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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 50-B

Updated: Mar 4

For the next three hours or so, Bonnie talked to individual girls, small groups, and one larger group which included both guys and girls. That larger group was a particularly productive talk with some of the younger girls and their boyfriends when they gathered in the living room with her. Hillary, Megan, Tori, Lindsey, and Hannah along with three of the boys sat talking with her for nearly an hour. It seemed the five girls were jointly approaching her with some questions, but they were hedging until Megan produced the two photo books from the playroom upstairs. In addition to the book from the cruise, just this week the new book from the Miami trip had arrived. Though it was not finished as nicely as the one Mr. LeMarco had given them, it was filled with nudity and explicit sex. Megan opened the book from the cruise to the photos of the final orgy on the daybed on the yacht’s bow. On the two pages she’d opened to, there was a series of rather nice photos of the group action. In them, Bonnie saw that she could be seen sucking and fucking Martin, Brian, and Ramon. The caption clearly stated that Cooper had taken the pictures.

“Mrs. C.,” Megan said “I really, really like this set of photos. I think you are the best and we are lucky to have you as our role model. But I know you. That is why I don’t see these pictures or any of the others you have upstairs as slutty or presenting you as weak and some sort of victim. Just on these two pages are pics of you screwing three different guys… taken over perhaps an hour?”

“Oh, it was less time than that. What you see in those last pages, the orgy and the threesome with me, Cooper & Heather and the nudes of me beside the boat’s captain were all taken in the last two hours of our trip. In fact, when Cooper took those last pics of me, I could see the Miami skyline.” After Bonnie had replied, she suggested they pass the book around so everyone could see the photos of which she was speaking. “And you are right, I wasn’t a victim. Those guys weren’t doing something to me, they were doing something for me, for my pleasure.”

She scooted to the very front of her recliner to make her next point. In doing so, she purposely let her denim miniskirt ride up enough to fully expose her bare vulva, though she pretended not to know. Initially, none of those who sat in a position to see could keep their eyes away. However, in just a few moments, most moved their eyes back to her face, … but not all of them.

As soon as she was sitting at the edge of the chair, Bonnie continued, “In Youth Group, I’ve been trying to convey the idea, without saying it in so many words, that how much sex you have or with how many people you have it does not make you better or worse. By the time I got engaged when I was twenty-one years old, I honestly don’t know how many different guys I’d done it with, certainly over a hundred.”

“But I want you to know that every single time I spread my legs and invited a guy to put his cock in here, I wanted it.” Without looking down to notice her exposure, she motioned to her crotch. She knew the action and language were a bit crude, but she wanted this to sink in and word of it to get around the rest of the Youth Group. “And because of that, I have never, ever felt dirty or ashamed of how many guys I had sex with. As Paul said in the Book of I Corinthians, ‘It’s not what goes into a person that makes them clean or dirty, but what comes out of their heart.’ Fucking doesn’t make a woman dirty nor does abstinence make her holy. It would not have mattered if Cooper’s had been the first dick to enter my vagina on the day we got married or If I’d had a thousand dicks filling me with gallons of cum before that day. It simply would have no bearing at all on my worth as a person, my cleanness, or on my walk with God.”

“As I said last Sunday night, had I believed it was wrong to have sex with all those guys, it would have made me feel dirty and it would have hindered my walk with God. But it never did. I know I’m fortunate, I was never coerced or forced to have sex against my will. I always wanted it, and I always enjoyed it from the very first time.” She laughed, “I’ve heard it said that consensual sex is like pizza. When it’s hot it is simply amazing, but when it’s cold it’s pretty good too.”

The kids laughed.

Then seriously she said, “But nonconsensual sex is like arsenic. No matter how you dress it up, it is still poison.” She looked at each of the boys in the room, including the two, Wesley Dawson and Timothy Jones, who had come in while she was speaking. They were standing behind the sofa with their eyes obviously glued between her legs, until she looked right at them, “Consent is limited to specific acts and one does not lead to another. Just because your date gives you a hand job, doesn’t mean she has consented to suck your dick. Just because she sucks your dick does not mean she’s given you permission to cum in her mouth. Just because she asks you to put your penis in her vagina, doesn’t mean you can jam it in her ass without explicit permission. And just because she did one of those things in the past, does not mean you have permission to do it again.”

Several girls nodded in agreement.

She slid back in her chair and crossed her legs, never acknowledging what she’d done to drive her point home before she went on. She knew that her explicit words combined with her deliberate exposure was hitting home. Two more of the new club girls had come into the living room to hear what she was telling the others. “For instance, I sucked a lot of dick in high school and college, but I never let guys cum in my mouth. While I nearly always fucked guys on the first date, I never let them put it in my ass. Those were my boundaries. If a guy even tried to shoot his jizz in my mouth, he would never get a second date. That has changed and now I love feeling a guy cum in my mouth, but it wasn’t what I wanted back then and that is what matters.”

There was some discussion as several girls noted what they did and didn’t like to do. Bonnie was actually surprised at how openly they spoke of their thoughts on giving guys oral sex swallowing cum, and most amusingly how they were not happy with the quality of cunnilingus they were getting from the guys. Bonnie quite practically suggested they need to do more to teach their guys. “After all, how are they supposed to know how to do it right unless you tell them?”

There was no question in Bonnie’s mind that the girls appreciated an adult willing to give such practical and explicit suggestions. Hillary must have seen this as a good time to ask her own explicit question, “Mrs. C, how do you make anal sex feel good? I have a couple of friends who enjoy it and listening to them I think I’m missing something really great; but when I’ve had a guy put his dick back there, it only hurt.”

Tori’s boyfriend, Dustin, blurted out “I’ve never heard of a girl asking to take it up the ass,” then reacted like he couldn’t believe he’d just said that out loud.

Hannah put in, “I think we all know that Bailey likes anal.” To Bonnie she said, “Before we all came in from the pool, during their foursome in your bedroom she asked Louis to do her back there while Byron fucked her pussy.”

Bonnie hadn’t heard that part, but she wasn’t the least bit surprised. She responded, “I’m not betraying her confidence by saying that yes, Bailey enjoys anal sex as much as I do.”

Mimi, who had also joined the group added, “Sometimes I ask guys to do me back there too. Not all the time, I don’t think I’m as into it as Bailey is, but when I’m in the mood and the guy takes the time to get me ready, I like anal sex a lot.”

Bonnie looked right at Dustin and said, “So, what does that tell you? While most girls don’t ever want a dick up their ass; but, those of us who do enjoy it will let our partners know when we want it. The operative concept is to do what your partner enjoys, and she will tell you what that is… especially if she is a Euro-Club girl.”

That got several comments of agreement from the girls. After which Bonnie continued, “While I have come to love anal sex, when I was your age, if a guy tried to put his dick in my ass, he’d be given one chance for me to say no before our time together came to a screeching halt. But as you can see from the big photo in my bedroom, I now enjoy anal sex quite a lot.”

Megan jumped in “And the picture on the wall up in the sex room too. I guess it’s from your Miami trip with a guy about our age doing you in the ass.”

Bonnie nodded, “Yes, that is from that trip. My daughter put him up to ask me. Though she’d not told me so, she’d hatched a plan to shoot photos of me with him.” She grinned and added, “At first I was going to say no, but he was so sweet about it how could I break his little heart.” There was laughter. Then as an afterthought, she said “Oh, he just asked to have sex, I’m the one who said to do me in the back door. She sidetracked and looked around at the boys in the room. “But you guys need to really understand this, most girls of any age do not like dick in their ass, or for a guy to try to put it in, or for a guy to badger her to do it.” She got several nods from the girls and one “That’s right” from Lindsey. Bonnie wondered what was behind that comment, but she did not inquire.

Bonnie went on “Is that because they just don’t like it or that they don’t know how to do it in a way that feels good? That depends on the person. There is no one answer. As in my case, I changed over the years. Was that change physical or phycological? I have no idea. And Hillary, I can’t tell you if you do all the things to warm yourself up beforehand whether you will like it or not. All you can do is try it out.” She then went on to tell Hillary, and the rest of the group, about how to prepare for anal sex with lube and fingers and/or toys made for the purpose. When she was done, she asked, “Does that give you enough information to go on from here on your own?”

Hillary nodded, “Yes. Thank you for such a complete answer.”

Bonnie replied, “Glad to be of help.” Then she turned to Megan and said, “I would like to go back to the question you asked earlier about the photos of me. What I think you were trying to say is that if someone had photos of you similar to those of me on those two pages, you’d be branded a slut and a tramp. Right?”

Megan nodded.

“You are right to assume you would. To pretend that is not true is simply to deny the truth. This week, with the pictures and text messages I’m sure you all have heard about, Bailey joined Misty in that boat. Before we got to Miami, I let the girls know that once they got undressed in public, it would only be a matter of time before their photos appeared at school. Everything you do has a consequence… even if it also has a reward. When I was your age, there were no cellphone cameras or internet. But still, I made choices to ensure my future. From the very first time I had sex when I was younger than any of you, I demanded the guys have on a condom before they even began to put their dicks in me. At that time, I was more concerned about pregnancy than disease and I knew a pregnancy would derail my dreams of getting out of my hillbilly existence. While I had sex a couple of times a week all through high school, the time I spent in the books dwarfed the time I spent screwing. I enjoyed sex, I always have, but that was not my way out… a scholarship to college was.”

Hillary chimed in “I’m that way too. I want to go to Duke, but to do that I have to be in the running for valedictorian. I don’t have to win, but will have to be close, so my grades are super important to me.”

Bonnie nodded, “And I hope your friends are supportive of you in that goal. When I was in college, I fucked a lot, but I studied a whole lot more. The truth is, my ability to ask guys from my dorm to come to my room for an hour of fun sex whenever I felt myself burning out helped me study longer hours so as to keep my grades up. Yes, for me, casual sex with friends helped me get through college on an academic scholarship and nothing the True Love Waits crowd says can change that. I think I should add that while all those things are true, I always was mindful of my personal safety. Until I started dating Cooper, I only had sex at a guy’s apartment a handful of times, and those were both regular boyfriends. Fully 90% of the sex I had in college was in my own dorm room, and the majority of those times my roommate was right there in the room while I did it. I roomed with the same girl for my first two and a half years, and early on we decided the best way to avoid sexual assault was to have each other’s back like that. It is the same reason I have the open-door rule here at my house. I am committed to keeping you all safe.”

She thought for a moment then said “May I assume you all knew about the open-door rule before you came here today?”

They all indicated they had. “And do you know why I have that rule?”

Hillary answered, “To make sure we aren’t pushed into doing stuff we don’t want to do.”

Tori added, “And to take the temptation to push us to do stuff we don’t want to do away from the guys.”

Bonnie nodded, “Those are both correct, and they are the primary reason for it, but I think you should consider that I have another reason that is also very important for what I’m trying to teach all of you. Or, perhaps I should say, the open-door rule is to help you learn something on your own.”

She looked at Megan, “What does the term open-door mean in general?”

“Uhhh, welcome? Maybe like, you are wanted here.”

“Good,” Bonnie replied. “So, when you took your group of friends upstairs earlier, what did the open door to the playroom signify?”

A look of understanding came to Megan’s face, “It meant we were welcome to go in.”

Bonnie asked, “Would you care to share with the group what happened?” She’d known Megan nearly all of the girl’s life and was confident she’d not gone too far in asking that question.

Megan replied, “If it’s OK with Hannah, I’d be glad to.”

Hannah quickly said it was, so Megan began. “The truth is, I’d talked the others into going up to see what Hannah, Troy, Sarah, and Lamar were doing partially out of curiosity, and partially to see if they would come with me. None of us had ever seen people having sex in person before Bailey & Celia had their foursome in your bed earlier today. I’d really only planned on going in long enough to say we’d actually gone into a room while our friends were doing it. I really didn’t know what to expect. But…” She looked right at Hanna, “once we got in there, I just couldn’t stop watching. It wasn’t like porn that gets boring pretty quickly. It was the longer I watched the more I saw. Little things like how you responded with your whole body as Lamar ate you out. And I don’t just mean when you climaxed, I mean it seems you responded to everything he did. I couldn’t tell exactly everything he was doing to you, but I knew you liked it a lot. I can’t put it in words, but I could feel your emotions. That is why I couldn’t leave.”

Megan looked back to Mrs. C., “Then when I watched Hannah guide Troy to put his dick into Sarah, rather than into herself… at first it was like ‘What the fuck?’, but then she got behind him and seemed to be telling him what to do and how to do it. It was like she was fucking Sarah through him. And at the same time, Lamar and Sarah were making out as if it was his dick in her. It didn’t seem to matter to them that it was actually Troy fucking her. It was blindingly obvious that to them, it was about their love for each other, not some weird kink.” She took a breath, “Mrs. C., I’ve heard what you and Mr. C. have been saying and I’ve tried to understand how he can get joy from you having sex with other men; but it wasn’t until I saw, or more honestly felt how Sarah and Lamar were making love using Troy’s dick did I get it. I am so glad I went in there.”

That was more than Bonnie had expected to hear. It took a moment for her to respond and thank Megan for her words. She looked at Hannah, “How did it make you feel to hear all that?”

“Really good,” Hanna replied. “I mean I respect Megan a lot and the fact she got something out of it too makes me really happy.”

Bonnie followed up, “So you weren’t embarrassed she saw what you did?”

Hannah laughed, “No, not at all. I’m really glad she and the others came in.”

Bonnie looked around the faces, now over a third of all the kids at the party were in the room with her. “What Megan and Hanna learned, though they didn’t say it in so many words was that sex can be an important bonding experience between friends. No, Hannah and Megan didn’t physically have sex, but they shared a powerful joint experience. Ask any of the girls who went to Miami, they will all tell you that by being around the other girls while they were having sex cemented a bond between those five… and I guess between them and the three mothers who went with them. In short, the open-door rule breaks down our society’s normative expectation that sex is something couples do in private by themselves. By normalizing seeing your friends engaged in sexual behavior, you share and multiply the joy… that is what Megan experienced. And you help build bonds among your group that will help you withstand the trials of life… the attacks that will come your way from simply being part of the Euro-Club.”

With that as a close, Bonnie ended the little discussion group. As the kids began to leave she collared Troy. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to seem like I was ignoring you. I should have asked what you thought of what happened. Was it OK with you to, as Megan said, let Hannah have sex with Sarah through you?”

Troy blinked, not seeming to understand the question. Then a grin came on his face. “Oh, I didn’t mind at all. It was amazing even.” He looked over to Hannah who was standing beside him and added, “If she wants to have sex with all her friends through me, I would not complain.”

Hannah grabbed him by the waist, “You really did do a great job up there.” She looked at Bonnie, “Really, he did. Most guys would have blown right off, but he went on for a really long time and didn’t go off till I told him to. But, the next girl he’s going to stick that thing in will be me. I just hope one of the beds upstairs is free when I’m ready.”

Bonnie gave Hannah a hug, “I am so glad you came tonight. You have helped me out more than you realize.” Then before they walked away she added, “You know you can use my bed if you need it. As far as I know, it hasn’t been used since before the party came inside.”

“Thanks, Mrs. C., we will do that,” Hanna replied before heading off.

Before Bonnie left the room, Misty approached and asked “Can I start the slide show now?”

Bonnie said she could, and Misty turned on the living room TV, and without any announcement, she started a slide show of photos from the two Miami beaches and the snorkeling trip. There were hundreds of them, so with the change rate set at a new photo every forty-five seconds the pictures would not start repeating for a couple of hours. The slow rate of changing photos, made the slide show more of a background than a main event. For most of those who’d come to the party, it would allow them their first view of the topless or nude beach photos taken by Misty or the other girls. Because of that, once word got around the house of the slide show in the living room, from then on out, there were always people sitting on the sofa and in the recliners talking and watching the slow picture show. As intended, this served to spread the party further around the house giving it a more relaxed feeling.

An hour or so later, Bonnie made her way into the game room. It was getting later, and things were heating up. The first thing she noticed was Connie and Devin making out in the theater seating. Those playing video games were not paying them the least attention even though she quite flagrantly was giving him a handjob inside of his shorts.

Bonnie moved up behind them and said “Just make sure you keep that thing inside his pants until you go upstairs.”

Connie broke the kiss long enough to say she would. Bonnie didn’t know if that meant she would keep it in his pants or go upstairs. Either was fine with her. When she stood, she looked over to her son with Sarah snuggled in his lap beside the other couple. She couldn’t help but be proud of the wonderful young man he was becoming. While she was considering that, it dawned on her that Sarah was no longer wearing her thong under her sarong. Had Sarah not grown back her strip of brown pubic hair, she might not have noticed, but the contrast with her bare skin brought more attention to that area. Sure, Bonnie didn’t have on any panties either, but she wasn’t wearing a see-through outfit like Sarah was. But before she said anything she considered that when she’d been in the living room just a few minutes ago, a full-frontal image of Misty, Caitlin, and Sarah at the nude beach had been on the screen. With that in mind, she didn’t say anything.

At the pool table, Bonnie found Everleigh and Naomi shooting with Tyler and John Paul; however, it seemed whatever they were playing, it was the guy’s turn. Sliding up behind the two of them she whispered, “So girls? How’s the hunting been tonight?”

Naomi seemed to not understand what she was asking but before even turning back to Mrs. C. Everleigh put up two fingers. Then when she did turn, she added, “and these two will be next for a nice four for me” with a grin.

Bonnie said, “You think so?”

“I know so.”

She turned to Naomi, “Will you be part of that?”

Naomi wasn’t the least bit sheepish when she said “I’d better be.”

“OK,” Bonnie said “Good luck. I’ll catch you later to hear how your plan went.”

From there she went over to where she saw DeeDee had gathered her own little discussion group in the armchairs. Right off she noticed Jeanette sitting in the far chair. She’d been one of those who had simply put a waist wrap over her thong bikini bottom rather than put on a new outfit when they had come inside. The last Bonnie had seen Jeanette, she was on her back in Lamar’s room, legs in the air as Cody plumbed her. At the time Bonnie had noted she’d not removed the wrap to have sex, only the bikini bottoms. Now, in the game room, she saw Jeanette had not put her bottoms back on when she was done with Cody. Jeanette didn’t have on a see-through skirt like Sarah, nor was she flagrantly showing herself as Bonnie had earlier, but the wrap was designed to partially show off the bikini beneath, and it was obvious the bottoms were not there. But she’d not said anything to Sarah, so she just accepted that by her actions and telling Misty she could start the slide show, this sort of limited nudity was now OK. This was a Euro-Club party, and this kind of playful exhibitionism was to be expected.

Even as she noticed more short skirts without panties underneath, she noted that Baily still had on her bikini bottoms under the sheer sarong she wore, she wondered when she would follow Sarah’s lead and remove it. After all, her gravity-defying breasts had been quite visible in that outfit since Bonnie had first gotten home.

She was quite pleased to see that DeeDee had gathered a group around her in the overstuffed chairs in the game room. As she was approaching, Jeanette had asked Bailey’s mother, “So, when you have sex with a man, do you always see it as something spiritual or does it depend on the circumstances?”

DeeDee answered, “Sex always has a spiritual component for me, but yes, the circumstances do affect how much spiritual value, or perhaps I should say the quality of spiritual connectedness I get. If I am doing it solely for my own pleasure, I get less out of it than if I am in tune with the needs of my partner. The sexual act is sacred, but not in the way it is often presented. The spiritual value of the act isn’t predicated on external things such as my marital status or that of my partner, nor on how long I’ve known my partner or even what kind of genitals they have. What matters is the spirit in which I engage in sex. If I am having sex in the spirit of love and oneness with God and my partner, then I will feel God’s presence grow as our mutual arousal grows.” DeeDee cut off when she saw Bonnie, “Oh, I didn’t know you were there. I’m not due to do a room check for another fifteen minutes or so.”

Bonnie wanted DeeDee to know how pleased she was that she was connecting with the kids. “Oh no. I’ll cover for you. You go on. What you are doing is important.” And it was important. What she was saying was good, but it wasn’t as important as making those connections. After her dinner at the steakhouse with DeeDee earlier in the week, she had developed a lot of respect for the woman and was sure the benefits of bringing her into the circle of friends would be two-way. She’d forwarded the information and links that DeeDee had requested. With it she asked DeeDee to set up an evening meeting for her and Cooper with Brother Paul and Mary sometime in the next month or so.

When Bonnie began DeeDee’s room check, she started with her own bedroom and found Hanna and Troy in the bed. They were laying side by side looking up into the mirror at their nude forms. When Hannah saw Bonnie come into the bedroom, she said “I love the mirror. This is terrific.”

“Everyone who uses my bed loves it,” Bonnie replied walking over to the side of the bed to better carry on a conversation with Hannah. As she approached, she noticed the used (filled) condom laying beside Troy. Noting both teens were flushed and breathing hard, she concluded they had just finished having sex moments before. She also was sure they must have known that anyone on the sofa watching the slide show had a direct view of what they were doing. Clearly, at least those two had embraced the idea that there is nothing about having sex that meant it should be done in secret.

There was no question to Bonnie that laying there, sprawled out on the bed unclothed, Hannah was cute as could be. Cute was the word for her, not exactly pretty, but cute. Her small size, slim hips, small breasts, largeish head, and lack of any body hair certainly made her look like a little girl. No, not a little girl Bonnie decided, a sexually precocious pixie or fairy. Despite the fact her hips and breasts were slim, she clearly had them, and her nipples were noticeably erect and her labium was bright pink, even reddish from recent use. She was a vision of sexual potency, howbeit a subtle one. Troy too, was small, young looking with his only body hair being the patch of light brown pubes, but his half-erect man-sized tool looked very large on his youthful body.

Bonnie had a vision of herself, naked, crawling into the bed to join the two sexy young people. She tried to step on it but a voice in her head came back, “They will both likely turn seventeen in the next few months. Remember the age of consent in Georgia is seventeen. You could have sex with them soon.” She stomped on the thought more firmly and began to talk to Hannah asking, “Does your mother let you have sex at home?”

“Yes, she does. I’ve been on birth control pills for nearly two years now. Back in 9th grade, I’d told her that I wanted to have sex with the guy who was my boyfriend at the time, so she got me an appointment with my gynecologist that very day.”

Bonnie nodded, “Yea, we’ve been through that here. So, was that boy your first partner?”

“No, I didn’t screw him. By the time I had my pills and had been on them long enough, I’d moved on. I did give him a good dozen blow jobs though.”

Bonnie considered if Hannah looked this young now, how must she have looked when she was a freshman? Like she was ten? Rather than comment on that, she replied, “Pretty much the same thing happened to Misty. Once she’d gotten onto the pill, she’d moved on. It was a whole year later when she ended up having a threesome with Kelli and Cody for her sexual debut… debut with boys at least. She’d been doing her girl friends for some time by then. Though, unlike you, she didn’t start giving oral sex to guys until the time she started vaginal sex too.”

Hanna pulled herself into a sitting position. “Oh, just giving blow jobs got me the reputation as a super slut long before I’d gone all the way. Even my friends didn’t believe that I hadn’t screwed yet.” She got a crooked grin, “I guess that is because at a Drama Club party my freshman year, I gave full blow jobs to two different guys in full view of a dozen people each time. I’ll have Gabby tell you about it, she was there. I didn’t realize how that would change my life since I started sucking off guys when I was in 8th grade. I finally had sex last over Christmas break, but even still I’ve only done it with two guys besides Troy. Mom doesn’t like walk in while I’m doing it in my bedroom, but she knows what I’m doing. She has told me directly that she would rather me do it at home than in a car or something. But the truth is, I don’t have nearly as much sexual experience as people think. One of the other two guys I only did twice and the other I guess I did six times while he was home from college last Christmas. Just now with Troy was only our fifth time… including the two times we did it in the back room of the family life center after Youth Group.”

That was something Bonnie had not expected to hear. “Really? At church after Youth Group?”

Hannah nodded, “We aren’t the only ones who’ve done it. I wouldn’t rat on them, but I know two couples, who since the start of summer did it the first time in that storage room. Both couples are in Lamar’s grade,”

Bonnie frowned. She didn’t like the idea of teens having their sexual debut in a church storage closet. But she didn’t say anything about it at that time.

Hannah went on “Until tonight, that was all the sex I’d ever had. Since I don’t drive and he doesn’t have a car of his own and I live in Milledgeville, it is hard for us to get together. We have lots of phone sex, but not much in person.”

Bonnie nodded, “Yes, transportation is an issue. I’m not so old I don’t remember. How do you get to Youth Group?”

Hanna answered, “Now that Gabby has a car, I ride with her.”

Troy finally spoke up, “My parents either let me use their car or they bring me. We don’t live too far from the church. We can’t really do this at my house though. My parents support you and Mr. C., but I think they close their eyes to what they don’t want to see.”

Since they were members at St. Thomas, Bonnie had known Troy’s parents for years. His older brother had been in the Youth Group the year before, but he’d joined the army after graduating from high school. In the last year, those kids whose parents went to the church had become a minority in the Youth Group. Most were like Gabby and Hannah who came on their own which was why the group skewed toward older high schoolers who had their own transportation. She looked at the couple, “Now that you are part of the Euro-Club, know you can use the room upstairs anytime you want. Perhaps Gabby wouldn’t mind occasionally making a detour by here after Youth Group. That would be way better than the storage closet. Just let me know when you want to use the playroom. Being in the club has its privileges.”

Hannah smiled, “Yea, I guess it does.”

Bonnie then added, “And responsibilities too. I hope all the new club members and their dates understand that. While we believe in what we say, I hope everyone understands they have to be very careful about what they say about what happens here… like this conversation for instance.”

Hanna said, “Yea, I understand.”

Bonnie left the room with a new handful of things to think about. On her way to the kid’s bedrooms, she discovered that Jeanette had indeed taken Cody upstairs before taking his dick out of his pants. They’d not made it past the bench at the top of the stairs however before she’d put that dick in her mouth. Since they were indeed upstairs, Bonnie didn’t say anything as Jeannette sucked Cody enthusiastically on the landing.

She found one couple in Byron’s bed then she found two couples in Misty’s room. One of them was going at it in the bed while the other was just making out as the girl straddled the guy in the chair… or were they fucking? Though she was topless, she was wearing a short wrap skirt, so that was quite possible, even likely. In the playroom, she found Megan and her best friend Amelia in the sixty-nine position in the bed. Beside them looking confused, James sat with a full erection covered in a blue condom. Gabby, who was one of the people sitting in the chairs watching their friends, stood to greet Bonnie. She said, “This still feels a bit weird, but at the same time it’s starting to seem like it really is natural to be here with my friends while they have sex.”

Bonnie knew exactly what she was saying. “Yes, it takes some time to feel normal, but friends supporting each other by being with them while they have sex is wonderful and natural. And as you are finding out, you don’t have to actually participate to be a part of their experience. I trust no one has tried to push you to actually do anything?”

“No,” Gabby replied. “This is the third time I’ve been up here to be with friends while they do it, but they all know I’m not ready to actually have sex yet. So, like you said, I get to be a part of their sex while not actually doing it.”

Bonnie nodded. Then to James sitting on the bed, she said “Don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten you are there waiting.”

He seemed startled that Mrs. C. had spoken to him as he sat there with his condom-covered erection. “Oh, yea…I know.” He looked at the two girls eating each other out and added, “And watching this I won’t go soft no matter how long I wait.”

Bonnie laughed, “I guess not.”

Evidently, Lindsey, who was on top, heard the interchange and looked up from Megan’s crotch to tell James something Bonnie couldn’t hear. Right afterward, James moved up behind her and guided his blue latex-clad erection into her. Once his penis had fully disappeared into her body, Bonnie heard a “Mmmm” from Lindsey.

Gaby brightly said, “Well, I guess it is his turn to have some fun now.”

Bonnie agreed, “Yes, I think so.” Then she gave Gabby a one-armed hug before heading out. At the head of the stairs, Cody and Jeanette had switched places. He was sitting on the floor eating her out as she sat on the bench. Jeannette gave Mrs. C. a smile and a little wave as she passed.

About half an hour later, around 10:30, DeeDee approached Bonnie in the foyer between the game room and living room to tell her that since she had to be at work early the next day, she needed to head out. Bonnie gave her a hug and without thinking about it, gave her a kiss on the lips. Nearly immediately the friendly peck became a deep sexual kiss. She had no idea which of them had caused that to happen. However, she did not resist her sensual desires. As they pulled their bodies together tightly and their tongues danced, Bonnie’s hands pulled up the back of DeeDee’s very short waist so as to caress her bare ass. At that moment, she simply wasn’t thinking anything but how much she wanted DeeDee. Bailey’s mother responded by trying to do the same to Bonnie, but her denim miniskirt didn’t just lift as the waist wrap had. Bonnie could feel DeeDee working her skirt up until a hand began running over her fully exposed cheeks. But rather quickly, evidently taking advantage of the fact her entire skirt had been pulled up to her hip, the hand slid around her thigh and closed on Bonnie’s vulva. She felt a finger snake it’s way between her labial lips. Feeling a surge of sexual excitement, Bonnie wondered if her bed was empty right now, because that was where she wanted this to lead.

The two women had been kissing and groping one another for several minutes when, from the doorway to the game room, Bonnie heard a chorus of hoots and comments about Mother’s getting it on in the hall. Once the meaning of the commotion cut through the lustful haze, it brought both women out of their spontaneous act of sexual desire. DeeDee looked at Bonnie with a face of bewilderment and said, “Wow. I guess we have both seen too much sex tonight,”

Bonnie, also surprised at how quickly a friendly kiss became wanton pulled her skirt down to cover her nudity, agreed, “I think so.”

DeeDee then gave Bonnie another quick kiss and said “That is not to say I wouldn’t like to carry this thing further when we have more time.”

Even as DeeDee was turning to leave, Bonnie replied, “Yea, me too.” Just that fast, she’d made a huge step in adding Bailey’s mother to her list of lovers.

Shortly past 11:00, Bonnie realized she was totally exhausted. In addition to the large group discussion, she’d had small group and individual talks with all of the new club girls as well as a nice talk with Everleigh and Naomi in the living room as they watched the slide show. They not only gave her (and the other three people in the room) explicit details on how the predicted foursome with Tyler and John Paul had gone, but an overview of how during the summer the two of them had become a rather notorious pair for inviting a variety of guys from the Youth Group to join them on Monday mornings. They also gleefully told her about what had happened at DragonCon. Neither showed even a hint of shame for their activities. Everleigh let her know that after the very long weekend in Atlanta, her mother had finally sat her down and addressed her sex life. She’d not been in trouble exactly, but when Everleigh openly told her she’d had sex with all five boys who stayed in the hotel with the five girls, she’d been speechless. Her mother then, for the first time, told Everleigh that she’d been rather sexually active in high school as well. Everleigh told Mrs. C. that she had never been given the slightest hint her mom had been like that. While her mom had told her that she’d never done anything remotely like what happened in those three nights in the Atlanta hotel, she admitted that had she been given the chance, she would have. “After that, I haven’t had to work around when my parents aren’t home to have sex in my room at home. The new rules are that no more than two boys at a time are allowed in my bedroom and on school nights boys must be gone by 9:00 PM, and only one guy at a time could spend the night on weekends.”

When Bonnie asked “What about Naomi?,” it was Naomi who spoke up, “Oh, I’m there so many nights I don’t even count. Her mom calls me her adopted daughter. She knows full well we are lovers, she’s accidentally walked in on us getting it on more than once.”

“What about your parents?” Bonnie asked Naomi. “Have they loosened their grip?”

Naomi shook her head, “They don’t think so. They totally trust Everleigh’s mom to act like she does. I don’t know what she tells my mother, but I can stay over at Everleigh’s as often as I want. Since school started, I usually spend a couple of nights a week in her bed.”

Everleigh added, “And a lot of those nights we are not alone, at least until 9:00. Since we mostly limit our playmates to a group of guys in the Youth Group, that gives us a nice variety even while building relationships. We don’t know how to label our thing, but it is working for us.” Everleigh leaned over and kissed Naomi.

“As long as it works for you, the label doesn’t matter,” Bonnie said.

Between nine and ten, Bonnie had also gotten a chance to talk to Mimi, who had not been over to their home with a guy since school started.

“It’s transportation, Mrs. C.” Mimi explained. “David Ricemiller, Mitchel Smyth and I have sort of an unofficial poly triad thing going. But for now, Wesley doesn’t yet have a driver’s license and David wrecked his family’s car so his parents won’t let him drive at all. That is why he isn’t even here tonight.”

It was no real surprise that she called their arrangement a poly-triad, she had been sitting between those two boys for months at Youth Group. Pursing her lips, Bonnie said “Would the three of you like an invitation over to visit the Youth Group leader’s home one evening in the next few weeks? I could arrange transportation for that. Or do you date each of them separately?”

“We’ve done the three of us together several times and really enjoy it so yea, we’d love that. Hopefully, our transportation issues will go away in January. I will be able to take the driver’s test then and my parents said they will get me a car when I get my license.”

Bonnie nodded and smiled. “Text me next week and we will work out the arrangements. And, when you guys come over it will be for more than your time up in the playroom, I’ll want you guys to have dinner with my family.”

“Thank you, Mrs. C.” Mimi gushed and gave her a big hug.

Bonnie grinned and said “I’ve got to support my Brownie girls, don’t I?” and they both laughed.

Before Bonnie walked off, Mimi added that her family would again be spending Christmas break with her cousin’s family in Colorado. ”My cousin won’t believe how much I’ve changed and grown since last year.”

Bonnie winked and said, “Somehow I think you will give her a run for her money this year.”

Nearly an hour before the party was to end, Bonnie knew she’d reached her limit. She found Ashley standing near the intersection of the living room and the hallway that led to the game room, watching some of the photos on the TV screen. She told her, “I’m sorry, but I just can’t keep going, I’ve got to sit. Can you do the next check at half-past?”

Ashley said she could. Then Bonnie followed up with “If I fall asleep somewhere, can you and Cooper wrap things up and make sure the boys are all gone by midnight? After that, we won’t need to play chaperone anymore.”

The other mother got a gleam in her eye, “Well like the last party, I’ve seen enough sex in the past few hours to put me in the mood. As we said earlier, the kids don’t seem to feel any need to hide what they are doing from us when we do room checks, and I’ve seen some pretty hot sights. I didn’t turn away or even flinch when I walked in on Rebecca in a threesome with Caitlin and Samuel about an hour and a half ago. Though the truth is it was easier because his big dick was in Caitlin, not my daughter.” She leaned her head over to whisper to Bonnie “And the truth is Caitlin is simply gorgeous, like magazine cover gorgeous, especially in the nude”

Bonnie couldn’t help but agree. Ashely then added, “No matter how much I try to think of them as kids, there are some pretty hot guys and young women here tonight. And I’ll confess, all of my looking into the rooms haven’t been just for safety checks.”

Bonnie laughed. “Yea, I understand. Before she left, DeeDee and I almost got carried away.”

Ashely nodded, “Oh I heard,” then went on “So, my motor is already in overdrive. And… I have a surprise for Cooper.” She made a dramatic pause, “As of tonight, Herb has rescinded the ‘no vaginal penetration’ rule.”

“Really?” She’d not expected Herb to change his mind. Over the past four months, she’d had a ‘dinner & sex’ night with Ashely and her husband roughly once a month. She’d thoroughly enjoyed each time. And for each of those nights, Ashley had joined her and Cooper in their bed for an evening. The second time Ashley was over (in late July), she let Cooper and Bonnie know that Chad had revised his rules and she could now blow Cooper but vaginal or anal sex was still off-limits. While Ashley and Cooper had abided by her husband’s rule; Chad had happily fucked Bonnie every time she’d been over to their place. Bonnie knew a simple truth; Chad was far less secure about himself and his relationship with his wife than Cooper was. Yet, he'd already, on his own, allowed Ashely to give Cooper oral sex, so perhaps this development shouldn’t be unexpected. Bonnie asked, “How did that come about?”

Ashely put an arm around Bonnie, “I guess a lot has changed since the girl’s End-of-School party. Chad has talked a great deal about these things with Herb, Mike, and Cooper. I’m pretty sure he’s been rethinking his position for some time. Part of that rethink is that he’s been asking about my sexual past for the first time. He’s always known I’d done it with like ten times as many men as he’s done women, but until this summer he’d always pretended that wasn’t so. But in the last month he asked me to tell him some of my wild stories and, for the first time, he asked to see the nude photos of me from when I was with other men. That and knowing he’s been screwing you with your husband’s full knowledge every month since June. Then two weeks ago Ronda joined us for a threesome for the first time. While it was mostly about her and I and our budding thing, he didn’t hesitate to stick it in her too. So, without me asking, last night he said it would be OK with him if we did it tonight. So, I hope you won’t mind if Cooper and I entertain ourselves after we shoo the boys out.”

Bonnie laughed wearily, “As long as you don’t shake the bed too much and don’t get offended if I am asleep right beside you while you two are going at it.”

“I think we can make that work. You really do look dead. Cooper and I will take care of the rest of the night. You can go on to bed now if you want. Just make sure you leave half of it for us.

Ten minutes later Bonnie was sound asleep. Cooper and Ashley’s later activities did not disturb her one bit.

Cooper’s Day

Though Cooper had not intended to do so initially, when the party’s start time had moved back to 2:30, he’d run up to the store and bought a cart full of hotdogs, buns, and chips, to add to the soda and snacks he’d already purchased for the party. In part, he’d volunteered to make hotdogs to give him something to do. He knew he should be there for appearance’s sake, but he also felt like he was in the way. So, by manning the grill he would have a mission for that part of the event.

As with the last Euro-Club party, he deliberately didn’t see what he didn’t want to see… like the string of “accidents” where the girl’s breasts seemed to magically fall out of their tops while they played in the water. What made that pretense easier was the presence of Ashely and DeeDee who stayed near, and sometimes in, the pool, so the job of policing such things fell to them. Over the course of the pool time, there were also some heavy make-out sessions with hands flagrantly inside of swimsuits, but nothing he couldn’t ignore. He was also sure there was a lot going on under the water, but again, it was easy to pretend he had no idea.

There was no question that both Ashley and DeeDee were popular with the teens and he didn’t feel any of the standoffish behavior one would normally expect. In fact, it was rather the contrary with both mothers finding themselves posing for photos with the kids (which perhaps was due to their swimwear) as well as casually talking and even playing games in the pool with them.

He'd only met DeeDee Hildebrandt once before, the day she’d come to the picture viewing event; but he’d not had a chance to speak with her that time. Initially, she seemed unsure of what she was supposed to do or how she should act around the teens, so for the first hour or so she stuck near Cooper. He found he very much enjoyed his time talking with her. However, once he came back outside after the nude photo shoot, he saw she’d gotten over her hesitancy and was fully engaged with the teens. In time she joined the kids in the water playing in a volleyball game despite the fact the tiny bikini she’d borrowed from Trish was quite see-through when wet. He had no doubt that introduction to her contributed to her popularity with the kids as the night wore on.

He had gone inside when Misty gave him a heads-up before she began her nude photoshoot of Joanne and Everleigh. They were both eighteen, and had it just been those girls and the family he wouldn’t have felt the need to be conspicuously absent while they were naked, but this wasn’t just the family and close friends. So he went inside until given the ‘all clear’ to return.

Several days before, his wife and daughter had given him an assignment for once the party moved inside, which both surprised him and relieved him of finding something to do during the party. They had let him know that the club girls were planning to encourage the boys in the group to talk to him. They wanted their guys to hear from a man in the same way the girls routinely talked to Bonnie. In particular, he was instructed to talk about why the macho view that guys should own and control their ‘women’ was a recipe for disaster. While it had made him feel good that his daughter wanted the Euro-Club boyfriends to look to him for the same kind of guidance the girls looked to Bonnie; he knew full well she was right. Teenage boys did need male guidance and the Euro-Club girls were expecting a lot out of their guys even if they rarely thought about it.

At the same time, they had given him his assignment, he had made a request of them. He asked them to let everyone involved know that, as with the last club party, he would not be doing any of the room checks. He asked Misty to ask the club members to ensure he would not be put in the position of witnessing things that might get him accused of peeping. He knew full well that his actions around the scantily clad teenage girls, as an adult man, would be perceived quite differently than how Bonnie’s actions were taken. Given how close they skate the legal limits, it would only take one second-hand report that he was perving on the girls at their house to bring everything crashing down. Bonnie agreed that his concerns were valid, so Misty said she would forward that to the other club members. She’d let them know that there must not be any nudity or sexual behavior around Mr. C. at any time.

Thus, after the party moved indoors Cooper spent a good part of the next five hours in his study with one or two guys at a time, just chatting. It became apparent right off that the girls had set their guys up to “go talk to Mr. C.” He had actually been impressed by how direct the questions were right off the bat. It helped that nearly all the boys at the party were regulars in the church’s Youth Group, so he knew them and they knew him. Additionally, he noted, a good percentage of the guys who came to talk to him were accompanied by their girlfriends/dates. He wasn’t quite sure where the line between the two was drawn… and he suspected neither did some of the kids.

As Bonnie found out talking to the teens at the last party, he found himself answering the same questions in different words to different people. And at Bonnie’s suggestion, talking to the teenagers in his study, he was much more direct in his answers than he had ever been before. Of course, the fact they were surrounded by nude photos of Mrs. C. made the sexual questions not seem so out of place. After all, in the playroom were displayed photos of many of the same people, mostly having sex with Bonnie, but with him in a few of them. In fact, he found himself asked about the circumstances of a good many of the photos, and confirming (sometimes dispelling) the rumors that surrounded those events which opened up all sorts of sensitive conversations. It seemed the teens (both boys and girls) were very interested in how a successful non-monogamous marriage worked in practice.

“Yes,” he told Megan’s boyfriend, James, who was looking a the large photo of the four nude women on the bow of the San Denerio, “Both Bonnie and I had sex with all those women more than once on the trip.”

A few minutes later as the conversation progressed, he told Hanna’s boyfriend, Troy, who was also in his office along with Connie and her boyfriend Devin, “It is true, for the year we were dating, before we got engaged, we only saw each other on Saturday nights and had occasional weekday lunches together due to the demands of my time.”

While the boys were not yet ready to speak up, Connie said “And she went out with other guys on Friday nights. And since she was known as Fuck on the First Date Bonnie, she was doing it with those guys. Right?”

Cooper responded calmly, “Well, as I understand it, she only actually went out on formal dates once or twice a month because she too had time constraints, but yes, pretty much any time she went out on a date she expected to have sex. The other Friday nights, she just called up one of the guys who lived in her dorm to take care of her needs.”

Troy, a rather thin and bookish-looking guy, clarified “By needs, you mean sexual. They had sex with her.”

Cooper answered, “Yes, that is exactly what I mean.”

Iris, who had arrived with her boyfriend Mitchel in the study door a few minutes before added, “And from what I’ve heard, she did that a couple of times a week. Right?”

Cooper nodded, “I didn’t keep tabs on her, but as I understand it, for that year, she had sex with friends from the dorm two or three times a week as a way of relieving the academic stress. Vanderbilt is a tough school and she was on an academic scholarship.” He gave a slight chuckle, “And because she liked it… a lot.”

The teens laughed. His study was now full and he suggested the guys go get some chairs from the living room. When they got back and everyone took seats, he said seriously, “I didn’t keep tabs on her because I’ve never believed I own her body, nor have I ever wanted to. I wouldn’t want a life partner who felt obligated to me or owned by me. As she is fond of telling people, she practically dragged me to her dorm room on our first date. It is true, her reputation frightened me. Before I met her I’d only had sex with a couple of girls in my entire life, and she had quite the name as a man-eater.”

The teens laughed again.

“And I won’t deny it was an amazing evening. I’d never been with someone like her who knew exactly what she wanted in bed and wasn’t afraid to tell me. When I stumbled home, half dead…”

More laughs.

“…. I knew I’d had the night of my life, and never expected to repeat it. But, in the middle of the next week, the mutual friend who had introduced us, told me that she wanted to go out with me again. I never would have had the nerve to ask her out again no matter how much I wanted to. Like I said, she was intimidating to a nerd like me. I wasn’t reluctant to ask her out because some guys called her the sluttiest girl on campus, that actually didn’t matter to me one way or the other. It was because she was so pretty and so popular, I thought she was out of my league. So, we went out the next Saturday and the next and every Saturday for the next year. It never occurred to me to tell her to stop seeing or having sex with other guys. I guess I wasn’t threatened by that, and never have been.” He looked around at the teenage guys who were looking at him wide-eyed. “You see, a real man doesn’t need to prove himself with his fists, or with money, or with his dick. A real man proves himself worthy of being the partner of a woman like Mrs. C. by being the kind of guy that fulfills her as a person and then by loving her unconditionally.”

He let that sit for a moment before saying “You see, we complete each other. We aren’t the same, but we are like two halves of a whole. So yes, in the year we dated, she had sex with something like a couple of dozen other guys. That didn’t make our relationship any less, rather it proved I did not have to own her. Then the day I put an engagement ring on her finger she stopped having sex with other guys. I did not tell her to or even ask her to, she chose to of her own free will. Then for the next twenty years, she only had sex with me. Not because I told her to, but because we were building a home and a family. Now, in the last couple of years, she’s had sex with over a dozen other men, not because we have changed, but mostly because our kids have grown up and their needs, and thus her responsibilities have changed. We are the same people. Our relationship is the same because our relationship was never built on ownership or on sex. Sure, with Bonnie, sex is great… amazing even…”

More laughs.

“… but our relationship is built on love and commitment. Last night she spoke at a swinger’s club. As I understand it, she was invited by a very hot couple to join them in a playroom… a room to have sex. She had work to do, so though she knew it would have been fun, she didn’t join them. That is who Bonnie is. Sex is important, but it is not all important. Her mission to tell people about our movement to bring sex out of the closet is more important than her having a great romp every time she can. And while it would not have made one bit of difference to me whether she said yes or no to that couple, what makes her special is who she is.”

Cooper looked at each of the boys in the room. “We all know that by dating a Euro-Club girl you will have more sex, and surely better sex, than pretty much any other guys at Jeff Davis High…”

While he’d expected a response, it did not come from the guys as he thought it would, it came from Connie. With a big smile, she said, “You’re damn straight they will.”

That got the response from the guys he’d expected. He just smiled and went on “But, that is not a good reason to be at this party, or to be one of the Euro-Club guys. To be worthy of these girls, you have to see the sex as a side effect of being their partner in the club’s mission. If you see sex as the reason for being with them you dishonor them and yourself. The flip side is that to be one of their guys, you have to accept without reservation that you don’t own their bodies and you never will. Every one of the club girls believes their body and their sexuality belong to them and to them alone. As their boyfriends, you have to assume they will share their bodies with their friends and other guys as it suits them. That is why they are Euro-Club girls. If you can’t embrace that as a positive value, you are making a mistake that will hurt both you and the girl you are with.”

Just before that particular group broke up, Iris asked about the sex party that Bonnie and Cooper had sponsored one week ago. Though he initially tried to be coy, it rapidly became apparent that between Iris and Connie, they knew a great deal of what had transpired, and exactly who he and Bonnie had done it with. So, he broke down and answered their questions, mostly providing color and details to the things they already knew. Though one issue came up that he hadn’t expected when Connie asked, “Why do you have a rule for us that everyone must use a condom every time, but Mrs. C. never used one that night and let three guys fill her with cum?”

Though Cooper had not expected to address that at this party, they had discussed it with Misty and Sarah. “It is simple. You can get pregnant and Bonnie can’t. The boys here can get girls pregnant, but I cannot. And in the case of the three men with whom Bonnie had sex out in the living room last week, all of them had been monogamous for years before that night, so the risk of disease was very low.” They went on to discuss risk analysis and how it relates to sex. The two girls had some very good (and explicitly sexual) questions, but he thought his answers satisfied them. He concluded by saying “You all know we openly support you to explore your sexuality here and you are free to literally have all the sex you want while you are in our house. But we simply will not be a party to any teenage girl finding herself pregnant from a visit to our home.”

Two other times over the night, with other details using other examples from his and Bonnie’s life, Cooper essentially said the same thing. By doing this, it both gave him something constructive to do while the women actually did the chaperoning and, he thought, he got a message to the boys in the Youth Group that he couldn’t say in public.

At just before eleven Bonnie told Cooper, “I’m going to do my final walk-through of the house. When I see Ashley, I’m going to let her know that I am just too tired to go on. If our bed is not being used, I’m getting in it. I just can’t keep going. Ashely said she will help you shoo the boys out at midnight. When she didn’t return in fifteen minutes, Cooper went to see if she was in the bedroom. Sure enough, she was under the covers dead asleep.

At quarter till twelve, he found Ashley straightening up in the game room. “Well Cooper, did Bonnie tell how things have been heating up after her last room check?”

“No,” he answered. “She seems to have collapsed in our bed.”

“Yea, I talked to her and she said she might do that. She and I talked, and she said once the boys are gone, we are free to play without her … as long as we don’t bother her. And don’t think too badly of me, but after walking in on multiple scenes of really, really hot sex in the last hour, I’ll confess I’m ready to do you right on the pool table.”

Cooper laughed, but before he could say anything Kelli’s voice came from behind them “None of us will mind one bit if you do.”

And as he and Ashley were turning to see the girls they had not realized had joined them, Iris added, “Mind? It would be super-hot. After all, Mrs. Ericson, you’ve seen me and Kelli both right in the act already today… and you didn’t make a very good pretense of not enjoying watching us.”

Kelli finished the sentence, “And besides we will make a point to come to see you doing it in the bedroom anyway. So, you might as well do it right here.”

Cooper was befuddled, but Ashely just shook her head. “You have a point, and the truth is I wouldn’t have any compunction about sitting on the pool table, spreading my legs, and having Cooper drill me till I scream with all of you watching, but until all of you are eighteen, we have to at least make the pretense of doing it out of your sight. If you want to stay at the door and watch me ride Cooper like a mad woman, more power to you. It’s not like at the last party our two daughters didn’t do just that.”

While Cooper knew he and Ashely didn’t actually screw when they had sex, he understood why she made it sound like they did.

Kelli laughed, “Yea, I heard about them watching you two go at it last time…and so did Samuel.”

Cooper wanted no part of this conversation and tried to act relaxed as more girls came to listen in.

Ashley nodded, “Yes, and Samuel watched too. But I thought the plan was you all were going skinny dipping once the guys leave.”

Iris came back, “Oh we can do both. From what I’ve heard happens when you have your monthly night over here, you and Mr. & Mrs. C. go on for hours.”

Without flinching about the reference to their once-a-month date, Ashley shot back, “Not tonight though. I’ve promised Chad I would head home by 1:00. But right now, I have to go upstairs to tell the rest of the couples to wrap up and get dressed… well the guys need to get dressed. Once we’ve gotten them out of the house, you can go naked the rest of the night.”

Iris, with a smile, said “Oh, I intend to do just that.”

With that, Ashley was off for her last round.

As it turned out, getting the boys out of the house took longer than expected. Cooper had positioned himself in the living room. In the absence of Bonnie, he felt it was his duty to speak to all the boys as they left. At the stroke of midnight, he’d seen off a good many, but although there weren’t any more guys in the game room, he was sure there must be more. He thought that perhaps some had left early. At just after midnight a group of five came down and Cooper spoke to John Paul and Michael as they headed out the door. A minute or two later Lamar, Sarah, and three others came down. That was ten, yet Ashely hadn’t come down yet. It wasn’t until ten minutes past midnight that Hannah, Gabby, and Troy came down the stairs. Hannah said “The others will be right down; they are getting dressed. Cooper reasoned those three had been spectators, not participants.” No sooner had that thought come to him when Wesley Dawson and Timothy Jones made it down the stairs. Both boys were leaders in the church Youth Group, but neither were boyfriends of club girls. As Cooper understood it, they’d come with Everleigh and Mimi, and even as they started to leave both girls emerged from the game room to see them off. Brightly Everleigh asked “So? Did you guys have fun with Rebecca?”

The boys seemed astonished she’d asked that with Cooper standing right there, but David answered, “Yea, we did. Thanks for volunteering us for that.”

“What are friends for?” Everleigh answered before kissing David and thanking him for coming with her to the party. Mimi did the same for Wesley, then Cooper also thanked them for coming and added “I hope this has been an enlightening night as well as fun.”

Wesley answered, “Yes sir. It has certainly been both things. I think I understand what you have been trying to teach us much better now.”

“Good,” Cooper said. “See you two tomorrow night at Youth Group.”

They said they would and were off. When he turned back to the hall between the stairs and the game room, Ashely was there with her arm around her daughter… who was completely naked. Before he could react, Ashely said, “It’s past midnight so I told her that she didn’t need to bother to get dressed.”

Rebecca followed up with, “It’s not like you didn’t see me this way all summer.”

She was right of course, and the last of the guys were closing the door behind themselves even as they spoke. Ashley turned and kissed her daughter on the cheek and said “I love you girl. And I’m very proud to be your mother.”

Rebecca turned to hug her mother and then replied, “I love you too, and I am so glad you are my mom.”

Cooper was a little surprised at that show of affection. Those two had been mostly cool toward each other all summer. He wondered what had changed. When the girls were gone into the game room, Cooper said “There sure were a lot of people up there.”

Ashely nodded, “Yea, I think it was a rush to fuck all they could before the guys had to leave. When I got to your son’s room, Tori North was in the process of cumming with your boy’s face firmly planted between her legs. From all appearances, he must have been doing a good job. Right beside him Both Sarah and Celia were on top of Stephen, riding his dick and face. In your daughter’s room, the birthday girl was sandwiched between John Paul and Natalie, I think that is the fourth guy I’ve seen with his dick in Joanne tonight. But as the song says, it’s her birthday and she can fuck who she wants to.”

Cooper couldn’t help but laugh.

“Also in the room with them was Naomi riding Michael as he sat in Misty’s desk chair. And in the playroom, Gabby, Hannah, and Troy were watching my daughter split roasted between Wesley and David.”

“Split roasted?” Cooper asked.

“Yea, when I got in the room, she was on her side with Wesley doing her scissors while she had David in her mouth. It was quite a bit for me to take in, but I had a job to do so I told her that it was five till and they needed to wrap up. While I walked in on her in a threesome earlier, she wasn’t actually getting screwed, so talking to her while watching that boy’s dick going into her was not easy for me.”

“What did she do?”

“It took her a moment after she opened her eyes to realize I was right there while she had dick in both her pussy and her mouth. She let go of David’s dick and asked if they could wrap up or did they have to quit right then. How could I tell my daughter to just stop like that? So I said she could wrap up, but they’d have to get really busy really fast. And she did. She got on all fours and I stepped back to lean on the desk and watch her aggressively go down on David as Wesley began to hammer her really hard. I actually can’t believe I did that, but I was the timekeeper so I had to stay and watch… didn’t I?”

Cooper smiled, “Yes Ashley, you did.”

“Well, I’m sorry it took so long, but I let them all climax. I can’t believe I actually stood there and watched my daughter get a guy off in her mouth, get a guy off in her pussy and cum herself. But you know what, far from being annoyed I stayed, she thanked me for both the time and for my support. While the boys got dressed, she and I hugged and I think we both shed a few tears. I think the very last of the wall that had built up between us in the past few years just fell.” Ashely seemed to be holding back more tears, “Who knew that watching my girl have sex with two guys at once would bond us?”

Cooper reached out and took Ashley in his arms, “Actually, I think Bonnie, Marcy, and DeeDee would all say they had already learned that lesson. I’m not a woman, so I don’t really understand. From what Bonnie said to me, the day in Miami that she stood right beside Misty in the shower as she had sex felt like a coming-of-age ritual. To her, that moment was when her little girl became a woman and a peer.”

Ashely turned and kissed Cooper, then said “I am so glad you and Bonnie are in my life.”

It only took about ten minutes for Ashely to help the girls put the game room back in order before she came into the bedroom where Cooper was waiting for her. He had just decided to get up and shut off the overhead lights when Ashely walked through the bedroom door. His eyes widened slightly because she was already completely nude. Cooper just shook his head. He had no idea where or when she’d removed her bikini and coverup.

Ashely, speaking quietly so as not to wake Bonnie, explained, “It’s just the girls out there. Nearly all of them had stripped getting ready to go skinny dipping before the last guy left. When I let them know they first had to clean up, they didn’t get redressed but did it in the buff. Right off the girls began to razz me about the fact you were in here waiting for me so we could have sex before I leave. Wouldn’t you know it was my own daughter who pointed out that I was the only one still wearing my outfit from the night? That led to a call for me to get naked too. Perhaps I shouldn’t have, but right in the game room I took off my swimsuit and cover-up.”

Cooper just shook his head. It seems Ashley had lowered the boundaries between her and the girls quite a bit tonight. From what he’d gleaned, she spent quite a bit of time in the bedrooms talking while the kids were having sex in front of her. But the truth was, so had his wife and DeeDee.

Rather than commenting on what she’d said Cooper just asked, “Before you get in the bed, could you turn off the overhead lights.”

Ashley smiled and shook her head, “I don’t think I will. I promised the girls if they want to see, they will be able to see everything.” Approaching the bed, she flipped back the top sheet that covered Cooper’s naked body, “So no hiding under the sheets.”

Cooper thought about objecting, but he decided not to. One of the things he really enjoyed about sharing a bed with Ashely was her security in and of herself. He liked strong women and always had. That is why he was drawn to Bonnie all those years ago and still was. In bed with both Bonnie and Ashley, he never had to wonder if he was doing what they wanted. They always let him know.

Ashely slid in beside him. She put her lips to his as their bodies intertwined. Sadly they both knew that their actions tonight would be quite limited because they were pinned on the side of the bed by Bonnie’s sleeping form. They would also have to work not to make noise or shake the bed. She was shorter and curvier than Bonnie, and despite the limitations on them, he wrapped his arms around her and was soon lost in their lovemaking. However, all too soon she broke the kiss and whispered, “I’m sorry, but we are short of time. I need to gobble your cock now.”

He understood why she hurried the pace. Given how long it had taken her to wrap things up with the girls, they only had about half an hour to play… and they’d already used some of that time. She added, “I hope you don’t mind me sitting on your face while I do, we don’t have much room here.”

He wasn’t about to complain about her plan. In the brief moment between when they broke their kiss and Ashley’s hips filled his vision as she straddled his head, he saw at least two girls watching from the living room (Caitlin and Megan LaCroix), and they were both fully nude. He thought he’d glimpsed more girls, but it had been too quick. While it was no surprise that Caitlin was standing by the doorway naked, Cooper was more than a little surprised to see Megan the same way. He’d known her family since long before she’d been born. This was quite a leap for her.

Her choice to do sixty-nine while she gave him head was unusual for her. He’d learned in the prior times she’d shared his bed that Ashley liked to give oral sex more than to receive it, so it was not out of character for her to go down on him with so little warm-up. Of all the women with whom he was now having sex, she gave the best blow jobs… hands down. Though he would never tell Bonnie that.

Ashely went right to work on his hard-on. There was no question how much she liked sucking his dick and she went at it with enthusiasm. He had tried before to identify what she did differently that made her blow jobs feel so good, and he did so this time; though, as before it seemed hard to pin down. All he knew is she was able to bring him to a high level of arousal without pushing him over the edge in a way no other woman could do… and she did so this time as well.

Initially, as she took his dick into her mouth, she stayed up on her knees keeping her sex out of his reach. Only after she’d gotten well into it did she lean back to make herself accessible to him. By doing so he knew when she wanted him to pleasure her. So, when her womanly parts were within reach, he explored them with his tongue and lips. When she unexpectedly released his penis from her mouth and sat up, her inner lips planted directly on his mouth. He responded by pushing his tongue up into her to lick the inside of her canal. That seemed to be what her actions were requesting. He was rewarded by her directly saying, “Oh yea Cooper, your tongue feels really good in there.” But what surprised him was not the words, but that after they had made sure to whisper around Bonnie, her volume was at a conversational level, as if she wanted someone else to hear her. He responded by redoubling his effort to tongue her as deeply as he could.

His next surprise came when she added: “He is really good at this.” Apparently, she was speaking to the girls just outside of the door. A voice… perhaps it was Megan’s replied: “It looks like it.” Then a second voice, not Caitlin or Megan put in, “That blow job you gave him was super-hot.”

Very much to Cooper’s astonishment, Ashely went on to carry on a conversation with the unseen girls even after she leaned back down to take his erection back into her mouth. She worked on him for a couple more minutes before she again lifted her head, and said “Normally I’d do this for a lot longer, but tonight we are short of time.” She again moved to her knees, before adding “And tonight Cooper and I will be doing something new. You see, though I’ve joined Bonnie in Cooper for sex five times before, at my husband’s request, Cooper and I haven’t actually screwed in all those times. We’ve done everything else, but I’ve never felt his cock in my pussy. But, yesterday my husband let me know that it would be OK with him if I fucked Cooper tonight. So, that is what we are going to do now.” That was news to Cooper. He didn’t even know that was in the offing, though to be honest, he’d very much enjoyed the times Ashely had come over without having vaginal sex. The thought came to him that he should have talked to Lamar about how when he was with Rebecca’s mother, they had the same restrictions that he had with Sarah, yet sex with her was still wonderful. He didn’t know whyhe’d never done that.

When Ashely swung her leg over his head to reposition herself over his hips, he again got a brief glimpse out the door. In that short moment, in the darkened living room he was sure there were at least four or five girls. But given how briefly his vision was unblocked by Ashley’s body, he couldn’t be sure. Then Ashely was facing him. Not for the first time he marveled at how such a beautiful woman was interested in having sex with him… and she was very beautiful with her curvy hips and full breasts. Smiling down at him, she said, “I guess you heard what I just told the girls.”

He could only nod. “I was surprised, but Chad said it is OK. His only request is that I come home right after we are done. He didn’t say it outright, but I’m sure he wants to have sex as soon as I get home. So, if you don’t mind, we will work toward cumming in a little under fifteen minutes.”

Without waiting for a reply, she reached between her legs and positioned his penis so she could lower herself onto him. The familiar wet warmth enveloped his penis. “Yes,” he thought, “This will be nice.” When she hit bottom, she let out a sigh. “I haven’t waited this long to fuck a guy I had the hots for since I was sixteen years old.”

Cooper looked up at her and smiled, “I’m sorry we don’t have the time to do this right. It seems a shame our first time has to be cut short.”

She leaned forward and kissed him lightly, “You silly man. I know what you can do. Every time I’ve left your bed before, I’ve felt totally loved… totally fulfilled. You have a gift for making every woman you are with feel that way.” She began grinding her hips on him. “Years ago, when the kids were small, Bonnie told me and Gina that the first time she had sex with you she could tell you had that gift. She said you were green as could be since you’d had very little sexual experience, but you seemed to know how to make her feel special. That is why she asked to go out with you again.”

Cooper didn’t know that. He also didn’t know that Bonnie, Caitlin’s mother Gina, and Ashely had talked about such things so long ago. But he supposed he shouldn’t be surprised. They were both single mothers at the time and both were open with Bonnie that they were very sexually active. When Ashely shifted her position slightly it brought Cooper back to the moment.

It was a lovely experience for Ashely to pleasure herself on him beside the sleeping Bonnie. She changed her position several times, apparently looking for the right angle of attack that would give her the most arousal while not moving too much. She must have found what she was looking for because, after the last adjustment, she rapidly began to show the signs she was working toward an orgasm. It took less than five minutes before he felt her vaginal muscles clamp down on his penis. While on the outside her climax was muffled, inside she was wringing his dick out with a series of strong squeezes. It was quite the experience for Cooper.

No sooner than she’d cum and relaxed, Ashely’s phone alarm went off.

Cooper asked, “Does that mean time is up?”

“No,” She replied even as she was moving off of him. “It means we have five minutes. I knew we’d be short on time, so I set the timer to tell us it is time to really get busy.” Without warning or explanation, she exited the bed, and bent over, hands on the dresser. Looking back at him she said “Come on, we don’t have much time and I don’t want to go home empty. As I said earlier, Chad didn’t say so, but I think he is expecting sloppy seconds.”

Cooper immediately looked to the doorway. He was glad the girls were gone. From where Ashly was bent over, they would be only a few feet from the door to the living room. He moved quickly to saddle up behind her and his penis went in without him needing to use his hand to guide it.

Ashely looked into the mirror over the dresser at Cooper. “In this position, I think you can get me off again in the time we have left. I suspect you enjoyed feeling me cum with your dick in me nearly as much as I did, so next time you can let go and cum too.”

Cooper just nodded and began stroking.

A minute or two later something caught his eye, he looked to his right to see Hillary Tomlinson. Like Megan, Hillary was the daughter of lifelong friends, yet she was standing there watching him fuck Ashely… completely nude as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Beside her was Hanna Corley, one of the newer girls in the Youth Group… equally nude. In the shadows behind the sofa appeared to be other girls. Where had they come from in such a short time? Had he just not seen them? For a moment he thought about stopping what he was doing, but then he considered that he was in his bedroom and they had deliberately come to watch. It was their choice. So he turned back to look in the dresser mirror to see himself stroking his dick into Ashly and her face showing how much she was enjoying it.

It seemed like just seconds later when Ashely’s phone alarm went off again, though he knew it had been five minutes. She just reached over and silenced it before saying “OK Cooper, we are out of time. Give it to me and don’t hold back.”

And he did. He fucked her as hard and fast as he could. She responded immediately with moans and other vocalizations of pleasure. He could tell it was not feigned and sure enough, in just a couple of minutes, he was sure she was about to climax. A moment later he again felt her inner muscles grip his penis. However, this time, her entire body shook violently as the orgasm washed over her. Her rather loud “OH FUCK YEA!” was less of a surprise as she’d made such exclamations in prior visits when she climaxed. As she’d predicted, the gripping of his dick by her PC muscles brought on his own climax. He felt the semen rise from his groin before three long streams spewed from him deep into her body. Though later he would deny he had done so, he let himself make a more demonstrative display of his orgasm than usual because of his audience of naked teenage girls … which when he looked over now seemed to number around ten.

Once both he and Ashley were coming down from the orgasmic high, there was a round of comments and a couple of the girls clapped for the performance by the adults followed by a general round of applause. As if knowing he was wondering what to do next, Ashely said “Keep going,” and he did. Even as Cooper stroked, though with less vigor, Ashley turned to the girls and asked if one of them could bring her bikini and cover-up from the game room. Only when Hannah returned with her clothes did she move to disengage from Cooper. Once his penis came free, she wasted no time in pulling on her bikini bottoms and cover-up, though not her top. To Cooper, she said, “I’m sorry but we went overtime, so I have to really hurry.” She gave him a hard kiss and, loud enough for the girls to hear, thanked him for the great fuck, then she turned to the bedroom door.

She stopped, just before she left the room and, to the girls said, “I don’t mind at all that you watched all that, after all I watched many of you do the same kind of things earlier. But, just remember, what goes on at a Euro-Club event, stays at a Euro-Club event.” And she made her way through the group of girls.

Cooper tried to act nonchalant standing there with a three-quarter erection, shiny with semen and vaginal fluids right in front of all those girls from his church Youth Group. As casually as he could muster, he stepped over to the wall and flipped off the lights. More to himself than to the girls he said, “Time for me to call it a night.” He pretended not to notice they were watching as he slipped back into the bed and pulled the sheet back over his body.


Bonnie’s Day

Bonnie had gotten a good night’s sleep. She supposed her husband and Ashely had a romp before she’d left, but they hadn’t bothered her. She didn’t wake her husband initially but got up to start the coffee and to see the aftermath of the night’s events. She thought about putting on something, but the truth was, for years she’d made her Sunday morning coffee in the nude, so she went out bare. Though she knew Trish had been scheduled to pick Lamar and Byron up at midnight, when all the other boys were supposed to leave; she didn’t know how many girls had stayed the night.

Walking in the living room she found two girls asleep on the sofa. They were partially under a sheet but it seemed clear to Bonnie they were both nude. With that discovery, she decided to make a quick tour of the quiet house. The girls seemed to have put the game room back together and other than four remaining 2-liter soda bottles on the bar along with a few red solo cups, and the four inflatable palm trees, there was no sign the party had occurred. Well, nothing except four sleeping bags spread out on the wool carpet as bedding with two groups of three girls each sleeping on them under light sheets… and two Magic Wand vibrators (hers and Misty’s), three battery-powered vibrators (including the Rabbit she’d bought for Keli) and three dildos (including Misty’s dildo & harness set) lay in different places around the room. None of the girls appeared to have any clothing on, but the vibrators and dildos said a lot about what had happened after the boys had gone home. She did not disturb them. Upstairs, she found three girls in Lamar’s bed, two camped out on his floor, and three in the guest room bed. In Misty’s bed, she found her daughter, Sarah, and Bailey. Apparently, someone else had been there but had gotten up. She suspected it had been Caitlin. All were sound asleep. She had no idea when the girls had finally called it a night. She suspected it had been close to dawn, so she did not bother them.

In the kitchen, she found Caitlin sitting at the kitchen island sipping tea or coffee. She was, unsurprisingly, as naked as Bonnie herself was. Like Sarah, she’d declared herself a nudist at the start of the summer and had nearly always gone nude while at the Campbell house since then. Without even thinking about it, Bonnie wrapped her arms around her from behind and said “So young lady, how did it go last night?”

Certainly, Caitlin could tell Mrs. C. was undressed by the full-body skin-to-skin contact she must have felt. Though, if she thought it was odd, she gave no indication of it. She just rolled her head back onto Bonnie’s shoulder, put one of her hands on top of Bonnie’s, and said “It was about as perfect as I think it could have gone. Everyone had a great time.”

“So, what did I miss after I went to bed,” Bonnie followed up. Part of her thought she should let go of the beautiful young woman, but she kept her arms around her with her chest tightly pressed to Caitlin’s back.

“Well….” Caitlin seemed to think for a moment… or was she thinking about Mrs. C. making full body contact with her? “Once the boys were gone, we all went out for a swim. Since I’ve been swimming naked at your pool pretty much all my life, I didn’t imagine that for most of the girls, it was the first time they had ever gone skinny dipping. So, they thought it was really fun.”

Bonnie realized her spread thumb and index finger on her right hand was cradling the base of Caitlin’s right breast. She could feel the weight that her hand was supporting. How had it moved from Caitlin’s ribs to her breast? Then she felt the slight but steady pressure of Caitlin’s hand on hers. She was pushing Bonnie’s hand to her breast. Suddenly she was all too aware that her nipples were firmly erect and pressing into Caitlin’s back. She’d not put her arms around Caitlin as a sexual act, yet…. Almost involuntarily, almost, Bonnie turned her wrist so she held the full weight of Caitlin’s heavy right breast in her hand. Softly she heard Caitlin’s voice “It’s OK. I want this.”

Bonnie replied just as softly, “Yes, we could and I would like to. But I said I wouldn’t. Not until you are eighteen. That won’t be all so long. I think you can count on the fact it won’t just be Cooper in the bed with you.” She let Caitlin go with an affectionate squeeze and a light kiss on her neck. Walking to the other side of the island, Bonnie tried to dispel her arousal. “Yes,” She said, “I’m sure skinny dipping was quite an experience for the other girls. It’s easy to forget what we all think is normal is pretty exciting for most people.”

Caitlin nodded, “Yea. While the others were in the water, I came in for a few minutes to get a look at your husband doing it with Mrs. Ericson. Mostly I saw her blowing him. She was pretty hot.” Caitlin gave Bonnie a grin, “Like you just suggested, I just wished it was me doing him and not her.”

Bonnie smiled, “Yes, I know.” She had tried to get out of this conversation but it was back. “I’m sure you will get that chance once you turn eighteen, but…”

“But what?” Caitlin asked.

“But I don’t want Cooper and I to use you as a stand-in for your mother. That wouldn’t be fair to you.” She thought about saying more but decided against it. “I noticed the vibrators and dildos sitting out in the game room, might I guess you girls did more than swim after I went to bed?”

“Yes, we did,” Caitlin answered. “Bailey and I were happy to get things going as soon as we made it inside. I sat in one of the armchairs by the sliding door, she got right in my lap and we started making out… and since we were both naked, it got pretty hot pretty fast. It’s the first time we’ve done that in months… and I guess we got hot and heavy enough to say we had sex right then and there.”

Bonnie laughed, “So you and Bailey got the second part of the party going? Might I assume that after that, there was a lot of girl sex going on?”

Caitlin nodded, “But it might not be what you think. You see, just like most of those girls had never been skinny dipping, only two of the new girls even knew that a Magic Wand was a sex toy. I think it was Sarah who brought Misty’s downstairs to show some of her friends how to use it. After a while, we had a whole set of toys and lube in the game room, including some things Misty got from your end table. More or less, it was several hours of different people trying out different toys…which sometimes led to actual sex. In the absence of Haley, Misty became the strap-on queen for the night. By the time I went to bed, I think I saw her doing a total of four of the new girls with it. She also helped other girls put it on and guided them as they used it on their friends. While yes, there was a good bit of sex, it was mostly couched in sort of an educational context… not like an orgy.” She paused, then added, “Well, yea I guess there was a girl’s orgy on the sleeping bags, but mostly we were just watching the videos and playing with the toys.”

“Videos?” Bonnie asked.

“Some of the new girls asked to see your videos, so Misty played the video from your cruise and the sex stuff from our trip to Miami, oh, and your video with the builder guys.”

“So, it was a Mrs. C. sex video festival?”

Caitlin smiled, “Yea sort of. Your videos are really, really good. But it wasn’t just your videos. Kelli must have remembered my mother’s DVD’s were in Misty’s closet, so we watched two of hers as well. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them, and now I’m having sex too, it’s like I see them in a whole new light. One of the ones we watched was pretty old, like she was not much older than I am now. It was kind of strange, almost like a blond version of me… having really hot sex. Those videos are every bit as well made as the porn by the big production companies, and way better than most of what is on the internet.”

Bonnie agreed, “Yes, her videos are very good. I so wish your mother could be part of what we are doing now.” She thought for a moment. She was back to that same conversation again. “One of my few real regrets in life is that I didn’t invite her to join Cooper and me in our bed before she gave up on us. So much would be different if I had. Sometimes I imagine the five of us as a single family. That is why I have the concern that we might simply use you as a stand-in for her. That wouldn’t be fair or right.”

Caitlin nodded, “Yes. She wanted you to. I am sure of it. But, you and Mr. C. weren’t ready for that yet. It is just the way things are. I still hold out hope she will come back to you and to me. But until then, I would be honored to be my mother’s stand-in in your bed. Really, I would.”

Bonnie nodded. That was all she could do. “What did those who didn’t know about your mother’s profession think of seeing her videos?”

“Everyone thought her videos were amazing. Nobody seemed to think badly of her, after all, she wasn’t doing anything more than you in your videos and they think you are great. Though I think most of them now think my mother was some sort of porn star back in the day. They didn’t seem to get that her videos were privately made for the people involved.”

Bonnie understood, “Yea, I can see how they would have a hard time telling one from the other. But I’m glad it all went well for you guys last night. When did you all get to sleep?”

“I don’t know when the last people gave it up, but I crashed about 3:30.”

With her coffee made, she gave Caitlin another hug and took two mugs to the bedroom.

When she got to the church nursery, Brandy was already there waiting. For half an hour straight, she went on about Friday night with Cooper in her bed in explicit detail. There was no question that Cooper had been at the best of his form for her. Bonnie was happy for Brandy, but even happier that her husband had made the younger woman feel so good about herself, and once she looked through all the hyperbole, that was what she was saying. What also stood out to her was how little Cooper had said about his night with Brandy and Dwight. All he’d said was that it had gone well. So when Brandy asked if he could come over again sometime, Bonnie had to just assume he would. She explained how she had worked out a once-a-month thing with Ashely, and suggested that might be an idea. Brandy jumped at the suggestion and Bonnie said she’d look at her calendar and see when she would be on the road next month.

Bonnie and Cooper made it back from church in the early afternoon. Misty was alone in the house sitting at the kitchen island with a bowl of cereal and her phone. Upon her parent’s arrival, she got up and gave her mother a hug before thanking both of them for their help with the party.

Bonnie inquired how the new girls did with all the new things they had seen and done.

When Misty responded that things had not been too crazy, she just had to correct her daughter’s statement, “What happened might not have been crazy by Euro-Club standards, but for regular high school parties, I’d say it was pretty wild indeed. That is why I asked about the new girls if they were OK with things.”

Misty understood her mom’s concerns. “I made a point to talk to each of them about it, and I got Sarah to do the same. They all full well expected to get naked and to see people having sex so don’t worry we didn’t traumatize any of them.”

Cooper’s Day

On Sunday morning the temperature had fallen significantly, so after church, Cooper and Lamar worked to shut down the pool until next spring. As Cooper worked on stretching the winter cover over the water, he could not help but reflect on how it had been a very eventful season in their backyard. As they worked, he asked his son how he thought the party had gone.

“I thought it was great, and not just because it is the first time I’ve been part of one of Sissy’s events.”

“Oh,” Cooper responded, “I hadn’t thought of it that way. But I guess it was sort of like the first time she’s let you join her group as a peer. From what I heard you fully participated in everything. The mothers doing room checks upstairs told me that you seemed to be up there quite a bit.”

“Yea,” Lamar beamed. “But that was Sarah’s doing, not Misty’s. It seems she told some of the other girls that I was good at eating pussy. I’m not sure why she thinks so, I just pay attention and do what I think she wants. But, yea, over the course of the party, I was asked to do it to three of her friends. Not that I minded.”

Cooper laughed, “I guess not. And how’d that go?”

Lamar smiled broadly, “Oh great. They all seemed to like what I did and two of them told me that I did a great job. One said it was the best oral sex she’d ever had.”

Cooper laughed, “Good for you. Perhaps it’s in the genes because that seems to have happened to me too as of late. I don’t know why I’ve become so popular with your mother’s friends, but it seems I am.”

It was Lamar’s turn to laugh, “Sarah said like all the girls took a look in at you doing Rebecca’s mom last night. Of course, I wasn’t there because Byron’s mom had already picked us up by then, but she said they were impressed by your performance. And Mrs. Ericson is a super Milf for sure.”

Cooper answered, “She is indeed. And we had a very nice time, even though she had to leave sooner than I would have liked.”

After he’d tied down one corner of the pool cover, Lamar followed up with “But you stayed all night with the Connelly’s on Friday. She is very pretty too. How did that go?”

This was the first time he and Lamar had talked so openly about their sexual activity like this. Misty and Bonnie had been doing so for a while, he supposed that was a good thing even if it did make him a little uncomfortable. “Oh, it was great. Yes, she is very pretty and she is very responsive in bed.” Cooper wondered if that was a little too much information for his son. But evidently, it wasn’t and Lamar simply asked “What do you mean?”

Cooper now had to answer. He decided the best course was to proceed as if he was talking to an adult. “As I’m sure you are learning, every woman acts differently in bed and wants different things. For instance, Byron’s mom likes me to pull back the hood with my fingers and lick the head of her clit directly. Rebecca’s mom doesn’t like me to ever touch the head directly like that. Knowing what a woman doesn’t like is just as important as finding out what she does. And it makes it easier when the woman gives that information directly. Those who give more feedback are more enjoyable because you know she likes what you are doing.”

A light seemed to come on for Lamar, “Oh, yea. Last night, the first girl I did it with, Hannah, was really responsive. I knew exactly when I was doing something she liked. She’d moan or tell me yes or something like that. But the last girl I went down on, Tori, she didn’t really say or do anything until right before she came. I’d just about decided I wasn’t doing a good job then out of the blue her whole body started vibrating. While I’m pretty sure that meant she had an orgasm, even now I‘m not totally sure if she came or not. But after we were done, she seemed really happy with what I did. It was all sort of confusing.”

“So, you do understand,” Cooper replied. “Brandy wasn’t like that last girl you were with at all. No matter what I was doing with her she let me know she liked it. I have a suspicion that her husband is the wham-bam thank you ma’am kind of guy so when I made love to her Friday night, I gave her all sorts of new experiences. She went on and on about how much she’d enjoyed our time together.”

Lamar just said “Wow Dad. You’re the man.”

Cooper laughed, “Well, I think Brandy thinks so at least. I expect she will invite me to share the bed with her again. The only downside was that I think Dwight felt left out sometimes. So, the second time through I made a point to include him more.”

“Second time through?” Lamar inquired.

“Oh, it seems they were really eager and we had sex right after I got there, then we did it again after dinner for a really long time, then late at night Brandy dragged me out into their living room and we did it out there… and then in the morning she joined me in the shower and we had sex in the spray.”

“You go Dad!” Lamar exclaimed. “I actually think it’s super cool my friends’ moms all want to have sex with you.”

Cooper nodded. He knew it was true. “But understand, I didn’t actually have an orgasm all four times. Things change as you get older. I held back the first time so I would be ready to go after dinner. Then when Brandy and I were in the living room late at night, while I had enough wood to put it in her, I didn’t even try to climax. That was why I was able to fill her with my jizz in the shower Saturday morning. I’m not a teenager anymore so I have to choose when to come and when not to.”

After sharing that bit of very personal information, he decided to change the subject. “Do you want to tell me about you and Sarah including DJ in a threesome in our game room the other day? At dinner, he told us all about it and his brother and sister must have seen because they backed up his account.”

Lamar quickly came back, “Sarah specifically asked Abigail and Owen if they minded if we had oral sex while they were playing video games. They said they didn’t care what we did. And Sarah never actually touched DJ. I don’t know what he said, but she let him jack off and cum on her tits, but she never touched him.”

Cooper rapidly went over what DJ had said in his mind. “OK, he never actually said she played with him or gave him a blow job, but he certainly implied it.”

Lamar nodded, “I can see why he’d want to make it look like more. Sarah told DJ that if my mom wouldn’t object, she would have blown him. But since he is only fourteen, she couldn’t do that. To be completely honest, I’m going at what Sarah told me. While I could hear what Sarah said to DJ, my face was in her pussy the whole time getting her off, so I couldn’t see. But I think if she’d blown him, I would have been able to tell from the sounds.”

Cooper laughed, “That part about you going down on Sarah, DJ went into detail in describing. I guess he never realized that you can finger fuck a girl while you eat her out. He was really impressed with you. But importantly neither of his parents seemed to mind any of it, even though they think she did quite a bit more than she actually did. Dwight is convinced his son got his first blow job and thinks that is great. I’ll make sure that your mom tells Brandy the real story.

By the time they were done talking, Cooper was rather pleased with his ability to talk to his son about sex. He even took the opportunity to tell him how much he’d enjoyed his times with Ashely before they had intercourse for the first time. While Lamar knew his dad had not actually penetrated Ashely with his dick before last night, he seemed eager to hear all about how those prior nights had gone. At his son’s request, Cooper found himself recalling in quite a lot of explicit detail what he had done with Ashley in the prior nights and how much they’d both gotten out of it. Though at times he had to force himself to tell some of the details, he did so and Lamar seemed to eat it up. It was always good to feel like a successful father, especially when he had to work at it.

Two hours later Bonnie lay beside Tabitha, on their backs, side by side with both of their hips propped up on pillows. As they had planned, Butch and Tabitha had come an hour earlier than usual so the two couples could enjoy some sensual pleasures before they got to work. Cooper and Butch were also side-by-side on their knees, holding the women’s legs. The two pairs were so close together that the sounds of the women’s soft moans and the soft slurping of two penises gently sliding in and out of wet vaginas merged into one. Cooper watched and felt his erection as it moved in Tabatha and saw Butch’s much longer organ doing the same with Bonnie. It was their first experience with parallel sex with friends like this. Sherry had told them about how she and her first husband had really enjoyed doing this with their friends back in the day. It was just as nice as she’d said.

After about ten minutes of mirroring each other, the two couples diverged so that Cooper could do his thing for Tabitha and Butch could hammer Bonnie with the snake. Cooper was sure his wife was so loud in her enjoyment that had the kids not known full well what their parents were doing in the bedroom, they would have come running out of concern. As it was, the sound still attracted their notice and Lamar & Misty made an appearance asking “Mom are you OK?” though with feigned concern rather than genuine worry. While neither was surprised to see their parents having sex with Butch and Tabitha, by their eyes, Cooper knew both were taken back by the size of “the snake.”

Had it not been for the sixty-minute time limit they had given themselves before prepping for Youth Group, the four could have gone on into the evening. “Yes,” Cooper thought, “This will be a nice addition to our Sunday routine.”

Lamar’s Day

His talk with his dad during the day had been very encouraging. It was the first time he’d really been addressed as an adult the way Misty had been for over a year. And when his dad had just started talking to him about having sex with DJ’s mother, it was better (and hotter) than he’d expected. Then later, when he heard his mom getting really loud while having sex with Butch, he just had to go see what was going on. For the first time he didn’t just stay behind the sofa, he’d followed Misty right into his parent’s bedroom. He was just a couple of feet away watching his mom get fucked. He couldn’t believe how long Butch’s dick was, but it was clear as day, his mom really, REALLY liked it. While he and Sissy hadn’t actually stayed to watch, they didn’t just rush out either.

As soon as Lamar arrived at Youth Group he realized something was different. He was now part of the popular crowd for the first time. His parents had been the youth leaders since before he’d moved up to the middle/high school group when he’d finished 6th grade and that fact had been both good and bad for him. Of course it was a good thing that all his friends thought he had the best and coolest parents in the world… and that was even before his mom’s nude photos came out last spring. Since then, their cool level, both his mom and his dad’s, had gone stratospheric, and all that was good. But the downside was that there was no question that it made him hard to be his own person rather than an appendage of them. When the nude photos of his super-hot sister got around, he became just an appendage of her as well.

But, within five minutes of arriving with Misty at church that evening, it was clear that he was his own guy, cool in his own right. The guys who’d been the dates of the new club girls greeted him as one of their own despite the fact he was a year younger than they were. Hannah walked right up and gave him a big hug and thanked him. He didn’t know what to say. She whispered in his ear “Is it all right with you if I ask Sarah if we can do that again, like perhaps after church next week? Your mother told me we could use the play room after Youth Group.” He didn’t hesitate to answer, “Of course, it is. I’d love that.”

Even more surprising, and a little weird was after Youth Group, Dustin came up to him and said “Dude, what did you do to my girlfriend last night?”

Lamar was flustered and even a little afraid until Dustin got closer and in a low voice said “She won’t stop going on about the orgasms you gave her. She said she was shaking all over which is something she’s never done before, and you kept doing it until she came a second time right after the first. She’s never cum back-to-back like that in her life. So, what did you do?”

Lamar was relived, but honestly, he didn’t know what to say. “Uh… I uh… just sort of did the things that Sarah and Bailey like. I had no idea she really liked it so much or that she’d cum twice.”

Dustin smiled, and replied “Well, I guess we are going to have to have a threesome so you can show me what you did. Otherwise, I’ll look really bad.”

All Lamar could say was “Sure. Anytime.”

Lamar went home very pleased with himself. It had turned out to be a pretty good week after all.

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May 17, 2023

“But nonconsensual sex is like arsenic. No matter how you dress it up, it is still poison,” said Bonnie to the young ladies.

The same goes for: “Regret is not rape, and arousal is not consent . . .” (Gafni, Marc; Kincaid, Kristina. A Return to Eros.)

Bonnie used 1 Corinthians to teach the teenagers that it is not what goes into the body that is sinful but what comes out.

1 Corinthians 6:12 and 10:23 have this to say:

“All things are lawful to me, but not all things are profitable.

All things are lawful to me, but I will not be mastered by anything.

All things are lawful to me, but not all things edify.”

These three principles…

May 18, 2023
Replying to

To add to this, I would like to quote from "You Are A Goddess" to show what an awakened woman is: "“If you choose to love an awakened woman, understand that you are entering into radical and challenging territory. If you choose to love an awakened woman, you cannot stay asleep. If you choose to love an awakened woman, every part of your soul will be aroused, not just your sexual organs or even your heart…

She will see you like you’ve never been seen before. She will trust you. She will appreciate you. She will acknowledge your efforts to make her happy. She will value everything good that you do, and everything good that you are.” (Bashford, Sophie. You…

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