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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 8

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter Eight

A Spectator Sport

When Bonnie awoke the boat was filled with light and from the motion she could tell they were no longer under sail. The yacht now moved in a corkscrew motion rather than the generally fore and aft movement of being under sail. She also noticed Cooper was no longer in the bunk beside her.

The tingling in her crotch reminded her of what she'd been dreaming. Sadly she couldn't quite remember what it was, but she was sure it was about sex. Slowly she thought through the events from yesterday, and soon she was looking forward to the prospects the new day brought.

She sat up in bed. She could hear movement on deck. Tina was still asleep in the her bunk, but Heather was gone. Though the crispness of the night had gone from the air, it still was not very warm in the cabin. She crawled from the bed and considered the same question Cooper had the night before: what dress would be appropriate? Still nude from the waist down, she slid out of the bunk and stood up. She pulled the sweat shirt she had donned last night over her head. She actually hoped someone would catch her, but it was too cool for her to delay and stay naked for long, so she, with some disappointment pulled on shorts and a tee-shirt.

She thought to herself “If sex was the point of this trip, then I feel deprived. I have been on board nearly a whole day, and I have not had one orgasm.” As she brushed out her hair she even felt a little mad, “how dare I be denied so?” It was then she noticed that Tina’s eyes were no longer closed. They made eye contact, smiled but neither said a word. Bonnie’s mood changed as she thought about the meaning of that smile.

When her head emerged from the companionway up onto the deck, the glare off the water momentarily blinded her. The sun was low, but very bright. The sails were furled and the boat lay at anchor. Perhaps a quarter mile away lay an island with a pristine white beach. No condos, no hotels, nothing that revealed that this island had been visited by man. The island was not jungle as she was expecting, but more like Florida with palms and scrubby trees.

On a table in the center of the cockpit were coffee, juice and bagels. Everyone but Heather was engaged in conversation. Martin LeMarco was explaining that about six miles up the coast was a very nice resort where they would have dinner, but they had anchored at this beach for a reason. “The river over there, the Rio Gordo has, as I have been told, a waterfall and a diving cliff about an hour hike inland. I thought we could make an expedition to find it.”

There was, of course, no debate. Whatever Mr. LeMarco wanted to do was exactly what the group would do. By 10:00 AM all eight people had been ferried to shore on the dinghy and started up the riverbank. Nearly immediately after entering the woods the sea breeze ended. The party felt the temperature rise. Cooper was entranced by all the things around him. It seemed there was life everywhere. Although they walked along a path that followed the river, Brian had to cut their way through brush with a machete rather often. As the terrain on either side of them rose they found themselves in a narrow ravine. The trees leaning in from the higher ground formed a canopy above them.

The air was very humid and somewhat oppressive. Mandy was the first to peel off her shirt revealing an emerald green bikini-top. It seemed a logical enough move so Cooper followed suit as did Bonnie. Ahead of him, he saw Martin and Judy LeMarco remove their shirts. From behind, he could see that Judy had worn nothing under her tee-shirt.

Judy, Cooper guessed, was in her mid to late forties. She was clearly “curvier” than is popular with the media, not over weight, but she did have hips. Her figure, auburn hair and freckles reminded him of Princess Fergie. As they walked, bit by bit, he was able to observe the beautiful roundness of her breasts. He concluded they were “helped” by a plastic surgeon. Not in the over the top unreal way that strippers do, but just enough to make her figure look balanced.

Of course the LeMarco’s were at the head of the line. It was a little strange to be hiking with the boss, with his wife topless. Cooper took pains not to be seem to be looking at the boss’s wife; but the thought occurred to him, “What if not looking offends her?” and his mind drifted back to his fear of offending his boss (or boss’s wife). Cooper looked back to those behind him to find that Tina and Heather had also removed their shirts. It seemed that only Bonnie and Mandy had worn a bikini top underneath.

As the sweat glistened on Tina’s bare athletic torso and firm breasts, Cooper seemed to be observing a woman he’d never seen before. The Tina he saw was not the tall rather plain, but pleasant looking secretary with whom he was so familiar; but a woman of power and purpose. On her 5’10” frame, the muscles were strong and well defined, her arms in legs moved in a fluid motion over the uneven stony ground. Her breasts, though by no means small, seemed almost an extension of her musculature in their firmness. Cooper returning his gaze to the trail ahead spoke to Bonnie in a low voice “Have you looked behind?”

“Yea, sexy. She reminds me of Xenia.”

“I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before” he said.

Bonnie looked over at her husband. She knew full well what he wanted her to do, and she decided it was a good idea. She removed her bikini top and stuffed in the small pack Ramón had given her husband.

“I don’t suppose we will see anyone on the trail” Bonnie yelled up to Martin.

“Not likely” He responded. “And, anyone from the resort who hikes this far will be adventurous enough not to mind a bunch of bare breasted women.”

Heather, with a note of exasperation said “I guess I can’t be the odd duck.” and removed her green bikini top. Now all five women marched through the jungle, their unsupported breasts swaying as they went.

After an hour, the expedition members found themselves at a pond hemmed in by the trees. The sun, nearly at its full height, shown down through the opening in the leafy canopy to brightly illuminate the still water. At the far side of the pond, a small waterfall of perhaps ten or fifteen feet cut through a rocky outcropping to splash into the pool. They cut off the main trail and climbed a steep rise to find an expanse of bare stone at least fifty feet wide and ten feet deep, divided by the path of the stream. Standing on the stone was like being on a balcony overlooking the pond. The sun shining nearly directly down through the opening in the trees left the rocks, like the pond, brightly lit, while the surrounding forest remained in shadow.

Most of the group was relieved to stop hiking and sat in the warm sun. Only Tina and Ramón seemed unfazed by the hike and did not sit.

Judy overflowed with praise for the beauty of this spot and began to talk about its "obvious" spiritual power. She climbed to the top of a large bolder and when she tossed her shorts, bikini bottoms and shoes down to Ramón to put in the pack, Cooper was not surprised. She stood arms stretched to the sky like some ancient priestess. When her husband pointed his Nikon at her the spiritual rapture gave way to showmanship as the shutter clicked. She pranced and strutted her naked body for the camera with abandon. Within minutes the two of them had gone out of sight looking for “the perfect” shooting local.

No sooner had his father and step-mother left than Brian suggested the rest go look for the passage to the large water fall and diving cliff that he was sure was not very far. Bonnie and Heather said they were too tired to go on just yet, so the younger LeMarco’s, Tina and Ramón headed off.

Bonnie and Heather stretched out on the warm rock to relax and get some sun. Cooper, who had been asked to stay with them, clambered about on the boulders. He noticed, interestingly enough, that although the ladies were not ten feet from the main path, the slope and vegetation made them invisible to anyone approaching from that direction and completely invisible from the water’s edge as well. The large boulders that stood in the water, he decided, might provide access directly from the pool to the ledge. He figured anyone standing on those rocks would have a clear view of his wife and Heather relaxing topless.

He took off his shoes, and waded in to the water to climb on the first rock. To his thrill, he saw from that vantage point, both his wife and the teenage girl had both removed their remaining clothing to use as pillows as they lay out.

Later he would deny it, but Cooper was transfixed not by his wife, but by Heather. She was simply unbelievably beautiful. Her skin from head to toe, was an unblemished pallet of golden tan, only broken by the lighter shade shaped like a bikini on her nude form. Her sandy blond hair spilled around her head like a halo. He moved from rock to rock getting ever closer to them, yet they were clearly not aware he was there. He saw Heather’s tan line made a frame for her labia which was smooth with slightly pink lips protruding. The lightened area on her chest accentuated her breasts, each topped with small pink nipples. What made it all the more powerful was her angelic face. When he pulled himself up from the last rock to the ledge, the women (or rather woman and girl) did not seem to react at all. When he said they both looked beautiful Heather replied with a kindly “Thank you.”

Bonnie knew her husband would certainly have become instantly rigid at the sight. But to be fair, Heather's beautiful form laying next to her had just heightened the sexual need that had been driving her crazy all day. She thought for a while then decided she was going to be denied no longer. “Heather, would you be too grossed out if my husband and I make love next to you?”

Cooper couldn’t believe what his wife had just said.

It took a moment for Heather to answer. “Do you want me to just watch or join in?” the girl asked.

“Not that I don’t want you to join us, and you watching us would be fun. But, that isn't what I meant. I just wanted to know if you minded if we old people took advantage of this amazingly romantic place. As you know we couldn’t escape the sounds coming from the cabin last night.”

“Don’t I know it? But, go ahead. Don’t worry about me, it’s impossible to offend me with sex. And since you don't mind I will watch.” Heather said.

Bonnie beckoned with a voice that was both pleading and commanding, "Cooper, come over here”

He took the few paces toward her. She reached up and tugged at the waistband of his shorts. Knowing it would be difficult for her to remove from where she was, he pushed them to his feet and kicked them free. As she expected, his penis was at full attention.

“Sit here” she commanded him to sit at her left shoulder. “Play with my top” she continued as she began to stimulate her clitoris.

The effect of Cooper’s hands on her breasts and her own hands in her crotch were instant. It was such an overwhelming relief to feel the pleasure she had been aching for all day. She knew her first orgasm would come much too quickly to be very powerful, but there would be several. She’d have to be chained up to prevent it. She looked over to the girl to her right. The fact she was only something like two years older than their daughter didn’t bother Bonnie in the least. She was indeed the most beautiful young woman Bonnie had ever seen in person and in the nude. They made eye contact and after a few moments hesitation Heather’s hand slowly moved to her own crotch.

In an embarrassed voice she said “I’ve never done this.”

“Done what?” Bonnie inquired.

“Played with myself in front of someone. I’ve fucked a lot, but ….””

“You don’t have to.”

“I want to. Believe me I want to. I can’t believe how much I want to.”

“Thanks” Bonnie said and they slipped into silence as they watched one another. Her first orgasm crested, but Bonnie didn’t even slow down.

“That’s one” she said expelling the breath from the last contraction.

“You already came?” Heather said with a bit of surprise.

“Oh, yea” Bonnie replied matter-of-factly.

“How do you do that so fast? It takes me nearly half an hour.”

“Practice. I’ve had lots and lots of practice.”


Cooper, not quite laying down as he caressed his wife, began to hear voices at a distance.

“Guess the others are coming back” Cooper said, but he was sure neither woman was listening to him until Heather asked “How long do you guess it will take Judy to join us in doing this?”

“About 2 seconds” Cooper answered.

Soon Cooper began to realize the voices were not stopping to join them, but continued on the path, down to the pond below. They were not the voices of their friends, they were younger and louder voices. Cooper, from where he sat beside Bonnie, could see down to the edge of the pond, but unless someone was looking right at him, the rocks and brush hid his face. Bonny and Heather, he knew, were completely invisible from the pond's edge as they lay on their backs.

Emerging from the dense rain forest to the water’s edge, a group of kids, teenagers rather, appeared from the shadows. They must have come from the resort he reasoned. As Cooper looked he thought the oldest boy might be as old as eighteen, but the youngest girl looked like the girls Lamar went to school with, that would make then perhaps fourteen or fifteen; but it was hard for him to tell with any accuracy. With the boldness and enthusiasm of youth they bounded from the water’s edge into the water. There were seven of them, three girls and four boys. They were dressed in beach wear, like most groups of teenagers they all showed their individuality by dressing alike.

All three girls had loose shorts and a bikini top. Two of the girls, both sandy blonds with long straight hair were surely sisters. They had slim hips and bust, and the triangles that made up the top of their outfits completely covered their youthful A or B cup busts. The third girl, who had a darker complexion and wavy brown hair seemed younger in the face, but her body was more developed than either of the sisters. In fact she was showing cleavage a grown woman would envy.

The boys clearly took the most notice of the more voluptuous girl, though the older girls were prettier over all. “Typical of teenage guys” Cooper thought. All four guys seemed to be your average scrawny teens in their board shorts and tee shirts. Their fawning over the girls was truly comic. Their voices just barely carried over the water, and above the sound of the stream falling to the pond below. Not surprisingly the guys were trying to get the girls to go skinny dipping. Their mood was playful and it was clear the girls were teasing the guys unmercifully. Soon the older girls removed their shorts under which they had Brazilian-cut bottoms which drove the guys wild. The younger girl seemed to delay taking off her shorts, for when she did so, she revealed she had worn thong panties, not a bikini bottom under her shorts. At first she was clearly nervous, but the boy’s enthusiastic response to her shapely ass on display changed that.

As they cavorted, the girls, several times, facing away from the guys, lifted the cups of their tops to flash no one. Well not exactly, they unknowingly flashed Cooper several times in the process. All the while he continued to caress his wife's breasts while she and Heather masturbated.

Cooper knew at some point that even in their erotic bliss Bonnie and Heather would figure out the voices did not match that of their friends, so he quietly said, “It’s a group of teenagers”

Bonnie, was now directly fingering her clit said “It could be the Pope, I said I’m not going to stop till I’m done.” As if to make her point she rolled to her left, so that her head was in Cooper’s lap. "Give me your dick out" she whispered. He quickly complied. She continued rubbing with her left hand, but used her right to guide her husband’s organ to her lips.

Heather added “I‘d wouldn’t mind it if some high school football players were here to jack me up.”

Cooper didn’t think either of them fully understood what he told them.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but these are no football studs.” Cooper whispered.

The teens continued their games.

Cooper was in heaven, getting a blow job while a beautiful teenager jilled off not five feet away, watching Bonnie at work. Soon, if one of those kids got on the rocks, there could be a bunch of teenagers watching also.

Cooper looked down at his wife making love to his dick and thought “If those guys only knew” and “If they would be quiet they could probably hear us.”

He looked up when he heard a hoot from the guys, the youngest girl had discarded her top revealing well developed teardrop shaped breasts, starkly white in comparison to her dark tan. Seeing they had lost the guys interest the two older girls, one after another, tossed their tops aside exposing two sets of perky but much smaller young breasts. Seeing they didn’t draw the guy’s attention as planned, they dove into the water. Then the younger sister resurfaced with her bottoms in hand.

In the mottled glade with alternate deep shade and bright beams of tropical sun, she waved it to gain attention then threw the bottoms at one of the boys. That got their attention. The oldest girl was not to be out done. She pulled her bikini bottom off and walked slowly to the shore, in full view of the guys, bent over and laid her bikini down neatly. In an instant, the four boys were scrambling out of their trunks to display their youthful, but obviously virile, penises standing at attention.. As they did so the last girl followed the others by sliding her panties off. She stepped over and slapped one of the guys on the bare ass before taking to the water again.

This of course led to a sexualized version of tag. The groping progressively went from glancing, to very deliberate.

Cooper looked down briefly; Heather had inched closer to Bonnie, so that her head was on Bonnie’s shoulder. With one hand she continued to masturbate, with the other she caressed one of Bonnie’s breasts. This was simply too much for poor Cooper. He braced himself as his climax came.

Bonnie pulled him from her lips and let the stream spray across her tits with the most distant drops landing in Heather’s blond hair. Cooper slunk down and stretched out beside the two women.

With Cooper out of her way, Bonnie lay flat on her back again and Heather rolled over so as to lean against the older woman’s prone figure. The teen and his wife began to kiss softly.

After a little while, Cooper, stood fully on his knees and peeked his head over the rocks to see what was going on in the water. The younger sister was now clearly doing more than just teasing. As they continued to play in the water she was clearly grabbing and briefly stroking the boy’s hard-ons before swimming off. Her older sister didn’t seem to follow suit, but the young girl with big tits was, and the boys responded by grabbing handfuls of tit and ass.

Heather sped up her rubbing. Disregarding any concern about getting the attention of the kids, she began to moan as her masturbation reached a fevered pitch.

“Shhh!” Cooper hissed. She quieted down, but not much.

He looked up again, and the younger sister was now sitting on one of the rocks with one of the boys. They were kissing deeply and she was stroking his erection with purpose. The others were clearly unsure of what to do now.

Heather grabbed Cooper’s attention when she began groaning so loud he could not believe the kids hadn’t heard yet. He watched as her back arched in rigid contortions as she rubbed her clit with all the strength she could muster. It seemed to Cooper that her orgasm lasted several minutes before she fell back to the ground. She lay flat on her back panting.

Bonnie was rubbing herself with abandon, clearly very close.

Heather rolled over, closer to Bonnie. She reached over his wife's rapidly moving hand and pushed two of her fingers all the way into Bonnie’s very swollen lips. Bonnie moved her hands to brace herself so Heather could finger fuck her. And she did, hard and fast. A steady sound of flesh slapping flesh and of low female groaning was filling the air. Cooper could not take his eyes off of the nexus between Bonnie's bright pink, almost red, labia and Heather's small but active hand.

Bonnie commanded "Use three fingers."

Heather did so and Bonnie's hips began bucking. The teen had to move to keep up with her thrusts. The volume of Bonnie's sounds of ecstasy was growing, but Cooper didn’t even try to get her to quiet down. Heather asked Bonnie if she wanted her to eat her out. Bonnie, breathlessly said "No, keep doing just what you are doing." Heather, in response, gripped the wrist of the hand she was using so as to increase her power. The impacts were almost painful to watch, but there was no doubt this was just what his wife wanted. Cooper had seen photos of Jill with Bonnie, but seeing it up close like this was unlike anything he'd ever experienced.

He was so engrossed in watching his wife's writhing that it took some time for him to realize the sounds from the kids had stopped cold. Once he did, he raised up, again peaking over the rock through the fauna to look down to the pond. The younger sister was no longer below him, rather she was standing on the top of the big rock, The other six were in the process of joining her. From his earlier exploration, he knew from the rock the kids would have an unobstructed view of what Heather was doing to Bonnie. On the other hand, he was sure they could not see him unless they knew to look at the brush. Once the other four made it up to the perch, they intently stood transfixed by the two naked women getting it on.

Heather was now up on her knees between Bonnie’s legs virtually fisting her as she pounded in and out of her cunt with four fingers. Finally with a long series of loud groans that echoed in the glade, Bonnie’s orgasm crashed over her and her tense body shook violently then melted onto the rock.

Heather leaned down and tenderly kissed Bonnie's vaginal lips, then took her kisses up her body. They kissed softly for several minutes before the teen moved to again lay on her back, but this time she used Bonnie’s stomach as her pillow.

There was no movement for some time. The five naked teens amazingly didn’t move or say a word. Several minutes later, when Heather began to move again, this time looking for her water bottle. Bonnie rolled to her side. She saw something in the corner of her eye and sat up to see what it was. A mere thirty yards in front of her were the five naked teenagers all staring right at her as they stood on the rock. She gasped in surprise, which drew Heather’s attention from rummaging in the pack. The statuesque young woman turned to see the frozen teenagers a stone's throw away. There was no question that they'd been watching for some time. After a moment Heather burst out in laughter. Bonnie still gasped for breath as she tried to make sense of what she was seeing.

To the surprise of Cooper and Bonnie, Heather, loudly and with a perky, cheerleader kind of voice she said “Hello there.”

The girls screamed and all five made a mad rush to dive off their perch.

Cooper, Bonnie and Heather all watched the naked buns as they swam across the pond. Without slowing each kid scooped up their clothing and disappeared into the foliage. Right off Cooper knew the kids had a problem. The trail back to the resort led right back past where he, Bonnie and Heather were sitting. He wondered how they would work that out. But that thought was interrupted. No sooner had the teens disappeared from their sight, then to Cooper’s right, from behind the roots of a large mangrove, Martin LeMarco stepped out holding his camera.

“Well Cooper that was sure a visual treat” said his employer.

Cooper was startled at Mr. LeMarco’s sudden appearance. “How long have you been there?” Cooper asked uncomfortably and a little creped out by the knowledge that his boss had been spying on his wife having sex with Heather.

“Long enough. We could hear the fucking noise well down the trail.” He grinned at his own pun “Get it, the fucking noise.”

The sun was completely off of the pool and almost off their stone veranda when the others returned from looking for a second waterfall. It seems there was not another one after all. The place Bonnie, Cooper and Heather had been "relaxing" was the waterfall they'd come to find. Just to ensure they did not feel disappointed, the whole group took turns jumping from the stone ledge into the water below. Only the fear of being caught away from the boat in the dark got them moving back to the San Dinero. It had been a better day than Bonnie or Cooper had expected.


Cooper lay awake in the bunk that he and Bonnie shared. The sun had been up for quite a while, but he simply couldn’t move. He looked across the passageway and noticed neither Tina’s nor Heather’s bed had been slept in. As he thought, he realized that he already knew that no one had slept in those beds. He rubbed his wife’s smooth skin as she lay next to him still asleep.

The muscles in his legs still throbbed, he had clearly over taxed them last night. What a night.

Because it was winter, even though it was dark when they made it back aboard the San Dinero, it had still been early. They all relaxed as the captain motored the yacht half an hour around a point of land to a marina. After that the evening became a whirlwind into the evening and then late night. There was a fabulously rich seafood dinner, followed by shopping, a trip to the casino (where Mr. LeMarco lost $15,000 in forty-five minutes), to a club, to another club and early into the morning to still another club.

Cooper craned his neck around to peer into the wide open door to the fore stateroom. Quiet and still under the sheet, lay Martin and Judy along with Tina. Their clothes strewn around the room was visible evidence of the laughing, grunting and moaning that filled the boat after they had returned. Cooper had been turned on by the audio sex, but had been far too tired to do much beyond give his wife a perfunctory screw.

Once he pulled himself out of the bed he looked all the way to the back of the yacht. The door to the after cabin was also open but not so far to allow Cooper to see in. He thought he remembered Ramón and Heather going in there last night, but he wasn’t sure. He could hear what was sure to be Ramón up on deck.

After some time had elapsed, the rumble under the floor told him that the auxiliary motor had been cranked up to take them away from the marina. Cooper decided it was a good time to play sailor. He pulled a pair of trunks from his duffel bag and stepped into them as he crossed the room and then up the stairs. Opening the hatch to the deck, it was obvious that it was already past mid-morning.

Ramón was at the wheel, looking the part of a Caribbean sailor, with his tank top, cut-offs and straw hat.

“What time is it?” Cooper asked.

“10:45 local time” Ramón answered looking at his watch.

Cooper looked at the two masts of the ketch rigged yacht, he’d always dreamed of being on such a beautiful craft. He looked to the skipper and asked “Would you like a hand raising the sails?”

“Gracias yes. Have you ever sailed?” asked Ramón.

“My dad had several boats, the largest was a thirty-three footer.”

“Bueno, so you know what to do. Raise the mainsail por favor.”

Cooper found the right rope to pull. As he pulled, he tried to remember was this a halyard or was it a lanyard? Sadly he couldn't budge the mainsail. Ramón suggested he use the power winch. Cooper felt like a moron.

Once Cooper had cleated the line into place, Ramón turned the boat enough for the sail to catch the wind and cut the motor. Silence. All Cooper could hear was the creaking of the mast and stays. Quickly he jumped to the big jib, loosened it from its fastenings and with the use of a hand winch began to unfurl it. This was a rather noisy task as the Kevlar sail flapped loudly in the wind as he hauled it to. This effort kept him busy enough not to notice Heather coming on deck behind him. When he had finished the task he was startled by her presence. There she was sitting on the cabin roof just behind him, a’natural rubbing sun screen onto the small light patches left from sunning with her bikini on. Like yesterday he was captivated by her beauty. He felt ashamed by how much he enjoyed looking at her, especially since she was so close to his daughter's age. He forced himself not to even think about that, again.

“So Cooper, are you going to sell your house and buy a boat?” she asked gaily.

“Yea, like in the movie Captain Ron.”

They chatted a bit before Cooper went to the stern to raise the mizzen sail. While he was doing so, the younger LeMarco’s came on deck. Brian wore shorts and a polo shirt. He carried a laptop and satellite phone. His wife, Mandy, was dressed just like Heather, i.e. nude.

“Well time to go to work. It’s the Chicago job. The bank wants an update today and I couldn’t get them to let me do it last week. It shouldn’t take more than a half an hour.” Brian declared as he plopped down and began setting up his equipment.

“Do you need anything from me?” Cooper asked.

“No, this is just financing stuff. You’ve already pulled us out of hemorrhaging money. Now, it’s my turn to let the investors know that.”

Cooper nodded, it is always nice to hear praise. He then pretended to watch Brian set up the sat-phone, but he was really watching Mandy’s rear end as she climbed the five steps onto the cabin’s roof which chest high above the deck.

Brian didn’t look up but guessed Cooper and Ramón were staring “She’s a looker isn’t she” he paused for a moment and continued “and Ramón knows she performs as good as she looks.”

The two exceptionally attractive young ladies lay down next to one another on the roof of the cabin. They were just below head level to Cooper standing in the cockpit. Cooper was staring hard enough to see they were talking quietly to one another, but could not hear what they were saying.

Down in the cabin, the traffic was enough to wake Bonnie. Her eyes were just open long enough to see Mandy ascend the steps to the cockpit. She thought on what young Mrs. LeMarco's morning nudity might portend. She was beginning to feel very much cheated. After having to listen to the slamming and banging from both cabins, yet getting no invitation to join, she wondered if the LeMarco’s really wanted an old married woman to be on their cruise of lust. She swung her legs to the floor and sat considering whether to put on her swim suit or not. Not able to come up with an answer for that question she decided to comb her hair and put on some makeup. Nude is one thing, no makeup is quite a different matter.

In the cockpit Cooper was asking Brian about the satellite internet hook-up when Brian looked back to his wife sunning, nodded and told Ramón “Can you finish the hook up? I think my wife expects me to give her some attention before work. My meeting doesn’t start for almost forty-five minutes.”

“Si, no hay problema.” Ramón answered with a grin “If you do not keep such a woman happy you will not get work done.” Ramón continued to work on the link as Brian climbed the short latter to the cabin roof.

Emerging from the head a few minutes later, Bonnie was feeling more awake, but just as sexually pent-up. She could hear people on the roof of the cabin. She approached the companionway with trepidation and the hope she would not be rejected for her boldness by going out nude. She climbed the steps and froze once she could see the people in the stern. Ramón and Cooper stood near the wheel doing something on a laptop perched on the edge of the console. They both were fully clothed. She was mortified. Maybe she had only dreamt that Mandy had gone out without her bikini.

“Good morning” Heather’s voice called from behind and above her. Bonnie took the final step up to the deck, then turned and looked up toward the foremast. Bonnie felt a wave of relief. On the roof of the cabin, Heather, sat naked next to Brian LeMarco’s supine body which was naked from the waist. In her hand she gripped Brian’s rigid penis. Although the young Mr. LeMarco was clean cut and rather handsome, Bonnie’s attention was on Heather. Her residual sexual arousal quickly became heated desire. She drank in the sight of Heather’s young unbelievable body. “She looks like Erica Eklina did in her heyday” she thought to herself. Further back on the roof was Mandy LeMarco, also nude, "pretty, very pretty" she thought, but no comparison to Heather.

Heather gave her an inviting smile before leaning down and wrapping her lips around Brian’s member. Before she took the penis all the way in her mouth, she very obviously turned her head to look Mandy in the eye while she swallowed almost the entirety of her husband's cock. She recalled Cooper telling him that Mandy had become quite the voyeur. Watching from the cockpit it was clear Heather was putting on a show for Brian's wife. Bonnie could feel herself moistening with desire when someone in the companionway lightly tapped her thigh. Bonnie had forgotten she had not moved from standing right at the top of the steps. Bonnie turned to the side to let whoever was tapping her by. It was Judy LeMarco. She stood for a moment on the steps looking up at Bonnie, holding in her hand, oddly enough, her swim suit, but not wearing anything.

“Good Morning” Judy said in a cheerful voice stepping out of the cabin literally into Bonnie’s face. Judy, following Bonnie’s eyes looked over her shoulder to where Heather was now deep throating her step-son as his wife watched in interest.

Judy leaned forward so that her breasts just touched Bonnie’s and said in her ear, “She’s pretty isn’t she?”

“Uh hugh” Bonnie choked out.

Judy rested her free hand on Bonnie’s bare hip “Why didn’t you join us last night? We had a great time.”

“I wasn’t invited” Bonnie said trying not to show her disappointment.

“Judy’s lips now touched Bonnie’s ear as she said “We left the door open.” Then after a few thoughtful moments added “Oh, you’ve never been to a swingers event have you?

Bonnie shook her head slowly.

“I’m so sorry, it didn’t occur to me you didn’t know that an open door is an invitation. Both Martin and I wanted you to join us last night.”

Judy’s body now pressed on Bonnie. She could feel Judy, very slowly, rub across her body with her hands and breasts as she moved on past her to where the men stood. Bonnie’s legs began to go weak on her. She reached to steady herself on the cabin wall.

“Ramón” “I’d like to take a swim. How long before we stop?” Judy asked with a firm voice.

“Lo siento mucho más tarde Señoría LeMarco. No puede ser ayudado.”

Evidently Judy understood the answer and nodded moving past him to the aft. It was only then that Bonnie saw that two half-round tables had been placed in front of the two half-circle seating sections. On the table was a wonderful assortment of fresh fruit, breads and cheeses along with juice and wine. However, as of yet, no one had eaten any.

Mandy, who had been laying on the cabin roof, stood up. This was not the first time she’d seen Mandy fully unclothed, but the first time she’d really taken a good look. She noticed for she was like herself and Heather, shaved completely clean of pubic hair. She wondered if that was normal for women now. Only then did she notice that Brian was also devoid of pubes. It seems there were lots of norms among the swinger set she would have to learn.

Mandy slipped off the side of the cabin roof to the deck on the port side of the boat. She moved along the walk toward the aft till she was parallel to her husband. Though she was well under tit high to Brian’s shoulder, she pulled herself up and leaned over to kiss her husband. All the while Heather continued to work on the head of his penis. They kissed deeply and Heather pushed her mouth to his pelvis, again completely swallowing his organ. Bonnie could not help watch for several minutes. She wondered how that would feel to kiss her husband while one of the other women sucked him.

Heather continued to take long slow strokes up and down Brian's penis even as Mandy moved away from them to join the others in the stern. Bonnie did not take her eyes from Brian and Heather. Her body ached to join in. She wanted Heather, but she also wanted to be fucked. She wondered if she stood there too long, her pussy might start dripping onto the deck.

Mandy must have seen her lustful look, because she came right over to Bonnie, who was steadying herself on the ladder's hand grip. She said “Would you like to join them? Brian told me last night how much he wants to do it with you.” Laying one hand on Bonnie's buns, she gently pushed, lifting her toward the first run of the ladder that went to the cabin roof.

Without wanting to, Bonnie heard herself say “No, I shouldn’t”. What was she saying? She wanted desperately to say yes; but she had said no.

“Please, I want to see you and Heather on Brian together” the young wife countered.

Bonnie had been reprieved. She didn’t risk saying no again. She climbed the short ladder and crawled on all fours to Heather. The fellatio stopped, and without releasing Brian, Heather’s lips opened to meet Bonnie’s mouth. Bonnie lunged to meet her and with an eagerness which could not be contained, her lips met Heather’s. Their tongues met and danced and explored one another. Slowly Heather lowered their faces until the spongy head of Brian’s penis slid between the two sets of lips. They continued to kiss with this intruder getting much of the actual contact. As if by prior agreement, Heather’s lips released and Bonnie took on the cock as the next course of her sexual breakfast. Heather began to kiss Bonnie’s face and neck, and whispered “You should have told me you wanted to join us last night. I was hoping you would.” Bonnie turned her head without releasing the penis to let her eyes give a thank you to Heather.

Standing near Ramon, Cooper had a view of the entire unfolding series of events. However, with Brian laying diagonal on the deckhouse roof, head toward the stern, most of his view of Bonnie sucking his dick was blocked by the mizzen mast. As nonchalantly as he could, he moved from the cockpit platform to the starboard side, and then forward until he was between the cabin and the railing. He’d seen photos and a video of his wife giving Vic oral sex, but seeing the real thing, just a few feet away was totally different. The only word he could think of to describe it was “beautiful.” Surely he should feel some level of jealousy or anger, but he did not. Bonnie turned her head to look his way. Their eyes met and she knew he was happy to watch.

She turned back and attacked the penis with the same hunger she had kissed Heather. She wanted it all. She tasted the pre-cum oozing out. She imagined this was a large very thick shake and she sucked to pull the cum from his balls to her mouth. She felt that if she could get the cream all the way to her stomach, she could ease the sexual craving that was driving her.

But it was not to be. Before she had brought him to climax, Heather’s hips pushed her away from the penis.

Bonnie wasn’t too long denied something to make love to. After licking and kissing Heather’s ass thoroughly, she swung around and planted her own sweaty womanhood hard on Brian’s face. She got the result she wanted, in seconds she felt his tongue exploring her. For her part, she took hold of Heather’s glorious breast and began to suck like a starving baby. She put one hand down between Heather's vulva and Brian's pelvis so as to give her additional clitoral stimulation.

Heather nuzzled the side of Bonnie’s head and began whimpering “yea, just like that….keep it up…..yea….suck me……” until Bonnie felt Heather’s body quiver in orgasm.

When Heather had regained her composure, she dismounted Brian, making room for Bonnie. Taking the girl's place, Bonnie straddled Brian and she reached between her legs to guide the penis into her. The satisfying relief of feeling Brian’s penis touching her vulva, then filling her, finally helped her relax enough to start thinking about an orgasm. Before she let him fill her completely, she looked up. To her left, she had a direct view toward the stern of the boat. Although it shouldn’t have surprised her, twenty-five feet from her she had an audience. Martin & Judy LeMarco, Mandy LeMarco and Tina were calmly eating a breakfast of fresh fruit and bagels as they placidly watched Bonnie ease Brian’s dick into her. Although Ramón seemed to be watching the sails and the instrument panel, there was no way he could miss what was happening right in front of him. Looking to her right, she locked eyes with her husband who was only a few feet away. With wonder in his eyes he watched every move of her hips as they rocked back and forth as she enjoyed the sensations of Brian’s penis in her. For a moment, the presence of all those people watching took her off guard; however, it only took another moment before her arousal turned this new fact into a thrill.

They were all watching her, and enjoying it. Bonnie now felt more naked than before, more sexy than she recalled feeling in a long time. She was the entertainment and she wasn’t going to disappoint the audience or herself. She let her eyes pass from person to person. So as to give everyone a good view, she rocked back on her knees until her hands were on his thighs. She did this to make her union with Brian fully visible, especially to her husband. Bonnie looked into Cooper’s eyes as she rotated her hips on Brian's erection. She wondered what he was thinking.

Cooper could see his wife’s vulva spread wide by the organ of Brian LeMarco. Her clitoral ridge was quite visibly pushed out because her legs were spread with knees bent as she sat leaning back. From his place just out of arms reach, he watched from her front quarter and took in the image of her entire body in motion. She rolled her hips in a circle as she looked right at him. She then used her thighs to lift herself up to show him more of Brian's penis as it entered into her. She then closed her eyes and lowered herself down again till only the base of the tool was visible.

Slowly she sat back upright and began to work at getting off while riding him. She’d ridden him hundreds, thousands of times over the years as they made love, but this was totally different. Her stomach, hips, breasts and arms all worked in concert to make for a fluid, almost dance like, movement. This was like nothing he had ever seen before. He wondered if seeing a sight like this would ever, could ever, become so routine as to not seem amazing. He doubted it. But he considered the idea that it might become a normal part of their life.

For some time Mandy watched Cooper watch his wife having sex with her husband. She slipped up behind him as he stood near the aft port corner of the cabin. Cooper nearly jumped overboard when, without warning she placed her hand on his rear and said “I love to watch Brian fuck.

There’s nothing like sucking his dick when it tastes like another woman, or even better women, like this.” Cooper made no response, but he knew his cock, if possible, had swollen even more at her touch. She slipped her hand all the way around him and continued “Does Bonnie like it as much as I do?”

He carefully chose his words, “When she has done it to her girlfriend’s husband she really enjoyed it"

“What about to you?” He felt her second hand land right on the bulge of his shorts and lightly grip the shaft they held.

“I…. I haven’t been inside anyone for her to taste” he said quietly.

This clearly was not the answer she had expected. He felt her fingers move back slightly, then she added for him the word “yet”.

This brought a smile to his face. She gripped his penis through the fabric, squeezed and then moved her hand saying “I’ll talk to Bonnie. We will fix that.”

Cooper gave Mandy a smile; she leaned over and gave him a soft kiss before she moved forward to the bow.

Mandy's unexpected visit reminded him that there were other people watching. People he saw every day at work were watching his wife have sex with another man. As she writhed and moaned he glanced over to see all eyes riveted on her. He could see his boss holding his camera taking photos of Bonnie's performance. He and his wife seemed to be talking about something, but he could not hear what. Cooper wondered what they were thinking, or saying about what they saw. Of course it wasn’t just Bonnie, it was also Heather. She sat beside the couple as the third person in the tableau. The teenager ran her hands up and down Bonnie’s back and occasionally Bonnie leaned her way and they kissed as her hips kept working on Brian.

To Bonnie, it only seemed to take a minute or two after she started working on it for her to feel the building orgasm. However, it took much longer than she expected to actually reach climax. Not that the journey wasn't wonderful in its own right, but by the time she came down from the high, she wondered if she had the strength to go for a second. She was covered in sweat, but continued to work her hips on Brian.

Ramón's voice called out. "Señor Brian. Your meeting is in ten minutes."

Martin LeMarco followed up "So, son either piss or get off the pot in the next five minutes."

All this knocked Bonnie off her focus. She decided if Brian wanted to cum, he would need to do it with Heather. She moved off of him and told him that very thing. Brian clearly wanted to finish. In less than a minute, Heather was on her back and Brian lifted her hips to impale her.

Bonnie moved her towel to lie beside the pretty teenager. With her right arm she cradled the younger woman’s head. With the left she lightly caressed Heather’s face and breasts. All the while, Brian held her legs perpendicular to the deck and fucked her deep and hard. Though it was evident that he was working toward an orgasm, to Cooper, it appeared that he was little more than an accessory to the two women. There was no doubt that Bonnie, not Brian was the primary focus of Heather’s attention. They lightly kissed and seemed to exchange some quiet words before Bonnie moved her free hand to her own crotch and began to masturbate.

It took Brian less than a minute more before he groaned to orgasm. He continued to stroke for a good minute afterward before he rolled back on his knees and said "Oh, yea. Now that is a good start for the day."

Cooper was sure he was right in his perceptions that Brian was not of primary interest to Heather when, just seconds after he’d let her go, the teenager rolled over to Bonnie and they began to kiss in earnest. Cooper watched them go on for some time before Mandy whispered something in Bonnie’s ear. Bonnie nodded and then she began to move her kisses from Heather’s mouth down, to her neck, onto her clavicle then up to one breast. She kissed and sucked the first soft mound, then moved to the other. He watched as his wife’s kisses went slowly down along the girl’s torso.

It was evident to Cooper what Heather had suggested, or asked for. He knew that his wife had told him that she usually liked to receive oral sex from Jill rather than to give it, but when she was in just the right mood, she loved giving. “She must be in that mood this morning” he thought to himself. He was right.

Bonnie slowly etched the folds of Heather’s labia, licking and kissing. She resisted the temptation to speed up and ever so slowly moved her short steady licks around the oddly very wide open tunnel and on up to the base of the clitoral shaft. She then moved further away from the vaginal opening and gently kissed the insides of the other woman’s thighs. She knew she was once again on stage, and her performance mattered to the outcome of this trip for her. Her intent was to build Heather’s desire for more direct stimulation until she verbally asked for it. She knew she was succeeding when she felt Heather moving her hips to try to force her vulva to Bonnie's mouth. She looked up from between the long tan legs and whispered “You have to ask for it.”

“Please” The blond whispered.

“Please what?”

“Please eat me.”

Bonnie teased her more with her tongue, then looked back up “I couldn’t hear you. What do you want?”

Heather must have understood what Bonnie was going for. In a voice louder than necessary she said, “Eat me! Eat me and eat Brian's cum out of my pussy!”

Bonnie responded by beginning to run her tongue over the mound and along the inside of her swollen lips in circles. Each circuit moved her tongue only slightly deeper. Heather’s thighs began to press against the sides of her head. The taste of Brian’s semen became stronger as she went. Jill had gone down on Bonnie after Vic had cum in her more than once, but she’d never done the reverse. One reason was even back in college, she had never been a fan of men’s semen. Until the last year, she hadn't even let her husband ejaculate in her mouth. But her tastes, as it were, were different now. She not only had no compunctions about tasting Brian's semen, she was turned on by the idea of eating it out of Heather.

Finally in a combination of Heather’s thrust and Bonnie’s movement her searching tongue was as deep as it would go into the lithe teenager’s body. There she found much more of Brian’s semen. It had congealed into sticky globular pools. She pressed her nose into the rubbery clit as she licked deep and long. She was surprised that she found it sexy to find each pool of cum and use her tongue to pull it into her mouth. She didn’t swallow exactly in that she got very little at a time, but as she worked the taste of his semen became ever stronger on her taste buds. Heather’s thrusting had become regular and rhythmic. She knew she was succeeding. When her pelvis thrust upward, Bonnie shifted so as to suck her clit. It was considerably larger than Tina’s, and as such she was able to suck on it like a tiny penis. Heather jerked back and pleadingly said “no do what you were doing before”. So she once again drove her tongue deep into Heather, pressing only her nose on the exposed clit.

In the background she could hear Martin commenting on her pussy eating ability. She, in her focus on the pleasure she was giving and receiving, had momentarily forgotten that she was also putting on a show.

Brian followed up to his father's comment with, “Well, of course she’s into it, it’s my cum she’s eating after all.”

Cooper didn’t know if he was trying to be funny or really was that full of himself. Either way he didn’t particularly like the comment. Yes, he knew that his wife was delving into a well that was filled with Brian’s semen, but that was incidental to what she was doing with Heather.

Heather gasped out “She is fuck’n amazing and it sure as hell beats leaking cum all over the deck" before she groaned and thrust her hips again.

Cooper didn’t like how Brian’s little comment had intruded on a moment that he saw as one primarily about Bonnie and him. No doubt his annoyance was colored by the fact that ever since joining the company, fresh from receiving his MBA, Brian had proved himself to be quite arrogant and totally unaware of his limitations.

Bonnie’s mouth was tired and the cum taste was long gone when Heather began bucking in earnest as her orgasm came. She held the young firm ass tight with her hands to keep her face in firm contact with Heather’s sex. Finally the dam burst. She thought the teenager would never stop cumming. Finally Heather almost yelled, “OK, OK, OK I can’t take anymore!” and pushed Bonnie’s face off the hyper sensitive mound. “Too sensitive now for you to do that”.

As Heather seemed totally spent by then, and Bonnie did not want to seem pushy, she just lay on the deck and masturbated. Though her eyes were closed, she focused on the fact that she was being watched. She could just hear snippets of conversation. She heard Heather say “If I had any idea my boyfriends’ moms could eat pussy like that I would have spent way more time with the mothers and less time with their sons.” That got several amused reactions, and then they went back to talking about plans for the evening. The fact they were no longer talking about her made it all the more erotic. In her mind she imagined she was at some Roman villa and her masturbatory performance was the background music to their relaxed meal. She was intentionally more vocal than she ever was during her nearly daily masturbation sessions at home. But hearing herself moan, enhanced the fantasy and thus her own pleasure.

She kept it up through a first small orgasm and through a second large one before she could go on no longer. She collapsed exhausted. From the stern she got a few applause and several positive comments about her performance.

She rolled over once, and that was enough to bring her right to the edge of the cabin, just in front of Cooper. “Well husband? Did you enjoy the performance?”

He simply didn’t have words for it so he just nodded. She reached over and pulled his face to hers. They kissed sensually. She let him go and said “I love you so much. Thank you for letting me…” now it was her turn to be at a loss for words. “Thank you for being happy for me while I had an amazing experience.”

He nodded “I love you too, and I’m so enjoying watching you have a great time.”

She rolled back to the towel. Laying on her back in the sun, Bonnie smiled. This was what she had hoped the cruise would be like.

He appreciated her effort to include him. He really did love her more than words could tell. He thought on their life and what this all meant as he just looked at his nude wife on the cabin roof. “She really is gorgeous. I have no idea how I was lucky enough to marry her” he thought to himself. For some reason, Cooper was suddenly conscious of the fact while he’d been taking in the sight of his wife in the act of having sex with two other people, so had his boss. He looked over to Martin and Brian. They were neither looking at him nor his wife. Brian was on the satellite phone while he sat beside his father who had a folder open. They were both discussing something about it. Judy LeMarco looked over to Cooper, and as if she knew exactly what he was thinking she stood up, walked over to him and said “On the San Dinero, sex is a spectator sport.”

All day they sailed across the open blue water with no land in sight. None of the four women bothered to put on any clothing all day. Bonnie made it clear to Cooper she expected him to follow suit. For the most part there was no real sex, but Cooper was amused how often they offered to spread new sun screen or tanning oil on one another lingering their hands on the untanned areas far longer than anywhere else. Once he glanced up and was sure Judy’s fingers had disappeared into the cleft between Bonnie’s legs. Bonnie just smiled and winked at Cooper.

Sometime about 3:00, Martin LeMarco was lounging, talking to Bonnie about their life and family. Bonnie was quite sure that he was chatting her up. He’d been half hard for a while and Bonnie would have been receptive if he’d suggested they go down to his cabin and fuck.

Judy had been sunning on the bow in front of the deckhouse for some time, but now made her way back to the stern to get a drink. Pulling a wine cooler from the ice chest, she said to her husband, “I told Bonnie here how much we’d wanted her to join us last night. And that was before her wonderful performance this morning.”

Martin just nodded and said “Quite good for a first timer.” Then back to his wife he said “how about a little now.”

Very casually, she leaned over the bench seat, right beside Bonnie, and sipped her drink looking out at the water. Equally as casually he stood up and slid his penis into her without another word. Rapidly the half hard penis was fully firm and he stroked as he carried on the conversation he and Bonnie had been engaged in before Judy interrupted them. “So, does your daughter want to pursue photography as a career?” he asked Bonnie while he stroked his wife.

Bonnie, tried to act nonchalant, but it was hard. Part of her was a little put off at how casually he’d asked his wife to just bend over for him to put his penis in. It just seemed he felt entitled to put his dick in her no matter what she thought. Perhaps, she was reading too much into it. She’d heard repeatedly how much Judy likes sex, so it might not be that he expected to fuck her whenever he wanted; rather it might be that she was always wanting it and it was a matter of him being up to give it to her. At the same time another part of Bonnie's mind asked why, if he’d wanted to fuck, did he not put a move on her. Perhaps the second question answered the first. He knew his wife wanted to be fucked, and although Bonnie was there and willing, he wanted to please his wife first. She had no reason not to believe this best case explanation, so she did.

With those thoughts running through her head, she answered Martin’s question about Misty, “It depends. Some days she is sure that is what she wants to do, and other days she doesn’t know. She’s looking at about five colleges, all in our region, but she isn’t close to choosing. ”

The conversation when on. At one point Judy put her foot up on the seat right next to Bonnie's thigh. This gave her an up-close view of Mr. LeMarco’s shaft sliding in and out of her smooth labia. Judy looked down at her and smiled. Bonnie ran her hand up the inside of Judy’s thigh. She was tempted to begin masturbating again, but she did not. Instead, she looked over at Cooper, winked at him, and then slid her hand further up Mrs. LeMarco's tanned thigh. She didn’t stop till her hand was on the flat of Judy’s labia. Martin’s penis slid in and out between her middle and index finger. She knew this trick from her time with Jill and Vic.

“Oh, Mrs. Campbell!” the elder LeMarco said, “ You are going to push me over the top. I wasn’t planning on cumming right now.”

That pleased Bonnie so she used her other hand to play with his balls as the strokes sped up. Judy responded with “Come on Martin. Do it.”

In short order he did. Bonnie felt the testees lift and the semen pumping out.

Rather than thanking Bonnie for the help he said “Damn woman, if I’d wanted to cum like that, I’d have asked to do you instead of Judy.” But he was not mad, in fact he leaned over and kissed Bonnie on the lips. “I do hope that this evening I will get an opportunity to spend some more quality time with you.” he said in a voice that seemed a bit too suave. Still he had a powerful sexual appeal.

Bonnie simply said, “You can count on it sir.”

A moment later, Judy invited Bonnie to join her on the bow in the shade of the jib. Cooper watched the two bare rear end’s as they went out of site along the walkway between the cabin and the railing. He could not miss the drips of semen on the teak deck coming from Judy. He was sure that to Mr. and Mrs. LeMarco none of what just happened was anything noteworthy, but to Cooper it was almost beyond belief it had just happened right in front of him.

“That was a nice pick-me-up. Your wife has nice hands” Mr. LeMarco said as he pulled his shorts back on. “So, could you taste Brian’s cream pie in your wife’s mouth when you kissed her?”

“Brian’s what?” Cooper asked a little confused.

“The cream pie. He gave Heather a cream pie, he filled her cunt full of his jizz. Your wife ate it out and then you guys kissed right after she was done. You must have been able to taste my son’s cum. I could certainly tell your wife enjoyed eating it from Heather’s tight little cunt” Mr. LeMarco went on.

Cooper was beyond surprised at how crude his boss was talking. It was like after all these years; he was just discovering that he didn’t know this man at all. However, he did answer the question with candor that even surprised him. “Oh… well … yea, I'm pretty sure I could taste the semen.

How can I say the whole series of events was anything but amazing? Heather is the hottest woman I’ve ever seen.” Then catching himself saying something taboo Cooper corrected “after Bonnie of course.”

“Of course” Mr. LeMarco said with a grin. “It seems you’ve already learned one of the most important lessons of swinging: keep the wife feeling special.” Then he whispered “even if you have to tell a few white lies.” After a few seconds he went on “I must say I’m partial to my cream pies fresh, not second hand like that. Once Judy, before we got married, wanted to test how much I liked doing it. So, we were at this big party, and she got four guys to cum in her without getting up off of the bed. Then she sends one of them to find me and had me eat it all. I mean four loads of spunk is a lot. Not only was her pussy full, it was smeared all over her hair, of course she had pubic hair back then. It was also all over her cunny, and on her legs and her stomach. But I got it all and even licked up the globs on the sheets. That was a crazy night.”

Tina had told them the other day about Mr. LeMarco and his wife being swingers and he thought he understood. But to hear him say it, and in such a classless way was just so hard to reconcile with the Martin LeMarco for whom he’d worked for the last fifteen years. How could anyone hide two personalities so very different for that long? Cooper also knew full well it was not in his interest to show he was put off by this other Mr. LeMarco, this man who just went by the name Martin.

“Wow” Cooper said. He actually did wonder what it would have been like if he, not his wife had been asked to go down on Heather. He had no doubt he would have done it though. “But, I have, uh, eaten a cream pie before. Several times I have eaten Bonnie out after she’s been with a man, though I didn’t see her with him. That was the first time I’d ever seen her, in person, have sex with another man.”

“Oh?” That seemed to actually take the overly confident Martin off guard. “Really? You’d never seen her fuck before this morning?”

“Not in person no. She and her lover made a video and I’ve seen that, but no this was a first.”

“And how do you feel about it?”

“I have to say it was quite a sight. One that I will never forget. I really enjoyed watching her with Brian and I think it was even better seeing her with Heather.”

Before the conversation could continue Mr. LeMarco’s sat phone rang so Cooper went to the bow using the walkways around the cabin. Heather and Tina were still sunning. The bright Caribbean light glistened on their nude oiled bodies. The other women were in the shade of the jib sail. Judy lay on her stomach and seemed to be sleeping. “Not a bad ass” Cooper thought. He guessed she was just a little older than Bonnie. But she also had all the advantages to help her appearance that money could buy; however, Bonnie was prettier all the same. The younger Mrs. LeMarco sat crossed leged, reading a paperback book. If Heather weren’t so inhumanly gorgeous, Mandy would look very hot indeed. She looked up from her book and asked “Why did you stand there and watch like that, but not even ask to join. I asked your wife a few minutes ago and she would not have objected if you'd joined them. And as long as my husband gets his rocks off, he tends to think the more the merrier.”

“No big deal.” Cooper said sitting down against the front of the cabin “When I was Brian’s age I probably would have asked to join. But, well age puts on limits and Bonnie and I learned several years ago that if I sometimes put off sex and save my load, we can have better sex.”

Judy replied without lifting her head, “We have several friends like that. The guys might fuck other women during the course of the night but only come just before it is time for the party to break up. For Martin and I there is a difference between fucking to cum and just messing around.”

She then sat up to look at Bonnie while she spoke. “What Martin and I did just a few minutes ago, that was about Martin messing with you two, not for him to get off. We wanted you guys to see what casual sexuality in our world looks like. The lifestyle we are hoping you will embrace this week isn’t just about screwing new people, though that is certainly part, it is way more. We want you to step into our world where sex is omnipresent as we go through life. And it’s not just fucking; it’s the whole environment where sex is an integral part of every day. The positive environment we like to engender is one where we don’t need to look for an orgasm to have a short fuck or go down on someone for playful oral sex. We seek to create an environment that casual play with a friend’s dick, pussy or tits goes without notice. We hope our friends feel free to casually talk about the sex they have or see others have without embarrassment; and it will be unremarkable when for no obvious reason others around them start getting it on. We want everyone to understand that sex is a normal activity for friends to engage in. We hope that by the time people spend a few days with us they will understand that having sex with their friends can carry no more baggage than going to the movies. So on trips like this, or when people come to our home they are free to have sex anytime and anywhere they choose. This kind of life is not just for our cruises or swinger parties. If you come to our home for dinner and you and another guest get the hots for each other; you are free to use a couch or the floor to get it on right then. If you and Tina had been at our home you would not have needed to go hide in a back room, we would want you to just start up right in the room with us. If we were still eating, it would have been wonderful dinner entertainment if you two went at it. You see when people have sex in our world, it is fully expected that those around them will watch and vicariously participate. I know we have a grand vision, but because we vet people carefully, we have a very high success rate in doing all of this.”

She could tell Judy was waiting for a comment, so just to have something to say she put in “I guess I messed up Martin’s object lesson when I made him climax. Sorry for ruining things.”

Judy lay back down propped up on her elbows laughed. “Not likely. Even at fifty-nine I’ve seen Martin cum four times at one party. “

“That’s Brian too” laughed Mandy “I mean one time he gave me five blasts in a night.”

Bonnie was overwhelmed by the amount of information that Judy had put out in that little speech. It was nothing short of a manifesto of open and free love way beyond anything she ever imagined. It seems, if the LeMarco’s have their way, that the profound change in her life she told Tina she hoped to have from this week might just happen. She wondered what her husband made if it. They would surely talk about it later because it would take some time to unpack the implications of that speech. She was also sure Judy would be more than happy to repeat it if later she asked.

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Mar 18
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This chapter proves that sex is indeed a spectator sport. It is one thing to watch porn on the internet and a totally different experience to enjoy people having sex before your very eyes. Porn made by men for men makes the male viewer a participant in the act. The male talent is just a substituted dick for the male viewer. Female adult filmmakers never let the female talent look into the camera as in male porn. They wouldn’t let the man cum on the woman’s face – the money shot. In this chapter Cooper is the main voyeur watching Bonny flirting and having sex with men and women. The sex is described in detail as opposed to narrating events…

Replying to

I rejoice in your capacity for ecstasy. I do okay. Like Woody Allen's character—in Manhattan, I think—said, every orgasm is "on the money." So, whether your pleasure is twice or nine times what mine is, I marvel.


Jul 06, 2021

I'm starting to see the tension between the LeMarcos' "grand vision" and Martin's and Brian's crassness and venality. I wonder how it will resolve.

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