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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 19

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

My First Efforts to be a Professional Glamour Photographer

As we settled into our new life outside of the Christian ministry, my interests in glamour nude photography had not waned. In 2003 I completed the New York Institute of Photography’s professional photography course. That two year program required me to shoot a good many types of things, including artistic type nudes. Once again Paula was my model. The course also pushed me to create a full studio set-up. Yes, it was all home-made, but it was serviceable. My home studio allowed me to experiment and learn new skills. As always, Paula was long suffering as my model. By 2006, I had quite a portfolio of nudes of Paula.

As mentioned before, Paula worked at Victoria's Secret, and by that time had been there several years. Due to the nature of the staff, she became good friends with a number of younger women who were her co-workers. She and her friends were very open about their sexual behavior and Paula took some of my prints to show her friends at work. One of the young women made a passing comment that she would love to have nude photos made of her to surprise her husband for their first wedding anniversary. Paula told me what she’d said, but we didn’t think her friend was serious because she was one of the more conservative women on staff. However, a few weeks later, when I was up at the mall to see Paula at work, she introduced me to the girl who'd said she wanted nudes taken. They both took lunch break, and we talked over a Food Court lunch. After a while she directly asked me if I would shoot photos of her before her anniversary which was less than a month away. She made sure to tell me she would pay me for them but she needed to do it in the next two weeks. I wasn’t sure what kind of photos she was wanting, but was hoping they would be like the ones I’d shot of Paula.

A couple of nights later she called and we talked for some time and she said she wanted some specific photos including one like the nude pose in the movie Titanic. I told her I would find pictures from Titanic on the net, and so began my planning. We talked a couple more times before we got together on the next Tuesday afternoon.

Paula met her early and they went shopping for props & such. She and Paula got to our home about 4:30. I had left work early so I was already setting up. Jennifer arrived in sweats because I had told her not to wear anything that would bind and leave marks on her body so she had no bra, panties or socks. She was 22 years old, about 5’5”,125 lbs. and wore a 32DD bra (I asked). She brought some wedding photos so I could get a look at how she looks in pictures. She put on makeup as I set up the shop lights I was using for my photography at the time. After getting on her makeup she put on one of my striped Land’s End oxford shirts and a pair of thong panties. We shot several frames as she sat in a chair in the living room. I had a large halogen lamp shining into a photographic umbrella to give indirect lighting as well as three smaller shop lights as spot lights. When I began to shoot, her face lit up. I looked over to Paula and said “This is going to be easy, she is so pretty.”

We shot several like that then she turned around. With her back to me she removed the shirt and I shot her looking over her shoulder. This pose was hidden enough not to feel exposed, but exposed enough to break the ice. Her breasts were large enough to see from any side angle. I shot several more before she put the shirt back on.

Each time she changed outfits, we took breaks and I changed the lighting. It was fun putting into use the things I'd learned in my photography course, like "breaking the ice" and giving the model plenty of breaks so as to avoid her looking tired.

We did a set of her wearing her honeymoon lingerie next to the fireplace. Then I had her remove the lingerie and wear only a white robe. But it was still a stretch for her when we went to the “Titanic” shots. Just like the movie she had to just drop her robe in front of a man she did not know very well. I asked her if she had ever been nude in front of a guy. She said never, unless she was having sex with him; and she hadn’t been with anyone but her husband in three years. So she hesitated for several minutes before dropping her robe. But she did, with a giggle.

She lay on the couch and I began to shoot. She had a very nice figure and I shot a good 20 photos of her completely nude. As I worked Paula used a disposable camera to shoot several photos of me shooting Jenifer.

I asked if there was anything in particular her husband might like. She said her husband liked to watch her play with herself. She just couldn't do that fully nude so she put back on the panties. To masturbate while I shot photos was really a stretch for her. So she very tentatively slipped her hand into her panties and began to rub her clit. I continued to set up as she played. After a while, she asked me to go downstairs for about five minutes while she warmed up. So I did and then returned and began shooting. I shot another dozen of her masturbating over the next 15 minutes or so. I had to stop when she and Paula began to laugh hysterically at the situation.

All this while our daughter, Misty (who was by then fourteen years old), had been coming in-and-out to check out what we were doing while she worked on homework down stairs. Our daughter wasn’t fazed in the least about having a nude photo-shoot in our home. When she said she’d finished her homework, she asked to stay and help me. So I gave her the reflector board which was a great help. We shot another full roll of film.

After we had had a break for a bite to eat, Misty helped her refresh her hair and make-up then to get into the set of lingerie she’d worn on her honeymoon. It was a semi- sheer white bra and panties, garter, stockings and short robe. She looked great in it. We all went to our bedroom, which was a challenge because it was a tight squeeze for the lights and four people.

As we set up for the last photos of the night, I realized how comfortable she had become. She wanted to end the night with a photo of her holding a sign for her husband that read “I love you Jim”. She asked Misty to help her make it. It took well over ten minutes to find the materials and prepare the sign. All the while "conservative" Jenifer walked around my house wearing only the sheer thong panties. Yet, she didn’t even seem to notice her attire was unusual. It was the first time I'd seen how rapidly women can become fully comfortable with their own nudity during a single photo session.

It was 8:15 before she left; I was exhausted, but excited about my first "professional" photo shoot. It was after this we set up a little photo company and web site.

The story of my second "professional" shoot began a few months before I shot the photos of Jenifer. I had made a posting of some of Paula’s photos on Voyeur Web. This was not the very first time I’d posted her photos on-line, but with the growth of the internet, this time many more people saw her photos. I got a good number of nice comments. One particular writer went on about the style and quality of my stuff. My vanity led me to start a email dialogue with Perry. For some time we swapped stories and photos. Perry and his wife Joyce were swingers in a much more active way than Paula and I have ever been. They had even hosted a couple of sex parties at their home.

Several months after my photo shoot with Jenifer, Perry invited me to come to one of their parties and shoot his wife, Joyce, and some of her friends and that the friends would pay for the photos. It seemed like a reasonable offer and so I packed up my makeshift studio gear and headed off for my first photo road trip. It turned out to be a four hour drive to their house and when the time came for the party, no one came. I was very disheartened. But I set up to shoot Joyce while I was there.

Joyce had some ideas of what she wanted to do and so I began with shooting her in a short mini dress without bra or panties. As we shot, she moved in short order from the little dress to completely nude. There I found out why photographers love surgically enhanced breasts – Joyce’s 34 D’s stayed right where they were supposed to no matter what position she moved into. By then I had shot nudes of Dianne and Jenifer, both who had large breasts. I had found there was the problem of finding a pose that flattered the soft unsupported flesh of big natural boobs. With Joyce’s "augmented" breasts they looked great no matter what position she took.

After two rolls of film and a break, they asked me to set up to shoot them making love. Though I had shot beautiful erotica with Paula and Dianne, this was my first try at shooting a heterosexual couple while they were having sex. I was pleased with the layout I set up. I moved their white overstuffed chair in front of my black backdrop. I had her wear a black satin robe, lace bra, high heels, stockings (no panties) , elbow length satin gloves, and a white pearl necklace and bracelet. I had him wear all black. I was shooting Tri-X and so the image was very contrasty with the black and white film. I gave her a cluster of artificial grapes to be our primary prop.

I had her relax in the chair with her feet on the matching white ottoman – and he “fed” her the grapes from behind. As we shot I moved him from the back to the side where she pulled his rather sizable penis from his pants and stroked it in a few frames then went from pretending to be eating grapes to really eating him. As she began to suck on him I found I had a problem with the lighting. The area between her ears and his stomach became shadowed. So with her sucking his penis the whole time, I went to work on the lights. Finally I was ready to take light readings, so here I was moving to get a reading right between this lovely lady and her husband as she gave him head. I must admit it seemed rather wild at the time, while in later years I would not think twice about doing this with a couple. However, this was my first time shooting a couple.

I also found it funny because I was way too focused on technical issues to be turned on as they had sex. I had already found this was the case when I was shooting nudes, but being around static nudes is a very different thing than people having active sex. After some 20-25 minutes I had finally gotten my shots of her sucking him and was ready to move on.

During that time I had her remove the robe, so she was nude from her bra to her stocking tops. I asked them to switch places and let him lay on the chair/ottoman and had her straddled his leg and feed him the grapes. Now his large swollen dick was a photo element and I had her move it this way and that to get what I wanted. After what I’m sure Perry thought was way too long, I had her move from sitting on his leg to his torso. I asked her to play with his penis, then had her straddling him and only after a good while, I had her put his penis inside her.

I quickly realized that this size 12 woman was not flattered by shooting her from the rear as she fucked him. I did two things to solve the problem. I had her rotate so she was facing his legs. I was sure that shooting her chest and face was better than her spread buns. I also used my step ladder to shoot down on them to slim her appearance even more. The best shot in the whole series was as I was shooting down I had her lay back on him and asked her to suspend the grapes above her mouth. The appearance of the whole shot is one of an arrow, starting with their double spread legs at the bottom of the frame, his penis stretched into the lips of her hairless labia at the apex of the “V” in the center of the frame, the perfect double mounds of her lace covered breasts and then the grapes suspended at the top of the frame. The effect was worth the whole photo shoot.

Soon I’d shot all I wanted of them making love, but they were not nearly finished and for 20 minutes I tried to be busy as they went at it; however it was no use trying to ignore the fact I was no longer shooting and could not help getting very turned on. With no photos to keep me occupied it was all I could do to keep my clothes on as they moaned – but I did the whole time. I am sure my arousal colored the later events. They stopped after she’d climaxed a few times, but before he had done so. They made a point to tell me they would continue later, that just served to fuel 3-some fantasies in my mind.

We shot for another hour until she and I were both too tired to continue. For nearly all that time she was nude and like most women I have shot, once she got comfortable she stayed nude even when we were taking breaks to change the set up and I had to tell her she could get dressed when we were done. As we shot she told me of her going nude in public and how she loved being nude around other people. She specifically said if she had her way she would go nude all the time.

It was 2:00 AM when we finished. Perry had previously said I could stay the night. So after we sat around and talked for some time I was exhausted. I was staying in the extra bedroom and the guest bath was situated so that I had to walk past Perry and Joyce after my shower to get to the bedroom. As I toweled off part of me said to just walk nude to the room, after all I was hoping for an invite to sleep in their bed, but I told myself I was a professional and that would not be appropriate. So I wrapped the towel around my waist and told them good night as I passed.

The expected invitation to their bed never came. By morning I was pretty horny. I guess I should have jacked off to relieved the tension, that would have made me more rational the next day.

As it was I decided to come out of the bedroom nude when morning came. She did say that she liked to be nude as much as possible, so I decided to see how she would react. I was already standing naked in the kitchen when she came in to start breakfast. She was in a night shirt (to my disappointment) and was cool as a cucumber about my nudity. For an hour we talked until Perry came out of their room showered and dressed. We ate breakfast and I still was nude. I did not make progress with Joyce, but when she walked out Perry said that me hanging out nude in their house was turning him on. Well with my unrequited horniness going on since the night before I again had the hopes that we would have a nice threesome before I left. I was not hindered by any homophobia and knew that in the past Perry had gone down on some of his wife’s lovers, so I knew the possible meanings of Perry’s comment that my nudity was turning him on. But I did have to head home soon, after all it was a 4 hour drive. I got dressed and packed up our mini-van.

Perry said he wanted to show me some of his photos before I left. For 45 minutes we looked at photos of them at nude beaches, then some of their sex parties. The pictures showed him and Joyce having sex with a number of other people in the same room we has shot in the previous night. Not surprisingly quite a few photos were of Joyce having sex with the other women, and I found myself only mildly surprised at the photos from the last couple of parties had photos of the wives eating each other AND the husbands blowing each other as well. Perry had been flattering about me being naked and I was way too turned on to be offended. So as we looked at the photos we had a discussion on how natural bi-sexuality could be. He already knew Paula was bisexual and I recounted the story how I had considered taking the guy at the swing club in my mouth. I could see where this was leading but was still hoping it meant a three way with Joyce.

After we finished looking at the photos, I called Paula to tell her I was packed and ready to go. She point blank asked if I had had sex and I said “of course not” – I did not bother to tell her how much I wished I had or that I thought it was very likely to start in the next few minutes. I don’t know why I was less than fully forthcoming about this.

I went back in to their house to say good-by. Perry was in the living room while Joyce was in the adjacent kitchen and he said “Well, do you want to do it before you go?”. There was no way I was going to say no even though I now knew he meant for us to do each other, I held out hope he meant Joyce would join in as well. I answered by kicking off my shoes and pulling off my shorts and underwear in one motion. My cock was already hard and throbbing. When he had his pants off I didn’t wait to act. I was afraid I might not carry through if I thought about it too long, and just knelt in front of him, took is semi hard penis in my hand and guided it into my mouth. Just like that I began to give a guy head for the first time.

My first thought as his penis began to swell to fill my mouth was that this was no big deal. It just felt fun and natural. I wasn’t feeling odd or like I was becoming something new. So I went to work in earnest on getting him off. He was soon fully erect, but still somewhat spongy. I licked the shaft and head, using my tongue to tickle his urethra. I used my hand to play with his balls and his almost hairless sack. Then carefully I took each ball in my mouth and sucked on them. I was flattered as he groaned with pleasure when I began to mouth fuck him with deep long strokes. By the time he decided it was time to do me, I could taste the pre-cum in my mouth.

I was having a great time with his dick in my mouth so I, without letting go of him, scooted around so we were doing 69 on the floor. At first I was on top but soon we moved to side by side. Now as he began exploring my rigid phallus, I nursed on his while resting my head on his leg.

I don’t know how long we stayed in this position, I’m sure it was 20 minutes or more. It was relaxing and low keyed but very nice. As I slowly used my lips and tongue on this thick spongy organ I again thought on how perfectly normal it felt. Several times I heard Joyce come through the room as we lay naked on the floor slowly working on one another.

Though I was sure I could lay their doing this for hours, I knew I had to head home. It was now clear Joyce was not going to join so I intentionally began to pick up the pace and in less than five minutes, he had stopped doing me as he approached orgasm. To bring him over the top I jacked the shaft with my hand as I sucked the soft head hard. Soon he grunted and pushed his cock deep into my mouth and spilled a load of salty cum. I kept sucking to get every drop out until he pulled his organ from my mouth saying I had to stop it was way too sensitive. I was surprised how little fluid actually came out. From reading porno I thought I’d have a mouth full to decide to spit or swallow. As it was there was so little that it just blended with the spit and pre-cum in my mouth so even if I had spit it would have mostly been just that, spit.

As I waited for Perry to recover from what he described as a huge orgasm, I walked from the living room to the adjacent kitchen to get a coke, still sporting a full hard on. Joyce was prepping things on the kitchen counter for their dinner that night; but looking back, I think she was just staying busy so she could watch from the kitchen her husband and I have sex. It was several years later when two different women, both friends of ours, told us how much it turned them on to watch their husband have sex with men. It was only hearing that I begun to realize why Perry's wife had watched us from the kitchen and even walked in the room a couple of times while we did 69. Now, at the time I did not think of this, but I still entertained a hope to fill her with my load, but she made no motion in that direction, she didn’t even mention that my coke was washing down her husband’s cum. After some idle chat I went back into the living room were Perry was sitting on the floor leaning on the couch.

I stood in front of him as he sat, taking my cock in my hand I pointed it at his mouth. Without comment he opened up and took it in. At first he began to suck me but I was ready to fuck, and if I couldn’t fuck Joyce, I was going to fuck his face. I began to stroke in and out. Each stroke just a little deeper, soon I was driving my dick all the way to its base in his mouth. He used his lips to create a tight oval and pressed up with his tongue. It was wonderful. I held his head with my hands and fucked harder and faster. A few times I heard him gag, but I was going to shoot my cum right down his throat and that was that. When Joyce stepped in the room and began to openly watch me fuck her husband's mouth, we made eye contact. This was all it took to bring the semen up from my balls. I held her husband’s head tight and looked in her eyes as I sprayed three or four solid burst of goo into his throat. I had never had real, full dick, mouth fucking before and the orgasm was great, He kept sucking as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure shook my body. This was also the first time anyone, had swallowed my cum and sucked me all the way through my orgasm. By the time I was done my knees were so weak I thought I would fall down. I collapsed in a chair, totally spent. It was one of the great orgasms of my life.

Later as I made the long drive home with the aftertaste of Perry’s semen still in my mouth, I reflected on what had happened. On one hand, I was sure I had no regrets about having given a guy head. On the other hand, I decided I would gladly do another guy as part of a group sex thing involving a woman, but I just wasn’t yet comfortable doing that with just me and a man. As I pondered this I just didn’t see myself as gay or even bisexual. It would be a decade before my next experience with a man, and I would begin to self-identify as bi.

My little photo business (which then I called The Romantic Image) continued over the next few years. For my business, I shot glamour/nudes, weddings, and other portraits. I found I hated to shoot weddings simply because I respect the importance of a wedding in people's lives so much, and there is no way to “redo” bad photos. The stress is just too much, perhaps because so many of our own wedding photos were out of focus. I became very good at glamour/nudes, especially with women who had never taken their clothes off like that before. Inevitably they were very nervous on the outset. I would take a few sets fully clothed first, primarily to relax them, then move progressively toward more exposure. More often than not by the time we would finish (usually in the range of 2 hours), the women were so comfortable nude I had to tell them to put their clothes back on.

I learned that no woman was perfect. It was my job to maximize their strengths and minimize their weakness. A common complaint I heard then (and now) from women is that they do not take good photos. At that time I began my now standard response and told them (truthfully) that the fault nearly always lies with the photographer and not the model. Even back before digital cameras were good enough to replace film, none of the photos I sent to clients did not get worked over digitally: none, not even the professional models. It is true that some get more work than others, but I am a photographic artist and I give them my vision, not necessarily what my camera saw. So in those days I had to print the photos, then scan the prints in order to make edits.

The other interesting thing I found was that some women looked better clothed than naked. This would seem to be obvious, but what is interesting is that it has nothing to do with whether they were “pretty” or not. Some of the most beautiful women were the most difficult to shoot nude, and some of the most ordinary women were a breeze. And, as I mentioned before, I found out why surgically enhanced boobs are popular in magazines: they stay put for the photographer. Large natural breasts are very soft and move around quite a bit making my job as photographer more difficult, silicone boobs stay the same shape no matter the model’s pose.

Only once did I break down and accept a sexually oriented "tip" from a model. She was not a client exactly in that she was a friend of the family and I was not getting paid. She had gone to the same Christian high school as Paula, and like Paula she'd rejected much of their teachings. Only in her case she'd become sexual active much younger. I took her to one of my favorite spots at a local state park.

She was the first person who self-described as a nudist that I had shot. As such she got nude on her own with no warm-up photos and never showed the least bit self-conscious. She even invited me to strip down too. This was a first for me: shooting in the nude. After we were done together we relaxed in the sun coming from the gaps in the forest cover. She let me know how much she liked sucking cock, and who was I to say no? She was indeed very good at it.

In another funny story I was shooting at one of my favorite spots, a very old stone bridge. We’d been shooting a while and the model was nude, when a convertible drove by slowing to look at the bridge (which is a landmark). I didn’t think they could see us so I didn’t’ worry about it.

Well a few minutes later the convertible comes back, even slower. This time I saw the two women looking clearly at us down in the river bed shooting. OK, they got a show, but they had driven on. We finished perhaps 30 or 40 minutes later, and she got some clothes on and I walked up to the top of the bank, and there was the convertible. A few minutes later the two women came up from the other side of the bridge, got in the car and left. They’d come back and were watching us shoot. I guess we made their day.

As the business grew, it became less fun and more work. Worst of all it only made enough money to upgrade my equipment. To make the business profitable I had to expand to weddings and other "traditional" photography. As I had a "real" job as well I had little incentive to pursue such contracts, but they seemed to find me. One very good side effect was that I found some great places to shoot.

My first photo business ended abruptly about four years after I shot my first paid photos. I had finally gotten the money to convert to digital and bought a good camera for the business. I was doing an “on location” shoot and a friend of the family acted as my photo assistant that day. Well she left my camera on the roof of the mini-van when we packed up. Did you know that falling from the roof of a mini-van at 50 miles per hour does really bad things to a digital SLR camera? Well it does. Since at that time a high quality DSLR was radically expensive, I was out of business for several years.

From that first effort at a photo business, I developed a great portfolio, and the ever popular quip at parties “Hey, I’m the only guy I know who women pay him to take off their clothes.”

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