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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 35

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel:


Raising the Revolutionary Flag of a Sexual Freedom

Chapter 35

Fun in Miami Beach

It took close to an hour but finally the whole crew had made it back to their rented house, changed into street clothes. The girls were not alone in changing it to outfits they could not wear into Sparta or the shopping district in Milledgeville. Bonnie slipped into the linen sundress she’d brought back from her Caribbean trip. Though she liked it very much, it was just too casual (that is to say sheer) to wear in a small Southern town. Misty too put on a something she liked, but could not wear back home. She’d bought the green top to wear to her photographic internship. While the top showed enough to turn head in downtown Atlanta, in Sparta it would get her arrested. She thought she looked great in it. Even Kate Evans had commented on how good she looked in it.

Haley though was the most daring. While she wore one of the overall-shorts outfits she wore so often back home, this time she wore a completely see-through mesh crop top under the overall’s bib. Given her curvaceous figure, when the group returned to the main drag looking for food and hot shopping, even on Collins Avenue, she garnered many appreciative looks and a few comments.

They found a fun restaurant with a live “go-go” dancer on the bar. While the food was good, it was not great. However, it was quite fun.

Caitlin let everyone know she really enjoyed her first topless beach experience. “I wasn’t sure about going like that in public, but it was so cool.”

Though Bailey had not taken off her top on the beach, she agreed. “Me too, I never thought I’d feel so stuffy while wearing the smallest bikini I’ve ever owned. When I wore it for the first time on Saturday to Suzette’s party, it was a hit with the guys; but now I’m going to have to get me something new before we go back to the beach. I’m not sure if I should buy a matching top though.”

Haley asked “The way I see it, why buy a top when we can’t wear the bottoms in public back home anyway.”

Bailey seemed to see the logic in that.

“OK girls, its shopping time!” Caitlin almost shouted.

But Marcy said firmly “I told Hans and Otto we’d be back out at South Beach by 4:00.”

Misty couldn't help but jab "Maybe the old women will get laid first after all."

“But when do we get to go to the other beach?” Sarah whined.

After which, quite a discussion about plans ensued. Finally, it was agreed they would split up. Those who wanted to go shopping for just a short while and then go back to South Beach would go with Marcy and Trish. Those who wanted to go shopping a little longer then go to the nude beach would go with Bonnie.

As it turned out the group split almost evenly, Sarah, Misty and Haley went with Bonnie. Bailey and Caitlin went with Marcy and Trish. Bonnie was pleased that the interminably long drive down had given Bailey time to get to know the other girls. The fact Bailey was comfortable spending the afternoon with Caitlin rather than Sarah was a good sign. She also thought Caitlin would be good for the younger girl. She’d gown into quite a young woman.

Bonnie got a kick out of Sarah and Haley as they squealed with delight at new finds in the shops. When they went in the designer boutiques, they all gasped at the unbelievably high prices.

“$130 for a pair of panties? They gotta be kidding” Haley whispered.

“I don’t think so, not here” Bonnie whispered back.

Other shops were just the opposite, for instance Haley bought a bikini bottom for $8 at one shop and they each bought a silk sarong for $12 a piece. All three girls bought beach towels with pictures of hunky guys. Haley clearly bought the most ending up with three bags before they headed back to the house. In addition to the towels, the girls bought swim suits, wraps, mini dresses, sheer tank tops and suggestive tee shirts.

When Haley bought a tee shirt printed with ‘You missed me topless on South Beach; Bonnie asked with a mock concerned tone “What will your mother say?”

“She will be jealous she wasn’t here too.”

Bonnie knew she was right.

By the time they arrived at the house it was past five. They could see the other group had come back from shopping and gone again. They tossed their bags and stripped out of their street clothes. It was decided that they would not even bother with bringing swimwear to Haulover Beach. The girls just wrapped their new sarongs around their naked bodies while Bonnie went with shorts, tee-shirt and a big floppy hat.

Misty, thinking of the deal she was working on with Richard Kyle, planned on shooting photos of her mom and to set up photos for her mom to do the same for her. It would be no problem getting Sarah or Haley to actually shoot the pictures of the two of them together. She gathered her expensive new camera, tripod and folding reflector board. Misty wanted at least two-hundred usable photos from this trip. She calculated she would need to shoot at least two-thousand frames given the 10:1 ratio of frames verses usable images. Some of the photos would be technically bad, others would miss the perfect expression or pose and still others would be essentially duplicates. It was no problem; she’d brought enough memory for five-thousand frames at full resolution.

Before they walked out the door Bonnie sat the three girls down and, with special emphasis on Haley said “Now I want it clear that you do not have to go if you don’t want to. You understand there will be lots of naked men there.”

Haley asked sarcastically “And is that supposed to be bad?”

Bonnie just said “I just felt I should say that. And for my money naked men are not a bad thing. Especially if they are as hot as the one’s we saw last year, but don’t expect to get too much attention. Most of the good looking guys you’ll see are gay.”

Misty and Bonnie only partially knew the way to Haulover Beach, but fortunately all they had to do was keep the ocean on their right and after ten minutes they came to a sign that said Haulover Beach Parking. The large lot was full and it took some time to find an empty slot. The path went under the road and joined the sidewalk. At the intersection of the beach path and sidewalk there was a large city sign that read “Warning: Beyond this point you may encounter nude sunbathers.”

“Mom, you need to get a picture of us in front of the sign” Misty insisted. She set the photo up using her tripod before joining the other two girls. Bonnie fired off two shots of the three girls grouped around the sign.

“OK, and one without the sarongs” Misty ordered. So without so much as a discussion the three teens stuffed their wraps into the beach bags and stood nude beside the sign that stood right on the public sidewalk. A couple of younger teenage boys who were skateboarding almost fell over when they saw the three girls. Though technically being behind the sign they were in the nude area, in practice the nude beach was over the high sea grass covered dune, not visible from the main sidewalk.

Bonnie was amazed that none of the three girls even began to try to seek cover. Haley and Sarah stood on either side of Misty. Their fully tanned breasts accentuated their young flat tummies, though side by side it was more apparent that Misty’s curves were softer than Haley’s muscular body. Sarah was clearly younger and less voluptuous than the other two, but she was no less attractive with her naturally wavy light brown hair draped over her shoulders. Bonnie noted that just like she had, the girls had clearly come to the conclusion that going nude did not mean going without bodily adornment. They looked downright fashionable, even in the nude.

Bonnie clicked off several photos while the skate boarders stood catatonic.

Misty looked over at the dumbfounded boys “Hey, can one of you take a pic so my mom can be in the picture?”

The boys looked as if they’d been summoned by the gods. It seemed to take forever for one of them to respond with a timid “yes.”

Bonnie showed him how to press the shutter, then dropped her shorts and pulled her tank over her head. She began to think ‘these boys are going to pass out’ as she took her clothes off.

Bonnie posed in the middle of the three girls, making sure the sign was still visible. The boy took one photo and started to move away.

Misty was enjoying the moment and said “Hang on; let’s get a few more shots in different poses.” She rearranged everyone then walked over to the stunned boy, moved the tripod over to the left a few feet and reset the composition. When she'd relocked the camera in place she motioned for the boy to get behind the viewfinder again.

The second boy pulled a cell phone from his pocket and took some photos for himself. Bonnie thought that was only fair. She finally rescued the boys after Misty had made a second rearrangement of the crew and he’d taken more shots. The naked mother thanked the boys and told Misty to pack up the camera.

The boys zipped off as soon as the camera was in Misty's hand.

Once out of their sight, the girls laughed. Sara said “Did you see the look on their faces when Mrs. C., took off her shorts?”

Bonnie pulled a waist wrap from her bag and tied it. The girls did not take their sarongs from their bags before heading up the walkway over the dune.

The beach was much more crowded than it had been on Bonnie and Misty’s prior visit. Just like at South Beach the big pastel colored lifeguard stands dominated the view. It was a good two hundred yards from the dune to the water. Most of the crowd was down by the waves; however, there were a good many groups laying out in the dry sand further from the water.

Without warning Sarah dropped her beach bag and began dancing around with her arms outstretched “This is so great”.

Bonnie picked up her bag and they kept going while Sarah flitted around like some sort of fairy. They approached a bald body builder type doing some sort of martial arts practice. His milk chocolate skin was covered with oil and Bonnie and the girls could not miss the grand penis standing nearly straight out from his completely hairless body. Bonnie wasn’t sure if he were Hispanic, mixed race or just very light skinned African American, but whatever his ethnic heritage, his body was a chiseled masterpiece. Bonnie assumed he was gay, but to the girls he was just an incredible hunk of man. Misty and Haley tried to keep coy as they looked at him, but Sarah’s dancing almost caused her to run into him as he did, what appeared to be karate forms. She stopped cold, inches from him. He stopped also. For a second, he glared but then her pixie like charm took over and he opened into a broad smile.

“YOU” Sarah said in a breathless voice “are the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.” She very visibly looked up and down his glistening hyper muscled body. Bonnie had now stopped. She kept her eyes on Sarah who appeared positively tiny in front of this great big man.

In a deep rumbling voice and only the slightest Latin accent he said. “And you are the most darling wisp of a young woman I’ve seen in a long time.” She blushed and looked down, but looking down, almost at near breast level was his big thick organ, so she looked up and asked “What is your name big handsome man?”

“My name is Julio but most people call me by my stage name, Roca.” Sarah started very fast “I’m Sarah, my friends and me, we are from Georgia.” She motioned for Bonnie and the others to come over. “I’ve wanted to come to a nude beach for a long time. I’m so excited, now I can call myself a real nudist. See I go naked at home and at my friend’s pool, that’s her” she pointed at Misty talking a mile a minute without seeming to breathe “That’s her mom and our friend Haley. What do you mean your stage name?”

“I’m a dancer and when I dance I don’t use my real name. Would you and your friends like to join me?” He said waving to the sand around him.

Bonnie put out her hand “Hi I’m Bonnie”, Julio (Roca) shook her hand and said “Sarah here says you are that good looking chica’s mother, I can’t believe it; sister maybe, but not mother.”

It was Bonnie’s turn to blush, “Yep, she’s mine.”

The girls spread out their towels, and got out the sunscreen. Bonnie, very conscious of being the only clothed person (if topless) in sight quickly remedied that and relaxed listening to the girls ask Roca questions.

“Where do you dance?”

“About half of the year I’m on the road doing clubs all over. But the other half of the year I’m here. Miami is my home. I do about four different clubs here in town.”

“Why different places? Is there a difference between one club an another?” Misty asked.

“I’m not sure your mother would appreciate it if I got more specific.”

Misty plaintively said “Oh, come on, she won’t care.”

“Yea, Mr. and Mrs. C. are very open about sex.” Haley added “Last month at a pool party, she walked right out to the pool, buck naked to give condoms to us so we could have a safe-sex orgy at their house.”

Followed by Sarah’s comment “and last night she and my mom did it while we were in the next room.”

Bonnie cut in “No, we didn’t do it last night” then paused, “but we probably will tonight. But the girls are right you can’t offend me.”

“Well in that case,” Roca said leaning back “I guess you are a pretty hip family.” As he leaned back his penis now stood straight up toward the sky. The girls eyed the slightly curved scimitar as he continued to talk. “Well the club I work at every weekend is downtown, not here on the beach. It is very upscale. It has a floor show and has both male and female dancers. It caters to a very cosmopolitan crowd of men and women, a large percentage of them are business travelers from all over the world. I make very good money there, so that’s my favorite place.”

“Do the men pay you for private dances as well as the women?” Bonnie asked without thinking.

“Yes they do. It’s the only place with a mix of men and women like it in the country. A couple of years ago I did a European tour and there were a number of clubs like it. It’s like there is no gender line, everyone just enjoys all the dancers.”

Haley piped up “Yea, Misty and I are bisexual, just like her mom, and so is my boyfriend.”

Misty added “And so is my dad.”

The comment from the teenage girl seemed to actually surprise the man.

That comment surprised Bonnie as well, but she knew it shouldn’t since Misty had been through all the photos from the cruse very carefully. They just had never discussed her father having sex with men before.

Roca came back “Oh, I didn’t know people from Georgia were so progressive?”

Bonnie answered “I don’t think we are representative of our community.”

Haley jumped in, “Do you have to wear a thong or do you go like this? Because I would have paid money to see you like this, and I know my mother would too.”

He smiled a big toothy smile. “Yes, here in Miami I get to show off my wares, but in most of the country I have to wear a g-string.”

“That would suck” Haley said. “So where else do you work?”

“On Monday nights I work at a gay club and I also work private clubs and events.”

“Are you straight, gay or bi?” Haley asked just as Sarah asked “What’s a private club?”

“Slow down little girl” he said. “So many questions.”

Bonnie stepped in. “OK girls. You may not be wearing clothes, but you still have manners. You don’t just ask strangers that kind of question.”

Haley quickly tried to undo her indiscretion “Oh, I wasn’t’ trying to be nosy, but what do you do at the clubs?”

Roca shook his head. “If your daughter can sit here and tell me that both her parents are bisexual, I guess I have nothing to hide. I’m sure you girls are too young to have gone to a strip club, but strip clubs are just bars with naked entertainment. The club makes their money by alcohol sold by the glass even in Miami. The dancers make their money by tips and by giving private dances.”

“So do men and women pay you to let them give you a blow job? I certainly would understand if they did.” Haley asked.

“Haley!” Bonnie snapped.

“No, no nothing like that” Roca chuckled. “There are very strict rules, most important is the clients are never allowed to touch the dancer's genitals. That goes for both male and female dancers. Even at a private event like a bachelorette party.“

“How’s that different than just hanging out here?” Haley asked.

“It’s a matter of style. Here I’m just chill’n talking to you lovely ladies. But at a club or private party the point is to turn the girls or guys on.”

“But you can’t touch them?” she pressed.

“I have some license to touch the client but they can’t touch me back.”

Roca looked over to the lifeguard tower. Bonnie guessed he was looking to see if any of the lifeguards were looking their way. None were even visible from their location. He then stood up and said “I will show you a little of what I do.” He put some oil in his hands and stroked his penis. Bonnie and the girls sat gaga eyed as he brought himself to a full erection.

“Imagine we are at the club in downtown Miami and you are all dressed up in fancy clothes.” He began dancing beside his towel, swaying his hips and rolling on his feet as much as he could in the sand. "Sit up on your knees, so you are more the height you would be in a chair." They did so, but still he towered over them. He began to move around so that he danced right in front of each of them for a few seconds. Then he went back to Bonnie for a second round, this time he squatted so his large erection swung right in front of her face. Bonnie had to resist a strong desire to pull it to her mouth. As he did the same to the girls she wondered if they too were thinking the same. She had no doubt Haley was.

Roca said, “See, if they buy a special dance I come to them and do this. While I give private dances, I am allowed to touch the women.” After he'd teased each of the girls, he moved back in front of Bonnie. He ran his hands across her face as his penis swung less than an inch from her lips, almost touching them.

He looked at Bonnie then the girls. She surmised what he was asking and she nodded yes. So he moved around the little semi-circle to each of the girls doing the same. Haley opened her mouth apparently planning to sneak in a taste; but he was too fast for her. The other's laughed. Bonnie asked "How often do your clients move faster than you?"

"Not as often as they'd like, but I can't say it doesn't happen."

He came back to Bonnie for a second round, this time he said “I can touch them almost anywhere” as he squatted low and briefly cupped both breasts in his large hands. The hair stood up on the back of Bonnie’s neck as she felt her nipples instantly go hard and her pussy tingle. As he slowly rose up the head of his phallus followed where his hands had been, pressing firmly up across her left nipple, across her breast bone and up the left side of her neck and cheek. Bonnie had to hold her breath to keep from reacting. She could tell he must make good money doing this.

He stepped back. “You three are too young for me to do that, and I had better stop before the life guard kicks me off the beach. But you get the idea.”

Bonnie, heart racing said “Yea, I get the idea. You’d have every penny I have on me.”

All three girls made it clear they were disappointed he had not done the same to them.

They all sat and talked half an hour or so before the girls quieted down. The crowd began to thin some and at exactly 6:30 the lifeguards picked up and left and the girls went off to play in the surf before the sun was gone.

Even after all that time his penis was partially erect. While the girls were gone she got up the nerve to ask. “How do you keep it up so long” motioning to his penis.

“It’s a learned professional skill. I had to learn to keep it hard for hours at a time for the show. What man or woman wants to see me soft? Well that is one of the reasons I come out here, to practice. And it’s a great pick-up place.”

“For guys?” she asked.

"Sometimes, but I'm equally comfortable with both sexes” and he gave her a grin that brought back Bonnie's tingle.

She sat back and asked a question she had not earlier. “Do you ever have sex with the women who buy dances?”

“No. No sex for money, but tips are welcome. I won't pretend that a good many clients haven’t wrapped their lips around my cock during private dances. But I never let them have more than a taste... or two. The clubs turn a blind eye to that in the private booths, but even then we are talking a matter of seconds at a time. If you can imagine how drunk rich women tip. Besides the fact fucking them could get me thrown in jail and the club to lose their license, it’s bad business, even if I don’t take money. It’s a fantasy the women want, and the best way to burst a fantasy is to live it out.”

“What about men?"

"Ah, men are different. Rich strait men in particular. They almost always want me to cum in their mouth."

"So you do?" Bonnie kept up.

"Only if they are clearly a high roller. But yes I will do it on occasion. I will admit, shooting a load into some gay bashing suit is actually a lot of fun for me, and he, not me, is taking the risk of disease."

Bonnie didn't know whether to laugh or be turned on. She told him, without using names, of the all male cruises that the LeMarco's take and how nearly all the men are conservative family men. He was not surprised. "There is no question I get my best tips from men who claim to be strait."

She then told him about Cooper and how surprised he was at how much he enjoyed sex with men, particularly having men sexually dominate him by fucking his mouth or ass. She went on to explain that he was struggling with self-identifying as bisexual even though he was quite open about how much he enjoyed the feeling of a cock in his mouth or ass. Roca put forth an idea that Bonnie had never considered. "I don't really like the term bisexual either. To me the issue is not really sex, but romantic attachment. Like your husband I really like having sex with men, but my romantic relationships are always with women. But unlike your husband, I am a top. I like to fuck men and to have them suck my cock, but I rarely reciprocate. I'm the same with women, I like to be in charge. Though I love to eat pussy more than I can say."

Before she could stop herself she said "I'd love to have you eat mine." But as soon as the words came out she tried to get out of what she said "No, I really didn't mean that. Well, I did but let's forget I said it." She then tried to just change the subject back to Cooper. "I am very much in charge of sex at home. Even back to the first time we had sex over twenty years ago I had to practically drag him to my dorm room, pull his dick out and get it in me. For the whole time we were monogamous Cooper let me be in charge when we were in bed. And, more recently, I was the one who first began to have sex with other people. When he's with men I suppose it is natural that he enjoys them doing the same. So if you are a top, does that mean he is a bottom?"

Roca pretended that he'd not heard her say she wanted him to eat her pussy. Bonnie assumed he heard that kind of stuff all the time. He just said, "Yes, I'd say he would be called a bottom. But that does not mean he is weak. It is very common for men who are powerful business men to want to be dominated sexually. I didn't mention it before, but over the years I've had, what we call arrangements with a number of men and women. All of them were very powerful and dominating in the business world, but when they were in bed with me, I was totally in charge. And not to brag, but I can fuck for hours on end and they just lay there and take it."

Bonnie agreed, "Yes, that is Cooper." and she told him of the time in New York where Cooper let two men just fuck him in both his mouth and ass as long as they wanted; and how much he'd liked it. "Thank you for the insight" Bonnie said.

Misty was coming back toward them, and Roca said, “Just to let you know, if you weren't with the girls, I would have already asked you back to my place to show you how fun it can be when two tops make love."

Bonnie again blushed.

"This Sunday evening I’m doing a special show on one of the gambling cruise ships. Why don’t you come see me dance? It’s not my normal routine as it’s off shore. You’ll love it, and I won’t take a tip even if you offer.”

He then reached into his bag and pulled out a business card that only had an address on it, nothing else. Then took a pen and asked “How many are in your group who are 21 or older?”

“That would be three” Bonnie answered.

He took the pen and wrote Special Comp- 3 and signed it then handed it to Bonnie.

“Now be at the dock at 8:00 on Sunday night. Give this to the steward at the gang plank; he’ll give you some chips and a key to the VIP sweet. Just plan on coming to both shows OK?”

“I’ll take the card, but I’m not promising we’ll be there.”

“Oh, you’ll be there” he said once again using that grin.

Misty opened her camera bag, and saw Roca was getting ready to leave. "Roca?" she asked "Would it be inappropriate to ask for a few photos of you and my mom together? I think my dad would really love them."

He laughed, "No that is fine. This is a public beach after all."

He picked up the bottle of oil again, but Bonnie put out her hand and asked "May I?"

Roca laughed and then said "You are the take charge one aren't you?" before spraying some of the oil into her hand.

Misty shot a number of photos of her mom stroking him up to full staff. She could not miss that her mom's hand did not go all the way around it. She was surprised when he leaned over to kiss her mother. Misty was sure he was doing this for the photos. And he was right, the photos were hot. With his penis again pointing skyward, he swept Bonnie off her feet and held her in both arms like a baby. "How is this for a pose?" Roca asked.

Misty said "Better than perfect. OK, Mom, look this way and smile." Misty shot off two frames "Now look at him." Two more frames "OK, if you don't mind, another kiss." The big man picked her mother up like a baby and held her like she weighed nothing while they shared a very prolonged and very intense kiss. Misty couldn’t tell if it was her mom or Roca who initiated the tongue action; however, there was no missing her mother’s efforts to shift her hips to get that erection into her. There was no doubt in Misty’s mind that if her mother had been straddling Roca, as she had the college guy last year; she would have taken as much of that big penis into her as she could manage. In the position that Roca held her, the best she could do was to get his erection to just barely penetrate her. One thing Misty was sure of; there would be one more photo for the guestroom wall.

Failing at provoking the handsome man to screw her, Bonnie contented herself with feeling him hold her tight with the head of his cock just inside… as they kissed for several minutes.

"Got it.” Misty said as she stood up. “Thank you, Roca."

With the photos done, much to Bonnie’s disappointment, he put her down and pulled on his shorts and tank top to leave. “I’ll see you Sunday. Let the girls know if they’ll come back in a couple of years, I’d love to have them come to the show also.”

After Roca left, Bonnie and Misty went down to the surf to get some pictures. Misty asked "So Mom, this is twice now. Are we going to take photos of you having sex with great looking guys every time we come to the nude beach?"

Bonnie laughed "THIS time, I really didn’t have sex. Though it was not from a lack of trying on my part."

Misty had to agree with her on that…though the photos were very, very hot.

In her time with Roca, Bonnie had not noticed the change in the makeup of the people on the beach. The gay men had been replaced almost entirely with older heterosexual couples, many with young children in tow. She could see there now were also a number of groups of girls and guys that appeared to be twenty-something's. Sarah and Haley were playing in the water with a mixed group of college age people. She already knew to look for tan lines to determine if they were locals or tourists. They were tourists. And as she got closer she could tell the playing had progressed to groping with all five guys sporting wood. It was blindingly apparent to Bonnie that the game the guys were playing would soon involve more than the Haley or Sarah intended. As she walked, twice she saw one of the guys move up behind the girls, apparently looking for an opening to slip it in as they played in the waist deep water. So far however, the girls were still just laughing and swimming or splashing away when the guys made contact. She knew this game would come to a climax soon; a climax that could pass STD’s.

Bonnie told Misty "I think this is getting out of hand. Tell them we need to head back to the house."

Misty agreed and handed the camera to Bonnie. She waded out into the ocean. Bonnie could not miss that the girls must also have thought it was time to end this game. After Misty spoke to them, there was no hesitation before Haley and Sarah were saying goodbye to their new friends and heading out of the water.

Bonnie raised the camera to shoot the girls as they exited the surf. Misty saw her and gathered her friends together for some posed shots of them playing in the waves then walking up to the shore.

When Misty made it to her mother she said “Leave’m hard, right?”

Bonnie slapped her on the bare ass and said “You learned well.”

Misty shook the water from her hands then took her camera from her mom. “Did you get any decent photos of me?"

“I think so. With the sun low and behind me, I think the exposure will be perfect. But all of the photos I took were of the three of you" her mom answered. “Do you want to get a few more before we go?”

Misty said she would. The group spent over half an hour in the setting sun as Misty shot photos. She enjoyed playing photographer for both her mom and her friends. She tried to put to use the new skills she’d learned from her internship. Her mother reminded her of what they’d learned from Janice, Heather’s photographer. “We must make sure photos that have any of you in them can be reasonably claimed to be simple vacation photos as opposed to glamour nudes. And be extra careful on that with the photos you take of Sarah. She is clearly underage. We can’t take the risk of any of your photos crossing the line from nudism to being sexual and thus risk accusations of kiddie porn.” Misty understood what her mother was saying; but, she’d learned quite a lot from Janice about where the limits were. She had each of them pose individually and in groups, walking, standing and lying in the surf and laying on their towels. She was glad she had brought the tripod and reflector board as the sun began to set while she was still actively shooting. The low sun gave her perfect light, but she needed to use a slow shutter speed, thus the tripod was invaluable.

When Misty began giving her mom instructions like “OK, give me your sexiest look,” Bonnie was slightly embarrassed. She knew she shouldn’t be since Misty had shot photos of her actually having sex before, but she was. She was sure she turned red when her daughter told her to roll on her side and “Lift one leg up, and bend your knee to put your foot back on the ground. Imagine Roca is watching you beside me, and you are trying to convince him to come over and fuck you right on the beach.” However, the thought succeeded in getting her motor running. Misty said the photos looked great.

Finally, she had Haley and Sarah man the camera & light board to make photos of her and her mother together. She did some what she would call formal nudes with the two of them that were neither erotica nor candid's. Even more than from Janice, she had learned a lot about legality in her internship. She’d even been there when Daniel had shot a formal family nude portrait of a mom, dad and two elementary aged children. So, she was sure she was safe in this.

Eventually the light was completely gone. They stopped shooting and then finally put on their clothes. They decided to pick up a couple of pizzas on the way home. In the van Misty and Sarah sat in the back seat while Haley sat up beside Bonnie talking non-stop about what she hoped to do this week. Looking in the rearview Bonnie began to suspect Sarah had not only become close to her son this summer, but to her daughter as well. On the long trip to Miami, she thought she could see something between them, but she wasn’t sure what it was. When she saw them kissing in a tight embrace as the street lights illuminated them, she realized that she had missed something else right in front of her nose.

Haley used her phone to call Caitlin but got no answer. When they arrived back at the house it was empty. So the four dug into the pizza and turned on the big TV. Turning it on, Haley found the house’s streaming service had no fewer than three “adult” channels, though one was Spanish language. Haley asked sarcastically, “Now what does it matter if they say ‘fuck me’ in English or in Spanish?” She left it on the Playboy Channel (English version) because as far as they knew you couldn’t even get it back home on cable. Bonnie took the love seat by the TV that reclined like an easy chair, and the girls took the matching couch. After eating, Haley announced she was going upstairs to the garden tub, get relaxed and to “get myself off since it looks like I’m not getting lucky tonight”. Then she added, “It’s big enough for three or four, anyone want to join me?”

She got a “Maybe later” from Misty, but nothing from Sarah.

The show left on the TV was sort of a “R” rated version of Candid Camera; however, after Haley left, Misty and Sarah didn’t see very much of the show. Bonnie watched the girls from the corner of her eye as she pretended to watch the TV. It was obvious to her that Sarah was the initiator, but Misty was receptive to her advances. She’d accepted that Sarah and Lamar had become playmates, but she simply had not seen this thing with the two girls coming. She was sure Marcy had not either.

No sooner had the water started upstairs, than Sarah began nibbling at Misty’s neck. The nibbles quickly became deep tongue kissing. Misty had never even made out with anyone with her mom in the room before, let alone had sex; and yet it seemed that sex would soon be on the menu.

Bonnie saw Sarah’s hand slide through the wrap of her daughter’s sarong as the tempo increased. The deep and passionate kissing, augmented by Sarah’s ministrations under the sarong, continued until the TV show changed to a special on Miss July. The changing of the show must have been a cue for Sarah to untie her own sarong and let it fall. The younger girl pulled the fabric that covered Misty's body to the sides until she was completely uncovered. Immediately afterward, they moved to a laying position on the couch with Sarah on top grinding her mound into Misty’s.

Bonnie was fascinated as the minutes ticked by and they simply stayed in that position. She stopped pretending to watch the TV. Slurping sounds came and went. She even thought that Misty climaxed at least once, but they just continued in the same unhurried manner until the front door opened and the other two teenagers noisily piled in the house. Sarah appeared to intentionally delay rolling off Misty until it was clear to all the new arrivals what they had been doing.

Not commenting on Sarah’s flaunting of her Sapphic tryst, Caitlin said to the now standing Sarah “Look what your mom and Trish brought home.” Through the front door, Trish and Marcy were followed by Swiss Otto and his brother Hans. While Sarah was now completely nude, she did not flinch at the arrival of the two men. The men however did a double take. Caitlin and Bailey together told Sarah and Misty how the men had taken them all to an amazing restaurant in downtown Miami. Caitlin then said, “That’s why we are late, and now it’s time for Hans and Otto to get their thank you for dinner.”

Trish, with Hans in tow, was already to the back of the room, standing in the doorway that led to the stairs. She looked over to Sarah and said “They would have gotten this thank you even if they hadn’t bought us a fabulous dinner” before heading up.

Marcy didn’t even comment that her daughter was standing there nude in the presence of these men as she grabbed Bonnie by the hand. “Come on, you gotta come with us” and pulled her toward the stairs.

“I’ll just stay down here and let you have the fun” Bonnie said even though she very much wanted to join them. She just didn’t’ want to seem too eager in front of the girls.

“No way” Marcy insisted. “If nothing else I need you to take pictures. Mike only agreed for me to play with other men this week on the condition I send him pix.”

When had Marcy and Mike made such a leap to agree she would start having sex with other men? As far as Bonnie knew, Marcy had only had sex with one man other than Mike in twenty years, and that had not been planned. Sure, they had joked about getting laid in Miami, but there is a huge gulf between talking and laughing about it and going up the stairs with a man she met at the beach today. Evidently, she and Mike had decided that she would return to her pre-marriage lifestyle of casual sex just for the fun of it…on this trip…and send him pix. Sure, Cooper and she had a tacit understanding it was as likely as not she would have sex while she was gone; but they had not directly talked about it as Mike and Marcy clearly had done. “OK, OK. Let me get Misty’s camera” she answered Marcy as she lifted her surprisingly tired body out of the easy chair.

Misty, who had been listening to the exchange, pulled the camera from her bag, changed lenses, attached the flash, and turned it on before handing it to her mother. “For the best pictures, turn the flash to face a wall, not the people. The camera will adjust to what you set up on its own." She showed her mother how to turn and tilt the flash on its mount, then Misty said "Ok, have fun.”

Bonnie thought of making a witty comeback but she was still working on one when she went through the door that led to the stairs to the upper floor. As she made the turn to the second flight of stairs the temperature and humidity rose sharply, though she could hear the hum of the two window units in the bedrooms.

The second floor was not as large as the first due to the slope of the roof. She supposed the house had originally been built as one story with the second floor designed as just an attic. At the top of the stairs, at the end of a short hallway was the open door to the large newly remodeled bathroom. Since it was as large as the smaller of the two bedrooms, Bonnie supposed it had been a third bedroom before the remodeling. The door on the left was to the smaller bedroom that had been claimed by Sarah and Bailey the night before. It was now very evident that the house had been set up to use the lower floor as sort of a dormitory, with just the two private rooms upstairs. Like the girls had concluded earlier, this was indeed a party house.

Light spilled out of the righthand door, illuminating the poorly lit hallway. The room she was sharing with Marcy and Trish was newly decorated in an East-India motif. The four-poster king sized bed had a faux mosquito net which draped down from under the ceiling mirror and wrapped at each bed post. The room also had a pair of dressers, a rattan love seat and a round table with matching rattan chairs. It was the photos of this room and the big upstairs bathroom that had gotten Trish’s attention and led them to rent the place.

When they had returned with the Swiss men, Trish and Marcy had been wearing light summer dresses that Bonnie had not seen before. She assumed they had bought them during the day. Before she entered the room she could see Otto, in his boxers meticulously folding his slacks. “How Swiss” she thought.

Standing at the doorway she raised the camera and centered the frame on Hans sitting on the side of the bed suckling on Trish’s breasts. They were still cradled in the quarter cup bra the two of them had bought at Victoria’s secret in the spring. Marcy advanced toward Otto sliding her pink thong down over her hips as she walked. Pushing Hans down on the bed she straddled him and began to kiss him aggressively.

Bonnie thought to herself “Where has the quiet, timid Marcy gone to?”

Bonnie watched and shot some photos as the last of the clothes came off before both Trish and Marcy began to suck cock for all they were worth. Neither man had a particularly large tool so both women were taking most of the organs in as they went down. Marcy pushed Otto down onto his back and got on all fours to suck the life out of him. Bonnie moved to the side of the bed and fired the flash again. The light actually reflected off of Marcy’s completely smooth and damp labial lips. Bonnie had not observed Marcy from this angle in the full light before. Her labia was so smooth. Two weeks earlier, when she and Trish joined Marcy for her anniversary, Bonnie had not gone down on Marcy even once. It seems her other friend who had never gone down on a woman before the summer, liked it so much she didn’t want to share.

She recalled having noted how smooth Marcy’s mound had been when she ran her hand over it in on their anniversary foursome, but had never seen it clearly. Bonnie recalled Marcy had spoken of having the hair on her labia permanently removed by electrolysis, leaving only a ‘cap’ of pubic hair above the cleft; however, the cap was now gone so she could wear the micro-bikini here in Miami.

Laying down the camera, Bonnie pulled off her linen sundress and crawled onto the ledge that acted as a footboard for the bed. Reached out and ran her fingers directly over the flat of Marcy’s sex that showed between her thighs, she found the outer lips were smooth and slick. Upon Bonnie’s first contact with her skin, Marcy let out a gasp. She took her other hand and ran it over Marcy’s ass and legs. All was silky smooth. She leaned over to give a soft kiss…then another and another.

While Marcy gorged on Otto's penis, Bonnie gently and thoroughly explored all the curves and folds that were exposed. Tenderly Bonnie opened up the outer lips to expose the small pink inner folds. Running her fingers lightly across the soft tissue, she felt Marcy quiver.

Eventually Bonnie could play coy no longer and pressed her face between Marcy’s upturned ass cheeks, driving her tongue as deep as she could into the wet vaginal canal. She reveled in the pungent taste and smell of a woman who had been outside all day. She was so overwhelmed she lost all sense of time and space. Her whole world narrowed to the physical sensations that came via the skin on her face, her lips, her tongue and the aromas. The aromas of sex filled her head. Only occasionally did Marcy do something that reminded Bonnie that there was more to what was going on than what she was so enjoying.

Suddenly, the wet warm Nirvana was yanked away. Someone physically turned Marcy over. She was not at all finished fully exploring the tastes, smells and textures that her friend had to offer. It seemed unfair; but in the back of her mind, she knew she’d be back to that spot again…soon.

A thick Germanic accent said “time to fuck” and with that Bonnie was nearly pushed off the bed as Otto mounted Marcy. The magic of the moment broken; Bonnie went back to shooting pictures. First, she shot a dozen of Otto as he stroked in and out of Marcy. She focused on catching the expressions of pleasure in her friend’s face rather than the point of penetration (though she did get a couple of shots of that too). She then went around the bed and began to shoot Trish as she rode on top of Hans, making the same type of images.

“Join us” Trish said looking up at Bonnie. “Sit on his face while I ride him.”

How was Bonnie going to resist? Down went the camera again. She climbed onto the bed, stood on her knees above the man’s handlebar mustache, then lowered her self slowly. He wasted no time before pressing his tongue into her and she wasted no time in leaning over to press her lips to Trish’s. It was pleasant and joyful rather than intense as she and her best friend kissed and caressed each other astride a man they hardly knew. She pondered on why this was so pleasant. It was as if she and Trish and Marcy had entered into their own little world of the youthful joys they had all known decades ago, but had left behind. Certainly, these two men didn’t really matter, it was about the three of them enjoying being women. Yes, that was it. At this stage of their lives, they had the ability to simply relax and enjoy what it meant to be a woman without a need to prove themselves to anyone.

“Mom” a whisper in her ear intruded into her bubble of bliss “Where is your harness? Sarah and I want to borrow it.”

Releasing Trish’s nipple from her lips she turned her head to see Misty at the edge of the bed leaning over to whisper. Bonnie was a bit annoyed at Misty disrupting her moment of contentment. She hissed “It’s in the top drawer.” She pointed to the dresser on which she had left Misty’s camera. Standing in the doorway she saw Sarah, still completely naked. It took her a moment to realize what she was doing there. She was transfixed by the sight and sounds of her mother's steady moans of pleasure. Hans was holding up Marcy’s legs as she lay on her back taking his slow strokes.

Trish’s eyes opened, but they were glazed over and she was still in her own world. To her right, Otto pushed Marcy’s hips up so he could stroke down into her. She looked back at Sarah. It was at that single point where the penis was going in and out of her mother that Sarah was staring.

Trish, evidently thinking that Bonnie’s distraction was a good time to make a change, indicated to Bonnie she wanted to switch places. Bonnie moved off of the man’s face, and over to the edge of the bed nearest to Sarah. The movement brought the girl out of her trance. She looked over to Bonnie and smiled.

Bonnie was on her knees only a few feet from Sarah when she whispered “You like watching your mother doing that, don’t you?” Her anger at Misty had fully gone. It was replaced by actual pleasure that their daughters were so comfortable right there in the room watching their mothers’ openly enjoying having sex with men they had only met that morning. They had all come a long way in such a short time.

Sarah nodded, but she said nothing. Bonnie nodded in return. “Misty likes watching me too. Stay as long as you like.” Perhaps the fact she really meant that was as surprising as anything else. There was no question that Sarah fully intended to stay for a while.

Misty, having found the harness and dildo set joined Sarah in the doorway. In a voice barely audible Bonnie told her girl, “I’m just going to pretend you were never here. Actually, I don’t care if you go or stay and watch; just don’t bother us.” With that, she turned her back on them so as to straddle Hans and position her hips over the waiting erection. She did not know if the girls watched as she lowered herself down, guiding this total stranger’s penis into her body.

Bonnie began rocking back and forth on her knees and leaned forward to kiss Trish. She focused on again finding that zone of bliss that would make everything else go away. The penis did indeed feel good in her, and kissing Trish was just so pleasant. It took an effort of dwelling only on the physical sensations, but the bliss returned… only to be shattered a few minutes later by the bright flash of Misty’s camera.

Her first impulse was to stop kissing Trish and yell at her daughter. Instead, she zoomed in on that special pleasure of knowing she was being watched having sex. Even better she would be able to share the photos with Cooper and her other friends later. More flashes filled the room. For a moment she imagined what those photos would look like on the big living room TV screen with all of her friends watching. The thought turned her on even more and guided her actions as she performed for the camera.

Misty had not planned on staying in the room. She really was excited about showing Sarah what it was like to have sex with a guy. They’d been talking about it on and off all day long. However, she saw the camera sitting on the desk and she had heard Mrs. Marshal say she wanted photos to send to her husband. It was also quite obvious to her that Sarah wanted to watch her mom and friends. This was a first for her. She understood her wanting to stay for a while. How many times had Misty watched first her parents with each other, and more recently with other people? And they had just been given explicit permission to stay right in the room while the fivesome…mini-orgy…went on.

In Sarah’s ear she whispered, “Would you mind if I took a few minutes to shoot some photos before we go?”

“Thanks. I’ve never been allowed to stay and watch my Mom before.” Misty stood with her for a moment. Sarah went on “I’d wondered if I would really get turned on watching my mom fuck…but damn, I didn’t expect to like it this much.”

Misty just nodded. She understood. Then she went back to the dresser and picked up the camera. Switching it on, checking to see her mother had left all the settings the way she’d given it to her, she then took a moment to consider all the photographic possibilities. Unlike when she shot her parents with Dr. Douglass, she would not change the lighting. It took several test shots to get the results she wanted. After that it was all about composition. She decided to focus on one mom at a time so as to not diffuse the impact of the images. It was the emotion that she wanted, not the mechanics.

Misty framed her mother as she was rhythmically thrusting her hips, moving the man’s penis inside of her. She shot a series of “abstracts” of just her lower body as it moved. She hoped her still photos would capture the motion. Just to be sure, she flipped the setting and shot a minute or two of video of her mother’s hips fluidly rolling on the man. Then she focused on a series of frames of her mother's face as she alternately kissed Marcy, suckled her breasts and simply held her head back enjoying the feelings. Before moving on to Mrs. Marshal, she composed a series of her mother as part of the larger conglomeration of bodies. This too she also captured in a few minutes of video.

Once she’d gotten what she wanted of her mother, she moved on to Mrs. Marshal as she sat on her knees, her vulva on the man’s face. Essentially, she repeated the same series of photos.

From the far corner of the room, she framed up a series of photos shooting over the three mothers engaged in sex, to Sarah who was watching by the doorway. Since Sarah was also nude, she knew the photos would have to be erased later, but she wanted the mothers to see it. She then zoomed in to put all the adults in the soft fore ground, to capture Sarah’s entrancement as she watched her mother.

Finally, she shot a series of Mrs. Simms. She knew the adults had to know she was in the room, after all she was using the big flash she’d bought with the camera to bounce light from the walls. Yet, since she’d begun shooting, the only one to acknowledge her presence was Mrs. Simms. She had looked right at the camera and gave a very big smile. She was all but telling Misty “Take my picture having sex.” Misty took the opportunity and let off a shot and then another. Mrs. Simms posed for a good thirty seconds giving Misty time to shoot half a dozen frames.

Bonnie, in her haze of otherworldly pleasure, had totally tuned out the flashes. It was only when they had stopped did she notice. She looked back and saw Misty doing something to change the camera settings before pointing the lens back at her. On one hand it was a bit bizarre that it was her daughter photographing her while this man's dick was all the way in her; yet, this was not the first time Misty had shot photos of her in a threesome. In June she had taken pictures of her, Cooper and Amy for half an hour. Those photos had been quite good, and Amy had made a point to call Misty and thank her for taking them.

From all she could tell she was the only one aware it was Misty shooting the pictures. Perhaps they thought it was her taking the photos. Bonnie had no intention of letting anyone know she knew Misty was in the room with them. Perhaps, neither of the others would know she had even been there. Her mind was simply too addled to realize that everyone had to have known who was shooting. Nor did it occur to her that the photos would show all three moms making it with the men. It would be very evident that one of the teens had shot them.

When Hans said something in German, both men began to move and Otto said “We will switch now.”

When Bonnie rolled over and began to kiss Marcy on the mouth, the girls were no longer in the room. She had been riding Otto for some time and it was no surprise he wanted to do Marcy doggie style. Bonnie wanting more of her smooth pussy said “Here, let’s do what Sarah said you like so much. I'll eat you out from underneath while he does you.”

“OK, but I’ve almost always been the bottom in that” Marcy said as she got on hands and knees over Bonnie.

“So this is something special” Bonnie said looking up to her small lips. Soon they were spread wide by the man’s penis as it pressed into her.

She didn’t even notice when the flashes began again.

Misty and Sarah had slipped out while everyone was moving, then returned when things started again. Though in this second cycle Misty worked a bit faster and was in and out with photos of all three of the mothers in the new sexual arrangement in less than ten minutes.

In the morning the teenage girls once again woke up Bonnie and her fellows, but not quite so early. All five teens sat around the edge of the bed. In the center the moms were all pressed together under the light sheet.

“Well you can’t say you weren’t having sex last night” Haley exclaimed. “Damn, you guys were way into it before I got out of the bath. I thought I was wild. You three put me to shame… and I mean the shame of being a prude, not from being slutty. I can’t be slut shamed…and I guess you guys can’t either.”

Languidly, Bonnie said “Oh, you think so?”

“Yea, but you need guys that can keep up with you” the curvaceous girl continued, “I mean you did like 90% of the work and still those guys were totally spent in not much more than an hour.”

“And how do you know that?” Trish said with a start.

“Cause I didn’t’ go downstairs after my bath. We watched from over there” she said pointing through the door to the other bedroom right across the small landing. “You really didn’t know we were there?”

“We?” Trish asked followed by Marcy’s entrance to the conversation “You’re saying you and someone else watched me do those things?”

Though Marcy knew full well she had been watched, she thought it proper to pretend she didn’t know.

“Mom, you know full well I was watching too” Sarah piped up. “You saw that at one time or another all five of us watched you guys go at it; but Misty and I saw everything…and you know it.”

Marcy made a very slight nod in agreement.

“I loved every bit of it; but the best was watching you while Misty and I were getting it on at the same time.” To make her point she turned around and kissed Misty on the lips and grasped one of her bare breasts.

Marcy was clearly mortified at her failure to find plausible denial. She wanted to play nice Southern mom while her daughter and friends chatted about watching her commit adultery last night with two different men. Bonnie, not yet grasping that Marcy had known all along the girls had been watching their orgy was fearful that Marcy might come apart. To defuse the situation, she said “Go on down stairs girls. We’ll meet you in a few minutes.” She gave Misty the “I’m serious” look and Misty herded the girls down. “Marcy, are you OK?”

She took a good while to answer. “Yea, I guess so.”

“You don’t sound OK.”

“I guess the reality of the fact that last night I went from talking about being totally open with Sarah, to really doing it is a bit overwhelming.”

Trish tried to correct her by saying, “But you told us, and her, all about what you did with the exchange student.”

“Yes I did, but none of that happened by my plan and Sarah never saw me doing it. But we came here with the express purpose of getting laid. We all talked about it in the van, but it wasn’t real then, it was just talk. Then yesterday I went topless at a public beach and then last night had sex with two men I don’t know…. while my daughter stood at the doorway and watched me fuck for at least half an hour. Oh yes, I knew she was there. Part of me said I should stop, this is so wrong, but I was so overwhelmed by the excitement.” She looked as if she were about to cry. Bonnie sat down beside Marcy and held her tight.

“Did you enjoy yourself at the beach and last night?” Bonnie asked quietly.

”You know full well I did. It was better than amazing. But Sarah?”

“Sarah is not hurt. She chose to watch. You didn’t force anything on her. I saw her face while she was looking at you taking it from Otto. I know for a fact she enjoyed watching him drive his dick into you.”

“How could you know that?”

“Because I asked her. While her eyes were glued to his dick drilling into you, I asked if she enjoyed watching. She nodded to say she did. So you need to accept that she chose to watch at length because SHE wanted to. Sarah is sexually mature; she has a right to make her own choices.”

”I know” Marcy choked out. Tears beginning to roll down her face.

Bonnie went on, “With everything that happened, I have not had a chance to tell you. Before you got back from dinner, right in front of me, Sarah and Misty were having sex. And, from what I saw, Sarah was in charge the whole time.”

Then Marcy began to cry again “I know. I saw. I watched them having sex last night up here. We watched each other having sex, and I really liked it. I’m sick and perverted.”

“What are you talking about? I had thought until a moment ago that you didn’t even see them when they came in the room last night. So, are you saying you saw more than I did?”

“I knew when they came in, I just pretended I didn’t. Sarah stood right there.” Marcy pointed to right where her daughter had stood for over ten minutes while Misty shot pictures that first time. “But later, when you were under me. Someone turned on the lights in the other room. I looked over and saw Misty and Sarah doing it. Misty was wearing that strap-on of yours and fucking my Sarah. I tried not to look but the whole time Otto was doing me I kept peeking over.”

Bonnie tried to calm her down “Weren’t you listening to me? They were having sex before you guys got home. They did it down stairs with me sitting not five feet away. It was a little uncomfortable for me too.”

Marcy became very intense and said “You don’t get it. She knew I would watch and that I enjoyed watching her get off. You see, the day after we saw her and Lamar do each other at your pool; she asked me right out what I thought of them doing that right in front of us. She pointed out, correctly, that they had started before we came out. We chose to lay out so close to them. I tried to be evasive, but she persisted until I told her what I was trying to hide. I told her it had turned me on to see him finger fucking her until she climaxed. So last night, Sarah knew before she started what would happen. It was no accident they were doing it in a direct line of sight to where I was on my hands and knees.”

Bonnie hadn’t linked what they’d seen at the pool with what had happened last night. But it made sense.

Marcy went on. “I kept looking over there the whole time you and Otto were doing me together. I couldn’t seem to help myself looking as Misty kept fucking her doggie style, and I really liked watching Sarah respond. After a while, they kind of took a break and just laid on the bed spooning and talking quietly as they watched us in here. When Otto started to cum, I looked over to the other room to see if Sarah was still watching. She was. The whole time he is grunting and groaning into me, Sarah looked right into my eyes. I had just about decided I needed to go shut the door when Sarah smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up.”

“I guess I missed all that” Bonnie said.

“So did I” Trish echoed.

“Yea, you couldn’t’ see. You were under me and doing me so good. If you didn’t have me coming out of my skin the rest wouldn’t have happened.”

“The rest of what?” Bonnie was now fully perplexed. She knew full well what happened until both men collapsed with exhaustion. When Otto had pulled his spent penis from her, Marcy had sat up on Bonnie letting the pent-up lubricants run down into her mouth as she made love to Marcy’s baby smooth labia. All the while Otto had been rutting her, Bonnie had been licking Marcy’s entire vulva. But when he pulled out, she began sucking her clit like she was giving Marcy a blow job. Bonnie was sure she brought Marcy to four climaxes before they quit”“

We watched each other” Marcy said, now more in control of her voice. “When the guys had gone, and you were eating me out while I was on my back, I watched Sarah as Misty went down on her.” She paused and then said “You were great, amazing even, too much so for my good judgment. But I came so fast and so hard because as you did me, I was watching Sarah and she was watching me watching her.”

Bonnie thought quickly. She remembered what it had been like when she realized that Misty was watching her have sex with the pool man last year. It was exciting, amazingly exciting. By now she was comfortable in the knowledge she liked to be watched and the better she knew the watcher the better she liked it. She was forming her words when Marcy said “Do you know how many times I came?” Not waiting for an answer, she said “They came one after another, it was like four, and that was just before the guys left. I made sure to prop myself up on some pillows so I could see through the two sets of doors were Sarah and Misty were. I had two more like that. On and off the whole time you were eating me out, Sarah and I were watching each other. Then after we started up again after that last little break, when I went down on Trish, Sarah mimicked me and went down on Misty. I kept glancing over to see her glancing up at me from between Misty's thighs.”

Bonnie could not think of the right words.

“I don’t know what to think about myself. I’m sick I know it, but it was so amazing. You, me, Trish, Sarah, Misty and oh yea Haley taking pictures and for a while both Caitlin and Bailey were in the hallway watching too - it was all too much. Too much.” She said as her body collapsed into the soft bed.

Bonnie lay back and wrapped her arms around her “You didn’t do anything wrong. Sarah and Misty came up here; we didn’t go down to see them. Then they stayed to watch. You did nothing to encourage them to do that. Misty and Sarah made the choices. And there is nothing wrong with the choices they made. Neither we nor they did anything that was dirty or shameful last night. Sure, we are told sex must be hidden, but I don’t believe that, and I didn’t think you did either. Seeing us having sex with each other and those two men did nothing that will traumatize Sara. If anything, it will reinforce the positive view of sex you want her to have. And like I said before, it seems like Sarah was in charge the whole time. It was Sarah’s game not yours, so don’t even think you were taking advantage of her.”

Marcy’s smiled as her concern faded “That’s Sarah. She’s always playing the tune and I dance to it. Hell, that is why I’m here, she wanted to live like Gerta, I guess she should be happy now.” Bonnie took her by the hand and said “Yea, she should, so come on lets go get cleaned up.”… but their bath had to wait until she and Marcy and Trish made love again.

As the women were working things out upstairs. Misty transferred all the photos to her tablet and began to go through to make the first culling of the four hundred plus photos that had been taken the day before. She was generally pleased with the beach photos, though she saw a good many things she would do differently next time. Lighting on a beach was far more complicated than in a studio. Even with the ones she’d toss, she certainly had a good start on creating a set of new photos of her and her mother for Mr. Kyle.

The photos of the three mothers and the two guys they’d picked up on the beach were not as successful. Yes, there were several dozen good photos that she was sure her mom and her friends would love; but there were only a handful that captured the artistry that she’d wanted. Yet, she reminded herself that was to be expected for her first try. After all, she’d become spoiled by the facilities at Kate’s studio. And, the five bodies were moving all the time and they were totally out of her control. How much better would the set have been if she’d been able to give directions as she did when shooting in the studio.

Despite all the challenges, she got a couple of genuinely terrific photos that would go in her new permanent portfolio. One of Mrs. Marshal as she apparently was climaxing as she sat on the Swiss man’s face and another of her and Mom, kissing as they were both on the same guy. The very best photo of the night was of Mrs. Simms, on her back while the guy stood beside the bed holding her legs up as he ground his penis into her. It was the look of otherworldly bliss on her face and the sweat on her body that made it really work.

For Misty, it had been a productive day one, though she really wished she’d been able to shoot her mother with Roca.

For the second morning, all eight women and girls headed to South Beach together. Unlike the prior morning, Misty carried her camera and planned to be shooting all day. Once again, the mothers were commanded to sit well away from the teens as they planned to meet up with the friends they had made the morning before.

Bonnie tried not to feel a little pushed to the side, but the girls were clearly having a great time. She tried to be inconspicuous, but she watched carefully. Despite Sarah and Misty’s night of making love, this morning it was Sarah and Bailey again. On the beach, there was a clear divide between the younger and older girls and the boys they attracted.

Sarah and Bailey quickly found the two boys they had met the previous morning. Bonnie recalled that Sarah had told her they were cousins from New Jersey down in Florida visiting their grandmother for a couple of weeks. It seems they had promised to keep working with Sarah and Bailey on skim boarding. The girls were sure they could become respectable boarders before they left.

Bailey wore the thong bottoms she had bought the night before and as she said she would, she had not bought the matching top. Bonnie could not help but notice Bailey in nothing but a bright green thong had a stunning figure. She made a mental note to talk to Bailey about the fact she would surely draw some predatory attention from guys too old to be appropriate for her.

According to what Misty had said while they shopped yesterday, the boys that she, Haley and Caitlin had spent the morning with were part of a larger group of recent high school graduates from all over the country. They knew each other from some internet thing and had rented a house for the summer. She said they were all pretty geeky and had dreamed of a wild summer between high school and college. Unfortunately for them, the person who actually rented the place didn’t know that Miami and Miami Beach were not the same place. So their house was a good thirty minutes’ drive from the beach. To make matters worse, most of them had flown in. Between the ten of them who had rented the place, only two had cars so they spent long hours stranded at the beach. Though they could have hailed a cab or Uber, they were on very limited budgets.

The three moms were all content to lay and tan, talk and watch the teens with their new friends. This second morning, none of them had hesitated to strip down to the same minimal attire as the girls; though deep-down Bonnie still felt like the young people on the beach were wondering why she was there, dressed like that.

About 11:00 Marcy’s cell phone rang. It was Mike. At first her face went white, then a broad smile appeared. After a few minutes she ended her call and handed her phone to Trish. “Here, take a picture of me. He doesn’t believe I’m wearing this in public.” So Bonnie watched as Trish shot a couple of photos with the phone. Marcy said to hold on a moment, and called the nearest of their group of teenagers, which happened to be Bailey.

When Bailey came over, Marcy asked her to take a few pics of the three mothers all together. The first pic was shot from the front showing their breasts, then a second from the back showing off their rears left exposed by their thongs. Sarah was right behind her friend and could see what was happening.

When Bailey was about to give the phone back to Sarah’s mom, she told her friend to get one more pic, and she plopped down on her mother’s lap before telling Bailey to take the last photo.

The girls scampered back to their guys and Marcy played with her phone for a few more minutes. After she put away the phone she just sat wide eyed.

Bonnie asked “Are you going to tell us what all that was about?”

Marcy took a deep breath. “Would you believe that early this morning, my daughter emailed five pictures to her father of us, from last night.”

”Actually yes I can believe it” Bonnie answered. “And…?”

“What do you think? He starts to work and opens his email to find photos of his wife and her two best friends in bed getting crazy with a pair of guys they had just met.”

“And?” Bonnie repeated.

“And now he’s so turned on he can’t work. He’s going to call me back when he goes to lunch and wants me to tell him all about it.”

“That’s great!” Bonnie said, genuinely happy for her.

“Yes it is. We had agreed that this week I would give a new lifestyle a try.” She seemed to think for a moment and corrected herself. “No that’s not right. It is not a new lifestyle. I lived the free-love, casual sex life for close to ten years before I got married. You see, perhaps I haven’t made it clear, I didn’t even meet Mike until a couple of years after college. I was well and truly into the Bohemian artsy drama world.” She looked at Bonnie “From what I understand, you became monogamous pretty much as soon as you started dating Cooper. Right?”

Bonnie said that was the case.

“I didn’t do that. I was not going to give up my whole way of life until I knew I was with the guy I’d marry for life. So for the first year Mike and I dated I continued to have recreational sex with all sorts of people. For Mike, to have sex with me after he knows I’d already screwed someone else is not new. This Christmas with Rolf was far from the first time he’s had sloppy seconds with me. It was only when we got married did I stop having sex with my friends. I quit cold turkey. Like I told you before, Rolf was my first new guy since the night before we got married.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but say “Oh, you are bad.”

She got a grin “Actually Mike doesn’t know it, but at my bachelorette party I even got his sister laid.” Marcy leaned in to indicate this was a huge secret, “Well, you see I never told him because I swore I wouldn’t. My girlfriends thought I should end my single life with a bang. They secretly arranged that three of the guys who worked at the dinner theater I directed would come to my Bachelorette Party as strippers. We’d rented a hotel suite and we were all pretty lit by the time the guys showed up. Things got out of hand and…well… we more or less… had an orgy. It certainly was a fitting end to my single life.”

Trish asked, “But if he knew you’d done other people while you were dating, why did you promise not to tell him?”

“I’ve never told Mike because his sister, who was married and is rather conservative was there. We’d all been drinking and had passed around a few joints. It was her first time smoking weed. By the time the strippers got there, she was high and horny. I really can’t say for sure what all happened because I was pretty blitzed. But I am almost sure she blew two of the guys, and while there is room for doubt, her later response seems to indicate she fucked one or both of them. While I didn’t remember anything clearly, she did. It turns out she was not nearly as drunk as I was because when we talked the next day, she seemed to know a whole lot of things I did not remember. She never told me what all she did that night, she made me swear I would never tell her brother about the weed. In twenty years, you are the first people I’ve ever told that story.”

Though Trish seemed shocked, Bonnie began to laugh uproariously. She just couldn’t help it. It was just too funny. “OK Marcy, that is bad. Getting your conservative sister-in-law stoned and laid. Even at my worst, I’ve never done something that fucked up.” Marcy and Trish couldn’t but help begin to laugh too.

It took a while for the three women to regain their composure. Finally, Marcy said “All that to say, Mike and I agreed I would see if the old shoes still fit.”

Trish snorted “Well it looked like they fit pretty good last night.”

Marcy didn’t miss a beat, “Oh yea! Those shoes felt mighty fine: all soft and warm.”

That brought the laughter back. Once again it took several minutes before Marcy could go on. “As I was saying….before we left home, I had promised Mike that if I went through with it and got laid, I would send him a pix message. I just assumed I would just take a selfie. Of course, that plan changed. After we talked this morning, I figured I could get Misty to let me pick out a few pics from her camera to send this evening. But, that little bugger of a daughter didn’t tell me she’d sent him photos. When he said he’d gotten them, I didn’t know if he was happy or upset.”

“But it sounds like he really liked them” Trish said.

“Yep. He wanted to know if I was doing it again tonight. He said to call him while I’m doing it and let him listen.”

“Kinky” Bonnie said.

“It’s good he’s turned on but….. but I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like he’s intruding on my fun.”

Bonnie thought for a second and asked “If it were him here getting laid, wouldn’t you want to know he’s thinking about you?”

That seemed to make her consider it from Mike's perspective. She said “I get it, but I am still not doing it. He will have to do with pictures”

Bonnie understood. She actually thought Mike’s request was intrusive, but she wasn’t going to say so.

Marcy looked to Bonnie “You might want to ask Misty if she sent her dad the photos as well.”

“I’m sure she and Sarah picked out the photos together. I will just assume Cooper got them too.”

She looked to where Sarah and Bailey were skimboarding with the two boys from Jersey. “It’s funny, after last night I thought our girls were becoming an item, but they don’t act like it now."

Marcy had an answer ready, “Well I talked to Sarah this morning. I said that she can’t abandon Bailey. But she told me they’d talked about it before she and Misty went upstairs. I guess the point was that Misty was teaching her about doing guys. Though she didn’t deny she’s developed a crush on Misty, she assured me she was not ditching Bailey.”

“That was smart” Bonnie said. “But I’ll confess, last night while I waited on you guys to get back, I found them beautiful together. So don’t feel bad about watching. I did too.”

Trish chimed in, “Well I didn’t see the girls doing it last night, but I did see you two and you guys were smoking hot. Bonnie, I didn’t think you’d ever stop licking her.”

Bonnie said, “Don’t worry, it’s your turn tonight. That reminds me…” and they entered into a discussion about Marcy’s electrolysis after which they simply lay and relaxed. Sometime later, Bonnie was somewhat surprised when Misty stood over her wanting her attention. “So what crisis leads you to admit you have a mother?”

“Our friends, you remember I told you about them, they are stuck here until like ten tonight because the guy who dropped them off suddenly had to go home for a couple of days and the other guy with a car won’t be off work until tonight. When we go to the house for lunch can they come with us?”

“Sure” Bonnie said. “No problem. We can pick up sandwich stuff at that little grocery on the way back. Tell them we’ll head back in about fifteen minutes.”

“Thanks mom, you’re the greatest.” Rather than go, Misty lifted her camera and said “While I’m here, why don’t you let me get a few photos of you, well of all three of you.”

When Misty had gone to get someone to help her with photos, Bonnie told her friends sardonically “Did you guys here that, I’m now the greatest. Wow!”

Misty recruited Caitlin to hold her collapsible reflector board to counter the high bright sun. She had each of the three mothers pose for about five minutes each, then got a few group shots before asking Marcy to get a few of her and her mom. In all it took around half an hour.

While they were shooting, Sarah came over and asked her mother “Our new friends Zack and Connor asked me and Bailey if we wanted to go to their grandmother’s house for lunch?”

Marcy hesitated “I don’t know sweetheart. You don’t know those boys, or where their grandmother lives.”

”She lives in Miami, not here on Miami Beach.”

Marcy shook her head, “No way am I going to let you go off the island with perfect strangers. Sorry, I may let you do your own thing a lot, but not this time.”

Sarah didn’t seem too upset, “That’s OK. I didn’t think you would let us, and it kind of worried me too.”

“Then why’d you ask me?”

“Because it’s much better to tell the boys that you won’t let me than to say I don’t trust them.” She ran off only to reappear a few minutes later as the moms were packing up.

“Could we go rollerblading with them on the sidewalks around here later, rather than coming back to the beach?”

”That should be fine. Just make sure you stay in the public areas.”

And again she ran back to her friends.

Bonnie was just picking up her bikini top when teenagers surrounded her. Misty was holding the hand of one of the boys. Though he was not particularly striking looking, he was the only one of the boys that seemed to have grown out of the gangly adolescent boy look to a more filled out and mature college guy frame.

“This is my mom, Bonnie.” Misty said to her new friends. “Mom, this is Brett” indicating the boy whose hand she was holding “and next to him is Josh, Kimi, Squirrel, Franklin, Red and Zara.

Bonnie tried not to be conscientious that she was topless and the guys were not even trying to hide the fact their eyes were glued on her tits. It wasn’t the first time Misty’s male friends had checked her out, but it still brought that odd mix of embarrassment and pride.

“Glad to meet you. I understand you are coming with us” Bonnie said as she reached out to shake each of their hands. Still holding her top in her other hand she said “I’m Misty's mother, Bonnie, and these are my friends Trish and Marcy. If you’ll give me just a second, we’ll be ready to go.”

She turned to pick up her wrap. Behind her she heard “Damn, your mom’s hot!” and several concurring voices before she turned and the voices silenced. Just to be a flirt she took her time to tie her wrap around her waist and put her top on last.

“Well Brett” Bonnie said as they headed off, “Misty told me you guys are cyber friends who had never physically met until you got down here.”

“That’s pretty close, but not quite. We had met before at conventions, but we’d never done anything like this.”

“So do you live near each other?” Bonnie went on as they walked.

“Not really close, but we are all from the upper Mid-West. Everyone but Josh and Kimi are from small towns in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. Red, Zara, Squirrel and I originally met in middle school playing World of Warcraft. We worked as a team, and at some point we all began chatting out of character and formed a guild called Silver Fire because most of us were magic users. We first got together in person two years ago at a Sci-Fi convention in Chicago, that’s where we met the others and we’ve been best cyber buds ever since.”

Bonnie was intrigued by the notion that people could develop genuine relationships via on-line video games. They continued talking until they got all the way to the little grocery. It appeared the whole group had been academic geeks. Most had been social outcasts from their high schools that were as rural and conservative as Misty’s. Josh and Kimi however, had gone to a Science and Math magnet school in Chicago.

After buying several loaves of bread, meat, cheese, chips and soft drinks they walked the additional blocks to their rented house. Like the teens they were, they tore into the food while turning on the three laptop computers that the girls had brought with them, and the big screen TV.

Marcy and Trish said they would be going upstairs when Mike called back. That would leave Bonnie to play the mother role of ensuring everyone had what they wanted. At each of the three laptops were several people. Evidently the boys were downloading some game onto all the computers. The boy named Red said in a loud voice “This is great. They have a really fast Wi-Fi, we could run four or even five players without running out of bandwidth. Why didn’t we get a place wired like this?”

Marcy, still waiting for her husband’s call said “See I did do good in getting this place”, but not 30 seconds later the call came and she and Trish went up the stairs.

A little while later Sarah got a call on her cell from the two boys with whom they had spent the morning. They told Bonnie the boys couldn’t come back because they had to do something with their grandmother, but they asked about tomorrow morning. Bonnie, knowing Sarah's mom was busy upstairs assured her that meeting them at 9:30 tomorrow morning would be fine.

After hanging up, Sarah and Bailey talked for a while, and clearly being left out of the conversation with the older kid’s new friends; they asked Bonnie if she could take them to Haulover Beach after lunch.

“No problem, but asked the others if anyone wants to go with us, I’ll go up and see if your mom wants to go.”

Upstairs she found Marcy on the phone. Trish was relaxing next to her, naked, legs spread and her little battery powered vibrator pressed on her clit.

“Either of you want to go to the nude beach with me, and Sarah and Bailey?”

Marcy pulled the phone from her face. “What happened to their skating?”

“Their guys won’t be back till tomorrow morning, so Sarah asked to go to the beach.”

Trish said “Well I’ll stay here then, as a chaperone.”

Marcy kicked at her “Yea right, some chaperone you would be.”

“Well, actually I would like to take a nap” Trish defended.

“More like you are hoping one of those young guys will come up and give you a hand” Marcy responded.

“Not just a hand, but a tongue and dick as well" Bonnie added. "You don’t fool us. You’ve become quite the sex fiend all of a sudden”.

Trish threw the vibrator at Bonnie. “No, I meant nap.”

Still on the phone with her husband Marcy asked, loud enough to get the other women’s attention, “What do you think dear husband, should I go to the totally nude beach with Bonnie or stay here and take a nap?” She waited a moment before looking up to Bonnie “He said not to dare miss it, and to send more pics.”

“OK, tell him we’ll do both” Bonnie said.

Then Trish, going back to the prior discussion, said “but if one of those young guys did happen to come up and find me resting naked, with the door wide open, well….”

“Yea I knew it. I’ve turned you into a nympho” Bonnie said throwing the vibrator back at her friend.

When Bonnie went back downstairs, the girl called Kimi, a petite Asian asked “Would you’re really let us go with you to the nude beach?”

“Sure, why not? We have a big rental van. It is big enough for everyone.”

“Wow, that rocks. Misty said you’ve taken her several times, I simply can’t imagine my mother knowing what a nude beach is, let alone taking me to one. I think only Josh and I want to go, the others are beached out for the day. They wanted to know if it was OK with you if they stayed here with your daughter and the others.”

Bonnie told her she’d be happy to have them stay, but was a little surprised Misty passed on another opportunity to go to the nude beach. She also made a point to mentioned that Trish would be staying to keep an eye on things.

As they packed Kimi told Bonnie, “We knew that somewhere around here was a nude beach, but we didn’t know where it was.”

Bonnie was determined that for this trip to Haulover, they were going more prepared. They took an umbrella, snacks and drinks, along with the towels and sun screen.

Kimi seemed to want to talk to Misty's mother and volunteered to load the van with her. As the two of them walked to the van which was parked two blocks away, Bonnie asked the petite girl “If I’m not being too forward, what is your relationship with Josh?”

“That’s a good question” Kimi answered. “We’ve been good friends for years, we went to the same math & science school. We’ve both dated other people, but the whole time we’ve both been closer to each other than anyone else. But technically we are not a couple.”

“So you don’t sleep together?” Bonnie asked. It seemed the directness of the question got the girl's attention; however, Bonnie was quite sure her daughter had given a lurid description of the five some last night in the mom’s bed to all their friends. So, she guessed the direct question was not out of line.

After a short pause, the teenager came back with a straight answer, “Well, yea we do most nights right now, but more like friends with privileges. Actually, it happened on its own. We were both virgins up till last summer. We both had been dating people for a while, but still talking to each other every day on the phone. Both of us were feeling pressure from the person we were dating to have sex and he just blurted out that he would rather me to be his first than the girl he was dating. I couldn’t believe he said exactly what I had been thinking for months. So the next afternoon after school I rode the L-train from school to his house and we did it for the first time. Then I did my boyfriend the next Friday.”

“That is very interesting” Bonnie said, and then she asked quietly “Who was better?”

“From an emotional side no one is as good as Josh, we are so close. But from a physical side my boyfriend was much hotter. His experience showed, even to this day I love sleeping with Josh, and I mean just lying naked next to him; but doing the dirty with other guys is better more often than not.” She paused then added, “Please don’t tell him I said that.”

Bonnie gave her best smile and assured her she had nothing to worry about.

“How does Josh deal with the fact you sleep with other guys? I’m not judging, as I’m sure Misty told you, I sleep with people other than her father.” Bonnie said as together they lifted the rolling cooler with ice and, drinks into the van.

“Well, that first guy was not a problem, he was a guy from my neighborhood and Josh didn’t know him. But when I started dating someone from our robotics team it got more difficult. He wasn’t really a friend of Josh’s but we saw him every day at school and it kinda bothered him that Chow and I were doing it. I thought that was ridiculous since I knew full well that when Wendy Tucker got drunk at the RPG Club’s Christmas party she told everyone in detail all the ways she and Josh had sex.”


“Role-Playing-Games. As you can imagine the Magnet School for Math and Science is a geek haven and so there is a popular club devoted to different RPG’s, both on-line and person to person, like Dungeons and Dragons.”

“Oh, thanks. So go on.”

“It’s like as seniors we geeks just started doing the things the jocks were doing as freshmen. And all that was to say that when we got here last month it seemed natural that he and I take a room together. Unfortunately, I was taken off guard that he got all mad when, like the second week we were here, we all got messing around and for the first time had sex as a group. Zara and I blew all the guys right in the living room, then Red pounded me really good right in front of everyone. Though I had a great time, it really bothered Josh. But when the group thing was over he and I had some of the best sex we'd ever had. Afterward he apologized for getting mad and now he doesn't mind at all when I do the other guys. When we have, what we call sloppy seconds sex, it has been really good every single time. I'm not sure, but I think he is under less pressure and so is more confident when he knows I've already gotten off with one of the other guys. And since there are only two of us girls, I've been having a lot of sloppy seconds for him the last few weeks. Oh, I don’t know if you’ve heard the term, but we call it sloppy seconds because we don't use condoms.”

Bonnie had to make herself not smile. Clearly the girl thought she and her friends were doing things that nobody in the history of mankind had ever done. She was not going to bust the girl’s bubble and tell her that just that morning the three mothers had been talking about giving guys sloppy-seconds long before any of the teens were born.

“Since Zara and I both have IUD’s and none of us really had very much sex before we got here, even though lots of bodily fluids are exchanged, we are not really at risk. So, it really can be sloppy, especially if Josh is not the second, but the third guy I do it with that night."

Bonnie started the van and switched on the air conditioning, but did not put the big Ford into drive. She thought it best to finish this conversation before she headed the two blocks back to the house to get the others.

Kimi continued right off, "I hope I don't sound slutty but I'm having a great time getting laid at least once every day. Well actually it is way more than that. As often as not I blow at least one of the guys in the mornings before we go to the beach, and when we don't go out, someone always wants to do me at lunch time, then of course all the night time stuff. I've told the guys I didn’t feel like doing it a few times and they are always nice about it. But the truth is, most of the time I'm more than happy to do it again. Fuck, the truth is I like how the guys fawn over me and I like screwing, and sucking dick...and getting my pussy eaten and well everything. Yes, just saying it does sound like I'm really slutty doesn't it?"

Bonnie nodded with understanding. "No, I don't think that's slutty. This is a once in a lifetime event. It sounds like you are a serious student, and for you this may be your one and only time to just let your hair down and enjoy life. Best of all, it sounds like you have found ways to minimize the risks and maximize the pleasure. I would have done the same thing when I was your age if I had the chance. From what you have told me, I'd stand to guess I had far more sexual partners at your age than you have. And Josh isn't unusual. Lots of guys like to go second, I know my husband does."

“Your husband does? Really?”

Bonnie nodded. Kimi seemed to be reassured by her words.

Bonnie shifted gears and asked " But why do you call the other boy Red? He doesn’t have red hair.”

Kimi laughed. "I guess that is weird. You see, his screen name is Red Revolution, but we just refer to him as Red. I’m not even sure what his real name is. But it was really cool that first time doing it with him, with our friends right there in the room with us. I'd never had sex with other people watching. I guess because it was the first time I did another guy right in front of Josh, it freaked him out; but he’s cool with it now, in fact, I think he likes watching.”

“Does Zara date any of the guys?” Bonnie went on.

“No, not exactly, she seems to enjoy the attention of all the guys. As you can tell, she’s not the type who focuses on her appearance.”

“I don’t know. I think she looks great” Bonnie said recalling seeing her with olive skin, jet black hair and as being on the short side with full, if a little droopy, breasts and curvy hips to match. She appeared to be of Mediterranean descent, but she could have been Greek or Italian or Lebanese for all Bonnie could tell.

“Yea, I guess she does to you. But she normally wears baggy goth kinda stuff, she completely hides her figure. She didn’t even own a bikini when she got here. Would you believe she wore the same black one piece for two weeks straight? I mean it’s not like she’s some virgin or anything, but she was very self-conscious about her body in public. It seemed weird to me because in the very first couple of days in the house, she didn't seem to mind if the guys saw her naked. She had this 'oh well this is me' attitude inside the house, but was uptight around other people.”

Bonnie imagined her in a one piece and said “Didn’t she know that dressing like that outdoors made her look big?”

“Well yes, of course it did. I thing she did it on purpose to be invisible. I knew full well a bikini would make her look much better than her full coverage one piece. And I was pretty sure once she got a positive reaction to her appearance by strangers, she'd feel better about herself. After all she has a killer ass. I finally hid that one suit and bought her a regular black bikini. Well, regular for Miami Beach, it would have been considered super small back where she grew up. Though it took her over a week to admit it she really liked how she looked. We both did the thong thing when the guys promised to give us extra on-line time. See at the place we are renting we only have enough band with for two or three of us to play online at the same time, so we agreed to wear thongs to the beach if we could have a whole night to play online together.”

“That’s very funny. When was that?”

“Oh about a month ago. Right off I could tell she was eating up all the looks from the guys, even if she said she didn’t notice. But the next day she insisted we buy a couple more tiny bikinis. Some are like string thongs, and others are super small but have a little fabric in the back…like the one Sarah was wearing today. Since then that’s all we wear to the beach.”

Bonnie thought it was now safe to head to the rental house to get the others. She put the big Ford in gear and asked, “So when did you lose the tops?”

“Of course the guys have been asking for us to go topless at the beach since day one. One of their favorite things was to try to untie our strings, so we always double knotted them.”

Bonnie cut in “Oh, yea I know what you’re saying, I was a teenage girl once.”

“Well, that was really recently. I guess it was a week from this past Saturday. The beach was really full and we were getting some good attention. After a few hours Zara blew me away when she suggested we redo our tops with a single bow. I knew what she meant, but I just couldn't believe she was saying it. Like I said, I had to hide her one piece just a month before. The guys didn’t try to untie us, they’d mostly given up on that game weeks before. I had to bring the fact she had bows, not knots on her bikini top to Squirrel's attention. He got the message though. Of course with her big boobs, as soon as he pulled the string it came loose and flopped down. The guys all hooted and hollered, but she just undid the band string and took it off. For the last week she's gone topless part of each day.”

“And you?” Bonnie asked as she double parked and honked the horn.

“What could I do? Even though my little boobs are nothing like hers, I took mine off too.”

“No," Bonnie said, "I saw you; you look great.”

“Like a great 12-year-old.”

“No. It is proportion that counts. You have nicely shaped breasts and your chest is clearly bigger than your hips and that is what really matters.”

Their conversation was cut off when Marcy stepped out of the house in a very light sundress. Opening the sliding door she said, “OK, I'm ready to get naked in public.” Right behind her Sara, Bailey and Josh clambered into the van.

When they arrived at the Haulover parking lot, Bonnie was determined she and Kimi would not tote their gear all the way to where they would camp out. So she divvied out the stuff among the group. She and Marcy took on the heavy rolling cooler.

On this, her second trip to the nude beach, Sarah seemed to consider herself an old timer. She guided the group across the dune, past the outer band of people camped behind the teal lifeguard stand, past a pair of apparent strippers with huge artificial breasts, between a couple of hot gay men and finally past a group of three middle-aged couples. Sarah in her own confident manner directed the teens to set up a space a little further down the beach, close to the pink lifeguard tower.

After they set up the umbrella a pair of very hot looking guys walked along the surf in front of them. The girls giggled to each other. Marcy commented on what Bonnie had noticed at her other visits. “These guys, they’re prancing around with full erections like it’s some sort of gay beauty contest.”

Bonnie agreed “I know, and if they weren’t so sexy it would be annoying.”

“Will I see a single dick here that wouldn’t make Mike look tiny in comparison?” Marcy asked.

“I guess there is a separate beach for gay guys with normal sized penises. But, really it is only those preeners who are hung like that. Most of the men are quite normal.” Bonnie answered.

Marcy said "Oh how sad." They both laughed as they removed the last of their clothes. Bonnie was a little surprise that Marcy didn’t flinch. As the afternoon wore on, Bonnie also noticed how her friend couldn’t get enough of looking at the young hot nude men, commenting on their great bodies.

The teens, even Bailey, it appeared didn’t hesitate to strip down to their birthday suits and hit the surf. The girls had brought the skim boards they had bought yesterday, and it appeared that Josh and Kimi were happy to teach them new tricks the other boys had not.

“You know” Marcy said looking at her daughter, “I think she really might become a nudist.”

“Yea,” Bonnie agreed “she seems to love being naked and I don’t think it’s that she just wants to be watched. I’ve noticed all summer it doesn’t matter to her if she is alone or with a house full she goes naked all the same.”

Marcy agreed, “A couple of weeks ago I had to insist that she put on some clothes before my mother-in-law came over. I really think she would have stayed naked if I hadn’t made her dress.”

Bonnie then told how she and the girls had all discovered ways of adorning their bodies while technically going nude. It was about that time that Bonnie realized it was Friday because the beach was more crowded than they had yet seen it. The space between groups grew ever smaller and it was no surprise when a woman approached Bonnie and asked “Do you mind if we sit here?”

She was an average looking woman of perhaps forty followed by a man. By the rings on their fingers, she guessed them to be married.

“Thanks” the woman said with a toothy smile that was inviting and friendly. Though a bit larger than TV women (perhaps size 14 or 16), she was not unattractive with what Bonnie called ‘professional’ length frosted hair. She opened a blanket rather than a towel before saying “I think I like it on these days when the beach is full. It’s more alive feeling.” After pulling off her long tee-shirt, under which she wore nothing, she reached out a hand and said “Hi, I’m Jeanne and this is my husband Ron. I don’t think I’ve seen you out here before”.

Now naked, the woman looked more attractive than Bonnie had first judged, sporting full and surprisingly firm breasts that did not look to have been enhanced.

Bonnie got up to her knees and took her hand “Hi, I’m Bonnie and this is my friend Marcy”.

She sat down and continued, “I’ve been here a couple of times but this is Marcy’s first. We’re from Sparta, in Georgia between Atlanta and Augusta.”

“Well welcome to Miami Beach. You two don’t’ have tan lines, so I assumed you’d been here a good bit.”

Bonnie was pleased that she didn’t look like a tourist as she had last year with her white buns, but hadn’t realized that is how the locals identify each other. “Oh, we live in the country so this is what we wear at our home pool.”

The woman gave a knowing look and said “So, you two are a couple?”

“No, no we are both married… to men, but we left our husbands at home.” She pointed to the girls with their skim boards. Bonnie then went out on a limb, “Though we are sometimes lovers. That’s Marcy’s daughter and some friends, the girl with her we brought from Georgia and the boys we found here. My daughter is a year older. She will be a senior in high school, and she’s back at the house we rented with the girl friends she brought with us and some boys they met at the beach. She’s come with me out here before but you know teens, they love hanging with their friends.”

This disclosure seemed to take Jeanne off guard. “Wow, I thought we were open. Our kids are in college and I thought I was bold even telling them we come here. But we have never brought them with us.”

Her husband added “And I doubt they would come with Mom and Dad even if we invited them.”

“Like I said, we have a pool at our home. We’ve always made swimwear optional for the family, but this summer our close friends like Marcy and half a dozen other families now come without swim suits.” The conversation progressed in time to a discussion about her and Cooper’s commitment to openness and open marriage. When she got to the part about the Final Freedom Foundation, the art show and her new job as the first Foundation employee the woman’s husband stopped her “I read an article about that in the New Yorker.”

Bonnie was tickled pink and said, “How wonderful. This is a first to meet someone out in public who has heard of the FFF. It was a very flattering article. If you remember the paining on the second page that looked like a jungle scene. That was my husband and I. We were the models.”

The man was clearly impressed. “Yes, I do remember because you had to look at it for a while to see it was a couple having sex, not just nature.” He looked over to his wife “Don’t you remember, I showed it to you”

She thought for a second, “Oh yea, I do. It was like mostly greens and browns. And I was really surprised the New Yorker published it.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but repeat. “That was my husband and I. The artist is a friend of my husband’s and she painted that one for the show, it was huge, but she gave us what she calls her proof-of-concept version she had painted first. It is more sofa sized. We have it hanging right in our living room.” The couple looked a bit stunned. Bonnie found she liked the idea of shocking people even at a nude beach.

“Now it is not exactly the same. Ours was like her first draft before she painted the big one, but it still looks amazing.”

The man asked “How did she do the painting? Did she see you at your pool and then make it up?”

“Oh no, we made love right in her studio. That was the whole point of the exhibit. She does sketches as she watches so as to get the emotion as well as the image. She’s done a number of different couples making love, and then turns the sketches into paintings.”

The man nodded, “I remember, that’s what the article said.”

The woman said in an incredulous voice “Damn, I’m stuck on the idea of having a painting of you making love right in the house for everyone to see. What does your mother say? Or your kids?”

“Like your husband said, at first it just looks like a tropical scene, and from less than ten feet away it is quite impossible to tell it is anything more. You have to be across the room looking back, and even then, as you said it takes a while to see it. On top of that I have the frame surrounded by tropical plants. We have yet to have a visitor see it for what it is without someone pointing it out. It’s not like the photos we have hanging in other rooms.”

That led into a discussion about the cruise and the party and the photos. They had been talking an hour when Jeanne said “You just have to come to our lifestyle club party tomorrow.”

Marcy, who had been mostly passively listening, said “Like a swing club? My husband Mike and I have been reading about them on the net. There are several in Atlanta. What’s it like?”

Jeanne answered, “We like to use the word lifestyle, because it’s not like the70’s where it was wife swapping. It is more like an upscale social club, except we don’t wear a swimsuit at the pool and sex with friends is always a possibility…but not a certainty. No one is pushed. But I would dare say our members would say monogamy is unnatural. Everyone is relaxed and does their own thing without the fear of being judged by others”

Bonnie said “That sounds a lot like what we say at the Final Freedom Foundation, except we aren’t down on monogamy, rather we see it as just one of the many ways to fulfillment.”

Ron said “Jeanne’s right, you really must come and do a talk. If you’ll agree to come I’ll call some people and you can lead a discussion group about your foundation. I know several people who would come tomorrow just to hear you.”

Bonnie saw this as an opportunity to try something new. She’d felt very successful at the press conference in New York, but that had been two months ago. In the meantime she’d been doing a lot of reading and thought she was at least as conversant on the topic as her husband. This would give her a chance to see how well she could communicate those ideas. Cooper might be a better writer, but she was sure she was better on her feet than he was. “O.K, but where and when?”

Marcy was more focused on the fact they’d been invited to a swinger’s party and now was full of questions. “But if you have a club with a nude pool and friends open to messing around, why come here?”

“We like the beach” Jeanne said. “And besides, look around, a smorgasbord of bodies on display; all open to the right offer.”

“But most of the hot young men are gay” Marcy rejoined.

”You don’t understand Miami. Yes, some of these guys wouldn’t come near a woman, but most are open to having fun with a man and woman together. Some of the best times we’ve ever had has been when we’ve picked up a hot guy out here.”

“or two” Ron added.

“or two” Jeanne agreed. “Ron and I do a great double blow job, besides I think nothing is better than being sandwiched between two hot men doing me front and back.”

Bonnie made a point to add “Yea, you are right there is nothing like it. But I'll admit I've never met another woman who likes it as much as I do.”

Jeanne asked "Which thing, sharing a man with your husband or having two guys fuck you at once."

Bonnie couldn't help but laugh, "Well both actually. I love them both."

The conversation went on about sex, their kids, nudity, work, Jeanne’s surprisingly natural looking breast augmentation, and more sex, until the teenagers finally came back to the little camp and declared they were tired and were ready to go. Bonnie looked at the time on her cell and was surprised to see they had been there almost three hours. No wonder the three girls and Josh were tired. It had been a fun and interesting day.

After Bonnie made sure she had the club’s address correct and promised she would be there to give a presentation; and Marcy got the name of the doctor who did Jeanne’s boobs; and Marcy asked Jeanne to make a picture with her phone of her and Bonnie at the nude beach to email to her husband, they packed up to leave.

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Mar 11, 2023

To be exposed to all the nudity, sex, and open relationships can change a person’s perspective forever. Reading these chapters and books again, I read things that didn’t attract my attention like now. The most important is Misty and Sarah, watching their mothers, Bonnie and Marcy having sex with other men and with each other, and the mothers watching their daughter having sex. The mothers and daughters were all aroused by being watched and by watching one another.

The nudists in In Search for the Final Freedom don’t see naturism as a nonsexual expression. Sex is part and parcel of nudity. Open doors while people are fucking is mandatory and one can masturbate and have sex wherever they want.



Jun 29, 2022

The wonderful chapters of the Final Freedom novel are manifesto's of your sex positive philosophy. Your female characters are well drawn and ready to open their legs at the drop of a hat or a thong. Their husbands at home must experience their wives' freedom second hand. You must have experienced some of these things, or heard it from others. One thing I miss in the narrative is the Christian background. Bonny and Cooper have convinced their friends about the Christian morality behind their open marriage but there is nothing about their Christian spiritual practice. They never pray, discuss anything related to their faith or question the morality of it all. The narrative is more a hedonistic free for all…

Jul 01, 2022
Replying to

I've wondered about that. There are explicit islands of Christian exposition here and there, and having read the final book on tumblr, I know that Christianity does become a bigger part of the Campbells' story. You must be thinking at least a little about more secular readers, which might lead you to soft pedal your own religious views. As one of those readers, let me say, "We're grownups. Don't worry about it."

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