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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 63

Updated: Jun 10

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel



Sounding the Clarian Call


Chapter 63

Off to St. Martin


The week and two days between her birthday and the Spring Break trip to St. Martin were hard for Misty. She and Tommy didn’t officially break up, nor had word made it to his church leaders exactly who he was dating; but it was clear the end of their romantic relationship was inevitable. They never once talked about her birthday activities. The one thing that helped all week was that she and Tommy were so very busy putting the yearbook “to bed” before their deadline, which was the day before school let out for Spring Break. Wednesday, several of the student yearbook staff were there until late. After the meeting, in his truck which was still in the school parking lot, they had sex for the first time since the week before her birthday.  It was sex, but not much more.

The next night when the work was finally done it was close to 10:00 PM, just two hours before their midnight deadline. There was a party and everyone was in a great mood.  Misty too was elated and was sure this was the last great accomplishment of her years at Jeff Davis. Sure, graduation was still a few months off, but she was done, the rest was just an easy downhill coast.  When Mr. Truman left the room to lock up their receipt book in the school safe, on a whim, she jumped up onto a chair and said, “Its time to celebrate!” Whereupon she pulled off her tee-shirt and the tank top she wore under it as a quasi-bra, displaying her breasts to Tommy, and all the rest of the yearbook staff. While she waved the shirt in the air she said, “What can they do to me now?  This is done and I’ve got four college acceptance letters!” She then quickly put the shirt back on, but put the tank top in her purse. The whole thing had lasted less than a minute.

She ran over to Tommy to give him a kiss.  As her lips met his, she knew she had made a mistake. He responded but just barely, and that ended in about two seconds. She tried to save face by pretending she was the one who broke off the kiss. She twirled and said “Congratulations team, and have a great spring break everyone. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” But this was not the Euro-Club and they were all stunned. Everyone in the room were her friends and she was well-liked by the publications team. Many had taken heat for defending her in the past. Though they knew Misty’s reputation this was the first time they had seen her actually do anything outrageous. It took a few seconds for them to recover and some were supportive by telling her "go girl" and the like; however more looked confused and unsure what to say or do. Misty quickly realized she'd made a mistake, but later Kelli told her that while it hadn't been smart, given everything else, it wouldn't change how they saw her. This would be OK. That little stunt would just build the legend as graduation neared. But Tommy?  What was he thinking?

The next day was the last school day before Spring Break. She was very tired. She had been at school past 10:00 for three nights in a row and her little stunt had gone badly. The good part was that when they left the school last night, the project was completed. All that was needed was for Mrs. Maybree and Mr. Truman to review the proof copy. The bad part was that she was sure she and Tommy were history.

The lunch table conversation blessedly was not about her and Tommy.

“Too bad the party won’t be at your place,” Hope said referring to a rumored Spring Break party some kids were trying to pull off. It was a party that Misty would not even be attending because she and her family would be leaving for the Caribbean in the morning. Lunch broke up and not a word about Tommy.

Walking out of the lunch room with Rebecca, Misty said, “Yea, too bad I'll be gone all week. But that’s the way it goes. Gotta suffer through a free trip to the Caribbean."

“Yeah, it is quite the sacrifice” Rebecca agreed pushing her friend in mock jealousy as they walked down the hall. “Are you all ready for the trip?

“I got my passport in the mail yesterday,” Misty said pulling it from her purse.

“I’m just so cosmopolitan” were the last words she said before the bell rang.

She was grateful that school that day was mostly pro-forma. In the publications class Tommy didn’t talk to her at all. The principal, Dr. Collins came by to congratulate the class. This was the first time Misty had been this close to the principal since she had tried to get Misty to implicate her parents in child abuse over the beach photos nearly a year ago. 

Dr. Collins pointed out Tommy and Kelli for praise, but flagrantly avoided mentioning Misty though she too was an editor. “This is a great yearbook. I think it might be the best in decades.  I’ve talked it over with Mrs. Maybree and Mr. Truman. Unless the yearbook company does something disastrous with your work, we will be entering this year’s book into the NHSYA (National High School Yearbook Association) competition.”

The room burst into applause.

She continued “And the photo staff, your work is so good this year that we will be doing a first. We will send a copy to the American Center for News Reporting to be entered into their High School photojournalism competition.” Again, she pointedly avoided reference to Misty even though she, as the photo editor, was more responsible for the collection of photos than any other student. However, Misty knew full well that Dr. Collins knew who was responsible for the photos and that knowledge must gall her. Her pettiness amused Misty.

Again applause.

Both her amusement and the praise for her work helped to lift her sadness a bit, a good bit. And it made what she would say to Tommy easier.

When the Principal left, Ms. Maybree and Mr. Truman had a few words, before reminding them that they had several other small projects to finish before the end of school “But not for today.” And the class became a party.

After a good many ‘congratulations,’ Misty saw Tommy alone at the refreshment table. She looked into her cup of Coke Zero. “Sorry for embarrassing you yesterday.”

“Thanks, it’s OK,” he said. “I guess we did a good job on the yearbook.”

“Yea, I guess so,” she said timidly.

He continued in a quiet voice. “Seems they are really impressed with your work. Everyone knows why Dr. Collins didn't acknowledge you as photo editor. Ms. Maybree and Mr. Truman know it was your work, and so do I, and so does everyone else on the publications staff.”

“It’s nice to feel appreciated for something I do.” She didn’t mean it as an attack, but she was sure it sounded like one, so she went on before he could respond. “We did good together on this. We should just let that be what we remember. It’s better than what we both know would be our memories of us if we wait till your church people put two and two together. And my stupid stunt yesterday didn't help.”

He nodded.

She went on, “The yearbook will be good. It will stand for what we did, together. How many high school couples have that as a legacy?”

“Not many” was his tepid reply.  It was clear he knew the real meaning of this conversation.

“You know Tommy, I will always love you. Twenty years from now I’ll think of you and the good times we had every time I see that book.” She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and walked away.

That was it. Without bitterness or rancor, her first true love affair ended. Ended because their values were not compatible and society would not have given them a chance to work it out. It was not that she chose sex with other people over Tommy, it was she chose the freedom to follow her beliefs. That was very different. Giving her that freedom was just more than Tommy could deal with. No, she corrected herself, it was not more than he could deal with, it just came with a price that he was unwilling to pay. A painful lesson, but a lesson nonetheless.

That night she very much missed her mother. She was gone again, somewhere in Vermont.  Misty tried to call her cell but got no answer.

After a late and busy night on his date with Cindy and Tad on Thursday night, Cooper expected DeeDee to arrive with Bailey after work, around 6:00 Friday evening. Well, actually it wouldn’t just be him and DeeDee.  Bonnie had told him that the quartette of Lamar, Sarah, Bailey, and Byron would all be spending the evening at their house since they would all be apart for the next week. To make it easier on everyone, the plan was to order out for dinner. Pizza for the kids and baked ziti for the adults. By cutting out from work early, he was able to get a two-hour nap before his company arrived. As it turned out, he needed it.

Early Saturday morning he pulled himself out of bed, long before the sun was up. If it had been anything less than an international flight he had to catch, he might have stayed in bed with DeeDee till noon. It had been a long night. But with his lover’s help, he and the kids were in the car on time, heading for Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport. 

Security took forever. While he and Bonnie had both undergone the TSA screenings to avoid the long line, their kids had not.  Once through the checkpoint, he was relieved to find Bonnie already waiting for him at the terminal.  Lamar was tasked with taking Mom's work carry-on to the airport's luggage storage office while Mom and Dad “relaxed” in the terminal seating, catching each other up on the happenings over the week. As it turns out there was a lot to tell, starting with his strenuous date with Cindy and Tad.  

Though a week at a resort in the Caribbean would have been out of their financial means, it only cost the family the expense of buying Lamar’s plane ticket, which was well within their budget. Evidently, web entrepreneur Richard Kyle was so convinced that he would make money on Misty's website that he booked the flight and a week at a resort on St. Martin Island for Misty and her parents. So, at 10:05 AM, their plane pulled away from the terminal.  It was the kid’s first trip out of the country and only their second air flight, so their normal teenage nonchalance gave way to giddy excitement. Lamar chattered incessantly while Misty quietly looked wide-eyed at everything.

The excitement and the novelty helped crowd out the heaviness of Misty’s heart. Her break-up with Tommy was neither sudden nor a surprise. Even though it was she who had been the one to break it off, it still hurt. She decided that the most hurtful thing was not that Tommy couldn’t overcome his prejudice, but that he was moved mainly by his desire to be accepted by the mainstream. She knew full well the things some people, including some of Tommy’s friends, said about her. She also knew that in the end, Tommy chose his social group’s acceptance over his care for her. That’s what hurt.

One of the good things about living near one of the world’s busiest airports is they were able to get a direct flight with no stops. So, by 1:11 (local time) their plane was skimming the wave tops as it prepared to land. Misty practically crawled over Lamar to see out the window, as suddenly land appeared followed quickly by the thump of wheels making contact with the island.  For all the parts of them that were adult-like, there were still many child-like traits in both the Campbell children.

The child-like excitement was not limited to the children though; it was just that Cooper and Bonnie were able to cover their excitement better.  After over twenty years of marriage, they had wanted to take such a trip for years; but one thing after another put it financially out of reach.  Cooper’s mid-life career change had drastically reduced their income but his few freelance architect jobs and the unexpected rise of Bonnie’s new career had filled the income gap. They both knew that in reality, this trip was coming to the family courtesy of Misty; Misty’s selling nude photos of herself, something which both parents had still not fully allowed themselves to consider.

Customs was surprisingly fast and efficient and a skycap was on hand to move their luggage to the first waiting taxi.

In the promotional materials they were given on the plane, they learned that the island is called Saint Martin on the Dutch side and Sint Maarten on the French side of the island, but English is spoken as a second language almost everywhere. According to the local tourist bureau, theirs was the smallest island in the world divided into two sovereign nations.

Côté Falaise Resort,” Cooper told the driver and in just a few minutes they were across the tiny island. Though called a resort, it reminded Bonnie more of a condominium complex. The twenty or so two-story modern-style villas were painted in bright colors, a different color for each small villa.  Some had a balcony facing the bay while others, like theirs, overlooked the central plaza which held a swimming pool with plenty of lounge space for such a small place."

They found the check-in desk and the manager escorted them to their villa where he gave them a brief tour of their accommodations, a greenish-yellow condo that faced the pool, but also included a sun deck on the roof. Cooper commented about how small and personalized the place seemed, nothing like the huge hotels at Miami Beach. 

“I love this” Bonnie said as she walked through the two-story villa, two bedrooms upstairs and an open kitchen/dining/living room downstairs. One bedroom and the large living area shared the same view of the swimming pool. However, even though they did not technically have a beachfront villa, because of the slope down to the water, one bedroom looked over the roof of the unit behind it. This gave it a full view of the ocean and a partial view of the curved white Orient Bay beach. The effect was breathtaking. Misty, the trip’s patron, did not object when her mother claimed that room for her and Cooper. Then, when they made the trip up the final set of stairs to the rooftop deck, the 360° view was simply stunning.

Right off Misty said, “I’ll be doing some shooting here this week,” as she looked around the deck space and then down to the beach and water far below.

Cooper, in his normal architect’s manner, told the family that given the modern concrete

architecture, the buildings were most likely built in the early 1960s, at the outset of the tourist trade on St. Martin.  The fact they are still here after who knows how many hurricanes says a lot. He then reminded them not to drink water from the tap, but only from bottles.

 In advance of the trip, both Bonnie and Misty had been frequenting the local tanning solon to refresh their completely faded summer tans. They had read up on where they were going, and based on the reports, they only brought their tiniest bikini bottoms and a total of one bikini top each, as they didn’t plan on wearing one very much.

They were completely settled in before 3:00 on Saturday. They would have a day and a half to enjoy themselves and relax prior to the work Misty was here to do. In their welcome to the resort, they were told about the nearby restaurants, the available masseur, and that the beach in front of the villas was clothing optional so they were free to wear as much or as little as they wished; however, at the pool, they were asked to cover their genitals.  Bonnie took note when they had arrived, neither of the women at the pool had been topless, not that she would hesitate to be the only bare-breasted woman out there.

 After unpacking, Bonnie and Cooper just let the weariness of the pace of life evaporate as they lay out by the pool that afternoon. No matter what the others had done the last few days, they did not set the same pace she had over the past 48 hours. Though during all the waiting times while traveling, Cooper had told her more about his date with Cindy and Tad, then all about last night at home with their house full of teens.

It seems their kids by accident had a mini-party at the house. Initially, it was just going to be DeeDee spending the night with Cooper. Monday at Waffle House, Bonnie had arranged for her to come over and act in Bonnie’s stead to help the family get ready for their trip. “After all, I can’t trust my husband to make sure the kids are packed… or himself for that matter.” All four women at the table had laughed at Cooper’s expense.

As the four moms talked that morning, they decided to suggest the quartet (Sarah, Lamar, Bailey, and Byron) stay at the Campbell’s on Friday night as well since they would not be together for a week. The four teens took the offer, so on Friday morning that had been the plan.

However, that plan expanded.

Misty’s breakup had put her in a down mood at school on Friday. When Kelly had noticed it, she had suggested she and Cody come over to keep Misty company that night. Then, even before Misty had gotten to her car, Haley texted saying she’d talked to Kelly and asked if she and Gregg could come by too. By the time she got home, Haley had texted Misty yet again to ask if her sister, Natalie, and Cassidy could come with her to use the hot tub since they’d all turned sixteen by now. Misty didn’t see a problem with that suggestion since it would give her time to talk to Bethany about vetting her crew to become Euro-Club girls. Not ten minutes after that, Mimi texted and asked if she and her two guys could come over to Misty’s to kick-off Spring Break before Misty left town.

And so it was, Cooper ended up ordering out pizza for fifteen teenagers while he and DeeDee played chaperone to a houseful. As usual, he had no intention of doing room checks. If DeeDee thought she should do them it would be fine, but he told Bonnie that his plan had been to stay in the living room all night. He’d not agreed to chaperone a party so he intended to do no more than snuggle, talk, and perhaps make out on the sofa with DeeDee while the kids hung out with their friends in the game room and out at the hot tub. However, it didn’t turn out that way.

 It seems that DeeDee’s Rahab ministry was common knowledge in the youth group. She’d been one of the adult volunteers on Sunday nights for the past month, so all the kids who hung out at the Campbell’s had gotten to know her. At Youth Group last Sunday, Bonnie had announced that DeeDee Hildebrandt would be speaking in place of Cooper while their family was out of town. Because of that, Cooper and DeeDee had a string of teens come to talk as they sat on the living room couch. Cooper was impressed how much some of the teens had thought about spiritual sexuality.

But there was another disruption for their planned quiet night on the couch, the teens who’d invaded his house had decided to use his bed with the overhead mirror for a crazy night of “speed-sex.” From 7:30 until 11:30 when Cooper and DeeDee kicked the last grouping out of his room, there were teenagers naked in his bed.  Though he tried not to look, from where he and DeeDee were positioned on the sofa, they had a view of half of the bed in his room as what could be called a progressive orgy unfolded.

Despite all the teen sex that had gone on in his house over the past year, Cooper had seen very little of it. Though by that night he’d been in DeeDee’s house several times while Baily had sex in their little living room/dining room right in front of him and her mother. Then at their date night the week before, he and DeeDee had been on one of the living room sofas, almost naked, kissing when Bailey came home with Byron. Other than briefly asking Bailey how her evening had gone, DeeDee simply ignored the other couple until they were both naked and fully engaged. After that, occasionally Bailey or her mother would say something to the other in the most casual way, and most of those comments were about the sex they were having. It was clear to Cooper both of them were totally comfortable with what was going on.  For close to an hour Cooper and DeeDee were on one of the living room sofas while, just across the coffee table, Bailey had sex with Byron. Cooper followed DeeDee’s example and didn’t even pretend not to see Bailey taking Byron’s thick cock while he made love to her mother.

Thus, while it was new for Cooper to sit on his living room couch while teens had sex on his bed, it was not very far outside what had become the norm in his life. What was different last night, was that it simply didn’t stop. After an hour of watching teenagers cycle in and out of the rolling orgy, he and DeeDee suspected there was something less than organic going on. Time and again they saw one or two teens enter the bedroom then the same number would leave a few minutes later, usually carrying their clothes with them. There was no question that it was deliberate since despite the regular comings and goings, the entire night there was a constant five naked teenagers in the bed, always three girls and two guys. Someone was orchestrating it, of that they were sure.

On the way to the airport, Lamar and Misty told their father that Haley and her sister had engineered it all. They had taken it upon themselves to decide who should be in the bed with who. Misty said she knew it would seem impossible to outsiders for the girls to get naked and into bed with whoever Haley or Bethany sent to join, but to their closely-knit group, it was not. She reminded her father that a large part of the Euro-Club’s identity was around free and open sexuality within the group and all the new girls present would be club members next year. Both Misty and Lamar told their dad that it had been fun waiting to see when they would be sent to his bedroom and who would be there when they arrived. But Misty said she’d put her foot down to the two conductors about one thing. While Bethany and Haley routinely had been doing threesomes with Gregg since September, she had told them that she didn’t want to be in bed with her brother, even in a fivesome. Cooper didn’t know exactly what Misty meant that Haley and her sister did threesomes together, but he decided he probably didn’t want to know.

As they explained it to their dad (and later to their mother), each person had two or three turns over the night.  By Haley and Bethany’s plan, each “turn” was supposed to be about twenty minutes with new people joining and leaving every ten minutes. It was Lamar who characterized it as “speed-sex.” They said that each time they got to the bedroom, they told who they were replacing that their time was up, and that person would stop what he/she was doing and let their replacement pick up where they left off. According to Misty, Haley and Bethany had been talking about doing this for months. They had just been waiting for the right opportunity to pull it off. When Kelly had talked to Haley after school and her sister had told her that the quartet were already going to be at the Campbell home, the two sisters saw their opportunity and made a few more calls.

Though the impromptu party had started with fifteen teens in the house, as the evening went on five more arrived. Connie came with Devin and her sister Lauren. Dorcus Broderick, the girls' mother, actually called to make sure it would be OK that her girls spent the night since this would be Lauren’s first time to stay over at the Campbells.  Cooper said it was fine and that he and DeeDee Hildebrandt would be at the house all night, but all the boys except Lamar would be kicked out at 11:30. If she was surprised that DeeDee, not Bonnie, was staying the night, she didn’t give any indication of that.

Finally, about 8:00, Ester Green and her boyfriend Howie Hopkins (Hope’s cousin) were the last to join what had become a real party.  Bethany took the initiative to tell both Cooper and DeeDee that Lauren, Ester, and Natalie would all be Euro-Club girls in the fall. Cooper knew all three girls from the Youth Group and only inquired to ensure they were all sixteen-years-old, which was the house rule for parties. She said they were, then she offered that all three of the younger girls knew about the open door and condom rules, plus all three were on birth control, and as part of the group of future Euro-Club girls that met at the Jackson’s horse farm, last summer they’d all gone skinny dipping with the boys so going naked in the Campbell’s hot tub would be nothing new.

While Bethany’s words presented Cooper with a bucket full of new information, DeeDee already knew all of that. She already knew all about the group that had been meeting at the Jackson’s since last summer. He was even more surprised when he found out that Bailey and Sarah had been over to meet with that group of younger girls more than once already.  DeeDee reminded him that he’d not heard about all that because normally it was his wife who kept track of those sorts of things. Cooper knew she was right about that. It was Bonnie who knew what was going on with the girls.

While both of Cooper’s children had seen their dad having sex with several different women over the past year, Cooper had never seen either of them doing so (other than Lamar and Sarah doing oral stuff a few times). However, sitting on the living room sofa, it was hard to ignore the clear view he had of his son taking the place of David Ricemiller, who had been doing Bethany from behind. Rather than just taking over where David left off, Lamar put his face to Bethany’s upturned rear end. Using his tongue and fingers, he apparently brought her to orgasm before he rolled on a condom to enter her. When her time was up and she left the bed, Mimi showed she was ready by laying on her back and splaying her legs for Lamar. He mounted her without any other warm-up.

Later on, he saw Lamar first with Lauren Broderick, then when she left, Ester Green mounted him.   Cooper knew all four girls from the church Youth Group, they were sweet girls. He knew that unlike his son’s two girlfriends, Ester, Bethany and Lauren had been sharing classes with Lamar for years since they were in the same grade at Jefferson Davis High… and middle school before that. From their responses, it appeared his son did a very good job of pleasing them. None of them seemed the least bit concerned that Lamar’s father and Bailey’s mother had seen them having sex with Lamar.

Cooper’s stomach was spared when the first time Misty joined the orgy, she got on the side of the bed he could not see, though he did hear her vocalizing her pleasure quite clearly. But the second time he couldn’t help but see as Kelli dismounted Cassidy, only for his girl to take her turn on him. He was surprised that he wasn’t even uncomfortable seeing Misty reaching between her legs to guide the boy into her body.

DeeDee saw what was happening and asked, “Is this the first time you’ve actually seen Misty having sex?”

“Yes, he whispered in her ear. And oddly, the only thing I feel is happiness in seeing her enjoying herself. I’m thankful it doesn’t sicken me or turn me on.”

DeeDee snuggled in on him as they openly watched Misty begin on Cassidy. “But, you do get turned on watching Bailey having sex. I know you do.”

Cooper’s heart sank, “I’m sorry. But it’s different with her. And, I guess in her I see you at that age.”

“Yes, it is different. You’re not her father. And I get the same feeling, like I’m seeing myself at sixteen. But between mothers and daughters its different too. Baily knows full well that I enjoy seeing her making love, and for me its mor than just seeing her happy. I feel her arousal deep inside of me. I think both Slosh and Bonnie have the same experience.”

More new information for Cooper.

According to what both of his kids told their father as they drove to Hartsfield International, the sex had been crazy, but it wasn’t like normal. Misty said while the speed-sex game had been fun, there was just too much going on and it was all happening too fast to get off. Lamar agreed saying the game had been great, but the sex itself had been more like hot foreplay than what he normally did in bed with Sarah or Gabby. He took a short side trip to tell his sister he’d really thought Mimi was hot and asked if it would work out for him to have a full experience with her one night when she spends the night… “You know, like we used to do with Sarah.”

Misty had told him, “I think we can do that. She actually thanked me for allowing her to have sex with you, even if it was just for like ten minutes. Now that you ask, I’m guessing she’ll jump at the suggestion.”

Lamar then gave his dad a clear description of how he and Bethany had gone to the playroom to finish what they’d started during the speed sex game. “While I was behind Bethany doing her doggie, her sister and Gregg came in the room. Haley started off by telling me that her sister had been waiting to do it with me since well before she actually had sex the first time. I already knew that since Misty had told me that back in the fall, but I’m sure that embarrassed Bethany, but of course, I couldn’t see her face. Then Haley said right out that Gregg thought I was hot and wanted to have sex with me. It was my turn to be embarrassed, not because Gregg thought I was hot, but because I’d fantasized about him fucking me for months but had been too afraid to tell anyone. She then asked if I could come over after Spring Break one night after Bethany gets home from softball practice to have a foursome with her, Gregg, and Bethany. Since Tuesday nights Sarah normally goes out with her drama friends after play practice; Bethany will be picking me up a week from Tuesday right after it gets dark. Sarah thinks it's super hot I’ll be doing it with Gregg, Haley, and Bethany all at once.”

Cooper wasn’t sure what the right response to that should be, so he just said, “I’m sure you’ll have a good time.” One thing that was now apparent to him, Lamar was now fully integrated into Misty’s Euro-Club world. He and Bonnie had both wondered if that would be possible given Lamar’s history of resentment toward his sister’s habit of acting like she was his second mother.

Misty and Lamar went on to agree the sex in their own beds after the party had been better than the speed sex, if more conventional. Lamar made a point to let his dad know he, Bethany, and Lauren had spent the night in his bed, while Sarah had been in bed with Misty. He clarified what they did when he said that if Mrs. Hildebrandt hadn’t woken him up, he’d still be asleep since the three of them had gone on long after the people in Misty’s room and the playroom had gotten quiet.

Cooper didn’t say so, but what Lamar had done last night would be beyond his wildest fantasies when he’d been sixteen. For him at that age, scoring an old copy of Playboy had been about as far as he’d gone with “a girl.”

When waiting to board their plane, Cooper had quietly told Bonnie about all that had happened last night. She could tell her husband had found the night more stressful than relaxing.  He’d concluded by saying, “After DeeDee and I kicked all the boys but Lamar out at 11:30, it was our turn to use the bed. Not surprisingly, we found the two end tables were covered with condom wrappers, the sheets quite wet and the whole room was suffused with the smells of sex. In several places, it was quite obvious there was semen in the bed. Not that it bothered me or DeeDee either. As I think you know, neither of us has any aversion to sexual fluids. Once we were naked and lying on the very used sheets, DeeDee made a comment that is so her. She said to me, ‘I don’t know about you, but I can feel so much erotic energy built up in this room already. Even if we hadn’t seen twenty different teens having sex in here over the past four hours with our own eyes, I think I would be able to feel it… and not just because the sheets are wet with what they’ve left behind.’ I think she was right about that.”

It wasn’t until they were seated in the plane that Cooper wrapped up. “Once she and I started to make love, it was hard to forget where all the sticky wetness had come from. I was surprised, and a little embarrassed about how much it turned me on to be doing it in the remains of the kid’s sex. To me, it felt like DeeDee and I were participating in their orgy. Later she told me she’d had the same experience, that was why our lovemaking was more intense than it usually was right off. It's good we had a hot beginning because fifteen minutes in, we had the first of a string of visitors walk right into the room with us. The girls were clear that they were in the room because DeeDee and I had seen every single one of them having sex earlier, so it was only right they had an opportunity to see us.”

Bonnie interrupted to ask “Oh, did all the girls stay the night?”

“No, all of the girls who’d come with their boyfriends left with their guys so only five of them stayed. Interestingly both Haley and Connie left their little sisters at our house… as it turns out, they were both in Lamar’s bed.”

“Hmm,” Bonnie thought, “Perhaps that is because of what the kids said, that the sex game they all played was more like foreplay, and since it was still fairly early when you kicked the guys out, they went off to finish what they’d started.”

Cooper then relayed what Lamar had said about his time with Bethany in the playroom even though apparently that had happened earlier in the night since Gregg was still there.

Bonnie took it in with a knowing smile then asked, “So, what were the sleeping arrangements since the older girls all left? I’m surprised the kids didn’t tell me that right off.”

Cooper laughed, “This morning our son was quite pleased with himself that both Lauren and Bethany slept with him. To hear him tell it there was next to no sleeping going on. Now that I say it, I wonder if Haley and Connie left their sisters here for that very reason.”

“Yes, now that you say it, I’m sure that is exactly what happened. Especially with Haley involved, that is something she would do.”

Cooper continued, “So, they came in pairs into our room to talk to DeeDee while she and I had sex. This morning Misty admitted that didn’t just happen naturally either. She said that they were making a point that by staying on the couch almost the entire time while they all did it, DeeDee and I had chosen to be part of their night of group sex. According to her, we were more a part of the party’s sex than the adults had ever been just doing room checks. When she said it, I couldn’t refute their analysis; we had been a part even if we had just been sitting there watching them on and off. Like I said earlier, while some of the kids were in our bedroom, others were out in the living room talking with DeeDee and me. Perhaps we should have moved, but well… we didn’t.”

Bonnie gave him a disapproving look. “Yes, you should have. We have been careful to keep you away from the sex at club events, but this sort of blows it all out of the water, especially since there were several girls there who are not club members yet. I know it’s unlikely to come back to bite us, but you crossed a line that we’d agreed not to.”

Cooper thought about defending himself, but she was right. So, he just went on with his report. “So they… Misty and Sarah, decided it was only right that they do the same to us. Sarah came into our bedroom with Ester about fifteen minutes after DeeDee and I began. I suspect that she waited until DeeDee went down on me to come in and plop herself on the side of the bed. It was only when DeeDee realized Sarah was waiting to talk to her, she took my erection out of her mouth, moved up, and mounted me. Once they started to talk, Sarah and Ester didn’t stay more than about five minutes. It was about making a point, not actually watching us. We had about five minutes to get back into things before Misty came in with Bethany. Both of them have seen me having sex up close before, so they were quite casual about it. Then five minutes after they left, we were not surprised at all when Bailey came in… almost dragging Lauren.”

Bonnie gave her husband a funny look.

He explained, “It has become a ritual for Bailey to come in on her mom and me when we are doing it, she does it every time I go over. Initially, while Bailey had, as all the others had, sat on the bed with us, Lauren hung by the door, apparently not knowing what to do. It took about ten minutes, but she finally came to sit on the edge of the bed. You see, I’d put some pillows under DeeDee’s hips and was on my knees, so from the door she actually couldn’t see anything before she came all the way in. Though she said she’d seen her friends having sex at the Jackson’s home and in her barn’s playroom before, she’d never seen parents doing it the way Bethany, Sarah, and Bailey had. It was obvious to me she had a hard time keeping her eyes on DeeDee’s face, they kept drifting down to where I was penetrating her. So they were in with us much longer than the others… so long that I stopped screwing DeeDee and went down on her. Near the end of the girl’s visit, she let them know she wouldn’t be able to talk until the orgasm that was approaching was over.  Lauren got off the bed, but Bailey stayed through her mother’s orgasm and aftershocks. Lauren didn’t leave though, she stood by the bed watching till DeeDee was done. But before she left, she thanked us for letting her come into the room, and for not stopping what we were doing because she was there. I guess that was her way of thanking us for allowing her to watch for something like half an hour.”

Bonnie leaned into her husband and said, “And you weren’t shy about fucking DeeDee while they were there… were you?”

“I would have been a year ago, but no, I didn’t change what I was doing other than to use positions that allowed DeeDee to talk to the girls… and perhaps give them a better view of what we were doing. You would have been proud of how well I did.”

Bonnie had given Cooper a peck on the cheek and said, “I’m always proud of you.” 

So, as she and Cooper lay on the pool’s chaise lounges, Bonnie understood that her husband also had been up late and then gotten up early, having left DeeDee to clear the house of the five remaining girls. But even so, she was sure he could not be as tired as she was. Sadly they couldn’t lay out all evening, both of their teenagers were booked to take windsurfing lessons at 5:00 PM someplace else on the island. They didn’t exactly know where, but the cab driver did.

For an hour Mom and Dad watched their kids on the water. Bonnie had brought Misty’s professional camera with her, so she was able to get photos of Misty and Lamar alternately windsurfing and falling into the water. More than once, one of Misty’s breasts came completely out of the tank top she was wearing. Bonnie captured it both times with the camera. She thought those would make for very good photos for Misty’s website. It was a good start for their trip. 

When the sun went down, they were back on Orient Bay and they ate at a restaurant just up the beach from their villa. It wasn't bad but it wasn't anything special either. Since Bonnie had been going since very early, not long after returning to the villa she and Cooper were in bed.  The view of the ocean through the open shutters was like something from a painting; but neither of them stayed awake long enough to appreciate it that night.

Misty ensconced herself up on the rooftop deck and worked on the photo set she’d present to Mr. Kyle on Monday. “Yes,” she thought to herself, “I’m going to like this little perch.” Then she made a mental note to have someone get photos of her up here with her laptop working on her new website… and of course, she was naked. The light breeze felt wonderful on her skin. Just cool enough to remind her that she was nude, but not so cool as to be uncomfortable.

The next day (Sunday) they spent the entire morning on the beach as a family. Due to the prospect of seeing more naked women, Lamar was surprisingly easy to get going early for Misty to get photos. It was Mom and Dad who were dragging. That first morning the family walked down the slope from where their villa complex overlooked the bay, then a short way up the beach until they decided that they were safely in the “clothing optional” zone. It was hard to tell because they’d come out very early, so as Misty had hoped, the beach was nearly entirely deserted save for the occasional jogger.

Because she did not know what her schedule would look like after meeting with Mr. Kyle, Misty had been very insistent on getting a series of good family photos done very early the first morning.  For an hour and a half, Misty posed the family in several locations and attire, using her camera remote to get herself in almost all the photos. In some she had the guys wear shirts and swimwear, some just swimwear and in perhaps half the photos they were fully nude. For herself and her mother in some photos, they wore their new see-through cover-ups and thong bottoms, some in just the thong bottoms, some with the cover-ups but no bottoms, and like the guys in about half, they were nude. It was all the variations that took so long. And when they posed nude, she shot full frontal, from angles that hid everyone's genitals and from the back showing only their naked rears.

For the second set of photos, Dad found himself drafted to be Misty’s photo assistant using the collapsible reflector board she had packed in her luggage. Since Misty was shooting Bonnie, he didn’t mind one bit. Then Misty pulled her brother in to be the second photographer. First, Lamar was asked to shoot photos with the little waterproof camera of her taking photos of Mom. Then he was the photographer taking pictures of her and Mom together with Dad still on the reflector board. She’d been training her brother for months for this very thing. From all appearances, he seemed both confident and competent.  

Perhaps half an hour into acting as reflector board holder, Cooper realized it no longer bothered him to help with photos of Misty naked. How far he’d come in the past couple of years.

Misty had the timing down amazingly well. Just as they were wrapping up the last of the photos, the beach began to come alive.  With the last of the morning’s posing done, Misty thanked her family for their help and promised not to bother them again for portraits.  Bonnie had not taken much stock in that particular promise though.

Orient Bay Beach was like nothing they had ever experienced.  Georgian beaches, both on the Gulf and on the Atlantic had their own feel, and Miami's beaches had been quite a new experience for them. None of the family was expecting this place to be so different still.   Right off, Orient Beach itself was closely hemmed in by both natural topography and resorts. The result was that much of the land above the high tide mark was filled with chaise lounges and umbrellas, or piles of rocks.   This stood in stark contrast to the wide-open expanse of Miami’s South Beach.  Thus, it was more crowded than any beach to which the family had ever been… well parts of it was. Other parts seemed strangely deserted. It was odd, but Misty thought the variations would be useful for her photography later in the week. 

Another thing different about Orient Bay than either topless South Beach, or the fully nude Haulover beach, was that while those catered to either the young and beautiful, or nudist; the beaches here were family beaches no matter what the attire type.  At the clothed beach, meaning top-optional, there were plenty of large middle-aged women wearing one piece swim suits accompanying kids and teenagers that would not have been out of place in Savannah.  At the same time, there were a sprinkling of middle-aged topless women. Rarest of all were younger women who went topless and/or in thongs.

The clothing optional (nude) sections on the beach had more skin showing, but it was sporadic. As they walked the length of the beach that first morning, they found sections where there were a good many nude people, but not very far down they would become rare, then the next resort would feature many topless women and only a few people in the nude.  So, while nearly the entire beach was clothing optional, only when they were in front of certain resorts was it common. Thus, even here at one of the world’s most famous nude beaches, the four members of the fully nude Campbell family stood out as they strolled around the bay.  To be fair they saw other nude families with young children. What they didn't see were other family units on the beach with parents and teens all together.  When Cooper pointed that out, Bonnie countered "Yes, but that was true in Miami and at beaches in Georgia. It's not that we are nude that is rare, it's that our kids like being with us at the beach that is so uncommon."  After that, he noticed that there were indeed some nude/topless teenagers, but not many. And those he saw were never seen in the presence of adults.

FINALLY, Mom and Dad were allowed to relax.  As he always did, Lamar sparked up friendships immediately with other teens on the beach.  Misty, on the other hand, seemed to intimidate the teens by going nude the whole morning (which they discovered was very rare for girls her age). She did however attract young men. Though she spent a good bit of time taking photos; she also spent time flirting with the college-age guys. For Misty, being surrounded by good-looking men (not boys) who were fawning on her was just what she needed to move forward with her life. Bonnie had to keep reminding herself that her “little girl” was eighteen and about to finish high school. It was entirely appropriate for her to interact with college-age guys. She had no doubt that Misty would have her pic of guys to fill that void between her legs this week.

Cooper lay with his eyes closed in a rented beach chair, enjoying the sea breeze drifting across his body.  The stress of his work and even that of just day-to-day living seemed to have not made the trip with them.  Even the kids seemed to be getting along better than they had on prior family trips, though to be honest with himself, his memories of them fighting constantly were all more than two years old. Driving to the airport yesterday had simply driven home to him the reality that the relationship between Misty and Lamar had fundamentally changed… for the better.

Bonnie was also enjoying laying in the sun without deadlines to meet or emails to write or donors to thank. Bonnie was so glad to have nothing to do but lay in the sun and relax. It was their first full day in paradise and she was going to appreciate every second of it. Even the fact that she no longer had to keep an eye on the kids was something new for her. 

Work was not completely gone though. She spent part of the morning lying in her rented beach chair, reading a book called Sex: It's a Social Thing.  It was a pre-release copy of a book written by a sociology professor she had met on her travels. She had promised to write a review for him. The man was very interesting because his area of research was the sociology of human sexuality.  Meeting him had not been a chance thing, but had been set up by Gayle even before she’d officially become a part of the team. He had been the co-author of her latest academic paper and she thought he would be an asset to both Bonnie and the FFF.  At a recent speaking engagement, he had been her campus host. Both he and his wife turned out to be very sensuous lovers.  The book was very informative and she planned on adding some of the content to her primary presentation.

Cooper peeked out of one eye to see his lovely wife of over two decades in all her natural glory reading her book and receiving admiring looks from guys passing on the beach. Not just from middle-aged men, but from most of the young guys as well. Glancing over to his right, his little girl, now a young woman was the mirror image of his bride all those years ago; unconcerned, unembarrassed to have a gaggle of young men openly ogling her womanly body which was very much on public display.

Not far away, down to the water’s edge, his son, now as tall as his dad, and sporting a package that dad couldn’t match was laughing and splashing in a group of teens. He seemed unconcerned that not one of them was naked like him, though one of the girls had taken off her top when she’d had gone out into the area where Lamar and Misty were. He was so confident, so at ease.

Cooper’s mind drifted back to a time just a few short years ago. He recalled those two, those near adults as grade schoolers splashing and shouting at a beach not too different than this one. Then he corrected himself that this was very different. On the Georgia coast, there were no girls in thongs sunning topless, in fact, there were very few string bikinis and certainly no naked people.   Misty had worn a pink-skirted swimsuit that day just outside of Savanah, and Lamar had worn oversized trunks that reached past his knees. They were so small, and so dependent on Mom and Dad for everything. Bonnie had worn, what she would now call, a granny bikini. She had looked at a smaller suit before the trip, but she just didn’t think moms wore such things at beaches. On that trip to Daufuskie Island, she and Cooper had, when the kids were building a sand castle, slipped into the palm forest that grew behind the beach and snapped a few naked photos of Bonnie. They had thought they were so daring, so “on the edge”. It made him chuckle to realize that was less than ten years ago.

Then his mind moved forward to the summer four years ago when he and Bonnie had begun to talk about trying new things. Though they had gone skinny dipping in their pool ever since first moving back to Sparta, they’d worn swimwear less often each year. By the years just before Misty had thrown a fit about Mom’s nudity, they went a’natural nearly all the time at their pool when it was just family. When he was at work, Bonnie, Gina (Caitlin’s mom), and the three kids did too. They had talked about him joining the two women in skinny dipping, but they hadn’t done it. Now he couldn’t recall why they hadn’t. That was when they began to talk about having sex with other people, in particular with Gina. But not just with Gina, but with other men.

Both Cooper and Bonnie found the thought of her going back to having sex with other men, like she did when they were dating, very arousing. As part of their foreplay, she had begun pulling from her seemingly inexhaustible supply of stories of having sex with other guys. He particularly liked the stories of when she and her roommate had shared dates and stories about the Saturday afternoons before he came to pick her up for their date night. She, in turn, enjoyed teasing him about his obvious interest in Caitlin's mother. Several times Bonnie pretended to call her and invite her over so she and Cooper could make love in the water. Even then, the fact Gina was a sex worker didn’t bother them at all. But it was only talk and fantasy that summer.

As he lay reminiscing, he recalled how it had been no coincidence that it was that same summer that they began their effort to help John & Lois Drayman regarding her affair with George Patton. It was because of the research on Christian sexual morality that they’d begun to question the dogma that required marital monogamy. It was that research that had opened the door to fantasies about extra-marital sex. Then that fall he had come to the unlooked for conclusion that it was actually possible, possibly preferable, for them to experiment sexually with others while still living a Christian life.  But even then, not even in his most extravagant imagination, could he have imagined being where he was with his family lying naked on Orient Beach.

It had not been the night she told him about making it with Jill that had been the most significant; rather it was the day she’d called him home early from work.  After asking Cooper to go down on her, she told him that he was tasting Vic's semen. That day Cooper had eaten another man’s cum from Bonnie for the first time since they’d become engaged. Neither of them had been surprised that he had enjoyed doing so… or that she’d enjoyed him doing it since that had been the response to him doing that very thing in college. That was the day everything changed.  That had been a mere three years ago.  How many men had been inside of his wife since? Just like he didn’t know how many men she’d done in college, he didn’t know how many men his wife had fucked since that first time with Vic.  Did he still find it as exciting as he once had to come home from work to find his wife already well fucked, but dying for more? Had getting sloppy seconds once a month or so dulled the thrill? Or how about when she came home from trips and told him about the sex she’d had with couples she met on the road? Like how on the plane trip she’d told him about having three separate sessions with a single couple… and she’d shown him a dozen photos of her eating pussy, sucking dick, and of the man fucking her. The twitch in his groin told him it still did, but he also knew it didn’t have the same punch as the first time.  But did it have to? Was it reasonable to hope it would? Of course not.

“What are you thinking about?” Bonnie’s voice intruded into his thoughts.

He opened his eyes.

“Well, Coop, what are you thinking about?” she said again nodding to his now half-erect penis.

Cooper stammered and was sure he blushed.

He turned to his side to look at her, “Just about us, and all the stuff we’ve done in the past few years. How much it’s all changed.”

She thought for a moment, “But has it really changed all that much? I am still the same person you fell in love with and you know it. I am more that woman now than I was for the first twenty years we were married. You fell in love with the sluttiest girl at Vanderbilt University. You came to love me not in spite of how slutty I was, but with me as a whole person, and fucking lots of guys I hardly knew was simply one part of who I was… who I am. I’m still the sluttiest woman you know… well I think I have more competition for that title from my friends now than I ever had in college.”

They both gave a soft laugh.

Bonnie was surprised at how easy it was to embrace the word “slut.” She’d always hated it, but yet she knew that Trish was now gleefully embracing the word for herself. Misty had told her how Maria Jane frequently used it in self-descriptions, without the slightest hint that she was putting herself down. Bonnie couldn’t deny it, she loved having sex with new men on a regular basis, and she had loved it ever since she went to college when she was eighteen years old. For her, there was nothing like that first time touching and being touched by a couple she’d met just that day. And when he entered her, she got a thrill fucking the other woman’s boyfriend/husband right in front of her, even more going down on the woman while her man drilled her. She was slutty, that was the right word for it. Right now she and her daughter were the only nude women they could see on the beach. She noticed the looks she was getting and she loved it. And, she and Misty had talked about getting laid at least once (hopefully more than once) by someone they met on this trip. Wasn’t that slutty? Of course, it was, so ye she was slutty… and proud of it.

That was quite a change for her. She knew it might seem inconsistent with her new emphasis on service through sex. But it wasn’t. God wanted her to serve him with her spirit and her body, but he also wanted her to have unbounded joy while she did so. As a Christian slut, she did both. Originally, she couldn’t see how DeeDee was proud to be a prostitute in God’s service. Now it no longer seemed like such a stretch.

To her husband, Bonnie said, “But even in all those years I was monogamous, deep down I was still that woman who got real joy from spreading my legs for a guy I just met. It was never about what I did, but who I saw myself as. I’m still Fuck on the First Date Bonnie and always will be. When I’m seventy-five, you will still come home to find our sheets wet from your wife fucking men from church, or the pool man, or just door-to-door salesmen.”

They both had to laugh at that image.

She too had been thinking about the path they had followed. For her, the nudity and the sex seemed so natural, such a normal part of life. The two-decade hiatus seemed the anomaly, not what she was doing now. Her family: Cooper, and the kids, were still the center of her universe just as they had always been.  What really was new was her work, her travel, the joys of her personal empowerment as she spoke and changed the outlook of thousands of people. That was the new part. The feeling of being admired and looked up to by ever-larger crowds was all so wonderful. But the price was what?  Far less time with her kids and husband; the occasional feeling she was abandoning them for her own ego.  It was the time issue, not the fact that she was having sex with people other than her husband nearly every week that seemed important. That part was now just a routine fact of her life.  Sure, bedding a new person didn’t have the thrill it did the first time with Jill or the first group sex on the yacht, but in place of novelty had come confidence and a renewed ability to appreciate the differences in each new partner.  It was rare when she didn’t find something new and special about each and every new person with whom she had sex. And her new commitment to using her body and sexuality to serve others, and God. That was new and wonderful. She’d never had that in college, and now she realized she’d deprived herself by her sexual selfishness. She however took solace in that her kids are not making the same mistake she did.

But still, she was questioning her travel and time away from home. It had just crept up on her. Now laying in the sun with the voices of her children, and yes they were still children to her, brought clearly into focus what was important.

As much as to herself as to Cooper, she said “Apart from my job and being gone too much, life has gone forward better than we could have hoped a decade ago. The kids are now older, they may look more like adults, and sometimes do adult things, but they are still our kids.” She paused to think, then added “And they are good kids. We should feel good they want to be together as a family, at eighteen and sixteen. How many kids their age want nothing to do with their parents? Look around on this beach and you will see the answer. But, we can’t seem to get our kids out of our hair. Even Friday night, when you wanted to be alone with DeeDee for a romantic night, our kids were right there. They wanted to be around you and their friends wanted to be around you too. Those girls deliberately drew you into their fun. That should make us both feel great.”

Cooper heard what she was saying “Yes it does… but I’m not sure I thought that at 10:00 Friday night.”

Bonnie laughed, then went on “I have never been happier as your wife and...” she reached over to take his hand “our love life is better than ever.  I may fuck lots of people but making love to you isn’t like what I do with anyone else.”  She leaned over, across the short space between their two beach chairs, kissed him tenderly on the cheek, and simultaneously reached down toward his crotch, but stopped short of taking his tool in her hand.

His penis rapidly filled as if she had grabbed him. "And I really like you shaved like this. I expect you to keep it this way after we get home."

She spoke in reference to the fact his usually thick pubic hair was gone.  They'd noticed right off the day before that the two Campbell guys were the only nude males they saw who had pubic hair. Bonnie pointed out that more females had pubic hair showing than men. Misty then surmised because it made the men's packages stand out and their dicks look bigger. It was no surprise then that Lamar wanted to cut his off. Cooper hedged, but Bonnie badgered him into it. The fact that she volunteered to do it for him helped.  While she was at it she shaved his back and buns for good measure. When he'd looked in the mirror after she was done, he had to admit it did make him look bigger… and he wasn’t small to start with. Bonnie ran her hand over the now hairless area just above his penis, then laid back to lay on her chair, leaving him with a full erection.

He then thought about what she’d said. She was right. Life was good. To make up for Bonnie working and being gone two nights almost every week; he was not traveling anymore so his time with the kids had dramatically increased in the past year. And she was also right about their love life. Despite her travels, not including their weekly foursome with Butch and Tabitha, they had been making love two or three times a week over the last year, something they had not done since the kids were born. Before the summer four years ago when they started talking about her with other men, they were having sex once or perhaps twice each week (and all too often not even once), and that had become just a matter of getting off, not really enjoying each other. The fantasies improved things, but it was after she first had sex with Jill and Vic that things really took off. And even when he had sex with other women, which he normally did two or three times each week, it was because of her. Not only had she said he could, but for almost all of those women, Bonnie had set up their first night in bed. So, yes, it was much better. She was right, life was good to them. And he wanted her to know that she need not be worried about being gone on her speaking engagements. He said "You have to know that it's not a bad thing that your travel is pushing the kids to be more independent from you.  Sometimes little birds need a push out of the nest."

Perhaps he was right about that she thought. "Perhaps," she said.

He relaxed and was glad when he felt his erection subside. There was a long period of silence as both just took in the pleasures of lying on the beach. Finally, Bonnie again began to speak. “I am a bit worried about what Margo LeCroix and her cronies are up to. I’m surprised they haven’t gone on the attack yet.”

“They are organizing” he responded.

“Yea, I know, but what will they do, and when?”

He knew it would likely be in the fall, before the elections in November. But he didn’t have an answer about what they would do, and didn’t feel like fretting over something over which he had no control.

By 11:30 AM the sun was well up and getting strong. They had been on the beach for a very long time so the Campbell family packed up. Dad pulled on his clingy swim briefs, Lamar his new red speedo, and Mom and Sis their tiny thong bottoms and mesh cover-ups that hid almost nothing. Thus attired, the family headed toward the villa, however, they decided to stop at a beachfront café.  It was fun eating right on the beach dressed as they were.

After they’d put in their order at the window and taken a seat, Dad asked. “So, kids, what do you think of St. Martin?”

Lamar jumped in “The girls are hot, and lots of boobs to look at. Did you see the short girl with me. She’s from France, I don’t remember what city, but I’m sure she likes me, and when she was playing around with me in the water, she grabbed my cock, twice. Both times she squeezed it so I knew she meant to grab it. Both times she made a show that she’d accidently touched it so everyone knew what she’d done. She spoke too fast for me to get every word. I’ve had two years of French, but that isn’t remotely enough to follow what she said. I’m pretty sure she said that she’d grabbed my dick by accident. Her friend thought it was funny. Well, I did the same thing and got a feel of both her ass and her boobs. They aren’t big, not even as big as Sarah’s, but I think she is super sexy.”

His parents laughed. At least Lamar was pretty normal for a sixteen-year-old boy.

“And you Misty?”

Misty had already thought about that question. St. Martin was what the Euro-Club girls sought to become: open, unashamed, and carefree. But she could not help knowing the look she saw in the eyes of several of the guys she had met. To some of them she was not a person, but a thing to be used for sex.  Perhaps that too was the openness. The lechers were on display as much as she was, and the guys who saw her as a person were easier to spot than they would be at a beach in Georgia.

As Misty looked around from the café to the beach, she could only see two other women with their breasts anything like as exposed as hers and her mom's were. Even on the nude beach women baring their breasts were a decided minority. She guessed maybe a good two-thirds of the girls in their late teens or early twenties, the pretty girls, wore full coverage bikinis even on the nude beach. And on the beach nearer to their hotel even more wore tops and bottoms and few wore thongs.  So, to be “European” perhaps the emphasis should not be on being naked but rather having the freedom to choose to be or not to be.

“Enlightening” was the answer to her father’s question. “It seems here people just do what they want.” Nodding to a nearby table where a group of teenagers had just finished their meal and the wine bottle was still on the table. “That of course would be illegal back home, but here they don’t have to prove they are grown up to drink, they make their own decision.”

Bonnie pointed out “But we all know full well that any of your friends who want to drink would have no problem getting alcohol.”

Misty thought for a moment and said “Being able to get alcohol is not the point, it’s the adults letting us choose without having to hide it. Sure, most of the kids in my school screw around and drink, but they hide it all. Here you can do those things out in public… well not screw, but go naked. I choose not to drink for now, but I do choose to go naked on the beach. Even better I think I will most likely get it on with one of these guys, and if I have my way, more than one before we go home. And, on the other hand, if I chose to wear a one-piece swimsuit and not talk to any guys, that would be my choice too, my choice, no one else’s. That’s what I mean by people here do what they want.”

Bonnie and Cooper nodded in agreement.

Lamar inconveniently pointed out. “But I thought we came here to get more naked pictures for you to sell? Isn’t that what lots of the pictures you have been shooting are for?  So you do have to go naked whether you want to or not.”

“That’s not what I meant” Misty snapped “and if I didn’t want to get naked for those pictures I wouldn’t, so it’s still my choice. In fact, tomorrow Mom and I plan to go shopping to buy some things to wear for photos.”

Lamar backed off at his sister’s attack.

“Chill girl,” Cooper intervened. “We understand what you said. But Lamar, we did NOT come here to take photos of your sister or your mother. We came here for Misty to sell rights to photos she already has. Certainly, we will take family pictures, we always do. And yes, your sister will practice shooting and posing for glamour photos as well. But we do that kind of thing already. You know full well I’ve been shooting nudes of your mother on vacation since before you were born. The only thing new is Misty and your mom can pose topless or nude right out in public here.”

Cooper took up the idea and pulled the little point-and-shoot from their beach bag and snapped some pics of Bonnie and the two kids. He’d bought it just for this trip after seeing how useful the Marshal’s waterproof camera had been for last summer’s Miami trip. The first time he’d taken photos where his baby girl was topless, nearly two years ago, it had creeped him out, but here sitting in a beachside café it didn’t seem so pervy. Sure, her breasts were fully visible to the camera (and everyone else nearby) but she was wearing something… even if it was totally see-through. Was it just that she wore something that mattered so much? Perhaps it did.

After Cooper shot a few photos, Bonnie said "We have so few casual pictures of all of us.” Bonnie looked over to a woman at the next table who was packing up to leave. She asked her to take a few photos of the whole family. She was all too happy to do so.

"Oh, Mom,” Misty said after the woman had gone, “I saw someone shooting photos of me and you today. Not just one or two pics as he passed by, lots of people did that; but he seemed to be near us all morning. He was trying to hide what he was doing but a couple of times I saw him using a telephoto lens. I think he was out looking for people like us.”

“I didn’t see him, but I think you’ll see more of that, especially since I don’t think I saw any other family groups with teenage girls going nude. We already knew that getting our photos taken is to be expected in the day of camera phones and the internet.”

Misty shrugged, “Yeah. No big deal. But I still vote we just ought to move here.”

“How about you get rich and famous and we will buy a condo here and come on weekends,” Cooper said facetiously.

Misty threw her paper napkin at him.

After lunch, they went to the hotel and the adults took a nap. Afterward, Bonnie and Cooper dressed to go shopping and clubbing in the evening. A night on the town for the old folks.

While Mom and Dad napped, Misty began going through the photos taken that morning so far and culling out the ones she did not like.  Overall, she was pleased. The photos were good, but not really great. Nothing jumped out at her as being amazing. She was pleased with her brother’s work and would need to let him know that; yet, at the same time she needed to point out what would work better. The trick was to do that without sounding like she was not appreciative. After all, he could just say he didn’t want to do it anymore.

Already on the memory card were photos she and Lamar had taken of Mimi, Gabby, and Hannah last week. Last night, she’d given them a once over to delete the obviously bad ones, but she’d only begun choosing between the good ones. That was more difficult and time-consuming. And even if she only edited five out of each set, as portfolio-worthy, that was still four or five hours minimum. Fortunately, those photos would not be in the set she showed Mr. Kyle. Other than photos of herself and her mom, the only photos she planned on showing tomorrow were Salvador’s.  But there was a final new set of nudes Lamar had taken of her in the backyard before everyone had come over for the impromptu party.  She needed to go over those with her brother as well.

Most important for her today was to come up with a set of photos for Mr. Kyle. The set needed to be large enough to make the point she already had a lot of website worthy photos, while being short enough for a single meeting. She decided to make a set of one hundred fifty frames. If it took him an average of five seconds to look at each, that would be twelve and a half minutes base time. Of course, if he liked any and wanted to talk about them it would take longer. Yes, one hundred fifty. Now which ones? 

On her laptop hard drive, she’d brought along some of the photos that her mom had shot while Amy Douglass had sketched her.  Misty had been amazed at how many photos her mother had taken that day. And so many of them were very good: sexy and artistic. She thought the best photos were from when Salvador and Caitlin had been helping her to "bloom", but she had not brought any of those.

When she packed for the trip to St. Martin, Misty decided to primarily bring photos from the early part of the shoot with her because most of the later ones had Caitlin in the frame.  Significantly, in most of the photos of her having penetrative sex with Salvador, Caitlin was an integral part. To make the full point that Misty was not afraid to show explicit sex on her site, she had to choose at least a few images of Salvador’s erection going into her body.  But, until she’d first seen the photos, Misty hadn't really understood that Caitlin was so involved in the shoot.

As Dr. Douglass had instructed her, Misty had become lost in her desire to be that flower and simply had not mentally processed many of the things that had contributed to that end.  She had put the two sets of penetration images without Caitlin onto a flash drive to bring on the trip. One was the set of her on her knees giving Salvador oral sex. In her mom’s blog last week, she’d posted one of those, but it was shot from behind him. While it showed her hands gripping his great-looking buns and her right side from shoulder to knee, it did not actually show her lips wrapped around his sizable erection, nor even her right nipple. It was a very sexy photo, exactly the kind of erotica she wanted her site to feature. But for this meeting, she wanted to have one clear image of his dick in her mouth and another of it going into her vagina. No more, no less.

The second group with penetration was the set with Salvador up on the massage table with her.  She’d brought with her all of the shots of Salvador that Amy and her mother had taken from the ladder showing her inner lips wrapped around his thick cock as he fucked her, in addition to the whole set her mother had taken of her sucking him. She knew she had a release form from Caitlin as well as from Salvador, but she wasn't ready to entrust Caitlin's nude (or sex) photos to someone she did not know yet. It was one thing to give him her photos, it was something else to give out Caitlin’s.

After an hour of work on just the photos from her birthday shoot, Misty copied seven images to the flash drive she was taking to her meeting tomorrow. She chose two nudes of her posing alone, one of her and Salvador dancing, one that showed Amy painting them, one of the images by Lilly of her mother taking photos of her and Salvador, and two clear photos of penetration. One of those was shot from only slightly behind the hot Brazilian guy while she gave him oral sex. In it, her mom had captured her gripping his great ass even while all but about two inches of his shaft was in her mouth. The second was a particularly good image of Salvador holding her hips up off of the table just before she climaxed. It captured her entire body and face even as the thick shaft going into her was plainly visible. The photos she chose weren't the most artistic sex photos of the day, but they were still tasteful and made her look good. She added these to the jump drive she was taking to her meeting with the web mogul.

Though Misty had taken a great many high-quality nude and lingerie photos of her friends in her studio, and several of them wanted her to use them on her site; she would need to negotiate payments to the other girls should he wish to use them on the site as well. Once she'd copied all the photos she wanted to the flash drive, she put it back in the professional-looking satchel her parents had bought her for her birthday. Later this afternoon or evening, she’d open up all the new ones and give them a final editing with Photoshop.

While Misty was working and his parents slept, Lamar went out onto the beach. To Lamar, this was a great new world. His parents had given him carte blanch to go anywhere he could walk on the island.  It’s not that he was restricted at home (though he’d yet to have jumped through all the hoops Georgia required to get a driver’s license) but at home, even on his bicycle, it was a long way to go anywhere. But this entire French side of the island was only like three miles across. While he could walk that easily enough, he didn’t need to go that far. Their villa was right in the middle of everything he wanted to do.

 He practically skipped down the stairs. Again, he wore the swimsuit he'd bought online for the trip. It was like a very tight and thin pair of bikini briefs made of spandex that showed off his dick, especially when he was hard. He already knew full well that his dick was bigger (soft or hard) than most guys. He’d noticed more than a few girls looking during the morning when they thought he didn’t see them. Still, he couldn’t imagine wearing that suit at a beach at home. His friends would laugh their heads off. But here, that was just what the European guys wore, even the old fat guys. 

Lamar was disappointed that none of the people his age that he’d met earlier on the beach were anywhere to be found.  Virtually everyone on the beach was around his parent's age, though, some of them were very hot. He’d developed quite a thing for older women… well he liked younger women and girls too, but was sure other guys his age never got hot cougar porn of his mom’s friends. Thanks to his sister’s little photo business, he had pics of almost all the women in the church group that met at their house. In addition to hundreds and hundreds of nude photos taken both at the nude swim days and in Misty’s studio, there were several sets of actual fucking too. Why shouldn’t he get off looking at them? He knew full well that Byron whacked off looking at both Mom’s and Misty’s pics. But all the guys at school did that as well, and he knew it. He had no doubt every guy at Jeff Davis High School had a thing for his mother. He wondered how many of them knew that Samual Morgan had fucked her. He (and his mom) knew it would only be a matter of time before some of the images from that photo shoot began to circulate at school. And he was amazed the nude pics and hot stories of his mom fucking people on her travels that she put on her blog were not being passed around… yet. Not that he minded. Lots of guys at school already called her a super MILF-slut after seeing those photos of her fucking that guy on the beach. To the guys at school that was the highest compliment they could make about someone’s mom. When pics of her fucking big-dicked Samual and her blog stories got around, they would only drool after her more. He was actually quite proud she was his mother.

While all the other guys dreamed of his mother, Lamar’s thing was for Byron’s mom and her huge melons. He’d been fantasizing about her like crazy ever since last summer when he first saw her naked. He’d seen her having sex with his dad lots of times by now, and once he and Byron had stood right in the doorway and pretty much watched them do it all. He was so close he could hear his dad’s dick slurping in and out of Mrs. Simms’ wet pussy. And he had pics and video clips of Byron’s mom fucking and sucking like ten different guys from that Miami trip last summer. Half of those guys were only two years older than him. Sure, he'd gotten into trouble for jacking off in front of her when she’d been almost naked. But, he knew it was not the cumming on Byron’s bedroom floor that had gotten him into trouble, it had been that he’d not asked her if it was OK if he masturbated in front of her. His parents and Mrs. Simms had all but said that it was fine for him to fantasize and jack off thinking about her, but he just couldn’t do it in front of her without permission.

A couple of times since he got in trouble, he’d seen Mrs. Simms watching from just outside the room as Byron sucked his cock, or took Byron’s thick cock up his ass. Once, he didn’t know why but she was wearing that see-through robe she likes, and he was standing by their sofa while Byron sucked him. She stood at the doorway to the kitchen and watched. He watched her watching him, and she knew he was. He came super hard and it was like she was the one giving him the blow job. He was sure that was what she was thinking too. Last month Byron asked his mom if she would fuck Lamar if he were eighteen. Rather than saying yes or no, she reminded her son that the age of consent in Georgia was seventeen, not eighteen. After Lamar heard that, his dreams of having sex with her became even more vivid, fantasizing about screwing her… just like he’d seen his dad do.

So, while he was disappointed the girls his age weren’t out at the beach after lunch, there were plenty of hot women to look at, and far more of the older women were topless or naked. He’d walked a little while when he first saw it, one of the women was looking at him… and not like a cute child. She was giving him THE look.

He’d begun getting those looks at the beginning of the school year, but in the last few months, he was getting a lot more of them. He’d not known what they meant until one morning about a week after Valentine’s, after he’d spent the night at Sarah’s he’d ridden with her to school. When they were coming into the building, they passed a group of girls and Sarah said, “That girl in the green top, Denise, she wants to screw you. All you’d have to do is ask.”

He was befuddled, and was sure she was just giving him a hard time when a week later, he noticed Bek Carter looking at him in the same manner. Sarah said the same thing, then she added, “Half the sophomore girls would put out if you tried, but from how she looks, I’m sure that Bek’s panties are wet right now just thinking about fucking you.”  Again, he was sure she was teasing him… but not as sure as he was the time before. Later in the week, he’d asked his sister about what Sarah had said. Misty had surprised him when she said, “I don’t think you realize how popular you are with girls now. I can’t say anything much about the girls in your grade in general, but I have no doubt that any girl in 9th or 10th grade in Youth Group that you invited home with you would at least give you a blow job… every single one. Those who’ve already had sex would jump your bones for sure, even if they already have a boyfriend, and half the girls who haven’t would do it if you asked. I’ve heard the names of three girls at Youth Group who want you to be their first.”

He'd not known what to say about that.

Then just last Sunday after the Youth Group meeting his sister’s words came to life. Nora Perkinson (the younger sister of Jeanett’s boyfriend Tyler), came over to him and Sarah and asked, “Lamar, can I talk with you a minute?” She’d been coming to Youth Group with her brother for most of the school year.  She was nice enough but to him, she was neither pretty nor ugly, just plain, and quite shy. She was the kind of girl he wouldn’t even see unless he was looking for her. While he had known her for years from school, he just didn’t travel in her social circles. Well, he hadn’t until she’d begun to hang out at school with some of the other Youth Group girls who would likely be Euro-Club members next year, like Ester Green, Lauren Broderick, and Natalie Foster. Nora looked at Sarah and said, “And I want you to hear this too. I don’t want to look like I’m trying to steal him.”

Lamar was confused, but a knowing smile came on Sarah’s face.

Nora went on, “Lamar, I’ve been thinking about this for months, and I’m sure I am ready for my sexual debut… that’s what I know your mother calls a girl’s first time to have sex. And…” she paused briefly before quickly saying, “I would like you to be my first sexual partner.” She quickly looked to Sarah, “Only if it’s all right with you. I’ve talked to Jeanette about it… well a lot, and she tells me you wouldn’t mind at all for him to do it.”

It had only been after Nora made it clear what she wanted that Lamar understood that look. She’d been giving it to him for at least a month even though she was sitting with John Gardener the last few weeks at Youth Group. He quickly grasped for the right response. Then it came to him, “I would be honored to be your first. But only if you are sure.”

She quickly said, “I’m sure, I’m very sure… and I’m already on the pill.”

Then he promised to do everything he could to make it special for her. Once he’d said his lines, the two girls seemed to take over the planning. Before he left Youth Group, he had a date set up. It would be at his house on the Saturday after spring break.

He knew that look as he walked down the beach and he’d gotten them from several women old enough to be his mother… or even his grandmother. The looks both unnerved and excited him. Not only did he stand taller as he walked, his dick got stiff and pushed on his super-thin swimsuit. He knew that his hard-on was totally visible. Sure, he could take it off on this beach, but he thought that would make it too obvious how much he liked the looks.

One particular pair of women got his attention. They were both on chaise lounges not far from his family’s villa. They appeared to be his mother’s age and from what he could see, they seemed to be there without boyfriends or husbands. They brazenly watched him walk up and past them on his way to the far end of the beach. They reminded him of Mrs. Simms and Ms. Slosh when they were together. One was tall with large… very large, tits, and the other was short and slim with little tits. Neither pair of boobs were covered.

Having gone all the way to where the rocks began and found none of his new friends, he decided to go back to the villa or perhaps the swimming pool. As he passed the two women, he noticed they’d both removed their bottoms and both were looking directly at him as he walked. Just as he approached where they were sitting, the curvy one shifted her position and in doing so, she momentarily spread her legs giving him a full view of her pussy. She paused for just a second or two, but long enough to make it clear she wanted him to look… and he did. His dick strained painfully in his swimsuit. Had they not been looking right at him he would have adjusted his hard-on to make it more comfortable, but he didn’t.  They were both very obviously looking at the shape of his super hard dick pressing out.  He might be new at this, but he knew what the bigger woman was doing: she was making an invitation.  

As she closed her legs, she raised her hand and gave him a little finger wave. He knew what an older more experienced guy would do, he’d stop and talk to them. He’d ask if he could join them and take off his swimsuit to give them a full view of the raging hard-on he had for them. That is what he wanted to do, but he didn’t. He just gave a little wave back but didn’t stop to talk to them. His mind was reeling when he went up the hill to the villas. Did that woman want to have sex with him? Fuck yea, she did. He was sure of it. And she was shaped just like Mrs. Simms. How he’d love to put his face into those melons as he stuck his cock into her. His dick hurt it was so hard. Yet, as he neared their door, he realized that he had no idea how to go from overtly sexual flirting to fucking. That realization deflated him.

He flopped down on the sofa that doubled as his bed for the week. He’d botched his chance and that made him feel like a loser. Momentarily he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He looked over to see that Misty was in the villa. Things in his life had progressed to the point when the most popular and desired girl at school came into view… naked, he hardly noticed. While her nudity didn’t surprise him, when she asked him to escort her to the beach, it did.

She said, “I didn’t expect you back so soon.”

Trying to hide how he felt he said, “The only people out right now are old, so I walked a way up to the north, further than we went this morning, all the way up to where the rocks begin.”

Misty thought for a moment then asked, “From what you saw, do you think I could pose on the rocks where I couldn’t be seen from the rest of the beach?”

“Maybe. I didn’t really look that close.”

“Could you come with me up the beach to take a few photos?”

“Sure, but why?”

Misty explained, “I have been going through the set of photos I’m going to show to Mr. Kyle tomorrow. Oh, the ones you shot today were pretty good. Tonight, perhaps we can go over them together.”

Lamar’s feelings of being a failure dissipated with his sister’s praise. As much as he tried not to, he really cared about what she thought of him.

Misty went on, “But, I realized there is one kind of photo that I would want to show as part of what I’ll put on the site that I’ve never shot before. Autoerotic photos.”

Lamar gave her a look indicating he did not know what she meant.

“Photos of me getting myself off. After all, I do it a lot and it is a part of healthy sexuality. I came down here to ask if you could shoot me doing it up on the rooftop deck, but out by the ocean would be even sexier. Can you do it?”

For Lamar, seeing his sister get herself off was nothing new. The first time was nearly a year ago. He’d been behind the couch stroking himself while watching their parents having sex with Heather when Misty came and knelt down beside him. Not only did she openly play with herself too, but she told him how she did it and gave him advice on how to make it feel better. That had been a big event for him. Over the fall and winter, he, Misty, and Sarah had masturbated in the game room, as a group, four different times. Twice they watched the artistic sex videos they kept in the game room, but the other two times they watched their mom’s sex videos. It wasn’t that he wanted to have sex with his mom or his sister, but watching them get off was a real turn-on for him.

In the three times they did it before Christmas, it always ended with Sarah going down on each of them as they sat in the theater seats, after which either he or Misty (or both of them) went down on Sarah. Sitting right there watching his sister eat out Sarah also helped him learn how to do it better for his girlfriend. The last time, after the video, he fucked Sarah while Sissy watched before Misty went down on her. He wasn’t the least bit surprised when his sister went down on Sarah right after he’d filled her with goo. After all, from September till Christmas break, every Saturday night Misty had sex with Sarah right after she’d had sex with him in his bed. When Sarah went to Misty’s room, she always had cum spread all over her pussy from “outercourse,” and her mouth always tasted of Lamar’s spunk from sucking him off. A couple of times, Sarah even had him cum on her tits right at the end to purposely serve Misty visible strings of semen. According to Sarah, though she’d not minded doing it from the very first, Misty told her that after a while it started to turn her on to lick his jizz off of Sarah. For both of them, it was just part of their love making, because sharing Sarah with her brother was central to their relationship. But Sarah wasn’t so reticent. From the very first time back in September when Misty had eaten Sarah’s cum covered pussy, Sarah was vocal about how hot she thought that was. It took Lamar a while to admit the same. While he knew Misty always ate his stuff off of Sarah, she’d never told him to his face that it was a turn-on for her.

 Though Sarah had repeatedly said they might as well all get in the bed together, Misty always drew a line at having a threesome with her brother. To her, there was a huge difference between both of them doing Sarah in the game room and getting into a bed with him. Lamar understood her reasoning even if all Sarah wanted was for them to do her one after another.

So, it was only the taking of photos that was new, and Misty had already talked to him about shooting her having sex with Caitlin and perhaps some of the Euro-Club guys. Thus asking him to shoot her masturbating was no great leap, though he’d heard his sister talk about how hard it was to shoot artistic erotica. That was the challenge and he didn’t want to disappoint Sissy.

His mood now much better, he said “Sure.”

It took them nearly half an hour to gather up what they needed, make their way to the beach then up the half mile or so to the rocks. Lamar noted that the two women he’d seen were now gone. He wondered if he would see them again. Misty again wore her new see-through cover-up, one of her thongs, and a hat. As they walked, a couple of times she had Lamar take pictures of her walking up the beach, with and without the cover-up. She told him the photos would look different than the ones from this morning because the beach was not deserted and the light was different. Once they got to the rocks at the north end, it appeared that she could sit in a nook and masturbate out of view if Lamar was shooting in knee-deep water.

By then it was close to 6:00 PM, and the sun was lowering in the western sky, but still plenty bright enough to shoot freehand. She and Lamar talked about the light and poses as if he was just a photographer and not his sixteen-year-old brother. She thought that he was remarkably mature about it even when she asked him to tell her what position looked best with her fingers up into her vagina. After trying a couple of dozen test shots from a few different angles and finding what worked best, Misty pulled off her cover-up and thong and moved around a large rock to lean back on another. While Misty didn’t have a problem with masturbating in front of Lamar, she was not in an ideal position to do it comfortably. Since the whole point was the photos, she had to let the camera see what she was doing and that didn’t feel natural.

To make it easier, she closed her eyes as Dr. Douglass had told her to do and focused on the sounds of the waves and the wind on her bare body. As it turned out, she was able to find that place in her mind where her body was in tune. Her arousal came quite easily after that. Not strong like when she used her Magic Wand or when a guy was fucking her hard, but it steadily grew.  Even when Lamar, as she’d instructed him to do, occasionally said to open her eyes and look at him, it did not disrupt her climb. The only time it felt a little forced was when she put a foot up on a nearby rock to finger fuck herself. It wasn’t so much the putting a pair of fingers inside that felt off, but doing it in such a way that did not entirely hide the penetration from the camera. The practice shots however had let her work out how to do that, so it did not break her progress.

According to Lamar, it took her around ten minutes to climax and he shot over two hundred frames in that time. Though she was glad he’d been thorough, she knew it would take time to work through that many similar images. Again, as she’d told him to do, he kept shooting after she’d come down to catch the afterglow on her face and body.  As they worked people had come to see what Lamar was shooting, most only stayed a minute or two, but one middle-aged couple had stayed till they were done. 

She made her way back to the beach and began stuffing her thong and cover-up into the bag she’d carried. She was feeling pretty good about herself right now and she decided that she would walk back down the beach naked. The woman who’d been watching the shoot asked “Are you shooting for a website or something?”

Misty happily answered, “Yes, actually I’m here to shoot photos for a new website and to meet with the owner of the company producing it.”

She nodded and said, “Well if your boyfriend’s photos come out half as hot as what we saw, you’ll be a hit.”

Misty thanked her and did not correct her assessment of who Lamar was. But the truth was he was now taller than both her and their mother. Yes, he could now pass for her boyfriend. But when the lady then said, “If you would like, I can use your camera to take some pictures of you two having sex. You can’t be seen from the beach where you were, so it will be OK.”

She was glad Lamar was too far away to hear what the woman said over the noise of wind and waves. He might have given away that he was her brother, not her boyfriend.  With a genuinely grateful smile, Misty replied, “Thank you, but I think we’ve pushed our luck as far as we can today. Then out of pride, she added, “I did a great erotica shoot a couple of weeks ago with the most handsome Brazilian man you ever saw. The photos are amazing.”

“Oh, I’d love to see them, can you tell me the name of the site?”

Misty laughed, “If I could I would love to, but that is one of the things we will be working out this week.”

It was only when they were well down the beach that Misty told Lamar what the woman had said about her taking photos of her having sex with her boyfriend. They both laughed and he said, “Oh, Sarah will love that.”

Misty knew he was right. She thanked him for helping, “And not just for shooting the photos, that would have weirded most guys out. Even if I could have done it myself, I feel better… safer, with you here with me.

He didn’t know what to say when his big sister confessed that she felt safer with him nearby. But for him, it was quite the compliment. He really liked his new relationship with his sister.

Nearer to their villa, three of Lamar’s new friends from the morning were now out sunning. In a way, it irked Misty how he was so able to make new friends so fast, she had never been able to do that. Had she been alone she would not have done so. However, one thing she did have was a new identity as a photographer. By hiding behind her camera, she did not have to look alone. Though, she told herself, “I didn’t do too bad meeting hot men this morning.”

Two of the girls and a guy he’d met in the morning were lying out on their stomachs. The girls both wore string thongs and no tops, so from the rear they were effectively naked. Lamar was sure this place was heaven as he looked down at Chloé and Élise’s bare asses as they lay on their towels. In addition to the hot twenty-somethings, and the hot older women… there were girls his age like this. How could any place be better than Orient Bay?

Of the four girls his age he’d met in the morning, these two were the only ones to go topless for any length of time. And Chloé had taken off her bottoms for a little while to go with him into the water. She’d been the one to grab his cock, and he’d grabbed her ass and boobs. His friends will never believe what had happened already on the first day, but he sure will tell them all about it.

He put his hand in his swimsuit waistband and used his face and eyes to ask if she wanted him to take it off. When Chloé smiled and nodded, he slid off his swimsuit. His erection was at full glory and Chloé made it obvious that she took a good look at his cock before looking at his face and smiling. She scooted over on her towel and then indicated for him to lay next to her. To fit on one towel necessitated that their bodies be very close together. So as not to seem creepy, he made an effort not to actually touch her. She surprised him when he went to lay down, she interlinked her arm into his and pulled him right up against her, so much so he could feel her boob pressing on his arm. As they settled, she lay one of her calves on his legs. It sure seemed to Lamar she wanted to take things further than they had this morning. He sure was hoping so.

In her thick French accent, she asked, “What were you and your très jolie soeur doing up the beach?”

He'd told her that Misty was a professional model when they’d talked earlier, so he said, “I was shooting a new set of nudes of my sister to show the web publisher tomorrow.” He thought of telling her exactly what he was shooting, but he thought that would be too much.

Chloé responded, “That is just so, so… contrairement à un Américain to take photos nues of his sister. If you were French, that would be different, mais tu ne l'es pas.”

She’d been using this mishmash of French and English since he met her, as such he wasn’t always exactly sure what she was saying, but he could generally pick out enough words to guess her meaning. In this case he understood that she was surprised an American would do that. He gave her his best smile, “Perhaps I am secretly French.”

She laughed.

Lamar thought that was a good sign.

 She asked where his parents had gone and he explained they wanted a night in town for dinner and dancing. They chatted for a little longer on their stomachs before Élise began to talk to Chloé in French way too fast for Lamar to follow. Afterward, Élise and Chloé’s brother who lay on the other side of her got up to leave. Chloé turned back to Lamar and said, “My brother and Élise are going back la villa de notre famille . They sont en train de partir towel for you to use.”

Lamar replied, “But what if I liked sharing this towel with you?”

She smiled beautifully at him and said, “I’d like that,” and pressed her body more firmly against his. She looked over her shoulder to where her friend and her brother had gone. “Élise says they are going inside to eat, but I know they allons faire l'amour… they go to make love. Élise does avoir beaucoup de relations sexuelles.” She gave him a wink and added, “I si jaloux .”

Lamar rapidly tried to work out what she’d just said, it was something like her friend has been having a lot of sex and she is jealous. If that is what she said it was a pretty obvious hint… but he wasn’t sure that was what she said.  Before he could come up with a reply, she changed the subject, “I see ta sœur attend, would she s'allonger sur la serviette… lay on Élise’s towel?”

 Misty had watched her brother take off his swimsuit and lie down by the girl… on the same towel so their two bodies were touching from knee to shoulder. It took her a few minutes to realize that their arms were interlocked, but the girl’s leg on Lamar was more obvious. She’d noticed her brother with the girl before they’d gone in for lunch. Misty was pretty sure she was the one who’d grabbed his dick in the water and she was the only teenager other than her and Lamar to go nude while they were out. She guessed her to be fifteen or sixteen… probably fifteen. She was petite but very pretty. The other thing she noticed was that, unlike the other girls who looked but stayed clear of the jutting-out half-erection that Lamar had nearly the whole morning; the diminutive girl didn’t seem the least bit wary of it. Several times she saw the girl standing so close to Lamar that Misty thought that his dick must have touched her… at least occasionally. That is why she was sure that was the girl who’d grabbed it. As Misty decided what to do next, she couldn’t help but look at the two bare bodies lying side by side.  

As she considered asking the girl if she could take a photo of the two of them, she could not help but notice that her brother had a fine ass… as did the girl. It had been hard to miss that since the fall, her brother had been growing taller and filling out at the same time. And the girls were talking about him more and more… even her friends. But it wasn’t until just a little while ago, when the woman assumed that Lamar was her boyfriend that she allowed herself to see why girls were now gravitating to him. For the first time, she admitted to herself that her little brother had suddenly become quite good-looking as a young man, not a boy. He’d always been personable and photogenic, but now… well there was only one word for it… he’d become hot.

In the morning the family only saw four girls around Lamar’s age near their camp, but by the time they’d left the beach for lunch, all four had been talking to him at one time or another. That was saying something considering that Lamar was alone among the teenage guys to remove his swimsuit… and his dick had never been less than semi-hard all morning. Although the fact he was usually somewhere near Misty had likely made him seem a little less out of place, still for girls that age to talk to a naked guy with a hard-on meant he had a real magnetism.

Oddly, Misty noticed that most of the nude men she'd seen were like over forty. The hot young guys didn't seem to like to show off their goods, not even the guys fawning over her. Perhaps they were unsure if they were worth showing off. Lamar had no such qualms. She had seen plenty of naked guys, and she knew that only a few were more impressive down there than he was. She also noticed the girls who noticed Lamar as well… and with his pube-free crotch, his dick did look impressive. Sure, the girls were young, but they didn’t appear too young for him. 

From the towel, the girl half rolled over so as to look back to where Misty was still standing. “Misty?” she asked in a strong French accent.

It took her a moment to process the girl was talking to her. “Yes, I’m Misty. Lamar’s sister.”

“Je suis Chloé. S'il te plaît, allonge-toi.”

The girl patted the abandoned towel beside her, so Misty gathered her meaning. She stepped over to where Chloé was on her side looking up at her. She squatted down to be on the girl’s level. “That is really sweet of you. I’ve been standing, looking at you two. I couldn’t help but see how great you look lying there together. I was wondering if I could take a photo. And if you will give Lamar contact information, I’ll send it to you.”

Chloé answered, “For someone as pretty as you, who is not effrayée, afraid, to go all day sans maillot, that is very kind of you to ask. Oui, ça me conviendrait, et oui, I would like pour m'envoyer la photo.”

Misty didn’t know a word of French but gathered what the girl meant. She thanked her and quickly moved to take several shots from different angles of them laying on their stomachs talking.

The girl looked up at her and said, “S'il te plaît prends des photos de face pour voir nos visages?”

Lamar surprised Misty by saying “She wants you to get pictures of our faces too.”

No sooner had Lamar finished his translation, than Chloé leaned up onto her elbows. Lamar copied her. As soon as Misty moved to shoot from the front it was plain that the girl’s breasts were somewhat visible. Misty shot several photos.

Then to Misty’s surprise, Chloé got up on her knees and struck a pose, making no effort to hide her perky breasts. Lamar followed her lead. For the first time, Misty made a posing suggestion. “Could you guys turn so your backs are to the water, the light will be better and I’ll get the ocean in the background.”

Chloé complied without comment. After that, it all flowed naturally.  Misty shot dozens of photos of Lamar and Chloé standing up, walking on the beach, and playing in the water.  Because Misty had experience shooting beach photos, she worked fast and efficiently. It was quite apparent, diminutive Chloé thoroughly enjoyed posing. While her body might be small, her smile filled the screen. However, Misty didn’t want to seem to be taking advantage, so after only about ten minutes she thanked them both and said she was going to relax by the swimming pool for a while.

Chloé replied, “J'ai apprécié ça et j'ai hâte de voir les photos.” Then in English she said, “I am happy I met you.”

As Misty headed up to the Villa, she looked back to see her brother and the cute little French Girl walking out into the ocean hand in hand. She was actually happy to see her brother enjoying himself so much. Now it was time for her to get serious about preparing for tomorrow’s meeting. She hoped that Lamar had taken one or two smashing images of her masturbating that didn’t need much editing to add into the set.

When she got into the villa, she changed her mind. She wouldn’t go to the pool where there might be distractions, but up to the rooftop deck. She’d be more productive there.


Bonnie and Cooper had a great night out and got back late. The villa was quiet with Lamar asleep on the downstairs sofa. They tiptoed up the stairs and were soon sound asleep. It was the first time they'd been out clubbing in a very… VERY, long time.  They had both been in the mood for sex, but they were just too tired. For a second night on their sexy vacation, they went to sleep without the sex Bonnie knew they both wanted. That would have to wait for the morning… or until the afternoon since Bonnie and Misty had to leave early. Even without the sex she wanted, it had been a great day.


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14. Juni

I know I may be off, but I felt like that things were starting to build to misty and Lamar engaging with each other at some point. Perhaps in a fairly casual way but still there.

Gefällt mir

14. Juni
Mit 5 von 5 Sternen bewertet.

Bonnie's and Cooper's beach conversation moved me. There are half a dozen meaningful things in life, our relationship to the sacred, work, art, family, friendship, sex, and that's it. Maybe it's five, with work needing to be art to be meaningful, or maybe it's all part of the sacred. Bonnie and Cooper—and this novel—are talking about that.

Gefällt mir

Interesting character habit that Sarah is ok with tasting Lamar's cum but being in bed with him and Sarah is too much

edit: Doh! I meant Misty of course

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11. Juni
Mit 5 von 5 Sternen bewertet.

This chapter is a combination of the past, the present, and the future, and therefore loaded with sex-positive teachings. Misty and Lamar have taken to Bonnie and Cooper’s philosophy and lifestyle like ducks to water, leaving behind those who are stuck in a sex-negative mindset. For the first time, Cooper became a spectator of his children’s sexcapades during the “speed-sex” display at their home and later with Deedee, became the main attraction for the teenage girls. Cooper’s relationship with Misty evolved to an acceptance of her sexuality and display of her body, not seeing her as a kid anymore. He wasn’t aroused by Misty having sex, but it was different with DeeDee’s daughter. Cooper got aroused when he saw Bailey…

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11. Juni
Antwort an

I cannot wait for every chapter to appear. I devour your words and images. Your narrative is so seamless and natural that most readers feel safe in the hands of a wonderful storyteller. Most readers then don't bother about the structure.

Gefällt mir
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