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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 9

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 9

Oie Fukie Sukie

Sitting in the San Dinero’s bow, Judy turned her head to her daughter-in-law to respond to the comment about her step-son’s sexual stamina. “I know firsthand of Brian’s virility, and when he was younger it was even worse…or better. It’s hard to know which one his constant hard-ons were back then. I think it is a LeMarco trait though. Mandy, I don’t know if I’ve ever told you the whole story of when Brian decided to live with his father and me. A few months after Martin and I moved in together, Brian asked to spend Spring Break with us. You see he was in 10th grade and his mom (the first of the three Mrs. LeMarco’s had moved out of state. I think she didn’t want her teenage son corrupted by his father. She even tried to turn Brian against his dad by telling him all the bad things she had heard about me, being in porno’s, being bi, and would you believe she told him I was just a slut after his dad’s money." Judy sat up and continued the story. “Of course I am a big slut and love sex with both men and women and I had even been in a porn movie…. but anyone who really knows me knows that I married Martin for his Eveready Energizer dick not for his money.”

That got laughs.

“Sadly for Brian’s mother, the attempt to make me into the evil step-mother to Brian did not pan out the way she’d planned."

"You see, not only was Brian a horny sixteen-year-old, he was a LeMarco which meant he was a constantly extremely horny sixteen-year-old.”

That got agreements from both Heather and Mandy.

“He’d not met me until that visit during Spring Break of his sophomore year. He’d come back east for the week. The first few days he was really cold to me, not hostile, but aloof. I just tried to give him space because I did not want to ruin his vacation with his dad. When both Martin and I were out of the house the next Monday, Brian decided to find out if his mom was right about me having been in porn. Martin has never made any effort to hide his porn videos, they are right in the same rack as all the other movies. Snoopy Brian couldn’t miss which DVD to look at first. I was on the cover photo of a movie called “Strikes and Ball’n”. A nineteen year old version of me in nothing but an open baseball uniform shirt was the cover photo. Sure, that was almost fifteen years before, but still there was no mistaking it was me.”

“You see when I was making one of my several attempts at college; I spent a summer in LA with a friend. She set me up to do some nude modeling to cover my expenses. She knew I’d posed for nude pictures back home, and she was sure I would enjoy the experience of modeling for a real photographer. And besides I needed the cash. That first shoot led to others and I ended up modeling a few times a week. I know one set of my pictures appeared in High Society magazine. Over the years people have told me they are sure they saw me in other cheesy magazines, but I’ve only seen that one photo spread. At like my third or fourth shoot, I was told they wanted me to pose using a dildo on myself. Again I was cool with it. When they told me that if they could shoot both stills and video they would pay me three times as much, I didn’t even think about saying no. The next week I got a call asking if I would be willing to join an orgy scene for a video. Well even then I loved orgies and I knew the other people would have to be hot porn actors, so I went more for the experience than the money. So about once a week for six weeks I went to this warehouse that was used as a studio and had sex on little cheesy sets. It’s not like I was acting in a movie, I was like the filler and new face to have sex with the real porn people. I didn’t ever know what those scenes were going to be used for. Like the still photos, people told me they saw me in this movie or that. It took some doing, but I was able to get my hands on four videos that had my scenes in them. But all that was over twenty five years ago, before porn became mainstream like it is now. I’m sure if I spent enough time on Porn Hub I could find some more of my scenes, but I’ve never been that interested. The reason Brian found my video was my very last movie made it to DVD and I was on the cover. It was called Strikes and Ball’n ; which was the only video in which I had any dialogue. Sure I had like twelve lines and I even had my own one on one scene with Jamie Gillis in addition to the big orgy scene at the end of the video; but that was the high point of my so called porn career. Now days I like to remind myself that I had offers to be in more videos; but like I said, I did it more for the fun of it than to become a porn star. I went home the week after that shoot and it was two years before a friend saw me on the cover and bought it for me.

Bonnie finally had something to add. “I have a friend who has done sex videos more recently.” She then went in to tell about Gina’s years making private fantasy videos in Atlanta. She was careful to change the details so as to not break confidence though.

She was please when Judy seemed quite surprised. “Really? There is a company in Atlanta that does that? I thought I knew all about the swinger’s scene in Atlanta, but damn, I’ve never heard of what you are describing.”

Bonnie let her know that from what she understood the people that “her friend” had sex with were not swingers but people living out a one time fantasy. This caused them to veer off topic to a discussion about the difference between swingers and those who dabble in things like threesomes until Mandy said “You didn’t tell us what happened with Brian.”

“Oh yes, sorry to leave you hanging. All that was to say that yes Brian’s mother was right I had done porn. While I had a six week porn career it would be quite a stretch to say I was a porn actress. So when Brian went looking through his dad’s DVD’s, he couldn’t miss my picture on that cover. Of course right off he watched the video. Not only did he watch that one, he spent the rest of the day looking for my scenes in other porn DVD’s. He didn’t know that all the rest of the videos with my scenes were only on VHS. That was before Martin had the other three movies with me in them converted to DVD. He also didn’t yet know that over a dozen DVD’s in his dad’s rack were home videos of me having sex over the years. Even still, he thought he’d hit gold. Remember his mom had just moved him from Atlanta the prior summer, so he still had friends in town. He got on the phone and invited three of his buddies from his old school to come over the next day to see his dad’s girlfriend’s porn video.“

“The next day I became suspicious when these boys, that I had never met, oogled me like I was naked. On a hunch I looked in the video rack, which Martin keeps well organized, and the Strikes and Ball’n DVD was gone. I waited for them all to pile into Brian’s room and as quiet as I could I crept to his door where I could hear the unmistakable sound of porn. When I swung the door open what did I find but Brian and his three buddies pants off stroking their meat watching the teenage version of me fucking Jamie Gillis on the 60” TV on his wall.”

“Oh no!” Mandy exclaimed with a laugh. “What happened?”

“I thought they were going to die. Brian’s friends grabbed anything at hand to cover up. Brian however was cool as a cucumber. He paused momentarily evidently thinking what to do, then just leaned back and kept stroking and looked at me commenting what a good movie it was. He is so like his dad, even with his hand in the cookie jar he would not admit a mistake. Sure I was actually impressed with his cool, but he was not remotely the sexy guy he thought he was. At that age he was more Barney Fife than Brad Pit. Even if he looked older than his sixteen years, he was still a kid trying to fill a role he was not remotely ready for. I could neither laugh at him nor yell at him, both would close the door on a future relationship. I also could not seem weak or he would never respect me. So I just turned to watch the video with them for a few minutes. To improve my hand, I casually talked about what a nice guy Jamie Gillis turned out to be. I just chatted on about how before we got undressed he and I talked through what we would do in the scene, and then how he was every bit as good a lover as he appears to be in his movies. He finally became flustered when I asked if he had seen many of Jamie’s movies before. Not surprisingly Brian didn’t realize that the guy they were watching me suck off at that moment was a superstar in the porn world. Then keeping a matter of fact tone I told him I had come to remind him to be sure to put the video back where they found it when he is done because his father is particular about keeping his movies organized. Then I left the room”

“That is hilarious” Cooper added.

Judy continued “It took less than two minutes for Brian’s friends to slip out the back door and a minute later Brian comes down the stairs and confronts me all mad. In a huff he wants to know why I just barged in his room without knocking and emphatically said he deserved privacy as he hands me the video with the cover facing up. He couldn’t even begin to see the hypocrisy of what he was saying.”

Bonnie found it telling when Mandy commented “Self-reflection is not one of my husband’s strong suits.”

Judy agreed “That trait also runs in the LeMarco family. It’s hard to be an alpha if you allow yourself to look too closely at your own actions.” Then she went back to the narrative, “I asked him why should I have knocked since I knew they were watching a video of me having sex. I assured him I was not embarrassed that he or his friends had seen my video or that I’d seen him masturbating; but he should have asked first to ensure I did not mind. Just to make my point crystal clear, I let him know if he looked in his dad’s VHS tapes he would find three more old porn movies with me in them. Then I told him that he was free to watch those movies or any of the dozens of home sex videos of me over the years. To make it seem mundane I warned him that the older ones are VHS and have really crappy video quality. He tried to be cute by saying if I wasn’t really embarrassed by the videos, what would I do if he walked in while I was in the shower. I countered by telling him that he’d better not let all my warm air out if he did.”

“He seemed to have not gotten the response he was looking for. His next effort to corner me was to say that if I wasn’t embarrassed to see him jacking off to my sex videos, the next time he would do it right in the living room. So I just walked to Martin’s video cabinet and took out a DVD that was less than a year old. It was the very last video of me that was shot before Martin and I became a couple. That video is one of the few I really enjoy watching and even now I turn it on at least once a year. For one thing it was the very first video of me made using a digital camera, so the quality is very good. The main reason I like it so much is that it is not just a sex video. It is a vacation video of the last trip I took without Martin. A wealthy middle aged couple took me with them to Europe as their special guest. I was to be their eye candy, a lure for offers of sex and a way to access amazing sex parties. Understand this was almost fifteen years ago and I looked really hot if I say so myself. I didn’t feel used since there was no pretense that I was there for any other reason. We spent a week each at three clothing optional venues: at a small Greek island, on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia and on the French Riviera. Sure the video is filled with nudity and sex, but there are no long dull scenes of screwing; rather it more or less chronicles all the places we went and things we did… or rather the places I went naked and the people I did it with. I knew Brian would love it since in an hour and a half he would see a dozen nude beaches and a dozen different group sex scenes.”

“I loaded the DVD and turned on the TV. I let him know that the video I’d chosen was better for him to watch since it was only about a year old. I told how the porn video he had watched upstairs showed me as a teenager not much older than he was, not the person I had become. I helpfully explained that he would find it easier to fantasize about having sex with me with the newer video since it was the current version of me. He choked at that, but did not deny that was the point of watching my videos. Then I turned it on and told him to have at it. I know he did not mean it to go so far, but by then he knew he was trapped.”

“The truth was that back then I did not really know Brian at all, if I had I don’t think I would have made that gambit. He is like his dad, he likes to win. He just stood quietly beside me for quite a while as the video progressed. I knew he was looking for a way out that would save face, but I was not going to give him one. Looking back I should have given in before it went further. We must have watched nearly a half an hour of clips of me on topless & nude beaches and segments showing me having sex in a variety of places. Eventually he realized there was no way out but one, so he unsnapped his pants and pulled out his dick.”

“Standing right beside me he masturbated, cautiously at first but then he relaxed and began to enjoy. Once I saw he had called my bluff, I’d expected him to cum quickly, but it seems he once again was determined to show he would not be bullied. Eventually his soft groans let me know he was keeping himself just at the verge of climax but keeping himself from going over the top. Several times I turned from the TV to watch him stroke. I made positive, but relaxed, comments about how I was glad to see him fully enjoying my video. To further normalize what he was doing I asked if he wanted some lube. He seemed to think about it then said he was already really close but next time that would be great.”

“For a good half an hour he worked a steady rhythm. In a note of final victory over me he let me know he was getting tired and was going to cum. Equally casually I told him that was a good idea since I really needed to get back to the laundry. I don’t know if it was intentional; but when the stream of semen shot out, some landed on my legs and feet. I deliberately did not react.”

“Once he was fully done I let him know I would clean up his cum this one time, but next time he ejaculates in the living room he would be expected to take care of his own mess. That seemed to reduce the tension since I’d clearly said it was actually fine if he watched porn and masturbated right in our living room. How could he complain about that? It was obvious by then that I would not accomplish anything in conflict mode, so I shifted to one of reconciliation. I let him know I thought that it took real balls to pull his dick out and jack off in front of his future step-mother. I told him that I had clearly underestimated him, but I would not do so in the future. He was clearly surprised by my complement. He’d won this test of wills, but even then I knew it was one of those short term losses that would turn out to be a win. While he’d showed me that he had nerve, I’d shone him my own resolution. From that day forward there was a level of mutual respect that led to us having a good relationship to this day.”

Heather cut in “So, did that relationship turn physical?”

“No!” she answered sharply “Well, not for a couple of years. Remember, he was only sixteen then. He did have lots of questions afterward. Initially they were things like how many guys have I fucked & how many girls had his dad done; but he moved into more substantive questions about sex and how our free sex ways fit into our larger life. Those couple of hours became the foundation of the surprisingly good relationship we developed. That night I told Martin about what had happened. You never saw a guy so proud of his son. After talking some more, we decided if Brian was adult enough to do what he did, there was no reason we should alter our normal lifestyle when Brian was around.

When Saturday night arrived, before we began to get ready for a swing party I was right up front with him as to where his father and I were going and what we would be doing. When he asked if I was going to screw other men and I said that I would, he tried to act nonchalant about it; but his face could not hide his surprise and excitement I’d answered the question directly. Even though he’d seen videos of me nude, when later he saw my tits in person for the first time through the fishnet top I had put on, I thought his eyes would bug out. The next morning he was even more shocked when he came to tell us he was ready to leave for the airport. Our bedroom door was open so he came in only to find another couple asleep in the bed with us. I guess he had a lot to think about when he went back to his mom’s after Spring Break.”

Mandy said “I’m confused. Brian said he lived with you guys, not his mom his last two years in high school."

Judy went on. “He did. You see that summer his mother thought he was coming for a two week visit, but the visit extended to the whole summer then to the next two years until he went to college. He never moved back to his mom’s. I guess it's not hard to see why. Martin and I stuck to our plan not to change our lifestyle and I can't blame him for wanting to live in a house like ours. I certainly would have wanted to as a teenager. “

“I guess so. I would have stayed too” Heather agreed.

“On the way to the airport to go home after Spring Break he asked to stay the summer. We told him we could only plan for two weeks because that is what the custody agreement said. We did not point out at the time that once he had turned sixteen he was free to live with whichever parent he wanted. It wasn’t Martin and I did not want him to stay with us, we did; but we both thought it would be better to give him time to think about whether he really would be comfortable living with us.”

Bonnie was now very interested. She really wanted to know how they had lived their swinger’s lifestyle with a teenager in the house. She was wrestling with how she might do that very same thing. To keep the topic alive, she asked “Then what happened when he came down in the summer?”

Judy seemed happy to continue, and there was no question that Heather and Mandy wanted to hear more. “He came down in late June. Bonnie, I don’t think you have ever been to our place; we have a wonderful large and very private property. As Mandy found out the first summer she dated Brian, swim suits are optional in or around the LeMarco swimming pool. That rule actually predates me moving in with Martin. While I’d been to Martin’s pool the summer before, I had not lived there at the time.

It may have been over a decade ago, but I remember that summer clearly. What happened was in mid-May, before Brian arrived from his mother’s, I began asking some of my old friends over to enjoy the pool with me. I almost always had girlfriends over on Saturday and since I’d found myself suddenly a stay at home wife, I gave my friends an open invitation to stop by during the day for some tanning and ‘girl talk”.

“And sex.” Mandy added.

“No, for tanning and talk” Judy rejoined, then restated, “OK, tanning, talk and on occasion sex. But that was only when Martin was home, especially when he came home early with one of his buddies or an especially important client. OK we did screw when Martin wasn’t there a couple of times. Twice that summer Becky talked me into letting a guy come with her, and yes we girls fucked the brains out of both of them. But, you’re getting me off track Mandy. I’m telling you about Brian. He arrived on like a Tuesday in mid June, so he had several days of swimming with just me and him. And since I never wore a swim suit, he saw me nude the very first day he arrived. That in itself probably sealed the deal for him wanting to stay all summer. Things got even better for him on Saturday when three of my friends showed up.

At first they did not want him out there with us, but given he was only scheduled to stay two weeks I could not exactly make him stay by himself, and there was no way Martin was taking him to the club to play golf. You see, before that I’d made it clear that this was a women’s only time and they could not bring their boyfriends, husbands or kids. Yes, before you point it out, I did let Becky bring those two guys over but that was later in the summer. So I was asking them to let me break the rule I had only set a month before. I was surprised that even my wild friends questioned the wisdom of the “swimwear optional” rule if he would be joining us. I came up with a rather good solution to both rules. I offered Brian, $100 per afternoon if he would be our cabana boy. That way he was staff, not a guest. He hesitated until I assured him that my friends would almost always be at least topless if not fully nude. In this way I made it work for everyone. I learned that first week that becoming a step-mom would take some creativity to fit into my life."

Bonnie was following closely and asked “So how’d it work out?”

“It worked out fabulously, though later I would learn there were some boundaries crossed by my crew that should not have been. Brian was all about hanging around my group of good looking friends. It didn’t take him long to win them over and it didn’t hurt that Brian was pretty good looking. Yes I called him gangly and a Barney Fife earlier, but even skinny as a rail as he was then, he was very cute. More important, as you know, Brian has the same natural charm as his father; though at that time it was still both raw and rather juvenile. By spending a day a week with my friends, more or less as a peer he learned how to talk to a grown woman. More importantly, he learned how to get a grown woman to want to talk to him. Right off he had to learn how to tend bar. Since we only drank a limited variety of mixed drinks it was not too hard for him. The girls were good at instructing him not only in the preparation of their drinks but in the presentation. Of course when a naked woman tells a sixteen year old boy to do something, he does it and remembers the lesson.”

Bonnie asked “Did he go nude too?”

“Not initially, but that first day his constant erection was just so obviously uncomfortable, I suggested he lose the swim trunks. Since he’d already had a couple of nude swims with me, it was not a hard sell. Naturally in time, nudity became normal and that caused the erection problem to abate. As the summer went on, they began to enjoy giving him a hard time trying to get the erection to come back. He learned all about spreading tanning oil on a woman and giving sensual massages. That was where the problems started.”

“A couple of my friends don’t have the best judgment. Unbeknownst to me some of the oil and massage sessions crossed the line. I learned how far they’d had him go one day in late-summer. I had fallen asleep on the chaise lounge, when I woke from a little nap I found Brian, right next to me, giving what was clearly a hand job to my friend. From her squirming I suspected this was not the first such “massage” he had given. I made him stop, but several years later he told me that nearly all of them had him do “full service massages” that summer…and for the next summer and for the first two summers after he finished high school. It seems that he was getting my friends off right under my nose on a regular basis and I only caught him that once. My friends had taken it upon themselves to teach him the right way to please a woman. That is probably the reason that by the time he was a senior in high school, he had girls from school lined up to come here and do it with him. Of course we didn’t object to him having sex at the house with girls his own age. The reality was that he got active encouragement and pointers from his father. On Sunday’s I would get his dirty clothes from his hamper and I took it upon myself to pick up all the used condom wrappers. Hardly a week went by when he had less than a dozen on the floor of his room. And that doesn’t count the ones I picked up in other rooms that his friends had used through the week. I ended up buying condoms at Sam’s in wholesale boxes.

“Yea” Heather added, “I’ve never been with a guy that can keep going after he cums like Brian can.”

Cooper said “Wouldn’t that be nice.”

“Is that why Bonnie takes on all comers and you don’t get any?” Mandy asked.

Cooper thought for a few moments then answered “It’s not like we planned it. Starting about a year and a half ago she had some opportunities to return to the things she did before she met me. She took them with my blessing. I guess it hasn’t been until this week that I seriously thought about doing things myself.”

“So what things have you been thinking of?” Judy asked as she moved closer to Cooper

Cooper grinned back “More than I’ve dreamed possible in all my life.”

Mandy went back to her book saying “Bonnie, I think we women will need to have a talk before this evening.”

While Cooper spoke to the others, Bonnie was stuck on processing what Judy had said about Brian’s teenage years. It was entirely possible, if not probable that she had over stated what had actually happened. There was no way it could have happened the way she described. However, she knew what she had seen with her own eyes already. In considering whether those things could have happened that way she had to admit to herself that Heather was hardly any older than Brian was when he came to live with his dad and new step-mom. She’d had sex with Heather twice and they had only been at sea just over two days. So perhaps it was possible. If it was possible, was it right? Bonnie was all for teaching kids sex is good and positive, but what the LeMarco’s had done with Brian felt like just too much. Why it was too much she couldn’t put her finger on, but there was something. After some more thought, she decided it was not the story of teenage Brian in itself that seemed not-right; but something about the LeMarco men’s attitude about sex. Exploitive was not the right word, but what kind of man would let his son (and protégé) hire an unskilled beauty queen right out of high school as his private secretary? And, had Judy really said that Martin brought clients home so they could have sex with her and her friends? Surely that was not what Judy had meant to say, but it sure sounded like it. After all Judy was right up front she’d taken money to have sex on camera and that she’d taken a European trip that she essentially paid for via sex. What else did Judy think was acceptable that she hadn’t mentioned yet. Bonnie was conflicted. She was drawn to their openness to all the sexual pleasures life had to offer, but something just wasn’t right about how the LeMarco’s put it into practice. She put the thoughts away. She would come back to them later.


It was late afternoon when the San Dinero arrived at Isle de Tortuga off the North coast of Haiti. The boat had been quiet for several hours as they sailed mile after mile through the afternoon, with only the adjustment of the sails breaking the rhythm of waves hitting the boat’s hull. After the busy two days before, this was a very welcome break. The splash of the anchor seemed to wake everyone from the hours of languid sunning.

"Yes", Martin assured them "It is that Tortuga, the famous pirate island." Unlike the island they had visited before, this island looked like something out of a story book. It was mountainous and so very green. They anchored at the west end of the island and though it looked uninhabited, Martin assured them that it only appeared so. He told them that the east end of the island had several small towns and a pirate era fort.

Cooper looked at the broad band of white sand curving away to the east . He was surprised how different it was from the prior island. From what he could see, there was no sign of human habitation. The sand was a white ribbon dividing the green tropical forest from the azure blue water.

As Bonnie opened her eyes she struggled to figure out where she was. Ramón was standing above her doing something with the ropes. As she woke feeling the warmth of her skin she knew she had spent too long in the sun. She would have to do better tomorrow or she would be seriously burnt. As she watched the skipper she thought on how attractive the man was. Unbidden came the question of how good a lover he would be. Not might be. Would be, with the certainty she would make love to him.

She watched him move to the bow of the boat, stepping over Judy and Mandy as he went. Up front he tied off the ends of the jib that had been taken up by the auto-furl unit before they dropped anchor. “Did you have a pleasant afternoon?” he inquired.

“Yes, thank you. Do you know the plan for this evening?

Ramón answered, “Señora, tonight is the luau.”

Martin with his camera in hand stepped around Ramón to give Bonnie additional information. “We do this on all our big cruises. Most of our guests find it the highlight of the whole trip. It is Judy’s big project. She works hard to make each one unique. I’m sure it will be a night you will never forget.”

Except for his camera, Martin LeMarco was naked. Though he did not have Ramón’s chiseled body, he was still very handsome and quite desirable. He went on “It will be over an hour before Ramón, Brian and Cooper get everything set up for our Luau. So I thought now that the sun isn’t as bright, we could do some photos. I got some good candid's of you ladies while you rested, but I thought you might like some glamour shots.” He looked to his daughter-in-law continued “Mandy, you want to show our new comers a little about modeling?”

For the next hour Bonnie and young Heather had a wonderful time playing pin up model. Judy and Tina went for a swim; but Mandy stayed to be her father-in-law’s photo assistant and to help the Bonnie and Heather with posing. Because she had posed nude for Cooper since before they had kids, having nude photos taken was not stressful in the least for Bonnie. She found posing for someone other than her husband was a treat. They posed individually and together. Some of the times they were together, Martin made the photos blatantly sexual. In the back of her mind was the reality that the girl was barely older than Misty; but she knew it would be silly to object now since he’d already taken photos of the two of them actually having sex.

During the impromptu photo shoot Mandy told Bonnie about the ‘After-Cruise’ party they held each year in April. At the party Martin presents each woman from the cruise a portfolio of the best photos he takes of her. She made a point to say that Martin is quite good and the women are also given a few framed wall sized prints. From what she’s heard, most of those prints eventually are hung somewhere in the women’s homes. She said several of the photos Martin had taken of her on past cruises hang on her walls.

Once again, Bonnie had another reason to be happy she and Cooper had been invited.

The sun was setting when Ramón brought the inflatable dinghy back to the San Dinero and announced that the luau was ready. Judy brought up a box from below and handed out grass skirts and pretty silk flower leis to everyone. She told them the short skirts were for the men and longer skirts were for the women. She let them know that would be the entirety of their outfits for the night. After donning their skirts and leis, everyone piled into the dinghy and motored to shore.

When the women got to the beach, Cooper and Brian were tending the fire and turning the spit on which a large ham and vegetables were cooking.

Bonnie realized how well the LeMarco’s had really planned this out. The skimpy costumes were so sexy and fun. There were mats and pillows on the upwind side of the fire. She found that the small barrel held some lightly alcoholic punch that was quite good indeed. Once the food was ready, she took her wooden plate and filled it.

While she and the other’s began to eat, the two Mrs. LeMarco’s showed off their Hula dancing skills. Cooper found their dancing surprisingly sexy. Perhaps not so surprising given the fact all the women wore was the skirt and lei.

Before dinner, Judy had pulled her aside and asked Bonnie if Cooper were game for some fun at his expense tonight. She told Bonnie that each year they have a fun initiation ceremony for the youngest or least sexually experienced guest. She had planned that person to be Heather before they set sail; however, it seems it was Cooper who was the sexual neophyte of the group. Judy asked if Bonnie was up to participating as they initiated her husband into their free love community. Bonnie suspected Judy was unlikely to change her mind even if Bonnie wanted to try; which, in truth, she did not. She wasn’t sure what Judy meant by an initiation ceremony, but was pretty sure it meant she would fuck Bonnie’s husband tonight. As dinner progressed, she found herself excited to see what would happen.

After they had a wonderful dinner, Bonnie, Tina and Heather attempted to learn some Hula much to the amusement of the men. As the darkness unfolded, Ramón lit fires in four braziers that had clearly been on the island when they arrived. Evidently the LeMarco’s were not the only ones to use this remote spot. Once it was fully dark, Judy motioned for Ramón to bring her a bag. Judy donned a feathered headdress, robe and a carved staff. Martin switched on a pair of flat banks of LED lights mounted on tripods. Each was only about the size and shape of a paperback book, though they did a good job of supplementing the firelight. Martin had used one of them in the place of a regular flash on their hike to the pond. He said the batteries lasted over two hours, so with one battery change he could keep it on for a whole evening of shooting both still photos and video. The two little lights were not nearly bright enough to overwhelm the fire and the four braziers, but Cooper could tell it would provide enough light for Martin's very expensive low-light lens.

Taking a demanding pose Mrs. LeMarco began. "We come to you oh goddess of the Island! What would you have us to do to please you?" She appeared to be hearing a voice then answered "Yes, we are prepared to do as you ask." She looked right at Bonnie across the fire and shouted in an imperious voice, “Bonnie Campbell, what’s this about your husband not being allowed to fuck any of us?”

After swallowing the food in her mouth Bonnie shot back “I never said any sort of thing.”

“Your dear abused husband seems to think you did.”

Cooper seeing he was going to be the villain in this game, played his part perfectly when he broke in, “Woe, hold it, I said we had never talked about it, I did not say she had told me no.”

Bonnie had definitely decided that she didn’t mind him doing the other girls, in fact she was very much looking forward to watching her husband have sex with Heather and/or Tina. Cooper was telling the truth, it just had not come up since they arrived on the boat. In fact they had never really discussed the possibility of him doing the same things she was doing.

“Well this is the time to do so. As High Priestess, of Yuke´ Suke´ Lala the goddess of this island, I command you to talk about it. Now!” Judy continued as she pointed her staff at Cooper, “What we have here is a man, who to the best of my knowledge has fucked only one pussy in his whole life. IS THAT RIGHT?”

Cooper unsure of what to do just sat. Because it wasn’t quite true, Bonnie wasn’t the only woman with whom he’d had sex. She was however, only the third. The other two had been long term girlfriends prior to meeting Bonnie. At this point none of that mattered.

“IS THAT RIGHT?” she repeated.

“Yes” Cooper croaked after which followed several comments along the line of “No way!” and “What is wrong with him?”

Martin shouted “How did we get a virtual virgin on this cruise?” to which Tina replied “because his wife is a fucking slut!” which brought general laughter.

Judy continued as she walked around the circle. Continuing in the commanding voice she said “So the question is not, does his slutty wife who has been known to fuck perfect strangers, allow him to do other women.” She paused and looked at Bonnie who shook her head. Judy went on “NO! She does not. The Goddess has told me that Bonnie Campbell would LOVE to see the dick of her husband for the last twenty years buried ball deep in any, or all, of the pussies here tonight. But the question is does he actually want to fuck any of the incredibly sexy women that sit around this fire?” Cooper turned very red and wished for somewhere to hide. He was quite sure Bonnie had said no such thing, but it was a game after all, not a court of law.

“So,” High Priestess Judy said as she paced around the fire, “Let us find out”

She stopped behind Tina. “Here we have Tina Clark. She is this man’s lovely executive assistant. For over five years they have spent uncounted hours together, often alone, but has he ever tried to seduce you?”

“No, never. But his wife has” Tina offered.

“Not the same thing.” Judy told the group, then walked to her step-son. “Brian LeMarco, how many days did Heather work in your office before you attempted to seduce her?”

“Days or hours?” Brian asked to the laughter of the group.

“How long did it take before you and Heather were doing the dirty in your office?” Judy continued.

“It took three weeks before she put out. It about drove me crazy” Brian answered with a grin.

Judy walked back to Cooper “So what do you have to say for yourself - have you ever fantasized about playing hide the sausage with Tina?”

“Well of course” Cooper said in defense.

“So do you want to do it with her tonight?”

“Yes?” was the only answer he could come up with.

Judy walked around the circle and continued “Hear ye all. The man freely confesses! This virtual virgin admits he has imagined doing Tina and would like to, but has been too much of a coward to try anything.”

She stopped behind Heather “Here is Brian’s stunning executive assistant, whom he had the good sense to start boning as soon as she would let him.” She looked at Cooper. “Twice in two days your wife has made glorious love to this reincarnation of Venus right in front of you. Did you join in and burry your manhood into this ripe young goddess either of those times?”

Cooper stammered “But….” before Judy cut him off yelling “NO! You did not! Once again you refused the bounty before you. Such depravity is abhorred by the goddess.”

Judy approached Mandy. “Mrs. LeMarco, did you, this very day let this man know you wished to have sex with him even while his wife was fucking your husband?”

“YES I DID!” she shouted with glee.

“And what were you wearing when you did this?”

“Nothing, I was naked and ready to be had!” Mandy answered.

Judy walked back toward Cooper saying “And did he bend you over the rail and mount you like a mare in heat?”

“NO HE DID NOT!” Mandy shouted.

Judy looked right at Cooper, “So a beautiful nude woman tells you she wants you to do her then and there, but you once again spurned the goddess’s favor."

Judy continued over to Martin. “Did you, or did you not, this afternoon, right in front of this man, impale your amazingly, stunningly beautiful wife with your manly tool?”

Martin didn’t hesitate to say “Yes I did!”

“How far from this man were you while you fucked that astoundingly sexy wife of yours?”

“Less than two feet!”

“Did he touch her or ask to join at any time?”


“Did his wife gently caress your seed pods as you plumbed the depths of your wife’s love canal? Was his wife’s actions so unexpectedly pleasurable that it caused you to spray your seed into your wife even though you had not planned on doing so?”

“Yes she did and yes it was.”

“And after you had filled your wife with your oh so delicious semen, did she purposely and slowly walk in front of him in order to give him a clear invitation for him to do the same to her?”


“How much did she want him to eat that cream out of her, and then fuck her hard while you watched?”


“Did he take her, oh so obvious offer?"

“No, and she was so disappointed” Martin said.

Judy turned away from Martin, and back to Cooper. “So you have had ample opportunity to fuck four beautiful women in the past twelve hours, but have failed to do so. And you freely admit your loving wife has not said you are forbidden to have sex with these women. Therefore it must be concluded that you, not your wonderful and sexy wife, are the reason you are a virtual virgin.”

Judy stepped back and raised her hands before loudly proclaiming “As the High Priestess of Yuke´ Suke´ Lala, the goddess of this island, it is ancient tradition that she be paid with a gift of virginity as tribute. Sadly, as we know no one here is virginal.” She paused for the laughs; she continued “Yuke´ Suke´ Lala will not be pleased. Lacking a true virgin, might there be a virtual virgin in this company?”

Mandy shouted :”Yes there is!”

Pointing to Bonnie, Judy commanded “You, bring forth the virtual virgin!”

Grinning from ear to ear, Bonnie got to her feet and led Cooper to the make shift Hula area where Judy now stood.

“Disrobe the virgin” Judy said with an imperious voice. Where upon Bonnie pulled the bow that held on Cooper’s grass skirt. Feeling a little silly his dick was small and shriveled.

“YOU” she pointed to Heather, “Prepare the sacrifice for Yuke´ Suke´ Lala”

Heather hopped up and trotted over to Cooper while Bonnie sat back with the others. “What do you want me to do?” Heather asked the priestess.

“Get him hard with a blow job.” Judy shot back. She then turned to Ramón who had been clearing the dishes and packing them into boxes. “Señor Ramón, you can do that later, Yuke´ Suke´ Lala requires all who visit her island to participate.”

Bonnie thought to herself “Now this is a night to remember” as she watched the beautiful blond teenage girl go to her knees in the sand and put Cooper’s shrunken penis to her mouth. Bonnie could not miss how Martin moved his tripod to get a better angle. She also now realized the reason for the LED light bars. Since they were battery powered and had their own tripods, Martin could rapidly set up any lighting arrangement he wanted. Bonnie was actually happy to see Martin capturing images of what had become Cooper’s night in the spotlight.

As Heather began sucking Cooper's penis to life, the High Priestess raised her staff above her head. “As the sacrifice is prepared, we all must participate in the sacred chant of ‘Oie Fukie Suckie Ooh Fukie Suckie’ as I beseech the goddess for a way to appease the wrath of Yuke´ Suke´ Lala for not providing a real virgin.” She raised her hands and closed her eyes. After a few moments of silence she broke character and looked to the group and said in a normal voice “you are all supposed to chant with me.” Then she resumed her pose.

It surprised Bonnie that everyone but her knew the chant. That made sense since almost everyone had been on this winter cruise before, and the other two newbie's were too busy to chant. So she concluded that none of this was actually new, it really was a standing tradition. It took a few tries to get the chant in rhythm but soon the group was chanting heartily.

Oie Fukie Sukie

Ooh Fukie Sukie

Oie Fukie Sukie

Ooh Fukie Sukie

Since Cooper had been hard much of the day, Heather didn’t have to work too long. Soon the sacrificial penis was ready for whatever Judy had planned.

“The sacrifice is prepared” Judy declared and motioned to Heather to return to the group.

Judy motioned to Bonnie and commanded “Lay him in the sand of Yuke´ Suke´ Lala and you may guide the sacrifice into the holy cunt of the High Priestess.” Bonnie got up and again went to Cooper's side. Judy called out “All ye who are present who wish to avoid the wrath of the goddess must continue the sacred chant until the sacrifice is complete”

Oie Fukie Sukie

Ooh Fukie Sukie

Oie Fukie Sukie

Ooh Fukie Sukie

At Judy's direction, Cooper lay down in the sand his feet facing the chanting group and Bonnie knelt beside him. Her heart raced with excitement as Judy, who was now joining the chant, straddled Cooper facing the worshipers, swept back her grass skirt and ever so slowly, squatted down over her husband’s erection.

Bonnie suddenly understood her role. And she could not have been more happy to comply. She took her husband's phallus and pointed it up to the descending Judy. The drama of it all was far more erotically thrilling than she thought the night would be. Judy really was a master at creating a moment. Bonnie, without being told, used her free hand to reach between Judy’s legs and spread her rather full lips as they came within inches of Cooper’s swollen head.

Cooper on the other hand, felt no thrill only stress. He knew Bonnie was not trying to be hurtful during her little show earlier, but it made him feel like a dope. Likely none of the others probably could even remember all the people they had fucked. Now with everyone watching he had to stay hard so that Judy could play her game. It did help when he opened his eyes and could see his wife holding his penis in her hand as he saw Judy’s ass lowering toward him. Watching Bonnie spread another woman’s lips for him to enter was indeed a fantasy come true. However, it would have been better if the woman weren’t his boss’s wife.

Bonnie could not remember being so turned on with out even being touched, as Cooper’s head passed Judy’s lips and she felt Judy’s warm soft flesh push her hand down her husband’s shaft until it was flat on Cooper’s pelvis. She thought about moving her hand but it was so sexy feeling Judy begin to move back and forth on her husband.

Judy looked down to Bonnie “You may rejoin the others.”

The chanting continued as Judy rotated her hips in a circular motion.

Oie Fukie Sukie

Ooh Fukie Sukie

Oie Fukie Sukie

Ooh Fukie Sukie

“NOW!” Judy shouted “He is a virtual virgin no more!” With a flourish she deftly untied and tossed the grass skirt to the side. She leaned back so everyone could see her thick lips swallowing the base of Cooper’s member. Bonnie was riveted on the shape of Judy’s labia as it gripped her husband’s penis. The High Priestess began to roll her curvy hips, causing his penis to completely disappear into her body momentarily before reappearing, again and again.

The chanting changed to hoots and hollers congratulating Cooper.

Judy however, eventually resumed her commanding tone. While still on Cooper, but now not moving she declared, “Because this was not a true virgin, each of us owes Yuke´ Suke´ Lala a debt: A debt that must be paid, if you are to avoid her curse. While this virtual virgin has been filling my temple mound I, the High Priestess, had a vision of what the goddess demands. To prove you are not a closet monogamist, each and every person must join with not one but two people as I am joined with the virtual virgin.”

“We need to fuck two people? Is that all? I know you can do better than that.” Martin spoke out.

Judy thought for a moment. “AND!” Judy continued as she rode Cooper in an exaggerated fashion “To prove you are loyal servants of the goddess she says each of you, man and woman, must taste the sacred seed. She cares not if you receive it directly from one of the male totem poles or you acquire the seed from a woman who has received it into her devine chalice; but each who wishes to avoid the curse must taste of sacred man seed this night.” she paused "No, not just the seed from one totem, but from two. Yes, two different seeds must pass your lips tonight."

Cooper was not really listening, however his wife was following every word. “Judy is the kinky one” she thought to herself. Everyone, men and women were supposed to taste the semen of two guys before the party was over. “Well that’s a way to ensure an all-out orgy” her thoughts continued. Judy was no novice to this and she wanted to be shocking, even to this experienced group.

Cooper was just enjoying the feeling of Judy’s soft warm tissue enveloping his penis. She was, he could tell, larger inside than Bonnie and her lips were fleshier. Unlike anything he'd ever experienced though Judy used her interior muscles to grip and release him. This provided a unique sensation, though he was not sure if it was something he would like all the time. As he lay with his eyes closed, he knew full well that Bonnie had moved back to the others, so he focused on enjoying what Judy was doing to him. He wondered who his wife would do first. He suspected it would be the handsome Ramón.

But it was not Ramón who Bonnie was embracing. It was Tina. All day she and Tina had been flirting and messing with each other, and now both women were more than ready to finish what they had begun at the Christmas party. Bonnie slipped onto the woven grass mat next to Tina. She wrapped her arms around the younger woman, pulling her tight as their lips met. With the fire of untrammeled lust the two women’s lips and tongues reached and groped to find new hidden joys.

They were oblivious to the shuffling around them as the other’s moved into their own carnal delights. For now all Bonnie wanted was to consume Tina, body and soul. Her, oh so sensitive, nipples pressed hard into Tina’s breasts as what seemed to both an eternity and a fleeting second. They reveled in the joy of one another that had been on hold since they were interrupted months before.

Twenty feet away Cooper’s lips met Judy’s, now that she had reversed her position, so they could be face to face. She pressed her clit into his pubic bone. She rocked back and forth on his shaft. He loved the way her big tits felt as they swayed across his chest. Her kisses were light and meandered around his neck and face. Though it was strange to have the boss’s wife riding him, it was even stranger to put his lips to hers. She, however, was in no mood for light kissing for long. She drove her tongue deep into his mouth as if she was trying to fuck him that way as well.

Because she was so loose and wet, he wasn’t in any danger of coming as long as she didn’t do that thing with her pc muscles too much. He'd decided that he did like when she did that. It was good for sure, but it was not going to send him over the edge. By now he could hear the sounds of sex all around him. He wanted to see what was happening but with her aggressive deep kisses he could not move. His thought was broken by Brian’s voice above him.

“Hey mom, any room for more meat in your box?”

Judy let off her mouth attack and sat up. She looked up at Brian “I don’t know, Cooper is bigger than your dad, let’s give it a try and if it’s not comfortable I’ll let you know.”

She looked down at Cooper as Brian moved behind her. “I’m sure you noticed I am big down there, and discovered a long time ago that I can put two dicks in at the same time. It feels real good - but I have to be careful as to the size. I could never do this with Ramón.” As she spoke she lifted up so that Cooper’s penis was only head deep in her and then leaned forward. Though he had just heard what she had said it was a shock when Cooper felt Brian’s hand take hold of his cock. He felt Brian use his hand to press his penis alongside Cooper's. This came as such a surprise, he was paralyzed with confusion.

“O.K. Mom, push back”

Before she moved, Judy told Cooper “He only calls me mom when he wants to be really dirty."

Though he was still overwhelmed by the idea of Brian holding his penis, Cooper began “Yea, that’s pretty dirty…” however before he could finish what he was going to say he saw Judy’s face screw up. Cooper now felt his dick was in a very tight place. He could feel her on only half of his dick. The other half was pressed on Brian’s meat. He could feel Brian’s balls moving as his scrotum lay on his own. It was quite a sensation, unlike anything he'd ever even imagined. It was simply beyond him to make any sort of conclusion about whether he liked this or not. But since he was the newcomer, and the employee, he just laid still while Judy and Brian decided what to do.

It took a minute or two before Judy looked over her shoulder and said in a pinched voice “OK, now let’s try stroking, but be gentle.” With that Cooper felt the dick on top of his slide back then forward. Part of him wanted to object to having a guy’s dick rub on him, he was sure he should not like it. However, it felt good, surprisingly sensationally good. With each stroke the head of Brian’s dick slipped across the underside of Cooper’s. After some dozen strokes Brian’s cock had slipped to the side so now the stimulation was different but still amazing. Cooper was even getting off on feeling Brian’s balls slapping his own with each down stroke. Much to his surprise, this proved to be quite a turn-on. He and Bonnie certainly would have something to talk about after this was over.

Cooper did not know how long Judy had her step-son stroke his penis beside his, but in five or perhaps ten minutes there was no mistaking the feeling of impending climax. In just a few more minutes of this Cooper was going to have one massive orgasm.

But that was not to be. Judy pulled forward so that both cocks flopped out and sat on Cooper’s pelvis. “That felt real good," she said, "but if we do that anymore I won’t be able to move tomorrow. And I do want to go shopping in Providenciales. Maybe we’ll do this on the last day, because the two of you make a great pair.” She put out a hand “Brian, will you help me up.”

And just like that Cooper was laying on his back alone. He sat up still trying to take in all that had just happened in the last... what? Thirty minutes? Or was it less than that? He looked around and nearest to him was Bonnie on top of Tina in a sixty-nine. “Not surprising” he thought how Bonnie hates getting sand on her and this was about the only position to keep her completely sand free. They looked great. Cooper quickly surmised this was the continuation of what happened at the Christmas party. The thought came to him what a fool Tina's boyfriend had been. Not only would he have gotten a real treat from watching the two women; but Bonnie would certainly have fucked him silly had he joined her and Tina. Some guy's egos are too big for their own good he thought.

Not far from them in the flickering fire light, a blanket had been thrown down and on it Mr. LeMarco was standing behind his tripod, now with a withered dick, apparently taking advantage of the time he needed to recover from fucking someone to take photos. He could not help but wonder if his boss had shot images of what he'd just done with Mrs. LeMarco. A few feet away from him, in a threesome, Ramón was doing Mandy doggy style as she had her face buried between Heather’s legs. What stood out to Cooper was how quiet everything was and how little obvious motion, so unlike orgies in porno movies.

Cooper expected Brian to go to join the threesome; however, to his surprise the young LeMarco went to his knees just over Tina’s head then pressed his hard-on in the shadowy area between Tina’s face and Bonnie’s ass. Cooper thought it seemed presumptuous that he didn’t even bother to ask either of them.

Unaware of her husband’s gaze, Bonnie was lost in bliss as she silently made love to Tina’s entire vulva. She took in the taste and fragrance as an end in itself. Her tongue was getting a little tired though since it had been playing in this garden of delight for a long time without a break. Her rapture was broken with out warning when Tina suddenly stopped the delightful ministrations that had brought Bonnie several lovely orgasms thus far. At first she thought Tina was going to finger fuck her again; but soon it was evident a penis, not Tina’s fingers, was filling her. She had to consciously remind herself that she and Tina were not having a private party. This was a declared "everyone fuck everyone" orgy, so whoever was now beginning to increase his speed was not out of line. She stopped herself from looking. She preferred the excitement of not knowing whose penis was in her. She just relaxed and enjoyed the feelings as the unknown man hammered for all he was worth and Tina tickled her clit. By focusing on her pleasure alone, it did not take the orgasm, that was building before her pussy was invaded, to manifest itself. The tension rose in her thighs. Involuntarily she began to thrust her hips back at the hard driven cock. Just before the tide burst on her the man behind her begin to jerk up and down as he pumped his seed into her. As his quivering began to abate her orgasm arrived. Perhaps not as strong as it would have been had he waited for a moment more, but a strong and long lasting one none the less. It was the nearest thing to a simultaneous orgasm she had ever had. It left her drained. She sunk down on Tina’s hard body and felt the back flow of cum she knew must be dripping onto Tina, but she was too tired to care.

Cooper had watched Brian fuck his wife hard for no more than five minutes before cumming in her. His quick shot was understandable because he had been with Judy and before that he surely had done someone else. Brian also flopped down for a rest. Tina was evidently gobbling all the goo out of Bonnie as his wife recovered from what appeared to be a strong orgasm.

When Bonnie sat up and looked around it seemed to be a breathing space for the group as only Ramón was still in action and that seemed to be coming to a close as she could hear his breathing become more irregular and labored. She swiveled around and pulled Tina’s mouth to hers. The lips were sticky and their French kiss was heavy with the taste of both her and the semen from whom she still did not know.

To his left he noticed Ramón in the final throws of an orgasm pressing deep into Mandy. Judy had joined her husband on the blanket, her face was in his lap as she suckled his member back to life. Cooper not wanting to be completely left out, moved beside Tina just as they began kissing. Tina was a very attractive woman by any standard. He had indeed fantasized about her over many a coffee break. He looked over her hard body once again and his cock stood at full attention. “Don’t I get a kiss too?” Cooper said in a begging child’s voice. The girls released their hold and Tina looked at him “Does little Cooper-pooh feel left out?” Cooper could see the smears of cum still on her cheeks, chin and even on her nose.

Cooper nodded.

“OK, we don’t want you sad” she said like she was talking to a baby. She turned and pressed her open mouth to Cooper. She still had a residue from what she had licked off and out of Bonnie. As they kissed she took the liberty of jacking his stiff tool.

Bonnie seeing Cooper and Tina would be busy for a while moved to the blanket to rest. She was glad for a way to stay out of the sand. In a week full of surprises, what Bonnie saw next was perhaps the most shocking of all. On the blanket Judy was still nursing on Martin. Heather was still eating out the wife of her lover. None of that was a surprise, but Bonnie’s eyes nearly bugged out as Ramón, exhausted, lay next to Mandy with Brian cleaning his spent penis. No one seemed to even take any special notice that Brian had Ramón’s dick in his mouth. She could not help staring. She thought she should be disgusted, but on the contrary she thought it totally hot. Before she had a chance to think better of it she sat down next to Brian and asked if she could join him. Brian moved over slightly and held Ramón’s dick for her to go down onto. Even soft it was thick and long, she couldn’t take but half of it in her mouth. Brian sucked the balls as she attempted to down the shaft. Being soft allowed her to press her lips into the flesh and draw back. As she did, a few drops of remaining cum bubbled up out of the slit at the top. She licked it off thinking to herself “I got two tastes of cum and one fucking already and it hasn’t been all that long since we started”. She wasn’t sure if that kind of pace was fun and kinky or was it disappointingly shallow.

She was however, enjoying his slowly stiffening rod, learning it’s every texture when she heard Brian in her ear saying “time to switch”. She was now getting a little tired of Brian; he seemed to think his wants were paramount. She decided to show him he was wrong and lifted her mouth just long enough to say “Not until I’m ready” and went back down on Ramón. She knew it wouldn’t be good to piss Brian off. Therefore she only worked on the semi-hard organ for a few more minutes before hopping up and saying in a chipper voice “OK your turn” before moving to sit next to his father. Judy’s face was still in Martin’s lap as he shot a few photos of his son going down on Ramón.

In front of her were Brian's wife and his mistress. They were now simply laying down and kissing lightly. “Well” Bonnie said, “You two sure know how to throw a party.”

Martin said “It helps to have been to about a hundred of them to see what works and what doesn’t”

Judy came up from his lap to add “Don’t let him take any d, he didn’t have a thing to do with this, Mandy and I planned every bit of it. Didn’t we?” she directed the question to Mandy who rolled over to face them. “That’s right, don’t’ believe that old fraud. If he did the planning it would be just line the girls up and have round robin fucking all night”

Cooper could hear the chatter behind him, but ignored it. He was looking down at Tina below him. She wasn’t just a secretary, she was his friend, and had been for years. Though he was pretty sure she wanted him to do it, before he pressed his penis through the folds of her labia he just had to ask “Are you sure this is OK with you?”

“Cooper” She looked him in the eye and said firmly “You are my friend. No matter what else you are my friend.” Then getting a big grin on her face “And I fuck all my friends, so ram it home before I get mad.”

It was not as much the permission that made him feel good about it, it was her humor. He found her much tighter inside than Judy, and when she squeezed her muscles he could hardly move his penis at all. He, with deliberation, stroked as he kissed Tina with real passion. He really did like Tina a lot. It was very easy to move from fucking to love making with her. She wrapped her legs up around his upper thighs to heighten the feeling of intimacy.

“Brian” Judy barked from beside Bonnie, “Have you gotten him ready yet? I’ve been waiting all day for him to do me.”

Brian held Ramón’s now fully erect penis up in a vertical position. “Ready and waiting”

“About time” Judy said before getting up, walking the few feet to Ramón and without any ado, dropped to her knees above him letting Brian guide the missile into her as she quickly descended. She turned to Brian and said “Thanks.”

Bonnie was getting to dislike that spoiled young man. It was more than a little creepy for him to be so casually sexual with his father’s wife. Then Bonnie found herself even more put-out with him when he stood pushing his drooping cock to his step-mother’s face and said, “Here, thank me this way.”

Evidently Judy was not put-out because she, without hesitation, took half of him in one gulp. Bonnie wasn’t sure why it didn’t bother her that Judy was enjoying sucking off Brian, after it had annoyed her that he had suggested it.

Martin looked over to Cooper and Tina. From their angle she could clearly see Cooper’s shaft making short strokes into his secretary.

“So Bonnie,” Martin said firing off a few more shots with his camera, “I guess you’re going to have to blow him every day after work to see if he tastes like Tina.”

“Why?” It seemed like an odd thing to say. “Does Judy do that to you?” she queried and moved over nearer to him. He shot two photos of Bonnie’s sweaty nude body. She was sure she was glistening in the light and she hoped the photos would be good.

Brian answered her. “Actually, not every day, but we do have a game that occasionally if I come home in a particularly good mood, she’ll try to see if she can taste sex on me.

”You two are so bad” she said with a laugh, “How does she do?”

Martin was all too eager to answer “If I get it at the end of the day she can guess right about half the time.”

“So I guess I’ll have to drop by your office occasionally, for Judy’s sake.” With that said, Bonnie swung a leg over Martin and settled in his lap facing him. “That is if you’ll have me.” She could feel his cock pressed against the front of her. She began rocking so his penis rubbed her clit.

“Honey,” Bonnie raised her voice toward Cooper “Do you mind if I fuck your boss?”

Cooper, clearly becoming exhausted from a good ten or more minutes of hard work on Tina, said “Not if you don’t mind me fucking my secretary.”

“That’s OK, I did her first” Bonnie said after she had guided Martin into her. His dick was noticeably smaller than Cooper’s, but he could really kiss. Not that the older man was small, but from her experiences in college she knew that her husband was well above average. Bonnie found it hard to define what made a good kisser, but Martin was terrific. And as they kissed longer and longer she noticed he stayed hard almost indefinitely with only the smallest rocking on her part. She thought “This is nice. I could do this all night.” She had begun to understand why Tina thought he was such a great lover.

Cooper knew he was going to have to take a break. His stamina was just not going to let him do this forever. He could not recall having gone this long stroking without a break. After their very romantic slow missionary session, Tina had taken charge. First she'd rolled to her side, and lifted her left leg well beyond the vertical. With him still on his side beside her, she told him to speed up. He was amazed at her flexibility and was challenged with the effort required to do as she asked. Perhaps she sensed his struggles because after only a few minutes she'd said “Let’s do the harp position.” He didn't know what that was. So she instructed him to get to his knees while she stayed on her side with her leg up so as to increased both the depth of his thrust and the power. Once they were going like that he, in order not to seem quite as naïve let her know that this was one of Bonnie's favorite positions; he just didn't know what it was called. However, he knew full well that Bonnie could never lift her leg past the vertical like that.

The new position helped him a great deal allowing him to use his body weight to augment his strokes. He was feeling intense pressure to perform as if he, like the LeMarco men was a sexual champion. However, after two more changes, she was flat on her stomach with him laying on her. She wanted him to go fast and hard, but he knew he was at his limit. He was sweating profusely and losing steam when Bonnie announced that she was going to fuck Mr. LeMarco. Looking over to see her mounting his boss was just the little push that caused him, despite his best efforts to resist, to climax . His balls began to tighten and he felt the orgasm rising. The back of his thighs began to hurt and he made one final push to get deeper into Tina as he felt the semen move up. With a loud “Ahhhh” he sprayed her insides with the first of five hard blasts of ejaculate.

Behind him he heard Mandy say “Yea Cooper let her have it.”

His strong orgasm continued well past the last of the semen. A good dozen waves of pleasure radiated from his crotch and his whole body shook for some time before collapsing on Tina. And collapse he did, totally out of breath, he simply could not move.

From below him he heard Tina say, “Boss, you sure know how to make a girl feel appreciated. But you need to get off before I suffocate.”

Cooper rolled off still gasping for breath.

“What are you trying to do Tina? Kill Bonnie’s husband?” Mandy said with a laugh.

Laying on his back with his eyes closed, he heard Tina say in a loud voice “Whoever hasn’t had their required tastes of spunk, it’s here for the taking? From the amount running down into my ass, I have enough Cooper cum for everyone to have a taste.” Though he wanted to look to see who wanted a taste of him, he simply could not move and just looked up at the canopy of stars above him. It was a funny time to start pondering the mysteries of the stars, but that is exactly what Cooper did as he recovered from what the French call the little death.

Bonnie didn’t see either because she was lost in her own world with the best kisser she had ever been with. She was hardly aware when Martin, with out breaking the kiss, laid her on her back and began to slowly stroke.

Time passed but neither Mr. nor Mrs. Campbell was aware of it.

When Cooper finally came back to life it was much darker as the fire had burned low and was turning to coals. The sweat on his body had turned cold. There had evidently been a lot more sex while he was in Never Never Land. Cooper could see Martin LeMarco was still on top of Bonnie. Judy LeMarco was on her side with one leg held high by Ramón who was fully inside her, but not moving at all. “One of them must have just come” he thought to himself. Tina lay resting with Heather; her head lying on the teenager’s thigh. Cooper assumed Heather had been the one to claim his “sacred seed”. What Judy would tell him later that night is Tina had gone around to each person and scooping cum from first her thigh and then from inside her vagina, she gave every single person a taste of him. She was intent on appeasing the goddess Yuke´ Suke´ Lala. Lastly, Cooper saw Brian, surprisingly enough, banging away on his own wife who was on all fours.

The fire was all but gone and he was sure he was not the only one who was feeling the chill. Cooper had originally wondered why Martin had wanted to bring so much firewood from the boat. Now he knew why. He had put the rest of the firewood at the tree line, so he dragged himself to his feet to find it in the dark. When he returned with the first armload, it was clear that Judy had been the one cumming. She lay like a rag doll in the sand, while Ramón now held Heathers slim waist in his hands so that her hips where a foot or more off the blanket skewered by his still firm staff. Cooper began working to revive the fire. It was beautiful and sexual to watch the cavorting couples in the unsteady fire light.

It took some doing on Cooper’s part, but the fire was again burning bright. He was glad because it was getting cooler. He could not miss that everyone had moved closer to the fire as he had brought the wood over. With the fire burning brightly, the dancing light played on the bodies still writhing in erotic pleasures. Judy had come to sit silently by him. Cooper pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her. He recounted in his mind her story about Brian as a teenager, and combining with what he had seen tonight he knew there was more to the story. He decided this would be a good time to ask.

Sitting on the beach beside the blazing fire, Cooper watched the luau orgy continue. Like all guys he’d imagined what an orgy would be like for decades, but this was real. While it was much less animated than his fantasies, it was less hard fucking and far more sensual. There was significantly more kissing and tender touching than he’d imagined.

Cooper held Judy quietly for some time, then asked, “So how did it work out on a day by day basis to have Brian living with you guys while you openly lived the swinger’s lifestyle?”

“What did you say? I'm sorry, I was zoned out” Judy responded. As she spoke, she leaned over to Martin’s camera mounted on the tripod which was now fully collapsed making it the perfect height to use while sitting. She trained it on Ramón and Heather having sex on the other side of the fire and took a few photos. She then swiveled on her hips to get a few of Cooper's wife, now riding Martin. It seemed that Judy and Cooper were done with the Luau orgy, but the other’s had a way to go.

Cooper repeated, “When Brian moved in as a teenager, how did it work out with you guys living this kind of lifestyle? I am asking because Bonnie and I have two teenagers at home and we are just entering this life.”

Judy gave a small half laugh as she began to talk without putting down the camera. “Oh I remember the first day he arrived at the beginning of the summer, several days before he first joined my friends by the pool. It was mid-June and hot. His dad had picked him up and taken him to lunch. Martin told me he had reminded Brian that we were going to try living as if he weren’t even there. Evidently Brian for months had been imagining what it would be like.”

Tina, who evidently was also done with the orgy, stood by the fire, looking down at Judy “Are you going to finish the story of Brian as a teenager?”

“Yea, have a seat.” Then with a smile Judy added “That is, if you have done your duty to the goddess.”

“Oh yea - all done” Tina answered.

“So have we.” Judy continued the story as Tina sat down with them, “Like I said this afternoon, he was eager; however, in reality he was not as ready to go from his mom’s world to ours as he thought. When he and his dad arrived from the airport, I had been cleaning with the air conditioning blasting so I was fully dressed when they got home. After his dad went back to work he asked if he could watch a video. Not in the house fifteen minutes and he wanted to watch a porno and jack off in front of me. I told him fine, but I had been cleaning all day and was about to go out to the pool. I suggested that he might like to come too. I could tell he was having trouble making up his mind, so being the tease that I am, I turned to go to the pool, pulling my shirt off as I went. If you remember he had watched a number of videos of me during spring break, but had never seen me naked in person. I was not surprised that he rapidly decided to go swimming. I made sure to walk fast and to leave my clothes behind for him to see. By the time he made it outside I was under the water. I swam a few laps before I got out of the water and laid out on my chaise lounge. I couldn’t miss that he had taken off all his clothes and followed me into the water.”

”I knew full well that for the past few months that sixteen year old had been whacking off every day imagining fucking me. I had to put an end to that idea right quick. I was not going to jail because his holier than thou mom reports me for raping her virginal son. He was so funny, I was quite sure his only knowledge of sex was from porn. As smooth as he could he got out of the pool sporting a raging hard-on, and offers to rub sun screen on me. It was all I could do not to laugh for the lameness of his lines. What I did do was put on my adult face and told him plainly that just because his father and I don’t hide our swinger lifestyle, he should not think he was part of it. He was crest fallen, so as kindly as I could I told him that he was free to bring home as many girls as he could, as long as they were his age. I told him that they could skinny dip and fuck by the pool as often as he wanted. To make my point I let him know that we would provide all the condoms he needed… for girls his own age. But he just bemoaned the fact that he was not a sixteen year old virgin out of choice.”

Tina interrupted Judy’s narrative “But I thought you said earlier that he got awfully intimate with your friends that summer?”

“Yes, but I didn’t approve that. And I didn’t go into the details earlier, but teaching him to give hand jobs was not all my friends taught him. Without my knowledge, over the next year, they taught him how to eat pussy like a champ. But I didn’t touch him till he was 18, and that time wasn’t exactly planned by me.”

Tina said “Tell him the whole story.”

(For the full story you will have to wait for the next chapter.)

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Feb 22, 2023

“You are my friend. No matter what else, you are my friend.” Then getting a big grin on her face “And I fuck all my friends, so ram it home before I get mad.” This comment by Tina to Cooper sums up the goddess orgy on the beach and the future of the Campbell’s lifestyle at home. On the schooner, Cooper was still a voyeur, but on the beach, he became the “sacrifice to the goddess” and an active participant in the debauchery of an orgy. Bonny took to it like fish to water.

The narrative style of this chapter is a mixture of reminiscing about past sexual experiences; Judy relating her entrance into Martin and Brian’s life, and detailed…


I'm also looking for Chapter 8.


Where's chapter 8?

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