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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 64

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel



Sounding the Clarian Call


Chapter 64

St. Martin: Monday


On Monday morning, Cooper was up and in the villa’s kitchen scrounging for food by 8:15. The rest of the house was still sound asleep.  He’d need to get Misty and Bonnie up soon. Their meeting with Richard Kyle was scheduled for 10:30.  In the main room downstairs, Lamar was still sleeping soundly.

He pulled out eggs and bacon and began breakfast. Before the eggs were done Misty came down the stairs from her room.

“Good morning,” she said in a voice pleasant but clearly tired.

“Good morning, Misty girl. How was your night?”

“Better than I’d expected.”

“Good, so you got the photos you want to sell to Mr. Kyle onto a flash drive?”

“Oh, yea,” she said filling a glass with orange juice. “It’s in the case to take with us.”

Cooper stirred the eggs, “Well you guys need to be ready to go in about forty-five minutes.”

“Yeah, I know. Is Mom up?”

“No, if you’ll watch the eggs, I’ll go get her moving.”

Misty poked at the eggs in the pan. She knew it made her dad uncomfortable to hear her talk about her sex life so she did not elaborate on how much better the night had been than she had expected it to be.  But she wouldn’t hesitate to tell all when her mother came downstairs. It was not surprising that it took so long for her mother to make it to the villa’s kitchen, after all, they’d been out really late and Mom was not as young as she sometimes thought she was. Misty had time to cook both the eggs and bacon and almost finished eating her part before her mother finally made it down.

“When did you guys get home last night?" Misty asked her mother. "I was up till past 1:00 and you weren’t home yet.”

“Not too long after that. 1:30 or 1:45… I guess,” Bonnie responded slowly. “I haven’t danced like that for a long time, and my legs are telling me I went too long.”

Misty couldn’t help but laugh.

Her mother followed up by asking what she and Lamar had done.

Misty grinned and said, “If you had been home at like 9:00, you would have embarrassed a cute little French girl to death.”

“Why? Who are you talking about?”

Misty felt mischievous so she only told the briefest of outlines “Well...” she began. “Though I had planned to go out to the pool to finalize my photos set for Mr. Kyle, I decided to do it up on the deck on the roof instead. I worked pretty good and wrapped it up faster than I thought I would.  I decided I would put on some fresh bikini bottoms to go down to the beach for a walk as a reward for my work, so I went down to my bedroom. When I walked in what do I see, but Lamar holding this little slip of a French girl clean off the bed as he filled her with his dick. He was on his knees and was holding her as she was propped up on his thighs. It was a really sexy sight. I guess her size made that position work for both of them. From the comfort and enthusiasm she showed as I watched from the door as she got off, I was sure this wasn’t anything like her first time. But she was little. She was like the size and had the figure I had when I was twelve.”

Misty knew… well was pretty sure Chloé was fifteen or possibly sixteen. It really is impossible to tell by appearance with girls that age. But Misty had gotten a very good look at her when shooting pictures, then again when looking the photos over. Chloé had hips and breasts. They weren’t large but the curves were there. Most of all, she didn’t act twelve and her face said about fifteen. The truth was, she was just petite, but Misty wasn’t ready to admit that she was old enough for her brother. Why not let Mom think he was doing a little girl? Lamar had made a big deal to look up to find the age of consent in France was fifteen, and they were technically in France. Though she was quite sure that Chloé was certainly of legal age for Lamar, she just couldn’t resist setting her brother up to get the 3rd degree.

Misty elaborated on the story, “She was making so much noise, they didn’t hear me come into my room. Perhaps I shouldn’t have just watched without them knowing I was there, but the truth was I was impressed with the way my brother held her entire body off the bed while he fucked her. I’ve never even seen one of my sex-crazed friends in that position. And there was no question the little girl was totally into it. She was very loud, not just occasionally, but the whole time. I’m actually surprised I’d not heard her up on the roof.  Oh, and they were doing it right in front of the sliding glass door, even from before they saw me, I could see people down by the pool watching them. I don’t blame them, it was quite a show.” 

“I let her have the orgasm she was working up to, and even gave her time to come down from it before I finally walked fully into the room to announce my presence. When I did, her eyes popped open and she saw me beside the bed. I sort of expected her to freak out when she saw that I was in the room and had seen her have an orgasm fucking my brother. But she didn’t. She was as cool about it as any of the Euro-Club girls would have been.”

Her mother’s face was dark, “You say she looked twelve?”

Suddenly Misty decided the game had gone too far. “No, I didn’t say that. I said my body looked like hers when I was twelve. I was just saying how petite she was and how he was able to hold her up like that.”

“How old do you think she was?”

It was clear her mother was not going to let this bone go. So Misty came clean. “You saw her with him yesterday morning. It’s the girl he was with for a couple of hours after we finished taking pictures. She was the only one of the girls who went topless nearly the whole time we were there. He talked about her at lunch.” 

 Cooper stepped in and said, “You two go on, I’ll deal with this.”

“I wasn’t trying to get him in trouble” Misty lied.

Her father replied, “That’s OK, I said I’ll deal with it.”

By 10:05 they were dressed and Misty was holding the leather satchel with all the necessary material. Her parents had bought it for her last week, especially for this meeting. Sarah’s dad had set them up with a lawyer in Atlanta who specialized in this kind of business arrangement. He not only had worked back and forth with Richard Kyle’s lawyer in Miami, he had helped Misty negotiate the financial terms.   It had been decided that given the circumstances, Bonnie would work with Misty, but all the documents, including Misty’s LLC incorporation, would be in Misty’s name. All that remained to be done was to have the papers signed with proper notarizing and all would be put into motion.

Misty and her mother, wearing the most clothes that they had put on since their arrival, headed to the door.

Misty was still protesting that she didn’t want her brother to be in trouble as they left. By then Cooper highly suspected that the girl wasn’t as obviously young as Misty had first implied. But he decided to ask Lamar about it anyway, if the boy ever moved off the couch on which he was sleeping.

“How are things going for you so far?” Bonnie asked her daughter as they walked across the villa complex.

“Pretty good.”

“I really am sorry things with Tommy didn’t work out but you don’t seem to be moping”

“No, I’m OK, I had seen that coming from even before we started dating. I just thought he might be able to come around,” Misty said, wishing her mom would not talk about Tommy.

“Guys usually don’t,” her mom said in that ‘men are pigs’ voice. Then she continued, “You seem to have garnered quite a bit of attention at the beach yesterday. Any guys in particular you like?”

“I didn’t want to make Dad queasy, I know how he gets, but after I’d finished my work, I met up with one of the guys you saw me with at the beach yesterday. Tall blond guy. His name is Olav, he’s from Denmark.”

Bonnie gave her a sidelong glance before hailing a cab. After getting in and giving the cabby the address she asked “And?”

“I got laid of course!” Misty chimed, “And good.” She looked at her mom “I needed it. Friday night was great, but I was mostly playing hostess, even while I was having sex. I wasn’t really free to get into it, then afterward the sex with Sarah was pretty low-keyed because I was so tired. Though I should say it was nice spending the night with her again.”

“I understand what that is like. Party sex isn’t like normal sex. It’s fun in its own way. And I’m sure you needed a good time with a guy on your own last night. Now tell me all about it.”

“Like I said earlier, I’d finished my work and went down to my room where I found Lamar and Chloé in my bed.”

Her mother interrupted her, “Oh, so she’s not just some little slip of a French girl, but someone you know by name.”

Misty actually felt bad for her little game now. “Yes, I knew her by name when I walked in.” Misty then relayed the tale of her last-minute photoshoot, meeting Chloé and the set of photos she’d done of her and Lamar. “I honestly don’t know her age, I didn’t ask. But I don’t think she was all that young. My best guess is fifteen. I was just giving you and Dad a hard time. My intent was not to get Lamar into trouble.” She knew that was only half true, but she didn’t want to admit it.

“Yes, I can see that now.”

“The truth is, I’d not meant to walk into Lamar’s first hook-up, I mean one without any attachment to me or the club. And I wasn’t kidding about his performance. I really was impressed by how much he was doing for her. If my camera hadn’t already been on the desk in the room, I would certainly have shot some photos. When I came into the room, we all talked for a little while. They told me that they had been at it for over an hour. I could tell she was quite spent. She made it clear that she wasn’t upset that I’d walked in on them. I knew that already since she didn’t make the slightest effort to hide what they were doing. She didn’t even rush to get off of Lamar when she saw me, she just gave me a smile and rolled her hips as if to make the point she was not embarrassed she was fucking my brother. From our conversation, I began to suspect she’d known I was there a good while before I made a point to let them know I was in the room with them.

“Since I let her have her orgasm before I interrupted them, they were ready for a break. Oh, and if you are wondering, Lamar had on a condom. Before I left, I showed them the pictures I took of them on the beach. I was happy to see how much she liked them. She gave me her contact info so I can send them to her. She is French after all and sex doesn’t have the taboo it does to us Americans.  She didn’t even flinch when I told her they had an audience down at the pool. The curtains were wide open and they were at the side of the bed. I saw a group of people down at the pool watching them. They put on quite a show and I strongly suspect they both knew it.”

 “It seems there was a reason she acted so nonchalant about me watching them have sex. It seems that Chloé’s best friend, Élise, came with her and her family on this trip. But her older brother has sort of captured her friend and they have been screwing up a storm all week. Their villa is like ours, Chloé and Élise share a room upstairs and, like Lamar is, her brother was supposed to be on the sofa-bed downstairs. But Élise has had a crush on Chloé’s brother for a long time and despite the fact he is in college and has a serious girlfriend back home, this was a chance that was too good for them to pass up. So, they’ve been screwing in her bed every afternoon while her parents are out and every night after they are asleep. When Élise and Chloé’s brother do it at night, they don’t seem to care that Chloé is in the bed right beside them. She refuses to give up her bed so they can fuck. She said she wasn’t upset when I walked in, since by using my bed, she and Lamar were doing exactly what her brother and Élise have been doing to her. The way she said it is what made me think she’d known I was at the door watching long before she climaxed. Well, I think that is what she was saying. Sometimes she mixed French and English words as she talked. But her English is way better than she let on earlier when we were down at the beach.”

Bonnie nodded, “OK, I get that, but what about your hook-up?”

“So, after I showed them their photos, I took off.  I grabbed a clean beach towel and walked to the beach.  About five minutes going north… I think it was north, I found Olav and a bunch of other college-age people. I hung out with them sitting out on the dark beach for a while and talked to a girl named Catrice.  She’s one of those French-speaking Canadians.”

After a while we all went to a place to eat right on the beach, you may have seen it. It’s called Andy and Cheryl’s, and I had my first experience of going to a restaurant completely in the nude.  Yea, it’s right on the beach and no one blinked an eye when the five of us walked in, laid our towels on our seats, and sat down at a table naked.”

Her mother gave her a nudge, “I can’t believe if a group of good-looking young people sat down naked no one would notice. Even at a clothing-optional beach.”

Misty knew where she was going, but defended “But there was another couple, just as nude as us. They came in a little while after we got there.”

“And were they in their 40’s and on the plump side?  And how many of the people at the restaurant were fully clothed?” her mother persisted.

“OK, I’ll admit it. We got, well Catrice and I got plenty of looks.  And yes, for most of the time everyone else was fully dressed since by then it was close to 11:00.”

“Yea,” her mom said “and now we get to the truth. And you loved it. Didn’t you?”

“Well, of course I did!” Misty answered and pushed on her mother’s arm.

“And after dinner?”

“Olav invited me to his hotel which was not far. The others went back to the beach, and you can imagine, having been flirting for hours, naked, we wasted no time in getting down to business.

“Business? What’s that?” her mother chided with a smile.

“OK, I know you like dirty details. You are so bad!” Misty said breathlessly. “We had just wrapped our towels around us when we went to his hotel, so we were naked again not ten seconds after we got in his room.  He kissed really good, and it helped I could feel his dick hard on my stomach.  We jumped on his bed and I gave him a great blow job, if I say so myself.”

“How big was he?” Bonnie asked.

Misty didn’t even blink at the question. “Just average, but it had a sexy curve to it, like a banana. He pulled me around and we did 69 for a while before he rolled me over and we started to screw.  And no, I didn’t get a condom on him until we took a break from rolling on the bed. Then, with a condom on, he leans me against the glass door to the balcony, his room is on the 4th floor, and does me from behind while I have my palms on the glass looking over the beach.   It was very sexy. After he came, we put the towels around us and went back down to the beach and joined the others again. We were all sweaty, so there was no question what we’d been doing. Not a huge experience, I didn’t even have an orgasm, but it was fun.  And, like Lamar, it was my first real hook-up experience with someone I just met. Not only that, but he was well into his 20’s, not a high school kid.  Is that enough for you?”

Bonnie just grinned her answer.

Back in the Villa, Cooper had decided to get this mess over with right off. Lamar was up and toasting a bagel.

“What is this your sister said about you having sex with an underage girl?”

“What?” Lamar said in a defensive voice. “She was not underage, at least not here.”

“How old was she?”

“She told me quinze. I might not have learned as much French as I need here, but I know that means fifteen, and that is the legal age for sex here.”

His father nodded, “OK, good. I was just checking.”

Lamar calmed. “OK.”

“And you did use a condom?”

Lamar got a grin, “Yes, and not just one. I used four.” Lamar was gratified by the surprised look on his dad’s face. That prompted him to ask, “Do you want to hear about it?”

“How about the short version.”

Like Misty had done in the cab, he went over the events that led to him and Chloé going to their villa. “We made out downstairs for a while. We were completely naked in minutes since we were almost that way when we started. Oh, and even though she’s just fifteen, she’s been having sex a lot longer than I have.”

His dad put in, “Good. While your mom and I don’t think there is anything wrong with having sex with people you just met, I don’t think it would be right to do that with a girl who's never done it before.”

Lamar took the opportunity to tell his dad about Nora asking him to be her first, “But I’ve known her for years and that was why she asked me.”  He then went on, “But last night I could tell Chloé wasn’t comfortable even with making out naked right by the front door, so we went up to Misty’s’ room.” He then told his dad the story of Chloé’s brother and best friend taking over her bed all week.

“You see, like a year ago, when Chloé was just fourteen, her brother who was already like twenty, got one of her friends to come sleep with him when she’d come to spend the night with Chloé. Her parents had gotten all mad, so they had specifically told him he was not to touch Élise on this trip… well that lasted only through the first night. The second afternoon Élise and her brother fucked in her bed while their parents were out shopping. That night, he snuck into the girl’s room. If Chloé had gone downstairs to give them the bed, it would have given away what was happening, so she just stayed in the bed while Élise and her brother fucked. It was the first time she’d ever seen him doing that. So, for the past four nights, she’s laid there while they go at it. She said the first time she pretended to be asleep, but by the night before last, she openly lay and watched them.”

Cooper just shook his head.

“It didn’t bother her at all for us to do it in Sissy’s bed. She was really surprised and happy that as soon as we got upstairs, I went down on her. I guess even French guys my age don’t put enough emphasis on that. But Sarah has taught me well. Chloé liked it a lot. I wore her out just by eating her to a group of orgasms, so much so that she needed a little break before we started to screw. Misty came in after we’d been doing that for a while. She didn’t let us know she was in the room until I’d brought Chloé off again, this time with my dick. After Misty left, we went on for about an hour then took a long break. She wanted to see some of Misty’s pictures. I opened Misty’s laptop up and showed Chloé the set of pictures that Misty is going to show tomorrow. Then we went back at it until 11:00 when she had to leave. I know you say that Christian sex is about pleasing your partner and making them feel better about themselves. From what she said, I think I did that last night.”

His dad confirmed that was the Christian way to have sex, and that was the end of the matter. Changing subjects, he said, “The girls will be gone for quite a while. How about we rent a couple of Jet Skis?”

“COOL!” Lamar jumped.

In the city on the Dutch side of the island, Misty and Bonnie’s cab let them out at a bank building that looked like it was centuries old. They went in and on the 2nd floor found suite 204.

Inside, a receptionist guided them into a small conference room. A man with a dark complexion greeted them. “Miss Campbell and Mrs. Campbell,” he said in a British accent, as he offered an outstretched hand. “I’m Richard Kyle”. “This is my business partner Satyajit.  Both men were of apparent South Asian origins as is common in what used to be called the West Indies. The black hair on his temples was graying, Bonnie guessed him to be in his 50’s. He was dressed in what is now called business casual, slacks and a short sleeve dress shirt.

“Glad to meet you,” the younger man said in a thick Indian accent. 

Mr. Kyle continued “Have a seat.” He motioned to the seats around the table.  “What a strange series of events has led you and I together here.  I get many unsolicited photos in my office. Most are rubbish or the images are stolen. It was over a year ago I first saw photos of you two.  I knew in an instant the people in those photographs were something special.  I didn’t dream that after I created that mother-daughter website, that I would hear from the lovely women themselves. Now, to be sure, occasionally I do hear from people who have been photographed on public beaches, but always to demand the photos be removed.”

He leaned forward toward Misty, “But you, young miss. You didn’t ask to have them removed, you offered more photographs.  And you were savvy enough to offer to sell them not to give them to me. For a young woman, you are very astute.”

Misty flushed “Thank you.”

“I will not pretend that I have not made money on your photos, because I have. It is the prospect of making even more money that brings us here. You have retained very good legal and business counsel. Did you know I almost didn’t even begin negotiating money once I saw who represented you? Dean Toombs has quite a reputation in the entertainment industry. I have no idea how you got him.”

“No, I didn’t know he was well known,” Misty answered.

“It’s true. In the past, I’ve always avoided such arrangements. There are too many less costly ways to obtain content than what we are signing today. But with some people, there is an intangible quality that lifts the content out of the crowd. You are just that kind of person. And because of that, I believe that working together, we can both make more money than we could separately.”

He opened a manila folder that sat in front of him. 

“There isn’t much to do here but sign the paperwork.” He then spoke something to his colleague in a language that neither Misty nor Bonnie understood, then the man left the room.

Bonnie handed Misty her satchel, Misty removed the contents including a flash drive. She slid the drive over to Mr. Kyle. "This has one hundred fifty-two high-resolution images. They are samples from a good many sets. Since I know they are what you are most interested in, many of them have me and my mother together in Miami or at the swimming pool at our home. The rest are of me in studio shoots, and then there are some from the beaches here. I can assure you they are all top-quality photos and they are just a sampling of my already large collection of images.”

He took the plastic device and said, “Good, let’s have a look”

He lifted a laptop from the floor by his chair and plugged in the flash drive. It was evidently connected to a projector on the ceiling.  Soon a screen automatically lowered from against the far wall of the conference room. As the machine cued the photos Misty began narrating. “This first group are of me and my mom on our first trip to Miami. They are from the same trip as the original photos you bought when I was just barely sixteen. As you see in this first image, we are by the hotel pool.” She went through a series of photos of them topless at the pool and the beach. She worked through the images and stopped at a photo of her and her mom in front of their hotel, fully nude. “I'm particularly proud of these. I shot them early in the morning right in front of our hotel using my tripod. The whole set has several dozen good photos of me, of her, and of both of us in the nude at the water's edge as the sun comes up."  Mr. Kyle commented on several of the images, but he particularly liked the one of Bonnie and Misty with the sun just over the horizon.

When the first image of Misty at their home pool came up, she continued "This set is of photos of us at home out by our pool."  Misty had been very selective in the ones she had included for this overview of her work. She wanted to give him images of her and Mom wearing their super skimpy bikinis as well as without them. Some had other people in the background, but always facing away from the camera so as not to betray their identity… though there were very nice shots of the bare rears of Brandy Conley and Joanne Adams.

The third group of photos were from the second Miami trip. As he had with the first two sets, he went through them very quickly, only stopping to look at a few. Misty could see the eyes of a real pro scan each photo in an instant and move to the next. It appeared to Misty that he liked what he saw. After a series of them on South Beach came photos from Haulover.  He paused when a photo of her and her mother chasing a Frisbee came up. Misty took the opportunity to say, “I’m sure you have already guessed these supposed candid photos were all staged to look so. I knew you wanted more photos of my mother and me together, so I’ve included a good number here. She and I will shoot more as needed.”

After Mr. Kyle nodded in understanding she went on, “For everything taken before my eighteenth birthday that shows nudity, I made a point to only include images that appear to be nudist type photos, not formal glamour shots. According to Mr. Toombs, as long as the pictures don’t appear to be clearly glamour shots or sexual in nature, nudist photos are legal in the US even if the subject is not yet eighteen. In both sets of Miami photos as well as nearly all of the photos taken at our home pool and out in the woods while we were on vacation last August, I am sixteen or seventeen. So, I excluded any that look like posed glamour images beyond the kind of thing we’d normally shoot on vacation. In the near future, Mom and I will be doing some formal glamour shoots for the site since I’m now eighteen.” 

Mr. Kyle commented that he appreciated her understanding of the law and providing images that were not likely to cause him problems.

When he came to the first photos from Amy's studio he asked "When were these taken? These are clearly glamour nudes."

Misty answered "They were done on my 18th birthday, two weeks ago. On my birthday, not just near it. They are actually just reference photos. I was sitting for a well-known painter in her studio.”

“Yes…” he said slowly. “They will be popular.”

He clicked through the six photos she'd included. Misty continued, "There are literally hundreds of useable photos in the set, I just brought these as samples. As you can see, they include art nudes, glamour, and erotica."

When Misty got to the photo of her on the massage table, about to climax with Salvador’s erection almost all the way in her. Mr. Kyle said, “These are excellent. Who shot them?”

Misty didn’t move on from the slide, but it was her mother who answered, “I’m pretty sure that one is mine but it could be one of Amy’s. She and I switched off several times about that time. When she wanted a particular angle for her reference photos, she took the shots herself. But I’m fairly certain this particular photo is mine.”

“Whoever made it has a good eye for lighting and composition” he replied. "These images make the sex stylish while still showing the details. I don't see much of that."

“Thank You," Bonnie said. "But to be fair Amy Douglass set the lights up. These were all made for her. She is doing a new painting of Misty for her next show.”

For the first time, Mr. Kyle was taken off guard. “Really? Amy Douglass?”

Bonnie answered, “I work for her.”

“So?” he said “You are now talking high-art. Not that it changes our planned business model, but it might matter how we set up your new site.”

He moved to the next frame, a nice image showing the larger studio with Amy sketching Misty and Salvador. “Do you have a model release for these people?”

“Yes, that is Amy Douglass and one of her regular male models,” Bonnie said. “And in the papers, we have provided you with publication permission, on one condition.”

Mr. Kyle’s head snapped up “Condition?”

Bonnie was firm. “Yes, one condition. These photos from Amy's studio are the property of the Final Freedom Foundation and are being used with their permission only if the website is designed and focused the way we negotiated.”

Richard just looked at her.

She continued “Should that agreement be violated by making the site exploitive in any way, permission to use these photos or any future shoots done at their studio will be withdrawn.”

“And who will make this judgment?”

“The FFF Director of Public Relations, which is me.”

Richard thought for a second and laughed. “You two watch all the corners, don’t you?”

“Just on this issue” Bonnie responded “But that should not be new to you, that is all in the contract.”

“It is” he answered. With that, he motioned for Misty to stop the slide show. “I have seen enough. You are right young lady, they are very good photographs… all of them.”

The door to the conference room opened and another of Mr. Kyle’s colleagues, a middle-aged man in a suit, and a young woman carrying another stack of papers entered the room. In a voice that sounded to Misty like John Clease, the older man said “Welcome to St. Martin,” and extended his hand.

After the introductions were made, he guided them through a stack of papers explaining that his firm was hired to be the facilitator between their respective legal counsels.  The process took about thirty minutes and a dozen signatures by Misty before it was complete. After the paperwork was done, Mr. Kyle went back to review the rest of the photos and to work out details with Misty such as communication between his people and Misty.

“And these were also taken on your birthday?” Richard asked as he clicked back to the images of Misty having sex.

“Yea, it was a busy day,” Misty said with a small laugh.

“It must have been” then he looked at Bonnie, “and you really took these photos?”

Bonnie nodded, “Misty and I aren’t squeamish about sex.”

Richard responded, “I guess not.”

Bonnie added, “She has shot sets of me with several different men. I used one of her photos, a very explicit sex photo of me and a young man in an FFF lecture last week in Vermont.”

Misty added, “I’m still learning to shoot artistic erotica. I’ve only done about a dozen shoots of people having sex, but I’m getting better. I’m committed to only posting tasteful photos whether I’m the model or the photographer.”

Mister Kyle nodded.

Misty took this as an opportunity to ask a question “Now, I do have more photos from that day, but many include an amazingly beautiful young woman named Caitlin Richards as well. She was my mom's assistant, or should I say nude photo assistant because she was nude half of the day even as she acted as Mom and Amy’s assistant. But a good many have her participating with the male model and me, and then there is a final set of her and the male model having sex backstage once my part was done.   I have a model release from her, but how does she get paid?”

Richard looked right at Misty. “Remember you and I are partners in this venture. You provide all the content. Any payment has to come from you. All I do is get a copy of the photographs, a copy of the model release, and proof of age.  It is in your interest to keep a steady stream of new and interesting photos coming if you want the site to make money.”

Misty was a bit surprised by the sharp response, though she knew she shouldn’t have been. As of last week, when her new company was incorporated, she was a business person, and that was how business was done. To save face she lied “Oh, I know that part, I was just asking if I need to send you records of payment?”

“No,” he said “Our arrangement is you receive 39% of the gross, that is your 42% less the financial company’s share. The contract is with your company and my company, not you and me. Your company provides product and all expenses related to that. If you get product for free you take home more, if you pay for product, you take home less. But it is unlikely you will be able to maintain long without paying for your models.”

It was hard for Bonnie to sit back and watch her little girl having to compete with this very experienced businessman. She could tell it was all Misty could do to keep even with him.  Still, she did not interfere, this was Misty’s endeavor, not hers. And besides, if her girl could even come close to staying neck and neck with this guy, she was doing damn good for herself.  She’d be mighty formidable in a few years. These thoughts made it much easier to see her girl squirm in her seat.

“Except….” He said with a smug grin “…this one time. To get us some knock-out photos for advertising and to put in our initial site set-up I have called in a favor from a friend.” He paused, evidently trying to be dramatic, “Are you familiar with the work of Boris Ujinko?”

Bonnie had never heard the name but Misty said “I think so, I think Kate and he were working together on the Italian project last summer I didn’t get to be part of.”

Once again, Misty could tell she had shifted the ball back to her court, so she continued, “I don’t think I mentioned it, but I am an intern with Kate Evans for a second year this summer.  I guess I’ll mention it now.  She seems to think I’ve got talent, as a photographer, not as a model I mean.  She sold some glamour nude photos I shot in her studio to a German magazine called DieNacht.”

Mr. Kyle sat back in his chair, “Well you are full of surprises. I might have to rethink our marketing.  With images that were supervised by Amy Douglass and Kate Evans, and that is before you work with Boris, you start in the top tier of glamour nude websites.  And, on top of that, you already are building your portfolio as a glamour-nude photographer, and you just turned eighteen?  You just might be the next Bunny Yeager. Perhaps my decision to go with instinct rather than just the money in doing this project with you is already proving to be a good move. But I’ll warn you, Boris is not Kate Evans. He can be rather demanding on set. But he has shot for the Pirelli Calendar, French Vogue, Der Stern, Playboy, and most recently for Maxim. He is the principal photographer for Modern Glamour, one of the most highly regarded glamour sites on the web. He and his team are great. The reason I booked you here this week is tomorrow and Wednesday he is shooting here in Sint Maarten. I showed him your photos and he agreed to shoot you along with the model he’s brought with him. The resulting images will be jointly used on Modern Glamour and on our new site. It’s an amazing opportunity for you. Not just to get the photos, but to get access to his huge member base.”

Misty was following, but still unsure. “You mean I’ve got my own photoshoot with Boris Ujinko?"

“Yes, Misty. You and the model he already had booked will be working together. Be ready at your hotel at 5:00 AM, Wednesday morning. Bring every outfit in which you think you look good.  He has his own makeup and hair person, so don’t worry about that. And from what I’ve seen today, I don’t’ think you will shy away from some sexual contact with the other model. I’m not sure if that is what he wants, but if you don’t mind, I’ll send him a message that you are open to erotica if he is so inclined. While Modern Glamour sometimes uses very sexually suggestive photos, it doesn’t use images with explicit sexual content; however, he has a sister site that does. Are you good with that? I mean if he wants to do photos of you and the other model having sex, are you up to it?”

Misty was now really taken aback. “Wow… and yes, whatever he wants. I don’t believe there is anything shameful about sex” was all she could say.

“This is your big chance young lady. Do everything he says. You will not be disappointed, and as a young photographer, you will learn a lot as well.”

Bonnie, ever the mother asked, “So, do I have this right? Her photos will appear on this Modern Glamour site?”

“Yes, and possibly on Modern Erotica, and if the photos are good enough they might make one of his print photo books. Misty, you will need to sign a release for him and he has already signed a release for us to use the photographs he takes on your site.”

“So the photos will belong to him?” Bonnie pressed.

Mr. Kyle’s cheery demeanor dimmed. “Yes, he is doing us, Misty, a great favor.”

Misty caught her mother’s hesitation, but it was her company and she quickly said “Thank you, Richard. I won’t let your confidence in me go unrewarded.” It seemed odd to address a grown man like this by his first name, but she thought it was important to stand on a level playing field with him.

Misty didn’t like the tension between her mother and her new business partner, so she changed the line of discussion “And my blog, how will I have access to the site to post to it?”

He reached from his stack of papers and slid a few stapled sheets across the table. “This gives you directions and your password to access that part of the site. It’s all very straight forward. It is better to write at least a little each day than to write a long piece once every few days.

Additionally, though you don’t have it in your proposal, you should seriously consider doing a video blog, a vlog, and use those clips on your social media feed. By talking to your followers face to face as it were, they feel more connected to you. If you want to impact people, that is something you should consider.”

“I hadn’t thought of doing videos. That will take more work and planning, but I see the value in it."

Bonnie chimed in "I can help her with the blogging part. I already do a blog for the FFF."

Mr. Kyle nodded in acknowledgment.

Misty asked "And what date do you have for kickoff?”

He answered, “I had the site mostly designed, but now I think I will rework it. After I take the photos you have brought me and format them into the site I will then circulate the site to my marketing people. All that will take about a month. But go ahead and write your first blog entries now. Make it an introduction to you and your world.  You will get and keep more members if you make them feel they are part of a group and that they really know you. Have you decided on your screen name?” he went on a bit less lecturing.

“I was thinking about Charlotte, Charlotte Ravenel, a good Georgian name.” She had heard the name Ravenel from her mom. It was the man her friend Trish would be seeing this week in Hilton Head. Misty thought the name sounded dashing.

He looked at her. Behind his dark eyes, he was clearly thinking, and he appeared to be prepared to speak, but he did not.

She asked no more questions and the meeting devolved to closing small talk.

Both Bonnie and Misty were glad when the meeting ended. It was the purpose of the trip, but all the same, she was glad it was over. Back in the cab, Bonnie said “You did great in there”

“I thought I sounded like a complete moron a lot of the time,” Misty said glumly.

“Not at all. You sounded very grown up; I was proud of you.”

Misty perked up a little “Really?”

“Yes really. He’s an old shark and even if you didn’t eat him, he didn’t eat you either. And that’s saying something. How about we go shopping to celebrate your official entry into the business world?  We need to get you some killer outfits for your big photo shoot.”

They made it back to the Villa by 1:30, but the boys were not back. They had left a note that they were going to ride Jet Skis. Bonnie read the note and said, “I guess it’s just a girl's day out.”

Misty was already half out of her ‘business’ outfit. “Cool.”

Her mother suggested, “How about we get some lunch at Calamos Café’ over on Grand Case. I read it’s the best waterfront restaurant on the island and we need to celebrate.”

“Fine with me, as long as we go soon, I’m starving” Misty answered.

“It’s on the other side of the island, but we can do lunch and go shopping, explore, just the usual stuff here.”

Misty had pulled on a light sundress before her mom had even finished talking. “Let’s go,” she said.

The women had been gone over an hour when the boys got home from jet skiing and doing a little shopping.

“Well, they’ve been here” Cooper observed noting the satchel on the table. “But they went out again. It is really weird not being able to use my cell phone to just call your mother. I guess we are on our own for lunch.”

Lamar didn’t seem to be listening to his father, “I’m going to go down to the beach and see if my friends are out there. Too bad Chloé has some sort of activity with her family all day today, so I won’t see her till tomorrow.” 

Cooper gave Lamar money to buy lunch, but said he would just lay down. That Jet Ski on the ocean might have been fun, but it beat his poor old body to death. “Son, I’ll eat later, I need some time to let my body recover first. Plan on being back by 6:00 so we can all go out to dinner.”

“Old man!” Lamar sarcastically jibed.

Cooper was already dragging himself up the stairs “Fine. If you see your mother tell her I’m here.”

“Have a nice nap gramps,” Lamar replied.

“Old man? gramps?” Cooper groused.  By the time he’d reached the top step, his legs felt like lead. “Maybe he’s right.” Five minutes later Cooper was dead to the world.

Though Lamar had walked around naked with his family yesterday morning, he didn’t want to do so by himself. He put on the new mesh bikini-type swimsuit he’d bought while he and Dad were out.  He was pleased that on him, it was more than slightly see-through. He suspected once his hard-on stretched out the fabric, his package would be completely visible. Since he’d already gotten a lot of sun today, perhaps too much, he pulled out the new tank top he’d bought with the suit.

While he’d had a great night with Chloé, she was gone for the day. He decided to look for the other two girls he’d met yesterday morning, the ones from Belgium. As he made his way to the beach, he said aloud, “Well, I guess I’ll have to see if I get lucky today.” Then he laughed at his own machismo attitude, and reminded himself he did not want to be “that guy.”

It took him only a few minutes to make it to the little open-air café where his family had eaten lunch the day before. It was odd to go to a restaurant all by himself. It was something he had never done in his life before. And with a € 20  bill in his pocket to pay, he felt quite grown-up. Just another first for him. He’d had a lot of those over the past year. He smiled to see that there was more boobage on display today than there had been the day before.

All other thoughts vanished from his head when he saw the two MILF’s from last night already seated at a table. His heart began to race. In his imagination, he saw a cool guy, full of confidence walking up and asking if he could join them. But he knew he had the same problem as before: he wasn’t a cool guy full of confidence. He had no idea what HE should do. But just thinking about what he wanted to happen made his dick completely stretch out his pouch.  For the first time ever, he wished his hard-on to go away.

This was one of those places where you order at the counter, so he didn’t have to decide yet. He tried to focus on the menu, but he found it difficult, especially when he felt a need to order something that made him look older than he was. He was helped when the cook put a basket with something that looked golden brown along with some fried vegetables on the counter and called the name of the person to come get it.

“What is that?” he asked the young woman at the register.

 Hearing what was in the basket, he decided on conch fritters. He wasn’t exactly sure what they were, but he ordered some. He was tempted to buy wine to go with it, but what if it tasted as nasty as the last alcohol he’d tried? No, he just ordered a Coke. After paying and picking up his change, he stepped back from the counter to await his food. Of course, if he was eating with someone else, they would find a table and talk till the food was ready. But standing around waiting for his order was a great stalling tactic.

He glanced over to the two women. Both wore beach cover-ups. While they were not remotely as see-through as what his mother and sister had been wearing the day before, he could see enough to think they did not have tops on under them… though to be sure he’d have to look closer and he wasn’t about to do that.

The time dragged. He’d almost decided that when he got his basket of food and his bottle of Coke he would go eat on the beach, when his eyes drifted over to the women. The busty one, the one that sort-of looked like Mrs. Simms, was looking directly at him. He hesitated, he actually tried to see if she was bare under her cover-up as quickly as he could. In that moment, the woman raised a hand and motioned for him to come over.

This was it, he had to act, yet not act like either an overconfident jerk or a frightened child. With deliberate steps, he crossed over to stand near their table. He was spared having to have an opening line when the big-boobed woman said, “Well young man, yesterday you made quite an impression on us. We’d hoped you’d come over to see us before you went back to your room, but we were disappointed.”

Suddenly Lamar was tongue-tied. What to say? Why didn’t he plan out his opening line? Finally, after what seemed like way too long, he got out, “I’ve been thinking about you since I saw you last night. I regret not stopping.”

The smaller woman laughed, “I don’t believe that. We watched you from our balcony with that cute little thing after you came back out later. We didn’t think your sister was ever going to leave you two alone. Weren’t you with her yesterday morning too?”

They’d seen him with her yesterday morning? And remembered him? For Lamar,  all the things that happened yesterday were too much of a blur to remember things like who saw him out on the beach. So while he’d surely seen them, he’d not picked them out until later. Again, he was saved from coming up with something to say when the bigger woman asked, “Are you by yourself this afternoon?”

“Yes, ma’am. My sister had a big meeting this morning and my mom went with her.” He then corrected himself, “but I think they are off for lunch and shopping to celebrate how well it went. And I think I killed my dad jet skiing this morning, so he’s asleep trying to recover.”

Both women laughed. Standing this close he could see their nipples through their cover-ups. So, no, they did not have tops under them. The one with the big tits said, “Have a seat.” If she noticed that he was looking at her boobs, she didn’t say anything.

“Thank you,” and he pulled out a chair to sit.

“I’m Edith and this is my best friend, Della. We are middle school teachers from Dayton, Ohio. We’ve run away from our husbands and children for four days during Spring Break, so they aren’t here.”

Lamar couldn’t miss that she was telling him right off that her husband wasn’t around. He was surprised he’d even noticed that both of them wore wedding rings. He put out a hand and said, “My name is Lamar Campbell, from Sparta, Georgia. I’m with my family and we will be here all week. I’m off on Spring Break too, but we are here for my sister to meet with some people and do her presentation.”

“Oh yes, we know you are with your family. I don’t think anyone on Orient Beach doesn’t know that. You four made quite an impression on a lot of people yesterday morning.”

Lamar blurted out “We did?” Then he felt stupid.

“Oh yes. A four-pack of eye candy like that isn’t going to get missed. Every one of you are well worth watching. We’ve only been here since Thursday, but we haven’t seen anything like the four of you walking down the beach naked and totally uninhibited.  And you… not only were you the only hot young guy going nude, but you didn’t seem to be the least bit self-conscious about waving your impressive wood about. That takes real balls… oh yea, all us grown women noticed.”

Lamar felt his face go red. She’d just called him hot and she’d liked the size of his hard-on.

The smaller woman, Della, put in, “Before we came down to the beach, we watched you four taking photos from our balcony. We are in one of the condos that face the water. It certainly got our attention. We saw you guys working on taking pictures for over an hour and I don’t know how long you were out there before we looked out and saw you. At first, we thought you had a professional photographer with you and were making a family Christmas card photo. Well, we would have thought that if all four of you hadn’t been naked most of the time.”

Edith added, “Even after we realized you were using all that gear yourselves, I still thought it was for a Christmas card photo but that your family are nudists.”

Lamar shook his head. “No, it’s not for a Christmas card, at least I don’t think so.  Though I’m sure we weren’t doing all that for just a new family photo to hang on the wall. While my parents keep saying we aren’t nudists, we do go naked a lot.”

“Then why did you spend all that time taking pictures of your family? While we watched, you seemed to be the one taking most of the pictures.”

Della interrupted, “But it seemed to me that your sister was in charge and you and your parents were just helping her.”

“Oh, I guess I didn’t say… my sister is a professional photographer. She’s had her pictures in a real print magazine published in Europe. She’s been teaching me to do photography for a few months now.”

Edith nodded and said, “You have to know that it is unusual for a guy like you to take nude photos of his mother and sister. I have a thirteen-year-old son, and I can’t imagine what he’d do if he even saw me naked, let alone if I asked him to take pictures of me. I’ve never even heard of someone doing that.  I’m sorry, but we’ve been dying with curiosity.”

Della added, “What kind of presentation did your sister come here to make? Does it have something to do with her photography?”

While someone else might cringe at the interrogation, Lamar was grateful for the questions. They gave him something to talk about. He was absolutely sure they would find his answers interesting. This was his opportunity to seem older than he was.

He’d just gotten started when he heard his name called to pick up his conch fritters. He picked them up and sat down with the two women. He kept talking and they kept asking questions till all the food was gone. Just when he was wondering what to do next, Edith changed the direction of the conversation when she said, “Last night, after your sister took pictures of you and that cute girl, you and the girl went into the water and started to get busy. I told Della you guys were having sex out there when she climbed up on you. Back when I was in college, I did that once with my boyfriend.” She laughed, “And it was on Spring Break for me too.” She turned to her friend and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever told Jim about that Spring Break, it was wild.” Then back to Lamar, she asked, “Della doesn’t think you guys were doing that out in public.  So, who is right? Did you guys start having sex out in the water, or did you wait until you got her back to your place?”

He’d not seen them watching from their balcony overlooking the beach, but from what they said, they’d been doing it all day. He also noticed she didn’t even give the option that he and Chloé didn’t have sex. But quickly he decided telling the truth was the best way into bed with these women… and that was what he was hoping for no matter how much he tried not to do so.

Answering the question he said, “She still had on her bottoms in the water. She rode my hard-on for a long time while we talked, but her thong kept me from going in. My girlfriend has done that a lot… well before we started having sex. I sucked her nipples out there though, but her back was to the shore so you likely didn’t see that.” He was sure Della hadn’t expected such a complete answer, but he knew he’d taken the right tack. He looked at her and said, “You were right, we didn’t start screwing until we made it inside.”

Della spoke first. “Oh my.  I taught high school English for ten years and I can’t imagine any of my students saying any of that around me… ever… in any circumstance. Well, Lamar, you have certainly impressed me already.” She then looked over to Edith, “You were right and I was wrong. Though I’d never thought we’d find out what actually happened.” Then she turned back to Lamar and asked, “May I ask, how long did you two go at it when you got inside? And were your parents there when you did?”

“No, my parents were out dancing. But it would have been fine with them if they were. My sister and I both have sex at home and my parents are totally cool with it. But she had to be back to her parents’ villa at 11:00. We didn’t want to stop, but we had to.”

The bigger woman turned to look at her friend. “We saw them go in at about 7:30. That means they were forced to quit after about three and a half hours.”

Lamar, trying to be honest, said, “We didn’t do it the whole time. We took breaks and talked.” He thought he’d push it and added, “For a while, my sister came into the room to show us the photos she’d taken of us on the beach. Then Misty and Chloé talked for a little while before my sister went out again.”

Edith again looked at Della to say “Hung and stamina and modesty. A good combination. So, Della, it’s now or never. What do you say?”

Della looked at Lamar then back to Edith, then nodded.

Edith turned back to Lamar and began, “Lamar, we’ve really enjoyed hearing about your very interesting family. Really we did.”

Della’s vigorous nod seemed to be out of nervousness.

“It’s like this. Della and I flew over a thousand miles to live in sin for a long weekend. It took me two years to get her to agree to come with me for the express purpose of committing adultery for the first time in her life. Unlike her, I’ve committed adultery with half a dozen different men over the past seventeen years I’ve been married and I loved it every time, but it has been three years since a man gave me an orgasm. Which is pretty damn bad since I’ve been in bed with my husband nearly every night for those past three years. If it weren’t for my vibrator, I don’t know what I’d do.”

Della visibly tensed up as Edith spoke so directly about sex. But she wasn’t done, “So, this is our last day here, and you are our best hope that we won’t go home disappointed. I won’t evade the question any longer. Would you like to come back to our room and have sex with us? We would very much like you to.”

As calmly as he could, Lamar said, “Yes ma’am, I would.”

Both women started to laugh and Edith said, “If you are going to fuck me, you can’t call me ma’am again.”

He finally let himself grin, “I can do that… Edith.”

She looked over to her friend and then back to Lamar. “OK… but I have one more question, If you come to our place, can you go for almost four hours with us like you did with the cute girl last night?”

“Yes, ma’am… Edith, I think I can. I know I can.” He didn’t want to do it, but he had to say, “My family expects me for dinner at 6:00 though.”

It was timid Della who said, “Would you be able to come back after dinner? Perhaps spend the night?”

“I think so, and I’m sure my parents won’t mind me spending the night with you two. I will just need to let them know. They might want to know what villa I’m staying in. Is that OK with you?”

Edith said, “What if they find out you are asking to spend the night with a pair of women old enough to be your mother?”

Lamar knew he was on solid ground and said, “They’d be fine with it. Last summer my mom and her two best friends went to Miami Beach with my sister and some of her friends. While they were there, my sister and her friends picked up a group of guys who’d just graduated from high school. So, while they were of legal age in Florida, they were just barely. My mom and both of her friends fucked the same guys as my sister and her friends. Just last month Misty, my sister, did a photo shoot of Mom having sex with two of her best friends from school: a guy and a girl. Misty has sex with them about once a month and now my mom has done it with them twice. From what I’ve heard, I think it will be a regular thing… oh, and the girl’s mother is one of my mom’s lovers.”

The faces of both women showed that after telling them about his family for forty-five minutes, they were still shocked by Lamar’s words. He then finished, “So, yes. I can and likely will tell them I’m spending the night with two women who have kids not much younger than me.”

It took a few seconds, then Edith said, “OK then, let's go.”

Across the island, Bonnie found the café to be as good as the travel guide had said.  It was in a small bay, filled with large boats, many larger even than the San Dinero on which she and Cooper had taken a cruise. Of particular note was what looked all the world like a pirate ship. They had to get photos of that.

As she enjoyed the view and the food, Bonnie considered, not for the first time, how her relationship with her daughter had changed. Today's meeting seemed to mark that the transition had passed the apex demarking the end of childhood and the beginning of Misty’s life as an adult. Their relationship had been evolving rapidly over the past year, but now it was hardly recognizable as the dependent relationship it had been just a couple of years ago. The meeting with Mr. Kyle seemed to drive that truth home to her.

Over lunch, Misty discussed with Mom, for the tenth time, the problems that had been inherent in her relationship with Tommy. It was not that her daughter was looking to Mommy for guidance, but rather, as a friend might do, just looking for support on a decision already made. A bit of nostalgia for the old ways of Mommy making everything better for Misty came back, but it was tempered by the level-headed reasoning of her almost adult daughter. This is what it’s all about she mused, losing a dependent and gaining a lifelong friend. Not a bad trade. After all, she still had Lamar, for now.

Only half listening to Misty, no a quarter listening, she responded to a change in the tone and topic.

“Mom,” Misty said in a conversational whisper “Those two guys have been checking us out for the last ten minutes.”

Bonnie began to casually scan the room. Sure enough two men were unabashedly watching and evidently talking about her and Misty.

Bonnie’s eyes crossed those of one of the men. He looked straight at her and smiled in response. Bonnie quickly looked away. “You’re right.”

Their conversation paused. Misty asked, “What do we do?”

Bonnie was pleased. It seems that her girl still thought Mommy was there to save the day. Or was that the same way she would have asked Kelli or Caitlin? “Just finish lunch” she responded to give her time to come up with a real answer. She considered the situation. The younger of the men looked to be mid-twenties, the other mid-fifties.  They were well dressed (in a Caribbean way) and certainly attractive.  The older man had dark brown hair with gray temples but the younger guy was the classic sun bleached blond, square jawed Swede or Norwegian. They were both well-tanned, indicating they weren’t neophytes to St. Martin.


From the corner of her eye, Bonnie could see at least one of them was still looking at her and Misty, evidently talking about what he saw.  They were handsome, that was for sure, and they looked so confident.

“We just eat and finish our meal, that’s what we will do” Bonnie answered. “And we should carry-on as if we don’t see them.”

That was easier said than done. Bonnie felt her attention drift over to the handsome older man in the corner of her eye. He was in many ways average, but he had the rugged good looks of a real man’s man, an outdoorsman. 

In thickly French accented English, the waiter said “Mr. Champlain has paid your bill.” He motioned to Bonnie to his left to the man she had been ‘covertly’ watching.  She was surprised. She had never had such a come-on in her life. A shiver of excitement ran up her spine.

“Are those guys trying to pick us up?” Misty asked genuinely confused.

“I think so.”

“Both of us?”

“Yea, it looks like it. That’s a first, isn’t it?”

It was Misty’s turn to have a chill run up her spine.  The men were treating her and her mom like two women, not a mother and her daughter. That was reward in itself; but the idea that these very hot men were after the two of them was even better. Her mind went back to the comments of the great-looking graduate student on Haulover almost two years ago. He’d clearly seen her as a child, but these guys saw her as a woman. With that in her head, she just nodded at her mom’s comment. Bonnie stood and crossed the café to where “Mr. Champlain” and his companion sat. 

“Thank you. Mr. Champlain?” Bonnie inquired extending her hand.

He stood, he was average of height and wiry in build as she had earlier observed. “You are quite welcome. I’ve never seen you here.” He spoke with only the slightest trace of a French accent.

“I’m Bonnie Campbell, and that is my daughter, Misty.” She motioned to Misty who still stood by their table.

He extended his hand “I am Honoré Champlain, and this is Corin Vilipin who helps me crew my boat.” 

“Very nice to meet you. And thank you again for lunch.”

”It was more than worth it to meet such a lovely lady and her equally lovely daughter.”

 Bonnie flushed a little.

He continued “And what might your plans be now?”

“None in particular, though we are out shopping for beach wear. We thought we might check out the shops nearby.”

“Might we accompany you?” He asked politely. “Or, if you would rather, we would be glad to take you and your daughter for a sail around the island?”

“Well Mr. Champlain…” Bonnie stalled to think through what he was asking.

“Honoré,” he corrected, “and I would understand if you are apprehensive, as we just met.”

”Yes, we did” she agreed.

“Then let us go shopping. What are you looking for?”

Bonnie could not help but be proud when she told him they were looking for outfits that looked glamorous and sexy because her daughter was modeling for a world-famous photographer on Wednesday.

For the next hour and a half they visited a number of shops and Bonnie found herself enjoying the two men’s company quite a lot. She could not help but be impressed how the proprietor of each and every shop knew Mr. Champlain by name.  It was obvious he was well-known and respected in this community.  But she also noted that these were primarily women's shops. She understood what that meant too.

As they talked, Bonnie learned Honoré was a businessman from Quebec, but spent nearly half his time on his boat based in Sint Maarten (as he called the Island).   His company had something to do with futures markets and he told Bonnie how he could carry out nearly all his business via the internet from anywhere he could get a satellite uplink. Additionally, she gathered, that he spent a great deal of time and energy on his boat, La Étole de Quebec. He told her the name in English would be The Star of Quebec.  As Honoré talked about “her,” Bonnie concluded that he put far more of himself into his beloved boat than he put into his business activities. Even though he appeared to be well short of what Bonnie thought of being retirement age, when he was on his boat, he only spent eight or ten hours or so a week on his business back in Quebec. From what he said, it was apparent that his part-time job apparently generated a good deal of income.  

Bonnie enjoyed the shopping but she and Misty didn’t buy very much… well not that much. At a shop off the main street that Honoré recommended, She and Misty bought a pair of locally made linen sun dresses. He let her know the shop sewed the sundresses right on Sint Maarten and all the fabric was handmade in Cuba. Bonnie, quite deliberately, left on one of the new dresses even though she was quite sure the bright sun would cut through it. For good measure, she stuffed her panties into the shopping bag along with the shorts and top she’d worn. Seeing what her mother had done, Misty slipped back into the changing room and followed suit.

Sure enough, a little while later Misty whispered to her, “Mom, in the sun everyone can see your ass. Neither Honoré nor Corin are even pretending not to stare at it.” That had been her intent and no doubt Misty knew that. For that matter, likely the men did too. Bonnie gave a wicked smile and whispered back, “I’m not the only one showing off her ass.”

Misty smiled back. She knew her mother was right.

Since they’d not really found what they were looking for, Misty very casually mentioned to the men it was a glamour/nude shoot that she’d be doing on Wednesday and asked for suggestions for revealing swimwear that still had a local flair. The two men directed them to a shop on the next side street saying "Everything they sell is locally sewn either here or somewhere else in the islands. If you want authenticity, that is where to go.” When they got there, they found a sign at the door that said exactly what Honoré had told them regarding the clothing being locally designed and sewn. While the shop carried some normal "American style” bikinis, most of what she saw on the mannequins would be considered indecent on beaches back in Georgia.  They were some of the smallest bikinis Bonnie and Misty had ever seen, or imagined seeing. That was saying a lot given the fact they already had several micro-bikinis back at their villa.

Right off Misty was drawn to a suit with straps of dark purple with red heart-shaped fabric panels. The “panels” were not much bigger than silver dollars, so there was far more strap than panel.  Looking at it on the mannequin, Misty said, “This might cover my pussy cleavage… it might but I doubt it.”

Bonnie looked at the bikini and replied, “I don’t think they expect all of you to be covered. But you know it won’t show nearly as much as the cut-out bottoms we wore in Miami.”

As Misty looked around the shop, Bonnie told Honoré about the day she and Misty wore their coordinating cut-out bikini bottoms. “You see the way both my daughter and I are made, the root of our clitoral shaft is often visible. So the cut-out on our matching bottoms was much more explicit than it would be on most women. After Misty had been shooting topless photos of her friends for an hour or so, the police showed up. They interrupted Misty’s photo shoot yet, they didn’t say a word about the fact they could plainly see what we were wearing. They were only concerned that she was shooting for money without a permit… which she wasn’t. The two officers had to have seen our sexual parts were visible, yet they didn’t say a word.”

While Honoré’s face remained impassive as Bonnie described their sexual anatomy, Corin’s face flushed slightly. Her explicitness had been quite intentional. She’d been looking for an opening to say something outrageous for at least an hour.

After looking around the shop briefly, Misty came back to the tiny heart themed bikini. “I like it but I don’t care for the colors. They are just too garish for photos.”

The shop owner behind the counter, who evidently was listening said, “Oh, I have other color combinations.”

When Misty went with the woman, Bonnie turned to look at two of the mannequins.  Seeing what she was looking at, Honoré said, “They called them bikini ruban devant, or front thong bikinis. This shop is well known for them. As far as I know, no one else on the island sells anything like them.”

Bonnie looked and saw that the front was a thong and the back was Rio cut. The reverse of what one would expect. It appeared that the little triangle of fabric was designed to cover the girl’s clit, but leave the rest of her exposed. Bonnie looked up to a poster on the wall behind Honoré, a pair of women were wearing two different versions of the bikini. Both women’s inner lips were plainly visible on either side of the narrow thong. And on the poster, as on the mannequins, only one version of the bikini appeared to have been made with a matching top: bare-breasted was assumed. To Honoré she said, “Oh yes, they are exposed all right. But going out like that would not bother me or Misty. Even more, they look perfect for the kind of photos she wants to take this week.” Bonnie could see the gleam in Honoré’s eye. Bonnie knew that she’d said the right thing.

A few minutes later, Misty came out of the changing stall wearing a pale blue and yellow version of the heart-paneled swimsuit.  She looked at her mom, then turned a slow circle. Though ostensibly she was showing the back to her mother, which also had a little heart where the center strap met the waistband; Bonnie knew full well she was showing off for the two men.

 "Mom, it actually fits better than I thought it would. And look," she jumped up and down, "Despite being basically just nipple pasties, the top actually stays put."

Bonnie cocked her head and said "Really?"

Misty looked down and one nipple was out. "OK, it mostly stays put" as she put the covering to rights. "But I like it and I won’t be wearing the top much while I’m here anyway."

Bonnie agreed, "Yes, it does look good on you." She looked to the younger of their two new friends "What do you think?"

"Oh, she is truly stunning. I see why she’s been asked to model for a famous photographer," he said with a sincere smile.

Bonnie then pointed out to Misty the “reverse thongs” on the mannequins, and then to the poster showing how they looked on real women. “What about these? I think these suits would be great for your Wednesday shoot and for the rest of the week as well. The point of our shopping trip was to give you more variety for photos after all.”

“You are right, they would be good,” Misty replied before turning to the shop owner, “do you have these in any other colors?”

When Misty went with the woman, Bonnie turned her attention to yet another outfit. To call what was on the mannequin a bikini of any sort was a bit of a stretch. There was no panel at all, just three strands of wooden beads forming a “Y.” She looked at Honoré. “That bikini bottom literally covers nothing. Does that really count as wearing a swimsuit here?"

Honoré answered, “I have seen them, or things like that, on the French side beaches. While you are right it leaves the woman's pubis nearly totally exposed, yet to the law, she is wearing something. So no, she will not be accosted by the gendarmes for being nude on the textile sections of the beach. Though I would not suggest you try something like that on the Dutch side of the island.”

Honoré said something across the room in French to the proprietor. When she answered him, he looked back to Misty and said, “She assures me that wearing this will keep the gendarmes from bothering you on any of the French beaches, but she is not sure what they would do if you tried wearing it in town.”

The younger man then added, "I've actually seen that very bottom worn over a flesh-colored bikini on the Dutch side. It was very pretty."

Bonnie looked again at the Mannequin and said "Oh, I hadn't thought about that. That is a good idea.  And even on the nude beach, sometimes having a little something on is sexier than wearing nothing at all."

Corin said something to Honoré in French in reference to the wooden bead pseudo-bikini. Bonnie turned to him and said, “OK, None of that sneaky stuff. What did you say?”

Corin just blushed.

Honoré answered “He just said it’s a shame you two won’t be sailing with us. He would like to see you in that bikini.” 

Corin’s blush deepened.

Bonnie was feeling much more comfortable after spending the last hour or two with these men, so she asked “Does the offer for a trip around the island still stand if we wait till tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

“Would you complain if I wore this on your precious La Étole de Quebec?” Bonnie queried Honoré putting her hand on the mannequin wearing the “Y” shaped bikini bottom and only body jewelry as a top.

“Why no, I would not,” he said with a smile.

Misty reappeared wearing a green and black version of one of the reverse thong bikinis (the one with a matching top). She first went to the full-length mirror, then very ostentatiously reached down between her legs and pulled her two inner lips so that one was on each side of the fabric thong. Bonnie was sure Misty had deliberately waited to do that in the main shop mirror so that Honoré and Corin would see her do it. Then Misty struck a pose for her mother (and the two men). Her labia minora were plainly visible as they were bisected and spread apart by a narrow strip of red fabric.

For the first time since she’d met him, Honoré seemed to have been abashed. She couldn’t miss Misty’s grin.

After they agreed they’d buy the bikini, Misty said, “I think I’d like one more look for my photo shoot. Something unlike I already have.”

They looked for a few more minutes. Misty pointed to a mannequin on the back wall wearing a monokini, then pointed to a poster on the door of one of the changing stalls. It was a very revealing one-piece with fabric that had solid and sheer stripes. "Let's both try these on."

Bonnie saw how enthused her daughter was, so she agreed. After the proprietor showed them the different colors from which they had to choose, they picked out one in blue and one in hot-pink. A few minutes later, they both stepped from the changing stalls, Misty in the blue monokini and Bonnie in the hot-pink one.  Misty loved the look right off saying, "Now this is how to mock the rules that require girls to wear one-piece swimsuits. I can't wait to wear this at a party at home."

Bonnie laughed, “Not likely, remember they are thongs in the back.”

Misty snapped her fingers as if she’d really forgotten, “Oh yeh, there is that, and that they aren’t exactly opaque.”

Looking at her daughter Bonnie could see how aggressively and provocatively sexy they were. Where the pseudo bikinis were designed to more or less be accessories to accentuate the wearer's nudity, these were real swimsuits, but they showed off the most sexual parts of a woman's body. Bonnie and Misty walked out into the main part of the shop where Bonnie put her arm around Misty and said to Corin, “So what do you think now that you see this old lady in a swimsuit?”

His smile was huge, but he tried… and failed to make a coherent answer.

While Bonnie had specifically asked Corin what he thought of her, she could tell his eyes were for Misty. Bonnie couldn't miss how Corin’s shorts began to tent up.

It was only then that Bonnie realized that other people had finally come into the small shop. Two women were looking at things on the far wall, but the man who’d apparently come with them was shamelessly staring at her and Misty.   What was there to do? They were in the public area after all, so she just ignored him. To Misty, Bonnie said, "OK, we will get both of these."

 Misty nodded, “Yea, we will look great posing together like this. I remember the looks we got at South Beach when we wore matching swimsuits.”

After changing back into their street clothes and picking out a pair of beautiful and colorful sheer sarongs, they left the shop with the sarongs, two monokinis, the heart bikini, two styles of reverse thongs, and the wooden bead bottoms. Bonnie went ahead and bought the body jewelry to go with the new bikinis to substitute for tops. While she’d brought some of hers from home, in her estimation, one could never have too much body jewelry.

Walking out of the shop, Bonnie said to Misty, "Perhaps we could use those monokinis as loaners at the pool for more conservative visitors who don’t want to wear a two-piece."

Misty shook her head. “You are just bad,” and she gave her mom a shove. “I just want to see Mrs. McBride (referring to their minister's wife) put one of them on for the annual church picnic. You remember two years ago when Tabitha caused quite a stir with her little bikini. How do you think that monokini would go over with Margo LeCroix and her crowd?”.

Bonnie had to laugh at the very thought of it. As they made their way back to the main drag, she told her daughter, “You know that Cynthia McBride is several years younger than me and in great shape. She and her husband bike something like a hundred miles a week. I’m sure she could pull it off better than I can. What I would give to see Rev. McBride’s face if his wife walked to the lake’s little beach wearing one of these.” They both laughed.

Shopping done; Bonnie hailed a cab. But before they got in with their bags, she asked Honoré “When should we be there?”

He appeared puzzled.

“For our sailing trip on your boat tomorrow” she explained.

“Oh, so you do wish to go on a sail? Wonderful! I will send Corin to pick you up in the dinghy at 8:30 tomorrow morning.” He thought for a moment. Then added, “Tell the cabbie to take you to Fort St. Louis. Corin will meet you on the pier.”

In the cab, Misty asked “Are you serious? Are we going to go sailing with them tomorrow?”

“Unless your father objects. And I don’t think he will.”

“Cool! You do know there is like zero chance we won't get laid if we go.”

Her mom smiled with a conspiratorial smile, "I know."

Misty amused her mother by saying, “Though I have no doubt I’ll really enjoy sex with Corin, what really excites me is that we will have hours to shoot photos of us in those new swimsuits on his boat. Though I don’t think Honoré will object to shooting nudes as well.”  To Misty, it still seemed weird to talk about a man his parent's age (or older) by his first name. That is something well-brought-up Southern girls simply did not do. But she was sure this day, not her birthday, would be the day she would look back as to when she began to think of herself as a woman, not a girl.

Bonnie voiced a question that Misty also had in her head, “Did you figure out what kind of boat he has? I know he said he can comfortably accommodate a dozen on week-long trips, so it has to be pretty big. I know he thought he told us all about it, but his descriptions didn’t mean anything to me and I didn’t want to sound like a hillbilly from Tennessee by asking.”

Misty laughed, “Oh you too? I think I remember some of the words. I think he called it a frigate, whatever that is. If our phones worked here, I would just Google it. It is a blessing and a curse we are all but cut off from home for a week.”

Bonnie said, “On balance, it is a blessing. If we had wi-fi at the villa, it would be hard for me to totally unplug from work. So, I think it is mostly a blessing.”

When they arrived back at the resort, they had no fewer than five bags of clothing, which was saying a lot since most of the apparel was physically very small.

Bonnie found her husband in the bed.  She wasn’t going to be deterred from wearing some of her new stuff today, so she pushed him and said “Come with me down to the pool. If you want you can sleep down there.” Then taking a bronze-colored men’s bikini swimsuit from a bag added, “And put this on. We are going to match.”

He wasn’t quick to get up, but he did as she asked. He didn’t even complain about all the new stuff she’d bought. He did however, do a double take when he realized what she was going to wear down to the swimming pool. She’d put on the new wooden bead pseudo-bikini, some bronze body jewelry, and a new pair of matching sandals.  He noticed but didn’t comment on the minimalist ensemble. However, as she changed from his shorts to the new swimwear, he asked, “Well? How’d it go? What did you think of Richard Kyle?”

“All business,” Bonnie answered pulling on a cover-up. “I didn’t know he was Indian, or maybe Pakistani. But he pressed her hard and I think our girl acted like a real pro. She stood toe to toe with that guy. You would have been proud. Your daughter is an entrepreneur now.”

Downstairs they headed to the front door. Lamar’s pillow and blanket were on the sofa, but he was nowhere to be seen. Though the sofa pulled out to a bed, Lamar had decided it was more comfortable not to pull it out and just sleep on it as is. But her son was not in the villa.

The swimming pool had more people than she’d seen out there yet. Two family groups with young children and an older couple. She was not surprised to see several looks when she pulled off her cover-up… several long looks. Inwardly she smiled, but outwardly she remained impassive as she lay back on the wooden lounge. Once she was  comfortable she asked Cooper, "Where is Lamar?”

“He said something about meeting friends at the beach; I don’t know for sure, I was half asleep. But I told him to be here at 6:00 so we can go over to the Dutch side of the island for dinner.”

Bonnie nodded, “One thing about Lamar, he finds friends everywhere. Misty told me what really happened with her brother and the French girl last night. It's all good. She was just giving us a hard time.” With that, she closed her eyes to enjoy the sun.

Cooper did not yet lay down. He couldn’t stop looking at his wife. “Yes, Lamar told me the story from his perspective. At least as he tells it, he did right by that French girl.”

Bonnie agreed without opening her eyes, “Misty says the same thing. So husband, why do you look so tired? Did you find a French playmate too?”

Cooper laughed. “Nothing so ambitious. Lamar and I rented a pair of jet skis. I feel like I’ve been beaten to a pulp.”

Bonnie looked over at him and smiled, “I guess you are just getting old.”

“That’s what your son said. You two are going to give me a complex.”

They lay quietly in the sun for some time before she turned to ask, “You won’t mind if Misty and I go off again tomorrow? That way you and Lamar can do manly stuff again. Is that plan OK with you?”

“Oh, I think Lamar would rather just hang out here with people his own age. I was hoping to drag you around with me to look at some of the architecture. It's one thing to see these colonial buildings in photos, but something else to see them in person. But, if you have something to do with Misty that is more interesting than that, well I guess I won’t press the point.”

It had been a long-running joke that Cooper pretended his wife was as interested in seeing old buildings while on vacation as he was. He knew it bored her stiff even as she appeared to be interested in his explanations.


She ignored his comment and trying not to give away her excitement about taking another trip on a sailing yacht, Bonnie said, “Misty and I met some people today… well, two men. It was the owner of a sailboat, a large sailboat from what he said, and a young guy who is his crew. They are both quite good looking. Well, they invited us for a sail around the island tomorrow. Not to sound ungrateful for your offer of an architectural tour, but sailing sounds more fun.”

Cooper knew exactly what was left unsaid, she planned to have sex with the man; but he didn’t press the point. However, he couldn’t help but comment, “You and Misty? You two met up with two men while you were out shopping?”

“We did not initiate it if that is what you are asking. We were just minding our own business eating lunch when a handsome older man told the waiter he would pay for our meal. We were just being nice to let them accompany us shopping. After getting to know them, I accepted the invite for a sail tomorrow.”

 “Hmmm?” Cooper responded. “Is this going to be the way things work from here on out? You and Misty working as a team.”

“We were not working at anything. We were eating lunch. And… our daughter is quite attractive if you haven’t noticed.”

“As is her mother,” Cooper retorted. “You didn’t say the men hit on just you, but from what you said the men were interested in both of you. And of course, I noticed the guys flocking around her yesterday morning.”

Though Misty was sensitive about her father’s feelings, Bonnie had no such compunction. “Oh, while we were out last night, she… as the kids say, hooked up with one of those guys she met at the beach yesterday morning.”

“Hooked up?” Cooper queried.

“Yes, hooked up, had casual sex. She said it wasn’t anything special other than it was her first time to do something like that with someone she just met. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

“No, it doesn’t,” Cooper quipped with a smile. “And sure, I’ll be fine ogling over colonial architecture while those two men ogle over you. I’m sure we will both have more fun with your plan.” Once more he looked over at his lovely wife on the chaise lounge beside his.  She wasn’t completely naked, but the set of wooden beads that she had bought earlier in the day was hardly worth calling a swimsuit. From what Cooper could see, nothing of his wife’s sex was actually covered. But he wasn't complaining that she was effectively naked while all the other women wore full swimsuits. “Bonnie is quite a woman” was his last thought before he fell back asleep.


Just under four hours after leaving the café with Edith and Della, Lamar opened the door to their villa. His mother, father, and sister were in the main room, obviously waiting for him.

“Where have you been?” his mother asked as soon as he stepped in.

“Sorry I’m late. But it’s only a few minutes after 6:00,” Lamar retorted. He neither answered their question nor gave them time to ask again. “Let me pull on a pair of nice shorts and I’ll be ready to go.” Since the main room was his bedroom and nudity was a non-issue, he slid down his swimsuit right next to the sofa and pulled on a pair of khaki shorts and a button-up shirt. “OK, ready.”

When he was asked again where he’d been, he put them off saying “It’s a long story, let’s get to the restaurant and I’ll tell you while we wait. And believe me, it’s a good one… as good as any of yours.”

Given the size of the island, going all the way across the long way was still only a twenty-minute ride. Once they were seated, Misty leaned over to Lamar, “OK, you’ve made us wait, so this better be good.”

He opened up by explaining how two school teachers in their late 30’s had come to St. Martin without their husbands with the intent of cheating while they were away from home. “Della, who is about the size and shape of Ms. Slosh, has only had sex with one guy besides her husband, ever, and that was in college. The other has cheated on her husband before but it has been like three years since she’d done it the last time. And I might as well tell you now, they didn’t have any condoms with them, and neither did I. They both said they can’t get pregnant anymore so that wasn’t an issue. So, I went bare with them.”

His mom said, “As long as they are telling the truth, you are OK. But, you have to live by the same rules I do. Until you get tested, you will have to use condoms with Sarah. OK?”

Lamar nodded, “OK.”  Without any more discussion about that, he continued. “It seems Della and Edith were watching us from their balcony yesterday morning while we were doing the family photos for Misty. It got them very curious about us. I guess what we were doing, doing nude family photos, is really unusual even here. So they watched us… well mostly me all morning. They particularly liked looking at how I didn’t freak out when I got wood.”

Misty interrupted, “Which was like half the morning.”

“Yea, they noticed. Last night after you guys went off, I went down to the beach. Coming back, I noticed them looking at me… that was before I shot the pics of Misty getting herself off. I was pretty sure they wanted me to come over and talk with them, but I didn’t know what to do. This is all new to me.”

All three of his family members both laughed and said they understood.

Lamar appreciated their understanding and continued telling the story all the way until, “So, we left the café and went to their villa. I could tell Della was even more nervous than I was, but Edith took charge.” He got a grin and said, “And you know how much I like strong women who let me know what they want in bed.”

That comment was a home run with Mom and Sis. They were nearly rolling on the floor laughing as they agreed, saying that Sarah fit the bill perfectly.

“In their villa, which is just like ours, but it faces the ocean, Edith took Della and me upstairs and told me to take off her cover-up for her. As I’m sure you guys can guess, I buried myself into her melons, and they were nothing short of amazing.” He put his hands up in front of his face like he was grabbing them both at the same time and going from one to the other with his mouth.

“OK, we got the point,” his mom said. “No more visual cues, please. We don’t want to get kicked out of this place.”

“All right, but they were luscious. I’m sure Dad knows what I mean, I’ve seen him going to town on Mrs. Simms more than once.”

Cooper waved his hands and said, “Keep me out of this.”

Mother and daughter laughed again. 

“Well, I decided to win some early points and went down on her as soon as she lay down on the bed. I’ve never been down on a real woman’s pussy before, but everything was bigger, especially her clit. When I spread her legs apart and put my face into her pussy, I thought my whole head was going to fit into it. The feel and even the smell was different than Sarah and her friends. Not bad, it was actually really hot, but different. You know what I mean?”

His mom helped out, “Yes, I do.  Going down on Rebecca or Nell is very different than Trish or Sherry. Like you said, one is not better or worse, but they are sexy in their own way.”

Lamar nodded, “Yes, that’s it. What she really wanted me to do was to suck her clit, like it was a little cock… well no, not a cock, like a nipple.” Lamar thought for a moment then said, “the head of her clit is bigger than Sarah’s or Gabby’s nipples…” then looking at his mother he said, “Like the size of yours when they are all hard.” Then he grinned and said, “not that I’ve sucked your nipples since I was a baby, but I’ve seen you naked a lot, and you have really great nipples. I’m not the only one who says that too, I think every guy at Jeff Davis would agree with me.”

“Well thank you… I guess,” his mother said.

That got a laugh from Misty.

“Well, I did what I do to Gabby’s nipples, I held it in my lips and used my tongue on the tip. It drives Gabby bonkers, and I did the same to Edith… to her clit I mean. I did that right off, and it didn’t take long for her to cum the first time. After she was done, I put two fingers in to finger fuck her while I kept working on her, the way that Sarah likes. She definitely liked it since I had to keep up with her bucking hips. I don’t know how long I was down on her, but once I got going, she kept cumming and cumming and cumming. And it was so wet…I mean really, really wet. That time I didn’t get as soaked as I did later when she sat on my head, but my whole face had her stuff on it. Later on, she sat on my face two different times, and both times I got drenched. Once it even felt like I was drinking it because her stuff gushed out so fast. But that first time, with me face down in her pussy sucking her clit, the sheets still got all wet, like in a big circle around her. And when I decided she’d had enough pussy eating, my cock slipped in without any effort. It was odd that I could hardly feel the sides because she was so big and loose down there. And even though she’d already cum I don’t know how many times, she was cumming on my cock in minutes. Later she told me she’d only had a cock as big as mine once and that was when she was in college. She said every time I banged her cervix she felt a jolt of electricity and that was why she came so fast.”

“What was the other woman doing all this time?” Misty asked.

“For a long time, she just leaned on the end table watching Edith and me with big eyes. Of course, that was after I’d eaten Edith out, I don’t know what she was doing when my face was buried in sloppy pussy. But while we were fucking I kept looking over to see how Della was responding. We moved around to a lot of positions and in most of them I could look right at her. Her eyes were glued to us. It was no surprise that it was the first time she had ever seen people having sex in person before… and of course, this was not just anyone, it was her best friend from school. For a while she and I looked right at each other as I stroked my cock into Edith. I could see her thighs twitching like she was getting super turned on, but she didn’t join us or even get undressed.”

“When Edith and I took a break, Della went on and on about how much she liked watching us. And not just in general terms, she said directly that in some of the positions we were in, she couldn’t look away as my cock went in and out like a piston. That was how she described it, like a piston. After hemming and hawing, she said that she’d wanted to play with herself while she watched. I was going to tell her it would have been fine if she had, but Edith jumped right in and said that she’d like it if next time she got herself off while we fucked… and she used the word fuck. That in itself seemed a shock to her friend.  As we talked, Della told us that lots of the things we did she’d never done and she wanted to try them before we finished. But she also said that even if she didn’t do anything with me, just watching her best friend having sex right in front of her was the most exciting thing she’d ever done sexually in her life.” Then Lamar smiled, “And she said my dick is twice the size of her husband’s. After working up the courage, she asked if she could touch it. When she did, she said she was sure that I’m twice as long and bigger around.

“When she didn’t let go of me, Edith asked her if she was ready. She said she was, so Edith got off the bed to give us space. That is one thing that was odd. In all the time I was with them, they never even touched each other, even when later we were all doing it together. Not a kiss, not a grab nothing. I’ve never been with two girls who didn’t go down on each other, and Edith and Della didn’t even kiss.”

Bonnie told her son, “You live in a very different world than those two women. Did you do the same thing to Della as you did to… what is her name, Edith?”

“Yes and no. I went way slower since even though I could tell she was super turned-on; she was also nervous. When Edith got off the bed, I helped Della undress and kissed her softly first on her mouth, but I moved down her body. When I went to her tits, which were about the same size as Sarah’s, I didn’t just attack them like I did to Edith. I was super soft, sort of like when Gabby and I did it the first time. I didn’t even think about the fact I had about a gallon of pussy juice on my face and in my hair. Later she admitted that at first knowing she was tasting her friend kind of freaked her out, but when we took our last break, before the third round, she said she looked forward to kissing me after I’d been down on Edith.”

Misty put in, “That sure sounds like she’s working up the nerve to go down on her friend. If you join them again, I bet she will.”

Lamar nodded then said, “Oh, they want me to… join them again I mean. Mom, is it OK if I spend the night with them? They have to leave at 8:00 tomorrow morning and well… they want to do it again. And it was Della who said right out that she wants to sleep with me tonight… I mean actually sleep, not just fuck.”

His mom looked at his dad then turned back to say, “Since you've already had sex with them, I don’t see why not.”

His dad said, “It’s not illegal here to be with them at your age, so if you want to and they want you to, that will be OK with your mom and me.”

“Cool, I told them you would most likely let me. I know Della will be especially happy. It was like a whole world opened up to her. You see, after we’d made out for a good while, before I could go down on her she said she wanted to suck me. And boy did she. It was like she was starving and my cock was the only thing that could satisfy her. Even Edith said something about how much she seemed to like my cock in her mouth. She didn’t deny it. I think she had me in her mouth four different times. It was hard, but I held off for a really long time… until I couldn’t. When I came with like a ton of jizz, she slurped it all down. Well, not at first. She couldn’t keep up with how fast I was squirting it out, a good bit got on her face and body, but she used her finger to scoop all of it up and ate it. She made sure she got every bit of my jizz. That seemed to surprise Edith. It turns out, she’d never swallowed cum before, she’s never even let a guy cum in her mouth at all and Edith knew that. But she sure did today. And I gave her a lot of it.”

He was pleased to see her family laugh at that.

“It worked out that she blew me first because while I was eating her out after I’d cum, I had time to recover. Before I started, she said she couldn’t cum from oral sex, that she never has.” Lamar looked at his mother, “You might not realize it, but I hear a lot of what you tell Misty and Sarah’s friends. So, I told her that was OK, and she should just relax and enjoy the sensations. I let her know that she should tell me if something feels particularly good. Was that the right thing?”

His mom said it was exactly the right thing to say.

“So, I got on my stomach with my face between her legs. I took my time and made sure to kiss and lick everything. The outer part of her pussy, her vulva…” again he looked at his mother, “See, I know the right words. Or is it her mons? I’ve never quite understood the difference. Well, the outer part on her is like long and narrow, different than any of the pussies I’ve eaten before, and the gash between her outer lips was deeper than usual. But I didn’t rush and I could hear her moans which told me that she liked what I was doing. Finally, I spread her outer lips with my hands and pulled back the hood with one finger. Her clit was small, but I just began brushing it with my tongue, soft and steady. At first, she didn’t do anything, but after a few minutes, I began to feel her hips moving. Once she was pushing her pussy up to meet my mouth, I knew she’d cum soon.”

“Now the whole time, like from the first time I licked her clit, she started saying, ‘Oh God,’ Oh God, over and over but it got louder. And when she had her orgasm, it was like her whole body tried to double up. I worked her through it, but didn’t try to give her another one that first time. I just slid up her body and my dick just went right into her.  It was super easy because she was all puffy and open for me.”

“When I hit bottom, her eyes flew open and she sort of half screamed and half moaned. I thought I’d hurt her so I pulled back and asked if she was OK and did I need to keep from going so deep. She looked at me all crazy like for a few seconds then pulled my face down to kiss her. We kissed and fucked for a really long time. And since she almost immediately wrapped her legs around me, I knew she wanted me all the way in. We started with me on top, then rolled to our sides then she got on top, but we kept kissing the whole time. She was as hungry for my mouth and tongue as she’d been for my dick… and I tried to give her everything she wanted. I really did try hard. She came while she was on top and that was the end of our first session. That first time we didn’t do any of the fancy things I know you guys do and she’d seen me do with Edith. We did that later, but not that first time.”

His dad spoke up, “It sounds like you did right by those two women.”

When his mother seconded his dad’s compliment, Lamar was over the moon. He’d finally become a full part of what they were doing with other people, and he was getting praise from them for it. Yes, he loved this part perhaps even more than the sex itself. 

“At the end of the second round, I had another really great orgasm, pumping a ton of jizz into Edith’s pussy. Even cumming in her felt different because her box was so much bigger than Sarah’s or Gabby’s. But it felt great when I gave her so much that even in that big pussy of hers that I could feel my cock swimming in my cum.  Afterward, we all just sat on the bed and talked for a while. I could tell they were treating me more like one of them, like I was their lover not some school kid. Edith said that she’d already had the best sex she’d had in like a decade, and Della said flatly it was the best sex she’d ever had. She said that both times she and I had done it longer than she’d ever done it with her husband. Ever. As we talked, she told us that she’d never had sex anywhere but in a bed. So, the third time, we fucked all over the villa. Upstairs and downstairs. It was what I call fun sex. You know, like we weren’t trying to cum, but the fun is doing it in places we normally don’t. Sarah and I like fun sex all around her house like that, especially on Sundays when Bailey and Byron join us.”

“That time… our third full session in a row, we went on for a good hour without a break.  The first place we went was up to the roof deck. While Della went down on my dick again, Edith sat on my face. She didn’t do it the normal way where I’m mostly licking the girl’s clit. Instead, she reached down and spread her inner lips so they opened up flat on my mouth. I could tell this was something she’d done before. Later she said she’d learned to do that with one of the men she’d had an affair with. She says she does it just for fun, not to cum, but I knew that even while she was doing it. It was almost like a kiss, with the opening of her pussy right over my mouth. That let me push my tongue in way deeper than I’d ever been with a girl before, but first I just traced the rim with my tongue. It was a different experience. Right off her juices, mixed with my cum, started to run into my mouth and down both sides of my face. I didn’t know women could have so much. A couple of times it felt like someone was slowly pouring a glass of water into my mouth. I’d never felt like I had to keep up swallowing to keep from drowning. I was drinking her pussy juice and it was soooo hot.”

 That generated a laugh, and his mom said, “I’m surprised Sarah doesn’t do that to you. Slosh got her name in large part because she gets so sloshy wet during sex. I know that is true first hand.”

Misty looked at her dad and said, “The way she told it on the way home from Miami, Ms. Slosh got the nickname Sloshy the Sex Fairy because on her first summer theater tour, when she was fourteen, every day the college guys on tour with her filled her with cum both in the mornings and then again at night. I mean she had sex with the guys she roomed with every morning, then every night more than one guy would come to her room and she’d fuck anyone who wanted it. Because it seemed to everyone that she was always sloshy from guys’ jizz, the name Sloshy the Sex Fairy stuck… and that became just Slosh over time.”

Lamar had heard that story both from Sarah and from Ms. Slosh herself. He just grinned, “Oh, Sarah is determined to be Slosh Jr.. She always gets super wet after we’ve been doing it for a while, but on Sundays when Byron and Bailey are with us, and both Byron and I have put a load in her pussy, yes, she is sloshy.” He paused deciding whether to tell the rest. He knew if he did it would get back to Sarah’s mom, but then he reasoned that Sarah had likely told her mother even more than she’d told him.

“Saturday night before last, she really played the Slosh role. After the final performance of their play at the Community Theater, she and Bailey went with a group of people to the apartment of the GCSU guy who played the lead. Sarah fucked him, and three or four other guys. She said the first time she’d used a condom, but… well from what Bailey told me there was a lot of alcohol and pot going around and after the first time she didn’t use condoms at all. Sarah didn’t tell me she’d done either, but from what Bailey said the next day, I think she did both. I’m no expert on what people look like when they are high or drunk, but when she woke me up at about 2:30 AM, she was very giggly as she got right on my face and spread goo all over me before she told me she wanted me to get her off. Well… in that position on my face, with her facing the wall like that, I can get her off really fast. I know exactly how she likes it. When she came, several globs of jizz fell in my mouth. Of course, we both thought that was super hot. After she got off, she turned around to ride my dick. While she was fucking me, she told me that she’d taken the jizz from three different guys in her pussy and two in her mouth… then of course she pushed her tongue between my lips so I could taste it. Sure enough, the hint of cum taste was still there. The next day she apologized for having unprotected sex with those guys. But that didn’t keep her from bragging to her mom that she’d been Sloshy the Sex Fairy at the party, going from guy to guy spreading love.”

Misty said, “I’ll talk to her. It sounds like she took some ecstasy too. I’ll let her know that no matter how much fun she had, it's not worth the risks.”

His parents gave a concerned look. So far alcohol and drugs have not been an issue with the club. Even more, if she was still acting like that after driving from Milledgeville to their home, she had put herself and everyone on the road at risk. Lamar knew what they were thinking, even having unprotected sex with multiple college guys wasn’t likely to upset them as much as the fact Sarah had driven to their house drunk and/or stoned. But all his mom said was, “I wonder why Slosh didn’t tell me any of that?”

Lamar quickly put in, “Sarah said that when they got back from Miami after Spring Break, her mom was going to take her to get tested. I’m sure I can just go with them.”

His mom nodded, still with a concerned look on her face.

Lamar went back to his story to get off the subject. “But yes, more than once Sarah has sat on my face all sloshy like that.”

Misty cut in, “She’s done that to me too… but it’s always been your cum that drips out. Not that I mind. And like you said, we both think it's super-hot.”

Lamar nodded in acknowledgment of his sister’s confirmation. “But Edith was on a whole different level. Every once in a while her juice would just gush into my mouth. I know she knew what she was doing but I loved it even if I had to work to drink it when she did.” Lamar let out a short laugh, “Maybe I made it worse by sticking my tongue up inside of her like really deep. The size of her pussy and the way she was sitting on me let my tongue reach into her further than I’ve ever done to a girl before. And there was this one place if I tickled it with the tip of my tongue, it would bring on the waterworks every time. I know she knew what she was doing because one time when a really big gush came, she laughed. So she knew exactly what was happening down there. Even though it was just fun sex, and we weren’t even trying to cum, it was one of the hottest experiences in my life keeping up with Edith’s juice while Della went to town on my dick. Even Edith said she didn’t think she’d ever gushed quite as much before. When she got off of me, Della came up to kiss me hard. She had to have known I was soaked with her best friend’s stuff. It was obvious that by then she didn’t care.”

Misty repeated, “As I said, don’t be surprised if she is ready to taste it right from Edith when you go back. It sure sounds like that is what she’s working up to.”

Lamar nodded. He’d thought of that already. “The last time we did it, after another break, I tried my best to make love the way that I do with Sarah or Gabby. Again, I did Edith first while Della watched, and this time she did play with herself. Then Edith watched while I did Della slow and loving. She kept track of the time for us. When she let me know we were almost out of time, I came in Della’s pussy right before I came back here. I didn’t think she was going to let me go, she just kept holding me tight to her.”

Lamar looked at his dad, “You know how the women say that you make them feel like they are filled up with love?”

He nodded.

“I think that is how she felt. After we’d both cum, she just held me and started crying. Sarah has done that, cried with happiness after we’ve made love, so I wasn’t freaked out. She kept telling me thank you over and over again.”

The whole story had been quite a bit for Bonnie, even the concerning side story about Sarah didn’t erase the pride she had in her son at that moment. She reached out and put her hand on her son’s. While she supposed that the woman might well have been filled with love, Bonnie knew she was filled with love too. She had love and pride that her son could do that for a woman he’d just met… a grown woman… with a neglectful husband. That was saying something for a sixteen-year-old. She knew that Lamar had no idea how good she felt knowing that her son would spend his night sharing his love and God’s love with those women who, from all she’d heard, have been deprived of the physical side of caring for so very long.

However, she still felt the need to reinforce that idea. After they’d gotten back to the Villa, Lamar’s mother walked him to the door on his way to see the two women. Before he opened the door she hugged him and said, “I’m very proud of how you are ministering to those women. I am just now learning that using my body to channel God’s love to the couples I meet on the road brings those sexual encounters a whole new level of meaning. In the close to a thousand sexual encounters I had during high school and college, other than with your father, sex was simply about making myself feel good and building my own ego. Not that I didn’t enjoy it and if you and Misty have as much pleasure when you are young as I did, I’ll be happy for you.  But, now I know there is so much more I could have had. Not that every sexual encounter need have deep meaning,” She laughed, “fucking a guy I’d just met in his truck at a tailgate, doesn’t really lend itself to deep meaning… even if it was fun; but a good many of your encounters can be… like you did this afternoon.  I am happy to sense you are not going to make the same mistake I did and miss out on the joy of ministry through sex.” She then hugged and kissed him again. “I love you son. And I am very proud to be your mother.”

Lamar didn’t know how to process that little interaction after the door shut behind him. Of course, his heart swelled to hear his mom say she was proud of him and he determined that tonight would be ministry sex, sharing God’s love through his body. But it also confused him to hear her voice of regret about how she’d approached sex in college. He’d never heard her do that before. He’d always thought of his mom’s teenage and college years as the gold standard for him to emulate, but now it seems that she was saying she’d short-changed herself… and her lovers. Perhaps he’d get her to explain that better to him later.


Two hours later, Misty lay on her stomach on their villa’s rooftop daybed working on the mountain of photos she needed to cull and edit. She’d been working on this the entire time her parents had been relaxing by the pool and her brother was with those two teacher ladies. She was surprised how much looking at some of her photos turned her on. She wondered if it was some sort of emotional memory of the sexual pleasure she’d been feeling when they were taken. Sort of an echo of her orgasms. Even the photos that her brother had taken of her getting herself off by the rocks yesterday created a throb in her clit. Since she was already naked on the daybed, she’d just about decided to take a masturbation break when the door from the main part of the villa opened. Her mom came out followed by her dad. They were naked, and he had a full erection.

“Oh,” her mom said, “I didn’t know you were up here.” Then she looked around before asking, “Would it be possible for your father and I to use the daybed? We started messing around in the pool, but we got some looks.”

“No problem,” Misty answered and began to sit up.

“We won’t be long. Your father hasn’t recovered from going jet skiing with your brother. It will be all right if you stay, it's not like will be doing anything you haven’t seen us do before.”

Standing up she looked at her mother, “I didn’t plan on leaving.”

Bonnie laughed as Misty went to one of the wicker chairs. By the time she’d positioned her laptop to keep working, her mom was sitting on the side of the daybed pulling her dad to her so she could start fellating him.  Misty smiled to herself. Others might not understand it, but this was a core part of who her family was… who she was.

Misty couldn’t actually remember when she first saw her mom suck her dad’s dick. Likely it was before she could walk. But she does remember when she asked her mother why she drank Daddy’s pee so often. She’d asked because Lamar was potty training and Misty helped Mom with getting little brother to the bathroom on time. She knew she’d seen Mom put Dad’s peanut in her mouth a good many times… sometimes it seemed she was always doing it; however, one day it just occurred to her that Mom must be drinking Dad’s pee. Misty couldn’t recall what her mom had said to answer the question, but after that, six-year-old Misty understood it was just another way Mom and Dad had sex (a word she understood by then). Some months later her new friend, Caitlin, explained to her what her own mother had told her about sucking hard penises and tasting the semen that came out. It was the first time Misty heard the word cum. Even then Misty understood that Caitlin’s mom had a job in which she had sex with different men and sometimes brought home videos of her doing it.

With the smile still on her lips, Misty got back to her work editing photos. A little while later, her attention was drawn from working on one of her beach masturbation photos.  Dad was in the process of sitting on the bed. She watched her mother get onto her knees to straddle him, then guide his erection into her. Misty heard the sigh of pleasure from her mother as he fully filled her. Again, a smile crossed Misty’s lips. For her, knowing (and seeing) her parents making love was never an embarrassment, well perhaps it was a few times during those hard transition years of puberty. Yet, ever since she was young, seeing her parents having sex was always something positive, evidence they loved each other. As a child, she had no idea sex could be used as a weapon to humiliate, control, or cause pain. Thus to her, seeing her mother filled with her father was only a thing of joy.

Misty didn’t go back to her work immediately, rather she watched her parents show their love for each other as Mom rolled her hips in his lap as he sat on the side of the bed. Seeing them, another memory came to her, this one from when she was about eight. She and Caitlin were out by the pool and Mom and Dad were sitting on one of the chaise lounges, doing exactly what they were doing now. Misty didn’t think a thing of it. That was because Mom sat in Dad’s lap like that all the time, not just out at the pool but on the sofa and even in his study or one of the kitchen chairs. Sometimes they kissed but most often they just talked and sometimes laughed. It was just their thing. But when Caitlin saw them doing it, right off she said they were fucking (Caitlin had taught Misty what that word meant when they were still six years old). Misty was sure her near-sister had it wrong.

It wasn’t until years later that Misty’s mom told her that after the first time she’d seen the two little girls looking in the door while she and Cooper made love, she’d called Gina and told her what had happened. Since Gina thought it was a good thing for her girl to see a loving married couple in action (as opposed to what she did with the random men who came to her trailer), she said not to worry about it. After that, Misty’s parents just treated Caitlin as one of their own in that regard. So even though Mom and Dad knew Misty and Caitlin were playing in the pool, they had not stopped what they were doing. By then Misty knew what sex (and fucking) was and the mechanics of it, but it had never occurred to her that was what Mom and Dad were doing when they sat like that.

After Dad went inside, the girls asked Misty’s mom if they had been having sex. She very casually confirmed what Caitlin had surmised: she and Misty’s father had been having sex on the chaise lounge. She seemed surprised that her daughter didn’t understand that was what they were doing when she sat on Dad’s lap like that. After that day, Misty always knew what they were doing when they were sitting face to face, even though she couldn’t see it happening. And now watching them enjoy themselves, Misty still got that comforting feeling that all was right in the world.

Dad moved to lay fully on the daybed so that her mother could begin riding him in earnest. For about twenty minutes Misty alternately worked on editing and watching her parents. Seeing them expressing their love warmed her heart. She considered how Mom and Dad worked together as smoothly as if they were doing a choreographed ballet. It was simple yet elegant as her dad held Mom just above the waist so that she could rotate her hips even while her upper body didn’t move. She alternated sitting up and leaning down to kiss him. Misty could see they were also talking, but could not hear what they said.

Misty was wondering what she was telling her dad when Mom looked back over her shoulder and smiled at her. She looked back at her mom with as warm a smile as she could make. For them, it was another special mother-daughter moment. When she did so, yet another memory came. Way back, after she’d had her first period right before she turned twelve, Mom had talked to her for the first time about the idea that she would one day have sex just like Mom did with Dad.

Misty still remembered what Mom said quite clearly. “Starting right after I’d turned fifteen, I began having sex with boys. From then until the day when I got engaged to your father, over six years later, not many weeks went by that I didn’t have sex. Normally I did it more than once with different guys, but that isn’t the point, I did it when I wanted with who I wanted. It was nobody’s business but mine.  But after I promised to marry your father, I chose to only do it with him. I don’t regret having sex as a teenager at all. But don’t think you need to rush it, you will know when the time is right for you to start having sex.”

That was her introduction to their first talk about birth control. That was the first time her mom had told her that she should come to her when she began to think about having sex with boys so she could start birth control medication. That day, and every time they talked about it later, Mom emphasized that she should do that before she became sexually active. She recalled that it was not that talk, but sometime later that her mother started drilling the idea that she should only start having sex when she (not some boy or other girls) thought she should. It was not until later that Misty realized that her mother had always treated sex as an expected part of her teenage life.

Finally, while her mom was fully on top of her dad grinding hard, she quite visibly had a strong orgasm. She’d seen her mom orgasm while shooting photos of her quite a few times by now, so she knew what Mom looked like when she climaxed.  Misty watched as her mom arched her back as if she were a wolf howling as her thighs began to quake. Mom’s orgasm was followed by Dad groaning loudly as he filled Mom’s “muffin” with “cream.”

After a few minutes of rest, they both got off the daybed and thanked her for letting them use it. Her father didn’t show even a hint of embarrassment as his erection, wet with semen and vaginal fluids, slowly subsided in full view of his daughter. Before Dad went down to the bedroom, Misty’s mom told him “I’ll be down in a few minutes to feed you my muffin. You better not be asleep because I’m not done yet.”

Misty almost laughed out loud when she thought back to the day, sometime in the month after their first Miami trip, her mom first told her about her life as “Fuck on the First Date” Bonnie. Over the next year, she heard more and more about how prolific her mom’s sexual adventures had been in those years. But it was only after the second trip to Miami that she and Dad together told their favorite story of their dating life. It was about the evening her dad had come to pick her up for their normal Saturday night date and Mom had been naked when he got there. As both her parents told it, Mom had laid back on her dorm bed and spread her legs to show him the unmistakable signs that she’d just had sex before he’d arrived. Rather than being grossed out seeing the cum oozing out of his girlfriend, her dad had eaten her out (cum and all) to show that he loved her for who she was, not who others thought she should be. As Misty understood it, even now when Dad ate Mom out after he (or another man) filled her was their way of reliving that moment.

As the door shut behind Dad, Mom plopped down in the chair beside her daughter, still breathing hard with exertion.

“You know Mom,” Misty said, “That was the first time I’ve ever been with you and Dad the entire time you had sex… from first to last. I’ve seen you all the way through with Butch, Samual & Brett, and I saw Dad with Heather all the way through out at the pool last summer, but this is the first time I’ve ever been there from first to last when you and Dad made love. I’m not sure that has any real significance, but it is the first time.”

Misty’s mom seemed to think for a moment then nodded. “Yea, I guess you are right. You’ve seen bits and pieces all your life, but you’ve never stayed long enough to see a whole session like that.” She sat for a moment looking out at the stars, “I know most people would think it disgusting or super kinky, but you being up here with us didn’t bother us a bit.”

Misty thought for a moment then said, “It wasn’t like it is when I see you with other men. I won’t deny it, it turns me on to see you fucking other guys. From that first time when I saw you with Mr. Newell. You don’t know how much I wanted to undo my pants that day and put my hand in my panties while I watched you gobble up his dick. Today, of course, I wouldn’t hesitate, but back then I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Then when you Ms. Slosh and Mrs. Simms were doing it with the Swiss guys. By taking the photos, I had an excuse to stay in the room and watch from up close, same with when you let Brett ass fuck you. You don’t know it, but just last month when Sarah was over, she, Lamar, and I watched the Miami videos. All three of us love watching them.”

Bonnie just nodded, she was quite aware that pretty much all of the club girls and many of the guys had seen her sex videos. She wasn’t embarrassed that they saw her having sex, but she was a little self-conscious that they were so focused on her at all. Sure it was flattering the boys called her a super MILF, but it was also a little embarrassing.

Misty went back to what she was saying, “Shoot me, but it turns me on to see my mother fucking other men. Right up until two weeks ago when I came into the room and shot photos of your Sunday foursome with Butch and Tabitha. I was so turned-on watching Dad do Tabitha while Butch did you it was hard to focus on the photos. I think that is why they didn’t come out very good. Perhaps you four could do it out on the pool daybed next Sunday and I can do a better job.”

Misty’s mom nodded, “Yes, I think we could do that. I’d like a really nice set with the four of us since I think that will be coming to an end when we restart Sunday swim days. It’s been fun, but I think that has run its course by now.”

Misty said she’d have the daybed ready to use as a set after church next Sunday, then said, “But, as much as it turns me on to see you fucking other guys, it's not like that with you and Dad. I think once I told you how while I was growing up, it brought me comfort to see my parent's love manifested so plainly. That is still true. Rather than turn me on for you two to do it over there, it just made me… well it made me happy.  I only wish there had been just a little more light so I could shoot pictures.” She laughed and said, “You know Caitlin has repeatedly complained that in the playroom, all the photos are of you with other men. She thinks we should have pictures of Dad having sex too. A nice set of the four of you on that daybed would probably give at least one image good enough to put on the playroom wall.”

Her mom said that was a good idea, but she’d leave it up to Misty to set up. Then she added, “And Caitlin’s right. We should have photos of your father with other people too, and we have a good many of him with other women already. In addition to all the pics from the cruise, you have photo sets of him with Amy, Heather, and Trish… right?”

Misty nodded in agreement.

Bonnie went on, “Too bad you weren’t there at the Arabian Nights party to see his threesome with Slosh and Sherry, it was quite a show. How would you like me to set up a shoot date with the three of them?”

“That would be great. But Mom, what I really would have liked to see was you doing Butch, Calvin Jefferson, and Dwight Connelly right in a row.”

Her mom laughed, “Yea, both Slosh and Trish have told me it was quite a performance. And for me, doing the three guys right in a row like that was incredible. The sex itself was great, but doing them one after another in front of my closest friends is what made it so memorable.”

Misty thought for a moment then said, “I know that both Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Connelly have come over for sex with you in the afternoons…”

Her mom cut in, “More than once.”

“Yes, more than once. What would you think of doing a shoot with them together for a photo to put in the playroom?”

Her mom thought for a moment and said, “OK, I’ll talk to them about it. I’m sure that both Brandy and Beth Ann would love photos of their husbands with me like that. I don’t know if you are aware, but Brandy has those big prints you made hanging right on her bedroom wall. She has both the one with her with Calvin and the one with Trish riding her husband framed in their bedroom.” She laughed and asked, “I wonder where she got the idea of hanging big sex photos right in her bedroom?”

Misty laughed too, “Yea, I wonder.  Just to balance things out in their bedroom, If we do shoot you with her husband and Calvin Jefferson, perhaps I should schedule a shoot with her and Dad too.”

That actually sounded like a reasonable suggestion. Misty was always looking for new models for erotica to work on her skills, now she had plans for a whole handful of shoots.

They sat quietly for a minute or two, and then her mother said, “While I was on your dad just now, I had an epiphany. When I’d been on Salvador last fall it had felt so good to grind on him. At the time I’d just written it off to the fact he was super good-looking and fit… not that your dad isn’t fit.”

Misty snorted, “Right. If dad bodies were the definition of fit, he’d be on the cover of Fitness Magazine.”

“I think he looks wonderful.”

“Of course you do. You have to.”

Her mother shook her head. “As I was saying before you interrupted me. Tonight, I realized it was more than Salvador just being good-looking. With your father clean-shaven down there, once we got going, the feeling of my bare vulva sliding on his bare skin was amazing. That is what made it feel so good to be on Salvador, the hairless skin of my vulva had been moving on his hairless body. It was a new sensation, but with all of the things that were going on that day, I’d not recognized it for what it was. I’m going to be damn sure your father stays that way now. I’ll have to badger him into going to get it permanently removed, otherwise I’ll be grinding on stubble and that won’t be nice.”

Misty thought for a moment then agreed, “Yes, you’re right. When Salvador was doing me, it felt super good but I hadn’t realized why. Yes, you are right. It was because he was as smooth down there as I am.”

Her mother just nodded in agreement.

Misty turned to her mom and said “I wonder if Corin is smooth like that? I think he goes nude quite a bit, so he might be… probably is.”

Her mother smiled broadly and said, “I will be very surprised if you don’t find out tomorrow.”

Misty nodded, “Yes, I’ll be surprised… and disappointed if I… well we, don’t.”

They again sat in the semi-darkness, and then Misty asked, “Is that what you were talking to Dad about when you were on him? You’ve told me you do that kind of thing… tell him about the guys you’ve fucked since you were last with him or guys you know you are about to do. Was that what you told him tonight?”

“No, not about tomorrow. But I did tell him how good the sex this past week was.  The husband of the woman I told you about was quite well hung and his big dick felt great inside of me all three times I had sex with him. But I’d already told him that on the plane. What I told him that was new, was about Tom Dill.”

Misty queried, “Tom Dill? The church elder?”

“Yes, Tom Dill. I asked him what he would think if I met with Tom Dill once a month for a Rahab ministry session. Not that I’d be taking money the way DeeDee does, but it would be service sex nonetheless.”

Now Misty was intrigued. Her silence let her mother know to continue.

“I don’t know if you know that Slosh has started having her own Rahab ministry time twice a month. You see, she has another one of the older church elders… I won’t say who… over on the Wednesday afternoons that she is not teaching for a session of about an hour and a half. She’s had two sessions so far.” Her mom smiled, “I guess that DeeDee is having an impact on all of us.”

Misty asked, “Ms. Slosh is having sex with one of the elders as a ministry? No, I’d not heard about that. How did that happen? Did she just go up to him and offer to have sex with him for God?”

Her mother shook her head. “No, not like that exactly. His wife stopped having any interest in sex over decades ago. For the past five years, he and one of the matrons from the church had been having an affair. As I’ve told you before, among ourselves, the women of the church have a code about such things, so Slosh already knew what was going on. Well… it seems his playmate has developed a physical problem and sex is off the table for her now. I’m not exactly sure what transpired for Slosh to invite him over to their house on a Wednesday last month, but yes, she right out asked if he would like to have sex with her every other week. Perhaps his former playmate had prepped him, but I think Sherry also had a hand in it. As I said, I’m not sure of the details. He really is a very nice man, and not bad looking for someone in his late 60’s. Slosh says he’s more than capable for their ninety-minute sessions and he’s a very tender and considerate lover.”

Misty cut in, “What does that have to do with you and Tom Dill?”

“Well…” her mom picked up, “Last time she met with him, Slosh’s man mentioned that his friend and fellow elder, Tom Dill, is in the same boat he is in with his wife and hinted that Tom might benefit from Rahab services. Slosh mentioned it to our group this past Monday morning and asked if any of us wanted to take on a Rahab case. We’ve been talking about this for months. DeeDee has totally sold us on the idea that ministry sex is a blessing to both parties. Trish said she’d be happy to do it. Tom has been particularly nice to her since her husband ditched her. He helped her move into her apartment and has come over to her place to do handyman jobs several times. And she also thinks taking on a Rahab case would help her make clear to Mr. Ravenell that she did not intend to stop having sex back home since the two of them are becoming an item.”

Misty interrupted, “But what does that have to do with you?”

“I’m getting to that. Since I’ve been working to reorient my sexual life to one of service, and because my pace of sex on the road has slowed considerably, I said I’d like to talk to Cooper about sharing the task of ministering to Tom.  As I envision it, Trish would have one session a month with him and I would have one. I don’t think he’ll mind having two Rahabs. We would meet with him on Monday mornings after our girl's time at Waffle House. So just now, I asked your father if it would bother him for his wife to have sex with Tom once a month.”

With a smile, Misty said, “I guess you got a positive response.”

“Yes, I did. I told him that I’d meant to talk to him about it earlier, but we’ve just been so busy. I didn’t mention it, but I know your father knows that it would be helpful to have one more supporter of our work with teens among the church elders. Not that I would be doing it for that reason, but it would be helpful when Margo’s group makes their move, which we suspect they will do before the fall.”

Misty took all the new information in. She wondered if service sex would become a thing with all of the free-love circle. After all, she knew full well that what her dad did with several of the women was very much service, or ministry, so why not Mom too?

Her mother then stood up to say, “Well now to go feed your dad his cream. But, if he’s asleep already, I brought my little pocket rocket in my suitcase to take care of things.”

Misty laughed. As her mom went through the doorway to the stairs down, she considered all that had transpired in the last hour. She then thought to herself, “This is the way things should be in a Christian family. I really feel sorry for those families where seeing Mom and Dad making love would cause the kids to be grossed out or even traumatized. They miss out on so much. I should never forget how very fortunate I am.”

With that, she got back to work.







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Your comment about intimacy reminds me of several articles I've read concerning the young people who spend their lives on their phones are not learning those critical lessons of intimacy that prior generations of teenagers learned by dating.


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Bonnie and her daughter aren't squeamish about sex. That almost sounds banal. Sex is a subject that cries out—usually unanswered— for a place in art, conversation, investigation, participation. What good must have come from Richard Kyle's encounter with the Campbell women!

And what good did Edith and Della take back to Dayton because of Lamar's peacock costly signaling?


Jun 29
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The last paragraph of the Chapter says it all: “This is the way things should be in a Christian family. I really feel sorry for those families where seeing Mom and Dad making love would cause the kids to be grossed out or even traumatized. They miss out on so much. I should never forget how very fortunate I am.” Unfortunately, the media, movies and TV programs perpetuate the gross-out idea of seeing parents making love. Seeing your parents showing love in such a way is the best way to learn what a relationship is all about. “Sex model the erotic, but does not exhaust the erotic,” is a quote that applies to this chapter.

The development of the Campbells’…

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I've only encountered the phrase "Meta-Crisis" in the last six weeks or so—in a Nora Bateson video. (I'm vain enough, though, to claim that I intuited the idea decades ago.) It seems to have become a very appropriate notion in the last three quarters of a year! Now I have to search out David Temple.

Nice picture!

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