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Our Decades of Open Marriage" Part 18

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

A Little Side Story

For twelve years I worked for the local school district as an educational social worker. I absolutely loved my job, but in the Deep South, public officials were held to a very high (to be interpreted as conservative) standard of conduct. Our lifestyle had it been known by senior officials would have been cause for immediate termination. So I was always walking on egg shells. But, occasionally I’d take a risk.

One particular day in the spring of 2005 Paula had the day off so we arranged to meet at a local Schlotzky’s for lunch. When I got there she was waiting for me in the Mommy-Mobile a.k.a. our red Dodge minivan, so I went to open her door. She was wearing her very cute island mini dress that I bought for her at Fripp Island in April. It was the same one she would wear to great effect in Charleston a few months later. Of course the van seat is rather high and as she stepped down I got a full view of her neatly trimmed pubic hair. She had not worn panties (or a bra).

Since the restaurant was cold and the weather was perfect she suggested we sit on their patio. The dress proved so short that as she sat her trimmed bush was visible virtually the whole time we ate lunch. It was visible to me and to anyone who happened to be walking by as the table top was made of clear glass.

A group of telephone workmen sat down and very flagrantly watched her as they ate lunch beside us, but just inside the restaurant’s plate glass window. I wasn’t in a hurry to go back to work, and I liked the view so we talked for some time. About ten minutes before we left two attractive young women came out onto the patio to eat. There is virtually no way that they missed the fact Paula was bare given where they sat. The dress was so thin that the sun shone through the fabric so her skin was actually lit up, thus drawing attention to the cleft between her legs where a good three inches of her bikini stripe was visible.

The girls were pretty and Paula noticed that one of them wore a very short sundress, not too different from what she had on. They visibly noticed I had around my neck an ID badge from the local school district. I guessed they were around 18 years old, either high school seniors, or perhaps last year’s graduates. Either way they could plainly see I wore a one of the very distinctive badges worn by district officials. I could just see their mind’s working on that fact combined with my “date’s” attire.

Finally I said I had to go. We happened to have parked in the parking spaces in front of the patio. Paula’s van was 10 feet directly in front of the teenage girls and perhaps 30 feet from the still watching telephone company employees. I walked Paula to her door. We talked for a moment then I gave her a goodbye kiss as we stood beside the minivan. Of course it was a hot French kiss and since the hem of her dress was less than two inches below her wet pussy I reached down and pushed two fingers up into her and stroked in and out a dozen times or so before we broke the kiss. She got in the van and sat sideways in the driver’s seat. We kissed again and I finger fucked her for another good minute.

I asked Paula if she had time to have a real fuck before going. Of course she said she did.

I got in the van - it was then that I noticed the teens were not even trying to hide the fact they were watching us. I briefly made eye contact with the one with the mini-dress and she gave me a knowing look.

Next to Schlotzky’s is a four screen theater and the parking lot was mostly empty. We moved the van about a hundred feet away and parked. We were still in direct line of site to the restaurant patio, but not so close as to be too obvious.

First I got a nice blowjob. I just leaned back as she worked on my hard prick. She then said we would have to move to the middle seat so we could have sex. She knew this because she’d done this before with both men and women. I crawled back and pulled my pants and underwear to my ankles. She gets out of the van and fully opens the left side door (which faced the restaurant) with me half-naked and my cock standing straight up. By doing so she was announcing to all of the 5 people on the Schlotzky’s patio watching us, that we were going to screw right then and there.

She got in and closed the door behind her and mounted me with her knees in the seat, facing toward the rear of the van. She rode for me for a while before she noticed something. She said, “There are people in that car behind us.”

About four spaces to the left rear of our van was the only other car in that part of the parking lot. When I pulled the van over there, I had just assumed that it was empty. But now as she was grinding me, she could see it was not.

“Oh well” was her next statement.

This was fun - we have fucked in some public places before. But this was noon at one of the busiest parts of the small city in which I work. Hundreds of cars passed on the street not fifty yards to my right or on the state highway that ran in front of the restaurant on my left. Not to mention the two teenage girls who were still openly watching us from the patio.

We only actually fucked for ten minutes or so before Paula dismounted and said “You’ll have to wait for the rest.” She was worried the car, or the restaurant manager might call the cops. Of course the fear was real since it would end my career with the school district.

She again opened the sliding door, her mini dress still bunched at her waist. She off of me, down the ground. Only then did she pull her tiny dress back down. Since I'd taken my slacks and underwear off completely while we fucked, both of us were fully exposed to the spectators. Once her skirt was down, she closed the sliding door. She climbed back in the driver’s seat as I put back on my dress slacks. She pulled back to the parking slot directly in front of the girls. They watched with ear to ear grins as I got out of the van, got in my car and drove away. It was a real turn on that these pretty girls not only watched us fool around, but by the grins on their faces, it was clear they had enjoyed witnessing our little lunchtime romance.

As a postscript I must add that when I came home from work about 5:00 - I found Paula sprawled on the bed, nude with her favorite vibrator in her crotch. After she came she jumped up and said come on. She went out on the deck at the side of the house (still nude) and bent over for me to fuck her. Which of course is what I did. I hurried since this part of our deck is in full view of the street at this was the time of day our neighbors all liked to walk the block. But it was a great postscript to our little rendezvous.

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May 17, 2021

Pretty wild. I like the illustration. It's probably the circular tables in the deep rectangular space, and Paula's purple and tan against the brown and silver of the floor and chairs.

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