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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 55

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel


Sounding the Clarian Call

Chapter 55

Tying Up Loose Ends

Sitting in the passenger seat of Cooper’s Audi as they drove toward Augusta, Bonnie asked, “Does it seem to you that going back to work is giving us a break from the holidays?”

“Yes,” Cooper agreed, “it certainly feels that way. At least classes for me don’t start for another week. Somehow, I think you won't have that luxury. Did you ever get the nerve up to ask Amy why she needed you to come into the office today? After all, you don’t normally work on Mondays.”

“She was rather cryptic, something about I’d been too successful in November and December and so I’d generated more work for myself.”

Cooper laughed, “Yes. Isn’t that the way it always is? You do a good job and your reward is even more work.”

Bonnie nodded, as if she was already tired out. A week ago today, she and Cooper had pulled out before dawn, bound for Tennessee to see her father. She always loved that drive and she had to admit that without the kids, it was better than usual. Bonnie knew she was fortunate that after two decades of marriage, she’d rather take a long drive with Cooper than with anyone else in the world.

When she and Cooper arrived at the home in which she had grown up, Bonnie couldn’t help but notice her father looked absolutely terrific, like ten years had fallen away since September. It was a sad thought that her mother’s passing had brought him relief rather than sorrow, but Bonnie was old enough to realize that life was complicated. Right off Bonnie gave him a scolding for making her call Stella to find out how he was doing.

Fortunately for her peace of mind, and unfortunately for her father’s efforts to evade questions, Stella returned from visiting her kids in Knoxville the day after Bonnie and Cooper arrived.

Using the pretext of going grocery shopping with Stella, Bonnie had an opportunity to talk with her father’s long-time girlfriend at length. Back in September, she had let the woman, who was only about ten years older than herself, know she was fully supportive of their relationship. Arriving at the family homestead, she quickly realized right off that for all practical purposes, Stella was living there already. “But Stella,” Bonnie had asked, “Why all the skullduggery? Why not just openly move in with Dad and rent out your house?”

Stella replied, “Gerald does not want your brothers to find out, and I know my kids would say I'm going to hell for what I'm doing." Bonnie laughed and assured her she was not going to hell for sleeping with her dad. Though in practice she already lived with Bonnie’s father, officially she still lived in her own home down the street. She explained that she had even invited a friend to stay in her house so as to give the appearance that someone still lived there on a daily basis.

“You could just get married. Given how long you two have been seeing each other, that would not be a great leap.”

Stella’s reply was “That is the plan, though not yet. Gerald is afraid of your brothers’ response if he gets married too soon. They don’t have a clue about our relationship and he doesn’t want them to get one. You know how they are.”

Bonnie indeed did know how her two older brothers were, they were both ‘Momma's boys’ and there would be a very negative reaction if they realized Dad had been cheating on her for so long. Almost as bad would be for Dad to get married before at least a year had passed since Mother’s departure.

Stella went on to say she could not openly live with Bonnie’s father because she worked for the local public school and doing so could jeopardize her job. Bonnie knew that was also true. Their part of the country suffered from phony morality and the twin curses of a sky-high rate of out-of-wedlock births and a total denial that “good people” ever had sex outside of marriage. It was so stupid, but she knew Stella was right. “So, what is your plan?”

At the end of the school year, Gerald and I will go down to the courthouse and get married. Only afterward will we begin to let people know. My friend who is living in my house already is paying rent, so the plan is that she will stay there on a rent-to-own basis.”

It sounded like a good plan to Bonnie. She was happy for both of them.

As Cooper drove the car toward Augusta, Bonnie said “Thank you for going to Tennessee with me. Your presence was helpful.”

“I like your dad,” Cooper replied, “and Stella is simply adorable.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but agree about Stella. She jibed her husband by saying, “At least you got some sleep yesterday afternoon. I didn’t realize how badly those Euro-Club girls wanted to talk to me.” Rather than the hour or so she’d planned, she and seven of the newer group of Euro-Club girls sat in the living room from 1:30 till past 5:30, barely giving her, Cooper, Butch, and Tabatha time to plan the evening Youth Group meeting. When Butch and Tabatha arrived at 4:30 for the two couple’s weekly “relaxation time” in the bedroom before their Youth Group planning session, Tabitha just joined Bonnie and the girls in the living room. Butch went out to help Cooper work on the flowerbeds and other landscaping changes needed after the new hot tub had been installed.

Despite the shortened planning session, Youth Group that night had gone well, but she was ready to go home and collapse afterward. “Yes,” Bonnie thought, “Going to work will be relaxing compared to my Christmas vacation.”

When Bonnie arrived at the office, Amy was already there. Right off they had a meeting. “Since your trip to Minnesota we have received three hundred Final Freedom Society memberships and $26,000 in donations, the majority from one large donor who pledged $15,000. In total, the foundation received over seventy email responses from people who heard you speak at the conference. All but one was a positive affirmation and/or requests for more literature; however, twenty-three emails enquired about speaking engagements at fifteen different colleges or universities, four libertarian political groups, three civil rights groups, and one from another regional branch of the Free Thinkers Society. Additionally, Gayle sent me a very nice email and volunteered to act as the Mid-West liaison for the FFF, which I happily accepted.”

Bonnie was taken aback. She had no idea she’d been anywhere nearly that successful. She’d been concerned the opposite would be true.

“It looks like the board gave you that new title right on time” Amy quipped. “It also appears that we will have to start booking you during the week as well, can you do that?

Bonnie nodded, “I already knew that was coming. Cooper and I talked about it at length on our way home from Tennessee. I can do that but I simply won't be gone more than three nights in a week, two nights is my preference. I simply can’t be away from the family more than that.”

“I understand,” Amy replied. “If money follows the booking requests, which I think it will, we might even need to look for someone to help you with speaking engagements. I’ve already floated to a few board members the idea of paying Nell at least a token hourly rate for the clerical work she’s been doing. Working as a paid staffer, even at minimum wage, will give her resume more credibility than as a volunteer. She will be working all day in the office on Thursday and Friday while you are in Arizona. But she’s already warned me that she will have a heavier class load this semester and though she’ll be on staff, she will likely be here only two afternoons a week.”

“As I told you on the phone, next week you will be flying out on Wednesday, but I’ve got you coming home on a late flight on Saturday. Your first task today, before working through the donations and such will be to map out your itinerary from now until the end of the first quarter. You already have several bookings for January, but I think starting the third week of the month, all I have for you already is a Tuesday night speaking to a group in Atlanta. Start with those invites to conferences where the dates are already set, then backfill them with solo speaking sessions that will work around your schedule. I think we have enough requests that this weekend might well be your last to go to swing clubs or nudist resorts.

Bonnie spent the entire day on the phone talking and texting to people across the country who wanted her to speak. By the end of the day, she had a good look at what her winter would be like. She would be traveling more than planned, but she knew she had to strike while the iron was hot, and it was hot right now. Swing clubs would be a thing of the past. She’d learned a lot about the swinger community over the fall, but those engagements had limited utility. She worked to anchor each trip around an event where she thought she’d get a good-sized audience, then added in smaller-scale venues. She even added dates to speak to a few high-profile college groups. At two of those schools, she would be presenting to students in the early afternoon and to the general public in the evening.


Though she’d talked to both of her kids between getting home on Saturday evening and Sunday night, the time around the family dinner table Monday evening was packed with Misty and Lamar sharing their stories. Lamar couldn’t wait to talk about his wonderful week living with Sarah. He opened with “By the time her parents came home from Miami on Saturday, it just felt like that life was normal. Not just the sex, but just being with her all of the time, like waking up with her beside me just felt… just so right.”

Bonnie tried to recall how she’d felt the first few times she’d spent the night at Cooper’s apartment when she was in college. Evidently, her husband was thinking the same and said “Yes son, I know what you are saying. When your mother would spend the night with me when we were in college, it just felt so right. So much so that when she was not there it felt wrong.”

Lamar nodded rapidly, “Yes, like that. Last night and this morning, I kept expecting Sarah to be there, but she wasn’t, and that felt wrong.”

Bonnie was happy to hear how having Sarah with him had become the most important thing to her son, not just the sex. “So, did Bailey and Byron end up sleeping over while we were gone?”

“Yes, they did. Three nights. Tuesday evening, Ms. Hildebrandt brought them over and took us all out to eat at the nice seafood place in Milledgeville. I’d heard bits and pieces of what she believes about sex and Christianity, but Sarah got Bailey’s mom to tell us the whole thing. I guess I didn’t quite understand that since she was her daughter’s age, her main Christian ministry has been using sex to help people who need it. And I didn’t understand that she gets paid for it. Sarah, Bailey, and Mrs. Hildebrandt had a long talk about the morality of getting paid for having sex, but Byron and I pretty much just sat and listened. Sarah understood right off that Mrs. Hildebrandt didn’t have sex for the money but to serve God. At first that was a leap for me, but as Bailey’s mom talked, I understood it more. She talked about the people she’d helped using her body and sexuality as a way to express God’s love. It is sort of what you guys…” he indicated to his parents, “teach, but it’s like she takes it a step further than you do.”

Bonnie replied, “I think that is a fair way to see DeeDee’s position. I wouldn't say she is wrong, but I don’t think her way is right for everyone, or even most people. But I know I am now doing something like that too. For me, having sex with new people on the road is an integral part of my mission to bring sex out of the closet. And just like DeeDee’s sexual ministry, I know what I am doing wouldn’t be for most people either. But Lamar, you need to understand that both DeeDee and I have a firmer grip on our sense of self and our own sexuality than most women, perhaps the vast majority of women. Yesterday when the Euro-Club girls were over here, I explained that very thing. Your father and I can, and do, totally give ourselves to a good many other people in bed without losing ourselves in the process; but most people simply can’t do that.”

Misty chimed in “I think I could do that too. And though I haven’t had sex with any other guys since Tommy and I started doing it, I have been with several girls… besides Caitlin I mean. Friday night, after Caitlin had gone home, Mrs. Adams invited me over to dinner and for the first time she was quite open about the fact I would be spending the night with JoAnne… I mean spending the night and having sex. As it turned out, Connie joined us and the three of us had a wonderful time. Oh, Mom, I think Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Broderick want to do dinner with you. I said you would call them this week.”

That was news to Bonnie, not that she minded though. She thought it was a good thing she started reaching out to the other Euro-Club mothers. “No problem. I’ll give Dorcus a call after dinner.”

Lamar took that opportunity to say “And Dad, Mrs. Hildebrandt said you were going with her Thursday to meet with one of her clients. Is that right?”

Cooper replied, “Yes. She has reservations for us to stay at a hotel in Macon on Thursday & Friday. On Thursday evening we are meeting with the woman she’s been working with for several months. Then on Friday afternoon, the two of us are meeting with the man she still looks to as her spiritual leader, Brother Paul. So, you two will have the house to yourselves Thursday and Friday nights since your mother will be in Arizona those two nights,” he said indicating Lamar and Misty.

Bonnie thought she should say, “So this will be a first for a school night. We are trusting you to get to school on time on Friday.” After both of her kids nodded in agreement, she bade Lamar to continue his story about his week with Sarah.

“You all know that I’ve been in foursomes with Sarah several times in the past couple of months even though we weren’t screwing yet, so I figured it would be mostly the same when Byron and Bailey stayed with us. But it wasn’t. You all know that ever since the end of summer, on a pretty regular basis I’ve been with Sarah, holding and kissing her while other guys screw her. We both love doing that, and we still do, but before there was always this thing in the back of my brain that was like why can that guy put his dick in Sarah but I can’t. But now that is gone and that makes it different. And with Byron, when he finished doing her, she wanted me to go right after him. It was like we both found it super-hot to use Byron’s jizz as our sex lube. I didn’t expect that to make so much difference, but it did… for both of us. For some reason we can’t really explain, we both enjoy her getting dicked by another guy more now than we did before. We will certainly keep doing it even though we are having full sex now.”

Bonnie supported her son’s conclusion by saying, “Yes, it is different. For your father and I, it is really special and a bonding time when he and I make love after I’ve been with another man earlier that day. It was true when I was in college, and it's even more true now. I’ll just say it straight, I enjoy sex with your dad more after I’ve been with another man beforehand, and I always have. I missed that a lot in those years I was monogamous.”

Cooper, who’d been just listening so far, finally spoke up, “Yes, I agree. Your mother is more responsive and we both seem to enjoy it more after she’s been with another man first. Being with a woman doesn’t really do the same thing, and it doesn’t have to be like right after the man pulls out, it can be hours later, but that is what gets her most ready for me. And she’s right, it’s been that way since we were dating. Though I like to say I never told her not to have sex with other guys because I’m not possessive; but I think in the back of my mind was the knowledge that it makes our sex better.”

Bonnie turned to look at her husband, “I’ve wondered if that was true for years, but to hear you say it makes me feel better because I’ve always thought so.”

Misty put in, “I know when I’ve been with multiple guys in a day or evening, I’ve always thought the first one warms me up for the second. I’d love to try it with Tommy, but I don’t think he’s anywhere near ready for that.”

In an incredulous voice, Lamar said, “I thought it was just me and Sarah. It’s actually really good to hear that my parents have the same experience.”

Bonnie put in, “If Sarah asks her mother, I am sure from what Slosh has told me, that she would also say sex with her husband is better after she’s been with a man during the day


“I’ll suggest she ask her mom about it,” Lamar replied. From what Sarah tells me, her mom has now gotten to the point that pretty much every week she gets it from other men once or twice. And from what Ms. Slosh told us about her trip, Mr. Marshal got to use Mr. Feldman’s cum for lube quite a few times last week.”

Misty put in, “Talking about Dad getting sloppy seconds, Mom, have you made your appointment for Mr. Newell to come out to inspect the new hot tub?”

“Yes. He will be here at 11:30 AM, next Monday.”

With a grin, Misty said, “Oh, just in time for a long lunch… of Bonnie Campbell served hot under the overhead mirror.”

“Not necessarily,” her mother retorted.

“But most likely,” her daughter countered.

Bonnie delayed in answering then with a sigh said, “Yes, most likely.”

With a look of victory, Misty turned to her father and said, “Next Monday, be prepared for Mom to jump your bones when you get home.”

Cooper smiled, “I will be looking forward to it.”

Clearly wanting to change the subject, Bonnie looked back at Lamar. “So, did Sarah enjoy watching you and Bailey having sex as much as you two both like it when she does Byron?”

Lamar answered, “I think so, but I didn’t have my dick in her pussy very much because Bailey kept wanting me to fuck her in the ass. You see, Byron is just too thick for him to do her back there comfortably without a lot of warming up, but she really liked it when I did her like that. She had me do that a lot, way more than we had pussy sex. And best of all for her was Byron and I doing her at the same time: me in her ass while he fucked her pussy. We did that three times over the week… well four if you count Tuesday night as two different times.”

“You see, that first night Bailey and Byron were with us, right off Bailey and I did it together on one side of the bed and Sarah & Byron did it right beside us. That was actually really cool for me and Sarah to watch each other make love. I say make love not because I love Bailey or Sarah loves Byron, but because we are all really close friends and so it's way different than like when we were with Lindsey and her fuck buddy guy. That was just sex… just fucking. But with Byron and Bailey, it was more than that.” He looked to his mother for confirmation. “Does that make sense?”

“Yes, Dear. It makes perfect sense. I think everyone here understands what you are saying.”

“Oh, OK then. So that first night the four of us went on for hours. That first hour was the only time it was all three of us. The rest of the night, and it was most of the night, it was just twos and threes, but the action was nearly continuous. So, like pretty early on, Bailey sat on my dick, putting it up her ass and she had Byron fuck her pussy until both of them came. But as good as it felt to feel him rubbing on me through her like that, I was able to hold back even though I could feel it when both he and Bailey had orgasms. As soon as he pulled out Sarah went down on Bailey and used her mouth and fingers to get her off two or three times. It was super cool feeling her fingers rub my dick from inside of her pussy. It was really weird, but really a turn-on too. Sarah later told me how much she liked playing with my dick while her fingers were inside of the girl she loves. But when Sarah was done, Bailey had us turn over so she could get on top of Byron and ride him while I was behind them fucking her ass. She had me do her like hard and fast as if it were her pussy. Sarah was right there with plenty of lube so I could do it super hard for a long time. I’d been in Bailey’s ass like forever by then so it was really comfortable for her. She said it felt amazing for me to fuck her hard because my dick moved Byron’s dick that was in her pussy. She didn’t cum like that, but she thinks if we work on it, she will be able to in the future.”

His mother laughed, “So, Bailey already has laid out a plan for you two to keep doing her double until she learns to orgasm in both positions.”

“Well, sort of,” Lamar answered. “Yes, her plan is that Byron will be doing her pussy, but I don’t think I’ll be the only Euro-boy to fill her back door now that she’s on a mission.” Misty asked her brother, “You didn’t say what you thought of anal sex. Did you like it?”

Lamar thought for a moment then said “Mostly I liked it because I knew that Bailey liked it so much. It helped that I’d already had a couple of guys, Lindsey’s fuck buddy Austin and Byron, do me back there. With that experience, I already knew how important lube is and for me to take it slow when starting out. Oh… I guess I should say a couple of times while I was fucking Bailey, Byron fucked me from behind. I’m used to his fat cock in my ass, and feeling how turned-on he was while I fucked his girlfriend, that was really hot.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but quip, “So you were busy.”

Lamar smiled, “Oh yeah. For three nights and two days with the four of us, yea, I was super busy. But at least with four people there, one or two could rest while the others got it on. Some of the times it was super intense, but other times it was just casual. Like when we were watching Netflix one time, Bailey sat on my dick for like an hour with me in her ass. Some of the time she played with her pussy, but most of the time she just slowly moved her butt. She said it felt really good to have me up her like that. Sarah had turned the thermostat down in the house, so the house stayed warm enough for all of us to go naked pretty much all the time.”

Then as if recalling something Lamar added, “Oh, Bailey’s mom got her a set of butt plugs. She’s only had them since Christmas and she was mostly just experimenting, but she had one of them in her a lot of the time we were just hanging out.”

Misty asked, “Did you try one?”

“Yea, one of the small latex ones. It was kinda hot, but I’m not sure I want to buy one for myself. Sarah surprised me when she said she liked the same little one I liked. She’s not into anal like Bailey is, but the plug is different because the neck is so small. I promised I’d buy her one as a late Christmas present.”

All of this was new information to Bonnie, well mostly new. DeeDee had told her that she’d gotten her daughter an anal toy collection for Christmas but hadn’t really elaborated.

Lamar went on “While Byron and Bailey were at Sarah’s house, I don’t think an hour went by when we were awake that someone didn’t do someone. After that first night of super-hot sex that lasted for hours, it was mostly pretty relaxed messing around. Like we’d all be in the living room talking and Sarah, or Bailey, would just ask if I could go down on them. That didn’t stop the talk… except when I’d bring them off. But even that was like super casual. Then when Bailey and Byron went home, Sarah and I did a lot of snuggling and had what I call snuggle sex… you know what I mean, when we are mostly just enjoying holding each other, but my dick is in her. And not having to worry about condoms really helped with that low-keyed stuff.”

Bonnie really was happy for Lamar. She knew she and Slosh had done the right thing giving them the house for the week. She asked, “Was it a problem when her parents got home?”

“No, not at all. Her dad didn’t even make her turn the heat down, and we didn’t change what we were doing. By then, we were mostly staying downstairs so we just kept on as we had been. Both Mr. & Mrs. Marshal walked in on us messing around in the living room while watching TV. Neither of them seemed bothered by it. Like, on Saturday night, while the four of us watched a movie, Sarah got me hard with her hand then sat on my lap. I think she was sort of showing off for her parents, but they acted as if it was totally normal for her to do that.” He seemed to think then said, “We both think that having sex with others in the room really is normal, or should be. Ms. Slosh even said so.”

Misty jumped in, “You are right, it is normal, or at least should be. I talked to Sarah and she made it clear that next time she is here we can expect that she and Lamar will be doing it on our living room sofa too.”

That seemed to remind Lamar of something, “Oh, I didn’t say so, but when Bailey’s mom called to say she was coming to get her Friday afternoon, Bailey wanted to get one more round in before she had to go. When Bailey’s mother got there, Sarah let her in the house, naked of course. When they came into the living room both Byron and I had our dicks in Bailey. Mrs. Hildebrandt sat down right beside where Bailey was lying on me. Byron didn’t even slow down. From what they’d already told us, I think he’s pretty used to having Bailey’s mom in the room while they do it.

Mrs. Hildebrandt and Bailey just chatted away like there was nothing new to see. She said she had never had two guys in her like that and asked Bailey what it was like. I think Bailey liked that her mom was interested. She told her how full it made her feel and how the two dicks worked together to stimulate her from the inside. I kinda understood what she was saying because as Byron moved his dick in and out, I could feel everything, almost like he was rubbing his boner right on mine. She went into how it made a big difference if the guy in her ass was the passive or active participant. Bailey even told her mother she hadn’t been able to cum when she was on Byron with me fucking her ass hard, but she was sure she could learn to. I remember that Bailey’s mom laughed and she said that her daughter already has more experience with threesomes than she’s ever had.”

They also talked about all the other things we’d been doing for the past three days, but finally, Mrs. Hildebrandt said they needed to go soon so we needed to wrap up. Bailey told Byron to do her hard and fast, so he did. She came first, which made Byron cum, again. I didn’t hold back, so as Byron was filling her pussy with his jizz, I filled her ass with mine. All three of us had amazing orgasms. When we were done and Bailey was getting dressed, Mrs. Hildebrandt told me and Byron how much she liked sitting right there watching both of us work so hard to make her daughter feel so good. She said that she’s not a fan of anal for herself, but she loved seeing how much Bailey got out of what we were doing for her. From what Bailey had told us, just like Ms. Slosh does, her mom thinks it's normal to be in the room while Bailey has sex.”

With all that in mind, Bonnie decided to say it clearly for the first time, “As long as you are careful about who else is present, I want you both to know that from here on, it is fine for you to have sex anywhere in the house with whoever you want, whenever you want. Take this as a blanket consent while you are at home.”

Misty smiled and said, “It’s not like Tommy and I didn’t do it on the living room sofa that first night after you got home.”

“Yes, I know. But I’ve been big on consent, so I thought I should formally give it.”

“Well thanks,” Misty followed up.

Lamar echoed his sister’s appreciation

Bonnie made a point to remind Lamar about cleaning up any mess he makes.

Lamar laughed at that last part and told how the morning after the New Year's Eve party he and Sarah spent several hours cleaning the Marshal’s house like her parents told them to. That led into Misty telling about the New Year’s Eve party which morphed into her telling about her week with Tommy and Caitlin. The night’s reports lasted well past when they’d all finished eating their dinner.

The next afternoon Bonnie called Dorcus Broderick and set up a dinner date with her and Margret Adams. “Do you want to invite the girls, or should it just be a mom’s night out.” They discussed it and decided on a mom’s night and they decided to also invite Ronda Jackson. Not only was she also a mother of a Euro-Club girl, but Dorcus's younger daughter was involved in what amounted to the future Euro-Clubbers which met at Ronda’s house. What Bonnie didn’t tell Dorcus was that she and Ronda saw eye to eye about teenagers and sex. They agreed on next Tuesday evening. Bonnie then called Ronda. After Bonnie briefed her about what she thought the other two mothers wanted to talk about, she said she’d be there.


Thursday morning, Bonnie left early for Atlanta to catch a flight to Arizona. Cooper left at the same time, but he went to Augusta to get most of a full day in at his office at the university before he had to head back to Sparta. Early in the afternoon, he headed west to pick up DeeDee Hildebrandt and make the drive to Macon. They met her client, Elisabeth Martin, at a casual dining establishment near the Macon Mall.

Elisabeth, Cooper knew, was in her later 40’s and made a good living as a representative for a major pharmaceutical company. He wasn’t great at guessing women’s dress sizes but she was around 5’ 6” and perhaps 140 lbs. with brown hair done in a short professional manner. As they made introductions and normal pleasantries, Cooper thought Elisabeth really was exactly what she presented herself as: a successful middle-aged businesswoman who was confident in her self-presentation. The truth was he would not have guessed she would be the kind of person who would need DeeDee’s special kind of help. But even as that thought came to him, he realized that a certain kind of man would feel put down to be her husband, and the result of that could easily lead to the kinds of issues DeeDee had briefed him about.

On the way to Macon, DeeDee (with Elisabeth’s permission) briefed Cooper on why she’d been referred to her and about her progress. It seems that as Elisabeth’s career (and income) blossomed, her husband became ever more belittling of her as a woman. When he finally left her, after over twenty-five years of marriage, for a twenty-something-year-old woman who worked with him; she’d been devastated. She was convinced that she was unworthy to be loved or to be sexually desired. DeeDee’s first mission was to get her to accept that bodily/sexual pleasure was something she could have as a woman and as a Christian. Though Elisabeth had been very nervous even at getting naked with DeeDee at the beginning, she soon found that she had a deep reservoir of emotions and sensual potential that she’d been burying deeper and deeper as her years of marriage had gone by. According to DeeDee, she very much enjoyed their time together, but she was ready for the touch of a man; however, she had a great fear of failing as a lover.

“That is where you come in,” she told Cooper. “Given my experience with Elizabeth, I have no doubt that once she has a safe man and a safe place, she will rapidly overcome her fear. My guess is she will need no more than two or at most three sessions with you before she is ready to go out on her own into the world of singles, or perhaps with me as guide and support.”

Cooper had nodded as he drove. “Is there anything special I need to do?”

“Not really, but until we get going at the hotel, just follow my lead.”

And that is what Cooper did. He just let the two women talk and only jumped in when he was asked a question or felt his input was wanted.

The food had been delivered before DeeDee got to the point of their evening. “So Elisabeth, are you ready for this?” When she didn’t answer verbally, but only nodded, DeeDee pushed. “Talk to me. Are you ready for Cooper to join us in our session tonight?”

“Yes,” Elisabeth answered. “I know by now, with you, I shouldn’t be embarrassed about anything I think or do, but with him actually here it’s hard to admit that it's like all I’ve been able to think about for days.” She turned to Cooper and said, “And you are so nice and don’t seem the least bit like you resent the kind of person I am. You are everything DeeDee said you would be.” Then she got a sour face, “And you are nothing like my ex.”

Trying to be diplomatic Cooper said, “As an architect, I have worked with a good many highly successful, high-powered women. I’ve always found such women far more alluring than women who have no substance. That is why DeeDee and I hit it off from the first, she is a strong and driven woman who knows who she is and she isn’t about to be someone else just to please a weak man.”

Elisabeth agreed with Cooper, “No she isn’t.”

Cooper went on, “And if you knew my wife, Bonnie, you would know that she too is no retiring violet. I truly have never understood why some men are attracted to weak and vapid women, but I know many men are. You can’t judge yourself by a weak man’s insecurities.”

Elisabeth smiled and looked over at DeeDee, “So she has been telling me for months.”

DeeDee put a hand out to touch Elisabeth’s. “So, I guess the question is, are you ready to accept yourself as a woman of value? Will Cooper feel honored to have been chosen by you to be the recipient of your spiritual and sexual affections when we get to our hotel room.”

At the word hotel, Elisabeth seemed to waiver in her resolve, but only for a moment. Recovering, she replied firmly. “As you have told me, a Christian sexual union is when both partners make the other feel honored to be chosen. So, it works both ways, doesn’t it?”

“Bravo!” DeeDee said with gusto. “You are an excellent student.”

Cooper jumped in, “And I do feel honored that you trust me enough to share your body with me. I will do my best for you.”

Elisabeth smiled slyly, “If you are half as good as DeeDee says, I will be thrilled. If she is even remotely right about you, our time will be the best experience with a man I have ever had. I am looking forward to finding out if DeeDee is right.”

Half an hour later, in the SpringHill Suites Hotel, Elisabeth was ensconced in an overstuffed chair watching Cooper and DeeDee undress each other. The format of the evening had been decided weeks in advance. For the first half an hour, Elisabeth watched Cooper and DeeDee make love with rapt attention. Cooper found himself oddly intimidated that he’d been called on to role model what loving and respectful sex looked like. But DeeDee made it very easy to do.

After their first time together back in October, he and DeeDee talked about how they both had felt stymied in their efforts to give sexual love unconditionally. For both of them, that was their habit. Even when they were leading a sexual encounter, they led by giving. But with both of them trying to do the same thing, it created a sort of stalemate. For their follow up round of sex the next morning, they agreed that they would take turns playing the receiver, allowing the other to give of themselves. The sexual ping-pong worked better than they’d expected and in the Macon hotel, their fourth time together, Cooper and DeeDee worked in concert, like a well-oiled machine. Cooper thought she seemed to know exactly what to do and when to do it; and from what he could tell, he was doing what she wanted as if they had sexual telepathy.

At the predetermined half an hour mark, DeeDee was riding Cooper, working up to an orgasm; Elisabeth, without saying a word, removed her clothes and slid in beside them. When DeeDee recovered from her climax and rolled off of Cooper to lay beside Elisabeth, she asked, “May I assume you are ready for this?”

Cooper’s view was blocked by DeeDee, but the voice seemed to be very eager when she replied, “Yes. Oh yes, I am totally ready.”

DeeDee slid off the bed giving them the entire space as Cooper began the all-important preliminaries. After a good long session of full-body contact kissing, Cooper took his time caressing and kissing her from head to toe. As he’s somewhat expected, she was confused that he didn’t go right to penetration. He explained to her they were going to make love, not just screw. He bade her to relax and enjoy. When he finally moved to stimulate her breasts with his lips and tongue, she let out a deep sigh. When he moved between her legs, she was so charged up he brought her to her first climax far quicker than he’d expected.

On the drive over, DeeDee had told him that prior to her first session, Elisabeth had never once had anyone go down on her long enough to get her off… though she also said her ex-husband (who’d only been her third sexual partner) had only brought her to orgasm a handful of times in the last twenty years of their marriage. Her second climax came nearly as easily as the first.

He was surprised when he came up from between Elisabeth’s legs to find DeeDee fully dressed, standing at the door. She’d evidently waited for them to take a short breather before informing them she was going down to the lobby to call Bailey to see how she was doing on her own. Given the fact Cooper knew she’d left Bailey alone overnight a good many times for her dates, he concluded she wanted to give him alone time with Elisabeth.

Before Elisabeth finally told Cooper she could not go on, he’d brought her three oral orgasms (in two separate sessions), two orgasms with his hands/fingers and one by screwing her while using his free hand on her clit. The woman was utterly and totally spent and Cooper knew it. DeeDee, who had returned to the room perhaps half an hour before, removed her clothes and slid in beside her client. For a good while they lay like three spoons with Cooper behind Elisabeth and DeeDee in front.

After some quiet time had passed, Elisabeth quietly said “This is really nice. I could lay like this forever. This is what I’d always dreamed making love with a man should be like… but never was.” Then as if telling herself a joke she made a soft laugh and added, “Though I never imagined a beautiful woman in my arms as my lover held me in his.”

Cooper kissed and nuzzled her neck as a reply

Sadly, no matter how much Elisabeth wanted to lay like that all night long, they could not. She had a very early morning call to make on a doctor’s office in a town over an hour away. With obvious reluctance, she finally said, “As much as I hate to say it. I have to go.”

As she and DeeDee got dressed at about 1:00 AM, Cooper feigned to be asleep so as to let them talk freely. They debriefed the night’s events. Elizabeth raved about her time with Cooper. DeeDee let her know that she was using the same kind of language in describing her experience that several other women had used to describe their time with him in the past. “And Elisabeth, believe it or not, you deserve to be with a man that makes you feel loved like that.”

As Cooper listened, one thing seemed to bother Elisabeth though. She asked DeeDee, “But as far as I can tell, he didn’t have a climax himself. Did I do something wrong?”

Cooper opened his eyes and answered the question though it was not directed at him. “No Elisabeth, you didn’t do anything wrong. You are a very lovely and sensuous woman. I had a simply wonderful time with you. But I understood the plan and knew you would not be staying the night. DeeDee will be. And frankly, I’m not a teenager anymore and I wanted to be sure to be able to perform for her too.”

DeeDee followed up, “Don’t take it as some failure on your part. After I got back to the room, I watched you two for a good hour. Few men would have held back the way Cooper did. He has developed excellent control and knows his limits. Don’t take it as any failing on your part. He knows me, and he knows that after watching you two as I did, there is like zero chance I won’t be jumping his bones once you are gone.”

Elisabeth seemed incredulous. “I’ve never been with a guy who could or would simply put off their orgasm like that. I had two boyfriends in college and even lived with one of them, but that never happened. To be honest, most of the time it seemed all that they wanted was to get their rocks off as quickly as possible.” Then, much to Cooper’s surprise and DeeDee’s obvious pleasure, Elisabeth turned to Cooper and said, “I’m glad you are awake. You see, two weeks from Wednesday I will be meeting with doctors in Augusta for work all afternoon. Would it be possible for us to get together then?”

Cooper explained that he had a class that did not end until 4:00, but he could meet her after that. She was clearly pleased and said, “I’m not trying to be greedy, but I’d really like a chance to get the full experience. I’ll have a hotel room for the night anyway, if you could stay I would very much like to do that.”

DeeDee jumped in “Good for you. That is the kind of boldness you need.”

Cooper replied, “I’ve very much enjoyed our time together, and staying the night with you sounds very nice, but I will need to check with my wife first. I hope you understand.”

“Of course, I do.”

And the plan was made. DeeDee walked Elisabeth to her car. She was gone a good while. Evidently, the women decided to talk some more downstairs. When she got back to the room, she let Cooper know the night couldn’t have gone better. Then she commenced to pounce on him.

Beforehand, it had been decided that the Friday meeting with Brother Paul was best held at his home rather than at the church given the sensitivity of the topic. Additionally, Brother Paul had moved all the files that dealt with the Rahab program to his home years ago. Mary, Brother Paul’s wife met them at the door and led them to her living room.

Brother Paul greeted DeeDee with a hug and kiss and Cooper with a warm handshake saying “I’m Paul, DeeDee has told me so much about you. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for some time.”

Cooper didn’t sense any disingenuousness in the man’s warm greeting and responded, “She’s told me quite the extraordinary story about you and I’ve been looking forward to picking your brain as well.”

“Have a seat,” the minister said motioning to a sofa. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve asked Mary to meet with us. I think you will find she has quite a bit to offer. If it weren’t for her, I would have simply turned my back on the whole Rahab project years ago. I was going to break off my relationship with DeeDee, but she saw the value to both of us… to all three of us of her role as a Rahab. I don’t know if DeeDee explained to you that Mary was the one who saw the core value of Rahabism beyond the abusive way my father implemented it.”

Cooper hadn’t heard it called Rahabism before, nor did he know that Peter’s wife had persuaded him to keep seeing DeeDee. He schooled himself to hide his surprise when he said, “By all means. I would very much like her input.”

Once they were seated, Rev. Paul Lowe began, “So, where would you like to start?”

“DeeDee’s given me a good overview of the theology, and while there are some points I’d like you to clarify, I’d like to start with the history, as far as you know it, of the Rahab program. As I understand, your father was just one of a large network of ministers who had embraced this idea. Could you tell me about that?”

Paul proceeded to tell an astounding story that he had put together over almost twenty years. Around the time I got married, I started contacting guys I knew who were the sons of my father’s closest allies in the ministry. In looking for those my age who knew of Rahabism I had to be very careful; but by

dropping hints about how I have an active Rahab in my church, I was able to identify those I was looking for. While over half of the guys I contacted knew to what I referred, most wouldn’t talk about it. However, I gathered a group of five more young pastors who had come up in a Rahabist church and wanted to know more about where the idea came from. Rahabism is very much an underground movement and taught not in preacher training programs, but from mentors and trusted colleagues. Perhaps you wouldn’t be all that surprised that within the community of pastor-run, authoritarian churches with which my father associated, it was remarkably common for fathers to train up their sons to take their place.”

“Of the men that became the new group of Rahabist, only one of us went for more than two years of formal Bible College training, rather we mostly learned on the job. That seems to be one of the commonalities in churches that practice Rahabism. When we’d built up a sufficient level of trust, we all got together in Birmingham back in the summer of 2001. We all brought all the documentation we could lay our hands on and shared what we knew. In comparing notes, all six of us as teenagers knew our fathers were sleeping with women in the church. Two of us were pushed into having sex with church girls in high school just like my brother and I were. The other four were introduced to sex by adult Rahabs beginning when they were between fifteen and seventeen. Another commonality was that all our fathers actively took measures to ensure we were sexually active while in high school… and I guess I should say also that not one of us went to public schools. We were all either home-schooled or went to small schools our father’s churches sponsored. And I need to say, all of us have rejected the abusive aspects of Rahabism, but we all have a more flexible understanding of Christian sexuality than is commonly embraced. At its core, and what is common to all the different forms of Rahabism we have been able to uncover is not abuse, like in my case, but the idea that God can and does use sexuality, particularly female sexuality, to promote his agenda.”

From there Paul went on to describe a movement that dated back to the 1930s that was born in the Pentecostal movement during the upheavals of the Great Depression. From what Paul’s group could conclude, there was a woman or a small group of women in California, Nevada, and New Mexico during those years who were itinerant preachers. These women did not rely on donations from their impoverished supporters, but rather they offered their bodies in sacrifice so as to raise the funds to keep up their ministries. “The simple rationalization was that prostitution was a trade and their trade supported their ministry in the same way St. Paul plied his trade of tentmaker on his missionary journeys. They found the story of Rahab the prostitute and she became their model. The best we can conclude from the bits and pieces of memories that were put to paper back in the fifties and sixties was that it was women who created Rahabism when they combined ministry and paid sex work. But,” Paul cautioned, “This conclusion is from very fragmentary evidence, but we have good confidence we are right. Just as important, we never found any other origin story for Rahabism.”

Paul went on to explain that his father was a third or fourth-generation practitioner in that he had been taught it by his pastor who had learned of Rahabism as a tent preacher in the years after WW2. “Did that man, called Brother Michael, learn it from one of the founders or from someone else? We don’t know. But three of the six of us trace our lineage back to Brother Michael. Yet, we don’t have a last name for him, just brother Michael. What we have found in widening our search to the contacts from all six of us is that while it had originated in Pentecostal circles, in the 50s & 60s as it spread, Rahabism was adapted to different strains of Christianity. All six of us come from Baptist traditions that call us to be utterly separate from the world with as little contact with those outside of our church and likeminded churches as possible. I don’t think it is surprising that in that kind of isolationist environment, the empowering parts of Rahabism were minimized as it metastasized into the kind of abusive practices found in all six of the churches our group grew up in.”

He went on to describe how their research found that there was another major strain of Rahabism that went the opposite direction and became ever more liberal. Though they were not able to penetrate a wall of silence among the current practitioners, they did link Rahabism to the Christian free-love movement of the early 70’s and some of the free-love Christian communes. “But like nearly every other lead we have, at the end, we were left with just fragmentary evidence, hints, and rumor.”

When Paul finished his introduction, Cooper asked, “If I sent a graduate student down to work with you and your five colleagues, would they cooperate with her in taking your research and putting it into a publishable form? I really think this story needs to be told and the FFF is just the organization to do it.”

Paul looked to Mary, “You’ve been in a lot of the meetings I’ve had over the years with these guys. What do you think?”

She didn’t hesitate, “I think he’s right. This story needs to be told.” She looked right at Cooper and said, “But not just the bad abusive stuff. What my husband didn’t tell you was that Paul and the other five pastors now make up our own Rahabism community. While none of them do the things his father did, they all embrace the idea that some people are called by God to use their sexuality to promote universal love. All of them personally embrace non-monogamy to one extent or another, though none do it publicly. I keep up regular contact with the other wives and all of them reject the idea that monogamy is God’s only plan for his children.”

Cooper nodded. He knew that over the fall Mary had been moving toward joining her husband in a non-monogamous lifestyle. DeeDee had told him how in her December visit with Brother Paul, Mary had finally gone all-in and joined them for a full-contact threesome. So when she spoke of non-monogamy, she spoke from her own experience. Cooper responded to Mary, “I will make you a promise, and make a request. I promise you will have final approval of any text the foundation publishes or that my assistant and I submit for publication in a journal. But what I’d really like you to consider is for you to be a co-writer. As I recall DeeDee telling me, you have a degree in sociology from Middle Georgia State University and you are currently working on a master’s degree. Is that right?”

Mary smiled and looked at DeeDee, “You have a big mouth.” Then back to Cooper, she said, “Yes, that is right. But the honest truth is I never actually planned on using the degree. I’ve just been taking classes because I enjoy them.”

Cooper quickly said, “I would understand if you can’t put your name to our paper, but we would like you to be part of the project.” Not knowing Paul, he wasn’t sure if he’d overstepped, but the smile on her husband’s face made him think he’d said exactly the right thing.

It took a moment but Mary answered, “Yes, I would love to be part of a real academic paper on Rahabism. I won’t have to decide if my name goes on it until later, right?”

“Right,” Cooper answered. “And from what Paul has said, I think this project might take some time, so you surely have at least half a year, likely closer to a full year before you need to decide.”

From there, the discussion went into the different practices of Rahabism past and present, the theology, and the practical aspects. Cooper was beginning to understand that Rahabism, as Paul and his colleagues saw it, was not simply Christian prostitution but more akin to Christian sex-positivity. Far from the doctrine being an excuse for hedonism, Rahabism put sexual morality on a higher plane because in their view, all sex, even casual sex with someone (or people) one has just met, was an act of Christian devotion. There simply wasn’t room in Rahabism for sexual exploitation or abuse. Cooper was pleased that Paul never once shied away from calling out abusive practices for what they were. He even stated plainly what he and his brother did to DeeDee was abusive. “Even though DeeDee turned what we did to her into a positive experience, it was still wrong.”

They went on for well over four hours. Finally, DeeDee said the interview had gone on long enough and that it was time for dinner. “According to Bonnie, the foundation will pick up the tab to take you guys out someplace nice. Unless you want me to cancel, I have already made reservations for the four of us at Christian's on the River.” She pulled out her phone and looked at the time before saying, “And we have talked so long we have less than an hour to get there.”

An hour and a half later, they were enjoying as good a dinner as Cooper recalled having in some time. He was quite surprised that such a quality eating establishment existed in a place like Macon. The conversation had shifted to kids and work and the more normal things, but DeeDee brought that mundane conversation back on topic. She quite blithely began to describe to the Lowe’s about walking into the Marshal’s living room last Friday afternoon. “I found my sixteen-year-old daughter on the sofa, having sex with her boyfriend and Cooper’s son at the same time.”

Cooper didn’t know how much the Lowe’s knew about those things. He had to assume DeeDee and Mary had spoken about them before or she would have given some sort of preparatory statements rather than jumping right in. Yet, Mary still almost choked on her crab cake. “She was doing them both? Right in the living room?”

DeeDee nodded, “Yep. Front door and back door. But I’ve told you she’s done it with her boyfriend in our living room right in front of me more than once.”

Swallowing her food Mary said, “Yes, but with Cooper’s son? Where was his girlfriend? You said they were in her house, didn’t you?”

“Oh, she was right there. She is no more jealous of my Bailey than you will be of me when I take your husband to my hotel after dinner.”

Cooper wondered if she had misspoken or was there a new plan. The plan, as he knew it, was that DeeDee would go home with the Lowe’s and he would pick her up later on. He didn’t ask for clarification though.

Mary didn’t seem to know something was amiss and simply agreed with her statement about jealousy, “Yes, I understand about the lack of jealousy, I guess it’s just hard for me to wrap my head around the fact she didn’t mind you seeing what she was doing. I mean, nowadays Anabelle freely talks about the guys she sleeps with. Neither of us blush when she tells me she spent the night with some hot guy. When she was home this past summer, right at the dinner table, she mentioned having a threesome with her best friend and her friend’s boyfriend as if it were the most normal thing in the world.”

Mary shook her head. “It seems like just yesterday we sat her down to explain what you and her father did in the bedroom and why it was a Godly thing. But now, she is a woman who doesn’t hesitate to tell me how she expresses her Christian commitment with a whole variety of bed partners. She is a better practitioner and advocate for Christian Rahabism than I have ever been. It was only after she went off to school, well actually it has only been in the last year that we have started talking freely like two adults. I thought I was making a huge leap when Annabelle was a teenager to tell her that I’d known about you and her father from before we got married. But, the idea of being in the same room while she has sex with a guy is beyond me, and well doing it with two….”

DeeDee asked, “When she was home for Christmas, did you tell her that you are now joining her father and me in bed? You said you were going to try.”

“Well, I did try. I hinted at it. She told me about a Christmas party she had gone to the weekend before she came home. It seems that she walked in on a couple, buck naked, having sex in the apartment’s little kitchen when she went to refill the ice bucket. She was rather proud of the fact she simply apologized for bothering them, but didn’t leave. She scooted around them and filled up the bucket as if the couple had just been talking. I took that as an opening to tell her that I was surprised how quickly I got over the novelty of being right there in the bed while you and her dad do it. I didn’t elaborate and she didn’t ask, but I saw the question in her eye. I suspect it will come up again.”

“I expect so,” DeeDee replied. “She and I have talked about it for years and she has no problem with what her father and I do; and from what you say, she isn’t squeamish about joining her friend in bed with a guy. I don’t think she will be bothered in the least that you and I are now sharing physically along with her dad. I suspect she’ll be happy for you.”

“Yes, I expect she will. When I told Della…” She turned to Cooper and said “Della is one of the Rahabist wives,” then back to DeeDee she said, “… when I told her I’d finally joined in with you guys, she just asked me why I’d put it off for close to two years after I’d told her I wanted to.”

“Two years?” DeeDee shot back with some surprise. “You never told me that. You led me to believe you only started thinking about it in October.”

With a slight blush, Mary said, “I was embarrassed to tell you for the longest time.” She seemed to think for a moment then said, “You see, Della was a Rahab, well she still is. She’s the only one of the six pastor’s wives in our group who still takes on clients, though one other of the six had been one as a teenager. And, she doesn’t just do it with clients. She has had a series of lovers over the fifteen years she’s been married. Her husband knows all about it. He was the one who brought her into their church’s Rahab program before they were married. Her taking other men to bed is just how their marriage works. So yes, I told her two years ago that I wanted to join you and Paul.” She took a deep breath then shot out “And I told her in the summer I wanted to try doing it with another man sooner rather than later.”

That last part didn’t seem to surprise DeeDee, but Paul’s eyes went wide. Not in anger, but just in surprise. She slowly turned to face her husband. “Yes, I’m finally ready. After I joined you two for our first threesome, when you were out of the room, I told DeeDee that the time had come for me to fully embrace Rahabism for myself.”

After his initial moment of disbelief, Paul was prepared to respond. “Mary, you know full well over twenty years ago on the very day you told me I should continue my relationship with DeeDee, I told you that you were free to do the same whenever you were ready. Even though I said that a lifetime ago, nothing has changed. In fact, I’ve repeated that sentiment more than once. DeeDee has heard me say it. So, all I can say is that now that you are ready, I hope you find the right man…”

Paul trailed off as if he suddenly saw the obvious.

Cooper sized up what was happening as well. That explained why DeeDee had said she was going to take Paul to the hotel, she meant for him to take Mary to her home and bed her. Not that he minded, he certainly found her attractive in both appearance and spirit. Yes, even after last night’s exertions, he was sure he’d like to do what he thought was in the offing.

Mary evidently could see that the two men at the table suddenly understood what she and DeeDee had been working toward. Rather formally she looked at her husband, “I know you have made that hypothetical statement many times in the past twenty years. But there is a world of difference between hypothetical somedays and today. So, I will ask you, would you object if I asked Cooper to take me home and spend the night with me.”

Paul appeared to understand what she was saying, that this was not a someday statement, she was asking to have sex tonight with another man. Mirroring his wife’s seriousness he said slowly, “Mary Lowe, I trust you and I always have. If you think the time is right for you to experience the physical love of another man, I completely and totally support you on this.”

“Thank you,” she said formally. She then turned to Cooper, “Cooper Campbell, would you like to take me home tonight so that together we can experience God’s never-ending love through our bodies?” She waited a moment then added, “DeeDee has told me all about how busy you were last night, so if you would like to take a raincheck on my offer I would understand.”

Taking his cue from Paul, Cooper answered carefully, “I would very much like to do that. Though I just met you today, I can feel you are attuned to the spirit of God. If you believe this is right for you, I would be happy to show you all the love God channels through me to the women I share a bed with.”

There was silence for a few moments. This was an important moment for Paul and Mary, Cooper didn’t want to spoil it. It was Mary who broke the silence. With a carefree tone, she said, “DeeDee, though I have no doubt the guys would be happy to just have us for dessert, I saw some simply scrumptious pies getting served at other tables. Should we ask our waiter for what is available?”

After dessert, as they were preparing to leave, Cooper overheard Mary tell DeeDee, “I am so excited I’m trembling all over.”

DeeDee asked, “Are you nervous? Are you having second thoughts?”

“No, and No. I’m just excited. I’m going to have sex with a man other than my husband for the first time in my life. I’m about to jump out of my skin I’m so excited.” Then in a slightly lower voice, she added “And turned on. My panties are already soaked. I’m sure I’ll make his car smell like sex before we even get home.”

DeeDee pulled Mary into a hug. “I’m happy for you.”

Cooper rarely got performance anxiety, but her anticipation certainly put him under a lot of pressure.

Hours later, after a wonderful, tender, and spiritual time in the Lowe’s bed with Mary, he held her in his arms. He could sense her contentment. There wasn’t even a whiff of guilt or regret. Mary rolled to face him. “Thank you, Cooper. This has been quite a night and a real learning experience for me. I don’t know how many times I’ve talked to Paul and DeeDee about the spiritual dynamic of Rahabism when they make love; but only tonight, with you, have I truly understood it.”

She then took his hands in hers and began to recite the same words he’d heard from DeeDee last night… and every other time he’d ejaculated into her.

Reverently Mary said:

I thank you God for the gift of your Holy Seed. I praise you for allowing me, your humble servant, the privilege of bringing it forth. I thank you for Cooper Campbell whom you chose to deliver it to me. I joyfully make it part of my body as your reward for my service to you and as an outward sign of my eternal covenant. Amen.

Cooper let the words just hang in the air. It seemed anything he said would cheapen the moment. Mary snuggled up on him. “And thank you Cooper for forgoing a condom. DeeDee told me that your group uses them with people outside of your circle. As a Rahab, your semen entering my body is important as a symbol. It knowing it is in my body means a lot to me.”

Cooper was confused, “But you are not a Rahab.”

“Cooper, I don’t think you fully understand. While DeeDee is a literal Rahab in that she is paid to have sex with men, any woman… or man for that matter, can be a spiritual Rahab if we use our body’s sexual potential as a conduit for God’s love. I know DeeDee considers you a male Rahab whether you know it or not.”

That was a lot for Cooper to think on at that moment. Their session had become quite energetic and it had gone on for over an hour. He was exhausted. He just nodded and soon he was asleep.

Slowly he was pulled out of his deep sleep by Mary sucking his dick to full staff. The room was pitch black with not a hint of morning light. Without a word, she mounted him and rode him hard for just a few minutes before she climaxed and immediately slid back to the mattress. In just moments, she was back asleep again.

When he awoke once more, the sun was shining fully through the windows and Mary had his full erection in her hand. Given the time of year, he guessed it to be close to 9:00 AM.

“Good morning lover,” came a chipper voice from Mary. He wondered if she even remembered their brief episode of middle-of-the-night sex. It didn’t appear so.

“Thanks for that little thing at three this morning,” she said disabusing him of the idea she didn’t remember. “There is nothing in the world like a good orgasm to help me get back to sleep. Just the feeling of your erection going into me got me halfway there. I’d not anticipated how much the feeling of a different penis in me would excite me.” She gave him a quick kiss. “I have to make a confession. Nearly everything we did before we went to sleep, then that thing during the night and… well what we are about to do has long been worked out in advance. In my fantasies about my first time with another man, I’d decided exactly what I wanted it to include. Last night was perfect, and now…” she gave his cock a squeeze, “… I’m sure this will be just as good.”

“Oh,” Cooper said a little befuddled to hear that he’d been dancing to a tune she’d scored years before. Quickly he went through what had happened once they got to the house, and… well yes, she had guided each and every step. That was unusual for him with a woman for the first time… unique even. But she’d done it so deftly that he’d not even realized it till she mentioned it.

Ding Ding Ding. Ding Ding Ding.

Mary picked up her phone. “It’s a text from Paul. He and DeeDee are heading back now.” She got a lascivious grin, “And, that is just about enough time for us to be wrapping up… but not fully done with what I have next on the agenda when they get here. That’s part of my fantasy too… for Paul to walk in and see me in the act.”

Cooper wondered what kind of wild woman had been unleashed. Or perhaps this really was what she said, years of fantasy planning put into action. Well, who was he to disrupt her dream?

Twenty minutes later, Mary was face down, her hips and face on pillows while Cooper ground his cock in as deep as it would go. She’d already cum once, and it was clear she was ready for at least one more… or several more.

Her moans of pleasure almost drowned out the sound of the home’s back door opening and closing. “Well,” Cooper thought, “She wanted to get caught by her husband, she’s about to get her wish.” Mary’s moans of pleasure seemed to get louder. She must have heard the door too. She must know her little game is about to reach its apex.

The door had been left ajar, but he seemed to sense it was opened and someone had stepped through the threshold. He redoubled his efforts to bring Mary off again.

“Uhhh…Mom?” came the strangled voice of a young woman.

Cooper initially was befuddled and simply stopped his motion, then he turned to look behind him and to the left. A college-age girl, wide-eyed and mouth hanging open stood just inside of the room. She was seemingly frozen watching what was happening in front of her.

“Annabelle?” Mary had turned her upper body and head to see the doorway, but not so much as to pull free from Cooper. Still on her belly with Cooper’s erection buried to the hilt, she seemed to be looking for the right response. “I didn’t expect you…. uhhh…. give us a minute.”

The girl turned and backed out of the room.

Cooper pulled away and got under the sheet as quickly as he could.

Mary, after that initial surprise, didn’t seem all that rattled. She went to her closet and took out a terry cloth robe. To Cooper, she said, “Well, I guess this solves the problem of how to tell my daughter about her mom’s choice to expand her horizons.” She was tying the robe as she went out the door. It was significant to Cooper that she did not close the door behind her. Apparently, Annabelle waited in the hallway just outside of his vision because he heard the ensuing conversation clearly.

Annabelle: Mom, who is that man? Where is Dad?
Mary: It’s DeeDee’s lover, Cooper. Your father is in town, at a hotel, with DeeDee. They are on their way back here now. I thought it was him coming in on us that is why I didn’t stop when you came in the room. I didn’t know you were coming home this weekend.
Annabelle: What? Did you just swap partners for the night?
Mary: No, nothing like that. Your dad and DeeDee stayed at the hotel because I asked them to give me the house for the night. I wanted to be someplace familiar the first time I was with another man. And, if they had been here too, I would feel I was performing for them rather than focusing on the special moment in my life.
Annabelle: Oh. OK, I get it. Your first time?
Mary: Yes.
Annabelle: You mean after all these years of preaching Rahabism, you’ve never done it with another man? Not once? Really?
Mary: Really. Last night was my first time ever. I’ve been waiting till you guys all went off to college before I stepped out. Once your brother started school in the fall, I decided it was my turn. DeeDee and I planned this together. She thought he would be a good first time for me. And he was. I didn’t mean to freak you out. I really did think it was your dad coming into the room. I guess I was showing off a little.
Long pause.
Annabelle: So he is DeeDee’s Cooper?
Mary: Yes, DeeDee’s Cooper.

Annabelle: Oh… now I see. It just took me off guard. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt. And I guess you have more than enough reason to want to show off to Dad for a change.

Just then Cooper heard the back door open again. Cooper knew Paul and DeeDee had arrived. Moments later he heard Paul’s voice “Annabelle, I saw your car in the drive.”

Mary immediately said, “Our daughter got an eyeful of me and Cooper enjoying ourselves. I thought it was you coming into the room, so I didn’t even stop until she said something.”

Annabelle’s voice picked up with a laugh, “There are some things you just can’t unsee. Dad, you missed out on a show that was meant for you. But there is no reason for me to freak out, though I do feel bad for interrupting what was clearly an intense moment for Mom.”

Cooper decided it was time for him to get out of bed and get dressed, but just as his feet hit the floor, DeeDee came into the room holding his travel bag.

“I thought you might need this,” DeeDee said tossing the leather bag to the ground. “Sounds like you guys had a good time.”

Cooper nodded, picking up the bag. “Good enough that I think I need a shower before I get dressed.

“It’s in here,” DeeDee offered pointing to a side door. “As you can imagine, I’ve used it a good many times.”

On a whim, Cooper said, “Do you want to join me?”

DeeDee laughed, “That actually isn’t a bad idea. It will let us disappear for a bit while they sort out their family issue.”

When Cooper and DeeDee emerged from the shower and redressed (after DeeDee helped him out with the wood Mary had left him), they found Paul, Mary, and their daughter at the kitchen table. Mary was just putting the first set of pancakes on the griddle.

Georgia Tech senior, Annabelle, smiled broadly as Cooper and DeeDee stepped into the kitchen, but it was Mary who spoke up, “So… you are finally done.” Clearly talking to DeeDee she said, “I guess it is your role in this family to step up to the plate when I leave the batter’s box empty. Good job pinch-hitting for me.”

Annabelle broke up in laughter.

It was evident that the others knew full well why it had taken them so long in the shower. Cooper knew there was no reason to pretend otherwise. DeeDee just countered, “I’ve been doing that for you since before you and Brother Paul even started dating. Why would I stop now?”

Cooper was happy to see this banter didn’t bother anyone. Then he reminded himself that DeeDee truly was part of the family, he was the only real visitor there. Indeed, after that initial razzing, it settled into a very normal kind of family breakfast.

An hour later, Cooper and DeeDee were heading northeast back toward Sparta. Cooper was puzzled how the Lowe’s daughter seemed to have taken walking in on her mother having sex with a man she’d never met so matter-of-factly. “DeeDee, I understand why last spring, when Misty found her mother in bed with Mr. Newell, it had been funny, not traumatic for her. But we deliberately raised our kids to see sex as normal and she already knew her mother was doing it with other men by then. But I didn’t think the Lowe kids were raised that way.”

“No, not exactly. But I have been going to their house to have sex with Brother Paul since before any of their kids can remember. And while he and Mary didn’t push the kids to look in on us the way Brother Paul’s father did, they didn’t prevent them from looking in on us either. When they were old enough, Mary gave each of them a pretty graphic description of what their father and I did, and why we did it. Certainly, it had more details than most parents would ever give of their own sex lives. And, as I told you before, when they were teens, Mary deliberately left the guest bathroom door cracked open when I was in bed with their father. That was not at the parsonage where they live now, but a smaller home where the master bath doubled as a guest bath with doors leading both to the hall and to their bedroom. By that action, all three of her kids knew they were allowed to peek in if they chose to. In practice, the boys only peeked in a few times each. I actually don’t recall ever catching them do it. But Anabelle was a different matter. She and I have always had a special relationship. She is only five months older than my Tonya. For a while, Mary and I were pregnant at the same time.”

Cooper knew that DeeDee’s estranged older daughter, Tonya, was a sensitive and painful issue for her. She rarely brought it up and Cooper never did. As he understood it, after her ex kicked her and Bailey to the curb, he took her older daughter and moved back to Savanna to be near his family and DeeDee rarely saw Tonya after that. Worse yet, when she did, she was faced with the fact her ex’s family had truly turned her against her mother. DeeDee had not even been invited to her daughter’s high school graduation, nor to come see her before she left to join the Navy. Yes, it was a painful subject for DeeDee


She went on, “When she was small, before my old life fell apart, Annabelle and Tonya were inseparable playmates. After all, in a small church that isolated itself from the larger community, two little girls nearly the same age were naturally paired up. When Mary had her two boys in quick succession, I often kept Annabelle for her. Even though Mary and I had not yet gotten to the point where we could talk about my relationship with her husband; however, we jointly taught the two girls about the birds and bees and the basic concepts of Rahabism. We presented those two subjects as one. While we couldn’t yet talk about my sexual relationship with Brother Paul, we could talk about our girls and how we were not going to have them get blindsided by throwing all the Rahabist doctrines at them at once as was done with both of us.”

“As a nurse, I’d studied the best way to teach children about sex. So together Mary and I, when Anabelle was seven and Tonya was six, we read to the girls an excellent illustrated book on how babies were made. That particular book doesn’t hedge on the drawings of the mechanics of human sex. So much so our church would call the book pornography, but I knew that was the best approach. We tied the content of the book directly to basic Rahabist concepts. We told the girls that their vaginas were God’s holy chalice and that the man’s semen was a physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit. We, well I, explained that they would only use semen to make babies of few times in their whole lives, but when they were older, they would receive semen as an act of worship many, many times. The idea was that that was just the first talk of a series where we would build on their understanding of those concepts as they got older. We did just that with Annabelle, but… well with Tonya I didn’t get a chance to do that.”

DeeDee got quiet for a few minutes, then said, “When Bailey was that age it was not long after my church had disowned me. I was so overwhelmed and angry at the church that I just didn’t add in the Rahabist component even though I knew Brother Paul had opposed his father’s actions against me. I can’t help but wonder if I’d taught her the way I’d planned, the way Mary and I did with Annabelle that Bailey could have avoided some of the heartache she endured. You see, Anabelle was ten years old when Mary invited me and Bailey to come to live with her family after my ex made us homeless. No matter what I do for her the rest of my life, I will always owe Mary a debt for that. While I was there, she asked me to help give Annabelle the next lesson of both standard sex-ed and of Rahabism.

We introduced more clearly that sex for making babies was very rare, but Mary let me tell her that most likely starting in her late teens, she would start having sex for other reasons. As it turns out Annabell started having vaginal sex at barely sixteen, so it was good that we also introduced the basic concepts of birth control. We didn’t go into the actual methods themselves at that time, we explained that keeping sperm from reaching her eggs until she was ready to have a baby was what God wanted.”

“Mary was a bit squeamish, and she knew Anabelle and I had a good relationship so at that time, I told her that in her life she would mostly have sex for building relationships and simple enjoyment with people she cared about. Mary and I talked at length before we agreed to say people she cared about and not just a single person. Then I explained that when she asked a boy or man to put his holy semen into her chalice, it was an act of spiritual devotion in addition to those other things. Along with that, I taught her the word orgasm. I explained that it was a spiritual state where she would feel the joy of God’s presence. And, I also introduced the idea that unless she was sure she’d taken measures necessary to prevent making a baby with the seed, she might better take the option of receiving it in her mouth, like taking communion at church. I made it clear that putting her partner’s scepter into her mouth and drawing the semen from it was also a sanctified way of taking the Holy Seed into her body.”

Cooper interrupted her, “So you taught Annabelle all this at ten years old?”

“Yes, well it was only a couple of months before she turned eleven. What we didn’t know then was that Anabelle had already become curious about why her father and I went into his bedroom several evenings a week and shut the door while her mom stayed out in the living room. As you can imagine, Brother Paul and I did it a lot more in the months when I was living in his house. It wasn’t until several years later, after Annabelle began confiding in me about her own sex life, did she tell me that when I was living in her home, she’d begun listening at the bathroom door trying to figure out what we were doing. She told me that after Bailey and I had moved to Sparta, she used WD-40 to silence the bathroom door so she could open it slightly to peek in on me and her father. So, when her mother and I sat her down for her final installment of sex-ed/Rahabism-ed after she’d had her first period, she already had seen us doing everything.”

Cooper laughed, “Misty says over and over that parents simply don’t understand that when kids or teens want to know something, they always find out.”

“That should be on a bumper sticker or something,” DeeDee agreed. “So, when we had that talk, we were oblivious to the fact she already knew everything. Even so, I think it was good that Mary and I sat her down and told her everything that I did with her father in the bedroom. I told her we got naked and kissed and hugged before I put his scepter into both my mouth and my chalice. I explained we did that for most of the time we were in bed and that only when we were both ready, I brought forth his seed. Because Annabelle already knew what we did, what was more important was that her mother told her that all those things brought honor to God and gave great pleasure to her father and to me. Most important of all I think was that her mother stated firmly that it was God’s plan and that she was glad to have me in their family’s life.”

“That evening, when Brother Paul got home from his office and we went to the bedroom, Mary asked Annabelle to put some towels away in the guest bath. The girl was no fool, even at twelve. Before she could flip the light switch in the bathroom, she saw light coming from a two-inch gap where the other door, the one that led to the bedroom, just happened to have been left slightly open. Coming on the heels of our little talk, she knew not only had it been done deliberately, but it was her mother’s way of giving her permission to look in to see what we’d described. The way their bedroom was laid out, that slight opening gave a clear view to the right side of the foot of the bed, so she could see everything. Importantly, we could not easily see the door was slightly open as we made love. Though of course, he and I both knew the door was ajar and why. What we didn’t know was it wasn’t new to Annabelle.”

“While she and her mother didn’t start talking about those things till she went to college, Annabelle and I had our first real sex talk that night. By then she had her own cellphone and she called me as I drove home that night. She asked me how long had I been having sex with her father. I told her directly I started giving him oral sex when I was thirteen and we first had sexual intercourse just a few weeks after I turned fourteen. At first, that truly shocked her since she was twelve at the time. However, as we talked and she thought about it, that knowledge helped her make more sense of my role in her father’s life.”

“Over the next couple of years, she played a game where she would peek in, and if her father couldn’t see the door, she’d open it more, sometimes much more than that inch or two. Understand, often she wasn’t there when I was, so she only looked in on us every couple of months or so. But I will confess, if I saw she was looking in, I would deliberately block Brother Paul’s vision with my body and perform for Annabelle. Beginning with that first conversation, she and I became quite candid about sex. She asked about masturbation the second or third time we talked, and then she began asking specific questions about giving oral sex. A few months after that, during a time with Brother Paul, I saw the door cracked open and realized Annabelle was watching. I moved to sit on Brother Paul’s face and leaned over to start giving him head. When I looked up after a few minutes, the bathroom door was no longer just cracked, but it was nearly halfway open, more than enough to get her whole head and upper torso out into the room. When I saw her do that, I put on a demonstration of giving great blow jobs. If I don’t sound vain, I think I’m pretty good at it.”

Cooper couldn’t help but agree.

“I pulled out all the stops. I did all the things that I enjoy and all the things my men enjoyed as he continued to lick and eat me. When Brother Paul’s orgasm came, it was as if he knew I was showing how it’s done because his groans and hip thrust made his climax rather dramatic. I deliberately let the semen flow out of my mouth and down the shaft before I gobbled it up again and swallowed it all. Once I caught my breath, I sat up, my sex still on his mouth. I knew when I turned around to face the headboard so he could easily lick my clit, an orgasm wouldn’t be far off. But as I always do when I receive the Holy Seed from Brother Paul, I recited the prayer of thanks aloud. I didn’t even think about that as part of the performance for Annabelle, but looking back it might have been the most important part of what she saw.”

“After the prayer, I turned around to give him better access to my sex while still blocking his vision. Given how turned on I was, it didn’t take long before the climax flowed over me. As I was getting off of Brother Paul, I turned my body to see the door was still half open and Annabelle was still there. I motioned for her to leave and shut the door, which she did before I was fully off of her father. That night on my drive home she called and thanked me. She knew I had been intentionally showing her how to worship a man’s scepter and make the seed part of my body by swallowing it down. What struck me was she wasn’t the least bit bothered that she’d been perhaps ten or twelve feet away from her dad’s erection and had seen his semen flow down before I ate it. It was less than a year later when she gave her first blow job to a boy after church.”

“I told you all that to say, I understand why Annabelle had such a muted reaction to walking in to see you with her mom. While the Lowes aren’t as intentionally right out in the open about sex as you have been with your kids, I would say their approach was more casual. You have to remember; all her life Annabelle has been in the house while I’ve been having sex with her dad. She might not have known what we were doing when she was younger, but she’s known since she was twelve. All those evenings and Saturday afternoons since then, when she has watched me go into the bedroom with her father; she’s known that we were going in there to have sex. While she, her brothers, and her mom were in the living room, her father and I were making love. I say she was in the living room, but that’s not quite right. Until they moved from that house into the parsonage if she was home, she nearly always looked in on us, at least for a few minutes. Afterward, her father and I would come out and join the family knowing they all knew what we’d been doing. It was just her normal life. And also remember that she was taught the precepts of Rahabism right along with where babies come from.”

“All that prepared her so that when this morning, she found her mother having sex with a strange man, she took it as simply another part of their life… of their version of the Christian life. She just takes it as background. Yes, her mom having sex was new, but the concept of sex as a sacrament is simply part of her worldview. To her, there was no question that when she found her mom having sex with a man in her bed, it must be part of her mother’s life as a Christian and a dedicated pastor’s wife. I dare say she never thought for a second her mom was cheating on her dad. Her default assumption was that her father knew and approved of what she was doing. That is how she was raised.”

“But there is one more thing that I’m sure contributed to her reaction, her mother named you as her partner. You see, as the years have gone by, Annabelle and I have remained confidants. I have heard about every guy she’s blown or screwed, often with explicit details. She doesn’t even consider telling me how a guy's semen tasted or that the guy failed to get her off is somehow inappropriate. As I said, it was less than a year after I demonstrated how to give good blow jobs that she excitedly told me how she brought forth and swallowed the holy seed of a boy from church. Then a year and a half after that, she told me that she’d decided that there was a cute boy from the youth group who she wanted to feel his scepter sheathed in her. She asked me for my help in how to ask him to do it and for help talking to her mother about birth control. Conversely, she knows all the men I service… and she knows about you by name… about us and our relationship. She knows you are the first man I’ve ever been with that I truly think of as a fellow traveler. She knows that you are my true peer in every sense of the word, and that is new to me. Annabelle knows about our first night together and every time we’ve made love since then. Well, I haven’t told her about Thursday night, but I’m sure she will call before the night is over. And she knows you are the only lover I’ve ever had where I can totally relax and be myself without any sort of performance necessary. You don’t know how comforting that is to me.”

Cooper chuckled, “Comforting? I described our time to Bonnie as comfortable, though I’d never told you so because I didn’t want to offend you. But it wasn’t till that night of the Halloween party we bailed on that I thought of it that way.”

DeeDee put her hand out to take his. “Yes, comforting. And no, I’m not offended. I’m glad you feel that way too.”

They drove in silence enjoying one another’s presence for some time. Yes, he felt comfortable with her, whether they were driving through the countryside or in bed making love. It was only just past ten in the morning, and an idea came to him, “Bonnie won’t be home till mid-afternoon and you haven’t seen our new hot tub. It’s been a busy few days, how would you like to be comfortable in my arms soaking in the bubbling water? Afterward, we can pick up lunch at the McGregor Mill Bistro when I take you home?”

“Sounds great.”

Bonnie made it home at about 3:30 that afternoon. She was exhausted as Cooper had expected from a three-day trip where she’d done three presentations and a Q&A forum. He didn't press her for details, but she told him “The couple who acted as my hosts were wonderful. I’d met them in Cancun and they seemed to know everyone in the different kinds of alternative lifestyle communities in Arizona and New Mexico. They have a long reach into groups we’d never really thought of, like the hippy-dippy New Age kind of people. My flight schedule brought me in about four hours early and they offered to let me come out to their place and relax by their pool rather than go to my hotel and hope they would let me check in early. It was a beautiful place out in the desert, almost a ranch, and there it is still summer, at least by our standards. Nora, the wife, offered me a swimsuit, but she said she normally goes without one. I was happy to follow suit. I ended up canceling my reservations at the hotel and staying with them… and sleeping with them too. With them chauffeuring me to both venues and spending the rest of the time with them and a few of their close friends, it was a surprisingly relaxing and productive trip.”


For Misty and Lamar, having Mom and Dad gone Thursday through Saturday seemed remarkably ordinary. The only thing new was that on Thursday evening, Gabby came over to be with Lamar and Tommy came to see Misty. It was a relief to Misty to see how relaxed Tommy was with her brother and his “other girlfriend” in the hot tub with them, naked. The only thing that made her uncomfortable was the near reverence with which Gabby seemed to hold her. She simply could not get used to the way the younger club girls seemed to think she was the great role model.

When they got out of the tub, Misty recruited Gabby as a second set of club member eyes to help her finalize which photos from the hundreds taken at the New Year’s Eve Party would be made public. Those images chosen were forwarded to the appropriate club members to be posted on the club’s website and social media accounts. She wasn’t surprised that Gabby asked for copies of those with her in them… and there were a lot of them. Her other motive was to get to know Gabby in a way that was not conducive to the hero worship thing. She left Tommy and Lamar to play video games until they were done or an hour had passed whichever came first.

As it turned out Gabby was quite technically savvy and she was more help than Misty had expected. Together they were able to get out three weeks' worth of carefully curated photos to the different club members who managed the different social media accounts. When they were wrapping up, Gabby mentioned that her time was running out and she hadn’t had any alone time with Lamar. Misty let her go, thanking her profusely. All that was left for Misty to do was to send out a notice that the promised January Euro-Club meeting would be a week from the coming Saturday at 1:00 PM at her house. She didn’t want it to become a full-on party so she made it clear that the meeting would be strictly club members only, however, she said that their boyfriends would be welcome to come by from 3:00 until 5:00. She let everyone know they now had a hot tub and during the girls only time swimsuits would be optional; however, once the first guy arrived, they would be required. As always there would be ‘barely there” loaners for the girls who wanted them.

Once the message was sent, Misty collected Tommy and they too went upstairs. As they went up the hallway, she pulled Tommy in to look in on her brother and Gabby. Of course, the door was wide open. The younger couple were locked in the sixty-nine position, so she just made a quick comment “Well you two didn’t waste any time,” before heading out. Even so, it was hard for Tommy to fathom that they had walked in on her brother having sex and neither he nor Gabby seemed bothered by it. She decided now was the time to take Tommie into the playroom.

As she expected, for several minutes he was stupefied looking at the photos of Misty’s mother having sex with a dozen different people. When he seemed incapable of any sort of response Misty asked, “If you would like, I can tell you about each of these photos, I could start with the two I took.”

Finally, Tommie turned to her, “You took pictures of your mother having sex?”

“Sure I did. I’ve taken photos of both of my parents having sex with other people. I know you’ve heard me say that all sex done in the spirit of love is beautiful and holy, but I suspect until now you didn’t really understand I mean all sex. I guess it is one thing to see the pictures in the hallway of all the people I’ve had sex with, but it would be very different if they were of me actually doing it, like these.”

Tommie kept looking at the different pictures on the wall and mumbled, “Yea, I guess so.”

With that Misty proceeded to tell about each of the photos on the wall, taking additional time on the four that she had taken herself. She tried to get Tommie to see the intrinsic beauty of the sex acts as opposed to the fact that each photo showed her mother with a different man or woman. Finally, she asked, “Is my brother’s lovemaking with Gabby any less beautiful because they are not married? If you didn’t have to go in an hour, I’d say we should just go in there and watch the whole thing together. By all accounts, my brother is an exceptional lover despite his age and relative inexperience. My mom thinks it might have a genetic component. She says that when she first took my dad to her dorm room for sex, he had no more experience than Lamar; yet, she says there was something about making love to him that she’d never experienced before. I have no doubt it would be enjoyable for both of us to watch them, just as I have found it enjoyable to watch both my parents make love to other people, as well as each other. Loving sex does not take people to be in love, only for people to show love; and all loving sex is a beautiful thing to see.”

Misty was actually proud of her phraseology. She’d need to write all that down and include it in one of her posts on the club website. Evidently her eloquent words got through to Tommie.

“Yea, I see what you are saying. It's just one more new idea for me to wrap my head around.”

Misty smiled and nodded. Then Tommie looked at her to ask “And if you and I just went into your brother’s room, they wouldn’t mind if we just watched for a while?”

“Not at all.” What followed was another set of firsts for Misty. First off, she and Tommy went back into her brothers’ room. This time Misty said, “You guys don’t mind if we watch for a while do you?”

It was Gabby, not Lamar, who said, “Not at all.”

What Misty didn’t tell Tommie was that although she had seen her brother and Sarah making out and going down on each other a good bit, she’d never actually seen him have penetrative sex, let alone sit in his desk chair and watch him do it. When they arrived, the couple seemed to be taking a short breather, but they were soon back at it. They started with what Misty thought was called the leg glider position. Gabby lay on her side and Lamar straddled her right leg while he lifted the left leg up till it was perpendicular to her right. Thus situated, he eased his erection into her. She was sure they’d chosen that position to give a very clear view to their little audience. But no matter why they chose it, there was no doubt Gabby enjoyed it a lot. Misty and Tommie stayed perhaps fifteen minutes during which the couple changed positions several times. After Gabby had a quivering orgasm, Misty led Tommy back to her room.

The second first was for her to have sex with her boyfriend in her bedroom while Lamar had sex with his girlfriend (or at least one of his two girlfriends) next door. It wasn’t a big thing, but to Misty, it seemed to be a milestone. She’d thought about bending over Lamar’s dresser and having him do her right in Lamar’s room, but she wasn’t sure if Tommie was up to that. Their lovemaking was particularly passionate and Misty had no doubt that was in large part due to the time in the hot tub with Gabby & Lamar, then watching them in bed. She’d keep that in mind for the future.


Monday afternoon, the Newell’s Pools truck pulled up at 11:25. It did not leave until 2:05. To be clear, the inspection of all the working parts of the new hot tub and the tests of the water took nearly half an hour. Bob Newell was popular among the well-heeled ladies of Handcock County for two reasons. One, he was well-hung, very talented, and had both staying power and marvelously quick recovery time for a man in his mid-50s. The other thing he was known for was discretion. In the past five years, Bonnie had three good “totally monogamous” family-oriented women confide in her that they’d invited Mr. Newell to their beds while he was there on business. She also had close to a dozen equally reputable women in the past decade who’d made coded comments that indicated they had done the same. She didn’t know how many upstanding women in her social circles had been bedded by Bob Newell, but she suspected he’d plumbed more “monogamous” women than any man in the county. Yet in all this, never had she ever heard a report that he’d name-dropped.

One thing was surprising and new right at the outset. As they made their way from the hot tub into the house, from his jacket pocket he pulled out a paper. It was a report from the health department dated less than a month ago. It showed that Bob Newell was negative for all the sexually transmitted infections for which they tested. Then very matter-of-factly he said, “I understand your group of friends have agreed to always use condoms with outsiders. As for me, I am good either way, but many women prefer to feel skin-to-skin contact and I wanted you to have this information in your hand before you make that choice.”

Bob Newell and his company had maintained the Campbell swimming pool since before she and Cooper bought the place from his mother. Bonnie would list him among her group of community friends. From her experience, this action was not out of character for him. In fact, his words came across the same way he would speak if he were talking about a service contract. He was careful and meticulous in business matters, and it was clear he approached this like a business matter. She quickly reasoned that this could indeed be considered a business matter for him. She wondered how much of his pool maintenance business was tied to the off-the-book services he provided for the lonely and/or board housewives of Handcock County. It was hard to tell.

What really got her thinking though was how much he seemed to know about their poly circle. Was one of the members another client of his? It must be that. Yet Bonnie had not heard a peep about it. Could Bob name all those who were part? Perhaps he could. If he knew, did others? These thoughts were going through her head when she realized he was waiting for an answer to the unsaid question. Condoms, or no? Last time she’d used one, but with a clean bill of health was one necessary? When she’d reminded Cooper that the hot tub was getting serviced today, he said he would do his best to be home before 4:00. If she put on panties right after she and Bob were done it would preserve much of the taste and texture long enough to enhance her time with her husband.

She handed the paper back to Mr. Newell, “I think you’ve done your due diligence; we can forgo the latex today.”

Bonnie found it nice to simply relax and play the passive partner in her bed for a change. Bob took the lead, but not in a controlling sort of way, it was like a skilled dance partner, he need not force you to follow his steps, you just did them naturally. He was an amazing kisser and the size of his tool was well known in her circles. It felt oh so good inside of her. He was also courteous. When about halfway through she was going to town sucking his thick cock, he calmly said “If you would like, I can cum in your mouth and be ready to go after a short break. Or I can shoot my first load on your belly or boobs or any place you choose. But if you’d rather I can hold off until close to 2:00 when I have to leave.”

She chose to taste his semen now and take a short potty and drink break before starting again. Even before the Newell’s pool truck was out of her driveway, she pulled on a pair of panties and sent a text to her husband. “The sooner you make it home the more will be left for you (in both places).”

Shortly thereafter she got a reply, “Canceling my afternoon meeting. Will be home in an hour. This never gets old.”

When Misty arrived home an hour and a half later, she went right to her mother’s bedroom door to find out what happened with Mr. Newell. She found her mother lying naked spread eagle on the bed. Her father’s face was between her thighs. Misty had her answer.


Bonnie’s Tuesday evening meeting with Dorcus Broderick, Margret Adams, and Ronda Jackson was very low-keyed. It seems that Dorcus and Margret didn’t really have any pressing reason to meet other than to spend time with Bonnie. The time wasn’t wasted though, it was good to get to know Joann’s mother. At one point, Margrett asked, “Bonnie, we’ve all heard all sorts of rumors about that trip to Miami you made with the girls. I’m not condemning you, hell, I’m super jealous if a quarter of the stuff I’ve heard is true. Could you tell us what is just malicious gossip and what is real?”

Bonnie had enjoyed getting to know Margret and the woman had gone out of her way to let Bonnie know she is open-minded about sex. However, Bonnie was sure the attractive woman wasn’t nearly as progressive as she thought she was, and what Bonnie could tell her would be a lot more than she likely expected to hear. With that in mind, she had a response ready. “I have nothing to hide, but since I don’t know what false rumors are going around, I can’t respond to them and to tell you the whole story would take until morning. Do you have something specific you are wondering about?

“Well….” Margret said, apparently giving her time to pick out a particular question. “Given that big photograph that one of the girls put out at the New Year’s Eve party, there is no question about the truth of you going to the nude beach. It was a great photo by the way. I really am jealous because I’m pretty sure my husband wouldn’t go for me doing that. But if he would, I’d take Joanne to Miami Beach tomorrow.”

Bonnie smiled. Misty had told her about the big picture that had been put up at the food table. “No, there is no question that is true. I took different groups of girls to the nude beach several times.”

“OK then, again I’m not judging… but is it true that when you took the club girls to Miami Beach for a week this summer; literally everyone there, including all the chaperones, had sex with guys you picked up and brought to the house you rented.”

Dorcus then added, “With the bedroom doors open so that everyone could see.”

“The open-door rule,” Bonnie began, “is the rule at my house as I’m sure you already know. So, while it is true that was the rule in Miami, it is not new. I’d rather sacrifice privacy than safety when it comes to the girls.”

Margret nodded, “I’ll admit I choked on that when I first heard you provided condoms for the kids but insisted they leave the bedroom doors wide open when they use them. Joanne and I have talked about it more than once and I’m totally on board with it now. That is one of the many things you introduced that has helped me talk to my daughter about things we never would have otherwise.”

Dorcus quickly put in that was true of her too, then to Ronda, she said, “And starting this summer, Lauren jumps right into those conversations talking about skinny dipping and kids having sex at your place without hesitation. Sometimes I get embarrassed but that is a small price to pay for open communication.”

Ronda agreed then to Bonnie, with a grin, she said “You haven’t answered the question yet. Did you have sex with men in Miami where the girls could see you?”

Bonnie acted like she’d been trapped, but in fact, she was fully prepared to answer the question. After all, Ronda had seen the photos, so she knew the answer. To Dorcus, who seemed to be the most sensitive one at the table she asked, “Do you really want me to answer this question? It might make you uncomfortable.”

Connie’s mother clearly was uncomfortable, but still she nodded yes.

“OK then,” Bonnie said, “the short answer is I had sex with both men and women that I met and brought back to our rental house. And yes, the bedroom door was always open and every one of the girls who went with us saw me having sex at least once. However, I should say that I was far more profligate at the upscale party to which the three of us moms were invited than at the rental house. Is that enough, or do you want details?”

Dorcus, seemingly involuntarily had a hand come to her mouth.

Margret though quickly shot back, “A party? I hadn’t heard about that. Was it like a swinger’s party?”

For the next ten minutes, she recounted her experience at the club, taking care to simply skate over the actions of Trish and Marcy referring to them vaguely as friends. From there, both Dorcus and Margret wanted to hear about the two parties at the Campbell home with Margret making the point, “After all, Dorcus and I sponsored the last Euro-Club party and we too provided condoms and a room to use them… a room that didn’t even have a door. So, we can’t throw rocks at you.”

Bonnie let Ronda tell those stories from her perspective. Though her excuse was that she’d only arrived at the second party after it was halfway over; in truth she wanted to get Ronda more involved in the conversation. The foursome kept that table occupied much longer than it took to eat. When they left, Bonnie picked up the tab for everyone and made a point to leave a very generous tip to their patient waitress.

That night, Bonnie got a call from Slosh. “Bonnie, it seems that a clear photo from South Beach of me and Sarah has finally made its way to Dr. Collins. She showed it to me and dared me to deny it was us.”

“Oh no!” Bonnie exclaimed. “What did you do?”

“What could I do? It was actually a pretty good picture from the day she and I wore those matching bottoms and body chains… the day the police stopped us. I didn't even pretend it was not me. Not surprisingly, Dr. Collins wanted an immediate resignation. But I called her bluff. I told her I intended to finish out the school year before retiring. When she said that wouldn’t do, I suggested that she call the district office to see what the school’s legal counsel has to say. Of course, after going after you, she knows full well that Mike’s firm is the school district's legal representation. I let her know that I didn’t think the Superintendent would deny my plan since failure to do so would only serve to garner the district bad publicity and significant legal costs.”

“Good for you,” Bonnie replied.

As it turned out, Dr. Collins did call the Superintendent and the superintendent called Mike Marshal. It only took a five-minute conversation before it was agreed it was in the best interests of the school district for Mrs. Marshal to immediately announce that she would not be returning next school year. All this had the effect of liberating Marcy.

Her first call was to Bonnie, her second was to Sharon Anderson to ask her if she was up for a night of debauchery in Atlanta. She told Sharon that she wanted to make contact with some old friends from her Blue Globe days. Slosh Hidelman had been resurrected from the grave.


On Thursday, Lamar went home with Sarah after school and Misty drove to her grandmother’s house. She’d actually been waiting for this visit ever since the day before Christmas when her view of her father’s mother had changed radically. She wasn’t sure how much her grandmother really wanted to hear, but from her comments, it sounded like grandma was much more conversant about what she and her mother had been doing in the past couple of years than anyone in her home had realized.

When Misty arrived, her grandmother was wearing a pair of jeans and a blouse that actually showed cleavage. No, it wasn’t very much cleavage, hardly more than a hint; but she’d never shown any at any time that Misty could remember. And, her grandmother looked somehow younger than she remembered her. Something had changed. Yet, her grandmother was still the same person. She greeted her granddaughter with a hug and kiss on the cheek… as always. Then, as always, she guided her to the dining room where freshly made cake awaited. She’d been greeted by a piece of Grandma’s cake and a glass of milk every time she came to visit since… well it had been just like this as long as Misty could remember… except for that bit of cleavage… that tanned cleavage.

Despite the cake and normal questions about school, this was not a normal visit. She was there to discuss the rumors… well the truth of the rumors about the things that went on at her house and on her trips to Miami. Over and over Misty asked herself “How much does Grandma know?”

“I am so glad you came. After what I said to you at Christmas, I was afraid I’d scared you off.”

“No, but you did get me thinking… a lot, especially about all those rumors you mentioned and how you’d defended me.” Misty took a breath then added, “I don’t know what you’ve heard, but most of what I’ve heard and seen on the internet is mostly true or partially true.”

Her grandmother nodded, “I expected as much given how consistent the stories are. I’ve heard many of the stories from people who are not attacking you, so I suspected they were true.”

Misty wondered if that was going to be it, but she doubted it. Misty had actually brought her laptop with some carefully chosen photos to both confirm what she was sure her grandmother knew but would keep off of topics she really didn’t want to get into.

Her grandmother apparently also had a plan. Until she reached for it, Misty hadn’t noticed the iPad on the table. She didn’t even know grandmother knew how to use a tablet, let alone own one. “Misty, it is only fair I go first in this little exchange. I know how much I stirred stuff up with my little announcement, and I also know how you came to my defense with your cousins. I appreciate you directly telling them that you assumed I was sleeping with Travis and that you thought it was great that I was.”

Misty had no idea that her grandmother would have found out what she’d said to Tiffany and Mary. Certainly, Mary didn’t tell her parents, it had to be Tiffany. Yes, that makes sense, Aunt Collette was very supportive of her mother and from what she knew, Tiffany and her mom had a very good relationship, so she and her girls would have talked about Grandma’s announcement and meeting Travis all the way home.

Grandma Campbell continued, “The fact is Travis sleeps here on the weekends. Well, let's call a spade a spade, we do a lot more in my bed than sleep. We might be old, but we are not dead.”

Misty laughed but didn’t know what to say.

“I find myself acting and thinking more like when I was your age than someone in her mid-60s is supposed to… at least here in Sparta.” She laughed, apparently thinking of something she did not share. “I’ll make a deal with you; I’ll share with you about my trip to Europe and trust you to be judicious about who you share that information with. In exchange, you can do the same about your Euro-Club’s activities and your trips to Florida. How does that sound?”

It sounded fine to Misty, but what she had to share wasn’t in the same league as just sleeping with her boyfriend.

Grandma began to tell about the places she went and things she saw in the Mediterranean. The pics were cool, but just the run-of-the-mill vacation stuff. Misty didn’t even give much thought to it when Grandma said “I think I spent a thousand dollars on new clothes that will take some courage to wear back home. She went through a series of routine vacation pics of the cruise ship. At first Misty didn’t register the significance of the women in thong bikinis by the pool. Then one came up where in the background she could see two women sunning topless. While that might have become normal for her past two vacations, it was not normal for her grandmother. Pointing to the bare-breasted women, Misty said, “So, Grandma, I guess that was a surprise for you and Travis.”

She laughed, “No, not at all. He’d been to beaches in Greece and Italy with his late wife. And besides, the cruise ship’s website stated clearly that topless sunbathing was permitted, it was sort of a warning for Americans. So, I knew what we’d see before we left home. When we were planning, I asked him for a trip that would push me out of the rut I’d been in for so long. And he did. When a pic showing her in a very stylish red one-piece swimsuit came up on the screen she added, “In Greece, I bought a new swimsuit. I wore it at the hotel pool every day before we boarded ship.”

“Good for you Grandma. That is a great look for you.”

“Thank you.” She swiped to change the picture. “I’m afraid Travis liked shooting from this angle a lot.” The photo showed her looking back over her shoulder at the camera. The back of that red swimsuit was Rio cut! Her butt was completely out there for everyone to see. Her grandmother looked up to Misty to see her reaction.

“Wow!” Misty gushed. “That is super cool. You look just amazing.”

“So my bottom isn’t like too big to wear something like that?”

“Not at all. I bet you had guys hitting on you all the time.”

She laughed again, “Yes, actually I did. Would it be terrible of me to say I enjoyed that part?”

“No, not at all. It means you are alive.”

She went through several more photos. It was true, Travis did like shooting pics of her bare rear end. Then her grandmother said, “Then the next day I sucked up my courage and wore the other suit I bought. This one I bought at the ship’s bikini shop after seeing what the other women wore, even many women my age. It was hideously expensive, but I’m glad I did.” She swiped again to show a suit of iridescent geometric patterns. The very first image showed that while it was still a one-piece, it had a full thong back.

Misty was sure that had to be Grandma’s first experience with a sliver of fabric running up between her buns. She didn’t look like she was twenty, but she did look like a hot senior, which she seems to have actually become. However, it was the next image of that suit that made her blink in disbelief. Her grandmother was posing beside Travis and it showed what the new suit really was. It was a suspender maillot that left her breasts completely exposed. Her grandmother went topless on the cruise!

Again, her grandmother looked to see Misty’s reaction. This time she could not help but grin from ear to ear and exclaim “Have we corrupted you too?”’

With indignant bravado, Grandma Campbell shot back “I’ll have you know this was not the first time I’ve gone topless in public. When I was exactly your age I went swimming topless out at Lake Sinclair with my friends, girls and guys, at least a dozen times. So, you can’t claim to have corrupted me, it is all me.” Then with a big smile, she added, “Though you can claim to have helped give me the courage to actually wear that swimsuit in public. It was one thing to buy it, it was something again to take off my coverup and show everyone on deck my sixty-five-year-old boobs.”

Misty still couldn’t believe what she saw in those photos. She knew she shouldn’t be, but she was surprised at how great her grandmother’s breasts still looked. A woman half her age would be proud of looking as good in that topless swimsuit. But Misty also concluded that Grandma was showing her these photos to bring up her own infamous nude beach pics. “So, I guess one of the rumors you want to talk about is about me and Mom going to a nude beach?”

“Honey, everyone in the county, including me and Travis, has seen your pictures that are on the internet, so that part isn’t a rumor.”

Of course, Grandma and her lover had seen them. Why did she think for a second that they had not? Even still, Misty couldn’t get the smile off her face as several more pics came up, including one of her and Travis posing against the ship’s railing with another couple. A big busted woman, perhaps in her fifties, posed topless beside her husband. Grandma Campbell said, “I have a hundred great memories from our trip, but wearing this on three afternoons was right at the top.”

“I understand, Grandma. Last year when Mom and I went topless for the first time in Miami it was like such a huge deal. But now in addition to my second trip to Miami Beach, I’ve spent most of two summers going completely nude at our pool. Even when we have dozens of people from the church there, it's like no big deal to go bare. It’s my body and I’m proud of it.”

Her grandmother replied, “As you should be. You are a lovely young woman. And, if Travis and more than one or two others on that trip are right, I’m not too bad to look at for a sixty-five-year-old grandmother.”

“No, you are not. You are smoking. And since we are on it, on behalf of my family I apologize for not inviting you to our clothing-optional days we put on for the church people last summer. I formally invite you and Travis when we open the pool in May. While I’m at it, I invite you and your man to visit our new hot tub whenever you like. I guess I don’t need to tell you that it is swimwear-optional.”

Grandma Campbell laughed, “I’m not sure your father is up to that.”

Misty agreed, “Perhaps not, but I can promise you neither my mom nor Lamar would object to you skinny dipping with us. Anytime Dad is at Augusta State or at FFF board meetings would work.” When her grandmother demurred, Misty added, “Really, I would love for you to join us; and so would Mom, and if you can believe it, so would Lamar. He has surprised me with how grown up he has started acting about these things. You can wear that suit or go like us in just your skin. If you aren’t up to that right off, you could try it out with an all-girls time with me, Mom, Sarah, and Mrs. Marshal. There are a couple of women your age in our group. Mrs. Marshal is like fifty and I know you know Sherry Connors, I’m sure if Mom asked, she’d join us too.”

In the back of her mind, Misty asked herself “When did I start including Mom’s friends in what I call our group, not my parent's group?” But she knew it was true, the boundaries between her parents’ friends and her life had softened quite a bit. She pushed that out of her head and told her grandmother, “You would be surprised how quickly you will ask yourself why have I worn swimsuits all these years. If you don’t believe me, talk to Mom. And I’ll even tell her about what you wore on the cruise if that will make it easier.”

Grandma Campbell smiled, “I’m not saying no, but if your mother wants to invite me for a girl's time where we all get in your hot tub in the buff, I actually think I can do that.” She seemed to think a moment then repeated, “Yes, I think I could do that… but only if your mother invites me.”

“That will not be a problem. I’m really excited about you joining us. You can expect a call in the next few days.”

“So, I guess you are corrupting me after all.”

They both laughed then her grandmother, in a more serious tone, said, “Since you’ve confirmed the stories about St. Thomas families going nude at your swimming pool during the summer, that just leaves one more thing I want to ask about. But before I do, I want to tell you something I’ve only told one other person… ever. Even your grandfather never knew and I haven’t yet told Travis. I plan to, and I’ve dropped hints, but I haven’t actually told him what I’m about to tell you.”

Misty realized this was why Grandma had invited her over. She tried to reflect the gravity that she saw this conversation had when she asked, “Does it have something to do with you going topless back when you were my age?”

“That was part of it. I was wondering when you were going to comment about that nugget. Understand, I was in the hippy generation. Here in rural Georgia, we couldn't actually be hippies of course; but when we went out to the lake, we tried to act like it. Back then, the whole area surrounding Lake Sinclair was just woods. We had our little hideaway where my friends from school all camped and swam… and other stuff. So, yes, I swam topless, and twice I went completely naked. We all drank like fish, smoked a lot of dope, and I even dropped acid a couple of times. We were all really strait-laced in public, but we went wild in the woods.”

“Contrary to what your grandfather thought, he was not the first guy I slept with… or my second or my third. You, like all teenagers do, might think you discovered casual sex, but you didn’t. Out at our little place by the lake, it was sex, drugs, and rock & roll, in that order. Your grandfather, till his dying day, thought he was the first and only guy with whom I’d had sex. I never gave him any reason to doubt that. But he wasn’t. He wasn’t by almost two years. My mother thought I had given up my virginity to him and deliberately gotten pregnant so as to trap the most desirable bachelor available. She once even congratulated me on making such a bold move. But I was far, very far from a virgin when I first went out with your grandfather.

The only person outside of those who were there at the time, who know all this is you and your Aunt Collette. The simple truth is that heavy drinking and recreational drug use leads to unplanned sex nearly every time. I told my daughter all of this one day when she was sixteen. She came to me because she thought she might be pregnant. While she was afraid she’d been knocked up, she was terrified that I would disown her or something like that. I thought it important for her to know the truth, the truth about her mother and about good girls and sex. That day I told her that the truth is, the only difference between a good girl and a tramp is the good girl doesn’t get caught.”

“I let her know that even back in the late 60s, every single one of the girls I knew who came out as debutants had been doing it for at least a year or two. Yet, as far as I know, all of the men they married thought they had deflowered blushing innocents. Though as a matter of course, those guys thought they had the right to take those girls' virginity long before they made it to the altar. Your grandfather wasn’t the only upstanding Handcock County gentleman in his late-twenties to seduce a seventeen-year-old virgin… or so he thought. And I was far from the only society girl who was already pregnant when she put on that white dress.”

Misty tried the manage her face, but she was sure her incredulity was showing. She had no memories of her grandfather; she’d been a very small child when he died of lung cancer. But he was always spoken of with reverence as a pillar of the community and a stalwart supporter of Christian morality. Yet the story she was hearing was that he was nothing of the sort.

Her grandmother must have seen the look on Misty’s face and said, “Don’t judge him too harshly, he was a man of his time and his actions were well within the bounds of honor. After all, he married me two weeks after I’d graduated from high school just after I’d turned eighteen. He was a good provider and a good father to our children. As I was expected to do, I focused on making a home for him and the kids and when I was older, I made a point never to confront him about his dalliances with younger women. I fulfilled my role and he fulfilled his. I am trusting you with this because you are my granddaughter. This is your family history and you should know how you fit into it.” She paused then said “And this is sort of an easy trial run before I talk to Tiffany. You aunt Collette isn’t a prude, but she’s not as supportive as I think your mother is.”

Misty had to cut in and agree with that, though she decided to add, “But Grandma, Mom does not tolerate recreational drugs or alcohol, and the whole club has bought into her approach. We in the club might be easy to get into bed, but we are totally strait-laced when it comes to those other things.”

Evidently taken off her narrative Grandma said, “I didn’t know that. The rumor mill doesn’t often relate positive things like that. Good for her. I’m sure Tiffany doesn’t have the kind of support you do. Even still, I should have come to you sooner, but if half of what I’ve heard is true, your mother was even more proactive than I was. I figured telling you earlier wasn’t necessary, but I think it is time. I am also telling you because I want you to trust me. As I told you I have been defending you, but to properly do that, I need to know what is true and what is malicious gossip. I don’t want to say you would never do something that you had, in fact, decided you should do.”

In all of Misty’s ruminations about what her grandmother would say, her story about deceiving her grandfather about her sexual history was not even a consideration. She sat for a moment deciding what to say. She said her reason for asking was to defend her granddaughter, so Misty decided to use the same approach her mother had used when meeting with Joanne’s & Connie’s mothers, “What is the worst thing you’ve heard? Let’s work backward till we get to something approximating the truth so I can confirm those things while rebutting the falsehoods.”

Her grandmother seemed to think that was a good idea. “I won’t tell you who forwarded the message to me, but a few months ago it was going around the internet that a group of girls from Jeff Davis were hosting orgies doing any guy at school who wanted some. Of course, the implication was you and your friends were having orgies for all comers at your house.”

Misty flatly said “No. The Euro-Club has never had an orgy with guys at our house or by our pool.” Though she’d said it emphatically, she knew she was parsing words. Even by her definition, after Joanne’s party and the boys had gone home, the girls had an orgy. And while several things that happened in Miami were legitimately called orgies, they had not been at her home.

Her grandmother must have heard the careful wording Misty had used. “I see… so no orgies at your house that included guys. Right?”

Misty knew her ploy had been found out; however, she just grinned and said “Right. You can tell any gossip that is the absolute truth.”

“Just to be clear, what do you call and not call an orgy?”

Misty didn’t miss a beat. “A threesome or two couples sharing together is not an orgy. So, I define an orgy as group sex with more than four people. Does that answer your question?”

Her grandmother seemed to understand what was said between the lines. “Yes. If two couples, let’s say freely share in a tent for a night, it's not an orgy. But if a fifth person joins, it is.”

“Yes. That is what I mean.” Misty wondered why she’d said a tent. Clearly, her grandmother was thinking something beyond what the Euro-Club did. Perhaps something about that little hideaway she had at Lake Sinclair when she was in high school.

Grandma Campbell followed up “And what about the stories going on about your last trip to Miami Beach? A friend of mine had someone who’d been in your house tell her that in your upstairs hallway there is a photo from the nude beach. In it, you are posing with a dozen guys, all of whom had been in your bed. Do you care to comment on that?”

“First off,” Misty shot back, “there are only eight other people in the photo with me and two of them are girls. Yes, we are on the nude beach, but my mother took care to make sure the photo didn’t show anything we shouldn’t. So right off there are two major distortions in the report you heard. But it is true that before the week was out, I was with all eight of them at least once. And, might I add, I have no regrets about it. I have those photos in the hallway to tell everyone I’m not ashamed about what I do.”

“Nor should you be,” her grandmother replied. “I know the world is a very different place than when I grew up, or even when your aunt was your age. I think there is real merit in you taking this out of the closet as the saying goes these days. I know I struggled for years with my conflicted feelings about what I did in high school. I knew I enjoyed what I did with boys, but I knew to keep it very, very secret. In some ways, my relationship with Travis is me finally coming to grips with the joy and the guilt I got from having sex in high school. If you can skip the guilt part, then I say good for you.”

“Thanks, Grandma,” Misty said. “Let me ask you this, do you really want me to tell you more about my Miami trip? While it is a great story, it really is, and I’d love to tell you everything your heart can handle; but, would it be better for you not to know so that you can deny having any first-hand information? I guess that goes for the Euro-Club parties and everything else that has gone on at our home in the last year or so. Ignorance might well make your life easier. However, if you want the truth, the whole truth, I will gladly tell you; but do you really want me to?”

Misty’s grandmother seemed to think about it and said, “How about we postpone that question till we are all sitting around in your hot tub. And I’ll make you a deal, you tell me about your summer and I’ll tell you about my summer of ‘67”

“1967?” Misty queried.

“That was the summer before my senior year in high school, just like yours in Miami. I’m not sure your story is any more lurid, though mine has suffered from both memory loss and the inevitable rose-colored glasses such a time engenders. It was the same summer as the famous Summer of Love in San Francisco. We all had dreams of a utopia, even here in Sparta, Georgia. But, by the start of the next summer, the hope of the Summer of Love had died with the assassinations of RFK and MLK, and the bloody Tet Offensive in Vietnam which exposed the lie that we were winning the war. And for me, I went from the carefree life of a privileged teenager one summer to a newly married pregnant housewife the next. So that summer is sort of a mythic memory to me.”

Misty had never in her life thought of her grandmother as one who lived with a lifetime of pain and regret, but there was no way she could miss those feelings in her words. Perhaps today she was getting to know her grandmother as a real person for the very first time. In many ways, she felt honored for such a candid and adult conversation, but on the other hand, it made her uncomfortable.

To avoid dealing with those feelings right now, Misty reached down to her book bag and pulled out her own iPad. “If you are interested, last night I collected some photos from the last year, mostly taken by me. Misty had carefully curated the photos to show off her photography and to tell the story she wanted to tell. She was actually getting rather good at that. She was glad that in the half-dozen or so photos she’d included from the Sunday and Thursday swim times she had included a very good photo of Sherry Connors. For some reason, Mrs. Connors had never really blended in with the older women at the church. Misty had heard that they saw Sherry as a usurper taking the place of Herb’s late wife, who had been very popular. She decided when she saw her mom tonight, she would suggest she get Grandma and Mrs. Connors together sometime.

After the photos from their pool came a couple of dozen photos from the Miami trip. Misty knew she’d selected what were the best photos that showed off her skill with a camera rather than those that told the story of their trip. When Grandma gushed over how good her photos were, Misty beamed with pride.

“Is this the photo you have in your hallway that we talked about?” Grandma asked when the photo of Misty and the Silverfire Guild came up.

“Yes,” Misty replied. “I set it up and posed everyone, but Mom shot the photos themselves. It took her a good while, and many tries to get all the naughty parts covered.”

“I wondered about that. But you have nude photos of Sarah Marshal who I’m pretty sure is only sixteen, and in some of the earlier pictures from your swimming pool, you had smaller naked kids in the background. Aren’t you afraid you’ll get in trouble?”

Misty took a few minutes to explain what she could and couldn’t legally shoot before they went on to the dozen photos from Euro-Club parties and finally, there were a few of her glamour nudes. When the little slide show came to an end her grandmother said “You don’t know how fortunate you are to have those photos. When you are my age, you will treasure them.”

Misty had thought of that vaguely in the past, but hearing Grandma Campbell say it made the idea that she’ll have these photos when she is sixty-five more real. Even though in showing the photos she ended up sharing more about all of those events, she was glad she’d brought them.

Though Grandma Campbell suggested Misty stay for dinner, she explained she had a good two hours of homework waiting for her. With a big hug, Misty quite truthfully said, “I am so glad I came over. Perhaps we can do this again in a week or two.”

Not surprisingly her grandmother thought that was a great idea.


The Saturday afternoon of the Euro-Club meeting was sunny but chilly. Thus, the meeting itself was held in the Campbell’s game room. This time the Marshals had offered to pay for the pizza and Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Broderick provided drinks and a whole table of homemade cookies. There was a total of twenty-one girls present, over twice what they'd had last summer. Included in that was the eleventh and final new girl who had been voted in at the New Year's party. While not wanting to make Maria Jane feel unwelcome, one of the chief reasons for the meeting was to adopt bi-laws that dealt with bringing in new members.

Ever since her conversation in the Broderick kitchen, Misty had been thinking of ways to put the club on firm footing to continue on past the day that Misty and the first set of members went off to college. There was some discussion on whether the girls who would graduate in June would leave the club or would they stay members through the summer. While they all agreed that the ten original members would leave the club in the fall when new members would be brought in, nothing was decided about the summer. However, it was agreed that no more new members would be added until next fall and they voted to adopt the rudimentary set of by-laws that had been worked up by a committee of Kelli, Sarah, and Megan.

The new bi-laws spelled out the roles of the officers and the process for bringing in new members. It was agreed that having a trusted high school sophomore as part of the committee to vet potential new members for next year had worked well. Sarah had done an excellent job in that role last summer. While they tabled officially asking Bethany Jackson to fill that role for the next group of club members, it seemed to be a foregone conclusion. The by-laws stipulated that, as they had done informally last year, new members would require the recommendation of a current member and personal vetting by the president, before being voted in by existing members. They also clearly stated that the minimum age for membership in the Euro-Club was sixteen.

It had been Mrs. C. who suggested that the bi-laws make the club membership based on age rather than school grade when, back in October, she’d heard the discussion about inviting Maria Jane. Bonnie knew Maria’s birth date was only a few weeks from Sarah's, but she was a grade behind the others. The club had so far only accepted upperclassmen into the group, but with some nudging from Mrs. C., they made an exception in Maria’s case. That was what prompted them to put in the bi-laws that the minimum age for membership was sixteen rather than a particular year in high school. Most everyone knew it was for Maria Jane’s sake, but nobody said so.

Due to her connection with Caitlin and Mrs. C., Maria Jane Rojas, had become a regular at the St. Thomas youth group almost immediately after she’d moved to town a little more than a year before. To put it mildly, Maria had not had an easy life. As Misty understood it, Maria's mother and Caitlin's mother had been friends ever since they were both young outcasts at Jeff Davis High. Maria’s mother had moved out of Sparta when she dropped out of school, but she’d returned a few years later with little Maria-Jane in tow.

Despite their own poverty and lack of space, Gina Richards allowed the mother and little girl to move into their cramped trailer for half a year when Caitlin was in kindergarten, then again when she was in 2rd grade. That was why Misty and Bonnie knew Maria Jane and her mother. Both Gina and Caitlin had always remained silent as to why the family had moved back and forth between Texas and Georgia; however, because of this, Caitlin was effectively Maria Jane’s surrogate big sister. The truth was, even though she’d spent a lot of time at the Campbell home over the seven months she’d lived in Sparta in 2nd grade; Misty only vaguely remembered her from when she was little. In the year since Maria Jane had returned, Misty had tried to get to know her better; but the age and grade thing was a barrier. Sarah and Bailey though had more success in drawing Maria Jane in. Misty had been sure that was why Misty’s mother had asked Sarah to propose inviting her to join the club.

Besides being poor and an outsider, Maria-Jane's real sin to the majority of Jeff Davis students (and many of the teachers) was that she was a "Mexican." The truth was that even her Latino father was not Mexican, but that was how kids at Jeff Davis saw her. Even though her Anglo mother had gone to Jefferson Davis High, in Texas she had married an immigrant from south of the border and born his child. This made Maria a Mexican to the local red-necks even though she barely knew any more Spanish than Misty did. Worse yet for her was that her lack of Spanish meant she also didn’t fit in with the community of recent immigrants recruited to work at Sparta’s poultry processing plant.

Maria Jane first came to St. Thomas Methodist Church in 2nd grade with Caitlin and the Campbells. There the adorable seven-year-old found a place in Sparta where she was well treated and loved. Due largely to Bonnie’s influence, the Marshals and several other church families had worked to help her and her mother back then. Maria Jane had not forgotten that when she moved back at fourteen. Now that it appeared her family was in Sparta to stay, once again the Campbells, the Marshals, and the Tomlinsons offered Maria Jane and her mother a warm welcome and a helping hand. Maria Jane began coming to the Sunday evening youth meetings right off and she had been a fixture every Sunday night for the past year. She was a classic Latina beauty: full hips and bust, olive skin, and raven black hair. Her personality however defied the Latina stereotype as at school, she was shy and bookish.

Back in early November, Misty, Caitlin, and Sarah spent an entire evening in the Marshal’s hot tub talking to Maria about her life and the club. Though Maria clearly wanted to become part, Caitlin needed convincing that the group's focus and attitudes would be good for her "little sister". Though Caitlin knew the details of Maria's story, to Misty most of her tale was new, and sometimes difficult to hear; but it filled in a lot of the back story that Misty had often wondered about. It took nearly an hour to tell.

Like Misty and Caitlin, Maria had seen adult nudity and sex since she was very young. But unlike Misty, the sex she saw was not positive or uplifting. Her Salvadorian father spent only a limited time at their home. Most of the time, he was off on construction projects, and it was rare for him to be home more than a few days per month. In her father's absence, Maria had seen her mother sexually used and abused by many men. Even as a child, she could tell those men thought her mom was dirt for the things she did with them. And in their old single-wide trailer, she always heard and sometimes witnessed all the ways men can use a woman for sex. While her mother ensured none of the men laid a hand on her, Maria Jane was sure she knew what sex was, it was what you do with men to get stuff. By the time she was in 3rd grade, she had very nearly an encyclopedic knowledge of the mechanics of sex, but in her mind, there was no linkage between sex and loving relationships.

According to Maria Jane, her mother’s sexual behavior was inextricably linked to her alcohol and drug abuse. Running to Georgia was Janet Rojas’s way of escaping when things got too hot. On her second stint in Sparta, through the church, she got the help she needed and when she went back to Texas the second time, she was clean, though not sober. Though her mother returned to entertaining men when Maria's father was not home, the men were presented as lovers, not clients. However, the family continued to benefit materially from her mother’s liaisons which, to the girl, still seemed to be transactional in nature. For Maria Jane, those early lessons about the transactional nature of sex were well rooted in her brain. Those lessons first manifested themselves when as an early blooming twelve-year-old, she became the "girlfriend" of an eighteen-year-old boy with a nice car and cool friends. She loved being part of the "in" crowd of much older people. Her role was to stroke his ego with her words and use the rest of her body for stroking his cock. Whatever else she'd learned from her mother, those two things she learned how to do very proficiently. Skill brought success and success brought self-esteem.

That first relationship abruptly ended when she had a pregnancy scare when she was still in 6th grade. Her father went to the Sheriff to have him arrested; however, there was no interest in prosecuting a white boy from a nice family who knocked up a slutty Mexican girl. Her mother took her to the local clinic and had her put on birth control. That was four years ago.

While in Texas, Maria Jane had a whole string of boyfriends, all of whom were out of high school. However, she was never emotionally attached to her guys. Maria told Misty how she'd learned all sorts of ways to make guys feel good, in and out of bed. Though she didn't use those words, she described how she had progressively gotten higher-status older boyfriends while she was still in middle school. A side effect of this was she had gained the approval and even the respect of her mother. It had changed their relationship and had finally allowed them to put some of the painful past behind them. Now living in Georgia, she was sixteen and dating rich college guys from GCSU. She went to nice places and was given nice clothes. She made good use of a fake Texas driver's license that showed she was twenty-one. Over Christmas break, she'd even gone skiing in Aspen, getting back just in time to go to the club’s New Year’s Eve party.

Maria described how she had developed two parallel universes since coming to Sparta. She had her mostly female friends with whom she went to church and school who saw her as a shy somewhat socially awkward girl. She also had her mostly male college friends who saw her as a party girl and the ultimate sexpot girlfriend. The tension of keeping those two worlds completely separate had always been draining. Sometimes she resented how, for her boyfriends, she had to constantly perform and could never be herself. At the same time, when not off on dates, she had to work at pretending that other part of her life just didn't exist. It was difficult that the one thing that she was really good at and made her feel successful could never be spoken about with her “real friends.” Making it worse was the fact in moving back and forth between Georgia and Texas, she'd fallen a grade behind. All that made her sad because until she’d been pulled into the Euro-Club orbit, she hadn’t been able to give the slightest hint that a few nights a week she was magically transformed from shy high school sophomore to college party girl.

In all this it was clear that Maria Jane's view on sex was remarkably similar to Misty's, Caitlin’s, and Sarah’s; sex was nothing to fear or be ashamed of. Sex simply was a normal part of life. But Maria's mother had also taught her sex was a tool to get things from people, a way to enhance your material conditions & social status. Mrs. C. and the Euro-Club presented a different motivation: sex was to show love to others and to enhance the emotional quality of your own life. At the end of the long exposition about her experiences, Misty wasn't sure if the club was right for Maria and she understood why Caitlin was apprehensive. Misty asked the real question. "What do you think becoming a Euro-Club girl will do for you? How can we make your life better?"

Maria answered, "I've talked to Tabitha about this a lot. Did you know that she was the one who suggested to your mother that she talk to you guys about me joining?"

Misty shook her head "No, I did not. I thought it was my mother who suggested it to Sarah."

Sarah said that was so, but she had no idea that Tabitha had first made the suggestion to Misty’s mom. The revelation about Tabitha was significant. It meant that both the female leaders of their youth group thought the club would be good for Maria Jane. It also meant that Misty had to look at the Euro-Club as a way to help this girl.

Maria Jane continued, "Tabitha and Mrs. C. both think I would be a good match for the Euro-Club. We have talked a lot about the club and what it means to be a good person. Here is the real truth about me. I like being a slut. Not just that I enjoy doing those things, but fulfilling the role of party slut is how I feel good about myself… many times it is the only thing that makes me feel good about who I am." She paused to let that sink in to the other girls.

She went on, "I don't have the slightest bad feelings when I have sex, even with guys I just met. It makes me feel good when, after sex, a guy tells me I'm the best fuck he's ever had. It makes me feel great when I arrive at a party and guys hang on me hoping I will screw or blow them before the night is out. I'm good at making guys feel good. Not just through sex, I know how to make them feel good about themselves in general; and that makes me feel good about me. It's the one thing I do great. But, when I come back to the normal world, especially at school, I have to hide all that. I don't have any friends that I can tell about the things I do best. I want a peer group who understands that being a slut doesn't make me a bad person. When I go on a date, it is like I am acting in a play, a porn play to be sure, but still it is not real. I want real friends when I get off the stage. Friends to whom I can tell everything. Who else but the girls in your club would say it is not trashy or whoreish to use my body, my sexual self, just for fun. I want to be able to call up a friend and tell her how much fun I had at a frat party and not be judged because I had sex with several guys."

Misty had never considered how lonely her own life would be without her like-minded friends. She would have to thank Tabitha for sending Maria to the club. Misty's doubts were gone and she knew Maria Jane would be a great addition to the club and the club would be a great addition to Maria Jane's life. When at the New Year’s Eve party Maria Jane thanked Misty for the club’s acceptance of her over the past few months, Misty was gratified to know she’d made the right call.

The second thing on the agenda for the January Euro-Club meeting was a proposed Valentine’s Day Party. Haley made a good case that of all day’s Valentines should be celebrated by the Euro-Club. “We are pro-sex, but we are also pro-love and that day is the one day that those sentiments are popular.”

One issue was that the Valentine’s Day Dance was one of the biggest events on the Jeff Davis annual calendar. Not only did the girls who went to Jeff Davis plan on going, but Misty and Tommy would have to be there to supervise the publication’s booth. Lindsey and Megan spoke up for those who didn’t go to Jefferson Davis High to ensure their needs were considered. The solution was to have an all-night party after the different school’s had their dances. The idea was a hit. With that much lead time, even those who didn’t have parents who would condone such a thing would have time to work out plausible overnight plans so they could also attend.

The next thing Misty discussed with the club was their social media campaign. She asked if there was a need for changes. After a short discussion, it was clear that, overall, the girls liked how it was going. Several girls thanked Misty for her twice-weekly written updates. The photos Lamar had taken at the New Year's Eve party had made a splash. Even though none of the photos they posted actually showed any of the dreaded nipples, there were plenty of back shots, hand bras, and side boobs which showed off how all of the club members had danced topless around the bonfire. The photos actually gave the impression that the girls went topless far longer than they really had. Nobody found that a problem. This kind of use of their photos had been the method all fall, but at the meeting, there was some discussion about posting actual nudity on their Tumblr account. Haley pointed out, "Tumblr is full of nudity and sex. After all some guy on Tumblr has been compiling all the best photos of us at South Beach from all over the web. It seems we have fans far from our school or even from Georgia. It's not like we haven't posted links to those photos already."

Misty stuck to her stand that showing actual nudity on their sites would not help their brand. “Yes, it might be popular, but keeping the cookies just out of reach is better. As hard as it is for me, I will give praise where praise is due. My brother took far better photos than I’d expected, even though they often clearly showed your bare breasts which was not what I told him to do.”

She was interrupted by multiple verbal agreements from the floor about the quality of Lamar’s photography. It was true, Lamar's photos had been much better than she’d expected and there were a lot of them. In the week after the party, each girl had been given the JPEG’s of half a dozen high-quality, full-frame photos of her dancing around the fire with her jacket open or off. In the majority of those images, Lamar had not successfully hidden what Misty told him not to capture. However, Misty did not blame him. The girls were moving a lot and… well, the girls, all the girls, were very attractive dancing like that.

Misty continued “While we aren’t posting frontal nudity on our accounts, we all know that many of you are leaking your own photos. I'm not saying we won't ever post fully visible nudity of those of you who are eighteen now, but I really want to hold off on that. It's hard to say what this summer will bring, but for now, I think we should keep doing the same. After all, what would we get by posting some of the frontal topless photos Lamar shot of you from the party? Or the photos he took of Hope sucking Michal's dick behind the barn? Sure, they are legal, but I don't think it does us more good than the teaser photos we've been using. In a little bit, before we break up the meeting, I want to take an updated official club photo with all twenty-one of us. In at least some of them those of you who are eighteen can show off your nips, but for now let's not post those."

It was agreed to retain the current policy on photos they post, but they would look at it again in the spring. Misty asked for more people to submit text stories about their experiences at club events and parties. “We have posted three different stories by different club members about the New Year’s Eve party already, but three more would be good since each of you had different experiences and perspectives.”

Those and the other stories that had been posted over the past few months established a specific style that readers had come to expect. Misty was sure that the club’s method of making allusions to sex in a way that was both humorous and obliquely graphic while giving room for deniability had contributed to the popularity of their website and social media accounts. For the entries regarding the New Year’s Eve party, they all strongly suggested there was sex, but as before, they used euphonisms to make the subjects less obvious. Misty decided to read a particularly good passage from one of the posts as an example of what she was looking for.

"When my guy and I went into the barn about an hour before midnight, we found one of my fellow Euro-Club members had decided it was more fun to munch on the taco one of the other girls had brought rather than the pizza provided by the parents. Watching her eat her fill as it was served up on the table between the pizza and desserts, it was hard not to be jealous. After all, I’ve tasted that particular taco before and I knew it to be scrumptious. The mouths of everyone gathered around watered, but no one else was offered even a nibble of the tasty treat."

When Misty had finished reading, Haley boldly said “Oh I can assure you that Naomi’s taco was fresh and hot. I’d never had a chance to taste it before, and it was worth the effort of getting her out of her pants and up on that table.” Though likely everyone there had read the post, they all laughed. Misty then came back by saying, “If I’d caught you munching downstairs, I would have made you stop, so be glad I didn’t. But the story is terrific. I’d like to post at least three more stories from the New Year’s party before Valentine's Day. So, get with it.”

As she'd mentioned before, after all the other club business was done the last thing on the agenda was a new club photo. In the house, Misty got all the girls to take off their shirts and bras. Planning for the photo, Misty had instructed everyone to wear blue jeans to lend cohesiveness to the final image. She then told them to run out into the backyard for a group "hand-bra" shot.

Being January, it was cold, so Misty worked fast. She arranged everyone just so, set up the photo on her tripod, and then had Mrs. Marshal (who was there as the hostess in Bonnie’s place) shoot the image so that Misty could be in it too. As promised, they made one version of the photo where the older girls did not cover up but when they were supposed to have everyone covered, some of the girls thought it was funny to uncover themselves or someone else just as Mrs. Marshal took the photos. This slowed the process even though they were all getting cold.

Before they went back in, Gabby suggested they pose in and around the Campbell’s new hot tub. “If some of us are in the hot tub, we can make sure word gets around that we went completely nude even though, by being in the tub, nothing will show.”

Everyone, including Misty, rapidly agreed with her idea. Quickly Misty saw an additional advantage of shooting using the hot tub was that it made for a sort of riser to pose the girls at different levels. This allowed her to arrange all twenty-one girls in a photo that did not seem too strung out. Sarah suggested those in the front row wear towels or the robes from the cabinet rather than their jeans to make it look like the photo was spontaneous. It was a second good idea that Misty embraced. As Misty began moving and posing everyone as quickly as she could, one by one the girls who had initially put on towels or robes discarded them as they found poses that hid their girl parts.

Before she was ready to turn the camera over to Ms. Slosh to shoot, it was down to three girls wearing towels and three in robes with the rest braving the cold to go completely naked. While this made posing them in a way that was usable on social media even more complicated, Misty really liked the look. The final version looked much more like the group photo from Haulover Beach than the last club photo they’d used. Once Misty was in her place standing in the center of the tub, several girls again played peek-a-boo while Mrs. Marshal tried to get a photo. Only the fact that it was cold outside got the silliness to stop so they could get a usable photograph and go back inside.

Back in the house, Mrs. Marshal had a few girls help her bring the cookies and hot chocolate from the kitchen to the game room. By consensus, no one put back on their tops until the first carload of boyfriends arrived at 3:00. Misty took a good many photos in that time. The club members were quite used to the regimen of Misty asking them to shift positions or lift their mugs to keep all the nipples hidden. The next day the group pic by the hot tub was on their website and the hand-bra & jeans pic was on Snapchat. Over the week the shots from inside the house were posted on their Instagram & Tumblr accounts. By Friday, more than a dozen new photos had been seen by nearly everyone in school, and a dozen more were planned for posting the next week.

Only ten guys actually showed up at 3:00 (including Lamar and Byron) which Misty initially found surprising. However, she soon realized that it was only the long-time boyfriends who’d been invited, not the more casual dates that had come to the New Year’s Eve party. That made sense in that this was not a party, but rather just a couple of hours of chill time after the club meeting. Not surprisingly, Samuel and Cody spent nearly the entire two hours upstairs servicing the younger group of club girls. Neither Kelly nor Rebecca minded though, rather it was clear they were quite proud of their guys. Misty, while doing a room check, found her brother holding Gabby in the same way he normally held Sarah as Cody fucked her hard and deep.

About half an hour later, as things were wrapping up Gabby told Misty, “I saw you look in on me with Lamar and Samuel, but there was just so much going on I couldn’t tell you hello.”

“That is fine,” Misty replied. “You seemed to be enjoying yourself.”

“Oh, I was. I’d talked to Sarah a couple of times about how she and Lamar do that and how much she likes it. I wanted to try it.”

“What did you think of having another guy do you while you and my brother make out?”

Gabby seemed to think for a second then said, “For me, I thought of it as foreplay for Lamar and me because we’d already agreed that he and I would have sex as soon as Cody was done. Thinking of it like that made it really hot for me. Just the feeling of Lamar’s arms around me as I felt Cody inside of me was weird but really hot. Until then, I’d only done it with Lamar and Troy, so having a guy I hardly knew do that, with Lamar kissing me was almost surreal. And watching Cody do me was almost as much a turn-on as feeling it. Then when he was done and Lamar got on top of me, I was already right on the verge of cumming. In like less than a minute of Lamar doing me I began my first orgasm.”

Misty then asked, “Glad you liked it. Not all girls would. What did you think of people coming in and out of the room while you did it with both guys?”

“I hardly noticed them. But when I did, I liked the way they looked at us, like we were the most interesting and exciting couple here. But mostly I was so wrapped up with being with Lamar, even when Cody was banging away, that I didn’t think of anything else.”

Misty gave Gabby a hug, “I’m so happy it worked for you, and I’m also happy you are in my brother’s life.”

A little later before Kelli and Cody left, Kelly with obvious pride told Misty “Between this evening, Joanne’s birthday, and the New Year's party, Cody has now done all eleven of the new girls. He did four of them tonight. I was up in your room when he was on top of Amelia going to town. When they had both cum, even while he was tossing the filled condom, Hillary was sliding into the bed where Amelia had been. He was half-hard when they started, but she was really aggressive and that is always a turn-on for Cody. Before I left to go back downstairs, he had on a new condom and she was riding him. Having gotten Hillary off twice before he came again, he came downstairs for a drink not twenty minutes later. That was right before Gabby and Lamar asked him to join them.”

Misty laughed and slapped Cody’s arm. “Yea, I saw you doing Gabby. I would never have guessed you’d done three other girls in the prior hour and a half. But I’ve known you can go all night for quite a while now.”

Thus, the January meeting was deemed a complete success.

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Oct 18, 2023

The sexual mores of the past, be it archaic or magic phases of development, have little to do with our sexual ethics today. Even the design of the male penis to scrape out the semen of other lovers shouldn't be the yardstick for our postmodern sex acts. Our consciousness has evolved to where we can accommodate more complex ideas and plan pregnancies. Although the Pill freed women to enter a more promiscuous lifestyle, the Pill plays havoc with the hormones in our brains and even in our choices of men. A "study suggests that when women are on contraceptive pills, they smell men in a different way than they do when they aren’t, because the Pill tricks women’s bodies into…

Oct 19, 2023
Replying to

Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of the pioneers who after reading Pierre Teilhard and Buckminster Fuller developed the concept of conscious evolution. "Conscious evolution is occurring now because we are gaining an understanding of the processes of nature: the gene, the atom, the brain, the origin of the universe, and the whole story of creation from the Big Bang to us. We are now changing our understanding of how nature evolves; we are moving from unconscious evolution through natural selection to conscious evolution by choice. With this increased knowledge and the power that it gives us, we can destroy the world or we can participate in a future of immeasurable dimensions. Into our hands has been given the power of…


Oct 17, 2023

Grandma Cooper graduated from high school a year after I did, so, if she's 65, the events in this story happen in 2015. For what it's worth...

The thing that this chapter made me want is for some neuroscientist to figure out what is different between our noggins during group sex—including sloppy seconds—and dyadic sex. Thinking about that prompted me to want to know what's different between the brains of male and female lovers, and between hetero- and homosexual love making. (The list goes on: male on male, female on female, anal, oral, BDS&M, between casual lovers, people in the throes of NRE, long-time partners, and, probably, etcetera.) The Coopers' comments early in the chapter tell us that there has…

Oct 18, 2023
Replying to

Professor, what you're writing isn't important to me because of how well you maintain continuity. I couldn't keep from doing the arithmetic about Misty's grandmother because I realized she was in my brother's class. I'll have to re-read that passage to see what I missed.

About sloppy seconds, I've heard that we compete to pass on our genes at that level. I like the idea of a pack of communally raised kids, but there's a lot of the current community that I wouldn't trust to raise a goldfish. What I'm really interested in, though, is on a different level. Anthropology and archeological investigation may support non-monogamy also, as do penis and testicle size, but it seems to me that if…


Thank you for your comment. I always appreciate your input.

Yesterday I read an interesting article about the idea that "Bible Believing Christians" simply don't exist

The author makes the point that all Christian sects simply take the parts they like, interpret them they way they want and simply ignore the rest.

I think he is right. In my imaginary sect of Rahabist it is no differnt (yes I made the sect up). In this chapter I make the case that pretty much any group of people can (and do) claim they have found the true way. Even in a single small sect like Rahabism, there are those who use it selfishly to abuse women and those who use…

Oct 17, 2023
Replying to

Nope, I was ready to believe.


Oct 15, 2023

I apologize for the length of my comment but please bear with me, because such an important chapter deserves a long comment: In Search of the Final Freedom seems to have more character than Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace. We are introduced to these characters mostly in connection with their sexual pasts or sexual present. Most, if not all the characters have a connection with the church the Campbells attend, or the school Misty goes to. As mentioned before, it is the mothers and their daughters that drive the sexual narrative and develop the sex-positive lifestyle the Campbells promote through Bonnie’s promotion of the FFF and their friendships. Many of the women have a positive story to share. Some even…

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