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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 29

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Summer 2011

Over the summer of 2011 we spent a good number of weekends at the Estate, the swinger’s club in Charlotte. We were regulars until the local authorities found an excuse to shut it down in the fall of 2012.

This is just a narrative of June 6, 2011 because it was typical of our days that summer at The Estate’s Pool parties. That day, we had a good time but did not “play” with anyone else at the club. While at the pool a new couple asked if Paula and I play with other couples, I told them we do if the circumstances are just right, but we do not necessarily have to play with others to have a good time.

We arrived at the club on Sunday at just past noon. We checked in at the club, put our liquor bottles at the bar and our diet Dr. Pepper in the cooler.

We went straight out to the pool. The pool area was full but not overly crowded. I counted approximately 100 people. The pool was round and surrounded by a deck filled with chairs and chaise lounges. Given the nature of the club, the pool was surrounded by an 8' wooden privacy fence, so it is a self-contained environment. There was also a covered cabana with tables and chairs where the complementary wings, sausages and burgers were served.

Around the pool people lounged in the sun, talked and did all the normal sorts of pool things, except for the fact that two thirds of them were nude. Their ages ran the gamut from a hand full in their early twenties to a handful sixty or older. The majority were between thirty-five and forty-five. Their appearance matched US demographics. The tendency was to be a bit over optimum weight, with the exceptional party goer being highly fit. Oh, and as I set up our folding chairs we had brought, I watched a woman giving a man a blow-job as he sat on the side of the pool.

To my left was a group, one guy and three large women. I don't mean large compared to supermodels but compared to the average size of about fourteen. One was nude, one topless and one wore a one piece swimsuit. To my left was a strikingly beautiful woman about twenty-five years old. She had a Julia Roberts smile, flawless tanned skin, and perfect C-cup bowl shaped breasts.

Over that particular weekend I realized that, for the first time, I was more attracted to the GILF’s (grand-mothers I’d like to fuck), than to the MILF’s (mothers I’d like to fuck). On thinking on that fact, I decided it was not some odd kink, but rather that I tend to be more comfortable with women my own age.

Initially, my spouse wore a bikini bottom and a sheer shirt, but after a while she ditched the shirt but did not put on sunscreen. Her boobs were beautiful in the sun, but by the end to the day the top of both were quite burnt.

We spent the day laughing and talking to old and new friends; including the beautiful girl and her older boyfriend and a wonderful couple a little older than us who flew to the club in his own plane to swing and then visit with their kids and grand-kids in the area. At one point the grandmother (she was quite pretty) had her boobs sucked by another man as the conversation progressed. There wasn't all that much direct sex. There was some poolside dick sucking and pussy eating as well as several women riding guys discreetly in the pool. It was all fun. Not a big porno type orgy, just people with the liberty to do what they wanted.

Since it was a Sunday there were fewer people and the crowd was considerably older than when we went on Saturdays. It wasn’t there were new older people (like us), but rather there was an absence of the younger set. During the day I watched the women more carefully than I usually do, because the binding of the book I had brought to read began to fall apart. I began to appreciate all the different varieties of women’s body shapes, which is what lead me to write the narrative of this particular visit. Nearly all were sexually attractive to me, though few fit the stereotype of what a hot woman “should” be. It wasn’t looking beyond “imperfections” but rather appreciating these confident women for who they were. I flirted with a number of GILF’s but I’m not the type to try to talk them into to going with me to one of the play rooms, even though I would have been happy if they had offered.

All-in-all it was a nice day. If you’ve never been to a swinger friendly nude club, you should go to one.

I will relay one other event that happened at the pool that summer. It was both funny and said a lot about how far we'd come in our open marriage. Paula and one of her female friends from the club had been flirting and chatting with a guy for several hours. He was a good looking guy who looked to be in his early thirties and it was his first time at a swing club. Unusually for The Estate, he was not with a woman. I watched from the other side of the pool as they teased the "newbie" by playing with each other's tits and kissing each other right in front of him. As, a typical young man, he was very much into watching the girls mess around. Eventually they began to play with his dick under the water, keeping him hard but not doing it nearly enough to get him off. Finally, they got him to sit on the side of the pool and took turns sucking his cock. It was quite a sight seeing the other woman holding the man's dick while my wife wrapped her lips around the head and began to give him oral sex.

It was one thing to see her suck men off in a bedroom or playroom, but to watch dozens of people watching my wife as she sucked the good looking young guy's cock was something new. As I watched, I thought on how many men would be mortified and humiliated if fifty or more people watched his wife put another man's dick in her mouth; and, I also knew that some other men would be glad to publicly show off how their slut-wife would obediently suck off other men to show how she is completely under his control. I however, had neither thought. I could tell she was having a good time and she was doing it because she wanted to. She was giving the younger man a blow job neither to please nor to humiliate me. So I just watched her and the other people watching her and her friend take turns. I noticed a few people look over to me to see if I was OK with her doing this without me being part of the action. Their looks only made me feel like a good husband. Empowered not because I controlled my wife, but because I had no need to do so.

The poolside sex show ended but they continued to tease him. About 4:00, the two women approached him about going inside the club for full-on threesome sex. Shockingly he declined. Paula came over to me in a huff saying that he said something like he didn’t know them well enough. She was angry. She took it as an affront. However, what actually happened was that having never been to a swing club before, when two good looking women literally put their tits in his face and brazenly asked him to step inside for a threesome he just was completely taken off guard and did not know what to say. Sure enough, about twenty minutes later he came back and tried to explain he'd just been surprised by their question; but the damage was done. Paula was not about to have a guy fuck her when it was convenient for him.

For several weeks after that I razzed her about getting “shot down”. I’m sure he had regretted that initial response ever since. Really, how many guys, ever in their life, get two hot women standing naked in front of him asking for him to fuck them both right then?

Also that summer, I had begun my first Tumblr blog about our open marriage. With Paula's encouragement I began posting many of our thousands of nude photos I had taken of her over the years. At the same time, Paula began to enjoy spending a good deal of time on swingers/dating sites. She began a routine of keeping a number of ongoing phone based relationships. By the fall, she was dating men on a regular basis, but only about once a month did a guy sufficiently impress her so as to cause the dinner date to progress to a "hotel date," i.e. she had sex with the guy.

The fall brought a difficult time that severely curtailed her dating. Paula’s eighty-six year old father was in failing health. In November he passed away. His prolonged decline took more and more of her time, and then his passing put her in no mood to date for several months. I try to tell people who are just opening up their marriage that it is not as easy to have an active dating/sex life as the fantasy suggests. Real life has a way of creeping in. This was just that sort of case.

We did have an opportunity in mid-October to go with our good friends to Asheville to do a photo-shoot. Now for those of you who have never been there, let me say if I could live in any city in the country it would be Asheville. Not only is it beautiful, but it has a unique blend of artist/hippy culture and hillbilly culture. The upshot is a general attitude of “do your own thing”. As such we were not afraid to shoot photos of the women in see-through outfits and then topless right downtown.

After lunch, we went down to the river and found an abandoned factory that appeared to be a drug/homeless hangout. I had the women wear just cupless corsets and shoes and shot them for nearly 2 hours. At one point we got a group of spectators as I worked. The last part of the shoot was done outside in full view of the road and the other buildings. We got several people watching us and the other woman’s husband got antsy and was sure someone was going to call the police. So, we packed up and left.

But it was a nice day out and we got some great photos. A 20X30 inch print of Paula and her friend topless in front of the factory hangs in my study to this day.

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