In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 8

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter Eight

A Spectator Sport

When Bonnie awoke the boat was filled with light and from the motion she could tell they were no longer under sail. The yacht now moved in a corkscrew motion rather than the generally fore and aft movement of being under sail. She also noticed Cooper was no longer in the bunk beside her.

The tingling in her crotch reminded her of what she'd been dreaming. Sadly she couldn't quite remember what it was, but she was sure it was about sex. Slowly she thought through the events from yesterday, and soon she was looking forward to the prospects the new day brought.

She sat up in bed. She could hear movement on deck. Tina was still asleep in the her bunk, but Heather was gone. Though the crispness of the night had gone from the air, it still was not very warm in the cabin. She crawled from the bed and considered the same question Cooper had the night before: what dress would be appropriate? Still nude from the waist down, she slid out of the bunk and stood up. She pulled the sweat shirt she had donned last night over her head. She actually hoped someone would catch her, but it was too cool for her to delay and stay naked for long, so she, with some disappointment pulled on shorts and a tee-shirt.

She thought to herself “If sex was the point of this trip, then I feel deprived. I have been on board nearly a whole day, and I have not had one orgasm.” As she brushed out her hair she even felt a little mad, “how dare I be denied so?” It was then she noticed that Tina’s eyes were no longer closed. They made eye contact, smiled but neither said a word. Bonnie’s mood changed as she thought about the meaning of that smile.

When her head emerged from the companionway up onto the deck, the glare off the water momentarily blinded her. The sun was low, but very bright. The sails were furled and the boat lay at anchor. Perhaps a quarter mile away lay an island with a pristine white beach. No condos, no hotels, nothing that revealed that this island had been visited by man. The island was not jungle as she was expecting, but more like Florida with palms and scrubby trees.

On a table in the center of the cockpit were coffee, juice and bagels. Everyone but Heather was engaged in conversation. Martin LeMarco was explaining that about six miles up the coast was a very nice resort where they would have dinner, but they had anchored at this beach for a reason. “The river over there, the Rio Gordo has, as I have been told, a waterfall and a diving cliff about an hour hike inland. I thought we could make an expedition to find it.”

There was, of course, no debate. Whatever Mr. LeMarco wanted to do was exactly what the group would do. By 10:00 AM all eight people had been ferried to shore on the dinghy and started up the riverbank. Nearly immediately after entering the woods the sea breeze ended. The party felt the temperature rise. Cooper was entranced by all the things around him. It seemed there was life everywhere. Although they walked along a path that followed the river, Brian had to cut their way through brush with a machete rather often. As the terrain on either side of them rose they found themselves in a narrow ravine. The trees leaning in from the higher ground formed a canopy above them.

The air was very humid and somewhat oppressive. Mandy was the first to peel off her shirt revealing an emerald green bikini-top. It seemed a logical enough move so Cooper followed suit as did Bonnie. Ahead of him, he saw Martin and Judy LeMarco remove their shirts. From behind, he could see that Judy had worn nothing under her tee-shirt.

Judy, Cooper guessed, was in her mid to late forties. She was clearly “curvier” than is popular with the media, not over weight, but she did have hips. Her figure, auburn hair and freckles reminded him of Princess Fergie. As they walked, bit by bit, he was able to observe the beautiful roundness of her breasts. He concluded they were “helped” by a plastic surgeon. Not in the over the top unreal way that strippers do, but just enough to make her figure look balanced.

Of course the LeMarco’s were at the head of the line. It was a little strange to be hiking with the boss, with his wife topless. Cooper took pains not to be seem to be looking at the boss’s wife; but the thought occurred to him, “What if not looking offends her?” and his mind drifted back to his fear of offending his boss (or boss’s wife). Cooper looked back to those behind him to find that Tina and Heather had also removed their shirts. It seemed that only Bonnie and Mandy had worn a bikini top underneath.

As the sweat glistened on Tina’s bare athletic torso and firm breasts, Cooper seemed to be observing a woman he’d never seen before. The Tina he saw was not the tall rather plain, but pleasant looking secretary with whom he was so familiar; but a woman of power and purpose. On her 5’10” frame, the muscles were strong and well defined, her arms in legs moved in a fluid motion over the uneven stony ground. Her breasts, though by no means small, seemed almost an extension of her musculature in their firmness. Cooper returning his gaze to the trail ahead spoke to Bonnie in a low voice “Have you looked behind?”

“Yea, sexy. She reminds me of Xenia.”

“I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before” he said.

Bonnie looked over at her husband. She knew full well what he wanted her to do, and she decided it was a good idea. She removed her bikini top and stuffed in the small pack Ramón had given her husband.

“I don’t suppose we will see anyone on the trail” Bonnie yelled up to Martin.

“Not likely” He responded. “And, anyone from the resort who hikes this far will be adventurous enough not to mind a bunch of bare breasted women.”

Heather, with a note of exasperation said “I guess I can’t be the odd duck.” and removed her green bikini top. Now all five women marched through the jungle, their unsupported breasts swaying as they went.

After an hour, the expedition members found themselves at a pond hemmed in by the trees. The sun, nearly at its full height, shown down through the opening in the leafy canopy to brightly illuminate the still water. At the far side of the pond, a small waterfall of perhaps ten or fifteen feet cut through a rocky outcropping to splash into the pool. They cut off the main trail and climbed a steep rise to find an expanse of bare stone at least fifty feet wide and ten feet deep, divided by the path of the stream. Standing on the stone was like being on a balcony overlooking the pond. The sun shining nearly directly down through the opening in the trees left the rocks, like the pond, brightly lit, while the surrounding forest remained in shadow.

Most of the group was relieved to stop hiking and sat in the warm sun. Only Tina and Ramón seemed unfazed by the hike and did not sit.

Judy overflowed with praise for the beauty of this spot and began to talk about its "obvious" spiritual power. She climbed to the top of a large bolder and when she tossed her shorts, bikini bottoms and shoes down to Ramón to put in the pack, Cooper was not surprised. She stood arms stretched to the sky like some ancient priestess. When her husband pointed his Nikon at her the spiritual rapture gave way to showmanship as the shutter clicked. She pranced and strutted her naked body for the camera with abandon. Within minutes the two of them had gone out of sight looking for “the perfect” shooting local.

No sooner had his father and step-mother left than Brian suggested the rest go look for the passage to the large water fall and diving cliff that he was sure was not very far. Bonnie and Heather said they were too tired to go on just yet, so the younger LeMarco’s, Tina and Ramón headed off.

Bonnie and Heather stretched out on the warm rock to relax and get some sun. Cooper, who had been asked to stay with them, clambered about on the boulders. He noticed, interestingly enough, that although the ladies were not ten feet from the main path, the slope and vegetation made them invisible to anyone approaching from that direction and completely invisible from the water’s edge as well. The large boulders that stood in the water, he decided, might provide access directly from the pool to the ledge. He figured anyone standing on those rocks would have a clear view of his wife and Heather relaxing topless.

He took off his shoes, and waded in to the water to climb on the first rock. To his thrill, he saw from that vantage point, both his wife and the teenage girl had both removed their remaining clothing to use as pillows as they lay out.

Later he would deny it, but Cooper was transfixed not by his wife, but by Heather. She was simply unbelievably beautiful. Her skin from head to toe, was an unblemished pallet of golden tan, only broken by the lighter shade shaped like a bikini on her nude form. Her sandy blond hair spilled around her head like a halo. He moved from rock to rock getting ever closer to them, yet they were clearly not aware he was there. He saw Heather’s tan line made a frame for her labia which was smooth with slightly pink lips protruding. The lightened area on her chest accentuated her breasts, each topped with small pink nipples. What made it all the more powerful was her angelic face. When he pulled himself up from the last rock to the ledge, the women (or rather woman and girl) did not seem to react at all. When he said they both looked beautiful Heather replied with a kindly “Thank you.”

Bonnie knew her husband would certainly have become instantly rigid at the sight. But to be fair, Heather's beautiful form laying next to her had just heightened the sexual need that had been driving her crazy all day. She thought for a while then decided she was going to be denied no longer. “Heather, would you be too grossed out if my husband and I make love next to you?”

Cooper couldn’t believe what his wife had just said.

It took a moment for Heather to answer. “Do you want me to just watch or join in?” the girl asked.

“Not that I don’t want you to join us, and you watching us would be fun. But, that isn't what I meant. I just wanted to know if you minded if we old people took advantage of this amazingly romantic place. As you know we couldn’t escape the sounds coming from the cabin last night.”

“Don’t I know it? But, go ahead. Don’t worry about me, it’s impossible to offend me with sex. And since you don't mind I will watch.” Heather said.

Bonnie beckoned with a voice that was both pleading and commanding, "Cooper, come over here”

He took the few paces toward her. She reached up and tugged at the waistband of his shorts. Knowing it would be difficult for her to remove from where she was, he pushed them to his feet and kicked them free. As she expected, his penis was at full attention.

“Sit here” she commanded him to sit at her left shoulder. “Play with my top” she continued as she began to stimulate her clitoris.

The effect of Cooper’s hands on her breasts and her own hands in her crotch were instant. It was such an overwhelming relief to feel the pleasure she had been aching for all day. She knew her first orgasm would come much too quickly to be very powerful, but there would be several. She’d have to be chained up to prevent it. She looked over to the girl to her right. The fact she was only something like two years older than their daughter didn’t bother Bonnie in the least. She was indeed the most beautiful young woman Bonnie had ever seen in person and in the nude. They made eye contact and after a few moments hesitation Heather’s hand slowly moved to her own crotch.

In an embarrassed voice she said “I’ve never done this.”

“Done what?” Bonnie inquired.

“Played with myself in front of someone. I’ve fucked a lot, but ….””

“You don’t have to.”

“I want to. Believe me I want to. I can’t believe how much I want to.”

“Thanks” Bonnie said and they slipped into silence as they watched one another. Her first orgasm crested, but Bonnie didn’t even slow down.

“That’s one” she said expelling the breath from the last contraction.

“You already came?” Heather said with a bit of surprise.

“Oh, yea” Bonnie replied matter-of-factly.

“How do you do that so fast? It takes me nearly half an hour.”

“Practice. I’ve had lots and lots of practice.”


Cooper, not quite laying down as he caressed his wife, began to hear voices at a distance.

“Guess the others are coming back” Cooper said, but he was sure neither woman was listening to him until Heather asked “How long do you guess it will take Judy to join us in doing this?”

“About 2 seconds” Cooper answered.

Soon Cooper began to realize the voices were not stopping to join them, but continued on the path, down to the pond below. They were not the voices of their friends, they were younger and louder voices. Cooper, from where he sat beside Bonnie, could see down to the edge of the pond, but unless someone was looking right at him, the rocks and brush hid his face. Bonny and Heather, he knew, were completely invisible from the pond's edge as they lay on their backs.

Emerging from the dense rain forest to the water’s edge, a group of kids, teenagers rather, appeared from the shadows. They must have come from the resort he reasoned. As Cooper looked he thought the oldest boy might be as old as eighteen, but the youngest girl looked like the girls Lamar went to school with, that would make then perhaps fourteen or fifteen; but it was hard for him to tell with any accuracy. With the boldness and enthusiasm of youth they bounded from the water’s edge into the water. There were seven of them, three girls and four boys. They were dressed in beach wear, like most groups of teenagers they all showed their individuality by dressing alike.

All three girls had loose shorts and a bikini top. Two of the girls, both sandy blonds with long straight hair were surely sisters. They had slim hips and bust, and the triangles that made up the top of their outfits completely covered their youthful A or B cup busts. The third girl, who had a darker complexion and wavy brown hair seemed younger in the face, but her body was more developed than either of the sisters. In fact she was showing cleavage a grown woman would envy.