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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 62b

Updated: May 11

Bonnie was not surprised that after her presentation, she was surrounded by teenagers. But in just a minute or two the lights flashed and someone announced that everyone needed to leave the room because they needed to prepare for dinner. It seems with no host to keep her on track, she'd gone almost twenty minutes over time.

She did not want to ditch them like she didn't care about their questions, so she told Faith and Joy, who were right in front of her, "If anyone asks you can tell them that I will be going back to the hot tub tonight. If you or your friends want to ask questions or just to talk I'll be there."

 The older girl, Joy, asked "Could you come to the big hot tub behind the lodge? It's bigger and some of us were already going there tonight."  Bonnie quickly said, "Sure, I'll be there." Then with a wink, she added, “But my swimsuit will not.”

The girls laughed.

Just outside the ballroom, a group of adults were waiting for her. She had seen all of them in the back of the hall as she had been speaking. From their body language during the lecture, she was pretty sure she was not about to be lynched. Sure enough, they were effusive in their praise for both her courage and her content. All were youth leaders in their own churches and a woman, perhaps in her mid-30s seemed to reflect all their views. “I’ve never seen anything remotely as direct as that. I’ve wondered if it could be done, but to see you speak directly to teens the way I know they want to hear it was inspiring. Has your foundation considered making the presentation materials available so we can share it with the kids in our churches?”

Bonnie had actually thought of that before but wasn’t sure if she’d gone too far. At least for the most progressive of churches, perhaps she hadn’t.

 At dinner, she was invited to sit with Joyce Berman, her wife Sasha, and Deborah Cater, the woman she’d met at registration. They all reported that her two lectures so far had generated a positive buzz at the conference.  Joyce said, “I think you can be sure your two lectures tomorrow will be packed.”

Bonnie was very please to hear that.  

So it was right at 8:30 PM when Bonnie, wearing the resort's fluffy robe and slippers, made her way through the hotel, to the main lodge lobby, and out to the main hot tub. She was tickled that it was snowing. Though it was fully night, the three-quarter moon and the clear mountain air meant that rather than total darkness, there was both blueish light and deep shade.  She just stopped for a moment to watch the big flakes falling to earth.  She pulled the Leica from her robe pocket to capture the scene.

The hot tub behind the lodge was the biggest one she'd ever seen. Bonnie supposed this was in lieu of a swimming pool which the resort did not have. It was round with a round seating section in the center. Even with four adults and five teens in the water, it still seemed mostly empty. She guessed it could comfortably hold four times that many in the steaming water.  The teens were all together with four girls on the right side of the tub and a lone boy in the center section just watching them talk. It appeared that Joy, whom Bonnie had met earlier was the leader of the group.

Right off she could see every one of the girls and women wore swimwear. Bonnie hadn't brought a swimsuit at all to the convention. She was only happy her room had a robe and slippers for her to wear out to the hot tub.  Unlike the night before, there was a handwritten sign beside the bench that said "For our convention, swimwear is optional in this hot tub, but only after dark."  She wasn't sure what had happened to prompt the sign, but it put her at ease.

She knew that it was now past the time that allowed for naked soaking, so she placed her robe and slippers on a bench a good fifteen feet from the steps into the water. Walking as upright as she could, holding her stomach in and bust up, she in all her natural glory crossed over and stepped into the water. The very idea that she was walking naked in the snow was nuts. The idea of it made her smile to herself. She would most definitely put this in her blog.

Only when she was standing waist-deep in the steaming water did the teens even realize she was there. Of course, when they turned to look at her, they went wide-eyed… well all but Faith.  Bonnie smiled and asked, "Where would you like me to sit?" Even before Bonnie had found a place, the two adult couples began to remove their swimsuits. Clearly, they were waiting for a signal to do so.

Once Bonnie was sitting, the teens came back to life. “So,” Bonnie opened, “How do you think my talk with the teenagers went over today?”

Faith was the first to speak, “My mom and I both liked how direct you were in saying it's not wrong for teenage Christians to have sex. About a year ago she told me she’d had sex at my age and doesn’t regret it at all. I haven’t had my sexual debut with a boy yet, but I think I’m close… really close. And thank you for saying directly that it is often the best choice to do it the first time with a trusted guy friend, not a boyfriend. That is sort of my plan.”

Beside her, Joy nodded. Since, as Bonnie understood it, all four of their parents worked for their church it was reasonable to assume that the two girls were good friends and Joy was well aware of Faith’s thinking.

Faith continued, “Even though I’d been with my mom for your first lecture, I was surprised they let you show all those toon pics at the youth meeting.”

Joy cut in, “Yea, I couldn’t believe that you showed pictures of blow jobs, pussy eating and couples screwing, I mean we saw it really clearly. It’s not that we haven’t all seen plenty of actual pictures of that stuff, not toons, but I really didn’t expect to see that in a youth meeting, even here. Do you show those pictures to your youth group?”

Bonnie shook her head. “No, that would be too much even for our church. Those cartoons were commissioned for this conference and were approved by the conference organizers to use with you guys. I’ll be using some of them, and some of the same content tomorrow when I speak to the adults on Christian Sex-Positive Parenting. But for them, I’ll also show a lot of our family photos and some of the pictures we have hanging up in our home.”

Joy, who seemed to be the spokesman for the group, asked, “You mean nude pics, like of you? Or are you saying you have sex pics in your home?”

“Both,” Bonnie replied and told them about the photos in the game room and Cooper’s study before saying, “But, we also have a playroom… a room set up for those of our kid's friends who don’t have a safe place to have sex. In it, there are a dozen artistic photos of me doing it with a different person in each of them.”

She’d not dropped that little nugget in her talk to the teens and hadn‘t yet decided whether or not to share it with the parents meeting tomorrow morning. Faith jumped in “So those pics in your first session, of you having sex with other people, were real, not Photoshoped?”

“Yes, they were real. They are of me having sex with two different men, besides my husband, and a young woman who is my office assistant.”

“I thought so, but Mom wasn’t sure. But she understood that your point was that you openly have sex with men other than your husband… and women too. That was your point, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, it was. It is one thing to say in theory that I believe that as long as there is respect and honesty among all involved, there is nothing sinful about a married person sharing their body with someone other than their spouse; it is far more powerful to show it.”

Faith nodded and said, “Oh, yes you made your point. From what my mom says, this is one of the very few Christian groups that would agree with that.”

Joy started in, “I think Faith told you that my parents are co-pastors of our church, they believe that too. We have a lot of unmarried couples in leadership positions at the church, my parents don’t see that as a problem. They don’t believe in that ‘no sex outside of marriage crap.’ Faith’s parents are the youth leaders and they teach pretty much exactly what you said today, even though they are not remotely so direct about it.”

Faith cut in, “Mostly they make their point by what they don’t say, rather than saying what you did. At least in public. In private they are all about teen sex as perfectly normal. They have told several of my friends that what makes sex right and wrong is how partners treat each other, rather than waiting for marriage or any of that. They have told lots of guys and girls that if they show mutual respect and practice safer sex, they can have all the sex they want and still be right with God. Everyone in the youth group knows they can go to my parents for advice on having good sex.” Then she got a sour look, “Well everyone but me. Mom really struggles with treating me like everyone else.”

Bonnie said she understood “And I will see what I can do to help her lighten up. But you need to do your part.  If you talk openly about sex, it will be easier for her.”

Joy picked up, “Before I had sex the first time, my boyfriend and I talked to Faith’s parents about it. Like she said, they were all about condoms and respect, but they only pushed us to be sure that was what we both wanted to do. That was a couple of years ago. My parents sort of pretend they don’t know that I’m having sex in my room. Before I became sexually active, Mom told me directly that she would rather me have sex at home than anywhere else. When I was fourteen, she bought me my first box of condoms, she didn’t say anything, they just appeared in my side drawer. Then when I was fifteen she took me to get on birth control. She knew exactly when I started having sex with boys because I started to use the condoms. When she changes my sheets every week, she checks my side drawer for condoms, and if I have less than a full box in there, she puts in a new one. About a year ago, she just casually said that if I had a preference for the kind or brand of condoms or lube, I should let her know. More or less the only time we directly talk about sex is when I ask her to get specific kinds of supplies. She lets me use her Amazon account to order sex toys and even sexy lingerie, so they know exactly what I buy. But, all my real sex advice comes from Faith’s mom. The only time Phyllis ever gets squeamish is when I ask about girl-girl sex. Once I mentioned Faith, and she asked me to pretend that I’m asking for someone other than her daughter. It's sort of a game we play, but she’s given me very specific advice like that.”

“Since my older brother started having sex back when I was eleven, the rule was girls could stay till midnight in his room with him. But last summer when he was home, his girlfriend came to visit a couple of times and she just lived in his room. The rule for me is what it was for him when he was in high school, boys can stay till midnight, but I can have girls, like Faith, stay all night. I’m sure they figured out when she and I started having sex, they sort of treat her like my girlfriend now. Mom thinks its super cute to take couple’s pictures of us together, but I don’t mind.”

Faith jumped in, “I really appreciate that she does that, and gives me prints. I have a whole wall of pictures of us that her mom has taken.”

There was a moment of quiet as Joy appeared to be deciding whether to go on or not, then she said, “Before I first came with them to this conference two years ago, my mother told me directly that she and Dad have been doing it with other couples at this event for like the last ten years. She told me that because if I came with them, they would leave me alone some nights… which they do. This is my third year here, and in addition to going to other people’s rooms at night, some afternoons they have asked me to let them have our room for a couple of hours. They don’t say that they will be screwing other people, but they know full well that I know that is what they mean.” She got a grin then added, “And in those three years, more than once I’ve found someone to keep me company while they are out screwing… as I will tonight.” She turned to Faith with a grin.

That information was unexpected to Bonnie, yet, from some of the comments she’d heard from Joyce Berman and Deborah Cater, who were on the organizing committee, perhaps it wasn’t just out of the blue. So, Bonnie asked, “Is it a common thing for married couples to have sex with other people while they are here?”

Joy answered, “Yes and no. Yes, from what I know it is really common for couples, like my parents, to see this conference as a place where they can do things they would never risk doing at home. From what other people my age have told me, I am far from the only one whose parents do it with other people here. As I’m sure you realize, this is a pretty liberal bunch. How many couples do it? I don’t know, but my parents don’t seem to have any problem finding other couples. Just today after lunch, they went to the room of a couple from Denver who they’d been spending time with all week.  When they got back, just to give her a hard time, I asked my mom what she’d been doing for the past few hours. As usual, she gave me a vague answer, but she knew that I knew they were having sex with the other couple.”

Bonnie interjected, “I can see that.”

Joy just grinned and went on, “You see, last year my mom told me that it is one thing for my parents to believe that Christian married couples can do what works for them, even if that means having sex outside of marriage; but it is something very different to do it with other people back home. Here, not only can they do it, but they don’t have to hide it away either. They’ve already let me know that they won’t be back to our room until tomorrow morning. At dinner, I heard her talking to Faith’s mom about it. It is their once-a-year fling, and I don’t think they are alone in that.”

Bonnie was taken aback by this teenager’s adult-like grasp of the issues involved. Then she chided herself for thinking that she was the only parent who was open with their children like that. The more she learned about this conference, the more she understood why she’d been invited to present here. For the first time, she was at a place where she really felt she belonged. This was a place that she didn’t have to choose between flying the Chrisitan flag or the free-love flag. She decided that next year she would bring Cooper, even if she was not speaking.

The snow had stopped when Faith's mother arrived about half an hour after Bonnie had entered the tub.  Bonnie asked the girls to make room for Phyllis to sit beside her. She was happy to have another adult join in the conversation. But as the night progressed, it was obvious that Phyllis was happy to let Bonnie do all the talking.

Not long after the arrival of her mom, Faith stood and looked at her mother, clearly asking a non-verbal question. Phyllis got that parental look, but then said, "OK." Whereupon Faith reached back to unhook her top, then stepped out of her bottoms and dropped both pieces into the water.

 Though by that time there were almost a dozen fully nude adults on the other side of the tub, none of the teens had removed their swimwear. Bonnie suspected that for most of them, they had come to talk to her and this was their first time in the “nude” hot tub. But now they sat wide-eyed as Faith stood before them, the bright moonlight lighting up her young body like a spotlight. But Faith did not quickly drop down into the water to hide herself as Bonnie had expected. Rather she stood with a nervous smile long enough for everyone to get a very good look. There was no doubt she was the center of attention for those ten long seconds, and that had been her intent.

Bonnie was impressed with the girl’s courage. She knew that it took a real act of will for her to delay those extra few seconds before she sat back down. There was no question she was making a point both to her mother and to the other teenagers. Bonnie was sure that despite her bravado, Faith had to be terrified inside.

Once Faith had sat back down next to Joy, Phyllis turned to Bonnie and said loud enough for all the teens to hear, "What else can I do? I promised her if she did, I would too," before standing to remove her one-piece swimsuit.

Bonnie had to laugh at the comment. Pointedly not paying the least bit of attention to the fact Phyllis was disrobing in public, she said, "I know exactly how you feel.  I've been pushed by my daughter in these things more than I would like to admit."

Again, the gathered teens watched in amazement as Faith’s mother got naked standing right in front of them; they could see everything. Though she sat down more rapidly than her daughter had, she too had stood for several seconds before she’d done so. She began to cross her arms to cover her breasts before slowly putting them down to leave herself fully exposed. Taking a deep breath she said to Bonnie, "I guess this is the price we pay for raising independent and strong-willed girls."

Bonnie replied "Oh, yes. We do pay a price, but would we want it any other way?"

Even as Phyllis was sitting back down, Joy was standing. She too began removing her bikini. Her body was much more woman-like than Faith’s, and quite pretty. As her friend had done, she delayed a few seconds before sitting back down, but to out do Faith, she turned a full circle, making eye contact with the boys before sliding into the water with a big grin. Once everyone was settled back down in the water, Joy told Faith’s mother, “I did this one-night last year with Mom, but she told me that tonight I should wait to see what you and Faith did first.”

As Bonnie expected, it only took about fifteen minutes for the additional bare breasts above the water to become normalized. Given the darkness and the water, bottomless was not nearly as much an issue… well unless the girls stood up to take off their swimsuits, as Faith, Phillis, and Joy had done.  As the evening progressed, most of the teens (Bonnie estimated that a total of twenty had cycled through their group) who had come to talk to Bonnie eventually took off their swimwear, both male and female… at least for a little while. However, no one else stood up to do so.

As Bonnie had noticed at her session for teenagers earlier, the teens at this conference seemed to run rather younger than they did at her Sunday Youth Group. While the church group tended to skew toward the older teens who could drive, the teens at this conference seemed to be heavily weighted toward those who were not yet old enough to do so. That made sense to Bonnie when she considered this was a family event. While Bonnie finally concluded that Joy was Misty’s age and Faith was a year or two younger, the majority of the teens who came to the hot tub seemed to be closer to fourteen or fifteen. The youngest in her group was a girl who was more like twelve who’d come with her parents and older brother. Given the fact none of that family had even brought swimwear, Bonnie assumed they were nudists. While the girl’s parents stayed with the other adults, she and her older brother joined the teen group. Bonnie couldn’t help but notice (to her amusement) that under the water, virtually all the boys had erections the entire time.

Until nearly 10:30, Bonnie was engaged with the teens, mostly answering their questions. She wasn’t surprised that the things they asked about closely mirrored the things she’d addressed with the Euro-Club girls, though these teens were much more circumspect about how they phrased their queries. While most of the comments and questions from the young people were old hat to Bonnie, there was something new in this group. These young people represented a select few from churches all over the country, rather than a cohesive social group from a single location. By the very fact they were in the hot tub with Bonnie, suggested that they were on the vanguard of teenagers pushing back on the narrative that Christians naturally supported the agenda of the Christian Right. 

Bonnie was mortified to hear Joy tell how she was often ridiculed, and sometimes threatened, at school because her parents led the only LGBT friendly church in their conservative community.  Given the comments from the others, it was obvious that her story was not unique. Over the night Bonnie heard similar stories from high school girls who live near St. Louis, Cleveland, and even from a rural town in Canada. Others spoke of having to hide what they believe out of fear of attacks on their church and family by vocal right-wing Christians at school as well as at community events. Over the night she began to consider that the fights her own kids were fighting were not unique, and not the worst price young people were paying for standing up for the Christian message of love.

As if on cue, the teens all pulled on their swimsuits at once and began to head back to the hotel and lodge… all but Faith, Joy, and a good-looking boy who had come in and sat beside Joy about halfway through the Q&A session. For a few minutes, the two girls stood half-way between the two mothers and the rest of the adults, discussing something in the thigh-deep water (still naked). Joy all but pulled the boy to his feet, exposing his full erection, though he turned to make it less visible to the adults on the other side of the big hot tub. He was much more filled out than many high school boys, perhaps an athlete… yes, he was very nice looking indeed. Bonnie couldn’t hear what Joy was saying, but it was obvious she was talking about his needy looking hard-on. Finally, Joy and the boy began to put on their swimsuits, but Faith came over to sit beside her mother.

Bonnie, feeling frisky, leaned around Phyllis to tell Faith, “You can tell that guy that he doesn’t have anything he needs to hide. He is really good-looking. If he were just a couple of years older, I would be inviting him up to my room to keep me company tonight.”

Faith laughed, and Bonnie reiterated, “You tell him that young girls like Joy might be pretty, but there is a lot to be said for the experience of a woman like me. Given the chance, I would leave him half-dead from pleasure.”

Faith laughed again and said that she would do that, then added, “Joy thinks he’s pretty hot too and I’m pretty sure she is going to try to do the same thing.” Turning back to her mother she said, “Actually that is why I’m over here. Mom, Joy asked me if Justin, that is the guy Mrs. Campbell was talking about, can come with us up to her family’s hotel room. You see this afternoon while her parents were busy… well you know what they were doing with that couple who were with us at lunch.”

Phyllis nodded, “Yes, Abbie told me at dinner.”

Faith nodded knowingly, “Yes, I heard her telling you, but you don’t know that while her parents were doing it with that couple from Denver; she and Justin did the same thing in her family’s room. She’s been flirting with him all week, and today she took her parent’s cue and did the deed with him. But she made sure he was gone before they got back… not that her parents would be mad that she was screwing in their room, she just thought it would be awkward if they came back to the room and found him in bed with her.”

Her mother nodded in understanding, “Yes, I know very well about Joy’s proclivities.”

“But, well… just now she asked me if he could come with us to her room and watch us do it. He’s never seen two girls have sex in real life. I don’t mind. It’s not like he hasn’t already seen me naked… and like Mrs. Campbell said in her talk, there is no reason for me to be embarrassed about him seeing us using God’s gift of sex with each other. Yes… I know full well that before we are done, Joy and Justin will do it too. Don’t worry, I’m not going to do it with a boy for the first time with a guy I just met, but I’ll confess, I’d like to see them do it all since once we get back home it will probably be only a week or two before I do it with Barry.” She then looked around her mother to tell Bonnie, “I’ve seen Joy give blow jobs, well actually she taught me how to do it last fall and we’ve been doing it together to guys from Youth Group ever since, but I’ve never seen her do the whole thing with a guy… like all the things she does in bed.” Then back to her mother, she said, “I just didn’t want to be doing something different than what we’d agreed to earlier without asking you. Like I said, he won’t stay more than an hour and a half or so, but I’ll still be staying the night since her parents said not to expect them back till morning.”

Phyllis was obviously quite aware of Bonnie’s presence and turned to look at her with a “what do I say to that?” look.

Bonnie didn’t force the perplexed mother to articulate that thought though, she just offered, “I think you are right to plan to wait to do it the first time with the boy back home. But speaking from experience with my own daughter, I suggest you take condoms with you. You can’t tell if you will get carried away. While on vacation two years ago, Misty got carried away with a boy she met. She wasn’t yet on birth control and didn’t have condoms with her. She was only saved because the boy ejaculated in her hand before she could get it into her. It was a close call for us. If you don’t have any, I always carry condoms when I travel… for the same reason. I would be glad to give you a few.”

“Thank you,” Faith replied, “but I am on birth control already and I have been carrying condoms in my purse since the fall. And Joy will have them too since her parents are very insistent on her using them every time. But she and I have talked before about me sitting on one of her guy’s faces while she rides him, so we might do that and I’ll likely help her give him a blow job. But the plan is for me to mostly just watch while they have sex… that is after he watches us first.” 

In order to be supportive, Bonnie said, “When I was in college my roommate and I shared dozens of guys just like that. As often as not she didn’t screw the guys I brought to our room, but she did other stuff like you are talking about… and of course, we did each other every time. The guys always liked watching us go at it. It is really fun to share a guy with your friend, and like I said today, you don’t need to have his dick in you to have a wonderful experience.”

Faith replied, “Wow, I didn’t know other people did that.”

“Oh yea, it's far more common than you would imagine. Porn always expects both girls to fuck the guy, but that is not how it really works.” 

Faith and her mom both seemed to be reassured by that comment. Faith then said, “I really liked your story of your son and his girlfriend doing all but intercourse for half a year. I’ve been doing that with my friend Barry for months, just like you said. It was nice to hear you say what we do is not second-class sex. I’m super excited about what I am going to do tonight. Maybe you can join our family for breakfast and I’ll tell you how it went.”

“I’d like that,” Bonnie replied.

Then back to her mother, Faith asked again, “Is all of that OK with you?”

Her mother just nodded.

Bonnie stopped Faith before she went to get her bikini to leave, and asked her, “Could you be my photographer again? You did a great job this afternoon, and I’d love some pics of me out here for my blog too. It is so pretty.”

Faith was clearly flattered that Bonnie wanted her to take photos for her again and enthusiastically said she would. It just took a moment for Bonnie to get out of the tub, and walk through the dusting of snow to fish the Leica from the pocket of her robe. When she stepped back into the water and handed the camera to Faith, Phyllis stood up and offered “Would you like me in the picture too? Or do you want me to move away? I am not ashamed of going naked tonight and don’t mind the world seeing a picture of us. But I’ll have to clear giving you permission to post them on your blog with both my husband and Joy’s parents since they are my employers. If they say it’s OK, which I expect they will, I’d be honored to have a photo of the two of us together on the FFF website.”

Faith’s face took on a look of complete shock, then it morphed into one of pride in her mother’s courage. Though Bonnie planned on asking Phyllis if she would pose with her, she was surprised she’d made the offer before she could do so.  Phyllis would not be the first person she’d met to give her permission to use the photos she took on her travels. It was one of the things that her readers commented about the most.

Since Faith had already used the Leica, it only took a few minutes for her to get photos of Bonnie and her mother sitting in the water, then with the two of them sitting on the rim of the hot tub. Since the Leica was designed to shoot in low light without a flash, Bonnie knew the moonlit scenery would make the photos terrific. When Faith got completely out of the tub, in the nude, to get a couple of shots, the only discomfort the teenage girl seemed to feel was the cold.

The photos done, Faith didn’t put her bikini back on, rather she just wrapped the towel around her and carried the wet swimsuit as she headed to Joy’s room.

Once her daughter was gone, Phyllis turned to Bonnie and said, “I can’t believe how comfortable she was going completely naked all night. Certainly, I wasn’t the only one to see how many people walked by casually looking over at us since we’ve been out here. But even knowing that, without the slightest hesitation, Faith got completely out of the tub in order to get those last few pictures of you and me. Just the idea of her taking pictures of me naked would have been beyond belief just two days ago. I suspect if it weren’t so cold, she would have taken her sweet time about doing it, no matter how many passers-by saw her.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but agree and let her know that if she’d give her an email address or text number, she’d send her the pics.

“Oh, I have no doubt my husband will love them. Though I don’t think he’ll believe that Faith took them. I can’t get over how she didn’t seem the least bit bothered who saw her naked. There is no way I could have done that at her age. If she hadn’t pushed me into it, I wouldn’t be here with you now.”

Bonnie said she totally understood. “I don’t know Faith very well, but I wasn’t nearly so surprised at how quickly she became comfortable with public nudity. I’ve found that teens adapt very rapidly to what they perceive is normal. She was in both of my sessions today and I think I make a strong case that, for Christians, our sexuality should be seen as a blessing that we can freely share with others. Not just doing it with other people, but allowing others to share in the experience by witnessing our joy. That is what she’s doing by letting that boy watch her and Joy together, and what she will be doing by watching Joy have sex with him. As for the nudity, the fact that you and your husband were so casual last night about finding me naked in the other tub surely had quite an impact on her. She is just living out the values you have been teaching her, perhaps indirectly, all her life. What I teach only takes root when the teenager’s parents have prepared the ground. Like that parable of the wheat and the tares, the word of truth only takes root in fertile ground.”

Phyllis sat quietly for several moments before saying, “Yes perhaps you are right. But, the changes are coming so fast in her life. My head is just spinning. I couldn’t believe how she just blithely asked me if she could, in effect, have a threesome with Joy and that boy. I actually knew she and Joy had given a boy oral sex in the summer… but the way she said boys plural, it sounds like that is just something they do together on a regular basis. How many guys in our youth group has my daughter sucked off? Not that I’m upset exactly, but it is a little unnerving. I don’t doubt she’ll stop short of intercourse tonight, but she made it sound like they will be doing everything else. And that little passing comment that she and Barry have been already doing that was a first. Most of all, I didn’t sense at all she was embarrassed saying any of that to you… in front of me. This is all brand new. It’s like in the blink of an eye my little girl has grown up.”

 There was another moment of silence, then Phyllis went on, “Since we met you last night, she and I have looked at your blog together, several times. And that generated a couple of discussions about things she and I had never talked about before. Just before we came out here, we read your new post about your daughter’s birthday. It was a real eye-opener for both of us. You could have written it in a way that was lurid or prurient, but you didn’t do that.  The way you describe the day, it seemed your daughter was just posing for a painter, nothing more. Yet, she was posing, having sex, right in front of you. And you just barely mention that the man your girl was having sex with is also the man you had sex with last fall for one of the photos you show in your presentation.  Yes, it could have been quite the story of kink and lust, but it wasn’t. And the photos you posted with it that you took of your daughter and the man were so tastefully done. You didn’t actually show anything… well you showed that guy’s great-looking ass, but it was evident they were having sex. The fact those were actually sex pics seemed lost in the beauty of the images.”

Bonnie had not known that Lilly had posted that already. Not that it wasn’t the plan for her to do so while she was at this conference, but it was news to her. “Oh,” Bonnie said, “You have me at a disadvantage. I haven’t seen the final version of my narrative or which photos were put with it. My husband’s graduate assistant edits my writing and chooses from a group of photos I send her for each post. Then she uses Photoshop to edit them to bring out the story’s message. The truth is that Lilly’s editing of both the text and photos make me look much more literate and artistic than I really am. But I’m glad to hear that it seems to have come across the way I’d hoped.”

“It’s a long post for sure, and there are five photos. Three are of you and the painter at work, but the other two are of your daughter and the male model… he is gorgeous by the way.”

“Yes, he is. My only regret from my shoot with him is that I didn’t have a real sexual experience when we posed together. Yes, his erection was in me for well over an hour in different poses, but it was just posing, not love making. Misty on the other hand had a genuine sexual experience with him. I only hope I captured it on camera half as well as I’m sure Amy will on canvas. I deliberately sent Lilly pics that didn’t show any details, but I have hundreds that show explicit sex including oral and vaginal penetration”

Phyllis nodded in understanding. “The photos that showed your daughter and the male model were very erotic, but like you said, they don’t actually show the deed. Though between the text and the photos, it leaves no doubt that you took photos of your girl having a genuine sexual moment. The photos alone tell volumes about you, your daughter, and your relationship.”

Bonnie was very gratified to hear that and let Phylis know she appreciated her words.

After a moment of silence, Phyllis began to speak. Slowly at first then speeding up as she went, “I don’t know how you are so relaxed about sex with your daughter. Today with Faith was the first time she and I have ever really talked casually about sex. Sitting next to her while you showed those photos of you having sex with multiple people opened the door for us to talk this evening after dinner very directly about things. Not as directly as she did just a few minutes ago, but way more than we’d done before. It’s been building since last summer. Suddenly it seems sex no longer feels like a sensitive subject with us… well for her at least. I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that she’s been giving oral sex to the guys in our youth group. I actually knew Joy was doing that, so that gives me an idea that we are not just talking one or two boys. It will take me a little while to work through this.”

Bonnie knew exactly what Phyllis was experiencing. So she asked for the other mother to elaborate, as much for her benefit as for Bonnie to understand. 

“It really started last summer. Faith had turned fifteen the prior winter… so she is now sixteen. I’d begun to pick up she was becoming far more interested in sexual things than ever. I guess it was in July when I finally caught on to the hints she was giving me that she and Joy had begun having sex when they had sleepovers, but we didn’t directly address it right off. Oh, Joy is a year and a half older than Faith, and far more advanced sexually… as I’m sure you have figured out. Then just before school started back, it all came out when she excitedly told me that she gave a boy a blow job for the first time… well she and Joy gave it together. I’m sure she thought it was great since I’ve been very supportive of Joy’s sexual explorations in our counseling sessions, so she wanted me to know she did it too. That led to her explicitly telling me that she and Joy were having sex. I felt so progressive to listen to her without freaking out. I even worked up the courage to tell her that I’d had sex with my boyfriends in high school and had no regrets about it. Though we’d talked about it in a theoretical way since she’d had her first period; but that day, for the first time, I asked her directly if she needed to start on birth control. She said no at the time, but a few months later she asked me to make the doctor’s appointment. She’s been on the pill since November. Then about a month ago she asked me if I thought Barry, a nice boy in our youth group, would be a good choice for her first sex partner. I’ll confess, that was a hard conversation for me. For almost two decades, since I was still in seminary, I’ve been working with teens and I’ve never had a hard time talking about sex. Yet, with my own daughter, it was so very difficult.”

Bonnie chuckled, “Yes, at first it was like that for me. But, it all changed during our mother-daughter trip to Miami Beach last summer. I’m not the least bit ashamed of what happened, but I don’t want to scare you off by telling you too much.”

Phyllis was clearly intrigued. “You won’t. After all, I love your blog. I really would like to hear how it became so comfortable that you were able to take photos of her having sex on her eighteenth birthday.”

“It would take too long to tell it all, but the short version is that two of my friends and I sponsored a trip to Miami Beach last summer for a total of five high school girls from our Youth Group. All of them were friends of the family and their mothers knew what we expected to happen while we were there.” Bonnie prefaced it by explaining the open-door rule they enforced at their home. While it was a new and radical concept to Phyllis, as a fellow youth minister, the reasoning behind it seemed to make sense to her. Bonnie began, “I won’t hedge on the fact that all of us, the three mothers and the five girls were quite open that we all hoped to have sex with guys we met at the beach, though I laid out clear ground rules to ensure the safety of the girls. Most importantly, they were never to go off with boys they met. Sex at our rental house was fully authorized, but with the doors left open and universal condom use.”

“The first full day set the tone for the trip. I took my daughter and two other girls to the nude beach. My two friends took the other two girls to South Beach where they all went topless. When they came back to the rental house, the mothers were with a pair of two good-looking Swiss businessmen. It didn’t take too much to convince me to join them for a fivesome in the king-sized bed the three of us women were sharing for the week. We followed the open-door rule and went at it hard for an hour and a half. Before we were done, all five of the girls made their way to the hallway in front of our room to take a turn watching the three mothers and the two men having sex. That set the expectation for the rest of the week, sex was going to be a spectator sport. For a while, my daughter, Misty, was right in the room with us taking pictures of our fivesome. I guess I should note that she is already working as a professional glamour/nude photographer. At the time of the trip, she’d just finished a summer internship at a very famous studio in Atlanta where assisting with nude photo shoots was a normal part of her training. And I should also say that we’ve been practicing the open-door rule since our kids were born, so Misty grew up walking in on her father and I having sex. Once we opened our marriage up, my kids were not upset to find both her father and me with other people in our bed… especially since many of those other people were their friend’s moms or dads.”

Phyllis put her hand to her mouth, “Oh…” then after a moment she said, “Then that makes sense why you could bring yourself to shoot your daughter on her birthday.”

Bonnie nodded, “Yes. Because our kids grew up with sex being treated just as a normal part of life, seeing me or their father in bed with one of our friends was never something traumatic. So, that day, Misty saw the opportunity to shoot a real-life orgy. So she didn’t hesitate to take photos of me screwing two different men and going down on two of her friend’s mothers. And that was just the beginning of the week. Before the week was done, I’d been right there when Misty had sex several times and… ” She paused, then went on, “Perhaps I shouldn’t tell you this, but Misty put her vacation boyfriend up to asking to have sex with me. Understand he was eighteen and had just finished high school, but he was so sweet about it I said yes. Though I had suspected she’d sent him in to ask me, what I didn’t understand until we were into it was that her real plan was to take photos of me doing him. She brazenly came into the room to shoot pictures of her guy fucking her mom.  By the end of the week, she’d taken photos of all three of us moms having sex with other people, not including that first night with the two Swiss guys. The truth is, we all had a lot of sex that week: both us moms and the teenage girls, and it was never done behind closed doors.  Misty actually took sex pics of everyone, but after we had a photo viewing party the last night, I made her delete all of those that included any of our five girls since none of them were eighteen yet. But after that week, talking about sex, or even seeing each other do it has become totally normalized.”

Phyllis blanched, “I can’t imagine.”

“Which part?” Bonnie asked.

“Any of it. Having group sex like that, leaving the door open while I have sex, my daughter and her friends watching me do it, being in the room when my daughter has sex… and to get it all in pictures. It’s not that I’m a prude, from the time I was my daughter’s age I had one boyfriend after another until I met Faith’s father when I was in seminary. All that time, I engaged in what’s called serial monogamy. I had sex with my boyfriend and only my boyfriend until we broke up and I started dating a new guy. So I had sex with three boyfriends in high school and five in college, I even lived with one guy for three semesters.  That form of monogamy is really common, even among evangelicals. In seminary, I didn’t know any girls who waited for Mr. Right, and certainly not until marriage. For me, the only exception while I was in school was when my best friend in college asked me to join her and her boyfriend for a threesome.  I’d never done anything like that. Afterward, I felt really guilty about how much I’d enjoyed it... all of it. I couldn’t believe how much I’d liked putting my face between her legs. Until that night, I’d never hinted to her that I was sexually attracted to her… which as much as I tried to hide it, I was.”

“So did you do it with them again?”

Phyllis nodded, “Yes. Nine times all told, though I count entire weekends as one event even though like one time we went to a cabin and did it nearly non-stop from Friday night till Sunday afternoon. I couldn’t tell her no, even if I had a boyfriend at the time. It was like a compulsion. Of course, the guys I was dating never knew. Perhaps my biggest regret was that I never told her that it was being with her that made those threesomes so amazing. I wanted to tell her, to ask her if we could do it with just the two of us, but I never did.” She paused and added, “I don’t have many regrets in life, but that is one of them.”

Bonnie reached out and took her hand. “Did you ever do anything like that again.” She kept Phyllis’s hand in hers. The woman did not attempt to pull free. Bonnie knew the significance of that first physical contact, and she was sure Phyllis did too. Bonnie could tell that the other woman was taking her time to consider what to say next. She was right, after a moment the story she wanted to tell began to roll out. “Yes.” Again, a pause. “Eleven years ago, I began an affair with the music minister at the church we worked for at the time. It was torrid and passionate. Mac and I were sneaking away every day to find some place at the church to have sex… you see Dan and I both worked for the church and shared an office. So not only was I cheating, I was doing it somewhere in the same building complex. I’d had my tubes tied when my son was born, so I didn’t have to worry about birth control which made spontaneity easier. I was going home feeling so sexy every day with Mac’s semen deep in me. Oddly, feeling like that woke back up my libido that had been in hibernation for years. Being with Mac… OK, I’ll be straight like you are, getting fucked by Mac all over the church made me feel like a woman again… a sexually desirable woman… in a way I hadn’t felt since before Faith was born. And believe it or not, going home with Dan with Mac’s cum in my panties made me want to have sex with my husband more than I had in years. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true.”

Bonnie slid closer to Phyllis, close enough that their thighs were touching. Bonnie knew that the woman had to know where this was going.  “No, it's not crazy.  Not only was that true for me when a few years ago I started having sex with my best friend and her husband, but I’ve heard that exact same story from other women. If your marriage is solid, having sex with another man doesn’t draw you away from your husband but toward him. While it's so much better, less risky, and of course less morally fraught if your husband knows and is supportive like mine is, I’ve heard it from more than one woman that even cheating like you did makes her horny for her husband. So, you are not alone in that response.”

Phyllis nodded and gripped Bonnie’s hand tighter, “Yes, that is what happened. Dan hadn’t realized until I told him that the reason I was coming home wet and horny day after day was that I’d was having sex every single day… more than once we did it twice in a day at the church. One day Mac and I had done it right before I came home, and when Dan put his dick in me I could actually feel him sliding around in Mac’s cum. I was surprised at what a turn-on that was for me, so I worked it out to do that like once a week. And it turned Mac on to hear about it too, so he was more than willing to fill me with semen right before I went home.”

Bonnie cut in, “Yes, it is a turn-on. It's even better for me because Cooper knows when he comes home and I’m super horny, I probably got laid that afternoon. It turns us both on when he knows my vagina has another man’s semen in it, I guess it happens about once a month. While I always use condoms on the road, I don’t with my friends back home. You see, I only work at the FFF office three days a week because of my travels. We have what we call a free-love circle of our church friends and from time to time one of the men comes by before Cooper gets home.”  Bonnie knew that wasn’t exactly why Cooper had come home to find her well fucked from time to time, but it was easier to tell the story that way. 

Phyllis seemed to think about what Bonnie had so freely told her, then replied, “Yes, for that first month every day I came home with gooey cum in my panties and Dan never suspected a thing. Men can be so dim you know.”

Bonnie laughed, “Oh, I think all women know that.”

Phyllis laughed and agreed before going on. “All he knew was that for the first time since we were newlyweds, we were having sex in the afternoons when we got home from work. And we didn’t just do it in the bedroom, but in the kitchen, the living room, and most often in our home study. You see, at the time Faith had started kindergarten and she was more likely to disturb us in our bedroom than in the study, so day after day I pulled down my pants and had Dan do me bent over my desk knowing it was Mac’s cum acting as lube for us. But, as hot as it was, I didn’t like cheating on my husband, so a little over a month after the first time I did it, I told Dan. I told him everything even though I was afraid it might spell the end of our marriage, but more likely I thought it would cause a huge rift that would take years to repair.

“But I was wrong. I really have the best husband in the world. Just like the counselor he is… he has a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling, Dan just calmly asked me what unmet needs I was fulfilling by having sex with Mac, and asked what could he do to help. It was like I was a client rather than his wife, and that was just what I needed. I’d not thought of it that way, but he was right. I’d utterly lost myself into the role of being the mother of two young children at home and the minister at work. Mac’s sexual interest in me brought me back. While the sex was great, the real fulfillment I was getting was that he saw me as a sexy woman, not a mom. When I told Dan that, he shocked me again when he suggested I continue having sex with Mac until I no longer needed that boost. He said he suspected that once that need was met, I would no longer want to have sex with another man. What other husband would do that? It was his response that turned what could have been a huge problem into something that brought us together.”

“Yes, you are a fortunate woman, just as I am,” Bonnie put in. “So what did you do?” Bonnie let go of Phyllis’s hand and dropped it to her thigh. Phyllis missed a beat when Bonnie squeezed the inside of her thigh under the water. For the first time the woman’s face gave away that she not only knew where this was going, but that she wanted it.

After catching her breath from feeling Bonnie’s hand on her thigh, just inches from her bare crotch, Phyllis went on, “As we talked, Dan brought up another issue I’d been avoiding: Mac’s wife, Jean. He kindly but firmly said that while having sex with Mac wasn’t sinful in itself since he was up to giving me the opportunity to work this out in my own way; it was not right of me to be the other woman and damage Mac’s marriage. Of course, he was right. The next day at work I sat down with Mac in his office and told him about my talk with Dan before I asked about Jean.  He did not respond as I’d expected. He just laughed and told me he wasn’t cheating on Jean at all.”

“She’d known of Mac’s interest in me even before we had sex the first time, and she’d known the whole time that we’d been having sex five days a week for over a month. And this is where I had my second threesome relationship, he told me he’d been waiting to invite me over so we could do it in their bed, with Jean. And that is what happened, that very evening I went home with Mac and for three solid hours I had sex with both of them.” Then very slowly with emphasis, Phyllis said, “I’d forgotten how wonderful it was to make love to a woman. By the time Mac asked Jean to drive me home, I was sure that part of my unmet need was my desire for a woman’s love. Had Dan not given me the chance to find that out, I would have had a nagging longing and not known what it was.”

It was Bonnie’s turn to be surprised when Phyllis reached down into the water and moved Bonnie’s hand up her thigh until it was wedged into the crease between her thigh and vulva. Though there was a group of about eight people on the other side of the hot tub, Bonnie was sure that it was not apparent to anyone that she and Phyllis had begun active foreplay. Then looking deep into Bonnie’s eyes, she said, “It was with Jean that I finally self-identified as bisexual. I still do, even though I’ve not been with a woman in over a decade. Though I’ve not gone into why, when I’ve talked with girls, I’ve often told them I am bi even though I’ve been monogamous for years. A little more than a year ago, in a counseling session with Joy discussing her sexual behavior and desires, I repeated that though I was monogamous I still see myself as fully bisexual. Our church is LGBT friendly after all and one of her issues was that her mother had come out to her a year before that she was actively bi. I let her know that I also knew that her mother occasionally has sex with women and how that her mother and I had talked about it many times. Looking back, I see that by telling Faith’s best friend I was bisexual, I was also telling Faith. I have no doubt that it was that talk that began their transformation from being just good friends, to lovers.”

Bonnie didn’t want to rush things, so she didn’t move to directly touch Phyllis’s sex. Rather, she just moved her pinky, slowly stroking the side of her mound. Acting as if nothing was happening under the dark water, she asked, “So what happened with your relationship with Mac and Jean?”

“For a year, I continued to have sex with Mac the majority of days at work, but Dan let me go over to spend one evening a week with them at their house. I guess I should mention that at the time I was just thirty-two and Mac and Jean were in their early fifties and their kids were grown and gone. So, we had their house to ourselves. Jean was very elegant and as a senior executive for Wells Fargo, she earned several times what her husband made. When we’d moved to town to take the jobs of Minister of Education and Minister of Youth at the church, she had been exceptionally gracious and I really liked her even before I became involved with Mac. It was an easy leap from being her friend to being her lover. I finally did what I’d failed to do with my roommate, I told her I would like time with just her. Before that relationship came to an end, over a dozen times she and I took a girl's night to go shopping, dinner, and then to a local hotel to make love. Even more times I just stopped by their house for an hour or two on Saturday afternoons while Mac was out. Eventually, I came to see Jean as my lover and Mac was just a playmate.”

“Dan was very accommodating and went out of his way to give me time to be with Jean on weekends and with Mac at the church. One thing was that he took up the habit of taking the senior pastor out to lunch once a week, so Mac and I had a full hour for sex on Tuesday afternoons. Once a week or so, normally on Fridays, Dan let me know that Mac and I could have the office he and I shared for half an hour right before the end of the day while he prepared the youth center for the weekend events. He did that because I’d told him how much I liked having sex with him as soon as we got home afterward when I could still feel Mac’s semen in me. It was just like you said, with both of us knowing his dick was sliding in Mac’s cum, it was amazing for both of us.”

 As the year progressed, he finally admitted to himself, and to me, that he liked it when he knew that Mac was fucking me in our office while he was elsewhere in the church. Somehow it was hotter for both Dan and I when I committed adultery in the space I shared with my husband then when we did it somewhere else in the church. Though I’ll confess I got a real thrill the one time we did it with me bent over right in the church pulpit. In the last few months before the end, as often as not, we didn’t even wait until we got home. As soon as he saw Mac leaving our office, Dan came in and put his dick where Mac had just been.”

 “I think one of the reasons that doing that was so good was that while Mac was pretty much average-sized, Dan has the biggest penis I’ve ever had in me. Not that I’ve had all that many guys, but he is the biggest.  So even when Dan did me right after I’d finished with Mac, I was still tight when he put it in me. He never said as much, but I think it helped Dan since he knew that while Mac could fuck without end, I had to stretch to accommodate him even after having sex. Those times were really special for both of us. We both knew we were moving toward him joining me with Mac and Jean.”

Bonnie nodded in understanding before asking, “So did Dan ever join in?”

“Initially he had been giving me the room to get my needs met on my own, but when sex with Mac slowly became just about the pleasure, Dan and I began talking about him joining to make it a foursome. I let him know that I would love to see him with Jean. When I told her what we were thinking, she said she’d been hoping we’d ask for him to join in for months. We were most definitely on the path toward having all four of us involved in the weeks before it all came crashing down.”

“Once, right at the end, the three of us were alone in the church building one day, so Dan stayed at his desk while Mac and I had sex. I got totally carried away knowing Dan was there. While Dan pretended not to be watching, he saw it all. He saw me with Mac’s dick in my mouth until I got him off. I made sure Dan knew I’d swallowed down Mac’s cum. I wasn’t ready to be done though. I got completely naked, which I’d only done one other time at the church over the entire prior year. I laid back on my desk and spread my legs in the most lurid manner I could, then told Mac I wanted him to eat me out. While he did, I had my head turned to watch Dan watch Mac use his mouth and fingers on me.  Mac brought me to two orgasms while Dan watched from behind his desk. Doing it in front of my husband helped me cum and helped Mac recover faster than usual after he’d ejaculated in my mouth. After my second climax, Mac was ready to fuck me."

"First with me laying there on the desk, then bent over it till he came again. The slurping sounds of Mac’s dick going in and out of me filled the little office space. Later Dan told me he was torn between embarrassment and lust. But that wasn’t news to me because as soon as Mac left our office, I found myself sitting on the side of my desk with Dan’s dick in me. It is super rare that Dan can cum twice, but after he’d cum the first time I insisted he eat me out, knowing full well that I was full of both his cum and Mac’s. By the time he got me off, he was hard again and the second time we fucked all over the office. That day is still our very favorite erotic memory. We’ve talked about it many, many times and lots of those times the memory alone leads to amazing sex.”

“In so many ways it was wonderful for that year, perhaps the best year in my life. But as I got to know Jean better and she told me about their marriage; I eventually realized I was just the latest in a long string of women with whom they shared their bed. And I also realized that Mac wasn’t super hot to have sex with me because I was so special. As Jean put it, he’d fuck anything that stayed still long enough to put his dick in. She told me that she had stopped even trying to keep him from fucking their kid’s nannies and that was how they started sharing women. From that first time I was with both of them, each time I went over we went right to having sex and we’d do it for two, three or even four hours with only short breaks. He could keep it up and cum repeatedly which is something Dan, even in his twenties, could rarely do.”

“I loved my time with Jean from the very first night, but once I realized that they had been doing this with women for over twenty years, that special feeling I got from having sex with them slowly eroded. The sex was still great and my times with Jean were fulfilling in their own right, but by the time my affair was a year old, things had changed. As Dan had predicted, once I got my need for validation as a sexual woman met, it went from fulfilling that deep need to being purely about lust. Looking back, I think that was also why we started to move toward Dan joining Mac, Jean, and me. I, well we, thought by doing that we would bring back some of the meaning to my time with them.”

“So, what ended it? Did it just fizzle out?”

Phyllis shook her head. “No, it was way more dramatic than that. One of the church elders walked in on me laying back on Mac’s desk, pants-less with him going to town on me. It was a real mess. Fortunately for me and my career, the focus was on Mac. It seems that before Dan and I were hired by that church, it had come out that Mac had been having an affair with the woman who’d held my position before I got there. She was unmarried and he’d convinced the pastor that the woman had pursued him because she wanted him to marry her… which I am sure wasn’t true. But his lie cost the woman her job and likely her career, but he was able to keep his position as minister of music. He was very talented and popular at the church and the whole thing was thoroughly covered up. We didn’t know any of this until after my affair with him was exposed. It turns out that the leadership hired Dan and me as a team so as to prevent that from happening again.”

“By the time we got caught, though I didn’t know about him and my predecessor, I knew full well that Mac and Jean had affairs with half a dozen church women. Mac had screwed far more women than that since they’d been married. He’d done it with five different nannies when their kids were growing up, including one woman in her sixties.  Because he’d been caught before, as the leadership saw it, he was at fault. It never came out that Dan knew about my affair with Mac, nor that I was also involved with Jean. But still, we felt we needed to leave that church. A year after that we took the job in Stockton where we have been for nine years. I’ve not had sex with anyone but Dan since the day I was caught with Mac. It’s not that we think it would be wrong, but we don’t want a repeat of what happened before.”

Bonnie asked, “So you’ve not done what Joy’s parents do at this conference?”

“No, we haven’t. Although Joy’s parents have been coming for over a decade, it took them four years to get to know us well enough to invite us to come with them. They too are concerned about creating a scandal at the church. As far as I know, this is the only place they have had extramarital sex… well it’s the only place he has, Abbie has had two relationships with women since they have been married. Before we came the first time, they told us that this conference is well known as a place where Christian leaders can practice free-love without fear for a week each year. They told us explicitly that they have sex with other couples while they are here and that if we chose to do so, it would not endanger our jobs. The first two years we came we were just too skittish to even think about it, but three years ago we’d agreed if the right opportunity comes along we would consider it. But here we are three years later and we’ve not done it, even though we really do want to.” Phyllis again reached into the water and this time she turned Bonnie’s hand until it cupped her vulva. “Though I think I’ve found the right person this year.”

Bonnie pressed her middle finger up between Phyllis’s little lips before saying “Yes, I think you have. If this were a different kind of resort, I’d kiss you at this point, and if you wanted I would do you right here and now… the cold wouldn’t stop us. But, we can’t. So, I’ll ask, would you like to come to my room to make love?”

In a breathy, almost desperate voice she said, “Yes, yes I would.”

Without waiting, Bonnie stood and put out her hand to help Phyllis up. “Before we go to my room, would you like to stop to invite your husband to join us?”

“I’ll stop by to tell him what you and I are about to do. I’m absolutely certain he will be thrilled for me. But if you don’t mind, I’d like to start with just the two of us. We can always call him to join us later… that is if that is OK with you. Make no mistake, I have been wanting to see him with another woman for ten years, so if you are willing, I want him to join us tonight… after I’ve had you all to myself for a while.”

Bonnie assured her that she was on board with that plan. 

It was half an hour later when Bonnie heard the knock at her door. She’d had time to take a quick shower and make herself presentable, though she was still fully nude when she pulled the door open. Though Phyllis had returned fully dressed, she was ready to go as soon as she stepped into Bonnie’s room. With a ferocity born of a decade of desire, the woman attacked Bonnie’s mouth, her tongue soon finding its way between Bonnie’s lips. Soon they jointly were pulling off the clothes that Phyllis had just put on to come to the room.

Bodies entwined; their kissing lasted for quite a while as they stood in the middle of the room, bare flesh to bare flesh, their hands exploring one another. Though Bonnie had only recently admitted how drawn she was to younger women, Phyllis reminded her of the sensuality of a grown woman with soft curves. And this woman’s desire was almost overwhelming. Even as they groped each other’s naked bodies while their tongues danced, Bonnie wondered how Phyllis had contained herself for so many years with this kind of sexual desire for another woman welling up inside of her.

Finally, they crashed onto the bed, and with a rapidity that showed her pent-up desires, Phyllis rapidly began working her mouth down Bonnie’s body. Coming to her breasts, she took her time, holding each of them in both hands, she suckled like a greedy child. Bonnie was sure she could hear her moan as she sucked at length before moving her mouth downward again.

Lifting and spreading Bonnie’s leg’s, Phyllis looked longingly at Bonnie’s silky-smooth mons. Looking up she said “Of course I’ve seen women with not a hint of hair or stubble on videos, but I’ve never seen it in real life, up close like this. You are beautiful down here.”

Bonnie was trying to craft a response when Phyllis put her mouth fully over her mound and began using her tongue to explore. She licked all of Bonnie’s most sensitive parts with a relish that gave a surprising thrill. Then she pushed her tongue in deep, very deep to delve all the right spots. She alternately took deep licks and used the tip of her unusually long tongue to stimulate Bonnie as deeply and thoroughly as any woman had ever done to her. The depth of her lingual penetration and the intensity of her efforts to explore and taste the inner recesses of her vagina revealed an intense hunger for the sapphic experience.  Bonnie was not going to complain.  Laying back she simply closed her eyes and enjoyed. If that was what Phyllis wanted and needed, Bonnie was not going to deny her. After far longer than such things usually lasted, she slipped into a state of semi-conscious bliss as it went on and on.

Slowly Bonnie became aware that Phyllis’s hands had moved under her as her hips had begun to slowly thrust upward. She felt the tension of arousal that was the precursor to orgasm. That was a surprise since Phyllis had not yet bored in on her clit. She’d hardly paid any attention to the thing most people zeroed in on from the outset. This feeling was all from the work of her tongue inside of, and around the mouth of her vagina. And from all appearances, Phyllis wasn’t anywhere close to being done savoring Bonnie’s inner self.

“Oh Phyllis, that feels so good. Amazingly good,” Bonnie breathed out as her hips undulated. Bonnie’s breathing became deep and a string of guttural vocalizations came forth, but Phyllis just continued to lap at the fluids that were now freely flowing. The buildup to orgasm proceeded as the other woman continued to literally eat Bonnie out. Even though the hip thrusts became more pronounced, Phyllis did not deviate from her singular focus.    

Finally, it came. Bonnie’s hips shook uncontrollably as the waves of orgasm spread out from deep inside of her. She felt full of her juices, but Phyllis lapped it up as fast as Bonnie’s body produced them. Bonnie didn’t know there were new experiences to be had with another woman, but this was new… and wonderful.

Only after the first orgasm was complete, did Phyllis finally change up her attack on Bonnie’s womanhood… but she didn’t stop. Two long fingers slid into her and for the first time, she felt direct stimulation to her clit. But not too direct. The pressure and slight stroking were just right as Phyllis used her tongue and lips on both Bonnie’s clitoral shaft and the ultra-sensitive head. Inside of her, Phyllis’s fingers stroked at just the right spot with the right intensity. With that combination the next climax was only moments away… and as before, when it broke, Phyllis continued on. This time she kept on no matter how hard Bonnie’s entire body shook.

The first orgasm had just crested when a second came right behind. Then a third. Only when Bonnie’s body simply went limp did Phyllis finally relent.

She gave Bonnie’s wet vulva a series of gentle, almost reverent, kisses before slowly moving up her body. She again took time to suckle each of her breasts, though with the sensory overload Bonnie had just experienced, she hardly noticed at first. However, as Phyllis continued to give worshipful attention to each of her breasts in turn, Bonnie began to recognize and appreciate the tenderness and love she was showing. The time Phyllis took moving toward her face gave Bonnie the space she needed to recover from her string of orgasms, so she was ready by the time Phyllis lay directly on top of her, chest to chest. Phyllis put her wet lips to hers. It never got old tasting herself on the mouth of another woman no matter how many times it happened. Bonnie kissed Phyllis back with a true sense of love that surprised her. She knew Cooper had said many times that when he makes love to a woman, any woman, he opens himself up to love her, at least at that moment. Bonnie had always struggled to understand how he did that so easily, and more than once she thought he was imagining it. Yet, at this moment, having spent time to get to know Phyllis and then experiencing her desire to selflessly lose herself into Bonnie’s sex, love for her came easily and naturally. Thus, her kiss was of love, not desire. After just a few minutes of lightly touching their tongues, Phyllis just lay her head on Bonnie’s shoulder and sighed. Her contentment was obvious. Quietly she said “Thank you, Bonnie. That was an experience I will never forget.”

Bonnie, surprised at her words, said into her hair, “Thank me for what? You did all the work and I got all the reward. And I want you to know, that was nothing short of amazing. The way you made love to me down there is different than I’ve ever experienced it. So it is I who owe you a big thank you. Before we are done, I hope to give back to you as much as you gave to me.”

After a good five minutes of silence as the two women simply enjoyed their bodies pressed on one another, Phyllis moved up onto her hands to look Bonnie in the face. “I thanked you for allowing me to sate myself in you. My desire to be with a woman again has been growing the past few years. Last year at this conference I was so disappointed that I’d not had the chance, I was depressed for weeks afterward. I almost told Dan I didn’t want to come this year. The real reason I decided to come was for you… well for Faith and I to hear you. We’d delayed sending in our registration, but when Abbie, Joy’s mother, told me about the Final Freedom track, I looked it up and decided your sessions would be good for us. After all I am now more than just a youth leader, I am the parent of two sexually developing teens. So, believe it or not, I came here for you.”

Bonnie smiled, “I hope I didn’t disappoint.”

“Oh no you didn’t. And not just what we just did. Finding you in the barrel hot tub last night was initially a shock, but once I found out who the naked woman was, I was sure I’d made the right choice by coming. Faith’s response to both of your sessions was more than enough to justify our week here. Then tonight watching and hearing my little girl transform into a confident young woman was more than I’d hoped. And while hearing her ask to have a threesome tonight was hard for me, it is a milestone I will never forget. And I owe all of it to you.”

 She leaned down and kissed Bonnie softly, “And I need to make a confession. Last night, after sitting up in bed reading your blog posts about you having sex with couples you meet at your conferences, I couldn’t help but become aroused. While Dan and the kids were asleep, I played with myself fantasizing about having sex with you. Even now I can’t believe I got myself off with the kids in the same room with us. After dinner, when Faith asked me to go with her to meet you at the nude tub tonight, then clarified that she wanted us to take off our swimsuits while we were there, the fantasy of being with you came back. It was all I could do not to go to the bathroom and finger myself again. The only reason I didn’t was because I didn’t want to let myself fantasize about you again out of fear I’d just be disappointed. But here we are.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but smile at the woman’s visible embarrassment at her own admission. She responded by saying, “I hope as the night progresses, you will feel the promise I seem to have made will be fulfilled.”

“Oh, it has already been better than I’d imagined. It was like I couldn’t get enough. I could spend all night down there eating you up.” Again, Phyllis’s face went pink, revealing she’d said more than she’d meant to.  

This time Bonnie leaned up to kiss her. “I could tell you wanted all of me. That is what made it special.” For a moment she wondered how long Phyllis had been down between her legs. Bonnie had no idea because she’d just zoned out for a long time.

Perhaps Phyllis was wondering the same because she reached over to pick up her phone and then said, “I told Dan I’d call him in about an hour to let him know if we wanted him to join us. It’s been an hour and fifteen minutes. Do you mind if I invite him now?”

“No, that would be wonderful. When I’m on the road I nearly always spend my time with married couples together. I like being there for them to spice up their marriage.” She laughed, “I have a friend… well my husband’s girlfriend actually, who has been committed to using her body as a means of ministry since she was a teenager. Over the last half year or so, I’ve found the joy she gets from giving her body over to share God’s love. After spending so many years having sex mostly for my own pleasure, making it about sharing love has opened up a whole new dimension to my sexuality. You will not be the first couple who have had their first threesome with me, and I take it as my ministry to make it a positive experience for both of you.”

“Really? You think of it as a ministry?”

“Yes, I do now.”

“May I ask how often that happens? From what I read in your blog, you seem to have couples in your hotel room on many of your trips.”

“Yes, though in the fall when I was speaking at swinger and free-sex venues I was doing it far more often than I do now. I’ve shifted to mostly speaking for more conventional groups, so it's no longer an every-night thing. However, when I do multi-night trips, I will usually end up inviting a couple to my room. My topic seems to let people know I might be worth approaching, particularly people who have been seeking to expand their horizons. They seem to know that I might be just the person to do it with.”

“Like me,” Phyllis said.

“Yes, like you.

“Oh, and just to let you know, not only do I change the names of the people I write about in my blog, I move the venues and the dates when I write about the sexual encounters I have. For instance, when I write about this week, I’ll move it to somewhere in Colorado so as to explain the snow and mountains. I take my partner’s privacy seriously, and I’ll only use one of those hot tub photos if you give me specific permission. Oh… make sure you give me an email address to send them to. I’m sure you’ll want to keep them.”

“Oh yes, I sure will.”

After Phyllis had called her husband, Bonnie asked, “Are there any concerns you have, or any particular things you want to do?”

The question seems to have taken her off guard, so she had to think about it, then she laughed. “Well, I hate to say it, but Faith more or less laid out what I want to do when she said what she expected that she, Joy, and that boy would be doing. Though since we’ve already started, I would like to reverse the order and watch you with Dan first, then perhaps I’ll join in… like help you give him a blow job or sit on his face while you ride him.”

Bonnie laughed, “Yes, just like Faith is likely doing right now.”

Phyllis shook her head, “Oh I don’t want to even think about that. You might be totally comfortable watching your daughter have sex, but I’m not there yet.”

Bonnie said she understood completely, “It takes time for us parents to adjust. Kids seem to be better at it as long as they don’t feel their parents are pushing them into something. They just rebel at that, even if it was something they wanted to do in the first place. But I don’t think you have to worry about that with Faith. She will find it easier to accept you and her father slept with me than you and Dan will adjust to her being sexually active.”

“Oh,” Phyllis said, “She will know won’t she? She left us naked in the pool, then I told Dan right in front of her brother that I was going to spend time with you alone in your room before he comes to join us. While it is possible that Danny Jr. won’t pick up on what is going on… when he tells his sister she will know for sure. You said you were monogamous until a couple of years ago, so I guess your girl was Faith’s age when you started having sex with other people.”

Bonnie said that was correct. “And our son was about your son’s age.”

“So how did you tell them?”

“Well, the truth is I didn’t. But I didn’t make any effort to hide it either. It seems the very first time I had sex with my friend’s husband, the first time I’d had sex with a man other than Cooper since the day we became engaged; my friend recorded it for posterity with dozens of camera phone pics. I had printed the best ones up and simply laid them on our bedroom dresser. Of course, Misty and Lamar both noticed them and they looked at them right off. Both of my kids knew both Jill and Vic, they were good friends from church, so when they saw the photos, they knew the whole story. And, they correctly concluded that since the photos were left out on the dresser that their father knew and was supportive. Though I’d not planned it that way, they also could tell that their father and I didn’t think Mom having sex with our friends was sinful or shameful. After that, it all came pretty easy.”

Phyllis appeared to take a minute to process then asked, “And they weren’t grossed out at seeing pics of Mom having sex?” Then she seemed to understand the big picture, “Oh, because you and their father had never hidden sex from them, it was not a great leap to see photos of you with your church friends.”

Bonnie nodded, “Exactly. When we decided to normalize sex to our kids before Misty was born, we’d not foreseen that eventuality, but that is how it worked out. Even before we created our free-love circle at church, Cooper and I went on a nude cruise where the sex was public and frequent. The sponsors provided us with a two-hour travel video. While a lot of it was normal vacation stuff, other than the fact we were all nude on the boat, the video didn’t omit the sex. When we got the flash drive containing the video, the kids asked if we could watch it at our weekly family movie night. They’d already heard all about what we’d done and had seen still photos, so they knew what they were asking. They both sat right there with us when a good dozen video clips of different times that Mom and Dad were having sex with the other seven people on the sailing yacht came on. The videos left nothing to the imagination. Again, we’d not planned it that way, but it was just a way of reinforcing our belief that sex is not dirty or something that needs to be hidden.”

Phyllis just nodded so Bonnie added, “I know this is a big night for you, just like my first time with Jill and Vic was. Feel free to take all the phone pics you want of me with Dan and me with you too. You’ll be glad you did.”

“And if Faith sees them on my phone?”

“It will be her choice to look or not. That is how it works for those of us who truly believe sex is a gift from God meant to be shared.”

Again, Phyllis just nodded. She then asked, “Would you want to use some pics of us doing it on your blog. I saw the post before the one of your girl’s birthday, a post about your trip to Chicago last week. In the post there was a photo of you sitting on top of a man. The lighting made the picture look very artistic. Now that I know you have someone edit them with Photoshop I can see that was likely done in post-production. But the picture on your blog only showed him up to his shoulders so we didn’t see his face. But it was clear that you were having sex in a hotel room. As far as I saw, it is the first time you’ve posted an actual sex pic.”

“Oh, I guess I haven’t seen that post either. I suppose I should look at my own blog more. But I know the story you are talking about; it actually happened almost a month ago and it wasn’t in Chicago. I forwarded four or five photos the couple had sent me to Libby and I let her know they did not want their faces shown. So, you are right, she worked that image over to make it look better and hide his identity. Yes, that is the first photo on my blog to show me having sex. We’ve actually planned to include occasional sex pics on my blog since the outset. It won’t be the standard fare, but I wanted to remind my readers that I have no shame about how I use my body. So, if you want you can send me a few of the pics you take. You and Dan could even deliberately take a few that you intend to hide the identity of the person with me, that is not hard to do without even appearing to do so.”

Phyllis replied, “I’ll do that and send you some of the pics,” she laughed then said, “So you can show your family what you did this week.” Then she added, “But like the hot tub photos, I’ll have to get my bosses sign-off on any pics you put on your blog.”

Dan arrived just a few minutes later.

It was past 2:00 AM when the couple left Bonnie’s room. They’d not been engaged in sex the whole time, they had a good talk with the three of them between rounds one and two with Dan and again before Bonnie and Phyllis had one more go at it while Dan took phone pics.

Before the second round with Dan, Bonnie made a call to Cooper, as she usually tried to do while on the road. It turned out she interrupted his date with Tad & Cindy Norman. As she had done before when calling him in the presence of a couple she’d been having sex with, she had the phone on speaker mode.

When responding to her apology for interrupting him, Cooper said, “That’s OK, we are taking a break to let Tad recover. While he was able to hold back while Cindy and I blew him together, he couldn’t hold back watching me eat her while he fucked my ass. That was a first for them, and it was super great for all three of us. Cindy said he’ll be up again in a little bit so it's all good.”

That was more than Bonnie had expected to hear, though she was amused at the looks on Phyllis’s and Dan’s faces. After she’d given her husband a quick rundown of her activities so far, Bonnie gave him her love and hung up. She then told how, at a Valentine’s swing party sponsored by a hometown friend, Cooper had met up with Cindy who is their accountant. “He literally ran into her on a big-bed orgy. Before that night, he had no idea that she and her husband were swingers, though he knew that she’d had a crush on him back when they were in high school. I was on the road that weekend, I wrote about my Valentine’s event in my blog.”

Phyllis said, “Yes, I read it. You had two separate encounters that night with different couples. It was very hot.”

“Yes, I wrote about my night, but not about Cooper’s and the party he’d gone to sponsored by the wealthiest woman in our rural county. As I understand it, it was quite the affair.  It turns out that Cindy has fantasized about having sex with one of her clients in her office for years. The opportunity to do that with her old flame was just more than she could resist once she’d had sex with him at the party. Since mid-February is the start of tax season, Cooper has been to visit her at her office a couple of times since then. Both times they did it on her office desk with her secretary just on the other side of the door. From what he said, she was quite loud and when he left, he got a look from the woman outside Cindy’s office. Tonight is his first time since the party to be with both Cindy and her husband.”

That led into a conversation about swingers and about male bi-sexuality in that community. Bonnie was happy to explain what she knew to a couple who prided themselves in knowledge about LGBT issues. Contrary to Phyllis’s expectation, her husband was indeed able to get it back up for round two and keep it up for a solid hour. Phyllis didn’t miss the opportunity to take photos and video clips of her husband with Bonnie. And, when Bonnie and Phyllis had the last round with just the two of them, Dan did the same.


All in all, it was an exceptionally good night on the road for Bonnie. Though she knew it would be a chore to make good on her promise to Faith to have breakfast with her and her family at 8:30 AM, it was worth it. She felt good and felt good about herself.

As expected, it was hard to get up when her alarm went off at 8:10, but Bonnie pulled herself together and went down to the ballroom where breakfast was served. She’d not made it down for breakfast the day before, and she likely wouldn’t have today if she hadn’t promised Faith. Even though she’d not taken the time to dress for her presentations yet, she was a little late.

As soon as she walked in, she saw Faith pop up at a round table off to the side of the ballroom/dining room. Around the table, she saw Phyllis, Dan, Joy, and her parents. She wasn’t too surprised not to see Faith’s brother, he was likely sleeping in. That was just as well given what she expected the conversation to be. And Bonnie’s expectation was right on the money because when Bonnie sat down with her plate of fruit and a bagel, right-off Faith blurts out “Mom and Dad won’t tell me, they said I have to ask you. Did you have sex with my parents last night?”

Bonnie deliberately took her time to spread some cream cheese on her bagel, before looking up to say, “Yes I did.” Not surprisingly all eyes around the table were on her. She decided to add, “And it was exceptionally nice. Perhaps the best time I’ve ever had with a couple I’ve met on the road. So Faith, how was your night? Did it work out as you’d hoped?”

Bonnie didn’t know the girl’s face could get any brighter, “It was AMAZING!” she exclaimed. “The best night of my entire life. Nothing I’ve ever done is even close.” She seemed to think and looked over to her parents before looking back to Bonnie and said, “You were right, I was really tempted to let him put it in me. Being in the bed watching Joy and Justin having sex right next to me made me want to do it really bad, but I told Mom and you that I would wait to do it with Barry the first time. But I did everything short of that and like you said, I didn’t have to have a dick in me to have an amazing time.” She took a breath then asked, “So what did you and my parents do? Danny said Mom and Dad didn’t get back to our room until 2:15 this morning.”

It was Bonnie’s turn to look over at Faith’s parents. Phyllis nodded, so Bonnie turned back to Faith, “What do you want to know? Just like with my own kids, I will tell you anything you want to know no matter how explicit. So don’t ask something you don’t want to hear about.”

“What did you do?” Faith repeated.

 “OK, Faith, I’ll give you the big picture: when we got to my room your mom and I made out for a long time before she went down on me. She got me off four times before she asked to call your dad to join us. The first time your dad and I had sex, your mom just watched and took phone pics. After a break, we had a full threesome, more like what you told us you planned to do with Joy and Josh. The last time was just your Mom and me while your dad watched and took pictures and video of us making love. If you want to know more, just ask specific questions.”

“Mom ate you out?” Faith turned to her right to look at her mother, “I know you have told Joy that you are bi, but when I told you I was having sex with her, you didn’t tell me that you had actually done it with women. I thought that just meant you were attracted to women. When was the last time you did it? Where you like my age, or have you done it since you’ve been married to Dad?”

Phyllis only hesitated a moment before saying, “When we lived in Phoenix when you were in kindergarten and first grade, I had a relationship with a woman in the church. But I’ve not been with a woman since then.”

Bonnie knew how hard that was for her to tell her girl. She was proud of Phyllis for her willingness to show such candor.

Faith said “Cool, I didn’t know that. I guess that is why you don’t mine Joy and I doing it in my room pretty much every time she comes over.” Then turning back to Bonnie, in a bright and surprisingly innocent but nonstop voice she said “I love eating pussy. Well, I like sucking dick a whole lot as well, but I don’t get to do that as often. In addition to doing it to Joy like twice a week, since the summer, I’ve eaten out pretty much all my friends who have come to the house. Mom doesn’t know that I’m having sex with[U1]  my other friends from school and church, well I guess she does now. Some of them want to call me a lesbo, but I’m not. I’m totally bi. As soon as I can get Barry to our house, I’m going to fuck his brains out just like I saw Joy do to Justin last night. She did it way longer than I’ve ever seen on Porn Hub videos, and it was way better to see in person. It was good Joy’s parents didn’t come home till morning, Justin was there till 1:00 this morning. He ate me out too, but he’s not as good at it as Joy, she’s the best. I’ve already asked Joy if I can do that with her and her boyfriend back home. She said I could, and by then I’ll have done Barry so I won’t have to hold back when I’m with them. What did mom do to you? I mean I’m curious and wondering if she and I eat pussy the same way?”

Bonnie tried to sound dispassionate when she said, “Well before your Dad joined us, she did two distinct things. First, she did something no one else has done for me. She spent over half an hour… more like forty-five minutes doing nothing but licking me out. She kept her tongue moving around the inside of my vagina virtually the whole time. It was an amazing experience. She brought me to orgasm just by doing that, something I’ve never experienced before; and I’ve been having sex with girls since I was younger than you. It was unique and wonderful. The rest of that first session was really good, but more conventional. Your mother used two fingers inside of me and her lips and tongue on my clit. Doing that she gave me three orgasms in quick succession. All that was before your father came to my room.”

She turned to Phyllis, “Does that sound right?”

She was not surprised the woman’s face was pink as she said, “Yes, that sounds right.” Pointedly she looked at Abbie to say, “Bonnie is exceptional at cunnilingus as well. I don’t have remotely her experience, but we did things that were new to me.” Back to her daughter, she said, “Faith, I don’t mind you asking Bonnie anything you want, but I’m not really ready to go into what your father and I did with her yet. If you can wait till we get home, you can ask anything you want of me and I’ll do my best to answer. How’s that?”

Faith nodded, “That’s OK, Mom. I can wait for you to tell me your perspective.” Then she asked, “But I can ask Mrs. Campbell more questions about what you did last night right now. Right?”

“Yes, you can ask her anything you want. I might not be ready to tell you myself, but I’m not going to be ashamed of what we did last night.”

Joy cut in, “You took pics? You said you guys took pics? Can we see them?”

Bonnie replied to Joy’s question, “From what Phyllis and Dan said, they have phone pics and video clips, but I haven’t seen them.”

Dan was ready for that question, “Bonnie told us that she and her husband make no effort to hide the photos of them having sex to visitors to their house. I guess they have a room with pictures on the wall and a couple of photo books that contain pictures of them having sex on different out-of-town trips.”

Bonnie nodded to say he was right.

Dan looked over to Joy's parents and then back to Joy, “Phyllis and I talked about this already and we are going to try to treat sex as a normal activity… so… if your parents don’t mind, once we get back upstairs you can see anything you want. Though I don’t know why anyone would want to see photos of me naked.”

Phyllis jumped in, “Oh I disagree.” Looking over to Abbie, she said “The pictures and video I took of Dan with Bonnie are super-hot. I took like a hundred pics and the video clips are even better. I’m sure you will want to see them all.”

With a grin the other mother said, “Oh, I do, I do.”

Over the next half an hour as she ate, in answering Faith and Joy’s questions, Bonnie gave as detailed a rundown of a sexual encounter as she’d ever given. After a few more details on what she and her mother had done she said, “Your mom evidently had been waiting for a decade to watch your father with another woman. As you found out last night, when you are with people you care about while they enjoy sexual pleasure, you are a participant even during the times you are not physically involved.”

Faith nodded vigorously as did Joy’s mother.  Abbie asked Phyllis “What did you think of watching Bonnie with Dan?”

“I was… well it’s hard for me to put into words. So I’ll just say, I enjoyed it in ways I didn’t expect.”

Abbie agreed, “When we first started doing it, I was surprised how much I liked seeing him with other women. Now it is an important part of the experience for me.”

Phyllis nodded, “Yes, I see that now. Though it came as no surprise that I enjoyed Dan watching me and Bonnie. Abbie, as you know, ten years ago he watched me with another man once and we still talk about that experience.” Phyllis turned to her daughter who had responded with a face of shock, “Yes, we did that when we lived in Phoenix. When we get home, if you want, I’ll tell you all about it.”

Faith smiled and said, “You can bet I’ll want to hear that story.”

Phyllis took in a deep breath and said, “I will tell you. I promise. I’ll say this much now, it happened in the office your father and I shared at that church. Your dad didn’t participate… at least not until the man left, but he saw me get naked right in our office and do everything right on my desk.”

Stepping in to let Phyllis off the hook, Bonnie looked at Faith to say, “As I said before, we had three separate rounds of playtime after your father got to the room. Once we did a full threesome, one time your mother just watched me with your dad, and the last time your father just watched us. As I guess you found out last night, all three ways have their own unique joys.”

Faith eagerly jumped in, “Yes, that is what we did last night too. That is why it went on for so long. Yesterday, I don’t think I would have understood what you are saying, but I do now. I now understand how being watched is different than being part, and that is different than just watching them have sex right next to me. But all three times were super great.”

Joy finally spoke up. To Faith, she said “Yes, all three times were great. Knowing Justin was there watching me and you, and then at the end when you were there watching me and him changed the experience… expanded it. And our threesome was everything I’d hoped it would be.”

Faith nodded vigorously.

 Joy went on, “Lucas knows that you and I have been a thing longer than he and I have. I know that he’s wanted you to join us for a threesome, like since the first time he and I had sex. But since I knew you weren’t ready to have sex with a guy yet, I told him no. It wasn’t that I was jealous or thought you wouldn’t want to do it. I guess it never occurred to me before yesterday that we could have a threesome if you didn’t screw the guy. But Mrs. Campbell was right, just because you didn’t have sex with Justin last night didn’t make it any less special, so you won’t need to screw Lucas if we have a threesome, though I won’t mind if you do.”

Bonnie stepped back in, “That’s true. And it works the other way too. I didn’t say it in the public session, but my son and his girlfriend had threesomes and foursomes from the end of summer till Christmas even though he still wasn’t putting his penis in her vagina for those months. At least a dozen times while they made out, he held her while  another guy fucked her.”

That certainly got everyone at the table’s attention.

“Yes, since she had already begun having vaginal sex and Lamar hadn’t, that was one of their favorite things to do for those months. Perhaps it was easier for him since he knew full well that his dad had watched his mom have sex with other men many times. But it worked for them.” Back to Faith, she said, “But for me there is nothing quite like having a married couple in my bed,

especially when I’m the first woman they’ve ever done that with… like I did with your parents last night. I’ve always enjoyed going down on a woman while her husband is behind me. Each time the husband hits bottom, the motion is carried directly through me to his wife. In doing that, they are still having sex with each other, but I’m a bridge between them.”

“So last night, each time your dad drove his erection home inside of me till it hit bottom, my lips and tongue pressed down hard on your mother’s clit. It was no surprise that she climaxed hard… twice, before he lost control and came himself. Then even while they were both in the middle of their orgasms, my own began. So, all three of us climaxed that time right in succession, your mom, your dad then me. Only someone like me or your mom who has been married for decades can understand the joy that comes from feeling as well as watching her husband spend himself into another woman. When that happens, rather than make me jealous, it is like I overflow with love for Cooper. I am pretty sure that is what your mother experienced when she could feel your dad having his orgasm through my body.”

Faith just breathily said “Oh wow.”

Abbie, apparently without considering what she was saying right in front of her daughter said, “That has never happened like that with us, ever… and we’ve been with other couples more than thirty times over the last ten years. And Phyllis gets it the first time?”

Bonnie turned and explained, “To make that work, you need not only to be with a woman who knows what she is doing but one who intends to have the couple have sex through her. It is one of the joys I’ve found when I decided to stop making sex all about me, to being about the couple I am with.”

Faith turned to Joy and said, “And we didn’t even think about doing that last night. I know what I want to try next time.”

Phyllis ignored her daughter’s comment and turned to her friend and said, “Oh Abbie, it was just like she said. It was all about Dan and me, even though she was between us. He and I were looking into each other’s eyes the whole time he was doing her like that. I could see him and feel him ramming his cock into her, but he was looking right at me. It was like he was doing me even if he was physically inside of her. She was like a conduit channeling his love for me. And Bonnie is right, it made my love for Dan just well up in my heart even as I was cumming. It is certainly an experience we will never forget.”

Phyllis reached out to Bonnie, though it was too far across the table to reach, the motion’s meaning was clear. “I know I said it in your room before we left, but I want to thank you for everything you did for me… for us, last night.

That was all the reward Bonnie needed for her efforts. Before she wrapped up, she made sure to tell the two teenage girls, who were her primary audience, that while she sucked Dan bare, he used condoms for both vaginal and anal sex. That last part got both girls' attention and Bonnie found herself explaining her history with anal sex.  She could not help but notice that while she was ostensibly talking to the two girls, the four parents listened with rapt attention.

Bonnie began to wrap up by saying, “Although your mother hedged her praise of your father’s love-making skills because she’s had only a small fraction of the men I have…”

Joy cut in, “How many?” She then realized she’d been out of line and apologized, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked… but you see, I’m only a couple of months from finishing high school and I’ve only done it with six guys, and three of those were regular boyfriends and two of the other three guys I’ve known for years.  Yesterday with Justin was the only time I’ve ever done it with someone I’ve only known a few days, but I figured if Mom could do it here with men she meets, so can I. Yet even though I don’t really think I’ve had sex with too many guys… girls at school call me a slut. My brother did way more girls before he went off to college than I’ve had guys. I know because his room is right next to mine. He even fucked two of my best friends even though they were three years younger than him. Nobody cares what kind of swimsuit guys wear and guys don’t give girls oral sex the way girls are expected to do it to guys. And I have no doubt he’s banged tons of girls in college, but nobody ever called him a slut.”

Bonnie could tell the pain in her voice, and apparently, she’d been holding this back for some time. In the corner of her eye, she could see the horrified look on Abbie’s face at hearing her daughter. Bonnie took a moment to craft a reply. “Joy, I know that words can hurt. In the case of slut shaming, they are meant to. In high school, I had sex with seven different guys, one more than you, though in college I did it with many, many more. I actually don’t know how many guys have had their dick in me, but some people called me the sluttiest girl at Vanderbilt University. Normally I reveled in the fact I had sex with two or three times as many guys as the most experienced girl I knew. But it hurt when I found out that some of the same guys who’d been quick to jump in my bed told my husband… well at the time my boyfriend, that he shouldn’t get involved with a slut like me.  I was good enough to stick their dick into, but not good enough to date  and certainly not good enough to marry.”

She was gratified to see the empathy on the faces of both the girls and their parents.

“Now that you say it, I should have addressed this in my talk yesterday. Though I could suggest several courses of action, the reality is that since you are about to graduate and go off to Arizona State in the fall, you will likely never see those girls again after you graduate. Any push back would take more time than you have.”

Joy nodded.

Bonnie went on, “But I can tell you have a real friend in Faith, and from the way you two talked, I am guessing you have a group of supporters in your church youth group. Am I right?”

She nodded again.

“Then perhaps, with your parent’s support and the support of Faith’s parents as your youth leaders, you could consider the approach that my daughter and her friends took when her nude beach photos showed up at school. Not as much for you, since you will soon be moving on, but for Faith who has two more years at home, and for the other girls who look up to you as an example.”

She could see both mothers were also nodding in agreement.

“Go to the Euro-Club website and their other social media outlets and you will see a lot of what they have done. I will leave the address to their website and Misty’s contact information. I can assure you she would be more than happy to help.”

Bonnie hoped her words didn’t sound like she was taking Joy’s pain lightly, but she was running out of time. She had to cut-off the conversation by saying, “I have to go to my room to get ready for my first session. I have a luncheon to go to then I have been invited to do something during the two hours between lunch and my second session. But if you guys want, we can talk again at dinner.”

Phyllis unexpectedly jumped in to say, “Before any of you ask, Bonnie’s after-lunch commitment is with Dan and me… in her room. We will try to make it worthy of more questions over dinner tonight.”

Abby jumped in, “Good for you, girl. Stand up for yourself. And in case anyone is wondering, we have similar plans with a couple we’ve been trying to get together with all week.” Then she looked at her daughter, “And if you want to use our room to meet up with that boy again… or another boy… or girl, you have our complete support.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but smile as she picked up her dirty dishes. After she put them in the tub by the door, she turned to see Abbie there. The woman said “I just wanted to thank you for that talk with the girls. I was truly shocked when Faith right off talked about her night with Joy and that boy with an explicitness we did not expect. Our daughter has never been that direct with us about what she does… well not until just now. Sure, we’ve been giving her lots of space to explore her sexuality for a couple of years now, but Faith just seemed so comfortable saying things that Joy has never said around us. I don’t think Phyllis was expecting that kind of openness from her daughter either. The truth is we have wanted to be that open with Joy, but we’ve found it so hard to do. She’s known we meet with other couples at the convention every year and she’s even asked questions, but we’ve always put her off. Maybe that is why she’s not open with us. But now… after this, I think I’ll be able to answer those questions now. If Phyllis can tell her daughter what she did in bed with you, I’ll be damned if I’m going to be more prudish than her.” She laughed, “And after how breakfast went, I will have to be prepared for some pretty explicit talks in the next few weeks.”

Bonnie smiled, “I’m sure you will.” She almost turned, but then added, “It will be hard the first time or two, but once you get to the point you can talk about sex with your daughter the way you would with your best friend, you will be glad you did. I know I am.”

At 10:30, Bonnie began her first session of the day. Given her good response yesterday, she wore an even more revealing outfit for the second day’s lectures with a totally see-through mesh blouse under her blazer. While she’d had a good turn-out for the prior sessions, when she arrived, the hall was packed and the resort staff were bringing in more chairs. She couldn’t miss how many family groups including teens and even children were there. She knew there were “adult’ photos in her presentation, but by now with the warning in the catalogue and word of mouth, nobody should be surprised by her content… or attire.

She was not surprised to see on the front row both Faith and Joy with both sets of their parents. As she had the day before, she handed Faith her Leica to take photos. She was surprised to see Danny Jr. sitting between his parents though. She guessed they decided he needed to hear at least one of her presentations.

This would be the second time she had presented her Raising Sex-Positive Children lecture. The first had been at the swinger’s convention in Cancun. The newly revised presentation drew primarily from her own experiences but was augmented by help from Dr.'s Fletcher and McKinnon from the FFF board.  They provided invaluable academic support for her themes. The crux of her entire presentation was that to raise a sex-positive child, parents must demystify sex so they grow up to see it like any other human activity. At the same time, parents should concurrently tell their children that they would not be ready to do it until they were in their teens. She told the crowd in the packed ballroom how by design, her children had never seen parental sex as something done in secret. She even showed a photo of the French door that allowed anyone to see into her own bedroom, even if the door was closed.

She explained, “Though in truth, from before our kids were born it has been very rare indeed that my bedroom door has been closed. By leaving the door open from the very first, we were telling our children there was nothing worth seeing in there. It was only when they reached puberty did either of them begin to be interested in what went on in Mom and Dad’s bed. Yes, there were times they stood out in our living room looking into our bedroom in an effort to understand sex, but in truth, real adult sex is pretty boring and that didn’t last too long.” As she’d hoped, she got some laughs. 

She’d incorporated a number of the cartoon illustrations from the lecture to teens; however, there was a liberal use of the Campbell’s family photos. In making the revision from the rushed version she’d put together before, Bonnie was surprised how many supportive photos she found at home for her talk; from nude family swims when the kids were in pre-school, to photos from their first trip to Miami to Misty in her new lingerie before her sexual debut.

She couldn’t help but take a moment to brag on her daughter, the professional glamour photographer. Marcy had shot a good many frames of Misty at South Beach shooting glamour photos of the others, so she decided to use one. She chose to use one of Misty shooting Bailey with Caitlin assisting with the reflector board… and of course, all three girls wore only micro thongs. After she’d gotten DeeDee, Baily’s and Caitlin’s permission to use that photo, she decided to ask Samuel and Rebecca for permission to use one of Misty’s studio photos of the three of them.

Her point with those images was that she’d raised a daughter completely comfortable with nudity and sexuality… and that her girl was a great photographer to boot. Before she showed the photo of her with Samuel and Rebecca, Bonnie said, “Once my daughter’s friends began to turn eighteen, her pool of models and the range of ideas she could express expanded. She wanted to make a set of photos showing how a young couple ministers to a lonely middle-aged woman. Oh yes, you can guess who she wanted to portray a lonely middle-aged woman.” She pointed to herself with a disgusted look.

The laughs set up the next photo.

“She asked me if I would pose with one of her best friends and her friend’s boyfriend in her home studio. Since both of those friends had been sharing her bed for a year, they were well used to being naked and sexual around her. This is one of the set showing how sexuality can be used as a ministry to the needy.”

When the image came up on the screen, she could see a wave of surprise, but she was sure her point was well made.


“I had no problem posing with her friends. Sex is a gift from God which holds no shame if done in a spirit of respect and compassion. My daughter had not the slightest compunction against asking me to help her make this set of photos and I had no compunction against acting as her model to tell the story. And no, I won’t say I didn’t enjoy it, because I did. The look on my face was not simply good acting.” She stepped forward with a conspiratorial voice said, “That kid has a tool that no woman would ever forget, and it felt….” She rolled her eyes.

She’d hoped to get a laugh to dissipate the shock at showing the photo. She got it.

“I know for many of you this seems an extreme example of normalizing sex, but I don’t think I could have made the point strong enough any other way. And yes, I’m biased, but my daughter is a talented photographer and this is a powerful image.”

While she knew this explanation was taking some liberties with the events, she’d recast the circumstances when Misty told her what she’d entitled the image. It was Misty who had cast this as an image of service when she’d entitled it A Young Couple’s Service when she’d added it to her professional portfolio. Though in her portfolio it was printed in high-contrast black & white rather than the color version she was using. Misty had said the photo’s title had been inspired by DeeDee Hildebrandt’s Rahab ministry. In planning the lecture she’d talked to Misty and they agreed that the narrative Bonnie gave was legitimate.

As she’d hoped, the revised version of this lecture went much better than the version she’d hurriedly put together for Cancun.  After the session, she attended an invitation-only luncheon for the event organizers, sponsors, and speakers.   It was more or less a round table discussion on regaining the historic progressive voice in mainstream Christianity.   She found it enlightening, and she had the opportunity to make a pitch for the FFF. She got the attention of a number of people when she said the foundation gave money to groups to forward the sexual freedom agenda. Afterward she gave out a dozen business cards. She was also approached by the publisher of a progressive Christian press about her illustrated version of The Song of Solomon. He had heard from several people that it was impressive.  Sensing this might be valuable to her, she offered to show him that part of the lecture. 

Thus, she had to delay her time with Phyllis and Dan. When she called them, they assured her that her work had to come first. She spent half an hour in the large main room of the lodge going over the illustrations and story on her lap top.  She told him how she and Cooper had both worked on the paraphrasing of Song of Solomon using medieval Arabic poetry to unpack the idioms and make them understandable to a modern teenage audience.   Though she only had illustrations for half the story, she assured him that her illustrator would be eager to take on a project to make the story into a graphic novel for publication. With a handshake, she was on her way to a new and unforeseen project.

Though her afternoon time with Phyllis and Dan was shorter than expected, all three of them put in maximum energy to make it well worth their time. She had her final presentation at 4:30. It was the one on sexual oppression over the ages which she tailored to focus on the repression by the Christian church. Since she’d done it six different times already, even with the change to put the emphasis on Christian church history, it was not an effort for her. Additionally, she had a friendly audience made up largely of people who had come to her prior presentations.

As planned, she had dinner with Faith and Joy’s families.

First off, Faith and Joy gushed over the photos & video clips of Bonnie with Faith’s parents. “The best part,” Faith said, “was to sit beside Mom while we watched her having sex on the TV in Joy’s room. I mean we watched her actually having sex with you and my dad showed everything. I’m sure he never dreamed Mom and I would watch it together. At first, I could tell Mom was uncomfortable, but it seemed like by halfway through, she was telling all about what we were seeing, like it was totally normal… like you said it is with your family.”

Joy jumped in, “I’ll admit, at first I was embarrassed seeing you sucking Faith’s dad’s dick, but I before you two started fucking it was turning me on to watch. Well, I’d already gotten wet from watching you with her mom. If it had been just me and Faith, I would have had my hand in my panties right off.”

Phyllis chimed in, “Faith is right, I was embarrassed at first. Initially, I wanted to crawl under the covers, but by the time we were done, I was wondering why I’d been so embarrassed. Bonnie, you are right, sex is perfectly normal. Healthy Christians should not feel shame for others to see them engaged in uplifting sexual union. What we did last night… and this afternoon, was uplifting: a beautiful expression of Christian love. I hate to admit that it took my sixteen-year-old daughter to make me see that for the first time in my life.” 

Phyllis had already explained that Dan had gone off with Danny Jr. during the photo viewing session, so her husband had been spared the experience of being there while his sex photos & videos were shared. Bonnie wondered how much of the events of the past twenty-four hours had they explained to Danny Jr. before dinner. The boy wasn’t participating in the discussion, but he didn’t look confused by the talk either.

Abbie then quipped, “The pictures were sexy even if they were just phone pics. They were not of the quality of that photo you showed in the morning session that your daughter shot of you and her friends, but they were hot all the same. And seeing Dan in the videos got my motor really running. If it weren’t for the whole employee-employer thing, I’d have you two in our bed tonight.”

Phyllis shook her head, “We couldn’t do tonight anyway, Dan and I get one more chance to be with Bonnie after we get out of the hot tub. We’ll be spending the night this time. I’m looking forward to that.”

Bonnie quipped, “Other than the fact I have to get up at 4:30 to catch the shuttle to the airport.”

Phyllis reached out and took Bonnie’s arm, “A small price to pay.”

Then Abbie said in a more serious tone to Phyllis, “But really, thank you for trusting my family enough to let us see those pictures. As I told Bonnie at lunch, I can’t be more of a prude than you, so when we all get home, we’ll have you guys over to show you the pictures we’ve made at this convention over the years.” 

Joy jumped in, “Which means they will finally let me see them too.”

Her mother nodded, “Yes, I guess it does. Heaven help me, I hope I do half as well as Phyllis did with that.”

That evening Bonnie went back to the big hot tub. She was surprised and flattered that a number of the teens had brought their parents with them. Most, but not all, had on swimsuits; however, after Bonnie walked into the tub in the nude, one by one the fourteen people who had evidently been waiting for her began to remove what they were wearing. All but three were nude when Faith and Joy arrived with their families accompanied by a couple Bonnie had not met. Faith’s brother, who was wearing swim trunks got in, and the two girls simply tossed the towels that were wrapped around them on the bench and got in the water. They had not brought swimwear. The six adults were dressed in the lodge robes & slippers. They stood by a bench and talked for a moment before, first Phyllis, then the other five laid their robes on the bench and stepped out of their slippers. They too came without swimsuits.

Unlike the night before, the adults were full participants in the discussion. The questions and discussion mostly revolved around Bonnie’s sex-positive parenting lecture. Right off, the photo she’d showed of her having sex with Samual became the starting point for Bonnie telling a whole series of stories to illustrate that, while sex was quite open at their home, there were still clear boundaries. The parents were very interested in her house rules and when she recited the rules posted outside the play room, that opened up the discussion even more.

As the night before, things began to wind down after about 10:15. Abbie asked, “Can we get a group photo before we go back to Will and Vera’s room for the night?” She was happy to do so and even retrieved her Leica for her own photos. Of course, after that, she was asked by a number of people to pose with them, though she had to tell the minors they would have to stay out of the pictures.

Unlike the prior night, though the first group left shortly after 10:00, more people arrived to talk to Bonnie as they were doing the photos. In the end, she, Phyllis, and Dan stayed until midnight. That night, for the first time ever, Bonnie felt part of a larger Christian community fighting for Christianity as the religion of liberation and love rather than the mainstream religion of rules and oppression.

It had been a long day, but she, Phyllis, and Dan found the energy to play for nearly an hour before the three of them crashed for the night.  Though she’d only known Phyllis for a few days, going to sleep (and waking up) with her snuggled up beside her was so very comforting. The last thought that went through her head was that the saddest thing about her life now was making a connection with other people, then become separated by distance. It had happened with Mira, and it would happen again with Phyllis.

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Professor, I discovered FF on Tumblr, and began reading with the last book, which you said was the most important part. I don't remember this episode, but I have a feeling that we're in that same territory. Venceremos!

Does the retelling of the Song of Solomon for teens exist? I've read Genesis, The Book of Job (!), the Gospels, a lot of Acts of the Apostles, and dipped in here and there, mostly looking up things that were mentioned elsewhere. Bonnie's lecture made me think I ought to put Song in my queue. I might prefer the retelling.

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There are a lot of things that are new or revised from the prior versions.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Fantastic as always.

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Thank you


May 12
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It is always a wonderful experience to meet other like-minded people to share thoughts and bodies with. Bonnie’s connection with the young people and their parents opened the communication channels in the families. Bonnie’s experience with Phyllis changed Bonnie’s sex with Phyllis and Dan from fucking for her pleasure to a ministry of love. The illustrations are beautifully done and appropriate. You’ve put a lot of effort into Chapter 62a/b. The message is clear and the clarion call has gone out to us readers. What we do with it is up to us. You’ve put a lot of thought into In Search of the Final Freedom. Looking back at the four books and the 62 (plus) chapters the structure of the…

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I love that at least one person gets the arc of my story.

I really didn't want to do any more 100 page chapters, but other than the opening scene at Waffle House, this chapter all tells one story, and it took this many words to say what I wanted to say.

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