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In Search of the final Freedom: Chapter 50-A

Updated: May 16, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel:


Sounding the Clarian Call

Chapter 50

The First Week (part 2A)


Misty’s Day

Surprisingly, school was still uneventful. No calls to the office for any of the club members despite the fact that links to dozens of good quality photos of the girls at South Beach had now begun circulating. As Misty had hoped, the attention had completely shifted from Bailey as more and more beach photos were shared around the Jeff Davis student body. Surprisingly, among the newly released photos, it was a full-frame photo of Joanne walking up the pool steps in her club bikini that received the most “likes” by a long-shot. It wasn’t from the party, but rather it was one of the photos Misty had shot the day they first tried the club outfits on. Perhaps it was the very visually striking heart-shaped patch of purple pubic hair that made the image stand out. Or perhaps it was that the tiny bit of wet fabric in her micro-bikini clung to her body making it nearly see-through. But Misty thought it was the overall confidence and disregard for what social convention expected that made it so popular. It is clear from the image that Joanne Adams didn’t give a fuck what people thought she should do, she was going to do what she liked… and that resonated with teenagers everywhere.

The talk at lunch was again about the party. There were more clarifying questions about house rules and discussions about what everyone was wearing. It seems that the girls who’d gone to Miami would be loaning out much of what they bought. Misty let them know that her father was going to have the pool heated up for the party, “Though he is clear that on Sunday he will be cutting off the gas heater until next spring.”

Someone asked about any rules for swimsuits, and Misty just said “Anything we wore in Miami is fine, though until the party is over at midnight, tops have to stay on…” she paused, “But that does not mean they have to actually be covering you up… it just has to be on. But if anyone else asks, I will deny that I said that.”

Her friends laughed.

Then seriously she said, “You all know, even if swimsuits come off, accidentally, all my parents will do is tell you to put it back on. You wouldn’t actually be in trouble given the party is just us.” Then she added, “Oh, Bailey’s mom will also be there. But don’t worry, she is fully on board and will do exactly like Rebecca’s mom did at the End-of-School party.”

Samuel jumped in from the end of the table “So will she have a threesome with your parents after the party, like I saw her doing last time.”

Misty smiled. She knew everyone knew that story. “Not as far as I know. But, what Rebecca’s mom and my dad did after the party last time wasn’t planned either. But again, Mrs. Ericson has spent a night in bed with my parents once a month ever since then…so perhaps.”

Lamar’s Day

Being grounded sucks.


Bonnie’s Day

Bonnie’s first official speaking engagement was mostly a bust. By the time she’d driven to the enormous Atlanta airport, flown to Tampa, and checked into an airport hotel, she’d had a full day. All week she’d focused on this first professional presentation. She was even obsessed with what to wear. She was sure it had to be just right.

On Thursday morning she had worked to learn to use the digital projector that would show her visuals and then shown how to combine them in a manner that didn’t look clunky. After lunch, the conference room was full when she gave her presentation to Amy, Cooper, Lilly, Nell, and six more friends of the foundation. It hadn’t gone badly exactly, but once she was done, she was thankful Amy had set up the trial run.

In Tampa Friday evening, Bonnie arrived at the address she’d been given. The location was in a light industrial complex and was nothing like the upscale club in Miami. It wasn’t that the Tampa club was seedy, but it was certainly utilitarian. Since the club opened at 6:00 on Friday night, she more or less arrived when the staff did. Therefore, the tour her contact person gave her was of an utterly empty club. One of the things that stood out to her was that the Tampa club had far more “playrooms” than the Miami club had. Each was a small room with a double bed, though two were larger for group play. One of the larger playrooms had two king-sized beds pushed together and the other had two pairs of that set up. The larger of the two rooms also had bench seating space that the host said was for those who wanted to watch but not participate, though she pointed out that only couples were allowed in the group rooms. In the hallway was a unisex restroom and a gang shower like one would find in a gym locker room, except one entire side of the shower space was open to the hallway. There were other rooms set aside for sex as well: a dungeon room, a porn theater room, a room with an assortment of sofas and sex chairs, and a room that had no furniture at all but the walls and floor were covered with gymnastics pads and held foam geometric shapes. Only the individual playrooms had doors, though all of them had windows that opened to the hallway. Her host explained that should a couple not want to be seen having sex, there were curtains on the inside.

The main club space was simply the open warehouse, there was décor, but it was rather spartan. Bonnie guessed the room had a seating capacity of about three hundred. In addition to many sofas, love seats and overstuffed chairs, it had a large professional bar, two dozen four-place bistro tables, a dance floor, and a stage with two stripper poles. But unlike the Miami club, there was no swimming pool or hot tub. Even more, there was a conspicuous lack of style in the appointments. This was a big city sex club pure and simple.

She was set up to speak in the theater room and she was ready to go at 6:30 as planned. However, in the audience were only four people: her host couple and the couple who owned the club. Bonnie tried not to let her disappointment show and she acted as if a hundred people were in the room. Before she finished, her audience actually doubled in size, bringing it to eight. Further disappointment followed when after she had finished, only the couple who acted as her hosts and were the organizers of a Tampa swinger group stayed to talk to her.

She tried not to show her disappointment and concern that their vision of her raising awareness and funds through speaking at clubs was totally misplaced. Even her talk afterward with the middle-aged couple seemed not to break through their focus on swapping partners.

She’d agreed in advance to stay till eleven at what amounted to an information table set up in the back of the big open warehouse area. Amy had provided her with a table cover with a front drape with the foundation’s name and logo… which just happened to be that artistic image of her and Cooper making love. Much to her surprise, that image got the attention of these swingers, and more than once someone quipped “So is that you?” referring to the metallic gold woman on the table drape and on the front of the tri-fold brochures. When she replied, “Why yes, it is.” It opened the door for conversation about the FFF’s mission to bring sex out of the closet.

There was just something about the place she didn’t like. It felt like a meat market. That didn’t appeal to her. Still, she kept up a positive face and handed out dozens of brochures. Though four different couples asked if she would be interested in “playing,” she declined all offers. When a particularly good-looking couple stayed at her table for quite a while before asking if she would go with them to a playroom; she had been tempted, but she had stayed at her table.

She was back at her hotel by midnight and set her phone for a 7:30 wake-up. Her ride to the nudist resort would pick her up at 9:00 the next morning.

Lamar’s Day

Being grounded still sucks!

That evening Caitlin, Kelli, and Cody all came over to see his sister. At least he got to go skinny dipping with three hot girls, though it felt like he’d once more become the tag-along. Worse yet was that he knew that Sarah was having Lindsey spend the night in her bed; and since Byron’s mom was spending the night with Beth Ann and Calvin Jefferson, Byron was spending the night in Bailey’s bed; AND, his dad had been invited over for “dinner” with Brandy and Dwight Connelly which Lamar knew meant they would be having sex… and that he might not be back until morning. And to top it off, his mom was speaking at a swinger’s club in Tampa. Everyone was having sex tonight but him.

But, it wasn’t as bad as it could be… In the absence of their parents, Misty and her friends decided to “play” in his parent’s bed because it was bigger than Misty’s and it had the overhead mirror. That meant he was able to look in on their three-girl-one-guy foursome, but when he did it just reminded him that he was grounded and alone. Not that he didn’t watch the great action from behind the sofa and whack off, but even that reminded him that he was all alone tonight.

The only bright spot was although he was grounded tonight, tomorrow he’d be with Sarah most of the day.


Bonnie’s Day

Bonnie found the hour-long drive from the hotel to the resort to be more informative than she’d expected. Her host was a middle-aged woman with fully grey hair, who had been raised as a nudist. It seems Bonnie was wrong to think of the place at which she was speaking as just a resort. It was more like a nudist town with hundreds of year-round residents. The resort and its facilities was the center of the town, but she’d not expected there existed a year-round community who lived there. Bonnie took the time to learn all she could about nudism. She was surprised to hear there was quite a lot of hostility by “traditional nudists” who totally divorced nudism from sexuality toward those who saw nudism as part of a lifestyle that included recreational non-monogamy.

Bonnie’s host, Nancy, said she and her husband were supporters of the new view of nude recreation where freely shared sexuality was openly acknowledged to be part of the milieu. She made an effort to say that she and her husband were not swingers, even while she explained that they embraced non-monogamy as part of their nudist credo. Evidently, the traditional form of nudism was on the decline. Clubs were now full of elderly people and were closing due to declining membership. At the same time, those clubs that embraced sexuality as normal were growing because they were effectively bringing in younger members.

Nancy explained “While public sex is not allowed at our resort, we do have a club building that is set aside for couples or groups to have semi-public casual sex with people they meet. We call it our playhouse. You see, I’ve been a nudist all my life, and I’ve always known that, despite what they say in public, a large percentage of traditional nudists have casual recreational sex when they visit our community… or at least did so when they were younger. In my experience, even the most adamant traditional nudists simply wait to get behind closed doors before they jump someone they have met during the day. Though they would be loathed to admit it, I would suspect you would be hard-pressed to find any of these elderly traditional nudists, who loudly claim there is no link between nudism and sex, that didn’t have sex with their nudist friends dozens of times back when they were younger.”

“Growing up living in a nudist resort community, my world was filled with a constant stream of visitors. Even now, for half the year, up to 90% of the people on the grounds are visiting for between a few days to a couple of weeks. And a great many of them, not most, but a great many, come with the full intent of having sex with someone other than their spouse during that time. Then as now, there are couples who come every year at the same time to meet up with the same people…and have sex. That was true with my parents just as it is with me and my husband. There are four couples who have been sharing our bed when they visit the resort for decades. None of them have sex outside their marriage except when they are here, and usually they only do it with us.” She laughed, “But to be honest, most of the visitors with whom my husband and I play are not regulars. Many have never been to a nudist resort before and it is not uncommon to find we are in bed with a couple who have never before sexually shared with another couple. I really enjoy sharing with first-timers.”

Bonnie just nodded and did her best to file away all the new information. She also took note of how Nancy used the word sharing multiple times. While it could be thought of as a euphemism for sex, Bonnie suspected that was only partially so. That word spoke to how she saw sex… as sharing herself with others. Bonnie liked sex outside of marriage conceptualized that way.

“Before she passed three years ago, my mother told me that going back to the early 60s at least, sex has always been part of the nudist scene. It was just kept well hidden behind closed doors. She and my father met at a resort similar to ours. They were married forty-one years before he passed and they were never monogamous…never. Yet when talking to visiting press and most resort visitors, they claimed they were. Around her friends and even around my brother and I, casual non-monogamy was simply a fact of life. It wasn’t until I was around ten when I realized that most parents didn’t share their bed with others.”

Bonnie laughed and said, “My kids had the same kind of revelation when they realized that none of their friends had ever seen their parents having sex, while at their home it was just a normal part of life.”

Nancy nodded, “As a general rule, my parents reserved their own bed for friends, so when one of my parents had sex with someone they’d met out by the resort pool that day, they usually did it in the other couple’s room in the resort. But when the other couple were tent camping or had their kids staying with them, she would bring them to our house and do it in the living room. The rule was if I came home to find Mom or Dad getting it on with a resort visitor, I’d just go to my room until they were done. That doesn’t mean I didn’t see, only that I pretended I didn’t. But that only happened a couple of times a year and those encounters tended to be quick. With their friends from the community, they would go on for hours, but that was done in their bedroom. Because I’d seen it all my life, I didn’t think anything of it until I hit puberty.”

Bonnie had wondered what their new lifestyle would be like over the long haul, and she was very interested in this woman’s story. She asked, “So may I assume that some of you simply decided to go public with what has always been going on?”

“Actually no,” Nancy replied. “Outside forces changed the atmosphere. Over time, nudity became less taboo, and hence the fear of government attacks on nudism receded. You need to understand that the insistence that nudism was asexual was forced on nudists in the US in an effort to make nudism legal. That fiction became a core part of the naturist/nudist community for decades out of necessity, but that was not always the case. When the modern nudist movement began in Europe in the early 20th century, free-love was considered just as normal and natural as going unclothed. It was part of a neo-pagan and romantic naturists movement that began in the waning days of the 1800s. But nudists began to get more press attention between the wars, and even in Europe, they began to pretend that the freedom to have sex when and where you want was not part of the freedom to go without clothes. In the US it was just more so. But over the decades since then, nudity and sex outside of marriage have lost their taboo nature. By the 1990’s, younger visitors expressed annoyance of the no-touching in public rules and we attracted fewer and fewer young people.”

“Around 2000, a large but struggling club decided to embrace sexuality. Not by allowing sex in public, but by allowing more natural public displays of affection anywhere on the grounds. In time they opened a space that was expressly for visitors to use for sex during the day. The next year they opened what amounted to a swinger’s nightclub on their grounds. Those changes turned their finances around and for the first time in decades, they began to grow. But, they were thrown out of the AANR, which at the time was the only national association of nude resorts. Since then, clubs all over the country have been changing in order to survive financially. Some have become adult-only and allow actual sex in public, while others simply relaxed the rules and acknowledge that sex is a natural part of all nudism, as we do. We have a playhouse and openly sexual adult-only parties. Yet during the day, the grounds are still family-friendly with no sexual touching allowed. After 9:00 PM, the central pool complex becomes adult-only. At that pool at night, public displays of physical affection are perfectly acceptable as long as it doesn’t go as far as penetration. So, there is a lot of playful touching. It is not uncommon for couples to engage in foreplay out in the pools before going to the playhouse to screw. The hostility between the two groups has gotten progressively worse. Some of the largest resorts actually split into two, as ours has.”

By the time they arrived, Bonnie had learned quite a lot. She was hopeful this presentation would go better than the one last night. Even before they got out of the car Bonnie asked about attire. She’d worn a tropical outfit, but she didn’t know what was expected. Her host explained that theirs was a nudist community, not clothing optional as some resorts had become. So, Bonnie set up and spoke in only her shoes and jewelry. She was glad she’d put a belly and chest chain in her handbag before leaving home for just this eventuality… after all, it was one thing to go nude, but something quite different to be caught truly naked.

She was excited to find a room full of very interested people. There were perhaps thirty, some were older and two couples seemed to be in their twenties. but most seemed to be in their mid-30s through mid-50s. The presentation went off nearly perfectly, but it turned out the Q&A time became the real heart of her visit to the resort. Given what Nancy had told Bonnie about her life growing up in the resort, there were a surprising number of questions about her family in which sex was treated as a normal part of life. After a couple of questions, she realized that there was a group of perhaps five couples who seemed to reference they had children that were generating the family questions. She finally asked, “Are you asking how your non-monogamous lifestyle fits into parenting?”

The group of parents seemed to look at one another, then one of the women answered “Yes. That is exactly what we are interested in. You see most of us have been nudists for years so to our kids going naked at resorts like this is quite normal, but we have hidden the fact we play with our friends…you know sexually I mean. But now some of our kids are old enough to start asking questions and we really are unsure what to do.”

Bonnie nodded, “Yes, I know what you mean,” before launching into a discussion about normalizing sexuality in the home and how she and Cooper had done it since their kids were small. After about ten minutes she wrapped up with, “So to my fifteen-year-old and seventeen-year-old, seeing people having sex, any people having sex, is not disturbing in the least. Sure they might find it hot, but it’s not something they think should not be done around them.”

The same woman asked, “Even if you or your husband are with someone else?”

Bonnie nodded, “Yes, even when one of them finds me or my husband in bed with another man or woman … or both of us together with a friend or friends, to them, it’s just a normal part of our family life. The flip side is that now they are sexually active, they make no effort to hide when they have sex from their father and I.” She gave a few examples and then without meaning to, she mentioned “Tonight at my home, there will be a birthday party for one of my daughter’s friends. As with the last party like this at the end of the last school year, I fully expect the beds in the kid’s wing to be used for sex on and off all evening. That is why we have posted house rules that govern sexual behavior. Not surprisingly number one is, no means no. But number two is that bedroom doors must be kept open at all times for safety, yet number three is that every penis must be covered with a condom before it is put in a vagina. So, my kid’s friends know that we treat sex as something normal and healthy, even if we have and enforce rules.”

That led to her telling a few anecdotes from the End-of School party and how the chaperones were not there to stop the kids from having sex, but to ensure it was fully consensual and they used condoms. “By making it very clear that the teens who visit our home are free to have sex while they are there, but it must be done where they are fully visible from the hallway, we force them to make choices that most adults don’t. My mantra is that if you are ashamed to be seen doing something sexual, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it has both inhibited the kids from premature sex and empowered them to fully embrace it when they are ready.”

After a few more questions, she told the group about converting the guest room into a playroom for her daughter’s friends who can’t have sex at their own homes. “After consultations with my husband and our two teenage kids, we decided to put a selection of stylish and tasteful photos of me having sex with a variety of partners on the walls of the room. Everyone in the family agreed that if I am going to tell the teens they shouldn’t be ashamed of people seeing them have sex in person, certainly I shouldn’t be ashamed of them seeing quality photos of me doing the same.” She was pleased that her answer seemed to resonate with the audience. A woman asked, “So, do your kid’s friends use the room you set aside for them to have sex?”

“Yes,” Bonnie answered. “But to be clear one of my daughter’s friends and her boyfriend were having sex at our home half a year before we set up the room for that purpose. Among the others who have used the room since we turned it into a playroom right at the beginning of summer is a lovely sixteen-year-old named Mimi.” Bonnie laughed to herself, “I’ve known Mimi since she was seven and she was in my Brownie troop. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how quickly little girls turn into young women.”

She got a round of agreement from the audience.

“In Mimi’s case, she now has both a woman’s body and a woman’s appetites. At that End-of-School party that I mentioned, she was one of those who took advantage of one of our bedrooms. Then over the summer, she used our playroom perhaps half a dozen times. We don’t make a production of it when couples like that come over. As often as not, I don’t even see them come or go. We live out in the country and have never locked our front door. As long as they text or call me or my daughter in advance that they want to use the room, they can come right in the house and up to the playroom. My daughter likely knows far more about how often her friends have used the room than I do since the playroom door is right across from her bedroom. Though I should note that over the summer, my adult friends used the playroom a good many times, going off for a tryst while everyone else was enjoying an afternoon sunning naked by our swimming pool.”

She continued to answer questions right through lunch and beyond. The questions only ended when her host said they must head out or she might not make her flight.

On the drive from the resort to the airport, Bonnie’s host filled in parts of her own story she’d left out before. “I really liked everything you had to say, in fact, the way you describe your home today is similar to how I was raised and how my husband and I raised our own kids. You see, my father was twelve years older than my mother and they met at a nude resort, not ours, but something similar, and they had sex the first day they met, though they were both at the resort with other people. That was one of their favorite stories to tell for decades. As I said, they were never monogamous. Initially, they lived in different cities, and for two years they met at the nudist resort with increasing frequency, even though they both had active sex lives back home. They got married and my brother was born, but soon they realized the traditional suburban life was not for them. My dad worked in Tampa as an engineer, but they bought a small home in our community and lived there the rest of their lives. Now, while my father had a job in town, my mother was a stay-at-home mom, as most women were back then. She was quite attractive and during the season when the resort was busy, she regularly had sex with visitors. I wasn’t around yet, but from what she told me, in the summers when she was still in her 20’s, she was having sex with men and couples several times a week while dad was at work. Not that he could object, since on the weekends he was just as popular with women.” She laughed, “You see, he had one of those penises that garners attention with women at a nude resort. Fully flaccid, it hung down well past his balls. According to my mother, women would all but drag him to their room to try it out.”

Bonnie put in, “My husband isn’t hung like that, but he is quite popular with my friends. He did not sleep alone last night.”

Nancy laughed too, “Been there, done that… many times. The truth is I can’t understand how a forced monogamous marriage is supposed to work. I know I couldn’t do it and I wouldn’t want to try.”

Bonnie agreed before the woman went on “My mother didn’t tell me until after my dad had passed, but they had not actually planned to have a second child. I had no idea he might not be my biological father until I was in my forties. They never gave me a hint I was unplanned even though I am seven years younger than my brother, nor that my mother isn’t sure who my biological father is. She said it is most likely the man I call my father, but it could also be one of several other men… some of whom she didn’t even remember their names. I’ve never even sought any sort of genetic test to find out for sure if my dad was my biological father. But I say that because I think when you talk to people about free-love and open sexuality in a family setting, we should acknowledge the potential pitfalls. I did quite well and my husband and I have been married for over thirty years and raised two wonderful boys. But not all kids do so well in a home where sex is out in the open. Just as in any home, some kids don’t transition to adulthood well.”

Bonnie quietly asked, “What do you mean?”

Nancy answered, “My childhood life was filled with contradictions. I was told we were proud to be nudists, yet I knew never to talk about the fact we were nudists at our public school. My parents were quite open with my brother and me that sex with their friends and visitors to the resort was just a normal part of their life, just as normal as the fact we spent most of our lives in the nude. Yet, I was taught to pretend that they didn’t do so, especially to people who did not live in our community. Once I was in my teens and began to have sex myself, the same was true. At my home or at the homes of my friends who lived in the community I could have sex pretty much whenever, wherever and with whomever I wanted; but I couldn’t talk about any of that with outsiders, even my close friends at school. While for me, nudism and free-love are inexorably joined, I understood from a young age that the outside world did not like how we lived, and so we put on a public lie and parroted the line that nudism isn’t related to free-sex.”

“I was seven or eight when I first saw my older brother having sex. You see, he was only fifteen, but he was good-looking beyond his actual years and his dick, if anything, was bigger than my father’s…and it wasn’t teen girls who wanted him to have sex with them, it was grown women. Women the age of my mother and sometimes even my grandmother. Because he was fit, handsome, well-hung, and had the stamina of a teenager, starting when he was fifteen, he had women lining up for him to do them. In the summers while he was in high school, it was not unusual for him to screw two or even three women over the course of a day. And by the time he was sixteen, he wasn’t just doing visitors, he was doing my mother’s community friends too. The first time I saw him screwing a woman, it was at my best friend’s house and he was doing her mother.

At first, our mom tried to put on the brakes, but she soon gave up. I actually remember the day he had sex with her best friend right in front of her and me. We were all in the kitchen and my brother came into the house. Of course, we were all nude and he had a half hard-on as usual. Even though he was only sixteen, we all knew he had been doing her over at her house a couple of times a week for the last month because he liked telling us all about it.

In an aside Nancy explained “I was too young then to understand that Mrs. Vernon was not just mom’s best friend but her lover. Sure I knew they played in bed, that was why she was at our house that day, but I didn’t understand the emotional aspects of that kind of relationship… even for people who don’t believe in monogamy. So, by having sex with my mom’s girlfriend, my brother was both inserting himself into her adult world and presenting himself as a sort of rival. My guess is that even at fifteen, my brother knew he was inserting himself into Mom’s relationship with Mrs. Vernon and was enjoying it.”

“As soon as he saw Mrs. Vernon, his dick went up to a full erection nearly immediately. We all saw his reaction and how she gave him “that” look. Mom just threw up her hands and told my brother he might as well fuck her friend right then and there to get it over with… and he did, right in front of me and Mom. I’m sure she didn’t really mean for him to do it and he probably knew she didn’t, but he just took he hand, guided her over to the kitchen counter where she leaned over, and slid his dick right into her. Looking back I’m sure it took my mother a lot of self-control to just stand there and watch them. It didn’t take but about five minutes, but still. After that, she stopped trying to stop it, but from then on she and my brother’s relationship started downhill."

"Until he moved away when he was twenty, pretty much all my mother’s friends were having sex with her son. I don’t know how many times I saw him with her friends over the years. And…” she paused, “because of that, he never learned to have real relationships, especially with girls his age. Sex with women, older women, was pretty much all he knew. The reality is, teenage girls are quite rare at nudist resorts, but women in their forties are plentiful. My parents should have intervened. They should have made sure he was with age-appropriate girls and taught him that sex is not a substitute for a relationship. But they didn’t. And not to go into it, but his life has been a wreck, he’s struggled with alcohol and has been married four times.”

Bonnie saw her point.

“My parents did much better with me and put age limits on who I could have sex with. They worked to teach me how to have both great sex and peer relationships. Though, it took me several years to understand that relationships need two-way respect, not simply the boys doing what I wanted. You see, my mother was very, very supportive of me and wanted me to have it all; but, looking back, her support crossed into actively promoting engaging in sexual behaviors before I was really ready and wanting them based on my own libido. I started giving blowjobs when I was eleven, imitating what I’d seen my mother do. I started screwing teenage boys the next year because that is what my parents and brother did, and because every time I did, my mother praised me. We didn’t have an open-door rule like you have, it was just that nobody ever thought of closing the bedroom door, so anytime someone had sex in our little house, everyone knew and could see if they wanted. I was started on birth control within weeks of my first period. Pretty much at the same time my libido kicked in and after that I really did want it… all the time. By the time I turned fourteen, I had already mounted every fifteen and sixteen-year-old boy in our community, and done quite a few resort visitors as well. And I want you to understand, those boys, not me, were the ones taken advantage of. For the first five years I was having sex, I was always the one initiating it and we always started with me on top. My mother taught me that unless I was big enough to push a boy off of me, I should start on top and stay there until either we both were done or I was sure he would only do what I wanted. And I was sure the boys were ready for and wanted to have sex with me because, after all, we were nude and I could see I gave them an erection. Or so I thought that a hard-on meant he wanted me.”

Bonnie saw what she was saying. Evidently, as a thirteen-year-old girl, Nancy had effectively become a sexual predator. She could hear the regret in the woman’s voice. She’d never really thought of how a parent could give her daughter too much power over boys.

“Of course, I now realize that an erection is not consent, but at the time that distinction was lost on me. But unlike with my brother, at least they made sure the guys I did it with were age appropriate. Their rule was the guy couldn’t be more than three years older than me. In most cases, it was expected that if I wanted to have sex with a boy, he had to come to our house. And I nearly always did it in my own bed, though I didn’t get into trouble if Mom found me doing it on the living room sofa. I was also given the freedom to make exceptions to the, sex-at-home rule; but I had to justify it to my parents. The most common reason I had for doing it someplace like in the woods was when I was with a boy visiting the resort who had never been with a girl. Looking back, it amazes me how many of my sex partners before I was about seventeen had never even touched a girl’s breast before meeting me, let alone put their dick in one.”

“In time though, I began to realize that a hard-on did not automatically mean a guy was ready and wanting sex with me. In the process of growing up, I came to understand that the real joy of sex came from sharing, not simply using others. By the time I was sixteen or so, pleasing my partner had become very important to me. To this day I have a guilt I can’t evade for pushing so many boys into meeting my sexual desires regardless of their emotional or psychological needs in those early years. With my own boys, we focused on that. We put fourteen as their minimum age for oral sex and fifteen for intercourse. We also narrowed the age gap to two years. On top of that, we had a no virgin rule. Our boys were only allowed to have sex with a girl if she was already sexually active unless she was seventeen or above.”

Once again, Nancy had brought things up that Bonnie had never really thought through. “That is a great idea,” Bonnie said before explaining the rules and guidelines they had set for Lamar.

After some discussion about Lamar and Sarah’s relationship, Nancy went back to finish what she wanted to say. “Thus, while I was able to choose my own sex partners, it was effectively supervised by my parents. It helped that I was a good kid and really never tried to go around them. And it worked out for me…my mother’s focus on my empowerment had the upside that I’ve never tolerated guys who want to control me and even as a young teen I was not easy prey for older sexual predators. I came out much better prepared for a successful transition to adulthood than many of the other girls who grew up in our community…most of the girls in fact. What I’m saying is that I love how you promote a positive view of sex even in the home, but you need to also make sure people understand teenagers need guidance and boundaries as their sexuality develops. From what you said at lunch, I think you try to do that, but you need to make sure you convey the messages of responsibility and community along with that of sexual freedom. The simple truth is that teens are easily exploited if by those who are not interested in their welfare. My parents let that happen to my brother, but in trying to prevent that, they let me do it to young teenage boys. The hard truth is that sexual freedom is a road filled with dangers for the unwary.”

Bonnie had a whole new passel of things to think about by the time she got out of the car at the Tampa airport. Though Friday had been a bust, Saturday had been truly successful on many levels.

Misty’s Day

Over the week, just as the Weather Channel had said it would, the temperature rose quite a bit to give what Grandma Campbell called an Indian summer. By Saturday, the temperature was in the low 80’s. Sarah came over at noon to join Caitlin and Kelli in helping to set up for the party. It only took a few inflatable palm trees and the two Miami posters Misty had in her closet to give the game room minimal decor. To help with the atmosphere Misty’s dad allowed her to hang a large underwater photo of her mother and Heather from their cruise in the game room. He also let her move the big photo of her with the Silverfire Guild on the nude beach from the upstairs hallway downstairs as well. Soft drinks, cups, and plates for the pizza were laid out on the wet bar. By 1:00 all was ready.

Since the prep work for the party was well ahead of schedule, Misty’s dad approved sending out a text that the pool would be open an hour earlier than planned, 2:30, for anyone who wanted to come that early. With over an hour to relax before the first guest arrived, Misty, Caitlin, and Kelli chilled, nude in the water. They knew it would be a long afternoon and night. Sarah and Lamar got busy on the day bed by the pool. Misty didn’t say anything since both Kelli and Caitlin had seen those two going at it more than once before.

Before the first guest arrived to swim at 2:25, everyone had donned their swimwear. By 3:00 the pool deck was filled. Misty concluded that her father had called Mrs. Ericson and Mrs. Hildebrandt because they had both arrived with their daughters right at 2:30. While she’d expected Rebecca’s mom to wear a skimpy bikini, she’d not expected to see Bailey’s mom in one of the tiny thongs Byron’s mother had bought in Miami. And the honest truth was that she looked even better in it than Ms. Simms had. She was hot, and Misty knew full well there was a new MILF on the block. She also couldn’t miss how Bailey beamed at all the lustful looks the boys gave her mother. Rebecca had resented the attention her mother had gotten from her peers at the End-of-School Party, but Bailey did no such thing.

By 3:30, everyone who was coming had arrived. Of the twenty club members, only Haley wasn’t there since she was riding in her last rodeo before the state championships. Thus, with the addition of Everleigh, Naomi, and Mimi, there were twenty-three girls. Additionally, there was a total of fifteen boys. Seven of the older club girls had brought their boyfriends, six of the younger crew had dates (including Lamar and Byron), and Everleigh and Naomi had both brought guys from the Youth Group. With that many people, the party was no small affair.

Misty set her tripod up and decided on a plan for Joanne’s birthday photoshoot. While the treehouse would be her first location, Misty had decided to also shoot using the iron bench swing and around the hammocks. She gathered up Caitlin (who would be her assistant), Joanne, and Everleigh. She actually hadn’t fully grasped that there would be nearly forty people at the party. She knew she should have, but hadn’t. Before they began, Misty let both girls know if they weren’t comfortable doing this in front of all these people, they could do it another day. Everleigh laughed, “The whole point is to pose nude in front of a bunch of people. Isn’t it?”

Not surprisingly, there were more than a few onlookers when Misty asked Joanne if she was ready to start shooting. Misty, looking to the dozen boys who had gathered, said “None of you should be watching us do a nude shoot. So go back over to the pool deck and at least pretend not to notice what we are doing.” She’d also noticed phones in people’s hands, so she added, “For those who have never been to one of our events, no photos of nudity at any time. Not here, and not later when couples are using the upstairs bedrooms. You can shoot all the bikini pics you want, but we simply can’t have topless or nude photos out in the wild until everyone is eighteen.” She knew that the older club girls would enforce the rule rigidly.

While the boys moved away from Lamar’s old treehouse, Joanne and Everleigh both untied their string bikinis and walked to the treehouse ladder in the nude. Right away Misty began giving them directions and composing photos.

Misty shooting Joanne and Everleigh

One of Misty's photos

The shoot went easily and rather quickly. Misty was sure that was because she was getting better at glamour photography in general and had done several outdoor nude shoots over the summer. There was no question both girls were disappointed when she let them know it was time to put their swimsuits on again… as were all the boys who were, not so covertly, watching from the pool deck. For the next hour, Misty shot photos of all the club girls, making sure to get good shots of each of them in their skimpy bikinis, including the three visitors. All of the new girls (and three visitors) chose from the assortment of available loaners. Thus for the majority of the girls, the first order of business after Lamar and Sarah had given them a house tour, had been picking out a bikini.

Though there was a constant stream of “accidental” exposures when the extremely small bikini tops slid to the side, without Haley’s presence, there was no sex in or around the pool… well at least no overt sex. Misty was pretty sure there was some underwater oral stuff, and some pretty heavy making out… but there was no outdoor fucking. However, Misty got a stream of reports about the foursome on her parent’s bed. Evidently, Bailey, Byron, Celia, and Louis put on quite a show inside the house. From what Misty heard, they went on for nearly an hour with both girls doing it at length with both guys. She was not surprised when Sarah told her that there were seven people watching when Bailey had Louis up her ass while Byron filled her pussy. Misty suspected that she was one of the few people at the party who had not gone in to see the foursome who were totally visible to anyone in the living room.

By 6:30, the time the party had been scheduled to start, the sun was off the pool area and it began to cool rapidly. As planned, the party moved indoors. Just about the time everyone was dressed in their “Miami Beach” street ware, the pizza arrived. Overall, the girl’s outfits were rather less provocative than Misty had expected. There were several semi-sheer tops, but only Sarah and Bailey went with actual see-through. While Misty (and everyone else) could easily see through their sarongs to the bare breasts & thong bottoms beneath, the outfits were actually the ones worn out on the streets in Miami Beach… so they had done what Mrs. C. said. Though the yellow-green sarong Baily wore had been borrowed from Caitlin.

Around 10:00, Misty noticed…could not help but notice… that both girls had somehow lost the thong bikini bottoms they’d worn under those see-through sarongs. Nobody said anything about it. Nor was anything said about the fact nearly all of the girls in skirts or waist wraps had lost their panties/bikini bottoms as well.

As with the last club party, Misty spent the entire time playing hostess and photographer. This time she didn’t even take a short “play break” as she had at the End-of-School Party… well not until after the official party was over and the guys had left. Just like the adult chaperones, she did regular tours of the bedrooms. Having learned what worked to make the last party memorable, she went into every room and chatted with those she found in the beds no matter what they were doing.

Over three-quarters of the times she walked in on couples/threesomes having sex, it was the senior girls (which included Everleigh, Naomi, and Mimi). And, it appeared that half of those girls had made two (or in the case of the birthday girl, more) trips upstairs with different playmates. Only once the entire night did she walk in on a new club girl having vaginal sex unless Sarah or Bailey was involved in the grouping. That wasn’t a bad thing, rather, as she thought about it, she decided it was a good sign that the new members weren’t getting pressured into doing things they did not want to do.

One new and unexpected thing she’d found was that in the guest/playroom, someone had brought in three chairs for spectators. When after a few hours, it became evident that the chairs were in use every single time she’d looked in, she decided this had been planned and word had been spread without her knowledge. Though the younger girls and their dates were less likely to be having sex, she’d found all eight of the new girls and their dates in those chairs at least once, especially when it was their peers putting on the show. When she’d walked in on her brother & Sarah in a foursome with Hanna Corley & Troy Tinker, all four chairs were filled plus a couple was looking in from the doorway. And when Megan LaCroix got busy with her date James Greer, there were just as many who came up to watch them. What was more, those in the chairs were not sitting passively watching, but rather, most of the time she found ongoing conversations, sometimes involving those on the bed as well. After thinking about it, she supposed someone (or someones) had decided to directly apply the lessons they had learned in Miami about sex as a positive social activity. And, she decided that the same person or group decided to give Misty and her parents plausible deniability. Her crew was learning.

Lamar’s Day

Being grounded had been terrible, but Saturday made up for it all. From the moment Sarah arrived in the late morning, they were copping feels and kissing on the sly. Once the decorations were done, she led him to the poolside day bed and they went at it while Misty, Kelli, and Caitlin sunned in the nude nearby. Their time together had been wonderful, ending with both of them cumming hard as she rode his penis between her pussy lips as it lay flat on his belly. And that was just the beginning. Unlike the day before when he felt like he had been demoted to the tag-along little brother, once everyone had arrived, he was treated just like any of the other Euro-Club boyfriends and dates, even by his sister. The way she changed how she treated him both confused and infuriated him… but he knew complaining wouldn’t help.

Misty asked him and Sarah to act as greeters and tour guides for those who had been at their home in the past year. She explained that It was an important job because the house tour would likely be quite an eye-opening experience for most of those people. Additionally, she emphasized that during the tour they would also need to go over the posted house rules and what they meant. So, Lamar and Sarah took the assignment seriously.

They took those who had not previously been at the Campbell home in groups of three to five as they arrived. They first took them from the foyer to the game room. Lamar knew the photos on the walls of even that room would be quite the eye-opener for both the new girls and their dates. Every single group immediately gravitated to the photo of Misty and the Silverfire Guild that normally hung in the upstairs hallway. In the photo, it is clear that everyone is fully nude. Sarah said, “That is from August. I was nearby, and I was completely naked too. There are a good many photos of the nude beach in the photobook in the play room; but Misty wanted this picture taken for her collection of all her friends with whom she’s had sex.” Inevitably one person would ask or at least hint the question “Which ones of them did she have sex with,” to which Sarah would respond, “Every one of them.” Then she’d add “But, so did Haley, though I only had sex with about half of them.”

From that deliberately shocking beginning, they took the groups to his father’s study. Though everyone coming to the party had seen the nude photos of Mrs. C. on the internet, seeing the room filled with large framed nude images of her was something quite different. The boys openly ogled. The girls gushed in admiration of both Lamar’s mom and the photos.

The second stop for each group was Mr. & Mrs. C.’s bedroom. Their eyes got big at the erotic sculptures, the nude painting of Mrs. C. and the mirror over the bed, but when they turned to see the large photo of Mrs. C. taking Mr. C.’s dick up her ass their jaws dropped. Lamar casually told them the photo was taken on their swinger’s cruise in February, “I have heard my mom tell people that she hung that photo there to remind her every day to be bold about who she is and her choices. What you don’t see there is that seconds after this picture was taken, another man joined them and put his dick into her pussy. In front of a group of their friends, she fucked Dad and the other man at the same time. To my mom, that picture embodies her commitment to do what she thinks is best, not what others say she should do.” Without giving the guys and girls a chance to respond, Sarah said, “While you are here, you can use any bed in the house to have sex if you want to,” before explaining the open-door rule. Even though Misty had made sure everyone understood what to expect at the party, seeing the photo and the bed brought the reality home to many of the newcomers.

From there, he and Sarah led the groups of three, four or five people up the stairs. Though Lamar walked right by it, the visitors all stopped for a moment at the bulletin board filled with photos of Misty and her friends right after they’d had sex. Lamar then went over the house rules that were posted in the hallway line by line. Sarah followed up with “It is really simple; Mrs. C. does not think you should do anything you aren’t proud of. The open-door rule makes you make that choice before you do it. Only do things that you don’t mind your friends seeing you do because with the door wide open, they will see you doing it. Let me make it clear from the outset: today and tonight I will be having sex and not just with Lamar. Almost surely, I will be up here more than once to have sex with different friends. I fully expect some of you will watch me do it and that is not an imposition if you do. In my case, I actually like an audience so it’s a plus for me when my friends are watching. If you don’t want to see your friends having sex, don’t come upstairs. If you only want to watch other club members, but not actually do it yourself, that is perfectly fine. If you want to have sex just with your date that is wonderful; but if you want to have sex with other people’s dates, that is fine too as long as they want to do it with you.”

By the time she finished, Lamar was sure everyone understood. THEN, he opened the door to the playroom. The nude photos they had seen on the walls so far were just the warm-up to this. The visitors visibly responded when they saw the walls were lined with over a dozen large photos of Mrs. C. having sex with a variety of people. They all knew Mrs. C. had sex with other men with a clean conscience, but seeing the photos brought the reality of what she’d been teaching them into focus like nothing else could. Lamar said, “This room was set up so that the Euro-Club girls who can’t have sex at their own home have a safe and conducive place to do it. My mom put these photos up to let people who use this room know sex is joyful and should not be seen as dirty. Before we first let anyone see the room, she asked me, Misty, and my dad if it was OK that she do the room like this and we all agreed it was a great idea. I know some guys wouldn’t think so, but I think it is amazing that my parents have sex with their friends.”

Without asking anyone, earlier, he and Sarah had brought three chairs from the kitchen table and put them in the room to effectively turn the room into both a playroom and a theater. When the visitors saw the chairs facing the bed, it was clear what they were there for. Sarah followed up Lamar’s words by adding, “This room was locked during the club’s End-of-School party because all the rising seniors were invited.” She deliberately looked at the guys, “You need to know that by letting you use this room, Mrs. C. is extending a great deal of trust to each of you because there are those in town who would use the mere existence of this room against her, not to mention the photos.” Then to the new club members, she added, “And Mrs. C. wants you to know that as club members, you have access to this room anytime you need a safe and inviting place to have sex from here on out.” Then she added as if she’d forgotten, “Oh, in the little chest you will find condoms and lube.”

One unexpected benefit of being tour guide for the first half an hour or so was that Lamar was seamlessly grafted into the community of new Euro-Club girls. Those new club members were Sarah’s friends, and they flirted with him and messed with him all day. Hannah Corley in particular was very “friendly.” So much so that once while in the pool she kissed him … open-mouthed for quite a long time. And as they made out right in front of Sarah, she slipped her hand into his swimsuit and began to play with his dick. Then without warning, she slipped under the water and put his hard-on in her mouth. Of course, she didn’t do it long, but when she came back up, she said “We will do more of that later” before moving back over to Sarah. The two girls talked and laughed, while he was befuddled.

About half an hour after they’d gone inside, sang happy birthday, and eaten cake and pizza, Hannah made good on her promise. Sarah told him that Hannah wanted the two of them to join her and Troy upstairs in the playroom. What was he to do but to follow? But when they got there, they found Everleigh and Naomi in the middle of a threesome with Timothy Jones (Everleigh’s date from the Youth Group); but rather than looking for another room, Sarah asked if they minded if the four of them stayed and watched while they waited for the bed. All three of their friends in the bed said they didn’t mind at all. For the next fifteen minutes, Sarah sat on Lamar’s lap in one of the chairs in the room while they watched their friends have sex. Not surprisingly he and the others were naked and in the bed moments after the other three vacated it.

The wait was worth it.

Right off the bat, it was evident to Lamar that the girls had discussed this in advance. Hanna put her mouth to his, while Sarah wrapped her arms around Troy. He and Hannah began to make out with intensity, as his girlfriend did the same with Hanna’s guy. It was hard for Lamar not to keep glancing over to see Sarah, the girl he knew he loved, first kissing Troy, then putting his cock in her mouth. It was beautiful to watch, a turn on and most of all, it made him happy to see how much she was into it. Of course, nearly as soon as Sarah started sucking Troy, Hanna started on him.

He and Troy looked at one another, stunned as their girlfriends gave the other a blowjob. Sure, he’d seen Sarah suck off Byron five or six times, but… well that was Byron. But Troy was just a friend from church. And it just went on from there. He wasn’t always with Hannah, for a while he was with Sarah, but it was mostly him and Hanna while Sarah did Troy. He was quite pleased with himself when he saw how much Hannah seemed to like how he ate her out… and he was equally pleased when it was evident that Sarah didn’t think Troy’s pussy eating skills were up to her standard. He knew he shouldn’t gloat, but he did.

While he was enjoying the experience of exploring, tasting and generally pleasuring Hanna’s girl parts, he heard Gabby’s voice in the room. She was asking if she, Amelia, Megan and James could come into the room to watch their foursome. He thought it was too cool that they wanted to watch, but it was even better when it became apparent that they were not there waiting on the bed, but just to watch. Off and on he overheard those in the chairs talking and commenting about how much they enjoyed the ‘show’. Since all four were a year older than him and leaders in the church Youth Group, their approval (even admiration) brought this amazing experience to a whole new level.

Earlier, while he and Sarah had been out in the poolside daybed before the party, she’d told him she would like to once again make out with him while another guy had his dick in her. He knew that was one of her favorite things to do with Bailey and he had done it with her twice before: once with Devin and once with Cody. Both times he had found the experience very rewarding in a way he couldn’t put into words. Yet it still surprised him when Hannah put a condom on her date, and rather than screwing him herself; she guided Troy’s hard-on into Sarah.

Lamar had simply assumed Sarah had meant she wanted Devin or Cody to screw her while they made out tonight. He didn’t know why he’d not seen this was the girl’s plan from the start. They’d likely decided on doing this back when they were in the pool talking. He didn’t know why it was different to him that Troy wasn’t one of the older guys with whom his sister also had sex, but it was. And as he and Sarah kissed with loving passion, he knew it was different for her too. Not bad, nor better, but different… well perhaps it was better. After all, doing this with Troy and Hanna, he and Sarah were with their own friends for the first time, rather than with Misty’s.

From behind Troy, Lamar could hear Hannah softly saying “Nice and slow… don’t rush…you don’t need to cum, just relax while you keep moving it in her.”

Lamar had no idea how much experience Troy had with this, if any; but he had a good coach. Once it was apparent this wasn’t going to be quick, he and Sarah lost themselves in their love while Troy stimulated her from the inside. For him, and he was sure for Sarah, this was the most special time for them. They were making love, pure and simple, even if it wasn’t his cock in her.

Twice, as they kissed and Troy stroked, Sarah broke the kiss long enough to tell Lamar “I love you so much.” In the back of his head, he knew that most couples didn’t do things like this. He knew most people would say they were crazy or just messed up; but he also knew that both Sarah’s parents and his mom & dad would fully understand and approve of what they were doing. While that might not be important to most teenagers, it mattered to him, and he knew it mattered to Sarah. For him and Sarah, this act was a true expression of their love for each other and he knew it was so. He pushed those extraneous thoughts from his mind and put himself in the moment and let his love for Sarah flow into her.

With Hannah’s guidance, Troy kept up a steady rhythm of short gentle strokes. Even still, as his dick went in and out, he could feel Sarah’s hips and stomach move with his motions. After some time, he lowered his head to put his lips to one of her nipples. When he held her breast with his hand and lips, the rhythm of her lower body reacting to Troy’s penis moving inside of her was more pronounced. Each time Troy pressed in as deep as it would go, he heard Sarah let out a slight gasp. Lamar felt fully in tune with Sarah’s enjoyment of feeling Troy inside of her. Almost in a whisper, she said, come back up here and kiss me. Use your hand on my nipples.”

Without delay, he moved to put his mouth back on hers. As he did so, he briefly looked up to see the others in the room. He’d not realized that Bailey’s mother had come in. She was talking quietly to Megan as she watched their foursome in action. When she saw his gaze, she smiled at him. He simply smiled back and went back to kissing Sarah. He had no idea how long she stayed. After a few more minutes of Troy working his cock in her, he began to realize that Sarah’s hips had begun to undulate. While she had been moving as he fucked her before, now she was clearly lifting her hips to meet his strokes. Lamar knew what that meant. Hannah must have seen the same thing because she softly told Troy, “Yes, you are doing it right. She is almost there. Keep it up just like that.” And he did.

A few minutes later Sarah’s hip thrusts toward Troy were even more pronounced and purposeful. Her breathing had become deep and she’d begun a string of quiet vocalizations of pleasure. Lamar knew her orgasm was on its way now. He pinched one of her nipples as they continued to kiss. He knew that helped her make the final ascent. He heard Hannah tell Troy, “OK, now! Do her hard, as hard and fast as you can.”

Without delay, Troy began driving his cock into Sarah so hard that each impact shook the bed. The room filled with the sounds of Troy’s body slamming into Sarah. She was breathing hard through her mouth and began to vocalize her pleasure saying “Oh yes, just like that. Keep going.”

Lamar heard one of the girls watching, he thought it was Megan, say, “Oh wow! That is so fucking hot.”

Sarah’s climax came hard with her hips and thighs shaking. She called out, “Oh, God yes….”

That was all Troy could take; he jammed his dick in, and he began to cum with a loud groan even as Sarah worked through her own climax.

Over the past week, several times Lamar had heard his mom on the phone praise his dad to her friends about what he’d done for her at their party. He’d heard her say how great it had felt when he’d started on her with his mouth the moment the other guys had pulled out of her. From what he could figure, doing that must be something super special. Lamar was determined to be as good at this as everyone said his dad is. So, emulating his father’s actions, once Sarah’s body became deadweight after her orgasm, he slipped out from behind her so that as soon as he saw Troy pull out his dick, he would be able to start giving her oral without a break in the stimulation.

Lamar was waiting when Troy’s semi-erection emerged from Sarah with a condom filled with cum dangling from it. He was surprised at how wide open her pussy stayed. He’d never seen it like that and he had to put down the desire to put his cock into that void. Instead, he put three fingers of his right-hand in. He knew Troy had gotten her off by rubbing the head of his dick on that sensitive spot on the top of her canal, so he pressed his fingers right there before closing his lips on the shaft of her clit and began to suck it like a tiny penis. He’d skipped the warm-up because he was sure she was way past that already. The gasp that came from her told him he was right.

For the next ten minutes or so, he was fixated on bringing Sarah off as many times as she could stand. While he knew that over that time he’d been between her legs she’d had a string of three more climaxes, he didn’t see what else had contributed to making that happen for her. It wasn’t until half an hour later that he found out what else had been going on. Only when Sarah told Misty, Bailey, and half a dozen other people about what had happened, he got the whole picture.

“Troy had done a great job, better than I’d hoped,” Sarah explained. “He’d cum so I thought we were about done. But my Lamar knew I wanted more. So as soon as Troy pulled out, Lamar went right down on me with his tongue and three fingers up in my pussy to pick up where Troy had left off. I knew doing that, he’d get me off right quick. But before he really got to work, Hannah put her pussy in my face.”

Hannah jumped in, telling the others “I’m not sure what made me do it. I mean, I’d never even kissed Sarah before today. You see, after I’d made out with Lamar in the pool, I just took a chance and asked if she’d like to do a foursome later on. Amazingly she said she would. We’d had a great time and I’d done a whole bunch of things I’d fantasized about doing but never had. Then when Lamar went down on her after Troy had shot his load, it just seemed the thing to do.”

Sarah reached out to touch Hannah on the shoulder, “Oh, it was just right. Though at first, I didn’t know if it would be too much at once; but once I put my tongue up in your pussy and realized how wet you were, I knew it would be great… and it was. But damn, you soaked my face and hair by the time we were done.”

“What did you expect?” Hannah shot back, “I’d never had a tongue up in me like that until today and… well I guess I should say, I’ve never been eaten out by a girl… only guys. And before what Lamar did for me, I’d never cum from getting eaten out. I’d never even come close. I mean I have a slutty reputation at Baldwin Central, but that is entirely because I’ve been sucking dick at parties since 8th grade. By the time you came that first time, we’d done way more than I’d ever done with anyone before. So when you started on me… well I started gushing even before I came… and you got me off twice before we all gave out.”

This time Sarah actually stepped over and kissed her, “Oh I love girl juice on my face.” Then back to Misty, she said, “Between her cumming on my face, Troy sucking my tits, Lamar fingering and eating me, and an audience watching. How could I help but have orgasms over and over until I just collapsed.”

Gabby, rather sheepishly said “It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I’d never seen people have sex before today… I mean in real life. When Megan suggested we go upstairs to see what was happening I thought she was crazy. I actually don’t know how she talked me into it. I thought we might get a peek in or something, but when she just out and asked if we could come in the room with you guys, I almost couldn’t bring myself to do it.”

Sarah smiled at her and asked, “Are you glad you did?”

“Oh yes, for sure. It was so much different than just looking at a video. So much better… more real. And Sarah, you were simply fantastic. I could almost feel you cumming. No internet porn will ever hold a candle to that. Thank you for letting me watch you guys.”

Sarah smiled, “Believe me when I say it was my pleasure… because it was.”

That got a good many laughs.

After the group dispersed, Gabby approached Lamar and asked “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what?”

Gabby seemed hesitant and then asked “Upstairs, why didn’t you have sex with either Sarah or Hannah? I’m sure they both wanted you to.”

Though Lamar knew exactly what she was asking, he replied “I did, with both of them. I had sex with Hannah for a good while, I even brought her to orgasm. Yes, it was oral sex, but it was still sex all the same. Then, when Sarah and I were making out while Troy had his dick in her, she and I were having sex… more than that, we were making love. No, it wasn’t my dick in her, but that doesn’t matter at all. Then I had sex with her with my mouth. I enjoyed doing that with her more than you can know and I think from what you said, you know she did too. You said you felt it, well so did I. So, I’m not sure why you don’t think I had sex.”

Gabby seemed flustered by his answer, as he’d intended. “No. I mean sex like putting your dick in her. You didn’t do that. I mean, I’m a virgin so I would understand if you are too. I just assumed I was the only one here tonight.”

Lamar resisted the desire to launch into his mother’s diatribe about how the word virgin should be excised from the English language. Instead, he decided to answer the question he knew she was asking. “You are right, I’ve never had penis-in-vagina sex, with Sarah or anyone else, though as you saw, she does it with other guys.” He took a breath to work out what to say. He did not mention the whole ‘wait until you are sixteen thing,’ instead, he explained “My mom has suggested she and I wait a few more months before we do that. She thinks that too many teenage couples short-circuit their ability to make love to each other in all the ways possible when they rush into vaginal sex. At first, I thought the idea was stupid, especially after Sarah had so much dick in her in Miami. But…now, I understand. And I think my mother is right. I don’t think I’d have learned to be so attentive to Sarah’s body if I’d just stuck it to her. She seems to think I’m pretty good at making love to her whole body now, but if we’d started screwing right off, I’m not sure I would have taken the time to learn. So, no, I haven’t put my dick in her yet. We are thinking we will start about Christmas time. Both of our moms are supportive of that too.”

It seemed like Gabby was trying to wrap her head around something new, so Lamar added. “Just because you aren’t ready to have a dick in your pussy, doesn’t mean you can’t have sex. Don’t let other people tell you what is or isn’t sex. As I am still learning, there are so many ways to enjoy being with Sarah that don’t require my dick to go in her pussy, and the more we do it, the more amazing stuff I find. I honestly don’t know how I could feel closer to her than when I was holding her and we were kissing while Troy was inside of her. And from what Sarah says, she feels the same way.” He almost left it there but then added, “And, perhaps you didn’t notice, but in all that happened upstairs, I didn’t have to cum myself. Now, to be honest, before the party started, I came big time when Sarah and I did it out by the pool. But upstairs with her, Hannah, and Troy, I didn’t cum, nor do I feel cheated that I didn’t. Sex isn’t about penetration or orgasms, it’s about sharing your body in a way that makes everyone involved feel good and good about themselves.”

He was actually impressed with his own words. He didn’t know he could string all those thoughts together like that. Gabby seemed to think for a moment then said, “You’ve given me something to think about. And, since I didn’t say it earlier, I really, really liked watching you. You were really great up there. Sarah is very lucky to have a guy like you.” She seemed to think again then added, “Not tonight, but someday I would like you to do those things with me” and she turned to leave without giving him a chance to respond.

Lamar didn’t know how he should feel about that, but it had felt good.

After that crazy hour upstairs, things had settled down for him. He talked, shot some pool, and played video games… just the normal things teens do at a party. Most of the time Sarah was at least in the game room with him, but not always. Somewhere around 9:00, he was in the theater seating, watching Lindsey prove to the guys that girls could play Call of Duty just as well as the guys could when Sarah plopped in his lap. She had a big grin and immediately started to kiss him. It only took him two seconds to taste the cum in her mouth. It was very strong like she’d just sucked a guy off… and there was something else, something more substantive than just saliva. He asked himself “Is there still actual cum in her mouth too?” This revelation did not make him kiss her any less intently. After a few minutes of kissing, without breaking their lip lock, she guided his hand up her thigh, pushing aside the flimsy fabric of her see-through sarong. Once she’d led him to put his hand between her legs, she broke the kiss long enough to say “Finger me.” She was sloppy wet and loose.

Before she even broke the kiss to tell him what she’d just done, he already knew the basic storyline she was about to tell him. In a conversational voice loud enough to be heard over the video game she said, “A little bit ago, I noticed James had a hard-on in his loose fitting shorts and I asked Megan if she minded if I took care of it for her. When she said she didn’t mind, I grabbed a condom and dragged him out to the patio. The poor guy didn’t even realize what I wanted until I was putting the condom on him.

Lamar said, “You wanted him to fuck you.”

“Yes, that is exactly what I wanted. Sure, it’s a little chilly out there, but I knew we wouldn’t be out too long. I wanted a quick and dirty fuck. I took off my thong and bent over the railing facing the glass doors. As he fucked me, I could see everyone here inside the game room. It was sooo hot. It’s hard for me to do something that feels kinky these days, but to fuck a guy from church who I’ve known since I was a little girl but had never even thought about kissing was kinky for sure. I knew that he’d already had sex once tonight but didn’t know if he’d done more than that, but I figured I’d get at least five minutes of good banging. And I did. I actually got a good bit more than that and he almost got me off, but not quite. If I’d been more comfortable, I’m sure I would have. James felt really good inside of me. I am most definitely going to have him in me again…soon if I can.”

Lamar was surprised when he found himself wanting to say “Hey, don’t you want me inside of you? But he didn’t. He wasn’t that guy. And besides, he knew she’d just say she wanted to feel him inside of her more than anyone. How many times had she said that once they did do it, she’d make sure they were able to do it every single day for a month? Rather than dwell on what he didn’t have, he focused on how happy she was at that moment, and what he would do to finish what James had started.

Sarah, unaware of his thoughts went on “Right off I told him when he was close to let me know, I wanted to finish him with my mouth. And I did. Even though he’d cum already tonight he had a lot of spunk, and it was thick and tasted really good. So good I decided to share. I made a point not to swallow the last of it and I passed it into your mouth while we were kissing. I’m sure you could tell since even after sitting in my mouth for a couple of minutes it was a sticky glob.”

Yes, she had confirmed his suspicion about the odd texture in the kiss, it was James’s cum. He didn’t know what he should say about that part, but he knew for sure what she wanted from him right now. So he went back to kissing her and he used his fingers to bring off her orgasm in a matter of minutes… right in the middle of the people playing or watching the video games. Lindsey didn’t seem to be taken off her game play one bit by Sarah’s orgasm even though her friend was only one seat away. After that, Sarah just sat snuggling in his lap.

It had been quite a night. By 11:30 he knew that soon he and the other guys would have to leave. Without warning, Sarah came up behind Lamar as he was beating the pants off of all challengers on the pool table. She wrapped her arms around him and said in his ear, “Can you do me a favor?”

He turned to her, “Sure. What do you need?”

Her answer was nothing he could have predicted. “Could you come with me upstairs and give Celia one of your amazing pussy eating sessions. I was bragging about you, and well, she wants proof you are as good as I say.”

Though he was dumbfounded by the request, he certainly did as she asked. In his room, he found Tori sitting on his bed watching her date, Dustin, doing Celia in doggie with enough vigor that Lamar had heard them going at it as soon as he’d reached the top of the stairs. Sarah took charge and told Dustin to make way for Lamar, which he did. As soon as Dustin pulled out, Lamar put his nose between Celia’s upturned ass cheeks and took a deep lick into her open pussy lips. She was more than ready for him to get to work with virtually no preliminaries. Once he got down to business, it didn’t take long for him to bring her off the first time… while Tori and Sarah shared Dustin right beside them. And once Celia admitted that he was as good as Sarah had promised, Tori wanted to find out too.

His face was between Tori’s thighs, trying to ride the rapid motions of her hips that he figured was an orgasm, perhaps even her second, when Mrs. Ericson-Webber walked right into the room and told the five of them it was nearly time for the guys to go. While it seemed really odd to Lamar for Rebecca’s mother to stand right beside Sarah and Celia who were both riding Dustin; that didn’t hold a candle to the fact that Tori was in the process of climaxing as he ate her out, yet nobody in the room acted as if it were anything they did not expect. Sarah, who was on Dustin’s dick, calmly said they would be finished with the guys in five minutes. As she dismounted Dustin, she added “I’m sure Tori and Celia can finish them off in time. Then the three of us will finish up each other when they are gone.”

Mrs. Ericson didn’t miss a beat, “That’s fine. You three can go all night if you want, it’s only the boys who have to leave.”

Yes, it was quite a night for Lamar.

Bonnie’s Day Part 2

By the time Bonnie was driving home from the airport at quarter to seven, she’d already had a very long day, but she knew she had obligations to Misty and the Euro-Club girls. Even more, since she’d limited the “plus-one’s” to guys from the Youth Group, this party could be seen as a function of their church youth program. She hadn’t expressly explained it to Misty, but that move had been a way for her to bring the leading guys from the Youth Group closer into her orbit. She hoped to begin cultivating a leadership cadre from the males as she already had the females. An additional benefit was that several of the boys Misty had told her would be coming were Lamar’s friends. That would help alleviate his feelings of being an outsider to the family’s mission.

She’d called Cooper when she was about twenty minutes out, and he said the party had moved indoors and the pizza had just arrived. So, when she actually made it to the house, she went right to her bedroom and changed from her travel clothes. She put on the same denim mini-skirt (sans panties) and slightly sheer linen halter top she’d worn on the trip home from Miami, then she headed to the game room to see the kids. She’d thought the outfit had been quite comfortable and had just the right tone on the long trip back to Georgia, and it would be just right for tonight.

The girls greeted her with enthusiasm. She was pleased that all of the new high school juniors who had joined the Euro-Club had come. Though she knew nearly all of them from church, she decided to systematically speak to each one of them individually. She’d known Megan LaCroix, her cousin Tori North and Megan’s best friend Amelia Summerset since they were small children. While she’d known that Megan had joined the club, this was the first time she’d seen her at the house with the others. It had slipped her mind however that Amelia was now one of the club members as well. Amelia was one of the core group of teen leaders who were at Youth Group every Sunday night. Though when she first came to their youth meetings over a year ago, she’d not known many of the others because she went to the same private school as Megan; but over the year she had become fully integrated into the group. She was a stylish but not flashy dresser. The fact she went to a high school with tuition as high as a college indicated that her family was well off. Beyond that, Bonnie knew remarkably little about her.

Before she began her effort to talk to all the new kids, she found DeeDee and Ashely to get a briefing on how the party had progressed so far. DeeDee wore a slightly sheer tropical top and waist wrap. Bailey’s mother must have thought she was going to comment about it so she quickly said, “Yes, this is really a cover-up to wear with the little bikini I was wearing, but my daughter insisted that the colors clashed so I should remove one or the other. So yes, I know in the right light you can see my parts through it.”

Bonnie put up a hand, “I was just going to say how pretty it was.” She motioned to the dark circles where her own nipples were slightly visible through her top and added, “It’s not like I’m Miss Conservative either.”

Ashley added, “Or me still in my tiny bikini under this cover-up that you can see right through.”

The three women laughed at how their attire would scandalize polite society in Sparta, after which DeeDee and Ashley gave Bonnie a brief, positive, report of what she’d missed. They reported the swimming day had been largely uneventful. Ashely told her, “As you suggested, we let the accidental, on purpose, wardrobe malfunctions go without comment. Iris was the only one to push it to the point we had to ask her to put her top back on.”

DeeDee explained, “She’d had both of her big boobs completely out of her top for more than five minutes before we said anything. Of course, she played the game and said she didn’t know the girls had come out.”

Ashely countered “But it was Celia who wins the award for boldness. She and Louis were standing by the pool watching the volleyball game, with his hand lifting the cup of her top to hold one of her boobs while she had her hand down her bottoms. I wandered over their way to see what they would do. He tried to move her hand but she stopped him. Even while I stood and chatted, she never took her hand out of her bottoms.”

Bonnie had to hold back a laugh imagining the sight. “So? Did you stop them?”

Ashely seemed surprised at herself when she said “Well no. Up close I could see, that she wasn’t like getting herself off, just casually playing with her pubic hair. I actually used to do the same thing…back when I had pubic hair. Not in public, but while I watched TV and in bed, I’d just play with my hair down there. Yes, I know she was doing it to be provocative and her bottoms were pushed down enough to show her pubes, but it was not like Joanne’s outfit didn’t show off her pubes all the time. I’d seen Kurt openly playing with Joanne’s pink curls several times already, so, I just couldn’t find a reason to tell her to stop. … and I guess I admired her self-assurance. So, I just walked on around to the far side of the pool.”

This time Bonnie did laugh.

Ashely seemed to want to move on and said, “But, all the sex has been confined upstairs… well as far as we know.”

DeeDee clarified, “That is other than my daughter’s tryst in your bedroom when most of the others were out by the pool. Thought it was not just Bailey and Byron. From what Ashley just said, I guess you won’t be surprised that they were joined by Celia Schultz and Louis.” She looked at Ashley, “I saw Celia doing with her hand in her pubes too, while I was playing volleyball. I think they all went into the house not long after that.” To Bonnie, she said, “The foursome in your bed that I think went on for close to an hour.

I had to slide between three kids who were watching from the doorway to walk into the room. I found the two boys laying side by side while the girls were riding them and just talking as if it was old hat. It was quite a sight. When they saw me at the door, neither girl seemed the least surprised or put out I was in the room with them. While we talked, my little hussy daughter made a point to keep her hips moving to remind me she was grinding on Byron’s dick.”

Bonnie laughed. “Yea, your daughter the hussy. I hope she doesn’t corrupt my innocent little girl.”

Both of the other mothers laughed. Then Bonnie asked “So Bailey and Byron have started having vaginal sex? When did that start?”

“Last night. I think you know Byron’s birthday is just a few weeks away and well… Bailey really was ready to start having intercourse with him. She isn’t saying it, but I see the signs, she’s really falling for him.”

Bonnie laughed, “Yes, it’s hard to miss the way she looks at him. Young love, there is nothing like it.”

Both of the other mothers agreed, then DeeDee went on, “So in talking to Trish we decided since she was spending the night with Beth Ann and Calvin Jefferson last night, we decided that Byron could spend the night with Bailey. It’s not like they hadn’t spent the night in the same bed before. We live in one of those little post-war two-bedroom homes on the northside, in a home that old and of that size there is no sound privacy at all. That was why I knew Bailey and Sarah had started having sex on her sleepovers…” She paused, “…that seems so long ago now. But last night was different, last night the bed squeaked and I could actually hear the impacts every time he was banging her hard.”

Ashely jumped in “Been there, done that. And our house isn’t small. The first time I walked by Rebecca’s door and I could hear her and Samuel having sex I wanted to put my hands over my ears.”

DeeDee replied, “Oh, but my daughter left the door wide open. I was happy she was enjoying herself, but it made it hard to sleep.” She gave a grin “I doubt they could hear my vibrator going over all the racket they were making.”

Both women laughed, then DeeDee went on, “And besides, I’ll get mine tomorrow morning.” She looked at Ashely, “You see I meet with my lover every Sunday morning.”

Bonnie thought it was interesting that, to Ashely, she referred to Mr. Big as her lover.

“Now, this morning I had to leave before the two love birds got up due to a staffing issue with my company. When I got home around noon with lunch, I couldn’t see them, but could hear them kissing on the sofa nearest to me. Without considering what I might see, I walked up and looked down over the back of the couch. Yes, they were kissing all right. They were laying out on the sofa, face to face on their sides completely naked and with her leg up over Byron, I could plainly see his erection filling her.”

“Ashely asked, “What did you do? I mean doing it in her bedroom is one thing, but right in the living room?”

DeeDee shook her head, “The truth is that my first thought was what an attractive couple they were and I was glad I’d gotten to see them like that. Shoot me, but that is what I thought. But I didn’t have any room to complain about what they were doing.” Looking at Ashely she said, “I guess you don’t know that two weeks ago, when I went to the Marshals, I had sex with Mike in the hot tub, right in front of Bailey, Byron, Sarah, and Lamar. So, what could I say? I was actually impressed that on the morning after their first time, they were simply enjoying a quiet time of kissing and cuddling with him inside of her.”

Ashely just shook her head, “I have just briefly seen Rebecca doing it with Samuel once, and I had to pretend I didn’t to keep my sanity.”

Bonnie thought she just had to say, “Perhaps if you walk in on her in the act tonight, you should consider it from DeeDee’s perspective, the beauty of young lovers. I’m with DeeDee, I think watching Misty make love is a beautiful thing to behold. You might not have considered that our girls don’t see it like an intrusion for their mother to see them have sex. To them it is a validation of their actions. Perhaps you will find Rebecca having a special moment yet tonight and you should think about embracing it the way DeeDee did.”

It seemed apparent to Bonnie that Ashely was considering what both she and DeeDee had said before she nodded. Then she asked DeeDee, “So what did you do exactly when you saw Byron’s dong in your girl?”

“Beyond appreciating the sight you mean? I told them that I brought home lunch and that they needed to be ready to leave at 2:00. And I suppose I looked down on them for a good minute or perhaps two before I turned away. Baily looked up to see me and knew without a doubt I appreciated what I saw. All that to say, I’d already seen her having sex with Byron today when I walked in on them. The thing that surprised me was that the other girl, Celia, didn’t even flinch when she saw me standing right beside the bed. I can only guess that Bailey had told her all about me seeing her do it earlier. I’d also been told all the kids know to expect us to be checking on them like that.”

Ashely added, “Sometime later I saw them as well. They still had people watching but the boys were on top and they had switched partners. Bailey was with Louis and Byron was on Celia. I decided to do my first condom check. I figured if I did it the first time I saw a couple having sex, word would get around. Both dicks were covered. But other than that, all the sex has been upstairs. Your playroom has been in continuous use since the party moved indoors. As far as DeeDee and I can tell, it has been one couple after another, often with couples waiting for the bed to become free.”

DeeDee put in, “I was quite surprised to find someone had put chairs in the room for spectators. When I was up there a little while ago, there were three girls and a guy in the room, apparently just talking and watching Sarah lay in Lamar’s lap while the other boy screwed her. None of them seemed surprised when I came to the door and Sarah’s friend, I think her name is Megan, filled me in on what had been going on. I knew I’d see more of the kids having sex, but I didn’t expect to find their friends right in the room watching them do it. And I certainly didn’t expect Sarah’s friend to carry on a conversation with me while it was going on just a few feet away.”

Bonnie nodded, “That is new. Well, at least the idea of putting out chairs to watch. Last time the watching was all done from the hallway.”

DeeDee added, “Well one thing is for sure, the message you preach that sex is a normal and positive part of life, even for teenagers, has gotten through to the kids here. Nobody has even tried to cover up what they are doing when they see me.”

Ashely agreed.

DeeDee went on, “The other two bedrooms have been less busy, though every time I have gone up, people are in at least one of them. Now to be clear, most of what I’ve seen in the bedrooms so far are just extensions of the make-out sessions that went on out at the pool earlier… except they don’t have on their swimsuits. Mostly making out, hand jobs and oral sex… actually, I’ve seen a surprising amount of pussy eating. I guess with more girls than guys, that isn’t surprising. But even when it is a boy and a girl in the bed, these guys seem to know that making sure their dates have a great time is the best way to get what they want. The only actual, vaginal sex I’ve seen were the two foursomes… and wouldn’t you know it would be the foursomes with my daughter and Sarah.”

Bonnie pointed out, “Well after the trip to Miami, my guess is the other younger girls look to them for leadership in that.”

DeeDee seemed to understand.

Ashely picked back up, “She’s right. So far, there has been less actual sex than we saw last time, but I expect that to change as the night goes on.”

Bonnie agreed, “Probably so.”

Ashely went on “And unlike the last party, nobody has been surprised when I come to check on them. So far, no one has seemed the least bit bothered. Just a few minutes ago I walked in on Connie, Mimi and Devin in Misty’s room, when I asked Devin if he was wearing a condom, he just pulled his dick halfway out of Mimi and showed it to me. Mimi didn’t seem the slightest bit embarrassed at me looking at Devin’s penis while it was still in her. In fact, she asked me if you had made it home yet while I was standing there. I suspect last time the kids didn’t believe we’d actually come in the room when they were having sex, but now they expect it. From what I’ve overheard, I gather that it is a bragging point when they can tell their friends I saw them doing whatever.”

DeeDee suggested, “I’ve been thinking about the positive reaction I’ve gotten from every single couple or group I’ve checked on. I think maybe it is more like, once we have looked in on them and responded positively to whatever they may be doing, it gives them a final assurance that what they are doing not only feels good, but it is good in the eyes of people they respect. While almost none of them actually know me, they all know I’m Bailey’s mother and even more I’m an extension of you; and you are the one that really matters to this group of kids.”

Ashely agreed and Bonnie considered what they were saying. She knew they had it exactly right.

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In the years and years I worked with parents, said the same thing over and over again: Kids just need two things: love and structure. There are a great many ways for parents to express their own values, but if the kids feel unconditional love and are provided a home that is stable and makes sense to them, they will do all right. This truth applies just as much to the most hippy-dippy progressive home and to the most strait laced conservative home. Thus, you see even in DeeDee's home with all her challenges, she provided those two things to Bailey, and even after her terrible experience with the football player, she was able to come out on her feet…

May 17, 2023
Replying to

As you may remember, I've been reading A Return to Eros. It's an important book, even though it's taking me forever. I finished the "First Face/Interiority" chapter fifteen minutes ago, and your comment made me think of the exercise at its end. Asked whether they deserve, feel they deserve, and want to be loved, and whether they want to know the meaning of life, people waffle and deflect. Self-asked during high sexual arousal, they are unequivocal, and find the meaning of life self-evident.

I who was lost and lonely

Believing life was only

A bitter tragic joke

Have found with you

The meaning of existence

Oh, my love.

"Corcovado" by Antonio Carlos Jobim, English lyrics by Gene Lees


May 16, 2023

The intergenerational exposure to adults having sex by teenagers and the other way around can have positive and negative impacts. “There was also gaslighting, manipulation, verbal abuse, neglect, abandonment, and indirect sexual abuse, with adults in positions of power-sharing about their sex lives with me when I was little or having sex near me. Again, I could identify these things only after years of working on myself. At the time, it just seemed like regular human stuff. Family drama. No blood was shed, and it didn’t seem that bad, but later I realized all that stuff had made me feel very unsafe, and I saw how it formed the basis of many other problems that would arise over the years.”…

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