen while they had their time together. There was no question in Bonnie’s mind that Brandy was quite nervous, so with that in mind she planned to take the younger woman in hand and guide her all the way through.

After she returned from Tennessee in mid-September, she’d resumed her ‘dressed-up nudity’ style at home. During the summer when it was still warm, she’d gone with just body jewelry; but it was no longer summer. She’d planned ahead and bought a pair of very nice embroidered long silk robes. Though they were mostly see-through, the silk fabric provided just enough insulation if tied closed, and plenty of air if she left it open.

She’d had it on all day with shoes and jewelry. Since it was full length and well made, she thought it gave her the feel of dressing for work and decided this would likely be her ‘work-from-home look. She was sure Amy would approve. Though it had been tied closed in the morning, by 3:00, she was wearing it fully open to keep cool. She briefly thought about changing before Brandy and her kids arrived, but she decided against it. This was who she was, and she would not pretend to be something else… unless Cooper’s mother was coming over.

At just before four, she heard Brandy’s car pull up and she met them at the door. Even though fourteen-year-old DJ had seen Bonnie nude all summer, his eyes went round as saucers when she opened the front door to invite them in. He was still ogling after his mother had ushered them into the house and closed the door behind her.

Bonnie then invited the Connelly crew to follow her to the kitchen for an after-school snack as they waited for Mrs. Marshal to drop off Lamar and Sarah. Bonnie did her best to put everyone at ease, even as she didn’t try to disguise why Brandy had come over. To the three kids sitting on the bar stools by the kitchen island, Bonnie said “While your mother and I are spending time together in my bedroom, you are free to go anywhere in the house you like. Though since she is not home, I’d ask you not to go into Misty’s room. If you need something, ask Lamar and Sarah, if they can’t solve your problem, come to your mother and me. While we’d rather you take care of yourselves, we won’t be doing anything in my bed that we are ashamed of or don’t want you to see…”

Looking right at DJ, she added, “…though I think you will find it far less interesting than what you see online.”

Brandy moved closer to Bonnie and ostentatiously put her hand inside of her robe to place a hand on Bonnie’s bare ass before saying, “I told them the same thing on the way over here, and I told them directly why we have come to your house this afternoon.”

With that over, DJ, Abigail, and Owen headed to the game room and Bonnie took Brandy by the hand to lead her to the bedroom. Once there, Bonnie turned the younger woman to face her and put her lips to Brandy’s. At first, her kisses were tender & soft, but soon they were hard and deep, full of sexual desire.

Though she found herself wanting to get right to it, Bonnie took over ten minutes to fully undress Brandy, kissing and caressing her body all the while. It was clear from the outset that she was giving herself over to Bonnie’s care. Thus, it was with tender firmness, Bonnie slowly lowered her to the bed, let her robe fall to the ground, and slid in beside her. Brandy let out a sigh as she pulled their unclothed bodies together. Their lips touched again, parted and their tongues began the mating dance and they pulled into a tight embrace.

For quite a long time they simply enjoyed feeling one another’s bodies as the kisses when on and on. Bonnie took her time to lower the kisses to Brandy’s neck and breasts. In turn, she worked her mouth all the way around each of her breasts. She’d never been with a woman who had breast augmentation and found it surprisingly sexy how Brandy’s breasts stayed round and upright even while she lay on her back. It certainly made it easier to lavish attention on each of her nipples. Brandy had already begun to breathe hard.

Once they got over being interrupted by Lamar and Sarah letting them know they were home, Bonnie acted on an idea that had come to her a few minutes before. Bonnie said, “Wait, just one second.”

She had to crawl over the other woman to get to the drawer of her end table. From it, she took a glass bottle with a yellow label that read: Kama Sutra Oil. She had several flavors, but the yellow was vanilla. She occasionally used the oil on Cooper’s penis. Using it felt great for both of them and it made the follow-up blowjob very tasty. She’d never even thought of using it on one of her female friends before.

Pulling out the stopper, she poured a little on Brandy’s chest. She loved the tactile sensation of rubbing the sensual oil over the rather large and unusually firm breasts…and clearly so did Brandy. When she first brought her fingers together on one of her nipples, Brandy let out a gasp.

“Yes,” Bonnie thought, “This was a good idea.” After sending visible shudders through Brandy’s body as she worked the oil on each of Brandy’s nipples, she poured a little more oil into her hand and proceeded to spread it on Brandy’s arms and torso. Bonnie knew how good the oil felt on her skin since Bonnie occasionally used it for her masturbation sessions, which had been a daily afternoon ritual for over a decade; and had only ended when she started working for the FFF. She poured more oil on Brandy’s completely smooth mound. Bonnie had found how wonderful it felt to run her fingers over a smooth vulva after removing her pubic hair on her family’s first Miami trip, especially with the oil.

The pair had been in the bed well over a half-an-hour before Bonnie began working the oil from Brandy’s labia onto her clitoral ridge. The younger woman’s hips jumped and she sucked in a breath as Bonnie stroked the most sensitive parts for the first time. Given how long and methodical Bonnie had worked up her arousal, It didn’t take long before Brandy’s shoulders lifted from the bed as she tensed up for an impending orgasm. Even still, Bonnie didn’t rush it. She kept Brandy at the brink of cumming as she, oh so slowly, worked her up to climax.

When her hard shaking was done, Brandy said “Oh, God that was good.”

Bonnie kissed her lightly and said, “We are just getting started,” before she turned her body around to put her mouth to Brandy’s sex.

After she’d brought about a second orgasm, Bonnie pulled Brandy on top of her. She’d deliberately used plenty of oil anticipating this very moment. Even as she gripped Brandy’s hips to resume cunnilingus, she felt Brandy sliding around trying to stay on top of her. The sensation created by another woman’s body gliding over hers was something new, even for Bonnie. She wondered why she’d never tried it before. The stimulation was so strong that she found herself unable to do anything but keep her nose and mouth just touching Brandy’s inner lips, breathing in the vanilla-scented womanhood.

For a very long time, how long Bonnie had no idea, she and Brandy’s bodies slipped over each other, as they kissed, licked, sucked, fingered, and generally wallowed in the sensual pleasures. They’d used the entire bottle of oil and likely ruined the sheets but Bonnie didn’t care. Sounds of both ecstatic pleasure and of laughter filled the room as they writhed.

Bonnie was on her stomach, eating Brandy out once again. How many times had she put her face between those thighs today? She didn’t actually know. It had all been so fluid and dynamic. This wasn’t at all what she’d planned on doing… but it was so good. All she knew was at that moment she wanted to enjoy Brandy’s sex once again, when her daughter’s voice interrupted her.

“I really am sorry to interrupt you guys, but I’ve been waiting half an hour for you to take a break, but you haven’t. Mom, we need to get ready to go. It is 6:30 and we have to run Sarah home on the way to the restaurant for our 7:00 reservations.” She paused, “And you need to take a shower to get that oil off you before you can get dressed.”

Bonnie looked up from between Brandy’s thighs, a little befuddled and more than a little disappointed this meant the end of what had proven to be quite an afternoon. “OK Misty, I didn’t realize we’d been going at it so long.”

For her part, Brandy didn’t even flinch when Misty made her presence known by speaking. Once Bonnie began to move, she looked at Misty and said “Sorry Misty. We lost track of time. Your mother is simply amazing. This has been more than I’d even imagined it could be. It’s like, since I arrived here on Saturday, your mother has opened up a world of possibilities that I simply never knew existed.”

Misty smiled “I know. I’ve heard that before. She’s pretty great, even if she is my mother.

Lamar’s Day

When the bell sounded for the end of school, Lamar made his way as fast as he could to the drama room where Mrs. Marshal had her office. Since he and Sarah didn’t share the same lunch period, he’d only gotten to speak with her very briefly since Sunday night… a whole day and a half! For the hundredth time he said “Being grounded sucks!” BUT, he would see her as soon as he made his way across campus.

When he got to Mrs. Marshal’s drama classroom, there were a couple of students talking to her as she stood by her desk, but Sarah wasn’t there yet. Mrs. Marshal looked over to him and said “I’ve got to go to the prop room for a few minutes. I shouldn’t be more than ten minutes. Once I’m done, I’ll take you and Sarah home.”

Sarah arrived just a couple of minutes after her mother left. Despite the school rules, and because they were the only ones in the classroom, he greeted her with a prolonged kiss. It was actually the first time they’d done that at school, but even horny Lamar knew they were already skating on thin ice. As soon as they released their embrace he asked “Has anyone said anything about the pictures of you that got sent around…. or, you know your mom being there too?”

In a low tone, she answered, “Well everyone is talking about the pictures, not just the ones from Friday, but the ones we posted over the weekend. It’s like they are all anyone is talking about.”

“I know,” he agreed. “I’ve been getting asked questions non-stop since yesterday morning. But I have an out, I just say I wasn’t there so I only know what everyone else does. While that isn’t quite the whole truth, it’s close enough and I don’t think it’s like well-known that we are a couple. If it was, people wouldn’t believe I don’t know anything.” What he didn’t say was how many guys had said how lucky he was to have a girlfriend as hot as her. He only added, “I’m doing what Misty said and only letting my friends from church know more. With them, I won’t deny I’ve seen pics from the beach, either the topless or the nude ones. They all know anyway. But even with them, I am really vague about what I know about how much sex you had and how you did it right in front of both of our moms… or our moms did it in front of you.”

Sarah still had her hand on his arm when she said, “Yes, that is the right thing to do. But when girls from the youth group asked me and Bailey Sunday night, we told them a lot more. Together we gave a pretty complete description of what we did with Zac and Mitch in our bed together. I think we told them a lot more than they’d expected to hear. But that was our call to make, not yours. Since then, at school, I’ve begun telling people outside the church group that in Miami I had sex with a guy for the first time and hinted that Bailey and I switched off between the two guys that were in the pictures with us. Bailey is saying the same thing so we are on the same page. As Misty suggested we are getting people to talk about the things we want them to talk about, not the things we don’t by giving out details of what we did in bed with Zac and Mitch. Both of us are presenting it as if the adults never caught us, though after talking to my mom, we decided to let on that the adults suspected what we were doing even if they never saw it. No one even would consider the idea that we did it with the door open and right in front of everyone downstairs. And we aren’t saying a word about doing it with the Silverfire guild people.”

Lamar asked “So are you saying the plan is working? Have you guided the rumor mill the way you wanted?”

With an odd grin, Sarah answered, “Yea, I think it’s working so far. Those who admire us and those who support our cause think it’s super cool that Bailey and I don’t even try to deny we shared the two guys that are with us in the pics all week. Not surprisingly, those who oppose us are calling us sluts. Since the two pics from Friday and two more were posted on the club’s social media show Bailey and I together with Zac and Mitch, it is reinforcing the story we want to tell.”

As Mrs. Marshal came back in the room Lamar said “From what Misty has told our mom, I think that is pretty much what is happening with her, Caitlin, and Haley. Of course, you know Haley, she’s playing up her sluttiness and that she fucked way more than just two guys while she was down there.”

Sarah laughed and agreed with his understanding of the situation.

Mrs. Marshal asked them to help her carry a few things to one of the drama storage bins before they headed to the car. Once they left the school building, he was disappointed when Sarah got into the front seat with her mom. He was hoping for a blow job on the way home… or at least a hand job. Instead, he sat by himself in the back.

The drive from school to his house was less than fifteen minutes long, and Mrs. Marshal quizzed them on the same sorts of things he and Sarah had discussed. Then she let them know what she knew. It appeared that no one had a clue she’d been in Miami with the girls. So far, the only response from Dr. Collins was to give a total of six boys two-day suspensions for sharing the photos at school. She also told them that during the day, Bailey’s mother had been up to see Dr. Collins about the content of the text message, but she didn’t know what had happened.

At his house, Mrs. Marshal just dropped them off, but did not go in. The moment he and Sarah stepped into the house, without the slightest warning, she grabbed him and began to kiss him very hard. He was taken totally off guard since she’d not given even a hint that was what she had in mind. Not that he minded. They kissed and their hands groped under each other’s clothes for several minutes before she said, “Hold that thought. We have to let your mom and Mrs. Connelly know we are here.”

He just followed her… bewildered.

He actually was not really surprised at all when Sarah pulled her shirt over her head as soon as she started toward the living room. She tossed it into the sofa and her bra followed. She paused long enough to step out of her shoes, pants, and panties before she went to his mom’s bedroom door. After all stripping nude as soon as she came into the house was what she’d done every time she came to the Campbell’s for the past four months. He wondered if Mrs. Connelly had known in advance that Sarah would be babysitting her kids in the nude. He doubted it.

They found his mom and Mrs. Connelly pretty much as they expected. They were in the bed naked with his mom kissing and licking one of Mrs. Connelly’s tits. The two moms were so into their moment that they didn’t appear to notice when he and Sarah arrived at the door. So Sarah walked all the way around the bed so she could slap his mom’s bare rear end to get her attention.

His mom let go of the other woman and rolled on her back. If she was surprised Sarah was in the room or in the nude, she gave no sign of it. Mrs. Connelly’s eyes got big though. Lamar didn’t know if it was because he and Sarah were in the bedroom with them, or because Sarah was naked. Possibly both. Probably both.

Sarah said, “I Just wanted you to know Lamar and I have made it here. Is there anything you need me to do in particular?”

His mother just calmly said “Oh, good. You really don’t need to do much. Just take care of any needs that might come up so we aren’t interrupted every five minutes.”

Sarah simply said she would and told them to have a good time. His mom assured her that they would.

In the game room, DJ’s eyes went wider than his mother’s had at Sarah’s nudity. Though he’d seen her naked most Sundays during the summer, Lamar knew spending the afternoon with her like that was a real treat for him. Since they’d not been able to talk about it, Lamar wasn’t sure what Sarah’s plans for them were, but he had no doubt she’d make her wants known.

When they’d come in the room, Abigail and Owen were playing Mario Karts on the TV, while DJ sat at the gaming table with his laptop. Sarah went to sit with the kids while Lamar went to talk to DJ. Even as he pulled back a chair to sit, DJ asked him “So are our moms getting it on yet?”

“They are making out and my mom was sucking your mom’s tits, but that was all I saw when we went in to let them know we’d gotten home,” Lamar replied casually.

DJ’s eyes got big indicating that to him that was no small thing.

Lamar continued as if he didn’t notice DJ’s response. “Your mom has great tits for sure, but I’ve found that watching Mom with a woman like that isn’t really all that exciting. It’s like they do a lot of kissing and the stuff they are doing to get each other off you can’t really see from the living room.”

Lamar had said just the right thing to get DJ’s attention, and he knew it. “So you’ve seen your mom doing it a lot?” he asked.

“You mean other than with my dad? Not really a lot. It’s not like she has people over for sex every day, but I’ve seen them with five or six different people this year.”

“Who?” DJ asked excitedly.

“I’ve seen them do it with Byron’s mom more than anyone else. Sometimes it is just my mom with Byron’s mom, and sometimes it’s my dad, and sometimes it is both of them together. Those threesomes are the best to watch. I’ve also seen them do threesomes with my dad’s old secretary and another girl from his company that is only a couple of years older than my sister.” He pointed to the picture on the wall behind DJ, “The blond laying face up on the raft is one of them. Mom has done it with the other one in the picture too, but I didn’t see them doing it. I’m sure you have seen the pics upstairs in the sex room, there are photos of them doing both Heather and Tina in there”

DJ said he had. “It is so cool there is a whole room full of your mom’s sex pictures.”

Lamar said “If you haven’t been up there since summer, you will find new pics on the wall from their trip to Miami. There is one of Mrs. Simms, Mrs. Marshal, and my mom all fucking different guys at once and a couple of the three moms with two men, but the best is of my Mom taking it in the ass from Misty’s boyfriend from Miami.”

“Cool!” DJ replied. “My dad showed me pics from the party Saturday night of my mom screwing Mr. Jefferson and your dad. They are hot, but they are not nearly as good as the ones your sister takes. Mom said that she was going to ask Misty to do a photo shoot of her screwing Mr. Jefferson. I think she’s going to put pics up in her bedroom of her with other people. My dad is really excited about turning their bedroom into a sex room like your parents have.”

Lamar thought this was the time to tell him about what is and isn’t OK. After a little preamble, he said, “You can’t just go stand in the doorway like I saw you do this summer when you jacked off watching Gregg and Jeanette fucking. It’s OK to play with yourself while you watch, but you need to be back behind the sofa and keep quiet. My mother will be pissed if you draw attention to yourself while she and your mom get it on.”

DJ nodded “So, can I, like go now and watch them?”

“Yea, sure. But don’t get your hopes up, you probably won’t see much.” Then before Lamar could get to the other things his mom wanted him to tell DJ, he was startled when Sarah put her arms around him and said to DJ “But, you can sit right by me while I’m getting it on with Lamar in a few minutes.” She slid around and put his lips to hers. Lamar instinctively reached up and cupped a bare breast.

DJ softly said “Fuck.”

Sarah broke the kiss and turned to tell DJ, “No we won’t fuck, but we will do pretty much everything else. And you don’t have to pretend you aren’t watching. I like to be watched.”

With Sarah there, Lamar decided he really could use her help to talk to DJ about all the other things his mother had wanted him to bring up. Though he knew DJ wanted to go see the mothers, he also knew he wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to be up close with naked Sarah. The talk actually went better than he’d hoped and Sarah had a good handle on who in the youth group could be told what. Lamar wrapped up the discussion by telling DJ, “So, if you want to go check out the moms now, go ahead. And if you plan to jack off, take a hand towel from the bathroom with you. Its not cool to leave your splooge on the floor.”

He didn’t have to be told twice.

Around twenty minutes later when DJ made it back to the game room, he found Sarah sitting in Lamar’s lap in one of the four overstuffed chairs by the sliding glass door. Though they were both nude by then, they had only been sitting, kissing, and casually playing with each other. When Sarah had asked Lamar to get undressed before they got into the chair, he had balked momentarily looking over to the two kids playing video games. He was already grounded for not asking permission of someone in the room before playing with himself, he certainly wasn’t going to get busy with Sarah without asking; but, he wasn’t going to ask two little kids if they minded if he did.

Sarah had no such compunction about asking. She simply turned to Abigail and directly asked “Would you and Owen mind if Lamar gets naked so that he and I can make out?” The girl who would turn eleven in a month didn’t even turn from her video game and said “What do I care? It wouldn’t be anything I haven’t seen you two do before.”

Lamar wasn’t actually surprised by her disinterest. He knew she had walked in on them making out in the nude in that very chair at one of the last family swim days in the summer and hadn’t even given them a second look… though that was before they’d begun giving each other oral sex. As if she heard his thoughts, Sarah followed up, “And if he eats my pussy and I suck his dick, will that be OK too?”

This time Abigail briefly looked their way between the theater chairs that faced the television, “I don’t know why you would want to do that, but it doesn’t bother us if you do.”

Sarah turned to Lamar “Is that good enough?”

He didn’t have a response other than to strip down, sit in the seat, and wrap his arms around Sarah’s amazing body so they could do what she said.

There was no question that he really loved doing this with her. He loved feeling her body on his as they kissed. By now, they’d been doing this since late summer and she’d taught him exactly how she liked to be touched while they did it. The learning curve had been steeper than he’d expected, but Sarah had not been shy about telling him how and where to play with her sexy parts. That surety that he was doing what she wanted allowed him to enjoy this more now than the first time they’d done it. For instance, he knew how she liked her breasts caressed for a while before she wanted him to gently pinch her nipples. So he did. He also knew that at some point she’d want his fingers inside of her, but not for a while. He knew she liked him to stroke and play with the strip of pubic hair that started just above her pussy cleavage. So he did. He knew she liked it when he softly ran his fingers around the smooth surface of her pubic mound for a while before he touched anything in the middle. So he did that even longer. He knew she liked him to use the tips of his fingers to trace the edges of her inner lips. So he did. He knew she liked him running his middle finger between those lips and up the shaft that hid her clitoris, yet not touch the clit itself for a good while. He was doing that as he suckled one of her breasts when DJ returned from watching their mothers.

“So…?” Sarah asked him. “Did you enjoy watching your mom getting busy with Mrs. C.?” He seemed to be embarrassed to answer, so she quickly said “It’s OK. I love watching my mom have sex. So? What did you see?”

Lamar continued to stroke her most sensitive parts as DJ answered, “It was all sort of confusing. I’m not sure what was sex and what was just playing around.”

Sarah laughed, “DJ, you have to understand that a lot of sex, especially with two women, is just playing around in a way that feels good.”

DJ didn’t seem to even comprehend what she meant by that, so Lamar rescued him by saying, “Don’t feel bad if that’s confusing, I think it is to most guys.”

DJ just nodded and said, “I think they had like baby oil on them because they were like all shiny and sliding around on each other and laughing. But still, it was pretty hot to watch them doing that. They finally stopped messing around to kiss for a while, then Mrs. C. slid down between my mom’s legs to eat her out, but like you said, once they did that I couldn’t see anything. Actually, watching them play around was hotter.”

Sarah nodded. “Sounds like they are having fun, but I can see why from where you were watching, you couldn’t see the good stuff. Would you like to see Lamar eat me out, like close up?”

“Really?” he stammered.

“Lamar,” Sarah said softly. “I really like what you are doing, but I know we probably don’t have half an hour left, and DJ would like to see you eat me till I cum. And I want time to suck you off too. So, I’m afraid we’ll have to cut this part short.”

Lamar didn’t answer, but he knew how much Sarah liked being watched while she had sex. To put on a show for a guy like DJ who had never seen sex really close up would be a treat for her as much as a treat for him. Before he could start though, he needed to move the chair and table to give him room. He’d gone down on her while she sat in that chair several times before, so he knew exactly what to do. He took her left thigh in his hands and kissed the crease where her thigh ended and the rise to her pussy began. Slowly he drew a circle with the tip of his tongue, up her smooth mound till he was just short of the center crease, then back down, then across what Sarah called her perineum back to where he started. As he began a second circuit, he thought about how nuts it was that some guys don’t like going down on girls. Bailey had said that her former boyfriend only did it if she threatened not to have sex and he’d read somewhere that some guys “won’t eat what they fuck.” He wondered “How could guys be so stupid?”

Lamar had been doing this with Sarah for two months now, yet he never tired of it. “How could I?” he wondered. While it took more focus and effort than sucking dick, the rewards were worth it. Sarah’s responses of pleasure were the biggest rewards of all. It took a good dozen times for him to sense the small, very small twitches and movements and sounds to recognize them as what they were. Now he knew what to look for, he could read her desires like sign posts. After three circuits on the left side, he moved to the right. When his tongue ran parallel to the pussy cleft, a tiny sigh escaped her lips. He knew he was doing it right. After only two circuits, he detected a tiny shift of her hip and knew she was ready for him to draw his tongue up the center.

While Sarah and Bailey were the only two girls to whom he’d given oral sex, he now understood what he’d read that all women were different down there. The two girls were different, not better or worse, but different. Sarah’s little lips were shorter and thinner than Bailey’s. Though he’d never seen them this close-up, he’d seen his mother and sister sunning naked with their legs open enough to know their inner lips were longer and larger than those of either Sarah’s or Bailey’s. He knew she liked him to suck on her lips one at a time, so he did. At another cue from Sarah, he put his mouth over the opening and used his tongue to stroke between them. He savored her taste and smell. He was sure he’d never tire of doing this. He did not look up when he heard Sarah tell DJ, “If you want to pull it out and jack off while you watch us, that would be fine.”

“It would?” he asked.

“I would actually like to watch you do it. But I can’t touch it or suck it. Mrs. C. would not approve because you are only fourteen.”

“I bet my parents wouldn’t mind,” he said almost pleading at the prospect of his first blow job.

After a short break, Sarah replied “You have a nice tool there, and I’m sure I’d enjoy sucking it while Lamar eats me, but no. I know Mrs. C. would be pissed if I did. Sorry.” As Lamar worked his tongue as deep into her as he could, Sarah added, “But, you can cum on my tits. Would you like that?

“Fuck yea,” DJ said with excitement.

“Try to wait till I tell you I’m ready.”

And so it was nearly ten minutes later when Lamar had moved to the final phase. From his position on the floor, he had his middle and index fingers all the way in her. He’d found the spongy tissue at the roof of her vagina and was rubbing it as he alternately sucked and licked the head of her clit. The increasing amount of fluid inside of her, and the undulations of her hips told him she was very close. It actually took some coordinated effort to keep his fingers and lips on the right spots as she moved… but he did. She’d been breathing through her mouth for several minutes when she said “OK DJ, I want to feel your hot cum on me.”

It took another minute or two but Sarah’s hips began to vibrate and he heard her tell-tale vocalizations of an orgasm on its way. But before she actually climaxed, he heard DJ grunt hard. Lamar thought he could hear the semen splattering on Sarah’s tits, but he wasn’t sure if that was just his imagination as he finally began to press his tongue hard on the little nub of her clit as she came.

She’d told Lamar more than once that while the first orgasm was usually the most intense, the second and third were more pleasurable for her. So, he didn’t even look up as her climax subsided but rather took his tongue from her clit and began to gently stroke the shaft above it. Once the tension was gone from her thighs, he began to repeat what he’d done by covering her with his mouth and pushing his tongue back into her. As always after she’d climaxed, her pussy was full of fluid, but that didn’t change what he knew she wanted him to do.

After Sarah’s third orgasm, Lamar heard his sister’s voice in the room. “Just to let you know, Mom and I have to leave in about half an hour. I’m about to go in and let them know they need to wrap up, so you guys do too.”

Sarah replied, “OK. We were just about to switch up. I guess we lost track of the time. We’ll have to skip what I wanted to do next and go right to his blowjob.”

Misty replied, “It doesn’t matter how you do it, but you need to be wrapped up and dressed in like twenty minutes. It will take that long for Mom to get that oil washed off her and get dressed. But you need to get at it if you are going to.”

From his sister’s words, Lamar realized that he must have been down between Sarah’s legs a lot longer than he’d thought. Not that he minded, he would love to stay there all afternoon, and he was sure she’d like him to do just that; but he couldn’t, not today. At her prompting, Lamar began to get up. Though as always, he did so by moving with kisses and licks up her body. Though there were no puddles of cum on her, starting at her sternum, he could taste the semen. As his kisses moved up, the growing intensity of the taste told him that she had spread DJ’s ejaculate all over both of her breasts. When he closed his lips on one and then the other nipple, it became obvious where she had concentrated DJ’s cum.

Only after suckling both of her firm nipples until the residual semen was gone did he move up to put his mouth to hers. Suddenly the thought came to him, last Saturday his dad had eaten DJ’s dad’s cum from his mother’s pussy, and now he had eaten DJ’s cum off of Sarah’s tits. That was weird and really hot. With that in his mind, he began to kiss Sarah. He knew her pussy juice was all over his face, and he also knew how much she loved that first wet kiss after he’d brought her off with his mouth. He’d called her Slosh Junior more than once, and she’d taken it as a great compliment each time. As their tongues danced, he longed to slide his erection into her waiting pussy… and he knew she wanted it too, but he didn’t. Instead, he pressed his hard-on between her outer lips and onto her clit. In the past they’d done this until she climaxed again from the “outercourse,” but this time after just a minute or two she pushed him off, and said, “I wish… but we don’t have time and I’m not going to leave you with blue balls.”

He stood in front of her. He looked around for the first time since he’d gone down between her legs. DJ was sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs, his dick still in his hand. Abigail and Owen were still playing Mario Karts on the TV, seemingly oblivious to what he and Sarah had been doing on the other side of the room. Looking down, he watched Sarah’s lips close around his cock. It was amazing to watch. The truth was, he knew how much she liked sucking dick… and not just his. Not only had his sister told him so, he’d also seen with his own eyes the sheer joy she got out of sucking off Byron. Beyond that, he also had those forbidden pics and video clips of her blowing several guys in Miami. Sarah loved sucking dick, and he loved watching her do it… especially his own. He liked it so much so, he had to look away lest he cum too fast.

DJ made not the slightest pretense that he was not watching Sarah work her mouth on Lamar’s wet cock. He even moved the chair over and closer so he could get the best possible view. Lamar was sure that would put off most girls, but not Sarah. His interest would spur her on.

Misty returned to the game room and said “OK, Mom and Mrs. Connelly are in the shower, time for you two to finish up,”

This was his cue to allow himself to fully embrace watching her as she blew him. She must have thought the same because from the chair in which she was still sitting, she looked up at him. Her eyes met his with her mouth full of his dick. His orgasm began not a minute later. And it felt great! He loved the feeling of the semen rising from his balls, down his shaft and into her mouth. With the two kids in the room, he had planned on holding back any verbal response… but he failed.

From his mouth came, “Oh, yea Sarah. That is SO GOOD!” And he’d been louder than he’d meant. But it did feel so good. As always, she sucked him all the way through, swallowing as she went. Once he was fully spent, she stood up to kiss him, deep and long… as always. They simply lost themselves in feeling one another’s naked bodies pressed together until Misty, who had watched all of what had just happened, said “That was super-hot you two. Really it was quite a turn-on, but you need to get dressed now.”

Sarah turned her head to ask DJ to go get her clothes from the living room as they stood, enjoying the last few moments of their bodies together. In his ear, she told Lamar, “I love you so much. That was wonderful.”

How could he not love a girl like that?

While they were redressing, Abigail got up from where she’d been sitting the whole time to approach Sarah and ask, “Why did you let DJ get his goo on you like that? Wasn’t that gross?”

Lamar hadn’t realized either of the younger two had been paying any attention, but it was clear Abigail had been. Sarah didn’t seem the least bit put out by the question. “If I hadn’t asked him to do it, it would have been both gross and a violation of my body. But I directly asked him to cum on me. That makes all the difference. Because I asked him to do it, and I wanted him to do it, watching your brother’s jizz shoot onto my boobs was exciting for me. It turned me on to feel it landing hot on my skin. Then, if you were watching you would have seen that I used his cum as lube to play with my nipples while Lamar kept eating me out. That helped me cum two more times.”

Her words were a surprise to Lamar, but even more to Abigail. He could see the confusion on the face of the nearly eleven-year-old, but he was not going to get involved in that discussion.

Sarah went on “A guy’s semen, or cum, isn’t like spit or pee. It’s not something that is dirty at all. While we girls have eggs in our bodies to make babies, semen holds the key to unlocking them. It is super special and made just for sex. Bailey’s mom says that a guy’s cum is a gift from God to remind us that he has given humans life, both in the literal sense and in the spiritual sense. She told me how the Bible says God fills Christians with the Holy Spirit the way a woman is filled with semen. She says that every time a guy cums in me like Lamar did, or on me like your brother did, it is a picture of God’s promise of life. I think Bailey’s mom is right about that. I believe that the cum I just now got in my mouth and on my boobs was actually a gift from God. Lamar and your brother were just the means God gave it to me. While I will likely only use cum a couple of times in my whole life to make a baby, it is a promise from God no matter how many times I get it in my pussy or mouth or on my skin.”

Lamar had never heard it described that way and from her face, it was clear Abigail was more confused than before. Sarah smiled at her, “I understand why you don’t get it. I wouldn’t have at your age. But in a year or two, something will change in you and things that seem weird or gross now will suddenly look totally different.”

The girl nodded “That is what my mom said when I asked her why Jeanette and Rebecca had been licking each other’s wahoos one Sunday in Mrs. C’s bed.”

Sarah pulled on her shirt and said, “She’s right. There is just no way I can explain it, but one day, you will understand. Don’t try to rush it. Your body has its own time and when it is ready, it will come to you without any effort.”

A few minutes later, standing by his mother’s car, Lamar said to Sarah. “That was quite a lecture you gave Abigail. I’ve never heard you say any of that before.”

Sarah answered, “I’ve been thinking about things a lot. I’ve been reading my mom’s diary from when she was sixteen like I am. Day after day she wrote about how much she enjoyed the things she was doing…doing nude modeling, putting on sex shows for her friends, and of course, fucking her brains out. It gave her life meaning. She didn’t have a spiritual component the way Mrs. Hildebrand does, but reading what she wrote, there is no question that sex was central to her happiness when she was in high school. Combine that with how over the last month or so, Bailey’s mom has told us more and more about her life and how to her, spirituality and her sexuality are one and the same. By the time she was my age, she was having sex with men as a service to God, and to her, swallowing cum was like taking communion… and still is in some ways. What I told Abigail is exactly what Bailey’s mom believed back then, and it is still the guiding principle of her Christian life today.”

Lamar asked, “But do you believe it? I mean the things you told Abigail about cum?”

“I don’t, NOT believe it if that makes sense.” She turned to look at Lamar, “I really don’t think you listen to all the things your parents say. I’ve heard them repeatedly talk about how in the New Testament, Christ is referred to as a groom and the Church as his bride and he comes into the bride and fills her, then injects the Holy Spirit. Your dad says the Greeks that Paul told all this knew exactly what he was saying. Back then, they understood he was saying that God spiritually makes love to us as Christians and the Holy Spirit is the spiritual equivalent of holy semen. So yes, Bailey’s mom is right, cum is a symbol of our spiritual life and God’s promise to us. Even more, at Pentecost, we could say the early church had a spiritual orgasm where the joy overflowed. Sex is a spiritual act. I’m sure of it. I’m not sure of all the details, but in general yes, I do believe it. Think about it, what we did in there increased the joy in the world and that is our Christian mission in life. I enjoyed it, you enjoyed it, DJ certainly enjoyed it and Abigail learned something. She doesn’t yet know what she learned but she did. I know I did the right thing by explaining it to her even if it will take a year or two, or three to make sense. I have no doubt she will remember what she saw and what I said about it.”

Lamar wasn’t sure what to believe about all of that, but he was sure she was right. Abigail and DJ both would remember what happened and what she said for a very long time

Bonnie’s Day (Part 2)

Less than an hour later, Misty and Bonnie were sitting in a booth at the only real steakhouse in town. It seemed to Bonnie like she had been waiting forever to have this sit down with Bailey’s mother, yet she knew that it had been less than three months since the day Bailey poured her heart out at their swimming pool. DeeDee and her daughter had been waiting for them when they arrived. Bonnie had suggested this place because the high, deeply padded booths would allow them to talk with little chance of being overheard.

The first order of business (after explaining why they were late) was the text message and photos attacking Bailey and what had happened on that front since Friday. DeeDee gave an overview of what she knew about what had transpired on her end. “Once I was in Dr. Collins’s office, I didn’t give her a chance to criticize Bailey. I went after her like an enraged mama bear putting all my focus on the football team’s party and how they’d passed my girl around like she was a trophy. I thought it best not to mention that I already knew what had happened and let her think this was all new to me. I implied that I’d talked to other mothers whose daughters had experienced similar treatment. She needed to know that Bailey isn’t anything like the only girl who has been treated like garbage by those boys. I demanded to know why neither she nor the coaching staff had put a stop to the culture of sexual abuse. Of course, I didn’t give a bit of credence to her excuses. I laid the blame firmly on her doorstep. On the way out, I made it clear that should she even think about attacking Bailey, she could kiss her career goodbye. I think I got my point across.”

Bonnie, with enthusiasm, said “Good for you. That was a great approach.”

“Well, I think I used the lessons you learned last year and just applied them.”

“I hope your ploy works. Actually, I suspect it will.” Then Bonnie changed the subject and asked “How’d your trip go?”

DeeDee didn’t think for a second, it was quite clear she’d come prepared to talk about it. But first she asked, “Did Slosh tell you what I told her about my life? I explicitly told her she could tell you everything.”

Bonnie replied, “She told us… I mean she told Misty and Sarah and me a good bit one afternoon. I guess you told quite a long and truly remarkable story.”

“I guess it is,” DeeDee replied. “And most remarkable of all is that I don’t actually wish those things had not happened to me.” Then she corrected “Well, I could have done without all the hell that Bailey and I were put through when my ex found out he was not her biological father. But I don’t regret choosing to conceive her using a brilliant doctor as a sperm donor. After all, the proof is in the pudding.”

Bailey laughed “I guess I’m the pudding.” Then more seriously she added “And that is how I regard him, not as my father but as the sperm donor. Though I suspect Mom enjoyed the process more than had she gone to a sperm bank.”

DeeDee didn’t miss a beat, “Oh I did. I surely did.”

Everyone at the table laughed. Inside Bonnie was thinking how much that exchange actually said. She wondered if they had had this exchange before, or was this something new.

DeeDee looked right at Bonnie, then said in a low but very serious tone “So you understand that since I was younger than Bailey, I have been giving my body to God’s service. Please, you need to understand, to this day, when I give my body to a man it is a sacred act. I truly believe that. Even more, I know without a doubt that Brother Paul believed it when he told me God had called me to be a harlot. Yes, I understand that his father used the Rahab program to exploit the women in the church, but his two sons didn’t. They were taught about sacred prostitution the same way they were taught about the virgin birth or the resurrection of Christ.”

Bailey cut in and to Mrs. C. said, “I told Mom how you talked about temple prostitution Sunday night. I think I got it right that those verses didn’t condemn religious prostitution, but instead told the Christian men not to join their bodies to the priestesses of false gods. I wanted to ask you, does that mean that what Mom was taught could be true, that if the woman is a servant of Christ, then when she is paid for sex as part of her Christian service, is the man joining to Christ when he has sex with her?”

Bonnie had never even considered taking that text to the next level. As she searched for an answer, DeeDee said, “When Bailey asked me that on the way over here, I told her Brother Paul had taught me exactly that. He said while Paul was telling the men of Corinth that they should not join their bodies to false gods, he was also telling them they should be joining their bodies to women committed to Christ as his harlots.”

“Wow,” Bonnie said. “I’ve never considered that interpretation. And in one point he is definitely right, the text condemns sex with pagan priestesses as joining with false gods but not the sex act itself, or even temple prostitution per se.” Then more to herself than to Bailey, Bonnie slowly said “So, does he implicitly approve of Christian sacred prostitution?“ She sat thinking about the question for a moment before telling Bailey, “I don’t have an answer, but, given that we know early Christians adopted a great many of the methods of worship from the Greeks in Asia Minor, that interpretation has enough merit to warrant further study.”

DeeDee nodded, “You see both Brother Paul and I have spent years looking back over the things his father taught him, and he taught me. As you said, his father had used the Bible as an excuse to exploit the women in our church; however, that does not mean everything he taught was wrong. He was right about Rahab, and those other Bible women. And he was also right about the Song of Solomon as being an ode to the sexual love affair of an unmarried couple, likely a man in his twenties with a fourteen or fifteen-year-old girl. Where Brother Paul’s father was wrong is in his totally selfish application of those Bible truths.”

Bonnie put in “Not that grown men today should sleep with fourteen-year-olds, but the truth is that until the modern era and girls began to be treated as more than property, that was quite normal. But I understand your point. Just because someone uses the Bible for selfish and hurtful ends, does not mean the interpretation is false. If we did that all of Christianity would be invalidated.

DeeDee let out a sigh, “You don’t realize how long I’ve waited to have this kind of conversation. It’s like all my life I’ve been hiding half of who I am, but with you and Slosh I can just be me… all of me.”

Bonnie smiled, “I’m glad you found us. Just too bad you couldn’t make the party, you would have met more people who you can be yourself around.”

“I’m sorry I missed it. But, my trip to Dallas wasn’t just a little vacation. You see, my friend…”

DeeDee paused to think, “I’m sorry, but I just can’t tell you his name…”

Misty jumped in “Why don’t you call him Mr. Big, like in Sex and the City.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but laugh. She and Misty had watched every single episode of the series together.

DeeDee laughed, “Well, in some ways he is like Mr. Big, but his pond is much smaller than New York City. Yet, there are real comparisons, not just in his status in local society, but also in his tendency to want to be in charge… in a nice way… and that he is very handsome.”

More laughs.

“And he’s great in bed…”

Even more laughs.

“I strongly suspected our trip was for a reason that Mr. Big wasn’t telling me. So last Thursday I drove down to see Brother Paul to talk to him. After all that has happened over the years, Brother Paul and his wife, Mary, are still the people I go to when I need advice. In this case, I also wanted to talk to them about sleeping with Slosh & Mike, and how I am pretty sure I am in the process of becoming part of a Christian group that will accept me for who I am.”

“So, it sounds like he didn’t tell you to stay away from us,” Bonnie quipped.

“Oh, no. Not at all. He and Mary are both very happy for me.” She seemed to think then said “Oh, could you give me the web address or whatever I need to let him read Cooper’s writings and about your foundation? He is very interested and I think in time they would like to meet you and Cooper. They weren’t aware of any Christian groups in our region that shared their views on Christian sexuality… or would fully accept me for what I am.”

Bonnie carefully asked “And what is it that you are?”

With both confidence and security, she said “I am a Rahab. That isn’t all I am, but it is a large part of the way I express my spirituality and Christian commitment. It is an integral part of my core identity as a caregiver. In my professional life I am a nurse, at home I am a mother. But my connection to God is primarily through my sexuality. Just like I give hope and healing through medical nursing, I use my sexuality to give spiritual hope and healing. When I am giving myself to others as a nurse, I gain validation and a sense of self-worth. I do the same when I am acting as a Rahab. In both roles, I find enjoyment and I am paid, but that does not make either one any less a mission of mercy and love. I am paid for both nursing and sex. For my sex work, some of the men have given me cash, and the man I am calling Mr. Big gives me gifts and set me up in business. Brother Paul pays me too, though it is only a token payment to keep our roles clear. But I am paid all the same.”

Misty asked, “What do you mean by token payment?”

DeeDee smiled, “You see after we have had sex, he puts a coin of solid silver in my hand. I have around two hundred of them stacked on a shelf in my bedroom.”

Bailey turned to her mother, “Is that where those coins come from? I’ve played with them for years. So, each one represents a time you had sex with Brother Paul?”

Her mother nodded, “It started right after he got married to Mary. It is a symbolic way of showing her, and me, that it is not an affair, but a paid transaction. At first, they were just regular silver dollars, but for over fifteen years, he has given me a different kind of coin each time. Many are legal tender from countries around the world, but others are collectibles and some are quite old, but each one is a one-ounce silver coin; so the collection actually has some real value. But for me, seeing them stacked in my bedroom, they are a sort of reminder to me every day of who I am.” She looked right at Bonnie “I am a whore. I am God’s whore, but I am a whore and I’m not the least bit ashamed of that.”

She let that sit for a moment. Bonnie didn’t know what to say. DeeDee then went on, “Like I said, you can’t know how thrilled I am that I can say that out loud and I know you will not condemn me for it.”

“No,” Bonnie said. “Of course, I won’t.”

She reached over and took Bonnie’s hand. “Thank you for giving me this moment of freedom.” She then laughed, “Part of me wants to stand up and shout out that I am a whore and I’m happy with who I am.”

She took a deep breath and with a smile, continued her story. “Brother Paul and Mary know who I am, so I was able to go to them about this trip. After I laid out what I suspected, they simply told me not to make any commitments until I came home and had time to think about it.” She looked over at Bailey, “And they told me that if it was what I suspected, I should talk to you too.”

Bonnie began to see why she was going around the bush to tell about her trip.

DeeDee laughed, “We talked about this while all three of us, me, Brother Paul and Mary, sat on their bed for our devotional time.” To Bonnie, she asked, “When Slosh told you my story, did she include that part?”

Bonnie answered, “Actually she did. I was very impressed that all three of you have found a way to make something very positive out of a plan that was originally designed to exploit a young teenage girl.”

DeeDee nodded, “Yes. We thank God for that too. I know it is a trite saying, but God does work in mysterious ways.”

Bailey, with a smile, jumped in, “Then after you and Brother Paul and his wife prayed, the two of you had sex. Right?”

DeeDee smiled at her daughter, “Oh, yes, we did. Wonderful sex. But it was a special night for the three of us. For the first time ever, Mary stayed right on the bed with us while her husband and I made love. She has been looking in on us for over a year and has been working up the courage to be right there with us for months. So, it wasn’t totally new, but having her right there made it very different. I think telling them about my night with the parents of Bailey’s best friend made it easier for her. She’d asked several questions about how Marcy had responded to watching me have sex with her husband. Of course, she doesn’t know anything about Marcy’s identity as Slosh and all that entails. But I think the notion of a wife enjoying watching her husband with me gave her the courage to finally stay with us. During the breaks… yes, it lasted a couple of hours all told so we had several breaks… the three of us talked… well mostly she and I talked and we talked mostly about what she’d seen Brother Paul and I doing. I think she was really surprised how relaxed it was, not weird or even kinky.” She laughed and then said “Mary asked about my new look. She’d seen enough to notice that I went from the neatly trimmed very short pubic hair I’ve worn since I was Bailey’s age, to bald. They both thought it was hilarious that it was Bailey and taking her to get her hair permanently removed that got me to go Brazilian with her.”

Since Bonnie too had taken the plunge with Misty, she saw how funny it would seem to others that their girls led their mothers on this. Yet even as they chatted about pubic hair, Bonnie wondered why DeeDee had gone to such efforts to set the stage to talk about her trip to Dallas.

“So, on Friday, an Uber car picked me up early. It was my first time in one of those, but it was all paid for so I just got in and the car took me out to Little Hudson Park where Mr. Big was waiting in a limo. He’d told me not to bring anything but my personal items because he’d bought me new outfits for this trip.” In an aside, DeeDee said “He knows my sizes by heart since he has bought me clothes many times before. A couple of weeks ago, he had let me know he had a clear idea of how he wanted to present me in Dallas. That was a clue that he planned to put me on some sort of stage. It was that comment that caused me to go to talk to Brother Paul and Mary.”

“You see while I like and respect Mr. Big… I guess that is what I’ll call him… and I enjoy our times together; he is effectively my employer and our sex is part of the bargain I made with him to fund my company. I know that and he knows I know that. That arrangement and how it relates to the trip is what we talked about all the way to Hartsfield Airport. Right off he asked me what I thought our relationship was. Fortunately, I’d already thought about that when I’d told my story to Slosh, so I told him I think of it like I am a modern-day courtesan. While he is my primary patron, he doesn’t own me. I told him that while I take gifts from him and those gifts are related to the fact we have sex every Sunday, the real reason I do it is that I get fulfillment from it, not for the gifts or the fact he set me up in business. I reminded him that we began having sex before he gave me my first gift. And just to make my point I told him that I’d spent the night with Bailey’s best friend’s parents just as I had Brother Paul and Mary.”

She paused and Bonnie thought perhaps she wanted some feedback. “So?” Bonnie asked, “How did he respond?”

DeeDee let out a snort, “He said he totally agreed with my assessment and asked me if I’d had a good time in bed with the parents of my daughter’s friend. His dismissive attitude actually annoyed me a bit; so I tweaked his nose by telling him that the husband is one of his Rotary Club buddies. That got his attention for sure. I thought it best to let him know I did not tell the couple I’d slept with his name, nor would I tell him theirs. At that, he actually laughed and said he’d pegged me right.”

“What did he mean by that?” Bonnie asked.

DeeDee went on, “Understand, Over the past few years, I’ve told him most of my story and so he knows I see sex as part of my service to God and a way of ministering to men in need.

Importantly, last spring I told him that I’d asked Brother Paul to start making referrals to me again.”

Bonnie cut in, “Oh? You mean referrals of men to perform your sexual ministry?”

“Yes, exactly so. Late last spring I decided that Bailey no longer needs my time as much as she once did, so I could take a few more nights per month to do that service. The truth is that I get a lot of fulfillment from serving men who are in need. While I enjoy sex for its own sake, and I always have; it is extremely rare for me not to have a ministry session that doesn’t make me feel great both physically and emotionally. When I have sex as part of my Christian service, it gives me a sense of fulfillment and a closeness to God I don’t get when I have sex just for enjoyment. For the past five years or so I’ve only had ministry sex with Brother Paul and the man whose wife has MS that I’ve been seeing for close to twenty years now. So, I told him that if he knew of any more men who could benefit from my services, I would like to take on a new case or two.”

Though Marcy had relayed to Bonnie the idea that for DeeDee, sex was part of her connection to God, she’d not really understood how important that was for her. Listening to her, looking into her eyes, she could tell the talk about ministry sex was not a front or an excuse; but rather for DeeDee, sexually servicing men for God was a very important part of her Christian life.

“So far, Brother Paul hasn’t made me a referral, but this last week, after she heard how I’d had sex with both a husband and his wife, Mary asked if I would consider taking on a female client. She said she has been working with a divorced woman in her late forties that she thinks would benefit from a few hours every couple of weeks to build up her confidence and self-worth. I let her know I would be happy to if she thought it would help. She said she’d start laying the groundwork with the woman to see if she would be interested.”

Bonnie just nodded and DeeDee when on, “My Mr. Big knows all that. Understand that in our Sunday morning times together, we are only engaged in sexual activities for less than half of the five hours I am there before my relief arrives at 1:00. The rest of the time we are just talking and enjoying each other’s company, though to be fair, I’m in lingerie the whole time. You see, in addition to being a wonderful lover, he is quite charming. So we had a long talk about my role as a sex worker that lasted for the ride to Hartsfield. The long and short of it is that he has a very old friend that he is reasonably sure I would like to take on as a ministry case.”

Bonnie put in “You mean he had a friend he wanted to set you up to have sex with for money?”

DeeDee didn’t’ hesitate, “Yes. That was exactly why we were going to Dallas.”

Bonnie was incredulous, and she was sure Misty was too, but neither of them interrupted her narrative.

“It seems that one of my Mr. Big’s oldest friends, actually his roommate from their college days at Duke, is in need. I won’t spend the time to go into even a small part of what the story was, but this man…I’ll call him Mr. Dallas, has been married for a little under twenty years, and has a solid, but sexless marriage. Mr. Big has encouraged him to get a mistress or even hire call girls, but he won’t because he is a devout Christian and a leader at the powerful 1st Baptist Church of Dallas. Well, he is now, but that wasn’t always the case. It seems he and Mr. Big did quite a bit of carousing when they were college students. But, Mr. Dallas won’t even consider exploiting vulnerable young women with his money the way Mr. Big does. And be sure Mr. Big does just that. Sometimes we talk about the young women he is currently bedding. But, no matter how much Mr. Big has tried, he can’t get Mr. Dallas to violate his principles. So… when this summer I told him that I’d asked Brother Paul to refer a man or two in need of my ministry, he began to talk to Mr. Dallas about me… and of course, he sent some of the photos he likes taking of me in the lingerie and jewelry he buys me. It took a while, but finally, Mr. Dallas agreed to meet me.”

“Meet or screw?” Bonnie asked.

“At the time I didn’t actually believe Mr. Big that Mr. Dallas really just wanted to meet me and then go on from there, but after I met him, I realized Mr. Big had told the truth.”

Bonnie just nodded.

“As he’d promised, Mr. Big provided me a complete, very nice, wardrobe for all the activities. Friday evening it was just me and Mr. Big. He took me to Wolfgang Puck’s Fivesixty , the restaurant on the top of Reunion Tower, the one you see on the Dallas skyline.” She got sidetracked from the main story to tell of the amazing round restaurant and how it turned slowly, 56-stories in the air so that over the course of the meal, the restaurant did a full circle. She pulled out her phone and showed Bonnie and Misty the eye-popping slinky outfit she’d worn. “And yes,” DeeDee said with modesty “I got many, many looks as we walked along the riverfront afterward. Though I knew he was showing me off, I didn’t mind. After all, he’d paid a lot for me to look that good.”

Misty gushed looking at the photo, “You looked simply amazing.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but notice that Bailey beamed with pride as she and Misty looked at a series of photos from that night. She did look great, there was no question about that.

“Of course,” DeeDee went on with the story, the hotel room was equally dazzling and after our first round of sex, we sat in the two-person tub in a mountain of bubbles before round two.”

Misty and Bailey both asked for more details about the room. Bonnie hadn’t asked but was curious just the same. As DeeDee explained it, it was quite impressive. Then without hesitation, she said, “So, in the room, Mr. Big and I had sex on and off from the time we got to the hotel after dinner until we left to meet Mr. Dallas for lunch the next day at one of the downtown restaurants.” With a grin for Bonnie, DeeDee said “And it was great. I mean truly memorable.”

“Stop or you will make me jealous,” Bonnie exclaimed.

“Oh, by the time I finish you will be,” DeeDee replied. “That first meeting with Mr. Dallas was just a meet and greet for us to make introductions in a casual atmosphere. Mr. Big presented me as the president of a home health company in which he holds a large stake, as he would the entire trip. Which of course is perfectly true. He could have presented me as his mistress or even an employee, but he presented me as a businesswoman of stature on my own. I appreciated that.”

Bonnie put in, “That says something good about him that he wants his lover to be seen as a strong woman. And I assume everyone to whom he introduced you knew you were sleeping with him.”

“I’m sure they did. In large part that was because all the people I met were friends and colleagues, so they knew him. They knew if he brought an attractive woman to town, she would certainly be sleeping in his bed.”

“So, how’d the lunch go?” Bonnie asked.

“Really nice. Mr. Dallas was exactly what Mr. Big had described. A good-looking, successful businessman in his late forties. As we talked it was quite obvious that his life as a leader in his Southern Baptist Church was very important to him. We talked as much about his role as a deacon and Sunday School teacher as we did business. He seemed genuinely interested in my home-health company. The only time we touched on sexual things was when I brought up that I think I may have found a Christian community where I could find acceptance for my form of ministry. He pointedly did not ask any follow-ups which told me that Mr. Big had filled him in pretty thoroughly.”

Bonnie assumed she was speaking of her group, but did not interrupt her.

“After lunch, Mr. Dallas went home and Mr. Big and I went to a matinee performance of Le Mis, at a theater not far from the hotel. It was terrific. I’m a big fan and he knew I’d never seen it live.” Before Misty could interrupt again, DeeDee said “Let me finish, there is too much to tell. We can talk about the show another time.”

Misty just nodded.

“So, after the show, we went back to the room to change for the evening’s activities. Well, actually we had sex, took a short nap then got dressed to go out. I’m pretty sure Mr. Big could and would like to have sex five times a day every day.”

Bonnie laughed.

She opened another photo on her phone and showed it to Bonnie and Misty. The picture was of DeeDee in a western-themed venue wearing a Western outfit, complete with a cowboy hat and boots. “We actually bought the hats while we were out, but he’d bought the rest in advance. That is in the Ft. Worth Stockyard district where we met up with Mr. Dallas and his wife and another couple.”

“His wife? He brought his wife to meet you?” Bonnie asked incredulously.

DeeDee nodded.

“Did she have any idea why you were there?”

“None at all. But it was clear she knew I was not Mr. Big’s wife yet we were staying in the same hotel room; but I think that was part of the cover. After all, given those circumstances, why would she ever suspect I was there to have sex with her husband?”

Bonnie just nodded. She saw the logic.

“And by the way she treated me, she wasn’t a total prude. I am sure she knew that her husband lived in a world where rich powerful men brought bedmates on business trips. That is just part of that lifestyle and I knew she knew it. So she didn’t treat me like dirt for sleeping with Mr. Big even though she made it clear that her husband would never do such a thing.” DeeDee again looked at Misty, “And there is a lot to tell about the night too, but that will have to wait. I had a great time, and I found myself enjoying Mr. & Mrs. Dallas’s company; and as I’d been told, there was no sign of problems between them. The next day, we met Mr. Dallas in one of the hotel’s restaurants after he’d gone to church. Only then did we finally talk about the real reason I was in town. He told me that before he and his wife were married and for several years after, they had a great sex life. But, after she’d born their three children, her desire had slowly dissipated until it was simply gone. He let me know that they hadn’t had sex even once in nearly two years, and in the year before that, it was perfunctory. And just like Mr. Big told me, he simply refused to use a woman just for sex, nor would he start an affair that he knew would never lead anywhere. And he emphatically let me know that he would never leave his wife.

“Once he was done explaining his situation, I took the time needed to make it clear to him that God had called me to use my body to meet the needs of Christian men who were challenged by life’s circumstances. I let him know that while I enjoyed the time I spent with my clients, it was a service to God. Mr. Big asked me to tell him why I took money; so I reminded him that paying a minister is a means of showing devotion to God and appreciation for the minister’s services. Just as his pastor didn’t charge for sermons or spiritual counsel, I did not charge for my sexual ministry. I made it clear that I have never had sex for money, I do it for God. Paying me is more important to my clients than it is to me. Payment lets them show their gratitude to both me and to God, and more importantly, it is a reminder to them what my role in their life is. Mr. Dallas seemed to understand what I was saying. Mr. Big put in that even the minister I served gave me a silver coin every time as a token payment. It wasn’t until later I understood why he had put that in. So, after we’d finished our meal, I told him of the man I’d been seeing monthly for decades before I told him directly that, should he desire it, I would be honored to meet his needs.”

DeeDee paused as if that was the end of the story, so Bonnie asked “Well? Did he?”

“Yes,” came an immediate response. “While Mr. Big stayed in the hotel lobby working on his laptop, I took Mr. Dallas up to our room. But I’m sure you don’t want me to drone on about what we actually did.”

Again, she paused. This time Bailey jumped in “Of course we do. And you know it. You said you’d tell me all about it, so tell.”

Bonnie suspected she’d set Bailey up to explicitly ask her mother to tell the details because DeeDee started right off, “OK,” she said. “I could tell that he was really nervous, so when we got to the room, I had him watch me slowly undress. Then I undressed him just as slowly. He is very fit and well-built. Standing there in the middle of the room, I began to kiss him. It took him a few minutes to really loosen up, but his erection let me know when he was ready to move on. But still, I took my time and worked down to his cock, and even then, I first licked and kissed it gently for some time before putting it in my mouth. I didn’t suck him long because I was afraid he’d cum before he entered my chalice and then bolt. So I laid him down on the bed and mounted him. Based on both his words and Mr. Big’s knowledge of his decades of monogamy, I decided not to use a condom.”

She paused and looked at her daughter and said “That doesn’t mean you can do the same. I had my tubes tied after you were born, so I can’t get pregnant and you can.”

Her daughter nodded in agreement.

“I purposely moved very slowly and we again kissed at length before he simply couldn’t hold back and ejaculated. However, I didn’t get off of him when he came, though I’m sure he expected that I would say we were done. I’d planned for that and I told him that what we’d done so far was just a warm-up for the main event which would start later, which seemed to surprise him greatly. I stayed on him even after he’d come out of me and we talked. Rather I talked and told him about spiritual sexuality. I told him that since I was God’s chosen vessel for his semen and this was my service to God, he should think of his orgasm as an act of worship. Afterward, I led him to that big tub and we talked and soaked until the water got cold before we went back to the bed. By then he’d completely given himself into my hand.”

She paused then said “Not to sound vain, but I am very good at what I do. No, I don’t have anything like the experience or number of sexual partners that Slosh has, or you do,” she said looking at Bonnie. “But I take my sexual ministry as seriously as I do my nursing. Even as a teenager, I worked to find ways to improve my partner’s experience and to stave off any sense of monotony with those with whom I have sex over a period of years.” She looked at Bailey, “Perhaps I have never told you, but in Macon, your biological father was the dream of many of my co-workers. I was hardly the only nurse to bed the doctors, and I was far from the prettiest; but, I was good… no, I was the best. Because of that, I worked my way up the food chain to the man who helped conceive you. You have your fantastic genes because I gave a series of doctors experiences they couldn’t get with the more attractive women around me.”

She took Bailey’s hand, “You are my reward for my commitment to being the best Rahab anyone has ever been with.” Then back to Bonnie, she said, “All that to say, all these years later, my skills have only improved and I used them all with Mr. Dallas. I took my time to caress, lick and kiss every part of his body. By the time I took him in my mouth, he was fully hard again. I’ve always loved the feel, tastes, and smells of an erection in my mouth, and men can tell it.”

Bailey cut in “I do too.”

Her mother turned and smiled, “I know. I could tell when I watched you do it.” She turned back to Bonnie, “You see the morning after I spent the night with Mike and Slosh, I walked in on my daughter going down on Byron… and much to my own surprise, I stood there and watched till she’d gotten him off and made sure she’d captured and swallowed the last bit of his semen.”

Bonnie asked, “What did you think of that?”

“While I stood right in their room, watching from the foot of the bed, all I could think was how much she reminded me of myself at that age. Just as I had at her age, I could see how much Bailey enjoyed what she was doing and that special satisfaction of bringing him to orgasm in her mouth. It was almost like watching a live flashback to when I was fifteen and sixteen, except I didn’t have a bed to do it in…. and Byron’s erection is thicker than any I’d have in my mouth till I was much older.”

Bailey jumped in again “Yea, Byron can be a challenge to take in my mouth, Lamar is much easier to do, but I Iove doing him. And I could tell how much it turned Mom on to watch me lick the goo off his dick. It was a two-way street in that I liked her watching me as much as she liked watching.”

DeeDee didn’t even try to deny Bailey’s words. Instead, she went on to tell in some detail about the much longer second round with Mr. Dallas. She wrapped it up by saying, “I used all of my skills to draw it out and make him feel good about the whole experience. The longer we went on, the more obvious it was how much he needed what I had to offer. The clearer it became to me that he desperately needed the things that I was doing, the better I felt about myself. By the time we were done, I felt as good about who I am as I have for years. Providing the sexual service that a man truly needs, using the gifts God has given me, gives me a high that is hard to describe.”

Bonnie nodded, but she said “You are a better person than me. Sex has always been about men serving me, not me serving them. Even when I was Bailey’s age, inviting boys in the neighborhood over to do me, it was all about them servicing me. I’m sorry to admit it, but it’s true.”

Misty followed up with “Yea, I’m like my mom, at least with guys. With Caitlin or Sarah, it’s different, but when I’m with a guy, yea, I expect him to serve me, to make me feel good.”

Bailey reached over to her mother, “I’m like you. My biggest joy in sex is pleasing my partner, no matter if it is a girl or a guy. Sure, I physically enjoy it, a lot, but the deep-down emotional joy comes from pleasing my partner.”

Bonnie thought for a moment, “Perhaps there is a genetic predisposition to what gives that deep satisfaction.” She looked right at DeeDee, “Perhaps that is why you embraced the Rahab identity so easily without harm to your psyche. That might be why you found meaning and self-worth from sexual Christian service from the very start, and why you still do. Perhaps you really were born to use your body to serve God by serving others.”

DeeDee nodded, “Yes. I believe that. I do.” Then she shifted back to her story, “As he dressed, Mr. Dallas went on at some length about how it was the most amazing experience of his life; which, of course, made me feel very good about myself. He told me that he'd read about people having sex for hours, but he thought that was just fantasy. You see, according to my phone, we’d left Mr. Big down in the lobby well over two and a half hours before. I tried to remind him we’d not been making love the whole time, but he replied by telling me that the time we had been making love was easily three times as long as sex had ever lasted for him. It was then he realized that rather than getting into street clothes, I’d put on one of my lingerie sets that Mr. Big likes so much, actually, I put on what I’d worn under my clothes on Friday night.”

She again sidetracked by asking “Did Slosh tell you what I wear on Sunday mornings right up until the first person arrives at Mr. Big’s mother’s house in the afternoon?”

Bonnie said, “I don’t think she mentioned that to me.”

She opened yet another photo on her phone and handed it to Bonnie. “He actually took this before we went out Friday night, but it’s the same outfit I put on after my time with Mr. Dallas. Mr. Big has a thing for a certain look, almost a fetish. He says I’m the only woman he dresses like that, but it is effectively my uniform. I greet him at his mother’s door in one of the open-front bra and panty sets he’s bought me. All of the panties are either what I call pseudo-panties, like you see in the picture, or are simply crotchless. I have more than a dozen sets of them… all very expensive and very pretty. Not the kind of stuff they sell at the sex shop in Macon or even at Victoria’s Secret.”

Bailey jumped in, “Since she told me about what she does with Mr. Big, Mom has been showing me her outfits each Sunday. They really are nice and Mom looks amazing in them. I understand why Mr. Big likes her to wear them all morning with him.”

Her mother nodded, “I’ll confess, I do think I look great in them, and to be honest, I go to the gym three afternoons a week primarily to keep looking good wearing next to nothing. Given the fact my vagina and nipples are easily accessible in those outfits, it allows us to have a couple of mini-sessions each week where we will make out for a minute or two… or he’ll bend me over and slip it to me, then we go on what we were doing before. I rarely take my outfit off on Sunday mornings and only put my scrubs back on when I’m actually with his mother. And yes, the fact he wants me to dress like that reminds us both what my role is.”

Then she returned to the story. “When Mr. Dallas saw that I clearly did not plan to put my clothes on, he seemed confused. I assured him that I had no doubt Mr. Big would be raring to go after waiting downstairs for so long while we’d been having sex in his hotel room. Before he turned to the door, Mr. Dallas gave me a tender kiss and thanked me once more, before putting this in my hand.”

DeeDee reached into her handbag and took out a small coin purse. From it, she drew out a gold coin about the size of a Kennedy half-dollar and laid it on the table. “It is called a Krugerrand. It is from South Africa and Mr. Big told me it is currently worth about $1,400. Mr. Dallas said it was for my services.” She then took a second coin out and said “And this was for making it so special” and she laid a second Krugerrand on the table. “And this one….” she laid a third coin on the table, “… he said was a retainer for future services. He told me that he could arrange it so that his business travels would bring him to Atlanta one night a month. He said that he would very much appreciate it if I would join him at his hotel when he did.” DeeDee laughed, “So even though I’ve been a whore since I was sixteen, now at close to forty, I am finally a high-priced whore.”

Bonnie cringed at both the explicit payment for her ‘services’ and for her self-description as a whore. Yet, it was clear that neither she nor her daughter appeared to be demeaned by the term. She was sure that for Bailey, the fact she’d heard all about how Caitlin wasn’t the least bit ashamed of her mother’s years as a sex worker prepared her for this… as had Slosh’s tale of her life prior to meeting Mike. Bonnie knew full well that it was not just random chance that had brought the particular set of girls and women, with unusual histories, into her life. Bonnie’s belief in the providence of God was much stronger than it had been a year ago.

Misty asked, “Why do you think he gave you these weird coins?”

“I asked Mr. Big that later. He told me that some years ago, Mr. Dallas had been involved in some sort of business deal overseas that had gone bad. Due to some sort of legal problems, his partners in the deal gave him close to a hundred of them to square their debt. Not knowing what to do with them, he just put them into a safe-deposit box. It was Mr. Big’s idea for Mr. Dallas to pay me with them. From what he said, I can pretty much expect I’ll get one each time I meet Mr. Dallas in Atlanta. He suggested that I simply put them someplace safe as sort of a retirement account.”

Bailey then filled in what her mother had not, “So, Mom will be having her first night with Mr. Dallas two weeks from tomorrow. It has already been planned.”

DeeDee nodded, “He sent me a text yesterday asking if that date would work for me. It seems he has a meeting in Charlotte that day, so he’ll take a commuter flight to Atlanta and fly home the next morning… after spending the night with me at the Airport Hilton. Though Brother Paul has been reluctant to make me a referral, I am convinced that God has opened this door for me to serve him.”

Once DeeDee’s story was over, it was Bonnie’s turn to tell about her weekend. Her description of the party brought them right through dessert. Before they left the restaurant, Bonnie asked DeeDee if she could help Cooper in setting up and supervising the Euro-Club party on Saturday. “I should be home by eight, so after that, you can leave if you need to.”

“I’d love to help. When do I need to be at your house?”

Misty said, “The party officially starts at 6:30, but if the weather holds the pool will be open starting at 3:30. And I have promised to do a photoshoot of Joanne before the party begins, I plan to do that about 4:00 or 4:30 because that will give me the best light.”

Bailey added “A nude photo shoot. Joanne is the first of the club members to turn eighteen.”

Misty nodded, “Yes, I have pretty much promised to do a nude shoot of each of the members for their 18th birthday present. Actually, the plan for Saturday is I’m going to shoot Everleigh McMaster too since she will be coming to the party and she has already turned eighteen. But me shooting naked pictures is way less than what Mom has promised to Rebecca’s boyfriend, Samuel, when he turns eighteen.”

Bailey laughed, and Misty just grinned, which left Bonnie to tell, with chagrin, what she’d promised to give Samuel for his 18th birthday and why… “and though almost immediately after I’d said it, I wished I hadn’t, but I will carry through if he wants me to.”

“Oh, he wants to,“ Misty assured her. “Oh yes! He wants that more than you know.”

DeeDee was still laughing as they headed out the door.

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I mostly agree with the whole prostitution thing, but if I remember right, didn't God forbid temple prostitutes in the early Hebrew temples? Eli's sons sure got into some trouble for stuff like that it seems. But the general idea of sexual service as a form of love and worship is surely biblical I think.

And what about adultery? if Mr. Dallas' wife refused to give him sex, but also would be upset if he looked elsewhere, that's wrong, but unless she gives her consent, it seems that he committed adultery. It would be better for him to tell his wife his needs and see if she agrees to him seeking other women to do what she could not.

Me gusta

05 may 2023

This was a great moment in Lamar's sexual apprenticeship, being given responsibility for introducing sex-positive responsibility to DJ, and seeing the end of the doghouse after being a creep with Byron's mom. Deedee's story was a little cringey, so I'm hoping for more of a resolution of the moral issues around sacred prostitution.

The passage that intrigues me most seems like a throwaway, but maybe it's setting us up for something later: "Lilly opened. 'Your meeting is to help set out a research agenda for a project on the suppression of sexual expression as juxtaposed with the expansion of other freedoms from the Enlightenment to the present.'" I wonder if this is a fair premise. I have to admit that…

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25 abr 2023

This chapter is a real eye-opener about how people can use Christianity, Jesus, and God to justify their sexual activities. Sarah’s explanation of how semen is God’s gift to women is something new. In my neck of the woods, ejaculation, masturbation, or spilling the man’s seed, was considered a terrible sin. The poor guys always felt guilty getting off. The sex-negative philosophy of the church destroyed many lives in our communities.

Theologically speaking, St. Paul’s hymn of Jesus in Philippians can be considered one of the reasons the church rejects sexuality:

“In Greek, the verb kenosein means “to let go,” or “to empty oneself,” and this is the word Paul chooses at the key moment in his celebrated teaching in…

Me gusta
26 abr 2023
Contestando a

I understand your motives and I applaud you for it. Nobody is perfect, and should not be. We are all trying to make sense of a world filled with tragedy. As you said, before the Council of Nicea, Christianity had a variety of theological strands, that were crushed by the winners. Fortunately for us, some monks saw fit to hide important manuscripts to be hopefully discovered by people who would understand the writings better. In 1945 at Nag Hammadi important Gnostic manuscripts were found with the Gospel of Thomas, one of the truly mystical expressions of Yeshua. As I implied in my comments above, mainstream Christianity has no legitimacy concerning our sexuality. We have to work it out ourselves, with…

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