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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 7

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 7

Sailing Beyond the Known Horizon

In October Cooper was promoted to Senior Vice-President of LeMarco & LeMarco Architects, which contrary to its name was actually a design-construct firm. He'd been the Vice President of Design and their lead architect for six years, but this was a huge promotion that came with a substantial raise. The down side was he was now responsible for the highest prestige projects. In particular he’d been promoted to get a huge project in Chicago back on track. The day after he was promoted he was briefed that the hundred million dollar project was in deep trouble. The kind of trouble that could jeopardize the whole company’s reputation, if not its solvency. The basic designs were sound, he had led the design team, but execution was floundering. Mr. LeMarco promised a significant bonus if he could get the project back on to track before spring.

The very next week Cooper was in Chicago for three days. The week after he was in the windy city from Monday to Friday. From November through January he was rarely home more than two days in a week.

It was hard on Cooper but he was enjoying the challenge; however it was even harder on Bonnie back home. The thoughts of summer fun seemed like distant memories. Last year at this time she had husband in her bed and two lovers in town. Now she was alone most of the time and when Cooper was in town, he seemed to be always tired. Bonnie’s sex life had gone from amazing to almost a complete halt.

The extra money allowed the family to take a ski trip to Colorado just after Christmas, but even still Dad met them there and went directly back to Chicago. She'd done some flirting at the lodge, but their itinerary was just too packed to entertain the idea of getting laid by one of the guys who'd eyed her. The trip perked her up, but by the second week of January, when the kids went back to school, that blues came back on her. She sat looking out at the back yard “I really need something to get me going again.” She thought on the events of Cooper’s company Christmas party, but even the arousal that brought, made her more depressed since she was quite sure nothing would come of that.

At the same time, eight hundred miles from home, at his company’s Chicago office, Cooper thought, “Winter can get depressing” as he looked out the window at the grey Chicago skyline. “It seems all I do is work and sleep. I need a break.” The good thing was he could see his work was almost done. He estimated just one more month and things would be to the point that he could do nearly all the work out of Atlanta.

He also thought about Bonnie. “It seems we hardly ever have time for each other, and when I do, I’m so tired. It was almost comic when she quite seriously said that he was free to take a lover while he was so far away. Take a lover? Right. Even if he was the kind of guy to do that, he was working 12 hours a day in the office and then bringing work back to the hotel.

He had hoped his wife would have gotten better when she and his executive assistant, Tina, began to talk several times a week while he'd been gone. Then there was the thing at the company Christmas party.

After their stay in Miami, once a month or so Bonnie made the trip to Atlanta and had lunch with Tina. When Bonnie found someone she could talk to about her sexual journey of discovery, she made a point to follow up. After the trip, she’d told Tina all about what had happened. Tina gave her a great deal of positive reinforcement for her personal courage and her openness in front of Cooper and their kids. Tina never questioned the veracity of her story regarding the Cuban man, she only asked for all the details. When Cooper found out Tina knew all about what had happened, he became worried that he might be the butt of jokes if it got out. To allay his fears, in October Bonnie directly asked Tina what the other women she had told thought of Cooper in light of her sexual explorations. When Bonnie relayed the answer, he was pleased to know the women in the office seemed to think he was great and very unusual for letting his wife have sex with other people without demanding a quid pro quo.

He again thought Tina might help Bonnie out of her funk at Christmas time. On the way home from the company Christmas party, Bonnie told Cooper how she and Tina (both drunk) had slipped off together and gotten completely naked in Cooper's office. When Tina’s boyfriend went looking for her a good while later, he found his girlfriend and her boss’s wife on the rug doing six-nine. Tina had been on top eating her with the help of one of the Cuban cigars Mr. LeMarco had given out as Charismas presents as a dildo. Rather than thinking it was hot, he became very angry. Even Bonnie’s offer to let him join didn’t help. He stormed out of the room and when Tina pulled on her mini-dress and he caused quite a scene right in the middle of the party. When Bonnie made it to the big room where the party was going on, Tina and her boyfriend were arguing loudly. They left as she came into the room.

After the kids Christmas break, she was full of hope that she and Tina might become an item. However, when Bonnie next spoke to Tina, after the New Year, she made no reference to what had happened. That sent Bonnie back into her depression.

Two more weeks crept by. It was a drab February 1st at the office and Cooper opened his e-mail’s mechanically, barely focusing on their contents.

“What does he want?” he said crossly as he opened one from Martin LeMarco, the company’s owner. He began to scan the contents not intending to really read it carefully, when he realized this was not just another “action memo”. He read it a second time, intently.


I was making up the invitation list to join me and my family for our annualwinter Caribbean cruise on the San Dinero. You and your lovely wife’s name have come to my attention as people who would be a good fit for this event.

Your secretary Tina has come with us the last 4 years and she seems to think you two would both enjoy the cruise and add be just the right couple to round out our crew.

I’m looking forward to spending the third week of February with you two.


Martin LeMarco

P.S. It looks like you have saved the Chicago project. Great work.

What did he mean “Tina thinks we would be a good fit" Cooper mused. And what is this putting the project on as a post-script? What could be more important than saving the company? And what did Tina tell Mr. LeMarco? Cooper picked up the phone and dialed Bonnie.

“Have you and Tina talked about anything recently?”

“We haven’t’ talked for more than a minute at a time in three weeks. Why?”

Cooper read the letter and added, “These cruises on his yacht are always wrapped in secrecy. Normally only Mr. LeMarco’s family and a few others, mostly very attractive women in the office, are invited. The natural assumption is these trips are pretty wild.”

“Wow.” Bonnie said struck dumb by both the fact Cooper had never told her about this before and by the fact that Cooper was suggesting that Mr. LeMarco hosted a floating sex party. “And you think Tina knows everything?”

“Yea, if there is something to know, she’ll know it” he said. “But I can’t just ask her. I was thinking perhaps if you asked her what she knows we might find out something.”

“Well?”, Bonnie said dejectedly, “I’m not so sure that will help.”

Cooper paused “You know we can’t exactly say no, no matter what the truth is.”

“Why would we want to say no?” Bonnie answered incredulously.

“I don’t know. What if maybe he’s inviting us because he wants to screw you.”

“He’s handsome and very charming” she said with a wicked grin. The conversation was already lifting her mood. “I wouldn’t mind. It’s not like I have been over sexed of late. Would you mind?”

“He’s my boss!”

“You are Tina’s boss and you didn’t mind us doing each other.”

“But that is different…..I guess. OK, I just need you to find out.”

“Tell Mr. LeMarco we will come, right now. And I’ll find out what I can from Tina.”

A few minutes later she had Tina on the phone. Right off Tina said “I was expecting you to call.”

That was not what Bonnie thought she’d hear.

Tina went on “Mr. LeMarco gave me the heads up this morning that he was sending you and Cooper an invite for this year’s winter cruise.”

In an almost accusatory voice Bonnie asked “Why did he do that?”

“Because I was the one who recommended you two, or rather I helped confirm Mr. LeMarco’s thought to invite you. It is a great honor for you to be invited. I hope you are going to accept.”

“Oh yes, Cooper is telling him right now that we would be honored to come. It’s not like we could decline. Not to be ungrateful, but how does a secretary get to make that kind of recommendation and the Senior Vice-President isn’t even consulted?”

Tina didn’t answer immediately, then began talking in a hushed tone. “Remember when I told you why I knew about Miami Beach? I know you understood what I was saying about my relationship with LeMarco's. That was a huge breach of his trust to have told you and I went back and apologized to him that very day. But since you already know, I’ll say that there are many sides to Mr. LeMarco. When he is here at the office, it is all professional. He does have personal relationships, but those personal relationships don’t bleed over to office operations. That is in stark contrast to his son who is open about chasing every skirt he sees.” She laughed as is everyone knew that. Bonnie did not.

Tina went on. “So, I have a rather remote professional relationship with Mr. LeMarco while at the same time, on a different plane I have a very personal private relationship with Martin. The spring cruise is a personal trip for is family, a very personal trip. Only his family and his trusted friends are invited. Thus, in this case my intimate personal relationship trumps the Senior Vice-President. Let me say again, it was my personal relationship with you, not my professional relationship with Cooper, which caused Mr. LeMarco to ask me if you two would be a good fit for this trip.”

“Why did he do that? Sure Cooper has been with the company a long time, but Mr. LeMarco has never tried to initiate any sort of personal relationship with us before. Why now?”

Tina sighed. “Bonnie, you really are sweet, but awfully naive. Last summer, when you stayed at Mr. LeMarco’s condo in Miami, did it never occur to you that Martin might know the man who owns the penthouse?”

Bonnie’s breath caught. NO, she had never, ever even considered such a thing. She was sure her voice betrayed her shock.

Tina nodded. “Not only does he know the man who screwed you while you looked down at your family from the balcony, the two men have been close friends for decades.”

Bonnie gaped as she saw the obvious implication Tina was making.

“Yes,” she went on. “Martin knew Cooper’s wife had screwed his friend even before you guys made it back home. For a long time he just assumed you were cheating on Cooper given the reputation he has for being strait laced. Not that he would have condemned you for it, but he didn’t share his knowledge with anyone but Judy. It wasn’t until the Christmas Party, after my boyfriend announced that he’d caught you and I having sex, that he realized you were not doing things behind your husband’s back. I don’t know if Cooper told you what he did when everyone looked at him to see what he would do hearing you were having sex with me. He just laughed and let everyone know how he loved you because you weren’t afraid to live without fear of seizing the day. Nobody missed the significance that he made a point to get up and kiss you when you rejoined the party. Not that I saw that part since I was already out the door by then, but everyone was talking about it for weeks. Not that we had sex, but how cool Cooper was with it.”

“Yes, he told me” was Bonnie’s response. Cooper’s version was slightly different than Tina’s, but she knew he’d treated it as if it was no surprise to him. He’d seen her and Tina flirting earlier and then disappear. He had just assumed they were having sex. The only surprise that night was when Bonnie’s fling suddenly became public knowledge. His gambit to make light of the whole thing had paid off and he found his social status at the office improved rather than diminished by that event.

Tina nodded and concluded “Your invitation to the cruise was more or less assured at the moment he gave you that kiss. All I did was confirm what Mr. LeMarco already knew or at least suspected. I let him know clearly that Cooper knew and was supportive of your freedom to have sex with whoever you choose. Like I said, I was not telling him anything he had not concluded, but I’ll admit I was happy for the chance to make up to you for the terrible embarrassment my ex caused you at the Christmas party.”

It was a lot for Bonnie to take in. She did want to correct one thing though, “Tina, I was fine about what happened at the Christmas party. I felt bad for you, but you have nothing to apologize for. I’ve always enjoyed our time together and very much enjoyed our time at the party. If he hadn't been so mad at you I would have said getting caught was part of the fun. I did offer to let him join us if you recall. I wanted to tell you that when I called right after we got back from Colorado, but it seemed you didn’t want to talk about it.”

Tina’s voice seemed taken aback “Oh, wow. I just thought. Oh, I so misunderstood.”

“That’s OK” Bonnie said, “I guess it is good that I called.” Then she went back to the primary subject. “So, let me get this right. You are not allowed to tell anyone who has not been on one of those trips what goes on. Right?”


“So do this, just tell me if I have it wrong. From what I gather, Mr. LeMarco has invited us because he knows that Cooper is OK with me having sex with other people. So I'm assuming that this trip will involve people getting naked and having sex with people to whom they are not married…and…if we go, I likely will have sex with Mr. LeMarco and other guests. Am I wrong about any of that?”

Tina took her time in answering. “Please remember, you came to those conclusions on your own and I didn’t say any of that. You are right in guessing I am not allowed to say anything about what happens on those cruises. But, if you are right, you can be sure it was more than my confirmation alone that got you invited. Mr. LeMarco likes you and thinks you are very attractive; and, IF you are right about the nature of the cruise, I can assure you with confidence that Mr. LeMarco would never push himself on anyone. So let me ask you, IF your assessment is correct, was I right to recommend that you two get an invitation?”

Bonnie was sure she now had a good understanding what would be happening on the cruise, and it made her heart race. Cooper had said no one at the office knows what goes on during those winter cruises, but he was wrong. Some people did know. Tina knew and said more than she should have. She told Tina "Yes, you were so right to encourage Mr. LeMarco to invite us, even if Cooper doesn't quite realize it yet."

Tina’s voice seemed relieved. “Oh, I’m so glad. I promise you will love every minute. I’m so looking forward to spending time with you.”

Bonnie then added “You know that Mr. LeMarco’s gift of the use of his Miami Beach condo changed our whole family. For the good mind you, but it changed not just Cooper and me; it changed the way my kids see their parents and the world. And I’ve told you how it fundamentally changed the relationship I have with Misty. I can’t help but think this trip will further the transition we are making.”

Tina seemed to understand “Actually, I think it might. If you and Cooper are open to what life has to offer, you will not come back the same people.”

“I really do hope so. I’ve been thrilled at the new things in our life, but there is something in my gut that says we have not finished becoming what we should.”

Tina agreed then Bonnie shifted the topic and said “And we can just pretend the thing with your ex didn’t happen.” Then realizing it might sound wrong she corrected “Not the stuff before he walked in, that was great; but we’ll just forget he walked in at all.”

“Agreed. And yes it was great. And...I promise we will have time to finish what we started. But can you do me a favor; don’t tell Cooper the stuff about the nature of the cruise that I didn’t really tell you.”


Putting down her phone, Bonnie felt like a ton of bricks had fallen off of her heart. Not only was there the excitement of this sexy cruise, but she was wrong about Tina not wanting to have a relationship. So, she couldn’t tell Cooper, but what about Misty?

As it turned out, Cooper was able to shift part of his work back to Atlanta the very next week, and by the week before the cruise, he was only in Chicago one day.


A vintage image of the San Dinero from the 1920's

Cooper watched as Miami and the Florida coast began to sink away in the tropical February sky. The sails rumbled as a gust of wind passed by, the rigging and spars creaked and the waves gently slapped the side of the two-mast ketch-rigged schooner “San Dinero”. Boat by whose standards?, Cooper mused. At seventy-two feet long it was a regular sea going ship. It was actually longer than the ship Columbus first sailed to America. On the deck in front of the main mast Tina, Heather (a new secretary), and Bonnie had already staked out places to relax. In the aft, behind the ketch’s mizzenmast were Martin LeMarco, his attractive wife Judy and Brian LeMarco (the owner’s twenty-seven-year-oldsea-going son). Brian’s wife Mandy was the only one below deck. Cooper could hear the clicks of a suitcase opening and closing as he stood by the open porthole window. The final person on board was the boat’s skipper, Ramón. He silently stood at the wheel staring at the sails and waves.

The San Dinero was a beautiful craft. Cooper had never been on a deep-water yacht before. The two masts carried what seemed to be an acre of sail, yet under the Chilean skipper this bunch of landsmen seemed almost competent as they did their part to get the vessel underway.

As Cooper stared at the sinking city skyline, he mused how Bonnie had assured him she had tried to get Tina to tell him about the trip; yet she only found she could get no firm answers to substantive questions. When the day before departure he was presented with a non-disclosure agreement he was truly taken aback. Why would the boss want a written pledge not to tell anyone about the trip? The agreement said just that, and beyond that stated that guests agreed not to bring any cameras or recording devices. Phones would not function anywhere they were going, so guests were expected to leave them at home. Cooper signed it, but was left perplexed.

On the yacht, Mandy LeMarco’s young voice came from below “Martin, are we far enough out yet?”

What caught Cooper’s attention was the name “Martin”; he had not once heard anyone in the office call him Martin, ever, not even Mandy, his son’s wife.

This thought was quickly pushed aside by the next surprise. Although he later told himself he shouldn’t have been, he was none the less surprised when at Mr. LeMarco’s “Yea, I think so”, young Mandy LeMarco emerged from below, towel in one hand sun tan oil in the other, wearing absolutely nothing.

Cooper could not help stare at her. It was not just because she was beautiful; he'd seen her many times before. He knew full well she turned heads wherever she went. Her twenty-two-year old, five foot two body, was perfectly proportioned. Her flawless skin and straight brown hair belonged on a model. Cooper stared not at her beauty, he stared out of shock she would go naked in front of her father-in-law and employees of the company.

Without the slightest hint of reluctance, she climbed the short ladder up to the roof of the cabin, laid out her towel and relaxed completely nude as if this was the norm.

Cooper was standing next to the cabin amidships, close enough to carefully examine the young woman’s body. He noticed that even in February she still had bikini tan lines, and his eyes became fixed on her round breasts, their size enhanced by her small frame.

He finally realized he was staring and quickly turned to walk to the bow where Bonnie, Tina and the teenager named Heather were.

“OK, Tina.” Cooper said “We are now on our way and Mandy LeMarco is back there chatting with her entire body on display as if this happens every day. What’s this trip about?”

The mention of Mandy’s exposure got an immediate and interested reaction from Bonnie and Heather, but Tina didn’t respond. Cooper squatted down by Tina and spoke again, “Come on, you know Bon and I aren’t prudes, but we would like to know what everyone else knows.”

”I don’t know what’s going on either” stated an interested Heather.

Heather had been with the company only since October. She had been absolutely devoid of office skills or experience and was just out of high school. It seemed obvious to everyone in the office why she had been hired. When she was assigned to be Brian LeMarco’s personal assistant, it was all the more obvious why she had been hired. She was a living, breathing Varga girl. She had that special beauty afforded only to teenage girls blessed by nature, with the kind of body plastic surgeons try in vain to create artificially. Tina sat up slowly. “All right. I guess it’s all right now that we are out to sea.”

She propped herself up against the main mast behind her. “I’m assuming your wife told you that you were invited by Mr. LeMarco, Martin, as he wants to be called on these outings; because he believes you are, well, not hung up about nudity and sex.”

Heather appeared to think about this for a second and then said in an anxious whisper, “Did he invite me, thinking I would screw him?”

“No. This will be my fifth of these trips and I’ve never seen him pressure anyone to have sex with him.”

“Good” Heather said visibly relaxing.

Tina continued “That is not to say that there won't be a lot of sex, because there will be, and it will be right out in the open. In your case Heather, you should know it was Brian who asked for you to come.”

“But his wife is here!”

“Let me tell you what I know about the family and maybe it will make sense to you” Tina continued matter-a-factly. “These trips started eight years ago at the suggestion of Judy, just after she became Mrs. LeMarco number three. You see the LeMarco men have a sexual appetite equal to their desire to succeed in business.” She looked at Heather and added “as you know”. Then she continued, “Martin and Mrs. LeMarco Number Two were members of an upscale swingers group, Martin loved the sex parties; but at some point after she’d transitioned from being a mistress to becoming Mrs. LeMarco number two, she decided she didn’t like going to them anymore. The problem was that it is hard to tell your sugar daddy no even when you want to. It was at one of those parties he met Judy. Mrs. LeMarco number three, if anything, likes to screw more than Martin. Well they fucked like crazy for months then actually fell in love. Neither of them saw monogamy as an option, so they were right up front about it from the get go. Not only do they have sex with other people; they enjoy watching each other have sex almost as much as they like doing it. In fact, Judy told me that at their wedding she wore a dress that you could see her tits through and for their honeymoon they flew the whole wedding party to their condo in Miami Beach. She told me that between the time they arrived at the condo and the next morning she had sex with nine people besides her new husband, including Martin’s son Brian."

At that revelation both Bonnie and Cooper took a deep breath of surprise.

Tina continued without slowing. "Brian says he was just seventeen at the time, but Judy insists he was eighteen. Since I don’t’ know his birthday or their anniversary date, I can’t tell you who is telling the truth.”

Responding to the dumbfounded stares, she added “Really, it’s all true. I asked Judy last summer about it.”

The three fac

es were screwed up in an expression that clearly indicated disbelief.

“A decade before she met Martin, when she was in her early twenties, Judy had been in a real professional porn video. It would be an over statement to say she was a porn star; but, as I understand it, her sex scenes from that one movie have been used in several other films. Like I said this was years before she met Martin. After she told me, I looked for the video on line but could not find it. She told me it had been made by a major porn company that no longer exists so it’s unlikely they will suddenly show up on the internet. One time at a party she played it in the game room. It was not bad by porn standards, but she's way better in real life. All that was to say that these trips are an opportunity for the LeMarco’s to openly be who they really are in private.”

Bonnie had been taking all this in. It was more detail than Tina had given her on the phone but there was something she wanted Cooper to understand. “Not that I mind, but how much did you tell Mr. LeMarco, ah Martin, about me and - you know our little tryst?” she asked.

Tina said “Well there really wasn’t any more to tell beyond what my ex told him and everyone else at the office party. Perhaps you didn’t hear exactly what my ex said after he stormed out of Cooper’s office. He went right to the party and loudly told everyone that he just caught his whore of a girlfriend and her boss’s slutty wife eating each other’s pussies and that you asked him to fuck her.”

Bonnie’s gaze shot over to her husband. He nodded and said, “I was in the room. I never told you the exact words he used because I didn’t see any reason to.”

“Well I didn’t ask him to fuck me. Well not exactly” Bonnie said. “But perhaps he was referring to the fact that when I saw he was upset I offered for him to join us in an effort to diffuse the situation. I don’t know how he thought that meant I wanted him to screw me.” With a wide eyed innocent smile she added “But perhaps… just perhaps he was right in that conclusion.”

After the laughter Tina continued, “So Mr. LeMarco already knew about you and me at the Christmas party he called me in.” Bonnie nodded and Tina continued “After he let me know he knew about your tryst with is friend in Miami, I thought it was best that I let him know that I knew it was OK with Cooper since he is my supervisor and all. So I told him you guys have an open marriage, and since that was before our mix up on the phone in January, I told him that I expected that you and I would become regular lovers.”

Bonnie was gratified to hear that had been Tina’s take on what had happened so she added in “Well, that is going to happen regardless.” She stood to “stretch” but everyone knew she was standing to see for herself if Mandy LeMarco was sunbathing in the nude on the cabin roof. She was.

A few hours out from Miami

Tina watched her stand and with a knowing smile finished with “and I also told him how much you liked the nude beach in Miami. That was enough to get you invited here. Well that and your winning smile and hot body.”

Cooper had listened carefully. Bonnie had told him how Mr. LeMarco and the man she’d had sex with in Miami were friends and that he’d known for a long time about what she’d done. Thinking aloud he said “That’s why the non-disclosure agreement. Things happen here that have to stay secret. I get it now.”

Bonnie who was not as surprised at the nature of the cruise as she pretended, was still considering the meaning of the new information she had just gotten. As it sank in, she considered what might happen this week, and what would translate back home. After all, in Miami she briefly thought she was renewing and extending her "pre-Cooper" lifestyle in college. But that had not happened. In the past months she'd often tried to recall what she'd been thinking when she suddenly became monogamous when she started dating Cooper. A big reason was that she was nearing graduation. In her mind monogamy and adulthood seemed to go together while recreational sex was part of college life. She'd known Cooper was "the one" by the time they'd been dating a week and she began thinking in terms of him and only him from then on. She did not regret nearly twenty years of monogamy, but she was ready to spread her wings again. Perhaps this trip would be her chance to really return to that older version of herself.

The scenario here actually reminded her of a trip she'd had during the spring break before she'd began to Date Cooper. She, her boyfriend and three other couples had taken a canoe trip through the Daniel Boon National Forest. They were only gone three nights, but in that time she'd fucked all four of the guys. Her wanton behavior had been quite the surprise to all of her friends, including her “date.” To be quite honest, she had surprised herself at how bold she had been; but to this day that trip had been the sexual highlight of her entire life. At the time she had taken real pride in how she had learned to take charge of her sex life and always made sure her needs were taken care of. She was sure that was her best self. For the past year she’d been asking if she could be that person again. She wondered if she could be that person on this trip. Perhaps, if she let go of all those things other people said she should be and do, this time she could hold on to that version of herself that she had always thought was the truest version of herself. She was sure that questions would be answered in the next week.

Cooper had many of the same thoughts. Though Bonnie had never hidden her pre-marital sexual behavior from him, he never really understood it. In Miami, when she had sex with a guy she'd just met, just for the fun of it; he thought he'd gotten his first glimpse of how she had been before he met her. Sometimes he thought it strange that it didn't bother him that she'd done it, or that she'd had sex with Vic almost weekly for months. If she was expanding her sexual horizons, then what was his role? Perhaps if he could talk to Mr. LeMarco about his marriage to Judy he could better conceptualize it. After all, from what he now knew, Mr. LeMarco's wife had been screwing other men from literally the day they were married. The most pressing question right now however was not about Bonnie, it was his apprehension about navigating these new waters under the eye of his employer. He could see a hundred ways to offend his boss. What if Mrs. LeMarco, for some reason, came on to him? What would he do? What would Mr. LeMarco expect him to do? So many issues.

Bonnie had no such qualms. Without a comment, she turned and headed to the aft. It was hard not to admire the gleaming strips of teak deck planks and shiny brass fittings. On the roof of the cabin the LeMarco’s daughter-in-law had her eyes closed as she sunned in the nude. It was then Bonnie decided what to do. As she walked down the space between the side of the chest high cabin and the railing she untied her halter top. Rather than being nervous about taking off her top in front of Cooper’s boss, her concern was how easy it would be to fall over the low brass rail and into the water.

At the stern were two teak “U” shaped benches facing each other which filled the yacht’s entire stern. Sitting on the curved bench seats was Mrs. LeMarco wearing a lovely sheer cover-up with flower appliqués. Between the seating area and the cabin was the steering wheel made of wood and brass or bronze. Holding the wheel and looking very nautical was Martin LeMarco.

She suddenly wanted to turn around and hide, but she did not. Holding the ties of her top in her hand, she forced herself to make eye contact with Judy then look over to her husband’s employer. She observed both of them carefully with a new eye. She liked what she saw. Martin LeMarco looked to be about sixtyish, trim with well-kept gray hair. Bonnie had always thought him handsome, but now with the knowledge that she quite possibly would soon make love to him, she almost trembled with sudden desire. Opening up the front of the top then slipping it off her shoulders, she stood bare breasted. Boldly she took a step toward the man at the spoked wheel, who was clearly eyeing her body.

Just at that moment the boat lurched. She did not know if it was a wave or a gust of wind, but she lost her balance. Grabbing for one of the stout lines that held the mast up, she let go of her halter top. The fright lasted only a moment, but her top was gone. “Oh well” she said regaining her composure, “I guess I won’t be needing that anyway.”

Bonnie loses her blouse overboard when she loses her balance

Judy jumped up and guided her to the seats. “I know it takes a little getting used to.”

Bonnie just nodded sheepishly. So much for putting on a worldly air. “I want to thank you and your husband for inviting me on board. This is like a dream come true for me.”

Martin spoke up “You can thank Tina for telling me that you would make the trip better for all of us. She was right, you are already providing entertainment.”

Putting her hands up Bonnie said, “I am definitely trying.” Finally they laughed. After some more pleasantries she excused herself and took the stairs down into the main cabin, distracted by visions of what had not been said in the brief conversation. She felt silly at how fast her heart was beating.

Back on the bow Heather asked “but what about Brian and his wife?”

Tina replied with amusement “Five years ago, my first year to be invited on this event, Mandy was just Brian’s girl friend.”

“How old was she?” Heather cut in.

“She was nineteen, a sophomore at Georgia Tech, were Brian was in graduate school and I don’t think they had been dating for more than a couple of months. The first few days really freaked her out. See she still lived with her parents in this “Leave it to Beaver” middle class family, I wouldn’t be surprised if Brian was her first lay. Just the nudity was way out for her, and when the screwing started.” Tina shook her head “I really thought we might have to cut the trip short. It took three days but she finally eased up and took off her top. On the fifth morning she really started to break down. She and Brian made love right up here” she said pointing to the area in which the three sat. “Now, she and I had talked several times about what was going on. She was really struggling with the idea that sex could just be for fun, not for love. See, for her it wasn’t the LeMarco money. She really truly was head over heels in love with Brian. She told me several times that she was trying to overcome her inhibitions, but it was so hard for her. So when that morning, I heard them up here doing it I knew I had to be the first up there or she would quit. When I saw them, Brian was eating her out. When she saw me I could tell she was proud of herself for her first victory over her fear. She did pause briefly when another couple (I forget their names) came up while she was giving him head, but just for a moment. Well she didn’t put a thing on all day and that night, with the help of half a bottle of rum, she did it with Brian right in front of his parents.”

Mandy spoke up “That’s quite a leap in just a few days.”

Tina nodded, “Yea, it was. Looking back I feel bad that on the last day Brian and I put Ramón up to seducing her.”

“Ramón, the skipper?” Cooper cut in.

“Oh yea, he comes with the boat. I think Ramón is the archetype of the romantic Latin lover. He could get a nun down on her knees in front of him. Well, by then Mandy’s inhibitions had, if not completely broken down, had been repressed pretty good. Just a few hours from Miami, Ramón, Brian and I shared her in the fore stateroom.”

Cooper voiced “You all did her?”

Tina grinned “Yep, all three of us had a shot at her. That was also her first girl-girl experience.”

“How did she respond to that?” Cooper asked.

“With a quivering orgasm.”

They all laughed.

“Now she didn’t do me that time, and then the next year she was in Italy for the semester; but the following year, when they were engaged, she had really become part of the family. Their upcoming wedding didn’t stop either of them from enjoying themselves with everyone, and I mean everyone. I’m pretty sure she had sex with every single person on the boat. I can tell you with confidence; she’s now quite comfortable, and skilled, between a woman’s legs.”

“Like between your legs?” Cooper teased.

“Oh yea, just like that.”

Having finished her explanations, Tina stood up to leave. “Oh Heather, in case you are concerned, Mandy has known all along about you and Brian having sex in his office. Don’t worry about it, she told me she will be very disappointed if she can’t sit back and relax watching you two go at it. She's also become quite the voyeur.” With that she walked aft leaving Heather in a state of shock with Cooper who was not much less overwhelmed.

“What do you think of all this?” Cooper asked Heather after several minutes of silence.

“I don’t know. I’m used to being the wild child. I’ve had a reputation for being the slutiest girl anyone knew, and I’ve liked it. I like men’s attention. I’ve loved screwing since I was in seventh grade, and everyone who knows me knows that. But shit, Mrs. LeMarco made it with almost as many people on her wedding day as I have in my slutiest month. With this group I’m not the wild one, I’m a fuck’n babe in the woods.”

Silence again. Then she looked at Cooper and said “Cooper, all the girls in the office say you’re a straight guy. They say you never fool around at all. Why are you here?”

“Did you not follow what Tina said. I’m only here because of my wife.”

“I guess I missed something, probably a lot of things. What do you mean by you are hear because of Bonnie?” Heather asked. Almost as soon as she’d asked the question, Cooper saw a dawning of understanding on her face as she seemed to put into context what Tina had said.

Cooper explained anyway “Bonnie’s the reason we were invited. She’s... well...she can be a bit like Judy. She likes sex a lot and from what little Tina said you can guess I don’t stop her. At least not in the last year or so I haven’t.” He thought about it and corrected himself. “No, I’ve never once stopped her from having sex with whoever she wants, but she just hadn’t wanted to do it with other people until the last year or so.” With that they entered into a discussion of Bonnie’s sexual escapades over the past year. Evidently she had picked up bits and pieces of what he said at the office but he was able to string it all together into a coherent whole. The discussion and the young girl's response made Cooper feel like a good husband, a giving husband. Even still it was not easy to see her as a girl that could be one of Misty’s friends. He knew he would have to work at that all week.

The sun set quickly and the temperature dropped enough that everyone donned long sleeve shirts or light jackets even before they went below for dinner. The stairs were steep, almost like a ladder, but Cooper managed it with some degree of finesse. While the boat’s beam was thirteen feet, the raised part of the cabin was not the full width since people had to walk around it. Still, down below there was a good eight or nine feet of clear floor space side to side and with plenty of head room. The main cabin, which Cooper was told was called the saloon, was by far the largest room on board and did not seem cramped at all. The teak and brass gave it a warm glow. The limited lighting was augmented by the deck lights coming through the porthole windows that, while high on the inside, were only at knee level outside. Earlier he had seen that on the starboard (right) side of the main cabin was a long narrow table with seating built in the bulkhead. The port side also had a couch built in, but the center was left free for movement. Set up for dinner, a leaf seemed to have been folded out to make it wide enough to seat people on both sides and the port side seating seemed to have been slid forward on tracks so as to provide seating on both sides of the table. The passage way then went where the port seating had been. As an architect he appreciated the practical and robust design.

Beyond the saloon were the four guest cabins. Though called cabins, in reality they were more like nooks with just enough room for a double bed and enough room to get dressed. Rather than doors, each room had a tied back curtain that could be pulled closed; but in the whole cruise he never saw any of them untied. Past the end of the raised cabin, four steps led down to a lower level. The focasle area was below the foredeck and the foot of the mainmast was right in the middle of the passageway. There was the galley, a head (bathroom) and a small cabin for up to two crew members. Beyond that was the door to the younger LeMarco’s stateroom in the bow.

At the stern of the saloon were the steps that led up to the deck and down a few steps to the lower level with doors to the aft stateroom (the elder LeMarco’s bedroom), another head and down below to the engine room. All in all it was impressive and roomy enough that Bonnie never felt crowded with nine people on board.

They had a fine light meal of steamed shrimp, salad and fresh fruit.

Cooper found the shrimp firm, tasty and plentiful. The cocktail sauce was particularly good. Though Cooper was not usually a drinker, he found the wine exceptional. He complimented Judy LeMarco on her dinner and commented that shrimp fresh from the dock is hardly the same food as the mushy frozen stuff they buy back home. Near the end of dinner, Judy excused herself stating that the cabin had become too warm for her rugby shirt.

Cooper took no notice until she returned a few moments later in a white lace catsuit. The figure hugging lace shaped her body beautifully. The semi-sheer lace both revealed and concealed her body in a way that made her the center of attention. The conversation turned to sexual escapades. Judy’s stories clearly were the most fascinating, not just for the sheer number of people with whom she’d had sex, but the circumstances were often outrageous or hilarious.

Her story of her year as working as a nanny was both. As she told it, through no intent or effort on her part, she ended up having sex with the child’s father, mother, aunt, neighbors and even the mother’s parents. Bonnie was sure with her way with words and crazy experiences she could write book so funny that the gratuitous sex would not seem so intense.

Finally Judy looked over to Bonnie and said “So Mrs. Campbell,” I really want to hear how a good church woman like you ended up seducing Rafael Castaneda in his own establishment.”

Bonnie didn’t know whether to laugh or blush at that. “I hardly seduced him, and I had no idea his company owned the building.”

Martin came back with “That is not what Rafael thought. He’d actually come down to the pool area to look for Cooper. They have done a couple of projects together. But, according to him, an extremely hot American woman caught his attention. It was only after he’d decided to have sex with you that you pointed out Cooper as your husband. Not that he would have any compunctions about going after a married tourist without as much obvious encouragement from you.”

“Did he think I was that obvious?” Bonnie queried.

“Yes. Perhaps you don’t realize it, but it is very rare to see an American woman of any age topless at the pool. When he saw you with your daughter, he just assumed you were a German or Scandinavian; but when he made sure there was a spot for you to sit by him, your speech gave you away. He was doubly surprised when you opened with your Southern accent.”

Bonnie jumped in “AH, so he did make room for me. I thought you said I was the one who seduced him.”

Martin gave a big laugh “Like I said, he is not above picking up tourist right under their husbands nose. Back in the day, he and I did that a lot.”

Tina interjected “That is a story I want to hear. I’ve heard you two mention what you used to do at his old hotel, but you’ve never actually told the story.

Martin nodded “I promise, once Bonnie sufficiently answers Judy’s question I will tell you about my younger self and my friend Rafael.” He looked to Bonnie, “I am also interested in this transition because Cooper has quite the reputation as being a goody two shoes. He hardly drinks and there has never even been a hint of him with other women. Even on trips he never finds bed company; though, as I’ve heard, he had been hit on by more than a couple of women.”

Bonnie had no idea people at the architecture firm talked among themselves about such things, but she realized she should not be surprised.

With a sigh she began “Well, to be honest, Cooper has always been reserved even before we met in my senior year of college. But me, I lived my college years to the fullest. You know: sex, drinking, sex, drugs and more sex. While Cooper and I fucked like rabbits, he was the last person I was with until a year… no close to two years ago when I had sex with a woman and then with her husband too. I suppose it had been a year or so before that I began to feel that itch again. I have a good friend who has a very active and varied sex life and I had begun to envy her. It was odd, for so long that part of me had been dormant, and then it just seemed to wake up. It turns out that one of my church friends was a closet swinger, and when I opened the door she and her husband walked right in. Sadly though after only a half a year, her husband got a transfer and it all ended. At the same time our daughter had grown up without me noticing. Those four days at your condo in Miami changed a lot of things. Misty, our daughter, and I pushed each other to do things I’m not sure we would have done otherwise.”

Judy asked “Like what?”

With a rueful smile Bonnie said, “To go topless nearly all the time for one thing. Then later, much to my surprise, she asked if we could go to the nude beach together.”

Heather asked “How old is your daughter?”

Bonnie understood why the teenager had asked. “Oh she is only a few years younger than you. She was sixteen last summer when we went to Miami. Well she still is. Her birthday is in a few weeks. Before we left town, Tina had told me that the beach and one of the pools were top optional. The thought was exciting. I’d more or less planned on trying out what it was like to go topless in public, but only if the kids weren’t around. It’s not that they haven’t seem me topless at our home pool all their lives, but I guess I wasn’t ready to let them know I was going to do that on a public beach. Well that is not how it worked out. Like I said, Misty and I pushed each other to be more bold than we would have on our own.”

“The afternoon we arrived, right off the cat was out of the bag that toplessness was permitted not just on the beach but at one of the condo’s pools. Misty and I also saw we did not have any of the European type swimsuits that were worn by most women our age at the condo. So we just had to go shopping before we could go swimming.

That comment got some laughs.

“At a beach shop we egged each other on to try on swim suits that were skimpier than any panties I own. When I stepped out from behind the curtain in a suit so small a good bit of pubic hair and the corners of my areoles were showing, Misty didn’t cringe even a little. A few minutes later, she upped the ante when she stepped out from the changing stall wearing only a pair of string thong bottoms. I will confess I wanted to yell at her to cover up…but I resisted that urge…then not to be outdone by my daughter, I followed suit. In the end we spent a good half hour picking out things to try on, mostly while topless. Mind you the shop was right on Collins Avenue and had people coming and going the whole time. The little Indian man who owned the shop did not seem to mind, nor did the people who stopped dead in their tracks to look at us.”

Bonnie was gratified that Judy was impressed. “Wow! Even I have never done that. And you and your daughter both did it?”

Bonnie nodded. “After that going in just a Brazilian or thong bottom at the pool or beach was not an issue.”

Martin added “Yes, that got Rafael’s attention. He’d never, in the twenty-five years of having a stake in a top-optional hotel in Miami seen an American mother with her teenage daughter topless together at one of his properties. If you want to, you can tell her that he thought your daughter was very pretty indeed; but it was seeing both of you together that was the thing that really got his attention. It said a lot about you…a lot that impressed him.”

Bonnie smiled, “Oh I will tell her. She will like that. And we were aware that together we had the attention of almost every guy from sixteen to sixty. I’ll confess, I liked that as much as she did. While feeling full of myself contributed to going up to the penthouse for sex; the honest truth is, before we left home I entirely planned to get laid by a hot guy in Miami.” She looked to Martin, “And if you would please tell your friend that I had a wonderful time with him. He made my teenage fantasies of Ricardo Montalbán come true.”

“I’ll let him know.”

Tina leaned over to Bonnie and whispered “Tell them what you told your family.”

Bonnie laughed and nodded to her saying “Yea I will.” Then to the group she continued “The sex in the penthouse was really really great. Amazing even. In less than a half an hour I came half a dozen times and he came twice. I think the kinkiest part was bent over the railing looking down at everyone at the pool, including my family, while he banged me from behind. Then when I came back downstairs, I was still sweaty and my cover-up clung to me making it transparent. When the kids asked where I’d been for so long, I just casually told them I’d been getting laid.”

That got both laughs and some impressed looks.

Cooper put in “I didn’t ‘believe her. It wasn’t till that night I saw the bruise from where he had gripped her thighs that I knew she wasn’t just pulling our leg.”

Bonnie finished up by saying “Before Martin tells us his story I need to add that we made a hardbound photo book of our trip for the living room coffee table. Misty had taken a few photos of me with my hair damp and my face still sweaty. A wonderful photo of me walking toward her with a huge smile and my cover-up so damp it was see through gets a whole page. The caption at the bottom says ‘Guess what Mom has been up to?’”

Bonnie felt good that even in this group her story seemed to get traction.

Once the praise for the tale died down, Tina badgered Martin to tell about him and Rafael.

“Well…” Martin took a deep breath. “Understand all this happened a long time ago and I wouldn’t be so caviler about some of this stuff now. I first met Rafael when I was Brian’s age. My father had built LeMarco Architects into a firm with a nationwide reach and Rafael’s father, who had escaped Cuba with the shirt on his back only twenty years before, had turned CFE Holdings into a regional commercial real-estate development firm.”

“As it happened, my father had assigned me to head up a project that his father had assigned to him. As two sons of demanding self-made men, we rapidly found common ground beyond the business park we were building. We were both young and sought to step out from our father’s shadow. While we worked hard in the day, we worked just as hard at debauchery at night.”

“CFE Holdings acquired a bankrupt hotel on the north end of South Beach. LeMarco got the architecture contract and I was put in charge of the project. That was when our decade of debauchery really started.”

“As part of a marketing strategy to draw the high paying Europeans to the fully redeveloped hotel everything was done to ensure the place appealed to European tastes. One part of that strategy was to make it the first top optional hotel pool in Miami. All that to say that for a decade or so Rafael and I used his company’s hotel as our getaway retreat. Given the fact we were both young and full of ourselves we got into a habit of picking up tourist women. Getting pretty women in bed there was so easy as to lose the feeling of challenge. What we worked at doing was for us, together, to pick up pairs of married women who were visiting Miami Beach together.”

“At the peak, for about five years, we were in Miami from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon about once a month. Our intent was to land two different pairs of women over our weekend in his hotel. And, more often than not we did just that. Interestingly, for most of the women, having sex in the same hotel room as their friend was a much bigger leap than sex with a stranger while on vacation.”

Judy elbowed him and said “Sometimes men in the swinger community can be such louts.”

Martin repeated that he no longer does those things.

Tina asked “So, what kind of women would you approach?”

“Most of the pairs we picked up were just friends. They were neighbors, or their husbands were coworkers, or their kids were part of some group together. We also did a fair number of women who were family since family groups often vacation together. We did sisters, sister-in-laws, cousins and the like. Twice one of us had a mother in one bed while the other had her grown daughter in the other. A good many women were in town for a girl’s weekend, but perhaps close to half of all the women we bedded were in Miami with husbands and children. You’d be surprised how many men just ditch their wives to go off golfing or deep sea fishing virtually the whole time they are in town.”

“As a rule, the women we looked for were housewives whose entire identity had become little more than that of the wife of their husband and the mother of their children. In most cases, especially if they had young children, the felt lonely and isolated in their suburban purgatory. Many times they only were on vacation with another woman because she was the equally lonely wife of one of her husband’s friends or coworkers. Those women were sure their husband no longer saw them as sexually desirable; instead they felt they were just domestic staff. Rafael and I knew those women desperately wanted to be desired again. All we had to do is to let them feel sexy and wanted, then give them the opportunity to act on their long buried erotic longings.”

“To be clear, housewives like that and their families did not stay at Rafael’s hotel; they stayed at one of the nearby family friendly properties. The two hotels at which he and I hunted that kind of woman were all-inclusive resorts that had full children's programs that were designed to allow the moms to entertain the kids so that the mothers could sun, shop or just get some sleep. By the simple expedient of working out a quid pro quo with the resort’s senior management, we had access to their family friendly facilities in exchange for access to Rafael’s adult oriented property.”

Bonnie was incredulous as to how much planning and effort Martin and his friend had put into seeking out married women to screw, especially given the easy access to willing women at his own hotel. She could not help but reassess her own experience with Rafael in light of this. Yet what she said was “We have been to that kind of place a couple of times when the kids were small. The children’s activities were a huge part of why we went there. And…I can see why you went there too. The kind of woman you describe is all too common.”

Mandy’s take was surprisingly harsh. “But weren’t you afraid you might have ruined women’s marriages and lives? Or did you forget they existed once you were finished?”

“Like I said, I would not be so callous today. I would not deliberately look for vanilla married women to pick up while their husbands were not there. In fact I don’t think I’ve tried to pick up any a woman from a public place in years, probably decades. But it would be unfair to say that I treated those women as disposable. Though I really do believe every woman has something special, I won’t pretend that I can recall every woman I’ve had sex with over the years; but of those women who I have made an effort to get into my bed, there was most certainly something memorable that drew me to her. If one of those married women walked up to me today, odds are I could greet them by name. Unless her appearance had changed significantly, I not only would likely know her name, I would be able to recall what made her so special that I sought her out and likely could tell them something of our time together.”

All three younger women challenged that statement.

He just turned to Judy “You have known me a long time, have we ever run into a woman I’ve been with that I could not greet by name and bring up something about when we were together.”

She shook her head. “No you have not. For the first year or two it surprised me when at a party or event you would introduce me to a woman by name that you had not seen in years; but now I just expect if a woman’s face shows recognition, you remember more than just her name. I don’t know how many women have told me how special he made them feel when he recalled a night or weekend he’d spent with them long before I met him. At least the women I’ve met have all looked back at their time with Martin fondly; though Mandy’s concern is valid.”

Bonnie’s mind was racing. ‘Was my time with Rafeal last summer just like that?’ Part of her tried to be offended that the man had been doing that with married women for decades; however, at the time she knew full well that he was a rake at the time and that was a large part of the excitement for her. And hadn’t she not only enjoyed her time with Rafael, but hadn’t she found it uplifting? Perhaps he was right to claim he had not mistreated these women?

Martin cut into her thoughts “Bonnie, you seem to have indicated that you had once lost yourself to the life of wife and mother, but now are in the process of reclaiming who you once were. Did Rafael play a part in that transformation?”

Bonnie knew, at least in her case, Martin’s assessment was right. She had not been misused by Rafael. “Yes” she answered “I see what you are saying and I can understand how those women felt and yes, my time with Rafael was part of my process of finding myself again…as will this trip I suspect.”

Martin smiled “I suspect you are right. So would you agree that almost all such women if given the opportunity to feel alive, even for a few hours, would jump at the chance if they felt sure they would not get caught?”

Bonnie could not help but agree to that too, after which Martin continued “Those women who feel crushed are far more obvious than they realize. If the husbands were nowhere to be seen, that inevitably meant they had gone off leaving their wives for the day. It simply took the right words to make them feel alive and sexy, and both Rafael and I were quite good at finding the right words. After that it was easy. If we could get them to agree to let us buy them lunch at a nearby restaurant, we didn’t even have to work to get them to our hotel room. As often as not they would be making hints at sex as soon as we got our table.”

“Nearly all the women made a big point to say they had never cheated on their husbands before. We learned in time that the moral transgression of sex outside of marriage was part of the thrill, and perhaps feeling like they were getting back at their neglectful husband. But what many women told us afterward having sex with a stranger wasn’t the earth shattering event they thought it would be. It seems it was more a relief to actually do what they’d wanted to do for years than anything else. What they did find unexpected and a fundamental challenge to their moral viewpoint was how much they enjoyed having sex in the same room with their friend or family member. The other thing that shattered their preconceptions was that a two hour sexual event was not just something in romance novels. Inevitably when they thought the encounter was done and it was time to get dressed; it was actually just a break before we started again. Even at that point most women had never in their life had a sexual encounter that had lasted so long. When we let them know that was just round one it was hard for them to grasp the concept. Only when we called room service for something light to eat and drink did they understand there would be a round two that was nearly always longer than round one. One good thing was that it did not matter if we went on well past when their husbands were due back from their activity. Because the two women were together the excuse they were out window shopping was always believable. After all, what middle class husband would think his wife and her friend or family member was off screwing men they just met?”

There was general agreement that they understood what he was saying. No one even hinted that they didn’t believe that he and Rafael could be the pied piper and bring pairs of women to their bed at will.

Heather spoke up “OK, you said you can name the women and recall what caused you to purse them. So do it. Tell us about one woman or one pair of women rather.”

Martin smiled. Bonnie suspected this was where he was going and Heather just helped him make his point.

“I’ll tell you about Yvette. I can’t tell you the exact year, but remember I had flown in from somewhere in the Midwest. I’d gone down to the large family friendly resort hotel a few blocks from Rafael’s place. After an hour of watching I picked out two women keeping herd on three school aged kids while they played in the water. The women’s pinkish skin let me know they were tourists who had been in town a day or two. Though I saw a couple of other possible candidates, I kept coming back to the same pair of thirty-something’s, a taller sandy blond and a shorter rounder brunette. They clearly loved their kids, but so looked like they needed a break. I was particularly drawn to the curvy brunette. She was no supermodel but even in a dowdy one piece swimsuit, she had a latent sexuality that I couldn’t miss. When two men, evidently their husbands, showed up I could see that they clearly didn’t see the sexy dynamo wrapped in a Wal-Mart swimsuit. They didn’t even see the conscious mother; in fact is seemed they hardly saw the women or their kids. Their interest was in the other women around the pool in bikinis. Looks exchanged between the women told me I had found what I was looking for.”

“The two women would be a targets but not for that night but for the next day when surely, their husbands would leave them by themselves while they went out and to golf or went fishing or something of that nature. That night, we didn’t even have to try to look for company, two English birds all but dragged us to their room. To be honest I don’t recall their names because, well I was just dragged along for the ride. It wasn’t something I initiated.”

“By nine in the morning I was back at the family resort. I hung back until I saw the brunette come out with towels to reserve a couple of lounge chairs. As soon as she was out of sight I moved in and took two chairs beside the ones she’d claimed. Thus by 10:15 I found myself reading beside the brunette as she prepped her two kids for the sun.”

Again Bonnie found it remarkable how much effort Martin had put into this and yet he just passed over the part of having sex with a pair of English women who had pursued him.

“Once the kids were gone, I didn’t take long to strike up a conversation with Yvette (the brunette). Right off I knew I’d found the right woman, she and I hit it off right away. She had been an art major in college, who found that she simply couldn't make a living. Well, as an architect, we shared a lot of the same training. According to script, once we saw we had the women’s interest, Rafael reminded me that we had lunch reservations at a well known restaurant not far from the resort. Seemingly in the spur of the moment, I thought to ask the women if we could buy them lunch. I pointed out that four could sit at our reserved table as well as two and told them we would call them potential clients so that we could charge the meal to our companies.”

“We knew that the lunch invitation would be the only real decision to be made before we were in bed. If they said yes to lunch everything else would happen without any effort. Sometimes it took women like this a little time to consider, but inevitably the two women would take turns convincing the other that it was a good idea to have lunch with two men they just met. In this case they initially said no, but we gave them some time before we made to leave and repeated the invitation. With a clear sense of excitement, they agreed. We arranged to meet them just down from the resort once we had changed back into street clothes.”

“As we had expected, when the two women arrived they were dressed not as mothers, but as sexy women seeking to impress. Initially they both continued to be pretend this was just a simple lunch. The thrill of flirting and being desired worked better at prepping them than had we tried to get them drunk. Belinda (the tall willowy dirty blond) started dropping hints and sexual double entendres within minutes of getting our table; however, it was Yvette’s eyes that said this would lead to sex even while she studiously avoided her friend’s hints. When over lunch Belinda told us how she’d had a fling with a man from her work not long before she got married, but had not been with anyone but her husband in ten years; Yvette seemed to have decided it was time to step out. She boldly said that while getting ready she and Belinda had talked and agreed that since their husbands thought the family vacation me time; they would take some me time too. I knew where she was going, but she had left plenty of room to say she did not mean what she was implying. Rafael’s charm had been in full gear for some time and one compliment from him brought Belinda to say outright that they were nervous about it, but they both were ready and that no matter what they really did, their husbands would never know what they had been doing all afternoon.”

“Without actually saying we were going to our room to have sex, we headed to Rafael’s hotel. They were excited since they had heard that the hotel just down the street let women wear the tiniest thongs and no top and many of the men wore the kind of swimsuits that showed off all their goods. Sure enough, given the fact is was a Saturday afternoon there were plenty of bare breasts and men in skin tight bikini type bottoms that simply shaped and accentuated their meat. As if on cue a very nice looking couple walked by us with matching semi-opaque string bottoms. The women’s eyes popped at the barely concealed half-erection on the man. It only took Rafael to say we had some women’s bottoms that had been left in our room and asked if they wanted to at least try them on to get the four of us to the elevator.”

“Stepping into our room, they hesitated when they realized we would be using two beds in the same room; but that only lasted for a brief moment. One shared look and they were both giggling and any hesitancy was gone. After almost three hours, we found ourselves in the shower together. Before they left Yvette, took the bull by the horns and asked if early in the morning they could come over under pretense of taking a walk on the beach. We agreed.”

Tina complained about the lack of details. “That wasn’t a sex story, it was a travel log. Judy told us all about the sex in her stories and you didn’t even tell us the first thing.”

The lack of details was telling for Bonnie though. The entire episode was one of hunter and prey. That was how Martin best remembers it and it says something about the way the man sees both women and sex. That would also explain why the he had little interest in the two English women who picked them up. The sex is a byproduct, but to Mr. LeMarco the real goal is conquest. She would have to keep that in mind when dealing with him.

Martin seemed a little put out by Tina’s criticism but agreed to tell about the sex again and to put more attention on his descriptions. “Well….perhaps Tina is right. The point was to show you all that I remember each and every time. So here goes. Since these were housewives, not the jetsetter’s that we had been with the night before; we took it slow. We undressed them with soft kisses and caresses. It seemed to both surprise and please them that we went right to going down on them. I was with Yvette. She had very small inner vaginal lips and a small clitoris but it proved to be very very sensitive. When she had a powerful orgasm I looked up to know if she wanted to go on, she just stared up at the ceiling and said ‘more, more…keep going.” She seemed never to tire of getting oral sex. Later she told me she said her husband had never once gone go down on her. Eventually my mouth and tongue gave out and I asked for a break. She just laughed and motioned for me to mount her.”

“I knew that in the other bed, Rafael and Belinda had been fucking for a good while. Yvette had been watching them as I ate her out, but just about the time I mounted her, Belinda went down on Rafael. There was no way she was new to oral sex, she knew what she was doing and worked him over like a pro…a hungry pro.”

“We went on until After we had had filled the first condoms, like I said we ordered room service and sat around talking. The women clearly loved laying around nude with us and neither of them made any effort to cover up. In round two, Yvette showed she too was not new to giving head. Predictably the sex was less frantic the second time and more sensual. Yvette seemed to soak up all the soft touches and caresses like a dry sponge. At one point she had tears in her eyes. When I asked her why, she said it had been so very long since she’d been touched like that.”

“We had to push them out of the door with the promise that we would be up and ready for them at 7:00AM. As promised they were back at dawn, but since time for ‘their beach walk’ was limited they had to watch the clock, so they were out of their beach dresses in a flash. Together they jumped on the same bed rather than one in each. They let us know they wanted to have a foursome this time. What were we to do? They also let us know they wanted to switch up and so I started on Belinda. We had a full on foursome, including the women feeling free to touch each other. The pace was fast and heavy, knowing we were short for time. In a half an hour Yvette let us know they needed to leave in fifteen minutes. In that time all four of us had an orgasm before quick showers.”

“On the way out Belinda asked if they could come by at quarter to ten to try wearing just one of our g-string bottoms at the pool. Yvette added that they had already told their husbands they were going out for one last shopping trip before they checked out of the hotel and headed home. They were actually early and did go to the pool wearing only the tiny bottoms. Again they were giddy. Belinda wanted to go up for a quickie before going, but Yvette let her know they simply didn’t have time.”

Martin looked to Tina. “Was that enough detail?”

Tina gave a face and said it was minimally adequate.

Heather added “Oh my mother could so use an experience like that. She doesn’t know it, but she needs it.”

That got some laughs.

Judy brought the evening to an end when she said “He has not done anything like that since he’s been with me. He has no idea how much later pain he might have caused by his treating women like conquests.”

“Like I said, I wouldn’t do that today, but I won’t pretend I regret what I did. I don’t think we did anything but liven up the lives of some very nice women.”

Bonnie felt compelled to challenge Mr. LeMarco’s flippant answer. “I’m sure you would like to believe that; but it is likely the long term impact on their lives was as varied as the women. For many I’m sure you are right and it left nothing but a pleasant memory they keep locked away in their hearts. For some however, I have no doubt guilt still follows them to this day. And then there would certainly be those who, perhaps good percentage, who you showed for the first time what life could be like if they wanted and so for them you changed their lives forever.”

At every turn through the night Cooper had expected someone to strip down and start humping, but it never happened. After an hour or so Judy declared it was time to go to bed. She took Martin by the hand and led him to the aft stateroom. Cooper and Bonnie were intrigued how quickly the main cabin was turned from a dining room back into the saloon. Brian LeMarco said the guests could work out their own sleeping arrangements before he went back up on deck, and Mandy retired to the fore state room.

The four people left in the saloon looked around at one another. The obvious question was what is next? Did the LeMarco’s want them just to go to sleep?

“I hope you don’t mind too much if I take the cabin nearest the head” Tina said as she looked into one of the tiny rooms. Leaving the curtain pulled and tied back, she opened her case and began to load its contents into a drawer built into the bulkhead. The others started the same process. Looking across the companionway, Cooper couldn’t help but notice Tina unloaded several sex toys. Although tonight was a bust, he reasoned that other nights wouldn’t be.

Without bothering to untie the curtain pullbacks, Tina slipped her bikini bottoms off and flopped on the bed in her tee shirt. Cooper thought he might as well act natural and began pulling off his shirt without closing the curtain to the nook he and Bonnie would share. He was saved having to reveal his erection when Heather flipped off the lighting in the saloon and guest quarters, leaving only a row of small orange marker lights to illuminate the room. He quickly stripped off his clothes and crawled under the covers.

The door at the top of the short stairway opened spilling a dim light down the passageway. Ramón skillfully negotiated the steep stairs. Without a word he turned and entered the aft stateroom, leaving the louvered door half-way open behind him. From the dark room at the other end of the boat, Cooper could hear the sounds of voices. No one in the guest accommodations moved or spoke, evidently all were trying to hear what was being said. After a few minutes the distinct sound of kissing began to emanate from the doorway. By now Cooper’s eyes had adjusted to the dark. He could see how Heather looked down to Tina and they exchanged knowing grins.

Cooper felt Bonnie press her bare bottom to his erection, he knew what she wanted. As quietly as possible he slid his member into her from the rear. The sex noise from the aft grew louder. Cooper barely moved his penis at all as the distinct slapping sounds of hard fucking filled the room. Then Judy’s voice cried out, “Yea that’s right Ramón! Yea like that, but harder! Harder!” Cooper’s orgasm slipped out, too fast and weak.

He fell to sleep still cuddled up to his beautiful wife.

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21 feb. 2023

I am also looking for the missing chapter 8 as I wrote the following comment for chapter 8. "This chapter proves that sex is indeed a spectator sport. It is one thing to watch porn on the internet and a totally different experience to enjoy people having sex before your very eyes. Porn made by men for men makes the male viewer a participant in the act. The male talent is just a substituted dick for the male viewer. Female adult filmmakers never let the female talent look into the camera as in male porn. They wouldn’t let the man cum on the woman’s face – the money shot. In this chapter Cooper is the main voyeur watching Bonny flirting…


20 feb. 2023

This is another hot chapter, now on the schooner. As with many of the other chapters, the sex was more related from the different people than actual sex. This is to set up each character background and sexual preferences. Of course, this also opened the doors for others to enter intimate relationships. We all have stories about our sexual pasts but with no one to share it with. Well done.


I love this story can’t wait to read all of them


23 juni 2021

San Dinero? I did an internet search and found a connection to St. Jude, the patron of lost causes, and a statue of Jude standing on top of a mound of coins. It seems to be ironic here.


San Dinero.... St. Money. It says something about Martin LeMarco's values that he deifies money.

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