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Kate: A Sexual Drama in Two Acts: Act 2

Entre les Actes

The next day Kathy sent an email detailing the plan. Her ambitious plan was to make two videos with two different men on the same day. She wanted one video to be discreet, carefully avoiding her face and the second to be very clearly of her. She asked for them to make the videos as tasteful and artistic as they could. She told Kate to buy an HD Digital Camcorder for which she would reimburse her.

Kathy cut her day short on Friday to have dinner with her son, little Will Junior, who was no longer little, and his lovely wife. They had been cryptic as to why they wanted to meet Kathy and Will for dinner. Kathy’s suspicions were confirmed when she was told she would be a grandmother in seven months. It was a wonderful night. She was fully ready to be a grandmother.

When they got home she went to their room and changed into some Agent Provocateur lingerie and set up a video to stream to the TV via their wyfi network, then sashayed into the living room, switched off the TV and sat in her husband’s lap. She’d worn this outfit several times before with other men and received very high praise, so she knew he’d like it. A pang of guilt hit when she thought that it appeared she had bought it just for him though he was the fourth man to see her wearing it. She quashed the thought by reminding herself she bought lingerie for herself, not for her lovers or fuck buddies.

“Do I look like your grandmother?” she asked with feigned annoyance at finding out she would be a grandmother.

She knew she did not. She not only worked out in the horizontal fashion on half of her nights on the road, she made a point to only stay in hotels with full fitness rooms which she used every morning. Besides her fitness routine, she also had all the modern medical magic that money could buy to stave off old age. As such, at 54, she still had no trouble bedding any man she cast her eye upon, of any age. She was a shapely size 10 and her flat belly lent positive attention to her curvy hips and 36D bust that had only been firmed and lifted slightly, not enlarged, by the very expensive plastic surgeon several years before.

She most certainly did not look like any grandmother William Coffee had ever envisioned. He took all of her beauty in. His wife was still the head turner she had been when he first laid eyes on her over thirty years ago. She was a trophy girlfriend and now over three decades later, she still was a trophy wife. Even if she weren’t the wonderful person and sexual tiger she was, he’d be willing to marry her just to look at her. She wore her hair shorter now, but she was ageing only slowly and gracefully like a movie star.

And, like a movie star, one could not expect her to remain monogamous and not have lovers on the side, it was part of the cache’ of having her as his wife. He had known that fact way back when they first became more than fuck buddies. The process from him being just another of her many casual relationships, to being her fiancé’ had taken half a year, and during the entire time she had not only been having sex with other guys, she would tell him about what she had done with whom. The whom, more often than not had been his frat buddies. She was not ashamed and he was not jealous….well….not very jealous. But that lifestyle of sleeping with his friends tapered off as they became a serious couple and had ended with her engagement ring, except for the year the three of them were involved with Hank.

She kissed him lightly, then with full tongue, but only for a moment before rising to switch the big TV on, but not to the news, but to the video she’d set up. It was carefully chosen, not porn, but a film by the Italian director Tino Brass about a beautiful wife who sleeps around on her doting husband. In the end he finds out but doesn’t object to her philandering. It was in Italian, so they had to read the subtitles.

Will loved her outfit and it was soon evident that this was not an art film, but not a porn either, perhaps something in between. He was amused that she thought she was so clever. He had noticed her choice of porn had become focused clearly on wives who slept around. When the wife in the movie made love to a paramour his wife unzipped his slacks and slipped her hand through the fly of his boxers. By the second love scene she had his pants open, and his penis out for her to slowly stroke. Watching the movie, he could not help but wonder if she had had another man’s penis in her hand this past week, or in her mouth. The thought made him more aroused than the movie. He leaned over to kiss her, he wondered had these lips been wrapped around another man’s penis recently?

He knew with a fair degree of certainty she’d had lovers in the past. She had not been all too careful when she had carried on with a neighbor about a decade ago. She would take “walks” and come home smelling of sex. Once he had pounced on her when she walked in the door, only to find her labia bright red. He pounced on her not in anger, but in arousal knowing for sure what she’d been doing. He’d climaxed in a matter of minutes knowing the sloppiness of her vagina was because the neighbor had just vacated it. Yet even in this both he and she maintained the external fiction that she was monogamous.

After he’d come to his senses and ended the thing with Hank, he’d chosen his words carefully when he told her, “I have a public office and I cannot ever be seen to be condoning adultery in myself or others.” He was sure she was sharp enough to follow what that meant and did not mean. On several occasions he had repeated the same thing after they had reminisced their time with Hank during passionate moments. He wanted to ask her if she was indeed sexually active outside their marriage so many times, but he never did. That would be violating his own “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule.

They did not finish the movie before they made love on the floor. And it was love, not just sex for both of them.

The intervening week was one of pensiveness for both Kate and Cheryl. After those whispered words at the café, neither admitted that this endeavor was so very sexually charged. Instead, they both reverted to the more comfortable pretext that they were helping Kathy with her marriage. It helped to focus on the technical challenges. Both Kate and Cheryl did internet “research” on line for erotic video technique. Though the research led to several sessions of self-pleasure for each of the women, neither even hinted to the other they had done so. Kate, after both her research and a long talk with the man at the camera shop, took it upon herself to buy a video tripod, a florescent light bank on a stand and a reflector board.

Act 2:

Light and Heat in a Hotel Suite

Kate had never even been in The Grand Bohemian hotel, though it was just across the street from the famed Biltmore House and not three miles from her home. She picked up a key at the desk and she and Cheryl moved their camera set up to room 312. The room, or suite rather, was stunning, not at all like the type of hotel in which she usually stayed. Rich furniture and real art décor filled the sitting room and the adjacent bedroom. A large window illuminated the sitting area and another shone light on the oversized tub in the marble clad bathroom. Not only was it impressive, but it helped Kate shift into her desired mode of cinematographer. Her sister had encouraged her to think of herself in that manner and assured her she would have complete artistic freedom. Though Kate had minored in art history, she had only had one class in cinematography. She knew by focusing on herself as artist in this case, this experience would be easier to justify.

After some discussion, Kate and Cheryl decided to shoot the “session” that would feature her sister’s identity clearly first, using the natural lighting provided in the sitting room while it was still daytime. It was currently 3:00 PM and her sister had told her she and her lover would arrive at 3:30. The second session was scheduled for approximately 9:00 and she decided to use the bedroom and their light bank to create directed lighting with dark shadows to obscure Kathy’s face.

Cheryl, for her part just followed her friend’s directions. She would be using the large, collapsible reflector to even out the lighting by reflecting the sun from the back of the room. As the time grew closer to 3:30 she could feel her pulse quickening and her sexual arousal grow. She might be able to put on the facade of this being art or helping out Kate’s sister, but the tingling sensitivity in her crotch told her the real reason she was here was to watch another couple have sex. Her motives were purely prurient and she knew it.

The room door finally opened and Kathy strode in followed by a nice looking man. A young man, apparently not older than 35. He was tall and on the thin side, but fit, with a full head of dark blond hair. Kathy was dressed in another finely made skirt suit, he was more casually dressed, a sort of bohemian look (as opposed to ratty redneck). He looked every bit the starving artist for which her town was justly famous.

“So, are you guys ready?” Kathy said brightly “Because I can promise you both Drew and I are ready to go.” With that she kissed him lightly and groped his bulging crotch. Then she introduced her sister “This is my baby sister Kate and her best friend Cheryl. Kate’s going to be our director and cinematographer, so she’ll tell us what to do.” Then she said to Kate “So, tell us what to do.”

Kate had already thought this part out. She instructed them both to strip to their underwear and for Drew to sit on the right end of the couch that she had moved to best frame them in the light. “Kate, I want you to come from the bathroom, sit down and do what you do naturally until I stop you.”

With a cheery “OK”, Kathy removed her skirt, blouse and jacket, carefully hanging them up. Drew pulled off all but his plaid boxers, from which a tent stood out plainly.

“Drew, those boxers are just too busy looking.” Kate instructed “Cheryl, get him a towel to use instead of the boxers.”

He unceremoniously dropped and kicked away his boxers, his full erection in full view of Kate and Cheryl who had returned with a bath towel. It was only then that Kathy realized he was shaven entirely with the exception of his head, he didn’t have one hair. She’d never seen a man like that.

Strangely, Kate found herself calm and un-aroused, but Cheryl thought her heart would explode. She couldn’t really quite believe this was really going to happen right in front of her.

In the bathroom, Kathy found herself also unusually aroused. For all her sexual exploits she’d only had a non-participating audience on a few occasions, one of those being her sister over a decade ago. And, most important, she knew the camera would be her beloved husbands view. This was for him….mostly. She felt confident that her sister would do a great job on the videos after half a dozen long phone conversations over the week about ideas and methods. One thing about Kate, she never half-did anything in her entire life and this video project was not any different. She even suspected that from this point on, it would take only the slightest suggestion and she’d have her sister as videographer on call whenever she wanted her.

She looked herself over in the mirror and touched up her make-up. When the cue for her entrance came, she decided to remove her panties at the very last second. Clad in a dark blue Agent Provocateur garter and lace bra, she made her entrance. Suddenly she was hyper conscience of her every move. How much should she sashay? Was that too much or too little? Did she step hard enough to get a bounce out of her breasts?

Fortunately the time and distance was small, and she found herself standing over her young lover. She leaned over and kissed him. First softly then open mouthed and full of sexual desire. Just as her body was getting into it… “Hold it.” Came her sister’s voice “Let’s do that again, but Cheryl, you move the reflector board over to your left about five feet, and I’m going to move the camera over here.”

Take two stopped after several minutes of kissing and she had begun to slide down his body to begin a blow job.

“That’s creating too much of a dark spot” Kate said “Kathy, we will pick up just when you begin to kiss his neck. What I want you to do is to guide him to sit on the arm of the couch, one leg on the ground and one against the back cushion, so that when you begin to give him head, your right in the light…here” she pointed to where she was to be giving this guy a blow job. Kathy was both pleased and a bit annoyed that her sister was taking this so seriously. The video would be great, but she thought it would be hard to maintain the heat if she kept interrupting. Then she happened to glance at Cheryl, her face and body gave away that she was very much waiting with anticipation for Kathy to get down to real sex. It would be easy to perform for such an eager audience.

“Go” Kate said when she was ready. She really did want this to go off right. Deep down she knew she’d get off on watching this later, but now all she was thinking about was the light from the window and the damned shadows. She knew from her homework that moving the camera too much was a common beginner’s error, so once the frame was filled with her sister sucking the man’s penis deeper than she thought possible, she left it untouched for what seemed way too long before zooming out and slowly moving her tripod over to her left so as to get a better view of Drew’s face. She was glad she did. As his arousal grew his face turned red and he began to breathe harder and faster. She was still surprised however, when Drew announced “Yea, I’m gonna cum!” She snapped the quick release that connected the camera to tripod and reframed on her sister’s hand that stroked the long shaft and her lips that were working magic on the large head. When his breathing reached a crescendo, he groaned “Yes!” and his heavy breathing stopped. She zoomed in, not sure what her sister would do. Her sister kept her pace with hand and lips and only a momentary buildup of which goo in the corner of her mouth indicated her mouth was filling with his semen. She slowed her pace as his breath slowed but didn’t remove her mouth until he was fully done.

When his body visibly relaxed, Kathy stood up and pushed a drop of semen from the edge of her lip into her mouth. She then looked to her sister and asked, “How’d that look?”

“Amazing!” was the reply from Cheryl across the room. Kate seconded “Amazing.”

Kathy stood and kissed the “male model” full on the mouth. He clearly did not object to the semen flavored kiss. Then she said “I suggest we take a short break, then we should do 69 for a bit to get him fluffed back up. He’s always good for at least two rounds and usually three.”

And she was right. Kate videoed her sister climaxing twice to his, evidently considerable, oral talents while Kathy worked him at the same time bringing him back to full staff. Even as Kathy was gasping for breath after her third orgasm, Kate began to direct again. “OK, that was great, let’s use that erection while we’ve got it. Drew, you sit in this chair…” she said indicating a leather Queen Anne arm chair she was moving. She placed it to sit with the window light shining at just off the left armrest. “…with your butt near the edge. Kate, as soon as you’re ready, I want you to straddle him facing me, your right leg just forward of your left. On my queue, slowly work your way down onto him. Use your fingers to spread your lips over the head, and give me time to get it all before slowly, really slowly, lowering down. Cheryl, I need you to sit here in front of them and reflect the window light up from the bottom to where shadows will naturally form.” Cheryl’s eyes got big, but she took her place in front of the Queen Anne chair and fiddled with the reflector trying to get the sun.

Kathy realized her sister had completely lost herself in the director’s role.

Kate watched for a minute then said “Let’s do this, but let’s practice that part once so I can check out the lighting before I use the camera.” Motioning to her sister “Are you ready to do this?”

She said she was and took her place over Drew’s shaft.

“OK, now lower yourself down on to him.” Kate directed. Kathy’s left hand gripped the chair’s arm and her right hand opened her lips up and placed them over the bullet shaped head like a cap before grabbing the armrest so she was comfortable “Is this what you’re looking for?”

“Yes, and hold it like that from when I start the camera till I motion you to continue. I’ll be panning down, starting on your face and ending with a tight shot of your lips over his head before I zoom out. That will build the tension up before the real sex begins.” The director replied. “Cheryl, move the board till you light up the inside of Kathy’s leg.” It took a few tries but she found the spot “Good, now keep it there. Kate, go all the way down and let me look at the lighting.”

Once Kate was satisfied, she took her place behind the camera on the tripod. “Ready. Rolling.” And the red light came on, and she took her time working down Kathy’s body before she used her hand to indicate it was time for Kathy to start her descent.

Kathy knew exactly what she would do to make this work. When Kate’s camera moved from her face she turned and looked Cheryl right in the eye and gave her the best “I want to fuck you” look from less than four feet away. She kept that eye contact till Kate moved the camera back for a broad overview. It was Kathy who decided to reverse her position, so that she rode Drew’s lap facing away from him and right to Cheryl. For over ten minutes of film time she fucked Drew and masturbated to two more climaxes while looking right into Cheryl’s eyes. Kate saw what was going on and did not think further than how that would be great for the heat of the scene. Kathy finally told her sister she just couldn’t do this position anymore, her legs were utterly spent. Kate was having more fun with this than her sister thought she’d have.

When the camera went off, Cheryl was physically sweating from her arousal. She could not remember having ever in her life been so turned on without physical stimulation. When they took a second break, Kathy whispered in Cheryl’s ear “He’d be glad to do you too”. Cheryl’s lie, that she didn’t want to do that, didn’t convince either of them. But, the lie after Kathy’s second whispered suggestion “We have time for you to go to the bathroom and get yourself off” was even less convincing. Especially since as soon as Kathy’s attention was shifted away from her she did exactly that, went in the bathroom and masturbated to an orgasm in less than two minutes. Back in the room Kathy’s knowing smile both embarrassed her and restarted her arousal.

There were two more scenes Kate had planned. One began with Kathy stripping out of her lingerie and then Drew doing her as she leaned over the Queen Anne nude and the final was on the floor. For this they moved the furniture back and Cheryl was instructed to stay at a 45° angle to the camera. Once that was shot, she then told Kathy “Now, I’m finished with what I had preplanned except for a final closing scene; now I want you to show what you enjoy doing most with Drew. I only ask that you keep in mind the light is coming from the window, and I need you also to keep an eye on where I am with the camera and don’t close off the interesting things. I’ll be editing this, but the more good hot footage to work from I have, the better.”

Kate’s freestyle scene lasted a full hour. They fucked and sucked and fucked some more in quite a few positions that Cheryl had never seen or even imagined. She wanted to reach out and touch his penis so badly it hurt. A hundred excuses came to her as to why it would be OK for her to let him fuck her. In the end she was saved from making a decision by the time.

It was nearly 6:00 when Kathy had finished filming the closing scene designed by Kate. In the scene Drew lay spent and exhausted on the floor, Kathy picked up the six condoms they had used during the filming and casually tossed them in the trash. Then, fully nude, stood up and addressed the camera, or addressed her husband rather. “I love you Will. I’m sure you liked watching this as much as Kate and I had making it.”

After Kathy and Drew left, Kate and Cheryl went downstairs to the hotel restaurant. They didn’t say a word for the longest time after they sat down at their table. Both their minds were so full.

“That was the most sexually exciting thing I’ve ever, I mean ever, been a part of.” Cheryl blurted out. “You know your sister offered to let me have sex with him when they were done. I know I sound trashy, but I think I would have done it if there had been time and she’d offered again. I’d have felt bad later, but damn it, I would have done the deed right in front of you guys, I was that turned on. Hell, I’m still that turned on or else I wouldn’t be telling you all this”

Kate just looked at her. “Yea, I know what you’re saying, especially since from the time I watched her before, but this was different for me, I didn’t have room in my head to call it sexual, I really really want this project to turn out nice. Since I was a kid I’ve looked up to her and followed her, and now I have an opportunity to do something for her.”

Cheryl thought for a moment then said very quietly, “If this second session is like the first I might break down and beg to join in. After you’re done with me of course.” Her friend added.

“I don’t know what I would have done that first time if I’d come back a couple hours later and watched her again. I might have joined too. I gotta admit, now, as it runs over in my head, it’s turning me on to know I was there and directing them to do what they did. I mean that was pretty kinking telling my sister, step by step, how to screw a man. I’ve never in my life ever talked to a woman about her pussy lips, but bold as brass, I told Kathy to spread them over the head of his dick.”

They both laughed and Cheryl agreed “Yea, that was pretty bold, and hot. Remember I was on the ground watching from like two feet away. It’s a sight I’ll never forget.”

“Did you find it disturbing?” Kate asked

“Yea, disturbingly hot!” Cheryl ejected “Would you think I was a lesbo if I said I so wanted to lick your sister as he did her. Because I had to fight the urge to put my mouth right on that ridge that leads up to her clit”

They both laughed again.

“So” Kate brought them back to their task “For this second shoot, we will pull the drapes and darken the room as much as possible, then I’ll use our light bank to light only from the left corner of the bed and I’ll shoot from just a few angles. When we get back I’ll use you as a test subject, I’d like to know how it will look before we shoot it with Kate.”

It was past eight when they’d set up for the test shots. “OK, get on the bed and I’ll direct you.”

“Do you want me to get naked?” Cheryl asked. Just setting up for the scene had gotten her going again, and getting naked on the bed and pretending to make love seemed oh so right at the moment.

Kate had not actually thought of that, but now she remembered from years ago when she took art photography that clothing absorbed much more lighting than did bare skin and so you had to light it differently. “You don’t have to, but it would help. So, I guess if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t” Cheryl said as her oxford shirt was already fully unbuttoned. Inside a minute, she beheld her friend of a dozen years naked for the first time.

“Damn, woman, you look fine, why don’t you show off that body more often” Kate said, and she meant it, she was truly surprised that under the expensive but frumpy clothes her friend wore, was a very shapely body that defied her forty something age. The years had filled out the boy figure into one of nice but subtle curves. Even her boyish short haircut looked sexy with her naked. “What size bra are you wearing now? A 34 C, perhaps?”

“Thanks, and yes I moved into a 34 C two years ago.” Cheryl replied

“Does Curtis know how hot you are? Get up on the bed on all fours”

Complying with the direction she answered, “If he does, I don’t hear much about it.”

Kate moved the lights around and then picked up the reflector. “His loss. OK, turn your body to the right.” She moved to look at several angles. “Get on your back with the pillow over you like a man”

Cheryl could not help but imagine what it would be like to have a new man on her, in her. It had been ten years since she’d done anyone but Curtis, and even when they first made love, she’d been a bit disappointed. The years had only made it worse. She opened her legs and lay the big, king sized, pillow down between her legs. It felt good. She didn’t even know she’d begun humping up on the pillow when Kate said from behind the camera “Keep doing that, it’s really hot.”

She began to freeze with embarrassment, but her body did not, she just wrapped her legs up and around the big pillow pulling it into her and continued thrusting. Kathy moved the tripod to the right and then picked up the reflector with the camcorder still recording. She went to the head of the bed and reflected light on to her friend. “Put your right hand on your breast and stimulate your nipple” she directed. Cheryl complied “and, now your left hand, put it under the pillow and stimulate your clit.” Again her friend obeyed.

Cheryl was beyond reason; she was in that zone when sexual desire overwhelms reason. She could feel a great climax building. Kate kept up her experiments with the reflector. “Now move to your side, and move the pillow away.” Rather than being put off by the direction, they were part of Cheryl’s arousal. Kate moved the camera again. Cheryl climaxed and stopped masturbating.

“No, don’t stop” Kate commanded, “Your body has more to give, use both hands now, and finger yourself with one.” Cheryl obeyed, and rapidly a second wave began to build. She had never in her life had more than one orgasm at a time. It was so sensitive down there, almost painful, but she was told to keep going and she did. A whole series of orgasms swept over her over the next ten minutes. She collapsed utterly spent. She kept mumbling “that was amazing” over and over. It was only with Kate’s help she stumbled into the bathroom to shower and get dressed before Kathy returned.

The man this time was both older and far more handsome than the first. Kathy introduced him as Peter and she said they had been meeting once per month or two for almost 13 years. Kate estimated him to be mid to late 50’s, dressed in a thousand dollar suit and carried himself with the baring of a man who is used to getting his way. But, his smile made it clear why people wanted to give him his way. Though he didn’t look like George Clooney, his style and mature sexuality made Kate think of that actor.

“So sister, tell us the plan” Kathy said.

“As you requested, I’m trying to shoot this as a stylish and moody art film. As you can see” pointing to the windows and the light bank as the sole source of lighting. “I have chosen to use the contrast of shadows and light to create both mystery and evoke a film noir type effect. I want to leave the light where it is because that is the place where it reflects the least off the walls. I’ll use the reflector board to change the look. The plan is to let you and Peter go about your business as you feel inclined, however, as it will be easier to move you than the lighting, I will need to ask you to rotate on occasion if you close yourself off too much. I want to leave the duvet cover on as it is solid colored and darker than the sheets underneath and I would like to propose a opening shot if you don’t mind though.”

Cheryl came from the bathroom looking refreshed and very pleased. Kathy noticed that her shirt was only half buttoned and as she moved it gaped to show she’d removed her bra. What had happened while she was gone? Clearly the latent sexual energy she saw in Kate’s friend had been vented somewhere. It made her feel good she’d contributed to this transformation.

Kathy and her second man of the day were on their knees, nude, facing one another when Kate said “OK, now if you don’t mind stay up like that for at least a few minutes. Ready. Camera on.”

The nude couple moved with the confidence of long time lovers. To Cheryl this was more like love making than Kathy’s first coupling. She had a feel for where Kate wanted the light and only a few times during the whole encounter did she require verbal directions. This allowed her more time to simply enjoy watching the lovers. She’d never been a fan of porn, but this was so very different. This she very much enjoyed. Cheryl wondered how Kathy would react if she asked to come watch next time she was in town with a man. It was with that idea in mind, that as she watched Kathy look her way while Peter ate her out, she began unfastening the rest of her shirt buttons.

Kate, had noticed the eye contact between her sister and her friend earlier, and this time when she saw Kathy watching as Cheryl unbuttoned the first button, she moved the camera slightly so that it shot across Peter’s prone body, across her sister’s body and focused on Cheryl’s watching them, and unbuttoning her shirt.

As Cheryl’s primary job was to watch for Kate’s needs, she did not miss the change of focus. She was now part of this film. She continued to hold the reflector with one hand, while finishing unbuttoning with the other. She opened up her shirt, and caressed her breast looking into Kathy’s eyes.

Kathy climaxed.

Peter moved up and they began to slowly fuck.

“Could you guys move 90° to your left?” Kate asked. She repositioned her camera directly behind her sister’s head and directed Cheryl to a position opposite her behind Peter’s feet. “Peter, if you could hold yourself up so you leave a little space between your body and Kathy’s”

The love making and filming continued.

Later Kathy was riding her lover watching Cheryl again caress her bare breast. Kate again adjusted the angle to take in Cheryl’s visual interaction with her sister. Kathy looked down to Cheryl’s pants and back to her eyes. Cheryl knew what she meant. She propped the reflector board on the end table and used both hands to unsnap and remove her pants and panties. Kathy arched her back and lifted up slightly to give her hand access to her crotch. She began to masturbate while riding Peter’s penis and watching Cheryl. Cheryl was transfixed, she knew Kathy was doing this, masturbating, for her and about her. Again Kathy’s eyes looked down to where Cheryl’s pants had been and back to her eyes. Cheryl knew what Kathy wanted, and she complied. Spreading her legs slightly, she slid her fingers through the thick mat of hair. Her actions both relieved some of her desire and intensified it at the same time.

Kate was busy trying to record both Kathy’s beautiful ride on this handsome man, and the secondary story of Cheryl and Kathy’s mutual masturbation. It suddenly occurred to her that Cheryl might fall down if she kept this up much longer, so she left the camera running and grabbed an occasional chair and took it to her friend. No words were exchanged, just a grateful smile as Cheryl sat down and propped her feet up on the edge of the bed.

Cheryl and Kathy’s eyes never left one another. Kathy’s breathing became harder. Cheryl had several fingers of one hand as deep inside herself as she could, while the other furiously worked the area around her clit. Cheryl nearly doubled over with her intense but silent climax which set off yet another orgasm deep in Kathy as well. Once she was done, she pulled back on her pants, and resumed her reflector duties as if nothing had happened.

Kathy and Peter went on for another half an hour before both lay exhausted, side by side, covered in sweat. “Just stay there like that” Kate instructed.

She stood on the same occasional chair that Cheryl had used and slowly panned up the two nude bodies, finally coming to rest the frame on Kathy’s face. With that the video shoot was done.


It took nearly a month for Kate, using Adobe Premiere Elements, to have the two video’s ready to her satisfaction. She even made a log of what she would do differently in shooting if, hopefully when, she got the opportunity to shoot this kind of thing again. She thought she had a flair for it. The two videos were made very differently. As planned the video of Kathy and Pete were set as the first video. Even before leaving the room she’d decided how she would process it to be a story. It would be about Cheryl, not about Kate. She converted it to high contrast black and white and it opened with Cheryl lying nude on the bed and morphed into what was presented as the fantasy of Kathy and Pete. She was not Federico Fellini, but it wasn’t trashy porn either. Her thinking was that by focusing on Cheryl, whom Will had never met, it would slow his recognition of his wife. Until that last full view of her face, Kathy was only shown in dark and oblique ways that did not make it rapidly apparent that it was her. The second video was very different; she made it slightly over exposed and spent a great deal of time on Kathy’s face and her enjoyment.

It was three weeks after the shoot, when Kate had shown Cheryl some of the preliminary footage that Cheryl had the nerve to ask Kate to ask Kathy if she could watch her again. As it turned out they had a little “Premiere” party with the two sisters, Cheryl, Drew, Peter and to Cheryl and Kathy’s surprise, Peter’s wife (of which Kathy had never mentioned a word). Everyone agreed the videos were great. They must have been because before they were done, Drew and Peter’s wife were having sex on the floor in front of everyone. Though Kate only watched, Cheryl broke down and joined Kathy and Peter in a threesome. It must be noted, that once Cheryl joined in, Kate stripped to her bra and panties and openly got herself off several times while the other’s fucked.

Three days later, on a Saturday night, Kate, after months of planning, finally put her plan into action.

Over the past month they had developed a Saturday evening routine, that after dinner at a fine Charlotte restaurant, he would relax in their living room with a drink while she changed into a new lingerie outfit. They’d watch an erotic movie that she’d picked out during the week always with the theme of a married woman who fucks around. Afterward…or during, they would make love. So, she changed into the same Agent Provocateur outfit she’d worn in the video with Drew and upon entering the room she said

“I had dinner with my sister when I was in Asheville on Wednesday. It seems my sister is getting more daring. I think the genes are finally beginning to show. It seems she and a friend of hers have taken up making video erotica together as a hobby. She gave me DVD’s of her first two attempts to get our feedback. I only watched a little of these during the week because I thought it would be fun to watch them together.”

He looked confused and concerned “Has she left Jimmy?”

“No, they are OK, not great but OK. But he doesn’t know about any of this.”

“This friend” he asked “A male or female?”

She knew she had him where she wanted, “Oh, a female. Her name is Cheryl, they have been best of friends for over a decade. I met her too. She’s nice but not happy in her marriage, so she’s trying new things. The first video is mainly about her.” With that she cued the video and sat on the couch across from her husband on his Lazy Boy.

Kate had added some footage of Cheryl walking around Asheville seeing couples hugging and kissing, then a shot of her laying in her tub thinking before the footage of her naked on the bed began. The transition to she and Peter was so smooth that it wasn’t until a quarter view of her giving Peter head caused her husband to say “I don’t think that’s the same woman. This one has bigger boobs”

“I think your right. I think Kate did a really good job on this though.”

“Your right, this is really good for her first attempt. Where do you think she got this couple?”

The scene of Pete giving her cunnilingus as Cheryl undoes her top was coming up. She answered “I’ll have to ask.” Then added “why don’t you come sit with me on the couch.

The edited video was just over 30 minutes long. Her hand was caressing her husband’s fully erect cock through his pants most of the time. As she knew the climax was near, and the moment of her unmasking she opened up his pants and took the full organ out to stroke. Kate edited it so that it cut between the string of Cheryl’s orgasms as she masturbated alone on the bed and Peters orgasm so that they appeared to happen simultaneously. Then a long shot of Cheryl laying on the bed in her bliss that morphed to the shot of Kathy’s face, that then zoomed out to show her and Peter nude on the bed also laying in post orgasmic bliss.

She continued to stroke her husband. He said nothing, but from his penis, pre-cum came oozing out. Clearly he was not upset.

She leaned over and kissed him. “Well?”

“When did you make this?” He asked flatly.

“About a month ago. It took Kate that long to do the editing.”

“So your sister filmed you having sex with this guy?”

She began to get worried. She paused the video player as she knew there was just about 30 seconds of black before the other video. “Yes. I think she did a great job.”

He looked over at her and smiled. “She did. That was the most beautiful and erotic thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Can we see it again now I know it’s you?”

She smiled broadly and kissed him again. “I have wanted to stop this game of pretending you don’t know for so long!”

“I have too, but just didn’t have the courage to say it.” He replied. “I so wanted to hear about what you and James Jenson did at his house on Saturday afternoons years ago, but I thought you were happy with the pretending game.” “No, I’ve never liked it. It’s not like I’ve really tried all that hard to hide it, especially with James, but you had just become the City Controller and I knew you were concerned that it would get out.”

He kissed her “That’s all water under the bridge. And besides, I’ve already qualified for full state pension even if I quit tomorrow.”

The kisses became more intense as was the ensuing sex as she recounted in graphic detail about making the video with Pete, and the threesome with Pete and Cheryl on Wednesday night. They didn’t get to the second video until midnight and a rare second lovemaking session in one night followed that video as well.


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Jul 09, 2020

Everybody changed in this story.

The occasion was Kathy's plan to come clean about her wide-ranging sexuality. With her husband, she wanted to make a tacit arrangement explicit. She believed that her taking pleasure with other people would please him, but it took courage for her to find out. She gave her sister, Kate, and Kate's friend, Cheryl, a gift. She made them witnesses to her avid pursuit of sexual pleasure.

Cheryl responded by finding a new relish for sex. Her riveted awakening made me want the same abject wantonness.

Kate discovered a similar relish, previously unsuspected, but more interestingly, she became an artist, an erotic cinematographer. I wanted to know more of where she came from, and to go…

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