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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 58

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel


Sounding the Clarian Call

Chapter 58

Stephanie Cook


It had been long planned that the second week of March would be an off week from out-of-town bookings for Bonnie.  Amy wanted to keep her from getting stale in her presentation, so Amy was scheduled to take the three-day trip starting on Thursday.  Due to the hectic schedule, Bonnie had accrued over a full week in comp days for her travel in January and February.  Amy wanted her to use the days, Bonnie would take off Monday and Tuesday this week and save the other three days for later on.

She was glad to be off of work today. Yesterday had been only the second Sunday morning in the last five weeks she’d been in the Sunday School class her husband taught.  While the class was ostensibly for adults under thirty, the age limit was not enforced and there were several people present who had already moved into their thirties.

As she chatted with the class members before and after, she was mildly surprised that it appeared that everyone in the room not only knew of her traveling for the foundation but about the provocative content as well.  However, upon reflection, she realized that should not have been surprising since five of the sixteen people there were in the free-love circle that began as the Women’s Fellowship group. While most of the class were not part, given the long-term stability of the class she should have known everyone in the room would know the true details of her travels. Even after class as she made her way to the church nursery, numbers of friends stopped her and chatted. Cooper was also a church Trustee and it was not unreasonable to expect that her absence would be queried about. She gave a vague explanation of her traveling for work to those people.

After church let out, Ruthie Chandler, the adult daughter of Bud and Sally Chandler, close friends with the LaCroix clan and a regular member of Cooper’s Sunday School class asked, “Could I call you this afternoon?”

That was unexpected. The young woman went on “I think you might be able to help me with a little problem.”

“Sure, we should be home from lunch about 1:30” Bonnie replied, trying not to give hint of her surprise. Though Ruthie was a regular in Sunday School, to her memory Bonnie had never had any conversations about her personal life. She’d moved back to Sparta after college to take a job at the hospital in Milledgeville close to three years ago. As Bonnie understood it, Ruthie was some sort of rehabilitative therapist, but she didn’t know much beyond that.

As they drove to the Fish Camp restaurant for lunch, Bonnie and Cooper tried to surmise what Ruthie could possibly want. They had dark suspicions it had something to do with the growing local resistance to the values their entire family was promoting. Then again, it could be a marital issue since her husband, Sonny, had a serious alcohol problem.

At just before 2:00 Ruthie called.

“I have a close friend at work who is having marital problems” Ruthie explained. “The advice she is getting from her family and her pastor seems to be, well…it seems to be outdated. She was looking for a second opinion as it were; an opinion by someone with a less conservative outlook. She already was aware that I knew you, so this week she asked me to see if you would talk to her.”

Bonnie was taken aback. “How does she even know who I am?”

“Bonnie, everyone in town knows who you are,” Ruthie said with an air of incredulity. “You and Cooper are the biggest news in Sparta since In the Heat of the Night.” She was referring to the 1967 movie and 1980’s TV series about Sparta, Mississippi. Though their Sparta was in Georgia it had generated interest because many people surmised that it was in fact about the very real town of Sparta, Georgia, rather than a fictitious Sparta, Mississippi.

Bonnie was speechless. She genuinely thought her work was entirely outside of the notice of her small town. Sure there had been the article in the paper, but that did not mention her by name. She had also been mentioned in some FFF articles in national news outlets and had even had a quote in the November issue of Esquire magazine. But in all that, her cab ride interview in Houston was the first time the press had been interested in her personally. As far as she knew, that story had not reached beyond Texas.  She was all too aware that all the efforts to promote her work and the FFF was still less than a drop in the Mississippi River sized flow of media. She wanted to ask how many other people had heard of her and her work, but she resisted. Instead, she just answered, “I’d be glad to help if I can. Not that I’m a marriage counselor by any stretch.”

Ruthie explained, “My friend and her husband are semi-separated and I’m not sure she’s looking for marriage counseling as much as just a different perspective on marriage in general.”

Still not sure what she could do to help, Bonnie said “I’m off tomorrow and Tuesday. I’m having some people over in the afternoon on Tuesday, but I could do an early lunch either day. Will either of those days work for a luncheon?”

“I’ll call her and then call you right back. Thanks, she really will appreciate this.”

“Again, I don’t know if I have anything to help her, but I’ll be glad to talk.”

A little later the phone rang again. Bonnie answered assuming it was Ruthie, but it was Trish. “You’ll never guess who called just a little while ago? Richard Ravenel!”

Bonnie searched for the name in her memory. Trish jumped to fill her in. “Remember he was the man from Hilton Head summer before last. My first affair after my divorce.

Bonnie remembered Trish telling her the story, but had not remembered the man’s name, only how she went on and on about the great sex


Trish continued “I don’t know how he got my number, but he said he had been looking for me for over a year and wants to know if I’d like to go to Hilton Head with him.”

Bonnie was at once both happy for her friend and concerned that she didn’t know this man very well. “What did you tell him?”

“I told him I’d think about it, but I really want to go.”

“Did he give you a time?”

“He said I could pick the date, but he would like to go in the spring.”

“Wow. You might want to propose you have a date night first, even an overnighter. He’s from Savanah right?”

“Yes,” Trish replied,

“Then perhaps you should meet him in Augusta one evening for a date to make plans for a longer get away. Cooper says the hotel he and Amy go to is really nice. That way you won’t commit to like a week before you’ve had a night together.”

“That’s a good idea. I’ll tell him we should do that first.”

Bonnie’s phone began to beep for call waiting. “Sorry I gotta go, this is a call I’m expecting, I’ll call you back”

“That’s OK, I’ll see you at youth group tonight,” Trish said.  Bonnie hung up the phone to pick up the other call, it was Ruthie. The meeting was set for Monday at 11:30 at Capri’s near the hospital in Milledgeville.  Though she hadn’t in the least been expecting this kind of request by someone in Sparta; she had become used to talking to people about relationships, particularly sexual issues in her travels. Ruthie had given only the vaguest hint as to what her friend wanted to talk about. As she thought on it she decided that it must have to do with sex because what else would lead this woman, whom she didn’t know, to want to speak with her?

The next morning, when the kids left for school, Bonnie drove to Waffle House to meet her friends for their weekly Monday Morning gab session. Right off Trish said, “OK, spill it. All the kids are talking about your evening with Samuel and Rebecca.”

DeeDee chimed in, “She’s right. Bailey has asked me what I know.”

Slosh followed with “You have to know that your little tryst with a club girl and her boyfriend is big news among all the teenagers.”

So, right off Bonnie was pulled into relating the whole story, much to her friend’s amusement. The conversation went on after that in the usual manner. She really loved these mornings when she didn’t have to be either the church’s Youth Leader or the face of the FFF. After they’d gone out into the crisp morning, DeeDee followed Bonnie out and said, “Bonnie, do you have time to talk for a minute.”

Given the fact they’d been talking for the last forty-five minutes, Bonnie realized DeeDee was asking for a moment alone with her. Bonnie turned to face DeeDee between her Volvo wagon and DeeDee’s Range Rover.

DeeDee began, “I just wanted to thank you for allowing Cooper and I to have the space over the past months to build a very special relationship.”

This opening took Bonnie off guard. Yes, she knew that Cooper had repeatedly said that of all the women he was seeing, he was most comfortable with DeeDee. She was also aware that unlike any of the others, he and DeeDee talked on the phone several times a week. She knew that they often talked about the issues of Christian sexuality and the Rahab program, but DeeDee seemed to imply something else.

DeeDee went on, “I think you know that I’ve never had a normal romantic kind of relationship with any man before. Yes, I love Brother Paul, but that has never been a relationship of equals. And, I’ve told you that I was never in love with my ex-husband. I married him because I was pressured to after I got pregnant.”

Now Bonnie could see where this was going. While she’d not expected this, she realized she should have. She’d pushed Cooper into bed with Trish, Ronda, Brandy, Ashely, and Nell, and he was more or less pulled into bed with Heather and Amy. Yet, he never talked about any of them like he talked about DeeDee. He liked her and he’d never been secretive about it. But was this becoming something more intimate than just a friend with whom her husband had sex?

“But…” DeeDee said haltingly, “I am developing feelings for Cooper that I’m not sure I know how to deal with. And… well… I thought I should tell you. I could put a halt to what is developing between him and me, and I will if you want me to. I won’t create a problem for you or for your marriage. You can be sure of that. But, unless you tell me to back off…” She took a deep breath, “…very soon I will be in love with Cooper.”

And there it was. DeeDee was asking her permission to become her husband’s girlfriend… paramour… lover in the truest sense of the word.  And, Bonnie knew DeeDee was serious when she said she would put a halt to their developing relationship. What is more, she knew DeeDee wouldn’t even resent her for saying no. Bonnie did her best to keep her face placid as her mind raced. What did she want to say? What should she say? This was a red letter day and she had better say the right thing. Yet, there was no decision to make.

She reached out and pulled DeeDee into a hug. DeeDee seemed startled, then hugged her back. Before Bonnie let go she said, “Of course I want you to embrace your love for Cooper.”  Bonnie let DeeDee go, but held both of her hands. “I have said many times that love is not a finite commodity. If Cooper comes to love you, that does not mean he loves me any less.  I think you know that too.”

Still looking a bit startled at Bonnie’s enthusiastic response, DeeDee said, “I thought that is what you would say. It’s what I hoped you would say.”

While inside Bonnie’s emotions were boiling with… with what? She didn’t know what her feelings were exactly, so she just said what her brain was telling her. “While love is not finite, it is precious beyond words. If you feel love for Cooper, grab hold of that love with both hands. Gobble it up and enjoy every second of it.”

“But Bonnie, it is so frightening. I feel like I’m in the path of something I don’t know how to control. I’ve never felt like this before… ever.”

Bonnie squeezed DeeDee’s hands in hers. “Love is frightening. It swallows us up and makes it hard to think clearly. But it is a truly beautiful experience. You have talked about God’s love and how you show it with your body so many times, but now you understand it for the first time. I am so happy for you, and know I will be here for you as you navigate this.” Bonnie thought for a moment and said, “Let's not rush this moment. Do you have time for us to sit and talk for a little bit?”

She replied, “I’d like to, but I will have to go in about fifteen minutes.”

Given the fact they didn’t have long, they decided it was easiest to just sit in her Range Rover. DeeDee explained that she was having difficulty concentrating at work, finding herself thinking about Cooper and looking for reasons to call him up. Bonnie couldn’t help but laugh at that. “Most girls go through that stage the first time when they are about fourteen, but I guess in your case the orchestrated plan to turn you into a Rahab short-circuited some of your developmental milestones.”

DeeDee nodded, “Yes, I think you are right. That is why this is all so new to me.”

After fifteen minutes of them talking about her hopes and fears about having a relationship with Cooper, DeeDee had to go. Bonnie drove home and tried to sort through her own thoughts, but before she knew it, she had to go to meet Ruthie and her friend. Capri’s was a popular Italian restaurant, if not very good by the standards of a seasoned traveler like Bonnie had become. As the home of Georgia State College and University (GSCU), and the Georgia Military Academy (GMA), Milledgeville was several times larger than Sparta. It was most well known as the Georgia's state capitol prior to the Civil War.  It was in Milledgeville that the Articles of Secession were signed. While much larger than Sparta, with its population of over twenty-thousand, Milledgeville was still not large enough to even count as a small city.

Bonnie arrived at 11:15 but didn’t have to wait long. Ruthie arrived with an attractive, very tall and full-figured woman in her mid-twenties with auburn hair wearing Hello Kitty medical scrubs.  Standing next to the nearly pixie-sized Ruthie she seemed larger than she actually was.

“Thanks for coming” Ruthie opened. “This is Stephanie Cook. She and I work together in the hospital’s Physical Therapy & Rehab department.”

“Glad to meet you,” Bonnie said extending her hand.

“I’m so excited to meet you,” Stephanie said with obvious excitement. “I’ve read everything I can find on the FFF and the article about your work in Esquire was great. And, I’ve been reading your blog for over a month. I can’t believe such a firebrand lives so close to me here in Hickville, Georgia.”  

Bonnie was surprised, and a little embarrassed. Earlier when she had wondered how Ruthie's friend knew about her she'd never considered the blog. She had been writing posts about her travels and the FFF and sometimes general thoughts on sex, marriage, and life since just after Christmas. Twice she had written semi-explicit posts about having sex with people other than her husband.  It was quite difficult to wrap her mind around the idea that her little blog was not just read by a few people who followed the FFF, but by a hometown audience that she didn’t even know existed. Yes, Gayle said some of her grad school friends read it, but she’d spoken in Minnesota and had met some of them at the meet & greet after her last session.

Cooper’s graduate assistant, Lilly, who managed the actual postings of her blog entries, had been telling her about the explosive growth in followers. But those were just numbers without

meaning...until now. This young woman in front of her read her blog for the content, not because she was affiliated with the FFF or knew her personally.

Bonnie had difficulty working out what she should and shouldn’t write in her blog.  She had talked at length about it with Amy and Lilly, and then after her trip to Minnesota, with Gayle.  They all emphasized there was no set format, but rather she should just write on what interested her, as if she were just writing for herself or to a best friend.  Heeding Amy's "suggestion," Bonnie tried to write three entries per week. Sometimes if she spent several hours at an airport, she'd do it all in one day. Other times a single article would take days to write. Lilly would proofread them and post them for her; one entry a day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Beyond the fact she sent mini-essays and photos from her travels to Lilly a few times a week, she knew almost nothing about the blog. Bonnie wouldn't have a clue how to actually post her work. Lilly did all that and told her about things like followers and reposts, but she really didn't know what it meant, and until this moment hadn't cared enough to inquire. After all, she only did it because Amy said it was important.

Much to her surprise, by early March, writing her blog posts had developed as her best way of sorting through and organizing her thoughts.  Nearly all her blogging was done on the road. It had become both very personal and very mission-driven. Though it was not at all a diary of her sexual escapades, she didn’t shy away from that if it were what she was dwelling upon that day. She found writing about her sexual trysts was quite fun and she thought she had a flair for describing the mood and feelings involved.  Though she was sure the sex stuff stood out to readers the most, in reality, most of her blog entries were pieces on any of a wide variety of things. Some were new ways to implement or apply the FFF philosophy, or current politics or world events; at the same time some were as mundane as hotel food or how she was evolving her fashion "look." By middle America standards, two of the stories & a few photos she'd sent to Lilly would be considered porn. So far, no photos with frontal nudity had been posted, though Amy had specifically authorized her to post both nude and explicit erotic photos whenever she chose to do so. In the past two weeks she had posted several pictures of her at venues wearing a sheer blouse over a quarter-cup bra with her jacket open. She knew that even those pictures would send people like Ruthie’s parents or her great-aunt, Margo LeCroix, into orbit if she saw them.

 Other than what Amy had told her about a board member's "concerns", she'd received only praise for her work. Amy had told her not to worry about what the one board member had said, but Bonnie did of course. The prior Wednesday Lilly called and excitedly told her that over a thousand people now followed her; but Bonnie had not translated that into the idea that real, normal people were avid readers of her musings and ramblings.

With this in mind, Bonnie told the two women at the table “I really didn’t know anyone in town knew anything about my work, let alone read my blog.”

Innocently the tall woman said, “I can't speak for Handcock or Baldwin Counties in general, but in our department, your work has generated quite a discussion.”

“Really?” Bonnie said in complete disbelief.

Ruthie chimed in “Oh yea.  After your New York art show, major national magazines ran stories about it. But it was mostly the Esquire article where you were named and quoted that generated interest in our department. Until then I knew nothing beyond the stir you’d caused with the nude beach photos.”

Stephanie picked up, “What initially got my attention was that you and your husband live here. I didn’t know that Ruthie knew you. With just a little digging a couple of us in the PT department found out that you both worked with a free-sex foundation. That was big news among those of us who feel stifled living here. When we began reading Dr. Douglass’s blog and the articles by your husband, then more recently your blog, discussions began at work that I never dreamed would happen.”

Ruthie picked up, “For months I wasn’t part of those discussions because I am an OT, rehab specialist, not one of the PT’s,”. “I’d heard Stephanie and a couple of others talking about the couple who live nearby who work with a national free-sex group, but I wasn’t really in the conversation. Then they were talking about one of your blog posts a few weeks ago, and I heard someone mention your name. I just casually told them that you guys teach the Sunday School class I go to at my church. They were really blown away.”

Stephanie added “Once Ruthie told us who you were, other pieces fell into place. Back in the spring, when Ruthie’s great-aunt wrote those letters to the editor that complained about the prominent local woman who had posed nude with her daughter on a beach, of course, we all went online to see the pics. All her letter did was to point a sign to your photos on the web. I don’t recall who, but one of us paid the $20 to get the whole set. They were amazing by the way. Back then, Ruthie had hinted that she knew who the mother and daughter in the photos were, and she told us you lived near Sparta. But she didn’t tell us that she knew you personally. As she said, it wasn’t until this latest round of attacks on you in the local paper brought the topic back up that Ruthie understood we’d been talking about you. That is when she told us that the local woman quoted in the Esquire article was the same person being attacked in the paper. When we began asking questions, she told us you were also the same woman with the nude beach pics. Only then did we see how all these things were really about one person… you. And then Ruthie drops the bombshell that she was in your Sunday School class.”


Bonnie found it hard to believe that a group of physical therapists in Milledgeville had been talking about her and the FFF for months. And they read her blog. It was one thing to write about her life so that people who came to hear her speak would keep thinking about her issues. It was something quite different to find out that local people were reading it too. Somewhat befuddled, she asked, “Does everyone in town know about all those things? I mean Ruthie, you have never even hinted you knew about any of this.”

Ruthie said "I know, but I didn't know if I should talk about it at church. You know how my parents and Aunt Margo are and there are lots of people like her. So I just said nothing. And, I guess you know that Brandy and I have been friends for years… and that she is not as discreet about some of the things she’s done with you as perhaps she should be.”

“Oh,” was all Bonnie could say. Yes, she knew Brandy told everybody she knew about the wonders of her breast augmentation, perhaps she should have considered that Brandy might talk about… what had she told Ruthie?

As if reading the alarm on Bonnie’s face, Ruthie explained “Brandy told me that she wanted to tell someone and she thought I was the only one outside of your circle that she could tell. She told me first about what all happened at your Arabian Nights party. That was a real watershed event for her. Well, before that she told me about your nude swimming events and how she and Dwight not only had sex in front of everyone there but they carried on conversations with their friends while they did it. But it was the Arabian Nights party that got things going for her and Dwight.”

Ruthie paused as if not sure she should go on with Stephanie sitting there, so Bonnie said, “If you haven’t figured out that I’m not the least bit ashamed of my sex life, you haven’t been paying attention when you read my blog. So, go on.”

Ruthie took a deep breath, “She told me how you stood in the room and watched while she and Dwight had a foursome in your bed with Beth Ann and Calvin. Then she told me how, right in front of your friends, you had gone down on her while her husband banged you from behind. Then a few weeks later she was over the moon after she went over to your place and you two made love the first time. I don’t know if you realize it, but she considers you to be her lover.”

Bonnie nodded, “That’s a fair statement. We’ve made love three times since that party. Twice she and the kids came over and once she and Dwight had me over for dinner and sex. And though he had his dick in me quite a bit of the time, I know she thinks of that evening as us making love.”

“All of that to say, even before I saw your blog, I knew that you and Cooper have sex with other people because of Brandy. But, Stephanie is right, it was when those nude photos first came out, then my Aunt Margo put those letters to the editor in the Sparta and Milledgeville papers, that people here started talking. Then came the articles listing a person from Sparta, Georgia giving an interview at that erotic art show in New York City. They were all excited that someone from our area was speaking out on sexual freedom. But it wasn’t until I told them that they understood those two seemingly unrelated things were about the same person.”

Stephanie added, “The next time you are going to give a presentation anywhere near here, please let Ruthie know. You can bet that you’ll have a group from our hospital come out to see you.”

The interest in her work genuinely pleased Bonnie and she wasn’t embarrassed to say so, but she added “I thought the only discussion of my work here in our little corner of Georgia was to condemn it as evil and anti-Christian.”

“Oh, that is certainly the opinion of lots of people, especially my mother and her friends” Ruthie agreed.

“But,” Stephanie continued “among the younger professionals, we have a less provincial view of the world. Though it would not be fair to say the majority agree with all your foundation is promoting, a majority are willing to accept the premise that, in regard to sex, the old Southern way is nothing but total and complete hypocrisy.”

“Well I’m glad that I’m getting someone to rethink things,” Bonnie said.

Ruthie took that as a cue to introduce the issue “That’s why Stephanie wants your opinion.  She thinks that what she is being told about her problem is, to put it bluntly, crap. Crap being shoveled out to make the old people feel righteous, but does nothing to help her.”

“OK, what problem? I’m not following.”

Ruthie and Stephanie looked at each other before Ruthie said “She and her husband have split up. Though she wanted to work things out, her church and her family insist that he has to go.”

“Let me be sure I get this,” Bonnie said, rather perplexed. “She wants to work out their problems but her family and church think she should leave her husband? You’re not telling me something.”

Stephanie nodded slowly. Ruthie continued “It’s a long story but the end of it is that last week her husband was arrested at a park in Eatonton for…” she lowered her voice “...being caught having sex in the park…with a man.”

Bonnie leaned back. Now it made sense. She looked at Stephanie and said “Why don’t you tell me the whole story. I suspect that there is more to this than a simple lewd conduct arrest.”

Stephanie nodded again. It took her a few moments before she began. “Clayton and I have been together, on and off since I was fifteen-years-old… nearly half of my life. We dated pretty much all through our last two years of high school. He was my first for, like, everything to do with boys.”

Bonnie had long resisted the tendency to use vague euphemisms so she asked, “Are you saying he was the first boy with whom you had sex?”

Stephanie nodded.

Bonnie continued “And I guess the other is that he was your first for other things like feeling you up, oral sex and the like.”

Stephanie finally used words

to agree “Yes, pretty much everything I did later in college with other guys I did first with Clayton.”

“So you didn’t stay with him in college?”

With a little more confidence, Stephanie said “This is what happened. Like I said we started dating my sophomore year, his junior year, at Jeff Davis. He was the star of the boys Varsity basketball team, and I was sort of the up-and-coming star of the girl's team, so I’d been bumped up to varsity even though I was only in 10th grade. As soon as we got to know each other, we knew we had something special, beyond our mutual interest in basketball.  Right off we went from making out, to blowjobs to screwing. And I don’t mean just occasionally. We did it nearly every day we could find a place to do it. And when we could sneak off to someplace really private, we would do it for hours on end.  And to be honest, though he was ready to go all the time, I initiated it as often as not. I loved it. I loved him.” She got quiet “I always have loved him, and still do.”

“What did your parents think of all this?”

“Hell, for the longest time they didn’t have a clue. I mean although mom and I fought all the time, I was a pretty good kid. Good grades, didn’t dress particularly sexy, regular in church.” She laughed as she was getting more relaxed “I bet for that first year or two Clayton and I fucked more in Mom and Dad’s bed than they did, but still I fed Mom a line about me keeping my virginity until marriage. God, I hope I’m not that naive when my kids are teenagers.”

“That charade ended about a year after we’d started dating when mom came home sick from work and walked in on Clayton and me doing it right on the living room couch. It was quite a scene. You see, I got a real kick out of doing it in places that my parents went all the time. That’s why we did it in their bed and in the living room. I think she’s hated him from that day on.  She went absolutely crazy. Screaming, shouting, hitting Clayton as he tried to get dressed, and declaring I was never to talk to him again.”

Bonnie commented, “And let me guess you went right on.”

“Hell yea.  Mom and Dad took my car away and threatened to have me sent to a home for unruly children, but even if the sex wasn’t’ the best thing in my life, which it was, I wasn’t’ about to let them tell me I couldn’t be with my boyfriend. Fortunately, for me my good grades and test scores came to the rescue. By the time all this came down I was half way through my junior year and because of my SAT scores I was receiving tons of solicitations for colleges all over the country. They were so proud their daughter was being courted by top drawer schools it was hard for them to reconcile that with their threats to send me away.”

“So what happened?”

“Because I was active in church and in the National Honor Society, and I promised to never see him again, they gave me my car back after less than a week. After that I became very creative at squeezing out time in my schedule to be able to see Clayton on the sly. Mom was at work till past 5:30 every week day, and dad even later, so Clayton parked on the next street over and came and went through the back door. We did our best to not leave any trace he’d been there but I’m sure Mom also became very good at not seeing what she did not want to see. I mean if she had wanted to catch us it would not have been that hard, and besides I was by then getting birth control from the health department, so my pills were right in my medicine cabinet. I never tried to hide them. I don’t think she was stupid. I just think she didn’t want to confront me about my sexual activity, yet she was not willing to give me permission. Just playing ignorant was her solution.”

“All that time sneaking around and being naked with Clayton took some toll on my grades, but not so much to lose my acceptance to Emory. Since he graduated a year before me, he had a place that he shared with some buddies during my senior year. I’m sure I spent more time having sex that year of high school than I have at any time since.  You see Clayton can get it up any time he wants and keep it up as long as he wants and many a time that has been once in the morning, once in the early evening and a couple of rounds before bed. I’ve never known anyone like him.  But even with all my antics my grades were still good enough to get me into Emory.”

“Impressive. Did he go to Emory too?” Bonnie asked.

“No, he was not that kind of student. He went to Oconee Fall Line Tech over in Sandersville and got an associate’s degree in air conditioning technology. He is a team leader at the largest HVAC company in the region. He’s really good at it and he makes more money than I do with my master's degree. So when we graduated from Jeff Davis, he stayed in the area and I moved to Atlanta. Like so many of those cases, I got busy in my new world and he got busy into his. I made it home once a month that fall but after Christmas that first year we decided not to hold each other to exclusivity. I was sure he had not been celibate when I was gone that fall; but the fact is, that I had not been either. So without saying it up front we had both been screwing around and there was no sense pretending the other should be waiting patiently for us to be reunited. I’m sure that is what led to the mess I’m in now.”

 Bonnie didn’t comment but waited for Stephanie to continue.

“Over the next years I had several serious relationships but each time when I came home, I found myself in bed with Clayton. None of my other relationships could compare to him.  Clayton in the meantime also had many girlfriends and even a short-lived marriage, but none of those events kept him from screwing me when I was in town.  We have this magnetism towards one another that nothing seems to be able to break.”

“After getting my B.S. I stayed at Emory to get a master's degree. Clayton wanted me to come home and marry him, but I knew I needed a master's degree to make a career as a physical therapist. I graduated with my M.P.T. (masters of Physical Therapy) and got married in the same weekend. My job at Central State Hospital was waiting for me when I got here and less than a year later little Jason was born.  My transition from college girl to working mom was lightning-fast.  Just as I was adjusting to being a mom, I got pregnant again. James was born before our second anniversary. With Jason, I’d done great, but Jimmy was a problem. I almost lost him twice and was on bed rest for two months before he came. After that, he had the colic and in that hard year, our sex life came to a virtual halt. Jason is now three and Jimmy is almost two.”

“One thing I’d learned about Clayton way back in high school is that after a couple of days without sex he becomes like an overheated boiler, the slightest touch sends him spewing.  We've joked about it many times over the years. When something had prevented us from being together for a day or two we nearly always opened with me giving him head. He’d pop once, I’d slurp it down, then we’d get down to business next and he’d be his wonderful, ‘fuck till I can’t stand it anymore’ self.”

She stopped and blushed deeply “I can’t believe I just told you all of that.” She covered her face with her hands “I’ve only told a few people that and I don’t even know you.”

Bonnie reached over and placed a hand on her forearm “Remember who I am, I talk about doing that kind of stuff in front of audiences of hundreds every week. And you read my blog where I go into more explicit detail about my sex life than you have. You are not the first woman to tell me about stuff they never talk about to others.” 

Stephanie relaxed and continued “Yea, but …. Oh well…. The point is that after only two days of celibacy, Clayton becomes agitated.  But over that year and a half or so where either I couldn’t have sex or I was just too tired to even think about it, I could tell after a few days that agitation would come but then go away. I knew full well he was finding someone to relieve his stress.  I didn’t bring the subject up and by my deafening silence; I was in effect giving him permission to do what he wanted.  And to be honest I felt both relieved that I didn’t have to do it for him myself and guilty that I wasn’t up to it.  On occasion, I even made oblique references to the fact I knew he was having sex with other women. I distinctly remember one evening when I was huge with Jimmy, when he got home and came to kiss me, his face smelled and tasted like he had just been down on a woman… even more it was in his beard, like a woman had really gushed on him. The smell and taste brought back, for a moment, my natural response and I began to get turned on. I told him that if he tasted like that too often, I would not be able to stick to the doctor’s orders of abstinence.  I guess he took that as a good thing, because after that I began tasting woman on his lips several times a month. He must have been going down on them right before he left just to tease me. I never objected when I could smell or taste it, and would kiss him extra-long when I did.  I guess I should have been willing to talk about it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. I was acting just like my mother.”

Bonnie sympathized “It’s hard to break through that wall of what you feel you’re supposed to say and do.  But you’re right. If you’d talked about it then, it would be easier to do now.”

“And perhaps” she mused, “We would not be in the mess we are in now.”

“And what mess is that?”

“Well,” she said swallowing, “Like I said, I was out of commission for two years, post-partum, problem pregnancy, post-partum again then fussy baby. In that time he was always sweet and attentive and repeatedly made sure I knew how much he wanted me and that when I was ready he wanted to get back to our old ways.  Finally, things settled down. We went from no sex, to occasional sex, to sex nearly every week. Now, almost two years since I had Jimmy, sex is about twice a week and we are grateful for that. We have never gotten back to what it was like before I had Jason. Right now it is not as bad, but as soon as it warms up, he’ll be working six and seven days a week again. With us both working and Jimmy in diapers while we are about to start potty training Jason, it is just so hard to coordinate our schedules so as to have time for sex. Caring for two preschoolers, and working full-time at the hospital just leaves me so tired. I want to have more sex, but to be able to work our two schedules out so that we are both ready at the same time has been so very hard.  And the fact that my mother still refuses to talk to him after all this time makes it worse.”

Bonnie stepped in “I have been where you are. It’s so hard when the kids are small. I am thankful that I was able to stop teaching when my first child arrived. I can’t imagine having to go to work when I had two… and one of mine is a girl.”

They both laughed about what a handful little boys can be. Then Bonnie told Stephanie, “The good news is, I can promise, they get older and it gets easier. Not easy, but easier. So, does Clayton still come home tasting of other women?”

Stephanie said. “No, he doesn’t. It’s possible he’s still doing women, but I don’t see any evidence of it. Though, I’m not sure that’s any comfort now I know that he is having sex with men at the park.  After his arrest, we finally talked, sort of. I asked him directly if he was gay. He said he was not. He told me he started doing it with men when after Jimmy was born simply because he knew a guy who was willing to help him take off the edge some days. He insisted that he had never touched another guy’s penis. He said the other guys gave him oral sex, and he did anal to them, but never from them. He promised he has never done a guy without a condom, and even got an appointment to get tested for STI’s.  He said he’s been meeting a couple of different guys in a few parks, including the one where he got caught, for a little over a year, but only when he was really feeling pent up. He tried to say he was doing it for me since he knew he could stop by the park for fifteen minutes and get his rocks off before he came home so that he didn’t bother me. I told him I believed him that he’s not gay, and I do. He has promised he wouldn’t go to parks for sex ever again.”

“And did you talk about the women?” Bonnie asked.

“No, that’s why I wanted to talk to you. I told him I would need some time to think it over. He’s stayed in the Motel 6 since last Thursday.” Again she paused in thought “Am I so wrong that I can live with him doing other women, and maybe even men as long as it is somewhere other than a public park. I’ve known all along he’s been doing it and it’s never really bothered me all that much. Other than that one thing, he’s a really good husband and father. But my family and now my church think he’s a sick pervert that I should have nothing to do with.”

Ruthy quickly put in, “She’s right. He is a good guy. Way better than my Sonny.”

Bonnie looked intently into her eyes; eyes that were full of pain. “You cannot make this decision based on what your family or your pastor or your church thinks. You must act on what is right for you. You and your family are what matter. I can’t begin to tell you what your ultimate decision should be. But I can say that the first thing you need to do is to talk through all of this with Clayton.  All of it, just like you told me. Clearly sex has been very important to you two for years, and just as clearly it seems that you are not too hung up on the fact he puts his dick into other people.  Does he know you were with other men in college?”

“... and a couple of girls” Stephanie said. “How do you think I knew what the taste on his lips was. But, oh yea, when we’d get together when I was home from school he liked me to tell him about what I was doing with my current boyfriend while he and I fooled around. And I asked him to tell me what he did with the girls he went out with as well. It was our little game to tell each other about the sex we’d had while we were apart. It was kinky to me that I was fucking him when we both were in relationships.  I wonder if that’s why he felt OK with getting some on the side when I was out of commission?”

“I think you’re on the right track. It sounds like he is no more jealous than you and that’s been true since long before you got married. So the only decision you have is what is more important; your relationship with the father of your children or your relationship with your church friends.”

She sat thoughtfully.

“And,” Bonnie continued “Your mom has passively acquiesced once to sexual behavior she didn’t approve of, why won’t she do it again?”

 Stephanie took some time before she said “I guess there has never been much of a decision to make. But what about the fact he must enjoy doing guys or he wouldn’t keep doing it.”

Bonnie didn’t miss a beat “And what of it? You said you have been with more than one female. If you didn’t like it you would not have done it a second time.  Cooper and I believe almost all people have some level of sexual interest in people with the same set of genitals as they have. It just takes the right circumstances to bring it out.”

The younger woman asked softly, “So, are you saying both you and your husband are bisexual?”

“I’m saying that almost everyone is bisexual to some degree. But yes, we both enjoy sex with both women and men.” Then Bonnie leaned over to Stephanie “And you would be surprised how hot it is to share a man with your husband.”

There was a mix of laughter and astonishment at that last comment.

With intentional casualness, she added, “Cooper and I have shared women far more often, but I like a threesome with another man more than with another woman… though I enjoy both.”

Bonnie knew she had just hit poor Ruthie with something way out of her experience. It appeared that Brandy had not told her about watching Butch fuck Cooper at the Arabian Nights party. Stephanie just nodded as if considering the idea. Then she said, “And maybe what I really don’t want to admit is that deep in my heart, now that I’m fully back up to speed, I want more sex than it seems possible with our difficult schedules. I’ve even got my eye on someone I think would be a great friend with benefits.”

Ruthie interjected “Dr. Wilson?”

Stephanie nodded.

 “Oh, yea, he’s so hot.” Ruthie elaborated “And I can tell he’s got the hots for you.”“So, now you even have a starting point to talk to Clayton,” Bonnie said. “But if you choose the open marriage route you need to set some ground rules.”

“What do you mean?”

“Some couples only do it when the other partner is present. Others are more don't' ask don't tell type while still others usually have extramarital sex without their spouse present, but expect open disclosure, especially if it is the same person on multiple occasions. That is how Cooper and I operate.”

This time Ruthie asked, “What does that mean?” Bonnie couldn’t miss Ruthie’s interest in all this seemed to run deeper than her desire to help her friend.

“Well, Cooper and I enjoy having threesomes or foursomes where other people join us, but like you, due to schedule issues, we normally have sex when the other is not present. However, we try to give the other at least a brief explanation when we play with other people. It appears you already know that I am very open about the fact I am non-monogamous."

Both Ruthie and Stephanie smiled and nodded their heads. Stephanie put in "uh, yeah, in your blog a few weeks ago you mentioned that since you went to Miami in August you have had sex with at least one new couple virtually every week."

Bonnie smiled. "I said that? Every week? Yes, almost… other than over the holidays. But understand, that is because until recently, I have been speaking almost exclusively to groups that are all about recreational sex. So more than anything, I had sex with my sponsors or guides… though I have been known to invite attendees to my room as well. Sometimes I call my husband on the way to my hotel room before I have sex, sometimes after, and if I’m in a mean mood I’ll call him on my cell right in the middle just to drive him crazy.”

Both Ruthie and Stephanie laughed at that.

“But I would never have sex on the sly, and he doesn’t do it either. In his case, he mostly does it with our friends.”

“From our church!?” Ruthie asked.

“Sure, but I can’t betray their confidence by mentioning who are our playmates,” Bonnie said.

Her eyes narrowed in thought, before saying “Well I know he’s done it with Brandy. And from the stories she’s told me I’m sure I could guess the rest of the women he has sex with.”

“You probably could figure out the entire list if you wanted.” Bonnie agreed. “I just can’t confirm it. That is unless you come to one of our parties” she said with a wicked grin. Then looking back to Stephanie, “And if you decided to be open about having sex with other people, you must work out your own safer sex protocols. Though I always use condoms for sex on the road, I don’t with men from church. I have the advantage of a hysterectomy so I never have to worry about pregnancy when I play with other men, but most young women don't have that luxury.”

Stephanie nodded in agreement but said, “I had my tubes tied after I had all the problems last time.”

“That’s one less risk. But still, I would recommend condoms for all but regular lovers whom you trust, and for him whenever he has sex with another woman or a man. That is what you are considering, isn’t it? Telling Clayton that you want an open marriage.”

“Yea, I guess” Stephanie replied.

“It’s just to be so upfront about it takes some getting used to?” Bonnie suggested.

“Yes it does” Stephanie agreed.

Bonnie began to conclude her little spiel “That has been our choice, and we do not regret it. It has opened our world up. But, I must warn you, if you decide to go this route be aware of the flack you might take from certain quarters, especially among your church friends. You could always come to our church, it seems a good many people know exactly what I do, yet I don’t get condemned…. well not to my face. Most importantly, our pastor knows about our lifestyle and still supports us as the youth program leaders."

Ruthie surprised Bonnie by adding "Yes, in our Sunday School class, which Bonnie’s husband teaches, several married couples have open marriages, and as far as I know, every one of the singles is sexually active." She looked at Bonnie and added, "I just hadn't put two and two together to understand you and Cooper have sex with them too."

Once again Bonnie found out there was more public knowledge of her world than she realized. However, she just continued her thought, "You might not know it, but my husband has even written an article for a Christian social justice magazine explicitly advocating open marriage.”

Stephanie replied, “Yes, I know. It is on the FFF website.”

They finished their meal before Bonnie offered. “Let me throw this out, if Clayton wants to come by this evening, we can all sit in the hot tub and discuss this.”

“May I assume you don’t mean in swimsuits?” Ruthie asked.

“No swimwear allowed in our hot tub” Bonnie answered.  “And I know we’ve never had you and Sonny over, but you should feel free to come too. Our tub seats eight comfortably. Misty’s crew have had over a dozen in it before.” And after a moment Bonnie clarified, “I was just kidding that you can’t wear a swimsuit. Our pool and tub are ‘dress as you feel comfortable’, if that means a swimsuit, great, if you choose to go topless or a’natural as we do, that’s great too. But, Stephanie, you might use this as a litmus test for Clayton. If he balks at you going naked in front of my husband, then likely any other words of acceptance are hollow.”

Ruthie agreed with Bonnie's advice and then extended with, “And think about it, getting naked and getting into the hot tub with Bonnie and Cooper will tell Clayton you’re serious about this.”

“Would you do it with me? Come to the Campbell’s tonight?” Stephanie asked her helpful friend.

Ruthie hesitated then said “If you will,…” she got a smile, “I will. We can go naked as jay-birds.”

After that, Stephanie said she would discuss it with her husband, but Ruthie said she’d think about telling Sonny, but might not say anything other than that she was coming over to our house.   

Bonnie was not surprised when Ruthie called a few hours later and said that Stephanie and Clayton were coming but she would be coming alone. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said on the phone. “But I just couldn’t bring it up to Sonny. I know how he feels about that kind of thing and, well, if I asked him to come, I’m sure we’d have a big fight and we would both stay home. So, if you can keep it between us, I’ll come with Ruthie and Clayton.”

Bonnie didn’t hesitate to tell her she was more than welcome and that her secret was safe. She wasn’t a fan of family secrets, but homes with an alcoholic were tricky and didn’t operate like healthy ones.

On the way home, Bonnie called Cooper. She told him they would be entertaining in the hot tub tonight, so they would put off their normal family night until tomorrow. She suggested he bring home pizza for the kids. She did not tell him about her talk with DeeDee. Not that she wouldn’t, only that would have to wait until after Ruthie and Stephanie left this evening.

Around 6:30 that evening, Ruthie, Stephanie, and her husband, Clayton, arrived together. While Bonnie took the women to the bedroom to change into robes; Cooper led Clayton to the game room where he’d left towels for the two of them. Honestly, Cooper had simply forgotten how people who’ve never been to their house reacted to the comparatively tame photos on the walls. Cooper found himself going around the room explaining the background of each of the photos in the game room.

Clayton’s responses to the photos were “Oh Fuck,” “Damn,” and then he asked, “And you call this your kid's game room? I bet their friends like coming over.”

“Yes, I think it is fair to say they do,” Cooper said as he slipped out of his pants, boxers, and shirt. He then tossed Clayton a towel and headed out the back door without looking back.

The sun was low in the sky as Cooper stepped into the hot water. It was a little cool outside, but as the sun went down, he knew the temperature would drop.  Leaning back in the tub Cooper relaxed. The other man was clearly not comfortable, so Cooper opened the conversation.  “Glad you guys could come over.  I’ve known Ruthie since she was a child. I always thought she was much too conservative to join our Bohemian crew…  certainly her parents are.”

The other man responded, “She and Stephanie have worked together for a couple of years now, but I just met her tonight.”

“How long have you two been married?” Cooper asked.

“It will be four years in May.” He answered “But we’ve been together since high school.”

From what Bonnie had told Cooper, that was not entirely true, but he let it go.

“Baldwin Central or Jeff Davis?” he asked referring to the two area high schools.

“Jeff Davis” He answered.

“Play basketball?” Cooper asked as Clayton was clearly over six feet tall.

“Yea, point guard, varsity for three years,” Clayton said with some pride.

“I went there too, but Bonnie is originally from Tennessee. Both of our kids are at Jeff Davis this year, but Misty’s a senior.”

“I know” was his unexpected answer.

“You know her?”

“No, not really” Clayton answered. “But you must know that she is quite the local celeb.”

“Really? No, I didn’t” Cooper said. Once the man had said it, he understood why, but Cooper had never thought about it that way.

Clayton looked flummoxed. “Uh, … it's not like she’s hidden under a rock since those first beach pictures came out. You have topless pics of her right in that game room for everyone to see.”

“Yes, she is topless in several of them, but in the ones in the game room the naughty bits are always hidden.”

Clayton nodded, “but she is only wearing a thong that makes her effectively naked… and in one of them, I’m pretty sure she is naked. Beyond that, her club’s website is really popular and they regularly post photos and links to where topless and fully nude beach photos of Misty can be found. I was sure you knew.”

Yes, Cooper knew all about the club’s website, Misty talks about it all the time. But it never occurred to him that grown men would be looking at it. On one hand, this was surprising and a bit creepy to him. It was just like what Stephanie had said to Bonnie about the FFF website getting read by the healthcare professionals at her hospital. And just like Bonnie, he also knew he shouldn’t be surprised at all. He occasionally opened up the Euro-Club website and he could see why it would be very popular with guys well out of high school. It had at least a hundred very sexy photos of scantily clad club girls, and, as Clayton said, had links to topless and fully nude photos of Misty and the other girls from the two beach trips.

Clayton then added, “You must know that your wife’s pics are just as popular as the girls’ are.”

Cooper knew that made sense. Bonnie’s pics were very sexy. “Yes,” Cooper replied. “Bonnie stands up quite well to those younger girls. I guess I just didn’t know that anyone besides the high school kids knew about those photos.” Then he recanted, “Yea, I guess I did know. My graduate assistants have told me about the giant printouts of Bonnie’s pics being made into MILF posters in the dorms. I guess it's unusual to have the wife of one of their professors as a pin-up. I should have known that the photos of Misty would be passed around too. As I understand it, in the past few months, quite a few new photos have begun circulating. Every time it seems to die down, a new batch appears.”

Clayton looked relieved that Cooper didn’t seem to mind what he’d said.

Just to explicitly confirm what he’d meant, Cooper added, “Not that I mind. Both Bonnie and Misty have decided to stand up for pride in their bodies. It’s kind of the family business to tear down those kinds of walls. It just took me off guard a little. I’ll tell my daughter that she has more fans in town than she knew.”  What Cooper didn’t say was he would warn her that men way too old to be focusing on her were doing so. She and the club girls needed to know about that so as to make sure they stayed safe.

“So, you’re cool with all of that? Really?” the young man asked. And he was young. Younger looking than Cooper had expected: tall and thin with dirty blond hair combed back and a scruffy beard.

Cooper took his time to answer. “Those photos on the web were all taken right on public beaches. I was right there the summer before last when some of them were taken. Why should I be upset that people post photos they took of our family on the beach?”

“Cause she’s naked,” he said with a ‘like duh’ expression.

“And why should that make me ashamed? Misty’s a great girl and besides she was born that way.” Cooper was suddenly taken off guard by this guy’s redneck attitude. While he was right up front he looked at Bonnie and Misty’s nude photos, he seemed to think that Cooper should be offended that he did so.

Because he didn’t want to go into all this before Bonnie and the women came out, he shifted to more common ground, the college basketball season.  It’s not that Cooper was any expert, if it were football season the talk would be all Georgia Bulldogs football of which he was conversant, but it was basketball season. Cooper’s Vanderbilt Commodores might not be a perennial

basketball powerhouse, but they were competitive most years.  Though he never actually watched Vanderbilt basketball games, he could carry on a conversation for quite a while without giving up his true ignorance. And as it turned out he needed all the time. It was forever before the patio door opened. At one point Clayton wanted to go looking for them but Cooper assured him that they would come out when they were ready. That was when Clayton said “I hope they don’t back out, that Ruthie is hot. It will be worth the night to see her naked…well and to see your wife in real life.”

Cooper didn’t comment but the conversation had made its way to the last college football season. Cooper kept up with both the Vanderbilt Commodores and University of Georgia Bulldogs football. They were both commiserating over the inability for anyone to break the Alabama stranglehold on the conference. Vanderbilt had finished dead last and Georgia had come close to beating the Crimson Tide this year, all this was a popular topic of conversation.

The new hot tub sat in direct view of the French door that led to the living room, and Cooper sat facing the house. When the door opened Cooper could tell something was up. All three women wore robes. Bonnie was grinning ear to ear. Ruthie and Stephanie were clearly nervous. They walked across the patio and Bonnie casually laid her robe on one of the cabinets on either side of the hot tub steps.  

Stephanie’s husband turned to take in the sight of Cooper’s wife’s nudity with very obvious relish. The two younger women looked at each other and together opened the robes, slid them off simultaneously, and laid them beside Bonnie's. Both women were red in the face, though with Stephanie that was as much from her ruddy complexion as her blush.  They were both pretty. Stephanie with an odd shade of auburn hair draping over her shoulders and browned pink skin was buxom and tall, perhaps 5’ 11 or possibly taller. She had full bust and hips framing what was, while not a small waist, a clearly distinct waistline. Her full breasts were framed by a distinctive looking tattoo. Looking more closely, he could see the muscular definition in her substantial arms and thighs, so she may be big, but she was certainly not slack. The more Cooper looked the more attractive she was to him. Her heavy breasts were topped with pointing pink/brown disks. After just a second she pulled her shoulders back and stood fully erect, proud in all her glory. She was a Celtic warrior goddess staring a challenge into the eyes of her now seemingly diminutive-looking husband.

In contrast, Ruthie was small, without shoes she barely topped her friend's shoulder. Her darkish, almost olive complexion, short and curly dark brown hair and slim frame heightened the contrast to Stephanie. Slim in the waist and hips with perfect (if small) half-bowl shaped breasts, she was to put it best, cute.  And while the larger woman posed for her husband and Cooper, Ruthie quickly climbed up the stairs into the covering of the water.

One last thing Cooper couldn’t help but notice that while Ruthie wore a full natural pubic triangle, Stephanie was clean-shaven like Bonnie. This fact was not lost on her husband.

“Wow woman! When did you do that?” Clayton asked his wife staring at her crotch.

Cooper quickly realized that the delay was in waiting for Stephanie’s new trim.

“Just now. I liked the way Bonnie looked and she offered to help me out. What do you think?”

“It’s so fuck’n hot. I’ve always wanted you to do that.”

“Then why didn’t you ask.”

“I don’t know, I just didn’t think you would.”

Bonnie, still standing beside the hot tub (and starting to get chilly) cut in “I think that is why we are all here, to talk about things that maybe you should have said a long time ago.” She motioned to Stephanie to climb into the tub.

In the water, Stephanie took a seat between her husband and Ruthie (across from Cooper).  Bonnie was the last in. She made a point to sit on Clayton’s left. She wasn’t right up on him, but she draped her right knee over his long leg. Her deliberate skin-to-skin contact was something that clearly pleased him. With a glance to his wife, who gave him a nod to go ahead, he leaned back and draped his arms over both women’s shoulders.

Once settled in, Bonnie took charge. “I hope you guys have gotten to know each other a little.”

Cooper, not sure where she was going with this, agreed.

“Good.” Bonnie went on “Well we girls were getting to know each other better too.” She winked at Stephanie and turned to give her husband a tiny nod. He took that as his cue to ask, “Bonnie? Did you do more than just shave this beautiful young woman?”

Bonnie said, “Maybe, just a little.”

Cooper could see Clayton’s interest by his eye. He guessed Bonnie had planned this as the icebreaker.  Cooper teased his wife, “You wouldn’t have taken advantage of being so close to her exposed womanly parts to indulge in any untoward activities?”

Bonnie pouted “Well, I had to make sure she passed the tongue test before I finished.”

Clayton’s eyes, if possible, went wider. Cooper wasn’t sure if Bonnie had really done anything or not, but he was sure she was using this to trap Clayton. Moreover, whatever the plan was, it was clear that Stephanie was in on it.

Cooper played along “And did she pass?”

“Well?” Bonnie said dramatically “It took several good long and careful oral tests before I decided she was smooth enough to come out.”

“Long and careful oral tests?” her husband egged her on.

“Yea, I kept having to start over because I kept getting sidetracked. But I did get it done. Didn’t I Steph?”

Eyes went to Stephanie, who due to her height, had half of her full breasts out of the water.  Clayton’s eyes never moved above his wife’s chest as she said “Oh Yea, you got it done all right.  I just hope we didn’t freak out poor Ruthie.”

Ruthie picked up and extended “I’m not as naive as you think, but that last thing you did to her was new to me.”

The three women giggled.

Clayton couldn’t stand it anymore “And you didn’t let me watch!”

“Watch what?” Bonnie said, suddenly very calm.

“Watch you two get it on.”

“Would you like to see her have sex with someone else?”

“With you? Hell yea!”

“What about with Ruthie?” Bonnie asked looking to the petite woman.

“Double hell yea!”

“And with Cooper?”

“An orgy? Really?  I’m ready” and he pulled his body up far enough to display his fully erect penis. “I got enough for all three of you.”

Bonnie reached up and pushed his erection down into the water “OK, we get the point stud. But sit down, it’s time to talk first, and you seem not to notice there are five people in the tub, not just four. And that will be part of what we need to talk about.”

He was dense but not so much that he didn’t begin to realize he had been set up. His countenance fell quickly and his face reddened. However, that was tempered by the fact Bonnie, after pressing his erection down into the water, had not pulled her hand away. Instead, once he was sitting again, she wrapped her fingers around his shaft as she said. “Chill out for now. I think there is a good chance that you’ll get to fuck someone other than your wife tonight, and she has already told me that she wants to be right there to see you do it. However, how you act will determine that.”

His sour face vanished but the red in his cheeks continued.

“We are going to play a game I’ve played with my friends before,” Bonnie said cheerfully. I want each of us to tell of the last time we had amazing sex...” She paused and looked around “with someone other than your spouse.”

She slowly looked around the group again and when she got to Clayton she said “Come on, you know full well that Stephanie knows you have put it into more holes than Tiger Woods. So don’t go playing like you don’t know what we are talking about.”

He nodded.

“I’ll go first"’ Bonnie offered looking at Clayton. She'd asked Stephanie earlier if her husband knew anything about the FFF or her work. From what she knew he did not, but Stephanie said they had talked about Bonnie's photos on the internet on the way over to her house. He evidently was quite a fan of the local web girl. With that in mind, Bonnie began.  “Now Clayton, I have got to tell you that Cooper and I have what is called an open marriage. We have agreed that we are both free to have sex with other people whenever we want, and we do, rather often actually." 

She continued to grip Clayton's full erection as she began to tell the group of her trip a few weeks before to Tampa, not releasing him as she spoke. In reality that wasn’t the best sex she’d had recently, but she thought it was a good story to get Clayton engaged. She made the story as lurid and erotic as she could. It helped that by feeling the responses of his penis in her hand she could elaborate on the parts that got the best response.  It was a dirty trick, but she enjoyed doing it all the same.

When she was finished she looked over at Ruthie and said, "OK, Your turn.”

Cooper knew Bonnie too well to think she had just sprung this on Ruthie; surely they had worked this up in the long time they were inside.

Ruthie began, “I’m sorry I don’t have a recent story to tell. I guess I’m too old-fashioned to have done enough to have any stories about sex with other men since I’ve been married. Not that I haven't thought about doing it a lot, but I don't think you are asking about my fantasies about Brad Pitt."

That got a laugh from the other two women.

She went on, “I hope this one from when I was in college will do. I didn’t have the brains or money enough for Emory, I went to Berry College, which is as far from a party school as you can get. But every year a group of us went to Daytona for Spring Break. The first two years I was mostly a bystander, but my junior year I went crazy. I think I was buzzed for the entire week and got dead drunk several times. Truth be told most of my memories about having sex come from photos others took of me or stories my friends told me.  What I can tell you is that I was in three wet tee-shirt contests and from the best count my friends could come up with I had sex with five different guys. Three of them, the ones we hung out with most, I did several times over the week.”

 “The time I had sex that I can recall most clearly was the first time I did it with two guys who attached themselves to our little group. They were both students at Penn State. I can remember that first time I did it with him… well both of them, was because it lasted so long that the alcohol in my system was sweated out. One of the other girls from my school and I had gone to the hotel room the two guys shared.  I’d already been flirting with him for two days and we’d been making out down at the beach, and I’d given him a hand job the night before… and he’d been in my bikini too but he just didn’t have the skills to get me off that way. But, I already knew he was hung and I was horny as hell. I wanted to feel him inside of me something awful. So as soon as the hotel room door was shut behind us, I pushed down the front of his swimsuit and freed his rather large hard-on. Damn was it big, but not so big I didn’t get half of it in my mouth within like thirty seconds. The other girl later told me she’d never seen another couple having sex before, and I’d never done it when someone else was in the room.  So it was something new for both of us. I guess they watched me blow him before he dragged me to the bed and I gladly let him stick it to me. No, I didn’t use a condom. You would think someone training to be in health care would know better. But at least I was on the pill. He was hardly the first guy I’d done since I’d gone to college. I don’t think I was easy exactly, but I had a string of boyfriends and my share of hook-ups.”

“I didn’t hold back and according to my friend, I put on a real show. She took some phone pics, so it wasn’t just a booze-fueled fantasy as to his impressive size. And we fucked in every position I’d ever heard of, and some I hadn’t. Even the next day the rest was just a blur, but I know at one point I had the other guy in my mouth while my guy was fucking me. That was a first for me. Later we did it the other way around. And after both guys had cum the first time, my friend and I went at each other. We’d felt a little attraction before… well at least I had, but we’d never even talked about doing something like that. But that night we were totally into each other. In the end, my friend and I had both fucked both guys multiple times and had two sessions where we ate each other out. The first part was a little hazy, but as I sweated out the alcohol over the first hour of really intense sex, my head was mostly clear. By that time, I’d already thrown my inhibitions to the wind, so I just let it flow. I think it was like 2:30 in the morning when she and I made it back to our room. We both were exhausted and sore. We’d promised each other never to tell anyone what happened, but that only lasted until she got drunk the next night and showed the rest of our crew the phone pics she’d taken.”

“When we left Daytona, I didn't even have a pair of panties left to wear for the trip home and I had a case of the crabs. What a week! Too bad that’s about as much as I remember. Oh, I won one of the contests because I took off the tee-shirt and everything else right on the bar. I still have the little trophy, but I told Sonny it was for intramural sports.  If I told him the truth about why I really was awarded the little loving cup that sits on our knickknack shelf, he’d go off a cliff, but it puts a smile on my face every time I look at it.”

“Do you still have any of those pics?” Bonnie inquired.

Ruthie shook her head, “No, I never saw them again. After showing them to the rest of the girls who’d gone with us to the beach, I think she erased them all since she was in a lot of them too.”

Bonnie said, “You are probably lucky she did. I’ve found out the hard way that no matter how much people promise not to put pics on the internet, they will anyway.” Her comment detoured the conversation as Bonnie told about the afternoon with Misty on the nude beach on her first trip to Miami. She explained that the guys taking their pictures had promised not to share them… “but they did. Not that I was embarrassed by people seeing my photos, even the ones of me having sex, but they caused quite a stir.” To bring the group back to the topic, Bonnie asked, “So Ruthie, when was all that?”

“Five years ago, next month.”

“At my age, that wasn’t very long ago,” Bonnie assured her.

Ruthie responded “To me it seems forever ago. I haven’t been with anyone but Sonny since I finished college and started dating him. As far as he knows I had very little sexual experience when we started dating. I didn’t lie to him exactly, but I did lead him to believe something he wanted to believe even though it wasn’t quite true. I can safely say, that being here in this tub is the wildest thing I’ve done since he and I first went out.”

“Maybe it will get better before the night is out,” Looking over to her husband Bonnie said “Cooper?”

Cooper related the story of the round bed at Maggie’s Valentine’s Day party. He omitted all the names, but he let them know it was at a home in the area. When he explained that there were six people in the bed, Clayton’s face displayed a look of incredulity.

Ruthie cut in to say, “And Bonnie wasn’t there because she was at a swinger party a thousand miles away, where before the night was out, she’d had sex with three different men.”

Clayton’s head turned to Bonnie. She just smiled and nodded.

Cooper said innocently, “But I only had sex with two women that night.” In preparing for their company tonight, Bonnie had filled Cooper in on what she knew about Stephanie’s problem, and it was her idea that he work in that particular story so as to broach the topic of male-on-male sex. “So,” Cooper explained, “I was on top of the blond, while her husband watched me doing her. Next thing I know, his dick slipped in between our two mouths. Not wanting to break the moment, she and I took turns sucking his cock. Finally, while she was cumming from me fucking her, he came in my mouth. Then as soon as he pulled his dick free, she pulled my mouth to hers before I’d swallowed her husband’s jizz. So, we shared her husband’s cum as we kissed. We both thought that was super-hot.”

Bonnie, still holding Clayton’s cock, felt his response to that story. She was sure that was the perfect tale for this little get-together since she’d already told Ruthie and Stephanie that both she and Cooper did both men and women.

Cooper went on to tell how the blond wanted her to come to see her at her office in town, though he said her office was in Milledgeville, not Sparta. “Two weeks later, when Bonnie was out of town, I met her at her office on a Friday afternoon. We had sex with her sitting back on her desk. That was a first for me, though she said she and her husband had done it in her office before. She didn’t make any effort to be quiet. I am sure she deliberately was noisy so that her office assistant could hear what we were doing. You see, the blond knew that her husband had done her young secretary right on the very desk she was sitting on more than once.” Then Cooper finished his story about the Valentine’s party, telling about doing it with the brunette on the round bed for over an hour after the others had left the room.

Bonnie gave an epilogue to Cooper’s story, “As we almost always do when I’m on the road, we talked on the phone and gave each other a brief overview of what we’d done over the night. That is an important part of how we do our open marriage, we share our experiences with each other.”

Ruthie, who had been hanging on his every word, said “I thought I understood how you and Bonnie lived, but hearing you tell it… it’s just so much more real.”

Bonnie asked, “I hope it’s not too much for you.”

“Oh, no. It just helps me understand you guys so much better.”

“Good,” Bonnie replied.

“Clayton, you’re up next.”

As she had planned, after Cooper’s explicitly detailed account of having sex with two different women and sucking a guy’s dick, Clayton worked to prove his own virility by bragging.

“Damn Cooper, that story was hot. But I got one for you” Clayton began. Cooper glanced at Stephanie, he could tell she was putting on a poker face, but he was not sure what lay beneath. He also could see Bonnie slowly stroking Clayton’s cock under the water. She was pulling all the tricks to get him to say more than he planned.

“It was about ten months ago, right before summer started. I was in Decatur leading a crew to install the HVAC for a new Bank of America building. Because we had to run new ducts, it was a three-day job, so the company put me up for the night in a motel.  Now during the day, I’d met these chicks who were doing something with the security system. They weren’t the hottest looking girls, but after the second day, my blue balls made them look hot as hell. After we knocked off for the day both girls and I went out for drinks. No sooner had we been in the bar for a couple of rounds than both of them were pawing all over me. I don’t mean just my ass, one grabbed my package right in the bar.”

“With little Clayton ready to go I said it was time to go to my hotel room. We get into the blonde’s truck, and as soon as we pull out of the parking lot the brunette had my Johnson out and started sucking like there is no tomorrow. Steph, you know how I am after a couple of days, but I did great and didn’t spew until we were pulling up to the Comfort Inn, and I didn’t even begin to get soft. I was a champ for the whole night.” He nodded to convince his audience he was not exaggerating “Really, the sun was coming up the next morning and we were still going. Yes, we took a couple of breaks where we’d dozed off, but it was on and off all night. Not only did I do both of them every way that can be done, they did each other too. It was awesome.”

“Did you tell Stephanie about it when you got home?” Bonnie asked.

 “No, she doesn’t like to hear about that. But she knows I do it and doesn’t mind.” He looked at his wife “Don’t you?”

Stephanie nodded in agreement. Cooper couldn’t’ tell what she was thinking.

“What makes you sure she wouldn’t like to hear about it?” Bonnie asked. “I know it got me horny to hear Cooper tell everyone about what he did at that party just now. My guess is that Stephanie got hot hearing you just then.”

Clayton stammered “I, I don’t know, I just figured she wouldn’t want to hear.”

Bonnie looked to Stephanie “Did you think his story was hot?”

Stephanie gave a sly grin “Oh yea! But more details would have made it better. I would have liked to hear more about what they wanted him to do to them and how they responded to him doing it.”

Bonnie followed up with, “What did you tell me you told him the first time he came home and you tasted another woman on his lips?”

“I told him it turned me on so much that I was tempted to violate the doctor’s orders against having sex,” she said.

Bonnie turned back to Clayton “What do you think that meant?”

“I don’t know, I guess she meant to tell me she knew what I was doing. I remember her saying that but I also remember that we couldn’t have sex.”

“What does that have to do with it” Bonnie countered. “She was telling you that it turned her on that you tasted like a woman. Sometimes when we can’t do a thing, we like to hear about it. Did that ever occur to you?”

All Cooper could think was, ‘how does he not get this?’ as Clayton just sat there with a blank stare.

 Bonnie went on, “Do you even know how easy it is to taste a woman on you when you kiss?”

Clayton, just sat staring at Bonnie. Clearly, the answer was no.

Bonnie, who was sitting next to him, used her free hand to turn his face to hers. She looked into his startled eyes and then put her lips to his.  He hesitated, then their mouths were open and they kissed hard and deep. All through this, she had not let go of his erection. He began to pull her closer. She was tempted to just swing her leg over and mount him, but Bonnie broke the kiss.  “Well, what did you taste?”

“Damn!” he exclaimed “You really did eat her pussy. I could fuck’n taste her, clear as day!’

“So,” Bonnie said pointedly “has Stephanie. Every day you came home after eating some woman out, she tasted them. But, you didn’t think enough of her to tell her all about it, even though she wanted you to share it with her.”Clayton looked over to his wife. She nodded in agreement.

“Do you remember who you tasted like that first time I mentioned it?” His wife furthered Bonnie’s inquiry.

“Yes,” He said sourly. “It’s not like I have done all that many different women since I’ve been married. That is why the thing in Decatur was so terrific.”

“So, tell us about that day you came home tasting of a woman while she was pregnant.”

“Yea, I do remember. That was a week or so after you were told to rest and we couldn't screw. You gotta believe me that I had only done it once, no twice, with other women from the day we got married until she got put on bed rest because of her pregnancy. But the idea of her being out of commission for like a year was more than I could take. And I knew when we were apart when she was in college we both did other people and it didn’t bother her at all.”

Bonnie cut in, “If I recall right, Stephanie said that when she was off at Emory, you guys enjoyed telling each other about the sex you’d had with other people since you’d last been together. Is that right?”

“Yea.” It was like a light came on in his head. “Yea, she liked telling me about fucking her different boyfriends and she liked hearing about the women I’d been with, even when I was married to Emma.”

“So…” Bonnie said, “Do you want to try telling about the two women in Decatur again, and this time tell us everything you did.”

This time he went into more detail than Bonnie was expecting. Clearly, he had a good memory for his conquests. She wondered how many stories like this he could tell. He went a good ten minutes detailing positions and even some colorful adjectives describing how one of the women had gushed while she was sitting on his face when he’d made her cum. Once he was done, Bonnie said, “Now ask your wife if she liked your story.”

He did, and she responded, “Had you come home and told me that story that way, I would have fucked your brains out afterward…” She stopped and corrected herself. “No, you wouldn’t have been able to finish before I started. Then after we were done the first time I would have let you finish, and then we would have done it all again.”

“Really?” he said incredulously.


Bonnie asked, “Do you see now, by your unwillingness to contravene convention, you have been giving up so many great experiences? You knew before you got married that she liked to hear about you and other women, then when she was pregnant, she told you directly that it turned her on that you’d been with another woman before you came home. Your wife is a sexual powerhouse, and you have known all along how to fuel her up. So, now is your chance to fuel her up. Tell her about that first time you came home with woman on your lips.

It took poor Clayton a few moments to understand, then he looked at his wife and said, “You see, when Becky came on to me...”

“Becky Galloway!” Stephanie jumped.

“Yea, Becky, and she came on to me like white on rice”

“Who is Becky Galloway?” Bonnie asked.

Stephanie answered softening her tone “Oh, she’s not so bad. Actually, she’s a nice girl… I guess she’s a grown woman now. She went to high school with us. She was kinda a wallflower, but I knew she always had a thing for Clayton. At least it wasn’t someone like Ansley Wolf.” She looked over at her husband “You haven’t done Ansley, have you?”

He just shrugged his shoulders.

“Gross, keep your dick away from me if it’s been in her.”

“It was a long time ago; well before we got married,” Clayton defended.

Bonnie redirected them. “Let's go back to Becky and that first time Stephanie knew you’d been doing it. What had happened?”

Clayton took a breath “I had run into her a couple of weeks before at the Piggly Wiggly. We talked and I told her Steph was having problems with the baby. She asked me to keep in touch so I called her a few days later.”

Cooper noted Clayton’s insistence that the other woman had come on to him was quickly falling apart.

“We met for lunch a couple of times, then I got an afternoon off and went to her place and, well, one thing led to another and we had sex. The last thing I did before leaving was get her off one more time… no, two more times with my mouth. That’s why I tasted like her.

“Stephanie?” Bonnie asked, "What do you have to say?"

"Oh, I know Becky well enough to know she had not seduced him,” Stephanie answered. “And I’m not at all surprised that he took the time to give her the last bit of pleasure. Clayton is a very good and considerate lover, he always has been.”

Bonnie followed up by asking, "So Stephanie, if that morning, Clayton had just told you, before he'd had sex with her, that he'd run into Becky and that he was sure she would be happy to be a stand-in while you couldn't have sex; what would you have said?"

Stephanie actually laughed. "You know, before talking to you at lunch I had not yet asked myself that question. It is just so out of left field that I never thought of it. But, when I went back to work I actually did consider that very thing."

"And?" Bonnie prodded.

"You have to understand that when this happened, we'd been married less than two years and we were already on our second pregnancy. While on one hand my college days when we were both sleeping around already seemed like a distant memory, that day was just twenty months since I'd graduated. You see we already had our marriage license when I finished grad school in May.  I had mostly moved into the house that we'd bought in lieu of a big wedding and honeymoon. After all my family would not have come anyway."

She looked around and seemed to be thinking. "I've never even told Ruthie this story because it's a little embarrassing and well, slutty; but I think it is important for you to understand how I was before I got married. You see my girlfriends in Atlanta threw me a bachelorette party the night before our graduation.  They were a pretty wild bunch, and well...of course there was a big limo and we'd been to a couple of clubs drinking and having a great time. Then before I knew it, two great-looking guys in Marine dress uniforms just showed up out of nowhere.  They weren't professional strippers, it was the cousin of my maid of honor and one of his buddies from the Marine Reserve. She’d talked them into being our escorts and entertainment for the night. We all danced a while at the club, then as my crew had planned, we went to the house where two of the girls lived.  Those two guys might not have been pros, but damn they were hot, and we went way past what you would ever do with real hired strippers. Well, in the end, my girls pushed me into one of the bedrooms with both guys, then threw handfuls of condoms at me before shutting the door."

"I knew my girlfriends were just messing around and did not expect me to fuck those guys, well they wouldn't had they been sober. Right off the girls outside the door started saying dirty stuff about me having a last fling by blowing and fucking them. Yea, they were pretty drunk. I actually was only slightly buzzed. I've never been a big drinker and when I drink too much I just pass right out.  Oh… I guess I should let you know the guys had been dancing for us, fully nude, for a little while and were hard and ready from the teasing the girls had been giving them.  They'd already gotten playful hand jobs and lots of promises for more.  I suspect they had not really planned that part out in advance, and I doubt even they really knew what was supposed to happen.  My friends had been giving me a hard time about being a cheat since I'd had a one-night stand in March, well after I began to wear my engagement ring.” She stopped, “But that was the only time I’d cheated on Clayton after we’d decided that we wanted to be partners for life. I know I said I told him about guys I’d had sex with, but I wasn’t like a wild party girl. I had a series of guys I dated over my six years of college and grad school, and naturally, once we were sort of an item, we had sex.”

Bonnie thought of telling them she was called “fuck on the first date Bonnie” at Vanderbilt but decided to hold that tale for another time.

 She went on with her story, “I have no doubt that was in their drunken minds when they pushed me into the suite’s bedroom. Well, I can be pretty stubborn and I wasn't going to let them think they put me in a spot that would embarrass me. So just over ten minutes later, when I opened the bedroom door and walked back into the living room I was holding two filled condoms. Even though they were all drunk to one degree or another, my girlfriends were blown away.  After they got over the shock, they all wanted to hear what happened. I wasn't about to give them the satisfaction, but it didn't take long for them to get the Marines to spill the beans.  They let everyone know that they didn't touch me until I had pulled my clubbing dress up to my waist and gotten on all fours on the bed.”

Stephanie laughed, evidently thinking back on the memory, “You see, I’d taken off my panties to throw at them earlier when they’d first stripped. The guys rather embellished their own performance as they told how one fucked my mouth while the other did my pussy, then switched so they both had fucked my pussy and my mouth In that ten minutes before we were done. But in reality, the one who’d screwed me first was spent after he’d cum. He had just sat on the side of the bed while his buddy did me till he came too. They bragged how they were so good, that I was cumming just a minute or two after they began to do me. Of course, the guys didn't have a clue that my super-fast orgasms were super fake so as to get it over with."

Ruthie laughed, "I remember faking it once or twice in college too, and for the same reason.”

Bonnie put in, “No doubt your bachelorette party has become legendary at Emory University Hospital."

Stephanie agreed, "Oh yes, it has indeed. The next day was graduation and of course, Clayton and my parents came up to see me walk. That was a mess, I spent the day trying to prevent my mother from making a scene. It didn’t work, she made a scene and told me one last time not to marry him. You see, the day after that was the date for our wedding. I was so busy.  I didn't realize how many little things I needed to do for just a tiny wedding at a local park.  Over the course of the morning, Adie, my Maid of Honor, made oblique references to the bachelorette party several times. And several times Clayton asked the girls what happened. None peeped a word.  But, just about two hours before the ceremony, when we’d gone to get the flowers from our house, we found ourselves alone for the first time all day. He asked me what had happened the night before last at my bachelorette party, and I told him… the truth.”

Stephanie looked right at her husband, “And what did I say? Do you remember?”

With a smile, he replied, “Of course I remember. You said you’d fucked two male strippers.  But it had only lasted a few minutes because you’d faked orgasms to get them to cum fast. So in your mind that was acting, not sex.”

“That’s right. And when I told him about taking the two gooey condoms out to show my friends he fell over laughing and commented on how stupid my friends had been to try to corner me like that. I am rather well known for always getting the last laugh. Had I not been 100% sure that would be his reaction, I wouldn’t have told him. But by then we’d been lovers for nine years, so I knew him and he knew me."  She stopped her story and looked over to Clayton "And what did you tell me?"

He didn't hesitate to say "For my bachelor party, my buddies hired two very expensive call girls to be with us the whole night. We, the guys and the hookers, went to a couple of clubs in Macon before heading to a hotel room where we all took turns fucking the two girls and watching the other guys do it."

Stephanie asked, "Was I mad or hurt."

"No. You laughed too."

Stephanie finished her little story by saying "And then I just naturally said that we had both had a last fling before getting married. I said something to the effect of we were sewing our last wild oats. Of course, in my mind, we would both suddenly become happy with monogamy. Sure, for six years since I had gone off to Emory, we'd been screwing around on each other and on the people we were dating. And in his case his first wife. And we'd never once had a fight about doing so. But as naive as it seems, I thought that those habits would just disappear when we moved into our cute new home as husband and wife."

She paused then continued "So, what would I have done if he'd just asked me if it was OK for him to screw Becky while I was sick? At first, I would have thought he'd lost his mind simply because marriage means monogamy. But, I have no doubt that I would have seen the sense in it and told him it was a good plan."

Bonnie let Clayton's wife's words sink in before asking, "So if you couldn’t participate would you have liked him to tell you about his times with Becky Galloway?"

"Of course. The doctor said nothing about me masturbating."

That got a laugh from both Bonnie and Ruthie.  "So would you now like your husband to tell more of what he and Becky did?"

Stephanie leaned forward to look her husband in the eye “I want to hear it all, every juicy detail, just like you used to tell me about you and Emma and Wendy and whoever else.”

“It was a long time ago” he protested.

“Do your best. As I understand it, it was just like three years ago,” Bonnie said firmly.

He didn’t look pleased but went on “I went to her house. It’s off of Oak Street. At first, she was nervous, but I told her that you wouldn’t mind… and I knew you wouldn’t. We kissed for a while and then she undid my pants. From what she’d said, she didn’t have a lot of experience with that kind of thing, but I knew she saw this as her chance to impress me. So, she gave me a high-octane blow job. When I was getting close to spewing, I let her know I was about to cum. I told her that she didn’t have to take it in her mouth if she didn’t want to. Given how shy she was in school I was surprised that once I said I was close she just kept going and kept sucking even after I’d shot my wad in her mouth. She just swallowed it down and kept going as I softened a little then got hard again.”

“When my dick was ready, she got up and came back without her pants holding a condom packet. I’ve got to say, she surprised me with how aggressive she was. She led me into the bedroom where we went at it until she’d cum a couple of times before I let go. As I said, the reason I guess I tasted of her was that I decided to make sure she wanted to do it with me again, so I went down on her last of all. She was super wet since we’d been fucking for like an hour. I got her off twice more with my tongue before I left. That is why I tasted like her pussy when I got home and kissed you. I wasn’t trying to let you know I’d been having sex, but I didn’t really try to hide it either. That first time she was really in learning mode she didn’t seem to know what to do. But she’d wanted to do it with me for so long, she put real heart into it. She was a quick learner though.”

Bonnie asked Clayton in a voice that was not accusatory, “You said ‘That first time’? How many times have you been with her?”

He looked abashed like he’d not meant to give that away.

Stephanie stepped in “It’s OK, my guess is he is still seeing her. Am I right?”

He nodded.

“Now that that’s out, go back to what you did when you went to her bedroom. You just glossed over that part,” Stephanie said. Before he spoke she added. “You know I will want the three of us to get together in the near future. If we are going to be open about this, I want to be part, and I want her to know she has my permission. But for now, go on about the first time.”

Clayton seemed a little confused, then said, “That’s cool with me I guess." He paused then clearly an idea popped into his head "All three of us together? Yea, that would be cool. But she’s dating a guy in Macon, regular like.”

“And yet you are still fucking her?  You never do change do you?” Stephanie asked.

“Something like that. But they aren't engaged or anything” He said with a genuinely repentant face.

Bonnie now took her hand off of his erection, and again said “Go on, tell us what you did between the blow job and you going down on her before you left.”

“After I came in her mouth, she thought I was done. But I let her know that I could keep going after just a couple of minutes. We went to her bedroom and she took off the rest of her clothes and lay down on her back. I think before that she had never done it any other way but with the guy on top. I got on her and started fucking. She was tight, but not so tight to be hard to get in. I did her for a while like that, then I turned her on her stomach and did her standing over the bed, then I went down on her. She came real fast and her thighs like squashed my head. She told me no one had ever done that long enough to make her cum before. Since she obviously liked it I did her for a long time like that. After I'd made her cum for like the millionth time, she just couldn't take me licking her clit anymore. We went back to screwing and I showed her some other positions. A couple of them she really liked, and we do them all the time now.  At some point we were taking a breather… which was also new to her. Checking my phone, I realized it was later than I thought, so I got on her and finished really fast. I was tempted to go, but like I said, I wanted her to feel good about what we’d done, so I went back down on her until she’d cum twice more. Then I left. She doesn't live too far from us, so I was home like ten minutes after my tongue had been in her pussy. Since she'd cum on my face a hundred times, I guess it's no surprise I tasted like her. Is that enough detail?”

Bonnie complimented him, “That was very good. And I commend you on taking the time to make sure she had a good experience. No wonder why Stephany has never let you go completely. What did you think Steph?”

“Oh, I thought it was hot. Had you told me all that while you kissed me that day, I would have ignored the doctor’s orders and mounted you right in the living room.” She gave a little laugh, “So, perhaps it was good you didn’t tell me when we couldn’t have sex.”

Everyone laughed at that.

Bonnie once again gripped his erection. She asked Clayton, “Did you, or should I say, do you like the way Becky tastes down there?”

“Yea, she tastes real good. I think she uses some scented soaps that make her taste like different fruits.  Fuck, I can’t believe I’m saying all of this.”

Bonnie again interjected, “Why is it more difficult telling your wife, whom I am going to assume you love very much, that you like eating out Becky, than telling her how you fuck guys you don’t even know in the park?”

“I do love her more than anything. I don’t know. It’s just weird. ”

“How?”  Bonnie persisted.

“Well, it’s normal for a guy to get some on the side, but it’s not normal to tell his wife about it.”

Now Bonnie was more aggressive “Listen to yourself!  You said it’s normal for a married man to fuck other women in secret, to lie as to where you are and what you’re doing, to exclude her from a large part of your life. BUT, it’s not normal to share the good times as well as the bad as a couple! Now that is fucked up.”

The group sat in silence.

Very formally, Bonnie looked over and said, “Your turn Stephanie.”

In a very professional voice, she began firmly, “There is this doctor at work.”

Just as she had earlier in the day, Ruthie chimed in “Dr. Wilson? He’s hot.”

She smiled broadly and nodded “For about a month he’s been flirting with me pretty aggressively.  Three weeks ago, he reached around me, but not quite, and he pushed his torso into my hip. Pushed his big stiff dick into my hip I should say. There is no way it was an accident and at first, I was going to move away, but, like you said he’s hot and like you Clayton, I haven’t been getting much at home. Something inside me just came on, this tingling that I haven’t felt in a long time.”

She looked at her husband, “It’s not that I want anyone else. You’re a great husband and you are great in bed, but we just don’t do it like we used to and I miss it. Don’t you remember before Jason was born, if we didn’t do it twice in a day something was wrong. Now I'm lucky if we do it twice in a week.”

Clayton showed agreement.

When Stephanie continued, Bonnie again gripped his erection and slowly began to jack him off as his wife spoke. “So a couple of weeks ago he rubs his dick on me and I just rubbed my ass and smiled at him. He did this a couple more times over the week. Then came the humiliation of having to bail my husband out of jail for getting caught with his dick in another man's mouth.  So, when he came on to me again, I was ready to do it. I pulled him into an empty room and attacked him. I stuffed my tongue down his throat while I undid his scrubs. God, he was huge! I couldn’t get my hand all the way around it. I just rubbed it up and down. I didn’t even try to give him a blow job, I’m sure I couldn’t get it in my mouth.”

Bonnie could feel Clayton’s hips begin to undulate into her hand. It would not be long now.

“He unbuttoned my shirt and lifted my bra over my boobs before sucking each one. He pulled my nipples with his teeth. Clayton, you know how I love that. I couldn’t take anymore. He pushed my scrub pants and panties off and with skill only a doctor has, he fingered my clit until I came, almost falling to the floor when I did.”

Bonnie was sure Clayton was breathing hard, and it would not take much more.

“He helped me onto the examining table and spread my legs. I took his dick and jammed it into me. I was so full. I thought I might cum again right then and there. All I could do is brace myself as he fucked me hard.”

Bonnie felt Clayton began to shake. She felt the ejaculate moving up his penis as she continued to stroke. He let out a strong moan as he climaxed in Bonnie’s hand. 

Stephanie stopped speaking as her husband began his orgasm. It was obvious to everyone he had cum. Stephanie smiled the smile of the victor and said, “Clayton, you are shooting your load already and I’m not even done telling my story yet.”

He just kept going through his orgasm.

Bonnie offered “I guess I helped a little.”

Clayton slumped down into the water.

“OK Clayton, if you’re done for now I’ll go on. It’s good I’m big boned; he would have torn Ruthie here apart. It was amazing. I’d never had one like that in me. I had to work not to scream with orgasm after orgasm as he fucked me hard and fast.  That first time I’m sure we didn’t do it for more than fifteen minutes but, oh what a fifteen minutes it was.”

“It wasn’t until he was cumming in me that it occurred to me I failed to get a condom. But I’m not sure they make them that big. But for my first casual sex since I've been married, it was amazing.  When I finally had the strength to get up, I dribbled semen on the floor, which in a hospital is a serious bio-hazard. Later I called an orderly and told them I had dropped a specimen on the floor that needed to be cleaned. I know full well it’s not the first aftermath of tête-à-tête that the orderlies have cleaned in that hospital.”

Bonnie clinically inquired “And how many times have you done it with him since?”

“Twice in the last week,” She said looking right at Clayton.

Bonnie’s hand still held his penis, which after what Stephanie had said about him, she was not surprised it was still firm. She knew full well that by gently stroking him, she was affecting Clayton’s judgment, but she did not trust him to do the right thing otherwise.  “So, Clayton, it appears that you liked her tale of doing the doctor at work.”

He just nodded.

“Any feeling other than being turned on about your wife having sex with another man?”

He thought for a moment “Is he really that big?”

Stephanie held her hands together to make a circle. “Like this big around and long”

“And you liked it that much?” His voice now had a tint of down beat, and it was hard, even though Bonnie felt him to be a little bit of a numbskull, not to feel sorry for him. Evidently, Stephanie did too.

“So the only thing that bothers you is that you think I liked his big dick that much?” she asked.

“I think so,” he said.

Bonnie turned and looked right at Clayton, “Then, I guess you have gotten the point, but that story was just that, a story your wife and I made up while we were getting ready.”

Clayton’s overburdened brain was struggling to catch up. “So, there is no Dr. Wilson or Watson trying to come on to you?”

Stephanie then corrected her story “Oh, you sound disappointed. Yes, he is very real and very handsome. He’s been flirting with me for months. And, he has pushed up on me with a hard-on, just like I said and I did egg him on with a smile. But that is as far as it has gone. And I don’t know how big his dick is, but from what I’ve heard from those girls who have found out, it is nothing out of the ordinary; nothing like I described.”

“So you didn’t fuck him?”

“Are you disappointed?” Bonnie asked.

He didn’t speak.

Bonnie added, “Tell the truth.”

“Yea, I guess I thought it was hot. What about you and Bonnie? Did she go down on you?”

“No, we didn’t do anything like that,” his wife said.

He looked disappointed again. “But I tasted pussy. I know I did," he stammered.

“That was Ruthie you tasted” Bonnie explained.

Even Cooper didn’t see that one coming.

All eyes went to the diminutive Ruthie, who, even though she had nearly olive skin, all could see she was in a deep blush. She just nodded and smiled a little.

Bonnie rescued her by pointing out “Yes, I went down on Ruthie, but you couldn’t even tell the difference between her and your wife.  There is no way Cooper would have mistaken her taste for mine.”

“To be fair to him, I’ve had a lot of practice” Cooper pointed out.

Clayton looked even more abused.

His wife helped him out. “I knew it would turn you on to think I’d fucked a guy at work. Tell them what you did after I told you how I’d done the two Marines at my bachelorette party.” To Bonnie, she added, “When I told him it was like an hour before we were supposed to be at the park before the wedding ceremony. We were in the kitchen of our new house, and my sister and her kids were due at any minute.”

Clayton, with a smile, said, “I bent you over the counter, pulled your dress up, and fucked the shit out of you. I was cumming when your sister and her family pulled up into the driveway.”

Stephanie smiled broadly. “Yes, you did. And I was so turned on by thinking of you fucking those strippers in front of your buddies, I came for real in like three minutes flat. Right?”

A light came on in his thick head. “I guess when I look back at it, I can see how when you came home from college and I told you about doing other girls we had some of our hottest sex. But I thought that was just a passion thing, you know, I thought you got off on it because Emma had been such a bitch to you.”

Stephanie laughed out loud. “Yea, that’s true, I did like fucking you when she thought you were all hers. There was nothing as satisfying as laying in the motel bed with the taste of your cum in my mouth and with my pussy filled from a second load you’d given me. Knowing that bitch had not succeeded in stealing you from me was very satisfying indeed.” To Bonnie, she said, “I’m sorry if that makes me a bad person, but I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Clayton and I were destined to spend our lives together. I did what I needed to get her out of his life.” Then back to Clayton, she added, “Even after you ditched her, when you were playing the field, I got off on thinking of you fucking some bimbo who thinks she’s landed you only to find out I had you all the time.  I know it’s kinda fucked up, but that’s why I didn’t throw you out on your ass for cheating on me month after month.”

Bonnie continued her moderator role. “So, what is your call, Stephanie? Is it all right if he continues to have sex with Becky what’s her name?”

“The sex is not a problem as long as he uses a condom. Like I said, it turns me on to know he has been with other women because he is mine and he always has enough for me. That has always been the case. I guess it would be different if I ever felt he was depriving me to be with someone else. I don’t see that happening. But I want us to be open about it and want to be part. Not necessarily as a threesome,” she said before stopping. “No, I do want to join you at least on occasion… and, I have already thought of a plan for that.”

“Is that OK with you?” Bonnie asked Clayton.

“Hell yea, and I think Becky will get off on it too. She likes you Steph, she always has. It has bothered her that she was the other woman.”

Bonnie continued “And you Clayton. If she decides to do it with this doctor will you be OK with it?”

“Yea sure” came a timid reply.

“I’m not convinced.” Bonnie said, “What about you Stephanie?”

”I think he would get off on it but it is just so, so un-macho, to right out and tell me that it is OK if I, as he says, get some on the side.”

There was a moment of dramatic thought, then Bonnie said “All right Clayton, we want to see if you really are up to this.  Since you have been right up front that you have had sex many times since you’ve been married; but she has not been with anyone, though she’s had the opportunity and desire, she has abstained.”

She looked to Stephanie “Tell him what you want him to do, or not to do as the case is.”

 “This is your opportunity to show me that sex is just sex and our relationship is more important.” She looked first at Clayton then stood up, took the few steps to stand in front of Cooper, and then pressed her lips against his.

Cooper was vaguely suspicious that this was the plan after Bonnie’s little speech.  His penis was already half hard when Stephanie reached into the water to grasp it.  Placing her knees on the seat on either side of him she towered over him. Her breasts were right in his face, but Cooper was not quite yet sure he was supposed to take them. She turned her upper body to be able to look back at her husband who sat in the opposite corner of the hot tub. Cooper couldn’t see how he responded, but she lifted one of her heavy breasts to Cooper's mouth. He took the invite, closed his mouth on her left nipple, and began to suck.

Above his head he heard Stephanie’s voice “Clayton, if you don’t tell me to stop, I’m going to have sex with Cooper, right here in front of you and Bonnie and Ruthie.”

Stephanie reached down between her legs and took Cooper's penis in her hand. It was now fully erect.  He felt her shift till his head pressed on her lips, but she did not put it in.

She, without turning to look at her husband, gave him one last out when, with Cooper’s penis head nestled at her opening, said, “From what I can feel of him, he is a bit bigger than you, but he’s not like huge. Are you really OK with me putting his dick inside me?  I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it very much. I really do want to have sex with him while you watch me, but if you say not to, I won't.”

Bonnie who was slowly jacking Clayton’s hard-on, knew the answer.

“But,” Stephanie continued. “Though when we planned all this out earlier, I asked Bonnie to have sex with you while I did her husband; however, I have a new plan. For now, I just want you to watch me. Then, when I tell you to, I want you to get your cell, and call Becky. I want you to tell her I’m inviting her over to our house tonight so that the two of you can have sex with me there. I don’t know if I’ll just watch or participate, it depends on what Becky is comfortable with… but either way, I will be in the room with you. Can you do that?”

It took a moment but finally, he said “Yes. I can do that.”

Stephany watched Cooper as he suckled her nipple, but she did not put his erection into her.  Bonnie got up and turned around so as to reach down to where her robe lay on the cabinet beside the hot tub steps. In the pocket was a pair of condoms. She took one out, making clear to Clayton what she was doing. Then she asked Stephanie "Do you want to put the condom on, or do you want me to?"

Stephanie slipped off of Cooper and stood up beside Bonnie.

Cooper understood his cue and stood up as well. Out of the water, his erection stood proudly upright.

“So, what will it be Clayton?” Bonnie asked.

The young man still sat dumbfounded.

When her husband did not answer, rather than taking the condom from Bonnie, Stephanie knelt down in the water and turned Cooper slightly so he was in profile to her husband. She then put her lips to the tip of Cooper’s penis, kissing it gently.  Cooper thought that this was probably spontaneous, not part of the plan. It was pleasant to think that this beautiful young woman wanted to give him head because she wanted to, not as part of the production they were doing for her husband.

 Bonnie, reacting to the change in plans, fisted the condom packet and went over to sit beside Ruthie. She wanted to be sure this was OK with her. When Bonnie sat Ruthie took her hand. They made eye contact and she mouthed the words “Are you OK?”

Ruthie nodded her head to say she was and Bonnie turned to look at Clayton. “Well Clayton, unless you stop her, I think your wife is going to give my husband a blow job before she fucks him.”

Clayton just stared.

Bonnie and the others watched Stephanie put out her tongue and draw it slowly up the shaft from base to crown. She swirled it at the tip before wrapping her lips around just the end of the head. Slowly, her lips seemed to absorb the first few inches. Bonnie thought to herself “She is going to put on a real show for Clayton.” And that is what happened, Stephany took her time. Spending several minutes to work Cooper’s erection into her mouth. Once she had taken in all but the last inch or so, Cooper let out a soft groan. Bonnie was absolutely sure he did that for Clayton’s sake.

Stephany then began a moderate pace of bobbing her head up and down on the middle half of the shaft, using her entire upper body. Her motion not only emphasized her actions, but it created waves in the water which only enhanced the eroticism of what she was doing.

Bonnie quickly looked over to her left to see Clayton’s response. He sat totally entranced by the sight. Importantly, she didn’t see the slightest hint that this upset him.

After putting on quite a show of how much she enjoyed Cooper’s cock in her mouth, Stephanie stood up and kissed Cooper again while reaching one hand back to Bonnie.  Knowing what Stephanie wanted, Bonnie rapidly opened the condom packet, took the latex ring from the wrapper, and pressed it into the younger woman’s hand. Stephanie, holding the condom, looked over to her husband once more but said nothing, then rolled the condom onto Cooper's penis.

Cooper moved to sit back in the corner of the hot tub. He wasn’t sure what the effect of the water would be on the condom, but it wasn’t exposed to the chlorinated water for very long.

Immediately Stephanie resumed her place straddling him. She reached down and positioned his shaft just inside her lips then paused and looked right into Cooper’s eyes. He knew then that she really wanted to do this with him. It was not just a show.

Bonnie took her cue, “OK Clayton. One last chance to object."

Still nothing.

Having heard no objection from her husband, Stephanie let her body down slowly into Cooper’s lap, guiding his full erection into her. She was surprisingly snug inside for such a big woman. Cooper didn’t know why he would assume the physical size of a woman had anything to do with her sexual organs… it didn’t for men after all. There was no question that, to Cooper, she felt so very good going down. Even when she was all the way down on his lap, her head was still above his.She spoke softly into Cooper's ear, “Thank you for letting me do this. I know you just met me and weren’t in on our plan, but your wife said you would be more than willing to help and would respond to the cues we gave you. You are so kind.” She lifted his chin and kissed him gently.

It was then something remarkable happened. As she rocked her hips on Cooper, the other people in the hot tub seemed to disappear from his consciousness. He and Stephanie looked intently at one another. In a whisper, Stephanie continued, “You and Bonnie are so special. And you were so kind to invite me over, to involve yourself in helping Clayton and me." Then she let out a low moan as she rolled her full hips forward.  Rather than pressing down on him, she floated up and down in her position in an almost ethereal kind of sex. "Cooper,” she said, “I hope I am not being too forward, but I like very much how you feel inside of me. I'm already hoping we will be able to do this again, in a more intimate and comfortable setting.”

Cooper just nodded. For a long time, it seemed to be just the two of them. Of course, it was not. The others continued to watch in silence. Bonnie could not help but wonder what Ruthie was thinking about all of this.

Finally, Stephanie turned her head to look at Bonnie and in a conversational voice, said, “Bonnie, I appreciate you letting me borrow your husband for what is turning out to be a very pleasant time."  She then turned even further so as to look back to Clayton. She had said nothing to her husband since before she'd begun her blowjob, that was at least ten minutes before. Looking directly at Clayton, she said, “His cock in me feels so good… so very good. It has been so long since I had a man other than you inside of me. ”

She sped up her hip movements making them more demonstrative and sending waves across the tub. "So, Clayton. Talk to me. Are you enjoying watching me fuck another man?”

Clayton amazingly, still said nothing.

Stephanie continued. “Clayton, are you enjoying this? Do you enjoy watching me have sex with another man? I suspect you do, but I want to hear it from your lips.”


Her husband, as if in a trance said. “Yes, I do like watching.” Then he followed up, in a voice that seemed to be coming back to reality, “Like you said you do, I’ve fantasized about watching you have sex with other men for years. But this is better than the fantasy. How could I not enjoy watching you fuck?”

“Good, because I can’t do this position any longer, it feels great but it's hell on my bad right knee.”

Bonnie was amused. The interchange between them seemed to pop the growing tension like a balloon. Even Ruthie, who had become mesmerized at the sight of her friend having sex right in front of her, laughed.

Bonnie offered a suggestion to Stephanie, “Try it the other way around, with your back to Cooper. It works better for sex in the hot tub: a subject I have become very familiar with since we got this tub at Christmas. And besides, it will allow you to watch your husband while you have sex with mine.”

Stephanie took her suggestion. The tall redhead stood, reversed herself and sat down onto Cooper’s lap, guiding his erection back into her.

 “Yes, much better,” she said.

Stephanie was so much bigger than Bonnie. Initially, with her sitting like that all Cooper could see was her back. However, in just a few minutes she repositioned herself to lean back on the tub’s side while keeping Cooper inside of her body. She spread her legs, propping one on the seat while the other was still on the tub floor. Looking for what felt best in this position, she put one hand down into her lap and began to finger her clit. Her face took on a visage of concentration as she began masturbating. From deep inside of her, Cooper heard a groan. A minute or two later came, “Mmm, yes. This is going to work just fine,” Stephanie said, apparently to herself.

Bonnie motioned to Clayton to come sit close to her again. He slid over close enough that he pressed right up on her thigh. Bonnie wasted no time to reach into the water to once again grip his erection.

Cooper could clearly see Bonnie jacking Clayton, so he knew Stephanie could see it as well.

“Clayton,” Stephanie asked, “Can you see his dick going into me? I’m really enjoying how this feels. I’d forgotten how great it is to have a new man inside of me.” 

Clayton nodded. “Yes, I can see his cock going into you.”

Bonnie verified his comment, "Oh, we can see it all."  Since the timer for the bubbles had long since stopped, Bonnie had clearly seen everything as Stephanie had straddled Cooper and his penis disappeared as she lowered herself down onto it.  They all watched as a half-a-foot or so below the surface, Stephanie rolled her hips. Her labial lips would alternately expose and consume Cooper's erection even as she rubbed herself. Despite the visual distortion caused by the water, it was a very close-up and graphic display.

Stephanie continued, “Clayton, if Bonnie and Cooper are OK with it, I would like to do this again with him in the future. But next time we will be in their wonderful bed with the mirror above it. Is that OK with you?" 

This time, Clayton didn’t just sit catatonically, he answered right off “Yes, that would be all right with me. As long as you tell me about it when you get home, or even better you let me watch like this.”

Stephanie continued, "I want you to know I like watching you watch me having sex. When I was in college, I used to imagine you were in the room while I fucked other guys... imagined you jacking off while I did it…are you jacking off?”

 Bonnie cut in “I’m doing it for him. Can't you see?”

“I can,” she said. “But I want him to sit up on the side of the tub. I want a better view of you giving him a hand job.”

He did just that, and Bonnie continued to stimulate him, this time in plain view. Stephanie sped up the rhythm of her hips and her rubbing of her clit. Soon Cooper felt her PC muscles squeeze as she climaxed.  She shuddered and loudly declared "Yes, I'm cumming!" but she didn’t slow down.

Once she was down from that first climax, as she rubbed her clit while impaled by Cooper, Stephanie breathlessly said, "Bonnie, I want to see you suck his cock. I know when you’d offered to do that earlier, I’d said no. But now while I am fucking your husband, I want to see my husband’s cock in your mouth."

Bonnie didn't even hesitate. To ensure his wife got a good view, she led Clayton to move to the back of the tub. However, she knew that if she wasn’t careful; this wouldn't last long. Clayton had been about to cum in her hand again when Stephanie asked her to suck him off.

Positioning herself on her knees, Bonnie took the base of his penis in her hand. She knew if she applied pressure, she would forestall an impending climax. She then  took his whole head into her mouth, not gripping her lips until they were past his frenulum. She was afraid if she messed with that part he'd blow no matter what she did to try to delay it. Therefore, she quickly took about two-thirds of the shaft in her mouth so that her lips pressed on the less sensitive area well away from the head. She was challenged how to make it look good for Stephanie, while not bringing him off.  Her solution was to move her head and neck back and forth to face fuck him, while only moving her lips a little bit along the center portion of the shaft.

As Bonnie worked him over, Cooper could see that Clayton was conflicted with his desire to watch his wife have sex and the desire to watch another man’s wife suck his cock. Cooper understood the quandary. He too was conflicted over watching his dick going into Stephanie or to watch his wife suck Clayton off. He could tell Bonnie was able to take the other man’s entire erection into her mouth with ease. He knew she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Bonnie had on several occasions commented that her favorite size erection for blowjobs was slightly smaller than Cooper's, because she could easily take a dick like that all the way down without gagging.

Stephanie did not seem to have any choice to make. Her eyes were fixed on watching Bonnie face fucking her husband. She got out "Oh yea Bonnie, it is so hot to watch you do him like that."

While this was going on, Ruthie surprised everyone when she moved over to sit behind Bonnie. Soon she began to rub Bonnie's back as she gave Clayton head. Bonnie wondered if Ruthie consciously began to work her hands around her body so as to reach her breasts, or was it just one of those things that just happened. However it started, long before Bonnie was done with Clayton, Ruthie’s fingers were on Bonnie’s breasts. Far from being embarrassed or shocked about what was happening in front of her, Ruthie had made an effort to participate, albeit in an ancillary sort of way.

Though Bonnie could not see it, Cooper watched how Stephanie and Ruthie maintained eye contact as Stephanie began to work toward her next orgasm. There was no question to him those two women were feeding off of each other’s erotic energy. He didn’t know what kind of relationship they had, but it was impossible not to feel the sexual chemistry. He suspected they had locked eyes just like this when Bonnie had gone down on Ruthie before they had come outside.

Despite Bonnie's efforts to prolong things, when Stephanie let out “Fuck, yea… I’m cumming again,” she felt Clayton begin to jerk. She knew he was about to fill her mouth with his ejaculate. Bonnie, as was her habit, kept sucking and face fucking him all the way through his orgasm, swallowing his jizz as she went. Considering he’d cum in her hand less than half an hour before, there was quite a bit of it… and it was unusually flavorful. She had no doubt that she would have the opportunity to enjoy doing this to him again in the future.

Stephanie's orgasm lasted a good minute, and all the way through she loudly vocalized her pleasure. Once it was done, she gasped “Oh God, that was so awesome! But I’m spent, I can't do this anymore, You’ll have to take over Cooper."

Having finished off Clayton’s orgasm, Bonnie slid back into the water beside Ruthie.  She considered that this whole thing must be over the top for the young woman from her Sunday School class. While the plan had been for Cooper and Stephanie to have sex, the other part with Clayton had been ad-lib. To reassure her, Bonnie put her arm around Ruthie’s shoulder and she whispered to her, “Well? I know this is way more than you’d expected before you arrived. I hope you are OK with it all.”

Ruthie whispered back, “Actually, Stephanie and I talked after work, and while we hadn’t envisioned all this, we had discussed sex as a distinct possibility. So, don’t worry, I’m OK. I’m better than OK, this has been a really amazing night, I’m so glad I came.”

Bonnie pulled Ruthie closer as they watched Stephanie bend over to grip the side of the tub. Because she was so tall, Cooper had to ask her to spread her legs further apart to give him access. Once she did that, he positioned himself behind her and slid his erection back in. When he hit bottom, Stephanie groaned louder than she had before, followed by an exclamation of, “Oh, fuck. That is so deep.”

Cooper withdrew partly. “Is it too deep?”

“Hell no! Give me all you got!” Came her very loud command.

Both Bonnie and Ruthie let out a small laugh. Clayton, now sitting on the other side of Bonnie watched with silent intensity. However, Bonnie couldn’t miss that his erection that had softened with his climax, was back to full staff.

Stephanie continued to gasp each time Cooper’s pelvis contacted her ass. After a minute or two, she said “Clayton, I hope you are watching this because your wife fuck’n loves it.”

“Yes babe, I’m watching. It is so hot, and you are so beautiful while you do it.”

Cooper watched his penis plunging in time and time again impacting the broad hips below him. He tried to hammer hard. Looking down Cooper could see the impact on Stephanie’s body each stroke brought. With each thrust water would spout upward between them. A shock wave began on each cheek, they flowed up and out along her hips and up to where the flesh of her full buttocks met the firmness of her back.  She was a very pretty woman, but at her height and size, there was just a lot of her. But all too soon he was tiring. Their hot tub was rather deep and the water was just too much in the way.

Clayton who had been watching avidly exclaimed, “Yes, put it to her. Make her cum. I want to see her come as you fuck her.”

His outburst seemed rather crass to Cooper, even if he did understand the sentiment. If he said something like that to Bonnie, it would certainly upset her. However, Stephanie, breathing hard replied, “Oh it's close. His cock is hitting me in just the right spot way down deep.”

In Cooper’s mind, Clayton redeemed himself by saying, “You are so beautiful, Stephanie. I could sit here like this forever and not get tired watching you take him.”

Their banter continued until she said “Oh, yes! Here it is! Aw FUCK! YES!”

Cooper gripped the firm, wide hips and drove his dick home with a final bit of effort. He sank into the soft flesh until his pelvic bone seemed to collide with her hip bone. He was sure he could feel her lips spreading flat on his skin as he pressed as deep as was humanly possible.  His effort brought a gasp from deep inside of Stephanie’s being. He was sure no one had been so deep in her in a very long time. There was a pause, then her orgasm began to crash over her. The walls of her vagina contracted on Cooper’s erection and her legs began to tremble. When she momentarily relaxed her grip on his cock, Cooper pulled back and slammed into her with all the force he could still muster. Then she clamped down on him again. She let out a cry as her thighs began to shake hard, sending their own ripples across the water. He would have loved to have cum himself but the water resistance was just too much for Cooper to build up that kind of friction. The muscles in her legs seemed to go weak once the last wave of pleasure passed. He was sure his grip was the only thing keeping her from falling into the water.

He slowed his pummeling, and resumed a slow steady pace, but she was done. He could feel her legs giving way and his strokes were going into a sinking target.  He slid out of her and took her shoulder to guide her to the seat. Once he slid down beside her, Stephanie turned and kissed Cooper softly. She released her kiss and pulled him into a close hug. In his ear, she whispered, “Thank you so much. That was amazing.”

There were a few minutes of silence before Stephanie told her husband “I think it’s time for you to make that phone call to Becky.”

Her husband simply said “OK,” and clambered out of the hot tub.

Even as Clayton left the water, Bonnie gave this little drama an epilogue as she put one hand in her lap and without making any sort of announcement about what she was doing, began to masturbate. Everyone in the tub saw what she was doing, yet nobody made any comment. It didn’t take long until she climaxed.

The four sat quietly for some time waiting for Clayton to return. Once Bonnie had recovered from her orgasm, she got the conversation going again by asking Stephanie, “So? How was it?”

“Good. Real good. Amazing even. Thanks for the use of your man.”

“What are friends for?” Bonnie replied with a grin.

When Clayton returned, as he stepped into the water, to his wife he said, “It took some explaining, but she will be at our house in an hour. That will give us time to get the boys from my mother’s and into their beds. Does that sound like a plan?

His wife agreed and that was the end of the experiment.

Bonnie and the two women went back to her bedroom to get dressed.

After she’d pulled on one of her robes, Bonnie turned to Ruthie and said, “I know I said this earlier, but I hope this wasn’t too much for you.”

Ruthie seemed to think for a moment before saying.  “It has been so much to take in and….and….more arousing than I believed possible without actually having sex. Volunteering to help out your plans by letting you go down on me before we went outside was quite a stretch for me, even if the only reason we did it was to prove a point to Clayton. While I might be behind the times, to me, that really wasn’t sex; but still, I don’t want Sonny to know about it.” Seemingly in an effort to convince herself, she asked Bonnie, “And that wasn’t really sex, was it?”

Bonnie replied, “Misty and I had this conversation a year and a half ago. And as I told her then, what is sex and what isn’t is what you think it is. Since I don’t believe that sex requires penetration, it is up to you to give the label you think is right. So if you say what I did to you was just playing a role, then so be it.”

Her answer seemed to convince Ruthie because she went on to another track. “From what Brandy has told me, I knew you guys did this kind of thing, but to actually see you sit there smiling as your husband did that with a beautiful younger woman. I’m not sure I could.” She thought for a moment then said “Maybe I could if Sonny was different, but there is no way any of this is an option for me.”

Bonnie sat down beside Ruthie who was putting on her shoes, “You don’t have to live like us. That is the whole point. You should be free to do what makes you happy. If that is monogamy, great, I’ll support you whole hog. Consider that I was monogamous from the day I put on my engagement ring until about two years ago… over twenty years. Even when I took my first lover, the thought I would be having sex with new partners week in and week out was simply beyond my imagination. And in all likelihood that will be coming to an end soon. Given the changes in the kinds of groups I’ll be talking to in the next half a year, I am pretty sure that I will have a lot less sex while I’m on the road going forward. Our sex life changes as we change and our circumstances change. So what is right for you at this moment isn’t necessarily right for someone else; but, in five or ten or twenty years, what is right for you or for me might be different than it is now.”

When it was clear Ruthie was very interested in what she was saying, Bonnie elaborated. “Stephanie and Clayton are perfect examples of this. They didn’t plan on non-monogamy, but it just turned out that way. In their case the status quo wasn’t working, so Cooper and I were just offering a practical alternative. If that doesn’t work for them, then they should try something else. But please don’t presume that I think you should participate any more than you have, just be supportive of your friend as she works out what works for her. I think when you came over to sit with me while I was blowing Clayton, that was a bigger step for you than offering to let me go down on you earlier.”  Then as they both stood up Bonnie added, “Though you were not as coy as you thought you were while watching Stephanie bent over the side of the hot tub. Remember, I was sitting beside you. I couldn’t miss how you pressed your thighs together when she climaxed. So don’t even try to say that didn’t get your motor running.”

Ruthie turned red.

Stephanie, with a big smile, asked, “Ruthie! Did you get off while Cooper and I were having sex?”

Ruthie turned even redder as she tried to explain. “Yes... well no. Yes, it turned me on, but no, I didn’t like get myself off with my fingers like Bonnie did. I thought about it, but that was a step too far for me.” She seemed to think a moment and said “Now if you ask if I got off when Bonnie went down on me, that is a different question. It’s been so long since anyone has done that to me. Yes, we did it just so she’d have the taste of sex on her mouth when we came out, but…” she took a deep breath, “The truth is that I volunteered because I saw a guilt-free opportunity to get eaten out by Bonnie. I’ve been listening to Brandy tell me how great Bonnie is at oral sex for months, and I jumped at the opportunity to experience it. So, shoot me. I am guilty as charged. Brandy wasn’t exaggerating, Bonnie is amazing at that. And, yes, my orgasm was very real. It was the best orgasm I’ve had in I don’t know how long.”

Bonnie surprised herself by not even blushing a little. When she’d given yet another young woman oral sex, the response she fully expected was that Ruthie would think she was great at it. What she wanted to say was, ‘Any time you want me to spend an hour between your legs, just let me know,’ but she didn’t.

Ruthie gave a sly smile, “But if you or anyone else asks, I will still say it was all for show. I had to let myself cum because I had to if I was going to get my fluids all over her face. So, I will say it again, I did not have sex with Bonnie tonight.”

Bonnie understood what she was saying, and why.

Leaving the bedroom Stephanie apologized for not ensuring Cooper was “properly taken care of.”

Bonnie laughed and assured her that Cooper would be properly taken care of before the night was out.

The women laughed knowing full well what Bonnie meant.

While the women had gone to the bedroom, Cooper and Clayton had returned to the game room, as he was dressing, Cooper told Clayton “I want you to know I was as in the dark about the women’s plan as you were. I hope things didn’t go too far for you.”

Clayton had just pulled up his pants and stopped to say. “No. It didn’t go too far for me. Not that I’d expected any of that. I knew we were going to go naked in your hot tub, and that in itself was quite a leap for us… but the other…” He trailed off as if not sure what to say.

Cooper suggested, “The other was more than you’d even imagined?”

“Yes,” Clayton replied. “The honest truth is that you and your wife got us past a block in our relationship that has been there for several years.  I knew that she knew I have been doing it with other women since she was pregnant with Jimmy; but neither of us could talk about it like responsible adults. I guess we both felt guilty for what was happening. I felt guilty for cheating on her and she felt guilty for not minding that I did. But we haven’t been able to address it. Your wife just seems to be able to make our situation seem so normal. I think both Steph and I felt something was wrong with us and our relationship, but your wife made us see that we did not need to think so. Our marriage might not be conventional, but that doesn’t mean it's broken.”

Cooper was glad to hear what Clayton was saying. “So, now that things have cooled down, you are still OK that Stephanie and I had sex?”

Once Clayton had put on his shirt he said, “The truth is that ever since we were in college, I’ve fantasized about watching her having sex with another man. When she was at Emory, she would tell me about who and what she’d done with the guys she was dating. We both knew her talking about it got me hot, but honestly, it never occurred to me that I could outright tell her it would be OK with me if she did it again. After all, she can’t get pregnant now with someone else’s baby. I’ve thought about us having a threesome, but I guess I didn’t have a clue that she was open to it. If I’m going to be honest, I thought it was hotter than hell watching you fuck her. So, no it didn’t go too far.”

Clayton paused to zip up his jacket, “What is weird for me is that even when your wife was giving me a terrific blow job, what made it super-hot was that Stephanie had her eyes glued to my dick in Bonnie’s mouth. I loved that.”

Cooper replied, “Yes, I understand what you mean. It was only a year ago this month that Bonnie first watched me having sex with another woman, and just like you say, her watching me do it was what made it great. And if you ask her, she’d tell you how much she likes to be there when I am having sex with her friends.”

Clayton, almost to himself, said “I guess tonight when we get home, Steph will get that experience too.” He turned to head out to the living room, then stopped to ask, “Does it ever bother you that everyone knows that your wife fucks other guys while she’s traveling for business? That would humiliate most men. From what Stephanie told me she tells the whole world about doing it with other guys in her blog.”

Since he and Clayton were dressed, and Cooper assumed the women would take a little longer, Cooper said “No, it doesn’t.  The way I see it, the way I’ve always seen it was that giving Bonnie the freedom to have sex whenever she likes with whoever she wants is a sign of strength, not weakness.”

Heading out of the game room Cooper added, “Let me show you something.” He led Clayton to his study and was not surprised at Clayton’s reaction to the photos all around the room.

“Damn Cooper, how do you get any work done in here?”

Cooper laughed, “It’s not that I don’t notice the pictures on the wall, but to me, each and every photo tells a story. The fact Bonnie is nude is just part of the great memories the pictures bring.”  As they waited for the others to get ready Cooper explained where the different photos were taken.  Then he picked up the picture book from the cruise and handed it to Clayton. “This book normally is on the coffee table in the living room. We leave it out there to make sure visitors know we are not ashamed of how we live.

Clayton had only gotten through a few pages when Bonnie poked her head into the study. Cooper said, “I was just letting Clayton look through the cruise book.” Even before he was done saying that, Stephanie and Ruthie followed Bonnie into the Study. They too got wide-eyed looking at the pictures on the wall and soon were sitting on either side of Clayton on the study’s couch looking at the picture book. Only the need for Stephanie and Claton to meet with Becky kept Bonnie from showing the visitors the video that went with the book. She did however tell them of the cruse video and promise to have them over again to see it when they had more time.

 At the front door, Stephanie gave both Bonnie and Cooper a kiss and said “Thank you so, so much. I can’t put into words what you have done for us tonight.” To Bonnie, she asked, “Do you mind if I call you tomorrow and tell you how things went with Becky?”

“Of course I don’t mind. I’m off of work again tomorrow so give me a call anytime in the morning. I’ve got my mother-in-law coming over at about 2:00, but any time before that is fine.   

Cooper put in, “I want to give both of you an invite to come with Ruthie to our church. There you will find people who are completely supportive of your non-monogamous marriage.”

It was a good night on many levels.

That night as they ate a light supper of leftovers, Bonnie and Cooper discussed how the evening had gone. After comparing notes on what they’d talked about as they all got dressed, Bonnie said, “I think it was a good night's work.  It just is another example of how our choices to be public about our unconventional approach to marriage and sexuality has opened new avenues to help people. I had no idea that what we are doing with the FFF was so well known. It certainly supports what DeeDee says about how God can use our sexuality as a ministry.”

At the name of DeeDee, Cooper thought it was an opportunity to bring her name up. “I called DeeDee on the way home. She told me that you two had talked this morning.”

“Yes, we did,” Bonnie said. “And I told her that I was completely supportive if you two wanted to move your relationship past friends who have sex. I think we both just assumed I would be the one moving beyond simply going to bed with our friends, not you. We’ve talked about the possibility of me having a boyfriend, but we’d not foreseen you having a girlfriend. I guess that is the only thing that took me off guard.”

Cooper came back. “That’s getting way ahead of things. I’m not suggesting DeeDee and I are a couple or anything yet. l think she meant just the two of us could go out, like on a date.”

“A date that includes more sex” Bonnie added.

“We’d have sex again even if we don’t go out. But what would you think of me spending some time with Stephanie to see where this goes?”

“Honestly, part of me wants to say no, but I know that wouldn’t be right,” she said. “I know, to back my words by my actions, I have to say yes, but I need you to help me with this. It might be hard.”

Cooper picked up Bonnie’s hand and kissed it, “This might be nothing, but I would like to explore it.”

Bonnie stood up and stepped over to kiss her husband. “We will explore it together. If it is a problem, we will be in it side by side. OK?”

They kissed again and Cooper agreed, “OK. Together.”

Then Bonnie took his hand, and said, “But now, I think it is time for me to take care of that thing that Stephanie didn’t have time to.” And they headed to the bedroom.


Around lunchtime the next day, Stephanie called.  

“Thanks for having us over last night, it was quite the experience.”

“I hope it was a good, or at least enlightening, experience" Bonnie replied.

“Yes, I think it was both, and not just for me and Clayton. Ruthie said it was like coming out of a box for her. As I think you understood, she and her friends in college were way wilder than I was. She said it was like she felt she’d reclaimed a part of herself that she’d shut off. Not that she’s ready to jump into bed with Clayton or anything, but just being there while you and I openly had sex in front of her was an important step for her.”

Bonnie asked, “Then you thought the night was a success.”

“Oh yes. When Becky came over to our place, she was super nervous, but after we’d talked and I told her that I had just had sex in a hot tub while Clayton watched me, she was incredulous. Then when I told her that I’d known all along that Clayton was having sex with another woman, I just didn’t know who it was, she seemed really relieved. So, I just wanted to say thanks for taking a whole day just to help me.”

“I was glad to help. If you would like, we can have another evening together, and perhaps invite one of the other young couples from our group to join us in the hot tub.”

After she hung up, Bonnie thought about how her “other” life was not nearly as secret as she supposed. Word seems to be getting around rural Georgia where to go if you have questions about alternatives to marital monogamy. That was certainly a good thing, but, what would be the backlash? She had no doubt it would come sooner or later. She hoped later.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Professor, I think Clayton may be the best character you've created. I've known that guy, and I've thought he was crass. Maybe he was crass because of the conflict between his desires and what somebody told him was right.

Jan 11
Replying to

Great comment about Clayton, who awoke to a different than the story, "...somebody told him was right." We all follow a story we believe to be right for us until another storyteller can sway us to believe another story. The Campbells demonstrated their story that finally persuaded Clayton. The separate narratives Clayton and Stephany already followed prepared them for Bonnie and Cooper's story. Ruthie wasn't ready to take that step, although she allowed Bonnie to go down on her, by denying that it wasn't sex: "I did not have sex with that woman." Liberum Sexus tells stories to persuade/sway us about the validity of an open marriage and the sex-positive philosophy.


Jan 07
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

There is no doubt the author of this erotic novel has lived most of what he is writing about and has heard many stories of other people having sex. The setups, the characters, and the sex feel authentic. Not only can characters like Stephany and Clayton learn from the Campbells what nonmonogamy is all about, but readers can also benefit from the narratives.

It is refreshing to know that Cooper is getting his fair share of the sexual action and that Bonnie is now struggling with her feelings towards Cooper’s popularity with other women. Bonnie provided him with companions while she was on the road, but she never thought more about it. Now she is faced with a reality that…

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