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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter18

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Social-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 18

Book One Epilogue

Cooper watched the endless parade of white stripes as he drove the car down the dark highway. They had hardly spoken since getting into the car. He was very tired but his mind was full of jumbled and conflicting thoughts. He tried sorting them out to say something articulate to Bonnie. The night had some amazing highlights, but also things of concern. How could he rectify his revulsion at the fact the party had clearly been designed to use sex to help the LeMarco’s business? Not just sex in a vague theoretical since, but Martin had clearly set Bonnie and him up as de-facto prostitutes for rich and influential people. Not only had he and Bonnie been used, but Heather and over a dozen other employees and their spouses as well. For years he'd known that Martin filled almost all non-professional positions with young, sometimes very young, women who were exceptionally attractive with no regard to experience and skills. Now he understood why. No matter how liberal his views on sex were becoming, this was beyond the pale.

Bonnie who had been thinking the same types of things broke the long silence. “Well?”

”Well what?” he asked.

“Did you have fun?”

“Yea, I guess I did” he answered her.

“That’s an awfully tepid answer coming home from a sex party.”

“The sex was fun, especially there at the end with you, me and James Brooks. That was unquestionably hot.”

“Liked feeling another guy's cock while fucking my ass did you?” she cut in.

“It’s not that.”

“So you didn’t like it? It seemed to me you really were getting into it, or were you faking?

“Oh no, that felt great…O.K, really great and going down on you just as soon as he pulled out was amazing. He left more semen than I thought it humanly possible. Like three times as much as any of the guys on the cruise did.…and doing those things with all those people watching us put it over the top on the memorable sex meter. How could it not be great? But saying all that, the thing that made it so special was it was us doing it with him, together. That was something that wasn’t there with the couple upstairs. It would have been way better if you’d been there, even if you were just sitting watching.”

Bonnie’s attention turned from the road ahead and looked over to her husband “The couple upstairs?”

“Yea, I got fucked by this lawyer woman’s boy toy while she sat on my face and watched.” He then gave a rundown what had happened during and after the welcome song. He concluded by saying “There was something hot about being used for sex. But looking back, her attitude of superiority makes me feel a little disrespected. So that part was a mixed bag. I certainly wouldn’t want to make someone else feel that way.”

“Wow” Bonnie said sarcastically. “My husband is a real slut puppy.”

“Yea, that’s right, people are lining up to fuck me. I’m the new sex symbol of Georgia” Cooper chuckled. "And what was my blushing bride doing all night?” You just disappeared."

“Oh, I danced for a long time. After a while I got hot and took off the dress.”

“I’m sure that even here you got a lot of attention like that” Cooper put in.

She went on with confidence “Oh yes I did since for a good hour everyone but me was clothed, it was so sexy to be the only one showing on the dance floor. Then when I finally got turned on enough, I got a guy to move from dirty dancing to fucking me while we danced. I felt like the queen of the world fuck dancing like that.”

“Fuck dancing?”

“Yea. You said when we went to Miami after you watched me bump and grind with those guys, how you said it looked like clothed sex. Well, I picked out this guy, you know him, Richard Wagner, I did the same thing with him. Well actually I did that with a lot of people, but with him I undid his pants and pulled out his dick. After a bit he just kicked off his tux pants and we danced with his penis inside of me. It really wasn’t easy to get the mechanics right, but eventually we figured it out. It was so hot. I came right there on the dance floor with all your friends watching. What was crazy is the only reason I came was because I knew all those strangers were looking and getting turned on by what I was doing. The guy was like a prop. Then again a few minutes later I rode another guy’s dick in a chair, and again, being in the big room full of people watching got me off.”

“But Mandy said you did a total of six guys tonight, plus me.” Cooper said.

“Yea, Tina and I did it with three guys upstairs, but that wasn’t as fun. It’s not that they weren’t good, they were. And it isn’t’ like I don’t like doing it with Tina because I do. Tina picked out three guys she said were really good, and they were. It’s just I didn’t like the feeling I was competing with Tina. She is so good looking and so good in bed. I didn’t like having to work to not be an extra while she was the star. I don’t mean to sound like a narcissist, but I like being the center of attention when it comes to sex. That’s why I came so easily on the dance floor and much harder when you and James were doing me together by the hot tub. I could have asked him to meet us in the house, but I wanted to be watched while you and he fucked me at the same time. Don't think I'm a needy nut case, but since the cruise I have decided I really like to be watched when I have sex. I guess that is part of the reason I like doing it in threesomes and groups.”

“That was the good thing about Tina and I doing it with three guys at once. One had a great dick for anal, so he did me in the ass while I sucked another one of them. Like I said in the pool house, I got it in my back door by two guys before I came out. One guy was just too big, but the other was perfect. So, OK, I guess I did have fun, like I can’t even remember how many orgasms worth.

Though they wore condoms for actual sex, the guys shot their cum on our tits. By the time we were done both Tina and I were covered with sticky cold semen. It was sexy while we were fucking, but having it all over us felt kinda gross after we were done.”

Again they drove in silence for a good while then Cooper tried to articulate what he was thinking. “You are right. The sex was really good, but I just didn’t like the fact that the point of the party was to make money for the LeMarco’s. Even how we used James, I’m uncomfortable about using anyone like that. It would have been different if he were a friend or even if we had spent time with him as a person first. But we didn’t, we just used him as a sex object."

Bonnie cut in "I can assure you he was not abused. He was quite excited about doing it with us. Afterward he thanked me for choosing him."

Cooper nodded, "Yea, you are right about that. Still, it just doesn’t seem quite right to use people. I totally agree there is nothing wrong about a party where free-sex is just part of the party's activities, or even the primary theme; as long as everyone is willingly participating and are peers. It is something entirely different to have a mix of those with power and those who do not. At the party tonight, some of the people were there just to be play things for others. And I don't know if you fully understood, but you and I were invited to be playthings for Mr. LeMarco's vendors and clients. And yes, to be fair, James Brooks is the son of a very powerful building contractor, he was hardly on the same power level as let's say, Heather. And I'm not sure you realized that most of those really good looking under thirty's were little more than courtesans. Not just the women, but the good looking young men too. My concern is it can be a slippery slope from sexual freedom to sexual exploitation. Sexual freedom is a virtue we should pursue but sexual exploitation is a vice we should condemn. That is what Amy and I talked about”

Bonnie cut him short “Amy who?”

“Amy Douglass, you know her, Walter’s wife, the art professor. We got to know each other better while you were inside.” She nodded her head knowingly, “And how well did you get to know her? ” A pang of jealousy unexpectedly hit her.

“We talked for a good two hours, she is really very interesting and she already knew what we found out about the LeMarco's parties.”

“Did you have sex with her?”

Cooper was a little flustered. “Well yea, after a while. Does that upset you?”

“No, just asking” she lied. Though she knew she had been much more promiscuous than he, it bothered her that he was saying how interesting he found this woman with whom he had sex without her being present. She knew such feelings were unjustified. But, she also knew she would rather be annoyed with Cooper, than to look at her own behavior.

It wasn’t the fact she had sex with six perfect strangers that made her feel disgusted with herself. It was the fact that after making such a point to be the preacher of safe sex to her daughter and her friends, she had behaved in such a way that was off the chart in irresponsibility. Not once did she ask one of the men to use a condom. She knew full well that it was Tina who had reminded the three guys to put on protection before they had sex. Tina’s insistence on condoms was the reason both women were covered with goo. But, Bonnie didn’t heed the younger woman’s example when she was downstairs. Why? She wondered if it was because she felt inferior to Tina as a sexual woman. Was it possible that she didn’t think she could demand the respect that requiring the men to wear a condom represented? Perhaps even worse, she’d felt she had to compete with Tina to be the center of attention. Even though she really hadn’t wanted to do so at the time, she let the guys fuck her in the ass. Sure she’d enjoyed the second guy, but she didn’t like the reason she’d first agreed to it, and even worse she did not make the guy stop when he was hurting her. She had done exactly what she preached to the girls who came to her house that they should never do.

But if that was the only reason she hadn’t used protection, then why didn’t she insist the two men on the dance floor use condoms or James in the pool house? She was clearly in charge both times. The answer was obvious. It was not convenient. There was no deep reason. She had done what was convenient, not what was smart and responsible. Sure she’d had a few drinks, but that doesn’t pass for an excuse. If she were going to be a role model of positive and open sexuality, she could not act this way. She had betrayed Misty and her friends; she had put Cooper at risk and for what? Yes, it was easier to cling to a little jealousy than to admit she had acted with gross selfish irresponsibility. She could not do that again. Ever!

Cooper thought it best to stick to the subject, but noted her annoyance. He had no idea of what was really going on in his wife’s mind. He did not say how Amy’s husband watched as he and Amy had sex. The truth was he had enjoyed the fact that Walter had to just sit and watch them screw until his semen filled Amy as much as the pleasure of the sex itself. He was a little ashamed he had enjoyed rubbing it in Walter’s face like that, but he never claimed to be a saint. Afterward, he could tell something good seemed to come from it though. Cooper was sure tonight was a positive watershed event for the Douglass’s. He was glad he was there to help. He also decided to wait till tomorrow to point out that he did not climax with her in that threesome with James.

Cooper continued the discussion by shifting back to the topic of the LeMarco’s. “Just like you and I had talked already about the LeMarco's sexual exploitation of people; Amy came to that conclusion several years ago. Specifically, she saw how they mix business and sex in a way that makes him almost a pimp.”

“Yes. I agree.” Bonnie said “I’m not sure we could go to another LeMarco party or trip in good conscience.”

He could see she had not yet seen the real moral dilemma. “In my case, if I accept what they are doing it would undermine my belief in using our sexuality to forward the message of Christ. The fact I now know that as long as I have been working for him, Martin LeMarco has been plying our clients and contractors with sex right under my nose makes a difference. For Martin LeMarco, the San Dinero is little more than a floating brothel. How can I say sex is not dirty and should be out in the open when by using people, he makes it dirty. Then by hiding the fact that his swinger parties are in fact business parties, he reinforces the need to make it secret. We should be able to openly say we are Christians and we also have an open marriage; but there is no way we could say the same of exploiting powerless people.”


Bonnie was still a bit conflicted about him and Amy screwing, so she did not even try to follow what he was saying. Peevishly she challenged him “So are you saying we should just tell the world that we screw around?”

“No, not exactly. I’m saying that Mr. LeMarco and his brand of free sex is as negative and shameful as the most anti-sex Puritan or Baptist fundamentalist. They both have sex the way they want it, but use shame to keep it hidden. I’m saying it is time for a new voice of sexuality. The sexual revolution died out because it was based on hedonistic self-pleasure at the expense of others. Someone needs to articulate a new view of sex. A sex positive view, that also includes our Christian values of respect for others feelings and of responsibility. We Methodists are willing to consider homosexual clergy, but the sex part itself has not been brought out of the closet. The homo part is public but not the sexual part. That makes no sense. It’s not like we don’t have a sex saturated society, it’s just that we attach shame to what we do and drive it underground where it inevitably becomes dirty.”

Bonnie was way too tired to get into a philosophical discussion “and what are you going to do about this world-wide injustice?”

“I’m not sure, but I would like to have Amy over and the three of us discuss it.”

He could see her tense up before she said “Yea, I’d like to know the people you fuck.”

She knew full well how hypocritical she was being. She and Cooper had known Amy for over a decade while she’d had sex with six different men she had just met tonight. But the knowledge she was not being fair did not stop her feelings of jealousy.

Cooper went on “She will be opening a major art exhibit in New York City that features sexual art. She is looking for supporters in what will surely be an uproar over the fact she teaches at the University of South Carolina. She wants to break down the secrecy of our already sexualized society. Maybe we can help her start a dialogue.”

He knew he wasn’t communicating to her how profoundly the change in values the last year had made in him. He felt he had been given a new purpose in life, but he was not making that clear yet, even to his wife.

Though Bonnie said “Honey I’m just too tired to discuss this” with her eyes already closed. Her mind too was filled with the possibilities of a new life. Cooper had a point, but he always wanted to intellectualize things too much. He just didn’t get the more basic things she was feeling just now; how being the Sex Goddess made her feel like she could do anything. She also knew she would have to get over the jealousy thing because she was sure she could never go back to being just Bonnie the Southern mom. Her life would be so much more. She wasn’t sure how it would shape itself, but she knew her life would move onto a bigger stage after this.

The house was quiet and dark when they made it home. Bonnie almost missed the note laying on the living room coffee table.


I can’t thank you enough for all you did to make tonight so special.

No girl ever had a better “début” than I had tonight. It was simply magical.

I love you so much,


Along with the note was a print-out of a photo of Misty and Kelli in their new lingerie and six opened condom wrappers.

End of Book One

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26. Feb. 2023

The epilogue to Book One was thoughtful and philosophical discussion of what the Campbells were part of. Cooper’s concern was Martin’s use of people as sex object to further his business. Cooper thought he and Bonnie were also used and he didn’t like it very much. Bonnie didn’t think twice to fuck someone she didn’t know on the dancefloor without protection. Then she is jealous because Cooper connected with Amy on a personal level. Although Bonnie knew she betrayed Misty’s trust, she still has a long way to go to maturity.

Misty’s message and photo is a strong reminder of being responsible in your sexual choices – something Bonnie didn’t do what she preached. She didn’t walk her talk.

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